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**This is just a teaser of what I am working on at the moment**

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The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 2

The Mediterranean Guesthouse – chapter 2

As I wake up some hours later, it is still dark, but I can already feel it is close to dawn. I slept again with the windows open, and the sounds of the warm night are already gone and I can hear the odd cry of a rooster from the valley. I look to the window and I can already make out the outline of the sky against the hills. In half an hour it will be sunrise.
I still cannot really believe what happened last night. It all seems like a dream. Did I really have sex with Christine, while Julien was fucking her in front of my eyes? The thought seems unreal, a fantasy, or something that would happen in a movie. Not something that would happen to me.
But I can still remember the feeling of my dick deep in her mouth, and the feeling of her hand on my buttocks as I came deep into her throat. I can remember the jump my heart made when Christine said what she would like me to do tonight. I remember the hungry look she had in her eyes when Julien was licking her and she had my cock right at her lips, ready to go in her waiting mouth. It really did happen. And tonight is promising to be even more exciting!
I lie on the bed deep in thought and look at the ceiling as the dawn arrives. My hands are at my side. The hands that will touch Christine again tonight, again under the gaze of her husband. The hands will caress her breasts and maybe hold her from the waist as she will ride on my cock. My dick stirs from the morning slumber and in seconds is getting harder at the anticipation of this evening.
Is it going to be weird over breakfast? Kate is going to be there, so how will we act, like nothing happened, or do we acknowledge somehow that we were pretty intimate last night?
I ponder on this some more, but decide that the best thing is to go about it normally. I will just catch their eye and figure out how they want to play it. I realize suddenly that I haven't asked how long Christine and Julien are staying. Are they staying the full week like me, or are they here only for a few days? I have to ask them at breakfast.
I jump up and do my morning exercises and stretching, then hit a quick shower and wash my teeth. As I pull on my clothes, I notice that today's cycling hasn't even crossed my mind yet. I grab some maps and a list of the possible cycling routes I made earlier and head downstairs for breakfast.

As I come downstairs, I can hear Kate in the kitchen. I look outside and Julien and Christine are not there yet. I walk to the kitchen door and look in.
'Good morning, Kate!'
She has heard me come down the stairs and turns around with a couple of plates full of local fruit. 'Good morning, Archie. I am sure you had a good night last night?' she says with a tilt of her head and a knowing smile on her face. Oh, yes, it seems we did make enough noise for her to be aware what her guests are up to.
'Oh, yes, I had a good night sl**p.'
'I am sure you did, after all the exercise you had yesterday.' she continues, still smiling.
'Yes, and you have such comfortable beds here.'
'Well, we aim to please!' she says and looks at me as she takes the plates outside.
I sit down at the breakfast table. The weather is again nice and warm, sun is up and I breathe in the morning air, a bit relieved that Kate is taking this situation so well. It would have been awkward if she had been more distant or condescending about the activities of her guests. I start on the muesli and cut a bit of bread and Kate brings the first pot of steaming hot coffee to the table.
It feels like my whole body is aching for the evening already. I can feel the anticipation for seeing Christine naked in front of me, for being able to touch her perfect body, for burying my face between her legs, tasting her pussy and licking her with my tongue and finally, sinking my cock into her waiting pussy as her husband is watching. The fantasies and images of me making love to Christine are revolving in my brain, making me dizzy.

Spreading the cycling route maps in front of me, I decide that to get through the day without fainting, I should focus on finding the place to start today's ride. It would be best to do a hard ride today, I think, to take my mind off the coming evening, and also, I feel my body needing a hard punishing training today. I am going through the alternative places to start the ride as I hear Julien and Christine walking behind me to join me at breakfast.
'Good morning, Archie!' they say to me.
'Good morning! Did you two have a good night sl**p?', standing up, I answer to them and smile back as I check both of their faces for any clue how they want to play this. Julien takes the place next to me in the table. Christine is smiling and walks to the other side of the table.
'We slept really well.' she says and continues in almost a whisper, 'thank you for last night, it was so great! I can't wait for tonight!'
'Me too.' says Julien.
I don't really know what to say, so I just smile and look at both of the in turn and nod. 'I am looking forward for tonight also. A lot.', I finally manage as I look at Christine. She blushes as I look at her.
Kate storms from the kitchen and catches us all in surprise. 'Well, sit down dear friends. Coffee, Christine, Julien? Please, try the bread, it is fresh from the local baker, and the fruit is from our own garden. You need a lot of energy on holiday, so you need to eat a big breakfast!' She is laughing at our slightly embarrassed expressions as we all sit back down and start on the breakfast.
The atmosphere returns to normal, and rest of the breakfast we are just chatting about what we are going to do that day. I ask them how long they are going to stay at Kate's and Julien says that they are staying there for three more nights, and after that they are going to stay at a place near Nicosia for three days and then another three days near Larnaca. I am delighted to hear that they are still staying here a few nights and say so, which yields a nice shy smile from Christine and a grin from Julien.
We are on vacation, and the weather is perfect, we are getting along so fine, and everyone is anticipating the evening, so we are all feeling very happy. Julien and Christine are going to check out some ancient ruins and maybe some museums today. I look at the map and with some suggestions from Kate who drops by to see if we need anything, I decide on the place where to start my ride today.

'Ok, I'd better go and get ready. Have a nice day at the museums! You must tell me all about it later today, tomorrow is my rest day and I might go and check some of those places also.' I say as I stand up.
'You have a nice day riding up there on the mountain. Don't spend all your energy!', Julien says and with that we all smile and I head upstairs to get ready.

The drive to Trimiklini, where I will start riding today, is uneventful. I can't stop my mind wandering from cycling to what will possibly happen tonight. I have to mentally shake myself to focus. The Cypriot style of driving on the road is somewhat erratic, in addition to the traffic being on the wrong side of the road from my point of view. I am still getting used to shifting with my left hand.
I usually do not like to ride with bike close to the coast, as the roads have much more traffic. As the road climbs towards Trimiklini, the traffic becomes thinner and the road shoulder looks also more inviting. I park the car a few kilometers before the village.
As I take my bike and gear out of the car I look at the mountain right before me. The climb is a little over a thousand meters vertical, but today I shall take a small detour and not the direct route up. So it will not be as steep as before, but today I will go all the way to the village on the summit. I check that I have everything with me, spare tube, sports bars, both the bottles and the bike fixing tool set I always carry, and I jump on the bike and start the ride.

The road is almost level, initially with only small, short hills. I know from looking at the map that the first few kilometers are like this, and then there is a not-too-steep climb of a 3-4 kilometers, after which the road drops back to another village and then picks up again as I will turn towards the summit.
Remembering Julien's advice, I pedal in a smooth rhythm with a steady cadence and try not to get too out of breath. The feeling in my legs is nice, I can feel the previous two days riding, but there is still clearly energy and power left. Tomorrow is rest day, and I know I can attack the climb if I want to.
As I go past Trimiklini and turn left for the even more empty road leading to the next village, the effort of pedaling, the endorphins in my bl**d and the scenery finally takes my mind away from coming evening. I breathe the clear mountain air in an out, look at the perfect views reaching out to the blue sea that is just visible under a haze in the distance. The sun is warm on my skin. Perfection. I am feeling so good right now I could shout out.
I stop and listen to the silent hills around me. The only sound I hear is wind. I haven't seen even one car pass me on the road. I just cannot understand why more people are not doing this. But I know other people consider what I am doing pretty weird. Well, to each their own!
Finally there is some traffic as three guys on rented Ducati's storm past me. I could hear them coming from miles away, and after the silence a moment ago, the sound of the Ducati desmo engines careening off the hills around me feels deafening. As the trio speeds in the distance, peace returns. I reach the top of the first climb and start the downhill.

As always, the downhill part seems to be over in just a few minutes and the road now forks and I take the right turn that leads to the Trodos village near the summit, my goal for today. I pass the Ducati trio sitting in a roadside cafe, with their brilliant red bikes in a neat row in front, ticking off as the engines and exhausts cool off after their ride. Beautiful bikes. It looks a lot of fun, maybe I should rent a bike like that some time.
The road climbs now a bit steeper, and I feel the urge to attack the mountain. I pick up speed and pace and instantly I feel the effort, I am now breathing deeper and deeper and my thighs are feeling the pain a little bit more each time I try to spin the crank. In even steeper parts of the turns I get out of the saddle and push on the pedals from standing position.
After about half an hour, I reach the village where the steep part of the climb ends and I ease back on the speed. The rest of the way, I take it easy, just spinning the legs and letting my body recover. There are more cars on the road near the village on the top, tourists that have come to see the scenery and have lunch in the restaurants at the top. After another 30 minutes, I reach the village at the top and stop to have a snack at the village square and rest before heading back down. It is fun to look at other tourists who have come up with cars. There are a few other cyclists also on top, mostly with mountain bikes but a couple have come up the mountain on a road bike. I wave at the fellow cyclists.

Sitting at the bench, I realize that the ride up the mountain did take my mind off the coming evening, but right now the feeling of anticipation for tonight is like a press on my chest. My heart seems to swell and rise as I think that tonight I will get to make love to Christine, my dick will slowly slide inside her moist, tight pussy as she looks deep into my eyes. I can touch her perfect breasts and smooth skin...
I snap out of this as the bulge in my cycling shorts is getting larger. Having an full-on erection in thin lycra shorts in a crowded place is something I would rather avoid. I put on my helmet and hop on the bike and head downhill towards the car.
Taking the more direct route back to the car, the 20 kilometer downhill takes me only about 20-odd minutes. The exhilaration of hitting sixty or seventy kilometers an hour without pedaling is awesome. The road is relatively straight and visibility is good, so I can let the bike just shoot down without much braking, just taking care in the corners and in any exists where a car might suddenly appear out of a side street or from a driveway.
As I reach the car, my legs and whole body can feel the 2 hour effort, and I am grateful for the chance to rest as I will soon drive back to the guesthouse. I can feel my body needing a rest day, but also I feel a desire to return back to ride more as soon as I have recovered. But not tomorrow. And I have tonight to think about now. The evening is getting closer at each passing second.
I pack my bike back to the car and stretch my legs. Standing up, I take a recovery drink and look at the mountain that I just pedaled up and down. Awesome. It is now getting close to local siesta time, and there is more traffic on the road as the locals head back to home for siesta. The sun is hot now, and after a while I hop in, start the car and start the drive back to Kate's.
Arriving to the guesthouse, parking the car I see there is no other cars at the guesthouse parking lot. Kate is somewhere, probably doing some shopping, and Christine and Julien haven't arrived from their day at the museums yet. I grab my gear and go up to my room and quickly wash my cycling gear and drink bottles and set them out on the balcony to dry out. Then I stretch a bit and take a long, hot shower, and thinking about tonight, I decide to shave my dick and balls. As I touch myself, my thoughts wander to the coming evening, only hours away now. How will it happen? Is Christine waiting for me to make the move? Should I take control and decide where and how to make love to her? Or should I let Christine have the control? I have the feeling that tonight Julien will just like to take a more passive role, and watch, at least initially. It would be nice to just chat with them initially, get to know more about them. I hope they would like that too.
Feeling slightly ashamed at having taken so long a shower with Cyprus having a rather expensive water prices, I step out and dry myself and then fall to the bed. The afternoon is still hot, siesta time is still on. My room window is open, and I can feel the warm breeze as I slowly start to feel sl**py and with no clothes on, I fall asl**p on the bed.

Steps on the gravel outside my window wake me up. I can hear words of french, so it must be Julien and Christine returning. Looking at the clock, it is close to six already. I have slept almost two hours! I guess the previous night and the ride today did take their toll, but now I am feeling well rested. I hear Julien and Christine going to their room.
I lie on the bed and suddenly realize that I am ravenously hungry. I didn't eat anything other than a recovery drink after returning from the day's ride. I put on my shorts and a white loose shirt, and go to the kitchen, where I still have fresh tomatoes and lettuce and tuna, and fix myself a large tuna tortilla. After eating, I pop open a beer and head to the terrace.
Sitting down to the sun lounger, I notice the doors to Julien and Christine's room are open, and I can hear their shower. The sun is slowly setting to the west and I can feel the air is getting slightly cooler, or at least it is not anymore as hot as it was midday. Sitting at the lounger, the butterflies return to my stomach, with the darkness looming and the moment I have been waiting since last night getting closer. I try to focus on the nice tired feeling in my legs and my body, and the feeling of the cooling breeze and the warmth of the sun's last rays on my skin, but I succeed only to think about the curve of Christine's neck and her delicious earlobes and the way her breasts bounced last night as Julien was fucking her on the bed. I try to look at the hillside vista with the bushes climbing to the hilltop with the orange sunset behind, but I can only see my glistening dick entering Christine's mouth again and again, her mouth slurping as she sucks my shaft as it goes in and out deep into her throat. I try to listen to the sounds of the warm Mediterranean evening, the insects chirping and the dogs barking, and I can only hear the sound of Christine's muffled moans as she was taking two cocks deep in her mouth and pussy. I did not put on any underpants, and my dick is now hard, stretching against the fabric of my shorts.
'Hi Archie.', Christine suddenly says right behind me
Instantly aware that my erection is unmissable, I blush and turn to look at her, trying to hide the huge tent that my dick has created with the beer can. 'Oh, hi Christine! I did not hear you coming!”
'Hmm... maybe you will later.', she says, smiling, her eyes dropping to look at the budge in my shorts. I smile back and look at her, and she returns my look and I can sense the electricity between us. I can sense her desire to make love to another man while her husband is watching. She sits down at the lounger next to mine and I take in her perfect slender body once more. She is wearing another dress, this one with thin straps and a the hem bit shorter than the one she wore yesterday. I can't spot her wearing any underwear either. I can still hear the shower is on. Julien is in there then.
'How was your day? Did you have fun at the museums?'
'Oh, it was very interesting. We saw a lot of nice ruins.' she says. 'And hot. It felt so good to have a nice cool shower afterwards. Although to tell you the truth, during the museum visits, my mind was sometimes wandering a bit. To tonight I mean.'
'Yes. I kind of had the same problem today.', I admit.
'I hope you still... want to? Like you promised last night?', she asks and turns to look at me.
I look at the perfect face next to me, I look deep at her brown eyes. I lay my hand on her hand, and it is as sparks could ignite the darkening evening. Her fingers twitch and her skin feels warm to my touch. With a squeezing sensation on my chest I look at her and finally gather the courage to say in a trembling voice 'Right now I want nothing more than to make love to you.'
She does not answer, but I can see the relief as some of her doubts disappear. I can sense that she has had this fantasy for a while, same as me, and now when we have finally found the right person to realize it, we are getting closer and closer to the moment we have been waiting for, maybe for years.
'Hello Archie.', we hear from behind, as Julien has gotten out of the shower. He has only a towel on his waist as he walks on my side of the terrace. He is holding a bottle of wine on one hand and three glasses on his other hand. I let go of Christine's hand, and see Julien smile a little as he notices this.
'Hi Julien. I heard you had a nice day at the museums?'
'We had a wonderful time, they really have some unique ruins and museums here at Cyprus. I was enjoying every moment. Although I think Christine's mind was sometimes wandering to other things!'
Christine throws a playful mocking look at her husband and says something in french.
'Now now, dear. Lets try to keep it in English for Archie's sake. Wine, Archie?'
My beer can is empty so I gladly accept. Julien pours us wine and then sits down on a chair opposite to us.
Sipping the wine, Julien asks me about the ride today, and I tell them how awesome it was again today. I ask them if they do any cycling, and Christine says she doesn't but Julien says he has a bike and rides it a few times a week. But he says he really has not tried any mountains yet. I ask where in France they are from, and they say they are originally from Paris, but now living in south of France, near Toulouse. They ask me if I have been there, and I have to admit that I have only been to Paris and then the alps near Grenoble. But I would love to visit the southwest France, especially the mountains.
We chat some more and I find out that Julien is a manager in a construction company, and Christine works in a book store. I tell them about my work and where I live in Finland. They seem to find Finland really exotic place, which it is I guess for foreigners. They ask what they should try to see if they come to Finland and, after thinking about it I tell them that there are many things to see in Finland, but mostly it is the feeling of space and nature. There aren't so many people in Finland so in the countryside, the feeling of being on your own is something unique. Even in the national parks you can walk and not see anybody else for hours or even days. Lapland during winter is of course an experience, with the never ending darkness during mid-winter. Or the midnight sun in the summer, when the sun doesn't set at all.
It is already fully dark, but still the air is warm. Julien is still wearing only the towel. Already I feel like I have known Julien and Christine for longer than what it really has been, just some hours during these two days.
We are silent for a while. My thoughts suddenly return to what we are soon to experience. I hear Christine moving next to me and suddenly I am very conscious of her closeness. Her warmth seems to radiate and spread to my groin and I can sense which way all of our thoughts are now wandering.
'Christine had an idea earlier, didn't you Christine?', Julien says finally. 'There was something you wanted to do, wasn't there?'
Christine squirms on her lounger. I look at her as she is looking at her hands. She is blushing again, and seems to fight her inhibitions. Finally she clears her throat and says in a whisper 'Yes... I was wondering...Archie...if you would like to... take a bath with me...before know...'
Bath. This was unexpected, but in a few seconds my mind imagines me alone in the bathtub with the divine Christine there with me, her breasts covered in soap foam, our hands venturing under the surface and exploring our bodies and my dick jumps to full attention. I take only a second to answer 'I would love to, Christine.'
She sighs in obvious relief, and as I watch Julien, he is smiling and looking at both of us. 'Well, you guys continue here, I will set up the bath for you.' and he stands up and goes to their room. I look at Christine, and she glances at me, smiling shyly, but then we both look into the darkness and in the silence of the night I can hear the bath start filling up.
We don't talk for a while. We are both too excited about what is happening soon, how our fantasy is coming true tonight. I see Christine's glass is empty so I offer to pour her more wine, and she gladly accepts, putting her hand on mine as I fill her glass, then fill mine. I look into her eyes as she says thank you, and I can see the spark and desire fill them. Julien still has not come back, and I gather all my courage and, setting down the wine bottle, I lean in slowly, and as I get closer, she raises her face to mine and slowly our lips meet in a kiss in the darkness of the terrace.
Her lips feel cool and soft and full, and I can taste the wine on her lips, as after a moment her mouth opens hungrily and her tongue slips my lips as if teasing. We continue to kiss and I lay my hand on her bare shoulder, and I can hear her set down the glass and then I feel her hands on my shoulders, pulling me closer. The dark, warm evening and the world seems to fade away, as the whole universe suddenly seems to consist of those full lips kissing mine, and those eager hands exploring my body, and the feeling or her lithe body covered only by the thin dress.
A cough interrupts us, and Julien is standing next to us, now dressed in shorts and a shirt, and he is smiling as we break off and return to our seats.
'The bath is ready, my lady.', Julien says with a teasing voice.
Christine again looks at her husband in a mocking, yet smiling way, and, taking her wine glass, stands up, then holds a hand towards me. I don't need further encouragement. I take my glass and follow her, and I notice Julien looking at us with a smile and sitting down on the lounger.

I follow Christine to their room, and the sway of her hips under the thin dress is captivating. I almost cannot stop myself touching that thin waist and those perfect hips, but I manage to contain myself. Next to their bed, she stops, sets her wine glass on the night table and turns around, taking my glass and setting it next to hers. Looking at my eyes, she slowly raises her hands and opens the top button of my shirt, then slowly the next button, and the next. At this, she stops and her hands reach in my shirt and on my chest. I reach and put my hands on her hips as she lowers her gaze and her hands are moving on my chest and she takes in the feel of my chest muscles. She opens another button and another, and then grabs and pulls off the shirt. She then slowly lifts her hand to the straps of her dress and pulls one strap over the shoulder and lets it drop. I cannot resist but bend down and kiss her exposed neck as she slowly drops her other strap, and her dress falls down the floor. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen is standing in front of me, her lovely full breasts with the dark nipples inches away from my skin. She now reaches for my shorts and, bending down, pulls them off. My cock jumps as it is freed from the constraints of the shorts. We stand closer and closer and lean in for another passionate kiss, with my dick hard between us, squeezed between us and pulsing with expectation.
Christine breaks off the kiss and smiles to me. 'Come.', she says and taking her glass, turns around, walking towards the bathroom.
I follow her to the bathroom, which is lit by four candles. The bathtub is full and there is foam on the water. If I thought Christine looked beautiful before, in the darkness of the bathroom, lit by candlelight, she looks like the goddess Aphrodite. She steps into the bathtub and gestures me to join her.
The tub is slightly small for two people, and our legs are a jumble, with her legs raised to my shoulders, and my legs on each side of her waist. My dick is right against her pussy, in the middle of her thighs. The soap makes our skin slippery. We giggle a bit as our limbs are touching ticklish places, and we smile at each other expectantly. I take her foot in my hand and massaging it and her calf, I can see she is enjoying this. I move to the other foot, and with it slippery with soap, I massage her foot soles and toes and she closes her eyes and sighs in pleasure. I move my hands up her legs and as they reach the inside of her thighs she is clearly breathing in deeper and deeper. I stop just short of her pussy and she seems slightly disappointed but then returns the favor by squeezing her thighs together so that my dick is tightly closed between her legs. She then starts to move up and down and the pleasure of having my cock massaged beneath the foam bath by those divine legs is soon forcing me to sigh in pleasure. The soft yet firm squeeze of her legs is driving me closer and closer to actually come under the water and after a minute I have to stop her moving. She smiles knowingly and releases my dick from the wonderful captivity.
Suddenly she rises and turns around, so that her back is toward me. Her narrow waist is just at the foamy water, and she has her hair up with a hairband. Her back is a beautiful smooth triangle, her delicate but yet quite wide shoulders narrowing down to the impossibly narrow waist. She is sitting in my lap, her butt is on my still hard cock. I reach out and my hands find their way on her stomach, and start to caress her slippery chest, reaching closer to her breasts. As I finally, slowly and almost timidly reach my fingers to cup her breasts, she sighs in relief and pleasure and her mouth is on my ear as she leans her head back. 'Touch me there please Archie.', I can hear her, and I am happy to oblige. My right hand moves slowly down her stomach and arrives at her mound, I slowly tease her by circling her pussy lips but not touching them. My hand moves to the inside of her right thigh, then the left, then returning to her stomach, but not quite touching her pussy. I can feel her trying to raise her hips to meet the touch of my fingers, but I don't allow her the satisfaction just yet.
I continue this for a minute, and then with a long determined movement, I raise my right hand to her chin. 'Now I touch you there.' I whisper and my right hand begins to move down, slowly but not stopping, inch by inch the fingers are creeping with smooth speed movement towards her waiting pussy. They pass the middle of her breasts, then her navel, and I can hear and feel her anticipating the next seconds as finally my fingers reach her pussy and my middle finger finds her clit and I can feel the moistness in her and, simultaneously biting her earlobe, I make just one movement with my finger and at that exact moment she instantly comes and her back arches and her shoulders press against my chest as she comes with an orgasm.
After a minute, her breath is slowing down, and she is landing down from the flight of pleasure. She turns and kisses me, and I can feel that she was satisfied, but I can feel that the satisfaction was not yet complete. She still yearns for more. As do I.
We lull in the sweet afterglow of her orgasm, but after a minute, she turns around again so that her back is at the other end of the tub. 'Archie. That was wonderful.', she whispers. 'But I have another request for you.'
'What is it? Your wish is my command!' I say in a funny voice.
She smiles, and says 'Well, yesterday, when I first saw you... you know... without your clothes. I noticed that you are … you know... you don't have any... you are completely... shaved.'
'Yes, I feel good about myself this way, I like to feel smooth.', I answer.
'Well, I was thinking... I would like...would you like to shave me?'
Talk about dropping bombs. The beautiful woman that I have just flicked into ecstasy, asks me to shave her pussy. This evening is not going anything like I imagined. It is way past anything I ever dared to imagine.
'Christine, I would love to do it.' I answer finally after recovering.
'Great!' She whispers, and reaching back, she produces a shaving kit, and standing up, sits down on the edge of the bathtub. Her pussy is now inches away from my face, covered with soapy foam.
I get the razor, and leaning in, I touch her crotch and spread the foam and feel her smoothness. She really doesn't have a lot to shave down there, only the small patch of hair just atop her pussy. I carefully bring the razor closer and, stretching her skin, I start to shave Christine's pussy.
She sighs in pleasure as someone else than herself is using the razor on her most sensitive area. I work carefully, in slow, smooth motions, not applying a lot of pressure and moving the razor carefully, and working my fingers to stretch the skin or her pussy. I can feel her pussy juices as my fingers move around her.
In no time at all, I am all done and I splash a little water on her to reveal the totally hairless look of goddess in front of my face. I lean in and bring my face closer and give a gentle kiss on her totally bared pussy and she sighs in pleasure. I put down the razor and bring my hand to her pussy with my other hand on her waist, and kiss her down there more eagerly. She tastes divine, intoxicating, like water scented with the most precious perfume. My mouth presses on her pussy more deeply and suddenly I can feel her hand on the back of my head, edging me on, finding a common rhythm. I am licking the pussy of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, the woman who I fucked with my finger a moment ago, the woman whose pussy I shaved bare a minute ago. I bring the tip of my finger on her opening and as I keep licking, I slowly enter one finger inside her. She is dripping wet and I can feel her desire build again as she is grabbing my hair with more f***e and returning the movement of my finger each time I push it deeper inside her. A second finger joins the first and she cannot help it anymore but explodes on my fingers and face, I can feel her squirting her juices on my palm and my mouth as she grabs my hair almost painfully with both her hands and cries out.
After the tension leaves her, she falls back into the bath into my lap and we recover again from her second orgasm. 'Oh my god. Archie. That was wonderful. Thank you.', she says.
'That was my pleasure.', I answer truthfully.
'Now I owe you two orgasms.'
'Come on Christine, this is not a competition.'
'No it isn't. But anyway, I am going to make you come. In me. I want you in me. Now.'
Without more words, she stands up, dripping wet in front of me, grabs a towel, and gestures me to get out of the bath. She then proceeds to dry me up, and when I am dry, she takes another towel, and dries herself in while I am standing there in front of her. I take a sip of wine, as she finishes and leads us back to the bedroom.

Julien is now sitting in the chair in the bedroom, and the doors outside are closed. He has lit another two candles on both the night tables. Christine leads me out to the bed and pushes me to sit on the bed. My dick is hard and as Christine kneels in front of me, she takes my cock into her mouth and starts to lick and suck the tip of my penis as both me and her husband are watching eagerly. After a while, it is only Julien watching as I have to close my eyes for the pleasure and concentrate in not coming again into Christine's mouth.
She feels this and slows down and then stops her sucking, and then stands up. 'Please Archie, can you lie back on the bed, so that you have your back on the headboard?'
I follow her instructions, so that I am on the bed, almost sitting. My dick is hard and pointing up at the ceiling. Christine is standing next to the bed, her hungry eyes taking in my body and my eager cock. She glances quickly at Julien who is stroking his cock through the fabric of his shorts.
Christine gets onto the bed, her hair now open and flowing. She moves so that she is in top of me, her back to her husband, and facing me. Her hair is falling on my face as she reaches and kisses me. 'I want to ride you until you come into my pussy, Archie.', she says. I could almost come right there at these words, but I want to make her wish come true. She moves slowly and stands up so that my dick is ready to enter her pussy lips, and then she slowly lowers her hot, moist, tight hole on my swelling, pulsing dick until it is all buried in her.
I manage not to explode into her even though I am in seventh heaven with the sight of the beautiful figure above me, Christine's hair sweeping my chest and face. The she starts to move, up, and down, slowly. Each time my dick is completely outside her pussy and then she slowly lowers herself back so that her tight hole is squeezing the root of my cock. Each thrust is pleasure like I haven't ever felt before. She has her hands on my shoulders, feeling my shoulder muscles, then on my back with her fingernails clawing me, then on my chest, feeling my chest muscles and twisting my nipples. All the time she continues to ride me. Slightly increasing the speed, but slowly, teasingly slowly, as if knowing that if she would speed up too soon, I would come all too soon, spoiling her fun and her plans.
She then turns around, with her back at me and her perfect butt in my total and uninhibited view. She leans forward and I am rewarded with a fine sight as I can see my dick go in and out her bare, shaved pussy. My cock disappears completely each thrust as she raises her pussy and slams it back down. She has her hands on my legs and continues to ride me at an ever increasing rhythm. I cannot remove my eyes from the sight as my cock fucks her tight pink hole and her small asshole is right in front of me. The sight is unbelievably erotic. I put my hands on her ass and help her motions as she raises her ass up and down as we fuck in front of Julien's intent gaze. I move my thumbs and spread her ass cheeks and she seems to like this. I move my hands closer to her asshole, and she doesn't stop me so after a while I move one of my thumbs right on top of her hole as my dick keeps on pounding her pussy. She rewards me with a sigh of pleasure and resumes to pick up speed of her humping.
Encouraged, I spit on my thumb and start to revolve it around her anal opening as she continues to let out sounds that clearly show to me that she not only doesn't find this pleasurable, but has in fact yearned for such touch and just didn't want to ask me. I return each of her riding motions now with more feverish eagerness and we meet each others thrusts in perfect synchronization and I am pressing my thumb with more f***e inside Christine's butt.
Suddenly, she again turns around, facing me. She kisses me and whispers 'Later, Archie. I want you in my ass later.'
I can't believe what I am hearing, but I can't really focus anymore as she keeps moving up and down on my dick and her breasts are bouncing in front of me, her nipples hard and her areolas large and dark. I lean in and suck her breasts and she sighs out in pleasure. From the corner of my eyes, I can see Julien is now naked and stroking his dick in faster and faster motions in the corner of the room.
Christine now leans back, with her hands on my legs, her head bent back toward the terrace doors. I can see her shaved pussy as my dick enters it again and again. I am close to coming now and I am sure so is she. She leans back more and more, impossibly far, with her knees bent almost to her butt now and I cannot see her head clearly anymore, only her breasts and her stomach. Her back now touches my legs as she is leaning so far back that her head is at the other end of the bed. I stand up a bit straighter with my back on the headboard of the bed.
Her legs are spread wide, my dick is entering her pussy as she cannot anymore ride me, I am fucking her as the best I can with her back on my legs, her knees bent totally, her head at the other end of the bed and her hands spread wide. She is still meeting my each thrust with all the motion she can generate in her awkward position. I am wondering how long she can remain there. That cannot be a comfortable position.
Suddenly I notice Julien standing up with his dick hard, and he walks to Christine's face. Standing up a bit again, I can see her opening her mouth eagerly, and slowly Julien sinks his dick in Christine's mouth as I am fucking her pussy. She is leaning back with her back on my legs and the edge of the bed, and her head is over the edge of the bed now, bent even more back. I can see Julien's cock enter her mouth deeper and deeper. Her throat is now bent to receive her husbands' dick completely and I can now see Julien push deeper and deeper into her mouth as I push deeper and deeper into her pussy. Julien touches her tits now, and I can see his dick bulge Christine's throat with each deep throat thrusting motion, and the sight is too much for me. With a few final desperate thrusts, I feel my load start to come and I don't hold back and cry out as I shoot my cum inside Christine's pulsing pussy.
At this, Julien pulls out from Christine's mouth and his dick shoots incredible arc of cum on her stomach, landing all the way on her pussy and my cock. Again and again Julien's dick shoots arcs and arcs of cum as I watch the load splash on Christine's breasts, stomach, pussy and my dick, which is still entering and exiting her pussy. Her pussy is now flowing from my cum and Julien's.

We recover from the orgasm, and help Christine from her, possibly uncomfortable position. The three of us lie on the bed, with Christine in the middle and me on one side, Julien on the other side.
'Did you like it, Archie?', she asks
'It was unforgettable.', I say truthfully. I think will probably never have sex like this again.
'Sorry, I was so selfish. I have had the fantasy to have two men like this for a long time, riding one, and then, on my back, having Julien fuck me in the mouth like he did. I hope you liked it too.'
'You can be sure I did like it. A lot!', I answer.
We lie in the bed some more, and then Christine stands up and says she wants a shower. 'But, don't disappear yet, Archie. I promised you something.'
At this, my dick seems to jump a little. Incredible. After coming only moments earlier, I seem to have soon recovered, maybe for a new round. What was this promise she is talking about?
We can hear Christine in the shower, and we stay with Julien on the bed. I don't know really what one is supposed to say to a man after fucking her wife in front of him. I just congratulate him that he is one lucky man to have such a wife. 'I know, I am the luckiest man alive!', he answers. I could maybe disagree with him right now, I feel pretty lucky myself.
Christine emerges from the shower, fresh and smelling of bath gel. She jumps back to the bed, between Julien and me. She is on her knees in front of us, and her hands start to move up our legs to reach for our cocks under the sheets. I can already feel my dick is halfway hard. It feels hard to breathe as I watch Christine between us, with her right hand on my thigh, and her left hand on Julien's. Her hand creeps upwards and she pulls the sheet from my dick, which is now almost hard and rests on my stomach. She reaches for my smooth balls and cups them in her hand.
'Guys, I want you both.', she says as she grabs my cock in her hand and pulls so that Julien and me have no choice but to move closer to her.
She puts one knee between my legs and her other knee between Julien's and bends forward. My dick is now right on her lips, and she has Julien's dick on her other hand, just inches away from mine. She looks at me as she takes my dick in her mouth and I can feel her warm mouth as she sucks my member to full alertness. Her eyes do not leave mine as she lifts her mouth away, but her hand continues to squeeze my shaft. She continues to watch me as she now sinks Julien's cock into her mouth. Our dicks now get to alternate in her hot lips as she first sucks me, then Julien, and then again me.
Then she f***es us to come even closer, and our dicks are now almost touching, only millimeters from each other. She watches each of us in turn as she slowly lowers her head and takes both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time. The feeling is incredible, my dick inside her mouth and touching the dick of another man. She sucks and I can feel her tongue exploring the novelty of two dicks. I can feel Julien thrusting against Christine's hand and mouth and I start to do the same. We are fucking her mouth both simultaneously. The sight is incredibly arousing, and in no time at all we are both battle-ready.
Christine notices this and straightens her back and lets go of our dicks.
She moves herself on top of Julien, while still watching me. I feel slightly disappointed at this. She then looks at me and whispers 'Archie... I liked it when you had your finger on my ass.'
I look at her, first not believing what I am hearing. Do I understand her right?
She lowers herself with familiar motions on top of her husband's cock, and they start to make love. Christine's eyes do not leave mine as I lie next to them, watching Christine ride Julien. Her breasts are swaying and Julien grabs her tits and kisses them. Still Christine is watching me, now with her eyes half closed. She reaches behind her and sets her hand on her butt. I rise from the bed, my cock now fully erect and still slippery from Christine's sucking and her saliva. I walk slowly behind her, and she is watching me as far as she can. She has her hands on her ass, and I can see her tight asshole in front of me. She is now moving faster and riding Julien's cock. Her dark brown hair falls down on her shoulders and her round ass is in front of me. I move closer and go onto my knees on the bed. My dick is now right at her asshole. Their movement slows down.
'Please, Archie.', she says.
I start to push slowly, my dick against her asshole. She sighs with pleasure at the initial touch of my dick at the sensitive anal opening. I push a bit more but still her hole resists me. I push a little, then pull back, then push, then pull back, and with each thrust I can sense her hole opening a bit wider and herself relaxing. After a minute of this I can sense the time has come to thrust my dick inside her ass. I push more, and she tenses against me, as my slippery and hard dick slides inside her incredibly tight ass. I slide in slowly as she has her hand on my stomach, controlling the speed and depth of entry. I can feel the tight squeeze of her ass on my cock. I push as deep as I can, and she sighs when I stop. I pause for a while, allowing her to accommodate me. Julien starts to fuck her from below.
Christine and me still are motionless, but I can feel her relax more, and Julien picks up speed as he is fucking her pussy. I pull back and push on Christine's ass, then push my cock back into her ass. She responds with a sigh of pleasure. I pull back further and push back deeper, and can feel her hole relax more. My dick is now sliding in and out her ass, and the feeling is amazing. Her tight asshole is squeezing my cock as her husband is fucking her tight pussy. We start to move together, me pushing while Julien is pulling out, then me pulling out while Julien's dick is pushing in. Then we change rhythm, both of us pushing in at the same time and both of us pulling out at the same time. Christine is now sighing and moaning in pleasure 'Yes! Yes! Oui! Oui!' I grab her wrists and bend her back and Julien grabs her waist and starts to really fuck her, pounding his dick in and out in impossibly fast rhythm. She is totally lost in the sensations of being held by the wrists and being fucked into the ass by a man while she is riding her husband's dick. I can feel her coming closer to yet another orgasm and I pick up my pace. I pull out my cock each thrust and I can see her asshole remain open and then I slam my dick inside with a fast thrust, repeating this over and over and hearing her moan at each thrust. I myself am closer and closer to my orgasm, and I suddenly feel Julien cry out and pick up his pace even more. He then shoots his load into Christine's pussy and I cannot hold back but with a last burst of energy I slam my dick up to the hilt inside Christine's ass and come inside her butt. She receives my load and answers each of my orgasmic thrusts with her ass, her ass slamming my hips as I thrust deep inside her. Finally we are all spent and we collapse on the bed once more.
We come to some minutes later, Christine is between Julien and me, her face is glowing, her hand is on my chest and she has a content look on her face.
'Wow. Archie. That was amazing. I felt... so full... with you and Julien in me at the same time.'
Again, I am at a loss on what to say. I have my hands stroking her shoulder and her back and I fondle her hair. 'Christine, this has been an amazing evening.' I say. 'I was waiting for this but this has been more incredible than I could imagine.'
I wonder should I say to them that this was best sex I have ever had, and finally I decide that I want to tell them this.
'Archie, this was my fantasy. And you fulfilled it.' she says. 'I was a bit hesitating at first but when I got to know you, I knew that you were the one I wanted to realize my fantasy with. And it was better than I could imagine. I feel so good and happy now. Thank you.'
She leans over and kisses first me and then rolls on her back and kisses Julien, long and passionately. I watch, and when they finally finish, we lie a bit longer in the bed together, me and Julien stroking Christine's back as she slowly closes her eyes and eventually falls asl**p between us. I look over to Julien and I mouth the words 'good night' in a silent whisper as I ease out of the bed. I stand up and open the terrace doors, and as I look back one final time, Julien has his hand on Christine's sl**ping figure and he lays his head next to hers on the pillow.



The Mediterranean Guesthouse – chapter 3

“ ... after the swim in the crystal clear water, we dry off and lie down on the beach towels on smooth sand. Kate sets her towel quite close to mine. The cool seawater felt so good after a hot day, but now the wind feels a bit cold on my skin after the swim. Thankfully the sun is still some ways up the horizon and the sun's rays soon warm me up. I glance over to Kate, and notice that she still has goosebumps on her skin.
'You cold?', I ask.
'A bit, she says. The sun isn't as warm now as it was earlier.', she answers, 'I have to sit up to get more rays.'.
With this, she sits up as I lie down on my back. Her quite small yellow string bikini looks awesome against her tan skin. She is in great shape. She leans back on her hands and I steal looks at her tight abdomen and the curve of her tits. She has very nice breasts, not large but very shapely and the bikini is really doing them justice. Her long, tan legs are spread out to catch the sun's last rays and the string of her bikini bottom is right there, next to my right hand.
I sit up also, and look over to her, with her head leaning back and her neck exposed to the sun. Her tits are soaking in the sun, slightly whiter than the rest of her skin, looking soft and smooth. I can see her nipples through the fabric of the bikini, and as I drop my gaze lower, I can see her hips stretch the bikini bottom so as to lift if clear off her lower abdomen, and I can almost see down her bikini front. I spy more smoothness down there...”

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Judy Sucks Better then Mom

"I'll get it for you," Judy purred, staring hotly from wide
blue eyes at the customer.
She winked at the leering man and climbed the ladder, knowing
that as soon as she reached the top, he would be looking up her
skirt. It made her hot virgin pussy tingle.
Paul Holmes stood at the bottom of the ladder, his eyes
darting up the slim legs of the sexy blonde teenager. A hot jolt
caromed through his gut as he saw the crotch of her panties and
the swell of her tight ass.
Judy spread her legs and reached for the small fan. She was
quivering. She could feel his eyes burning into her crotch and it
made her pussy seep. She waited, giving him a good long look at
her panty-clad ass and crotch before descending the ladder.
"Here you are, Mr. Holmes," she cooed, handing him the small
fan. "You can pay Tommy at the counter." Her pink tongue flicked
across her lips.
Paul leered at her plump tits under her tight summer top and
his prick thickened in his pants. "Thanks, Judy," he said, his
voice husky. He gave her a lewd grin. "Maybe I should have two
Judy giggled, catching a glimpse of the bulge in his pants.
"You only need one," she said as she brushed by him in the narrow
aisle, making sure her tits rubbed against his arm. "I hope you
come back real soon."
"I will," Paul said, watching her ass swing seductively as
she walked away.
Judy heaved a deep sigh. She leaned against the wall, her
body quivering with desire. "Ooooooo, God," she whispered as she
squeezed her thighs together. "I'm so fuckin' hot!"
She heard the store door close and her b*****r's footsteps.
Quickly, she pulled off her panties and dropped them on a shelf.
With her heart racing, she hurried back to the ladder and climbed
to the top, her legs spread and her silky blonde cunt fully
Tommy came down the aisle and saw her. "I know what the fuck
you were doin'," he said, stopping at the ladder.
"What, Tommy?" she giggled.
"The same thing you always do. You're nothin' but a fuckin'
little prick-teaser. That guy's hand was shaking when he paid me
for the fan."
Judy laughed. "I can't help it if they look up my skirt,"
she cooed.
"If dad catches you he'll beat your damn ass."
"Daddy won't be back till this afternoon," she said. "I only
do it when he's not around."
Tommy glanced up, his eyes popping. "Holy shit, Judy. You
don't have any panties on!" He stared up her legs and ogled her
bare pussy, his cock growing quickly into a hard-on.
"I know," she said. "You like what you see?"
Tommy groaned and his mouth watered. "Did that guy see you
like this?"
"No, silly. I did it just for you." Balancing herself, she
lifted her skirt around her waist, baring her heart-shaped ass.
"Maybe I should have done this for him. I'll bet he would've cum
in his pants."
"You're a damn prick-teasing little bitch," Tommy grumbled,
his hand rubbing the bulge in his crotch.
Judy dropped her skirt and climbed down the ladder. "Did you
like looking at my pussy?" she sighed breathlessly.
"Cut the shit, Judy," Tommy groaned, his eyes riveted to her
nipples outlined under her tight-fitting top. "I'm tired of your
"Maybe I'm not teasing anymore," she said, her desire to be
touched and fondled overwhelming her. "Maybe I want you, Tommy."
"Sure," he mumbled, his prick aching for his k** s****r.
"I'll touch you and you'll run away like you always do." He
turned to leave. "I don't need your shit."
Judy grabbed his arm, stopping him. "Why don't you try,
Tommy? You might get lucky."
Tommy spun around, his palms sweaty as he drooled over her
plump tits hiding beneath her top. "Why not?" he said, expecting
her to laugh and run down the aisle. He brought his hands to her
tits and spanned the plump globes. She didn't move and he
"Ooooooo, Tommy," Judy moaned. "Ummmm." She quivered with
joy as his fingers squeezed her plump, sensitive tits through her
top. "Mmmmm, it feels good."
Tommy's breath caught in his chest. "Jeez, s*s," he groaned.
He kneaded her tits, his cock throbbing in his pants.
"I'm not a prick-teaser anymore," she sighed. His pawing
hands were driving her crazy.
"Take off your clothes," Tommy rasped. "Lemme see you
Judy giggled. "I will if you lock up the store. I don't
want anybody walking in and seeing me."
"Yeah," Tommy rasped. Reluctantly, he pulled his hands away.
"Don't move. I'll be right back." He spun around and hurried to
the front of the store to lock up.
Shivering with pleasure, Judy pulled off her top, her creamy
tits free, the pink nipples swollen and aching for her b*****r's
mouth. She tore off her skirt, leaving it on the floor as she
hurried through the aisle, her tits bouncing and the firm cheeks
of her ass jiggling. She jumped up on the counter and spread her
legs just as her b*****r returned.
"Well?" she giggled as goose-bumps dotted her creamy flesh.
"How do I look?"
"Jesus Christ!" Tommy groaned as he leered at his naked
s****r. "I'll bet that Mr. Holmes would sure like to see you
He walked toward his s****r, his eyes darting from the
glistening gash of her virgin pussy to the round pink nipples that
capped her pert, pulpy tits.
"I don't give a shit about Mr. Holmes," Judy panted. "But, I
sure would like Daddy to see me like this." She spread her legs
wide. "I'd give him my pussy and fuck him just like Mommy does."
She worked her body lewdly, as if a cock were stuffed up inside
her pussy.
Tommy's head was reeling. He came to the counter where his
s****r was sprawled out on her back. "Dad would kick the shit out
of you." He brought his hands to her plump tits and began
squeezing the pliant meat. "Unnnn, God."
"I don't care," Judy moaned as she writhed on her back. "As
long as he fucked me." She reached for the bulge in her b*****r's
pants and gave it a squeeze. "God, you're hard as a rock."
"Unnnn," Tommy moaned as her fingers dug into his crotch.
He mauled her tits with one hand, his other hand kneading her
thigh flesh as he brought it to the hot sizzling vee of her
outstretched legs.
"Touch my pussy, Tommy," Judy whimpered, her hips rolling
lazily. "Oooo, feel how wet and juicy I am."
Tommy smoothed his hand over her thighs and dipped it between
her legs, his fingers gliding up through the wet, slippery slit of
her virgin pussy.
"Damn, Judy. You're soaked."
"I know," she gasped, humping her hips. "I'm always soaked."
She began to pant as Tommy stroked his finger back and forth
through the wet, frothy gash of her virgin pussy. "Oooo, Tommy
... you're driving me crazy."
Tommy jabbed his finger into her cunt and hit her cherry.
"Jeez, Judy. You gonna let me fuck you?"
Judy was out of her mind. "Not now," she gasped, her hand
still mauling his cock through his jeans.
Tommy shot his s****r a dirty look. "You're still a prick-
teaser," he groaned, yanking his hand away from her pussy. "Maybe
I should punch your fuckin' face in!"
"Oooo, Tommy," she moaned. "Don't get mad." She writhed on
her back. "Play with my pussy again." She squirmed her hips.
"It makes me cream."
Tommy was drawn back to his s****r's naked body like a
magnet. "You little bitch," he groaned, pawing her tits and
caressing her hot, virgin pussy.
"I'll take good care of you," she panted as he drove her wild
with his hands. "I promise." She licked her lips and moaned as
his fingers brushed over her pulsing clit.
"How?" he grunted, his fingers soaked with pussy-cream. He
stared at her, drooling, his cock throbbing as she mauled him
through his jeans.
"Ummmm, you'll see," she hummed. "Oooo, I wish you were
"I'm not," he grunted, his hips jerking as she squeezed his
cock. "You keep doin' that and I'll cum in my pants." He grit
his teeth. "Is that how you're gonna take care of me?"
With her hips rolling, Judy moaned. "Ooo, Tommy. I'm gonna
suck you off."
Tommy's mouth dropped open. He didn't believe her. She had
been teasing and lying to him for months. "You're full of shit,"
he said.
Judy squirmed. "You stop playing with me and I'll prove it."
Tommy pulled his fingers from her seeping pussy and stepped
back. "I'm waitin'."
Judy sat up, her tits bouncing, her blue eyes glowing with
lust. She grabbed his hand and licked his fingers clean. "Mmmmm,
my juice sure tastes good."
"You're supposed to be suckin' my cock, not my fingers,"
Tommy grumbled, still not believing her.
Judy jumped off the counter and dropped to her knees. She
rubbed his bulging crotch. "I'll bet your cock is nice and big,"
she sighed, her fingers trembling as she pulled down his zipper.
"Big enough for you," Tommy moaned as her fingers groped in
his jeans. "Unnnn."
Judy's fingers wrapped around her b*****r's stiff prick and
she hauled it out of his pants. "Oooo, it's beautiful, Tommy,"
she gasped, leering at the bloated head of his cock. "Delicious-
lookin' too."
"Suck it, s*s," he moaned. "Christ!" He jerked his hips,
his cock gliding through her gripping fingers. "Suck it."
Judy's mouth was watering as she ogled her b*****r's cock.
"Lemme get your damn pants off," she moaned, struggling with his
She shoved his pants and shorts down around his ankles and
heaved a ragged sigh as she gazed at his long throbbing prick and
cum-filled balls.
"Ooooo, Tommy. It looks better this way." He stepped out of
his pants and shorts, kicking them away.
"It would look and feel a lot better stuffed up your pussy,"
he groaned as she fondled his nuts and caressed his aching cock.
"Lemme fuck you, Judy. Christ!"
"Later, Tommy," she said, glancing up at him. "First, I
wanna suck you off." She squeezed his meaty cock-shaft and a drop
of cum seeped from his pisser.
"Unnnn," Tommy groaned deep in his throat as Judy's tongue
flashed across the head of his cock and swiped up the gooey drop
of cum. "Put it in your mouth."
"When I'm ready," Judy gasped. She licked her lips. "Your
cum tastes better than my pussy-juice." She cradled his balls and
lapped her tongue up and down the length of his prick-shaft.
"Ummmm, it's so hard. So nice and hard."
"Jesus Christ, Judy," Tommy growled. His hips jerked, his
cock jabbing at her face as she soaked his cock-shaft with her
warm spit.
Judy was in heaven. "This is so much better than just
teasing," she purred.
She licked her tongue over his balls, enjoying the rough
texture of his nut-sac. Her tongue slithered up his prick-shaft,
her lips clinging to his throbbing meat.
"You're still a prick-teaser." He jabbed at her face, his
cock swollen with bl**d and aching painfully. "Suck it, Judy.
Judy wasn't about to rush. She had been wanting his cock for
months, but she had always been too chicken until now. With his
cock in her hand she intended to enjoy every second of his hard,
throbbing cock-meat before she sucked out his balls. She used her
teeth, nibbling up and down his shaft as his cock throbbed against
her wet sucking lips.
"I'm gonna blast my fuckin' load if you keep messing around,"
he grumbled. He jabbed, his legs stiff, his hands holding the
edge of the counter.
Judy gazed up at her horny b*****r. "Do you think Daddy
would like me to do this to his cock?"
She caressed his hard-on with the tips of her fingers.
Watching his prick twitch excited her and made the insides of her
virgin pussy pulse.
"Anybody would," Tommy moaned. "But you'll never get to
Dad's cock."
"Who knows?" she giggled. She parted her lips and slipped
the head of her b*****r's cock into her mouth.
"Oooo, s*s," he groaned, the heat of her mouth rumbling the
cum in his balls. "Unnnn, suck it! Unnnn!" He jerked, his cock
stabbing at her face.
Judy held his balls in one hand and wrapped her other hand
around the base of his swollen cock. With the bloated head
trapped between her clinging lips, she sucked. Her tongue swirled
around his cockhead and over his pisser. The tangy taste of jizz
seeping from his tiny slit was making her cream. She moaned deep
in her throat as she inched the head of his prick along her tongue
to the back of her mouth.
"Suck," Tommy growled. "Jesus, s*s. Suck!"
He reached down and grabbed her hair, his face twisted with
lust. He slammed her face hard, spearing her throat, his cock
buried, her gullet stretched.
Judy gagged, her eyes bulging and her face turning red. She
twisted her head and sank her teeth into his hard cock-meat,
choking as he released her hair. She pulled back, gasping for
"Dammit, Tommy," she choked, his cock pointing at her mouth.
"You trying to choke me to death?" Spit dribbled from her lips as
she caught her breath.
Tommy grinned down at his naked s****r. "What the fuck, s*s.
You got me crazy."
"I'll suck your cock but my way. You gotta remember, this is
my first time."
"Not your last," he said. "Now put my prick back in your
mouth and suck me off."
"Yes, Tommy," she cooed, grabbing his cock-shaft again.
She gulped the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked.
Stroking his long shaft and massaging his balls, she eased the
head of his prick toward the back of her mouth. It hit the
entrance to her throat and she relaxed, wanting to feel his prick
deep in her gullet.
"Unnn, yeah," Tommy groaned. He grabbed the counter, his
hips jerking. "Take it all, Judy. Unnnn."
Slowly, Judy pushed the head of her b*****r's prick into her
throat. She f***ed herself not to gag as the bloated head of his
cock stretched her throat. Relaxing her throat muscles, she took
almost his whole prick, her heart racing as his cock throbbed
wildly in her gullet.
"All of it, Judy," he groaned. He jabbed hard, but her hand
wrapped around the base of his cock kept him from plunging his
prick in to the root. "All of it!"
Judy pulled her hand away from his cock and grabbed his hips.
Gulping, she took him to his balls, his prick buried deep in her
throat. With her lips mashed into his groin, she fought the urge
to gag and gnawed on the base of his prick-shaft. His cock-hair
tickled her nose and his prick, throbbing and swelling, stretched
her throat to the limit.
"Yeahhh," he moaned. "Unnn, suck it! Chew it!" He jabbed,
his ass hitting the edge of the counter. "Unnn, suck it, Judy."
She felt his nuts against her chin and the head of his prick
in her gullet. She gurgled, her nails scratching at his hips and
She was overjoyed. His entire prick was buried in her throat
and she wondered if her mother could do the same thing. She eased
back, her lips clinging to his cock-shaft, her teeth scr****g
along the hard, throbbing meat. She slammed forward, piercing her
throat with his prick, his deep growl of pleasure making her
Tommy was out of his skull. He slammed at her face, his
balls slapping at her chin each time he drilled his prick into her
"Yeah, Judy," he roared. "Ahhh, yeah!"
He humped, skewering her throat, her gnawing teeth and
lashing tongue making his cock ache and his balls sore.
Judy absorbed his jabbing punches, wallowing in the hard
tasty meat of his cock. She chewed on his cock-shaft, her cheeks
drawing in tight as she tried sucking the cum up from his swinging
balls. She swiped her tongue over the sensitive underside of his
prick-shaft and sucked hard as he drew back and then chewed softly
as he slammed forward.
There was an urgency in his lunging fuck-stabs and she knew
that at any second he would start spraying her mouth with his cum.
It blew her mind.
Tommy, his hips lunging, his cock throbbing, curled his
fingers through his s****r's thick blonde hair. "Gonna cum, Judy.
Jesus Christ, I'm gonna cum in your mouth."
Judy gurgled on his stabbing cock. Her head was reeling and
the insides of her virgin pussy was on fire. She sucked hard, her
tongue a wet whip lashing across his cock as he pounded her mouth
with his cock. She chewed, her eyes wide as she watched his tight
groin mash into her nose and lips.
"Unnn, Judy," Tommy roared as his balls swelled to the point
of explosion. "Suck! Suck me, Judy!"
Judy slammed her face forward, his groin smashing into her
lips, his balls whacking against her chin. Spit drooled from her
mouth as she began to shake waiting for the first gooey wad to
fill her eager throat.
"I'm cuming," Tommy bellowed. "Oooo, Christ ... I'm cuming!"
He slammed hard, his balls bursting as a thick stream of white
thick jizz blasted from his pisser.
Judy gagged as her b*****r's cum sprayed the back of her
throat. She sucked, the taste of his tangy jizz making her dizzy.
Another squirting glob of cum gushed from the tip of his prick and
she gulped it down, her mouth flying up and down his cock-shaft as
she sucked and chewed on his exploding prick.
"Yeahhh!" he roared, punishing her face with hard, swift
fuck-jabs. "Suck it! Suck it!" His legs stiffened as his hips
lunged forward. "Unnnn, Judy, your mouth. Christ, suck out my
Judy's mouth filled with cum. She gulped at his stabbing
prick, his lust and throbbing cock making her crazy. She clawed
his hips and jammed her mouth forward, his cock piercing her
throat as another stream of stringy white cum splashed into her
Tommy, his chest heaving, stared down at his naked s****r as
he pounded her mouth with his squirting cock. He lunged hard,
spearing her throat, his hips pumping, his cock flooding her
cheeks with cum.
"Unnn, s*s!"
Judy's head was spinning, her cheeks filled with cum. It
gushed into her throat and oozed from her lips. She swallowed the
cum as fast as she could, gulping at his stabbing prick as he
plowed her gullet with hard plunging jabs. She used her teeth and
tongue, urging more cum up from his erupting balls as he groaned
and twisted in her mouth.
"Judy! Aghhhh!" His legs weakened, his balls still churning
out wad after wad of thick, white cum. "Unnnnn, don't stop!" He
slammed hard, piercing her throat as a glob of cum spurted from
his pisser.
Judy was overwhelmed. She gagged on the flowing cum, trying
to swallow every drop. It gushed from her mouth and drenched his
balls. She sensed it was almost over and she didn't want it to
stop. She smashed her face into his humping groin, her mouth
flying wildly up and down his shaft. She sucked maniacally on his
prick, chewing it frantically, trying to keep it hard and stiff.
Tommy's hands dropped to his side and he grunted. His balls
were just about drained. He grunted as his s****r refused to give
up his cock.
"No more, Judy," he panted as he twisted his hips, his prick
trapped between her teeth as she continued to suck on his cock.
Judy pounded her face into his groin, his cock shrinking in
her mouth. She sucked, drawing the last of his cum up from his
now empty nuts. It oozed out over her tongue.
"Mmmmm," she moaned, her mouth flipping off his cock.
"Mmmm." She savored the last wad, letting it slowly ooze down her
"Oooo, Tommy. I love suckin' your cock."
Tommy stared down at her. "Christ. I never creamed like
that in my life."
Judy licked her lips clean and stared at his limp prick.
"You like it better than jerkin' off, huh?"
"Shit, yeah!" he groaned. "You're great."
Judy began to tremble. Sucking her b*****r off had made her
crazy hot and very anxious to cum. "Now me, Tommy. You take care
of me and I'll give you my cherry."
It was an offer Tommy couldn't refuse.

Quivering with lust, Judy stood up. Her legs were shaking
and her nipples were sore. "Oooo, Tommy," she whimpered. "Let me
get on the counter."
Even though Tommy had just creamed his load, the sight of his
naked s****r sprawling herself out on the counter blew his mind.
"Jeez, Judy! Looking at you is getting me hot all over
His eyes swept up her legs to the flare of her slim hips and
the silky blonde hair of her virgin pussy.
"Damn, you're gorgeous!"
Judy shivered with pleasure under the horny gaze of her
b*****r. "Don't just look, Tommy," she sighed. "Touch me. Have
fun with my body." She squirmed, the cheeks of her ass rubbing
into the smooth formica of the countertop.
Tommy brought his hands to the plump meat of his s****r's
creamy tits. He squeezed and she whimpered with joy.
"They're so soft," he moaned, kneading her pliant tittie
meat. "So damn fuckin' soft."
"Ummmm, Tommy. I'm creamin'!" She writhed on her back, her
blue eyes glazed with desire. "Ooooo, it feels so good. So
Tommy squeezed her tits, his eyes watching as his fingers
sank into the soft, creamy flesh. He leaned over and brought his
hungry mouth to one pink swollen nipple.
"Oooo, s*s. I've wanted to suck your tits for so long."
"Ummm, Tommy." Her hips rolled as the heat of his mouth made
her nipple ache. "Suck 'em, Tommy. Suck 'em and bite 'em." She
curled her arm around his neck and crushed his mouth to her tit.
"Ooooo, Tommy!"
Tommy gobbled greedily on the plump meat of his s****r's
tits. His hands roamed her sizzling flesh, exploring and
caressing her silky skin. He chewed on the swollen nipples, his
teeth nipping at the hard bullet tips. He sucked, working his
mouth over the creamy flesh of each pulpy globe, slurping and
licking until he had covered both tits with spit.
"They're delicious."
"Ummmm, so's my pussy," she sighed as his fingers teased
along her inner thighs. She pushed at his head, anxious for him
to bring his mouth to her hot, virgin pussy. "Lick my pussy and
I'll cum all over the fuckin' counter."
Tommy wasn't through feasting on his s****r's tits. "I'll
get to your cunt, Judy," he groaned.
Having waited this long to sample his sexy virgin s****r, he
had no intention of rushing. He brought his mouth back to her
tits and this time his mouth became urgent and demanding. He used
his teeth, biting into the soft meat of her creamy tittie flesh.
He sucked, leaving blotchy red marks in his wake as he moved his
hungry mouth from one tit to the other.
"Ummmm, Tommy ... you're great." She writhed frantically on
her back, his biting and sucking mouth driving her wild. "Ooooo,
harder, Tommy. Bite! Bite!"
The thrill of his mouth had the insides of her cunt bubbling,
the muscles pulsing, and sticky juices oozing out over the puffy
folds of her pussy.
"Ooooo, yeah, Tommy. Ummmm, harder!"
Tommy's hand traveled to his s****r's sopping wet pussy as he
devoured her tits. Hot pussy-cream greeted his fingers as he slid
them up through her steamy cunt-gash. Slurping on her tits, he
gouged his finger through the entrance of his s****r's pussy and
over her pulsing clit.
"My pussy, Tommy," she begged, shoving his hot, sucking mouth
away from her tits. "Eat my pussy or I'll go out of my fuckin'
mind!" She humped her ass on the counter, her cheeks jiggling,
her cunt jamming at her b*****r's fingers.
Without lifting his head, Tommy blazed a path down his
s****r's frantic body. He chewed on her stomach and wiggling
hips, the sweet scent of her virgin cunt making his head spin. He
licked her thighs and pulled on her legs, bringing her seeping
cunt over to the edge of the counter.
"Now, I'll chew you up, s*s," he groaned, leering at her
glistening pink pussy. "Then I'm gonna fuck the living shit out
of you."
Judy d****d her legs over the edge of the counter and spread
them wide, exposing the meaty flesh of her hot scalding cunt. She
propped herself up on her elbows, her face flushed, her eyes on
her b*****r.
"You like lookin' at my cunt?"
"Yeah," he groaned huskily, drinking in her gorgeous pussy
with his glazed eyes. His mouth watered and his prick began to
throb. "By the time you cream, I'll be stiff and ready for your
"Oooo, Tommy. It sounds so good." She wiggled her hips, her
pussy oozing, the cream seeping down her crack to the formica
counter. "Eat me, Tommy. Suck out my pussy."
Tommy nibbled his way along the sticky flesh of her inner
thighs, his mouth getting closer and closer to the steamy gash of
her pussy. The aroma filled his head and stiffened his prick.
With his hands rubbing and kneading her wiggling hips, he brought
his mouth to her pussy.
"Ahhhhh!" Judy humped up, the contact sending hot spasms
through her cunt-hole. "Oooo, suck, Tommy! Suck!"
Tommy sucked the velvety folds of his s****r's cunt into his
mouth as her warm pussy-cream washed over his face. He moaned,
the taste exquisite. He sucked deep then darted his tongue into
her steamy cunt-gash.
"Ooooo!" Judy went wild. "Ummm, Christ! Tongue me! Tongue
my pussy!" Her tits jiggled, the pink swollen nipples aching.
"Ooooo, chew me up."
Tommy's hands skimmed under his s****r's jerking ass. He
spanned the soft firm flesh, his fingers digging into the pliant
meat as he dined ravenously on her sweet-tasting cunt. He sucked
and tongued her pussy, the tip of his darting tongue whacking into
the thin skin of her cherry. Cunt-cream flowed into his mouth and
over his face as he worked his tongue through her pussy-gash and
over her clit.
"Chew me," Judy begged, her ass wriggling wildly on the
counter. "Chew me! Oooo, Tommy."
She stared down between her legs, her wide blue eyes watching
her hips jerk as she ground her cunt into her b*****r's face.
"Oooo, I love it, Tommy. Ummmm, suck me out!"
Tommy kneaded her humping ass. His tongue flashed over her
stiff pulsing clit, driving his virgin s****r crazy. He slapped
her clit with his tongue then sucked it into his mouth. His prick
was throbbing, his balls aching as he gurgled on her pussy-juice
as it flowed into his mouth and throat.
Judy rolled her hips, bathing her b*****r's face in cunt-
cream as she bucked against his gobbling mouth. "Ummmm, Tommy.
I'm gonna cream. Jesus, I'm gonna cum on your mouth!" Humping,
her tits bouncing, she mashed her clit into his teeth.
Tommy had trapped her clit between his teeth. He beat the
pulsing piece of sensitive flesh with his tongue and sucked hard
on it, his hands constantly mauling the meat of her humping ass.
The taste of her pussy had his head reeling. Her wild screams and
thrashing body had his balls aching. He sank his teeth into her
clit and was rewarded with a gush of pussy-juice that washed over
his face and down his chin.
"Oooo, Tommy," Judy squealed as she worked her hips in
frantic circles. "Oooo, I'm getting close. So damn fuckin'
close!" She bucked grinding her clit between his teeth. "Ahhhh,
make me cum! Make me cum!"
With his face drenched with pussy-juice, Tommy destroyed his
screaming s****r's clit with his teeth. He gnawed on the raw
piece of flesh then sucked it, his head twisting, his tongue
lashing across the tip. He dug his fingers into the jiggling
cheeks of her ass and groaned, the sounds muffled by the wet sweet
meat of her ready to explode pussy.
"Tommy!" Judy screeched as she ground her cunt into his face.
"Oooo, Tommy! I'm there!" he jerked on the counter, her tits
flopping. "Ahhhh! Bite! Suck!"
With Tommy obliging her every wish, Judy contorted her face
with lust. Spittle drooled from her panting mouth. Her hips
humped up and down, her ass hammering into his kneading fingers on
the top of the counter. Her arms ached, her elbows sore, but she
kept herself propped up, wanting to see herself cum.
"I'm ready." She bucked. "I'm ready!"
Tommy didn't need an announcement. Her frenzied jerks and
wild screams told him she was going to cum and it blew his mind.
He attacked her clit with a vengeance, chewing and sucking the
pulsing sex button maniacally as Judy reached her peak and
"I'm cuming," she wailed, her head falling back. "Ooooo, I'm
cuming, Tommy. I'm creamin!"
She went insane on the counter, her body convulsing wildly as
hot orgasms tore through her virgin cunt.
"Eat me! Bite me! Suck me!"
Tommy gave her everything she wanted. He chewed hard and
sucked even harder. He slashed his tongue over her pulsing clit,
beating it viciously as she creamed all over his face.
Judy thrashed on the counter, her ass humping, her cunt
mashing into her b*****r's face. Cum gushed from her pulsing
pussy, washing over his face and into his mouth.
"Ummmm, keep suckin' me, Tommy! I'm creamin' so much!" Her
head snapped back, her eyes rolling as she stared up at the
ceiling of the store. "Ooooo. Here I cum again!"
Her legs stiffened then dropped over her b*****r's shoulders.
She clamped his head tight between her thighs and banged her cunt
into his face.
"Ooooo, this is ... fantastic!" Her head jerked up and she
stared down at the top of his head, her mouth open, spittle
drooling from her lips. "Jesus, Tommy. I can't stop cuming!"
Milky-white pussy-cum flowed from her contracting cunt. It
saturated Tommy's face and flowed down the crack of her jiggling
ass, forming a sticky puddle on the slick formica.
"Ooooo, chew me up! Chew me up!" she cried.
Tommy was overwhelmed by the intensity of his k** s****r's
passion. He pulled her jerking ass forward and mashed his face
against her cunt. Her warm thighs had his head trapped and he
jerked his head back and forth, her clit stretching and pulsing.
He sucked on her clit as she thrashed above him, her screams
growing louder and filling the empty store.
Judy went into spasms. Contorting on the counter, her tits
bouncing, she creamed again. She humped up, twisting her hips,
her clit almost tearing away from her body.
"Ahhhhh!" she screamed.
The next instant she shuddered, her legs turning to rubber.
She released her b*****r's head. "Stop, Tommy! Stop!" She
shook. Her b*****r wasn't listening. "Aghhhh!"
Tommy twisted his head and beat her clit one last time.
Gasping, his face drenched in pussy-cum, he pulled his face out
from between her thighs. A wide grin spread over his cum-stained
"You creamed your fuckin' brains out."
"I know," she panted as she struggled to sit up. "It was the
best cum of my life." She looked at his face, "Did you like
eatin' my pussy?"
"Yeah," he groaned, "but I'm gonna like fuckin' you even
Judy giggled. "So am I," she sighed, her pussy squashing as
she squirmed her ass into the counter. "So am I."

Judy stated down at her b*****r's cock. "Mmmm, it's hard
again." She jumped off the counter and grabbed it, stroking the
thick, throbbing cock-shaft. "Oooo, God, Tommy," she gasped,
rubbing her naked body into him, his hard cock pressed against her
belly. "Mmmm, lemme lick my pussy-juice off your face."
Tommy's arms circled his s****r's slim body. He cupped the
cheeks of her ass as she licked his face and rubbed her stomach
against his aching cock.
"Christ, you're a horny little bitch! All this time I
thought you were just a damn little prick-teaser."
"I've always been a horny prick-teaser," she giggled, pulling
off his shirt and rubbing her tits into his bare chest. "Only now
I wanna suck and fuck instead of just tease." She gave him her
mouth and fed on his tongue as he plunged it into her throat.
"Damn," Tommy groaned. "You can't fuck all the men who come
in here, s*s. Christ."
"I don't want them," she moaned, pulling his shirt off. "I
only want your cock--and Daddy's." She reached down and jerked
his cock. "Mmmmm, I'll bet you'd like Mommy to suck you like I
Tommy thought of his mother and moaned. "Yeah, but shit ...
you're dreamin'."
Judy pressed against him, her tits mashed into his chest, her
face tilted up to his. "Wouldn't you like to suck on Mommy's tits
and fuck her pussy?"
Tommy groaned, his s****r's hot breath caressing his face as
her nipples burned into his chest. "Sure, but I'm satisfied with
"I'm never gonna be satisfied until I have Daddy's cock
stuffed up my pussy." She melted to the floor and licked the head
of her b*****r's cock.
"You're crazy," he groaned, the heat of her mouth churning
the cum crammed in his balls.
"I don't care," she purred. "Maybe I'll get lucky." She
sprawled out on the floor, her legs spread, her virgin cunt wet
and ready for her b*****r's cock. "Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck the shit
out of me."
"Boy, s*s, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear you
say that."
He dropped to the floor between his s****r's legs. His cock
jutted out from his groin, the bl**d-swollen tip aimed at her
juicy cunt. He grabbed the thick base and dragged it up through
her glistening cunt-slit. Hot buttery pussy-cream flowed over his
"Unnn," he groaned, pushing his prick-head between the puffy
folds of her pussy. "I'm gonna give it to you nice and hard."
"Yessss," she hissed, the head of his cock pressing against
her cherry. "Just go easy for a minute until I get used to it."
She began to shake, her pussy pulsing for his prick. "Do it. Do
Balancing himself on stiff arms, Tommy lunged his hips. His
cock ripped through her cherry and as she shuddered, he jammed
again, burying his cock to his balls.
"Unnnn, you're so fuckin' tight!" he panted.
"Oooo, Christ," Judy gasped as her b*****r's cock filled her
tight cunt-hole. "Ooooo! You're stretching me!" Pain spread for
a moment as she trembled. "Unnnnn, ease it out, Tommy." She
gulped, her pussy feeling as if someone had just stabbed it with a
red-hot poker.
Tommy groaned and pulled back until only the head of his
prick was still buried inside his teenaged s****r's pussy. He
ogled her tits and face, his prick throbbing, his balls aching.
"You ready?" he asked.
Panting, her hands gripping his arms, she nodded. "Yessss.
Only do it slow, nice and slow." She began to quiver as she
waited for him to stuff her pussy with his cock.
Leering into her flushed face, Tommy inched his prick back
into the scalding heat of her cunt. He groaned as the hot spongy
muscles of her cunt clamped around his prick-shaft. He groaned
again, his groin flush with hers, his prick balls deep.
"Feel better?"
"Oooo, yes," she sighed, twitching on her back. "A lot
She rotated her hips and moaned as the juices in her pussy
washed over her b*****r's buried prick, greasing it for speed.
Tommy felt the hot syrupy juices of her cunt and the heat
swelled his buried cock. "You're creamin' again," he moaned,
easing back then pushing forward. "Creamin' all over my cock."
"Oooo, Tommy." She lifted her ass, meeting his long, slow
steady pumps. "Ooooo, it's driving me crazy." She wriggled her
hips, his prick throbbing deep in her cunt-hole. "Oooooo, it's
Tommy's balls ached. The slow pace was driving him nuts.
"Christ, Judy," he grunted. He eased back then slammed hard, his
cock jabbing into her pussy. "Unnnn, damn!"
The hard, demanding thrusts made Judy's eyes pop. "Do it
again! Do it again!"
A wide horny smile spread over his face. He pulled his cock
out and waited, watching her tremble beneath him. "Whatta you
want, s*s? Tell me." He jabbed an inch of his cock into her
pussy-hole and then jerked back. "Tell me."
"Oooo, Tommy. I want you to ram it in hard like you just
did!" She began to shake, her cunt contracting, trying to suck
his cock back into her spongy cunt-hole. "Do it! Please!"
Tommy waited, paying her back for all the times she had
tormented him. "When I'm ready," he groaned.
"You fuckin' bastard!" she gasped. She lifted her ass off
the floor, trying to gobble his cock into her cunt. "Do it, you
bastard. Do it!"
Tommy plowed his cock into her pussy, mashing her wriggling
ass back into the floor. He twisted his hips as she squealed with
delight, his cock-head gouging at the cushiony walls of her
overheated cunt. He pulled back quickly, slamming his prick into
her pussy again.
"Ooooo, Tommy. It's wonderful!" She went into spasms,
thrashing under him, his cock buried to the hilt. "It's so deep.
So fuckin' deep!" She humped up and twisted, her clit grinding
into his hard groin. "Again! Again!"
Tommy lunged hard, pounding her with long powerful jabs, from
the tip of his cock to his balls. Each thrusting stab mashed his
writhing s****r into the floor as the muscles of her pussy pulsed
against his cock-shaft and drenched it in warm sudsy pussy-cream.
"Jesus, Judy," he groaned, easing back again. "You're
"Unnnn, Tommy." She looked up into his face, her blue eyes
bright with lust. "Fuck me hard and fast now."
She began to quiver, her pussy on fire, needing the hard
stabbing jabs of her b*****r's cock to put out the flames. She
lunged up, swiveled her hips, her cunt greedily milking his buried
"Fuck the shit out of me!"
Tommy's balls were aching. He jerked back, watching her face
fill with shock. Gritting his teeth, he was using all of his will
power to keep from emptying his nuts in his s****r's pussy.
"You want it, you fuck it!" he said as he eased his prick
halfway into her bubbling cunt and grinned.
"Oooo, you're torturing me, you bastard," she hissed as she
thrashed on the floor. She arched her back, her hips jerking.
"Ummmm. But I love it!"
Tommy kept his lean body stiff as his s****r fucked herself
blind on his cock. He watched her face twist with passion, saw
her tits jiggle, and felt the sizzling heat of her pussy as she
rammed her cunt onto his prick at a frenzied pace.
"You're gonna cream, if you keep this up," he said, his voice
strained, his jaw tight.
"I know," she squealed, wriggling under him, her ass thumping
on the floor, her pussy gobbling on his cock. "I'm gonna cream my
fuckin' brains out." She lunged up and twisted her hips, her clit
grinding into his hard groin. "Ooooo, Christ!"
Tommy couldn't take it any longer. He slammed his prick into
her pussy and smashed her back to the floor. He pounded her, his
stroking fuck-jabs short and powerful.
"This is what you want," he grunted, slamming into her body
at blinding speed.
Yessss," she howled, absorbing his deep penetrating fuck-
stabs. "Ooooo, you're in so deep. I can feel your cock
throbbing!" She went crazy, her body contorting beneath him as
she raced wildly toward an explosive orgasm.
Tommy pounded her, his cock slicing through her hot, sizzling
pussy. "Unnn, Judy ... my fuckin' nuts are gonna bust." He
slammed her hard and grunted as his cock pierced the scalding
depths of her clinging pussy.
"Faster, Tommy," she begged, thrashing under him, her ass
lifting to meet each powerful stab of his prick. "Faster and
harder. I gotta cum. Gotta cum!"
Tommy wanted exactly the same thing. He pierced her pussy
with hard, drilling fuck-stabs, his hips a blur as he pounded her
squirming body back into the floor.
"Cream, Judy," he roared. "Cream my fuckin' cock!"
Judy was gurgling on her own spit. She humped up, slamming
her clit into his groin as he hammered his prick into her cunt.
She clawed his shoulders, her tits flopping, her hips gyrating
frantically as she raced madly toward an orgasm.
"Oooo, I'm there, Tommy. Gonna cum! Gonna cum all over your
"Yeah," he shouted. "Cream!" He picked up speed, lashing
his prick in and out of her pussy. "Cum, Judy. Cum!"
Judy went into spasms as her pussy exploded. "I'm cuming,
Tommy! I'm cuming!" She bucked beneath him like a wildcat,
orgasms ripping through her pussy like hot bolts of lightning.
"Ooooo, I'm cum ... ing, Tommy! Ahhhh!"
Tommy groaned, the heat of her climaxing pussy intensifying.
Hot bubbling pussy-cum bathed his stabbing cock, squashing out
over his ready-to-explode nuts every time he plunged into her
cunt-hole. "Unnnn, Judy. I'm gonna cum! Aghhhh!"
Thrashing and bucking beneath her b*****r, her legs stiffened
then curled around his jabbing hips, digging into the tight
muscles of his back.
"Cum, Tommy. Cream me! Cream my pussy!"
The cum in Tommy's nuts erupted. Hot thick jizz gushed from
his pisser, splashing deep into his s****r's hot, sizzling pussy.
"I'm cuming," he howled. "I'm cuming!"
The hot cum squirting up into her pussy triggered another
orgasm deep in Judy's pussy. "I feel it. It's making cum again!"
She lunged up, her hips jerking, her tits flopping. She clung to
him, pounding her clit into his driving groin. "Ooooo, I'm cuming
... cuming!"
Tommy pounded his s****r, his cock cutting through her gooey
cum-filled pussy. The sizzling heat rumbled the cum in his balls
and they erupted again, spewing out a river of jizz that
overflowed and gushed out over his swinging balls.
"Judy," he bellowed. "Jesus Christ!"
Judy was out of her skull. Everything was spinning. She
worked her hips in tight frenzied circles, her clit mashing into
his groin, the action keeping her creaming. She clawed his
heaving chest and banged her heels into his back.
"Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Ooooo, Christ! Don't ever
stop, Tommy!"
Tommy knew he wouldn't stop until he collapsed. He drilled
his squirting prick into her pussy, crushing her writhing body
into the floor each time she lunged up to meet his powerful
thrusts. Hot cum poured from his pisser as his balls continued to
churn out the thick, gooey wads. His face tightened, his hips
working like a jackhammer as he sliced in and out of her climaxing
Judy arched her back, her spine almost snapping as she
wrenched her shoulders at the same time. With her ass off the
floor, she rolled her hips, her clit grinding into his frame.
"Oooooo! Tommy!" she moaned, her head snapping from side to
side as he pounded her twisting body back into the floor.
Tommy's arms shook. His climaxing cock was draining him of
his strength. He groaned as his arms gave out and he crashed
down, crushing his squealing s****r beneath him. His hips never
stopped, his cock still piercing her pussy maniacally.
"Unnn, Judy!"
Judy gasped, the wind knocked out of her. Her body acted on
its own, thrashing and churning as she climaxed over and over
again on his stabbing cock. She circled his back with her arms,
holding him tight as she fused her body to his and shuddered in
bliss as the last of her orgasms washed over her and left her weak
as a kitten.
Tommy lunged hard, the last of his cum squirting into her
cunt. He grunted as he ground to a halt. He lay there, his prick
spent, his balls empty, her pussy still twitching against his
shrinking cock.
Judy moaned. With her passion gone, being pressed into the
floor was uncomfortable as hell. "Get off me, Tommy," she moaned.
Tommy rolled off, his prick popping from the gooey tightness
of her pussy. "You're some fuck, s*s!" he said as he stood up.
He leaned against the counter, his prick hanging, droplets of cum
oozing down his limp cock-meat.
Judy sat up. "You ever been fucked better?"
"Hell no," he laughed.
Judy giggled. "You won't be the best once I get Daddy
between my legs."
"Stop dreamin' Judy," he said. "You got as much chance of
fuckin' Dad as I got of getting into Mom's pussy."
Judy stroked his limp, sticky cock. "Maybe we can come up
with an idea to make both our dreams come true."
She licked his prick and balls, savoring blend of her own cum
mixed with the tangy taste of his.
"When we gonna fuck again?"
"Maybe tonight," he said. "Right now, I think we should get
dressed and open the store before Mom and Dad come back."
Judy tossed him his clothes. "Maybe I'll wait on the
customers naked," she giggled as she stood up. "We'd make a
Tommy slapped her across the ass. "Get your ass dressed."
Judy scampered through the store and found her clothes. Her
body was tingling. It had been a fantastic morning and she knew
as long as she wanted, she would have Tommy to take care of all
her needs. But then she frowned. All of her needs but one--she
still wanted her father's cock.

Judy stood at the top of the ladder and looked down at the
aisle, hoping to spot her b*****r. It had been two days since
Tommy had broken her cherry and she was going out of her mind.
She spotted him at last and shivered as she waved.
Tommy saw her and glanced around, looking for his father. He
heard him at the cash register, then hurried down the aisle to his
"Whatta you want?" he whispered.
"Look up my skirt, Tommy," she whimpered. "I don't have any
panties on and my pussy is drippin'."
"Christ, Judy. Dad's in the store." His mouth dried up and
he glanced up at Judy as she spread her legs.
"He's up front waiting on a customer," she sighed. "Please,
Tommy. I've been so hot since you fucked me. I don't think I can
wait any longer. Look at my pussy."
Tommy groaned and stood under the ladder, his eyes feasting
on the seeping slit of his s****r's cunt. "Christ ... I'll sneak
in your room tonight."
Judy was quivering. "You said that yesterday and I waited up
half the night for you. I wound up playing with myself." She
shuddered, her hands gripping the ladder, her legs wide apart.
"God, I wish you could suck me off while I'm standing up here."
"I'll be there tonight." He rubbed his crotch, the ache
growing worse as he ogled his s****r's bare cunt and ass cheeks.
"I promise."
"Let's go in the back room," she whispered. "I'll give you a
fast blow-job."
"No," Tommy groaned, although he was tempted. "Dad'll catch
us and kick our asses."
"I don't give a shit anymore," she moaned, pressing her body
against the ladder. "If you don't fuck me soon I'll attack you
right, in front of Daddy. Maybe that'll give him an idea." She
giggled, squeezed her thighs together and moaned. "Ummmm."
Darin Lawes, their father, had finished waiting on the
customer and was now standing at the end of the aisle watching his
c***dren. He couldn't hear what the youngsters were saying, but
he had an idea. His face filled with rage when he saw Tommy
looking up Judy's skirt.
"Little bitch!" he muttered. "Teasing the boy like that." He
stormed down the aisle. "What's goin' on here?"
"Nothin', Dad," Tommy mumbled, quickly moving away from the
A lump clogged Judy's throat. She tried a smile, but it
didn't work.
"Hi, Daddy," she said weakly. "I was just asking Tommy to
help me fix the boxes on these shelves."
"Go up front, Tommy, and take care of the store."
Tommy nodded. "Yeah, Dad," he said, hurrying away.
"Get your ass down off that ladder!" he snapped, his gut tied
in knots.
"Yes, Daddy," Judy quaked as she came down the ladder.
Darin grabbed her arm, noticing the jiggle of her tits
beneath her top. "Little slut," he snarled, pulling her to the
back of the store toward the door leading to the stockroom.
"Whatta you gonna do, Daddy?" she asked.
He shoved her inside and closed the door. "I saw you teasing
Tommy," he said, glaring at her.
"I wasn't doin' anything," she said, her body trembling.
"You're a liar. You were letting him look up your skirt. I
saw it! You're always flaunting yourself in front of him. You
don't even wear a bra."
Judy was scared. She blinked back the tears that welled up
in her eyes. "None of my girlfriends wear bras, Daddy," she said
Darin was filled with rage. "You're turning into a little
"No I'm not, Daddy. I'm a good girl." She saw the way he
was looking at her tits and even though she was scared out of her
wits a sexual excitement began to fill her.
"You're a slut!" He grabbed her, dragging her over to a
crate. "I'm gonna beat your Goddamn ass."
"No, Daddy," she sobbed as he roughly pulled her over his
lap. "Don't hit me. Please!"
She struggled on his lap, her young body tensing as she
waited for the first hard whack of his hand.
Darin brought his hand down with a crash, walloping it across
his daughter's ass. "Maybe this'll teach you to stop acting like
a little tramp." He whacked her ass again as she cried and
struggled on his lap.
"Owwww! Owwww!" she wailed as he lashed his big hand over
her ass. "Stop, Daddy! It hurts! Stop!"
Darin paid no intention to his daughter's pleas. Beating her
ass, he let his eyes flow over her twisting body and the smooth
skin of her thrashing legs as her skirt began to ride up. He
paused for a moment to catch his breath. Her struggling was
having an effect on him and his insides began to churn.
"No more, Daddy," she gasped. "Please." She tried rolling
off his lap, afraid he was going to beat her again.
Darin grabbed for her, his fingers latching into her top. It
ripped as she rolled off. "You little bitch! I'm not through
with you yet."
Judy fell to the floor. With her top ripped, one of her
plump, creamy tits became exposed, the nipple swollen and pink.
She gasped glancing down at her exposed tit and then up at her
"I'll be good," she sobbed. "Don't whip me again." She was
breathing hard, her bare tit rising and falling with each jagged
Darin couldn't tear his eyes away from her tit. A lump
clogged his throat as he grabbed her arm, yanking her back up on
his lap.
"I'm gonna teach you a lesson!"
He pulled up her skirt, expecting to see a panty-clad ass.
Instead, his eyes popped as he gazed at the pink cheeks of her
naked ass.
"You fuckin' little tramp," he roared. "You don't even wear
Judy shook uncontrollably. She bit her bottom lip, her hips
jerking as she tried to get off his lap. "I forgot to put them
on," she lied. "Don't hit me again."
Darin leered at her ass. It was pink from his beating, the
cheeks jiggling. He smacked his hand down on the bare flesh, the
cracking sound echoing in the storeroom. He did it again and
again, turning her pink flesh to a hot glowing red.
"Owwwwww!" Judy screamed as she thrashed in his lap. Her ass
burned as she struggled. She twisted her hips, her body grinding
into him. "No! Stop! Stop!"
"You little whore," he rasped. He pushed her legs apart.
"I'll bet you're not even a virgin." To prove his point, he
jammed his finger into her pussy.
"Aaaaah," Judy gasped as hot tingling spasms raced through
her cunt. "Aaaah!"
She squirmed on her father's finger, the juices inside her
cunt flowing as the spongy muscles clamped tightly around his
Darin was stunned. His groin churned and his prick
thickened. He couldn't move. His eyes were glued to his
daughter's red ass and the pulsing muscles of her pussy beating
around his finger had his balls aching.
"You're not a virgin," he rasped. "You're a whore!"
Inexperienced though she was, Judy sensed a change in her
father's mood and she began to quiver. She squirmed lewdly on his
lap, milking his finger with her pussy.
"Oooo, Daddy. I couldn't help myself."
Anger and lust raged through Darin's body. He yanked his
finger from her pussy and shoved her off his lap.
"Slut!" he spat.
Judy rolled to the floor, her skirt around her waist, her
pussy, wet and pink, openly displayed. She looked up at her
father from hot glazed eyes and saw the change coming over him.
This was her chance and she didn't intend to mess it up.
Darin stared at his sexy daughter, his eyes darting from her
hot seeping pussy to her bare tit. His cock ached in his pants
and he could still feel the heat of her cunt on his finger.
"Get up," he said, his voice laced more with lust than with
anger. "Get up and cover yourself."
Judy stood, her skirt falling down into place. She licked
her lips and ripped her top off, baring both her plump creamy
"I've only been fucked once," she said softly, her sweet
innocent voice keeping her father spellbound.
She unhooked her skirt and it melted to the floor, her long
slender legs and blonde pussy bare. She stood naked in front of
him, her hips swaying, her legs spread.
Darin couldn't speak. He could only stare at his naked
daughter. His nuts rumbled and he tried to bring his lust under
"What are you doing?"
Judy quivered with passion, her pulpy tits swollen with
desire. "I want you, Daddy." Her voice was laced with lust. "I
want your cock and I'll do anything to get it. Anything, just let
me have your cock."
His daughter's words echoed in his skull. He couldn't take
his eyes off her naked flesh. "No," he said. He was losing the
battle to keep his lust controlled.
Judy knew it and pressed. She skimmed her hand up her
sizzling flesh and cupped her tits. "Tommy sucked my titties,
Daddy," she said, her voice quaking. "He ate my pussy and broke
my cherry."
Darin's head was spinning. He gulped back the lump that was
clogging his throat as he watched her fondle her soft creamy tits.
"How many others?" he rasped.
"None, Daddy," she said, knowing deep inside she was at last
going to have her father. "Just once with Tommy."
She brought her hands down her tingling body and stroked her
fingers through her pussy. Hot cream flowed.
"You felt my pussy. It's always like that. Always wet and
itching to be fucked."
"You don't know what you're saying," he groaned, hypnotized
by what she was doing.
"Yes I do, Daddy," she sighed breathlessly. She turned
around, displaying her red ass. "Did you like beating me?" She
wiggled her hips and bent over, her hands slipping around and
parting the cheeks of her ass.
"Jesus Christ," he groaned, feasting his eyes on the crack of
her ass and the puffy folds of her hot wet pussy. "Stop it, Judy.
I'm your father."
Judy turned around and dropped to her knees. She crawled
between his legs and rubbed his crotch. She fumbled with his
zipper as he sat in a trance and watched.
"I can't help myself," she said. "I want you."
She hauled out her father's prick and gasped. It was twice
as thick as Tommy's and much longer.
"Ooooo, Daddy. It's so big and beautiful." she swooned, her
mouth watering to suck it.
Darin leered down at his naked daughter, his prick throbbing
violently in her hot clinging hands. "You're gorgeous, baby," he
moaned, giving in to his lust. "So gorgeous and sexy."
She looked up at him, her eyes bright with desire. "Can I
suck your cock?" She brought her body close and rubbed his hard
throbbing prick over the heated flesh of her tits. "Ummmm, Daddy.
Your prick feels so good against my titties."
"Suck it, baby. Suck it all you want." He no longer cared.
His lust and desire for his beautiful c***d had taken control.
"Ummmm, Daddy." She pressed his cock between her tits and
stroked his cock-shaft. "When I sucked Tommy's cock all I could
think about was you. When he creamed in my mouth I pretended it
was your cum squirting into my throat."
His daughter's words were driving Darin insane. He touched
her face, his prick throbbing between her plump tits.
"Baby," he gasped.
Judy twisted her head and sucked his fingers into her mouth.
She stared at him and saw the lust fill his face as she rubbed her
tits against his rock-hard dick.
She hummed, taking her mouth away. "I'm gonna do that to
your cock."
"Do it," he said huskily. "Do it, baby."
Judy was in her glory. She pulled at his pants, yanking them
down and off. She purred, caressing his huge balls and long thick
"It looks so delicious, Daddy."
"Eat me, Judy. Eat me."
Judy brought her wet, eager mouth to his cock-shaft. Her
moist lips glided up and down the length of his prick, her tongue
flicking out, teasing at his throbbing meat. She sucked and
nibbled, her mouth working effortlessly up his thick prick-shaft
to his bloated cockhead.
"Nnnnn, baby," Darin groaned, not yet believing he was
actually allowing his young daughter to suck his prick. "Nnnn,
Judy, this is crazy."
"No, Daddy," she gasped, lifting her head. "This is what I
want and the way your cock is throbbin' you want it too."
Darin couldn't argue with her simple logic. He wanted her,
wanted her as badly as he had ever wanted her mother, even on
their wedding night.
"Suck it, baby. Make Daddy happy."
Judy brought her mouth back to her father's thick prick. She
flashed out her tongue and swiped it over his cum-crammed balls.
She coated his nut-sac with her spit then clamped her mouth to his
prick-shaft and nibbled her way up to the bell-shaped head of his
towering cock.
She moaned as she grabbed the thick base. "Ummmmm, so
Darin twisted on the crate, his prick trapped in her
clutching hand, his cock-head drenched with her warm spit. "Put
it in your mouth, baby," he groaned. "Put it in your mouth."
"Yesss, Daddy," she sighed, his words thrilling her.
A shuddering spasm swept through her pussy as she parted her
lips and enveloped the fat spongy head of his cock with her mouth.
"Unnn, baby," Darin groaned, the heat of her mouth searing
his cock-shaft and caroming down to his cum-filled balls. "Unnnn,
suck it, Judy. Suck me!"
With his cock-head in her mouth, she sucked easily, savoring
his prick as she gently stroked his prick-shaft and balls with her
hand. She used her tongue, swirling it around the head of his
dick and through the small slit of his pisser. Hot flashes of joy
bombarded her as she eased the head of his cock along the roof of
her mouth toward the entrance of her throat.
Darin gawked at his naked daughter. His head was throbbing,
his groin churning. He jerked up, the head of his cock clogging
her gullet.
"Unnn, Judy. Your mouth is fantastic! Suck me, baby!"
Judy heard and swooned. Her head swirled in a cloud of lust.
She was sucking her father's cock and it blew her young mind!
Tremors swept through her cunt and she sucked deeper, allowing the
head of his fat prick to spear her tight throat.
The cum in Darin's balls rumbled and he lunged up, humping at
her face, his cock jabbing in and out of her mouth. His prick
swelled, her swiping tongue and deep sucks churning his cum-laden
"Unnnn, Judy!"
Judy sensed that her father was going to cum. She pulled her
mouth off his prick, her blue eyes glowing with fire. She gripped
his prick in both hands, squeezing it rhythmically.
"Oooo, Daddy. When you cum in my mouth I'm gonna go crazy!"
she said as she flashed her tongue over his bloated cockhead,
swiping up a thick glob of cum that had oozed out from his pisser.
"Ummmm, it's so delicious!"
"Eat it, baby. Don't talk." He jabbed up at her face, his
cock-head banging against her lips. "Put it back in your sweet
Judy was d***k with lust. She wanted each second to last an
eternity and talking prolonged it, making it even more exciting
and erotic.
"I like talking about it, Daddy," she moaned. "Don't you
like it, too?"
Darin nodded. "Yeah," he rasped, finding that her voice and
the things she was saying added to his lust. "Talk all you want,
baby, as long as my cum winds up in your mouth and not all over
your face."
"Ooooo, Daddy," she moaned, massaging his balls and squeezing
his prick. "I wanna suck out every drop of your cum and then I
want you to fuck me till I faint!"
"Unnn," Darin moaned, his hips twitching as his daughter's
fingers rhythmically squeezed his prick. He reached for her. "No
more talk. Suck! Suck me off!"
Judy looked at his prick. It made her dizzy. She brought
her lips to his cock and gobbled it into her mouth. In one
downward lunge she took him to his balls, his cock-hair flush with
her lips, his fat prick buried to the hilt, throbbing wildly in
her stretched throat.
"Unnnn, baby," Darin groaned, his prick swelling in the
wetness of her throat. "Suck! Suck it!"
Judy swooned, her body spasming as his prick filled her mouth
and gullet. She dragged her teeth along his prick-shaft, her
tongue slashing at his cock until her gnawing teeth caught the
ridge of his bloated cockhead. She slammed her head down hard,
mashing her lips into his groin as his prick speared her throat.
Darin growled, her teeth making his cock twitch. He lifted
his ass off the crate, plowing her throat. He dropped back with a
thud then humped up, plowing her face with quick, powerful jabs.
With her mouth stuffed with his cock, she used her tongue,
whipping it across his throbbing cock-shaft as he drilled her
throat. She gnawed on his hard cock-meat, her mouth sucking as he
lunged up. She brought her hands to his balls and held them,
feeling the heaviness of them. It made her cream just knowing
that soon all his jizz would be flooding her mouth.
"Baby," Darin gasped as he fucked her face with hard punching
stabs. "Unnn, suck it. Chew it. Lemme feel your teeth."
Judy plunged her head down, catching the rhythm of his quick,
lunging fuck-stabs. His cock pierced her throat, her lips mangled
against his groin. She sank her teeth into his prick-shaft and
heard him growl with pleasure. She chewed, her head bobbing
frantically up and down as he pounded her faster with his ready-
to-explode cock.
"I'm ready, baby," he grunted, humping up into her hot
sucking mouth. "I'm ready."
Judy knew it. His frenzied jabs had her crazy. She sucked
in her cheeks, anxious to have his cum squirting into her mouth.
She whipped her tongue over his plowing prick-shaft, chewing and
sucking her father's prick with wild abandonment.
"I'm cuming," he roared, plowing his cock balls deep into her
throat. "I'm cuming!"
His balls erupted, a thick river of jizz blasting from his
piss-hole and squirting into his daughter's throat.
"I'm cuming, baby! Aghhhh!" he bellowed.
There wasn't time to gulp the first thick wad. She gulped as
another stream of jizz spurted from his cock. Her eyes bulged,
her mouth flying rapidly up and down his exploding prick. She met
his hard thrusts, smashing her face into his groin, his cock
exploding in her mouth and throat. She gulped on his prick, the
cum filling her cheeks and gagging her. It was nothing like
Tommy's climax and it overwhelmed her.
Darin hammered his climaxing prick into his daughter's
sucking mouth. "Unnnn, baby. Suck it! Suck it!" He lunged up,
his groin colliding with her face. "Unnnn, I'm creamin', baby.
Christ, my fuckin' balls are busting!"
Cum gushed into her throat, flooding her mouth and oozing out
from her nose and clinging to her lips. It drooled over his nuts
and soaked the curly hair around his cock. Her head bobbed, her
teeth gnawing, her tongue lashing. She swallowed his jizz almost
as fast as it squirted from his prick. She gagged, choking on the
deluge of cum that erupted from his balls. She felt as if she
were drowning and it made her cream.
Darin couldn't stop. His balls churned out wad after wad as
quickly as his daughter sucked it into her mouth. He grabbed the
crate, his cock drilling her face, his balls aching as they
churned out more thick gooey clumps of jism that quickly spurred
into her throat. Harder and-harder he lunged into her face, her
gurgling gags caroming around in his lust-sopped brain.
His prick was squirting like a river. Cum, instead of
dribbling from her clinging lips, gushed. She sucked, choking and
swallowing as fast as possible as she tried to capture every drop
of his hot gooey load.
Her head bobbed in rhythm to his lunging stabs. She used her
tongue, teeth, and deep sucks to keep him pounding her face. Her
Hand gripped his cock-shaft and she jerked it frantically up and
down, her lips meeting her fingers as the cum continued to flow
out over her hot clinging lips.
"Unnnn, baby," he bellowed, his balls just about drained.
"Unnnnn ... get it all!" He lunged up then crashed back to the
crate, his breathing loud and raspy as he let his daughter finish
him off.
Judy worked like a wildcat on her father's cock. Sucking and
chewing, she jerked his prick-shaft, finally draining his nuts of
the last precious drop of cum. She kept him in her mouth, sucking
lazily, her fingers now caressing his spent cock.
Darin groaned, lunging up one last time. He twisted on the
crate, her mouth still working its magic on his prick.
"Unnnn, Judy," he moaned.
Judy felt his cock begin to shrink in her mouth. She popped
her mouth off and leered up at him from glazed eyes. Cum stained
her lips and dribbled down his chin.
"Tommy didn't cream me that much," she whispered as she
swallowed some of the cum still in her mouth. "God. There was so
much of it."
Darin caught his breath. "Tommy's still a k**," he said
Judy bent her head and licked him clean then dropped back on
the floor, her naked body writhing. "Now me, Daddy. Fuck me!
Fuck me!"

Darin shook his head. "You gotta give me a minute,, baby.
You just sucked out my balls dry. I'm not a fuck-machine."
Judy staggered to her feet, a hot smile on her face. "There
are other ways for you to take care of me until you get hard," she
Darin grinned. "I know, baby," he said as he pulled his hot,
trembling daughter into his arms and rubbed her hot, silky flesh.
"I must be crazy doin' this with you."
Judy leaned against him, purring softly as his hands kept the
fire in her pussy raging. "Ummmmm, Daddy. This isn't crazy.
It's fantastic!"
Darin had to agree. He fondled her ass with one hand and
pawed her plump, creamy tits with his other hand. "You're a damn
sexy little bitch, baby."
"Mmmmm, I just wanna be sexy for you," she sighed, parting
her legs and wriggling her hips. "You mad at Tommy?"
"No way," Darin said. "If I couldn't fight you off, I'm sure
Tommy didn't stand a chance either."
He dipped his hand between her legs and stroked his fingers
up through the sizzling wet gash of her hot oozing pussy.
"I'm glad," she gasped, twisting against him. "Suck my tits,
Daddy and finger my pussy."
As Judy stood in front of him, Darin brought his mouth to one
ripe, pulpy tit. He sucked on the pink swollen nipple, his tongue
whipping across the hard pointed tip. His hands skimmed down her
flesh and over the slight flare of her hips.
"Mmmmmm, Daddy," she moaned as she combed her fingers through
his hair. "Bite me. I love having my titties chewed." She rolled
her hips as his fingers kneaded her flesh. "Bite and suck ...
unnnn yeah."
Darin feasted on his daughter's tits. He worked his mouth
from one plump fleshy globe to the other, soaking her with his
spit. His hands kneaded her hips and the firm cheeks of her ass.
His daughter's sweet young body was driving him crazy all over
again and he knew his prick would be hard again in minutes.
"Don't forget my pussy, Daddy," she gasped as he devoured her
sensitive tits. "Finger-fuck me until I cream." She jerked her
hips, her pussy pulsing for the hard jab of his fingers.
Darin cupped her ripe pussy with one hand, pussy-cream oozing
over his palm. He rubbed her cunt, his fingers slipping through
her wet sticky pussy-gash. His prick began to grow, his
daughter's hot, whimpering voice and soft, eager body giving his
prick new life.
"Inside, Daddy. Finger my cunt-hole." She bucked her hips,
her hands moving his hungry mouth from one tit to the other.
"Ooooooo, Daddy. Shove your fingers in my cunt!"
Darin jabbed his fingers into his whimpering daughter's
pussy. Hot pussy-juice and spongy cunt-muscles greeted him. He
twisted his hand, the blunt tips of his fingers pressing and
gouging at the cushiony walls of her hot, pulsing pussy-hole.
"Baby," he groaned, his prick beginning to throb. "Damn!" He
brought his mouth back to the jiggling flesh of her tits and
"Ooooo, I'm creamin', Daddy." She jerked her hips, grinding
her cunt on his jabbing fingers. "Harder." She pulled on his
hair and scratched his neck as he chewed on her tits. "Ooooo,
Daddy. This is wonderful!"
Darin's fingers cut through the gooey ooze of his daughter's
tightly gripping pussy. His cock thickened and his mouth
slobbered over her tits, nipping and sucking as she squealed with
pleasure. His free hand curled around her slim waist and dropped
to her ass. He mauled her creamy ass cheeks, the soft flesh of
her body driving him wild.
"I'm gonna cum on your damn fingers, Daddy," she gasped.
"Ooooo, Christ." She swiveled her hips, her legs trembling as an
orgasm caromed through her cunt. "Ahhhh!"
She bucked against his fingers, his head mashed against her
tits. "Bite, Daddy. Finger me. I'm cuming!"
Darin jabbed his fingers in deep, twisting them in her
climaxing cunt. He sucked hard on her nipples as she squirmed and
twisted in his arms. He moaned, his mouth stuffed with her tit.
Judy shuddered, her legs turning to rubber as she slumped
against him. "Ooooo, Daddy. I need your cock now! God, give it
to me." She pushed his mouth away from her tits and squirmed out
of his arms. "Oooooo, Daddy!"
Darin watched her melt to the floor, his cock stone-hard and
throbbing. He leered at her hot, teenaged pussy as she spread her
legs wide and rolled her hips.
Judy gawked at his prick, her mouth drooling, her blue eyes
bright. "Get on the floor and let me ride it," she gasped. "I
wanna fuck you. You can watch me when I cum."
Darin got on the floor, his prick jutting from his groin like
a skysc****r. His balls were aching and he grabbed his cock.
"You're gonna love it, baby," he groaned.
"I know," Judy drooled as she ogled his fat, throbbing cock.
She reached for it, pushing his hand away. "Ooooo, it's gonna
feel fantastic!"
"Climb on, baby, and enjoy yourself." Trembling, Judy
straddled her father's body. She brought her dripping pussy to
his prick and pressed it into his groin, his thick cock-shaft
mashed against her cunt. She wriggled her hips and gasped as tiny
spasms caromed through her pussy.
"Ooooo, Daddy!"
Darin leered at his young daughter. Her innocent face and
sweet lithe body had him mesmerized. "Stick it in, baby and feel
how deep my cock goes."
"Soon, Daddy," she moaned. "When I can't stand it anymore."
She glanced down and saw the bloated head of his cock. She
slid her pussy back, exposing his prick. Her cunt-juice coated
"Ooooo, I can feel your cock throbbing."
Darin kept his lust in check. "Don't take all day," he
groaned. The heat from her pussy was swelling his balls.
She jerked her hips forward, the head of his cock brushing
against her pulsing clit. A shudder swept through her and she
swayed as she did it again and again.
"Ooooo, I'm creamin! Ohhhh, Daddy!"
"I know," Darin groaned, his prick drenched in the sticky
juices of her overheated cunt. He grabbed her small, plump tits
and kneaded the soft flesh, her nipples searing the palms of his
hands. "You're one hot little bitch."
A d***ken smile spread across her face. "I'm your hot little
bitch," she sighed, leaning into his pawing hands. She rolled her
hips, her cunt gliding back and forth across his throbbing hard-
on. "Mmmmmm, I'm ready now. Are you?"
"Yeah, baby," Darin moaned.
Judy lifted her quivering ass and reached between her legs.
She grabbed his hulking cock and dragged the bloated head through
the puffy folds of her sizzling cunt. She began to shake, her
tits jiggling as her father grabbed her hips to keep her steady.
"Easy, baby," he groaned. "Put it in."
d***k with passion, she ignored her father, wanting to
torment herself until she was out of her mind. She dragged his
prick through her cunt-gash again until the room started to spin.
"Ummmmmm, Daddy!"
With his cockhead now in her pussy, she lowered her body,
inching his hulky cock into her pussy. Each throbbing inch
stretched the spongy muscles of her steamy cunt-hole. She hummed
as her pussy-muscles closed around his cock-shaft.
"Baby," Darin moaned, his fingers digging into her hips.
"Unnnn, you're tight." He wanted to slam her down on his cock but
he didn't. If she wanted to torment herself, he'd let her. He
was enjoying it too.
Judy teased herself mercilessly. She felt him throb inside
her, her pussy craving all of his cock instead of only half.
"Oooooo! Daddy!"
Quivering, she couldn't take the pressure any longer. She
slammed down, stuffing herself with her father's hulking cock.
She swooned, her body swaying as she impaled herself.
"It's in me. So deep. Oooo, it's stretching me so much!"
she cried.
With his hands on her wriggling hips, Darin feasted his eyes
on her lush young body. His cock was throbbing in the tight
depths of her pussy. She was like a spongy vise of wet clinging
"Daddy!" she squealed as she rolled her hips, her tight pussy
adjusting to the fat meat of his throbbing prick. "Oooo, it's
Darin grabbed her tits and kneaded the soft creamy flesh. He
pulled at her nipples making her moan. "Ride it, baby. Ride it!"
"I'm so hot, Daddy," she gasped as she rotated her hips. "So
hot." Her tongue flicked out over her lips and her blue eyes
dined on his lust-etched face. "Does it feel good like Mommy's
"Yeah, baby," Darin groaned as she squirmed on his dick.
"Wet and tight just like your mother's."
"Ummmm, Daddy!" She lifted up slowly, his cock easing from
her cunt. Then she slammed down, quivering and screaming as she
pierced her pussy with his prick. "Ahhhhhh! Did you like it,
"Do it again, baby," he groaned.
His gut was taut as he watched her young, trembling body lift
off his prick. He spanned her tits, his fingers digging into the
supple flesh.
With only the head of his cock buried in her cunt, Judy
crashed down, screaming as her cunt rifled with her father's
prick. She lifted up and did it again as her blue eyes dilated
and her face turned red.
"Oooooo, it's fantastic! It makes me cream!"
Darin brought his hands to her wriggling hips and lifted her
up, plunging her body down on his prick. He did it again, her
squeals of joy filling the stockroom. He grunted, slamming her up
and down on his prick as if she were weightless.
"Unnnn, Judy! Baby!"
Judy screamed with pleasure. She rocked on his cock, her
tits bouncing as he plundered her pussy with his fat cock.
"Ahhhhh, Daddy. I'm creamin'! Ummmmm!"
The door to the stockroom opened and Dolores poked her head
in. Her eyes widened in shock as she stared at her husband and
daughter on the floor.
"Ooooo my, God," she gasped, her hand tightening around the
door knob, her knuckles turning white. "I don't believe it!" She
stared, keeping the door open just enough so she could see.
Judy bounced on her father's cock, her head snapping back,
her blonde hair swishing across her bare back. "Oooo, I'm
stuffed, Daddy!" she wailed. "Your cock is driving me crazy!"
She rolled her hips, squashing her body down, taking his
prick to the root. She leaned forward, her small tits at her
father's mouth.
"Suck 'em, Daddy. Suck my tits."
With his ass thumping on the floor and his cock jabbing into
his daughter's pussy, Darin gobbled on her tits. He sucked and
stabbed, Judy going insane on top of him as he mauled her hips and
clutching thighs.
Judy shivered in bliss, her pussy crammed with her father's
cock. She moaned as hot flashes of pleasure whipped through her
pussy. She used her cunt-muscles, clamping them around his cock-
shaft as he lunged up into her pussy-hole.
"You feel me, Daddy? Huh?"
"Yeah," he groaned. "Your cunt is fabulous!" He jabbed into
her squishy pussy, his balls swelling as her muscles and cunt
juice attacked his cock.
Dolores trembled as she watched. She glanced back over her
shoulder, hoping Tommy wouldn't come up behind her. With their
voices growing louder, she slipped inside and closed the door,
hiding behind a stack of crates.
Darin mauled his daughter's ass, his mouth chomping on her
tits. He humped up, the head of his cock jabbing into the
cushiony softness of her sizzling pussy.
"Unnn, baby," he grunted, his words lost in the soft flesh of
his daughter's tits. "Unnn, Judy!"
"Daddy!" she wailed. "I can feel it throbbing in my cunt.
I'm creamin' all over it." She twisted her hips slowly, lifting
up then slamming down at the same time. "Ummmmm, your cock is in
so deep." Her pussy gobbled on his cock, her hips rotating
slowly. "Oooooo!"
Darin brought his hands back to her tits, his fingers sinking
into the pulpy meat. He chewed on the nipples, his mouth working
frantically from one pink tip to the other. His hips lunged, his
cock skewering her cunt-hole each time he nipped at a nipple.
Dolores watched them, jealousy and lust raging through her
body. She squeezed her thighs together and whimpered as the warm,
buttery juices of her cunt drenched her panties. She swooned,
gaping at her daughter's bare ass jiggling as she humped her young
body up and down Darin's cock.
"Little nympho," she whispered. "Damn little nympho!"
"I'm getting close, Daddy. Ooooo, I can feel it getting
ready to happen." She moaned. "Ooooo!" She trembled, her hands
caressing his face. "Make me cum, Daddy. Make me go crazy!"
His c***d's begging voice was driving him insane. His hips
lunged up, his cock slicing into her spongy pussy. "I'm ready
too, baby. God, I'm gonna fill your pussy."
"Ummmm, Daddy. I can feel your cock getting bigger!" She
bounced frantically on his stabbing prick, thrashing about like a
stuck pig. "Make it happen. Cum. Cream me!"
The next instant her head snapped back as her father's cock
jabbed into her cunt and his groin mashed her clit. "I'm cuming,
Daddy! I'm cuming!"
She went berserk, thrashing and twisting on his stabbing cock
as orgasms raced through her cock-stuffed pussy.
"Aghhhhh, I'm cuming, Daddy!"
More orgasms whipped through her pussy as she went into wild
contortions. "Oooo, you feel me cuming?" she asked as she rotated
her hips, grinding her cunt down on his cock and mangling her clit
into his humping groin. "Ooooo, feel me cum!"
"I do, baby," Darin roared. He jammed his cock in and out of
her pulsing cunt. "I do!"
Her swollen tits bounced, the nipples ready to split open.
She twisted her hips, her pulsing clit mashing into his hard
groin. Hot flashes swept through her pussy, spreading rapidly to
every part of her quivering body.
"Ooooo, fuck me! Fuck me! I'm cuming!"
Darin fucked his daughter's climaxing cunt until his balls
exploded. His hands clamped on her gyrating hips as the hot jizz
gushed through his cock-shaft and spurted from his pisser.
"I'm cuming!" he shouted. "I'm cuming, Judy! Aghhhhh!"
"Yessssss, Daddy!" she shrieked, her body bucking and
churning on her father's squirting cock. "I love it. Your cum is
fillin' my pussy!" She twisted her hips and lunged forward,
grinding her clit into his powerful body. "Ooooo! Keep cumin'!"
Dolores was in awe. Seeing her young daughter creaming was
driving her mad. She swayed, feeling dizzy, the insides of her
cunt on fire.
"Ooooo, God," she whispered. "I don't believe it!"
Judy screeched as she rocked precariously on her father's
stabbing cock. She rocked on his prick, swaying, almost toppling
off as he lunged up into her pussy. Her tits bounced, her head
snapping from side to side as her blonde hair slashed across her
"More, Daddy! More!"
Darin responded to his daughter's squeals. His balls rumbled
and erupted again, the hot cum spurting from his prick like a
river. Gobs of jizz flooding her squishy pussy, her pulsing cunt-
walls soaking it up like a sponge. He jabbed, squirting his cum
deep until her cunt over-flowed.
"Unnnn, Daddy," she moaned. "Harder! Harder!" She gripped
his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin as she bounced on
his cock. "Faster! Faster!"
Cum filled her cunt and oozed out over her puffy folds. It
drooled down over her father's balls, the filmy white cum coating
the base of his prick-shaft.
With Dolores watching, her husband and daughter battled on
the floor. Darin lunged up, drilling his prick into Judy's pussy.
Judy slammed down, driving his ass back to the floor as she
skewered her cunt on his prick. Their bodies clashed, then
parted, clashed again as more orgasms ripped through them and cum
squished against them.
Judy thrashed maniacally, her orgasms building until
everything seemed to turn fuzzy. She fell forward, her tits
smashing into her father's face. Her hips never stopped moving
and the muscles of her cunt gulped at his spewing cock as she
writhed on top of him.
Darin's hands flowed over his daughter's twisting body. He
gnawed at her tits, his hips lunging, his cock plowing in and out
of her cunt.
"Baby," he groaned, "unnnn, baby!"
Judy began to twitch, the last of her orgasms rippling
through her body. She collapsed, his cock still buried in her
pussy, her muscles still greedily tugging on his prick-shaft. She
showered him with kisses, her hips rolling as his cock began to
shrink inside her pussy.
"Ooooo, Daddy!" she squealed.
Darin groaned and lifted his daughter up as he gasped for
air. "Baby, you're one great little fuck." He sat up as she
rolled off him. "Whewwww!"
Judy giggled. "When can we do it again, Daddy?"
Darin shook his head. "I don't know, baby. There's your
mother to consider."
A smirk crossed Dolores' face as she watched them dress.
Judy smiled. If she could get Tommy to fuck their mother
everything would be all right. "Maybe tomorrow while Mommy is
shoppin'?" she suggested.
Darin fixed his pants and saw her ripped top. "You better
get right upstairs. You can't work like that."
Judy giggled. "Okay, but think about tomorrow." She held
her ripped top over her tits and hurried from the stockroom.
Darin watched her go then left, wondering how he was going to
take care of Judy without Dolores finding out.
Alone in the stockroom, Dolores sat down. She had a lot to
think about.

Judy sat on the bed waiting for her b*****r. She couldn't
wait to tell him what had happened with her father.
Tommy rapped softly on the door and poked his head in.
"C'mon in," she said excitedly. She squirmed on the bed as
Tommy joined her.
"What happened in the stockroom?" he asked. "I couldn't ask
you at dinner. Did Dad beat you?"
Judy giggled. "He fucked me," she said, looking her b*****r
right in the eye. "Right on the stockroom floor! It was the most
fantastic thing in my life." She swooned, the memory of her
father's cock plunging into her pussy sending spasms of pleasure
through her young body.
"Jesus Christ!" Tommy gasped. "God, I wish I could fuck
"Why don't you try? Daddy's out and Mommy's working
downstairs in the store on inventory." Having fucked her father,
Judy didn't think anything was impossible.
"Shit, Judy," he moaned, wanting to try, but not believing it
could happen. "Mom's not like Dad."
"I'll bet you could do it." She winked. "If she's anything
like me ..." She giggled. "I've seen her givin' you the eye. Go
on downstairs and try. I'll hide and watch."
Tommy took a deep breath. His s****r's confidence was
rubbing off on him. "I think you're crazy, but I'll try it."
"Great!" Judy exclaimed as she jumped off the bed. She
grabbed his hand. "C'mon."
They hurried downstairs to their parents' store. Judy opened
the door and peeked out, spotting her mother at the far end of an
"Go on, Tommy," she whispered, squeezing his crotch. "Good
Tommy groaned. "I'm gonna need it." As Tommy walked down
the aisle toward his mother, Judy slipped out and hid in the next
aisle. She quietly moved some merchandise to give herself a
perfect view of her mother. She gulped as Tommy came into view.
"Hi, Mom," Tommy said nervously as he ogled his mother's ass
wrapped in tight satin shorts. A lump clogged his throat and a
tremor caromed through his balls.
Caught by surprise, Dolores straightened up and spun around.
"Tommy!" she said, giving him a big sexy smile. "I thought you
were upstairs with your s****r."
Her eyes dropped to his crotch and the bulge in his pants.
It excited her. If Darin could make it with Judy, she was damn
sure going to make it with Tommy!
Tommy leered at his mother. Her big tits strained against
the sexy halter that barely covered her nipples. He felt dizzy,
imagining his mouth sucking on them.
"Judy's readin'," Tommy said, his voice quaking. "I thought
I might help you with inventory."
Dolores saw the way he was staring at her tits and it excited
her. She turned around and bent over, displaying her satin-clad
ass and long legs. She paused for a second, knowing he was
gawking. Her insides churned.
Tommy's eyes popped out. He could see the way the crotch of
her shorts dug into the gash of her cunt and it made his mouth
"I'll take that, Mom," he said, reaching out for the box as
she straightened up. He rested it on the shelf, his eyes darting
back to the outline of her large, swollen nipples beneath her
halter. He stood there, not knowing what to do.
Dolores could feel her son's desire for her and it made her
head spin. She leaned toward him, pretending to reach for
something behind him. The halter eased up, the creamy flesh of
one succulent tit becoming exposed.
"Oooooo!" she squealed, tripping on purpose and falling into
his arms. "Ummmmm, you're strong, Tommy."
Tommy was shaking. His mother's tits were crushed into his
chest and the scent of her perfume was driving him crazy. He
blushed as she crawled out of his arms, his eyes popping. Her
halter hadn't fallen into place and one tit was still exposed. He
gulped, his eyes riveted to the creamy meat of her tit and large
reddish-brown nipple.
"Tommy," she said, noticing that her tit was showing. "You
shouldn't took at me like that." She brought her hand to her tit,
covering it just enough to tease him.
Tommy groaned deep in his throat, his prick throbbing and
forming a giant lump in his pants. "It's ... beautiful," he
rasped, his throat dry.
"Maybe you'd like to take off my top and really get a good
look at my tits?" she suggested. Her heart was racing and the
insides of her cunt was greased with hot bubbling juice.
Judy's head was swimming as she stared at her mother and
b*****r. Her mother was seducing Tommy and it blew her young
mind! She licked her lips, watching as Tommy nervously pulled off
Dolores' top. A sigh caught in Judy's throat. Her mother's tits
were gorgeous and it suddenly hit her that she wanted to suck
them, too.
"Ooooo, Mom," Tommy groaned, feasting his eyes on his
mother's large, melon-shaped tits. "Lemme touch them."
"I was hopin' you'd want to," Dolores sighed breathlessly.
"You can do anything you want to them."
Tommy brought his hands to his mother's creamy tits. His
palms were sweaty as his fingers sank into the soft, pliant meat
of her tits. He squeezed, the hard, pointed nipples burning into
the palms of his hands. He groaned, his fingers kneading and
squeezing her gorgeous tits.
"Unnnn, Mom!"
"Tommy," Dolores rasped, his pawing hands driving her wild.
"Did you ever do this to your s****r?"
Tommy was hypnotized. He nodded, his eyes glued to her
tittie meat and his fingers. "Yeah," he mumbled, "A couple of
days ago." He didn't care that she knew. All he was interested
in was fucking her.
"Ummmm, did you suck Judy's tits?" Dolores' cunt was on fire.
"Yeah," he admitted. "We did everything."
Dolores caressed his face then brought her hands to his,
making him squeeze her pulpy tit flesh harder. "Mmmmmm. She's a
sexy little bitch, isn't she?"
"Not as sexy as you, Mom," Tommy groaned. "Lemme suck 'em."
His prick was stiff and aching like a bad tooth. His nuts
were swollen, painfully sore in his tight jeans. Without waiting
for her reply, he lowered his head to her tits and began licking
the flesh, his fingers still pawing and caressing her creamy
"Ooooo, Tommy. Your mouth feels so good." She pushed him
down on a box, her tits level with his face. "Suck 'em, Tommy.
Suck 'em like your father does."
Tommy buried his face between her mammoth tit globes and
licked. His moans were muffled as he nibbled on her soft tittie
meat. His hands roamed her body, exploring and enjoying the touch
of her flesh. He caressed her bare thighs and the cheeks of her
ass through the slick satin of her shorts.
Dolores was out of her skull. "Bite, Tommy. Bite and suck
my nipples."
She swayed, her legs parting and stiffening, her dark blonde
hair swishing across her bare back as Tommy's hands and feasting
mouth gave her pleasure.
Tommy sank his teeth into one swollen nipple and slashed his
tongue across the tip. At the same time he mauled her other tit
with his hand. He chewed, his mother's moans echoing in his
Dolores grabbed his head. She rubbed his face over her tits,
panting and drooling as his teeth snipped at her flesh and
sensitive nipples.
"Ooooo, you're just like your father, Tommy!"
Tommy gasped, his eyes bulging, her big fleshy tits a blur of
creamy white as she brushed them across his face. He chewed and
sucked, her white tits turning pink and then red as his mouth
became more demanding and his mother's moans of pleasure grew
louder. He found her ass and began squeezing her cheeks through
her satin shorts.
From her vantage point, Judy watched Tommy fondle their
mother's ass. She squeezed her thighs together, the juices
staining her shorts. She bit her lip to keep from moaning and at
the same time prayed that Tommy would pull off her shorts and
expose her ass.
"Take off my shorts," Dolores gasped. "Strip me." She
crushed his face into her wet tits. "Aaaaah ... bite ... suck!"
Tommy's mouth became ferocious. He chewed and sucked hard,
his groans muffled by her tits. He latched his fingers into her
shorts and pulled them down, his hands quickly going to the bare
cheeks of her ass. He sank his fingers into her ass, his head
spinning, his cock feeling as if it were going to burst.
Dolores wiggled her legs, her shorts dropping to her ankles.
"You wanna see me?" she panted, releasing his head. She stepped
back and out of her shorts, modeling her lush, naked body for her
horny son.
Tommy's head was reeling as he gawked at his naked mother.
His eyes swept up her long legs to the thick patch of dark blonde
hair that decorated her pussy. He gulped, his eyes traveling over
her full hips and slim waist to her huge tits. His mouth was open
but he couldn't speak.
Dolores trembled under her son's hot gaze. "The way you're
looking at me makes me cream," she said as she grabbed her tits,
cupping them, the nipples pointed at her son. "Look what you did,
Tommy. You got my tits all red from biting them."
Tommy saw and his mouth watered. "I'll do that to your whole
body, if you let me," he said, his voice husky with lust.
"Mmmmmm, sounds good. Maybe another time. Right now I wanna
see what you got between your legs."
As Dolores dropped to her knees, Judy drooled over the sight
of her mother's bare ass. She wanted to come out from behind the
shelves and sink her teeth into the creamy meat of her mother's
beautiful ass. She slipped her hand into her shorts and began
stroking her bl**d-gorged clit as her mother unzipped Tommy's
"It's nice and big," Dolores sighed as she hauled out her
son's prick. "Just like your father's." She stroked his cock and
then gobbled it into her mouth.
"Unnnnn, Mom," Tommy groaned. The heat of her mouth
enveloped his cock and churned the cum in his swollen balls.
"Unnn, suck, Mom! Suck me!" He lunged up, driving his prick into
his mother's throat as she gobbled voraciously on his cock.
"Unnnn ... God!"
With his prick in her mouth, Dolores pulled at his pants and
shorts, finally getting them down around his ankles. She sucked
deep, her mouth bobbing wildly up and down his cock-shaft, her
spit coating it as it drooled from her lips. She cupped his balls
then gave them a gentle squeeze as he groaned with pleasure.
"You're delicious," she gasped, popping her mouth off his
cock. "So delicious!"
She gripped his prick in her hand, shifting her fist slowly
up and down his cock-shaft as he squirmed on the box.
"Does Judy give a good blow-job?"
Tommy stared at his mother and nodded. His prick ached and
he wanted her mouth back on it. "Suck me, Mom. Put it back in
you mouth."
"You might cream and then you won't be able to fuck me," she
purred, enjoying her son's agonizing lust.
"It'll get hard again," he groaned. "It did for Judy." He
squirmed on the box, his cock trapped in her gripping fist.
"Mmmmmm. You are just like your father." She flashed her
tongue over his spongy cockhead, coming away with a pearl drop of
jizz. "Mmmmmm, tasty."
Judy was mesmerized as she hid behind the shelves. Watching
her mother play with Tommy's cock was making her dizzy. She
pinched her clit and shivered as tiny spasms rippled through her
juice-soaked cunt-hole.
Dolores squeezed his cock. She was hot as hell, the insides
of her cunt pulsing. She wanted to suck him off and at the same
time, she needed his prick buried up inside her hungry pussy. It
was a dilemma. She squeezed his cock again, soft sighs escaping
her mouth as she tried to make up her mind.
"Eat me," Tommy begged, lunging his cock up through her fist.
"Eat me."
Dolores swooped down on her son's prick and sucked it into
her throat. She gnawed on the throbbing base, her tongue whipping
across his shaft. She lifted her head then slammed down again,
piercing her throat with his cock. She chewed frantically,
wanting to taste his cum quickly. The sooner he creamed, the
sooner she could have his dick stuffed up her pussy.
"Aghhhh," Tommy growled as his mother feasted maniacally on
his throbbing cock. "Unnnnn, I'm gonna cum!"
Dolores welcomed it. She bobbed her head and sucked,
igniting the fire in his churning balls.
"I'm cuming, Mom," he roared. "I'm cuming!"
He jabbed her face, his groin whacking into her lips as his
balls burst. Hot thick jizz sprayed from his pisser and
splattered the back of his mother's mouth and oozed down her
"I'm cuming!"
Dolores gulped on her son's exploding cock. She sucked, the
thick wads filling her cheeks and gushing down her throat. She
caught his frenzied rhythm, her mouth flying up and down his cock-
shaft as cum and spit oozed from her clinging lips. She sucked
then chewed, his humping body battering her face as he stabbed his
squirting cock in and out of her mouth.
Dolores gobbled on his prick, drinking his cum as it squirted
from his pisshole. She gnawed on his cockshaft, her teeth
scr****g, her tongue lashing. She swirled her tongue around his
bloated cock-head, cum flowing out and filling her cheeks.
Tommy's ass hammered the box, his cock slicing in and out of
his mother's mouth. He felt the deep sucking action of her mouth
and his balls responded, the cum gushing up through his prick-
shaft and into her throat. "Ahhhhh! You're suckin' out my balls!
I'm cumming, Mom!"
Dolores stopped bobbing up and down, allowing her son to
drill his prick into her face. She sucked, his groans filling her
head as his cum filled her mouth. She chewed, his stabbing cock
squirting thick stringy cum into her throat. She lashed his prick
with her tongue, his groans growing louder as his frantic stabs
grew more demanding.
Tommy grabbed his mother's head, his fingers curling into her
thick hair. He lunged up, spearing her throat, his cum flooding
her mouth and filling her cheeks.
"Unnnn, Mom! Bite! Use your teeth!" Dolores sank her teeth
into his cock-shaft and gnawed. Hot cum spurted from his pisser,
gagging her for the moment. She gulped it down and at the same
time slammed her face into his groin. She grabbed his thighs, her
nails digging into his tight muscles.
Judy watched. The contorted expression of lust on her
b*****r's face drove her wild. An orgasm whipped through her cunt
and she almost toppled over. She caught herself just in time,
gripping the shelf as she watched Tommy fuck their mother's face.
Tommy plowed Dolores' throat, the last of his cum oozing from
his pisser and coating her swiping tongue. He dropped back on the
box, his chest heaving, his prick shrinking in his mother's mouth.
"Unnnnn, I'm finished," he groaned. "Finished."
Dolores had other ideas. She kept him in her mouth and
sucked, her tongue and teeth working on his limp prick. Slowly
she bobbed her head, the gentle lapping of her tongue and soft
pulsing sucks quickly bringing new life to his spent prick.
"Unnnn, Mom," Tommy groaned as he realized what was
happening. "Oooooo, Christ, I'm getting hard already!" It blew
his mind.
Dolores used all of her talents. Hot licks and gentle sucks,
with an occasional nip, stiffened his prick into a thick steel
beam of throbbing prick-meat. She pulled her mouth away from his
new hard-on, a hot smile on her flushed face.
"You're ready for my pussy, you horny stud."
Tommy didn't believe it. He stared at his rigid cock then at
his mother as she stood up and posed for him.
"You're fantastic!" he cried.
"It'll get even stiffer once you shove it in my pussy," she
Dolores swayed her naked body in front of her son, her tits
jiggling, the nipples swollen to the point of bursting.
Tommy rubbed his cock. It was wet with his mother's spit and
it ached. "Lemme fuck you from the back, Mom," he groaned. "That
way I can look at your ass."
"Mmmmmm," Dolores hummed. "Is that the way you fucked Judy?"
Tommy grinned sheepishly as he stood, his prick jutting out
from his hard going. "I fucked her on the floor over near the
cash register."
From her hiding place, Judy watched as her mother bent over.
Hearing them talk about her made her cream. She licked her lips,
her eyes fastened on her mother's naked body.
Dolores got comfortable over a stack of boxes, her tits
mashing into the top. She wiggled her ass, her legs stiff and
"Give it to me good, Son," she moaned. "Suckin' your cock
made me hot as hell."
Tommy grabbed his mother's full hips and caressed the hot
flesh, his eyes riveted to the creamy cheeks of her ass and the
red glistening gash of her exposed pussy.
"You're gorgeous, Mom," he moaned, spreading her asscheeks
and gazing hotly at her asshole.
"Stick it in, Son," Dolores whimpered. "Gimme your cock."
She wriggled her hips again, her pussy anxious to feel her son's
cock plowing her. "Gimme your cock, Tommy."
Tommy jerked his hips, his cock slicing into the soft,
squishy depths of his mother's pussy. He groaned, jabbing hard,
his groin whacking into the cheeks of her ass.
"Unnnnn, your pussy is so fuckin' hot," he said as he jerked
back then lunged again into her pussy. "Unnnnn!"
"Oooo, yessss!" Dolores squealed, her body quivering with
pleasure. She was creaming, her cunt-muscles tugging at his
buried cock-shaft.
Having had his cock sucked, Tommy was able to control his
lust. He eased his prick out from his mother's pussy, moaning as
her cunt-muscles pulsed against his prick-shaft.
He was determined not to blast his nuts in one fast fuck. He
was going to make it last if it killed him. It wasn't everyday a
boy got the chance to fuck his own mother.
"Whatta you doin'?" Dolores gasped. Fuck me!"
Tommy inched his prick into her pussy slowly, watching her
hot bubbling cunt gobble his cock up inch by inch. He groaned,
the frothy cunt-cream washing over his prick-shaft and burning
down into his cum-filled balls. He stopped, his cock buried only
"Don't stop, Tommy!" Dolores wailed. She jerked her hips.
"Fuck me. For Christ's sake, fuck me!"
Tommy was hypnotized by his mother's wriggling ass. He
smoothed his hands over her flesh, his cock throbbing as he
watched the cunt-cream ooze out from her pussy.
"Unnnn, Mom ... I want it to last!"
Dolores' head was spinning. "Oooooo, you teasing bastard!"
she cried out. "You're just like your father."
She slammed back, gulping his cock into her pussy. She
rolled her hips as a spasm rippled through her cock-stuffed pussy.
She jerked forward then back, fucking herself as his groans filled
her head.
Tommy was entranced. His mother was fucking his cock! He
mauled her hips, watching her glide her pussy back and forth along
his throbbing prick.
"Unnnn, Mom! It feels fantastic!"
"I know," she gasped, twisting her head to gaze hotly at her
son. She jerked back and forth, the spasms in her pussy growing
intense. "Fuck me, Tommy. Smash me into the damn boxes!
Tommy lunged hard, driving his prick to the root, sending his
mother's quivering body crashing into the stack of boxes. He
grunted, his groin fusing to her ass as he twisted his hips. He
jerked back, leaving only the head of his prick inside her pussy.
"Do it again!" Dolores squealed. "Hard! Lemme feel it
She rotated her hips, her cunt on fire. His cock, instead of
putting out the flames, was only making her hotter.
The heat of her pussy and the pulsing muscles torturing his
cock-shaft broke his self-restraint. He dug his fingers into her
squiggling hips and slammed his cock to his balls. His body
tensed and his prick thickened as his lust was unleashed.
"More, Tommy!" she screamed. "More!" She gripped the box,
her body writhing, her hips twisting. "More!"
Mangling his mother's hips, Tommy pounded her pussy
relentlessly, his cock skewering her mushy cunt with lightning-
fast fuck-stabs. His prick swelled, his eyes glazed as he watched
his cock slice into her squirming body.
"Mom," he roared. "Unnnn, Mom!"
Dolores felt her son's cock thicken and grow in her pussy.
"Ooooo, Tommy. Harder! Faster!" She rolled her hips, his hard
punching fuck-jabs mashing her clit into the edge of the box.
"Ooooo, Tommy! You're great!"
With his hips lunging, his cock stabbed into her pussy. His
groin smashed into her ass, his cock being bathed in a vat of
creamy cunt-juice. He jabbed harder, the warm sticky juices
squashing out over his swinging balls.
Judy couldn't move. She watched, her pussy contracting with
each stab. It was as if Tommy were plowing her pussy. She
pinched her clit and trembled, her knees growing weak. She
muttered, both their voices bombarding her skull.
"Yessss!" Dolores hissed as her son pounded her into the box.
"Ooooo, Tommy. Give it to me! Ram it!"
Tommy picked up speed. He slammed hard, his mother's screams
urging him on. His chest heaved. He was fucking his mother and
he was going to cum. It blew his mind!
"I'm gonna cum, Mom!" he roared. "Jesus, I'm gonna cum!"
"Cream me, Tommy!" Dolores wailed. "I want it all! Cream
She was out of her skull. She squirmed, her knees weakening,
her tits crushed into the rough box. Her nipples hurt and her
clit was being destroyed by the sharp edge.
"Ooooo, Tommy. Gimme your load!"
One powerful lunge smashed his mother's body into the boxes.
It mashed her clit and she shrieked, her head snapping up.
"Oooooo, I'm there too, Tommy. So close!"
Tommy drilled his prick in and out of her cunt, his hips a
blur as his balls churned, the cum ready to explode.
"Cum, Mom!" he shouted. "Cum!"
"I'm cuming!" Dolores screeched. "I'm cuming!"
She went into convulsions, thrashing and twisting on the
boxes. Her head dropped with a thud as she worked her ass in
tight frenzied circles, her cunt-muscles milking his cock.
"Fuck me! Fuck me!"
Tommy lunged, his prick aching as if it were caught in a
fiery vise of wet pulsing lava. "Unnnn," he groaned. He jabbed
hard, his prick cutting through the pulsing heat of his mother's
climaxing pussy. "Unnnn, Mom! I'm gonna cum!"
His prick exploded and hot, thick globs of jizz spurted from
his pisser, flooding his mother's pussy. "Unnnn, I'm cumin',
Mom!" he cried.
"Ooooo, Tommy, I feel it!" She pounded the top of the box,
his squirting cum sending her swirling into another series of
intense orgasms. "Fuck me! Cream me!"
Tommy plowed her pussy with all of his might. He flooded her
cunt with his jizz, his balls churning out thick gooey wads that
spurted from his cock-head. His legs jerked, his hips lunging,
his cock spearing her deep as the hot cum gushed out over his
swinging balls.
She battled her son, meeting his fuck-thrusts only to be
driven back into the stack of boxes. Her knees buckled, smashed
into the hard boxes. Each dynamite slam of his cock mangled her
clit and sent another orgasm tearing through her pussy.
"Ooooo, Tommy! I'm cuming again!" Greased with his mother's
cum and his own gooey jizz, Tommy cut through her mushy pussy-hole
at lightning speed. He mauled her bucking hips, his groin fusing
with her ass cheeks on each devastating fuck-jab.
"More, Tommy," Dolores screamed, wanting every drop of cum
that was in her son's balls. "More!"
Tommy gave his mother what she wanted. His powerful fuck-
thrusts pounded her twisting body. His hot cum spewed from his
prick, squirting deep into her sizzling cunt-hole. He spread her
ass, his eyes bulging as he watched her cunt twitch around his
spearing cock-shaft.
"Unnnn, Mom. My balls ache!"
Spittle drooled from her mouth. Her clit was raw, pulsing
wildly, the insides crammed with cock-meat and cum. She slammed
back, twisting her hips.
"Oooooo, Tommy. Don't stop! Don't stop!"
Tommy stabbed her pussy-hole furiously, his balls just about
drained. His legs started to shake, his strength gone. He ground
to a halt, the last wad of jizz oozing from his pisser.
"I can't ..." he sputtered.
A shuddering convulsion swept through Dolores' pussy. She
collapsed on the boxes, twitching as Tommy's cock began to shrink
inside her cunt-hole.
"Oooooooooooo, Tommy ... you were wonderful."
Tommy's cock slipped from her pussy and he staggered back,
leaning against the shelves, blocking his s****r's view. "You're
terrific, Mom," he moaned as he caught his breath.
Dolores melted to the floor. She looked up at her son, a
dreamy expression on her face. "I'm glad you liked it, Son." She
pulled herself up. "Let's get dressed before your father comes
"You gonna tell him?" Tommy asked nervously.
Dolores smiled as she pulled on her shorts and top. "Yeah,
but I don't know how he'll take it."
Tommy was about to tell her what he did with Judy, but he
kept quiet. "Maybe you should talk to Judy first," he suggested,
hoping his s****r would tell her mother.
"I think I just might do that," Dolores said. She blew him a
kiss. "You finish the inventory and I'll find Judy."
Tommy rubbed his crotch, his eyes glued to his mother's
swinging ass as she walked down the aisle.
When the door closed, Judy came out from behind the shelves.
"Wow, Tommy," she said. "I creamed my fuckin' shorts just
watching you and Mommy!"
Tommy grinned proudly. "You better get upstairs. Mom wants
to talk to you."
"I heard," Judy giggled, kissing her b*****r on the cheek.
"I think from now on it's gonna be a lot of fun around here."
"I think you're right," Tommy said, picking up the list of
stock to be checked.
"A real blast," Judy muttered as she hurried to the back of
the store and the door that led to the apartment upstairs. "A
real blast!"

Judy found her mother in the bedroom. She stopped at the
door, her heart pounding. "Hi, Mommy," Judy said.
Dolores smiled at her daughter. "I think we have a few
things to talk about, honey."
Judy giggled and joined her mother on the bed. "I'll bet
it's about what you just did with Tommy."
Dolores' face lit up with surprise. "You know?"
"I was watching," Judy said, licking her lips. "I saw the
whole thing."
"Well, I've seen a few things too," Dolores said, "like
watching you fucking your father in the stockroom this afternoon."
Now it was Judy's turn to be surprised. "You ... you were
"I sure was, honey," her mother said. "Why do you think I
let Tommy fuck me?"
Judy giggled. "He was supposed to seduce you."
Dolores laughed. "I bet it was all your idea."
Judy nodded her head. "I figured if Tommy seduced you, maybe
we could all have fun together."
"Now that's an idea I can get off on," Dolores said.
The phone rang and Dolores reached over and picked it up.
"Okay," she said, nodding. She hung up. "Your father's home.
He's downstairs with Tommy doing inventory."
"Why don't we got down there and fuck their brains out?" Judy
"I was just going to make the same suggestion." She jumped
off the bed. "I can just see your father's face when I tell him I
made it with Tommy."
"Will he get mad?" Judy asked, hoping he wouldn't. She
didn't want the f****y to fight.
"How can he get mad?" Dolores asked as they left the bedroom.
"He fucked you, didn't he?"
"He sure did," Judy sighed, remembering how it had felt to
have his cock jabbing into her pussy. "I can't wait until he does
it again."
"Then let's get the hell downstairs and get things started!"
Darin glanced up as he saw Dolores and Judy coming down the
aisle. He heaved a sigh, his eyes darting from his sexy daughter
to his luscious wife.
"What are you two doing down here? Tommy and I can handle
"For what we've got planned," Dolores said, "you'll need both
of us."
Darin's eyebrows raised as Tommy joined him. "Whatta you
talking about?"
Judy winked at her b*****r. Her pussy was dripping and her
flesh tingled. If things worked out she was sure this was going
to be the best night of her life.
"It seems," Dolores began to explain, "that we've all been
fuckin' around with each other and it's time it all came out in
the open." She looked directly at her husband.
Darin gulped, stealing a quick glance at his smiling
daughter. He was caught and he knew it, but for some reason it
didn't matter. "And?"
"We're all gonna make it together," Judy blurted out. She
ran into her father's arms. "Mommy's not mad, Daddy. Tommy
fucked her while you were out."
Darin's face broke out into a wide, horny grin. There was no
reason to be mad now. "How was she, Tommy?" he asked, holding his
daughter in his arms.
"Great, Dad," Tommy said, his face flushing for a second.
"I think we ought to have a f****y sex party," Dolores
suggested. "Anyone disagree?"
Judy came out of her father's arms and looked at her mother.
"As long as it starts off with you and me making it together," she
said to Dolores, her blue eyes glowing. "We're the only ones who
haven't done anything together yet."
"Then let's get started," Dolores said, taking her daughter's
hand. "We're goin' up to bed. If you guys wanna watch, c'mon."
Darin and Tommy didn't need a second invitation. Eagerly,
they followed Judy and Dolores up the stairs to their apartment.
Judy stood in the bedroom, her blue eyes devouring her
mother. "Oooo, Mommy," she sighed as her mother came to her.
"I'm so excited.
"So am I, honey," Dolores purred.
She fondled her daughter's tits through her skimpy top as
Darin and Tommy got comfortable on the two plush chairs near the
bed. She squeezed her daughter's tits.
"When I saw your ass humping up and down on your father's
cock, it made me crazy!" Dolores said.
Judy sighed as her mother's kneading hands swelled her
nipples. She brought her hands to her mother's halter and tore it
away, baring her large succulent tits.
"Let's get on the bed, Mommy," Judy said.
Dolores gasped and climbed on the bed, her eyes on Judy.
"Take off my shorts, honey."
Trembling, Judy leaned over and pulled off her mother's
shorts, baring her thick blonde-haired pussy. "Your cunt is
gorgeous, Mom!"
"I'm glad you like it," Dolores purred. "You can suck it for
Judy drooled, her mouth watering. She forgot about her
father and b*****r and tore off her clothes. Then she climbed
onto the bed, her eyes sweeping over her mother's naked flesh.
"You look so delicious."
Dolores writhed on her back as she feasted her eyes on her
naked c***d. "Lemme taste you first, Judy," she sighed. "Lemme
taste your sweet pussy."
"When I'm done with you, Mommy," Judy moaned. She straddled
one of her mother's legs and slid her pussy over the smooth skin.
"Ummmm, I'm gonna cream all over you and then I'm gonna suck out
your cunt."
The heat of her daughter's pussy on her leg sent hot flashes
through Dolores' body. She glanced over at an entranced Darin and
"This ought to get you guys creaming in your pants," she said
as she turned her attention back to her teenaged daughter. "Cream
me, honey ... then suck my pussy."
Judy shivered as she pressed her hot oozing pussy into her
mother's leg. She moaned, dragging her pussy along her mother's
calf until her ass banged against her foot.
"Ooooo ... I'm gonna fuck your foot."
"Honey," Dolores moaned as she leered at her daughter, "go
ahead." She wiggled her toes as Judy lifted her pussy from her
Quivering, her pussy on fire, Judy grabbed her mother's foot
and jabbed her cunt down on her toes. "Un-nnn, Mommy," she
gasped, rolling her hips. "Unnnn. I feel your toes wiggling in
my pussy."
Darin and Tommy watched as Judy went insane on her mother's
foot. Both men's pricks began to throb and grow.
Judy bounced up and down, her small tits jiggling. "Ummmmm,
Mommy!" she cried as she rotated her hips, her cunt stuffed with
her mother's foot.
"C'mon, honey. I need your mouth on my cunt."
Judy toppled off her mother's foot and dragged her cunt up
her mother's leg, her eyes glued to her mother's red gaping pussy.
A d***ken smile spread across Judy's face as she creamed her
mother's thigh.
"When I'm ready," the girl gasped.
"You're a teasing little bitch," Dolores moaned. She reached
for her daughter's tits, mauling them in her hands as Judy
straddled her hips.
"Ewwww, Mommy," Judy panted, her cunt greasing her mother's
stomach with cunt-cream. "Pull 'em! Squeeze 'em!"
As Judy slid her cunt up her mother's body to her mammoth tit
globes, Dolores pawed and mangled the girl's tits. "Lemme lick
you," Dolores rasped. "Gimme your pussy."
"You want my pussy in your mouth?" she moaned, grabbing one
of her mother's tits and rubbing the swollen nipple into her cunt.
"Mmmm, I'm fuckin' your tit!" Judy giggled lewdly. "I'm creamin'
Dolores twisted Judy's tits in her hands. "Gimme your
Judy was out of her mind. She squirmed her hips, her cunt
drenching both of her mother's large, flopping tits.
"Say please," the girl giggled. "Say please and maybe I'll
give it to you."
"Please," Dolores gasped. Her body was on fire and she
wanted the juices from her daughter's cunt. "Gimme, honey. Gimme
your pussy."
"Should I, Daddy?" Judy purred as she straddled her mother's
face, her cunt only inches from Dolores' mouth.
"Let her suck you," Darin said huskily. "Give her your cunt,
"Whatever you say, Daddy."
Suddenly Judy brought her hot, sizzling pussy to her mother's
lips and gasped as her mother's tongue darted into her pussy-hole.
"Ooooo, Mommy!"
Dolores grabbed her daughter's twisting hips and plastered
her mouth to Judy's pussy. She sucked deep, the hot buttery
pussy-cream flowing over face. Dolores moaned, her tongue
flicking out and into the steamy gash of her daughter's pussy.
Judy ground her cunt into her mother's face. "Ooooo, suck
out my pussy-hole," she squealed. "Bite me. Ummmm, make me cum
on your mouth!"
Tommy leered at his mother lying naked on the bed, her legs
spread and her cunt wet and inviting. He tore off his clothes and
climbed on the bed, his mouth watering as he fused it to Dolores'
cunt-gash. He sucked, groaning as the sweet-tasting juice of his
mother's pussy filled his mouth.
Dolores bucked against her son's mouth. She twisted her
hips, her cunt grinding into his face. She skimmed her hands
around her daughter's rolling hips and began kneading the firm
ripe meat of Judy's ass.
"Ummmm, Mommy!" Judy squealed. "Bite my clit. Make me cum!"
She leaned forward, her pussy mashed against her mother's mouth.
"Bite me!"
Dolores was going crazy. Sucking her daughter and being
sucked by her son was heaven. She latched her teeth into her
daughter's clit and sucked hard. At the same time she moaned as
Tommy's tongue plunged deep into her pussy.
Judy crashed against the wall, her arms stretching, her nails
clawing. "Ooooooooo, Mommy. Bite me harder. I'm gonna cum!"
She churned her hips, her face flush with the wall, her mouth
Dolores sank her teeth into her daughter's bl**d-filled clit
and slashed her tongue over the tip. The woman sucked hard, her
hips constantly churning, her cunt mashed against her son's mouth.
"I'm cumin'!" Judy wailed as she bucked against her mother's
mouth. "Ooooo, I'm cumin'!"
Darin sat on the chair, hypnotized by the fuck-action on the
bed. His cock throbbed in his pants, his balls aching painfully.
"Cream her, Judy," he groaned. "Cream!"
From glassy eyes, Judy leered at her father. "Oooo, I am,
Daddy!" she cried out. "I'm cumin' all over her face." She
rotated her hips, her climaxing cunt squashing against her
mother's mouth. "Ooooo, bite! Suck!"
With her hips rotating and her cunt plastered to Tommy's
mouth, Dolores devastated her daughter's clit. She sucked hard
and chewed even harder, her nails clawing at Judy's jiggling ass,
her fingertips raking through the girl's crack and over her
wrinkled asshole. Cum flowed into Dolores' mouth and throat and
she gurgled on the sticky juices as Judy screamed and twisted
wildly on her face.
"Aghhhh!" Judy screamed. She swayed, grabbed the headboard
to keep from falling. "Bite, Mommy! Bite hard!"
Dolores gnawed on her daughter's pulsing clit, her own hips
bucking and twisting against Tommy's mouth. She sucked, her nails
scratching at Judy's shitter as she beat her tongue over her clit
and felt her c***d go into spasm.
"Ahhhhhhhh!" Judy shuddered, the room spinning as she lost
her balance. "Mommy!"
She fell back off her mother's face and tumbled to the bed.
She began to twitch, the inside of her cunt still sizzling.
"Suck, Tommy," Dolores moaned. "Suck out my cunt!" She
banged her pussy into her son's face as she twisted and churned on
her back.
Catching her breath, Judy sat up. Her glowing blue eyes
stared at her b*****r, watching him sucking wildly on their
mother's cunt.
"No!" she screamed. "I want her pussy!"
Like an alleycat, Judy shoved her b*****r away from their
mother's hot, oozing pussy.
She was breathing hard, her eyes glued to the glistening red
gash of her mother's pussy.
"Oooooo, Mommy," she moaned. "I wanna eat you so bad."
Dolores began to tremble. "Eat me, honey!" she gasped, her
hips writhing as her large, milky tits flopped. "Eat me off!" She
reached for her son. "You chew on my tits."
"Not yet, Mommy," Judy gasped. "First I want your ass." With
passion driving her on, Judy rolled her quivering mother onto her
stomach. "Ummmm, it looks so good."
Dolores squirmed on her stomach, her tits crushed beneath
her. "Christ, Judy," she gasped, "use your fuckin' mouth."
"Suck her ass," Darin rasped.
"I will," Judy moaned. Her head was spinning as she gazed
hotly at her mother's ass. She brought her nails to the creamy
cheeks and raked them down Dolores' smooth skin. The girl did it
again and again, making her mother moan and squirm.
"You little bitch," Dolores squealed, loving every second of
her daughter's torture. "Ewwwww, I'll pay you back."
Drooling, Judy flung herself at her mother, plastering her
mouth to one of Dolores' ripe ass cheeks. Judy sank her teeth
into the soft tender meat and sucked. Slobber oozed from her lips
as she moved her mouth frantically over the hot flesh, chewing and
sucking until the claw-marked skin was blotchy with passion bites.
"Ooooo, Christ," Dolores gasped as she twisted on her
stomach. "The little bitch is chewing me alive." She jerked
back, slamming her ass at Judy's face.
Judy gurgled on the spit trapped in her throat. Moaning, she
attacked her mother's other ass cheek. With her mother screaming
and her father and b*****r watching, Judy spread the red blotchy
cheeks of her ass and maniacally stared at the vulnerable asshole.
She fused her mouth to her crack and chewed the tender meat around
the wrinkled crack until her mother's screams filled the bedroom.
"Tongue my ass," Dolores shrieked as she twisted on her
stomach. "Tongue-fuck me!" She jammed her ass back at her
daughter's face and moaned.
With spittle drooling from her lips, Judy soaked her mother's
asshole. She plunged her tongue in deep, teasing at the tight
walls of Dolores' shitter. She sucked hard, her fingers
scratching her mother's jerking hips as she worked them under her
mother's thrashing body.
"Oooo, honey!" Dolores screamed. "I love it!" She twisted
on the bed, her hips rotating, her tits mangled beneath her.
"Pinch my clit! Scratch it!"
With her audience enthralled, Judy pinched and scratched her
mother's clit. She kept her tongue buried in Dolores' ass, her
mother's slapping cheeks crashing against Judy's face.
Tommy gawked at his mother. His prick was throbbing and he
swallowed the lump of passion that clogged his throat.
"Suck her cunt, Judy. Suck her off so I can fuck her
Hearing this, Judy pulled her face away from her mother's
ass. Her eyes were gazed as she watched Dolores throw herself
over on her back.
"Did you hear that, Mommy?"
Dolores was out of her skull. She nodded and reached for her
son's prick to stroke it. "Yessss," she hissed, feeling his prick
throbbing in her hand. "Get me off so I can have his cock in my
Judy continued to pinch her mother's clit as she looked at
her father. "Will you fuck me up the ass, Daddy?" she gasped.
"I've got other plans for you, baby," he groaned. "Take care
of your mother."
Judy didn't know what he meant, but it made her swoon with
anticipation. She dropped between her mother's juice-stained
thighs and chewed her way viciously toward the hot, steamy gash of
Dolores' cunt. The heady scent of her mother's cunt was making
her dizzy as she chewed closer and closer to the puffy folds of
her mother's pussy-hole.
"Eat me!" Dolores wailed. "Ooooooooo, God ... eat me so
Tommy can fuck my ass!"
Judy glued her mouth to her mother's pussy. One deep suck
brought all the puffy meat of Dolores' cunt into her mouth. She
chewed and sucked, the warm, creamy pussy-juices flowing over her
face and into her hungry mouth.
Dolores humped wildly on the bed grinding her cunt into
Judy's face. "Ooooo, honey," she moaned. "Ooooo, harder! Chew
me up!"
Judy skimmed her hands under her mother's humping ass and
began scratching at her jiggling flesh. She gobbled on her cunt,
her tongue plunging into the scalding depths of her pussy. Hot
pussy-muscles pulsed against Judy's tongue as she tormented the
wet cushiony walls of her mother's cunt.
"Yessss, honey!" Dolores wailed, twisting her hips while she
twisted her son's cock. "Chew my tits, Tommy. Bite 'em hard and
suck 'em!"
As she ground her cunt into her daughter's face, Dolores
brought her hands to her own flopping tits, offering them to her
sex-crazy son.
Tommy threw himself at his mother, his mouth clamping on to
one large, swollen nipple. He sucked it hard, his tongue beating
across its hard, pointed tip. He gnawed the nipple with his
teeth, his wet, hungry mouth working over the soft sensitive meat
of her pliant tit.
Darin was in a trance as he watched his f****y on the bed.
"Jesus Christ," he mumbled, his eyes darting from his daughter to
his son. "Christ!" He rubbed his crotch, his wife's twisting
body and shrieking moans bombarding his senses.
Dolores went insane under the attack of her c***dren's
mouths. She thrashed on her back, her glazed eyes fixed on the
ceiling. She ground her cunt into Judy's mouth and crushed her
son's face into the pulpy meat of her tits.
"Oooo, Darin, this is heaven! I'm goin' crazy!"
Judy lifted her head for a moment. "Bite her tits off," she
moaned. "Bite her tits and I'll make her cum!" Juice stained her
face, the filmy cream making her lips glisten.
Dolores lunged up, her hips twisting, her cunt on fire. "Eat
me! Eat me!"
Judy thrust her face back between her mother's legs and
sucked on her cunt. Juice flowed and she savored the sweet taste,
her tongue flashing out and into her scalding hot cunt-gash. She
tongued deep, trembling as the greedy cunt-muscles tried to pull
her tongue out by the root.
"Yessss!" Dolores screamed. "Now bite me! Bite my clit and
get me off!"
She went wild, her shoulders wrenching, her son's torturing
mouth destroying her tits. She humped her cunt against Judy's
mouth, the insides of her pussy ready to explode.
"Cum," Darin howled. "Cream, Dolores. Cream!"
While his mother thrashed on her back, Tommy gobbled on her
tits. He chewed and sucked, her flesh red and blotchy from his
aggressive mouth. His cock was throbbing, his nuts churning as
his mind spun with the pleasure of having his mother's asshole
after his s****r was finished eating out her cunt.
Judy clawed her mother's ass, her fingers raking the
sensitive crack. She plunged two fingers into her asshole and
twisted them as her mother howled and banged her cunt into her
face. Her mouth sucked on the sensitive meat of her mother's
pussy as she thrashed on her back. She chewed and tongued,
bringing her mother closer to blowing her mind.
Dolores was in bliss. She grabbed Tommy's cock as he mangled
and chewed her tits. She squeezed it and swooned. It would soon
be plowing her asshole!
"Bite me, Judy! Make me cum!" Her hips were a blur as she
lashed her cunt into her daughter's face. "Ooooo, bite it off!"
Judy sucked her mother's clit into her mouth and clamped her
teeth into the pulsing piece of flesh. She held it tight,
slashing her tongue over the tip like a whip. Judy's face was
mashed against Dolores' pussy, the cream flowing. She sucked
hard, her mother's high-pitched wails telling her she was ready.
"I'm cuming," Dolores screeched as her c***dren gobbled
hungrily on her body. "Oooo, I'm creamin'! Ahhhhh!"
The insides of Dolores' cunt exploded. The spongy walls of
her pussy began to contract and the hot gooey cunt-cum gushed from
the hole and saturated her daughter's face. She slammed her pussy
against her mouth and twisted her hips.
"Ahhhhh ... I'm cuming, Judy. Suck me! Bite me!"
Hearing his mother scream, Tommy almost blasted his nuts. He
sank his teeth into one nipple, his hips jerking his cock through
his mother's fist. He shook his head, almost tearing her nipple
from her jiggling flesh.
Dolores bucked and thrashed on her back. With her free arm,
she grabbed her son's head and mashed it into her tits. She
humped her hips, her ass thumping on the bed as her daughter
chewed and sucked on her clit.
"Oooo, I'm cuming, Darin. I'm creamin' our daughter!"
Dolores' head jerked from side to side, her face red with lust.
Spittle drooled from her panting mouth as her body contorted
wildly on the bed. "Oooooo, it's fabulous!"
Judy chomped on her mother's cunt, the hot syrupy cum flowing
over her face and into her mouth. She swallowed, her mother's
pussy-cum making her dizzy. Her fingers gouged at the tight walls
of her mother's asshole as her teeth gnawed on her clit. The
double action, coupled with Tommy's snipping teeth, kept their
mother reeling.
Wave after wave of intense orgasms swept through Dolores'
body. She convulsed on the bed, the pleasure of her c***dren's
greedy mouths driving her insane. She arched her back and
swiveled her hips.
"Ooooo, more fingers, Judy! Stretch it for Tommy's cock!"
Judy nipped roughly on her mother's clit and plunged two more
fingers into her asshole, twisting them viciously inside her
mother's thrashing body. Her nails raked the sensitive walls of
Dolores' asshole as her teeth gnawed and turned her mother's clit
into a piece of raw, pulsing meat.
"Yesssss!" Dolores shrieked as she bucked and churned on the
She stiffened, her legs lifting as her ass pounded the bed.
She ground her cunt into Judy's mouth and smothered her son in her
fleshy tits. Her thighs closed, trapping Judy's head as she
bucked her cunt into her face.
Judy's face was fused to her mother's cunt. She chewed, her
head snapping from side to side as her mother shuddered then
collapsed back on the bed. One last vicious suck triggered a
scream and a spasm in her mother's quaking body.
Judy then lifted her head, a dreamy smile on her cum-stained
face as she popped her fingers from her mother's ass. "Ooooo,
Mommy," she panted, licking her lips. "You ready for Tommy?"
Bringing her trembling body under control, Dolores released
her son's head and his throbbing cock. "I'm always ready," she
gasped. "Always.

Judy scrambled off the bed. "Go to it, Tommy. Ream her
fuckin' asshole." She dropped to her knees in front of her father
and hauled out his cock.
Dolores leered at her son's prick. A lump clogged her
throat. She touched his cock, caressing it with the tip of her
"Your cock is gonna feel so good up my ass, Tommy," she
sighed as the trembling spasms finally left her body. "So damn
fuckin' good."
Tommy moaned, his prick aching. "Get on your knees, Mom."
Dolores stretched, bringing her mouth to her son's cock. She
flashed out her tongue and slobbered her spit over his balls.
"I'm gonna get your cock nice and wet first," she moaned.
She drenched his balls then brought her eager lips to his prick.
"Unnnn, Mom," Tommy moaned as her hot mouth saturated his
throbbing prick with spit. "Unnnnn, Christ!"
With her son's prick soaked, Dolores rolled over onto her
stomach. She hummed, imagining how her son's cock would feel
stuffed up her ass. She writhed, her hips rolling and her ass
Tommy crawled between his mother's outstretched legs and
gazed hotly at her squirming ass. "Get on your knees, Mom," he
groaned again, his prick jutting out from his tight groin,
throbbing like a toothache. "Lemme stick it in you."
"C'mon, Mommy," Judy urged as she fondled her father's cock.
"Let him fuck you."
Dolores hauled herself up on her hands and knees, her huge
tits swaying beneath her. "Gimme, Tommy. Gimme your cock."
Tommy groaned as he grabbed the flesh of her full hips. He
kneaded the smooth silky skin, his fingers digging into the firm
cheeks of her gorgeous ass.
"Unnnn, Mom, this is gonna be fantastic."
"I know," Dolores gasped. "Stick it in nice and slow so I
can feel every inch." She rocked back and forth, her asshole
twitching for her son's cock.
Tommy parted the cheeks of his mother's ass, his eyes bulging
as he stared at the wrinkled brown crack of her asshole. He
grabbed the base of his cock and dragged it up through her hot
bubbling pussy, coating the bloated head with sticky cuntjuice.
The contact made Dolores shudder. "Oooo, Tommy. Gimme an
enema." She began to twitch, her body hungry for her son's cock.
With his cockhead drenched in pussy-cream Tommy pressed the
head of his prick against the wrinkled crack of his mother's
asshole. He pushed, her ass quickly gobbling up the head of his
cock. He groaned as her hot, tight asshole muscles clamped around
his prick.
"It's tight," the boy groaned.
Dolores twisted her head and looked at her husband. "You
like seeing our son fuck my ass, Darin?"
Darin grunted, his head nodding. "I never thought I would,"
he said, his voice husky as Judy fondled his cock. "But, Christ
... it's a fantastic turn on."
Tommy caressed his mother's ass, his eyes glued to her
beautiful body. He inched the head of his cock into her hot tight
ass, stopping when it was only half-buried.
"Jesus, Mom," he groaned, seeing his cock stuffed up her
asshole. He swayed and lunged, driving the rest of his prick into
her ass.
Dolores shuddered, her ass stuffed with her son's cock.
"Oooo, Tommy. Don't move. Let me enjoy it." She rocked on her
hands and knees, her asshole muscles massaging his buried
cockshaft. "Mmmmmm, I love it!"
Judy gasped, her fingers clenching her father's cock. "I
want it that way too, Daddy," she sighed, her bright blue eyes
glazed with desire as she stared at her father. "I want my
asshole reamed too."
"You'll get more than that," Darin said vaguely, his eyes
riveted on his wife and son.
Tommy's groin was flush with the cheeks of his mother's ass,
his cock buried to the root. Her ass muscles massaged his buried
shaft and his balls rumbled.
"Unnnn, Mom. I can feel your ass twitchin'."
Dolores swooned. "I can feel your cock throbbin' up in my
gut." She rocked forward then back, savoring her son's cock.
"Take it out and slam it back."
Tommy obeyed willingly. He eased his prick out until only
the head was still buried inside her tight ass. Gripping her
hips, he lunged forward, driving his cock balls-deep into his
mother's ass. When his groin whacked into her ass, he grunted,
his fingers sinking into the pliant meat of her wiggling hips.
"Ahhhh!" Dolores wailed as his cock filled her asshole. She
shivered with joy, her head dropping then snapping up with a jerk.
"Again, my handsome young fucker! Again!"
Tommy grinned maliciously and dragged his cock from the vise-
like grip of her ass. He drilled it back, groaning as her greedy
ass gobbled him up. "Like that?"
"Yeahhhh," Dolores squealed.
He gripped her swiveling hips and repeated the long, slow
devastating attack on his mother's ass. Her whimpering moans and
trembling body told him he was pleasing her and the knowledge blew
his mind.
"It's torture!" Dolores gasped, wallowing in the long
penetrating stabs of her son's cock. "Beautiful torture!" She
worked her hips in a slow tormenting circle, her ass cheeks
jiggling each time Tommy's groin slammed into her.
"Ooooo, keep it slow, Tommy. It's heaven."
Judy, holding her father's cock, was mesmerized by what was
happening on the bed. Her own asshole began to twitch as she
rubbed and squeezed her father's cock.
"Oooo, do I wanna get fucked in my ass," she whimpered. "I
know I'll love it just like Mommy does."
Tommy continued to spear his mother's ass with long,
demanding stabs. From the tip of his prick to his balls, he
sliced into her asshole. His balls ached, the cum churning and
rumbling. He groaned, watching her ass rock on his cock as he
stabbed her.
"Unnnn, oh, Mom!"
"It feels so good, Tommy," Dolores gasped. "So fuckin' good.
Go deeper. Deeper, Tommy!" Her hips rolled and she slammed back
at him, skewering her own ass with his prick. "Ahhhh!"
Tommy jerked back and stopped moving. His cockhead was the
only thing inside her ass. He stretched her ass cheeks apart then
drilled his prick to the root. His hips jerked from side to side,
the head of his cock gouging at the tight, gripping walls of her
"You like this?" he panted.
"Yessss," she hissed, her eyes bulging as his cock skewered
her ass. "I love it!"
With his cock swelling to the point of bursting, Tommy eased
it out. "Ride it, Mom. Lemme watch." He waited, his body tense,
his prick throbbing. "Fuck my cock!"
Gurgling on her own spit, Dolores slammed back at her son,
impaling herself on his hard, meaty cock. She rolled her hips and
used her ass-muscles on his cockshaft as she rocked back and forth
on his prick.
"Oooooo, Darin. His cock is wonderful."
Darin grabbed his daughter's hair and slammed her face down
on his prick. With his eyes glued to his wife, he pounded Judy's
face, his prick stabbing in and out of her mouth.
"Fuck her, Son. Fuck the shit out of her."
Judy couldn't watch. Her mouth was stuffed with her father's
cock. All she could do was suck and listen to her mother's moans
and her b*****r's grunts.
Dolores fucked herself blindly on her son's prick. Back and
forth she rocked, her ass gobbling on his cockmeat, her milking
his prickshaft and rumbling the cum in his nuts.
"Faster, Mom," Tommy roared as he remained rigid, his hands
gripping her hips. "Ride it faster!" For a second, he glanced
over at his father. "It's great, Dad. Christ, is it great!"
Dolores squirmed on her hands and knees. She crashed back
into her son, her ass stuffed as her jiggling asscheeks smashed
into his groin. She picked up speed, her ass gliding rapidly up
and down the length of her son's ass-stuffing cock.
"Fuck me! Fuck me, Tommy," she begged.
Dolores began to tremble. Tommy wasn't moving. She lunged
back, her hips jerking, her ass pulsing against his cock.
"Oooo, God, Tommy. Fuck me! Split me open!"
Tommy's chest swelled. The power he commanded over his
mother made his prick thicken inside her ass. He stabbed her
hard, driving his prick in to the root. He kept the pace slow,
drilling her ass with the same measured strokes he had used
before. Long, punishing fuck-stabs, from the tip of his prick to
the thick base, had his mother wailing and begging for more.
"Faster, Tommy!" his mother begged. "Faster!" She slammed
back into him, her tits swinging beneath her. Her head snapping
around, she begged, "Fuck me, Tommy. I can't stand the torture!"
Tommy lunged hard, picking up the pace as he shortened his
fuck-strokes. "Is this what you want, Mom?"
"Yeahhhhh," she squealed. "Ooooooooo, yeahhhhhh ... just
like that!"
"You got it, Mom," he grunted, pounding his prick into her
Saliva dribbled from her lips and her eyes dilated. Her hips
jerked frantically as she met each lunge. "Ooooo, it's so deep.
So nice and deep!"
With his prick stuffed in to his balls, he ground his groin
into her ass, his prick throbbing violently inside her tight ass
canal. He stared down at her twitching asscrack and pulled back.
Slamming forward, he watched her ass hungrily swallow up his
"Fuck me!" Dolores wailed, "Fuck me!" Her body bucked wildly
as she rolled her hips, absorbing his quick, punching fuck-stabs.
She jammed her ass on his prick, her head dropping, her glazed
eyes fascinated with her own swinging tits.
"Make me cum, Tommy. Fuck me faster!"
Mauling her fleshy hips, Tommy pounded his mother's ass with
hard lunging stabs. His groin was like cement, crashing into the
creamy cheeks of her ass with each plunging jab.
"Unnnn, Mom. Your ass is fantastic!"
Dolores crashed forward, her face smashing into the bed. She
clawed her nails under her twitching body and pinched her clit.
Cuntjuice flowed over her fingers as she mutilated her own clit.
"Oooooo, I'm gonna cream, Tommy! It feels ... so good!
Drive your cock up into my belly!"
"Cream, Mom!" Tommy shouted. "Cream while I fuck you!"
The pleasure from his drilling cock and the pain she was
inflicting on her clit brought Dolores to the peak. "Oh! Oh!
Oh! I'm there! I'm there!"
Humping his daughter's mouth with quick lunging fuck-thrusts,
Darin watched his wife and son. "Cum, Dolores. Fuck her, Tommy!
Fuck the hell out of her!"
Judy could only hear, and their voices were driving her
crazy. She gurgled on her father's prick, wanting him to cream
her mouth at the same time Tommy creamed their mother's asshole.
She sucked and used her teeth, feeling his cock throbbing and
swelling in her throat.
"Cum!" Tommy roared as he lashed his prick in and out of his
mother's ass. "Cum!"
Dolores bucked her hips, her ass perched high, her face
smashed into the bed. She squealed as Tommy pounded her asshole
with his cock. She shoved her ass back, taking his prick deep
into her ass as she pinched and scratched her pulsing clit.
"Ahhhhh, I'm cuming, Tommy! Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm
As Tommy lunged his prick into her ass, orgasms bombarded
her. She wallowed in the brutal stabs of her son's cock. Pussy-
muscles contracted, the hot, buttery cuntcum gushing from her
empty pussyhole as she used her ass-muscles to milk her son's
plunging prick.
"Ohhh, I'm cuming. Cuming ..."
Savagely, Tommy speared his mother's asshole. He leered at
her twisting hips and jerking ass. He plunged deep with feverish
fuck-stabs, his own cock ready to explode.
"Unnnn, Mom," he roared as he drilled her tight asshole with
one brutal stab after another. "Unnn, Mom ... I'm getting ready!"
"Cum, Son," Dolores shrieked. "Fill my asshole!"
Her muscles stiffened as another wave of orgasms swept
through her body. She quivered, the violent eruptions in her cunt
driving her insane. She pulled on her clit, the hot creamy cum
flowing out over her fingers.
"Cum! Cum!"
Tommy hacked away at his mother's ass as his father speared
Judy's throat with his cock. He felt his load of cum rumble in
his balls. He plowed her asshole, his speed blinding, his jabs
violent and demanding.
"Aghhhhh ... I'm ready! I'm gonna cream your ass, Mom!"
His balls erupted and his cock spewed out thick wads of
white-hot jizz. It spurted into her tightly gripping asshole.
"I'm cuming. I'm cuming," he bellowed, his hips a blur as he
drilled her ass. "I'm cuming!"
"Oooo, God, I feel it, Tommy! I feel it!" Dolores cried as
she went into spasms as the hot jet streams of her son's cum
filled her asshole. "Fuck me. Faster, Tommy. Cream me!" The
hot cum squirting into her ass triggered another explosive orgasm
in her empty cunt. "Ahhhhh ... I'm cuming again!"
With his mother's asshole pulsing rapidly around his drilling
cock, Tommy lunged hard, his prick spurting out thick gooey wads
as his groin smashed into her ass.
"I am, Mom!" he shouted. "I'm creaming my fuckin' brains
With Tommy flooding his mother's asshole with cum, Darin
emptied his load of jizz into his daughter's mouth.
"Unnnn, suck it, Judy. Suck out my balls!" he spat.
Listening to her mother and b*****r howl, Judy gagged on her
father's cum, gulping it down as fast as she could. She sucked
and used her teeth, the cum gushing from her lips and down her
chin as her father rammed her mouth with his cock.
Dolores shouted at the top of her lungs. She stared from
glazed eyes and saw Judy sucking on Darin's cock. It sent her
swirling into another orgasm.
"Ooooo, here I cum again!" she screamed.
Tommy plowed her ass, his cum greasing her asshole for faster
action. He cut through her cum-filled hole, pounding her
mercilessly with powerful fuck-jabs. His head was spinning. He
could hear his father yelling and he looked over for a second to
watch as his father creamed his s****r's mouth.
"Drown her, Dad," Tommy yelled as he pounded his mother's
ass. "Drown her!"
Dolores battled with her son on the bed. She felt his cock
rip into her ass. She gurgled, her body convulsing. She rolled
her hips, her ass gulping at her son's prick as he squirted cum
into her stomach.
"More, Tommy. More!" Dolores cried.
Tommy gave her everything he had. He drilled her ass as she
screeched and her husband roared. "Yeahhhh!" he shouted, adding
to the frenzied noise in the bedroom.
Dolores went limp, her body trembling. She released her clit
and began clawing at the sheets. "Tommy! Tommy!" she cried, her
mouth open as she shuddered and her eyes rolled into her skull.
Tommy emptied the last of his cum in his mother's ass at the
same time his father emptied his balls in Judy's mouth. Tommy
jerked hard, a drop oozing from his pisser as he yanked his cock
from her ass. He grunted, falling back on the bed, his prick
spent and his strength drained.
"God!" he gasped.
Dolores melted to the bed, cum oozing from her ass. She
caught her breath, watching as Judy finished off her father.
"God, whatta night," she moaned. "Whatta fuckin' night."
Having sucked the last of her father's cum from his balls,
Judy popped her mouth off his cock. Cum dribbled from her lips as
she turned her attention to her mother. Like an a****l, she
jumped on the bed and sucked out her mother's ass until every drop
of Tommy's cum was in her stomach.
"Now," Judy moaned, lifting her face from her mother's ass.
"What surprise do you have for me, Daddy?"
Darin groaned and smiled. "First, we'll have something to
eat to get back our strength. Then you'll get your surprise."
Judy leaped off the bed and grabbed her father's hand.
"We'll make the sandwiches while they rest," she said, tugging on
her father's hand they left, leaving Tommy and Dolores on the bed.

Judy ran up the stairs to the bedroom, her plump tits
bouncing and her ass jiggling. She glanced back over her shoulder
and saw her father and b*****r staring at her ass.
"C'mon," she said. "Let's get back to bed."
Darin ogled his daughter as she stood brazenly at the top of
the stairs, her slender legs spread and her hands on her hips.
"We're coming," he said.
Judy giggled and spun around, running into the bedroom. She
threw herself on the bed and waited.
"What's the surprise, Daddy?" she cooed as Darin came in the
room with Tommy. "My pussy is itching!" She writhed on her back,
her legs wide apart and her cunt displayed for their horny gazes.
"Tell me!"
Darin climbed on the bed with his daughter and mauled her
flesh with his hands. "I'm gonna fuck your ass, baby."
"Oooo, Daddy ... I wanted you to do that. That's no
Tommy climbed on the bed, his hands kneading his s****r's
body. He pawed her tits then brought one hand to her snatch, his
fingers delving into the steamy gash.
"Ooooo, Tommy," Judy moaned as she wildly humped her hips.
"The surprise part," Darin said as he leaned over her face,
"is that I'm gonna fuck your ass while Tommy fucks your pussy."
"Ooooo, God, Daddy," Judy gasped as she grabbed his prick.
"It sounds fantastic!"
"Suck it, baby," Darin rasped as he jerked his prick through
his daughter's fist. "Get it nice and hard for your virgin
With Tommy finger-fucking her pussy, Judy pulled her father's
cock to her eager mouth. She sucked it between her lips and
stroked his cockshaft with her hand. She moaned as the head of
his cock clogged her throat.
Tommy crawled up to his s****r's face. "Me too, s*s," he
groaned. "I wanna get sucked too."
Judy pulled her mouth off her father's cock and grabbed
Tommy's cock. As they leaned over her, she went from one prick to
the other, coating each one in warm spit.
"I'll bet I'm the only girl in town with two cocks to take
care of me," she moaned.
Dolores had finished cleaning up in the kitchen and was now
standing in the doorway to the bedroom. She surveyed the action
on the bed.
"This is one damn sex-crazy f****y," she muttered, joining
them on the bed.
"They're both gonna fuck me," Judy gasped, taking time out
from licking their cocks. "At the same time."
"I want it that way too before the night's over," Dolores
said. She plastered her mouth to her daughter's pussy and sucked.
Judy gasped, shoving her pussy against her mother's mouth.
She gobbled her father's prick between her lips and sucked.
Dolores dined on her daughter's sweet pussy. She reamed
Judy's cunt hole with her tongue and chewed the velvety folds of
her pussy. Warm cream that would soon coat Tommy's prick flowed
over her lips and face as she sucked Judy's clit into her mouth
and began to snip it with her teeth.
Judy, her greedy mouth working on both hard cocks, went wild.
She slammed her cunt into her mother's face and creamed. Knowing
she was going to get both her fuck-holes stuffed had her crazy.
Tiny orgasms rippled through her pussy as she thrashed on her
"Ooooo, I want it now," Judy gasped, her body tingling as she
leered at the two pricks that would soon be ripping into her body.
"I want it now."
"Lemme get your ass ready," Dolores said as Judy writhed on
her back.
She rolled her daughter over and fused her mouth to her ass.
Dolores soaked the tiny virgin asscrack with spit, then darted her
tongue inside Judy's narrow asshole and bathed it with drool.
"Oooooo," Judy gasped as she squirmed on her stomach.
"Ooooo, I feel your tongue, Mommy."
Tommy and Darin watched, their pricks hard and aching.
Judy twisted her hips, her ass thumping against her mother's
face. "I'm ready," she gasped. "Christ, I'm ready."
"She is," Dolores panted, pulling her mouth away. "Fuck the
hell out of her."
Tommy fell on his back, his prick jutting up from his groin
and stabbing the air. His prick twitched, the head bloated and
seeping cum.
"Climb on, Judy," he said.
Judy was swooning and trembled as she climbed over her
b*****r. She mashed his cock into his groin and glided her pussy
along the shaft, drenching it with the sticky juices of her
overheated pussy.
"Oooo, this is gonna be so great!" she cried.
"Get it in, s*s," Tommy grunted. He grabbed her tits,
twisting them in his hands. "Put it in."
Judy moaned. Her b*****r's kneading fingers were making her
nipples swell. She lifted her ass and grabbed his cock, jamming
the spongy head into her pussy and gasped.
"Oooooo! Yesssss," she hissed.
Tommy groaned as his s****r's cunt gobbled up his cock. He
lunged up, pulled on her tits, his cock jabbing deep.
"Ride it, Judy. Ride it!"
Judy leaned into her b*****r's mauling hands. She rolled her
hips, her cunt pulsing against his cockshaft. Hot buttery pussy-
cream bathed his prick and flowed out from her puffy cuntlips and
down over his nuts.
"Ooooo, I'm ready for your cock, Daddy!" she squealed.
"Ooooo, God am I ready!"
"Not yet," Dolores moaned, her eyes riveted to her son's
buried cock and her daughter's gorgeous ass. "Lemme have one more
She crawled between Tommy's legs and used her tongue on his
balls. She lapped around the base of his cock, the juices from
Judy's pussy coating her tongue.
"Oooo, Mommy," Judy gasped as she rode Tommy's prick. "I
want Daddy's cock."
For the moment, Dolores ignored Judy. Getting to lick both
her daughter and son at the same time was wild. She slithered her
tongue up from Tommy's balls, over his fat throbbing cock, and up
through the crack of her daughter's ass.
"Now you can have her, Darin," she finally sighed.
"Yessss!" Judy wailed, her hips rotating as she fucked
herself on her b*****r's cock. "Ram my ass, Daddy. Split me
Darin climbed between his son's legs, his eyes glued to the
wiggling cheeks of his daughter's ass. He grabbed her hips, his
hulking cock swinging.
"Nice virgin assmeat," he mumbled, spreading the cheeks of
her ass.
"Stick it in, Darin," Dolores moaned. "Fuck her good." She
licked her lips, her body quivering.
"Yesss, Daddy!" Judy moaned as she squirmed down on Tommy's
prick and leaned forward into his pawing hands. "Fuck my virgin
Tommy looked up into his s****r's face. His prick was
throbbing deep in her cunt. He mangled her tits and watched as
her sweet innocent face flushed with passion.
"Give it to her, Dad. She's ready."
Darin grabbed the hulking base of his prick and aimed it at
his daughter's tight, wrinkled crack. He pressed the spongy tip
against her asshole and pushed, stretching the tight-ringed
"Unnnnn, Daddy," Judy gasped. "Put it in!"
Holding her hips, Darin shoved, sinking the bloated head of
his cock into his daughter's ass. "You want more?"
"Yessss!" Judy screeched, her eyes bulging. "Gimme more.
More, Daddy!"
She went into spasms as she felt her asshole stretch to
accommodate the hard fat shaft of her father's cock.
Darin eased more of his massive cock into his daughter's
asshole, the tight virgin muscles clamping to his cockshaft like a
vise of hot steel.
"Unnnn, Christ, you're tight!" he panted, stopping with only
half of his prick stuffed up Judy's ass.
Judy thrashed on her b*****r's cunt-stuffing cock. The
pleasure in her pussy blended with the pain in her ass, making her
"Oooo, Daddy!" she squealed, her hips rolling. "You're
rippin' my asshole!" She jerked, the pain spreading. "Ooooo,
gimme it all!"
Darin heaved a sigh and slammed the rest of his cock into
Judy's ass. "You got it, baby," he grunted as his groin whacked
into her ass. "Every fuckin' inch."
Judy screeched as her father's ass-splitting prick ripped
into her ass. She thrashed between them like a stuck pig, her
pussy crammed with her b*****r's cock and her ass filled with her
father's meaty prick.
"Aieeeee, ooooooo, Christ. I feel like I'm gonna bust!"
Darin held her jerking ass and Tommy mangled her tits. Their
cocks throbbed inside her twisting body.
Judy churned wildly between them, the pain overwhelming her.
It felt as if her father's cock had torn into her stomach. She
bucked, her head snapping back, her eyes wide and glazed.
Tommy lunged up, stabbing his prick into her pussy. Hot
muscles clamped around his cock, the sticky juices washing his
shaft and flowing out over his nuts. He twisted her tits and
jabbed up again as she squealed above him.
"Ride it, Judy," he grunted. "Ride it!"
"I can't," Judy gasped, her body trying to adjust to the two
cocks buried up inside her. "Daddy's cock is killing me!"
"I thought this was what you wanted," Darin groaned, keeping
his groin flush with her twisting ass.
"It is," Judy shrieked. "It is. I'm lovin' every second of
it." She wrenched her shoulders, her tits almost ripping away in
her b*****r's hands. "Ooooo, Christ. I don't believe it!" She
began to tremble, her quivering body out of control.
While Tommy drilled his prick into her pussy, Darin eased his
cock from her ass, leaving only the head buried inside her tight
ass hole. He stared down at her stretched crack as it twitched
and contracted against his prick.
"Gonna ram you, baby," he warned. "Gonna ram you hard!"
"Ooooo, Christ ... do it, Daddy! Do it!" Arms stiff, she
braced herself, her pussy pulsing around her b*****r's cock.
"Now, Daddy! Now!"
Darin plowed his cock to the root in one mighty lunge, the
bloated head of his cock cutting deep into her trembling body. He
groaned, his taut gut crushing into her ass.
Judy's head snapped back, her face twisting into a mask of
lust. Pain filled her eyes. She bucked her hips, her b*****r's
jabbing cock giving her pleasure, her father's cock giving her
"Ooooo, again! Again, Daddy!" she cried.
Darin drilled his prick back into her ass, his balls slapping
against her juice-stained flesh. At the same time, Tommy lunged
up, skewering her pussy with his throbbing cock. The action sent
Judy screaming into a fit of spasms.
"Yesssss!" she screamed, bucking between them as they ravaged
her body. "Oooooo, Mommy. I'm goin' out of my fuckin' mind!"
She thrashed as they stabbed, her young shaking body absorbing
each powerful thrust. "Ooooo, Christ. I'm creamin' already!"
"Fuck her," Dolores shouted as she watched them pounding her
daughter. "Fuck her hard! Make her scream!" She rocked on the
bed, her tits heaving. "Give it to her!"
Darin drilled his prick in and out daughter's ass, his eyes
glued to her asscrack as he kept her asscheeks spread. His nuts
ached and his prick swelled, stretching her tight asshole beyond
the limit. He picked up speed, pounding her, his groin smashing
into her ass as she jerked and twisted on his spearing prick.
Tommy plowed his cock into his s****r's pussy, the hot cream
searing his cockshaft and rumbling the cum in his balls. He
mauled her tits, the nipples swollen and burning into the palms of
his hands like hot pokers.
"Judy," he grunted, his ass thumping on the bed. "Unnn,
Christ, I'm gonna cream you!"
Judy went insane on the two stabbing pricks. She rocked her
hips and slammed down on Tommy's cock. The head of his cock
gouged the cushiony walls of her sizzling pussy and she screamed
with joy.
"More," she wailed. "Harder! Fuck me! Make me cum!"
"Yeah," Dolores yelled. "Make her cum!"
Darin picked up speed, his cock cutting in and out of her ass
at lightning speed. His balls swelled and rumbled, the tight
gripping action of his daughter's ass igniting them.
"I'm cuming," he roared as his balls burst. "I'm cuming!"
"Ooooo, Daddy," she shrieked. "Harder! Cream me!" She
stared down into her b*****r's face. "Daddy's cuming in my ass.
Cum, Tommy. Fill my pussy! Drown me in my cum!"
She bucked between them, her cunt ready to explode as she
mangled her clit into her b*****r's groin.
Tommy's prick burst and his hot cum gushed from his prick,
splattering his s****r's gooey pussy. He lunged up, spearing her
cunt as his pisser spewed out thick stringy wads of jizz.
"Aghhh, Judy ... I'm cuming!" he shouted.
Judy went berserk. Hot cum from her b*****r's cock flooded
her pussy as thick globs of her father's cum gushed into her ass.
She churned between them as they stabbed her body with their
squirting pricks.
"Me too!" she screamed, her clit raw as she ground it into
Tommy's gut. "I'm cuming, Mommy. I'm cuming!"
Dolores was stunned, her eyes wide as she watched her f****y
fuck like wildcats on the bed. Darin was plowing Judy's ass while
Tommy was ripping into her cunt. Judy was thrashing and screaming
between them. The sight made her dizzy.
"Fuck 'em, Judy. Drain their fuckin' balls!"
Judy had every intention of doing just that. She slammed
back and rolled her hips, her ass gobbling on her father's
squirting cock. She twisted her head and stared at his tight
"Fuck me, Daddy! Harder! Faster!"
"I am," Darin grunted, plowing his exploding prick into her
ass. He lunged hard, his balls churning out wads of cum with each
Judy slammed down on her b*****r's cock. She twisted her
shoulders, his hands brutalizing her tits. She mashed her clit
into his groin, his hot squirting cum triggering another orgasm in
her pussy.
"Oooooo ... I'm cuming again!" she screamed. "Ooooo, fuck
me, Tommy. Rip open my pussy!"
Tommy gouged her tits with his fingers. His ass drummed the
bed, his cock stabbing her pussy. Cum spewed from his prick,
gushing into her cunt. It flowed out over her clinging pussy and
drenched his nuts.
"Unnnn, Judy. Your pussy is so fuckin' hot!"
Judy creamed and shrieked as they plowed her fuck-holes with
their pricks. "More, fuckers!" she screamed. "More!"
Tommy and Darin fed her quivering body their cocks. Their
cum flooded her fuck-holes and gushed out over their nuts. They
picked up the pace, Judy's body taking all the punishment they
could give it.
Judy stiffened, her mouth drooling as her father sliced into
her ass and her b*****r stabbed her cunt. She went into spasms,
convulsing maniacally on their plunging pricks.
Darin groaned, his hips slowing, the last of his cum
spurting from his pisser. He jerked back, his cock popping from
her ass.
"Christ, whatta fuckin' k**!"
Judy gasped, her asshole empty. She battled her b*****r to a
draw as she collapsed on top of him, her body exhausted, her pussy
still twitching around his jabbing prick shaft.
Tommy lunged up then dropped back with a thud, his balls
empty, his prick shrinking in her steamy pussy.
Judy rolled off. Panting, her tits heaved as she tried to
catch her breath. "Whatta fuck," she moaned. "Holy Christ!"
"Now it's my turn," Dolores moaned.
She turned her attention to their limp pricks, anxious to get
them hard again. In minutes, she had succeeded and took both
their cocks until she and her husband and son were all screaming
and cuming.
It was dawn when they finished their sex party. Exhausted,
they clung together in sl**p, thankful that it was Sunday and they
didn't have to open the store.

... Continue»
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Miss Eisberg


Du bist eine Arbeitskollegin von mir, klein, zierlich und schlank, mit kleinen, festen Brüsten und einem knackigen Arsch. Fachlich hast Du ‘ne Menge drauf, aber menschlich gesehen bist Du eine egoistische, unkollegiale, kaltschnäuzige, hochnäsige und arrogante Zicke. Du bist alleinstehend, deshalb hat auch schon jeder Mann in dieser Firma versucht, bei Dir zu landen. Das Ergebnis war immer eine eiskalte Abfuhr, deshalb bist du auch als “Eisprinzessin” bzw. “Miss Eisberg” in der Firma verschrien. Dein Büro teilst Du mit einer etwa gleichaltrigen Blondine, von der Du in punkto Freundlichkeit eine Menge lernen könntest, wenn Du nur wolltest. Aber sie muss stattdessen Deine Launen ertragen, weil sie nicht die Hellste ist und Du ihr mit Deinem überlegenen Wissen ständig aus der Patsche helfen musst. Deshalb behandelst Du sie auch eher wie Dein Dienstmädchen als wie eine Kollegin.

Euer gemeinsames Büro ist groß und freundlich, mit zwei zusammen geschobenen Schreibtischen an der Fensterfront, an denen Ihr Euch gegenüber sitzt. Zur Eingangstür hin befinden sich an der Schmalseite Eurer Schreibtische zwei weitere Bords, auf denen Eure Computer stehen, und diese Bords sind mit vorne mit einer Platte versehen, damit man der Kabelsalat Eurer Computer nicht sieht. Sie bildet auch eine natürliche Barriere für Eure Kundschaft, die Ihr – in der Regel jedenfalls – freundlich hinter Euren Computer sitzend abfertigt.

Ha, wenn die Dich kennen würden! Da Ihr beide ein erfreulicher Anblick seid, hätte wohl gerne schon mal der eine oder andere Mann unter die Schreibtische gelinst, um Eure Beine zu begutachten, aber – Pech gehabt!

Und diese Beine können sich sehen lassen, sowohl Deine wie auch die Deiner Kollegin. Und das wiederum kann ich beurteilen. Ich bin ein Arbeitskollege von Dir und in der Firma für die EDV zuständig. Ich bin derjenige, der die Computer unseres firmeninternen Netzwerkes am Laufen hält, Eure Internet-Aktivitäten überwacht und zu dem Ihr alle gesprungen kommt, wenn mal was schief geht.

Und an dem Tag läuft eine Menge schief – für Dich!

Es beginnt damit, dass ich den üblichen Freitags-Check Eurer E-Mail-Konten durchführe, um zu überprüfen, ob Ihr privat im Netz gesurft Habt. Streng verboten in unserer Firma, führt zur fristlosen Entlassung, darüber wurdet Ihr alle von vom Betriebsrat und von der Geschäftleitung informiert. Ich erwarte, wie immer nichts zu finden, aber was stelle ich fest? Auf “Miss Eisbergs” Konto befinden sich verschlüsselte Dateien.

Jeder, der sich in der EDV auch nur einigermaßen auskennt, weiß, dass es für einen PC-Freak nichts Schöneres und Interessanteres gibt, als Codes zu knacken und Dinge zu finden, die andere noch gar nicht verloren haben. Du konntest mir also gar keinen größeren Gefallen tun als mich selbst meine Fähigkeiten testen zu lassen. Die Art der Codierung habe ich mit meinen Spezialprogrammen schnell raus. Die Entschlüsselung dauert aber schon etwas länger. Schließlich ist auch das geschafft. Und dann fällt mir die Kinnlade herunter. Unsere “Eisprinzessin” hat doch tatsächlich sadomasochistische Bilder vom Internet herunter geladen, und zwar hauptsächlich solche, in denen Frauen von Frauen gequält werden.

Jetzt wird mir vieles klarer. Ich sichere Dein E-Mail Verzeichnis, einmal ver- und einmal entschlüsselt auf meinen PC, brenne daraus eine CD, stecke sie ein und mache mich auf den Weg in Dein Büro. Deine Kollegin hat erfreulicherweise einen “Außer-Haus-Termin” und Du bist alleine im Büro. “Musst Du mich ausgerechnet jetzt stören”, höre ich von Dir, als ich Dir eröffne, Dir was zeigen zu wollen, “Du siehst doch, wie beschäftigt ich bin”. Zugegeben – ich wollte früher schon mit meinen EDV-Kenntnissen bei Dir landen, bin aber, wie alle meine Kollegen, immer auf Granit gestoßen. Nur, dass ich jetzt weiß, warum. Ich bestehe aber darauf, dass Du Dir zeigen lässt, was sich auf der CD befindet. ” Dauert nur ein paar Minuten”, beruhige ich Dich mit einem hinterhältigen Lächeln. Ich habe die CD natürlich so präpariert, dass alle Deine gesammelten Bilder als Slide Show automatisch starten, nachdem ich sie eingelegt habe.

Schon nach den ersten paar Bildern wirst Du leichenblass. Ich stoppe die Vorführung und nehme die Silberscheibe wieder an mich. “Du weißt, was das bedeutet?”, frage ich rhetorisch. Du nickst nur stumm.

Ich mache mich auf den Weg zur Tür, als Du um den Schreibtisch herumsaust, mich überholst und die Tür mit einem lauten Knall zufallen lässt. “Lass uns noch einmal über die Sache reden”, bettelst Du, “Du musst es doch nicht dem Chef melden, oder?”. “Nun, müssen muss ich nicht”, ist meine hämische Antwort , “aber warum sollte ich nicht? Du hast so viele Deiner Kollegen und Kolleginnen, die es gut mit Dir gemeint haben, so gnadenlos vor den Kopf gestoßen, sie entwürdigt und beleidigt, warum sollte ich ausgerechnet bei Dir jetzt Gnade walten lassen? Was glaubst Du denn, wie viele nur darauf gewartet haben, Dich endlich loszuwerden? Und jetzt biete ich ihnen die Gelegenheit dazu.

Was Du gemacht hast, war Dein Fehler, nicht meiner! Good Bye, Miss Eisberg!”.

Du fällst vor mir auf die Knie und bettelst mich schluchzend an, Dir noch eine Chance zu geben. Du würdest auch alles dafür tun.

“Alles”, frage ich skeptisch. “Alles, wirklich alles”, bekräftigst Du.

Jetzt habe ich Dich da, wo ich Dich schon immer haben wollte. “Ich wüsste da eine Lösung”, sage ich nachdenklich, ” womit kann man eigentlich eine sadistische Lesbe bestrafen? Am besten damit, dass sie Sklavin eines Mannes wird. Aber da ich kein Unmensch bin, genügt mir eine Woche – nächste Woche bietet sich an – und am Ende dieser Woche werde ich Dir die CD aushändigen und Dein E-Mail-Konto schreddern, d.h. es wird keine Spur Deiner Aktivitäten auf unserem Netzwerk zurückbleiben. Überlege es Dir”. Um Milde bettelnd schaust Du mit nassen Augen zu mir hoch. Ich schenke Dir nur einen hochmütigen Blick. Du senkst den Kopf und ich sehe an Deinem demütig gebeugten Nacken, dass ich gewonnen habe.

Samstag 09.00 Uhr. Böses Erwachen mit schwerem Kopf. Tolle Fete gestern.

Manchmal hat der Alte ja ganz gute Ideen. Weihnachten feiern, sagt er, kann jeder. Wir feiern den Sommer und den Winter. Recht hat er. Seine Sommerfeten jedenfalls können sich sehen lassen. Hast ja auch mehr von den Mädels. Sind nicht so eingepackt. Wenn bloß mein schwerer Kopf nicht wäre.

Hast Dich gestern zickig wie gewohnt benommen, aber immer mit einem nervösen und fragenden Seitenblick in meine Richtung. Blieb gelassen. Meine Zeit kommt schon noch. Muss mich jetzt aber sputen. Muss noch zur Bank, Geld abheben. Das Schmelzen von Miss Eisberg lass ich mir was kosten, kannst Du Gift drauf nehmen. Und dann ab in den Sexshop, Gerätschaften einkaufen.

Nehme aber die Straßenbahn, Auto fahren zu riskant, könnte vermutlich mit meinem Restalkohol halben Indianerstamm vergiften.

Riesenauswahl im Shop. Mann, was es da so alles gibt. Entscheide mich für eine Reitgerte, eine kleine Peitsche mit 12 dünnen, kurzen Lederriemen, einen großen Dildo (kenne Deine Größe nicht, ist aber egal), Vaseline für alle Fälle, eine Augenbinde, Hand- und Fußschellen, elastische Kordeln zum Fesseln, einen Arschstöpsel, auf neuhochdeutsch Butt Plug, mehrere BDSM-DVD’s und ein seltsames Gerät, namens Clit Teaser. Ist ein schmales Metallband mit Schnappverschluss, einmal eingeschnappt, nur noch mit Schlüssel zu öffnen. Daran befestigt eine abgerundete, steife Metallzunge, in der Länge verstellbar, an deren Ende an der konkaven Seite ganz weiche Borsten, eher Härchen, angebracht sind.

Bringe in meinem Restalkohol-Suffkopf nicht auf die Reihe, was das wohl ist. Egal, wird gekauft. Erschrecke an der Kasse, habe mir die Eisberg-Schmelzerei tatsächlich was kosten lassen. Egal. Alles in große Tüte. Rein in die Straßenbahn. Ab nach Hause. Mein Bett hat mich wieder, bevor der große Kater einsetzt. Verschlafe ihn lieber. Sonntag Ich muss mindestens 20 Stunden geschlafen haben. Aber wenigstens bin ich wieder nüchtern. Ich frühstücke gemütlich und schaue mir dann meine Errungenschaften an. Müsste was mit anzufangen sein, denke ich. Die Rechnung übersehe ich lieber. Aber meine Einkäufe machen mich geil. Mach’s Dir bloß nicht selber, sag’ ich mir, das lass’ mal Miss Eisberg besorgen. Trinke lieber eine Whisky, das beruhigt. Die Verpackung meines Glenfiddich bringt mich auf eine geniale Idee. Ich schneide den Zylinder der Länge nach auf und habe jetzt zwei schöne, stabile Halbschalen. Eine davon spicke ich von außen mit einer ganzen Schachtel voller Heftzwecken und klebe die Köpfe außen dauerhaft mit braunem Tesaband fest.

Auf der Innenseite schauen die Spitzen jetzt nur ein kleines Stückchen raus.

Was ich damit vorhabe, lässt mich schon wieder hart werden und ich trinke einen zweiten großen Schluck aus meiner Lieblingsdestille. Aber nur zur Beruhigung. Die Whiskyflasche packe ich vorsichtshalber weg. Ich verstaue meine Einkäufe in eine große Sporttasche und deponiere sie im Auto.

Den Rest des Tages widme ich ausschließlich meiner Entspannung. Musik hören, Fernsehen gucken, spazieren gehen. Der ganze gut bürgerliche Kram halt. Montag Ich bin früh im Büro, will Dich Kommen sehen. Als Du mich siehst, überzieht eine zarte Röte Dein Gesicht. Wart’ nur, mein Schatz, denke ich, bei Dir werden in dieser Woche noch ganz andere Körperteile rot – und zwar richtig. Ich lasse Dich schmoren bis zur Mittagspause, dann bitte ich Dich unter einem Vorwand in mein Büro. Du kommst auch brav. Ich sage Dir nur, dass ich Dich heute Abend Punkt 20.00 Uhr in Deinem Büro vorfinden will, mit herabgelassenen Jalousien und nur im Licht von Kerzen.

Wir haben beide Schlüssel, das ist also unser geringstes Problem. Und um diese Zeit ist auch die Putzfrau schon längst wieder weg. Du nickst nur demütig und eilst aus dem Raum, offensichtlich froh, noch eine Atempause zu haben. Der Rest des Tages verläuft relativ unspektakulär, aber immer, wenn Du mich siehst, wirst Du rot. Das gefällt mir. Daraus lässt sich was machen. Kurz vor Dienstschluss fragen mich meine Kollegen, ob ich in einer nahe gelegenen Kneipe einen Absacker mit ihnen trinke. Selbstverständlich, meine ich. Bloß kein Ausbruch aus Routinen. Aber kurz nach acht eröffne ich ihnen, dass ich noch einen dringenden Telefonanruf erwarte und deshalb nach Hause müsste. Sie nicken wissend. Wenn Ihr nur wirklich wüsstet, denke ich. Zwanzig nach acht bin ich in der Firma, gespannt ob Du da bist. Wenn nicht – na ja, hast Dir dann selbst zuzuschreiben. Aber Du bist da, in Deinem Büro wie befohlen, nervös wie ein Teenager vor dem ersten Rendezvous. Wenn ich es mir recht überlege, ist der Vergleich noch nicht einmal so schlecht. “Zieh’ Dich aus”, ist das erste, was Du von mir hörst. Du gehorchst ohne Widerrede, hast Du Dir ja denken können und Dich offensichtlich auch mit Deinem Schicksal abgefunden. Das macht Vieles leichter. Du vollführst sogar einen kleinen Strip vor mir, vermutlich in der Hoffnung, mich dadurch gnädig zu stimmen.

Aber das zieht nicht. Schließlich stehst Du splitternackt in Deiner ganzen Pracht vor mir. Zwei kecke Brüstchen und ein perfekt gestylter Busch lachen mich an. Das Spiel von Licht und Schatten gefällt mir, die Kerzen waren eine gute Idee von mir. Ich befehle Dir, die Hände hinter Deinem Kopf zu verschränken. Das drückt Deine Brüstchen heraus. Dann musst Du Dich wie ein kleines Kind in die Ecke stellen und warten, bis ich wiederkomme. Ich eile in mein Büro und hole eine große Klemme, mit der wir normalerweise Plattformen für Monitore an den Schreibtischen festschrauben. Diese befestige ich stabil am Schreibtisch Deiner Kollegin. Dann lege ich Dir Handschellen an und lasse Dich vor Deinem eigenen Schreibtisch Aufstellung nehmen.

Deine Beine binde ich mit den Kordeln soweit gespreizt wie möglich an den Schreibtischbeinen fest, eine weitere Kordel lege ich um die Handschellen, ziehe Dich, soweit es geht, über Deinen Schreibtisch und verankere sie an der Klemme. Diese elastischen Schnüre sind eine geniale Idee von mir. Sie halten Dich zwar fest, machen Dich aber nicht unbeweglich und lassen Dir reichlich Raum zum Zappeln. Dann lege ich Dir die Augenbinde an. Du kannst jetzt nichts mehr sehen, nur noch hören. Das genügt auch. Als letzte Vorbereitung ziehe ich Deinen Oberkörper an den Haaren von der Schreibtischplatte hoch, was Dich erschreckt aufjaulen lässt, und lege meinen Glenfiddich-Halbzylinder mit den Heftzwecken unter Deine Brüstchen.

Dann lasse ich die Schwerkraft und den Zug der Kordel um Deine Handschellen die restliche Arbeit tun. Deine Titten ruhen jetzt auf den kurzen Stacheln. Ich hole die Reitpeitsche aus meiner Tasche und lasse sie ein paar Mal durch die Luft pfeifen. Das sollte Dir einen Eindruck von dem verschaffen, was Dich erwartet.

Und tatsächlich, Deine Pofurche zieht sich bei jedem Schlag durch die Luft, soweit es Deine gespreizten Beine erlauben, angstvoll zusammen. Nach ein paar weiteren Testschlägen landet endlich der erste klatschend auf Deinem Arsch, gefolgt von einem gellenden Schrei. Gut, dass unsere Firma im Industrieviertel liegt, das nachts wie ausgestorben ist. Um Dein Geschrei brauche ich mir also keine Gedanken zu machen. Zwei weitere Schläge treffen in kurzer Folge und lassen Dich weiter “singen”. Bei jedem Schlag bäumt sich Dein Oberkörper nämlich unwillkürlich auf und dann fallen Deine Brüste wieder ermattet ins Nagelbett. Es ist ein Gedicht, Deine Zappelei an den elastischen Schnüren zu beobachten. Zeit aber für eine neue Überraschung. Aus meiner Tasche hole ich meinen Uralt-Rasier-pinsel und streichle damit ganz leicht Deine Achselhöhlen. Das entlockt Dir ein hysterisches Kichern, Du zuckst und windest Dich unter den Streicheleinheiten und reibst dabei natürlich auch Deine Brustspitzen an den Heftzwecken. Dann ein lauter Knall, gefolgt von einem noch lauteren Schrei – die Peitsche ist wieder in Aktion getreten. Ich lasse Dich schweratmend liegen und hole mir ein Capri-Eis aus der Küche. Mit Rasierpinsel – Kichern – Peitsche – Gebrüll geht es weiter, bis ich das Capri-Eis an Deine Rosette halte. Erschreckt zuckst Du zusammen, ein ganz neues Gefühl. Ich reibe Deine Pofurche damit ein und stecke es dann in ganzer Länge in Deine Spalte, während ich gleichzeitig Dein süßes, kleines, runzeliges Arschloch lecke. Eine warme Zunge am After, ein kalter Phallus in Deiner Fotze, das ist fast zu viel für Dich. Du wimmerst, Du stöhnst und zerrst wie wild an den Schnüren. So will ich das nicht haben, Deshalb – Eis raus, Peitsche in Aktion, hemmungsloses, tierisches Gebrüll ersetzt Dein Stöhnen.

Ich geh wieder zur Küche. Diesmal hole ich ein rundes, konisches Wassereis und schiebe es in Dein Arschloch, während ich mich gleichzeitig unter Deinen Schreibtisch setze und Deine Fotze lecke.

Stöhnen und Wimmern ersetzt wieder Dein Geschrei, bis Du mir zu “flüssig” wirst und ich mit einer kleinen, bissigen Peitsche Deine Möse bearbeiten muss, um Dich wieder auf den Boden der Tatsachen zu bringen. Ich gebe Dir Zeit zur Erholung, dann tritt die Reitpeitsche wieder in Aktion. Du brüllst, bis Du heiser bist und nur noch röchelst. Jetzt wird es auch so langsam für mich zuviel. Ich zieh mich ebenfalls aus und setze mich wieder unter den Schreibtisch, um mit Mund und Zunge Deine Pussy zu verwöhnen. Wenn Deine Säfte anfangen, für mich zu stark zu laufen, beiße ich Dir ganz fest in den Kitzler. Ein schrilles Geheul belohnt mich dann immer, während Deine Beine verzweifelt zucken. Zeit für das Finale.

Ich reibe meinen Kleinen mit Vaseline ein und ramme ihn Dir mit einem einzigen Ruck ins hintere Loch. Du schreist gequält auf. Ich aber bin schon so auf Touren, dass einige wenige Stöße genügen, um meinen Saft in Dir zu entladen.

Ich gehe ins Bad, um mich zu säubern. Als ich zurückkomme, liegst Du ganz still. Ich binde Dich los und erkläre Dir, dass Du den ersten Tag überstanden hast, ich Dich aber morgen Abend um die gleiche Uhrzeit wiedersehen möchte. Du siehst mich ganz merkwürdig an, ziehst Dich an, sammelst Deine Kerzen ein und gehst wortlos. Dienstag Der Arbeitstag verläuft völlig unspektakulär. Ich sehe Dich die ganze Zeit nicht. Zufall oder Absicht, ist mir scheißegal, Hauptsache Du hältst Deine Termine ein. Und tatsächlich, als ich abends Dein Büro betrete, erwartest Du mich in unserer Kerzenhöhle. Ich bedeute Dir wortlos, Dich zu entkleiden. Du gehorchst, ohne zu zögern. Alles eine Sache der Gewohnheit denke ich mir. Dann lasse ich Dich in Deinem Bürosessel Platz nehmen, die Hände ziehe ich um die Rückenlehne und lasse die Handschellen einschnappen. Deine Oberschenkel ziehe ich über die Armlehnen und binde Deine Füße mit zwei Gummikordeln am Stuhlfuß fest. Dadurch rutschst Du unwillkürlich im Stuhl nach vorne und zeigst mir neben Deiner obszön gespreizten Fotze auch Dein runzeliges, braunes Hinterloch. Und genau so will ich das auch haben. Deine gefesselten Hände ziehe ich ebenfalls mit einer Kordel soweit es geht nach unten und zwinge Dich damit, Deine schönen Brüstchen noch weiter herauszustrecken.

Jetzt kann meine Dienstag-Session beginnen. Aus meiner Tasche hole ich das Reizstromgerät, ein unscheinbarer schwarzer Kasten mit einer Reihe von Drehknöpfen, Nippel-, Schamlippen und Klitorisklemmen sowie einen kurzen aber dicken Analdildo aus Metall und baue meine Gerätschaften auf Deinem Schreibtisch vor Dir auf. An Deinen Augen kann ich erkennen, dass Du weißt, was Dir bevorsteht. Aber Du sagst keinen Ton. Ich lutsche fast zärtlich Deine Brustwarzen, bis sie unwillkürlich steif werden, dann bringe ich die Elektrodenklemmen an. Das andere Klemmenpaar befestige ich an Deinen Schamlippen und klebe die Kabel mit Tesaband an Deinen Oberschenkeln fest.

Damit erhalte ich einmal einen ungehinderten Einblick in Dein primäres Geschlechtsorgan, zum anderen vermeide ich einen Kurzschluss, der dann eintreten könnte, wenn Du herumzappelst. Und zappeln wirst Du, das garantiere ich Dir. Die Kabel verbinde ich mit dem Reizstromgerät und damit könnte das Spiel eigentlich beginnen. Aber ich bin ja kein Unmensch. Aus Deinen Internet Pictures konnte ich erkennen, dass Dich die Reizstromfolter zu faszinieren scheint. Deshalb schalte ich Deinen PC an und lege eine DVD ein, in der gezeigt wird, wie sich amerikanische Dykes genau auf diese Weise amüsieren.

Was sind schon Fotos gegen einen Film?

Ich gönne Dir eine Weile ungestörten Filmgenuss, dann denke ich mir, wird es Zeit, Dich vom Zuschauer zum Akteur zu machen. Ich schalte meinen schwarzen Kasten ein und lasse zunächst einmal Ameisen durch Deine Brustwarzen und Deine unteren Lippen kriechen. Du versuchst, so unbeteiligt und cool wie möglich zu wirken, aber Dein Blick kommt vom Monitor nicht los. Ich erhöhe ganz langsam die Dosis, um Deine individuelle Reizschwelle zu testen. Ich will Dich antörnen, nicht strafen. Das kommt später, aber sicher. Als kleine Schweißtropfen auf Deiner Stirn und Deiner Oberlippe erscheinen, weiß ich, dass ich den Reiz jetzt nicht weiter erhöhen darf. Das tue ich auch nicht. Ich warte vielmehr ab, bis Du ein leises Stöhnen nicht mehr unterdrücken kannst. Es mischt sich mit dem Stöhnen des Filmopfers, von dem Du Deinen Blick immer noch nicht wenden kannst. Aus Deinen Bildern habe ich eigentlich recht viel von Dir in Erfahrung gebracht. Ich weiß zum Beispiel, dass Du eher auf Frauen als auf Männer stehst, ich weiß, dass Dich Sadomasochismus anmacht, aber ich weiß immer noch nicht, ob Du dominant oder unterwürfig oder vielleicht sogar beides abwechselnd bist. Das ging aus Deiner Sammlung nicht hervor. Aber das können wir ja heute Abend herausfinden. Als jedenfalls Dein Stöhnen immer lauter wird, drücke ich den “Spiel-Aus-Knopf”. Ein schmerzhafter Stromstoß schießt Dir durch Nippel und Schamlippen, was Dir einen gemarterten Schrei entlockt. Dann drehe ich den Strom ab und beende die Videovorführung. In freundlichem Ton führe ich jetzt ein Geschäftsgespräch mit Dir, als wären wir beide noch 10 Stunden jünger und in voller Arbeitskleidung.

Aus Deinem Blick erkenne ich Deine Gedanken. “Der hat sie nicht mehr alle!”. Aber meine Zwecke erreiche ich.

Als Deine Erregung völlig abgeklungen ist, entferne ich die Klemmen an Deinen Schamlippen und schiebe Dir einen kurzen, dicken Dildo in den Hintern. Ich mache mir nicht die Mühe, ihn einzucremen, Dein zischendes Atemholen ist mir lieber. Auch diese Kabel verbinde ich mit meinem Kasten, schmeiße das Video wieder an und die Show geht weiter.

Die Stromstärke erhöhe ich ein klein wenig, um den Gewöhnungseffekt auszugleichen. Jetzt kriechen die Ameisen auch in Deinen Arsch. Ich lasse die Einstellung und warte ab. Du bemühst Dich jetzt, Dir Deine Erregung nicht anmerken zu lassen, weißt Du doch, welche Strafe darauf steht. Aber Dein gequältes Gesicht verrät Dich. Und im übrigen schimmert Feuchtigkeit an Deinen Oberschenkeln.

Schweiß? Glaub ich nicht.

Vor allem riecht Schweiß nicht nach Moschus. Und ein zarter Moschusduft durchzieht tatsächlich das Büro. Ich schalte das Gerät um von “Ameisenkribbeln” auf “Nadelstiche, leicht” und wieder zurück.

Nachdem ich das ein paar mal getan habe, ist es mit Deiner Zurückhaltung aber endgültig vorbei. In spasmischen Zuckungen windest Du Dich auf Deinem Stuhl, begleitet von jämmerlichem Stöhnen. Flehend schaust Du mich an. Ich weiß, was Du willst. Kriegst Du auch, aber jetzt noch nicht. Ich erhöhe die Stromzufuhr in winzigen Schritten weiter, Du zappelst und windest Dich so heftig in Deinen Fesseln, dass ich Angst bekomme. “Die schmeißt mir noch den Stuhl um und bricht sich das Genick dabei”, denke ich, und betätige erneut den “Spiel-Aus-Knopf”, diesmal länger. Du brüllst wie am Spieß, aber danach hängst Du nur leblos und ermattet in Deinen Fesseln. Deine klitschnasse Spalte und ein großer nasser Fleck auf Deinem Bürostuhl aber sprechen ihre eigene Sprache. Ich entferne den Butt Plug und gebe Dir wieder Zeit zur Erholung. Dann knie ich mich zwischen Deine Beine und lecke Deinen Kitzler. Er reagiert fast sofort, schwillt mir erwartungsvoll entgegen und wird kurzerhand ebenfalls mit einer Klemme bedacht. Jetzt kommt das große Finale und dazu brauchst Du vermutlich den Film nicht mehr. Ich lasse ihn jedenfalls aus. Jetzt will ich einen Live-Film sehen. Ich stelle die Nippelklemmen auf “Ameisenkribbeln” und die Clit-Klemme auf “Nadelstiche, leicht”. Du reagierst fast sofort. In schneller Folge wechsle ich die Reize an Warzen und Kitzler bis Du nur noch ein stöhnendes, jammerndes, zuckendes Bündel bist, das so in seinen Fesseln zappelt, dass die Gelenke knacken. Ich variiere die Stromstärke nach Belieben. Du jaulst und zappelst, stöhnst und heulst, bis Du mit einem schrillen Aufschrei zusammensackst, als hättest Du keine Knochen mehr im Körper. Dein Gesicht wie auch der Rest von Dir sind schweißüberströmt. Eine große Lache hat sich zwischen Deinen Beinen gebildet. Ich binde Dich los, packe meine Gerätschaften und gehe.

Auf dem Heimweg überlege ich mir, wie Du die Sauerei auf Deinem Bürostuhl wohl Deiner Kollegin erklärst. Mittwoch Am Morgen besuche ich Dich in Deinem Büro, um zu sehen, wie es Dir geht. Ich finde Dich alleine vor. “Wo ist denn Deine Kollegin”, frage ich. “Urlaub”, Deine schnippische Antwort. “Aha”, denke ich, “Miss Eisberg ist noch nicht gezähmt”. Aber das bringt mich auf eine Idee. Mit einem sardonischen Lächeln eröffne ich Dir, dass Du mir am Nachmittag einen blasen wirst. Dafür bleibt Dir unsere abendliche Sitzung erspart. Du wirst leichenblass, wagst aber keine Widerrede. Nach einem ausgiebigen Mittagessen mit zwei Bieren und ebenso vielen Schnäpsen – ich will nicht zu schnell kommen und brauche deshalb ein “Beruhigungsmittel” – erscheine ich so gegen zwei in Deinem Büro. Ich befehle Dir, auf der Toilette Deinen BH auszuziehen und Deine Bluse bis zum Bauchnabel zu öffnen, sobald Du unter dem Schreibtisch bist. Mit hochrotem Kopf kommst Du von der Toilette, Deine steifen Nippel unter der halbdurchsichtigen Bluse sind aber deutlich zu sehen. Auf ein Zeichen von mir kriechst Du wortlos unter den Schreibtisch und stellst Deinen Stuhl wieder zurecht. Jetzt bewährt sich Eure Einrichtung, die Unterseite Eures Tisches ist von keiner Seite einzusehen. Ich schiebe meinen Stuhl dicht an die Tischkante und spreize meine Beine leicht, um Dir den Zugang zu erleichtern. Du öffnest meinen Reißverschluss und holst mit zitternden Fingern meinen Kleinen heraus. Du schiebst mir sachte die Vorhaut zurück und beginnst zunächst recht zaghaft, an der Eichel zu lecken. Dann wirst Du mutiger, umschließt meinen Schwanz mit Deinen Lippen und saugst an meinem Halbsteifen wie an einem Lollypop. Dass ihm das gefällt, merkst Du daran, wie er in Deinem Mund anschwillt. Auf einmal geht die Tür auf und ein Kollege tritt ein. “Wo sind denn unsere Damen”, fragt er nach einem kurzen Rundblick. “Tanja hat Urlaub und Miss Eisberg bläst mir gerade einen”, ist meine lakonische Antwort, kann aber gerade noch einen Schmerzensschrei unterdrücken, weil Du mir vor Schreck ganz fest auf die Eichel gebissen hast.

“Wovon träumst Du eigentlich nachts, Kleiner?” lacht der Kollege und verschwindet wieder. Dann bedeute ich Dir, Dich wieder an die Arbeit zu machen. Ich genieße Dein Saugen und Lecken eine ganze Weile, dann greife ich unter den Tisch, um Dir ganz fest eine Brustwarze zu zwirbeln. Mein Knebel unterdrückt Dein Stöhnen, aber unwillkürlich zuckst Du zurück und entlässt meinen Kleinen aus seinem süßen Gefängnis. Genau das wollte ich auch. Bloß nicht zu schnell kommen. Als Du ungeduldig weitermachen willst, schiebe ich Deinen Kopf zurück und warte so lange, bis mein Fickbolzen nur noch zum Pinkeln zu gebrauchen ist. Dann musst Du wieder von vorne anfangen. Aber alleine die Vorstellung, von einer Lesbe einen geblasen zu bekommen, lässt ihn leider schnell wieder hart werden. Jetzt änderst Du Deine Taktik . Meine Vorhaut schiebst Du mit einem Ruck zurück, bis die Eichel wieder prall frei liegt. Mit der einen Hand umkrallst Du meine Eier und ziehst sie hoch, die andere Hand schiebst Du mir mit der Handfläche nach oben in die Hose. Dein Mittelfinger sucht und findet mein Arschloch und bohrt sich gnadenlos hinein. Ich stöhne vor Schmerz auf. Ohne Gleitcreme ist das halt so ne Sache. Mit breiter Zunge leckst Du nun die Unterseite meiner Eichel, da eben, wo sie am empfindlichsten ist. Eines muss man Dir ja lassen, Du lernst schnell.

Offenbar hast Du am Zucken meines Kleinen erkannt, was er mag und was nicht. Du bohrst Deinen Finger immer tiefer in mein Loch und massierst meine Prostata. Du koordinierst das Saugen, Lecken und Bohren in einem unerträglichen Rhythmus. Irgendwann beiße ich mir auf die Finger, um nicht laut loszuschreien, und sehne mich nur noch nach Erlösung. Deine Strafe ist mir jetzt scheißegal. Als Du mir dann noch ganz leicht in den Schwanz beißt, gerade unterhalb der Krone, halte ich es nicht mehr länger aus und entlade in zuckenden Eruptionen in Deinen Mund. Fast zärtlich leckst Du mich dann sauber und ziehst Dich zurück. Auf der Toilette stellst Du Deine Fasson wieder her, BH wieder an, Bluse wieder zugeköpft, und machst mit Deiner Arbeit weiter als wäre nichts geschehen und als wäre es eine Selbstverständlichkeit, dass Du so nebenbei einem Kollegen mal einen bläst. Ich aber drücke Dir ein Paket in die Hand und erkläre Dir, dass es einen Clit Teaser und genaue Anweisungen enthält, was Du damit zu tun hast. Dann verlasse ich mit einem kurzen “Tschüs dann, bis morgen” Dein Büro. Donnerstag Pünktlich zum Arbeitsbeginn erscheine ich in Eurem Büro und bitte Dich, mir bei der Suche nach einer Akte in unserem Archivkeller zu helfen. Widerwillig erhebst Du Dich, wagst aber natürlich keine Widerrede. Dort angekommen hebe ich Deinen Rock in die Höhe und überzeuge mich davon, dass Du meine Anweisungen befolgt hast. Und tatsächlich, Du bist ohne Höschen, wie befohlen, stattdessen trägst Du den Clit Teaser. Ich nehme noch einige Korrekturen vor, indem ich den Metallgürtel etwas enger schnalle und die nach unten führende Metallzunge so verkürze, dass die feinen Härchen direkt auf Deiner Klitoris liegen. Dann lasse ich auch dieses Schloss einrasten und entlasse Dich.

Ich bin sicher, dass Dich an diesem Tag jede kleinste Bewegung an mich erinnert. Am Mittag lade ich Dich und Deine Kollegin zum Essen ein. Aus Deinen gequälten Gesichtszügen kann ich erkennen, dass Dir mein Geschenk an diesem Morgen schon viel “Freude” gemacht hat. Ich parke den Wagen bewusst etwas abseits, um Dich zum Gehen zu zwingen. Im Restaurant angekommen atmest Du dann mit schwimmenden Augen auch schon so heftig, als hättest Du einen halben Marathonlauf hinter Dir. Deine Kollegin kommt aus dem Staunen nicht mehr heraus, weiß sie doch, wie sportlich Du bist. Ha, wenn die wirklich wüsste.

Als sie kurz auf die Toilette verschwindet, bietest Du mir an, mir im Archivkeller einen zu blasen, wenn ich Dir nur den Schlüssel zum Clit Teaser gebe, du hieltest es einfach nicht mehr länger aus. Ich überlege kurz und zeige mich dann von meiner kollegialen Seite. Den Schlüssel bekommst Du, nachdem Du Tanja mindestens eine Stunde lang Füße und Fotze geleckt hast, eröffne ich Dir. Und je früher Du nachher damit anfängst, umso früher bist Du erlöst. Im Büro angekommen tauschen wir einen kurzen Blick und Du kriechst wortlos unter Euren Schreibtisch. Ich stelle mich vorsichtshalber hinter Deine Kollegin, weiß ja, was kommt. Und tatsächlich, wie von der Tarantel gestochen schießt sie von ihrem Stuhl hoch.

Ich drücke sie sanft zurück und erkläre ihr, dass Du an ihr etwas gutmachen willst. Noch immer konsterniert schaut sie mich an, bleibt aber sitzen. Ich schaue unter den Schreibtisch und sehe, wie Du ihr die Sandaletten ausziehst und anfängst, ihr mit breiter Zunge die Fußsohlen zu lecken. Das kitzelt so, dass Tanja ein nervöses Kichern nicht unterdrücken kann. Aber sie bleibt sitzen. Jetzt nimmst Du ihre Zehen einzeln in den Mund und fängst an, sie mit Lippen und Zunge zu verwöhnen. Ich bin nun überzeugt davon, dass uns Deine Kollegin den Spaß nicht verderben wird, und setze mich auf Deinen Stuhl, Tanja gegenüber. Sie hat die Augen geschlossen und einen ganz verträumten Gesichtsausdruck – offensichtlich beginnt sie, die Vorstellung zu genießen. Als sie sich dann halb erhebt und auf dem Schreibtisch abstützt, weiß ich, dass Du zum Hauptangriff übergegangen bist und Dir jetzt ihre Fotze vornimmst. Offensichtlich hast Du ihr gerade das Höschen ausgezogen. Ich warte eine kleine Weile und fange dann an, Tanja geschäftliche Fragen zu stellen, die sie mir zunächst stotternd, dann stöhnend und zum Schluss überhaupt nicht mehr beantwortet, ganz in die Sensation vertieft, die Du ihr bereitest. Zischend zieht sie die Luft ein, beißt sich verzweifelt in die Finger um nicht laut loszuschreien, bis sie endlich am ganzen Körper zitternd mit einem gewaltigen Orgasmus auf ihrem Schreibtisch zusammenbricht. Ich linse unter den Tisch und sehe Deine Hand rasend schnell in Deinem Höschen auf- und abtanzen, bis mir Dein gutturales Stöhnen verrät, dass nun auch Du gekommen bist. Diese Vorstellung hat offensichtlich auch Dir Spaß gemacht, stelle ich schmunzelnd fest. Völlig aufgelöst und mit verschmierten Gesicht tauchst Du aus Deiner Lasterhöhle auf. Du saust an mir vorbei auf die Toilette. Als Du wiederkommst, bin ich längst verschwunden. Aber auf Deinem Platz glänzt ein silberner Schlüssel – schließlich bin ich ein Mann, der Wort hält. Freitag Ich erscheine wieder früh in Eurem Büro, aber nur um Dir zu eröffnen, dass ich Dir den letzten Straftag schenke, weil ich anderweitig gebunden bin. Als ich aber den Clit Teaser zurückfordere, hebt Tanja mit einem spitzbübischen Lächeln ihren Rock, zeigt mir das Gerät auf ihrer haarigen Spalte und fragt mich mit einem gewollt unschuldigen Kleinmädchenblick, was ich nächste Woche so vorhabe.

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s****r Sucks Best pt.1

"I'll get it for you," Judy purred, staring hotly from wide
blue eyes at the customer.
She winked at the leering man and climbed the ladder, knowing
that as soon as she reached the top, he would be looking up her
skirt. It made her hot virgin pussy tingle.
Paul Holmes stood at the bottom of the ladder, his eyes
darting up the slim legs of the sexy blonde teenager. A hot jolt
caromed through his gut as he saw the crotch of her panties and
the swell of her tight ass.
Judy spread her legs and reached for the small fan. She was
quivering. She could feel his eyes burning into her crotch and it
made her pussy seep. She waited, giving him a good long look at
her panty-clad ass and crotch before descending the ladder.
"Here you are, Mr. Holmes," she cooed, handing him the small
fan. "You can pay Tommy at the counter." Her pink tongue flicked
across her lips.
Paul leered at her plump tits under her tight summer top and
his prick thickened in his pants. "Thanks, Judy," he said, his
voice husky. He gave her a lewd grin. "Maybe I should have two
Judy giggled, catching a glimpse of the bulge in his pants.
"You only need one," she said as she brushed by him in the narrow
aisle, making sure her tits rubbed against his arm. "I hope you
come back real soon."
"I will," Paul said, watching her ass swing seductively as
she walked away.
Judy heaved a deep sigh. She leaned against the wall, her
body quivering with desire. "Ooooooo, God," she whispered as she
squeezed her thighs together. "I'm so fuckin' hot!"
She heard the store door close and her b*****r's footsteps.
Quickly, she pulled off her panties and dropped them on a shelf.
With her heart racing, she hurried back to the ladder and climbed
to the top, her legs spread and her silky blonde cunt fully
Tommy came down the aisle and saw her. "I know what the fuck
you were doin'," he said, stopping at the ladder.
"What, Tommy?" she giggled.
"The same thing you always do. You're nothin' but a fuckin'
little prick-teaser. That guy's hand was shaking when he paid me
for the fan."
Judy laughed. "I can't help it if they look up my skirt,"
she cooed.
"If dad catches you he'll beat your damn ass."
"Daddy won't be back till this afternoon," she said. "I only
do it when he's not around."
Tommy glanced up, his eyes popping. "Holy shit, Judy. You
don't have any panties on!" He stared up her legs and ogled her
bare pussy, his cock growing quickly into a hard-on.
"I know," she said. "You like what you see?"
Tommy groaned and his mouth watered. "Did that guy see you
like this?"
"No, silly. I did it just for you." Balancing herself, she
lifted her skirt around her waist, baring her heart-shaped ass.
"Maybe I should have done this for him. I'll bet he would've cum
in his pants."
"You're a damn prick-teasing little bitch," Tommy grumbled,
his hand rubbing the bulge in his crotch.
Judy dropped her skirt and climbed down the ladder. "Did you
like looking at my pussy?" she sighed breathlessly.
"Cut the shit, Judy," Tommy groaned, his eyes riveted to her
nipples outlined under her tight-fitting top. "I'm tired of your
"Maybe I'm not teasing anymore," she said, her desire to be
touched and fondled overwhelming her. "Maybe I want you, Tommy."
"Sure," he mumbled, his prick aching for his k** s****r.
"I'll touch you and you'll run away like you always do." He
turned to leave. "I don't need your shit."
Judy grabbed his arm, stopping him. "Why don't you try,
Tommy? You might get lucky."
Tommy spun around, his palms sweaty as he drooled over her
plump tits hiding beneath her top. "Why not?" he said, expecting
her to laugh and run down the aisle. He brought his hands to her
tits and spanned the plump globes. She didn't move and he
"Ooooooo, Tommy," Judy moaned. "Ummmm." She quivered with
joy as his fingers squeezed her plump, sensitive tits through her
top. "Mmmmm, it feels good."
Tommy's breath caught in his chest. "Jeez, s*s," he groaned.
He kneaded her tits, his cock throbbing in his pants.
"I'm not a prick-teaser anymore," she sighed. His pawing
hands were driving her crazy.
"Take off your clothes," Tommy rasped. "Lemme see you
Judy giggled. "I will if you lock up the store. I don't
want anybody walking in and seeing me."
"Yeah," Tommy rasped. Reluctantly, he pulled his hands away.
"Don't move. I'll be right back." He spun around and hurried to
the front of the store to lock up.
Shivering with pleasure, Judy pulled off her top, her creamy
tits free, the pink nipples swollen and aching for her b*****r's
mouth. She tore off her skirt, leaving it on the floor as she
hurried through the aisle, her tits bouncing and the firm cheeks
of her ass jiggling. She jumped up on the counter and spread her
legs just as her b*****r returned.
"Well?" she giggled as goose-bumps dotted her creamy flesh.
"How do I look?"
"Jesus Christ!" Tommy groaned as he leered at his naked
s****r. "I'll bet that Mr. Holmes would sure like to see you
He walked toward his s****r, his eyes darting from the
glistening gash of her virgin pussy to the round pink nipples that
capped her pert, pulpy tits.
"I don't give a shit about Mr. Holmes," Judy panted. "But, I
sure would like Daddy to see me like this." She spread her legs
wide. "I'd give him my pussy and fuck him just like Mommy does."
She worked her body lewdly, as if a cock were stuffed up inside
her pussy.
Tommy's head was reeling. He came to the counter where his
s****r was sprawled out on her back. "Dad would kick the shit out
of you." He brought his hands to her plump tits and began
squeezing the pliant meat. "Unnnn, God."
"I don't care," Judy moaned as she writhed on her back. "As
long as he fucked me." She reached for the bulge in her b*****r's
pants and gave it a squeeze. "God, you're hard as a rock."
"Unnnn," Tommy moaned as her fingers dug into his crotch.
He mauled her tits with one hand, his other hand kneading her
thigh flesh as he brought it to the hot sizzling vee of her
outstretched legs.
"Touch my pussy, Tommy," Judy whimpered, her hips rolling
lazily. "Oooo, feel how wet and juicy I am."
Tommy smoothed his hand over her thighs and dipped it between
her legs, his fingers gliding up through the wet, slippery slit of
her virgin pussy.
"Damn, Judy. You're soaked."
"I know," she gasped, humping her hips. "I'm always soaked."
She began to pant as Tommy stroked his finger back and forth
through the wet, frothy gash of her virgin pussy. "Oooo, Tommy
... you're driving me crazy."
Tommy jabbed his finger into her cunt and hit her cherry.
"Jeez, Judy. You gonna let me fuck you?"
Judy was out of her mind. "Not now," she gasped, her hand
still mauling his cock through his jeans.
Tommy shot his s****r a dirty look. "You're still a prick-
teaser," he groaned, yanking his hand away from her pussy. "Maybe
I should punch your fuckin' face in!"
"Oooo, Tommy," she moaned. "Don't get mad." She writhed on
her back. "Play with my pussy again." She squirmed her hips.
"It makes me cream."
Tommy was drawn back to his s****r's naked body like a
magnet. "You little bitch," he groaned, pawing her tits and
caressing her hot, virgin pussy.
"I'll take good care of you," she panted as he drove her wild
with his hands. "I promise." She licked her lips and moaned as
his fingers brushed over her pulsing clit.
"How?" he grunted, his fingers soaked with pussy-cream. He
stared at her, drooling, his cock throbbing as she mauled him
through his jeans.
"Ummmm, you'll see," she hummed. "Oooo, I wish you were
"I'm not," he grunted, his hips jerking as she squeezed his
cock. "You keep doin' that and I'll cum in my pants." He grit
his teeth. "Is that how you're gonna take care of me?"
With her hips rolling, Judy moaned. "Ooo, Tommy. I'm gonna
suck you off."
Tommy's mouth dropped open. He didn't believe her. She had
been teasing and lying to him for months. "You're full of shit,"
he said.
Judy squirmed. "You stop playing with me and I'll prove it."
Tommy pulled his fingers from her seeping pussy and stepped
back. "I'm waitin'."
Judy sat up, her tits bouncing, her blue eyes glowing with
lust. She grabbed his hand and licked his fingers clean. "Mmmmm,
my juice sure tastes good."
"You're supposed to be suckin' my cock, not my fingers,"
Tommy grumbled, still not believing her.
Judy jumped off the counter and dropped to her knees. She
rubbed his bulging crotch. "I'll bet your cock is nice and big,"
she sighed, her fingers trembling as she pulled down his zipper.
"Big enough for you," Tommy moaned as her fingers groped in
his jeans. "Unnnn."
Judy's fingers wrapped around her b*****r's stiff prick and
she hauled it out of his pants. "Oooo, it's beautiful, Tommy,"
she gasped, leering at the bloated head of his cock. "Delicious-
lookin' too."
"Suck it, s*s," he moaned. "Christ!" He jerked his hips,
his cock gliding through her gripping fingers. "Suck it."
Judy's mouth was watering as she ogled her b*****r's cock.
"Lemme get your damn pants off," she moaned, struggling with his
She shoved his pants and shorts down around his ankles and
heaved a ragged sigh as she gazed at his long throbbing prick and
cum-filled balls.
"Ooooo, Tommy. It looks better this way." He stepped out of
his pants and shorts, kicking them away.
"It would look and feel a lot better stuffed up your pussy,"
he groaned as she fondled his nuts and caressed his aching cock.
"Lemme fuck you, Judy. Christ!"
"Later, Tommy," she said, glancing up at him. "First, I
wanna suck you off." She squeezed his meaty cock-shaft and a drop
of cum seeped from his pisser.
"Unnnn," Tommy groaned deep in his throat as Judy's tongue
flashed across the head of his cock and swiped up the gooey drop
of cum. "Put it in your mouth."
"When I'm ready," Judy gasped. She licked her lips. "Your
cum tastes better than my pussy-juice." She cradled his balls and
lapped her tongue up and down the length of his prick-shaft.
"Ummmm, it's so hard. So nice and hard."
"Jesus Christ, Judy," Tommy growled. His hips jerked, his
cock jabbing at her face as she soaked his cock-shaft with her
warm spit.
Judy was in heaven. "This is so much better than just
teasing," she purred.
She licked her tongue over his balls, enjoying the rough
texture of his nut-sac. Her tongue slithered up his prick-shaft,
her lips clinging to his throbbing meat.
"You're still a prick-teaser." He jabbed at her face, his
cock swollen with bl**d and aching painfully. "Suck it, Judy.
Judy wasn't about to rush. She had been wanting his cock for
months, but she had always been too chicken until now. With his
cock in her hand she intended to enjoy every second of his hard,
throbbing cock-meat before she sucked out his balls. She used her
teeth, nibbling up and down his shaft as his cock throbbed against
her wet sucking lips.
"I'm gonna blast my fuckin' load if you keep messing around,"
he grumbled. He jabbed, his legs stiff, his hands holding the
edge of the counter.
Judy gazed up at her horny b*****r. "Do you think Daddy
would like me to do this to his cock?"
She caressed his hard-on with the tips of her fingers.
Watching his prick twitch excited her and made the insides of her
virgin pussy pulse.
"Anybody would," Tommy moaned. "But you'll never get to
Dad's cock."
"Who knows?" she giggled. She parted her lips and slipped
the head of her b*****r's cock into her mouth.
"Oooo, s*s," he groaned, the heat of her mouth rumbling the
cum in his balls. "Unnnn, suck it! Unnnn!" He jerked, his cock
stabbing at her face.
Judy held his balls in one hand and wrapped her other hand
around the base of his swollen cock. With the bloated head
trapped between her clinging lips, she sucked. Her tongue swirled
around his cockhead and over his pisser. The tangy taste of jizz
seeping from his tiny slit was making her cream. She moaned deep
in her throat as she inched the head of his prick along her tongue
to the back of her mouth.
"Suck," Tommy growled. "Jesus, s*s. Suck!"
He reached down and grabbed her hair, his face twisted with
lust. He slammed her face hard, spearing her throat, his cock
buried, her gullet stretched.
Judy gagged, her eyes bulging and her face turning red. She
twisted her head and sank her teeth into his hard cock-meat,
choking as he released her hair. She pulled back, gasping for
"Dammit, Tommy," she choked, his cock pointing at her mouth.
"You trying to choke me to death?" Spit dribbled from her lips as
she caught her breath.
Tommy grinned down at his naked s****r. "What the fuck, s*s.
You got me crazy."
"I'll suck your cock but my way. You gotta remember, this is
my first time."
"Not your last," he said. "Now put my prick back in your
mouth and suck me off."
"Yes, Tommy," she cooed, grabbing his cock-shaft again.
She gulped the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked.
Stroking his long shaft and massaging his balls, she eased the
head of his prick toward the back of her mouth. It hit the
entrance to her throat and she relaxed, wanting to feel his prick
deep in her gullet.
"Unnn, yeah," Tommy groaned. He grabbed the counter, his
hips jerking. "Take it all, Judy. Unnnn."
Slowly, Judy pushed the head of her b*****r's prick into her
throat. She f***ed herself not to gag as the bloated head of his
cock stretched her throat. Relaxing her throat muscles, she took
almost his whole prick, her heart racing as his cock throbbed
wildly in her gullet.
"All of it, Judy," he groaned. He jabbed hard, but her hand
wrapped around the base of his cock kept him from plunging his
prick in to the root. "All of it!"
Judy pulled her hand away from his cock and grabbed his hips.
Gulping, she took him to his balls, his prick buried deep in her
throat. With her lips mashed into his groin, she fought the urge
to gag and gnawed on the base of his prick-shaft. His cock-hair
tickled her nose and his prick, throbbing and swelling, stretched
her throat to the limit.
"Yeahhh," he moaned. "Unnn, suck it! Chew it!" He jabbed,
his ass hitting the edge of the counter. "Unnn, suck it, Judy."
She felt his nuts against her chin and the head of his prick
in her gullet. She gurgled, her nails scratching at his hips and
She was overjoyed. His entire prick was buried in her throat
and she wondered if her mother could do the same thing. She eased
back, her lips clinging to his cock-shaft, her teeth scr****g
along the hard, throbbing meat. She slammed forward, piercing her
throat with his prick, his deep growl of pleasure making her
Tommy was out of his skull. He slammed at her face, his
balls slapping at her chin each time he drilled his prick into her
"Yeah, Judy," he roared. "Ahhh, yeah!"
He humped, skewering her throat, her gnawing teeth and
lashing tongue making his cock ache and his balls sore.
Judy absorbed his jabbing punches, wallowing in the hard
tasty meat of his cock. She chewed on his cock-shaft, her cheeks
drawing in tight as she tried sucking the cum up from his swinging
balls. She swiped her tongue over the sensitive underside of his
prick-shaft and sucked hard as he drew back and then chewed softly
as he slammed forward.
There was an urgency in his lunging fuck-stabs and she knew
that at any second he would start spraying her mouth with his cum.
It blew her mind.
Tommy, his hips lunging, his cock throbbing, curled his
fingers through his s****r's thick blonde hair. "Gonna cum, Judy.
Jesus Christ, I'm gonna cum in your mouth."
Judy gurgled on his stabbing cock. Her head was reeling and
the insides of her virgin pussy was on fire. She sucked hard, her
tongue a wet whip lashing across his cock as he pounded her mouth
with his cock. She chewed, her eyes wide as she watched his tight
groin mash into her nose and lips.
"Unnn, Judy," Tommy roared as his balls swelled to the point
of explosion. "Suck! Suck me, Judy!"
Judy slammed her face forward, his groin smashing into her
lips, his balls whacking against her chin. Spit drooled from her
mouth as she began to shake waiting for the first gooey wad to
fill her eager throat.
"I'm cuming," Tommy bellowed. "Oooo, Christ ... I'm cuming!"
He slammed hard, his balls bursting as a thick stream of white
thick jizz blasted from his pisser.
Judy gagged as her b*****r's cum sprayed the back of her
throat. She sucked, the taste of his tangy jizz making her dizzy.
Another squirting glob of cum gushed from the tip of his prick and
she gulped it down, her mouth flying up and down his cock-shaft as
she sucked and chewed on his exploding prick.
"Yeahhh!" he roared, punishing her face with hard, swift
fuck-jabs. "Suck it! Suck it!" His legs stiffened as his hips
lunged forward. "Unnnn, Judy, your mouth. Christ, suck out my
Judy's mouth filled with cum. She gulped at his stabbing
prick, his lust and throbbing cock making her crazy. She clawed
his hips and jammed her mouth forward, his cock piercing her
throat as another stream of stringy white cum splashed into her
Tommy, his chest heaving, stared down at his naked s****r as
he pounded her mouth with his squirting cock. He lunged hard,
spearing her throat, his hips pumping, his cock flooding her
cheeks with cum.
"Unnn, s*s!"
Judy's head was spinning, her cheeks filled with cum. It
gushed into her throat and oozed from her lips. She swallowed the
cum as fast as she could, gulping at his stabbing prick as he
plowed her gullet with hard plunging jabs. She used her teeth and
tongue, urging more cum up from his erupting balls as he groaned
and twisted in her mouth.
"Judy! Aghhhh!" His legs weakened, his balls still churning
out wad after wad of thick, white cum. "Unnnnn, don't stop!" He
slammed hard, piercing her throat as a glob of cum spurted from
his pisser.
Judy was overwhelmed. She gagged on the flowing cum, trying
to swallow every drop. It gushed from her mouth and drenched his
balls. She sensed it was almost over and she didn't want it to
stop. She smashed her face into his humping groin, her mouth
flying wildly up and down his shaft. She sucked maniacally on his
prick, chewing it frantically, trying to keep it hard and stiff.
Tommy's hands dropped to his side and he grunted. His balls
were just about drained. He grunted as his s****r refused to give
up his cock.
"No more, Judy," he panted as he twisted his hips, his prick
trapped between her teeth as she continued to suck on his cock.
Judy pounded her face into his groin, his cock shrinking in
her mouth. She sucked, drawing the last of his cum up from his
now empty nuts. It oozed out over her tongue.
"Mmmmm," she moaned, her mouth flipping off his cock.
"Mmmm." She savored the last wad, letting it slowly ooze down her
"Oooo, Tommy. I love suckin' your cock."
Tommy stared down at her. "Christ. I never creamed like
that in my life."
Judy licked her lips clean and stared at his limp prick.
"You like it better than jerkin' off, huh?"
"Shit, yeah!" he groaned. "You're great."
Judy began to tremble. Sucking her b*****r off had made her
crazy hot and very anxious to cum. "Now me, Tommy. You take care
of me and I'll give you my cherry."
It was an offer Tommy couldn't refuse.
... Continue»
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A naive girl at Borisovo's pond. Chapter 1

A naive girl at Borisovo's pond.

Chapter 1. Getting acquainted.

This year hot spring days came early in Moscow and everybody was happy to leave cold temperatures in the past. It brought a surge of activity to the city and it was clearly seen. Malls were filled with shoppers, looking for goods. Beaches were filled with teenagers ditching schools on the prowl for fun.

There was Borisovo’s pond in Orekhovo-Borisovo, the southern district of Moscow. That was the place where high school k**s liked hanging out.

It was just the kind of a day that made k**s skip classes and hang out at that region's only beach – Borisovo’s pond. The pond was an enormous pool with a beach. By noon, it was crowded with hormone-loaded teenagers, getting high and looking to hook up. You could hardly see there anybody older than those who were eighteen.

Mike and Serge were exceptions, as they were the most of their lives. They were both successful in their careers, had a lot of money but they hung out at that beach whenever they could.

On this particular day at one o'clock a brand-new sports car appeared there. Two guys in their mid-twenties, Serge and Mike, were in it. They were very cool, but rough guys.

Serge was over 6" tall, with short cut hair and a rippled abs. A tribal tattoo of black curved lines encircled his right forearm. He liked clubbing, which he could afford, because he worked as a top manager of some famous international company that his father owned.

Mike's appearance was much the same as Serge’s. Japanese hieroglyphs were tattooed on his back. He worked as a Surgeon General’s assistant and therefore the man had an unlimited access to any kind of d**gs he wanted. He often took advantage of his position. Mike and Serge had been best friends since they had been c***dren.

To make the story short, they both were about the same height, weight and age. On top of that, they were handsome but rough, well-muscled men who were rich enough to get anything or anyone they wanted. Their motto in life was "You can get anything you want with enough money; if it can't be bought, then it’s not worth having.”

The car pulled up to the curb at the spot they liked to park in. At that very moment other cars drove away to allow these men to park there. Mike and Serge were famous for their roughness and nobody wanted to mess with them. They were ones of the most dangerous persons on the block.

As they parked, everybody was staring at their car, especially teen girls who went crazy from seeing slick cars and who liked famous persons.

Mike got out of the car and enjoyed the attention he had been paid. He knew that he could get any girl who wanted. Smiling, the man stood tall and thought how good the day would be. Then Mike got bottles of strong drinks out of a cooler. He opened them as Serge spread a wide blanket.

These men were being watched by girls who wanted to be a part of their company and those who wanted to have a drink but little had the girls known that some drinks had been already spiked to use them for wasting stupid cunts.

The day went by, Mike and Serge just had a good time: they switched among sunbathing, swimming and drinking. All the way they checked out all the chicks that passed by and the men discussed them.

Their place of camping was perfect because every gal who wanted to swim had to walk past them to get back to the beach. Girls liked swinging their asses before these grown-ups’ eyes. Mike and Serge noticed every gal and thought about having some fun with one of them. They were sure that these high school girls looked forward to being invited.

The guys weren’t already sober when they saw a real knockout who had been wandering around them for a while. The men’s d***k imagination gave them a dirty thoughts and the horny guys decided to try their luck with her.

They checked her out. The girl was about 5 feet tall. Her bikini hardly covered her body and the girl’s ripe perky tits with protruding nipples under the material attracted much attention. Her body was very slim and her tiny, tight ass asked to be touched. On top of that, her red hair fell to the slender shoulders framing her doll’s face and her starring eyes gave anybody a desire to hug this angel.

Serge and Mike had hard-on from just watching this beauty. It was much for them and they weren’t in the condition to conceal their emotions. The men just wolf-whistled at her over and over again.

The redhead always hated any vulgar behavior but she was a bit stoned from some weed she had been recently smoking. Besides, she had a rush on these older guys and the girl was eager to hang out with them because they were really great hunks.

A blanket with her stuff on it was nearby and the redhead decided to put all the things together and walk home. She thought that these guys considered her too immature for them. It made her sad very much and she started gathering her stuff together.

The redhead was in the middle of doing it, when she heard, “Hey cutie! Join us!”

It made the redhead happy but the girl knew how to act. She just pretended that she didn’t hear them. The redhead was trying to look like she was exhausted and planned to leave the beach.

When she passed them, Serge tried his luck again and asked in a very friendly tone, "Hiya girl!"

Smiling, the redhead replied, "Hi guys! Like every single girl here, I couldn’t but notice you’re looking hot. I like you so much, guys!”

The girl was so happy that these older guys invited her in that her mouth ran with her mind in neutral. The redhead never acted like that but she hoped that flattery was the only way to get closer to them and she really wanted it in her current mood.

"Thank ‘you’!" Mike said. "You are so fucking hot that it got us high and hard if you're old enough to get the point of what I am meaning!"

The redhead was shocked by his vulgar manner of speaking. She looked at him and Mike sat on the blanket, grinning. Perhaps, it was the girl’s imagination but she thought she saw the devilish fires in his shining eyes. The redhead knew that he was excited because every guy looked at her in that condition.

The girl’s eyes instinctively slid down his body. To begin with, she looked at his well-rippled chest, then to his six-pack stomach and finally down to his swimming trunks. His cock was clearly outlined by the tight material.

As the girl’s eyes slid down his friend’s body, Serge stared at the girl. He knew by his own experience that she wasn't going to leave. Every young girl liked to be with older guys and it was a rare case when she could be without her immature classmates.

When the redhead’s eyes stopped at Mike’s crotch for a while, Serge understood that the girl was interested in adult games, not only in talking. The idea of that just gave his cock some stirs.

The redhead believed that the guys didn’t notice how long her eyes were at the crotch’s area because any sort of dirty thoughts could occur to them. She had just never seen a big piece of hard meat like that before!

"Do you like what you see, sweet face?" came out of the blue.

"Very much, guys. Very much!" she would have never said it if she was sober.

"I'm sure Mike's about cum in his trunks just watching you. What about joining us?" Serge shot out another question.

"Sure thing!" the girl simply replied in spite of that very dirty comment.

"It should be noted that you are the first girl who attracted us much and if you are not a blond you can add two plus two!" Some hint was heard in his voice.

"Of course, I am not stupid and I have the whole day free!" the redhead immediately became talkative. "Yeah, I'm so thirsty!"

The girl tried to sound dirty like the guys did. The guys definitely liked her manner of speaking because they smiled when they heard about her need for something to swallow. Hearing that the redhead wanted to drink, Mike knew that it was his time to lead the process of tempting.

"Maybe you wanna have a gulp of something stronger than Coke, sexy?" he friendly blinked at the girl.

"Do you really wanna give some of your booze to a nice, naive girl who is u******e like me?" the redhead asked, flirting openly with the older guys who had already known she was on the hook.

"Are you a p*****n? You look too fucking sluttish to be like that, you fucking bitch! Your cunt is practically hanging out of your bikini. Get your fuckin' virgin butt outta here, cuz we only party with chicks who can suck a cock at least!" Mike screamed in anger at her.

The words were so dirty and the man spoke to the girl like she was a crack-whore. Mike was older than her and the redhead considered that he had the right to speak like that to those who were younger than him. Somehow, Mike’s words made her upset so much that and she was ready to cry. The redhead wanted to party with them and she had to do something and do it fast or she would have to leave home.

Collecting herself, the girl pouted and said, "Hey, guys! Although I'm young, it doesn't mean I don’t like big cocks of older guys like you!” The redhead made a pause and added, “Maybe you'll even get some cocksucking if you act properly to me, okay?"

Mike and Serge glanced at each other, their strategy worked well again.

"May I stay with you and party?" the girl smiled.

Then the guys figured out that the girl was young but she had a slut within her fragile body. They just needed play well to discover it. It went without saying that this naive school girl could be turned into a submissive fucktoy.

As they thought of it, there was an awkward silence and the redhead guessed that she had fucked up her chance.

Serge suddenly exclaimed in his usual friendly manner, "Well, here I'm staring at your sexy body and I think you have the right to be by my side!"

Those words immediately made her happy and she thanked God that HE gave her another chance. The girl stopped paying attention to their foul language, believing that it was due to their d***ken condition and excitement.

"Remember,” Serge warned, “Act with us like a grown-up; otherwise you can go fuck yourself. Is that clear, cunt?"

At first Serge thought it was too rude to talk that way but after the redhead nodded, the man understood it worked perfectly on this juicing little twat.

"Yep! You know, you're such cool guys and I like it so much!" she was in heaven with happiness and began relaxing, being between two great hunks.

"Okay! What's our little cunt's name?" Mike asked, searching for a spiked beer to pump up this bimbo.

At that time she towered above them and slowly pulled her tight white T-shirt over the head. It looked so erotically and the girl was an expert at teasing males. Little by little her bikini-covered tits were on a display. They looked so firm and perky that every man wanted to squeeze them. Then, in the same manner, the redhead pulled down her tight cut-off shorts, revealing her creamy thighs. Here she was.

"I'm Kate,” she said. “And by the way, I dislike being called a cunt! Slut is prettier to hear. Okay? I hate it! Some of the boys in school call a girl a cunt. They think they can treat girls like cum dumps. Slut is prettier to the ear. Okay?"

Kate knew that she was skating on thin ice with her request but she looked at the men in turn through the piggy eyes as if asking to remember her please.

"Okay! I'm Serge and this is my best friend Mike; we have been friends since we were k**s. And you are right, baby. Since you are both a slut and a cunt like 2 in 1," he did a pause and the girl stared at him expectedly. "How about putting your sexy little ass up against my fucking rock-hard, leaking prick to warm me up?"

Their dirty talking had no limits but Kate thought it was some kind of a joke. She took off her shorts completely and stayed in her bikini only. The girl wanted to tease the guys more and she was about to turn her ass to them. As Kate was turning around, she glanced down at Serge’s trunks. The tent in his trunks looks huge like in Mike’s.

Kate’s ass faced the guys and they gave her dirty comments. The girl never liked these words but now she felt her pussy getting wet.

Then Kate teasingly knelt down between the older guys on the carpet. Serge was behind her back and she did an eye contact with Mike. It didn’t take much time before the girl was on all fours. She knew how to tease: the girl spread her knees wider and arched her back. Kate’s bikini left no much to the imagination.

Swaying her ass, the naive girl asked, "Great ass, isn't it?"

It was too much for Serge and he put his strong hands on Kate’s firm ass cheeks. He squeezed them and the girl didn’t protest at all. Serge took it as a signal and spread the cheeks. Serge was too excited and he couldn’t wait any longer. He boldly pressed the thumbs of his hands into her tight holes through the bikini bottom. The right thumb was f***ed into her asshole and the left one was pushed into her pussy.

Kate didn’t expect it at all and her tease had never gone too far.

"Hey, hey, hey! Guys! Don't be so fast!" the redhead panicked but she didn’t change the position.

Excited, Serge murmured, "I’m sure as hell that the bitch is ripe and ready to have her fuck holes rammed!"

It looked like he didn’t pay attention to what Kate had said and Serge kept on playing with her privates. His left thumb slid along her pussy cleft. The girl moaned and Serge felt the material getting wet under his touch. All her pussy was dripping wet. The bikini bottom hardly covered her pussy but the guy could see her ass hole that was covered with a thin string. Serge rubbed the puckered pink asshole with the right thumb.

Serge did it so skillfully that Kate went wild. Her hips bucked back in the rhythm of his movements. The girl didn’t conceal her emotions and she moaned loudly. It was the first time for her when she went wild but the redhead had to stop it until it was out of control.

Gasping, Kate said, “I need to get to know you better before you do something like that!"

The girl smiled like an absolute fool and the guys knew that she would let them do whatever they wanted. The redhead was high with excitement.

Serge knew that he had to cool off a bit if he didn’t want to come in his trunks and he said, “Okay.”

Kate tried to catch her breath and she laid on the right side. There was Serge behind her who tried to catch his breath too.

The three of them struck up a conversation. It went on in a friendly way and the redhead’s guard was down. She was too naive to guess that they were up to and Kate didn't notice that Mike opened a spiked bottle beer for her.

When she stretched out her hand for the beer, Mike told her, grinning, "This bottle has its own cost - kissing."

Smiling, the girl said, “Okay.”

Mike moved closer to Kate and the teenager put her lips on his. It was so thrilling for her to kiss the guy who was much older than her pussy was tingling again. The redhead relaxed and the tongue of Mike slid inside her tiny mouth. She thought it would be some sort of a romantic kiss but she was mistaken.

Mike’s tongue immediately went deep inside her mouth like they were long-termed lovers. He didn’t waste time and their tongues started struggling. The kiss was dirty and much saliva dripped down from Mike’s tongue on Kate’s but the redhead didn’t stop him. They kept on kissing and slurping sounds were heard by Serge. He wanted his piece of the cake.

The guy put his hands on her slim body and her body felt relaxed. Kate was having a good time. Serge’s hands slid above to her tits. It didn’t take much time for them to be under the bikini top. The breasts were ripe and perky for her age. The nipples got hard with excitement. Serge mauled the girl’s tits and she didn’t try to stop him although the redhead had never let anybody do it before.

This threesome was hot and nobody wanted to stop it. Mike was the one who broke the kiss and he glanced at the girl. Her look was blurred with excitement and the spiked drink, her lips were wet with their mixed saliva and Serge was nibbling her ear with his hands squeezing her teen breasts.

Little by little, Kate came to herself after that hot making-out and she began wiping the mixed saliva off her face. Serge who had been caressing her ear and neck was felt so good that she didn’t try to free herself from his arms. The redhead knew that she wouldn’t be able to move his hands off her breasts and she didn’t want to do it at all. She just let them be.

Smiling, the excited girl said, “Thanks, Mikey-boy. Did I deserve that beer?”

Mike opened his mouth to reply, but Serge was the first to speak, "He told you to kiss, but he has never told you to kiss him on the lips!"

The dirty meaning of his words occurred to Kate and she protested, "Oh no, guys! I hardly know you and you've kissed and felt me up already!"

Despite of her words, the pussy was slippery and the nipples were hard. The bikini top was crumpled over the ripe breasts and Mike could clearly see the swollen teen nipples. Serge’s hands had never stopped twisting them and it gave the girl much pleasure. She didn’t want him to stop it.

Mike went berserk and burst out , "It means that you are a fucking cock-teaser. We did warn you. Get the fuck outta here! We like to be with mature chicks!"

Serge followed the game. He got his hands off her perky tits and slapped her ass hard with his open palm. The gesture was clear: they both wanted her “to get lost”.

Kate was ready to cry like a baby. It was so funny with those older guys and she had messed it up again. It was all her fault. Yes, they were vulgar but it was their nature and the redhead could get along with it. There was nothing else that she wanted more in the world than to party with Mike and Serge.

So she collected all her self-confidence together, bit her upper lip and, looking down, answered in a playful tone, believing it was her last stand, "What about stroking your cocks later and maybe more after that, huh?"

"Mike, I see our Kate is good enough for us after all! Give her the drink and I guess she'll pay for it later, because I just adore her tight ass with its nice deep crack!" Serge complemented her.

Serge didn’t play on the shy side. As a matter-of-factly, the guy just grabbed her curvy hips and pulled her tight ass to his crotch. He knew that Kate would never do anything to stop him at that moment.

She was glad that they bought into this and she was ready for anything now. The redhead even felt Serge’s erect cock pressing against her ass crack. Kate was afraid to move and just let it be.

Their make-out lasted for half an hour. At first, the redhead, deep inside, had protested it but then her inhibitions disappeared that boldness and she began enjoying it. She liked the way Serge’s cock, Serge’s huge cock, slid along the ass crack and Kate’s pussy got dripping wet. On top of that, Mike was watching them and it excited the girl a lot. But it didn’t last long and he joined the party. Mike started wet-kissing her in a moment. All in all, there was a hot threesome: the girl was sandwiched between the studs. One kissed her as another pawned her breasts and rubbed his crotch against the girl’s ass.

But it wasn’t enough for Mike and he asked the excited redhead, "By the way, Kate, where do you live?"
"I live not too far from here,” she replied, gasping with excitement. “At Jasenevaja Street.”

"Ah, the street where the poor people live,” Serge tried to humiliate the girl more. “I’m sure as hell the way the poor make for a living! Am I right, whore?"

It drove him crazy and the guy grabbed Kate’s hips roughly. Serge started rubbing his crotch against her ass and it could be got from a distance like some lovers were having a wild sex. All that made the girl feel like a real prostitute but she liked the feeling of the guy’s hard-on. She was a natural-born cock-teaser.

Serge’s words and her high condition made her to be talkative, "I AM NOT A WHORE! The only form of sex I have had was oral because I'm too young for anything else as you know, but I do play with my pussy from time to time with a tiny, handy dildo. I'm a ninth grader now. I've only sucked two cocks in my life and nobody knows about it. I don’t want to be considered a slut!"

"Okay, slut, let's go swimming! I need to cool off!" Mike exclaimed.

Serge understood the hint and he took his hands off her tits. Kate’s face was flushed already, her vision was blurred and she followed Mike’s command like she didn't hear the names they called her.

Their hot bodies plunged into the pond’s warm waters and they cooled off a bit. The three of them went further and further until Kate could reach the bottom only with her toes.

"Guys, I won't go any further! I can't swim!" the girl confessed.

The guys understood that it was high time for realizing their plan. Grinning, they surrounded her like a pack of hungry wolves.

The redhead guessed that Mike and Serge were going back to the beach where they would continue their adult games but the guys had made up something else. At that very moment Kate felt the guys' hands all over her body.

"Guys, I understand you like my body and to be honest I like it too, but I can hardly reach the bottom! It's too uncomfortable!" saying it, she was afraid of their reaction.

"You know, chick, it's high time to give us all you had promised!" Mike said, grinning.

With those words he put his lips on hers and his tongue slid deep inside her mouth without any obstacle. Kate just embraced his neck with her arms and she was having the time of her life. Mike broke their kisses from time to time with his tongue licking her face. On the verge of his excitement, his strong hands grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed her slim frame tightly against his muscled body.

It went on for a while and Mike somehow managed to move the bikini bottom aside, revealing the girl’s privates and Kate didn’t notice it but she began protesting as she felt her young pussy and asshole getting probed.

"Mike, stop it!” the redhead desperately said. “Okay, I'll jerk both of you..."

"And blow us! Promise that you’ll suck our dicks or you are going to swim back to shore bare-assed. I'm sure the guys on the beach would appreciate this, throwing big boners watching your dripping pussy as you walk out of the water! And then your entire block will call you a slut. The end of the story! Comprende?" Serge, who was behind her, asked smiling at her and pulled her hair back, "Maybe you should just be drowned here! Many people get drown from being d***k!"

"I promise guys! I'll do whatever you want!" the idea struck her that her cock-teasing had never led her into a deepshit of a situation like that.

At that moment Kate felt their fingers touching her pussy. The guys didn’t waste time. Their finger tips spread the swollen cunt lips and found the clit.

The redhead’s arms were still around Mike’s neck and he could clearly hear her moans of pleasure. It was obvious that she was having the time of her life. She enjoyed it as the guys released their hard cocks from their trunks.

Kate had never felt so good and she couldn’t conceal her emotions. Her body was tightly pressed against Mike’s muscled body as Serge rubbed her clit. It was too much for the redhead and she began kissing Mike passionately. Her hot breath burned them both and their tongue danced around each other in a full throttle.

In the middle of it, Kate felt her arms were f***ed off Mike’s neck and she had to break the kiss. The girl was puzzled until she got the feel of the guys’ hard cocks in her hands. Kate knew that the time had come.

Although she had already given head several times to her previous boyfriends but they were her age. These guys were much older than her and their cocks seemed gigantic. Kate held their hard meats in her hands and she liked the way they pulsated. It didn’t matter whatever she wanted, Kate would have to satisfy them.

The redhead slowly started stroking them and the guys decided that everything was going as planned. Serge kept on playing with the girl’s clit and Mike got back to her pouty lips. The three of them was busy satisfying each other.

Kate heard Mike’s breath become heavy and she got that he was on the verge of orgasm. It meant that she wouldn’t have to give him a blowjob. In any case, their cocks were too huge for her tiny mouth. The redhead increased the tempo but Serge stopped her. Kate thought that something went wrong and became scared. She remembered that she was threatened to be drown. The girl broke the kiss and turned her face to Serge.

The guy’s eyes were full of lust when he said, "Let's get out, bitch!"

"But... but have I done wrong?" she almost sobbed.

"No,” he said, trying to console Kate. “I think it’s time to go to my place and become friends with our hard-ons… more closely. I want to see you in action or you have decided to break your promise?"

His tone was harsh and she knew that there was no way out. Was it her fault? Of course, it was! Her teasing tactics brought Serge and Mike to the current condition and Kate would have to do anything to stay alive. The redhead just had no choice.

On the other hand, Serge and Mike understood that Kate was a submissive girl and she would do anything to please. Their threats were just a lever and nothing more. The girl wanted some adventures and she got them.

The three of them walked back to the beach in anticipation of what was coming. On their way back, the guys fixed their trunks in the proper place. Kate fixed her bikini top over the tits and her bikini bottom over the bulging pussy and the ass hole.

Finally they came up to the blanket and Mike ordered, "Show us how sexy you can be when you get your things together. Fold the blanket and put all the things in the basket!"

After hearing that, Kate became happier. There was nothing obscene in the command and the girl could tease the guys again. Trying to show her best curves, the redhead knelt down as slowly and erotically as she could in front of the basket and she was about to pack the basket but Mike’s voice stopped her.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?” he asked. “Do you call that sexy?"

The girl knew that guys liked naughty girls and she tried to be like that. Kate just didn’t understand why she followed these two guys’ orders but she was eager to fulfill every single command. So in a slow motion, she got on all fours like a pet. Flushed, Kate arched her back so much that her inviting ass looked pushed out. It went without saying what reaction followed.

“A nice view, I’d say. What do you think, Serge?" Mike asked in a loud voice.

His voice sounded so loud that Kate got afraid of being heard by her classmates who were at the sands. Thank God, they were blocked from outsiders' sight with the guys' fancy car and nobody could see whatever she was doing. Kate knew that she had to be fast and the girl began picking up the stuff to put it in the basket.

In the middle of it, the redhead felt some kicks on her legs but they were easy and painless. It was Serge who did it so that the girl would spread her slim legs wider in that position. Kate was smart enough and she did it immediately. The redhead was on all fours with her knees at twice her shoulders' width and her ass up in the air.

"Yeah man, she looks even prettier in such a position. Just like some porn actress!" Serge exclaimed and gave his best friend a high five.

"You know a sure way to make it look hot!" Mike said in a very excited tone.

Kate kept on picking up the stuff and she was happy that they complemented on her frame. They were just doing a dirty talk and the girl relaxed, although the redhead knew that the older guys were going to have some fun with her really soon. And she was damn right!

In anticipation, one of the guys slapped her tight ass. The hit stung so much but Kate was sure as hell that much more was coming.

In the blink of an eye, the redhead felt the wet crotch of her bikini bottom being pulled aside and it revealed her private area in a moment. Then somebody’s palm touched the moist pussy slit of hers and it gave the girl some thrills. It didn’t take much time before a finger slid inside. Kate let out a moan of pleasure as the finger kept on sawing in and out of her hot spot. She was just out of her mind.

The teenager thought that it was good but then another finger was added. That was awesome! Her limbs trembled and the redhead rolled her eyes back into her head with pleasure. u*********sly the girl’s body began moving back and forth.

Kate had been excited long and those fingers became slippery with her love juice soon. There was innocence no more: the girl’s body moves were boldly, her gasps and moans were clearly heard.

Mike liked that show and he said, “I like how her pussy grips my fingers!"

"Then try her backdoor!" Serge exclaimed, being in a perfect mood.

The redhead didn’t know what Serge meant but his words sounded dangerous anyway.

Kate felt the second finger slowly leave her wet pussy as the first one continued rubbing up, but suddenly she felt the missing finger trying her tight brown puckered ass hole. The redhead didn't pay attention to it until it slowly entered to the knuckle. The schoolgirl wanted to ask him to get the finger out, because she felt so full and she had never had anything in her butt, but she didn't want to ruin the moment.

All of a sudden, she heard Mike's voice whispering in her ear, "Baby, do you like it?"

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." it was all she could mutter in her current situation.

"It's kinda being double penetrated, but having cocks instead of fingers is far better!" Mike kept on whispering, but she didn't follow his words.

Kate was so interested in Mike's fingers, bringing her to a climax so fast that she didn't notice how a passing girl stopped, shocked by the sight and started talking to Serge.

"Honey, whose is that nice ass?" the blonde asked.

"Just another slut my friend and I have been hooking up with. You girls just can't pass up our cocks!"

"You are so funny!" the girl said, punching his shoulder playfully.

Serge was very glad that they hooked up another beautiful girl. He was filled with excitement and put his arm around her waist. The girl immediately noticed it but she didn't remove his palm that slipped on her left hip. She liked those older guys’ attention very much. On top of that, the sight of the girl who had been finger-fucking so boldly in both orifices was making her hot.

Serge knew that he could try his luck with that newcomer. The guy turned that blonde and pressed her slim body against his muscular chest.

“Cutie, who are you?” he asked in a very friendly tone.

The blonde wasn’t so stupid not to know what was coming. She laced his neck with her hands. Her pouty lips touched his and the girl sucked in his lower one.

It was too much for Serge. His left hand slid down and squeezed her ass cheek as the right one moved to her bikini-covered breast and tenderly cupped it.

Although the girl’s boyfriend was thug-like but he never treated her so boldly like that stranger. However, she felt her toes curling with excitement. u*********sly, her tongue darted into the guy’s mouth. The blonde wasn’t shy and their tongues wrestled inside their mouths. The waves of pleasure filled the girl with every passing moment as Serge continued touching up her slim lust-filled body.

In no time the guy’s palm pulled aside the material that covered her breast, revealing her teen boob with a hard nipple on it. Serge couldn’t resist the temptation. He lowered his head and took the nipple in his mouth. It gave the girl some good vibrations and he could hear her moans. The guy was sure as hell that the blonde liked it very much. The moans became louder and she held his head by hair.

When Serge released the nipple from his mouth, it was red and hard. The girl wanted him to continue and tried to hint him about it. Her lips touched his neck gently and the tongue started licking it, leaving a wide wet trail behind itself.

"My name is Natty,” the girl said. “As you can see, I’m not worse than your so-called slut.” The girl motioned to Kate who was getting her portion of pleasure from the other guy. “You know, you are truly handsome!"

"Like you are, gorgeous! My name is Serge, my friend is Mike and that filthy slut is Kate," with those words he smiled at Natty.

"How could my stupid schoolmates be at classes!" the blonde exclaimed.

"Sweetie, where do you study?" Serge decided to be talkative.

“Oh, I study at school №581 and I’m in the 11th grade!” Natty said with pride.

"Hey Kate, what's your school and your grade?" Serge was really interested if those sluts studied in the same school or not, although it was obvious that their ages were different.

"Mmmmm..." Kate let out a long moan in excitement and tried to reply, "School №581, the 9th grade."

She tried to keep her voice steady but it trembled with excitement. The redhead turned her head to look at Serge. When she saw the blonde girl next to him, she froze and got pale, notwithstanding she was flushed with lust. The blonde girl and the redhead knew each other pretty well. Natty was a real bully at the school and she beat the shit of Kate too many times. What would happen if Natty loosed her tongue and show her supremacy in front of those guys? Or tell anybody about that encounter?”

"Wow Serge, I know her! I beat that filthy cock-teaser now and then at school but I can understand you guys, she is a nice piece of ass!" saying that Natty squeezed Serge's cock through the trunks very tightly.

Then she moved to Mike and motioned him to get out of her way. He knew that something hot was coming and he obediently moved aside.

Natty got on all fours and slapped soundly Kate's ass, "Nice ass, you dumb bitch!" The bully shouted at her and Kate knew that she was in the shitload of a situation. "Pull the fucking material aside and began frigging your fucking asshole and cunt. Now!" she shouted at her again and Kate was in a hurry to pull her panty aside. She knew that the bully could make her life miserable. "Hey Serge, don't stand there like a fucking maggot and get us on the cell phone!"

The hunk thought it was a good idea and started recording as he watched Kate masturbating. Her pussy was dripping wet and the girl’s finger easily slid in and out of it but the redhead was an anal virgin. Her finger hardly entered her tight ass hole and it was clearly seen.

Mike wanted to join too. As he was walking around Kate, he threw his trunks off, revealing his big cock. Serge, the cameraman, managed to witness the frightened look on the redhead’s face when Mike sat in front of her face. It was obvious that Kate silently begged him for understanding. But Mike was too excited to stop. The guy just pulled her head to his bulky dickhead.

Suddenly Natty’s voice brought Kate to reality, "Hey, you stupid bitch! Your holes are tight now! Why?" With those words the bully slapping her ass again, but the poor girl was silent. "Answer me when you are asked, you miserable bitch!"

Kate was very scared of being beaten hard and just didn't know what to answer. She had to make up some excuse and do it swiftly.

"I'm sorry!" it was the only thing she could make up.

"Very lame excuse!" Natty continued.

"I'm too young for sex and my parents think that I shouldn’t have sex until I finish the school at least. Thus, I didn't allow the guys do it with me," Kate tried to reason with her.

“Ok,” the bully said. "I'll see to it because your talents wait to be revealed!"

Those words scared Kate to death and she knew that her life at school could be even worse.

Natty could see through the arch between Kate’s legs that Mike pulled Kate's head to his cock. She wanted to spice it up and ordered the redhead, "Spread your ass cheeks with your hands and don't remove them. Not a fucking sound! You know that misbehavior will not be accepted!"

Kate understood that obedience was good for her. She just had no choice. The girl stretched out her hands behind the back and put them on her supple ass cheeks. Then she spread them apart. The redhead was on display like a porn star.

“Hey Serge, come here and look at the nice tight holes waiting to sink into with your cock!" Natty said smiling at Serge.

"Nice view, baby but I promised not to fuck her... not today!" Serge was a man of a promise indeed.

Kate heard his words and they calmed her down. She considered them teasing not anything more but she was mistaken. Serge’s words let Natty down because she wanted to see the girl who she had constantly beating getting impaled on their cocks. The bully knew that the guys needed a chance. So she got down to licking the redhead’s tight pussy. When her tongue slid inside, Natty felt Kate’s pussy walls tightened and her legs trembled.

Unlike the bully, Mike didn’t want to f***e the girl too much. He knew that she just needed time and Kate was surely a fast learner. Mike and Serge wanted to keep her for coming sessions.

To begin with, Mike let Kate lick his dickhead. He understood that his cock was too big for her tiny mouth to swallow even the half of it.

Kate was grateful for not making her deep-throat that monstrous cock. Her agile tongue swirled around the huge head of Mike’s cock. The girl felt it twitching now and then. As soon as some pre-cum had appeared on the piss-hole, the redhead’s tongue immediately licked it away. In no time the whole dickhead glistened with her saliva.

Although the girl despised the bully but she could help confessing herself that she was good at licking the pussy. It gave her real warm sensations of pleasure. Kate’s pussy was dripping wet and she couldn’t resist the temptation.

She was forbidden to remove her hands from the ass cheeks. Thus, she let her head rest on Mike's left thigh. Her eyes were rolled back into the head with pleasure and her tongue automatically slid up and down the guy’s shaft. She didn’t take much time his whole 12 incher was covered in her saliva richly. Now and then Kate’s mouth touched his hairy ballsac. The redhead was so excited that she tried to suck in his balls in turn as she felt her ass hole being intruded upon by a finger.

It was the bully who tried to stick her finger into Kate’s ass hole. It hardly entered and she started sawing in and out of it slowly, letting the girl get used to this sensation. Little by little Kate’s rectum stretched with it and Natty began ramming the teen ass hole. The sight of it was driving the bully crazy and she wanted to fist-fuck the girl like she saw it in some german porn flick. Natty just didn’t know that it was impossible to do with a virgin. The blonde tried to add another finger but there were no room enough for two fingers in Kate’s ass. The second finger couldn’t be squeezed inside it.

"Relax your ass!" Kate heard Natty's order.

The girl was scared and she knew that she should do whatever she was told. Kate did her best. The girl caught her breath and she thought she was going to be ripped apart. There were tears on her eyes and several minutes of torture lasted forever.

Soon Kate felt her ass hole getting stretched by two thin fingers of the blonde model. The infernal pain in the ass was overtaken with pleasure. Kate had been on her way to climax due to the circular moves of Natty's experienced tongue.

The bully was so into it that she didn’t notice what Serge had been doing.

All that time Serge had been watching the hot scene of his friend and two sexy teen sluts. Like in a trance, he took off his trunks and just stroked his cock. Biting his lower lip with pleasure, the guy came up to the bully from behind. Without giving it a second thought, Serge pressed his huge cock against the entrance of Natty’s pussy.

The bully started immediately protesting, moving her mouth from Kate's hot, squirting pussy, "Don't even think of sticking your big cock into my small love box! I have a boyfriend and I love him so much! There’s a slut not me if you wanna fuck!"

"What about giving head to me?" Serge asked playfully.

"Okay. Take us to your place and you'll get it, because there are too many eyes and my boyfriend can find out about us," Natty explained.

"With pleasure!" a devilish flame appeared in Serge's eyes.

He slapped Natty’s ass with his cock, leaving a wet trail of pre-cum on it. Grinning, he stood up and pulled his trunks up to the waist. Everybody was lust-charged. Mike and Natty stood up too.

The bully slapped Kate’s tight ass hard and said, "Guys, load your shit in your groovy car and I'll be back in a minute."

Kate was happy that her humiliation had finally finished. The only thing she had to do was to suck those guys’ cocks as she promised. It was wrong but the redhead was eager to take them in her mouth. Only that bitching bully Natty could ruin all fun.

When they all were ready to roll out of there, Kate and Mike were in the backseat and Natty was in the passenger's seat that was not near Kate and it made her happy. When they were all in, they started out.

After some time of driving a slight smile appeared on Natty’s face.

"Serge, which way would you like to have it in your car? Anything is available," asked Natty.

Even here, in the car, the bully couldn’t forget about Kate.

“Oh, girl. Give her a break, ok?” Serge said, irritatedly. But then the guy added, “Kate, take off your top. We’d like to see your perky tits during driving. And yes, move your bikini bottom to one side between your legs so we can look at your pussy."

Kate was both thrilled and scared with his proposal. She was afraid that somebody who knew her would recognize her in the naked form, because they were near her block. The redhead slowly undid her top with trembling hands and put it in the seat. Instinctively, Kate immediately crossed her hands over her tits.

"No fucking way, babe. We want to see those pretty rosy nipples." Mike voted.

Kate knew what was good for her and followed his command. She lowered her hands, revealing her tits that bounced during their driving.

Mike held his breath and his cock gave a twitch when the redhead pulled aside her bikini bottom. Her pussy looked wet with her love juice running out of the hole. Although that situation was terrible but Kate was excited and her torturers could see it.

The girl tried to enjoy it but the bully brought her to reality, suggesting, "Now slut, you’re so shy and useless. Show what you can do with your mouth on this bottle!"

The bully’s ideas became dirtier and the guys surely appreciated them. Serge was in a hurry to pass her a longneck. The neck of this bottle was half of the bottle's length.

Natty took the longneck. She brought the bottle to her lips and licked the upper lip very slowly and erotically. The bully smiled at Serge and he was absolutely sure that the show would be hot.

"Serge, what do you think is longer our dicks or this bottle's neck?" Mike asked, squeezing the ninth grader's left tit hard.

As the guys were laughing out loud at the joke, Kate felt that there was a wet spot on the seat under her ass. She was one hot little cunt and she was easy to excite. If the girl had only knew what was coming.

The bully passed the bottle to Mike. The older guy shoved his hand into his trunk and got his hard-on out. The head of his cock had already glistened with pre-cum. He brought the longneck to it. Smiling, Mike rubbed the bottle lip across his sensuous dripping dickhead. Then he handed the bottle over to her.

Kate took it with her trembling hands and she knew that they all considered her a filthy teen slut. There was no way out. The redhead brought the longneck to her pouty lips. The girl slowly took the end of the neck into her mouth and sucked it in a little. She tried not to think about anything and just closed her eyes. Kate was enjoying the sensation.

She imagined that everyone adored her body. In a moment she felt Mike’s lips on her chest. He did an awesome suction on her nipples, making them hard. Kate was so into it that she didn’t notice how his fingers touched the vulva. The truth was, they didn’t touched it, his fingers wet deep inside the slit. Although his fingers were thick, her pussy was so wet that several fingers entered inside easily.

It didn’t take much time for her to let out loud moans. Her mouth tried to swallow the longneck deeper, her bosom was heaving and her cervix bucked against the guy’s slippery fingers. Slurping sounds of finger-fucking the teenager filled the air. When the redhead almost reached an orgasm the car pulled to a stop.

"No, don't stop. Make me cum, Mikey!" Kate begged when Mike moved away from her body.

"Only if you stick my thick leaking dick in your tight little teen cunt, bitch!" he fucked around.

"No fucking way!" Kate murmured, gasping from her nice sensations.

"Okay, then let's go inside and have our cocks sucked, and you'd better cum only from cock-sucking!" Mike stated.

Kate looked at Natty and saw the cell in her hands. She was pretty sure that the bully filmed the whole trip from the shore of the pond. The redhead wanted to ask her to delete the footage but there was no doubt about falling it on the deaf ear.

Natty grabbed Kate’s top and got out of the car. So did the guys. The redhead just couldn’t believe that she had to get out bare-breasted. The girl fixed her bikini bottom properly and a wet spot immediately appeared around her pussy slit. All her thighs were wet with her love juices. Kate crossed her hands over her tits and got outside.

The guys waited for her to get out. When the redhead caught up with them, the four of them was headed for Serge’s apartment. Kate was surprised that Natty was so silent all the way home.

The apartment was enormous and decorated in modern-style. It was a three-roomed condo with huge, bright rooms. Every room had a plasma panel on a wall, heated floors and the lower lights went from the floor up the walls.

They took of their shoes in the hall and bare-foot, they moved out to the sitting-room. There they settled on a sofa. Mike went to the kitchen and brought several cans of Coca-cola Light, because the guys could see that the redhead was on the edge and she could fall asl**p if she had any more spiked drinks.

"Hey Katey!" Mike said in his usual friendly voice. "What about shooting some adult flick of yours for own private use only to see which sluttish limits of depravity a naughty teen cock-teaser like you will go to?” Then the guy looked sternly in the bully’s eyes, “You Natty… no talk about anything or I assure you we can be really dangerous!"

Kate thought it over and she knew that it would be an easy way or a hard one. She preferred the easy way. The redhead liked that the bully was shown that she was just a usual piece of shit not a superior boss as Natty always thought to herself.

"Yeah, stud! I'm a real slut for you! Come on, guys!" Kate sounded pretty wild.

It was obvious that it wasn’t their first homemade shooting. Serge got a tripod with a digital camera on it out of a closet and set it up two meters from the sofa.

"You're gonna be a director now, Natty," the guy said matter-of-factly.

The bully felt like a shit and she had to say something, "Ready, steady, go!"

Mike the announcer said, "Katey-girl, we’re gonna make this footage for your dad to jerk off to. He’d like watching what a filthy slut his teen daughter has become.” The guy grinned and continued, “I’m sure as hell that your dad will beat his fuckmeat until his big balls bounce on the couch as he watches his own fuckslut of a daughter. I am sure your daddy has wanted to fuck your cunt and ass and mouth for years! He probably jerks off in your breakfast cereal and you eat his cum all the time. He probably comes into your room when you are asl**p at night and rubs his drooling dick all over your pretty face and those young pouty lips. Now, your daddy will have his own masturbation video of his little cumdump of a daughter."

Of course, all those words of obscenity sounded teasing to Kate and she didn’t take them seriously but the girl was mistaken. She would be in a deep shit if somebody who she knew saw that footage.

The teenager felt like a real high-class movie star and she started. Kate did her best to show her sexual pouty lips. Her agile tongue licked her lips vulgarly, making them look wet as she had her perky tits squeezed together in her hands.

The girl looked at the camera with her bedroom eyes, "Hello mommy and daddy! You are gonna watch the first video of your sluttish and really d***k daughter!"

After saying it, Kate lay on the back and pulled her slim legs up to the ceiling. Then the teenager raised her ass a bit and her bikini bottom slid up her long, lovely legs erotically. When the bikini bottom left her legs, Kate slowly spread’em and put her feet on the sofa. The camera zoomed in on her revealed pussy that was clean-shaven. It was clearly seen that it was wet.

"Daddy, this is my cunt and it belongs to you. You fucked mommy in the cunt to make me, so my cunt belongs to you too."

As she lay on her back with the spread legs, her pussy was like on display. Even the pussy lips opened a bit. Then the girl slowly turned and got on all fours. The redhead arched her back erotically and spread her legs so wide that her swollen pussy and tender ass hole were seen perfectly. Usually Kate didn’t talk dirty but she knew that it was driving males crazy and she kept on.

"These older guys were so nice to offer me their dicks, and they even promised to pay me $5 per a blowjob! Isn't that nice? You always taught me to follow the orders of older people and show respect!"

While Kate was talking, she couldn’t resist the temptation and her finger touched her hot pussy. It was too much for her and it slid inside. It took only one dip for it to become all slippery. The redhead was like a bitch in heat. Like in a trance, Kate’s finger sawed in and out of the pussy, making slurping sounds of sex. The more she played with the pussy, the heavier her breath became.

"Now my dear mum and dad, I'm a cum-dump for their cocks, and they are gonna give them to me! Right here! Can you see deep into my cunt?" The girl played her role.

The camera lens almost f***ed themselves into that teen pussy. She pushed her hips in and out and it looked like she rubbed her steaming pussy against the camera. She was a fucking piece of white trash and a jailbait.

Serge knew that it was high time to join her on the sofa and he stepped into the camera's focus. He was like real Apollo. The tall, broad-shouldered guy sat on the sofa and his legs were spread wide. His cock was hard as a rock. His trunks were around his ankles.

Kate turned around and slid on the floor, looking straight into the camera lens. Then she crawled to Serge slowly until she ended between his muscular wide-spread legs. The girl stared at the massive cock, throbbing and swaying. It was 12" long and very wide in girth.

Kate looked like a pet and waited for a command to serve her master. The shaft was covered in outstanding veins and the foreskin was peeled back. The whole dickhead was red and pre-cum bubbled from the wide piss-hole. His huge sagging balls swung over the edge of the couch.

Kate knew it was time and she reached out her hand to encircle the fat dick but Serge slapped her hand away, "Only use your mouth."

The redhead didn’t want to confess it but she liked to do what she was told. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. In a moment her agile tongue was cleaning up the head of the cock. Kate could feel the thickness of globs of cum. She tried to swallow as much cock as she could but the girl hardly managed to swallow the huge dickhead.

Serge could feel it and he pulled his prick back out again. He understood that it was her first big cock. So the guy decided not to f***e the teenager. Serge gently rubbed his prick across her pouty lips and then allowed her to suck on the head. Natty was good at shooting and the camera caught all of this.

"See what a beautiful big dick he has, Mom and Dad?" excitingly Kate sang.

As she got used to the big cock in her mouth, Mike moved into the picture. The guy checked her pussy and it was dripping wet. He drove his middle finger to the buckle into her cunt easily. Mike started sawing his finger in and out. The girl was so excited that she moaned loud. If the head of the cock didn’t smother her moans, there would be neighbours asking, “What’s going on here?”

Mike was surprised that the girl didn’t have the hymen and he said, "Serge, this fucking slut has fucked us up! She ain't a virgin, ‘cuz my entire finger is up her cunt! But don't you worry, it's still really, really tight since the boyish dicks that fucked her must have been smaller than my finger."

After hearing what Mike had said and thinking there was going be a hardcore footage with this young girl, Natty tried to follow the action perfectly with those expensive lens of the camera.

"Mike, we promised not to screw her, so let's be men of our word and as she said, we only pay for blowjobs,” Serge said but then he added, “By the way, try her asshole. This slut probably uses her shit chute to pleasure the school boys!"

Kate considered their dialogues some sort of performance and acting. The redhead didn't take their abusive phrases close to the heart and got into action more and more.

Mike pulled his slippery finger out of the pussy and pushed it slowly into her asshole, "Wow! Her ass is even tighter than her cunt. Don’t you worry! Soon they both will be pretty loose. Come on now bitch, suck on my dick now!"

Mike did a motion for her to turn around and Serge pulled his spit-covered prickmeat out of her slurping mouth, saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Kate was really crazy now and sucked on Mike's cock wildly like there was no tomorrow. She just couldn't get enough cock into her mouth. None of her boyfriends had such a great size. The girl gagged and spit ran down her chin but still she tried to swallow more and more fuckmeat. She was a natural cock-craved nympho: one taste of cock-slop and they are forever hooked on dick. One has to have it every day.

Serge watched them and instinctively stroked his dick. He had never seen a girl so much interested in that stuff. The guy couldn’t bear it anymore and he ordered, "Mike, get your hot fucker outta her nasty mouth, cuz it's gonna be full of my cum! Bitch, when I cum you'll show me your tongue covered with my jizm!"

Serge grabbed the redhead by hair and turned her around rapidly. Mike’s hard cock popped out of her mouth and slapped against his abs, leaving the wet spot of pre-cum mixed with saliva on it. Her mouth was still open and Serge was fast enough to stick his cock inside the gaping hole. Mike could see that Kate was not happy now as his friend, grunting as an a****l, rammed his hose into her mouth.

He did it just in time. As soon as the redhead’s lips had closed around the cock’s throbbing shaft, spurts of hot cum flooded her mouth. Kate tried her best to swallow all that baby-making cum but she wasn’t fast enough. There was too much cum and soon Serge’s cock was swimming in its own cum.

Natty could see that hot scene through the camera lens. It was clearly seen how Serge’s wasted cock slid out of the teenager’s mouth and thick streams of his cum poured out of the abused mouth. Some of it ran down her chin and upon her perky tits. The teen slut looked pretty cute that way.

Serge grabbed her jaws and made her open the mouth. “Your daddy will surely like it!”

With those words he put his wasted cock into the cum-bath of her mouth. The girl was smart enough and began doing the tongue job. Kate’s mouth swirled around that monstrous cock, licking off all globs of cum.

Natty was excellent at shooting every single detail. Even she who had a regular boyfriend, and they were pretty naughty couple, didn’t do such twisted things. The bully did the close-up of Kate swallowing all that river of cum and she even licked her lips away as if saying, “Yummy!”

"Guys, you were really, really right, I'm a dirty slut! Mikey, please cum on my teen tits!" she asked.

It wasn’t too much for Mike and he had been on the verge of an orgasm for a long time to bear it any longer. He stepped up to Kate. His figure towered above the teen slut as he blasted. The spurts of cum shot out of his prick and stained her heaving perky tits.

Kate knelt in front of Mike and squeezed together her tits as more and more cum landed on them. It looked like a real hardcore footage on the film and it was in HD.

Grunting, Mike tried to speak, "Oh baby, if anything, we know how to contact you. We’ll in touch for further meetings if we need them."

Kate didn’t take a notice. Her mind was spinning from spiked drinks and too many things happened to her today. She just nodded and began collecting her stuff.

Although Serge and Mike could be really bad-asses, they knew that they couldn’t throw those girls out. They should be driven home.

It took pains to put Kate in the backseat and Natty sat next to her. Her place wasn’t far and they reached it really fast.

It was a special day for Natty and she had another dirty idea, "You should do one last thing. You'll put your T-shirt on your wet slimy cum-covered tits and when you are at home you'll go straight to bed without taking a bath and sl**p till morning. You will sl**p in this T-shirt and your bikini bottom only and do not forget tomorrow you have to go to school! I want you to wear this T-shirt to school. Also do not take a bath, so you will have your cum-covered tits in school and think of your new friends all day. This will make your pussy drip all day. Wear the bikini bottoms to school under your skirt. Pussy juice will run down your legs all day."

With these words, Natty helped Kate put on the T-shirt. Then the bully picked up a permanent marker. She wrote "High school" in small letters and under that phrase she did "SLUT" in thick letters on her heaving boobs. Kate was really wasted and couldn’t get what was being written on her chest. After Natty had finally finished labeling her, Kate stretched out her hand, picked up her bikini bottom and put them on too. The bikini top was nowhere to be found in the car. The redhead didn't want to look for it too much, because her only dream was to get away from those disgusting people.

"Hey Serge, do you have any scissors in your car?" Natty asked him with excitement.

Knowing that the bully was very adventurous, the guy prayed that they were. Finally he had found them and handled them over to her. The older guys waited in anticipation what was on Natty’s mind. The bully took the scissors and cut off the bottom of Kate’s T-shirt. So her belly-button was uncovered when she wore it. The pink of her nipples showed through the tight material.

Kate couldn’t imagine how hot and teasing and sluttish she looked now. She was sure that it was one-night stand and all that nightmare would stay behind.

It took many pains to get off. The girl struggled up to her bedroom and threw herself on the bed. Her nipples felt like they were ready to explode. Her clit itched and her pussy was dripping wet.

It was a strange day, it changed her life and thank God her f****y was away as she entered the apartment. How would she explain her appearance to them? She fell asl**p like a log. The next day she would begin her new life.
... Continue»
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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 2

Let’s just say after Jenny polished my knob, I was horny all the time. Jenny was mum about our experience together even when it was just the two of us around. She played the good daughter with our parents and even seemed to be doing better in school.

A day after our oral session, a buddy of mine asked me along on a fishing trip he was taking with his dad and I agreed. I agreed begrudgingly as I wanted to explore the wonderful possibilities with Jenny. We went up into Canada and found some cool fishing cabins off Lake George. The fishing was awesome as we caught more than our limit each day. We ate the extra and scaled, wrapped, and iced the legal ones. During the day, my mind was occupied with fishing and boating but at night I had a hard time getting to sl**p as my thoughts focused on Jenny and our newfound relationship. With my buddy and his dad always around, I couldn’t relieve myself thinking about Jenny so I had to grin and bare-it. My dreams didn’t help. I had dreams of getting caught by everyone from my dad to the milkman with my cock in Jenny’s gorgeous mug. I even had a threesome with my step mom and Jenny fighting over my cock. Needless to say I was feeling very randy when I got home from my four and a half day trip.

It was a Monday and in the late afternoon. I knew Jenny was going to be home any minute from school and my parents weren’t expected until after 6. I called my dad and small talked about my trip. He said he was glad I had chosen to come and live with him and his new wife and Jenny during my break between semesters at college. He said he had to go but asked me to say ‘hi’ to Jenny and try to get along with her. I chuckled to myself that I was going to say more than ‘hi’ and that we were going to get along just fine.

I stowed all my gear and went to my computer and checked my e-mails. I have a ex-girlfriend who loves to send perverted pixs to me and since I had been away she had bombarded me with about 30. All the naughty pixs didn’t help my heightened libido nor did clicking on the movie I had downloaded from my camera before I left. The sight of Jenny between my legs gave me goose bumps. My cock, which has been semi-hard almost for five days, lurched in my pants at the sight of Jenny wiping cum from the corners of her mouth. I looked at the clock and wondered why she wasn’t home yet. It was a good five to ten minutes after she normally made it home.

I really wanted some release but wanted Jenny to do it so I pushed myself up from my computer and went to the front of the house. I looked out the windows and front door and didn’t see her anywhere. It wasn’t like her to not come straight home from school so I went and got my keys and went out to my truck.

I drove by her high school and saw that most of the campus was deserted except for some jocks and band members. I wondered where she could be and decided to try her friend’s house. Jenny’s friend Mandi lived by the school and I had dropped her there once. Mandi was a tall skinny blonde with a slight over bite. She always seemed to act weird around me and Jenny hinted she was attracted to me. I laughed to myself as I thought of what I told her then, “I’m not really into high school chicks right now.”

I knocked on Mandi’s door and waited while a little barking dog was ushered into another room. An attractive older woman in fancy clothes answered the door and she didn’t seem pleased. She looked me up and down and stuck her nose in the air. I guess I didn’t impress her in my flannel shirt, faded jeans, hiking boots, and with five days of stubble gracing my face.

“Can I help you?” she asked in a loathing tone.

“Yes, is your daughter home,” I sarcastically quipped. I could have asked her if my s****r was there but I thought I’d push her buttons.

She made a face and then asked, “Does she know you?” I’m sure her mind was reeling, thinking hard about what Mandi would be doing with the likes of me.

“Actually she knows my s****r, Jenny, and I’m looking for her,” I answered. The look of relief came over her face and she smiled pleasantly and said she’d fetch her. Now Mandi’s no dog but my mind conjured up a vision of her with a doggie collar and crawling around on her hands and knees.

Mandi was at the door almost instantly and she stepped through it and closed the door behind her. It was an obvious attempt to shield our conversation from her mother inside. She smiled brightly. The kind of brightly that suggests she is trying too hard to impress and turn on the object of the expression.

“Hi, I haven’t seen you in a long time,” Mandi said, trying to start a conversation. She was still dressed in her school outfit and I marveled at the way the high school girls tried to accentuate their conforming outfits to impress the guys. Mandi had her white blouse tied off at mid-chest showing off her tight, flat stomach. She was skinny but she was in shape too, as her abs showed.

“Haven’t brought Jenny by in a while,” I appeased her with polite conversation. Behind her, I could see her mom moving around in the living room. She was nervously looking out the window while trying not to appear like she was.

“My mom said you were looking for Jenny,” she stated. She did a once over on me and despite my haggard appearance she looked like she was pleased. She did a playful turn and spun around for me and I think she definitely had a schoolgirl crush on me. Her eyes stopped at my crotch and I almost laughed out loud. She definitely took after her mom with her lack of subtlety.

“Yeah, I was just wondering where she was at,” I said, “She is normally home by now.”

“Aww, that’s nice,” she mused. “The caring older step b*****r,” Mandi k**ded. She knew we weren’t related and I hoped she didn’t know much more.

“Yeah, yeah,” I chimed back. I looked through the living room window and got a disapproving look from her mom. “Do you have any ideas?” I said.

“Yeah, I know exactly where she is,” Mandi said playfully, “but you have to tell me something.” She smiled slyly and looked back over her shoulder at her mom. She turned back to me and smiled.

“What?” I said, she was playing with me and I was just about done being patient. I thought for a brief moment that just maybe Jenny had told her friend of our new relationship but I was relieved to find out she hadn’t.

“Are you seeing anyone?” she asked coyly and I smiled. She bit down gently on her lower lip with her overbite and winked.

“No, I’m not at the moment,” I said and smiled back at her. Mandi was a first class flirt and wasn’t very shy of her intentions. “Would you like to go out one of these nights?” I stated and looked over her shoulder at her mom. She didn’t approve of our conversing; I knew she wouldn’t approve of our dating. “What would your mom say,” I asked as I watched Mandi blushing. She was shaking her head ‘yes’ and preening in front of me and I could see her mom aghast as she watched her daughter flirt with the filthy heathen in front of her house.

“Where is she?” I said, as I looked Mandi up and down. She had a tight body and I couldn’t wait to see her naked.

“She is trying out for cheerleader for the winter sports and should be,” she said and paused. She was looking at her expensive, sleek wristwatch and figuring out where Jenny would be. “She should be just finishing up and probably walking home,” she stated and wiggled her long, firm body.

“When do you want to go out?” Mandi asked. She smiled and did another glance down along my body.

“How about I call you” I suggested and turned to leave. I wanted to catch Jenny walking home and didn’t have any more time for chit-chat. Mandi’s mom approved as she waved from the window. I think she was watching to make sure I didn’t maul her daughter in front of the house and when I didn’t she was happy. Mandi was caught unaware though and yelled her phone number as I got back in my tuck and sped off. She didn’t finish it as I think she surmised I could get it from Jenny.

I drove back to the school and my cock was growing in my pants. It was now 4:35 and I was hornier than I ever had been before. I searched the faces of the girls in the parking lot looking for Jenny. They were all wearing their school outfits so it wasn’t as easy as you might expect. When I spotted her, I started getting giddy. She was walking alone and I could tell she had made the team. She had on a cheerleader’s outfit and was wiggling as she walked as she tried to get used to the feel of her new clothes. I drove up beside her as she walked on the sidewalk and asked her if she needed a lift.

Jenny was cautious at first as she avoided my cat call. Realizing it was me, she smiled and ran to the side of the truck. She was beaming as she was proud of her new accomplishment. She took the front of her sweater and pulled it away from her body to show me the “Fighting Beavers’ logo.

I smiled back at her and thought how much of a ‘wet dream’ she really was. She had her hair in pigtails, had on a cheerleader’s outfit and her makeup accentuated her gorgeous eyes and mouth. I wished I had a camera on me and thought I would have to explore that avenue at another time.

“I thought you were one of those crude boys again,” she told me as she climbed in the passenger side. As she got in, her skirt caught on the fabric and rode up, reveling her cute little white panties with little cherries on them. Jenny quickly pulled the fabric down over her legs as she got situated in my passenger seat.

“Not me,” I laughed and reached over and flung her skirt up revealing her panties again. Jenny giggled at my forwardness. She flipped her skirt back down but only after holding it up so I could get a good peek.

I started driving home and looked over at her. She smiled and then looked out her window. I changed the radio channel and smiled to myself, we were suddenly speechless as we rode home. The more we drove in silence, the more I thought that what had happened, had never happened. It certainly had happened, I had the movie to prove it. I wondered if maybe Jenny was so embarrassed by the moment that she now regretted it and maybe even hated me for it. But that couldn’t be, she had smiled at me and had so eagerly jumped n my truck. I looked over at her and she smiled at me again and then fished in her school backpack for something. Man, I thought, I had come home from my trip so horny I couldn’t see straight and now Jenny was seemingly giving me the cold shoulder.

When I turned the truck down our street, I was resigning myself to just taking a shower and hitting the sack. On the fishing trip, I had drank too much and spent a lot of sl**pless nights fishing and telling war stories with my buddy and his dad.

I pulled into our driveway and parked the truck. I offered Jenny a hand with her backpack to break the ice but she just smiled and said, “Thanks, I got it.” I cursed her to myself. She was giving me the cold shoulder and was probably enjoying it. I followed her into the house and as much as I was put off by the whole situation and the way things had turned, I still studied her ass as she walked. Some girls have the hourglass figure and have those c***d-bearing curves but not Jenny she had a tight round ass but slender hips. My cock twitched in my pants but I knew now I was going to have to take care of myself.

It was now 5:45 and my dad was due home in 45 minutes. I walked past Jenny and went to my room. Her room was upstairs on the second floor across from my dad and his new wife’s room. The room they had allowed me was down in the basement. It was converted into my bedroom after being my dad’s game room.

Jenny went up to her room and I could hear her grabbing for the phone before she went up the stairs to the second level. I got my clothes off and with a bath towel and my boxers I made my way to the shower my dad had installed in the basement across the hall from my room. As I was turning on the shower, I heard Jenny’s feet on the stairs as she made her way down to my room. She must not have seen me as she turned and entered my room and then swung out when she didn’t find me. She spotted me standing in front of the shower adjusting the water.

“Mandi says you asked her out,” Jenny said blankly. She had the phone in her hand but I could tell she had finished her conversation.

“Not really,” I said, “She sort of asked herself out with me.”

Jenny looked at me like I was crazy. Her eyes looked me over and they stopped at my semi-hard cock in my boxers. She looked preoccupied with something and I decided to shock her back to reality.

“Whats’ it to you, anyway?” I asked. It was now my turn to look her over. She hadn’t changed yet but had kicked off her school-issued shoes.

I walked to where she was and she stepped back as I got real close. She smiled nervously and looked from my face then to my crotch and then back.

“Worried she might get my cock instead of you,” I said. I was being purposely crude as I was still upset by her apparent cold shoulder.

Jenny giggled nervously and said, “Nah, no.” She tried to step back again but she had backed herself up against the far wall. “I just know how she is,” she protested as her hands nervously played with the hem of her skirt.

“How is she?” I chided and moved right up against her. I purposely placed my left leg between hers. My thigh bumped against her mound and held her to the wall and in front of me.

“Sh, sh, she is a real slut,” she offered as her hands moved to take my thigh from between her legs. Realizing she would have to touch me to do it stopped her and she dropped her hands beside her and tried to extract herself from between the wall and myself.

Pushing my thigh tighter against her skirt covered pussy, I held her from moving. “So you afraid of losing my cock to her,” I said as my hands came up either side of her.

Jenny was breathing hard and I could tell my thigh was having some effect on her womanhood. She had begun to wiggle free from me but then stopped as she found she was rubbing her mound on me. She felt uneasy now as her loins cried out for more pressure.

“No, I just thought you should know what type of girl she is,” Jenny offered and turned her head to avoid looking at me.

“Oh, is that so,” I laughed. I rubbed my thigh forward and then across her pelvis and Jenny sighed and shifted in front of me. “And what type of girl are you,” I asked as I shifted my body and rode my thigh up so that it slid between her legs and upwards drawing her skirt up.

Jenny moaned and bit her lip. She didn’t answer me as she didn’t know how to answer. She was enjoying how my thigh felt between her legs but she didn’t want to let me know it.

I sniffed her hair as I ground my thigh between her legs. “Are you a little teaser or a pleaser?” I asked as brought my hands to her shoulders.

The touch of my hands on Jenny’s shoulders was like electricity as Jenny groaned and twisted in front of me. Her hands came to her skirt and she tried to smooth it out.

“Are you a teaser or a pleaser, Jenny?” I insisted. My mouth came next to her left ear and I breathed heavily in it.

Jenny was beside herself. The feeling between her legs was growing and our closeness had her sexually charged. She moaned an almost audible response.

“What?” I asked. “I didn’t hear you?” I said as my hands massaged her shoulders and neck.

“I’m a pleaser,” Jenny said louder now and her mouth tried to catch mine.

I stopped her and caught her mouth in my right hand. I pursed her lips and kissed her on the mouth. She responded by trying to kiss me back but I allowed her only a peck. I pinched her lips between my fingers and told her I thought she was a ‘teaser’.

“No, I’m not,” she gasped as her hands came up beside me and she tried to hug me.

“Put your hands down,” I told her. I looked her in the eyes and smiled, “Show me that you aren’t a teaser,” I told her.
Jenny looked into my eyes, the eyes she had been avoiding and smiled. I think she had been waiting for this ever since she had blown me four days ago. She slid down against the wall and into a crouch position. Her little hands fumbled with my boxers and pulled them down. My cock sprang from my pants and she admired and stared at it before taking it in her hands and stroking it.

I was in control now and told her to put her hands down beside her. She did but then tried to bring them back up to hold my thighs. “Put your hands down by your sides and only use your mouth,” I told her as I watched from above.

Jenny did her best to comply. With her hands by her sides, she had trouble maintaining a crouch and sucking my cock at the same time. If she rocked too far forward, she would take too much of my cock in her pretty mouth and choke. If she sat back, she couldn’t get enough of my cock in her mouth. I watched intently from above as she tried to get the right balance. She wanted my cock bad so she choked often as she tried to suck my sweaty member.

“That’s it, don’t tease my cock,” I told her, “I want you to suck it good.”

Jenny’s pretty eyes looked up as she leaned forward to take in as much of my cock as she could handle. Her eyes fluttered as she tried her best to avoid choking on my rod. In their corners, tears welled up from her enthusiastic sucking and choking. I smiled at her and she slowed her sucking and hummed.

My cock was in heaven as it had the prettiest mouth I had ever seen wrapped around it and an eager cocksucker attached to it. The fact that Jenny would suck my four day sweaty cock and pretty much do anything I pleased made my head swim with pleasure.

“That’s it, take my cock all the way into your tight little throat.” I urged her and smoothed the hair on top her head. I looked down between her legs and thought about her tight little pussy. I was almost ready to explode but wanted to see her hot little body first. Jenny’s eyes closed and I watched as she tried to slide her mouth further along my hard-on. She was about an inch and half from the base of my cock when she had to pause and relax her throat muscles to keep from choking.

My right hand came down to grab my cock as Jenny slid her mouth back off my cock. She was ready to give deep-throating me another try but I stopped her. She almost looked disappointed as I stroked my cock next to her face. She caught her breath as she looked up at me.

Using my right hand to stroke my cock, I rubbed the head of my rod on her cheek as I took my left hand and reached down to the front of her cheerleading sweater. Jenny looked down at my hand she hesitated. She brought her hands to mine and held it. She looked up at me and I could tell she was trying to decide how far she was willing to go. I chuckled to myself as I thought, she is willing to gag on my schlong but isn’t sure if she wants me to see her titties.

“Aw Come on, let me see your beautiful tits,” I urged her and smiled as my hand cupped her left tit while she held my wrist.

Jenny hesitated again as she looked up at me. Her right hand let go of my wrist and she slowly raised her sweater from her waist. Her taut stomach came into view first as her sweater rolled inward. She watched my eyes as I leered at her hot little body. She smiled and looked down at her chest as she tried to show it to me.

Her soft skin almost glowed as her white cheerleading sweater gave way to her black lace bra. Jenny was probably only a 34 B but they were perky and round and made my heart pound. Holding her sweater tightly around her neck she glanced back up at me proudly.

“Take ‘em out so I can see them,” I told her. Her hot little orbs seemed to be begging me to touch, suck, and kneed ‘em.

Again, Jenny hesitated. This time she didn’t wait as long, smiled and said, “Okay.” A little voice in the back of my head chimed, ‘She’ll do anything for you and I mean anything’.
Her bra was one of those front snap ones and Jenny squeezed the clasp and her bra fell away and her perky, firm tits sprung from their captivity. As almost impossible as it could be, my cock seemed to grow even harder in my hand.

“Fuck,” I muttered impulsively and it made Jenny giggle. My left hand moved quickly to her chest and I cupped each tit as if I was some sort of expert in weights and measurements. Her nipples were rock hard and felt awesome in the palm of my hand. I stroked my cock harder in my hand as I enjoyed the warmth from her body.

“Suck it,” I ordered as I pushed my cock towards her mouth. Pre-cum wet her cheek and lips as I smeared the head on her face. Jenny opened her mouth wide and took in my cock hungrily. Her mouth muscles rippled as she sucked on my hard-on as I pumped the base. “Suck it good, cause I want to pop hard,” I told her as my left hand tugged it her left nipple. Jenny moaned on my cock as I tweaked her nipples. She seemed to be getting off on my playing with her chest and telling her what to do.

I was seconds away from exploding and my left hand had left Jenny’s chest and had become intertwined in her hair when I heard the front door slam shut. Jenny acknowledged it seconds after I did as her face pulled up from my crotch and she stared up at me. It was my dad and he was right on time but couldn’t have come at a worst moment. I reached down and roughly pulled Jenny to her feet. My cock stuck out between us through the opening in my boxers but I had no pants to pull up to cover up with as I was ready for a shower. Jenny flattened down her sweater and looked at me in a state of shock.

I thought quickly and pushed her towards my room. We hit my doorway a split second before my dad opened the basement door to call to me. I took Jenny to my closet and guided her into it and closed the door.

“Anyone home?” my dad called from above. He usually did the same routine every night. He’d come home, check to see that everyone was home and then go to den to do some extra work or the home finances.

“Yeah, I’m home,” I answered as I walked back to my doorway and looked up the hallway leading to the steps. “I’m going to catch a shower and probably go to bed early,” I added.

“Great son,” my dad said and closed the door.

I was just about to go through the hall to the shower room to grab a towel when the door reopened and my dad stuck his head through

“Heard from Jenny?” he asked.

“Nah,” I lied and added, “I think she had something after school.” A thought dawned on me that we might have a problem getting her upstairs without her mom and my dad suspecting something.

“Okay, I’ll tell Maureen not to expect you for supper,” he said as he closed the door.

I waited a moment and closed the door to my room. I locked it and tested it. I figured if my dad had anything else to say to me, he would knock and I could hide Jenny again. I went to the closet and opened it. Jenny was standing right inside. She smiled at me shyly as if to ask if the coast was clear. She had re-buttoned her bra as I could not detect any bulging across her chest. There was a bulge still in my pants and I planned to take care of it. Jenny moved to step out of the closet but I stopped her. With my right hand in my boxers I pulled out my cock and with my left hand I cupped Jenny’s head. She looked at me oddly like aren’t you afraid to get caught. I was but I had made the right precautions so I wanted sucked.

Jenny slipped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She began sucking almost immediately and this time didn’t hesitate when I pulled up her sweater to get at her bra. I unsnapped her bra and cupped her breasts. She was still turned on as her nipples stood erect and she moaned as I kneaded them.

She was caught by surprise by my next order but did so without much of a fight, “Pull up your skirt,” I told her. She moaned on my cock but kept sucking and her hands moved to the front of her legs and pulled up her skirt. Her eyes looked into mine as she sought what I was up to next.

I looked down between her legs and saw those cute little cherries on her white panties. I saw something else that caused me to just about bust a nut in her mouth. The front of her panties were soaking wet and the cherries smelled of her pussy juices. I pushed her head on my cock a little more f***eful as I realized the little minx was getting off on sucking her step-b*****r’s dick, big time.

“Come on suck my cock hard,” I told her and pumped my hips at her cute little face. Her mouth bulged as I tried to stuff all of myself in her mouth. Jenny was working hard on her end to take me all in and her face was red for her efforts and her eyes were wet again. “Pull your panties aside so I can see your little box,” I said now as my eyes were transfixed on the front of her panties.

Jenny moaned as she sucked my cock and tried to steady herself. She was working real hard trying to suck me off and stay in a squat. Now she was being asked to show her moist pussy lips when she needed her hands to keep from tumbling over. She rocked forward and then back and then quickly forward, causing her to choke on my hard-on. She emitted a groan, a gag, and than a muffled cough as she hung by her mouth on my cock.

“Yeah, that’s it! Choke on my boner, baby,” I yelled as I caught the back of her head in my hands. Below me, Jenny pulled her panties aside to show me her flower but I didn’t see anything. I closed my eyes as I came like a cannon. The sight of Jenny throating my rod made me explode and lose my composure.

“ Oh god, swallow it all,” I moaned almost incoherently. Jenny did the best she could but considering it was 4 days since I last came, she couldn’t handle it all. She coughed and choked as she swallowed and drank from my rod. She wiggled her face from my cock and tried to catch her breath between gasps.

I helped her up from below me and she leaned into me exhaustedly but with a sly grin on her face. I kissed her on the head as I patted it. My eyes caught her pussy lips sticking out from the side of her panties and I studied them. They were engorged and moist.

“Sucking cock really turns you on,” I stated the obvious and laughed as Jenny nodded her head yes and giggled. “Well we’ll have to make sure you are always turned on then,” I added.

Jenny snuck out my basement window and entered the house without shoes, telling her mom and my dad that she had walked over a friend’s house to ask her a question about homework. Her mom believed her and better yet was encouraged by the fact she would be so moved to do her schoolwork. She left pantiless as when I was helping her climb out the small rectangular window, I caught her backside while looking up her skirt. The view was so awesome but was made so much better by slipping the panties off her young, tight hips. Jenny squealed as she hung in the window’s opening and I rubbed her tender lips and clit.

I told her she could get her panties back if she came down to visit me after our parents went to bed. She giggled and ran off to the front of the house.... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 3

The blonde high school girl in the short, brown, sleeveless jumper stood barefoot in
the shop window, dressing dummies, rising on her tiptoes to tie a scarf over a
mannequin's metallic hair. The scarf was too loose, and as the blonde, teenage girl
stretched her firm and full, young body, the brown jumper rode up, revealing scant,
white panties cut high, so that the base of her bottom-cheeks showed almost to the
"Jeez! Will you look over there?" A boy in his late teens, wearing Boy Scout shorts,
shirt and cap, shouted with excitement at his fellows and pointed to the shop
"Migosh! You can almost see her whole bare ass!" a young Scout piped up in a high
"Boy, I'd like to shove my dick into that!" a third Scout said and sucked air in between
his teeth. "Can you imagine slipping your meat into her?"
The scarf was still not right, and the young girl strained so that the muscles played
under the smooth tanned skin of her beautifully shaped legs. Tiny golden hairs
glinted on the swelling thighs, and the gawking Scouts could see the fine, crossgrained
texture of her skin, where the thighs curved up and out into womanly
"Turn around, baby, will you, please?" the Scout who was eager to cut the girl's meat
The scarf finally sat on the dummy's head to the girl's satisfaction, and she stood
back and regarded her handiwork with narrowed eyes, hands on sinuous hips, brown
calves taut. When she stood like that, her rear towards the window, her slim back
sweeping out into a deliciously curved ass, her naked legs well apart, she was the
embodiment of every male adolescent's dream. Here was an athletic, sexy high
school girl, her every body movement signaling her need for a stiff cock, just asking
to have her legs spread and her slit reamed.
The young blonde bent forward, reaching for a handbag perched on a low shelf, and
the Scouts clustering before the pane hungrily followed her every movement. Taking
the purse, the blonde teenager swung around and went into a deep knee-bend while
she put the handbag besides the shoes of the manikin with the scarf. The spectators
were unexpectedly treated to a view of her panty crotch, bulging with plump cunt lips,
the thin, white material cutting into the slit between the swollen rolls of intimate girlflesh.
Wisps of pussy hair had escaped from the confines of the panty crotch and
glinted golden above the tender inner cheeks of her ass.
The girl was either unaware of what she was showing a raunchy band of Boy Scouts
or she just did not care. She kept fussing with the handbag, while the Scouts gawked
at the generous display of feminity.
"Ohmygosh, my pants are splitting!" A Scout said hoarsely, as the girl finally knelt
and bent forward so that the low-cut V-neck of her brown jumper fell away from her
chest, and the Scouts could see her naked tits.
"Wow! Can you imagine a chick like that spreading her legs for you?" a sixteen-yearold
patrol leader said.
The pretty, blonde teenager's firm, pink-tipped boobs jiggled as she made some final
adjustments on the window display. She shifted around so that her behind was
pointed towards the boys.
"Oh baby! Couldn't we use you back at camp tonight.'" A young Tenderfoot said in a
high-pitched voice.
The girl, kneeling, her ass towards the shop window, raised her hips, and her skirt
rode up until a white triangle of panties, bulging with back-thrust cunt-pouch, pouted
at the Scouts.
The Boy Scouts, their pricks stiff with longing for the thinly covered girl-meat, stared
in silence.
"I bet she's just a prick teaser," the patrol leader said, his voice hoarse with lust.
"Oh, she fucks all right," a Scout with freckles across the bridge of his nose said.
"How in hell would you know, Herb?" the patrol leader scoffed at the boy who had
"I know her," Herb said. "She's my cousin Julie. I've fucked her."
The girl went into her squat again, flashing her meaty quim, the mattress of cunt-hair
clearly showing through the semi transparent panties. This time, she balanced
herself by thrusting one bare leg out in front.
"You fucked her?" the patrol leader said and laughed in disbelief. "Who are you
trying to k**, Herb? All you've ever fucked is your fist."
The Scouts also started laughing at Herb, and the sexy teenage girl in the store
window suddenly seemed to become aware of the horny bunch of Boy Scouts
looking under her dress. She gave the gaping Scouts a look of contempt and
clamped her knees together.
"Julie!" Herb shouted and tapped at the window, but the girl rose to her feet, and
stepped back into the store, swinging her well-rounded ass. "I tell you guys, I know
her!" Herb protested, as the boys hooted him down with derisive laughter.
"Sure, you know her, and you fucked her and she sucked you and I'm the President
of the United States," the patrol leader said, and the boys howled with laughter.
"All right, I'll prove it to you guys," Herb said. "I'll bring her out here." He went up to
the store entrance and stopped dead. There was Aunt Dee, lecturing his cousin
Julie, who was unconcernedly sitting on a chair, raising her brown jumper high up on
her thighs, while she pulled a stocking on a well-shaped leg. With Aunt Dee there,
Herb could do nothing.
"What's the matter? Lost your nerve?" the patrol leader taunted Herb as he turned
back from the door.
"Listen, it's true! You got to believe me!" Herb pleaded, as the walking away from the
shop window, now that its main attraction for them was gone.
"You bring her to camp tonight, behind the cook tent, after lights out, and fuck her,
then we'll believe you," the patrol leader said. "We'll be watching from the bushes."
"Okay, I will," Herb agreed. His prick was as hard as that of any of the Scouts who
had seen Julie flaunt tits, ass, and barely covered cunt in the store window. The idea
of slipping her some meat with the guys looking on excited him. "Hey! Don't you guys
go and beat off thinking about her," he shouted after the Scouts. "The least I can
promise you is a hand job from a real live girl."
'No, I don't want to go to any Scout campground with you," Julie told Herb three
hours later. "Don't you see I've got company?"
The company with Julie in her bedroom at Aunt Dee's was a delicious-looking fifteenyear-
old girl with dark reddish-brown hair, wearing a form-fitting, yellow dress with
very little underneath. At least, Herb could see her boobs were hanging free,
luscious jugs with large, stiff nipples showing dark through the thin, yellow cloth of
the dress. Herb tried to look up under her skirt to see whether she wore panties, but
the girl clamped her thighs together when she noticed his probing look.
"She can come too," Herb said, as the girl looked him up and down with an impudent
smile. Herb gulped as her eyes stared right at his prick that was beginning to swell
from his looking at her tits jiggling under the thin dress.
"She's Lisa," Julie said, introducing the girl to Herb. "And I'm sure she wouldn't be
interested in going to any Boy Scout camp-out or whatever either."
"It's a Scout-O-Rama we're having up at the park," Herb explained. "It doesn't really
get going until tomorrow morning with contests between the different troops, and
demonstrations, but tonight they have storytelling around campfires and singalongs."
"Listen, Herbie," Julie said, "I saw you and your Boy Scouts when I was dressing the
window over at Aunt Dee's shop, don't think I didn't." She turned to Lisa. "Would you
believe it? There they stood, gaping at me, and every one of them with his prick
standing up under those silly Boy Scout shorts. Horny? I've never seen so many
guys get hard from a girl."
"Umm, sounds interesting," Lisa said and ran the tip of her tongue along her upper
lip. She crossed her legs, and Herb caught a glimpse of something dark. Was it her
pussy? Herb's cock tightened in his pants. Lisa was a pretty girl, and then there was
something about her-her mouth. Herb thought of Lisa sucking his cock, taking the
head in between her nice, soft lips and licking it with her flickering tongue. His prick
crawled down his thigh until it was a powerful ridge of solid meat under his uniform
shorts. Lisa's eyes were right on its outlined length.
"Why don't we go with him to that Scout thing?" Lisa asked Julie.
"You go, if you want to," Julie said. I've got to wait for Aunt Dee." She had been
glancing out of the window from time to time all along as if expecting someone. She
had hardly looked at Herb all evening, and even now she seemed to take no notice
of the aroused state of his prick. But not Lisa. She deliberately recrossed her legs,
and this time, he clearly saw her bare snatch. The tip of Herb's throbbing prick
almost peeked out from the hem of his Boy Scout shorts.
Lisa reached out and took Herb's hand and held it. Her touch made him feel warm
and funny in his lower belly. "Well, I'll go with you, Herb," Lisa said. "I've always -had
a weakness for campfires, toasted marshmallows and stuff." She stood next to Herb,
and her hand brushed momentarily over his hard cock. Herb thought he'd shoot his
load. This girl had something about her that really got him going. As she walked over
towards the door ahead of him, he looked at her ass swinging beneath the thin
yellow dress: nice, full, rounded cheeks, and his knees turned to jelly.
"Lisa," he whispered as soon as they were out in the hall, "Ohmygosh, Lisa."
She turned around, her blue eyes wide and innocent. "What's the matter, Herb?" she
asked. She came up close to him and pressed herself full-length against him, so that
he could feel her tits in contact with his chest. Then she socked her belly and snatch
into him. Even though it was through two layers of clothes, her quim caressing his
super-stiff dong was too much for him.
"Keerist!" he breathed out and ran his hand down her back over the resilient softness
of her ass. Growling like an a****l in rut, Herb impatiently raised her skirt hi back
and ran his hand over the naked cheeks of the girl's bottom.
The girl kissed him. on the mouth, her tongue darting against his, while he ran both
his palms across her gyrating ass-globes.
"You like my ass?" Lisa whispered in Herb's ear just before she flicked her tongue
into it.
"Yes! Ohmygosh, yes!" Herb croaked. "Lisa, I've got to-"
She shut him up with her mouth over his lips. "It used to drive my daddy wild," Lisa
"What?" Herb asked hoarsely.
"My ass," Lisa whispered and frenched his ear-hole again. Herb looked down over
her shoulder at the juicy girl-cheeks. "My daddy is crazy about my ass," Lisa went
on. "Do you know he gave me bare-butt spankings until I ran away from home? I
mean he especially liked to make me bare it with his friends watching and all. He sort
of liked to show off, make me stand there with my pants down, while he-"
"Lisa!" Herb breathed hoarsely and cupped one of the girl's ripe tits. It was firm and
springy, and he felt it up, squeezing the girl-flesh, pinching the nipple gently, while
Lisa ground her pussy-mound against his bursting dong. "Lisa, you've got to let me-"
"I thought you wanted me to go to that Scout thing with you?" Lisa said and broke
away from Herb. She looked down at the tremendous bulge in his pants, that had
leaked at its tip into a wet spot the size of a silver dollar.
Herb had forgotten completely about his promise to the troop. "Aw, heck, that can
wait," he said.
Lisa reached for the steel-hard ridge of his cock and touched it with fluttering girl
fingers. "Wow!" she said, "What a rod!"
Herb stumbled forwards toward her, but she ducked and eluded his embrace. Her
auburn hair had fallen over one side of her face, and her blue eyes taunted him as
she laughed at his condition. "You offered to take me to the Scout camp, Herb," she
said, "and I want to go." She stuck her delicious, dark-red lower lip out at him in a
mock pout.
"But look at this" Herb grabbed his prick. Let's take care of this first."
"It'll go down," Lisa said. She was all matter-of-fact now. "Come on, Herb, I want to
see your Scouts."
Herb sighed. "Okay, Lisa," he said. He was thinking that it might even be better to
take this hot-tailed little cockteaser behind the cook tent at the Scout encampment
and fuck the ass off her there-with the whole troop watching from the bushes at that!
"We'll take care of that later," Lisa said and patted his bulging ridge of stiff gristle.
She flicked her tongue out at him and ran down the stairs with Herb thundering after
"What are we doing behind this tent?" Lisa asked Herb when he had brought her to
the clearing. "I thought you said there'd be campfires and storytelling?"
"Looks like we missed all that," Herb said in a low voice. "It's after lights out." The
camp was quiet, except for s**ttered murmurs from the Scouts settling down for the
night. Here and there, the remains of a campfire glowed among the tents s**ttered
under the tall trees. A bright moon rising above the treetops lit-up the grassy patch
behind the cook tent. Dark bushes surrounded this treeless area, and Herb knew
that in the foliage, Scouts were breathlessly watching for his next move.
He reached for Lisa's left tit, but missed as she stepped back, pushing his cupped
hand aside. "What are you trying to do, Herb?" she asked, a frown of annoyance
between her arching eyebrows.
This time, Herb moved fast and grabbed a handful of tit. Lisa's palm exploded
against his cheek at the same moment as a voice in the bushes exclaimed, "Wow!"
"What's going on here?" Lisa asked as there came rustling and stifled laughter from
the bushes surrounding the small clearing.
"Nothing," Herb said and lunged for Lisa. He grabbed her by the hair with his right
hand, unbuttoned the neck of her yellow dress, and pulled one naked tit out.
She swung her fists wildly at him, but he kept a tight grip on her hair, pulling her
head back so that she could not bite him, while he mauled her large, firm knockers!,
first one then the other, squeezing the springy girl-flesh, while his rod rose long and
hard in his pants.
"Hey, Herb! How about letting us have a feel too?" a voice said from the bushes.
Lisa struggled desperately to free herself, her bare tits quivering as she twisted and
turned. She kneed Herb, driving her thigh against his hard-on, and Herb tore her
dress down to her waist. He glued his mouth to one of her nipples and began to
suck, feeling his knees grow weak. His grip on Lisa's hair slackened, and she tore
loose from him and dashed for the bushes, right into a Boy Scout's arms.
It was the sixteen-year-old patrol leader who had dared Herb to bring a girl out here.
He was stronger than Herb, and he pinioned the hard-breathing red-head's arms
behind her back and held her so that the Scouts stepping out of the bushes could all
see her naked tits.
"Jeepers!" a young Tenderfoot gasped, and his voice broke. The sight of a nubile
girl, a pretty one at that, having her bare breasts f***efully exposed was beyond the
wildest dreams of the boys clustering around her.
In the moonlight, Lisa's breasts were pale globes of female flesh, tipped with quartersized,
dark nipples. Her breath came in short gasps from her exertions, and her
chest heaved, making her bare boobs rise and fall.
For a moment, the Scouts just stood there, looking. Then one of them flicked on a
flashlight and played the beam over the pinioned girl's naked tits. The patrol leader
held her arms far back so that her knockers stuck out like ripe melons. More
flashlights came on, and Lisa's tits were brightly illuminated. Her nipples stuck out,
dark pink tips on the full flesh.
"All right, you guys," the patrol leader who was holding Lisa said. "Line up for a free
The boys hesitated, fascinated by the half-naked girl. Only the spots of the flashlights
kept caressing her dark-nippled tits.
Finally, one Scout reached out and gingerly touched her soft but firm flesh. "Wow!"
he exclaimed under his breath and ran his palm over first one then the other of Lisa's
The girl kicked out at him and her foot cracked against the fondler's left kneecap.
The Scout cried out and bent to clutch his knee only to feel Lisa's shoe slam into his
chest, and he toppled over onto the grass.
"Take her shoes off," the patrol leader who was still holding the girl commanded.
It took two Scouts to hold each of the girl's legs while a fifth slipped her high-heeled
shoes off.
The injured Scout lay on the ground, his kneecap swollen to twice its normal size.
"Better get some ice for that," the patrol leader said, and a couple of boys trotted off
into the cook tent.
Lisa was struggling in the patrol leader's grasp. "Let me go! Let go of me, you little
bastard!" she hissed and kicked her bare heels back at the Scout's shins.
The patrol leader laughed, let go of the girl's arms, and instead clasped both of her
breasts from behind. He kneaded the firm, springy flesh, pressing himself against
Lisa's back, his hips rubbing against the girl's ass.
Lisa ducked, freed herself from the clutching hands, spun around, and hit the patrol
leader right in the nose with her fist.
"Ohmygod! It's broken!" he cried as the girl sped away. "Catch her!" the patrol leader
"What the dickens is going on here?'' a masculine voice thundered. A bright lantern
threw its powerful beam into the clearing, and Lisa stopped in her tracks, barefoot,
disheveled, her dress open down to her waist so that her naked tits stuck out.
The speaker with the authoritative voice stepped into the clearing. He was a maturelooking
Scout, with masculine, hairy legs, and the shadow on his cheeks and jaw
showed that he already shaved. Although only s*******n, he was senior patrol
leader, and the boys of Herb's troop respected him. "You guys are making so much
noise the old goats sent me to find out what's up," he said. The old goats were the
Scout leaders, and some of the boys' fathers that had come along on the camp-out.
Lisa noticed his eyes on her bare tits and covered them. The senior patrol leader
raised his eyebrows. The girl brushed the wing of reddish-brown hair back from her
face and returned his frank stare.
"We were just having some fun," the patrol leader who had held Lisa for the boys to
feel up said. He was nursing his nose. On the ground, the boy with the swollen
kneecap was holding a chunk of ice wrapped in a dish towel to his injury.
"It's all right," Lisa said to the senior patrol leader. "They were just trying to have
some fun." She dropped her eyes and scratched at the ground with her bare toes.
Then she threw the senior patrol leader a provocative look. "Only they don't seem to
know how to go about it. I guess they're too young."
"Well as long as there's no harm done," the senior patrol leader said and went up to
Lisa. "You're not hurt?"
Lisa shook her head so that her hair swung out about her-head. "I'd like my shoes,
though," she said.
"Let's have ‘em," the senior patrol leader said, and one of the Scouts handed the
nigh-heeled shoes to him. Lisa slipped one shoe on, supporting herself by holding on
to the senior patrol leader's shoulder. When she raised her other foot to put on the
shoe, she nearly lost her balance, and the senior patrol leader put his arm around
her waist to steady her. When Lisa had both shoes on, the senior patrol leader still
had his arm around her waist.
"Hey guys," he said, "We better move on up to the amphitheater, before some of the
old goats come looking for us." he walked off, holding Lisa, who had put her own arm
around his waist. Before he disappeared down the trail with her, the senior patrol
leader looked back over his shoulder and winked at the boys.
"Come on," the patrol leader with the injured nose said, "let's go and get some of that
ass. Old John will fix it for us."
John was the senior patrol leader's name. The excited band of Scouts took off up the
trail after John and Lisa. Herb brushed past the boys until he took the lead. After all,
he had brought the girl here, and if anybody was going to get some of her pussy, he
felt that he should be first.
Ahead, he saw the glow the senior patrol leader's lantern, swinging from side to side.
Then the light went off, and Herb crept stealthily ahead. When he came upon John
and Lisa, he saw with a pang in his chest that the senior patrol leader was doing
what he, Herb, had been aching to do all evening.
They were standing hi a patch of moonlight, Lisa's face turned up towards John, who
was kissing her, long and hard. While he held her around the waist with his right
hand, the senior patrol leader's left was stroking her naked tits! John was neither
hesitantly touching the girl's bare boobs nor squeezing them as the patrol leader had
done back behind the cook tent. He was massaging the girl's delicious jugs with firm,
swift, circular movements that had her arching her back and rubbing her boobs
against his palms, while her breath came in hard gasps.
Herb felt a painful pang of jealousy as he saw Lisa's hand with a sure move unzip
the boy's fly and take out his long, stiff prick. Lisa's hand stroked the senior patrol
leader's nine niches of rock-hard gristle with experienced hands, so that John
muttered, "Jeez!" while his cock was being handled by the girl.
Herb saw the senior patrol leader's hand slip down from the girl's naked boobs and
raise the skirt of her yellow dress in front.
"He's going for her cunt!" a voice whispered behind Herb, and he saw that he was no
longer standing there alone gawking at John feeling up the girl and getting his pecker
massaged in return. The Scouts stood there, most of them rubbing their swollen
dongs, aching to do what the senior patrol leader was doing.
Herb heard Lisa moan as John's hand started to frig her quim. "He's gonna fuck her!"
an excited voice whispered next to Herb's ear, and the way Lisa kept stroking the
boy's rigid cock with quick, firm jerks, it looked as if she was getting set to take it up
inside her. Herb's prick throbbed painfully in his pants. At that moment he would
gladly have given up ten years of his life to take John's place and slip his aching
meat to the girl.
Herb, along with the other boys watching John and Lisa, tried to get a better look at
the girl's cunt But although John's dong was clearly visible in the bright moonlight,
Lisa's skirt covered her snatch. "Jeez! Look at him fingerfuck her!" a voice breathed
near Herb, and John was doing a beautiful job of it. Lisa bent her knees and spread
her bare thighs farther apart to let the senior patrol leader finger her crack. Her hips
thrust eagerly up and down as she rode the Scout's stiff fingers.
Then, when John lost control and roughly started to f***e the girl towards the
ground, and one of the Scouts by Herb said, "Wow! He's really gonna cut her meat,"
Lisa suddenly shoved the senior patrol leader back. The watching Scouts let out
groans of disappointment. John growled and went for Lisa again, but she whispered
something to him that none of the Scouts, including Herb, could hear, and he said,
"All right, if you want to," and laughed, while the girl stood on tiptoe to kiss him, her
hand still fondling his erect dick.
"All right, you guys," John hollered, "I know you're there. Come on, we're going to
have a little fun." He hugged Lisa, and she kept her hold on his prick, while they
started along the trail to the amphitheater once more.
Herb and the other Scouts trotted behind them, feeling jealous of John, the senior
patrol leader, who was getting his prick massaged by a girl's hand, while all they had
were stiff peckers and the hope that maybe they were going to get a chance to rub
them against some naked girl-flesh.
The amphitheater was really only a semi-circular cut in a sloping hillside, with peeled
logs set into earthen terraces and a patch of bare ground at the base, where the
remains of a campfire smoldered.
When Herb and the other Scouts got there, John was throwing logs on the red-hot
embers and fanning them to a blaze with his cap. Lisa sat on one of the peeled tree
trunks that served as seats around the campfire. She sat huddled forward, her face
hidden by her hands, her elbows resting on her thighs.
"How manv of you guys got a hard-on?" the senior patrol leader asked in a loud
voice. Lisa's head perked up, and she watched the boys. Four or five raised their
arms half-heartedly. "Well, okay then," John said, "I guess most of you aren't ready
for a little fun. So why don't you all go back to your tents and forget about what I'm
going to be doing here."
There were loud groans of disappointment from the boys. "All right then," John
addressed the Scouts again. 'Wow let's see how many of you have a stiff pecker."
Every Scout there raised his hand.
Lisa said something to the senior patrol leader that none of the Scouts could hear.
He laughed and turned back to the boys. "Lisa here thinks that you're boasting. How
about showing her that you guys are ready for a little loving?"
The Scouts did nothing but stare in silence at the girl who had sat up and was
leaning back on her hands, a taunting smile on her face now brightly illuminated by
the blazing fire.
"If you guys want to call it quits right now," John said, "that's more than okay with me.
You can all go and hit the sack."
There were shouts of, "No, no," from the boys.
"All right, then," the senior patrol leader said, "how about letting Lisa see what you
got for her? Come on, fellers, drop your pants."
"How about her?" a Scout shouted at John. "How about her showing us her crack?"
The senior patrol leader turned toward the girl. "How about it, Lisa?"
The girl shrugged, stood up, bent forward, her arms crossed, and pulled her yellow
dress up and off so quickly that the Scouts stared at what suddenly was revealed in
disbelief. A lovely, young girl stood there, bare-ass naked, the fire's flickering light
playing provocatively across her smooth skin. At the apex of her slightly rounded girlbelly,
the dark patch of pussy hair drew all eyes. The girl cupped her naked tits and
caressed them until the nipples swelled. "All right, John," she said, "Anybody that
wants to cop a good feel, have them take then-pants off before they come up to roe.
I wanna see some stiff pricks."
A burly, curly-headed Scout was the first one to drop his uniform shorts and
underpants, and with his semi-stiff rod of meat swinging, walked up towards the
naked girl, while the Scouts whooped with excitement.
Lisa sat down on the peeled tree trunk bench and waited for the Scout who was
naked from the waist to his knee-socks. Her eyes were unabashedly on the boy's
extended prick, and seeing a lovely fifteen-year-old girl looking with interest at
aroused male meat, drove the Scouts to a high pitch of sexual excitement.
The burly, curly-headed Scout had dark hair on his legs and belly, and his cock was
a thick, pale shaft curving out from the mat of hair in his groin. When he reached
Lisa, he bent slightly forward and cupped one of her tits. The girl arched her back so
that he could feel her up good and proper, and watched his cock spring up. As the
burly, curly-headed Scout massaged the girl's naked tits, his pecker grew larger and
harder. Lisa ringed it with one hand and eagerly stroked the stiff, male gristle. She
pulled her legs up and spread her naked thighs, her feet up on the tree trunk, and
her strokes on the boy's joint quickened as the male meat swelled bigger still with
increased desire.
"She's spreading for him! She's spreading for him!" a Scout near Herb shouted with
"Dick her! Dick her!" another boy shouted. "She's asking for it!" But Lisa, after
showing the burly, curly-headed Scout her pussy, pushed him away and sprang to
her feet on the bench.
Now, another boy dropped his pants and eagerly ran up to the girl. This one, a pale
blond fellow with short-cropped hair, must have had some experience with girls
before. He cupped one big cheek of Lisa's ass with his right hand, and his left went
straight for her snatch. The girl bent her knees a bit and spread her legs farther apart
to accommodate him. While he squeezed and pinched the full and well-rounded girlass,
the pale blond Scout fingered the girl's quim. This time, the watching Scouts got
a better view of the girl's snatch, as the Scout stroked the intimate groove before
slipping two fingers into her.
Lisa let him feel her up until his prick stood up so stiff that it looked fit to burst, then
she pushed his hands away from her body and squatted on her heels, up on the
Now, more of the Scouts seemed to muster sufficient courage to expose their pricks
to get a free feel. They filed past the naked, squatting girl, putting their hands on her
tits, peering at her hairy twat, making a few hesitating passes at the girl-crack, and
now and then slipping a boyish finger inside of her, until their peckers had risen to
full hard-ons. The last one on the line filing past the girl was John, the senior patrol
leader. He had a tremendous hard-on by the time he got to her, and, by the way in
which he grabbed her by the cheeks of her ass, his fingertips digging into its crack,
Lisa must have known that this mature boy would not be satisfied with a quick feel.
John kissed the girl again, kneading her tits, until the assembled Scouts could hear
her moaning. When he stuck three fingers up inside of her, they could clearly hear
the squish made by her wet cunt. Lisa groped blindly until her fingers found the
senior patrol leader's cock, then she ringed it with thumb and forefinger, and gave
him quick, jerky strokes that brought the organ to its greatest dimensions. John's
prick was enormous, a veined column of angry meat.
The senior patrol leader reached around and grabbed the girl by the ass again, each
of his large hands cupping one of the girl's hind-cheeks. He pulled her forward, and
Lisa grabbed his shoulders for support, as the purplish-red knob of the boy's cock
pressed against the elastic outer ring of her cunt-hole. As soon as the girl felt the
male rod parting the wet inner lips of her quim, she tried to pull back, but the senior
patrol leader f***ed her down, impaling her on his powerful shaft of meat.
Every one of the boys watching had an enormous hard-on. This was no longer any
adolescent game of touch the tittie or stink-finger. This was the real thing. The girl
was being f***ed to take in meat. She cried out a little as she slid down the boy's
gigantic shaft of stiff gristle, her moist, pink cunt ringing it like a mouth. The Scouts
watched with throbbing hard-ons as the senior patrol leader unhesitatingly rammed
his prick into the auburn-haired cockteaser until his pubic hair was enmeshed with
Triumphantly he lifted her off the tree trunk bench, still holding her by the full, wellrounded
cheeks of her ass, pulling the fat globes of flesh apart so that the Scouts
could see his fingers digging into the groove, the middle finger of his right hand
sticking up into the girl's asshole. He slid her back and forth on his rod, which came
out of her cunt glistening with her love juice, until she was lubricated enough for him
to start really fucking.
None of the Scouts watching had ever seen a girl of their age getting fucked, and
they were amazed that her girlish cunt could accommodate the senior patrol leader's
enormous prick. John knelt down on the grass, keeping the girl impaled on his shaft,
and then leaned forward until her bare ass rested on the ground. He f***ed her
thighs up against her boobs with his shoulders so that her cunt was in position for
the deepest possible penetration, and slowly withdrew from her vaginal sheath. The
Scouts watched in fascination as the thick shaft came sliding out of the girl's quim,
glistening with her cunt-juice.
John raised his tight, muscular ass until only the head of his tool remained inside the
girl's slit The boy's shaft was swollen with lust, and the veins on it distended even
more as he started rotating his ass and drove into the spread-open girl with the first
fuck-stroke. When he slowly withdrew his tool from her gaping gash, it glistened in
the nickering fire light. The knowledge that the moisture on the senior patrol leader's
cock came from inside the girl's twat, excited the gaping Scouts.
The senior patrol leader drove his rod up into Lisa's quim once again, and the girl
expelled her breath and moaned. John speeded up the rhythm of his fucking now,
driving up into Lisa's belly with a twisting motion, and withdrawing slowly only to
thrust into her once more.
After the fifth fuck-stroke, Lisa freed her thighs and brought her bare feet down flat
on the ground at either side of the boy humping her. Now, she started rotating her
hips, her ass grinding away on the grass. When John's thrust was almost in her to
the hilt, she raised her bare ass off the ground and pushed her cunt up until her belly
touched the boy's. As Lisa's hips began to respond to John's powerful thrusts, the
watching Scouts saw that this was a girl who really knew how to fuck. As she moved
rhythmically under him, John increased the f***e of his cunt-reaming. His shaft slid in
and out of the writhing girl who started to gasp as she lost control and started fucking
with complete abandon. Lisa cried out as the senior patrol leader kept slipping his
meat in and out of her pleasure-swollen slit. She clasped her lover with her bare
legs, her ankles crossed on the small of John's back. This way, she could pull him
toward her, squeezing him tightly against her drooling snatch so that his fully
extended prick slid way up inside of her.
The Scouts marveled at John's control. The senior patrol leader kept on relentlessly
fucking the naked fifteen-year-old girl who punctuated every one of the boy's piercing
thrusts with gasping outcries of sexual pleasure. As the girl gave a long, drawn-out
cry and her legs and belly started to shudder, the onlookers stroked their stiff pricks
with renewed excitement. Very few of the Scouts watching their senior patrol leader
fucking the good-looking teenage cock-teaser had ever seen a girl in the throes of
coming. They knew girls climaxed, but they were not prepared for the violent
physical evidence of the high school girl getting off from being fucked by an
experienced male.
"Oh wow! Look at her snatch!" a Scout shouted and played the beam of his flashlight
over the girl's crimson cunt lips. While John's straining prick, dark red with congested
bl**d kept plunging in and out of Lisa's raw, wet gash, the girl's cunt lips pulsated
from her come.
The warm girl-cunt gently opening and closing on his plunging shaft started to get to
John, He struggled to make the fuck last, his face screwed up into a grimace of
intense concentration as he held back the high-pressure spunk. But now Lisa milked
the boy's ramrod with her cunt, again resting her bare feet on the ground and raising
her hips while the boys plunged down. She cushioned the f***e of his every stroke
with the springy flesh of her bare ass, grinding away under him before he could pull
back for the next thrust.
"Come in, baby. Fuck!" a Scout, his prick stiff in his hands, shouted at the girl
humping madly beneath her fucker. "Move that ass, Lisa!" he yelled, as the girl
started to shimmy her naked hips.
The senior patrol leader grunted and ground her rotating ass down against the earth.
His small ass-cheeks bucked up, and then clenched tightly as he slid far into the
girl's cunt-sheath, and popped his nuts off with a hoarse bellow. The girl's legs rose
up in the air as she felt his hot spunk deep in her in-sides.
John kept right on fucking through his come, then withdrew his semi-hard dick and
smiled at the assembled Scouts. "And that's what you do with a little prick-teaser," he
said. Lisa still lay there, her legs wide open, and as the Scouts turned their flashlight
on her gaping quim, the senior patrol leader's thick, white spunk welled out of her slit
and ran down between her bottom-cheeks into her exposed asshole.
"Come on now, Lisa," the senior patrol leader said, reaching for her hand, and
pulling her to her feet. "You made these guys get hard, now you see to it that every
one of them gets off."
The girl shook her head so that her mane of auburn hair whirled out about her face.
She brushed it back with one hand, looking at John with narrowed eyes, and slowly
moved her head from side to side as if she still did not fully understand what had just
happened to her. "You son of gun," she said to the senior patrol leader, "you really
know how to make a girl get off, don't you?"
"You were asking for a good twat-reaming, baby," John said. "And let me tell you,
you've got a real sweet one." His prick started to stir as his eyes flicked over the girl's
naked body. "Like honey," the senior patrol leader went on. "You got one hell of a hot
tail, Lisa. Hot and sweet enough to suck the spunk out of a ninety-year-old man."
"You're a pretty good lay yourself," the fifteen-year-old girl said, eying John's swelling
prick. "Yummy! I'll open wide for you any time, Boy Scout."
The senior patrol leader's cock stiffened, and the girl reached for his glistening tool,
while she fingered her slit and then spread it open so that the flushed inner lining
showed. "Come on, slip it to me again," she urged. John's prick jerked at her words.
"Hey! How about us?" A Scout sporting an eight-inch rigid rod protested.
"Umm, not bad," Lisa said. She looked around her and saw that most of the Scouts
had their pants off and their peckers hard.
"Will you do something for these guys?" John pleaded with the naked girl. "I mean,
you can't blame 'em, can you? They've seen you spread your legs for cock, and-"
"All right, all right," Lisa said and reluctantly released John's stiffening prick. "But as
soon as I'm finished with them, you're gonna do me again." She looked longingly at
the senior patrol leader's cock. "Aren't you?"
"You got a terrific ass, baby," John said, "How about doing it dog fashion?"
"Yummy," Lisa said and stuck her bare ass out at John so that the cheeks parted
and her hairy quim pouched out at him. While she gave the senior patrol leader a
good look at her rear exposure, Lisa took the eight-inch rigid rod of the Scout who
had asked for some attention into her hand, and expertly massaged it until his spunk
spurted. "There, that ought to keep you down for a while," she said and watched the
Scout's pecker wilt.
She went over to another one of the boys, took hold of his hard cock, pressed it
against the inside of her naked thigh, and squeezed it until thick, white cum squirted
out and ran down her leg. The scouts crowded around the nude girl, some pressing
their erect cocks against her, rubbing against her ass-cheeks, laying their rods into
the groove between them and bathing the girl's rear end with hot spunk. Lisa's hands
were also busy, restlessly seeking out the firm rods of male meat, ringing them with
her soft palms, and milking them with rapid, sure jerks that set semen to flowing.
Finally, her bare ass glistening from the cum that had been spilled over the tender
cheeks by horny Scouts rubbing themselves against real girl-flesh, Lisa sat down on
the peeled tree trunk, a stiff cock in either hand, and expertly tossed off the two boys.
As soon as she had finished with that pair, she grabbed another couple of cocks,
jerked them back and forth and neatly milked the sticky cum from them.
"Hey, Lisa! Where did you learn to give hand-jobs like that?" John asked her. His
prick hung heavy and nearly fully erect from seeing the naked girl relieving so many
boys with her hands.
"Heck, I've been doing that since seventh grade to keep the guys out of my pussy,"
the girl said and finished off another pair. "I-" she started, but a Scout stuck the tip of
his dick into Lisa's mouth and then watched round-eyed as the pretty girl tongued
him, and sucked at his prick-head until he came right in her mouth.
Lisa blew two more boys, expertly frenching them, so that they came quickly and
completely, while a Scout rubbed his prick against her left tit until it spat white semen
onto the girl's flesh.
"Hey Lisa, none of this jacking off for me," Herb said to the auburn-haired girl. "You
and me are gonna fuck!"
Lisa looked at Herb's proffered prick. "You want me to get you off or don't you?" she
asked and started stroking it.
"Come on Lisa, spread your legs for me," Herb said and reached for the girl's snatch.
Her hand was already milking his prick, squeezing the male gristle to make it spit.
"Listen, I wanna fuck," Herb whined. He felt a hand grabbing his shoulder.
"She doesn't wanna fuck you," the senior patrol leader said as Lisa dropped Herb's
cock and grabbed the swelling meat of the older boy. She brought her lips down to it
and licked its length, slowly and carefully like a little girl tonguing an ice cream cone
to keep it from dripping. When John's tool had grown to its full nine inches, the girl
stopped sucking it and knelt on the bench, her naked ass toward the senior patrol
leader. She tilted her hips back and spread her thighs wide until her hairy quimpouch
gaped. Then, taking John's shaft, she guided it in between her cunt lips, until
the senior patrol leader's belly was pressing against her ass-cheeks. The boy's
extended prick was lodged way up inside of her.
"Jeezus, what an ass!" John said and started humping the wide hipped girl. His prick
slipped in and out of her fat quim, while she arched her back to spread herself as
wide as possible.
Tears came to Herb's eyes as he watched the senior patrol leader again fuck the girl
he had brought out here to show off before the boys. "I brought her, I should be
fucking her," Herb muttered. But the boys were wrapped up in watching a girl getting
fucked dog-fashion and paid him no heed.
"Harder! Harder!" Lisa cried out as the senior patrol leader slipped his glistening
dong in and out of her back-thrust cunt.
Almost crying with frustration and jealousy, Herb could not watch any longer.
Tucking his still-hard pecker into his pants, Herb zipped his fly, and stumbled off
down the trail and back home, back to Aunt Dee's house.... Continue»
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BBC Seduction

I have a friend I met on Xhamster who's name is Kathy. Kathy is a very hot redhead with light complexion that has the most wonderful fantacy she told me about.

Her fantacy begins with her stoping after work for a drink at a local bar to unwind after a stressful day at work. She is sitting at the bar sipping her drink when she noticed someone beside her ordering a drink. As she looked his way out of curiousity, her eyes met his and then she immediately noticed his warm smile. He said Hi to Kathy and excused himself if he had startled her. Kathy replied no I was just deep in thought about my day.

They exchanged small talk for a couple minutes and Kathy was surprised at how at ease she was with him since they just met. She was also very attracted to him and the quivers she felt was a tell tale sign. Kathy had never been with a black guy before but she had heard stories of the large cocks some black guys had. Her mind started racing wondering if he had a large cock and how it would feel getting fucked by something very large.

Katy's new friend indroduced himself as Joe and asked if she wanted to have another drink with him and his friends from work. Joe pointed to a table where Kathy noticed 4 other black men. At first she was hesitant not knowing any of these men but the sexual quivers she was having thinking of Joe and the posibility of fucking a hugh cock gave her enough courage to accept and join the men at the table. They all seemed nice and Kathy started to relax a bit.

After a couple more drinks. Kathy wasa feeling more adventurous and let her hand slide onto Joe's leg as they tsalked. Joe taking this as a good sign slid his hand over Kathy's and moved it up until it rested on his cock. As soon as Kathy realized what she was feeling she gasped under her breath as she felt teh size and hardness of Joe's cock. He trues was one of those black guys she had heard about.

Joe leaned over and whispered in her ear, lets get out of here. To Kathy's surprise the words "yes lets" slipped from her lips before her brain thought of what that meant. Joe took her by the hand and led her from teh table as Joe's friends hooted and remarked about Joe going to get lucky.

Joe led Kathy from the bar adn Kathy asked where are we going. Joe replied that he knew of this motel around the corner and he would get a room. All of a sudden Kathy started to get cold feet and hesitated but Joe said no way you are backing out now, especially since you got my cock so hard. I didn't take you for a cock teaser Kathy. Kathy didn't know what to say and Joe persisted.well what are you Katy, a little white slut cock teaser that won't put out? Kathy knew that at this point she half wanted to get fucked by Joe and was half affraid at what may happen but she took a deep breath and reluctently said no Joe, I am not a cock teaser.

Joe got a room and they went inside. It was a two bit motel with a bed and bath and barely clean. Joe pulled Kathy inside, closed the door and pinned her to the door with the weight of his body as he kissed her deep and long. she hesitated not kexpecting to be attacked as soon as she got in the room but after a couple seconds of feeling his muscular body against her and the hardness of his cock pressing against her stomach she kissed Joe back starting to get turned on.

Joe stepped back and commanded Kathy to take her clothes off but just the tone of his voice made that fear swell up again and she hesitated. Joe noticing this said either you take them off or I am going to rip them off you you little slut. Kathy knew at this point she had gotten herself into more than she bargained for.

Joe f***ed Kathy to lay on the bed naked as he took off his clothes. She noticed his muscular chest as he stripped off his shirt and then he slid off hs pants and underwear and Kathy gasped as she saw his hugh hard cock spring up. She had never seen or imagined a cock that big in her life. Joe's cock ws 10" long and extremely thick. Kathy knew she was gong to gt fucked and now her new fear was how would she ever be able to take that cock in her tight little pussy.

As Joe approached the bed, Kathy heard the door openand to her surprise Joe's 4 friends were suddenly in the room surronding the bed. They were all staring at her naked body. Each of the men were making remarks about what a fine little white fuck she was and how they wanted to fuck the white bitch giving her a taste of some good ole black cock she would never forget.

Kathy closed her eyes for a moment hoping that this was all a bad dream and she would wake up in her own bed safe and sound but when she opened her eyes she saw the 4 other guys now naked and each of them stroking theit hard cocks as they looked at her naked body. Each of them having a hugh cock. She quickly thought that 2 of them were as big as Joe and the other 2 were at least 8".

Befrore she knew it, one of the guys was shoving his hard cock in her mouth as she felt Joe's hugh 10" cock spreading her pussy lips. She layed there stunned as she felt the head of his hugh cock sliding into your tight little hole. She tried to scream as she then felt his tickness spread her pussy open wider than it has ever been spread but her scream was muffled by thr hugh cock in her mouth.

Within a few seconds the pain form being spread open s wide dimished and pleasure started to grow in Kathy's body. Even thoiugh she did not want this to happen like this her body took over and her urge for pleasure made her wet and wanting more. She reahed out with both hands and took the other 2 guys hard cocks in her ahnds and started stroking them as they wathced Joe fuck her little white pussy with his hugh cock.

Before she knew it Kathy was the cum slut that she knew was burried deep inside her. Her mouth eagerly sucking on a nice hard cock and her tight pussy bucking up agianst Joe's long thick cock tryig to get as much of it inside her as she could.

She then noticed the 5th guy who was just stroking his cock up until now, slide on the bed under her raised legs and push the head of his hard cock against her tight ass. Kathy gasped as she only tried anal sex once before and that was with a guy who had a much smaller cock. She braced herself as she felt the head of his cock pop into her nice tight ass as Joe's cock was still fucking her now drenched pussy.

Before she knew it, she was filled with a hard cock in her ass and in her pussy both fucking her deep and hard and her body craving it, wanting all her holes satisfied and filled with hot dripping cum.

The pleasure in her body building until she was to teh point of exploding. Her ass wiggling and hips grinding against each of the 2 cocks in her pussy and ass. Her mouth sucking the hard cock that was shoved into it, now wanting to feel it explode filling her moth with warm cum. Each of her hands stroking wanting them to also explode on her body, making her feel like the cum slut she had just become.

After a few more minute Kathy got her wish as she first felt the cock in her mouth explode. She sucking and swallowing as much as she could but still cum was dripping out of the sides of her mouth.

She then heard moans from both guys she was stroking, the hot cum shooting onto her breasts and face as they both squirted thier hot cum on her. This sensation trigger Kathy's orgasm as she bucked harder against the 2 cocks in both her holes. As she came she felt the gush of hot cum filling her pussy and her ass that triggered another strong orgasm in her.

Within a couple minutes each guy pulled out of her spent body and Kathy closed her eyes still feeling the waves of pleasure stream through her body. When she opened her eyes, she was alone. The only sign of her adventure ws her body covered in sticky cum, cum dripping from her pussy and ass and a smile across her lips of a night she would dream of for the rest of her life.

... Continue»
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When we got one morning the lights in the kitchen weren't working, Fucks Sake, that meant that I'd have to look for an electrician, finding one in the phone book, after ringing him he said he'd be up within the hour. I took my wife into town, she was having lunch with her best frind. Sure enough the Electrician, Bob, arrived with his son, Neil.

After looking around Bob told his son, who was his apprentice, what he had to do as he was going to get some cable, he told me "Neil can do a little ground work I have to go and get some stuff I'll be about a half hour". Ok I replied. As Neil carried on with his work I asked him how old he was, "20" he replied, "I did shit at school so I'm learning off my dad".

After around ten minutes his phone rang, it was Bob, he was stuck in traffic and would be about an hour, Ok I said as long as the job's done today. Neil was up some ladders in our kitchen when he asked me to hold them in case they slipped, I did this, and he was facing me, as luck would have it they slightly slipped and I grabbed hold of his hips, he thanked me.

As he turned the ladders round he asked me to hold them again, this time I moved them with my foot and as he wobbled I grabbed hold of his hips, his crotch was inches from my face, as I held his hips I could see the outline of his cock through his jeans, as he went up a rung I steaded him by putting my hands on his bum, then he came down a rung and I held his hips again.

As I was doing this i noticed his cock was twitching, and then it started to grow, as he wobbled on the ladders I gripped his hips tighter and could see his cock growing, he was obviously turned on, he said "I've done all I can here til dad gets here", as he came down the ladder he looked straight in my face and smirked. I still had my hands on his hips.

As we squared up he looked at me and said "You want to go upstairs", as though I was in a trance, it just felt right, I said "Ok", as we walked upstairs he said "Are you gay" I said "No", and with that he stopped me turned me to face him and kissed me, I pulled away saying "I don't like that", as we walked into the bedroom, I said "No I can't do this", with that he manhandled me, grabbing me and sitting me on the bed, calling me a prick teaser.

I was trying to get away but he was stronger and held me down. He got hold of my hand and put it on his crotch, telling me to stroke him, I was still trying to get away when he started to stroke my cock, I was hard. He pinned me down and was stroking me as I was rock hard, he unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down I was pinned down on the bed, he rubbed my cock.

As he let go of my hands he whipped down my undies and started to wank me off, it felt good but it was so wrong, as he wanked me off he relaxed his grip, and I laid there, scared. He put his lips around my helmet licked me and wanked me, I knew I couldn't last long, then he fingered my ass all the while telling me I'd been teasing him on the ladder.

I shouted out I was coming but he just carried on, as I shot my load he took it all in his mouth, licking me and pumping my cock until I ran out of cum. He then pulled my pants off and said "Now it's my turn you prick teaser, I'll teach you to lead me on", I got scared wondering what he was going to do to me, he stood up and took his jeans off, his 8" cock erect in front of him.

Pulling me up to the seated position he told me to suck him, I put my fist around him and started to wank him off, he said "Lick me", as I did do,sort of, he said "You're shit at this", pushing me onto the bed, he opened my legs and positioned himself between them, suddenly he put the tip of his cock at my arse crack and rubbed him up and down on me.

Then he said "You fucking prick teaser", as he pushed his entire length into my asshole, God the pain was awful as he continued to fuck me, he was grunting and I felt like crying, then all of a sudden I had a strange feeling of an orgasm, as he pushed his cock into me I shouted "I'm coming", as he rammed his cock into me I came again.

He pulled his cock out and dragged me up to face him he said "You're going to suck me until I come" I said "No", and you could see the anger in his face as he threw me on the bed, and began to ass fuck me again, he fucked me long and hard, and it was killing me, this wasn't pleasure it was pain, but Neil was enjoying it, all of a sudden he slowed down and was grunting less.

Then he pulled out and told me to get on my knees, as I did he entered me again, fucking me harder, I reached down and felt my own cock it was as hard as a rock, all of a sudden he screamed pulled his cock out and wanked his come all over my cheeks, bending down he licked all his own seed off my arse, turning me over, seeing my hard on, he ordered me to do the same to him.

I said I couldn't, so he just roughly wanked me off, as I was coming he slipped two fingers into my arse as I shot my load, my spunk was all over my pubes and he bent down and licked them dry. Afterwards as we got dressed he said he was sorry, he thought that's what I wanted, I told him it hurt like hell, he asked me not to mention it to his dad. God what an afternoon.

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Fashion's Slave

It was the night of the presentation of our tenth couture show in Paris. Our company NIARTSER FASHION was not a big one, but we had grown steadily little by little and the number of the special kind of people that appreciated our art had grown and now people were coming from all over the world to see our presentations, which -- like at the big couturiers and the "pret-a-porter"-houses -- were held twice yearly. Actually we were more in accord with the timing of the "pret-a-porter"-houses, because our clientele liked to have their orders made to measure. Showing the fall/winter fashions in the spring and the spring/summer collection in the fall gave us the time necessary to fill all orders before the season started without having to employ a large work-f***e. We were a very well organized little group and -- I believe -- a unique one.

For the celebration of the tenth collection or our fifth anniversary we had prepared a big party and sent out invitations to all of our customers. In contrast to all the other Paris fashion presentations there was no press allowed -- our customers preferred to remain among themselves. The whole affair had more or less the atmosphere of a private party. Even the models themselves were customers.

As the co-owner of the company you would expect me to act as the master of ceremonies or in a similar position -- however, here I was immovably posted as a mannequin upon a pedestal among a row of very natural looking dummies all displaying in a retrospective the most popular models of our previous collections. I was wearing a very elegant evening ensemble, a gown with a high-waisted, skin tight skirt of black taffeta and a top in the form of a sphere starting at the lower ribs, leaving the shoulders bare, made of a sparkling, silvery, metallic looking material. My hair was swept up into a delicate arrangement of ribbons and curls, long dangling rhinestone pendants almost touching my shoulders were inserted into my ears and sparkled in competition with a flashing rhinestone choker just over 3 inches wide that tightly circled my throat and made me hold my head very high. Just below the knees the skirt seemed to merge into a bouffant wealth of the same silvery material that encased my upper torso.

I projected the picture of an exquisitely coiffed and extravagantly dressed lady about to enter an elegant ballroom, pausing for a moment in front of a mirror to check her appearance before making her great entrance at the arm of her e****t.

However, the outward appearance belied the truth: the skin tight taffeta skirt continued underneath to below my ankles and prevented any movement of my legs. There actually were two zippers which -- when opened -- would have allowed me to take small, mincing steps, but now they were closed and my legs were securely tied by the skirt.

Oh and, of course, my arms: they were tightly folded on my back, hands facing outward close to my neck and the elbows laced into special pockets at the upper end of my corset which tightly encased me from breasts to thighs. The choker, the corset, the tight skirt, and the extremely high heels on my shoes really made all movements impossible. My makeup reflected and continued the static theme: it had a waxy texture and looked absolutely artificial in its glamorous perfection. The whole picture was that of an elaborate life-sized doll, like a display at a wax museum.

This ensemble precisely portrayed our specialty: High fashion that restrained the wearer to the utmost without being directly noticeable. Actually the company name spelled this out quite clearly if you read it backwards. We had a lot of male (and lesbian female) clients who bought our dresses and other items for their girlfriends and wives who liked this kind of bondage, but we also had an almost equal number of women (and men) who liked to cross-dress and enslave their male partners in our finery just as I had been ensnared and subsequently enslaved by Sylvia, my wife and partner in the business.

Just before the first guests arrived, Sylvia had observed, that I tended to follow the actions in the room with my eyes and what little movements of my head were allowed by the Rhinestone choker. Of course, I could not comment on them, as my mouth was kept shut by the intricate little mechanism which Sylvia had had our dentist install on my back teeth and which locked my teeth tightly together over a plastic gag that exactly filled the cavity of my mouth and held my tongue down. But the movement of my eyes and my head in her opinion disturbed the picture of the motionless doll that I was to portray because it made my pendants swing a little and send sparkles through the room. To end this, she inserted a pair of lenses into my eyes with blackened pupils which effectively blinded me without being noticeable by any onlooker. And not being one for half measures, she inserted little wax- balls into my ears which almost completely cut off my hearing.

As you can see, she had the power to give me freedom as and when she deemed fit. She could open the restricting zippers in my skirt and lead me around with my vision and hearing still severely checked, or ungag me and let me have a drink and again restrain my legs with the skirt wherever she wanted to leave me. She could unplug my ears and let me hear the conversation around -- and probably about -- me while not being able to see who was talking and not being able to take part because of the invisible gag. There was no way however that I could sit down because of the long corset and my arms could not be released until the corset was taken off. I was completely dependent on Sylvia or whomever she might appoint as my mistress or master for the night.

You think the situation I was in would make me feel terrible or humiliated? To tell you the truth: I cherished it, my mind danced in bliss. Waves of delight raced through my mind and body and I was incredibly excited. From time to time somebody (was it Sylvia?) stroked my legs and my behind and each time I came close to an orgasm.

Well, what had brought me here and to this? What had caused me, a grown man of 25 years, rich by most standards, contrary to everything one should expect of me under normal circumstances, to be immovably stationed on a pedestal, dressed in exquisite feminine finery and looking like the epitome of femininity, and be a willing subject to the whims and caprices of a beautiful, but strong willed woman? Let me explain and tell you how everything happened from the very beginning.

I, Rene de Brinville, was the only c***d of a couple, who had been extremely successful in the French fashion industry after the second world war. My parents were not actually creating fashion, but had an excellent ability to determine what would sell. They acted more or less behind the scenes, picking out young designers, backing them, building them up, and not only selling their creations but building a marketing empire around their names. When I was born, they had very successfully exploited every turn in fashion the fifties and early sixties and continued to do so. I grew up in my early years among fashion sketches, designers and fabrics.

I was not overly touched by all of this, I had the normal interests of a boy: I'd rather go out and play soccer with the other k**s and generally make a mess of myself in the park, than sit at home. I abhorred little girls and I remember throwing a tantrum when my mother tried to persuade me to play an angel in a Christmas play. I definitely rejected the idea of being dressed up as an angel, which in my view was on par with wearing girls clothes -- a terrible idea.

As both my parents were working, I was sent to a boarding school when my time came. There is nothing exceptional to report from this period, except maybe that if any mischief or prank was discovered, the headmaster would at first enquire where I had been at the time of the incident and more often than not his hunch was right that I was the culprit or, at least, an accomplice.

My happy small world collapsed when my parents were both killed when their plane crashed on a flight from Milan to Paris. I was 13 years old and on the verge of puberty when it happened. Economically I had no problems. My parents had practically retired and sold their company to a multinational chemical company interested in it because of its potential to propagate new chemical fibers and fabrics, and just worked as advisors. All their money was invested in blue chip stocks which made me totally independent. By the Swiss definition that a rich man is one who can live comfortably on the interests earned on his interests, I would have been a rich man. But I was not a man yet. I was a school boy and the problems that I created at the school immediately grew immensely after the death of my parents. The headmaster found it necessary to inform my uncle, the b*****r of my father, who had been appointed as my guardian, that I had become so unbearable that he suggested I leave the school at the end of the year.

When the school year ended, I went to live at my uncle's house at least for the summer holidays. My uncle told me that he would decide later, whether I could stay there or be sent to another school. My uncle was not exactly poor either. He had a booming wholesale company in Paris. His wife and her daughter (from a previous marriage) lived in a small chateau (the English would have called it a manor) about 200 miles southwest of Paris and he only came to visit them once in a while. Now he was there to spend the summer vacations.

I soon found out that my aunt was the domineering figure in this marriage and my uncle's prolonged sojourns in Paris were his way of escaping her. Her daughter Sylvia was a very pretty girl, about nine months older than I was. Immediately, my aunt set out to correct what she described as my unbearable and impossible behavior. Before she had married my uncle, she had been a teacher. From this experience she had a wealth of methods of punishing me for all my wrongdoings without so much as touching me. She would for instance restrict me to my room and give me a task to complete -- like learning a poem with 24 stanzas in German -- before I would get anything to eat and the like. During the summer holidays she convinced my uncle that it would be best if Sylvia and I would not be sent to a school, but that instead she and another tutor would teach us together. My uncle was only too glad to be relieved of my schooling problem, and a teacher whom my aunt knew was employed.

The teacher turned out to be an attractive woman but at least as stern with me as my aunt had been before. Here I was with two domineering ladies as my teachers and no male to turn to. My future really looked gloomy. The only solace that I found was with Sylvia. She comforted me when I was down and out from the attentions that I got from our teachers.

Looking back from where I am today, I am sure however that all this was going according to a master plan devised by my aunt: I was to take Sylvia as my confidant and protector and thereby become dependent on her. It all was a variation of the age-old good-cop-bad-cop-scheme. Anyway, it worked and I soon accepted Sylvia as a higher authority who had it in her hand to help or to hurt me.


Hi, this is Sylvia. I simply have to break in here and tell my side of the story. Of course, there was a plan and it even then went much further than Rene suspects even now. When my father became his guardian, my mother at once saw the possibilities that opened up to subject him to our strong wills. We just had to steer him into a position which made him completely dependent on us -- in spite of all his money. We were not exactly poor, but my mother did not want to be dependent on the whims and the fate of my father, who recently seemed to have developed a separate life of his own in Paris. When my mother first saw her nephew, she saw at once what nature offered us: he was a boy OK and his behavior was the perfect definition for roughhousing, but his features were very pretty and delicate, almost feminine. Maybe subconsciously he tried to neutralize this outward appearance with his actions. My mother immediately hit upon the idea of completely feminizing him and slowly turn him into a girl and thereby make him totally dependent on us or -- later -- on me. She had distinct lesbian tendencies and rightly foresaw a similar inclination in me. Of course, she only took me into her confidence after some time when she explained her intentions. I was very enthusiastic about her ideas and did everything I could to further her plans as you will see.


Soon after my uncle returned to his work in Paris, my aunt found it advisable to have my health checked and I remember the visit of a lady doctor who examined me thoroughly and diagnosed that I was a little anaemic, and who prescribed some medication that I had to take in the morning with my breakfast. I took it assiduously, though when she returned after two weeks, she found it necessary to give me an injection and from then on I got one every week for the next two years. I did not notice any changes in my health, but she insisted, that if she did not give me the shots and I did not take my pills, my health would soon deteriorate.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened until, first, Sylvia, and, nine months later, I, became 16. The thorough schooling that we both had had enabled us to pass our high school graduation examinations before a state school board with flying colors. Living together with women only, I had not paid attention and had had no real chance to observe the development other boys went through during the same period in their lives. I did not notice, therefore, anything out of the ordinary with my own development. However the fact was, that I did not grow much more from the time I joined my aunt's household. At 16, I had reached 5'8" and was very slim. I tipped the scale at 115 pounds. I did not know it then, but I had very small hands and feet for a boy. When I said I did not notice anything extraordinary, I really lied to myself. At first, I had only noticed a slightly fleshier chest and tried to disregard it. However over the months my chest grew out more and more and there couldn't be any doubt, I was developing like Sylvia and grew girls' breasts. At first, I tried to hide them from everybody, I avoided being seen without a shirt on, I wore bulkier sweaters and wider coats and I shunned tight T-shirts. However during a visit of the lady doctor I summoned all my courage and told her about my problem. She was not at all surprised and explained to me, that this often happened to boys of my specific type of constitution, that it was a hereditary strain in me, but in due course it would disappear by itself. She also pointed out, that my voice had not really broken as was common in boys of my age, it had changed just slightly into deeper tones, more of an alto than a baritone. This too was caused by the same precondition and would rectify itself gradually over the next years. I was very relieved by this assurance.

I was less cautious now and even let Sylvia catch me with my chest bare. To my great surprise, she was delighted to see that I had a bosom like hers. She immediately offered to lend me one of her bras, but I flatly rejected this. I explained to her what the lady doctor had told me about it and asked her not to tell anybody else. She promised it solemnly. This -- what I thought to be -- our little secret drew us still more together. Sometimes she teased me a little and said that I would make a cute girl.


At that time Rene was brimming with the female hormones that the doctor had given him and had the smooth skin and the facial features of a very pretty girl. I did not have to break my promise not to tell anybody about it, because everybody of importance knew about it and even better, knew the real reason for it. Of course, we did not mention anything about it to him and I just once in a while teased him very cautiously a little about his female features to test his reactions. We just led him deeper into the trap by pretending that nothing unusual was happening. My mother even had encouraged him to let his hair grow out -- this was the time of the flower power and the hippie movements and long hair was a way of protest among the boys -- and he was only too willing to join this kind of protest against the suppressions of society. At the time of our graduation his blonde mane almost reached to the middle of his back when he tied it with a string at the nape of his neck. It had evidently escaped him, that his body was hairless save for a fluff under his arms and a perfect triangle of soft blonde curls somewhat lower. I had more hairs on my arms and legs than he had. All in all he already had a perfect girlish body and I was intrigued by it -- actually, I found him quite sexy that way.

Sex had not come very early in our lives, but when it came to me, it came with an incredible impact as if a tightly wound spring was suddenly released. In my case, it was shortly after my 16th birthday and the spring was released by our tutor. I had long suspected that there was something special going on between her and my mother. One night -- my mother had gone to see my father in Paris -- she introduced me to the Sapphic delights. She was very gentle, not a single spot on my body remained unkissed that night. She took me through all the stages of lovemaking up to a whole row of earthshaking, shattering climaxes.

Of course, I, with my slightly dominant nature, wanted to try everything on a subject of my own. I wanted to be the teacher, not the pupil. So, Rene was my natural choice. With his feminine body he tempted my senses and I lured him into my net in a fashion worthy of a French courtesan at the court of Louis XVI. I started with unexpected little touches and caresses. I discovered, that his nipples were extremely sensitive and hardened at the slightest touch. I made him help me undress and flaunted my nakedness before him -- always keeping him at a distance. It was hard for me not to jump into bed with him right away, but I knew I would lose a lot if I would let on my own desires. Sex for him had always to be a favor he would have to beg for. I instinctively knew it would only work for me if I made it look like I would magnanimously grant him something to soothe his desires and then only in exchange for something that I wanted from him.

This play acting, hiding my own desires and playing on his, in fact intensified my pleasure immensely. I showed him every trick that I had learned from my very good teacher -- and I think I even invented some new ones. After a while he was not only putty in my hands, he was sincerely devoted to me. On the other hand I had grown very attached to him, as someone who could fill all my desires for a soft feminine body and a submissive mind combined with some extremely male equipment. If you put aside all this reasoning and analyzing, you could bluntly say that we were both very much in love with each other and I intended to make absolutely sure that he would not slip away from me. I had several long conversations with my mother about the situation and together we formed a plan which we then carried out very successfully in every detail.


During the summer vacations after our graduation the f****y discussed what we should do next. My aunt suggested we should both go to a fashion school in the south of France near Grasse where the headmistress was a friend of hers. Sylvia had expressed a great interest and talent for designing fashion and in view of the profession of my parents and their former connections in the industry, it was suggested that I should be able to make a career in it myself, if not in designing, then in other fields like marketing. It all sounded so logical that I finally consented. The school was located in an old mountain castle and my aunt pointed out that she had already received the consent of the school if we would like to share an apartment there. I liked this idea very much because it relieved me from the problem of having to share the secret of my body with other guys. Everything came quite naturally and there was not the slightest doubt in my mind that this was the right move for me.

Consequently at the end of the summer vacations everything was packed and we went off to our new school.

The school was located in the French Sea-Alps off the Route Napoleon about two hours by car from Nice and Cannes. In former times it had been a fortified castle high on a mountain and it was still barely accessible. It still was very much self-supporting. We had our own electricity and well and were mostly independent save for the food supplies. There were large workshops and studios where every fashion-related item could be designed and produced from shoes to hats and everything imaginable in between.

It turned out that our living quarters were a little separated from the living quarters of the other students. We had two bedrooms, a large livingroom, a common bathroom and a little pantry. As we were told by the housekeeper who showed us around, this portion of the castle formerly was the living quarter of the captain of the guards. After we settled and unpacked our bags, we were requested to see the headmistress, who turned out to be a strikingly beautiful woman in her mid-thirties, a little on the severe side in dress as well as in behavior, but this was to be expected of somebody who would have to guard and chaperon about 40 students.

To my surprise I heard that I was the only male student, the rest were all girls -- which was the reason for our detached living quarters. The headmistress told us that it was strictly a school for girls. Only the personal friendship of my aunt with the headmistress and a sizeable donation to the school had let the school-board make an exception for me and only on the grounds that Sylvia and I were regarded as a couple already engaged to be married. Well, they could regard me as whatever they liked, it would not stop me from developing new and maybe even some intimate extracurricular relationships to at least some of the other 38 girls -- I thought.

The first weeks at the school passed without any special events. We had a tight class-schedule and mainly I had to learn a lot of new things. The school was exclusively dedicated to female fashion in all of its aspects. We had classes in history about the development of the female dress from the antique Egyptian, Grecian and Roman times trough the middle ages to today's clothes. Of course, we had classes in drawing fashion designs, classes that taught us all about the materials such as fabrics, leather, plastic and rubber and how to handle and use them and much more. The whole curriculum was scheduled for two years and from previous graduates of the school it was known that they all had been given excellent career opportunities. My life with Sylvia did not differ very much from our life at home and we both enjoyed it very much.


Now listen to the hypocrite! First of all I always arranged it so that I had a marvelous sex life -- but I let him have his share too -- if I felt like it. During the first days in our new school I felt it necessary to draw the reins tighter. It was the way he looked at and talked with the other girls that made me show him where his limits were. I had detected a few luscious morsels of femininity which I was not at all averse to tasting myself and if there was any playing around, I was determined to make sure that I, and not he, would do it.

I never argued with him about his relations with other girls -- I didn't want any discussions about jealousy, but I found other methods to discourage him from pursuing his outside interests like giving him a task to fulfill at the time he wanted to meet somebody else. And I introduced a new ingredient into our love-play: bondage. Very slowly and very low key at first, but steadily increasing.

I began one night by objecting his caresses with his hands saying they were too rough and that his nails hurt me. When he continued to stroke me, I tied his hands to the upper bedposts while he was lying on his back. I made this an uncommonly delightful experience for him because I caressed, patted, massaged and kissed every part of his body, taking extra care of the spots I knew to be extraordinarily sensitive, mainly his breasts and his nipples and, of course, his rod. I had noticed, that it had literally jumped to attention even during the tying of his hands -- evidently he was as much turned on by it as I was. I played with him for the better part of an hour. When he started to moan and his moans grew into cries I felt it necessary to silence him with a gag that I made up from my panties and a scarf. Finally, my own excitement had reached the point where I couldn't contain myself any longer. I straddled him and my first climax occurred the minute I lowered myself onto his shaft and it continued into a row of orgasms until he reached his and his rod weakened and slipped from my hot nest.

I did not find it necessary to ungag and unfasten him immediately after this. I remembered the old Roman truth my teacher had taught me: "post coitum omnis a****l triste" (after coitus every b**st is wretched, meaning every male b**st), and I did not want to let him just slip away into sl**p leaving me alone with my stirred up passions. I wanted to keep up the tension for him too, at least until my own excitement had cooled down a bit. So I started to play with him again very softly. Much to my surprise it took only seconds to put new life into his love-tool and it all started over again. Three times in a row it happened that night and it was long after midnight when I finally let him loose and sent him to the bathroom to clean himself up -- but only after I had luxuriated in the tub for quite some time while he was still waiting tied and gagged on my bed.

From this time on I found many reasons to tie him this way or other, e.g. to prevent him from smoking or eating too many sweets, or because he had caused a run in my stockings with his nails, or because he did not wash his hands before eating, or simply because I liked him to be quiet and not be disturbed by him while I was studying.

While at first I used whatever came into my hands to tie him, I soon gathered some special utensils for that purpose, like at first some ropes and straps, later some light chains and a whole bunch of padlocks of all sizes. The fact that the school had excellent workshops helped a lot. I devised and made or had made for me numerous items for special purposes. For instance I had made a U-shaped leather glove to tie his arms behind his back for longer periods without causing too much pain for him. He sometimes had to wear this over night. I also had soft leather cuffs made for him for his wrists, for above and under his knees with which I could hobble him and for his upper arms just above his elbows. When I fastened these on him, I could draw his elbows together behind his back until they actually touched. At first I could leave him like this only for very short periods but I trained him to be able to take it for a little longer time every time I used them on him -- which became quite frequent. Bondage became a steady element in our love play and which I could see from his reactions, Rene was increasingly turned on by it. Of course, he would deny emphatically if anybody would have asked him. I did not ask, however, I just put him into bondage more and more.

One night before I released him, I snapped one of the padlocks shut around the base of his cock and his scrotum telling him that I regarded this as my property and, therefore, had every right to keep it under lock and key. I told him, I had mailed the key to myself in the afternoon and there was no way he could get out of it before the postman brought it -- hopefully, because you can never be sure with the post -- the next day. He protested profusely but also fruitlessly and had to wear it throughout the next day until the key arrived in the post and I relented. I repeated this on several occasions and could be very sure then that he would not date any other girls.

Under the pretense of instructing him in the handling and care of feminine garments I made him perform maid duties for me. Not only did he have to do most of the hand washing of my delicate lingerie and stockings, he had to help me select the things I was going to wear and then dress and undress me from the skin out, brush my hair out, help me in the styling and setting of my hair and assisting me with my makeup. At the same time I insisted that he took good care of his own long hair by washing and brushing it thoroughly. He became quite proficient in his duties as a maid and there were days when I just relaxed and let him do everything for me and with me, starting with bathing and drying me, rub my entire body with sweet-smelling lotions, brush my hair and then set it, put on my lingerie and stockings, bring me some dresses to choose from, put on my makeup and finally dress me according to my choice.

This mostly was our routine for a Saturday or Sunday when we had no classes and we wanted to go down in my car to Nice or to Cannes to do some shopping or just mingle with the people there at a nice restaurant or discotheque. It was extremely convenient for me to have him around as a combination lover, e****t and maid.

I also started him on the way to feminine dress. Also, very innocently at first by asking him to help me with some homework project: designing and making a set of lingerie. I told him, I could not construct the bra on myself and needed a model, but I did not want to go to any of the other girls for fear they would steal my ideas. He was very reluctant at first but finally I won him over. So I first designed and made a bra with half cups that pushed his breasts a little inward and up enhancing their sexy form, letting the nipples free.

The work on the bra was interrupted seriously when, while working on the thing, adjusting it here and there, I 'accidentally' brushed over his nipples and not only they hardened. There was no other way to quiet him down but by a quick roll in the bed -- which I wouldn't have done if I hadn't enjoyed it so much myself. After that I decided the only way to escape his roaming hands was to tie them on his back and while I was doing it I also tied his elbows tightly together to push his bosom further out.

Then I told him the set consisted of three more items: a panty, a garterbelt and a slip and proceeded to put these on him too, so that I could see how they harmonized with each other. Without waiting for an answer and thereby cutting off all protests, I snapped the garterbelt shut over his hips and drew the panties up over his legs. On the way up however, I again encountered a rather large obstacle that in no way would fit into the small panties. However, I immediately took it into my hands to remove this obstacle and reduce it to more manageable proportions -- evidently much to the delight of my model, who stopped complaining instantly.

After the garterbelt and the panties were in place, I observed that the straps hung loose and the garterbelt had a tendency to ride up to the waist and I would never be able to see correctly the complementing lines of it and the panty. So I told him he would have to put on some stockings that I could fasten to the garterbelt. Surprisingly enough, this endeavor was carried out without any protests but again the panty came within inches of being ripped apart from a raising inner tension and I immediately had to attend to this problem with hands and mouth to prevent serious damage.

After a while, I had everything under control again and made him parade up and down the room. He made such a cute and sexy girl now that his male equipment was out of sight that I could hardly keep myself from flinging myself into bed with her. I noticed that his nipples were still quite hard and erect. Obviously and contrary to his complaints, he still was quite excited in spite of having being drained three times in such a short period. His nature seemed to play directly into my hands. Mentally and intellectually he may have been opposed to it, finding it unbecoming to a man and opposed to everything he foresaw for his life, but there was no denying the obvious signs of sensual excitement that the wearing of the feminine garments caused him.

I already had set the trap and this discovery assured me that finally there would be no really strong opposition when the trap was sprung.

This evening I made him don the short slip too and had him wear the ensemble for the rest of the evening. To prevent him from tearing the stockings I even made him wear my mules which possessed feathery pompons and had two inch spiked heels, which he was able to manage perfectly. In this getup he was the perfect girl, cute figure, sexily dressed and very seductive. All it needed now was some makeup and another hairdo. However, I did not want to put too much pressure on him too quickly. I wanted to let it sink in a little, getting him used to the feeling of the lingerie, the stockings, and the heels before I set out to achieve my next goals.

The next morning I persuaded him to wear the ensemble under his male clothes explaining to him that I had to know how the items wore during a normal day, if they pinched, chafed the skin or changed position or what else they might do. As he was always easily persuaded by logical reasoning, he soon gave in after I had told him, that nobody could possibly detect it under his jeans and the heavy and wide sweatshirt he usually wore. I made him wear it for several days, always making him wash and dry it over night, explaining, that I had to know how the materials chosen responded to the washing and if they would change their size or texture or lose their color or form.

After a few days, I had made another set in a different color and the design a little different from the first and started the whole process over again until I had made him wear four different sets.

By now this kind of underwear almost came naturally to him and he put it on in the morning without much thinking about it. Of course, I stored the sets in his drawers. One day, I removed his jockey shorts telling him I would look through them if they needed repairing. I would do it for him as he was helping me so much with my lingerie project. I put them all in a basket and succeeded in ruining them thoroughly when I spilled a quart of latex- based paint on them, accidentally -- of course -- and only because he had startled me by unexpectedly entering while I was standing on the ladder repairing some painting at the upper window.

As he was wearing one of my lingerie sets that day, all of his own underwear was ruined and he had nothing but the lingerie sets I had made to wear until we could go to town the next time and buy some male stuff. Of course, we never got around to that and he never wore anything but the finest female underwear from this day on. On the contrary, I had prepared to put him into dresses completely very soon, again in a way that seemed purely accidental and he was in no position to resist it. To make it work, I had to enlist the help of my mother and the other girls at least to the degree that they kept quiet for whatever unusual might happen.


One day it was announced that our whole class would go to Florence in Italy to visit the museums and a famous Italian shoe designer and see his factory. We would go by bus very early in the morning to the Nice airport and fly by chartered plane to Florence and return the next day. Everybody was very excited about this excursion and the girls endlessly discussed what they should wear. They wanted to be elegant but not overdressed and as there was dinner scheduled in Florence, the problem was what to wear that was not too conspicuous during the daytime and still dressy enough for a dinner at one of Florence's elegant restaurants. Well, I had no such problem. I planned on wearing grey slacks and a blazer over a white shirt and at night simply add a tie -- things really are easy for a man, I thought and pitied the girls. Sylvia helped me and got everything ready the night before. She even brushed out the blazer and the slacks and hung them on the side of the large cupboard. Then she suggested I might want to refresh my summer tan a little bit and set me in front of the sun lamp before going to bed.

In the morning, however, disaster struck me. My face was burning like fire. I had evidently gotten too much radiation from the sun lamp. I called Sylvia who confirmed this. She immediately suggested that she would put on a soothing lotion and use special creams on the most sensitive portions of my face, the eyes and the lips, which would also protect me from further sunburn while we were walking around in Florence. I was glad that she was so competent and active and gladly reclined in the chair, closed my eyes and let her go to work. The lotion stopped the burning soon enough and I felt her creaming my eyes and lips, finishing with a peculiar tasting fluid on the lips which she explained was a sealing coat that would prevent the protective cream to be rubbed off while having breakfast or lunch.

As we were already very late, I jumped to get my slacks and coat only to discover another catastrophe. When hanging up the clothes Sylvia must have accidentally overturned a bottle containing liquid rubber which I had used for pasting together some drawings and left on the cupboard. Evidently the cap had fallen off during the night and the gum had dripped all over the blazer and the slacks. They certainly could not be cleaned in time for our departure -- if at all. Well, I would have to wear one of my usual jeans and sweatshirt outfits and maybe get some other stuff in Florence. When I was looking for my things, Sylvia informed me, that she had sent them all out the night before when I sat under the lamp, because I would not need them today and they all truly needed washing. That really crushed me: I really had looked forward to this excursion and now I sat there with not a stitch to wear.

But Sylvia came to my rescue. She would lend me one of her stretch pants and a pullover to go with them. However, I had trouble getting into them. Sylvia again knew a way out: I should first put on nylon stockings so that the legs of the stretch material could slide up on the slippery nylon. I did and it worked. However, I could not close the pants at the waist. About three inches were missing. When Sylvia saw it, she exclaimed "Oh, I forgot, I always wore these with my waist-cincher -- let me get it and put it on you and you will be able to close it easily." She went and came back with what I can only describe as a real corset. On the outside it was black lace but the inner part was a very strong pink material with heavy boning. It had a front opening and laced in the back. Sylvia clasped it around me from behind and asked me to draw in my stomach as far as I could. Then we both tried to close the front busk. It took some doing but Sylvia explained, that first the skin had to be drawn to the front by this because when closing the lacing in the back, it would automatically been drawn back again. If it was just laced in the back for the whole distance, the skin would be drawn too far back at the sides and in the back and it would be squeezed into the lacing and hurt.

Well, what could I do, I surrendered to her doings and let her lace me into the damned thing until I could hardly breathe anymore. I was sure I could not put up with this for the whole day but once we were in Florence I was sure I could run into a store and buy some decent clothes. The wretched thing had another unwelcome effect: it pushed my breasts in from the sides and up and made them stand out more without covering them. Fortunately, the pullover she gave me was a large affair which camouflaged this and my corseted waist effectively. Featuring a large stand-up collar, it reached down to my thighs so very little of the gleaming stretch pants, which looked like painted on, could actually been seen. I slipped into some western boots and was ready.

I helped Sylvia to get ready and we rushed out to the bus where everybody was already seated. We got in at the back door and sat down on the last bench thoroughly exhausted. When we got out and into the plane I thought I received some curious glances from the other girls, but nobody said a word about my strange get-up, they were all very nice about it.

In Florence we went to see the famous dome first, because the teacher accompanying us had explained, that in former times the painters of the ecclesiastical pictures clad the saints and other figures in their paintings in the fashions of their day and that way we had a very reliable source of information about the clothes of each period.

I was stopped, however, at the entrance by a guard with a deluge of Italian which I did not understand at all. All I could make out was "Signorina" and "non permesso". Our guide came to my help and she explained, that she had been afraid this would happen, when she saw me, but had hoped I would slip by among the others. It was not allowed for girls or women to wear pants to church and, therefore, I was denied entrance. When I was about to explain that I was not a girl, Sylvia took me aside and said "There is no use arguing with him. To him you look like a girl -- period. If you tell him you aren't, how can you prove it in the middle of all the people around here? And what will he say if you should convince him? Let's face it, you are wearing my clothes. Come on, let's get you something different to put on." I could not agree more with her and immediately followed her across the square. However, she entered a very chic boutique, pointed at a mannequin in the window and said to the saleslady "We want this outfit as it is, completely, I am sure it will fit her."

"Hey -- wait a minute, this is a dress, I am not going to wear a dress, this is the wrong store, let's get out of here!" I objected. "So you don't want to wear a dress. What else do you think you can wear to make the guard let you pass. Look into the mirror over there and tell me!" And she turned me around to face a mirror. I got the shock of my life: I looked into the perfectly made up face of a young woman, makeup base, blusher on the cheekbones, light blue eyeshadow and a vivid pink lipstick. I turned around angrily: "Why did you do this to me?" "I had to -- you were suffering from that sunburn and I had no other medication except my cosmetics. They are clinically tested to soothe your skin and help to heal minor irritations like you had this morning. I had to protect your skin from further sunburn and this was the only way to do it."

"Well I have had enough of your kind of kinky medication, let's just wash it off now and get me some male clothes."

"If you think you can just wash it off, you have another thing coming: this makeup is waterproof and can only be removed with a special cleansing lotion. Particularly the lipstick. I already have told you that I put a special sealing coat over it. The makeup will stay on until we get home and I can take it off with the special cleanser. Today your face and body look like a girl's and you better dress accordingly or you will be the laughing stock for all of Florence."

I was completely dumfounded when the truth of what she had said finally dawned on me. There was no escape now. I had to give in. I let her lead me to the back into a changing room and started to undress. I had hoped to at least be able to get out of the constriction of the corset but it soon turned out, that the outfit Sylvia had selected was a perfect fit with the corset. I did not have the power left in me to protest any longer. I felt like a calf being led to slaughter.

The outfit Sylvia had chosen consisted of a narrow black skirt of a linen like structure following the lines of my body closely, reaching to just below my calves and extending for about four inches above the waist which was marked and accented by a narrow red leather belt. The top was a deep red organza blouse with lots of vertical pleats and a high collar reaching almost to my chin. The blouse was buttoned on the back and a big bow of the same material was knotted in front at my throat. I slipped on a bolero jacket over it just reaching to the upper edge of the skirt with sleeves reaching just over the elbows. It was of the same color as the blouse but of a heavy raw silk, collarless and exquisitely tailored.

I had taken off my boots when I slipped into the narrow skirt and now wanted to put them on again. Sylvia intercepted this and brought me a pair of red patent leather flats with a black silk flower on each of them. I tried to slip them on, but the corset prevented me from bending down enough. The saleslady came to my help with a shoe horn and I managed to get them on.

"You should thank me for selecting flats with all the running around we have to do today. I could have selected these here."

Sylvia showed me a pair of black suede slippers with extremely high heels. And it sounds funny, but at that moment I really was grateful that she had shown mercy for me. It did not occur to me that without her machinations I would never have been in this fix anyway.

She thrust a pair of black suede gloves into my hands. "Put them on carefully." I did and they were long enough to disappear into my sleeves.

"Now in addition to this, we want to take this little bustier and these long gloves. And -- I almost forgot the hat."

With that she took a large black straw hat of the kind that Florence is famous for and motioned me over to a chair. She loosened the string around my hair and with practiced skill brushed it out and brought the end up under the other hair. She then tied it high at my neck with a black silk ribbon and fashioned a little bow on the outside. She spread the loop that she had created to the sides to give it more volume. Finally she adjusted the large hat upon my head and fastened it with three long and dangerous looking hatpins.

"Voila! here you are, ready for a fashion show runway. Perfect!"

While she was busy with my hair the saleslady had already wrapped up the other items she had selected and run her credit card through the machine. In a second she had signed and we were out on the street.

I could not resist the urge to glimpse into the mirror next to the door while she was signing the credit card slip. I could not believe what I saw: A young woman, not a girl anymore, an elegant, sophisticated young woman, dressed to the nines in perfect taste. I was shocked -- it was unbelievable. And the whole operation hat not taken longer than six or seven minutes.

It was only after we were out on the street again that I came to my senses. At first I was afraid that everybody would see through my disguise and read me as the man that I was. But I only saw admiring glances from the men and interested, sometimes even envious looks on the faces of the women. And when I recalled what I had seen in the mirror, I knew, that nobody could even have a suspicion of the truth.

We walked back to our little group with me trying to adjust my stride to the confining skirt that did not even have a vent in it to make walking easier. It really f***ed me to take small steps. "Walk from the hips, don't just throw your legs around. Move your behind in unison with your legs." Sylvia coached me. I tried it and soon got the hang of it and was not hampered by the skirt so much as before.

When we reached our class, Sylvia presented me saying: "May I introduce to you the entirely new and improved RENEE!" We were received with a round of applause and even the teacher mentioned something about a remarkable amelioration of my outward appearance. I could not believe it. Everybody knew I was a man but took it as absolutely normal that I was dressed as a woman. Crazy people these fashion people. All they obviously cared about was that I looked good, no matter what sex my dress proclaimed and whether it clashed with my real sex. All that mattered to them was my faultless outward appearance. And in this respect -- I must concede -- not even the harshest critic could have found any fault with me at that time.

Well, we did our tour through the dome and the famous Ufficii palace and then had lunch. Everybody was very glad to be able to sit down for a while. I had a little trouble sitting down and managed only after pulling the skirt up a little but still the tight corset made me uncomfortable. I ate very little and sat very straight.

Afterwards we were driven to the studio of a famous shoe designer and his factory. The maestro received us after our tour through the factory and held a colloquium on shoe design. He commented on the different styles and showed us how a design was turned into the final product.

Somebody -- I am not sure, but I think it was Sylvia -- asked him what he thought of high heels and he explained that at all times high heels were regarded as a method of beautifying the legs of the wearer. Even men used it in the era of the "culottes" at the French court. He wanted to prove his theory with a practical example and called me to the front.

"Here you see a very elegant pair of flat shoes and Mademoiselle (he was addressing me) certainly made an excellent choice for the purpose of today. She would probably not have been able to walk everywhere as she did today with high heels and if she had tried it, it would certainly have caused her great distress. She had to reach a compromise between the practical requirements of her day and sheer beauty. No doubt she did the right thing and I urge you to follow her example. But let me show you what a pair of high heels can do to her legs."

He motioned me to a chair and knelt down at my feet to take off my flats and put on a pair of shoes with extremely high heels made of black suede with red patent leather inserts. He helped me to my feet again and had to steady me. I almost would have fallen on my face. I was perched almost on tiptoe, had to straighten my knees and stand very straight. He led me up a few steps to some kind of a runway that crossed the room and urged me to walk up and down on it. I had some difficulty in doing it, but the maestro explained, that it is not easy to walk in heels of this height and it would take some practice.

When he asked the group if they did not think the high heels were a considerable improvement to the beauty of my legs, he provoked another round of applause. He ended his demonstration saying to me that he apologized for any inconvenience or embarrassment he may have caused me and that I would delight him very much if I would accept the shoes I was now wearing as a form of reparation and he would be enthralled if I would continue to wear them today.

In line with the role I had to play I thanked him profusely and cautiously stepped down from the runway. The maestro bade us all farewell and we got back into our bus to be driven to the restaurant for dinner. At first I had some difficulties walking in the high heels but with the coaching of Sylvia in the form of a few pinches in my backside I managed to walk quite naturally.

At first we were driven to the hotel where we would spend the night. It was beautifully located on the bank of the Arno river with a great view on the famous 'Ponte Vecchio', the 'Ancient Bridge'. All the girls rushed to their rooms at once to prepare for the night out.

In our room Sylvia unpacked her little bag and prepared herself, letting me just stand there. I actually preferred to stand a little after sitting in the bus. When she had changed, she looked delicious in a bright yellow sleeveless cocktail dress with a flaring skirt and a large collar framing her tanned shoulders. Sylvia turned to me: "Now let's get you ready."

With that she loosened the bow at my throat and told me to turn around. She unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. She also took off the skirt and told me to go to the bathroom. When I got back, she made me step into the skirt again and close its zipper in the back. In the meantime she dug into the bag that she had brought from the boutique and brought out a red strapless top made of the finest leather. She put it around me and hooked it shut on the back. It was cut so that my breasts were only half covered. Around my throat she snapped a wide red band made from the same leather with a large sparkling rhinestone clip in the front. She clipped long dangling rhinestone pendants to my ears and gave me the long black suede gloves to put on. When I had smoothed them up my arms Sylvia buttoned them at the wrists. They were so tight that I couldn't have done it myself. They reached almost to my shoulders. Around my wrists she fastened wide sparkling rhinestone bracelets.

With my large hat, the dangling, glittering earrings, the wide leather collar in contrast to the bare shoulders and breasts, which seemed ready to jump out of their confinement at any moment and my arms covered by the long gloves, I was again a daring vision from an extravagant fashion magazine. I was glad that Sylvia let me put on the bolero jacket again, for I felt really naked and exposed in my diminutive top. I was already beginning to feel like a woman. As a man I shouldn't have cared at all if anybody saw my chest but the dress had changed my outlook on the world: I felt like a woman already.

When we got into the bus again to be driven to the restaurant, our little group had completely changed its appearance: all the girls wore something dressy, almost formal.

The restaurant turned out to be what in France we call a "diner- dansant" a restaurant where people go to eat and dance. It was very elegant and we did not feel out of place in our finery. The men all wore tuxedos or dinner-jackets, the women all wore at least cocktail dresses, some even long stylish dinner dresses.

We were seated at a long table and had a very good view of the room. To my embarrassment Sylvia asked me to take off my bolero jacket as soon as we sat down. It was as if she had waved a signal flag: the minute I had deposited my jacket on the backrest of my chair, a young man came up and asked me to dance. I couldn't very well decline as several other girls were also asked and accepted.

Well, here I was, a young man in the finest feminine feathers imaginable dancing with another man. I was a good dancer but I was used to leading, not to being led. It was an absolutely new sensation to me. I really felt like giving up my own will, just holding on to my man and letting myself be carried away. Of course, my clinging tightly to him was also a precaution against stumbling with my unaccustomed high heels. However, it was not an altogether unpleasant feeling to dance with him. You could even say I enjoyed being a girl in these moments.

I was glad, however, when our dinner was served and we had to return to our table as he was beginning to get amorous and I wanted to avoid any situation which I didn't know how to handle.

Dinner was pleasant, but after we finished we all were very tired and glad to go back to the hotel.

The next morning I pleaded with Sylvia to go out and get me some male clothes but she flatly refused. She simply said she had enjoyed seeing me dressed as I was yesterday and I should continue for another day. Anyway, she reasoned, these rags were expensive and we deserved getting some more mileage out of them.

Well, what could I do. I could not go naked to the street to buy something, if I wanted to leave the hotel, I had to wear what I had worn yesterday. There was no escape without Sylvia's help. After some muttering about her bitchiness I had to give in to her and let her dress me in the outfit we had bought yesterday.


Victory! Victory! I had succeeded better than I had imagined in my wildest dreams. Renee (I shall use the feminine form of his name from now on and generally refer to him in the feminine gender, because to refer to him as a man now would be completely inappropriate) not only had worn the feminine outfit selected for her, but carried out the deception in a marvelous way. All through the day she had been the epitome of elegant feminine deportment. The original clothes horse. Of course, everything had been scrupulously planned ahead: I had asked my mother to go to Florence a week before and prepare everything: The guards at the dome, the guide (the church had long ago accepted women in pants, they only frowned upon nakedness now), the people at the boutique who prepared the mannequin in the window with the things my mother had selected for Renee, which then were changed to Renee's exact measurements I had given her. Nothing was left to coincidence, not even the high heels demonstration at the studio of the shoe designer and the 'present' of the shoes which curiously matched Renee's outfit in color and style perfectly. I thought the perfection of everything could give us away, but evidently she had taken everything at face value.

At night at the hotel I told her I would only let her out of the tight corset if she would agree to be a girl all through the night and wear a nightgown. She was in no condition to object to anything at that time. I even made her promise to wear the same things the next day, but she wanted to back out of this in the morning.

I did not relent, naturally and so she was dressed again in her new feminine finery. Just as the day before when I laced her into the corset for the first time, I took great pains to hide her cock under the front busk which reached down almost to her crotch. I did not want any embarrassing bulges to appear during the day, giving her away. As on the day before her cock was hard as rock during the lacing, but I left it that way and just continued. This way the cock would have its maximum dimensions while the corset was being laced, and if she was aroused later on, it could just grow into its former position without hurting her. The corset was, of course, specially made for her, I would never have subjected myself to something so restricting. It had a row of holes in the front and in the back to which a strap could be connected which would go between the legs and could hold her masculine equipment folded back between the legs. This method of hiding it had its advantages: she could go to the bathroom alone and sit down to pee, while with the other method I had to accompany her and help her to get the plumbing out and stowed away correctly. However, she was much too easily aroused now and folding it back and securing it there would cause her terrible aches and I did not intend to be this cruel.

For trying to persuade me to let her off her promise of the evening before I added a new dimension to her femininity: before we left I had a girl come up to our room from the hairdresser in the hotel and give her a comb out and a new hairstyle as well as a manicure.

As her nails were rather short and nothing really could be done with them I asked the girl to lengthen them artificially so that they extended for about half an inch beyond the finger tips, sculpture and color them in the same shade of red as the bolero and the blouse. Renee cringed when I asked the girl to do it, but when the girl started to work on her nails, she gave in for fear of an argument with me which would reveal her predicament to the girl, and remained silent in her role of an elegant young woman.

While the girl was busy with her hands and nails, I already occupied myself with perfecting her makeup. Her eyebrows were a little too scraggly and thick for my taste. I knew that the fashion now was going more for the natural line and I had seen pictures of models in Vogue and Bazaar with really heavy eyebrows. I was not, therefore, too disturbed by the appearance of her brows yesterday -- even in their natural way they looked feminine enough -- at least after I had smoothed them down a bit with my lotions when I secretly had made up his face in the morning. But they certainly could be improved.

I wanted a wider distance between them and a higher curve. So I started on them with my tweezers. Renee did not dare to protest in the presence of the girl. However, a few times in the beginning she tried to move her head away. A short, but evidently very painful jerk upwards on her earlobes soon curbed her objections and she let me continue until I thought the eyebrows were perfectly shaped. I had deliberately taken a little more off on the lower side than was, in fact, necessary, but I added some fullness on the upper side with the eyebrow pencil, giving her brows a marvelous high arch, which added an aristocratic appearance to her face.

I then proceeded with the blusher on her cheekbones and finished by giving her very full, sensual looking lips with a fiery red, wet looking lipstick. I enhanced the sexy look of her lips by just ever so slightly going over the natural edges of the lips creating a very round cupid's bow. She looked so sexy with this that I really had to restrain myself from kissing her on the spot and ruining the whole effort.

With her newly beautified hands I did not let her wear her gloves. I wanted to show off the new addition to her femininity to all the other girls. As we would have to do a lot of walking, I let her put on her flats.

From the hotel we walked the short distance to the Ponte Vecchio where we crossed the river to go to see the Museum at the Palazzo Pitti. The Ponte Vecchio is not only a bridge, it is also a fantastic market for jewelry. On both sides of the bridge are little shops with an unbelievable selection. No vehicles are allowed on the bridge and it is like visiting a mall for jewelers only. I started bickering with one of the jewelers for some pieces that had caught my fancy.

I told Renee that I wanted to make up for everything I had done to her in the last days and give her a present. As I wanted to make it a secret until I had finally decided what to take, I asked her to turn around and put her arms on her back to enable me to try out the different items without her seeing what it was. I selected two golden bracelets, broad rings actually, which were hinged on one side and closed with an almost invisible lock on the opposite side. They went closely around her wrists.

Furthermore I selected a ring for her. However, this was no single ring but rather four rings interleaving each other. I paid and had the bracelets packed into a little bag. The ring I divided by taking two of the interleaved rings and slipped them onto Renee's ring finger on the right hand. The other interleaved two rings were standing up on the outer side of the finger. Before she could suspect any foul play, I had slipped her left ring finger into these rings. Her hands were suddenly locked together behind her back by the interleaving rings and try as she might she was not able to get them off. Her hands were securely tied behind her back.

I did not mind her protests, just pointed out it would be unwise to attract too much attention in public. However, she continued her muttering until we reached the far end of the bridge. I detected a candy store there and went and got some lollipops the size of about a ping-pong ball. I broke off the stick of one and shoved the candy ball into her mouth, completely filling it, as I had expected.

"Now here is something to sweeten your life a little bit. And I don't want to hear any complaining any more (which was unlikely anyhow because the candy effectively gagged her). And don't you dare spit it out or I will take one of your hat-pins and run it right through your ass -- the whole length of it!"

She knew I would do it too and immediately was quite subdued. I just walked on and let her follow me. As long as she walked calmly, she knew nobody would pay any special attention to her and neither her sweet gag nor her secret manacles could not be noticed by any casual observer.

I do not know how long the candy lasted, but it certainly was more than two hours and then she had to keep the empty stick in her mouth, because she could not simply spit it out. I did not take off the rings until we sat down for lunch. When Renee started complaining about what I again had done to her, I simply reminded her that this morning she had broken the promise of last night and had to be punished for it. When she continued to argue with me, I just took another one of the lollipops from my coat pocket and slowly started to unwrap it without saying a word. Her quarreling stopped immediately and I put the lollipop back into my pocket for future use.

After a nice lunch in the old part of Florence we went back to our hotel to collect our baggage, were driven to the airport and flew back to Nice. Under some foolish pretense I made Renee put on her high heels again because I liked to see her in them and we would not do much walking anymore.

In the plane I showed Renee the other present I had gotten for her, the bracelets. She liked them very much and objected only on the grounds that she would not be able to wear them as they were not suitable for a boy. However since they would fit me too, I should keep them and the ring for myself. I put the bracelets on my arms and looked at them stating she was right, they looked good on me.

"But just for now, please let me put them on you, I bought them for you and you should wear them for the time you are dressed as a girl."

She surrendered to my wish and gave me her arms to put on the bracelets. With a single move I snapped them shut over both her arms and too late she noticed, that I had threaded one bracelet through the other before closing them and her wrists were securely locked together. Before she completely realized what I had done to her, I asked her in my sweetest voice "Would you like to have a lollipop, Darling?" She just gave me a nasty look, put her backrest down and leaned back, closing her eyes, evidently resigning to her fate. I did not take off her shackles until we were in our apartment. When we left the plane I just gave her my light coat to hold and d****d it over her arms. This way we passed through passport and customs control and got into our bus back to the school.


In the bus that took us from Nice Airport to our castle, somebody suddenly suggested everybody should vote on my future appearance: should I resume my identity as a boy or should I be compelled to continue to dress as a girl. It may not come as a surprise to you now but it certainly was a surprise for me: The vote was unanimous: I should remain a girl.

The real surprise for me however came shortly after we arrived at the school. I was requested to see the headmistress and further requested that I should not change but should remain dressed exactly as I was dressed during our visit to Florence. I thought I detected a gleam of triumph in the eyes of Sylvia when I told her about it. I was in doubt what shoes to wear. In Florence in the morning I again had worn the flats for our visit to the Palazzo Pitti but for the flight back I had changed into the high heels because Sylvia had told me she had no room in our bags to pack these while the flats would fit in. Now she urged me to keep on the high heels. Actually I didn't have much choice, Sylvia just shoved me out in them. Here I was again out in the yard of the castle in my tight and rather long, black skirt, high heeled shoes, red blouse and bolero and the big black hat, my hands beautifully manicured with long red nails. Well I did not feel too well right now but I had no other choice than face the stern headmistress.

When I came to the headmistress's office, she made me walk up and down in front of her scrutinizing every move I made, every step I took. After about five minutes of silence she said: "I have heard about your escapade in dresses in Florence and I find very little to praise therein. But when I look at you now, I can at least state that you did not bring disgrace on our school."

I tried to explain how everything had happened and that I was completely innocent, but she stopped me short.

"I know you had an accomplice in Sylvia but do not try to tell me it all happened against your will. I refuse to believe such rubbish. Of course, I shall have to punish you. I should have kicked you out for running such a risk of disgracing, at the very least, embarrassing the school, your teachers, and the other pupils, but I'll show mercy and let the punishment fit the crime: for the duration of your stay at this school you shall wear nothing but the most feminine garments from the skin out. Absolutely no jeans or other pants are allowed, not even girls' jeans, tights, slacks, leggings or pantyhose -- one never would know where to draw the line between them."

"The reason I let you off so easily is first that I talked the situation over with your aunt and she consented to this if I would then let you stay here and, secondly, now that I now have an all girl school again I do not have to make any exceptions for a male student. All right -- I expect you to appreciate my leniency and respond to it with an increased diligence in your work. You may now go back to your work. Good morning."

With this I was dismissed. I could only turn around and slowly walk off. I knew Sylvia's opinion and the opinion of the other girls. They wanted to see me as a girl. My aunt had consented and the headmistress was evidently unmovable. I had no hope of finding any support anywhere. I was just stuck with it and had to face almost two years in dresses. I was sure Sylvia would try to intensify her power over me and make me her slave during this time, but I saw no road of escape.

Well if there was no other way, I would have to live it down and try to make the best of it. I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel: I would, of course, resume my male identity when I finished the school. But as in so many other cases: the light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be the light of the oncoming train -- but this is yet another story.

Things were soon back to normal after our return from Florence. That is back to normal for everybody but me. Or was it normal now for me to wear girls clothes? Well for everybody else it seemed so: it was the order of the headmistress and this order had coincided with the vote of all the girls -- including my cousin (and lover) Sylvia.

I was still confused about what was normal now. I knew I had to obey the ruling of the headmistress issued as an order of punishment to me, because I had appeared as a young lady during our excursion to Florence. That I had not done so under my own free will was not accepted as an excuse. Nobody seemed to believe me that it all had been a chain of very unfortunate coincidences that had f***ed me to adopt a feminine identity in Florence. At least it seemed that nobody wanted to believe it, everybody seemed to be quite happy to see me in skirts.

But I was a young man, 16 years old and soon to be 17. How could they do this to me, and even more, expect me to like it? But this was the catch. Something deep inside me actually did like it. I fought this feeling with all my willpower. I was to grow up to be and fill my place in society as a man, I was rich, I had ambitions, I wanted to move ahead in the business world and I knew I could only do it as a man. It is true that I was in love with Sylvia, but I regarded this as a teenage infatuation only. She was very dominant in our relationship and this was OK as long as we went to school together, but after that period she would either have to change her manners toward me or I would have to sever our relationship. If I wanted to fill my place in the tough world of business, I could not let myself be dominated by a mere woman.

Those were the thoughts that went through my mind when I returned from the headmistress's office to our apartment and which in one form or another I have repeated to me thousands of times since. But already while I was crossing the yard of the castle, which was our school, there was this unquenchable feeling of delight caused by the tight skirt and the high heels that I was wearing. Even the uncomfortable corset added to this delight deep within me, making me feel like a girl, stirring up my passions. But my common sense told me to fight these emotions.

However -- I debated the issue with myself -- what could I do now: I could leave the school to escape the ruling of the headmistress which forbade me to appear in anything but full female dress during the whole school term, which was a little less than two more years. But I liked the school, I liked the subject of fashion that was taught there and leaving it would mean a separation from Sylvia.

And there was the question of my body: during puberty my voice had not changed but instead I had grown a (in the original sense of the word) full set of female breasts, I had no beard or other masculine body hair. Except for one major difference I had a perfect female body. The lady doctor who had treated me for an anaemic condition had assured me that this stage of my development would pass in a few years and I would be a normal man, but to leave Sylvia, who had shared my secret understandingly and having to face the world without her help: I simply was too scared to do this. Maybe I should just sit this out. The two years would pass and I most certainly would have developed a man's body by that time and would revert immediately to my masculine identity. This way I appeased my intellect -- using its own methods. However -- I promised myself -- if I were to give in to the present situation, it would be for practical reasons only and certainly not because I enjoyed being a girl.

When I came back to our apartment, I found Sylvia and a whole bunch of other girls among a pile of female garments. It looked like our whole class was present.

"Hi Renee, hello, you are looking great again; that dress really suits you; what a beautiful hat -- just like the one Edith Head used to design for her forties pictures -- and the shoes, I wish I could walk in heels that high, and, my, what a beautiful slim waist ..." I was received like a homecoming queen by everyone and showered with compliments. I returned the greetings and thanked everyone very politely.

"We know you have not been able to complete your wardrobe yet, so we all wanted to chip in and bring you a few items you might want to wear for the time being." They were all very nice -- the news of my predicament had surely traveled fast across the campus.

Sylvia asked them to quiet down a bit and thanked them in my name for the consideration they showed me. "However," she declared, "Renee must find her own personal style. She will only borrow a few items for a few days. We will go to Cannes tomorrow, Saturday, for a shopping spree at the chic boutiques to select something that suits her style."

She selected a narrow light brown skirt, a fancy embroidered beige- and-brown sweater, and a wide cape in a heavy red-yellow-brown wool melange, just the colors of the fall leaves.

Sylvia asked me to make some coffee. I went to the kitchen and prepared and then served it together with some biscuits. I had to take great care not to stumble with my high heels while balancing the coffeepot and the cups. I could not bend down as I was used too as a boy, meaning from the waist. I had to bend in the knees and the hips, keeping my upper torso almost straight up: the stiff corset did not allow any bending at the waist. Of course, this looked very feminine and elegant, but it was a very exhausting exercise that I was not at all used to. Sylvia watched me intently and with great interest. The other girls just took it for granted that I moved and behaved like a girl. Why shouldn't I, I looked like one of them? Well not exactly: I was dressed far more elegantly than any of them. Everybody chatted for a while -- it was becoming a real hen party. The only remarkable thing was that the most sophisticatedly dressed of the group -- I -- had to do the maid's duties. Sylvia just hovered over the crowd and made me run around: "Give Denise another cup of coffee -- will you please? -- Get some more biscuits please! -- Please fill up the sugar bowl! Where is the milk -- will you bring it to Adelaide please!" You could have said she kept me on my toes -- if I hadn't been kept on them anyhow by my high heels. The narrow skirt did not help me either in getting around among the girls.

After a while, the teacher of our design class joined us. "You know," she started, "you have to design and make two items until the end of the semester, that is until the Christmas holidays starts, one for yourself and one for a common model. The first one will be judged for your proficiency to deal with your own body -- which may be less than ideal in some respects -- and the second one will let us compare your designing abilities with all the other students because you will all design for the same model. Thereby nobody has an advantage over the other because she has a better figure."

"Now during the last years the class always voted on who would be the common model. This year it should be the same procedure -- but let me make a suggestion: I think you cannot find a better model than Renee. She is slim, has an excellent figure, long legs, a very pretty face and long, beautiful blonde hair. And -- in my opinion -- most important of all, she wears clothes perfectly. And if Sylvia teaches and trains her a little bit more to move and walk like a model, she should be the perfect choice for you. Of course, -- I do not want to impose anything on you, if you have any better ideas, it suits me fine, but I think you should consider my suggestion."

After a moment of silence, everybody started talking. And I could not believe my ears: everybody was in favor of the idea. A whole bunch of fashion conscious and probably rather narcissistic girls wanted a boy to model their creations. They must all be mad, I concluded. However in this other part of me these strange feelings stirred again and excited me more than I cared to confess at the anticipation of the dresses that I would get to wear and to model.

"Of course, -- if you design something appealing to your model, she may just want to keep it and buy it from you. I gather she is in need of some nice things. From what I can see, she is not opposed to wearing sophisticated and a little extravagant things. This should inspire your creativity."

The question was not anymore whether I should be the model -- this was set aside as accepted by all -- evidently nobody was interested in what I had to say about it. When I wanted to raise some objections somebody who had obviously watched Perry Mason movies on TV a lot interrupted me: "Totally incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial". "Objection overruled!" the teacher answered laughingly laying down her decision in the best tone of an Erle Stanley Gardner judge. The only question to be solved seemed to be who should make what. The teacher said she would be the coordinator and suggested that every girl should propose a design and she would then assign the different tasks to the girls. "As much as Renee may like it, it would do her no good to have fifteen glamorous evening dresses and no sensible clothes for the day. And you should rather prove your creativity within the limited possibilities of day dresses than going overboard with glamorous evening wear."

Shortly after that the meeting broke up and everybody went. I was glad when they were all gone, because I knew I had to clean up the mess and wash the dishes.

When I tried to undress for this to make it easier for me, Sylvia objected and instead tied an apron around me. It was more of a pinafore though. I do not know where she had gotten it, I had never seen her wear it, maybe one of the girls had brought it. It had a skirt that was closed in the back and ended in a wide flounce all around that reached almost to my ankles. Similar flounces went up from the waist in front, ever widening up to the shoulders where they stood out like wings and continued getting narrower to the waist in the back. The pinafore was closed by buttons in the back and wide ribbons that were tied in the back to a large bow that bobbed up and down with every step I took. I was not even allowed to take off my high heels. Sylvia told me: "With the little time you have left until you have to do the modeling, you should grasp every opportunity you have to train graceful walking and moving around in high heels and tight, even hampering clothes." But she was nice and helped me clean up for the most part.

She then went to the bathroom to prepare herself for bed. When I had finished everything and came to bed, I found a shimmering satin full length nightgown laid out for me -- another surprise. I put it on and relished the sensuous feelings it inspired. However I was so exhausted, that I soon fell asl**p.

The next morning after showering Sylvia requested that I cream myself with an expensive smelling body lotion which gave my skin a velvety texture all over. Then she made me put on a bra, panties and a garterbelt. I was glad she did not again lace me into the dreaded corset. When I drew on the shimmering nylon stockings, my emotions again were stirred. I relished this feeling of the soft almost weightless material gliding up my legs and still give the feeling of a certain tightness all over after I anchored them to the straps of the garterbelt.

She brought me the brown/beige skirt and sweater ensemble. "You know, when we have to try on things, it is much more practical to wear a separate top and skirt instead of having to take off a whole dress just to try on a blouse or a skirt." After I put it on, she sat me down in front of her makeup-mirror which stood close to the window. "When you make yourself up for going out at daylight, you have to make up yourself in daylight. The light of incandescent bulbs is much too red and all red colors are washed out under it. If you use red colors like blusher on your cheeks so you look good under incandescent light bulbs, you will look like a clown in the much bluer daylight. If you have no daylight available, try to find yourself a mirror with daylight colored fluorescent tubes."

I realized that the program to train me as a girl had begun in earnest. She gave me makeup base and showed me how to apply it with a little sponge -- not too thickly, just as a hue to blot out imperfections but still leave the face looking naturally. Then came eyeshadow and mascara, the eyebrow pencil and the soft brush with the blusher to accent the cheekbones, last was the lipstick. I was trying my best to get everything right, but we had to start all over several times until I did what Sylvia called an acceptable job.

"You will have to do this every morning now and I shall check it before you leave the house. During the day you must check periodically if it is still perfect. Nothing looks as bad as a girl with run or smeared makeup. Particularly after each meal or whenever you eat or drink something in between you must check and eventually repair your makeup. Don't you ever let me catch you with a less than perfect makeup."

Well, being a girl sure seemed to hold some inconveniences in store for me. Another inconvenience came up when Sylvia decided I should wear my high heels. "We will not walk around too much and you will be able to sit and rest in between. But for judging the length of dresses and skirts, you must wear high heels, because you will wear them mostly. Not these of course, actually they do not match your outfit very well, we will get some others first thing."

When everything was as perfect as I could get it on my first training day, we were ready to go. Sylvia had gotten herself into an ensemble similar to mine and already wore a light overcoat. She had the cape that I would wear in her hands and asked me to turn around. Before she put the cape on me however, she again fastened the two golden bracelets on my wrists -- again one threaded through the other so my wrists were locked together behind me. "Why are you doing this? And what will people say if they see me like this? It is so humiliating." "That is exactly why you have to wear them, love, to make you humble and submissive and to constantly remind you that you are completely dependent on me. And if you will be careful, nobody will notice." With that she put the cape around me and off we went.

We drove into Cannes and parked the car in the rue d'Antibes which is running parallel to the famous Croisette and a very good shopping district. I pleaded with her to unfasten my wrists when we got out of the car, but she was unyielding. "First, we will go to a shoe store, you do not have to take off the cape there and nobody can see anything." I was not so sure about that. I already had the feeling that everybody was staring at me. We had to walk a little distance and I slowly regained my composure when I noticed that nobody paid special attention to us. Just passing glances.

The shoe store was very elegant in a new building in a side street leading to La Croisette. Sylvia motioned me to sit down, which I carefully did. If you walk on extremely high heels and have your hands tied on your back so you cannot use them for balancing or holding on to something, sitting down requires much care if you want to avoid just falling down into the chair.

A very friendly sales clerk came up to us and asked what we desired. "We would like to see some high heeled slippers in brown and in blue, some evening sandals, some high heeled city boots and ... well we will see what else we can find for my friend here." The clerk took off my shoes and I could see he was very impressed by their design and then the name in them. He brought a large selection of shoes in my size and I had to try them all on and walk around a little. Sylvia always asked how they fitted and, after my reply, made her selection.

We bought about half a dozen slippers in all colors and different leathers, three pairs for evening wear in black satin and gold leather and one pair of sandals with very thin straps covered with rhinestones and finally a black and a brown pair of boots. All had very high heels, about the same as the ones I had gotten in Florence. Their heels were between just over four and five inches high but since I had a rather small foot for a boy (a small ladies' seven in US size), I was almost toppling over on the very high ones. Anyway, I was mostly concerned with not letting on that my hands were bound under my cape and let Sylvia carry out the whole transaction with me little more than a silent model. When Sylvia paid, she asked to have all of them, except a brown snake leather pair which I wore instead of the ones I had come in, send over to the Hotel Majestic where she had reserved a suite for us.

Out on the street again I thanked Sylvia not only for the wonderful shoes she had selected for me but also for keeping the secret of my bound arms to ourselves. "Well, since you have been a good girl so far, I think I can now take off the fetters and let you run free. But do not try anything funny -- you would regret it dearly." She warned me and released my arms but kept the bracelets on my wrists.

After that we went to a lingerie shop to select some underwear. I was very apprehensive because I dreaded having to try something on and thereby probably reveal to the saleslady that I really was a boy in dresses. However Sylvia was very sweet and just selected the things without making me try them on. She selected a wealth of panties, bras, slips, and garterbelts in all kinds of materials and colors. Mostly they were made of silk or shining satin, some plain but refined and stylish in their cut, some with an abundance of lace. The bras were all half cups which would leave my sensitive nipples free and I shivered at the thought of the feeling of the material of the dresses rubbing against them. She also selected some nightgowns with matching negligees.

Just looking at the bras and the other lingerie gave me the most peculiar feelings in my groin. As I was not wearing the corset which had hidden my masculinity yesterday, I was terribly afraid of being caught with a protuberance in my skirt front incompatible with the anatomy of a girl. And while I thought about it, it began to happen! Slowly the pressure rose and I could do nothing to make it go away. It seemed, as if the danger of being caught with it, only made it become harder and harder. I quickly retreated to a little stuffed chair in a corner of the store and sat down, holding my purse pressed into my lap. Sylvia immediately noticed my discomfort.

"Aren't you feeling well? Do you want to have a drink of water?" "Oh no, I just wanted to rest my feet a little bit." I lied bravely. From Sylvia's knowing expression on her face I immediately knew that she knew. She turned to the saleslady again and continued her conversation. "Yes, and then I want some tight and strong elastic panty girdles and some well made cache- sexes to wear under panty hose and tight pants to avoid the 'panty-line'."

The saleslady went to get the items and Sylvia looked to me smiling knowingly. I had tried to concentrate on dividing 23,456 by 13 to occupy my mind with something different and make the erection go away. When the saleslady returned, she brought a selection of panty girdles and some items which looked like some wide flesh-colored elastic straps. Sylvia made her selection and had the saleslady pack everything together save for one of these strap contraptions, which she had named cache-sex, and which she handed to me to try it on.

I had just reached 1804 in my computation, which had served its purpose, and could get up again. I stepped into a changing booth in the back, took off my panty and slipped on the elastic device. After some tugging here and there and repositioning of my male parts, it did just what its name implied: it hid my sex completely. My balls and cock were neatly folded between my legs and invisible. I tried not to envisage what would happen, if I got a hard-on again. The strong elastic would certainly prevent any rising, but I could foresee, that this would be a very uncomfortable, even painful state and I certainly wished to avoid it. However, I wished even less to see the situation I had just escaped repeat itself. So choosing the lesser of two evils I was thankful to Sylvia for having given it to me and kept it on.

When I returned to the front, I saw the saleslady wrapping up several larger items which I could not make out except that they seemed to me rather stiff and about 17 inches long. Sylvia paid and again had everything sent to our hotel.

Finally we visited two very stylish boutiques, to complete my wardrobe. I will not go into the details of everything we bought, suffice to say that everything was exceptional in style and quality, and -- I must say -- rather expensive. After that we checked into our hotel, the Majestic on the Croisette and had a light lunch in one of the little restaurants nearby. We both felt exhausted from the events of the morning and decided to have a little nap.

When we awoke, Sylvia stated that I should go to a beauty parlor and have myself thoroughly worked over. "I feel like having a splurge myself, so I will just come along with you." We phoned ahead and got an appointment for right away at the best salon in town. We were lucky: presently there was neither a festival nor a convention in town and it was off season.

We were received and immediately directed to two adjoining booths which were separated by a curtain. Sylvia opened it. "I want to see what they do to you," she explained. She ordered a hair wash for both of us and then discussed how my hair should further be treated. As a boy I simply had worn it long, straight as it fell down my back, just held together by a string at the nape of my neck. Long hair for boys was still fashionable then. It was considered denoting an artistic or creative personality.

"The color is very nice, a natural golden blonde. You may consider yourself very lucky with this. However, it could use a little more strength and body. It is quite straight and you can do very little with it. I suggest giving you a permanent for a nice curl and then we see what we can do, darling." Marcel, the young man selected to attend to me seemed to be very competent. He was a little effeminate in his movements and his speech. He certainly seemed not to be interested in girls except as raw material to practice his art on, for he clearly regarded himself as an artist. I wondered if he would be more interested if he knew I was a boy, but came to the conclusion that he probably was only attracted to burly he-men.

I let him go to work on my hair and relaxed in the chair. When all the lotions had been applied and I was finally sitting under the dryer, someone handed my several fashion magazines which I looked through. Oddly enough seeing all the beautiful dresses I started to think of how I would look in them. Was it possible that after only two days of being in skirts my personality had changed so much? And even more amazing to me was the fact that envisioning me dressed in these beautiful and elegant dresses again stirred my emotions -- I was getting a hard-on.

Hell no, this is the last thing I could want now. I closed my eyes and started to think of unpleasant things. The first unpleasant thing that came into my mind was having to wear a corset like I had to yesterday -- but unfortunately this produced a reaction entirely opposed to the desired one. My dick got harder and harder and started to hurt under the tight cache-sex that I wore. I saw no other way out of this than giving it the room it requested. As I was all alone for the moment I started to reach into the top of my skirt and under the tight elastic of the cache sex and turned my now really stiff symbol upward where it rested under the broad elastic strap that went up to the waist-strap. I hoped nobody would have noticed it as it was all done under the wide smock covering me from neck to thighs. However Sylvia sitting in the next chair had noticed my contortions and immediately guessed their reasons correctly. "I see you find the reading exciting." She teased me but did not further pursue the matter. I only hoped that the erection would subside before I had to take off the smock. However, assuming this would take some time, I thought I would continue to enjoy the pleasant feelings of the dreams provoked by the magazines.

After a while Marcel reappeared and took the rollers from my hair. He combed and teased my hair, brushed here a little bit and there. For the washing and drying he had turned me away from the mirror and did not turn me around until he thought his work was done. When finally he turned me around, I almost did not recognize me: my face was framed by wide soft curls. The curls almost touched my shoulders and when I shook my head a little bit I felt the delightful sensation of the hair flying around my head. Marcel was very content with his creation and admired me from a few steps way. "I gave you a very natural looking head for everyday wear, suitable for a young girl. But at the same time you can easily comb and brush it into very sophisticated and extravagant styles both for day or evening wear." He stepped closer and with his comb and brush took all of the hair around to the left side and arranged it in a big puff over the ear. The asymmetrical style gave me an entirely different look, very daring and extravagant. "For a big evening you could do it up like this." He took apart the coiffure he had just created and twisted the mass of the hair together on the top of my head, wound some red velvet ribbon around it and let the rest spill over the ribbon like a fountain. It looked great.

Sylvia had witnessed the show from her booth and freely applauded the maestro. "You really have surpassed yourself today, Marcel. I never imagined you to be able to create such a masterpiece from our little scraggle- head here." He bathed in her compliments and danced all around me, holding his head to one side and then to the other, fluffed the top out a little more and was really taken by his creation. "But do me a favor, Marcel, we want to shop for some hats for our little Miss and the hair should be set in a way that goes with hats." Sylvia interrupted his self-admiration party.

"But of course, Madam, right away, again this is very easy: look here." He undid the velvet ribbon and gathered the hair in the back where he fastened it with two combs so its curls cascaded down from high in the back to the neck. "This style goes well with little hats that are worn reaching almost into the forehead, maybe with a little veil." He undid the combs again and brushed the mass of the hair from the back straight up in the back and all around to the front where he brushed it into a tuft of little curls over the forehead.

"And this is the Betty Grable style -- remember the musicals of the forties? This goes with turban-style hats." He undid the clips that had held the hair and brushed it all down as it had when he began his demonstrations. "This style, of course, goes well with large, wide brimmed hats. It all depends on which kind of hat you are going to wear."

"I think the first style for the little hats is what is best today," Sylvia cut in. "Very well, let's do it this way then." And in a moment he had repeated the look of a few minutes ago with the two combs in the back. "I am opposed to using hair spray. A hairdo should look soft and natural and be able to move freely. Spray makes the hair look like steel wire. Nothing is as ugly as a very artificial hairdo with sits on the head like a concrete structure. Unfortunately not many of my colleagues share my views -- but it needs more work and a better cut to be able to do it without the help of spray." He rambled on as he worked on my hair. "Here we are," he finally declared, "all ready for a nice shopping spree and the admiration of an endless string of admirers at teatime."

While he turned to Sylvia to finalize his work for her, I was left to my thoughts seeing myself in the big mirror. I was almost stupefied from what I had just witnessed. What so far I had regarded as just plain long hair on a boy, had suddenly been turned in the most beautiful girlish head of hair you could imagine. Now the last thing in my looks that could have reminded me of my former existence as a boy had been erased. Now I truly was a girl, nothing remained from my boyish past. Even if other people had seen a girl in me because of my dresses and makeup, to me it had been different I still had the same hair as I had as a boy. This was the last tie which held me to my male past. Now this was gone too.

In a way it was a relief, now I was a girl completely -- nothing in my looks reminded me of my former existence. But at the same time I was a little scared. Would I ever be able to revert to being a boy? But I decided to enjoy the moment, to enjoy the fact that I certainly looked like a very attractive girl. I really had no other choice anyway.

When Sylvia was ready, she had a coiffure almost identical to mine, she paid, gave Marcel a large tip and we left. We slowly strolled through the busy streets and I began to notice and even enjoy the admiring glances of passing men.

Sylvia directed our steps to "Le Salon des Chapeaux", a sweet old- fashioned milliners shop which we had already passed before. I had detected some very nice little hats in their window and now was really eager to try some on. On second thought, reflecting on the situation and my feelings, I couldn't believe it myself: two days ago a rough boy in jeans and a sweat shirt -- now all decked out as a pretty girl from the high heels, the gleaming stockings, the narrow skirt and the matching sweater under a wide cape, coiffed by a master and artfully made up, thrilled to the bone anticipating a session in a milliners store trying on ladies' hats. What had happened to me?

We entered and were greeted by an elderly lady, the owner, and her young assistant. Sylvia explained that we wanted to see a few hats for me. I was not at all sure, what would suit me best, there were so many different styles and colors and materials, some with veils, some with feathers, some really outrageous models decorated with fake fruits, some with large brims, some little pillboxes -- the variations were endless.

Sylvia was not flustered at all by the endless variety presented to us. She selected a few small black hats made of lacquered straw and of fine felt all with little veils that could be drawn over the face down to the chin or arranged so it would just come down over the eyes. She made me put them all on and let me look into the three part cheval mirror that allowed me to see me from all sides. After some deliberation we selected a little three pointed affair with rolled up sides reminiscent a little of the ladies hats at the medieval courts. It too had a stiff veil of nylon net with little velvet like points in it. It looked best if it was placed far to the front and exactly centered with the front point reaching down to my forehead. I was delighted with it.

The next choice was a small cap with an asymmetrical design. It came down from the top on one side almost to the ear where it was decorated with a large blossom entirely made of chiffon petals with a rhinestone star in the center. "This one would go perfect with the asymmetrical hairdo that Marcel just showed you," Sylvia commented as she gave it to the assistant to be packed for us.

"Now we need one for daytime wear. Let's try this one here." She produced a dark brown felt hat designed almost like a low bowler hat. The hat band was folded taffeta and came down through a slit in the narrow brim. "It can be tied under the chin with a bow on one side of the face, or brought back and tied in a large bow at the nape of the neck," the shop-lady explained and showed us how to do it, "I think it is complementing your outfit perfectly, you should keep it on." Sylvia and I agreed and she tied the large bow at my neck. "If you want it to look dressier, just add a veil to it, like this one here," and she produced a nylon veil and attached it to the crown. She drew it down over the eyes almost to the tip of the nose. It looked great. "I knew you would like it -- and you have the face for it. You have to have a slim face for this hat, and the veil adds a little mystery."

I could hardly take my eyes off the mirror. I think, I was falling in love with myself right there. Anyway, if I had seen a girl looking like that when I was a boy, I would have walked ten miles to get a date with her. It was a strange sensation: sixteen years as a boy I had never bothered much looking into mirrors. I knew what I looked like and I really was not very interested in it. A mirror I needed maybe once a day for combing or for checking if my tie was on straight and I had to look into it when brushing my teeth. But now -- what a strange excitement my image suddenly produced in me. I simply could not turn away from it. An entirely different creature was suddenly looking back at me -- a really beautiful one, sophisticated, elegant, even a little haughty with full red lips and large eyes set off by heavily mascaraed lashes and expertly applied eyeshadow under the veil. Was this really I, the boy that had existed for sixteen years until two days ago? Could anybody change so much in so little time? Was I under a spell? If I was under a spell, it must have been the spell of a good fairy, because I looked so beautiful.

We tried on and bought a few more hats, then I put on the brown bowler again which went so well with my outfit. I could not stop looking into the mirror.

"Come on beautiful, stop the self-admiration-session, we are ready to go." Sylvia interrupted my reveries. She was already at the door with the bag with the other hats. I got up immediately, thanked the shop-ladies in passing and hurried after Sylvia. I think I had turned bright red because Sylvia had caught me in my self-admiration.

We directed our steps back to the Croisette and to the Majestic Hotel. Sylvia told me to change and check my makeup. She told me that she had booked a table for us at the Moulin de Mougins restaurant. This really was a pleasant surprise. I knew that this is one of the famous ***-star restaurants of the Guide Michelin. Three stars in the Guide Michelin mean "it is worth making a whole trip just to eat there".

I undressed and went to the bathroom first to check my makeup and repair any damage that it might have suffered from the activities at the millinery store.

"I put your dress and the other stuff on the bed. Be careful putting it on." Sylvia disappeared into the bathroom when I was done there to get herself ready. I picked up the dress from the bed. It was one of the dresses we had bought this morning, a waltz-length cocktail dress made of a deep purple velvet. The neckline plunged to below the breasts and the decollete was filled with three rows of the finest lace standing up, a few shades lighter than the velvet. The skirt was very wide and stood out from three petticoats, one a stiff nylon net to get the crinoline effect, a taffeta one with large flounces which rustled deliciously and on top another taffeta one which was covered in the back with the same laces as appeared in the decollete. The first one, the strong nylon net, had another petticoat sewn into it which was rather narrow and checked the length of my steps severely.

In the back the velvet was taken up from both sides and seemingly knotted into a bow over my buttocks so that the laces on the uppermost petticoat were freely seen. It was a beautiful gown and I had loved it already in the store, when I had tried it on.

I changed my stockings to black ones with seams and took off my bra. I knew the gown would support and even lift up my breasts so that they were nicely nested in the lace and the round top of them could easily been seen. I had felt a little naughty when I tried it on this morning, flaunting my feminine charms like that, but if I had these charms, I decided again, it was no sense in hiding them.

I stepped into the dress first. I would put on the petticoats under the dress later. I adjusted the shoulder straps and tried to close the back zipper. It would not go up. Try as I might, the waist of the dress was too tight. It was impossible. It had fitted well this very morning and I could not have gained several inches in one day. They must have sent the wrong size. Oh shit! I went to the bathroom and showed it to Sylvia. "Why, what do you mean it doesn't fit. You haven't put on your corset yet. Put on the little black one that I laid out on the bed and lace it tightly, then it will fit," Sylvia stated matter- of-factly, not at all surprised.

"But it fitted this morning without a corset! What did you do?"

"Well, you don't really think you could just do as you please and not worry about your figure. Of course, with that figure of yours you will have to wear a corset with this dress. It will look ten times better with a corset than without one. And since we are going out to dinner, a tight corset will remind you not to eat too much and this again will be good for your figure. But if you don't want to go out with me, just be comfortable and stay here. You cannot escape your corsets anyway. The outfit you are wearing today will be returned to Adelaide and I had altered all the dresses and skirts we bought today to fit with a corset. By the way I was very easy on you with the daytime wear. They are only three inches less in the waist than your uncorseted waist. It is just the cocktail and evening dresses that are made to fit over a fully laced corset. So relax and do not fight it. There is nothing you can do now. Nor tomorrow for that matter."

I was flabbergasted. She had done it again. I had to wear a wretched corset again. This certainly was enough for me to ruin the whole evening. I had persuaded myself not to raise any objections against being treated and dressed like a girl -- but this was outrageous. None of the girls I knew wore a corset. Why did I have to? Sylvia and her scheming. I certainly will give her a piece of my mind if she comes out of the bathroom.

In the meantime I struggled to get the corset around me. I had taken off my garterbelt, panties and the cache-sex to be able to move more freely. When I had succeeded in fastening the busk and began lacing up the back, a strange sensation came over me and suddenly my prick slowly rose and rose until it stood up like a flagpole. When I finally had succeeded in closing the gap entirely, I tied off the laces and wound the long ends around my waist. My prick would not go down. I fastened my stockings to the garter straps hanging down from the corset and walked over to the closet where I had hung the dress. I had to pass the floor length mirror at the wall. It was a very strange picture that I made. A pretty girl in full makeup in a corset with her nylons tautly gartered to it and her breasts lifted up with very erect large nipples -- and a very masculine prick sticking out from her at full attention.

The whole picture was a contradiction in itself, yet it was true. And it was also very exciting. As long as I saw me, the erection never would subside. I turned away from the mirror.

It was impossible to put on the dress in this agitated state. I thought I would occupy my mind with other tasks and hope my prick would calm down enough to allow me to finish my dressing. On the bed I found the long evening gloves that we had bought in Florence and I thought I might as well put these on first. After I had smoothed them onto my arms almost to the shoulders and buttoned them at the wrists, my prick had stubbornly refused to retract to more manageable dimensions.

Well, I thought, gaining time is everything now. It cannot hold forever. I sat down in front of the makeup mirror and brushed my hair. Then I got up again and fetched the hat that I was going to wear, the little three pointed one, put it on and fixed it securely in place with several hairpins. I was so engrossed by this task, that the prick slowly lost its stiffness. Ha -- my plan was successful. To gain more time, I fetched the evening sandals I was going to wear, put them on and fiddled with the new and yet unyielding little straps until I succeeded to close the buckles. The pressure of the corset which almost prevented me to get enough air for breathing during this exercise and the concentration needed to get the damn little buckles closed, further deflated the little devil. There -- I tricked him, he was soft again. I could proceed to put on the dress now.

However when I got up and walked to the closet again and saw myself in the big mirror, it was all in vain, my prick jumped up as if a spring was released. And I defy any man who is not entirely dead to have the same reaction when he sees a picture like I saw in the mirror: a beautiful young girl, perfectly made up with a saucy little hat and a veil coming down over her face to her wet-looking full red lips, dressed in a very tight corset giving her a real hourglass figure with long suede evening gloves covering her arms to the shoulders, her breasts lifted up by the corset and presented as two round apples with large and evidently hard and excited nipples, her gleaming nylon stockings gartered to the corset and her feet balancing in evening sandals with rhinestones on the straps criss-crossing her feet and with heels almost 5 inches high. The only incongruous part of the picture was the prick. But be it as it may, there was a girl in the mirror, a sexily dressed or rather undressed girl, there could not be any doubt about that, and if there was a prick attached to this girl, then it was a girl with a prick, but for all intents and purposes a girl -- period.

I did not know what to do. I sat down on the bed and slowly started to stroke my prick, watching my image in the mirror in total confusion. The girl in the mirror was I -- but I knew I was a boy and the prick proved it. But there was this girl that moved when I moved and which obviously were I too.

Suddenly Sylvia burst upon me. "What the heck are you thinking you are doing? Who gave you permission to play with yourself? Why aren't you dressed anyway?" I tried to explain what had happened and that I could not get dressed in this condition. She was fully made up but stark naked as she had come from the bathroom. This too was not exactly the medicine I needed to make my prick go down.

"Just you wait, I will teach you play with yourself without my permission. You know quite well that I own this thing and I and only I have the right to use it. Come here!" She used a tone that did not permit any disagreement. I got up and slowly walked over to her. She had a pair of black nylon stockings in her hand. "Fold your hands before you," she commanded and I complied. She wound each stocking around one wrist, knotted it leaving one long end. Then she took another stocking and knotted it around my neck, finishing it off with a little bow on the left side of my chin. "Here, now go ahead and play with yourself if you can." With this she took the long ends of the stockings around my wrists, stepped behind me and drew my arms over my head, knotting the loose ends to the stocking around my neck. My arms were securely anchored behind my head. The position was not at all uncomfortable but I was totally helpless.

She directed me in front of the mirror. She got another pair of stockings and tied my legs together above the knees and at the ankles. I was totally immobilized. The picture I saw in the mirror did nothing to dampen the excitement that had again welled up in me. Sylvia, however, did not pay any attention to me or to my excited state, she just progressed with her dressing, combed and set her hair, put on her dress, her gloves, her hat and her shoes.

I must say she looked lovely too. She was in a black crepe dress which had a high collar around her throat and clung to her figure like wallpaper. The skirt was narrow and flared out only from the knees down to allow comfortable walking. The dress had long, narrow sleeves down to the wrists. It was in no way exceptional but everything had gone into the cut of it. The big surprise came when she turned and I saw her back. The dress had none. From the shoulders it plunged to the buttocks and you could see the start of the crease dividing them. A thin gold chain held the two sides together at the waist so they would not fall forward when she bent down. She looked deliciously sexy in this outfit.

She came over to me and stood beside me. "Well, have you repented your sins? I see you are still in no condition to get dressed. OK then, if it is there and does not go away, let's put it to use as it is." She bent down and unfastened the stocking binding my ankles. "Move over to the bed now and lie down on it on your back." I did as she had commanded. She retied my ankles and then raised her skirt to her hips and straddled me. Slowly she lowered herself on my rigid shaft, engulfing it with her warm and moist pussy. All I could do was moan. I was totally immobile and helpless. I looked into the mirror on the side and saw two girls one fully clad, one in a corset, with gloves and hat, screwing each other like mad. "Don't you dare come before I have!" Sylvia warned me. I was continually on the brink of my orgasm but as soon as she sensed it, she stopped all movements only to begin again a little while later very softly and very slowly. After a while however she could not control herself any longer and bucked up and down like a cowboy riding a bronco at a rodeo. We both came simultaneously in a long lasting wonderful orgasm. She was quite exhausted, glided down and rested next to me for a few minutes, slowly stroking my nipples.

"I really should just leave you here this way until I come back as a punishment." She got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself. When she came back, she brought a wet towel and started to wash my lower parts, never making a move to unfasten my nylon fetters. I pleaded with her to let me come along, promising I would be a good boy. "What do you mean you will be a good boy, if I should take you along, you would have to be a good girl." "Anything you say I will be, but please don't leave me like this, please." "OK then, I will take you along but: you will really have to concentrate on being a good girl and not get excited again. You will not be allowed to wear any panties or any cache-sex. Your dress has a lot of room under the petticoats and the narrow one might hold you down a little, but I cannot guarantee that a real erection would not be noticeable. Agreed?" "Of course, I agree, anything you want, but please untie me now and let me come along."

She released me, I put on my dress and the three petticoats, checked my makeup and my hat and off we went. When I got the wrap that Sylvia had given me and which was really nothing but a long shawl of taffeta which I put around my shoulders, I noticed that I had to be very careful with my decollete. When I drew both shoulders forward, my breasts lay quite open in their nest of lace and anybody standing at my side or in front of me while I bent forward a little bit, could see them in their entire beauty. Well, I would be careful to avoid this -- or wouldn't I? Maybe I could tease some unsuspecting male a little bit by allowing him some glimpses now and then.

We went to the car. I was shivering a little bit in the cold November evening. Walking on the high heels with small steps, hearing the clicking of my heels on the concrete and feeling the petticoats swinging and softly touching my legs made me shiver too but from excitement.

Sylvia started the motor and turned the car into the traffic heading for Mougins, which is a little town on the route to Grasse. While she was concentrating on the night-driving, I thought I had a good chance to take up the question of the corsets again without risking immediate reprisal. "Say, Sylvia, why do I have to wear corsets all the time when none of the other girls at our school is wearing one? Corsets have long gone out of style and girls are even running around with no bras now. How come you make me wear one all the time?"

She was seemingly ignoring the criticism in my words. Here tone was the tone of a patient mother explaining the facts of life to her c***d: "Look, you are a boy, right?" "Right." "And therefore you have the body of a boy. -- Or don't you have a prick like boys do?" "Yes I do." "See, the body of a boy is different from a girl's body. Now it is true, you have very pretty girlish breasts, but the basic structure of your body is still boyish and therefore we need the corset to correct this. Your waist is too wide in relation to your hips. Now we could pad your hips and your behind to correct the relation to feminine standards. But this would ruin your figure as a whole. You would just look like a fat bottomed housewife. I therefore took the other alternative: reducing the waist to get the correct relation to your slim hips. This looks much better as you can see any time you look into a mirror. Slim hips make you a first rate model for dresses but only if they go together with an even slimmer, well-defined waist and since you do not have one naturally, we create one with the help of the corsets. Isn't this obvious even to your little birdbrain?"

"Yes, I understand this, but I do not have to have the perfect figure. I did not choose to wear girls' clothes and if I look bad in them, you are responsible for it. You started it all. I want to wear comfortable clothes like jeans and T-shirts and baseball boots instead of blouses, tight skirts and high heels. They are so uncomfortable for a real boy." "Now listen to the cheap imitation macho! Your comfort is all you ever care about. But who ogles girls in high heels and tight skirts and sweaters all the time and whistles after them? Who wants to see us wear these things? It's you and your kind. But you were right with one thing: I am responsible for what you wear. Therefore, and while you brought up the subject: I do not want to hear any objections from you if I tell you to wear something. My decision from this moment on is to be final and has to go undisputed by you whatever I tell you to wear -- and this includes not only your clothes and all of them from shoes to hats and from lingerie to coats, but also makeup, jewelry and everything that influences you appearance. Is that clear?"

I was sorry that I ever touched the subject. I tried to get around an answer by just keeping quiet. "Is that clear? I asked you something!" she insisted. "Watch this curve!" I tried to change the subject but to no avail. "Don't interfere with my driving. If you do not like it, you can get out and walk home or take the bus."

She brought the car to a stop and turned to me. "Let us settle this right here and now. I want you to promise me solemnly not to object to any of my wishes concerning what you have to wear and how you should look. And if I want you to walk down the Croisette in nothing but a corset and high heels on Christmas eve you will do this without a word of protest."

This was crazy and horrifying and yet the thought stirred strange feelings in me when I envisioned this strange picture: me in high heels and corset, my breasts jiggling up and down for everyone to see, my naked behind swinging with every mincing step I took and my prick sticking out in front of me, walking down the Croisette among busy last day Christmas shoppers. The thought was terrifying but at the same time it caused strange sensations deep within me. Sylvia eyed me curiously, she seemed to be reading my mind.

"Well, give me an answer now. And if you don't want to give me this promise, you may as well get out of the car here and now and get lost because I never want to see you again." She even leaned across me and opened the door on my side to emphasize her threat. The cold breeze crept under my skirts and again made me shiver. Or was it the decision I had to make now? I knew I would give myself into her hands completely now, If I surrendered to her wish, and I was to be a man, and it was for the man to tell his wife what to do and not the other way around. But there was this little voice in me that told me of the sweetness of surrendering to the wishes of a woman, to succumb to her will and I saw pictures of me in beautiful dresses with Sylvia showing me off to her friends. I was torn between the two sides in me: the rational reasoning "you have to be a man" and the troubling emotions dragging me into Sylvia's net.

"Well, what is it now, have you reached your decision, do you want to walk home?" That did it. I simply could not leave the car in the middle of nowhere miles from the next house dressed just in a cocktail frock and skimpy high heeled sandals which were made for a polished dance floor but not for a rough country road. My rationality suddenly sided with my emotions.

"OK, I promise," I heard myself say, still not sure whether I meant it. But there would certainly come a better occasion to discuss this promise with Sylvia than in a dark night on a country road with her holding all the trump cards.

"All right darling, you will not regret it. I will make you so pretty, you will love it." She leaned over again and closed the door. I was still in a daze. "And I promise you not to send you down the Croisette in just high heels and a corset -- at least I would give you a mink coat to wear over it." This picture again stirred my emotions and I cuddled against her to seek shelter and comfort with her warm body. The tension slowly slacked off when Sylvia started the car again and continued our trip to Mougins.

It was exactly as the Guide Michelin had promised: the food was excellent, the wine great and the prices out of this world. But we did not care tonight. We both enjoyed dinner immensely and not just the food and wine but also the attention we got not only from the waiters but from everybody who saw us. We apparently made quite a hit with the male population up there in the mountains. Of course, there were actually no locals present. All of the guests had come here from the cities and towns along the Cote d'Azur. Most of them reeked of money and some were even very good looking.

One or two invented some business that required getting up from their tables and pass ours a few times and each time they passed, I had to turn their way and reach for my purse or my napkin and lean over a little bit, playing peek-a-boo with my decollete. Several times I could see that their stride suddenly changed and they somehow seemed to bend over a little from their hips so as to reduce some strain. I could well imagine the reason for this and I smiled inwardly. Outside I was quite innocent looking and seemingly oblivious to what was going on and what troubles I had caused. Sylvia however had instantly become aware of what I was up to and I earned several kicks in the shin from her. "Don't do this, you little cock teaser," she hissed to me, "you just wait till I get you outside, I will make you pay for this." But I enjoyed this little play so much, I wouldn't stop.

It was about 10:00 or 10:30 p.m. when we finished our meal leisurely and Sylvia had paid the bill. This is the good thing about plastic money: you do not feel as bad just signing the slip, as you would if you had to hand over a big stack of big notes in hard cash.

Before we went out Sylvia led me into the ladies room which at the moment was quite deserted. Once inside she stepped behind me. "Give me your hands," she ordered. I complied and before I could realize what was happening, she had knotted a stay-lace around each wrist. She then pulled down my gown in the back just enough to get at the top lacing of my corset, threaded the stay-laces through it and began pulling. My wrists were suddenly anchored at my shoulder blades and she knotted the ends of the laces together. The whole operation had taken about twenty seconds or so.

"What are you doing -- you cannot make me go outside like this. We have to cross the whole restaurant to get to the entrance." "Of course, I can and I will. That's your punishment for being such a cock teaser. People should see that you are being punished for your bad behavior. But I will show mercy. I will arrange your wrap so your predicament will not be too obvious. Only people familiar with such things will notice anything out of the ordinary." She d****d the taffeta wrap around me from the front and knotted it high on the back so that its long ends covered my bound arms completely as I could see in the mirror.

"All right, off we go." She simply turned around and left the ladies room letting me stand there. I hurried right behind her trying to walk as nonchalantly and looking as inconspicuously as possible keeping close to Sylvia and averting all looks from the people around us. We finally made it to the street but not without a detour through half of the restaurant because Sylvia wanted to go back to our table to check that we did not forget anything, always with me in tow.

I was quite disheartened when we reached the car. Sylvia opened the door for me and motioned me to get in. "I can't with my hands tied like that." "Oh yes you can." She turned me around with my back to the open door, held one hand behind my neck and shoved the other into my groin, doubling me up like a jackknife. I fell into the seat when I lost my balance and my legs flew up. Sylvia grabbed them and simply turned them into the car. "See how simple it is? But we will have to rehearse this some more some other time to teach you to do it more gracefully. "Please untie me," I begged. "Why, does it hurt?" "No it doesn't but what will people say if they see me this way?" "Nobody can see it in the car." With this she went around to the driver's side, got in and started our descend toward Cannes.

When we had parked the car, Sylvia suggested a night cap at the bar of the hotel. I agreed but begged her to release my arms before we went there or I would rather not go. "Why this? Nobody noticed it at the restaurant, so why should somebody see it here? It's very late already and there won't be many people around anyway. And you have to be punished for your cock- teasing back there, you know that. But if you don't want to come along, suit yourself and go upstairs. However you will have to go to the concierge and get the key first and I wonder how you would explain to him that you take it between your lips." So what could I do but agree to come along. All she would do, was adjust the wrap at my shoulders and my back so my bound arms were at least not too obvious.

We crossed the empty hall and went into the bar. There were about two or three couples that were very engrossed with each other and did not pay any attention and one table with four or five people engaged in a heated conversation who couldn't care less who else was around.

We sat down at the bar on the high bar stools and Sylvia ordered a bottle of champagne. "Don't you think this is too much for the two of us?" "Don't worry, we can take the rest upstairs. I am not going to ruin the good memory of the wine at the restaurant with some ghastly concoctions of different spirits and waters that remind me of the waste of a chemical plant." "But, please now let me free, I can't get a drink this way, pretty please." I pleaded with her.

"All right then, if you insist, I won't keep you tied against your will -- but remember, punishment time is not over yet." I turned my back to her and she cut off the strings that had held my arms in a double hammer lock. Was I glad to be able to take down my arms! I had to stretch them for a few seconds to get the stiffness out. Sylvia suddenly reached into my decollete, unfastened some snaps and with a flick of her hand removed the lace insert that had covered my tits. "You were showing your titties all around at the restaurant without my permission. Now you have it, now you can flaunt them anyway you like."

All I could do was to quickly fold my arms across my breasts and sit very still, hoping that nobody had watched what had happened, but evidently nobody paid any attention to us. I wanted to grab my wrap to cover myself but Sylvia had already snatched it away from me and announced she would go upstairs and change her shoes because the ones she was wearing were a little uncomfortable. Before I could decide if it was better to follow her or just stay put, she was gone and had taken my wrap with her. Here I was sitting in a public bar with bare tits all alone. What if some man were to just wander in and sit down next to me -- I was too afraid to picture the inevitable consequences. I shivered.

But to my luck nobody came until Sylvia returned after a few minutes. She held her glass high and said cheers to me. I did not know how to respond. I could not raise my glass without uncovering myself. So I just sipped from it trying to hold my arms over my bosom in the most natural looking possible way. Although I was not tied now, I could not use my arms as I wanted; in reality, I was still in bondage.

Sylvia clearly enjoyed herself and the situation and chatted away about the clothes we had bought and that I needed another purse and more stockings and about the school and the other girls and on and on. The champagne had rekindled her spirits thoroughly. I was not tired either but for me the situation was much less enjoyable.

After some time, two other girls came into the bar. Both were very elegantly dressed in short evening gowns. They sat next to us at the bar. The barman had just stepped out to get something from the kitchen and they could not get a drink right away. "Boy, what a night -- we were lucky to get away alive," I heard one of them say. "Yes, but the show was good and they were very responsive. Maybe we were coming on a little too strong for them. They got a bit over-enthusiastic at the end," the other replied. "I need a drink right away." "I, too, where is the barman?"

Sylvia took up the conversation with them: "He just went out to fetch something, he will be back soon. But in the meantime allow me to invite you to share our champagne, it's too much for the two of us anyhow." The girls accepted gracefully and soon we were all drinking champagne and talking. It turned out that they had played at a private party in Antibes but were staying at our hotel. They were from Paris and had come down just for this party. They told us the name of the show they had worked in Paris, but I had not heard of it before. They explained, that at the end they did something like a reverse striptease, coming onto the stage undressed and slowly and with much ado they would dress each other for a night out, talking about the boyfriends they were going to meet and how the night would probably end. When they were completely dressed, they would step down from the stage and walk through the audience just as two other guests and disappear in the back.

We chatted along with them, they were very funny and we laughed a lot about their stories. After a little while we introduced each other and another bottle of champagne later we had already reached the first name stage. They were Lise and Louise, Lise (in French this rhymes with freeze) being the taller one, a stunning redhead who was obviously in command. Louise was a charming brunette, less extroverted and as I watched them I noticed that Louise was paying a lot of attention to Lise's actions and whenever she needed some help, a match, a napkin or just the right word for her tale, Louise would be there to supply what was needed. Lise took this absolutely for granted and did not even acknowledge the help.

We were the last guests and even the barman grew a little impatient with us, disappearing for longer and longer periods, always hoping that we would be gone when he returned.

The conversation became more and more erotic, all these stories about the strip shows and the reaction of the men -- we were suddenly teasing each other about our erotic preferences and such things. Sylvia suddenly took me by my hands and spread my arms wide. "Well, what do you think about our little cock-teasing friend here, sitting all night at a bar with bare titties?" She drew me down from the bar stool and started dancing with me around the room, still holding my hands. Suddenly my petticoats began to slide down and soon rested on the floor. I did not grasp how this could have happened, but there they were on the dance floor. Sylvia continued to whirl me around so that the other girls saw my back. Oops -- it suddenly dawned on me that not only my bosom was bare, but my bottom was completely naked too as the velvet overskirt left my entire lower back uncovered. Sylvia, the sly fox, must have cut the strings that held up my petticoats when she cut the strings that held my arms.

Lise and Louise started to applaud us and joined our dancing. "Great show, excellent!" Suddenly I was dancing with Lise cheek to cheek. Lise did have very roaming hands and intermittently caressed my bosom and my backside. Sylvia seemed to have as much fun with Louise. Sylvia suddenly stopped and said: "Why don't we all go up to our suite -- it's much more comfortable there and we'll have a lot of fun." Everybody agreed at once. Lise took the champagne bottle along and I tried to get hold of my petticoats, but Sylvia had already snatched them up and led the way across the hall to the elevators. I had no choice but to follow her in my shocking state of dress. Luckily nobody seemed to notice us, not the concierge nor the doorman nor the bellboy -- or they were just too well trained to let anything on.

When we got to our rooms, the first thing Sylvia said was: "Let's fix up our little cock-teaser here so she cannot tease us too." She proceeded to tie me up with the stockings in the same way as she had tied me before we left with my arms anchored behind my neck, elbows sticking up. "Here Louise, go ahead and tease her a little, so she gets to know what she did to the men all night long. Don't be afraid, she is quite harmless this way."

We were -- except me with my naked tits and bum -- all still fully dressed, I had even my little veiled hat still on and the long gloves.

Louise came over to me and started caressing my breasts and my bottom, kissing my nipples that had been excited and erect for the whole evening, kissing me deeply on the mouth playing with my tongue, twirling my nipples with her fingers, never giving me a chance to relax. I started moaning and rubbed myself against her body. Of course, my prick had risen during these activities to its fullest dimensions and was now pressing hard against her body.

"Hey, what is this," she suddenly drew back and lifted my skirt, grabbing my prick. "Lise, look what I found here!" "OK, darling, you know how to handle this situation, go ahead you have my blessings," Lise just threw one glance over to us, registering the fact that this other girl, I, had a prick and was really a boy with not more amazement than she might register a compliment by her hairdresser. She was deeply entangled with Sylvia on the bed and left Louise to pursue her own interests. Louise started right away by taking my hard prick into her warm, soft mouth, licking and sucking it, moving up and down its shaft.

"Don't drain her completely, I want to have a go at her too later on," Lise shouted from the bed after a short while. Louise continued her ministrations to my cock with great expertise, never letting me come, always driving me to the brink but never pushing me over it.

It was a very troubling picture that I saw in the big mirror. There was I, still in my dress with hat and long gloves, my hands tied, unable to do anything, perched on my high heels and having a beautiful girl suck my cock. I almost swooned but I did not want to lose even one second of this.

Suddenly she stopped. "Now it's your time, baby." With that she got up from the floor and helped me to kneel down in front of her. She reached under her skirt and took down her panties, then raised the skirt up to her hips.

I thought somebody had touched me with a live wire: from under her skirt appeared a cock just as big and just as hard as mine. I backed off: "Sylvia, Louise has a cock, she is a boy!" I shouted. "Well, now you know it too. What do you think I am riding on here -- Lise has one too and a beauty it is too. I don't know what you especially should find so shocking about it. Enjoy yourself with it. You should know what pleases a cock most."

I couldn't do very much anyway, Louise had pressed her big thing into my open mouth and started to really fuck my mouth. I had to take care that I got enough air between her thrusts. She was so excited, that it took her only seconds to shoot her load into my throat. I just had to swallow it all, I would have gagged otherwise. She did not take it out right away but urged me to suck it dry and lick it clean. I complied, I was too dazed by this surprising and totally unexpected turn of events, I just did was I was asked to do, not thinking at all.

Meanwhile back at the bed things seemed to have progressed to the final stage too if I interpreted the sounds emanating from this direction correctly. When I turned, I saw Sylvia, still fully dressed too, riding up and down in sheer ecstasy and Lise thrusting from below, moaning and rolling her head from side to side deliriously until suddenly both collapsed like punctured tires.

Louise had picked me up from my kneeling position and started again to fondle me, my tits, my bottom and my prick that still stood straight like a flagpole. I was really frustrated. Everybody else had come already, only I had been denied relief from my tension and desires. But tied up as I was, I was helpless, I could not do anything about it.

"Come here darling," Sylvia had noticed my gloomy looks, "now we will all make you happy. But first let's all get undressed a little more. Untie her please, will you, Lise?" Lise came over to me and undid the knots in the stockings that held my wrists to the back of my neck. She then unzipped my dress in the back and let me step out of it. Sylvia had shed her dress too and since she had not worn anything under it but a garterbelt and stockings, she was quite naked now. Louise had also taken off her dress but she had a beautiful corset underneath to which her stockings were tightly gartered. When Lise was finished with me, she too took off her dress and revealed a very sexy corset too. Both boy-girls had really pretty tits too.

"See," Sylvia pointed out to me right away, "all boy-girls have to wear corsets." She was not one to let a good chance slip away to make a point. It was only much later that I learned, that these corsets of Lise and Louise were part of their show. People apparently got a special kick out of watching these girls on the stage lacing each other into their corsets.

We all were in a sexy state of undress now. We all had a glass of champagne from the bottle we had brought up from the bar and standing together we caressed each others bodies. Sylvia took the now soft penises of Lise and Louise and slowly began to masturbate them. "Let's see if we cannot instill a little life into these sorry looking little creatures." She was obviously succeeding as soon again their pricks seemed to show some life and began to rise again.

I started nestling with my hairpins to take off my hat without pulling out too many hairs. Sylvia stepped behind me to help me but when I finally had untangled the hairpins from the hairs, she had cunningly threaded the stockings, that were still knotted around my wrists through the stoking around my neck again and pulled my arms to my back, fastening them as they had been before. Again I was completely helpless and in the power of the other girls. Strangely enough this did nothing to diminish my excitement, on the contrary, when I realized what was going on, my prick that had slackened down a bit during my fumbling with my hair sprung up again and betrayed my innermost emotions like a compass needle.

Sylvia directed Louise to lie down on the bed on her back and me to kneel astride her in the old 69-position. Sylvia gave me a little push and when I fell forward, she directed my fall so that Louise's penis slipped directly into my mouth. As I could not use my arms to support me, I could not get up again, all I could do was to lick and suck the growing rod. Sylvia pushed a pillow between my shoulders and Louise's groin so I could move my head more freely. Louise helped by moving her ass in all directions. She had pushed a big pillow under her head and taken my prick into her mouth, licking and sucking it as I did hers. My ass was sticking out big and round at the edge of the bed.

After a few minutes of quiet sucking and licking Sylvia suddenly announced "And now my dear girl we will pop your cherry." I couldn't see what she was up to and was taken by surprise when she suddenly started to massage my anus. She had put a little cream on her finger and began to shove it in and out the tight hole. "Just relax, don't clench your cheeks together, just relax, doesn't this feel good?" I remembered that it is impolite to speak with a full mouth so I did not answer. I really was ashamed to let on that I liked it a lot, but I am afraid that by my movements she undoubtedly saw that she caused me great pleasure.

Suddenly she stopped and I felt something bigger at my asshole, pushing and prying to gain entrance and soon succeeding.

"My god, I am being fucked up the ass!" The thought terrified me but at the same time it caused such a sensation within me that it took only a few minutes more to bring me to orgasm -- the strongest, most intense that I ever had reached. I cried in ecstasy and finally slumped to the side totally spent.

When I recovered, I tried to sort out the thoughts that started flashing through my mind. Was I gay now? I had had sex with two boys -- or had I? They were girls -- weren't they? They dressed like girls, they looked and smelled like girls, they even had girls' bodies with real tits -- they must be girls -- but they had pricks and I had sucked one and had been fucked by another one in the ass. Girls did not have pricks. I had a prick too and consequently I was a boy -- but I looked like a girl too and today I really had felt like a girl, I even had teased the men at the restaurant with my sexy body. Was I really still a boy? And I had been fucked like a girl, did that make me a girl now? The champagne had made me dizzy. Was I just d***k and imagining things? Was all this just a dream -- a dream -- a dream -- a dream ...?

I must have passed out then. When I woke up, it was bright day already. I tried to recall the events of the previous evening but I did not know if all the things that I seemed to remember really had happened or if I had just dreamed them. Sylvia was in the bathroom, I heard her sing in the shower. I still had on my corset, stockings and gloves but somebody had untied my hands. I was alone. I got up with a strong urge to go to the toilet. When Sylvia heard me entering the bathroom, she greeted me: "Hello, good morning lazy bones, did you finally wake up? It's close to eleven already and I have ordered a nice brunch for half past eleven. So hurry, remove your makeup, take a shower and put on your corset, slip into a negligee, and put on fresh makeup. Lise and Louise will be over for brunch and I want you to look presentable."

While I was getting myself ready, I asked Sylvia why she didn't seem surprised by the fact that Lise and Louise were boys in dresses. "Well, they told us, didn't you hear it?" "I heard nothing of the sort." "Well they did not exactly tell us they had pricks, but they told us that they had worked in Paris at the Carrousel and at Madame Arthur's -- and everybody knows, that these shows are all male. All of the showgirls really are boys. Some are transvestites who just dress as girls, many are transsexuals who ultimately go through the operations to become girls completely. At first I just did not know of which kind Lise and Louise were, but I had checked this already down at the bar with some casual touches and knew what to expect." "Then why didn't you tell me?" "And ruin your surprise? No way baby, I wanted you to find it out for yourself."

Half an hour later I was scrubbed clean, perfectly made up and had my hair set. I was wearing a negligee set of dark blue satin with lots of lace around the shoulders, at the long cuffs and around the hem. On my feet I had a pair of high heeled pretty blue velvet mules covered with gold embroidery. Sylvia had asked me to put on my corset again, but under the wide nightgown and negligee I thought it was not necessary -- I would probably have to put it on later anyway when we would depart, but I wanted to be free of it as long as I could. I supposed Sylvia could not see whether I wore one, because the folds of the satin would hide my forms thoroughly. Actually I did not even wear panties or a cache-sex under my nightgown.

Half past eleven the room service wheeled in a table stacked with all delicacies imaginable and set the table for four in our salon. Five minutes later Lise and Louise walked in. They looked great, almost like twins. They wore floor length morning gowns in an identical design: they had wide, large collars that left the shoulders almost bare with a plunging neckline. They were buttoned all the way down to the hem like coats. They had short but big puffed sleeves and a narrow waist. Their skirts widened all the way down to the hem and stood out all around, the skirts must have had a stiffening lining to make them stand out that way. The material was moire taffeta, Lise's was emerald green, Louise's ruby red. When they passed me, I saw they both wore high heeled mules with swan downs on their insteps.

"Well, how do we look? These coats actually are the costumes we make our entrance in for our "reverse striptease act" that we told you about yesterday. We come in wearing these and after some going back and forth to show them off we start taking them off. Of course, we do it slowly and teasingly, starting to unbutton them from the hem up, let the audience see our legs first, then unbutton the top and let them have a glimpse of our tits and then take them off altogether with our backs to the audience."

"What are you wearing underneath then?" I asked Lise, who was explaining and at the same time doing it together with Louise just as if they were on the stage.

"Well, that depends on where we work and for what kind of an audience. If it is a public hall or theater, we wear our corsets half laced and keep our pricks well hidden. If it is a nightclub with a sophisticated clientele, we wear at least panties, but we make sure, that one can see the male bulge in them to physically prove beyond anybody's doubt that we do have male equipment. And sometimes, if we work at a wild stag party or for a similar private audience, we are stark naked underneath and make sure, our pricks are showing their full dimensions, if not erect. This usually shocks the guys completely. First seeing us as perfect females, then our male pricks and then have them watch us turn into girls in beautiful dresses again."

Today they wore their corsets but no panties and their penises really were half erect. Instead of taking of their coats, they put them back on again and sat down at the table.

"You know, the big crescendo comes at the end, after we laced each others corsets and are all dressed up to go. We appear to switch out the lights on the stage. At the same moment the house lights come on and we leave the stage through the audience -- mingling with the other people just like some normal, if exquisitely dressed girls. Sometimes -- like, for instance, last night at this private party -- we have to be very fast to reach the exit safely. But ordinarily we take our time, usually in theaters, to slowly walk up the aisle, even flirting with some men from the audience. People usually crane their necks so far that they are in danger to dislocate a disc, just to watch us walk out to the last moment."

"Sounds exciting, but do start to eat now, please, the coffee is not getting any hotter, neither are the eggs," Sylvia invited everybody and soon we were all having a delicious brunch.

"You know, our little darling here," Sylvia sometime later began, looking at me, "really could use some training in feminine movements like you just showed us with your big entrance. She has been in skirts for only three days, so her former personality still shows through sometimes. Louise, why don't you show her how to disrobe sexily and with feminine charm. Go ahead and give her a demonstration and show her how to do it." "Great idea!" Lise seconded her. "Go ahead you two, give us a show."

Louise got up and motioned me to follow her. She first walked with me around the room, correcting the way I set my steps, the way I held my hands and arms and much more. After a few minutes she started to take off her coat again, telling me to follow her lead, showing me how to step out of my negligee and dropping my nightgown sexily.

"Hey you little imp," Sylvia shouted when I was naked, "didn't I tell you to put on your corset this morning? You thought you were clever enough to pull a fast one on me, eh? No such chance! Or did you forget what you promised me yesterday? You promised to always dress just as I requested it and I distinctly told you to put on your corset this morning. Not later on. This morning is what I said. Well, if you think you can rebel against my wishes, you will have to face the consequences. First: Louise, please get her corset from the bedroom and lace her into it -- and tightly, until the sides meet. I told you, you would not have to close it all the way," she was speaking to me again, "but as a punishment you will have to wear your corsets laced to the limit now for a whole week, day and night."

I was crestfallen and tried to explain, that I hadn't understood her words to mean to put the corset on under the nightgown, but she didn't relent.

Louise came and on her face I could see she was delighted to have the opportunity to lace me in. She started right away and did it expertly. To my greatest sorrow my prick started to grow and grow with every pull she took. When she was finally done, it was quite agitated and fully erect. When Lise discovered it, she cried out "Look what we got here! Why don't we bury it in some nice, warm, dark place." She got up from the table and came to us. "Turn around and bend over this stuffed chair here." She directed Louise toward it, pulling me along. She turned back to the table and dipped her finger into the butter, which she then rubbed into Louise's ass. "All set now, do your best, she loves it -- at least she loved it an hour ago with me." And she guided my hard prick to Louise's ass. I shoved and shoved and soon entered her round behind. I reached around her and held on to her tits, kneading them and playing with her nipples. Soon she was moaning with pleasure and from the way she moved her ass and pressed it against me, I could see she liked it a lot. One of her hands went down to her cock and started to massage it. I was so excited, it only took a few more minutes for me to reach the top and shoot my load into her.

"Hey, you are a spoil sport. Haven't you learned yet that you have to withhold your orgasm until the lady you are with has reached hers?" Lise scolded me, when I withdrew from Louise exhausted. "Just look what state you left her in." When Louise slumped into the big chair, her prick stood up like a flagpole. "Well, do something about it, use your mouth and I don't mean for talking," Lise continued. Louise pulled me around facing her and made me kneel down in front of her, grabbing my head with both hands and directing my mouth over her prick. I opened my mouth and started to suck and lick its head, letting my tongue play around its rim, taking it into my mouth entirely, letting it slip out, licking and sucking away as best as I could and stroking up and down its shaft with my hand. It seemed to please her a lot and after some minutes, I felt the hot semen spurt into my mouth.

"Now that our two love-slaves have had their pleasure, I think they should serve us in the same way," Sylvia suggested. Lise was all for it. The show that we had presented apparently had started their juices flowing too. They called us and made us kneel in front of them. They raised their skirts and spread their legs. "Come hear my little darling and show me what a versatile tongue you have. After that nice big cock it can now go to work on my eagerly waiting little clit." She had moved to the very front of her chair to give me easy access to her sweet cunt. Before I was covered with her skirt, I could see that Louise was eagerly engulfing Lise's big and erect prick. I did my very best to please Sylvia as I had done so many times before and led her to several quivering orgasms before she raised her skirts and let me free again.

"Well," she finally stated "This was a very nice and exciting morning, but I think we should all get dressed now and pack our things. Are you flying back to Paris today?" she asked Lise. "Yes, there is a plane at four p.m. from Nice, we are booked on that." "Great, then we can take you to the airport before we return to our school."

Louise had already put her coat back on and was about to leave. Lise halted for a moment and took up a plastic bag that she had deposited at the door when she had come in. It bore the label of the "Lise and Louise Boutique" in Paris. Last night at the bar they had already told us that doing shows was more of a hobby for them now and mainly their work consisted of running their own boutique on the left bank, on the Boulevard Saint Michel to be exact.

"Here I brought you a little "bag of tricks" with some items which I used in training Louise, I don't need them right now and I am sure these will be put to good use by you, if you plan on training Renee some more. She seems in need of some training as she appears to be a little sassy sometimes. This will certainly her dampen spirits a bit and prevent her from shooting off her mouth." "Well thank you! It's just what I had in mind to get for her anyway, but down here these things are hard to get. I had planned to do some shopping in Paris during the holidays. But I am glad to have this now." Sylvia was pleasantly surprised when she looked into the bag. I was curious of what this bag may contain, but I didn't dare ask, because the hints of Lise did not sound as if the contents would bring much enjoyment to me and I did not want to provoke an immediate demonstration.

We agreed to meet in the hall in 30 minutes and hurried to get our things together. We packed all the new things that we had bought into two big suitcases that we had brought for this purpose. The skirt and sweater ensemble I had worn yesterday was packed too. Sylvia laid out a chic little skirted suit of dark red wool for me to wear. Its jacket had a velvet collar and sleeves with little puffed shoulders and upturned velvet cuffs. When I put it on later, it turned out to be very tight in the waist and it accented my hips with a peplum with large soft folds. With it came a pink organza blouse which closed in the back in the Victorian style with a high collar reaching almost to my chin and with leg-o'-mutton sleeves.

Before I put it on, I had to repair my makeup, draw on my stockings which were the same color as the suit and slip on black high heeled pumps. When I put the skirt on, which barely covered the knees, I discovered that since I had tried it on at the boutique not only the waist had been altered to my corseted size but also the slit in the back that had allowed normal steps had disappeared and my legs were quite hobbled by the skirt. However, not wanting to risk another reprisal, I kept my mouth shut about it and let it go at that.

Just when we were ready to walk out the door, Sylvia dug into the bag Lise had brought and took something out. She told me to turn around and fold my hands on my back. I heard two clicks and couldn't move my arms anymore. When I looked back over my shoulder into the mirror behind me, I saw my wrists encircled by a pair of shining golden handcuffs.

"Please don't make me go down like that," I begged, but instead of removing the handcuffs Sylvia just gave me a flat handbag to hold. "This way nobody will see your fetters. Just walk naturally and nobody will notice anything." With that she shoved me out the door. Downstairs, she paid our bill and asked to have our bags brought down and put into the car. Lise and Louise came down too. While we waited for the bags, we stood in the hall chatting. I was embarrassed having to stand there with my hands tied on my back. I leaned with my back to the cashiers high desk and hoped nobody would notice my predicament but I think I saw some sly glances in my direction by two bellboys. Nobody however said anything. The staff of big hotels probably sees so many strange people, they overlook such things with stoic professionalism. Lise suddenly rummaged in the "bag of tricks" and came up with a good handful of gold chains "You should wear a necklace really," she said and proceeded to fasten one tightly around my neck. I couldn't see it yet, but it had an intricate design like a choker, almost two inches wide with a big golden ornament in front. It fitted my neck very snugly. Not that it hurt, but I could feel it all around my neck. I was about to say "Thank you, Lise!" when she suddenly affixed a golden chain leash to the ornament and gave the looped end to Sylvia. Instead of me, Sylvia said "Thank you, Lise!" and quietly turned around to walk out to the car, leading me on the leash. I hoped the earth would open up and swallow me, but no such luck. All I could do was follow her. I cannot describe the feelings that befell me as I was led through the now busy Hotel hall on a leash fixed to my collar, I still shiver thinking back to it.

Finally we were all sitting in the car and on our way to Nice Airport. Sylvia went all the way down the Croisette until she missed the left turn to go to the highway to Nice and I told her so. "Please let me drive, I know where I am going and if I need your advice, I'll ask for it." I was sitting in the front seat and Lise behind me. Suddenly Lise reached around my head and told me to open my mouth wide. As I started to ask her why, she shoved a rounded, oblong object into my mouth somewhat larger than a golf ball. It was made of a strong elastic material and filled with some kind of thick fluid or gel because it adapted itself immediately to the inside of my mouth, filling it completely when I closed it. A little chain ran through it and I felt it being pulled back and then heard a little click when the ends were locked together. I was very thoroughly gagged. "That will stop all unwanted back-seat driving," she stated flatly as she let herself fall back into her seat.

I could not close my mouth completely over the thick gag but managed to close my lips over it in the attempt to hide it from the view of others. I couldn't even protest or object, it all had happened so fast. Lise must have had considerable practice fastening the necklace with the chain and the gag judging by the time it had required to put both on me and I pitied Louise who probably had been the subject Lise had practiced on. Strange as it may seem, the terrible situation I found myself in, thrilled me to the bones. Sure, I was gagged and led on a leash and my hands were fettered on my back, but somehow this and the fact that I was dressed as a girl all caused a whole avalanche of pleasant sensations in me. I tried to push them back as I knew it to be wrong for a boy to have such feelings, but I did not succeed. In spite of the fact that I was tightly corseted, gagged and had my hands bound behind my back, the only way to describe my innermost feelings was bliss. I never knew I had this in me, but there was no way of denying it now.

While we were driving and I was left to my thoughts, I let the events of last night and this morning pass in review. Something troubled me again. I never had liked men. I had never found any erotic attraction whatsoever in their bodies even if they were aesthetically perfect. Yet yesterday and today technically I had made love with two boys and had thoroughly enjoyed it. It must have been that I had not seen boys in them despite their pricks, but had been attracted to them as girls according to the appearance of their bodies. I had simply just seen the girls in them and if they had pricks, well then they had been girls with pricks but still girls. So really I had not made love with boys, I had made love with girls. And if I had permitted Lise to fuck me, it was that I at this moment felt so much like a girl myself, that it was the natural way of making love. So we had made love to each other as two girls would do. The only sensible conclusion therefore was, that I was a girl who had had a lesbian affair. When I had reached this result, my troubled mind quieted down and I again drifted into the state of elation that had been interrupted by my thought stream.

Before we left Lise and Louise at the airport, they made us promise to visit them in Paris during the coming Christmas holidays. They invited us to their home, where we could stay and feel comfortable. Sylvia turned the car around and waved a cheery good-bye to the two chic girls. As they were standing there negotiating with the sky-captain, nobody could have the slightest suspicion that they both really were boys in girls' dresses.

We soon turned north to the road to Grasse and were on our way back to the school.

"These were two rather eventful and I think important days for you, my dear," Sylvia began in a sober tone. "I hope you understand, that your position and status in life has completely changed during these days. You are no longer a boy at all. It is not only that you are now wearing girls clothes. You have been fucked like a girl and sucked cocks like a girl. So now you really are a girl. And presently you are corseted, gagged and bound. That means you are a slave too. My slave to be exact. You already promised to obey me in all my wishes regarding your appearance. Now I want you to promise me that you will accept me as your mistress, your absolute mistress, your owner."

"I do not offer you any inducements, I do not make any promises -- well except maybe that I will never injure you, I may have to hurt you now and then, but I will not cause you real injuries. Now it is your decision alone. You can either accept it or we will part and go our separate ways. If you do not accept, I shall turn around, get you some jeans and other boys stuff, take you to the train station and you can go home. If you accept, you will live with me as a girl and as my chattel at least until we finish school. I do not want you to make a decision now for any longer time. But for the next two years this is what your position in life will be and there will be no escaping. Think about it for a moment and then tell me."

Somehow I had known since we stepped into the car that it would come to this, but now I was still surprised when it really happened. However, the feelings that I had experienced during the last days and especially during the last hour or so were so overwhelming, that I really had no free choice. I could not go back to jeans and sweaters after I had tasted the joys of wearing girls clothes even if they were much less comfortable. I could not give up the feeling of receiving approving or envious glances by other people, men and women alike, for my elegant and fashionable appearance, nor could I give up the delights that Sylvia had caused me during the last days, even if it meant to be totally subjected by her. The venom of subjugation was already in my veins and I did not have the power to break away.

After a while, when Sylvia asked me "Well, what is your decision, do we go on or turn around. Do you accept me as your absolute mistress?" I could only nod my head in silent agreement. "I expected you to accept. I will make you very happy, darling." Sylvia turned her full attention to her driving again and sped through the narrow curves on our way back to the castle.

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Letter from America

The letter from America

Martin White and his wife Sarah were lying in bed .
It wasn’t late in fact it was hardly dark but they had decided on an early night.
Martin had decided to give “Don Quixote” another chance but his heart just wasn’t in it.
Martin let the book tumble from his hand as it made a satisfying “clump” on the bedroom carpet ……
“Fuck it” said Martin “I’ve seen the movie , why do I bother” ?
Martin was typically English if there is such a thing and the beautiful Sarah said that indeed there was and it must have been true because Sarah was an American Yankee from Connecticut and said he was .
They had met eight years before at Magdalene College where Sarah was an undergraduate in law and Martin was a junior lecturer .
It was love at second sight so to speak. Sarah was a pretty enough red head with all the attributes of a cheeky and naughty schoolgirl and she chattered away endlessly during lectures.

Eventually Martin had had enough and expelled Sarah from the lecture hall for the remains of the day
“You can come back tomorrow “ he had said “when you can learn to keep silent”
Sarah had left blushing and had dropped her books and as she bent down to retrieve them Martin couldn’t help but see her cute tightly knickered bottom.
In some respects Martin had fallen in love with Sarah’s arse as he constantly reminded her…….
After the lecture Sarah was waiting for Martin. She stopped him and said she was sorry and she would remember to be silent in future.
That evening they had dinner and the romance bloomed as all good romances do.
Sarah was nineteen and Martin was exactly ten years older to the day .
Sarah had a thing for handsome Englishmen and Martin had a thing for redheads with nice bottoms .

A year later in a small town in Connecticut Martin and Sarah were married in a beautifully colonial church ..
Martins parents were both dead but his b*****r Michael made the trip and was delighted to “be his best man ” as he said , because, as he said , he was indeed the “better man” and don’t forget it sonny ………..
Sarah’s Dad was a lawyer too and her Mother , Meg was a virtual twin of her daughter.
Not just in looks but in temperament and so many other things as well.

The wedding was over and Martin and Simon Brown were chatting.
“In case you were wondering “ said Mr Brown “all of Megs f****y have great butts”
“Oh really “ said Martin
“Yes really” said Simon “as if you haven’t noticed”?
“I must admit Sir , that I had noticed “ said Martin

It was at this point that Simon played his trump card and offered Martin a partnership in his law firm and to be fair it was a very tempting package but Martin and Sarah had their hearts set on returning to England and declined with the greatest respect.
“I thought you might” said Simon handing Martin an envelope ..

Oh really Mr Brown “ said Martin “there really is no need “

“I know there isn’t my boy “ said Simon “but Sarah is my only daughter and it’s the least I can do “
Martin had inherited a half share in Sir Frederick White’s personal fortune of five million pounds and a large house on the estate.
Inside the envelope was a cheque for $250,000 .

Martin had also been offered the headship of an excellent all girls school in nearby Woodstock and Sarah had passed her finals with honours and was determined to be as good a trial lawyer as she could be.

Martin had lost all interest in law and was delighted to accept to post of principal which was a great honour as he was still just thirty years old .
Sarah at just twenty would be a junior in a fine firm of lawyers for three years before she could apply for the bar and become a barrister after that.

No one could possibly know that Simon Brown would die of a cardiac infarction two years later and never see his daughter as qualified barrister .
Forty four was very young to be passing away and Meg who was just two year younger at forty two was devastated to be alone after twenty years of marriage.

The funeral had been a sombre affair as well it might and Sarah did all she could to console her Mother . Both Martin and Sarah stayed by her side for six weeks before inevitably returning to England .

The years rolled by and Sarah passed the bar and became a second to a famous trial lawyer and Martin was secure in his office at Stratford Private day School for girls and Sarah and Martin are in bed with a copy of “Don Quixote “ on the floor by the bed.
Despite the many years of nightly and morning fucking no offspring had appeared. Sarah had discussed this with her doctor in Harley Street and she had declared Sarah to be fertile and in excellent working order and would she mind asking Martin to call in at his earliest convenience.

Martin made an appointment and was carefully examined by Doctor Eleanor Parkinson a young and talented doctor specializing in fertility.
Eleanor was more than impressed with the size of Martins cock and balls and as part of the examination measured him at nine inches in length and three inches in diameter.
Dr Parkinson enquired about the frequency of intercourse and what positions were used for fucking and it was about to ask Martin to go into the private room to provide a spunk sample but in all the excitement Martin couldn’t help himself and came as he was being examined.
“Oh I’m terribly sorry” said Martin as a long stream of sperm spurted onto Dr Parkinson’s hand which she deftly poured into a test tube in the nick of time.
“Its better to get it out of the way “ said Eleanor “otherwise you might be wanking all afternoon over a porn magazine.
“But clearly it wouldn’t have taken long anyway “ she said with a smile.
“No” said Martin “I usually last longer than that though” he said with a wry smile.
Eleanor began to wipe Martins cock with a sterile tissue and his cock began to grow to full erection once again .
“Oh my “ said Eleanor “we are an eager beaver aren’t we” ?
“I will run some tests but I cant see an obvious problem Mr White “
“Try and use the missionary position as often as possible and please allow the sperm to remain inside your wife as long as she finds it comfortable”
“Rear entry is OK too “ she added “but the main thing is to relax and not to worry .
“ Mrs White is a lucky woman “ said Eleanor “ Have fun and I will call you next week “
Eleanor gave Martins cock a quick rub and he was fully erect as he left her office and made his way to the car and made off quickly onto the Marylebone Road and onto Westway and the M4 and home.

Sarah and Martin fucked most nights and having disposed of his “Cervantes” he looked at Sarah to see if she were ready .
Sarah was always ready for a good fucking and always slept nude just in case Martin got a late night erection or a “Morning glory” which was never wasted on the sheets . Every drop of spunk was going inside Sarah one way or another……………..

The house was large and set in beautiful grounds and you might have expected Martin and Sarah to have at least one maid or even a cook but with just the two of them it wasn’t worth the loss of privacy to hire staff. At least not for now.
Martin pulled the red satin sheets aside exposing Sarah’s nude body.
Her firm tits didn’t sag a bit and her pink nipples were erect as Martin took in Sarah’s beautiful long legged figure and her arse was a delight just as her Daddy had said .
Sarah didn’t say a word as she had a submissive tendency that Martin liked .
She always allowed Martin to use her in any way that he wished.
Martin spread Sarah’s legs for tonight he was going to fuck her in the missionary position but not before he had pleasured her with his tongue.
Raising her thighs he had the perfect view of Sarah’s cunt ,arsehole and bottom cheeks as he ran his tongue slowly and teasingly across her clitoris in tight circles, sucking at her pretty labia and even licking her pink arsehole .
Sarah was soon moaning with pleasure but didn’t speak a word .
It was an unwritten rule that she didn’t speak unless ordered.
Over the years Sarah had learned how to accept her husbands huge cock into her wet cunt and even her arsehole when he wanted it .
Sarah loved cock but more than that she loved to feel dominated…..
She still had the alabaster skin she had as a c***d and one or two freckles that she hated so much as a teenager
Martin lifted her long legs over his muscular shoulders so that Sarah’s cunt was more accessible and taking his cock in hand inserted the end into his wife.
He loved to tease her as he slipped his entire length into her inch by inch so very slowly . Sarah was not allowed to respond until Martin said she could ..
No thrusting and of course no speaking .
Sarah was now fully stretched and completely full of cock as Martin started a slow tantalizing thrusting movement .
After three minutes of this relentless fucking he gave the order to Sarah to begin fucking!
Her long legs were around her husbands back as she squeezed and began the thrusting that she yearned for so urgently.
Sarah was always the first to orgasm as Martin made the most of his wife’s delicious cunt .
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me darling she cried as she had the first orgasm of the evening .
Martin could feel her cunt contract around his cock and Sarah’s cunt juice began to flow ……..
Sarah liked to have three orgasms whenever possible but sometimes two was all she had.
Even after the first cum when Sarah’s twat was juicy she could still feel the hugeness inside of her and the pumping cock was like a steam piston ramming into her .
Sarah screamed out her second orgasm loudly …
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee”

Martins cock exploded inside her as the hot spunk shot directly into Sarah’s cervix .
Martin grunted like a wild boar as he deposited what seemed to be a pint of hot jism inside his wife’s cunt
Surely that was enough for quintuplets she thought as she raised her knees to keep the sperm inside her for as long as possible.

Martin was used to taking control over young ladies as his school was still one of the few to retain corporal punishment in the form of the cane across the bare bottom in his office . It was for this reason that his school had a waiting list of two years.
The school uniform was a little old fashioned but Martin had no plans to change it .
Black patent leather shoes with a two inch heel , a very short plaid skirt , white regulation cotton knickers and a white blouse with the school tie and a navy blue blazer . No jewellery was allowed and of course no makeup.
Any girls breaking these hard and fast rules would soon find themselves in Mr Whites office over his leather wing chair with her knickers removed for at least six of the best with his swishy rattan cane across her bottom . This rule applied to girls of all ages and hardly a day passed without at least one girl being caned for “dress code” violation or some other offence.

Sarah had an identical uniform in her wardrobe for sex play and she enjoyed the cane herself almost as much as Martin enjoyed applying it to her sweet arse.
That night Sarah slept soundly with her hand around Martins semi erect cock ……..

They awoke early as the sun was rising casting its rays through the window and lighting up each room in turn .
Sarah went naked to make coffee for he husband . Rising early was nice, in fact the best part of the day and there was always the chance of a cunt or arse fuck before they had to dress and set off for work .
This was the reason that they had no staff in such a huge house.
They could both wander around in various states of nudity and fuck on the stairs or the kitchen table as they often did which would have been impossible with a maid or cook .
Sarah put the coffee on a huge silver salver ,collected the post as it dropped through the letter box and walked proudly up the grand central staircase completely nude which she knew Martin liked ….
Martin was in the shower as Sarah returned soaping his body and playing with his huge cock .
Sarah wanted to help but she poured herself a coffee and began opening the mail.
It was still the days before junk mail had blighted the lives of everyone and there were three letters for Martin and one for Sarah which she opened with a silver letter opener.
It was clearly an airmail letter from America.

Why Sarah’s Mother felt the need to write was a mystery to her. She could simply call on the telephone for a chat . Perhaps she was old fashioned enough to still actually enjoy writing by hand ,

Sarah’s eyes were like saucers as she read the contents.

“Oh fuck”! she exclaimed

“What is it darling”? said Martin as he left the shower and grabbed a large fluffy towel and began drying off .
His cock was still fully erect and the drying off made matters even more urgent .

“Its from Mother” said Sarah , “she wants to visit”
“Oh that’s nice” said Martin “when “?

“In two weeks” said Sarah

“Well that will be fine “ said Martin as he disposed of the towel as sat next to Sarah slowly rubbing his cock .
“Oh shit” said Sarah , “I think she means for good “

“Well” said Martin “She is your Mother darling and its not as if we haven’t got the room”
“Oh come on “ said Sarah “you know what she’s like , she’ll take our lives over and we wont have our privacy “
“Oh don’t worry” said Martin “Like daughter ,like Mother”
“If she interferes , I’ll just have to cane her pretty little arse for her”

“Hmmmm” said Sarah “Now that’s a sight I’d love to see”!

“Would you really like to see your Mothers arse getting caned “ said Martin
“I mean by me”? he added

“Sure” said Sarah “Just like you do it to me”
“ I’m pretty sure Dad used to wallop her butt and I bet she’s missing it by now”
“I’ll tell you what” said Sarah “I’ll tell her it’s the house rules when she gets here and see how she reacts, Ok ?

“Fine by me “ said Martin “ her arse is nearly as nice as yours darling”

Sarah had yet to take her shower but before she did she had two things she wanted. One was to suck her husbands dick as he was clearly in need of spunking and the other was a few strokes of the cane on her still bare ass.
Just to warm her up so that she could feel the tingle of the cane on the way to work ……….

Sarah leapt from the sheets and went straight for the cock .

When they first married Sarah had great difficulty taking Martin’s massive dick into her mouth to say nothing of the arse stretching he gave her when first he ass fucked her!
Now she could take Martin’s entire nine inches with expertise .
Sarah’s head was soon bobbing up and down on Martin’s cock as her magic tongue went to work on the underside of his dick end .
Martin was able to reach around Sarah’s trim body as he inserted his finger up her bum hole as he frigged her teasingly .
It was never going to last for long with the added stimulus and within two minutes Martin shot deeply into Sarah’s throat as she swallowed the hot thick salty liquid .
“Hmmmmmmmm” said Sarah “That was delicious and because I was so naughty I deserve to be caned .
“Make it quick darling “ said Sarah , “I’ve got to be at work in an hour “
Sarah knelt on the bed with her bottom well presented and her cunt dripping and asshole agape waiting for the delightful sting of the cane she loved so much …….

Martin kept a good selection of sex toys in the bedroom including a nice swishy cane and a leather paddle along with dildo’s and butt plugs of various sizes .
It was always a pleasure to cane Sarah’s arse and he was soon in position behind her, cane in hand and ready to go.


“Is that enough darling “ said Martin

“Three more please” said Sarah “I want to feel it all day”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh , fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” said Sarah “ That’s fucking lovely”
Sarah’s arse was well striped and it would last all day just as she wanted.
Sarah showered quickly and donned her very short skirt and tiniest knickers for the car ride into Oxford .
Martin took her there because it was en route to school is Woodstock .
As Martin drove through the beautiful countryside he couldn’t help thinking of Meg his pretty and sassy Mother in Law and her imminent arrival
Meg Brown landed a London Gatwick two weeks later .
Martin was waiting for her as she stepped through customs wearing an extremely short skirt and high heels
She was so very much like Sarah is looks and demeanour Martin thought as he greeted her with a hug . Martins hands slipped around to Megs firm bottom as he embraced her and she made no complaint .
End of part One

Part Two

Meg was wearing a smart business suit in black and looked so very sexy in her very short skirt and nylon stockings.
Martin could only imagine Megs knickers and garter belt which wasn’t hard to do . Like Mother like Daughter…
Other than the age difference which seemed little enough Meg and Sarah looked virtually identical .
Both women had perfect figures and had exactly the same colour hair.
Megs tits were slightly bigger but her bottom looked identical from what Martin could see..
He wondered if they share any other similarities . Martins hoped that they did and if Sarah was to be believed Meg was partial to a little “household discipline “
Sarah had seen things she wasn’t supposed to have seen !

Martin secured an airport trolley and loaded up Meg’s luggage.
How he was going to get all of this into the trunk of a DB9 he had no idea .
Meg certainly looked as if she was going to stay for an awfully long time .

Martin crammed the trunk full and put the remaining cases on the small back seat of the car .
They just fitted….
He opened the car door and Meg slid her bottom onto to grey leather seat and Martin couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of what he hoped to see.
Meg was wearing tiniest pair of panties, hardly more than a G string really and the cheeks of her delightful arse were plain to see along with the wide lace garter belt he had hoped and imagined she had on .
Inwardly Meg was smiling as she knew what she was showing and she was such a prick teaser, just like Sarah .
Martin was now sporting a clear erection as he sat behind the wheel of the car.
Meg made no pretence of not noticing .

“Is that for me” ? said Meg looking at Martins prick bulging from his pants proudly
“I suppose it is “ said Martin as he pressed the “start button” and slowly made his way out of Gatwick and the M23 .
“I’m sorry Meg . I saw your panties and couldn’t help it “ said Martin .

“ I don’t mind you looking “ said Meg “ Not a bit “

Megs skirt had ridden up about as high as it would go , in fact just short of her garter belt and she knew she was giving Martin a very nice view of her legs.

“I would love to see more” said Martin “How long do you intend to stay Meg?”

“Oh ,three months at least” said Meg “Perhaps longer or even indefinitely “ said Meg smiling.
“That’s excellent “ said Martin “That will give me plenty of time to get to know you even better”
“See me better” ? said Meg
“Yes , that too” said Martin .
“Of course I am very faithful to Sarah “ said Martin
“I should hope so “ said Meg opening her legs a little wider
“Oh fuck” thought Martin “ I can see her knickers and her shaven cunt and she knows it “
Martin grew bolder as he spoke to Meg.
“You do know that I am the Principal of a girls school “ said Martin
“Yes “ said Meg “Of course I knew that you silly goose”
“Did you know that we still cane naughty girls bare bottoms here in England ?” said Martin
“In fact I still cane Sarah when she deserves it”

“Are you trying to say that you intend to cane my bare bottom Martin “ said Meg
“Because if you are that’s fine by me , I love having my butt well caned and always have “ !
“As for fucking me , well you wont be sticking that monster inside my cunt “

As Meg spoke she reached over a copped a feel of Martins still very erect cock …
“Much to big for my pussy anyhow “said Meg

“Well” said Martin “That’s your first caning well and truly earned “
“One for saying “fucking” and “cunt “ and the other for feeling my dick and the erection that you caused in the first place”
“Welcome to England “ said Martin
“You should stop the car and spank my bare ass right now “ said Meg

“I think you need more than a spanking Meg , a spanking wouldn’t do you much good would it” ?

“Well no “ said Meg “but it might do you a lot of good”
Megs legs were now wide open and her hand was resting on her knickered pussy.
She began rubbing her twat and Martin could see she was very wet indeed..

“I cant stop on the motorway” said Martin “Its i*****l”

Martin was now thundering down the M25 orbital at a fair rate of knots and was soon nearing the M40 turnoff .
He could take the old A4 which is rarely used and has plenty of picnic areas
And beautiful woodland
“OK” said Martin “I can stop soon if you really mean it about having your bottom spanked “
“Oh I do , I do” said Meg rubbing her cunt harder now .
“Stop that now “ said Martin , fearing that he was going to cum in his pants .
“No” said Meg “I cant stop even if I wanted to”
“Oh fuck” said Martin “ Please Meg , if you don’t stop right now I’m gonna cum in my pants right now”

The turning for the old A4 was two miles away and Martin was doing well over ninety . The tyres screamed as he turned off at high speed and he saw the sign which said “ Lay by 10 miles ahead”
Martin knew the road well . There were dozens of parking spots along here and no police ventured along here these days so he floored the pedal and was soon doing 130 .
He thought “Its just the sort of thing Sarah would do “ as Meg reached over and unzipped his pants and released his cock from his underwear.

Martin was helpless to resist at this speed but he longed to get Meg over his knee and later she might just regret her impudence when she felt the sting of the cane across her fine American arse.

“Oh really Meg , what would Sarah say if she knew”?

Meg was sliding her hand relentlessly up and down Martins huge cock and stopping at the crucial moment ……. Thankfully.
“Sarah knows exactly what I’m like Martin “ said Meg.
“And after all, your not fucking me are you ? “Although heaven knows I need a good fuck “ !

At long last the lay by was in sight and Martin slammed on the brakes just
in time .
It wasn’t the perfect spot but there were a few trees and bushes. They would have to do.

Martin opened the door and taking Meg by the wrist helped her out of the car …
“Over there Meg , behind those trees. Now”

“Hmmmm” said Meg “ Don’t you want me to finish you off first ?”

“I’ll tell you that later “ said Martin as he lead her to a broken branch which was perfect for the job at hand .

Meg was only to willing to d**** herself over Martin’s knee which she did with all of the elegance of a whore…
She could feel the length of Martin’s cock against her tummy as he offered her bottom to her son in law for spanking.
“These knickers aren’t really worth keeping on are they ?“ said Martin
“No” said Meg “I would take them right off if I were you “
In fact the knickers were hardly worth wearing as they were little more than a string seeking a home in Meg’s cunt and arsehole and they were sopping wet in any case.

Martin peeled the totally unnecessary knickers from Meg arse slowly exposing her anus and then her disgustingly wet and glistening cunt which was perfectly clean shaven or possible even waxed of all pussy hair.
Meg was certainly going to be quiet a handful in more ways than one .
Martin spanked Megs bottom for ages and she wriggled more with pleasure than pain although her bottom was turning red it was obvious that Meg was enjoying the experience far to much .

“Perhaps the cane will have more effect when we get home” said Martin as he allowed Meg to stand and adjust her clothing.
“Perhaps” said Meg “at least we can try, I am a very naughty girl” she went on with a slight smirk of a challenge on her face….
Martin slipped her wet thongs into his pocket

“I expect you will be jerking off with those around your cock later” said Meg
Meg seemed to know Martin more than she should and wondered if Meg and Sarah were in “cahoots” over this whole thing.
Either way both ladies were in for a lesson in discipline in the next few weeks.

In fact Meg had no secrets from Sarah and Sarah had none from her Mother.

They had always been a upstanding f****y but their home in Connecticut had always been open so to speak and Sarah had seen or at least heard her Mother being caned by Dad all of her life.
Daddy had used the cane on Sarah too and false modesty was unknown in the household.

Back in the car Martin sped on homewards and Meg carried on masturbating much to the distress of Martin who had no relief at all .
With just two miles to go Meg finally came off with a massive orgasm and her cum juice flowed like a river from her pink twat.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Meg moaned as she let it all out shamelessly .
Martin pulled into the large paved drive with more than a little relief and Sarah was waiting by the main door to greet her Mother and Husband with an obvious look of delight.

With no one to help they started unloading the car and Sarah couldn’t help but notice her Mothers bare cunt as she slid out of her leather seat.

Martin pulled Sarah to one side and whispered in her ear.
“Your Mother is a cunt” said Martin

“I know” said Sarah smiling
“I knew she wouldn’t keep her knickers on for five minutes” said Sarah
“A bit like you then “ said Martin

“A hell of a lot like me “ said Sarah

End of Part Two

Part three to follow in which Martin tries to keep order in his house and fails miserably.

The large house had been in the f****y for over two hundred years and Michael should have inherited it but he had decided to live in Canary Warf near where his business was leaving the entire property to Martin as his home for all time .
It was far to large but it was so very pretty , built in the days when people had eight or more c***dren and several servants and gardeners.

Meg was given the option of having her own private suite in the east wing but Meg begged to live as a member of the f****y and “muck in” with her Daughter and Son in Law.
Sarah explained to her Mother that she had no intention of letting Meg spoil her life style and she could expect to see Martin and herself fucking and other naughty things in any part of the house and at any time .
“Good for you “ said Meg “ I hope I can do the same “
Meg and Sarah had always had a very open relationship and in fact had never had secrets from her Mother . Likewise Sarah was aware just how her Mother was with regard to sex and fucking in particular . Meg had never been a private person as Sarah remembered from her c***dhood and teen years.
Dad would fuck Meg where and when he wanted her and Meg was no stranger to the kiss of the cane on her bare ass.
“I know I can trust Martin never to fuck you “ said Sarah
“Otherwise you can get your “jollies” in any way you wish “
“Just be aware that Martin is my husband and Master and he will expect obedience from us both “
“You mean he will cane my bare bottom “? said Meg

“Certainly he will “ said Sarah “ and sooner rather than later , but if memory serves Mom ,you always liked a good ass warming didn’t you?”

“Oh yes” said Meg “I can hardly wait , I haven’t had a good caning for years”!
“Actually , I don’t thing you will have to wait long “ said Sarah

Sarah showed Meg to her lovely bed chamber which was just across the hall from her own .
“There are no locks on any of the doors in the house “ said Sarah , “we have never needed any except for the main door , so don’t expect any privacy Mother dearest , we have nothing to hide here and I hope you don’t either”

“Not a thing dear” said Meg with a smile which said everything .

Meg made herself at home . She felt as though she had always been there.
It had been so lonely in Connecticut and Meg hadn’t felt any cock since her husband had passed.
She was under the strictest orders to not fuck Martin but as Sarah had said everything else was fair game .
Martin had her knickers in his pocket and she was bare arsed as she lay on the magnificent four poster bed .
Sometimes Meg slept nude and sometimes she slept with a tiny night dress on which didn’t even cover her bottom . Tonight she would sl**p nude.
Meg was used to having a maid bring her food when and where she wanted it but it would be no real hardship to get snacks when she wanted them and dinner and main meals were served in the great dining hall or in the huge conservatory in a relaxed style she knew she was going to like .
Meg was tired after her flight and decided to have an early night.
Tonight Meg slept nude and masturbated herself to sl**p imagining herself being caned with a senior cane over Martins desk on her bare bottom .
Meg was asl**p by nine o’clock, nude and with a wet pussy …….

Martin and Sarah were relaxing in the lounge .
Sarah had some case law to research which didn’t take long and she was soon by Martins side and caressing his huge dick and teasing him into an nice early fuck before bed .

“I know Meg excited you “ said Sarah , “She’s an even bigger prick teaser than me “
“Do what you want to her” said Sarah .”except fuck her of course, she is a most awful exhibitionist and I know she loves the cane so please don’t hesitate to thrash her arse dear”

“Oh don’t worry about that darling “ said Martin ,”I’m looking forward to it “
“Two can play at that game” said Martin as Sarah took her husbands huge cock into her mouth for a lingering blow job ,…….
Martin soon responded after such a stimulating day and was soon about to cum .
Sarah felt the beginnings of his first spasm and quickly stripped stark naked and sat astride him impaling herself on his dick . She felt his helmet nudge her cervix as she bobbed up and down seductively .
Sarah always tried and nearly always succeeded in cumming at the same moment as Martin as she always though she stood a better chance of being fertilized that way . Whether that was an old wives tale was irrelevant . She liked it that way either way.

“Oh fuck me “ she cried “fuckkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee”

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” yes ,yes ,yes . Said Martin as he shot his hot spunk deeply inside Sarah’s sloppy cunt .

Quickly Sarah turned to lay on her back and raised her legs so as not to waste any of the precious spunk ……… Sarah felt that she could still feel Martins cock inside her as she fell into a deep slumber in her cosy snug bed.

It was a warm July night and a full moon and Martin slept alongside Sarah until he woke . The clock by the bed said it was three AM . Perhaps it was the moonlight that woke him or did he imagine that he heard someone walking about? .
Sarah’s arse was sticking out from beneath the sheets and he admired the swell of her hips and the wet cleft in between her long legs. Her damp cunt was almost steaming in the warm air and Martin felt the urge to wake her and fuck her all over again . He was sure she wouldn’t have minded. She never did .

Martin threw the sheets off and lay there with his cock exposed and he slid his hand across its meaty length . It was always erect these days which was fine at home but an inconvenience at school when he had some luscious girls arse to cane over his desk as he knew he would have come the next day .
Martins school was one of the few that had retained corporal punishment much to the delight of the parents who chose the school for that very reason.
Never a single day passed without at least three girls being sent to his office for the cane and it was always on the bare bottom , it always had been and Martin could see no reason to change the tradition .
He was pretty certain that was how the girls liked it in any case which was the reason he saw the same girls over and over again and they all seemed eager to drop their knickers, much to eager in fact .
Sarah was no different which was why Martin kept a cane not only in the bedroom but in his office and well stocked library at home.

Martin just couldn’t get back to sl**p with his boner and the room seemed almost oppressively warm despite the huge sash windows being partially opened.
Sarah had been surprised that English country homes had no air-conditioning and even more so , no screen doors .
English insects, it seemed preferred to be outdoors and the occasional fly or butterfly tended to agree.

Martin decided a nice cold drink of juice was what he needed as he slipped out of bed and made his way to the kitchen and the large refrigerator which he knew had an endless supply of chilled drinks .

He walked naked down the central staircase and into the delightfully appointed kitchen .

Leaning against the large American style fridge was Meg with a glass of milk in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
Meg was also nude.
Not that this bothered Martin in the slightest and it was clear from her smile that Meg was delighted with the company …
“I’m starving” said Meg.
“Well make yourself a sandwich” said Martin as he moved Meg side to get a drink .

“I’m sorry” said Meg “perhaps I should have errrr slipped into something “?
“No Meg” said Martin ,”There’s really no need to dress, as you can see I’m naked too” “
“Yes” said Meg as she looked at Martin’s hugely erect dick “I can see that “
Megs tits were perfect, just like Sarah’s but a little larger perhaps and her nipples were longer and fully erect.
“Is that for me”? said Meg nodding towards Martins engorged cock .
“Partially Meg” said Martin as he poured a tall glass of pineapple juice for himself.
“I assume you know we don’t smoke in this house” said Martin .
“At least you could open the French windows Meg and stand by them if you insist on smoking ….
In fact Martin himself did have an occasional cigar and he was used to doing just that . Except in the conservatory which was his designated smoking area.
Meg walked seductively towards the huge French windows and opened them standing on the threshold as her silhouette highlighted her perfect arse in the moonlight.
Meg opened her legs slightly as her hand dropped to her cunt . Martin had the perfect rear view of Megs arse and hand as she shamelessly masturbated herself .
“I do hope you don’t mind a mature woman pleasuring herself dear Martin “ said Meg.
“Or do we masturbate outside too” said Meg smiling.

“You can play with your cunt wherever and whenever you like Meg “ said Martin .
“You may find cock a little hard to come by though , unless you brought your own with you” ?
“I have indeed” said Meg , “I never go anywhere without my little toys , would you care to watch me use one “said Meg as her fingers moved more quickly now and her clitoris was standing to attention as she said the words..

“Perhaps later, or later tomorrow “ said Martin “I would like to see your cunt well stretched “ he said
“Before that “ said Martin “I do have to cane your bare arse for smoking “

“Oh really “ said Meg “well if you have too , you have too” she said ,.
Martin couldn’t help but grasp his cock and began wanking in earnest at the same pace as Meg.

“How do you want me “ said Meg bending over slightly to expose her asshole and cunt ..

Martin took her by the hand and Meg could feel the strength in Martins hand as he took her swiftly into his private study .
Meg felt totally helpless as Martin made her bend over the green leather chesterfield so that her arse was well raised and her legs were flailing in the air like a naughty c***d.
The sight of Megs arsehole twitching made Martin even harder and her cunt was wetter than ever as Martin selected the senior cane he had appropriated from school some time ago .
“Its always eight strokes for smoking “ said Martin as he flexed the cane .
“Do you think that’s fair”
Meg had never had more than six strokes of the cane before and had almost forgotten what it felt like .
“Eight strokes”? said Meg , “ couldn’t you let me off with six if I suck you off Sir “
“I could give you twelve if you would prefer” said Martin “and you would still be happy to suck my dick “
“Oh “ said Meg , “I suppose I’d better settle for eight of the best then “

“Bottom well up Meg” said Martin “and keep those pretty legs well spread”

“Yes sir” said Meg spreading wider than she had ever spread them , even for her own husband.
How nice it would be ,thought Martin to have Sarah and Meg up ended together for a good caning … Perhaps he should discuss it with Sarah later?
Megs bottom was almost identical to Sarah’s , perhaps a little plumper but still in excellent condition . Even her twat and asshole were the same colour and both Mother and Daughter were cunt waxed so that there bare cunts were perfectly displayed.


“Oh fucking hell “ cried Meg
“Be quiet” said Martin “I don’t want to hear a squeak from you Meg “
“Your only getting what you so richly deserve after all “
“You are after all just another cunt to me” said Martin
“Yes sir” said Meg
“Then say it girl “ said Martin

“I’m just another cunt sir” said Meg


“Arrrgggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh cunt , fuck ,fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”

“That will be an extra stroke for swearing “ said Martin

“Say it again girl”

“Yes sir, another stroke for the cunt sir” said Meg

Megs arse was bright red and stinging like crazy but she was beginning to leak badly as the tell tale rivulets of woman spunk ran down her thighs and onto the leather of the chesterfield.


“Fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee” cried Meg.

“I cant fuck you as you so delicately put it “ said Martin “Although the offer is very tempting”
“Now you can get on your knee’s and suck my cock , cunt as I know you’ve been gagging to since you arrived.
Meg was rubbing her sore arse as she obeyed. It was all true , she couldn’t wait to get that thick cock inside her even thought it wouldn’t be her cunt Meg would settle for third best rather than go without …

Meg took Martin’s cock deeply into her sweet mouth halfway which was all she could manage as she licked her tongue around the massive pole.
It had been so long since Meg had tasted man spunk and she missed the salty taste of spunk badly.
Meg had hoped that Martin would fuck her in the arse but that would still be fucking ,wouldn’t it ?
She would ask Sarah if it was allowed . She so wanted to be penetrated in the ass she was desperate for it . A blow job would have to suffice , at least for now …………………….
Megs cheeks were bulging with cock as she tried to take as much as she could and she prepared herself for the gush of spunk which would inevitably and imminently be spurting into her throat.
Martin had both of her tits in each hand and was pulling at her long nipples mercilessly .
Meg’s hand was equally busy between her legs as she masturbated furiously and a white froth was building into a huge orgasm .
She knew that Martin would have to cum first which was as it should be .
Otherwise she might be over the chesterfield once again and her bottom was still tender from the previous caning .

After what seemed an eternity Martin grunted and let go of his first wad of spunk . It hit the target nicely and went straight into Megs throat ……
“Keep sucking cunt “ said Martin “there’s plenty more to come yet dear”

And so there was … Three more spurts of salty spunk entered Martin’s Mother in Law’s throat.
Most of it was swallowed quiet well but a little was dribbling from Megs lips as she withdrew. She licked her lips so as not to waste any and finally Martin gave her permission to finish herself off .
With her legs wide open Meg was finally allowed to masturbate in full view of her new Master .
Four fingers did the job nicely as Meg had her first orgasm ..
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m cummmmminggggggggggg “ she cried as the woman juice spurted from her gaping twat .
Martin replaced the senior cane on its hook and finished his juice.
As if he was able to read Megs mind he said “I will ask Sarah if I can ass fuck you tomorrow “
“Oh yes please” said Meg
“You may go back to bed now Meg” said Martin .
Martin watched Meg as she ascended the staircase in her naked grandeur .
He was going to have a lot of fun with Meg . Of that he was certain …………..... Continue»
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fraudsters punished 6 Martha's new life

Chapter 19. Martha’s new life
May 29th 1831
‘It is six weeks since I last wrote in this journal and I have caught up with all the main events that has gone on since my arrival. Much has happened since I last penned any words here. Martha has left and is now married. I miss her. She was a fun thing in bed but I wish her well. She married a shipping trader in town who had been to one or two of our Saturday entertainments with the squire and taken Martha to bed and obviously liked her performance. Still it was with some surprise I received and read his calling card one Wednesday morning, Wm. Forsdyke, Shipping and forwarding agent.
"I’m now a widower," he told me after the usual preliminaries and need a woman to keep me company and to control my two daughters who since their mother died some nine months ago have become arrogant and profligate in their spending. I am at the Quay too much to keep the check on them I should and haven’t much time for the social events where I might find a wife. In any case, the eligible women there are seem mostly to be on the look out for a man solely for their money." I had to agree with him. "I’ve been to two events here and know you like to pass on the ladies in your keeping in return for a small monetary consideration to compensate you for your loss." I thought he would want a lady nearer his own age which I guessed about mid to late thirties so I was much taken aback when he enquired of Martha. I remembered he’d paid to spend a night with her but didn’t think he had any special feelings for her other than to stuff her cunnie. I also remembered she’d told me afterwards he’d liked his arse spanked hard and she had to do this before he rogered her.
"Martha will be a considerable loss to us," I pointed out, "She’s one of the younger ones and is a good worker and brings in a considerable sum at the Saturday events. Any monetary consideration would need to take care of that loss." I started my bargaining. Price was not the only thing I thought of. She was good in bed and I had become very fond of her and wanted her to find someone that would be kind to her. I wasn’t sure of William Forsdyke and his real motives. I guessed him to be a wealthy man who lived quite well but not ostentatiously. With the age difference and his having two daughters almost as old as Martha, I wondered if she wouldn’t just be a drudge to get his meals and satisfy his lust. "Would you mind if I asked one of the ladies to walk around the grounds with you for a little? I will consult with Martha and if she’s agreeable we can negotiate a price."
Martha wasn’t concerned about his age, "After all," she said cheekily, "I’m living here with you!" The daughters were another matter. Much depended on the authority she was given to chastise them. We discussed this and other related problems until Mr. Forsdyke returned and we could put our reservations to him. At the end of a long talking and bargaining session, we agreed Martha should go on loan for two weeks. During those two weeks she was to act as his wife and have the same authority. At the end of that time she would return and stay here either until someone more suitable came along or Mr. Forsdyke married her.
"How did you get on?" I asked when she returned.
"Very well Sir," she replied. "Unless he changes his mind, we will be married in three weeks time."
"You got on alright with him then?"
"Oh yes, once I found out how he liked it. When I spent the night with him here I just had to spank him before he got it up enough to poke me. At his place he had a special strap he called a teaser. A sort of belt with the end split into three fingers, each nearly an inch wide. It was quite soft and I guessed it was just to titillate to get an erection, indeed without being spanked on the arse he had difficulty in performing. He used it on me a few times and it stung but didn’t really hurt. Just warmed the arse nicely. Nothing akin to Alice’s strap or the birch.
When he was ready for bed or rogering, we’d undress and he would lie over the end of the bed and I'd lay the teaser smartly on his bum. I’d hold his prick in one hand and with the other, lay each stroke in quick succession so he didn’t really feel the pain before the next hit. He’d take about twenty hits before I would feel his prick stiffen in my hand and perhaps half a dozen more before it was hard enough to use. Then it was in and bang bang until he came. At first he didn’t do more than that but by the end of the first week I had persuaded him to slow down and enjoy it more and make me enjoy it too. His prick isn’t as big as yours Sir, but he can use it nicely when he wants."
"Any trouble with the daughters?" I asked.
"Oh yes there was at first but I got William to tell Sarah the cook and Pru the housekeeper, they were to help me if I needed to restrain one or other of the girls for punishment. Even after only a few hours there, I could see they were in sore need of some discipline. At dinner that first evening they were less than polite to me and even to their father they were rude and arrogant. "Why don’t you punish them?" I asked him in bed on our first night. "I don’t think it is right for a man to discipline his nearly grown up daughters in the way they need to be. I don’t expect you will have any such qualms and I will not chastise you if I come home one evening to find they cannot sit for that day or the next few. Remember I have seen the birchings Winsberly deals out at the Workhouse," he answered. " ‘Long as they are not marked for life, you can punish them hard. They need it to be sure."
Next morning after Will had given Sarah and Pru their instructions to help me and he’d had left for the quay, I went into their room and ordered them out of bed and to get themselves and their room cleaned up. "Sod off slut!" Rachael yelled at me in a most unladylike way. I ripped the bed covers off them and was not unsurprised to find each of the girl’s nightgowns were raised and each had their hands in the others quim. I decided to be like Alice and not raise my voice but to try and sound authoritative. "So, I’m the slut am I? It looks like there are two others as well. Now get up and clean yourselves and this room."
"You heard Rachael, Sod off. You’re only here for a few days to warm father's bed and then he’ll find someone better," Elizabeth shouted as she pulled the covers up again.
"I’ll be up again in five minutes and if you are not up and starting to get ready by then you are in trouble girls." Again I kept my voice down which they may have mistaken for weakness but it wasn’t for long. When I next entered the room I was followed discreetly by Sarah and Pru and Briggs the gardener handyman. Both Sarah and Pru are big women and not to be trifled with. Both had not only been on the sharp end of the girl’s tongues but had received punishment from William for alleged offences against them. Both were keen to see them get their just desserts. Briggs carried the staff punishment chair. This was a heavy solid oak chair with a low upright back, the top of which was hollowed downwards to fit a persons belly. On the all four legs were leather straps, which are fastened around the person's wrists and legs so once they were bent over the back and fastened, they couldn’t move. You might like to get one Sir. It was very convenient for general spanking with strap or cane or whatever, Sir."
"Sounds as if I might need one if you get to stay here Martha," I teased but she ignored it and went on.
"The second time I pulled their bed clothes right off on to the floor, Rachael swore at me like a docker, until she saw Sarah and Pru. "Well, well," I said, "Where do young ladies learn language like that? I would have thought the daughters of a gentleman would have a more refined choice of words. Maybe in a short while we’ll hear more words from your colourful dictionary." I asked Briggs to put the chair in the middle of the floor, which provoked another hail of abuse at a man being in their bedroom when all they had to cover them was their nightgowns. They also knew what the chair was for as they had caused most of the staff to be punished in it on many occasions. "Stand in the doorway Briggs," I ordered, "Don’t let either of them pass until I say so." From the folds of my dress I produced the cane I brought from downstairs and pointed it at Rachael. "Bend over the chair girl." Rachael was the older of the two, nearly sixteen and only two years younger than me. As I guessed she refused. I nodded to the two older women and they grabbed the girl and although she struggled and screamed, she was no match for them. As the got her to the chair I fastened her ankles and between us we removed the one piece of clothing she had on and strapped her wrists. Briggs eyes almost popped out at the sight of the young girl's tits as they hung down, Sir but that didn’t stop him from catching hold of Elizabeth when she tried to escape. I used a curtain tie cord to tie her wrists to a bedpost. She wouldn’t get away again. Both girls still tried to abuse me until I gagged them with scarves."
"They we not best pleased with you by then?" I laughed at Martha.
"No, that’s for sure. Given half a chance I would have been dead. Once more I did something Alice does here. I kept them waiting. I paced the room swinging the cane every now and again, allowing it to rest on Rachael’s bum for a few moments or on Elizabeth’s thighs. Then I made an Alice speech."
"Seems to me you learned a lot from the way Alice runs this place," I said.
"That’s true, Sir. I spoke slowly and clearly but quietly. "Girls," I said, "I may be here for just two weeks or it may be for the rest of my life. Whichever it is, you are going to be doing exactly as you are told. As far as you are concerned, while I am here I am your mother and I will treat you like c***dren and if you err from what I believe is right, then your bums will feel the strap or like today, the cane. As you rightly pointed out, I have come from the Workhouse and I’m proud of the fact. I know what it is like to be strapped, caned and birched for my wrong doings. I know exactly how it feels when the cane first bites into the tender flesh of your bottom. The searing fire line that spreads and before it has gone far, is joined by another and another and yet more until you think you will pass out. But you don’t. The pain is there. A terrible pain. Yes, I know what you will go through and I have no doubt those watching will know too. As you again rightly said, I am here for two weeks to start with. Let me assure you, that by the end of that time, you will just be able to sit comfortably again. Unless that is, your misbehaviour warrants another application of the rod. Is that clear girls?" Neither of the girls moved so I repeated the question and swished the cane noisily through the air. Both girls nodded.
Moving Elizabeth to a position where she could see her s****r’s bottom, I laid on a hard stroke. Rachael jerked but could not cry out. I waited and gave her another. Again I waited. "Rachael, I know it is worse being gagged during a caning. I’m going to remove yours now before I continue. You may cry and scream but it you start to abuse me with your tongue I will replace the scarf and give you extra strokes of the cane." I repeated what I said to make sure she understood. She cried out and then did a tremendous yell when I gave her the next. By the sixth, she was pleading for me to stop and promising to behave and do as I said but I went on and gave her a baker’s dozen. By then she was a sobbing, crying wreck. A dozen with the cane is bad enough for us but for a girl who had never been smacked before, it was pretty gruesome. She wouldn’t be crossing me again in a hurry. Sarah and Pru released her and laid her face down on the bed. We didn’t bother to tie her.
Elizabeth cringed in fear when we untied her hands and ordered her to the chair. She seemed too frightened to move and had to be dragged to the chair. In fairness I gave her the same treatment as her older s****r but perhaps didn’t lay it on quite as hard. The result was the same. Two naked blubbering girls lay side by side on the bed. Briggs I noticed had a large protrusion in the front of his breeches but I wasn’t about to be disloyal to William on my first day. Before I left, I ordered the girls to remain exactly where they were, "If you move so much as an inch before I come back, I’ll repeat the caning across your front." I knew they believed I would.
Fortunately cook kept some of the patent Gran. Mabel cream you have Sir so after leaving the girls for a quarter of an hour I went back to them. They hadn’t moved. They stared pleading and renewed their sobbing and yelling. "Silence," I snapped. "You had your well deserved punishment for your behaviour to me and for some of the ill things you did before I arrived. The cane has wiped that slate clean but any wrong doings in the future will be dealt with in like manner. As the punishment is finished I do not wish to prolong the pain any more than necessary but unfortunately it will be a long while before it goes. This cream as I know from personal experience, will help to ease it and perhaps make it a little more bearable. I shall put it on this first time but I will be as gentle as I can. At lunchtime, you may put it on each other. However, by that time you will have washed and put on a light dress. You may help each other and you won’t get into trouble with me if you play a little with your cunnies and titties. I do know that seems to help. By afternoon teatime, I shall expect to see some order return to this room. You will not want to move about, but it will help if you do. You must and I repeat, must, clear this place up. By dinnertime you will dress properly for your father’s return. You will eat with us but I will ask for extra cushions on your chairs." Again I made doubly clear to them what they had to do. I heard them complaining loudly to each other when I closed the door.
When Sarah took in their lunch, I followed. They were still both on the bed but their crying had died down. I knew they wouldn’t want much to eat but insisted they had a bowl of soup. I told them they were free to move around the room and that Sarah or Pru would bring the cream when they collected the bowls. I reminded them of the clearing they had to do in the three hours that were left before tea. Again I heard them complaining when I left the room but it quietened when I opened the door again and ordered less noise.
Following Sarah when she took the tea tray in, I noticed the place was much tidier than earlier. There were still items of clothing not put away. "You have made a feeble start," I said to them in front of Sarah, "If you don’t want a taste of this strap you had better get this room clear and tidy when I return in one hour or..." I slapped my strap hard on a cushion.
"We’re telling father when he gets in," Elizabeth remarked, "He’ll throw you out."
"I wouldn’t count on it girls," I laughed. "I will certainly be there when you do." I think my coolness unnerved them a bit because they started sobbing again. Sarah and I left. Half an hour later Sarah told me when she collected the tray, they had started to clear more stuff away. I didn’t appear overly satisfied with their efforts but told them to dress ready for dinner and suggested light, loose dresses. "Be in the drawing room at six," I told them. Ten past six and they still hadn’t arrived down. I sent Harry the boot boy up. As instructed he knocked and walked straight in. Neither girl had anything much on which caused some consternation to the boy as well as the girls but he gave them my message. "Mistress Martha says for you to be down in five minutes. You are late already. If you are not down by then she is coming up to encourage you." From downstairs I heard them shouting for Harry to get out.
Six minutes later, I was about to go up with my strap when their door opened and they came down. They were dressed but hadn’t spent too much time on their hair and faces. Redness and moisture showed around their eyes but was overshadowed by the hate within the eyes themselves. "Ah there you are girls. Please wait in the drawing room while I have a look at your room." It was much tidier although I could have found fault had I wanted. "Well, that’s an improvement," I said when I returned to them. "It’s a nice evening, so shall we walk in the garden until your father arrives?"
"It hurts to walk," pleaded Rachael.
"It will ease after a few yards, and it will hurt to sit so we’ll walk." Slowly I took them into the garden. We met Briggs and I had a few words with him and suggested he might like to give us a guided tour. The girls blushed deep red when he looked at them. Briggs showed us round and named the flowers and plants which I found very interesting but the girls just followed more or less silently behind, Only giving little groans every now and again when their stumbling steps aggravated their bum muscles."
"I’ll wager you acted as though you already owned the place Martha," I suggested.
"You’re right Sir, I very much enjoyed playing mistress of the house and lording it over those two snooty little girls but I still wasn’t too sure how Mr. William would react when the girls levelled their complaints at him. I knew what he had said, but when faced with his own daughters having been caned he might change his mind. I needn’t have worried.
Elizabeth started the complaints as soon as William entered the dining room but he silenced her saying, "If you have anything to say about the way Martha has treated you, I will hear it after dinner is over. Now sit down quietly. I see she has thoughtfully provided extra padding for your seats so be grateful for that." The girls looked daggers at me and Rachael started to say something but William silenced her. Throughout dinner we talked quietly about the weather and what he had done that day. One of his ships had just arrived in, which is why he was a little later than usual. Then we had coffee. Real coffee Sir, not the stuff from dandelion roots. This came from a place called Africa. One of his ships brought it. It was lovely Sir."
I knew Martha’s conception of geography was limited to the town on one side and Bromton on the other, a distance of no more than twenty miles. London was some place outside this world. Likewise Africa was probably a town that could only be reached by ship. "You’re getting into society ways now Martha." I said to her, "We won’t be good enough for you soon."
"Oh, I shan’t forget my life here Sir," she replied and then continued her tale. "William took his brandy into the drawing room afterwards and we all followed. Rachael asked for the girls to talk to him alone but he refused saying, "I know Martha caned you this morning so you can say what you wish to in front of her. I know I can also verify the story from the staff who witnessed it. First show me what she did to you girls."
"You don’t mean you want to see our...?" stuttered Elizabeth.
"Yes, I want to see your bottoms. Only then can I judge how badly you were treated." After a pause when the two looked at each other, trying to gauge their s****r's feelings, both girls turned and lifted the hem of their dresses. Neither wore bloomers to lessen the chafe on their bottoms. "What about the other side. Did you get your fronts caned too?" William asked. The girls were very shocked at this suggestion. "I know at the Workhouse the ladies get whipped front and back. Isn’t that so Martha?"
"Yes it is, Sir," I agreed, "Sometimes it is all for the same punishment. At others it is when we’ve earned another and our bottoms are still not recovered enough to take the whip there."
"Now daughters of mine, tell me why you were punished and I will judge if Martha has been unduly severe." They made it sound as though I had just entered the room and thrashed them for no reason. William bade me be quiet while they told their story and after gave me chance to tell mine. "So Martha we have my daughters saying a very different story to you. Two against one." For a moment I thought he was going to side with them but before I could utter a word he got up and rang the bell. Pru came in and he asked for her version, which was most like mine. "Two against two now. Do you wish to change your story girls?" Still they didn’t. William asked for Sarah and she again confirmed mine. "Do I have to send for Briggs, daughters?" They shook their heads. "So Martha is telling the truth?" The girls nodded, yes. "So, not only did you deserve the punishment, you lied to me about it. You, I guess, are annoyed I have invited her to come and live with me. Well for your information, she is staying. One of the reasons I asked her here was to take over from your mother and lie with me in bed. Another was to do what your mother should have done, and which I also seem to be unable to do, and that is to take some of the spoiled untouchable nature out of you. She chastised you for your behaviour to her. I am now ordering her to do it again, in any way she wishes, to punish you for lying to me. I will also come and inspect your room and see that you did what she asked of you and to see if it was done in a proper and satisfactorily manner."
"Both girls were horrified at being ordered to be punished again. I knew they expected to be caned over the stripes they already had but I had other ideas. We all trouped up to their room and outwardly it was fairly tidy. Certainly it was much better than it had been. William opened the top drawer of their chest and we saw all their clothing had been stuffed in any old how. To my surprise he emptied it on the floor and added to the pile with every drawer he opened. I could see the frustration of many months of tolerating their bad manners was all coming out. The girls saw it too and were very frightened and were again pleading for him to stop. Begging for forgiveness and promising to be good girls in future, they even said sorry for being nasty to me. I knew better than to let them off. Had I done so they would have gotten away with it in the future. William opened their wardrobes and while these were a little tidier, he still dumped everything on the pile. "In the morning, immediately after breakfast, you will sort this heap out. Some of the stuff you have long since grown out of, some you’ve never worn. Clear out at least half of this and ask Briggs for a potato sack to put it in. I will donate it to the Workhouse. I’m sure some of the women there would make better use of it, eh Martha?" I of course agreed.
"Rachael, Elizabeth, listen carefully both of you. And stop whining!" William shouted at them angrily. It appears to me you only half did what you were told to do so I am going to suggest to Martha that she has only half punished you. Martha, you will carry out the other half of the whipping immediately. Girls, by lunchtime tomorrow I want this heap reduced by half. One half will be put away tidily the other in the sack. Martha will inspect them. I am sure she will know what to do if you haven’t fulfilled my order properly. Now I will leave her to inflict such pain as is necessary for you to understand and fully comply with my wishes." With that he stalked out of the room shouting, "Get Briggs or the houseboy to help you if they resist Martha. Leave the door open so the staff can hear them squeal." I knew also he wanted to hear them."
"Sorry girls, you heard what your father said. You tried to cheat on me and it’s back-fired. Take your dresses off and lie on the bed." Both started begging and I thought Rachael was going to refuse so I started for the door as if to shout for assistance."
"Please Miss Martha," Elizabeth for once really looked contrite, "Please Miss, don’t hit us any more. Our bodies cannot stand it. We’ll die."
"I almost felt sorry for her but as I was told at the orphanage and here, it was for their good in the long run so I would carry out the whipping but not in the way they expected. "Undress," I ordered again and this time they did. I arranged them side by side on the bed but facing opposite ends, The crotch of each was level with the breasts of the other. Next I bound Rachael’s ankles to Elizabeth’s wrists. Likewise with the other pair of ankles and wrists. I fastened both sets of bindings to the bedposts. The pair lay stretched out, the pain in the bums forgotten as their young titties and bushy pubic triangles pointed to the ceiling. By now they guessed where the lash would fall except they feared it was to be the cane again and were crying and sobbing. I left them to see what other instruments for the punishment of servants were available. I returned with the leather reins from a horse. At some point the reins had broken and the fittings removed for use on the new one. The remaining strap was some ten feet long and about an inch wide, like the reins on most horse carriages Sir. It had been stored with the other punishment stuff ready to make a new light strap or something, Sarah said. I doubled the strap and, with Pru’s help, bound the loop for about a foot with twine to make a handle. For a few minutes I practiced swinging it on a low stool imagining it to be one of their bums. It landed with a resounding CRACK, partly from the impact and partly from the two parts slapping together. It’s something you might want to try Sir. Makes a lot of noise, hurts a lot but doesn’t mark too badly."
"I might want to try it on you, you little minx," I said but she just pouted.
As soon as I entered their bedroom, I cracked my new whip. Even as I went in they looked at me with fear and when they saw and heard the whip they shrieked like banshees from hell. I didn’t keep them waiting long but went straight to the bedside and lashed across Elizabeth’s breasts and Rachael’s crotch. With each stroke I worked along their bodies until the lash reached Rachael’s titties. I gave them a minute or so rest and then started again from the other side of the bed. Their screams could be heard throughout the house and probably into the next village. If it is one thing they did have in their favour, it was good lungs. As I started from the second side of the bed I noticed William looking in the door and when I finished I beckoned him in. "Do you think this is sufficient Sir?" I asked and he seemed to think it was. I also noticed the protrusion in his nightshirt and took him back to our bedroom to make use of his erection. Seeing his daughters whipped had aroused him, which was most unusual. He performed well and I came loudly and so did he."
"When he dozed off after his exertions, I went back to the girls without bothering to put anything on. They renewed their screaming until I ordered silence. Even then they continued sobbing. I got their flannels from the washstand and wet them. While I had my back to them, they must have seen the stripes across my back and bum from the last birching you gave me. They were pretty tender still and showed up quite blue and purple. That shocked them. "Will our bodies look like your back?" Elizabeth asked through her tears."
"Something like I guess," I replied which started them wailing again. "These marks are from the birch rod and are finer and deeper than those I have just given you. Your bottoms will be pretty much the same colour come the morning." After laying the cold wet cloths on them for a while, I untied them. "Girls, I know you like playing with each other’s bodies. It doesn’t worry me in the least that you do so. I’ve seen and done it myself with girls at the orphanage and workhouse. If it helps you get over the pain a little, do it. I’ll have Sarah or Pru bring you the cream and some larger wet towels so you can treat each other. I don’t expect you will sl**p too well but if you disturb others, expect to pay the price for it. You understand me?" They did. Breakfast is at eight o’clock. I will ask Sarah to arrange a call for you at 7.30. You will put on a light dress and attend breakfast at the large table in the kitchen like the rest of us do when your father isn’t here. Afterwards I will see if your bodies need any further treatment with cream and then you can make a start on sorting your clothes and clearing this room."
"So it was I got control of them and while they hated me, they did what they were told. By the end of the fortnight we had a sort of truce. I didn’t whip them any more and condoned, even helped them with their girl to girl loving. However, I made really sure they knew I would have them caned of whipped again if it was necessary. Rachael did try it on with Briggs when he brought some produce into the kitchen.
"Do you have to come in here in your dirty clothes when ladies are present?" she said to him thinking I was in another room. Unfortunately I was just returning."
"Bend over the table Rachael," I ordered in my sharpest voice.
"I’m sorry Miss. I didn’t mean anything by it."
"Bend over or do I have to ask for help and get the cane Rachael?" That put the fear of God into her Sir. Her stripes were still very tender and sitting was still not comfortable. She bent over. "Your may lift her skirt Briggs and give her bottom a dozen hard smacks." He didn’t need any further telling. Rachael lifted up as the first spank found its mark but without being told, Pru and Sarah held her. Elizabeth watched alarmed. Both girls had started wearing bloomers again so Briggs didn’t see anything much but he told me afterwards how much he appreciated tanning the snotty girls arse."
"I think that’s about it Sir. Much of the daytime the Master was at the Quay but twice he stayed home all day when he didn’t have a ship in port and of course on Sundays we went to church. Several times in the first week I had to show him how the girl’s stripes were faring and afterwards, when I had warmed his bum a little, we fucked hard for a goodly while before blowing out the candle."
"Do you think he will come back for you Martha?"
"I think so, unless the girls turn him against me while I am here."
A week later, William Forsdyke came and expressed his intentions of marrying Martha and said he had arranged for the ceremony to be performed by the Reverend Jenkins on Saturday week in the local church. As I remarked I was both pleased and saddened to lose her but I did make sure I had my fill of her delightful cunnie before she finally left.
"Well, at least one or two of them seemed to have worked her way out of this workhouse," Margaret remarked as she and Jeremy read through the latest passage. "I wonder if I will ever do that?"
"There are very few people in this world rich enough to pay the price I would ask for you Margaret!" Jeremy’s reply pleased his companion. She leaned over and kissed him and they cuddled together until the spell was broken by, "Up you get now. Time to start dinner."
Chapter 20. The life of the Twins
July 3rd 1831
‘Once again some weeks have elapsed since I last found time to write this journal and in that time a little has changed. The workhouse is now looking smarter with most of the inside walls freshly lime washed and the wood given two coats of dark green [paint] which I prefer to the more sombre brown. The ladies have now gotten into my ways and there is less need for punishment. I pointed this out to Squire and he suggested we have the Saturday entertainments in turn at Grange Manor, Pembridge Hall, the home of Lord Parham and the Workhouse. Any girls for punishment are taken to the venue and the discipline applied by Higgins if at the Manor, Wallace at the Hall and myself at the Workhouse. Thus we all get to see a better variety of female flesh receiving the lash and I am not f***ed to add girls to the punishment list just to ensure enough are available for the entertainment. However that has reduced our income but usually I take some of the girls to the other places to assist with pleasing the guests and earn a pound or two that way.
Nonetheless I was surprised when his Lordship requested I bring the twins along the second time we met at the hall. I knew he had seen them when I gave them both four strokes of the birch on a Saturday but it was a married couple that took them to bed that night. Several men wanted Jane but I had insisted the pair performed together. That way I at least had some revenue from the boy. I had thought the couple came at the squire’s behest but in fact it was Lord Parham that invited them and it was only later I learned he was a construction engineer involved in the design and building of the new Town Hall in North Henley. He and the company he owned, have a number of other large public buildings to his credit, which have made him a wealthy man if not an aristocrat. He was still a tradesman at his roots. Down to earth and likable. Not pretentious.
I also took Henrietta along as I had given her three chalks marks for wrongly cutting and wasting some dressmaking material. It was a simple, understandable mistake but she’d only had the birch once since I arrived and I thought it time she had a reminder and it would make her a little more careful in future.
After Higgins had well warmed her bum and she’d been taken to a bedroom by a middle aged man, Lord Parham came to me and formally introduced Frederick Cooper and his wife Rose, the couple who had taken the twins at the Workhouse. We talked while the next act was being set up and then Frederick asked to have a private conversation with me concerning the twins, before the end of the evening. We sat and watched as two of his Lordships maids were fastened together tit to tit. Their hands were then made to grip a bar and were tied to it. This bar was raised aloft until their feet were clear of the floor and their bodies free to swing. Both were young, no more than sixteen at a guess. Lady Parham seemed to take a special interest in the pair and I later learned she was he cause of them being there. She had caught his Lordship rogering the pair. That in itself wasn’t the problem, she knew he had all the maids and frequently watched his performances. This time both girls knelt side by side, bums in the air while my Lord rammed his prick a few strokes in one and then a few strokes in the other until he shot his seed and collapsed on the bed.
Watching this had made M’lady horny so she ordered the girls to service her husband with their mouths until he was hard enough to do his marital duty to her. My Lord’s prick was not co-operative and lay exhausted between his legs. She ordered the whipping. Maids were not allowed to deprive her of being fucked by her husband's prick when she wanted it even though they’d had no choice in the matter.
Wallace and another man, each with a light, many-thonged whip, took positions either side of the two hanging girls. Lady Parham started the pair swinging by giving a hard right hand slap to the arse of one and a left-hand swipe to the other. "Warm them well men. I will say when to stop," she shouted as she stepped back to watch. As each girl swung towards them, Wallace and his companion lashed the white buttocks until they became fiery red and the girls were crying and begging loudly for the whipping to stop. Only when M’lady deemed them sore enough did she give the order. Two guests stepped forward and thrust their pricks into the hanging girls and rogered them with great gusto. After they’d completed their task, M’lady ordered the two whippers to take the girls in their bottom holes before releasing them. My twins, I noticed were cleaning the spent cocks of the two guests.
Shortly after, the whipping being the finale to the entertainment, some guests began taking girls away to various rooms, and others retired to the drawing room. Frederick and Rose took me into a corner and asked if they could have the loan of the twins for a while. "Loan? How long? Why?" I asked, somewhat baffled by the request. Frederick sent Rose to refill our tankards and when we were again nicely settled began the tale.
"We have two c***dren Josiah, a boy David, just turned sixteen and a girl Rosie who we named after her mother and she’s a year younger than her b*****r. About six months ago, Bridget, their governess discovered them in bed together, fucking away like only young teenagers can. She naturally reported it to us and the three of us debated for a long while what to do. As you might guess from our attendance at these meetings, neither Rose or I are at all prudish nor is Bridget or her husband Frank who is one of our house staff. We regularly share each others services, if you get my meaning." I did. "We didn’t want to spoil the c***dren’s fun but were not too keen on the i****t side of it. You know all the stories of deformed and mentally ill babies. I gave the pair a severe lecture on what could happen and Rose gave Rosie advice on preventing pregnancy because we didn’t go so far as to ban them from doing it with each other. At this stage we thought it was more experimenting with sex and they would grow out of it. Bridget kindly took David to her bed several times but Rosie refused to have anything to do with Frank. I then invited Jeffrey Parham over for a weekend and gave one of the maids a shilling to spend the weekend with David. Both pairs seemed to enjoy their time together and I hoped the false love our c***dren declared for each other was broken, but it seems it went the other way. Both had learned new things they wanted to try with each other. Then I heard about your twins and wondered how you dealt with the situation and if having them pair off with my c***dren might have a beneficial effect on both. What think you Josiah?"
I pointed out the twins were a rather different case. They had slept in the same bed more or less since birth and separating them caused physical and mental problems. "I heard they’ve had some rather traumatic experiences," Rose said.
"It’s only with God’s help, or rather the help of two or three women they are actually alive at all," I pointed out and when Rose asked why, I gave them the story.
"Jason and Gwendolyn gave me the outline of the sad lives of the twins and Alice wormed more details from the twins themselves as they seemed reluctant to talk as freely with me. I have confirmed as much as I can from the women and the bailiff so I am pretty sure the information is as near correct as it can be.
Katie Smith, or at least that is what she called herself although no one believes it is her true name, came to Pennydelset about fifteen years ago. She was heavily pregnant and took up abode in the near derelict cottage that was just past the forge. She only used the two downstairs rooms because of the way the roof leaked. Katie liked her drink, in fact she drank far too much and spent most of her money in The Swan and other pubs. Gin was her favourite tipple but she could only afford the gut rotting cheapest. Even so there were not many nights that she didn’t fall into bed in a d***ken stupor and this was probably the cause of the twins being small when she gave birth to them. For a few months, until the novelty wore thin, she looked after them reasonably well but still drank heavily so her breast milk wasn’t of the best. At that period she was able to get seasonal work on the farms but when the twins were three or four years old and her need for gin increased, she found it more profitable to go to the quayside at Gippeswick and offer her body to the sailors. The young c***dren had to fend for themselves, sometimes for several days at a time. The baker’s wife, Hilda Todd found them one day, starving outside the back of the bakery looking for scraps of bread in the bin and gave them half of an unsold loaf and a meat pie that had been accidentally crushed and was unsaleable. The two shared the food and immediately devoured it. After that the twins went to the bakery regularly and Hilda tried to put things aside for them. Harry, her husband wasn’t too keen on feeding waifs but turned a blind eye to his wife doing so as long as he didn’t see it. When they grew a little, Hilda on Saturdays after the shop closed early, gave them a broom to clean the bake house and took them into the house for a proper meal afterwards. For a long while this was the only real meal they had each week. Harry was persuaded it was payment for the work they had done but wouldn’t allow it more than on Saturdays.
As the c***dren grew so Katie came home less frequently, usually no more than once a week. Jane and Bobby soon learned to keep out of the way when their mother came home d***k. Usually she was affable when she first arrived from town and often gave them coppers to buy food. By the end of the day she’d had her fill in one or other of the inns and would look for the money to buy more drink. The c***dren soon learned to hide it and themselves. One of the hiding places was a side shed to Farmer Redman’s barn. They used this until spotted by Rita Redman. She knew about the plight of the twins but didn’t wish to be seen interfering. Giving them a couple of horse blankets she showed them the hayloft where they might stay in greater comfort. "When you hear the bell for the workers to come in for breakfast, you come on in too. Don’t take any notice if Fred goes on and gripes a bit. He’ll bark but won’t bite. I’ve got him by his balls or at least my cooking’s got him by the guts," she laughed. Although the farm men laughed at the amount of food such a small pair could put away, they never made any attempt to m***** them and none ever told Katie.
School was another problem. In a small village school like this, everyone noticed if a c***d was missing. Any c***d playing truant received a goodly dose of the strap on their return. Due to their lifestyle the twins were often ill and when their mother was around, had to hide away to escape her wrath. With no one to back up their assertions of illness or the reasons for being away, Bobby and Jane received more than their fair share of the strap. So much so that even when they were so ill and shouldn’t have been at school, they went in just to be sent home. The teacher did not want them spreading their noxiousness to the others. There was no money for medicines or the doctor so whatever they caught, lasted longer than for most pupils. None of this was helped by their cold, damp living conditions, the lack of warm food and poor physical condition.
When they were ten years old they almost lost their lives. It was November. Weather was cold and damp with an unusually high rainfall for the month. First Jane took sick with a cold and Bobby soon followed. This quickly turned to a fever and the pair just lay coughing in bed together, alternately shivering and sweating. Delirium set in. When they hadn’t turned up for school for three days, Teacher Hopkins went around to see where they were. Immediately he called out old doctor Sedgton. The kindly doctor took one look at the pair, ordered them to be wrapped in blankets and put in his carriage and drove them to the Nun’s Hospital at Tye Green. Even in their delirium they clasped each other so tightly they couldn’t be separated until the fever broke on the third day.
It was an elderly crotchety nun who decided it was sinful for a boy and a girl to sl**p in the same bed and put them in beds alongside each other. As soon as she left they were in each other’s arms again. The move angered the old nun and she removed Jane to another room and locked her in. That night the screaming from Booby and Jane was so bad none of the other patients had any sl**p and when Doctor Sedgton visited the next morning they complained to him. Bobby and Jane were still keeping up their wailing and calling out for each other and the doctor could see their condition was deteriorating. "s****r," he said to the old nun who was still adamant in keeping the two apart, "Were they fornicating when you saw them?"
"No, but they were in a lustful embrace. We cannot have this sort of thing in a Christian hospital."
"s****r, that so called sinful embrace was part of their healing process. The energy, a Christ’s life giving essence, was flowing from one to the other and they were getting better. This happens with twins. You can see for yourself how they are slowly dying again now they are not joined. If you are a true Christian, you will let Christ do his work in his way and not thwart it." It was obvious the old nun didn’t believe a word the doctor said but a younger one butted in.
"Why don’t we let the doctor have his way during the day when we can see what is happening and at night put them in separate beds across the room from each other. With the night candle they can see each other and know they are not far apart."
"No!" The old nun rejected the suggestion out of hand. "All they need is a hard spanking. That will kill their tantrums."
"Then they’ll die, s****r. I cannot have that on my conscience," the younger one stated and went off, returning with the Mother Superior. Much to the older one’s chagrin the Mother Superior allowed the suggestion. "These c***dren are ten years old and yet they have the bodies smaller and less developed than most eight year olds. I cannot see any harm in allowing them to be together at this time. I do know from personal experience of twins, they have a mental bond other siblings do not have so for the time being I will allow them to hold each other during the daytime but I do suggest they are apart at night as s****r Anne suggests. Any news of their mother?" There wasn’t for two more days. s****r Anne brought Jane back to Bobby and after a very emotional reunion, she explained they could only have this arrangement if they kept quiet through the night so other patients who needed their rest could get it.
A bailiff was at Katie’s door soon after she arrived. He issued a summons to attend the Crown Court in Gippeswick two days thence on a charge of c***d neglect and that was the last anyone from the village saw of her. The bailiff traced her to the docks and reports suggested she went aboard a vessel sailing for the Americas. She may well still be alive if she didn’t fall d***kenly over the side before she got there. When the twins recovered sufficiently they were taken to the orphanage. There they became acquainted with the sexual activities of the older boys and girls and started to practice them between themselves. Gwen didn’t concern herself too much. They were quiet and didn’t disturb any of the others. In fact for some months it was difficult to get more than one word answers from them. As the girl didn’t complain about her b*****r’s attentions and she hadn’t started her monthlies so was unlikely to become pregnant, Jason and Gwendolyn didn’t even try to separate them. Indeed they thought it might make the pair more receptive when they were big enough for them to have fun with. When she thought Jane might start ovulating, she gave them both a stern lecture and some practical instruction to avoid any baby problems.
Perhaps now you can see why your sibling situation is so different to theirs and why I try and keep them together at all times," I concluded.
I could see tears in Rose’s eyes when she spoke, "Josiah, I can see what you mean. It’s a very sad story and our c***dren have had a most comfortable life compared to them but I think we would still like to give it a try. What do you say, Fred?"
"Yes, perhaps we could borrow them for two weeks to start with and bring them back the Saturday after next when the entertainment is at the Squires and discus it further in the light of what happens. That should give us a reasonable amount of time to see what they are like and for them to see if our ways agree with them. I gather neither are averse to fornicating with others as long as they not separated. If they are so upset they do not wish to stay for the fortnight we’ll bring them to the Workhouse next Saturday. " So it was agreed.’
Margaret had tears in her eyes too as she read through the document.
Chapter 21. Back to school
Margaret returned to the keyboard. "Dinner’s on so the old man can’t complain. It’s stew so it will cook itself and I’ll only have to give it a stir every now and again. I do want to find out what happened. Poor k**s. Lucky they didn’t die."... Continue»
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s****r Sucks Best pt.3: Major Throat Fucking

Judy stated down at her b*****r's cock. "Mmmm, it's hard
again." She jumped off the counter and grabbed it, stroking the
thick, throbbing cock-shaft. "Oooo, God, Tommy," she gasped,
rubbing her naked body into him, his hard cock pressed against her
belly. "Mmmm, lemme lick my pussy-juice off your face."
Tommy's arms circled his s****r's slim body. He cupped the
cheeks of her ass as she licked his face and rubbed her stomach
against his aching cock.
"Christ, you're a horny little bitch! All this time I
thought you were just a damn little prick-teaser."
"I've always been a horny prick-teaser," she giggled, pulling
off his shirt and rubbing her tits into his bare chest. "Only now
I wanna suck and fuck instead of just tease." She gave him her
mouth and fed on his tongue as he plunged it into her throat.
"Damn," Tommy groaned. "You can't fuck all the men who come
in here, s*s. Christ."
"I don't want them," she moaned, pulling his shirt off. "I
only want your cock--and Daddy's." She reached down and jerked
his cock. "Mmmmm, I'll bet you'd like Mommy to suck you like I
Tommy thought of his mother and moaned. "Yeah, but shit ...
you're dreamin'."
Judy pressed against him, her tits mashed into his chest, her
face tilted up to his. "Wouldn't you like to suck on Mommy's tits
and fuck her pussy?"
Tommy groaned, his s****r's hot breath caressing his face as
her nipples burned into his chest. "Sure, but I'm satisfied with
"I'm never gonna be satisfied until I have Daddy's cock
stuffed up my pussy." She melted to the floor and licked the head
of her b*****r's cock.
"You're crazy," he groaned, the heat of her mouth churning
the cum crammed in his balls.
"I don't care," she purred. "Maybe I'll get lucky." She
sprawled out on the floor, her legs spread, her virgin cunt wet
and ready for her b*****r's cock. "Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck the shit
out of me."
"Boy, s*s, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear you
say that."
He dropped to the floor between his s****r's legs. His cock
jutted out from his groin, the bl**d-swollen tip aimed at her
juicy cunt. He grabbed the thick base and dragged it up through
her glistening cunt-slit. Hot buttery pussy-cream flowed over his
"Unnn," he groaned, pushing his prick-head between the puffy
folds of her pussy. "I'm gonna give it to you nice and hard."
"Yessss," she hissed, the head of his cock pressing against
her cherry. "Just go easy for a minute until I get used to it."
She began to shake, her pussy pulsing for his prick. "Do it. Do
Balancing himself on stiff arms, Tommy lunged his hips. His
cock ripped through her cherry and as she shuddered, he jammed
again, burying his cock to his balls.
"Unnnn, you're so fuckin' tight!" he panted.
"Oooo, Christ," Judy gasped as her b*****r's cock filled her
tight cunt-hole. "Ooooo! You're stretching me!" Pain spread for
a moment as she trembled. "Unnnnn, ease it out, Tommy." She
gulped, her pussy feeling as if someone had just stabbed it with a
red-hot poker.
Tommy groaned and pulled back until only the head of his
prick was still buried inside his teenaged s****r's pussy. He
ogled her tits and face, his prick throbbing, his balls aching.
"You ready?" he asked.
Panting, her hands gripping his arms, she nodded. "Yessss.
Only do it slow, nice and slow." She began to quiver as she
waited for him to stuff her pussy with his cock.
Leering into her flushed face, Tommy inched his prick back
into the scalding heat of her cunt. He groaned as the hot spongy
muscles of her cunt clamped around his prick-shaft. He groaned
again, his groin flush with hers, his prick balls deep.
"Feel better?"
"Oooo, yes," she sighed, twitching on her back. "A lot
She rotated her hips and moaned as the juices in her pussy
washed over her b*****r's buried prick, greasing it for speed.
Tommy felt the hot syrupy juices of her cunt and the heat
swelled his buried cock. "You're creamin' again," he moaned,
easing back then pushing forward. "Creamin' all over my cock."
"Oooo, Tommy." She lifted her ass, meeting his long, slow
steady pumps. "Ooooo, it's driving me crazy." She wriggled her
hips, his prick throbbing deep in her cunt-hole. "Oooooo, it's
Tommy's balls ached. The slow pace was driving him nuts.
"Christ, Judy," he grunted. He eased back then slammed hard, his
cock jabbing into her pussy. "Unnnn, damn!"
The hard, demanding thrusts made Judy's eyes pop. "Do it
again! Do it again!"
A wide horny smile spread over his face. He pulled his cock
out and waited, watching her tremble beneath him. "Whatta you
want, s*s? Tell me." He jabbed an inch of his cock into her
pussy-hole and then jerked back. "Tell me."
"Oooo, Tommy. I want you to ram it in hard like you just
did!" She began to shake, her cunt contracting, trying to suck
his cock back into her spongy cunt-hole. "Do it! Please!"
Tommy waited, paying her back for all the times she had
tormented him. "When I'm ready," he groaned.
"You fuckin' bastard!" she gasped. She lifted her ass off
the floor, trying to gobble his cock into her cunt. "Do it, you
bastard. Do it!"
Tommy plowed his cock into her pussy, mashing her wriggling
ass back into the floor. He twisted his hips as she squealed with
delight, his cock-head gouging at the cushiony walls of her
overheated cunt. He pulled back quickly, slamming his prick into
her pussy again.
"Ooooo, Tommy. It's wonderful!" She went into spasms,
thrashing under him, his cock buried to the hilt. "It's so deep.
So fuckin' deep!" She humped up and twisted, her clit grinding
into his hard groin. "Again! Again!"
Tommy lunged hard, pounding her with long powerful jabs, from
the tip of his cock to his balls. Each thrusting stab mashed his
writhing s****r into the floor as the muscles of her pussy pulsed
against his cock-shaft and drenched it in warm sudsy pussy-cream.
"Jesus, Judy," he groaned, easing back again. "You're
"Unnnn, Tommy." She looked up into his face, her blue eyes
bright with lust. "Fuck me hard and fast now."
She began to quiver, her pussy on fire, needing the hard
stabbing jabs of her b*****r's cock to put out the flames. She
lunged up, swiveled her hips, her cunt greedily milking his buried
"Fuck the shit out of me!"
Tommy's balls were aching. He jerked back, watching her face
fill with shock. Gritting his teeth, he was using all of his will
power to keep from emptying his nuts in his s****r's pussy.
"You want it, you fuck it!" he said as he eased his prick
halfway into her bubbling cunt and grinned.
"Oooo, you're torturing me, you bastard," she hissed as she
thrashed on the floor. She arched her back, her hips jerking.
"Ummmm. But I love it!"
Tommy kept his lean body stiff as his s****r fucked herself
blind on his cock. He watched her face twist with passion, saw
her tits jiggle, and felt the sizzling heat of her pussy as she
rammed her cunt onto his prick at a frenzied pace.
"You're gonna cream, if you keep this up," he said, his voice
strained, his jaw tight.
"I know," she squealed, wriggling under him, her ass thumping
on the floor, her pussy gobbling on his cock. "I'm gonna cream my
fuckin' brains out." She lunged up and twisted her hips, her clit
grinding into his hard groin. "Ooooo, Christ!"
Tommy couldn't take it any longer. He slammed his prick into
her pussy and smashed her back to the floor. He pounded her, his
stroking fuck-jabs short and powerful.
"This is what you want," he grunted, slamming into her body
at blinding speed.
Yessss," she howled, absorbing his deep penetrating fuck-
stabs. "Ooooo, you're in so deep. I can feel your cock
throbbing!" She went crazy, her body contorting beneath him as
she raced wildly toward an explosive orgasm.
Tommy pounded her, his cock slicing through her hot, sizzling
pussy. "Unnn, Judy ... my fuckin' nuts are gonna bust." He
slammed her hard and grunted as his cock pierced the scalding
depths of her clinging pussy.
"Faster, Tommy," she begged, thrashing under him, her ass
lifting to meet each powerful stab of his prick. "Faster and
harder. I gotta cum. Gotta cum!"
Tommy wanted exactly the same thing. He pierced her pussy
with hard, drilling fuck-stabs, his hips a blur as he pounded her
squirming body back into the floor.
"Cream, Judy," he roared. "Cream my fuckin' cock!"
Judy was gurgling on her own spit. She humped up, slamming
her clit into his groin as he hammered his prick into her cunt.
She clawed his shoulders, her tits flopping, her hips gyrating
frantically as she raced madly toward an orgasm.
"Oooo, I'm there, Tommy. Gonna cum! Gonna cum all over your
"Yeah," he shouted. "Cream!" He picked up speed, lashing
his prick in and out of her pussy. "Cum, Judy. Cum!"
Judy went into spasms as her pussy exploded. "I'm cuming,
Tommy! I'm cuming!" She bucked beneath him like a wildcat,
orgasms ripping through her pussy like hot bolts of lightning.
"Ooooo, I'm cum ... ing, Tommy! Ahhhh!"
Tommy groaned, the heat of her climaxing pussy intensifying.
Hot bubbling pussy-cum bathed his stabbing cock, squashing out
over his ready-to-explode nuts every time he plunged into her
cunt-hole. "Unnnn, Judy. I'm gonna cum! Aghhhh!"
Thrashing and bucking beneath her b*****r, her legs stiffened
then curled around his jabbing hips, digging into the tight
muscles of his back.
"Cum, Tommy. Cream me! Cream my pussy!"
The cum in Tommy's nuts erupted. Hot thick jizz gushed from
his pisser, splashing deep into his s****r's hot, sizzling pussy.
"I'm cuming," he howled. "I'm cuming!"
The hot cum squirting up into her pussy triggered another
orgasm deep in Judy's pussy. "I feel it. It's making cum again!"
She lunged up, her hips jerking, her tits flopping. She clung to
him, pounding her clit into his driving groin. "Ooooo, I'm cuming
... cuming!"
Tommy pounded his s****r, his cock cutting through her gooey
cum-filled pussy. The sizzling heat rumbled the cum in his balls
and they erupted again, spewing out a river of jizz that
overflowed and gushed out over his swinging balls.
"Judy," he bellowed. "Jesus Christ!"
Judy was out of her skull. Everything was spinning. She
worked her hips in tight frenzied circles, her clit mashing into
his groin, the action keeping her creaming. She clawed his
heaving chest and banged her heels into his back.
"Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Ooooo, Christ! Don't ever
stop, Tommy!"
Tommy knew he wouldn't stop until he collapsed. He drilled
his squirting prick into her pussy, crushing her writhing body
into the floor each time she lunged up to meet his powerful
thrusts. Hot cum poured from his pisser as his balls continued to
churn out the thick, gooey wads. His face tightened, his hips
working like a jackhammer as he sliced in and out of her climaxing
Judy arched her back, her spine almost snapping as she
wrenched her shoulders at the same time. With her ass off the
floor, she rolled her hips, her clit grinding into his frame.
"Oooooo! Tommy!" she moaned, her head snapping from side to
side as he pounded her twisting body back into the floor.
Tommy's arms shook. His climaxing cock was draining him of
his strength. He groaned as his arms gave out and he crashed
down, crushing his squealing s****r beneath him. His hips never
stopped, his cock still piercing her pussy maniacally.
"Unnn, Judy!"
Judy gasped, the wind knocked out of her. Her body acted on
its own, thrashing and churning as she climaxed over and over
again on his stabbing cock. She circled his back with her arms,
holding him tight as she fused her body to his and shuddered in
bliss as the last of her orgasms washed over her and left her weak
as a kitten.
Tommy lunged hard, the last of his cum squirting into her
cunt. He grunted as he ground to a halt. He lay there, his prick
spent, his balls empty, her pussy still twitching against his
shrinking cock.
Judy moaned. With her passion gone, being pressed into the
floor was uncomfortable as hell. "Get off me, Tommy," she moaned.
Tommy rolled off, his prick popping from the gooey tightness
of her pussy. "You're some fuck, s*s!" he said as he stood up.
He leaned against the counter, his prick hanging, droplets of cum
oozing down his limp cock-meat.
Judy sat up. "You ever been fucked better?"
"Hell no," he laughed.
Judy giggled. "You won't be the best once I get Daddy
between my legs."
"Stop dreamin' Judy," he said. "You got as much chance of
fuckin' Dad as I got of getting into Mom's pussy."
Judy stroked his limp, sticky cock. "Maybe we can come up
with an idea to make both our dreams come true."
She licked his prick and balls, savoring blend of her own cum
mixed with the tangy taste of his.
"When we gonna fuck again?"
"Maybe tonight," he said. "Right now, I think we should get
dressed and open the store before Mom and Dad come back."
Judy tossed him his clothes. "Maybe I'll wait on the
customers naked," she giggled as she stood up. "We'd make a
Tommy slapped her across the ass. "Get your ass dressed."
Judy scampered through the store and found her clothes. Her
body was tingling. It had been a fantastic morning and she knew
as long as she wanted, she would have Tommy to take care of all
her needs. But then she frowned. All of her needs but one--she
still wanted her father's cock.... Continue»
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Trap set for Perverted Bother!

I always suspected my b*****r had a dirty side; I just never suspected how dirty it was, and just what effect it would have on me.

My name is Christie. If I had to describe myself I would say that I’m shorter than average, with a perfect small tight ass but I carry a little more in the chest than most of my friends. My hair is shoulder length, which the boys love to have something to hold onto as I found out.

Anyway my b*****r Ray and I are nearly 19. He works as a teller at the local bank, and I’m studying journalism at college. As for Ray his girlfriend is such a skank, and a cock-teaser because her outfits consist of short skirts and belly shirts where her tits hang out, but she is just not the right person for him. I told him what I thought of her just over a year ago, and we’ve hardly spoken since. However I think that is going to change since I found out about a month ago my b*****r has a panty fetish.

Ray and I share a bathroom at one end of our f****y house, and our parents stick to the other. Like most families our dirty laundry goes in a hamper in a corner of our bathroom. I on the other hand like to be clean, so I shower in the morning and at night. The door to the bathroom has to be slammed to make sure the handle lock works properly. Ray and I have both moaned at Dad constantly to fix it, but he never has. Ray and I have taken to leaving a portable stereo outside the door whenever we’re in there, so the other won’t accidentally stumble in.

I came home after college as usual one Wednesday evening after a reasonably easy day, and I went to shower before going out to my part time job in the local pub. I started to undress and throw my college clothes into the hamper with the rest of the dirty laundry (leaving me in only a white bra and pink satin thong), when I noticed my favorite purple satin bikini string panties were on the top. I’ve only got one purple pair, and know I had worn them on Monday; so they should have been further down in the pile of laundry. I reached in and pulled the panties out of the hamper. As I held them up to look at they seemed a little damp. Upon further inspection I lifted them to my face to sniff them, I detected the unmistakable aroma of salty cum.

The realization hit me hard; so hard that I got hot and my legs wobbly, and my pink panties immediately got drenched in an unexpected organism. I was hotter and wetter than I had ever been, and I was blushing from top to toe as I wondered who was jerking-off into my panties.

Of course the list of suspects was a short one, and the only real possibilities were my Dad, my b*****r Ray, or one of Ray’s friends. I had to know, but I was getting turned on again just thinking of the possibilities. I slipped a finger down the front panel of my pink thong and rubbed my clit furiously. As I did this, I brought my purple bikini panties up to my mouth, turned them inside out and began to lick the cum that covered the interior crotch of my satin panties. I was so hot that the taste of the salty seed was over powering. I love the taste of cum; and while I’m not as experienced as some of my friends, the three boyfriends I’ve slept with have all had the pleasure of numerous blowjobs I’ve given them.

In my experience there’s nothing quite like a guy shooting his cum down your throat, and I can’t get enough of it. Not a moment later I was coming again soaking my panties to the point that it could no longer hold any more fluid. My knees buckled, and I slumped to the floor shivering all over. My nipples were hypersensitive and rubbing agonizingly against the lace trim on my bra. I was on the verge of crying. I needed to know who the panty wanker was!

I undressed and put the pink thong and purple bikini panties into the hamper, then showered, and got ready for work. I had a crap night at work, as all I could think of was a meaty cock rubbing against my panties and filling them with massive loads of cum. It was a quiet night anyway, and so my boss sent me home half an hour early. By the time I got home, Mum and Dad were both in bed (there were some fairly disturbing creaking noises coming from their room; Yuk, surely they’re too old for that now, they’re both in their late forties!).

Anyway I went to the bathroom at our end of the house for, as I had to pee. While I was in there, I checked the hamper, but everything was as I had left it. The next two days were fairly uneventful. My life was the usual round of college, seeing friends, and working at the pub. I checked the hamper morning and night, but there was no sign of panty tampering. It must surely have been one of Ray’s perverted friends when they came around to play mindless Xbox games.

Saturday mornings I always sl**p late, and then meet friends in town in the afternoon. On this Saturday after waking, I strolled downstairs dressing in a tank top and a pair of my pajama bottoms. After I knocked back two cups of coffee and some toast, I strolled up to the bathroom for a leisurely session of making myself look gorgeous.

As I opened the hamper to put my dirty clothes in, and low and behold, my pink satin thong panties, the ones I’d cum in so explosively three nights before, sat on the top. The smell of cum was obvious. This stuff was fresh, but I was the only one in the house. Everyone else had gone out for the day. It was fairly obvious that it must have been my b*****r Ray!

The thought was nowhere near as repulsive as I expected it would be. The smell of his cum had gone straight to my head. I needed to taste it. I licked the sticky seed from the crotch of my panties as I stuck two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. My orgasm was virtually instant. I went back to my bedroom and fucked myself to two more orgasms with my mini vibrator, and collapsed on my bed. I could still taste the spunk from my panties, and it tasted good. I needed more if it bad and I wanted it fresh. The trouble was, I still couldn’t be 100% sure that it was Ray’s.

Whomever the panty wanker was seemed to like nicely used panties, so I resolved to flush him out. I decided to use the panties I was wearing, my favorite purple satin bikini sting ones. I decided that the best way to ensure that I could catch the cock that likes to cum in my panties was to create a situation where demand out-stripped supply. Since I already had my purple panties on which were soaked with three prior orgasms, I figured a fourth one would be a nice addition. God my clit was getting sore, and after I was finished I got dressed, and went into town to meet my friends. I intended to wear these panties for the next week. The thought of springing my trap kept me preoccupied for most of that week. Each morning I’d finger myself in bed with my purple panties on.

I would then take them off to shower of course, but then put them back on for the rest of the day. I would then masturbate with them on in the evening, pushing the gusset far up into my pussy as I could get them just to get them good and juicy. Then I would shower, and then put them back on to go to bed. Each morning I would put a pristine pair of clean panties in the hamper, so that when Mom did the washing every other day, she wouldn’t suspect anything.

By Tuesday, I noticed that the laundry had been moved around in the hamper, but then on Thursday there was the familiar odor of spunk coming from a clean pair of my panties, which sat on the top of the hamper. I picked them up and rubbed the cum all over the crotch of my purple panties and then licked the remaining cum off the crotch clean, and fingered myself once more into the purple panties. By now, my purple satin bikini sting panties could have stood up on their all by them selves.

A couple of times walking around college, I’m sure people I passed noticed the smell, but this just served to make me hotter, hornier, wetter, and smellier. I’m ashamed to say that by Friday evening, my panties had been drenched with pussy juice, had droplets of pee in the front, and even some light sk** marks in the back. My parents had gone out for a meal, and Ray’s girlfriend was busy until late in the evening, and then he was intending to go and stay over at her place. I put the filthy satin panties into the hamper when I got home from college. Around seven thirty I heard Ray go into the bathroom. If he was the panty wanker, there was no way he’d be able to resist them. He’d be able to smell the heavy aroma of my pussy as soon as he walked into the bathroom. I followed him upstairs as quietly as I could. If he was the panty wanker, I didn’t know quite what I would do. I supposed I would try and watch him rub his cock with my panties, and then sneak in and lick them clean afterwards. The stereo was outside the door, so I would know that the bathroom was in use.

I crept to the door and placed my ear to it. I heard a sort of squeal from Ray. He gasped, “oh fuck”, and at that moment I had found my panty wanker. As I listened, I heard him scrambling as he took his clothes off. I took off my shirt to make it easier for me to squeeze my tits. I then slipped my jeans over my hips and to the floor, and stood there dressed in only my black satin panties, and socks. I moved one hand up to my chest and began to rub and pull my left nipple. As it got harder I moved my free hand into the front panel of my black satin panties and finger fucked my pussy. As I listened to the noises from the bathroom, there were muffled grunts and groans. I couldn’t help myself. I pushed firmly at the door, and it clicked open. Thank God my Dad had never fixed it. I looked through the crack in the door, and there stood Ray with my panties pushed against his head, and his meaty cock in his hand, rubbing it like crazy. He seemed to be rubbing the whole crotch of my panties across his face, sniffing and licking my pussy juice, pee spots, and even sk** marks. His prick was quite magnificent. Not huge, but certainly well proportioned, and in my experience the most beautiful manhood I had seen. I took off my socks and crept into the bathroom. I knelt on the floor at his feet, as quiet as a church mouse, with my fingers up my dripping wet pussy I had to time this carefully, and judge the point of no return. My head was spinning. What on earth was I doing kneeling before my b*****r, who was stroking his magnificent cock, oblivious to my presence? The time seemed right. I said his name. “Ray!” He grabbed my panties off his face. As he started to stammer my name, I took his cock in my left hand, and slipped it between my lips, into my mouth running my tongue over and around the swollen head. He grabbed a handful of my hair and immediately started thrusting, lifting the panties back to his nose. It took just a minute of me sucking and licking for all I was worth, when I felt him tense, his cock swelled, and then his hot juicy i****tuous seed erupted into my mouth. The taste was fantastic, as it tasted even better than I’d imagined, and the texture was just exquisite.

I licked every last drop off his lovely shaft and from around the head, as his cock began to soften my b*****r dropped my panties to the floor. Ray started to speak, but I wasn’t going to let him take control. I pushed him down onto the carpet, onto his back. I moved up to his head and knelt with a leg on each side of his face, in a sixty-nine position. I then lowered my panty-covered pussy onto his mouth. Ray grabbed hold of my hips and pulled my quivering snatch onto his tongue, lapping at my lips and clit through the saturated satin material, for all he was worth. What he lacked in technique, he certainly made up for in enthusiasm. I noticed my purple satin panties next to my hand; I picked them up from the floor and wrapped them around his dick. I started to massage his cock back to life. I continued to jerk him off until he was hard as a rock. Not long after he was hard my body was on the verge of a big orgasm. The feeling was so intense, because of the thought that my b*****r was licking my pussy. I was getting so hot that my orgasm hit me hard! So hard that I heard my b*****r choking on my pussy juice. Being that my b*****r is so dirty by using my panties to get off I thought I would teach him a lesion and rub my panty cum covered pussy all over his face.

While I was calming down from my intense orgasm, I continued to rub my b*****rs cock with my panties. Ray’s body started to stiffen up, and I knew he was about to cum. I slipped his panty-covered cock into my mouth and began to suck him the best I could. I could not believe how tasty my week worn filthy panties where, and as I continued to give my b*****r a blow job, Ray shot a mouthful of his spunk into my mouth saturating my panties.

After sucking my panties clean and my b*****r dry, we leaned into each other and kissed deeply.

Strangely, the kiss seemed more dirty and forbidden to me, more than the entire licking and sucking did. We lay there in each other’s arms for a while to catch our breath, until Ray pulled away. I heard him call his cock-teaser of a girl friend, and tell her he wouldn’t be coming around that evening. It seemed we had some things to talk about. One of them I was hoping would be for him to jerk off into my panties twice every day so I could wear his cum where ever I go!
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well here we go again .
Claire and i rode back to the house as usual naked to the world ,but this time i looked at her with a completly different attitude ,it was complete and utter lust we shared my big stallion and i let my hands roam across her body kissing the back of her neck and my hands caressing her brests
"you keep that up buster we might have to stop for another fuck"
"would you mind"
"no but Carol might"
"huh what do you mean"
"it's her turn tonight"
"this is crazy"
"no we know what you did to our little s****r in the barn this morning so it was decided that she wasn't going to be the one having all the fun"
"your k**ding right"
"no im not"
"well fuck me"
"thats certianly what we plan to do your sharing the drovers quaters with carol tonight you two should have fun"
"im feeling used"
"do you really mind"
"mmm i guess not"
"good then you will take care of Carol tonight and give Sundra another repeat of what you did to her in the barn before you go home"
"yes Claire"
"good boy"
oh hell how do i get myself into these situations no that im complining three awsome women in one day just thank god they hadn't arranged for me to fuck there younger s****r Paula my old man would have to return me home in an ambulance.
Carol gets of my horse and returns to her own i guess to remove temptation
or at least put it a little further away.
"so Peter how are are you doing at school"
"totally crap gonna bomb out"
"what are you gonna do"
"uncle Steve said i can work at the gas station"
"thats not a job"
"oh im only gonna do that for a year"
"then what "
"gonna join the army"
"well thats better than working in a gas station"
"yeah woop's we had better get dressed we are close to home"
"oh! yes"
we dismount but instead of getting dressed straight away i go over to her an pull her towards me by her arse cheeks i kiss her with everything i have she melts to my body. 'hey at least one woman told me i could have given valentino lesson's in the art of kissing'.
"please stop i promised my s****r i would'nt wreck you for tonight"
"awwdamm ok"
we dress and remount our horse's and ride on to the house right now all i can think of is dragging her of that horse and repeting our efforts at the tree
so im not really looking when we arrive back at the house im sexually obsessed with Claire and thinking about the night to come with Carol
yeah Carol 5ft9 big boned not fat, fantastic gravity defying tit's, blonde hair and a horse riders ass so stong she might breck my back but yeah! im gonna find out! then Claire breaks my stupor.
"hey whats up with your dads car "
"huh oh!"
ahh that car my fathers pride and joy and right royal pain in the f****y arse
a 1964 jaguar saloon great when it's running sucks when it doesn't in fact so much so we have a spare car so he can get to work ah yes it's assumed it's alnost normal state of being busted with the bonnet up and my dad cussing with his head under the bonnet.
"what wrong with it dad"
"wont start"
"i can see that"
"electrical i think its done another alternator"
at this point i think i went cross eyed oh shit! we could be here a week waiting for parts.
I look at Cliare she's looking at me like im a steak that's about to be eaten.
"dad what are you going to do"
"go into town with your uncle and see if we can arrange for another one"
oh yeah i knew what they were going to do go to the garage the guy would tell them three day's then down to the pub and get pissed outta there brains and leave me with three sex maniacs to deal with.
at this point my uncle turns up with the truck
"common Dave no point staring at the bastard let go get another one"
"yeah ok"
"Claire tell your mother what were doing"
"yeah i will tell her your of too town to get pissed as usual"
"don't be smart with me girl"
"well it's the truth aint it and anyways you only do it when uncle Daves here
"that true you know what to tell your mother"
"sure do see you tommorw"
they would sl**p at the pub tonight the publican wasn't stupid he'd take there keys,and make em sl**p at the pub the roads around here were way to dangerous to drive when your d***k enough had died doing just that.
i turned to look at Claire as the truck roared down the road as it turned outta sight Claire grabbed me stuck her hand down my shorts and pulled out my semi hardon stroking it
"well well this couln't have worked out better"
distracted "huh oh"
"well this means your hear for a few days"
"what do you mean"
"Dummy it means we are going to fuck alot"
"uh yeah "
she bends over and sticks my cock in her mouth sucking me to full hardness and promptly stops teaser.
"come on Pete we had he better we had better go up to the house and spread the good news"
she pulls my shorts up sticks here hand in and leads me by the cock up to the house like im a horse ready for stud
we are intercepted by Carol on the walk to the house
Claire whats going on i seen you sucking his cock you haven't ruined him for tonight have you"
"now now s****r dear no i didn't i was just teasing him"
"oh that's good"
"but i do have some news that you gonna like"
"whats that"
"dont tease"
"ok ok have a look at uncle Daves car"
she turns and looks at the jag
"oh the bonnets up"
"sometimes s*s i think your a bit slow"
then realisation comes over Carols face as the truth is reveled.
"well fuck me there stuck here for at least a week aint they"
"yes they are"
Corol deciedes it's her turn to be a prick teaser she pulls my shorts down and starts sucking on my cock FUCK HOW MUCH OF THIS CAN I TAKE! Cliare comes over releasing her breasts from her shirt and kisses me i put my hand down her shorts for a feel of her arse this goe's on for a good 5 minutes i swear Carol came at lest once sucking on my cock i know Claire did when i got got my finger to her clit rubbing it.
(claire) "oooh thats good but we had better stop s*s dinners nearly on"
"oh shit thats why im here"
it's all i could do at this point to walk with my steel hard cock and follow them to the house.
my mind at this point is awash with the relisation that i have just become a human dildo!
(sundra)"hey mom said you three have time for a shower before dinner but you had better get to it"
we get to the shower im pushed in the hot water hits me refreshing my bones
but im not alone the girls soap me up and do them as well the attention they are paying to my cock is driving me nuts oh fuck this i spin Carol around bend her over "yes fuck me pete" i drive my cock into her vagina with no mercy.
"fuck her peter make my s****r cum we don't have much time"
Carol and i fuck my cock pistoning in and out of her cunt dear Claire is rubbing her breasts aginst my back and running her finger down the crack of my arse funny it was acctually stopping me from cumming by distracting me the Carol lets out a FUCK YEAH IM GONNA CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! I i miss out cause suddenly a voice says.
"hey you three had better stop mom said to get your asses to dinner"
we turn my cock slips ot of Carols pussy and is left swaying in the air un satistfied we dry of its Sundra standing there looking at us
"so you three look like you were having fun"
(claire)"mmm yeah we were sorry"
"pity he"s going home tommorow"
"no he's not"
"what do you mean"
"thats the news iv'e got uncle Daves car has broken down him and dad took off for town "
"oh thats terrific we have him for aweek"
"thats great sorry i stopped you but mum wants us at the table now"
"ok we are comming"
"well Carol certainly did"
we bust out laughing we were still laughing we we hit the the dining room
"well well you lot look happy whats up"
"peter is"
"oh funny claire"
"no mum he is he just fucked Carol without cumming so he's frustrated"
"oh poor thing i hope she's going to finish the job later cant have the poor boy running around with blue balls"
"you bet mom im gonna fuck him silly"
"we had better stop that talk you baby s****r will be back in a second the little one's have had dinner and are whatching the telly.
bang the door opens and closes and the conversation stops as paula comes in.
but my jaw is on the table my aunt knows whats happening too, damm my brain is swimming with wild thoughts WHAT THE HELL ARE IS GOING ON AROUND HERE? AND AM I GOING TO SURVIVE IT?
lets put it this way dinner passed slowly but i ate as mch as i could i figured id need all the enrergy i could get for what was to come
the girls went to put the k**s to bed leaving me with my aunt finnishing the cleaning up.
"well Peter did you have agood time with my daughters today they told me what they had planned"
"yes you dont mind do you"
"no dear it's not like you are that closely related your father and i are only half b*****r and s****r and you mother told me your a sexy bastard"
"she did"
"yes she told me about barbara and leanne"
"so you really dont mind "
"not at all"
ever feel like your bening pimped out by your mother none the less again im standing there confused my mother had told my aunt about my adventures with her friend barbara and my uncles ex leanne damm what next charging for my services.soon enough Claire Carol and Sundra returned Paula staying to watch the k**s for awhile.
"well girls seeing hows he's staying for awhile whats your plans for this sexy b**st"
"well mom Carols gonna fuck him at night Sundra's gonna fuck him in the morning and im gonna take him riding and fucking in the afternoons"
"that's nice girls"
"works for us mum"
"come on peter its my turn i thing we should finnish what we started in the shower"
"yes Carol"
Carol an i head for the drovers quaters we touch each other unashamedly by the time we reach the quaters we are as reved up as two people can be.
we get to the room were we are going to sl**p and fuck for the next few nights she pushes me onto the bed and 69's me god shes got a lovely cunt i dine out as desert this is the best a shaven pussy rare in those days.
god she knows how to give head she"s sucking like a hoover vacum cleaner
"enough babe before i cum it's time to fuck we have waited long enough"
gets on top of me the woman has pussy muscles i have never encoutered before she starts milking my cock i respond thrusting as best i can we build up speed heading for her second cum of the night.
"mnnnnnmmg cummmming pete oh thats good don't stop "
all i can say is "ohfuckohfuckohfuck"
"grunt grunt"
we were completely primal
"cumming again" after awhile
im just grunting away.
"peter why haven't you cum yet"
"i cum when i want to or when the woman can't take no more"
"well i cant take much more"
"ok you got another cum in you"
"together then"
we redoubled our eforts as she reached her next cum i relesed my load into her hot pussy
"oooh pete thats soooo goood mum was right you are a sexy bastard!"

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Trip to LA

I was out in Los Angeles on business and as I would dress up every nite and see if there was anyone who wanted to play a bit. On Friday around 5 pm I decided to go all out and I dressed in a corset with garters, panties, bra, stockings, red heels and a black lace cocktail dress. I finished it off with a blond curly wig and some rhinestone earrings. I had taken my time with my makeup so I looked pretty hot.
I had some conversations with Tom during the week but they always ended up with just talk so I figured Friday’s conversation would be the same. I was chatting with a few guys as well and although several talked a good game none seemed interested in actually meeting. I had discussed several fantasies with Tom, bondage, being taken to a bar, going to an adult theater etc. but still it appeared to be all talk.
Out of the blue Tom asked if he could come over. I told him I was dressed and ready to be his plaything for the evening. I gave him my hotel name and room number and he told me he’d be there in 30 minutes. I continued to chat with others figuring that there was only a 50/50 chance of Tom actually showing up. I was surprised when about 35 minutes later there was a knock a the door. I opened it and was surprised to find Tom, looking even better then his pictures!! He came in and we sat and chatted a bit over a glass of wine. Tom complemented me on my dress and heels and I could tell he was interested by the bulge in his pants. I figured it was time to make a move so I grabbed a bottle of poppers and took a huge sniff… head spun as they took effect and I felt so slutty, willing to do anything. I leaned towards Tom when he suddenly said “So, you ready to be my slut” “Oh yes sir, anything you want” I replied. “Good, then lets go”. He helped me up from the couch and handed me my purse as he guided me towards the door. “Where are we going?” I asked. “You’ll see” was all he replied.
We headed out and down the hall towards the elevator. I was nervous that we were about to walk through the public part of the hotel but as I passed a mirror near the elevator I relaxed a bit as I realized we looked like a couple headed out. We walked through the lobby and out to the street. We reached his car and he opened the door for me. As we drove off I wondered if we were headed to a bar, or maybe dinner. We exchanged small talk but I resisted asking where we were going. We ended up in the Hollywood area and circled a block a couple of times as he looked for a parking spot. Finally we found one and he ran around to open my door for me. We walked a couple of blocks, there were restaurants and clubs along the way. I was so excited to be out in public walking with this hot guy. I still didn’t know where we were headed.
Suddenly we stopped and turned into a theater. I caught the name on the sign “STUDS”. I had not heard of it before but it seemed busy. There were several guys standing around inside. Tom stopped and fed some bills into a machine on the wall, apparently this was how you paid admission $18 it said and after feeding it a twenty it spit out a ticket and two $1 coins. The guy that took the tickets to enter also swapped the coins for dollar bills… strange.
When we got inside we walked into a room with tranny porn on the screen and a bunch of couches and big chairs. I could see that there was a “regular” type theater further down showing another porn flick and another room to our left showing what appeared to be gay or bi porn. There were a bunch of guys sitting on the couches and sofas and some standing. Most were stroking their cocks. I could see at least one tranny going down on a guy. Tom led me down to a big overstuffed chair near the front and he sat down and proceeded to take his cock out. It was clear what he wanted! I knelt down in front of him, took my poppers from my purse, took a big sniff then started sucking him. It was so hot doing that with others watching. Tom started pushing my head down and thrusting deep… he was fucking my face! Out of the corner of my eye I saw another tranny come and sit on the arm of the chair and Tom and her started making out. I continued to suck as Tom pushed my head down. All of a sudden I felt someone lift up my dress and start playing with my ass. Soon I felt a tongue probing it and teasing me. I sucked harder…. I thought Tom was getting ready to cum but he suddenly stopped and pushed me away as I was replaced by the other tranny he had been making out with who climbed on top and started riding his cock. I was not sure what to do… my ass teaser had gone elsewhere… I took several huge sniffs of poppers and watched Tom and his new partner really go at it. Suddenly I was pulled to the next chair over where a big black guy pushed my head down on his cock, it was huge… so thick I could barely get it in my mouth… I took as much as I could but was gagging… he didn’t care and kept pushing me down more. I glanced over to see Tom smiling at me… I felt so slutty. After fucking my face for about 10 minutes the black guy stopped, pushed me off and left. Tom and friend were still going at it so I went to the ladies room.
When I returned Tom was still with the other tranny so I decided to look around. I went in the big theater room and saw that it had regular theater seats. In the two back corners were areas about 12 foot square with a lattice wall towards the movie screen. There were a couple of guys in the one on the right but I noticed about 40-50 guys packing the other one. I went closer to see what was going on but couldn’t really see. I thought that maybe they were watching something going on so I got to the edge of the group and stood on tiptoes to see over. I started to get pushed, first by one guy then two then a bunch of hands pushing me along. I got pushed right to the corner and then pushed down… there was a small bench against the wall. Cocks starting to come at me from everywhere. I sucked one, then another, then more and more. I had to swallow the loads! After what seemed like forever the group seemed to thin out and I was able to get up and move along the wall. I ended up in the opposite corner with lattice which was made of the lattice. I stopped and took a big sniff of poppers again and was immediately pushed into the corner by a guy who felt me up as he lifted up my dress… soon he was sucking and teasing my nipples and I was moaning and begging to suck him but he wouldn’t stop! It felt so good…. He turned me around and continued to tease me from behind. I pushed my ass against him and he pushed my head down. I bent over in the corner and grabbed the lattice through the holes. Looking up I could see guys watching use through the lattice as my teaser pulled down my panties. Hands grabbed my arms through the lattice and I suddenly realized what was about to happen. I struggles but could not get free. I bent my head and was a bit relieved to see the guy putting on a condom but that was short lived as I realized there were others behind him watching and stroking their cocks. I twisted and pulled and begged him not to but to no avail… I felt his cock press against me and with one big thrust it was inside. The guys holding my arms were taking a great interest in the show calling me names… “Take it slut” and “Fuck her”, I tried to pull free but had no leverage. Someone came up beside me and I was expecting to have to suck their cock but he put a bottle of poppers under my nose and made me sniff. I relaxed and started to thrust back… “She love it!! Keep her poppered up” I heard from beside me. The cock deep inside swelled and thrust harder…. I felt him cum… it felt so good. He slid out and I relaxed hoping to be released but as you can guess that wasn’t going to happen. Five more cocks filled me before I was let go. I slowly staggered out and back to the first theater area. Tom was sitting alone watching the movie. He looked at me with a smile and jumped up. I was a bit dazed as we headed for the door. I see you enjoyed yourself he said. I could not stop smiling as he took me home.
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Panty Boys

By Fred Gingerman

Chapter One - Nerds United
My name is Mickey Donaldson. For most of my 16 years, the k**s have called me Mickey Mouse, because of my size and because of my shyness. I was only 5'3" and at 115 pounds, very skinny. My best friend Jeremy Haskins and I were always the oddballs. Jeremy was a little bigger at 5'4" and 120, but we weren't being recruited for our high school football team. Chess team was more like it.
We were pretty much classic nerds. Shy. Picked on. Ostracized. Intelligent.
But we were still 16-year-old boys and our hormones were stirring. Boiling actually. Jeremy and I were both virgins and hadn't even really whacked our weenies. The girls in our Junior Class wouldn't even look in our direction. We were below all their standards and believe me, they weren't all beauties.
Jeremy's s****r Alice was a cute 14-year-old babe who wouldn't give me directions out of an avalanche. Jeremy used to ask her for some introductions to her friends, but Alice turned him down every time. She said her reputation was at stake.
I often wondered how Alice could be so attractive as a girl, while her b*****r Jeremy was so unattractive as a boy.
We seemed doomed to lifelong celibacy until the turmoil kicked up in the Middle East again.
My mother's younger s****r Beth and her husband Hal were journalists. They and their three cats had a nice two-bedroom condo in the good part of town and were already doing well for themselves when they got the big call. A cable television network wanted them to spend at least six months in the Middle East reporting on the troubles.
That presented a problem for Aunt Beth and Uncle Hal and a life-changing opportunity for me.
Aunt Beth told my Mom and Dad that it would be a good idea for me to "keep an eye on things" at their apartment while she and Hal were gone. I could drive over there every day (had my license), water the plants, sort the mail for important stuff, feed the cats and spend some time with my feline cousins, so they wouldn't be lonely. I didn't like cats very much, but as it turned out, the requirement to "spend some time with them every day" turned out to be my big break.
Since I had never given my parents a whiff of trouble, they readily agreed to Aunt Beth's request. Mom said it would help me become more responsible. I was already drowning in good behavior. It was time to start acting like a teenager.
Oh my. I would have access to my very own stabbin' cabin! Only problem was, there were no babes I could stab.
What to do?
Well. I decided to start off slowly. The first day that I went to Aunt Beth's, I figured that my duties would take me about 15 minutes of the three hours I could spend alone and unsupervised each day. That left two hours and 45 minutes for the worst kind of mischief, which when I first got there appeared to be leaving a soda can on the counter instead of in the garbage.
I was 16. Surely I could do better than that.
Oh my. They had a computer. My f****y did too, but it had so many stranglingly strict parental controls that if the site didn't have Disney in the title, I couldn't get to it. Plus, it was in the living room, with the screen facing anyone who walked in. If I wanted to look at big-busted babes making some tattooed guy happy, I was out of luck.
But my aunt's and uncle's computer was right here, with, I hoped, no controls. And I had free access.
Maybe it was only a shell. I thought. Maybe it didn't work. I turned it on. It worked. I tried the Internet. On! A search engine for, let's see, "nylon babes." Looked like 10,334,575 choices, but would I have access? Double click on "Nylon Honeys." It was thinking. I hope, I hope. Halleluiah! There they were in all their nylon babishness!
I was getting very excited. The world's porn was at my fingertips and I had two hours and 45 minutes each day to explore it. My poor, virgin cock was straining at my jockeys. I knew I must never mention this to my parents. Oh no. It will be my secret. And Little Mickey's, of course.
I patted the little guy and promised him better times ahead. But those first hours, I didn't even touch him. I was in such wonder at the possibilities. And the babes.
An hour before I was to leave, I decided to log off and do more snooping.
Aunt Beth and Uncle Hal had obviously left a lot of stuff they didn't think they would need behind. Aunt Beth was a very pretty 32-year-old woman who apparently loved to wear girlie things. Her drawers were full of lingerie and stockings and her closets were full of minidresses, miniskirts and very sexy shoes, none of which would have been appropriate on assignment.
She also had two big drawers stuffed with the prettiest panties - every shape, style and color. I felt them with my hands and got very stiff "down there." I hoped this wasn't an i****tuous thing for my aunt. I didn't think so. But the sight of all her panties excited me horribly. Why? I didn't have a clue.
I held a pair of pink satin bikinis in my hands and lifted my shirt, rubbing them on my skinny tummy. Odd. But it felt so good. I wanted to feel them on my legs, so I pulled down my pants. Oh, they were so cool and sensuous against my smooth thighs. My cock was twitching. I felt so dirty, but I had to see what it was like, so I pulled down my white cotton briefs and gently, teasingly rubbed the silky unmentionables against my red, throbbing cock.
For the first time in my life, I felt the call of the wild. My stomach lurched. I was a little frightened, but kept rubbing. My toes curled. I could feel my nipples harden. How strange, the thought flashed through my mind. A nanosecond later, my balls projected five, thick, hot, sticky spurts of my virgin sperm into my silky tormentors. My knees buckled, but I kept my balance. I trembled in an agony of release. I had heard about orgasms, but the reality outstripped the hyperbole.
Oh, Baby! So this was what I had been missing.
And those panties triggered it all.
Even though Aunt Beth wouldn't be back for six months, I took no chances. I washed the thick cum from the little teasers and hung them to dry.
How do women walk around wearing those things? I would be cumming all the time.
It was time for me to go home. Impulsively, I slipped two pairs of silky prickteasers into my coat pocket, said goodbye to my cousins, and left.

Chapter Two - Panties for Mickey
As I drove home, I actually imagined that the panties in my pocket were giving off heat. Having tasted forbidden fruit, I wanted the whole orchard.
Was I weird? Or gay? I hoped not. I mean if you rub a woman against you and you cum, that's not gay. So why would it be gay to rub a woman's panties against your boy pole until your goo leaped out?
It had felt so good when all that cream evacuated. And it was so easy to do. It was as if the panties had some magic in them. Like Frosty the Panty Boy. He put on the panties and his icy cock began to dance around.
When I came home, my mother was all smiles. She was happy to see me doing something good for someone in her f****y. Plus she seemed really happy that her s****r now owed her. Debts and potential payback are always prized in any f****y. And Mom always said my life needed more structure.
My life was connected to my cock at that moment. I wanted to see where this sexuality thing took me.
As I lay in bed that night wondering what it all meant, the phone rang. It was Jeremy asking how it was hanging. If he only knew.
"So Mick, that's a pretty good deal for you alone in an apartment all afternoon. We could bring girls up there, don't you think?"
"If we had girls to bring," I said sadly. "Plus, I'm not really supposed to bring anyone in."
"Even me?" my best friend asked.
"Technically no, but I'm tired of being a perfect k**. You can come over. Just give me a couple of weeks to make sure the parental units aren't snooping on me."
"Cool. Later."
I wondered what Jeremy would think if he knew I had made a big load of cum in my aunt's panties that afternoon. I was tired, so I shut the light and went to sl**p.
The next morning after my shower, I decided to try wearing the panties. Just to see if they fit. I chose a pair of silky, pink, string taunters with a triangle in front and one in back. Oh, they felt good going on. And they fit perfectly. My little guy was enjoying his new home and my wrinkled little bag of g****s was smooth and comfortable. Could I stay "dry" all day with them on? I didn't have gym that day, so I risked discovery to find out.
I never felt so naughty. All day I was wondering if people could tell I was a panty boy. No one acted any differently to me. Which wasn't very good. They weren't mean, but I was in the out crowd's out crowd. And so was Jeremy. At lunch, he chattered on happily about some new video game. All I could think of was the games I would play with my cock when I was alone with that porn-rich computer and 63 pairs of panties.
After school, I rushed over to the condo, fed the grateful cats and emptied their stinky box, brought in the mail, threw out the junk mail and resumed my snooping.
An equal-opportunity privacy violator, I looked through Uncle Hal's things. My expectations were much lower, but I was very wrong. Way back in his closet, hidden under boxes of shoes, was a loose floorboard. I lifted it up and found gold -- a large stack of printed porn. Classic stuff and new. I loved babes in stockings and apparently so did Uncle Hal. My cock was rubbing hard against the pink panties. I was just about to attend to that when I saw a second floorboard lower than the first. I pulled. It gave. More porn. But very different. This was filled with beautiful women, but they had something the women in the first batch didn't have -- cocks and balls!
Was Uncle Hal gay? Women with cocks and balls? Beautiful women? Ohhhhhh. I shuddered and came hard in my skimpy panties. How did that happen? I didn't even touch myself. Something deep inside me was profoundly affected by what I had just seen.
I gathered the "special women" materials for further study and put the "pussied women" stuff back in its place. Then I had to clean up the big cummy mess I had just made.
Reluctantly, I set the educational material down and washed the panties, replacing them with a pair of lacy black girliepants. Mmmmmmm.
I spread a few towels on the bed, removed all my clothes except for my black panties and lay down.
There must have been forty books, magazines and comics. All with very feminine people sporting masculine pubic areas.
About half was stuff about she-males. I had never heard of such people, but many were as gorgeous as any woman who ever lived. Big, tasty boobs, slim waists, wide hips, pretty faces and mostly large, usually erect, always pretty cocks. Many appeared to be Brazilian or Thai, but there were she-males of European and African heritage as well.
I began to stroke my pantied crotch. Ohhhhhh. I was very excited. I locked eyes with a Brazilian doll with a sweet face and a huge, wet cock, skinned and hard and curved like a banana. I wanted to kiss that cock so badly. I wondered how it would taste. I had never tasted cum. I would take all of that cutie's cum in my mouth and......Oh....Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I arched my back and messed my panties very badly.
I lay there breathing hard and rubbing the cum puddle through the panties. I skinned the little wispy things down just below my balls and looked at my red, drooping cock. It was slick with cum, but it appeared very happy. I had no idea when the next gusher could occur, but I decided to find out.
I gathered up the cum in the fingers of my right hand and massaged it lovingly onto the tip of my little boy. He liked it a lot. Even my soaked panties felt good on my thighs. Blushing from the naughtiness, I licked some cum off two fingers, tasting the salty ambrosia for the first time. Yum! I liked it.
With my left hand, I picked up a book randomly from the stack. It was not about she-males. It was called "Panties for Peter" and said it was an illustrated TV novel. TV? Oh, yeah. Transvestite.
Only I would look that closely at a time like that, but I saw it was copyright 1969. A classic. It was the story of a young man named Peter whose mother decided to make him into a young girl named Petra. The illustrations were very detailed and very stirring.
Peter was a pretty young fellow of about fifteen who was led step by step into feminine joys. He resisted at first, but when he surrendered, he became a beautiful young girl who was worshiped by young men worldwide. There was no sex in it, but don't tell little Mickey that. The picture of Peter sitting at a vanity, with his blonde sausage curls, applying mascara to his long, lush lashes made me shudder and spurt a quart of my precious cream.
Good golly it was intense. Why did that happen? I looked at more of the pictures, while continuing to rub my exhausted cock. Peter was wearing tiny bikini panties, a bra, and a peignoir. His face was heart-breakingly pretty and he was looking over his shoulder to check the seams of his sexy black stockings, which were held up by the laciest garter belt. He had very high-heeled pumps on. I thought, that could be me. And even though my little guy was still soft, he blew another load all over my soaked tummy. Oh, mama.
Those were gay thoughts. I didn't want them. Away. Icky bad.
I toweled myself off, cleaned up, stashed things away and went home, dreaming dreams I had never dreamed before.

Chapter Three - Discovery
I was a troubled boy over the next 21 hours. I needed answers I couldn't get to until I went back to the condo. The Internet was the Rosetta Stone, I knew it.
I did my duties first, then looked up transvestites on the Internet. I learned that transgendered person or TGs were the preferred terms. And I learned that I apparently was not alone.
Many, many people had transgendered feelings and desires. In fact, a German psychologist named Manfred Ginger (rhymes with "finger") believed that all men were part woman, based on the presence of their X chromosome.
Still, if I went to school one day and showed my panties, I doubt if quoting that Ginger guy would help.
It was amazing, though, to see the transformations. Boys and men became gorgeous girls and women. I only had about an hour left, so I decided to take a little test run of my own. I rooted through Aunt Beth's lingerie drawer and found a gorgeous blue babydoll nightie and matching bikini panties. I removed my clothes and put the nightie and panties on. Looking in Aunt Beth's full-length mirror was an eye-opener. My hair was short, my legs were bare and I had no make-up, but I looked h-o-t-t hot!
I turned and posed, teasing myself "down there" as I marveled. I had observed women's movements long enough to know some mannerisms, so I imitated them. I tossed my head and turned this way and that. I bent over and pulled my panties down to expose my nicely turned ass, which, despite my skinny frame, had a pleasing plumpness.
I was very excited looking at myself like that. A little scared too, but mostly excited. I pulled my panties back up and touched myself through their soft silk. Seeing a girl in the mirror who was me. All hot. And cute. And....oh. I felt that little tingle that meant the Big Visitor I had come to adore was on his way to my balls...Ah....He was getting closer. Eeekk.....He was in the driveway and.......SLAM! in the front door and wrenching cum from my little tee tees, through my little-girl clitty pole and into my tiny panties. The cum was drooling from either side of my silky little girliethings and cascading down my thighs.
I loved cumming so much! But why was I starting to talk like a girl?
The next day, I decided to see what this make-up thing was all about. Aunt Beth had a millennium's worth on her vanity table. I guessed our coloring was similar, so I got some instruction from the Internet and tried some foundation. Not bad. I brushed on some blush. That brightened things up a bit. The eyes were more difficult, but I was persistent and what I saw after 45 minutes of trial and error was darned pleasing. I was pretty! With some work, I could be quite pretty. It was so exciting. I wanted to try on some stockings, but the Web site I had come to trust said I should shave my legs first.
My cock was hot and throbbing the whole time I shaved my legs. It was just such a feminine thing to do that it excited me no end. I finally had to stop and massage my cockhead until all that cream left my balls and gave me a little peace so I could finish shaving.
I dried off and took a doughnut-rolled, black stocking in my hands. I touched my right toes with it, idly thinking how much better my toes would look manicured and painted. What was happening to me? I rolled the stocking slowly, ever so slowly up my smooth, shaved leg. Every pore of my leg strained to feel its silkiness. I was breathing heavily when I snapped its stay-up top to my thigh. My cock was hard and aching yet again. I rolled the other stocking up my left leg. Mmmmm. How do women do this every day without cumming in their panties? My cock was dangerously agitated. I padded over to the full-length mirror with my made-up eyes drinking in the sight of me in panties and stockings. Too much. Blooey! My cock sprayed the mirror with hot goo. I shook like a wet dog.
I was looking at a flat-chested but very hot girl. With gooey, bulging panties. And a very pretty face. Oh man, I thought, I'm not an ugly duckling any more. I'm hot. All the girls will.......The girls will do nothing. What straight girl would want me like that?
I blinked. And had an evil thought. But the boys would. Would I want the boys? Not the ones I knew. Except for one.

Chapter Four - The Exception
In days to come, I perfected my make-up, worked on my mannerisms and learned to walk in heels. In four-inch heels, I was a statuesque five-foot seven.
After three weeks, I told Jeremy I thought the coast was clear and he could join me at the condo that afternoon.
He was right on time, arriving just as I had done my cat duties. I got him a Coke and showed him the incredible stack of non-cocked female porn I had found.
"I've been jerking off to it, Jeremy. Have you ever done that?"
Jeremy blushed and said that he hadn't.
"That's OK," I said. "I'll show you how."
Jeremy squirmed a little, thinking I was going to whip my weenie out and give a jerk-off demonstration. But that was not my plan.
I shucked my pants, being careful not to let him see my lacy white panties, then asked that he remove his. Jeremy was nervous, but excited.
"My aunt has so many pairs of panties you won't believe it. I just look at these magazines and rub my cock with her panties and the next thing you know, I'm cumming. Have you ever cum, Jeremy?"
Poor Jeremy decided to tell the truth to his best friend. "Not when I was awake."
"Then you need my help." I handed him the sexiest book in the large pile, opened to a cum-stained page and sat next to him.
Jeremy didn't expect that. Nor did he think I would wrap a pair of Aunt Beth's pink panties around his very stiff cock and begin to wank it expertly.
Jeremy looked at me with fear and lust. I acted as if what I was doing was perfectly normal.
"Aren't those pictures great, Jeremy? Look at those legs. She's so pretty. And her pussy is so hairy and wet. Do you like the feel of the silk on your cock, Jeremy?" He grunted and looked at me with eyes desperate for me to continue.
I stepped up my efforts. "Imagine putting this nice hard cock right in that hot, wet pussy. She would be moaning for you, begging you to fuck her. Deeper. Deeper. Oh, Jeremy. I think you like this. Oh."
Spurt after spurt of Jeremy's virginal cream exploded into the lacy pink panties. His eyes filled with tears and he looked at me in helpless gratitude as I milked him dry.
"I'm glad you liked that, Jeremy," I said. "I think I'll look at some of these magazines now."
Much to Jeremy's amazement, I grabbed a skin book, sat on the other end of the couch and began to massage my cock with the same panties that were filled with Jeremy's cum. His cum was still hot and it felt wonderful. Cum is the world's best lubricant. My excitement was intense, especially knowing that I had grossed out and delighted Jeremy in equal parts. I was soon cumming into the sperm-drenched little garment, making little delighted squeals that had Jeremy hard all over again.
Much to my delight, Jeremy took the double-loaded panties back from me and used them on himself to produce his own stunning cum.
Not to be outdone, I took the wet wankers back and dropped a forth cummy load on the overtaxed lingerie. There wasn't a dry spot on them, but they had served their purpose well. I knew Jeremy would be up for anything I proposed.
That was enough for the first day together.

Chapter Five - Out
The next day, I made sure I was ready for some different kinds of fun.
When Jeremy arrived at the condo, I had what I needed stashed in the bathroom and a lot of magazines from the "special girl" group mixed in with the mainstream porn.
Jeremy followed my lead by removing his pants and underpants. I suggested that we try masturbating without panties wrapped around our cocks that day. He seemed a little disappointed, but still very hot to trot.
Seated at the opposite end of the couch from Jeremy, naked from the waist down and scarily erect, I watched him make his literature selections. As I hoped, he was very interested in the she-male stuff, but wonder of wonders, the first thing he took to stir his stones was "Panties for Peter." That was a very good sign. Jeremy looked down at me guiltily to see if I thought he was gay for his book choice. But I pretended to be absorbed in a magazine about crossdressers called "Ladylike."
Jeremy got very aroused very quickly reading about Peter becoming a sexy little muffin. And when he reached the picture of Petra walking high-heeled and proud into her school, in full feminine beauty, with boys staring in horny wonder, he whimpered and came hard, puddling on his tummy and chest.
I excused myself and went to the bathroom, where I quickly applied my make-up, slid on my pink, seamed stockings, slipped on my pink babydoll nightie, omitting the panties, and added a long blonde wig of Aunt Beth's. f******n minutes was all it took. I didn't want Jeremy using up all his spermy resources before I got any, so I was in a rush.
I slipped on pretty, pink, four-inch mules and sissied out to a new life.
Jeremy didn't look up at first, so intent was he on discovering Petra's ultimate fate. When he did look up, it was a Daffy Duck double take, with bulging eyes and tongue on a long roller. Well, almost. But he was excited.
I minced over to him, sat next to him and scooped up a tiny bit of the cum that was a half-inch thick on his stomach. I tasted it and said, "Yummy. Is there any more of that for me in there?"
Jeremy trembled with fear and lust. "Mickey?" was all he could say.
I kissed him. Then I looked in his eyes and said, "It's Sarah now, Honey."
He stared. I wet my hand with the cum on his stomach and used it to tease his prick to a new hard stand.
He kissed me, adoring me with all the love we had as friends, now transcended to that of lovers.
I gasped. It was so wonderful.
Jeremy reached for my little clitty. She was stiff and sore with need. He kissed me as he skinned the fiery head. I moaned and that spurred him on. I hadn't cum that day and the excitement had me cornered. I was going to cum all over his fingers. I couldn't tell him because my mouth was full of his tongue. I squealed very nicely for Jeremy and sprayed his fingers with my girlish juices. Mmmmm.
Jeremy hadn't cum yet, so I slid to my knees and took his cum-drenched little guy in my mouth. Jeremy liked that, especially when I rolled my tongue on all the good spots and felt his balls up really nicely. I had become a cocksucker and apparently a very good one, because, despite who-knew-how-many cums that day, Jeremy produced four delicious gobs of cream and some nice sounds of ecstasy.
We had about an hour left when Jeremy returned to earth. "What just happened, Mickey, I mean Sarah?"
"You just met a new girl who's hot for your body. That's not so bad is it?"
Jeremy hesitated, then said. "It was the best thing that ever happened to me. But it was so gay."
I smiled. "Love between a boy and a girl is never gay, Jeremy. And right now, I'm a girl. A girl who would really like her clitty sucked just like she sucked your cock."
Jeremy looked at me briefly, considered his options and made the only sane choice. He got on his knees took my stiff little girl in his mouth and licked her lovingly.
Oh, that warm, wet mouth on my sensitive clitty pole! It was fantastic. Jeremy was a natural. He even massaged my asscheeks as he sucked me. That was a nice touch. When he put his middle finger at my tight little hole and entered to the depth of his nail, I screamed and released all my hot girlie cream all over Jeremy's sweet lips and face. He was a bad boy to do that! I wanted to hold off a little longer before I made a cum. That was when I knew that my asshole was very sensitive and sensual.
I forgave Jeremy though, and helped him lick my cum off his face. Some of it I fed back to him in a sweet series of kisses.
"How did you know to do that to my little tushie hole," I asked sweetly.
"No parental controls on our computer," my smart friend answered.
I kissed him some more. He kissed back.
As we were getting dressed to leave, Jeremy said, "I can't believe we did all that. Can we do it some more tomorrow?"
What a sweetie he was.

Chapter Six - In
The next day, I decided I was going to ask Jeremy to take my virginity. It was getting in the way of some real fun anyway and I wanted to feel a cock in my secret place. The girls in Uncle Hal's books all took huge cocks in their asses and smiled so sweetly that I figured it must be fun. My Internet gurus recommended plenty of lubrication, however. I knew just the thing -- Aunt Beth's vaginal jelly. It was slippery and smooth, just the thing to ensure painless arrival of Jeremy's big boy in my hot tunnel.
I told Jeremy at lunch in school that he could pork my little pooper that afternoon and he almost fainted. He wanted to take me into a broom closet or something and do it right then. Didn't he know that that would be gay? Gee. You have to know your rules about gaiety.
I flew through my cat duties that afternoon and was girlied up very nicely when Jeremy arrived at the appointed time. I was wearing virginal white lingerie - panties, stockings, garter belt, bra stuffed with stockings and four-inch sandals. I sneaked a peek at my legs in the mirror. They looked great -- all toned and sexy. And the heels made my butt stick out in open invitation for a good fucking. I hoped Jeremy would RSVP.
Jeremy's eyes got real big when he saw my pretty face in full make-up. My eyes were bedroom-strength and my lips were in full cocksucker mode.
He kissed and hugged me really sweetly, even slipping his right hand into the back of my panties and massaging my soft cheeks. I purred more than my cousins did.
I asked Jeremy to get naked and he did so post haste. Jeremy had a slim, sturdy body, just like mine. I couldn't help thinking that with a little coaching from me, we would be two hot babes. But for then, I wanted a hot cock, attached to a boy named Jeremy.
"I want you to fuck me today, Jeremy. I want your hot, hard cock to slither in my tight hole and slide in and out, in and out. I want you to make me cum, then cum into my ass with all your manly juices. Will you do that for me, Honey."
The poor boy was dragging his tongue along the floor.
We did some outstanding naked kissing -- one of life's great pleasures, whether or not it yields fluids. We were teasing each other's yummy poles with our fingers as we kissed.
Jeremy and I discovered the joys of nipple licking as well. The sweet boy lifted my bra and licked my puffy nipples ever so gently as he fiddled with my clitty. The boy had real potential. We were in a major dither in about 20 minutes.
I ran into my aunt's and uncle's bedroom with Jeremy in hot pursuit. I handed him the jar of vaginal jelly and explained its uses. Then I lay on my stomach, stretching my small frame diagonally on the bed. I arched my butt, giggled and gave it a sexy little wiggle.
Jeremy needed no further instructions. He lubed up the middle and index fingers of his right hand, leaned over to kiss the back of my neck and slowly, carefully inserted his middle finger into my very tight sphincter.
Ohhhhhh. It was very, very tight in there, but he relaxed me, working in and out. It felt wonderful but I was worried what a larger object, such as, say, a cock, would do to it. My enthusiasm waned a millimeter, then I felt the second finger. That stretched me a bit more and it was a very pleasant feeling. Mmmmmmm. Very pleasant. Stretching. Back there.
I was getting used to my two new friends when they left me. I made a pouty face, but then realized that they were in the way of a friend I had met the day before. Jeremy's cock was poised for insertion. It was a nice four and a half inches. Not bad for a guy our size. Mine was a teeny little weenie - only about three and a half inches.
I felt Jeremy's first inch enter me and my eyes filled with tears. It wasn't entirely pleasant, but Jeremy was being gentle and loving. Two inches and I felt it *pop* through the ring. Better. Nice. I got to my knees to give him a better angle. Three inches. Liftoff. I was being fucked. It was outstanding. I looked back at Jeremy and gave him my blazing smile of encouragement, which translated into, "Oh yeah, Baby. Fuck me now. Hot and hard." Or words to that effect.
Jeremy established a rhythm and I sang his tune. He was on top of me, his chest to my back, which wasn't the best position we later found out, but it was getting the job done that day. I loved the warmth of his body. I loved the friction in my butt. I loved the delicious feminine feelings I had as my guy was penetrating me.
My asshole was very sensitive indeed and it was sending urgent signals to my cock and balls that the cum should stand by to abandon ship. It was a little thing that set me off. Jeremy gripped my hips and caressed them just right. I felt my orgasm in my entire body. My eyelids orgasmed. But the biggest jolt was in my butt, not my clitty. It was as if my anus ring had been clasping a jackhammer. It turned me inside out. And Jeremy hadn't even cum yet.
His witness to my pleasure gave him the jolt he needed to evacuate his own balls. Though Jeremy's first cum had been only 24 hours ago, he was well on his way to being an excellent lover who loved excellent loving.
I felt the first hot load my little butt ever experienced and my eyes filled with tears. Happy tears. I was a nerd no more. I was about to have more great sex than the cool crowd ever dreamed of.
After, Jeremy and I lay on our backs, snuggling. His cock was limp and drooling little globs of cum. Boygoo was slithering from my gaping ass. I was so happy. I told Jeremy he was a very good lover. That made him stiff all over again. Jeremy and I had lived a life starved for praise. It was good for us to have each other.
I told Jeremy that I would lie on my side if he thought he wanted to put that big stiff boy to work again. Jeremy smiled a very unnerdy smile and spooned up next to me. He entered my ass slowly and I gasped with joy. It felt incredible. No pain. All gain. We stretched our loving that time to twenty minutes. The rogue frigged me beautifully and made me cum into his soft hand twice before my ass muscles sent him on the midnight train to paradise.
I wondered if those in-crowders on the football team were enjoying their afternoons as much as we were.

Chapter Seven -- A Change in Plan
Over the next three weeks, I was fucked more than a bride on her honeymoon. Jeremy was insatiable, the bad boy. He had shed his nerdishness like an unneeded skin and had become a smooth, confident lover.
I loved when he had me on my back with my legs up in the air and was plowing my little butt. I felt so helpless and girlish. He was my master. The master who was emptying his endlessly replenished cum bag four or five times a day.
I was able to convince my mother that it was OK to have Jeremy over on Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings, because she knew we were good k**s and would only watch TV and stuff. We did watch TV now and then, but only to give our balls time to recharge.
We would spend an unhurried seven hours on Friday and ten on Saturday loving each other to the fullest. We took soft, soapy baths together in my aunt's and uncle's deep tub. I was naked, of course, and was worried that it would seem too gay to Jeremy. But he was blind to all but his love for me.
I counted during one Friday and Saturday. I came twelve times and Jeremy came eleven.
I loved sucking Jeremy's cock. I would lick his precum and use his cockhead to slather it all over my made-up cheeks. He told me I was the prettiest cocksucker on earth. I tickled his balls and even squeezed them gently from time to time. Jeremy moaned a lot and praised my beauty and skill. I always knew when my boy was going to cum. I felt a little rumble in his gut and in less than a minute, blooey!
Sometimes I liked to try and swallow it all, but mostly I liked to take his big load right in my face. I would lick his cockhead furiously as his orgasm approached, then close my eyes and squeal with delight as he blew big, sticky gobs of his cream on my pretty face. He said I was the prettiest when I had a faceful of his hot goo. All guys say stuff like that so you'll keep taking it between the eyes.
Jeremy loved to suck my little titties. <Giggle>. They were really only puffy nipples, but he called them my titties. He worshiped them, just as he did my tender balls and my tiny clitty, with its long, brown foreskin concealing my pink jewel. Jeremy became an excellent clitty pleaser, kissing and licking me to furious orgasm at least twice a day.
My other eruptions came from being lovingly and enthusiastically fucked. Jeremy was a terrific lover. He was a natural talent and was always intent on bringing us both pleasure. As he filled me with his love, Jeremy would frig me sweetly, kiss me and tickle my balls and sensitive nipples to distraction. Sometimes I would cum twice just during the extensive foreplay we always began our love sessions with.
His only fault was that he was a bit indiscreet. I told him that we couldn't have any of our fun at school, but he seethed with lust every time he saw me. I hoped no one noticed. They probably didn't, since we were usually ignored. But he always wanted to take me into the boys' room or an empty room or corner and kiss me. He even sucked my clitty a few times right in school. It was very bad and dangerous. But very exciting too. After a while, I stopped thinking of it as gay.
One Saturday, after some proper warm-ups, we began with a slow, loving, on-my back fuck that lasted almost an hour. After that, Jeremy told me that he loved me. He was so cute. I loved him too, and said so. Then I ruined the mood by telling him that in four months, the good times could be over.
That sobered my man up a bit. He said, "Then I'd better not waste any more time. Sarah, would it be OK if I tried on some panties and other, you know, things, too?"
Wow! How did I feel about that? I didn't know. I loved having a boyfriend. But even if he dressed all the way, we could still have sex as girlfriends. I asked, "Why do you want to do that, Honey?"
"I need to know if I'm, you know, like you. I see you being a beautiful girl and the thought excites me. A lot. We can still make love no matter what I wear."
"Of course, Sweetie. There are more than 60 pairs of panties here. Which do you like best?"
Jeremy blushed. "They're all so exciting, but I like these." He held up a sweet little pair of flesh-colored, silk, bikinis, trimmed with white lace. They were adorable!
I worried that they wouldn't fit. They were just a teensy snug, but that only made the poor boy's cock very excited, which made them really snug.
I kissed him sweetly and rubbed the front of his little panties. He filled them right away with a big, cummy mess. He liked those panties.
He was whimpering softly as he came. I asked, "Are you all right, Honey?"
"I'm just scared, Sarah. What does this mean?"
"I don't know, Sweetie. Would you like to find out?"
He gulped out a yes.
I took his panties off, licked him clean, then gave him a fresh pair of blue boyteasers. The licking and the pretty panties had him all stiff again and I wasn't able to get them on, so I gave him a nice paralyzing blowjob to relax him a little.
He looked so cute in those little sweeties that I gave him a big hug. I wondered if he liked his nipples licked, as we girls did. So I gave a tentative tongueteaser to his right nippie. He arched his back and got hard all over again. Wow! I slipped my hand down the back of his panties and entered his anus with my finger. I doodled around back there and began to kiss and lick his left nipple. He blew another big load. Oh my. At that rate, we would be all out of clean panties in another 14 hours.
Jeremy was trembling with the emotions and sexual excitement of the past few minutes. I asked if he would like to try on some stockings. He nodded meekly and I led him to the bathroom for some shaving. The overexcited sweetie came again during the shaving. Of course my licking and kissing his cock several times during the process may have been contributory.
Shaved and in his fourth panties of the day, Jeremy sat as I rolled each black stocking up each smooth leg. Jeremy quivered with excitement and was once again hard as Gibraltar. I hooked a black lacy garter belt on him and e****ted him to the full-length mirror. He gasped with delight. And he didn't even have make-up on. Well, I fixed that, seating him at the vanity and dolling him to perfection. I fitted him with the two-inch heels I wore the first day, slipped one of Aunt Beth's blonde wigs and pink nighties on him and helped him sissy to the mirrors once again.
Jeremy was enthralled with his own image. He appeared to be a very pretty and cute young girl.
He moved this way and that, almost believing that it was a trick and that I had hired a real girl to stand in an empty "mirror" case and mimic his movements. Like a Marx b*****rs movie. As he became convinced of his beauty and femininity, I stood behind him and reached around his hip. We both looked in the mirror as I extracted his cock and balls from their silky confinement.
"What a pretty girl you make, Honey," I said to my best friend. "Look at those beautiful eyes." His cock was throbbing in my tender grip. "And look how good those legs look in stockings and pretty heels. You can wear higher ones later. When you walk down the street all the boys will look at your legs and ass and gorgeous face. They'll all want to kiss you." I rubbed Jeremy's cock harder and it twitched. "Then they'll want to lift your skirt, pull your panties down and put their big cocks right here." I entered his anus with two fingers and he blew the biggest load of the day. Where did it all come from? He was whimpering and trembling with the impact of the release. And the mirror was going to need some attention.
The poor guy was exhausted. I led him to the bed and kissed and hugged him.
"Do you want to see what it's like as a girl for a while when we're here at the condo, Sweetie?" I asked.
Jeremy nodded meekly. It was as if he were already a girl. And a submissive one at that.
"Do you have a girl's name in mind?"
"I like Kristen, or Krissi," the sweet little girl said. And she fell into a contented sl**p.

Chapter Eight - Two Hot Girls
Well Krissi turned out to be the girliest girl of all. She was an A number one sissy. She adored wearing the frilliest things and made a big cummy mess almost every time she put on panties.
Of course she started wearing panties and stockings to school and everywhere else. It was a link between the false lives we had to lead whenever we weren't in the condo and our real lives as two hot girls.
We proved we were hot girls in love sessions that were more spirited than when Jeremy was pretending to be a boy. I thought that Jeremy was passionate, but Krissi was insatiable.
I even <blush> fucked Krissi. Once or twice a day. My little clitty couldn't have felt like much to her, but she either really enjoyed it or was faking extra nicely. I don't think all those earth-shaking cums she had when I was plowing her pasture could have been faked.
It was a lot of fun putting little Sarah into Krissi's warm place. I lubed her up each time and that alone had her gasping and panting. Often, she came hard before I even entered her. I must have been sexier than I thought.
Making love as girls was different, but still lots of fun. One Saturday, I brought out two of my Aunt's tiny nighties that had lacy openings where the boobies were supposed to be. All we had were our puffy nipples, but exposing them like that was very exciting. We reversed on each other in bed and worshiped each other's nipples until we came three times each and almost fainted.
One day, I brought out two pairs of satin gloves and we rubbed each oher all over with them. My gloves had three big cummy loads on them at the end of the day and Krissi's had four.
But Krissi and I had to admit at the end of a month, that we wanted to feel boys on top of us, rubbing us with their hairy chests, putting their big cocks in us all the way to our throats. Mmmmmm.
I suggested one Wednesday that we begin by venturing forth babishly that coming Saturday. We would shop a little, get a make-up makeover/lesson and visit our city's art museum. The important thing was for us to get out and visit the world as Sarah and Krissi. If we ran into any boys, that would be a bonus.
Krissi eagerly agreed, but began to fret about what she would wear. The next two days, our orgasms were slashed in half as we made clothing selections. Krissi settled on a pretty white dress with blue polka dots, white stockings and pretty blue, four-inch, stiletto sandals. She did look scrumptious in it! I wore a lovely red dress with black stockings and red stiletto sandals. We looked very hot!
When we emerged from the condo at noon on Saturday, blinking at the sunlight, we beheld a world we hoped was ready for Sarah and Krissi.
We got into Krissi's car and she realized she would have to drive in heels. That took a bit of practice, but we survived.
Getting out of the car, we were struck by how vulnerable we were dressed as we were. Men and boys, who could not always control themselves, would want our bodies next to theirs. The wind was unpredictable and could blow up our short skirts, exposing our pretty panties. And our garters and stocking tops.
Where's that old wind when you need it?
We went to our first beauty parlor for the make-up lesson. We wanted to get our hair styled and fingers and toes manicured, but we would have been discovered. Our longish hair was in a girlie style and our nails were filed and clean.
The ladies at the beauty parlor didn't seem to have any idea that we were still (but not really) boys. They just gushed at how pretty we were and made a few good make-up suggestions and adjustments. When they were through, we had never looked better.
With that huge boost to our confidence, we went to a department store next to the museum, picking up a few personal items and enjoying all the lusty stares from the men and boys. My clitty was stirring as I saw some of them giving me bedroom looks.
Still, my Daddy always said, "If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas." I took that to mean, if you want to meet nice boys, hang out at nice places.
Thus, we walked back to the car, put our packages in the trunk and strolled over to the museum in our big heels. We were easily the femmiest people we saw that day. The women and girls we saw were all in jeans or khakis. And there we were flashing flesh. Our egos expanded with every lusty stare.
We paid our admissions and perused the paintings. Krissi and I loved art and it was so enjoyable to be there. Being there as our true, girl selves made it a perfect experience.
I couldn't help but notice that two fine-looking young men seemed to be taking a stronger interest in Krissi and me than the paintings. I nudged Krissi and she nodded.
They were a little older than we were - seniors I would have guessed - and very handsome, in a clean, nice way. I was such a bad girl. My little pooper was tingling with the thought of entertaining one of those beautiful creatures. They probably had big, hot, stiff cocks with thick blue veins and long foreskins. And big heavy balls the size of peaches, filled with hot cream. Ooooooh. My teeny clitty was leaking very badly, wetting my little panties. I was so naughty. If one of them fucked me, would it hurt? Would I be walking funny for a week? What beautiful thoughts.
The boys sort of drifted in the general direction we did. I was sure they were sneaking little glances at us, but couldn't catch them directly. The dark-haired one disappeared for a few minutes, but came back soon after.
It didn't appear that they would make the first move. And we weren't trampy enough to do so, although I did consider hanging a sign on my butt that said, "Big cocks wanted. Inquire within."
At around 4:30 we decided to give up and go back to the condo, consoling ourselves with a few life-threatening orgasms and planning the next venture. We went out to the car and when we arrived, disaster had stricken! The left, rear tire was almost completely flat!
What would we do? We couldn't change a tire in Aunt Beth's pretty dresses and all our other options were just as bad.
I was just about to cry, when I heard a deep voice say, "Can we help you ladies?"
It was the boys from the museum! Oh frabjous day! Calloo, callay, as Lewis Carrol said in Jabberwocky.
We shyly introduced ourselves and thanked them for any assistance they could provide. Their names were Matt, the sandy-haired and oh-so-cute one, and Greg, the dark-haired and only-a-9.9 one. They were both so tall -- six foot one -- and so broad-shouldered, that we must have seemed like munchkins to them. In our big heels, we barely came up to their chins.
They set to work and told us how they were seniors at LaSalle Academy, the Catholic High School on the other side of town. They admitted to noticing us and shyly asked for our phone numbers.
When they finished, we thanked them with big lipsticky kisses, with lots of tongue. Matt was mine. Maybe we were just a tiny bit trampy. They responded with some excellent rekissing. Mmmmm.
I said we could do better than phone numbers and told them about the condo. Whether they wanted to come over or not depended on their reaction to our "little secret."
Krissi agreed beforehand that any boys we met and selected for heart-stopping coitus would have to know the truth first. Sex with a particular boy wasn't worth getting beaten to a pulp for.
"We're special girls," Krissi said.
Greg smiled and said, "We already knew that."
"No," she persisted, "I mean we were born with boys' bodies and we still have our cocks and balls. Do you still want to make love to us?"
The boys considered us, realized we weren't k**ding, and looked at each other. Silent agreement passed between them. Matt said, "We're smart guys. Why would we let a little thing keep us from making love to the two prettiest girls in town?"
Oh, Matt. I hugged and kissed him, rubbing my tiny body against his rock-hard cock. Krissi and Greg were in a deep clinch as well. They broke it and got in Krissi's car, Matt and I in his car.
As we drove, I wanted to remove that nice piece of meat from Matt's pants and give it a full inspection. Patience, Sarah, I told myself.
We got to the condo. The boys washed up the tire mess from their hands and I fed the cats. Then Krissi and I went to the bathroom, fixing our faces and plotting our next moves.
When we came out, the boys were sitting on the couch expectantly. I stood in front of the door of the master bedroom. Krissi was in the door of the guest room. On cue, we leaned over and slid our panties slowly down our legs, all the way to our pretty heels. We stepped out of our panties one leg at a time, then straightened up, holding our panties by one finger. We looked at our boys, then at each other and dropped our panties to the floor. Then we entered the bedrooms, leaving each door ajar.
Microseconds later, Matt appeared. He kissed me, smiling broadly. He was a great kisser! I turned my back to him and asked him to unzip me. He did so eagerly.
I removed my dress and hung it carefully. After shimmying off my slip, I was standing there in a black cami, very sheer black stockings with matching garter belt and big heels. My little girlfriend was painfully erect and sticking up her entire three and a half inches. I sissied over to the bed and lay on my back.
"Like what you see?" I asked.
Matt nodded, almost drooling.
"Can I see you now?"
Matt rapidly ditched his khakis, blue polo and teal jockeys. He stood across from me with his rippling muscles and proud package. His body was spectacular! All my dreams come true. His cock was almost exactly twice the size of mine and very thick. It was leaking sticky goo, so I knew I was exciting him. And his balls were fat and heavy with hot cream. Yummy!
I asked him, "Is that all for me?"
He smiled and said, "Every inch and drop, Sarah."
Matt lay to my right on the bed. I felt his hot breath on my cheek as he kissed me softly and explored my body with his right hand. He loved the feel of my stockinged legs and the bare thighs above them. I knew he was straight, but the boy seemed fascinated by my clitty. He said it just looked so foreign there, like a guy at a bridal shower. He stroked it very nicely as he trailed kisses down my shoulders and arms. He lifted my cami and pulled it up over my nipples. I was clearly flat-chested, but Matt licked and sucked my nipples as if they were the world's tastiest ice cream cone. It was so intense and erotic, I couldn't hold back. I squealed once, then gave a little eeky scream. Then I made a big cummy mess all over Matt's strong hand. The big doll smiled and told me how happy he was that I liked him. I decided to show him how much.
His hand was all covered with cum. I offered him a towel, but he looked me in the eyes and licked it off. Can I pick 'em?
I asked Matt to sit on the side of the bed and I would make him really glad he did. I got on my knees between his legs. His big boy was very ready for some loving after a day of stimulation. I touched it for the first time. It throbbed and spit a big sticky glob that almost covered the head. I squealed with delight. He liked that.
I hefted his balls. Heavy! And loaded with something that was going to be feeding me in the very near future. Matt liked the attention to his balls. He got stiffer and his cock twitched. I ran my little hands all up and down the veins that traversed his weapon. I decided to get moving here or the first shot would be fired into the air and not into my hungry tummy.
I locked eyes with Matt, smiled sweetly and kissed his fiery cockhead. He smiled back. At that moment, I knew this wasn't just going to be a one-time lay. We felt some thing between us. I was also pretty sure that he had sent Greg out to let the air out of Krissi's tire so we could meet. I was a sweet little girl, but I wasn't stupid.
I pulled Matt's foreskin back, exposing one of the world's most beautiful sights, a pink, wet, excited cockhead, with pouting peelips and drooling goo. I wet it some more with my mouth, replacing the goo with my saliva. Just then, we heard a sexy scream in the next room. It sounded as if Krissi was having her own fun. We giggled, then I went back to work. I twirled my tongue in loopdeloops. I ran his cock all over my cheeks, soaking them with his wet secretions. I kissed, frigged and skinned his cock. I was very good. And in about five minutes, I got the girl's big reward. Matt grunted. His cock throbbed hard, twitched and erupted. I wanted to swallow some and let Matt give me a pimple-preventer with the rest. There was enough hot cum for a whole homeroom of girls. It felt so good on my tongue, pallet, throat, cheeks and nose. I looked like someone who had just come inside when it was raining cum. Matt was ecstatic. I didn't think any of his other girlfriends had been half as friendly. Or skillful. Or giving.
He pulled me up for a big cummy kiss, which I loved so much. We ended up toweling each other's faces off and I went to fix my make-up and to be sure I was all slick with vaginal jelly for what I hoped was the next round. I put a lot of the stuff on, because I was worried about the size of that monster in my little poopie-hole. It felt good applying that stuff. I imagined how good Matt's cock would feel.
More screaming and squealing next door. Hmmm.
I returned to the bed, kissed Matt and got on all fours, offering him my best feature. He entered me with his fingers and worked me up to a slow boil. By then, he was very hard again and ready for an anal lovefest.
Matt thought doggie-style was a little crude, I guess, because he put me on my left side and spooned up behind me. I loved him taking charge. He stroked my clitty and told me he would be gentle. My eyes filled a little with fear, but lust was dominant. "I know you'll be gentle, Matt. But please, can I have your beautiful cock now?"
Not wishing to disappoint a lady, Matt paused at Heaven's Gate. I felt the wet tip of his cock against my tender anus. I quivered with fear and desire. Then he pushed that whole, beautiful monster forward and entered me with his big clubhead. Tiny pain. Big pleasure. Fair enough.
I was so full. He pushed more in. I was bursting. He pushed again. I was being split in two! Give me more! He gave me everything. My world was complete. My life had meaning. Fuck me!!!!!!
Matt did, and never forgot to kiss me or stroke my clitty. He was too big for my tiny heinie, but my heinie got over it. I could feel his testicles touching my bottom as he slapped his pelvis against my plump, wobbling feminine buttocks.
There's no orgasm like the one you have when your ass is stuffed and Matt's multiple assaults made me shake like California when the earth is angry. My orgasm started in my ass and spread to my nipples, toes and clitty. My cum seemed to be as blocked up as I was. It could only dribble out, but this prolonged the feelings well beyond the usual best ten seconds of the day. I spasmed for over a minute, which excited Matt so much, especially when I was screaming as if I were giving birth, that he experienced what he later told me was the best orgasm of his life.
He did say later though that the three he had later that evening were even better. So were mine.
The boys reluctantly left us at ten under the condition that we would make love with them every spare moment for the rest of our lives. That sounded pretty good to me.
Krissi and I showered to remove the smell of raw sex, opening the windows in a vain attempt to release the unmistakable odor of cum and carnal sweat.
As we emerged from the shower, Krissi realized that she hadn't sucked my cock all day, which, she said, was like a day without sunshine, so the insatiable little sexpot got onto her pretty knees and drew moisture from what I was sure was the desert. The boys were wonderful, but I would never injure my relationship with Jeremy/Krissi for anyone. She still excited me and the little teaser knew it.
Over the next two months, I came to the condo every day to become Sarah, but apparently the other three members of our little club had actual lives. Krissi was always there on Fridays and Saturdays, but at her mother's urging had joined some clubs that would go on college applications. She kept her ball bag full on Mondays and Wednesdays, staring at a chess club board instead of my clitty. That meant a vigorous ballbag emptying on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ouch!
The boys were attending to their princesses' needs usually two or three days a week, and not always together, so we had to discard jealousy and love the one we were with.
On four occasions, Greg and I were alone in the condo. The first time, I blushed like a virgin for him. I was nervous and so was he. Matt had given him absolution to fuck me if I wanted him to. I wanted him to.
Krissi had told me that Greg was very oral, much more than Matt. He loved sucking Krissi's clitty and would often do so through two, even three cums. He also knew how to massage a prostate as he was creating wet, delicious friction on the glans.
I was eager to find out how much of this was fact and after some lovely kissing, I lay back and let the young man work his mouth magic. Oh my goodness, that was lovely what he was doing with his fingers back there. Unnnnhhh. I didn't know you could do that. What was he doing? Ohhhhhh! I squealed "Gregggggg!" as he capped my clitty with his wet mouth. He massaged my distressed prostate for 32 seconds longer as he skillfully ran his tongue along the arrow-like underside of my sweet meat. Then I dug my fingers into his hair, squealed like the biggest sissy on earth and came. My eyes fluttered. My toes curled. My cockette twitched and jerked as I spewed sperm and yelled bl**dy murder.
And Krissi said he did that two or three times in a row. He would kill me if he tried that. Of course if I got near death, I could ask him to stop. The bad boy's fingers were still in my secret place. And moving. I wanted to ask him to stop, but my prickie was hard again and I just couldn't form the words. Greg was licking my clitty all over with his long, wet tongue. It was leaking sticky goo again, even though it had erupted minutes before. Would I live through the afternoon? My asshole was sore and tingling. My prostate was sending out cum alerts in rapid succession. Greg concentrated his licking on the head, kissing and lubricating it with great ardor. With his free hand, he stirred my little bag of g****s, squeezing them gently. No one could resist that for long. I surrendered to his attentions and my balls delivered another big, sticky load of love to Greg's eager lips. I shook and screamed, and still he massaged my prostate.
"Please," I begged, gasping. "Fuck me, now."
Greg smiled and mounted me. Covering me with kisses, then impaling me with his burning rod into my impatient, eager ass. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. My nylon-encased legs and pretty feet with high, stiletto heels bounced on his manly shoulders.
I was frenzied with lust and miraculously hard yet again. I dug my nails into Greg's ass, willing him to give me every millimeter of his cock. He kissed my lips and told me how beautiful I was. I glowed with pride and sexual heat. Oh, sweet goodness, I was going to cum once again, how was that............ uuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Greg was delighted that he had given me such pleasure and I could see that his own ecstasy was approaching rapidly. The sweet torture slammed into him and I grabbed him with all my 115 pounds, clutching him as he quivered and flooded my tiny girlie pussy.
As we lay there after, my asshole drooling cum, I thought of myself as one of the luckiest girls on earth.
It was even better on the days when the boys both showed up, but Krissi didn't. I was such a little cock hog. One Monday they each fucked me twice in the ass as I sucked the other's cock. Things were very good. Too good to last as they were.

Chapter Nine - Changes
Two months before Aunt Beth and Uncle Hal were due to return, my mother changed everything.
Mom's best friend at work, Mrs. Dixon, was going back to work full time. This meant that her 13-year-old son Danny would be a latchkey k** after school unless Mrs. Dixon could find an alternative solution.
Mom, who apparently thought all I was doing at the condo was playing with cats and watching TV, saw an elegant solution. Danny and I could keep each other company at the condo every afternoon.
That, of course, was a disaster of humongous proportions, but I could think of no suitable counter-argument except that it would leave me in boy's clothes with full balls. Greg, Matt and Krissi took it very hard. Krissi cried. I felt awful. Maybe there was a solution.
I was not in the best mood when I drove to the Dixons' on my first day to "babysit" Danny. I was to pick him up at his house every day and drive him to the condo. Surprise number one was when Danny stepped out of his house carrying some cookies that his mother baked for us for that afternoon.
Danny was a living doll! Probably the most beautiful 13-year-old boy in the world! And unless my eyes deceived me, he was sporting an enormous package in those khaki pants.
Of course, sex with Danny would be robbing the cradle. But man, did I want to get in that cradle and rock it with him. I wondered if all was not lost.
Danny was shy, but he wanted me to like him very much. He was so cute when he offered me the cookies. He would have been cute doing anything.
When we got to the apartment, I left Danny in the kitchen to get some milk and set off to do my cat duties. My head was full of possibilities with Danny, even to the point of bringing him into our carnal circle. But if I scared him..........and he told his mother...............who told my mother.......... I had too much on my mind as I bustled into the spare bathroom to get the litter box and beheld - Danny. He was standing in front of the toilet, with his very large cock in his hand. He was moaning with lust as globs of sperm were flying from his big rammer. He had seen me enter the room. But Danny was at the point in his orgasm where nothing would stop him from cumming for any reason. We've all been there. His cock was gorgeous! His body was gorgeous! But the most gorgeous things of all were the tiny, blue, silky, bikini panties with white lace that were pulled just below his buttcheeks. Danny was a panty boy!
What an interesting development!
My heart ached for him when he began to sob. He begged me, "Oh, please don't tell my mother, Mickey. Please don't. I shouldn't have done that. I was just so............ I shouldn't have done that."
I knew the next few moments would be critical, but I didn't have time to strategize so I acted on instinct. He was sobbing, so I hugged him and told him everything was going to be all right. At 5'8", Danny was a giant next to me, but he let me comfort him, since I was older and this was my turf. Remember, his pants were still around his ankles and his recently discharged weapon was still drooling gobs of cum. I ignored all that and kept hugging him, rubbing his back.
I resisted a strong urge to fall on my knees and suck him to another cockstand. Instead, I asked him to pull up his pants and come into the living room. He did so, but was very ashamed.
I did the only thing I could to make him feel better. "Danny," I said, "There's no need to be ashamed. Look." And I pulled down my pants to show him a white garter belt, holding up tan stockings and covered by cute, little white panties.
Danny's eyes got very big. The bulge in his pants began to grow again.
"I wear panties and stockings almost every day. Except when I have gym. Not everyone understands. But you understand, don't you, Honey?"
Danny sniffled and nodded his head.
I went on. "We wear panties because it makes us happy, right?"
Danny said, "Oh, yes. I adore wearing panties."
"And other girlie things?" I asked.
Danny blushed. "I dream about it, but I haven't yet."
"I hope Krissi and I can help your dreams come true, Honey. Krissi is my best friend, sometimes called Jeremy. My girl name is Sarah. Do you have a girl name?"
Danny hesitated, then whispered, "Sydney."
"That's a pretty name for a pretty girl."
Danny's eyes flamed. "Do you think I could be pretty?"
"The boys will be lined around the block to ask you to go to the prom."
This was so much for Danny's young brain to process. His heart fluttered at the thought of wearing a prom dress and being with a <blush> boy.
I asked, "Why were you masturbating in there, Sweetie?"
Danny decided to trust me. "I was so excited about being alone in an apartment with a boy. I was imagining that you stripped me down to my panties and kissed me all over."
Wow! That sounded wonderful. But first, I wanted to give Danny what he really needed.
"Come with me, Danny," I said. I led him to the vanity table. I asked him to strip to his panties. He blushed, did so and sat down. He was so precious. I applied some basic makeup, then had him stand and slipped one of Aunt Beth's bigger nighties over his pretty head. I had found a whole cache of Danny-sized stuff that must have been from a larger time in Aunt Beth's life. Then I asked Danny to face the mirror.
She was beautiful and truly Sydney for the first time in her life. Sydney shook with emotion, cried, stared at herself, hugged me, stared at herself and kissed me full on the lips. What a kiss!
I asked Sydney to look at herself for a while as I sissied myself up to becoming Sarah. I stripped to my lingerie, then sat at the vanity to apply my face. Sydney couldn't wait. The little scamp had to thank me properly for giving her the best day in her life so far. As I was primping, she got on her knees in front of me and extracted my little peeny. To her credit, she didn't laugh. She said it was sweet and girlish, just like the rest of me. Then she took the whole three and one half inches into her lipsticked mouth and began to blow on it. I straightened her out about the misnomer of a blowjob, then wiggled with delight as she girlishly sucked and licked my little jewel to an earthquake-intensity cum.
The little doll almost choked as I gave her more juice than it appeared my tiny balls could hold. At that moment, it occurred to me that my problems were over. Sydney, if she was willing, could be the newest member of our little sissy club and could even share our boyfriends. Strike that. Let her get her own boyfriends.
I could see that not only her emotions were overloaded, but her clitty was in DEFCON Four. I pulled her to her feet. Then I slipped on my four-inch heels, so I could be somewhat even with her, and kissed her over to my aunt's and uncle's bed.
I lay Sydney on her back and inched her panties over her large weapon. It looked as big as Matt's. I cuddled with her clitty. Then I reached into the nightstand and extracted a small bottle of lubrication. Facing her and straddling her hips, I lubed up both of our clitties, then began to rub my oiled little teaser against Sydney's big girl. I reached under her nightie and played with her nipples as I rubbed cocks, telling her all the while what a pretty girl she was. She adored every instant of it. Sydney was in a proper lather when she finally came, whimpering and crying as six big ropes leaped from her girlie stick. With my cock throbbing up against hers, I felt each eruption travel its route. Seconds later, I joined her with five hearty blasts of my own, mixing my goo with her ample girl juice on her tummy and Aunt Beth's pretty nightie.
We kissed for a sweet half hour, then I cleaned the oil off her clitty with a warm wash cloth and showed her what a world-class blowjob feels like.
After that, I could have sent Sydney behind enemy lines and she would have gone. Instead, all I did was suggest she meet my friend Krissi the following afternoon for some lovely girlie fun.
Our sissy club was back in business. With a great new member.

Chapter Ten - Three Hot Girls
That night, I raised the abysmal spirits of my best friend Krissi by recounting the afternoon's delightful events.
"You have a charmed life, my friend," she said.
It was about time, I thought.
The next afternoon, I picked Danny up at his house. This was the day Sydney was going to be fucked and I think Danny sensed that. He was half scared, half eager.
We arrived before Krissi, which gave Danny extra time to sissy into Sydney. Already, she was improving her girlish mannerisms and glowing with natural beauty. Krissi was going to love her. I left her in the spare bedroom and closed the door, so it would be Krissi he met for the first time, not Jeremy.
Jeremy was on time and eager. Fifteen minutes later I was Sarahed and she was in full Krissi. I led Krissi to Sydney's room and opened the door. Sydney's apprehension made her even more desirable. I wasn't jealous of Krissi's drooling appreciation of the sight of Sydney, but maybe I should have been.
They hit it off immediately.
We all hugged girlishly.
After a few minutes of small talk, I suggested that Krissi and I show Sydney how we girls could have lots of fun. Sydney's sweet eyes were wide and her throat was dry, but she agreed. I showed Sydney how to lube a girls' tiny hole lovingly, running my fingers in and out of Krissi's warm place. It was obvious to Sydney that Krissi enjoyed it, especially since Krissi's cock had become perfectly outrageous. I kissed Krissi as I was lubing her and she was very happy. Then I spooned behind Krissi and showed Sydney how I entered Krissi with my little clitty. Krissi squirmed and moaned appreciatively. Sydney was fascinated and horribly aroused. I stroked in and out about ten times. Krissi squeaked and squealed.
I stopped. "Sydney, would you like to put your little girl in my tiny love entrance while I'm stroking Krissi?"
Sydney nodded eagerly. The little doll longed to do so.
"Lube me up then," I said. "Then enter me slowly."
I stopped fucking Krissi for a while, but skinned her prickie lovingly as I felt the novice, but eager fingers of our new girl in my tight spot. They felt delicious there!
I groaned out, "That's enough lube, Sweetheart. Now push it in one inch at a time."
Sydney scampered into position, aimed at the mark, pushed, missed, pushed, missed, pushed and entered with about two inches and a large pop.
I groaned. Sydney was worried she had hurt me, but I told her that it was a groan of pleasure. The girl had some cock! "Push on," I said.
She did and when it all got in, I was stuffed and she was in a new kind of heaven. She was so happy that she began to weep with joy. That was all very nice, but I suggested she put her back into a little fucking. Sydney proved quite adept at buttboring and the three of us grunted, squealed and finally screamed out in a three-way paralyzing orgasm that left us all covered with cum and presumed dead.
I had told Krissi the previous night that the first to get a stiffy after the apocalyptic fuck we just experienced would get to drill Sydney first. The thought of her sweet girlie butt resurrected me first and I proposed that I show Sydney how it felt to be a wide receiver.
Seeing how much we all enjoyed it, Sydney couldn't imagine it being anything but fantastic. I did warn her that there may be some slight pain, but since my yardarm was the size of a finger, she was probably safe.
I lubed her up and she wiggled as if she would explode before I even entered her. Then she did explode, cumming in big jets and squeaking like a little girl. Her pretty butt was apparently on a hair trigger. After she came, her hole was nice and loose and I entered her tight, young, sweet lovepit smoothly and lovingly. Sydney smiled over her shoulder at me like the angel she was. Krissi saw my plump cheeks bobbing and took that as the invitation it was. I stopped fucking Sydney just long enough to pick up a four-and-a-half-inch passenger. Then the train chugged down the track to Grand Cumming Station. Wooooo. Wooooo.
I reached for Sydney's little girl, stroking its red head with a steady friction. Sydney turned her head for a kiss. I entered her mouth with my tongue. Our lipsticked mouths met. She spasmed and came into my hand, clamping her butt on my clitty. I milked her until she was dry, then rubbed the cum all over her balls. I felt the big one, increased my pace, then BLEW cum globs into the prettiest little girl in town's tender butt. Or maybe Krissi blew goo into the prettiest little girl in town's tender butt when she unloaded into me.
Beauty is so subjective, but the facts were, I was not only having the best time of my life - I was having the best time of anyone's life.

Chapter Eleven - Things Get Even Better
Krissi and Sydney and I had so much fun that week, but Krissi and I didn't want to spook Sydney. So we didn't ask any of the boys over until we asked her first.
We had no need to worry. The thought of a boy's cock in her butt had Sydney leaping with joy. I called Matt and told him that he had to bring a date for Sydney, because Krissi and I were jealous. He suggested his 13-year-old b*****r Jimmy. I had seen Jimmy's picture and he was a doll. Good choice.
When Saturday came, we three girls dolled up for fucking first, then we were going to make the boys buy us dinner. A little out of sequence, but it worked for us.
We had found a nice miniskirt, top and low heels for Sydney, but for the fucking, she wore pink stockings and a pink nightie. This would be Jimmy's lucky day all right.
The boys arrived on time and Jimmy was as advertised. CUTE!!!! Sandy brown hair, big blue eyes and tall for his age. I looked forward to making his acquaintance at a later date.
Sydney batted her eyes shyly at Jimmy a few times and Jimmy was smitten. Jimmy was a virgin, but ready to amend that condition at the earliest opportunity.
We were all better at fucking than we were at small talk, so after around fifteen minutes, the boys' clothes had disappeared. Jimmy was even better with his clothes off. I was such a cradle-robber.
Jimmy kissed Sydney sweetly and she purred. For some reason, we all stayed in the living room, not minding our own business. We wanted to see the two young lovers couple. Jimmy cupped Sydney's bottom with his hands and stole her breath with manly hugs and caresses. He was a natural. He also praised her beauty, which delights any girl.
Sydney was hard and hot. We girls had greased each other's bottoms before the boys' arrival, so only Sydney's invitation was holding Jimmy back. She gave it. He accepted.
Sydney sat on the couch and scooted down so that Jimmy could access her pussy freely if he got to his knees. A good position. The four older k**s all stroked and caressed each other as we viewed the erotic drama.
Jimmy continued to kiss and adore Sydney verbally as he brought his excited champion to her quivering hole. She was so small there and Jimmy was a good six and a half inches. It was not lost on Jimmy that his new girlfriend's cock was bigger than his. He found it thrilling. Sydney was whimpering and begging for his cock. Her pretty butt ring pouted for love. She reached out and touched his cock and the worst thing happened. He lost his load before he reached the depot! Jet after jet of Jimmy's hot virginal cum doused Sydney's throbbing clitty and pink ball bag.
Matt, Greg and Krissi stared in horror at Jimmy's embarrassment and Sydney's disappointment. It's a good thing someone was thinking!
I stepped forward, rubbed Jimmy's shoulders and told him there was plenty more where that came from. Then I used my fingers to scoop Jimmy's still-hot boyish cream from sweet Sydney's pubic area and used two fingers to slather it with a piston motion on the inner walls of Jimmy's lovely butt. I told him what a good-looking man he was and how much Sydney wanted him inside her. Sydney wiggled and squirmed provocatively and Jimmy's cock got the picture. It erected fiercely.
I kept fingering the lad's lovely anus as he entered Sydney's love pit. She squealed with joy and reached around Jimmy to replace my fingers with her own. Jimmy's body covered Sydney's and he mastered her the way she needed to be mastered. Jimmy was a good one. I glimpsed about an inch of his shaft as it pumped in and out of the little cutie. Their bodies slapped together as the little angel cried and moaned.
Having relieved his anxiety with the hasty ejaculation, Jimmy settled in for a long, slow, luscious fuck. Figuring Sydney was in good hands, Matt and I and Krissi and Greg drifted off to the bedrooms for some wonderful love. I was comforted by the sequential screams of requited lust I heard from the living room all afternoon. Or maybe they were my screams. It's difficult to tell through the haze of carnal rapture.
Around seven p.m. we scrapped the idea of getting dressed to go out. Instead we ordered pizza in. I'm sure the delivery boy could smell what was going on in the condo, but he would only have been invited to join in if it were a really bad porn video.
At nine, we had to ask the boys to leave. They were reluctant, but we gave them a proper sendoff. We lined them up at the door, then got on our knees and gave them each a full ball bath and took a big, gooey load in our faces. Sydney, the bad girl, got two big facial loads from her Jimmy, then kissed him a cummy good night.
When the boys departed, I had another stiffie. So did Krissi and Sydney, so we got into a "sissy triangle" (a three-way 69) on the floor and drew out the last drops from our exhausted testicles.
I was feeling very happy when I arrived home around 10:30 that night. Generally, Mom and Dad were in bed by that time on a Saturday. I wondered if they still "did it." They were two good-looking people, both small like me, though.
The lights were on so I stopped in the f****y room to say hi and good night.
Mom said, "So, Sarah, did you and Krissi and Sydney and the three boys have a good time?"
Fear gripped my body. I got a mega-dose of adrenalin as my "fight or flight" options flashed through my mind. How did they know? What did they know? Was my life over?
Dad said, "It's OK, Sarah. We've known all along."
Puzzlement. "You have?"
Mom said, "Of course. What kind of parents would let a sixteen-year-old alone in an apartment more than 30 hours each week and not keep an eye on things?"
I said, "I......"
Dad said, "Of course we approve. You and Jeremy, I mean Krissi are happy for the first time in your lives. And Danny is too."
A glow rushed over me. It was going to be all right.
"And Sarah," Mom said, "Think about it. Weren't there a startling number of coincidences and circumstances that allowed all this to happen?"
What did she mean?
Mom continued. "Beth's assignment was real, but your father and I worked like dogs to make everything else happen. Think back. Your Aunt Beth was not very girlie. Wasn't it strange to you that she had all that incredible lingerie and sexy clothes. And 63 pairs of killer panties?"
Embarrassed. "I guess."
"Dad and I gathered all that stuff in the two weeks before Beth left and seeded the apartment before you started going over there. We bought sizes that we knew would fit both you and Krissi."
"How did you know our names?"
"You really need to keep your voice down on the phone, Honey," Mom said. "Sydney's mom had been telling me for some time that Danny was a panty boy, so we got some clothes for her too and hid them in a separate cache."
I was in awe. "But the tgirl porn?" I asked.
Mom frowned at Dad. "Your father's, I'm afraid. He's always had a thing for pretty girls with big cocks. He volunteered to donate his stash to help make you happy."
I smiled at Dad. He blushed a little, knowing that I had had to unstick several of the pages.
"Did we meet Matt and Greg without your help?'
"Mostly, although Dad did help things along a little by letting the air our of your tire that day."
And I had blamed Matt and Greg. My Mom and Dad were guardian angels.
"Things worked out better than we could have hoped. We've been in on this with Krissi's and Sydney's parents and we think you should all go full time as girls. You can stay in your school if you like, or we'll consider other options, including home school. Oh, and Sarah?"
My head was aspin with wonder and joy. "Yes, Mom?"
"We've also been in contact with Matt's and Greg's parents. They're eager to meet you both. The boys are going to ask you to their senior prom in three months. Let's see if we can have pretty dresses and the titties to fill them for you by then."
I began to sob. I hugged Mom and Daddy.
Mom patted me and said, "There, there, Sweetheart. You deserve better than what life has dealt you. We just want you to have a happy life."
It certainly looked as if I would.
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“So what’s it like?”, Lia asked.
“What do you mean?”, I replied.
“sl**ping with a girl, I could never do it, even for my husband.”
My first thought was that you shouldn't do if for your husband. But my vagina was clenching and asking why she was asking now. We were tipsy in my spare bedroom surrounded by sex toys and porn on the lap top. Back in the day she had been the girl with all of the toys and active sex life, now a decade later she wants to see my goodies. She also wants to watch porn which is new because she has always been squeamish and hated the lack of romance. So here we are surrounded by goodies and alcohol, my husband and k**s asl**p down the hall, and I’m talking about my lesbian explorations.

“Its whole differently feeling”, I started, “there’s something about the way a girl feels and taste. Its knowing that people are going to think it’s dirty, but you can’t help it because you know it feels so good.”
She’s quiet and reaches over and picks up one of the toys. Its my Hitachi and I spend a few moments flipping the switch on and off for her showing her how high the vibrations go. I start giving her lessons on which ones are good for her and her husband versus the ones I've found that are best for solo time. The Hitachi fascinates her. I tell her the reason I like it is because it’s a partner toy.
“You should straddle it”, I say, so you can feel how high the vibration can get.
To my surprise she gets on her knees and lets me hold it against her pussy. She moves around on it and I can tell she likes it. We’re like this for a couple of minutes and then she sets back and I turn it off.

“Oh my God I need one of those”, she laughs. I laugh with her.
“That one’s good for your husband to use on you, but if you want a toy you can use by yourself, you need this. “ I pick up my three pronged toy. It has a clit stimulator, middle dong, and a thin anal vibe. Three for one in a hand held package. It’s made to do everything you want and then some. Best toy I've ever owned.
“Really? I've had rabbits and I was disappointed” she said.
“I hate the rabbits too, but this one is shaped perfectly. You don’t even need to hold yourself open it nuzzles its way though and hits your clit perfectly.”
“I need one!” We talk about it and look up toys and porn online for a bit longer and then the questions began again. The questions lead us back to the same place; me and women.
I've told her that women like me can tell when a woman was ready to fool around. The sixth sense of ‘I bet she’d be into it’. For the first time I’m getting these vibes from my friend. One who was so against the idea that at one time it would have been comical for me to have even suggested that I had fantasies about her.

With the alcohol urging me on I finally blurted out, “I want to make you come with it”, her eyes widen and she was shocked. But then she surprises me.
“What the hell, we’re friends!” she stands up and takes off her shorts and panties. She lies down in front of me and spreads her thighs. She’s doing the au natural look at the moment, but it’s cool because so am I.
“Can I lick you” I said biting my lip.
“No, that would be weird” she says in an odd voice. I can’t help it.
“Please”, I whisper.
“Okay” she whispers back.
I am beyond thrilled. I pull her lips apart. She has a bright pink pussy and her slit is beyond tight. I take my fingers and touch her clit. It’s already hardening and I push back the hood on it. I lean down and run my tongue over it. She’s quiet so I’m not sure if she likes it or not, but I keep going. I slide down and slip my tongue inside her. Her pussy hugs my tongue it is so tight. Her thighs are starting to shake a little so I take that as a good sign. I pick up my toy and rub it against her. I put the knob into her and start working it in and out. I leave the anal toy out but as soon as I get the dildo worked in I fire up the clit teaser. Her body has become possessed and I watch as she thrashes all over the place. She covers her head with a pillow to muffle the sounds coming out of her mouth. I plunge it in and out and I can see it’s covered in juice. I lean down and lick her clit while the teaser is vibrating. She squirts all over the toy and my hand. I lean down and start cleaning her up with my tongue. I don’t want to miss a drop so I shove my tongue as far as I can into her twat.

I set up and grab the hitachi and move around so that I sit beside her. I pull her top down and turn the toy on. I use it to rub her nipples and keep her stimulated. Her breasts are huge and her nipples are so dark; I want them in my mouth. After a few moments of playing her nipples I want her puss again, this time without a toy. I reach my hand down and start rubbing her clit. Slowly I rotate her clit to the left. Her breath hitches and her thighs start quivering and I know I've hit the right spot. Round and round her voice is raspy saying little things I can’t hear, but that I know are encouragement. It only takes a few moments and she comes again. I go back down and lick up the mess she made. Lia is a pile of mush now. I crawl up her body and finally take a nipple in my mouth. She groans and puts her hands on the back of my head. I move back and forth between her breasts. I want to kiss her but I’m not sure how out of bounds that is. I know that I've had my mouth and hands on her pussy but for some people kissing is very private and I didn't know if it would jolt her out of her euphoria. ‘Fuck it, I thought, I’m going for it. I slide the rest of the way up and put my mouth on hers. She surprises me by offering me her tongue and kissing me back. It was so much more than I had hoped for. We kiss for several minutes and my poor neglected pussy can’t take anymore.

“I need to get off” she looks concerned and I lay down beside her, “you don’t have to do anything” I said to her. We are side by side and I can’t help but pet her pussy again. We kiss as I pet her and I bend down to taste her nipples again. Finally I lay back and start touching myself. She looks unsure of her self just sitting there.
“Do you want to watch? I asked.
“I’ve never seen another woman’s pussy up close before” she admitted.
“Do you want to?”
She is watching me twirl my clit. I can feel her eyes on my fingers and she is touching herself again. I pull my fingers out of my cunt and offer them to her.
“Do you want to taste?”
She looked me right in the eyes when she took my fingers into her mouth. She licked and sucked them clean.
“Did you like it?”I asked her. She nodded her head yes. “Do you want to try?
“Okay” she lay down between my legs and licked gently. The fact that she didn't know what she was doing was more of a turn on than if I’d had a porn star down there. She was timid when she licked at first and the as she got braver she sucked on it. I couldn't take it any more I had to come. I put my fingers on the top of her head and pushed it off my clit. She sat beside me as I rubbed my clit I had her lean down and rub my cunt with her tits and then watched as she licked her titties clean. I came so hard I soaked my hand.
“I never thought I would do that” she said. We lay there lightly petting and stretching.
“Me neither”, I laughed. “Can we do it again?
She leaned down and kissed me.
“It’s a must for every girls weekend!”

... Continue»
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sex with collegue

After completing my graduation in Hyderabad, I decided to take a year off before pursuing my masters. In the meanwhile I decided to work in the BPO industry as a call center executive. It had a dual benefit for me - I could get some work exposure as well as earn some quick bucks to pay for my future education. After trying at a few places, I finally landed up a job at an MNC call center albeit on one condition - I had to move to Bangalore. I didn't want to miss this opportunity so I graciously accepted the offer. After the interview was over, I was waiting outside in the lobby area for the offer letter when a beautiful girl in her mid 20's, dressed in a business suit walked up to me & called out my name. She had shoulder length curly brown hair & a sweet accent. She was around 5′6″ & had a curvy figure. She was wearing a white shirt with a grey slit skirt down below. As she walked, her slit skirt was giving an eyeful of her partially exposed silky smooth thigh. The tight skirt also provided a splendid view of her beautiful firm ass which swirled from side to side in a provocative manner as she walked. Putting it all together, she was a pure treat to watch.

As she introduced herself, I came to know that her name was Suji. She had also landed up a job at the call-center as a Team Leader. Compared to me, she had 2 years’ work experience in the BPO industry & had just switched to this company. She had rented out a 2-bedroom apartment nearby & was looking for the other occupant for the accommodation. She asked me if I was interested & I agreed to her offer. After getting my call letter, both of us went to the apartment & after settling the nitty-gritties with the owner of the apartment, it was decided that we would be sharing the apartment. Things moved quickly & soon both of us moved in the apartment as tenants.

We had got two sets of apartment keys. One for each of us. Although both of us were living in the same apartment, initially we hardly got to see each other. I used to work in the night-shift while she was assigned a day-shift at the office. The result was that whenever either of us was leaving for the office, the other one would be fast asl**p. Although both of us had common weekends, they were even more hectic than the workdays with all the laundry & catching up with friends & f****y etc. Both of us however used to get together for a game or two of cards once in a while. Suji had a few strange habits like she was used to sl**ping in the nude. On a few occasions while passing in front of her room I would get a glimpse of her sl**ping in the nude under the blanket with her clothes & lingerie s**ttered all over the place. I would often get to see her naked flesh in bits & pieces but never got to see the full picture. Moreover, inside the apartment she would often move around dressed in her skimpy lingerie pretending to be unaware of my hard-on. In the beginning the sight of her beautiful curvaceous body clad in translucent lacy lingerie would make me uncomfortable around her but I soon got used to her moving around the house dressed in skimpy clothing.

Suji was a hell of a teaser. Later on, we often used to play cards & during our gaming sessions she would make my cock literally dance to her tunes & at the same time act so innocent as if she was a 6 year old. She would often come up dressed in her translucent lingerie & the whole time I would be left to figuring out the shape of her perky nipples or her prominent camel toe. She had her own innocently provocative ways of making me hard in my pants while enjoying the game for herself. I used to end up red faced when she would look me straight in the eyes after staring at my uncontrollable erections. It seemed to me as if my cock was under her complete control & she could make it stand up or sit down at her own free will. Many a times, she would put up a show for me while we were playing cards. Exposing her assets in a provocative yet subtle manner, she would gradually push me to the edge & suddenly leave the game on one pretext or the other leaving me high & dry. I would often be left alone to masturbate in the bathroom visualizing her anatomical details & would ejaculate wave after wave of my hot cum. Overall she was a gorgeous teaser exuding loads of confidence & always sporting a mischievous cunning smile on her face. She knew exactly how to use her feminine charms in order to fulfill her desires.

On a fateful day, as I reached back from office, I used my keys to open the door & entered the apartment. As I walked past her room in the hallway, I found her door partially open. She was in the habit of locking up her room while leaving for her office. As I took a surprised look inside her room, I was mesmerized by the scene in front of my eyes. Suji was seated in front of her PC with her back towards the door. She was watching a porn movie while wearing her headphones. Maybe this was the reason she didn't hear me unlocking the main door of the apartment. One of her hands was busy stroking her 32-C boobs inside her tank-top while the other one was busy under her skirt which was curled up to her waist. She was panting heavily in a state of sexual arousal. As I moved in to take a closer look, I could see a shiny black dildo smeared in her love juices coming in & out of her snatch while her other hand was furiously stroking her partially exposed boobs. Caught in the heat of the moment I bent over her shoulder & pulled out the dildo from between her legs. She quickly turned around to see me standing there stroking my cock with one hand & holding her shiny black dildo in the other hand. I instinctively brought the wet dildo under my nose & started to smell it. It had a pleasant musky odor. My tongue started to lick her juices from the dildo. Taking my cue, she threw her headphones on the table & pulled me towards her by my cock & took it in her mouth. She was seated on the chair with her face buried in my groin while I was standing there licking her black dildo. The jiggling of her boobs while she was moving her head while giving me the perfect blowjob was increasing my erection inside her mouth. I quickly unbuttoned & dropped my shirt onto the floor followed in quick succession by my pants. I was now standing completely naked with my cock buried deep inside her mouth while she was expertly giving me the blowjob of my life!

In a short while I seated her onto the bed & parted her beautiful legs to take my place between them. I slowly pulled down her sheer black thong while stroking her silky smooth legs & buried my face between her muscular thighs. She quickly removed her tank-top & unhooked her black skirt at the waist. My tongue was playing with her swollen pink cunt when she pulled me onto the bed & both of us assumed the 69 position. Her face was buried between my legs while my tongue was busy with her cunt. She had shaved off her pubes leaving just a thin strip of trimmed hair on top of her pussy. I was lying on my back with my hands firmly placed on her fleshy butt-cheeks & my tongue probing deep inside her swollen pussy lips. She was on top of me on all fours sucking onto my hard cock with deep thrusts. In a short while my muscles tensed up & I shot my load inside her mouth & she gulped it all down with ease leaving my cock shiny clean & lump. She soon took it out of her mouth & started stroking it with her hands. Her efforts soon paid up & it soon stood to attention. I gradually moved her over to my side & we carried on with our love-making in the missionary position. While my shaft was busy servicing her hole, our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. As our tongues swirled inside her mouth, I could taste my own salty cum which she had just swallowed. I was continuing with my slow & deep strokes while she was moving her hips in complete sync to match my pace. We continued our grind in this fashion for about half an hour. Her fuller lips were a treat to suck. Very soon, the pressure began to build up inside my balls & in a few minutes, I exploded in another orgasm while shooting off stream after stream of my hot cum inside her wet pussy. My penile contractions finally subsided & we resumed in the doggy-style. She was on her all fours while I mounted her from behind. We continued to grind our groins in this position for the longest duration since her pussy had turned all wet & slippery & was offering no resistance. It was also my third ejaculation in quick succession & took some time to build up. After experiencing our third & final orgasm, both of us collapsed on the bed only to wake up a few hours later.... Continue»
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