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A husbands dream fulfilled

A husbands dream fulfilled - Part 2

... fulfilled a dream of mine. But at the same time I was worried and disappointed that she was cheating on me ... about your plan?” “No, he’s going to get his wish fulfilled the same as you. As far as he knows he ... was just making your dream come true.” After some more discussion I agreed to go along with the plan... Continue»
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I've always gotten excited by reading... Continue»
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A husbands dream fulfilled

... I had always secretly wanted to watch my wife with another man and finally the other evening I got my wish. Although she doesn’t know I saw her.

We were on holiday in Hawaii and staying in a beach... Continue»
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The Swing Series 7

... and I are having a
good time reliving and/or dreaming up these stories.

Sue's birthday ... and
licking her lips quite obviously. Her husband was
rubbing her ass and saying something in her ear ... husband in tow,
she disappeared into the crowd. I knew what they had
in mind. It was too bad... Continue»
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Nighttime Lover

... sex
was he began fantasizing about his mother. Steve had
always wanted to make his dreams ... on her ear.

"Charlie," she said believing it was her husband. "What
are you doing?" Cindy reached ... her was not
her husband, and she couldn’t care less. She wrapped
her legs around her new lover’s... Continue»
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Wife surprises husband, husband surprises wife.

... .

"Then it was time, time to fulfill my dream. I picked the two men. One was white, Claude; the other ... ," she managed to gasp as the door suddenly reopened. Her husband's form filled the doorway. His face ... the officers sighed.

"I'll go talk to the husband," the male Deputy announced. "For whatever good... Continue»
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There She Was

... was the subject of every fantasy, every naughty dream and every relieved hardon.

At 26 my step fathers s****r ... was happily married to a beautiful woman who fulfilled me in every way. It's an old saying ... wanted it all and she wanted to see her husband cum all over my wife. He got to his knees as my wife lay... Continue»
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My MILF- Slippery Susie - Part Two

... and then let them fuck her silly. As a mother, sex with her
husband Mike was fulfilling, but never wild ... room door.
There was a little guilt because she had cheated on her husband for the
first time ... two
teenagers than a sexual being. She had always felt that she and her
husband shared a wonderful... Continue»
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wide tells s****r

... 2003, Stacey separated from her husband (citing various issues), and moved into an apartment of her ... that Stacey had told her that her ex-husband wasn't so great in the sack, and Stacey, at the peak of her ... .

The night passed slowly, and my dreams were carnally interwoven with what might happen during the weekend... Continue»
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adventurous hiking trip with wife

... have never dreamed of this happening.

Easing my hands into her shorts, I rubbed my fingers over her ... husband, Hank."

"I feel like the one that should be sorry! It was such a beautiful day and I ... dreamed anyone would see me out there. Not many people come out this way."

I was still speechless... Continue»
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... inches away from her s****r’s pussy almost blows Dawn’s mind. It’s something she has dreamed about ... fantasised about imagined and wondered about and yet all the dreams, fantasises, images and wondering ... ****r's pussy before she closes her eyes, lowers her head and fulfils a lifelong fantasy.

Buffy... Continue»
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Aunt Heather helps out pt4

... husband's nephew Dan, not once, not twice, but four fucking-completely-fulfilling times.

She felt ... . She blinked to make sure she wasn't dreaming. This was no dream! Her husband's nephew was swaying ... as a nurse. The evening shift ended at midnight, by the time she got home, her husband Roger and his nephew... Continue»
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Chapter 20 Chrissie hears wedding bells

... for me to cross; in fact it fulfils a
deep seated need in me for my clients to enjoy degrading me. I ... .

The fact that he's mommy's husband kind of complicates the matter. I know
from her he can't get ... Luke, her husband Paul and Kate and me. I bought it outright with
my father's inheritance money... Continue»
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Chapter 18 Chrissie looks forward to getting debal

... could never fulfil. She is the woman of their
fantasies. Tall, lithe and stunningly attractive ... you would be reminded where
your manhood went."

My dreams weren't as erotically intense ... barefoot to make coffee. I had almost
forgotten that Paul, mommy's husband, had been banished to a cot... Continue»
Posted by klammer 3 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Shemales  |  

Setting Up of Wifes

... dreams come true.

So now we started planning on how to fuck them without their knowledge. Days passed ... , who is her mothers youngest s****r, had quite a big house and lived there with her husband ... and daughter. Her daughter is about twenty and husband is approximately fourty seven years old. His name... Continue»
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Chapter 13 Chrissie gets spunked

... transition from a frustrated
cuckolded husband to a chemically castrated and soon to be feminised
sissy ... needs that were fulfilled by other men. It didn't come as a surprise
when I first saw her through ... a crack in a partially closed bedroom door
having that need fulfilled by one of my daddy's b*****rs... Continue»
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Black and White Consummate a New Relationship

... to me and the white women run back to their
white husbands with damaged pussies after fulfilling ... biological clock is sadly passing me
by as I am 33 years of age and my only dream is to find ... body and himself to take
me deep inside my fulfilling desires. He kneels over me
and our mouths... Continue»
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The Conscientious Cuckold

... in anticipation,
Laura looked to him like the embodiment of every man's
wet dream. Her eyes were lidded ... lust. The interplay
between husband and wife fed Jack's excitement and he
pushed Laura's ankles ... resting on his chest. Laura
couldn't see him and Jack didn't care if the husband
wanted to bow... Continue»
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Who Says Marriage Is Dull

... . It was almost a dream come true. Definitely a fantasy fulfilled.

I was going in and out of her ass ... was over and we were back to being loving husband and wife.

My Mistress ordered me to follow her ... . Even the veteran husbands who'd long ago learned to just move their eyes to avoid the wife's wrath were... Continue»
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Horny Devil

... with
them on this trip. Sarah, Mike and her husband John had decided to rent a
log cabin high ... went out, her husband John knew this, they'd married just
after Sarah had left university to go ... , her husband, John still
lay fast asl**p on the sofa, She didn't want to wake him just yet, she went... Continue»
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