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Aunt Liz

... My Aunt Liz

From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful demeanor ... , as I grew older and went through puberty, it was not lost on me that Aunt Liz really was a good ... against her bosom, and such.

Then in the summer of my fifteenth year, Aunt Liz came to visit... Continue»
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My Aunt Liz


From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful
demeanor with an edge ... . But
also, as I grew older and went through puberty, it was not lost on me that
Aunt Liz really ... locking me against her bosom, and such.

Then in the summer of my fifteenth year, Aunt Liz came... Continue»
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... the bathroom where Liz was. Ther door was open about two inches and I could see in the mirror my Aunt ... open a little and I could see her tits jiggling underneath. I said "Good morning Aunt Liz, you're ... just fucked my Aunt Liz and now Aunt Betty was giving me a blowjob, could this get any better? Betty... Continue»
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my personal field trip

... experiences like i shared with my beautiful aunt norma or even my sexy ther****t Ms. Liz or including my ... to have some fun a little too much fun at that.. haha at the same time he interrupts his aunt... Continue»
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Massage While Sunbathing by Hutter James

... but Mom told me "That's just your Aunt Jessie".

I heard the car door open and close then heard ... to join us if you'd like."

Jessie laughed "I don't want scare the boy off of women, Liz. This old ... in front with one hand. The rest of the towel gaped open down her front. Mom said "Hut, get your Aunt... Continue»
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Sex in the f****y

... saw Liz spear Jake.

"Jake, you have another ass to fuck, your cock is going in your aunt's ass ... the phone rang. Fuck it, but we both heard my s****r on the machine. She wanted to come over, Liz ... it, you are going to fuck my ass, if you want, you can think of your aunt as you fuck me, that's fine... Continue»
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More of The Ther****t

... A few days passed since my dinner with Gloria and her Friend Liz. I had been thinking about how ... sensual and attractive Liz was, and how warm and easy to talk to she had been. I called her office ... .

I arrived at Liz's home promptly, and she met me at the door. She looked stunning as before... Continue»
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... , Gwyneth, Rick and the much younger Liz.

"I remember you when we were k**s, you pulled my hair ... then "fine."

Jenna decided to stay because she and Liz were getting on really well.

Liz invited Jenna ... to stay at her place and Ted learned that would be okay because Gwyneth's aunt and uncle were also... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 04

... to me. I remember my mother doing my hair. My aunt accidentally stepped on my train and ripped ... divorced and all that but Liz Taylor and Richard Burton remarried or something right? Maybe he'd... Continue»
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... over a big gold star. "My name is
Liz. I run the office, and play the piano here. I'm the one you ... at the door to Toni's office.

"Come!" said a voice from inside, and Liz opened the door to let me ... have seen in few women. She was quite beautiful.

"Bobbi," Toni began as I sat in the chair, and Liz... Continue»
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... Aunt Dee."

"I know he is Liz but he just wouldn't be my b*****r if he wasn't rude and obnoxious ... with him."

"It's nice isn't it daddy. That Aunt Dee's staying in the city."

"Dee's never been... Continue»
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... at the mention of her aunt's name. In her mind, her aunt was a hypocritical bitch and she knew ... as her daddy grunted in approval then fumbled to give an explanation to her aunt. "Yeah, stubbed my ... to stay for the summer? I do have a girl of my own to watch over, and aren't Anna and Liz around twenty... Continue»
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Fucking My Auntie And Her Friend On A Yacht

... with a nice cold glass of champagne it was great ,

as i sat with the guys on the sofa , My aunt liz ... put my hands over my cock and my aunt liz said stop it john your embaressing him , she brought me ... , My Auntie Liz and Uncle John agreed and so did i.

The next morning we woke up early and got... Continue»
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... her out, “Come on Liz you have to do it. Liz we got this for you.” Then one woman stepped up and sat ... in the chair I put in the center of the room. It was my aunt Rachel, she turned to the birthday girl ... cheering me on are her friends. I didn’t know what to do. My aunt was sitting in the middle expecting... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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Nikki's Story - Slippery Susie Part 8

... to heart.

Nikki had noticed some subtle changes come over her mom and her aunt Liz
over the past ... transformation was somewhat subtle, the
transformation of her Aunt Liz was down right scary. Her aunt had ... women took turns kissing. After that, she no longer wondered
what had happened to her Aunt Liz, she... Continue»
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Mother-in-law and I Fall in Love part 5

... not be suprised if I don't let you know. Now are you okay with this?"

"Yes mom, and I'm sorry about aunt ... that was in the cabin to charity.

June and I now have a daughter named Liz just three years younger... Continue»
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Cousin Sue part 3

... eyes I noticed a note sitting next to it with my name on it.

Left with your aunt, Sue ... have to tell you, call me Liz.” she said with a mock-frown. “Sorry Mrs. Ca- er, Liz... f***e of habit ... , “Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, thanks Kyle.” I smiled and said, “No problem Mrs. Ca-er...Liz.” She... Continue»
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Shagging My Auntie On Holiday

... ,, i agreed,,, but still feel for her to this day

my aunte liz , was 41 at the time , she may ... to the local town drinking ,looking for a few girls and just having a laugh , and my auntie liz would ... they asess and under go the operation ,
The next day me and Liz(my auntie) spent a few hours... Continue»
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Alice 3

... Liz’ Mum turned to me and hugged me tight, she was kissing my cheeks, she pulled back to look at me ... had broken down, when I was on my way back from my aunt Suzy’?
Dad nodded
‘Well, I was just about ... , I phoned aunt Suzy and told her, she said to go down to her. That is when I left. I named the baby... Continue»
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Getting my s****r pregnant!

... Aunt and Mandy so are you but you are staying

with us."

"Listen dad...let me explain to you ... anymore…you have to go to Australia

and live with your aunt…” Dad said. Mom thought about ... the security, we went outside and called our

aunt, who we met for the first time.

“Hi I am Janice... Continue»
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