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... this. Aunt Liz said anything. ... Aunt Liz grabbed the strings on both sides of her daughter's bikini bottom, pulled them loose, and with a little shifting by Becca, Liz ... Aunt Liz and all she could do was hold us up. We sat there for a moment like that, Aunt Liz ... ... Continue»
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... Liz was. Ther door was open about two inches and I could see in the mirror my Aunt Liz ... tits jiggling underneath. I said "Good morning Aunt Liz, you're looking nice this morning ... to heaven, I just fucked my Aunt Liz and now Aunt Betty was giving me a blowjob ... ... Continue»
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A Happy Birthday

... said. "That was so hot Aunt Liz. Good job Matt."


"Your boy's a fucking superstar, Aunt Liz," Sam continued, but Mom ... too Aunt Liz."

"She sure does," I agreed.

"Well," Sam said, "I think that's enough foreplay. I want to see Liz get ... ... Continue»
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Slut Mother - The New Lesson

... Aunt Liz," the girl replied rather boldly.

"Why did you call me Aunt Liz sweetheart?" mom asked.

"My mother says that I should call you Aunt ... that."

"Yes Aunt Liz but I should have SOME privacy. How can I get naked in
front you, my aunt and as mom ... ... Continue»
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Fucking My Auntie And Her Friend On A Yacht

... i sat with the guys on the sofa , My aunt liz and Suzanne went to the bottom of ... i put my hands over my cock and my aunt liz said stop it john your embaressing him , ... my aunt uncle and her husband watched , it didnt feel real , Suzanne stopped and said Liz why ... ... Continue»
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Nikki's Story - Slippery Susie Part 8

... changes come over her mom and her aunt Liz
over the past few weeks and ... the
transformation of her Aunt Liz was down right scary. Her aunt had always
been the ... longer wondered
what had happened to her Aunt Liz, she knew it had been a sexual
awakening ... ... Continue»
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A Silent Sexual Affair (With My Mom Liz)

... Dad George called out to my Mom Liz.

Liz...???Where are you...???”my Dad George ... my Dad George called to my Mom Liz.

Liz,come here...!!!I've got a surprise for ... ...!!!”I then replied back to my Mom Liz.My Mom Liz'd put on a pair of very abbreviated ... ... Continue»
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Liz's Predicament

... at her crotch or breasts decided Liz needed a little tenderizing, pinching, biting, slapping, ... displayed by the skimpy bottoms Liz had chosen to wear.
Liz saw the cameraman first, ... her breath in pain as Liz felt each one. Liz could barely touch her groin ... ... Continue»
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Liz.....Round 2

... very dark brown. She laid on top of Liz, rubbed her breasts against Liz's, and began kissing and licking her neck. I picked ... , I was washing Molly's face, breasts, ans lap with hot semen. Liz and Molly embraced for a passionate kiss, and fingered each other ... ... Continue»
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Adventures with Liz

... daughter did so. This helped to calm Liz down and she managed to keep her groaning ... fire. I thought I was losing my touch but Liz's enthusiasm drove me into almost as much a ... 2hours I had got every thing together and Liz stripped off, pushed me down onto the ... ... Continue»
Posted by ruggerboy 5 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Voyeur  |  Views: 2571  |  
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Liz Makes The Grade

... she couldn't somehow pull a passing grade out of his class. Liz was a little slow in understanding what the professor really ... cumminggg , ohhh yessss you sweet little cunt you Im cummmminggg !!!!!!!! Liz joined right in with him cumming again herself and ... ... Continue»
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Shorts with Liz

... Mums and Dads with their k**s on the beach and swimming. Liz, Ellen and I lay sunbathing while the k** played in the sand ... I said before ironically they were very alike in looks with Liz a little slimmer and smaller breasts. After a while I asked if anyone ... ... Continue»
Posted by ruggerboy 5 months ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  Views: 905  |  
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Liz's 21st Birthday

... one couple brought a new guy along that Liz had never met. Soon Donnie arrived without Sue ... . His big uncut cock has always gotten Liz's attention when we fucked in the same ... to get them going. Since I was not there Liz said she could not play and stepped ... ... Continue»
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Lisa to Liz part 2

... I said sit up and talk to me why Liz? She almost crying says Lisa is a married women ... her husband and didn't want to cheat but, Liz is a slut that Jim wanted and f***ed ... AGAIN. Now strip and come with me.

OK Liz honey remember what I say and who I say ... ... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 2 years ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor  |  Views: 144  |  
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Day at liz'es

... take roll. Me and liz were talking about drawing, anime and manga. Liz being a little “out ... her perfect A cup breast. “hey, you there?” liz said as she poked my shoulder “huh” I ... folder, and hands me a few drawings. See liz has always ben a good artist. Some ... ... Continue»
Posted by jakery 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo  |  Views: 655  |  

A Day at My Aunt's

... even better blowjob than my aunt (certainly not taking anything away from my aunt!).

Then I heard my aunt say, “Brian help your s****r ... to see my s****r lying on her stomach licking my aunt’s pussy as Aunt Suzy was licking her lips watching my mother. I ... ... Continue»
Posted by KingAmir 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Sex Humor, Taboo  |  Views: 15687  |  
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Staying with Aunt Mae

... the still very hot flesh of her Aunt. Her Aunt's breasts were so soft and she ... the bathroom and called out to her Aunt. "Aunt Mae, I hope you don't mind, I need to ... the accolades her Aunt bestowed on her. She looked up at her Aunt. "Aunt Mae, please do me ... ... Continue»
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A Day at My Aunt's (Teen Mike spends time at

... even better blowjob than my aunt (certainly not taking anything away from my aunt!).

Then I heard my aunt say, “Brian help your s****r ... to see my s****r lying on her stomach licking my aunt’s pussy as Aunt Suzy was licking her lips watching my mother. I ... ... Continue»
Posted by KDG 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Mature  |  Views: 4718  |  
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Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part 1)

... friend Abby... I hope it makes her dreams come true.

'Aunt Abby and the Artist' (Part 1)

David Connelly walked briskly ... kind of like, but she already has a boyfriend.”

“Well,” his aunt said giving him a reassuring smile, “I’m sure a good looking guy ... ... Continue»
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My Aunt, My Mistress

... to play with your nipples!
- Nooo... please Aunt Susan.. I... this is wrong.. my..
But Aunt Susan did not stop her treatment of ... , waiting to be fulfilled by my
clever and seductive Aunt Susan.
My aunt now started to gently rub and caress my exposed ... ... Continue»
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