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A morning with Betty

A morning with Betty

... spectacle she'd made of herself. Kneeling there completely naked with a man taking lewd photos of her asshole and pussy ... well lubricated pussy lips glistened in the morning sunlight. I couldn't resist.

"Ohhhhh!" Betty cried as she felt my lips ... ... Continue»
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Sunday morning with Brad...

... night '...some of my friends are coming over in the morning...' Before I could say anything Brad slipped his hand between ... happened and watched the game with my folks as I went to my room and fell into a deep relaxing nap.

Sunday morning with Brad... ... Continue»
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A morning with my coworker

A morning with my co-worker

Pre story
i have a ... say so, you are to kneel in front of me" . with a slightly trembling voice i say " i am ready my mistress" ... your neck over the small latex covered tits with those amazingliing big and hard nippels, over ... ... Continue»
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Betty and Veronica

... about school on Monday morning. I was shipped over to stay with Betty and Veronica while the ... down next to Veronica with Betty on the other side of her. Betty said that wasn’t ... a b cup. They were both tall with Betty standing about 4 inches taller than me and ... ... Continue»
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... night I greamed about my naked Aunts and awoke the next morning with a raging hardon. I put on my bathrobe and went into the ... out of Liz's cunt. I looked up at her with a smile and said " Morning Betty, you're just in time for breakfast." and pulled ... ... Continue»
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Crazy Day in my life with mother-in-law

... now I’ll get socked with a big charge.” With that, Donna packed and left in the morning leaving me with our son, my mother ... got home around 6 o’clock. I spent some time with Betty and Bobby just talking and playing with my son. At about 6:30 I announced that ... ... Continue»
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Bad Betty

... . So, soon after Sandy left for Jill’s house, so did Betty. And with Betty’s arrival, it was apparent that Sandy’s objectivity left. She ... ... Continue»
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Toying with Tiffany


The day had been a long one. It had started that morning with Principal White
putting ants up her ass and her pussy ... voice, "Well, well, if it isn't our
own little Blowjob Betty!" Several students paused in the conversations to

"I heard you ... ... Continue»
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Making My Mess With Tess

... grin aimed my way, that she had awakened that morning with a fever and had been hot all day. That she ... a provider I sometimes engage. So, I was really horny this morning.

Tess arrived with a bottle of Merlot in one hand and little travel ... ... Continue»
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... **p well s*s."

************************** **************************

I woke up the next morning with a hint of a hangover, my cock twitched as ... around my cock, gently stroking. "Morning b*o." She said.

"Morning s*s."

"I was dreaming about you, ... ... Continue»
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Weekends with an Anal Lover

... to stay the night with you," I told her.


Saturday morning I woke up with Bonnie stroking my cock ... fuck for a long time without cumming the first in the morning with my piss hard-on. As I pounded Bonnie's pussy she ... ... Continue»
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The Nude Weekend - Saturday Morning

... ?”

Sharon had a severe need for caffeine but always started the morning with a refreshing cup of tea.

“Tea, white, no sugar.”

... great.”

With the refreshing ingestion of tea, Sharon’s synapses came to life and for the first time that morning she ... ... Continue»
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A Wonderful Summer Morning with My s****r

... school before I nod back off for a while.

But the other morning I couldn’t help but feel horny, I guess I’d been having a ... better then using your s****rs panties to jerk off with… but not this morning I needed a tissue right away!

“Hey, Jenny,” I ... ... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 6

... for a good morning fuck and fill my love tunnel with your love juices ... "Can you believe that I woke up this morning with a woody! I was hoping Jackie, that you ... I think Glenn should have he first fuck this morning, OK?"

I responded, "Thanks Junior, I ... ... Continue»
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Moving Away With Mom (1)

... a bit hungry, since I haven't had breakfast this morning."

"I'm in the same boat too. I was thinking ... when we stopped and ate brunch this morning."

With tears in her eyes, "I do ... road early in the morning."

Mom shut the tv off with the remote as I ... ... Continue»
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I am not proud of what i did with my son.

... he did and ultimately went to sl**p. I awoke in the morning with

Harrison lying on his back, fast asl**p. I was so ... another erection

whilst still asl**p. Shaun invariably awoke with an erection in the morning as well. I

reached over to my bedside ... ... Continue»
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a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 3

... just fine with it and that we had fucked again this morning with me being ... stone sober. You are OK with all this, right ... again."


"Yea, I ate her this morning after we fucked."

"Well lets both eat her ... ... Continue»
Posted by vtevte 9 months ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 4613  |  
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Pam's Affair with Jack, Her Thesis Advisor

... hugging and cuddling. We slept until the next morning. I woke up first when I heard a ... “About a year later, I woke up one morning with an itch between my pussy and anus. By ... tell you. When I came into work that morning, I was a little blue that nothing had ... ... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 2

... just fine with it and that we had fucked again this morning with me being ... stone sober. You are OK with all this, right ... again."


"Yea, I ate her this morning after we fucked."

"Well lets both eat her ... ... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 7

I was awakened the next morning with the bed jiggling and so in my half asl**p stupor, I ... all naked getting your morning fuck."

"I know Glenn, it is so wonderful having you horny boys around with almost constant hard dicks ... ... Continue»
Posted by vtevte 4 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 1268  |