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A fuck like Alice

... was building again as he started to fuck her quite hard. He fucked her like this for ten minutes until he felt ... next night. Chris didn’t fuck Bridget, and they all moved their separate ways after returning to Alice. Another successful recruit to his ... ... Continue»
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Alice The Dirty Whore part 3

Alice The Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Chapter Three “Alice The Slag Goes Back To Work”

It was almost two months on from the night Jack brought Alice home and they got the all clear from the Doc. They were both very excited about Alice going back to work.
The past seven weeks had been fun at times, getting to know each other as people and they had a lot of sex to try and sedate Alice’s almost uncontrollable needs.
The more they got to know each other the more they realised just how sexually compatible they were.

Jack still loved to fuck Alice hard up her arse but he had a submissive streak that Alice loved to exploit.
She revelled in making him lick her arse of cunt out after they had sex. Not that he didn’t want to, far from it. But it was more fun when she told him to do it, and humiliated him in the process.

She had started to insist that Jack cleaned his own arse out before they had sex as now she almost always wormed her fingers into his hot little hole. It thrilled her to see how fast his cock grew as she probed and prodded his most private hole, she even once pushed a small candle up his arse and told him to leave it in while he fucked her. This made him come far too quickly so she didn’t repeat it.

During her enf***ed brake from prostitution Jack had made some enquiries and found her a place to work near Lester Square, it was a small brothel and Alice would have her own room to work out of with its own sink and double bed, it was a far cry from the dilapidated docks.

She was given a timetable telling her which shifts she would work. Monday through to Wednesdays was from six to finish, Thursday was a day off and then from twelve to finish Friday Saturday and Sunday. She was also told that she was not allowed to take any money from the punters. They pay the house and at the end of each day she would get her cut.

She had been give some instruction from the madam about keeping herself clean and her arse douched out, as the punters didn’t take kindly to having shit on their dicks. And that she could expect to get quite a few requests for this as not all her girls would take it up the arse, so if they get any request for anal the men will be sent her way. She was also advised by the doc to use a Dutch cap of diaphragm in her cunt to stop her getting pregnant and also help prevent infection. He also advised her to make her punters use rubbers, but this advice was falling on deaf ears. Alice was strictly bareback and loved having her holes filled with spunk.

She didn’t think it possible that she could get pregnant after all she had fucked thousands of men and not managed it yet. But she didn’t fancy being laid up for another month or so with the clap and having to go without a daily procession of different cocks fucking the shit out of her. So she went with the Dutch cap.

On entering the establishment it looked like a regular bar, a bit on seedy side with its low lighting and blacked out windows.
It was twelve o’clock on the dot and about half a dozen men and three couples occupied the main bar area and tables close to it and in one corner was a small stage. All eyes went to Alice as she swayed her hips and moved seductively through to the back of the club.

She was met by the maid who she had already been introduced to as Gloria. A rather robust lady of about fifty who seemed to sweat a lot.
Hi Alice, nice to see your on time, go up to your room and put your things away and get back down to the parlour we have some early birds in today looking for a quick shag.

Alice stowed a few essential in the small draw of the dressing table and put her makeup bag on top.
She removed her pleated skirt and jacket. And looked at herself in mirror her long blond wavy hair shined and her lips were painted a vibrant fuck me red. She put on a transparent black robe covering but not concealing her black bra, knickers, suspender belt and silk stockings. To set it off she had bright red stiletto shoes matching her lipstick.

Jack had done his best and then some using up all his favours to get Alice the best tools to ply her trade, and they were hard to come by.

Happy with her appearance Alice hurried down to the parlour. The parlour was separate from the main bar and was a cosy room with a small bar and an open fireplace.
Madam Sylvie called her over and introduced her to a man standing alone at the end of the bar and within seconds Alice was taking him upstairs.
Her cunt started dripping with excitement the moment she woke up and she made Jack lick her out twice before she left for work. She certainly would not need any additional stimulation or lubrication. Her most pussy was glistening and itching to get some cock.

Alice took no prisoners and drained the balls of her first punter in five minutes flat, in her desperately horny cunt. As soon as he had finished with her she cleaned up and was back down stairs and into the parlour where she was introduced to the next client. This pattern went on for the next couple of hours with the longest time in-between punters being about ten minutes.

It was a different world to the one she lived in down the docks, when sometimes she had to wait an hour or more between punters. But on the flip side she missed the build up of cum in her holes. And how that made her feel so horney and slutty.

It was about three o’clock when it started to quieten down, Sylvie and another girl were at the bar and Alice went up to join then.
Sylvie introduced Alice to Daisy. Daisy was a dark haired girl in her mid twenties her jet black hair reaching all the way down to the small of her back.
Sylvie told Alice that Daisy used to double up with the girl Alice was replacing. As there were quite a few men that like two girls together and would she be interested.

“Alice, have you ever been with another woman?

Alice was a little shocked, “I’ve never done anything like that or even thought of it, what would I have to do?”
Daisy gave out a dirty laugh, “a virgin, a long time since I had me one of them”

The conversation broke at the sound of high heels on the polished wooden floor. Alice turned round to see a tall auburn haired woman who was approaching them smiling and lighting a cigarette.
“So you’re the new girl, you are very pretty, I’m Doris; Daisy talked you into going queer yet?

Alice took an instant dislike to the arrogance of this woman not only the tone of her voice but the way her body moved all saying I’m better than you.
“Yes she has” Alice replied, and I’m really looking forward to tasting her cunt, would you like to try mine?

Daisy and Sylvie sniggered as Doris was lost for words momentarily. She looked at Sylvie for some moral support but got none. Knowing that she was on a looser she turned to the barman and ordered a glass of champagne.

Daisy took Alice’s hand seizing the moment, Come with me Alice we can get some private time in, after all Doris can hold the fort.
Alice went with Daisy, her stomach doing summersaults wondering what she was getting herself into.

Daisy took Alice to her room, it was much the same as her own but Daisy had a lot of different sexy outfits hanging up on the walls.

Come here Alice, the first thing a man wants to see is two sexy girls having a little kiss and touch up. Daisy pulled Alice to her and placed her lips on Alice’s while gently kneading her arse cheeks. Alice responded quicker than Daisy expected by pushing her thigh into Daisy’s crutch and trying to probe Daisy’s open mouth with her tongue.

Daisy was a little shocked but went with the flow as the young whore became the aggressor pushing her back onto the bed.
Daisy’s opened her gown to reveal her naked sex and breasts as she only wore an under bust corset and stockings beneath.
Alice’s heart pounded in her chest and she went down between Daisy’s now spread thighs and her greedy little tongue went to the older whore’s cunt lashing her clit and gash just like Jack did to her, knowing how good it made her feel.

She found herself dipping her tongue inside Daisy’s fuck hole and surprised herself when she realized that she was a little disappointed that she could not find any man juice.
As Alice worked on Daisy’s pussy as she wriggled out of her knickers, as soon as they were off she pulled her face free from Daisy’s now dripping and heated snatch.

Daisy had her eyes half closed enjoying the young girls mouth but now looked up to see what was wrong and why Alice had stopped, just in time to see Alice’s cunt coming towards her.

Alice dived back into Daisy’s hot box as she lowered her own excited snatch down onto Daisy’s quivering lips. Daisy was slow to react and more than a little taken aback by the lust in this young whore eating her cunt like she was born to it.

Frustrated by the one sided lovemaking Alice relieved herself of Daisy’s clit turning her head and hissed at her “eat my cunt Daisy, please eat me”

Daisy was shocked into action licking, probing and sucking Alice’s hole for all she was worth.
Alice went back to munching on Daisy’s hairy cunt that was almost pulsing with pleasure. Daisy was on the edge and Alice new it.

Alice teased and played with Daisy’s sensitive and throbbing clit telling Daisy to work harder on her cunt. “Get your tongue up me bitch, suck my clit you cunt, make me squirt in your fucking mouth”

Daisy doubled her efforts and as soon as Alice felt herself on the brink as she went full out on Daisy’s dripping pussy so they both came almost simultaneously.

Alice was a little surprised when Daisy came she didn’t spray her face with cunt cream. Alice almost always gave a discharge and assumed all other women did the same.

Alice got off Daisy and laid down beside her, Daisy looked drained and her face was awash with Alice’s love juice.
Alice ran her hand over Daisy’s corseted torso and cupped her right breast rolling her stiff nipple between her thumb and fore finger. Daisy turned her head towards Alice and they kissed. Not breaking the kiss Alice worked her body on top of Daisy’s.

As they passionately kissed and embarrassed the door opened, and Sylvie brought them back to reality.

OK sluts get your arses down stairs, Doris has already done one punter and we have a couple more waiting.

With that Alice got up and quickly went back to her room to freshen up and was in the parlour within just a few minutes. Sylvie introduced Alice to a man called Josh saying he had paid for an hour, taking him upstairs they passed Daisy on the way down.

Josh noticed the way Daisy shyly smiled at Alice and thought that the two must be fucking, Josh’s cock started to harden at the thought of the two whore’s going at it with cunts and arses full of cum, his mind almost always in a perverted fantasy land.

Entering her room Alice quickly discarded her robe and removed her bra and panties. Josh was still removing his clothes so Alice went over and went down on her knees to help him with his trousers. The huge bulge in his crutch made Alice smile and she looked up into Josh’s eyes. “What have we got here sir? Is it all for me?”
“That all depends if your arse take it all, the madam said you did take it up the arse?” Alice pulled his pants down and Josh’s eight inch thick rod sprang out into her face.

“Oh my you do have a nice big cock, and yes my arse can take it, but you will have to go slow and work it in. My arse hasn’t had much of a workout today and the little dicks that have been up it didn’t do much for me”
Josh’s dick was about the same size as Jack’s maybe a little fatter but she has been taking Jack’s cock up her arse sometimes two or three times in a day since she moved in with him, so a little petroleum jelly and no fear she would take him balls deep.

Alice took Josh now naked over to her bed. “How do you want to take me? She asked.
“Show me your skills Alice, you ride me”

Josh positioned himself in the middle of the bed with his cock erect and ready.
Alice grabbed the jelly of the bed side table and took a dollop on the end of her finger and worked it into her arse.
Without hesitation she guided Josh’s cock into her anal ring and quickly got the bulbous head passed her sphincter, she paused for a few moments and then taking Josh by surprise she impaled herself on his cock taking all but two inches of his impressive cock in one hit.

“Oh fuck that feels good I should be paying you” Alice started to rotate her pelvis rocking her hips back and forth working herself down on the last two inches of his cock until he had no more to give her.
Alice hardly took a breath before she got to work milking his dick, sliding up and down his entire length telling him how good his big cock felt in her arse.

Josh considered himself a cocksmith but this dirty whore was doing him good, and he knew he wouldn’t last long the way her arse was working his dick.
Alice sensed he was close and wanted this fuck to last a bit longer so she could enjoy it so she slowed down and stopped fucking herself up and down on his pole.
Alice was sat fully impaled on Josh’s cock; she stroked his chest tenderly with her hands and sensuously laid herself down on top of him so her nipples gently grazed his chest.

Are you enjoying this as much as I am Josh? Do you want me to go for it and drain the cum out of your balls into my arse?
Don’t move Alice just let me enjoy your hot arse. Josh had his hands on Alice’s waist and was gently stroking her flanks as if he was slowly masturbating his cock inside her. He slowly pushed his hips of the bed pushing his cock into her arse looking up into Alice’s beautiful angle like face.

“Tell me Alice are you doing the whore we meet on the stairs”
Alice almost blushed. “It was my first time today, just before I came down and meet you”

Your first time with another woman or first time with the whore?
First on both counts and her name is Daisy, does it bother you that you’re up the arse of a whore that has just licked another whores cunt out?
Alice didn’t need to hear his reply, his cock spoke for him twitching in her arse.

“She told me that some customers liked to have two girls at once and would I mind doubling up with her”
“I thought it a bit strange at first; you know why a man would want two girls at once. But thinking about it I like to have two men at once, no fuck it give me ten”

This was too much for Josh and he had the need to dump his load inside Alice’s arse. He pushed her over onto her back rolling with her, his cock not leaving her shit hole. Alice raised her legs back as far as she could and Josh grabbed her ankles pushing her back further and raising her bum into the air allowing his cock total access to plough her hole as deep as possible and he did with all the f***e of a mad man.

“O yes that’s it fuck me arse, fuck me, fuck me hard, harder, I said fucking harder” Alice screamed as she tried to thrust her arse back into Josh’s loins as his cock spewed powerful jets of cum into the depths of her hot anal cavity.

Josh collapsed on top of Alice in a state of post sexual bliss.
Alice wrapped her legs around Josh’s back and gently stroked the back of his head.
After a few minutes Josh rolled of Alice his cock plopping out of her arse.

As he laid on his back and Alice needing no invitation, she went down and started working on his cock and balls, she took his entire cock now almost limp in her mouth and swirled her tongue over his cock head.

“Alice what you said, you know about ten men, would you really do ten men”
“I’ve done more than that in one go before now Josh, you line them up and I’ll fuck em”

Alice had hold of Josh’s cock and she felt it stir, she smiled thinking of Jack and the way his cock twitches when she talks dirty to him.
She kissed the head of his cock and looked into his eyes. “I like to be fucked dirty and hard until my arse and cunt are loose and pouring with cum”
Josh’s cock twitched and she gave it a good suck bringing it back to life.

“You are a nasty whore, you know that don’t you”
“Yes. But you like it don’t you, so what does that make you?”

“Just a horny guy that likes his whores depraved and nasty like you are”
“Well if you want to go again on one of my nasty depraved holes we better get going or Sylvie will be up to chuck you out”

“I’m going to bang that arse of yours again, get on all fours I’ll fuck you like the dog you are”
“Oh you sweat talker you, I bet with lines like that you get the girls every time”

Alice got into position as Josh lined up his now hard cock with Alice’s arse, and thrust into her. Alice moaned and thrust her arse back onto Josh’s cock as hard as she could trying to get the maximum amount of cock up her as possible.
Josh hammer away amazed at this young girls enthusiasm. Most of the whores he had been with refuse to do anal full stop, and a lot of those that did saw the size of his cock and refuse.

Yes he thought, Mistress Vicky and the club would be interested in this whore. But he would have to learn more about the girl first before he could be shore.

Alice leaned back into Josh her silky hair fell on his chest as her large breasts where pushed proudly out her nipples erect. Her fingers worked furiously at cunt and clit trying to bring herself off.
“Grab my tits Josh, pinch my nipples, make it hurt, help me come with your cock up my arse, please Josh help me, I need to come”

Josh removed his hands from her hips and groped at her breasts finding her thick protruding nipples. Clamping them between thumb and forefingers he squeezed them hard. And hissing in her ear “you asked for it whore” he twisted them viciously pulling down on them as if using them as reins to pull her tighter onto his cock.

He kept up the pressure twisting her nipples. Alice squealed as her orgasm ripped through her sending her arse into spasms milking Josh’s cock. Josh took five or six more violent strokes burying his cock as deep as he could go into her bowels before injecting her with his second load of hot cum.

Josh released her nipples and gently massaged her firm full flesh feeling the weight of her larger than decent udders.

Their ragged breathing coming back to normal and with Josh’s cock still in Alice’s arse he kissed her neck and whispered in her ear. “That was amazing Alice now be a good little slut and clean my cock with your mouth”
“It will be my pleasure sir” Alice replied pulling herself of Josh and turning round to bury her face down in his lap.
When Alice was done Josh got up and started to get dressed as Alice went over to the sink preparing to douche her arse. She looked at Josh, this is about the only thing I hate about my job, such a waste.” I wish I could keep your come in me and take it home” Thinking how much she would enjoy having Jack lick her out.

“You really are a nasty whore aren’t you Alice”
“I just know what I like and not afraid to admit it Josh. Are you going to come see me again?”
“You bet I am Alice and I will try you and that whore Daisy out both together”
“I’ll look forward to it”

Josh was fully dressed and gave Alice a light kiss and a playful slap on her arse goodbye.

Josh had a quick word with Sylvie before he left checking on the price of both girls together and asking if Daisy took it up the arse like Alice. He was disappointed to find out she didn’t, he was hoping to fuck Daisy up the arse and get Alice to lick his cum out of her. He made an arraignment anyway for both girls next Saturday night.

The rest of the day and evening was pretty uneventful but her luck change as she came back into the parlour after cleaning up from her latest punter.
Sylvie was at the small bar entertaining six gentlemen as she went in. Madam Sylvie indicated for her to join them and she made quick introductions. Boys this is Alice, Alice this is Pete, Jerry, Alf, Phil, George and Sam.
So boys, is Alice to your liking? They all agreed with big smiles. But is she up for it? Pete asked.

Up for what Alice replied.
Sylvie answered, a little game of tag team, go on Pete tell her the rules.
We have two teams of three we draw straws to see who goes first in each team. Team A go first and their player goes into bat on your pussy, as soon as he’s done the B team send in a player to take first crack at your arse and so on until we have all done both your holes, and no clean up allowed.

Sounds like fun you bet I’m up for it. Looking at Sylvie Alice asked that if she did this, could it be her last punt of the night as it was already gone eleven. Yes, Sylvie agreed.
Pete and George both took out three small straws. They all drew one and Pete obviously had the longest straw and was in team A as he took Alice’s hand. “Guess you guys are going to be stirring my porridge today” he said as Alice lead him out of the parlour.

In Alice’s room she took her robe of as the man hurried removing his clothes dumping them on a spare chare in the corner.
Alice removed her panties and unleashed her tits from the confines of the bra kicked her shows of and got on the bed.

Fuck you got some tits on you babe Pete commented as he got on the bed with Alice.
Pete was already hard but she gave him a quick suck for good measure before guiding him into her yearning cunt. He quickly gained rhythm and with Alice’s energetic and sensual participation he was coming inside five minutes.

He quickly got of her telling her to stay exactly where she was and that he would send the next one up.
Less than a minute latter Sam had her bent over slipping his cock up her arse and thrusting away. He lasted not much longer than Pete did before he shot his first load into her.

He hastily got dressed and went down to send Jerry up.
“Go get her Jerry.” Jerry headed off to Alice’s room as Sam sat at the bar with Pete and the rest of the boys. “Fuck me Pete, can that Alice fuck or what”
“She is the best fuck I’ve ever had, and fucking gorgeous with it, and what about them huge fucking tits, how old do you think she is Sam”

“Don’t know but I wouldn’t of thought she was more than eighteen with a body like that, but she fuck’s like pro, that whore is first division”

This conversation was not lost on Sylvia. Sylvia had a knack of listening to three or four conversations at once and not missing a detail, especially when it concerned business and Alice looked like she was going to be very good for that.

Pete called Sylvia over, “Hey Sylvia she’s a knockout where did you find her”
“I can’t reveal my sources you know that, let’s just say she came highly recommended”
As they were talking, Jerry came back face flushed and high fived Pete as Phil went up to Alice.

Alice was loving it, she had hoped to take home at least one sloppy hole for Jack but now she will be full front and back and as a bonus get off a little early. She was hot to get Jack’s tongue in her cunt and arse.
The cocks kept coming and she used every trick she new to get their balls drained as quickly as she could. But the second time around all the men took longer and her cunt and arse got a good reaming out and both holes felt nice and squishy.

As the last man left Alice pulled on her knickers and quickly gathered her things together.
Just about presentable Alice went down to the parlour to see Sylvie and to get her days takings before she left. A bottle of champagne was open on the bar where the boys had been and Sylvie poured her a glass. Alice was not in the mood for small talk and wanted to get in a cab and back home as soon as possible. The boys left you a present Sylvie said handing Alice the glass. Alice felt obliged to at least have one glass and took it saying thanks.

You did well today Alice, I got a lot of good feedback from the customers.
The boys said you were the best fuck in London. So how did you like their little game Alice?
“It was great I loved it; the boy’s are really nice, and it was just a gang fuck really without the boys having to watch each other”

“I don’t allow more than one man in a lady’s room at once unless it is a foursome, for safety. Things can get out hand”
“Yes and don’t I know it, been there” Alice responded
Sylvie desperately wanted to know more about her new whore and how someone so young could have amassed the sexual knowledge and experience, she had. Sylvie suspected that the girl might be u******e possible sixteen coming up to s*******n but she always thought the less she knew the better. All that mattered was that she was selling her cunt and arse under her roof and making her a nice little profit.

“They asked if they could book a two hour slot for next Saturday night between ten and twelve, and I think they intend to have a few extra players, maybe go an extra round too. I told them that would be ok, it is ok isn’t it Alice?”

Yes no problem but as long as I can get off as soon as they are done. That is I don’t what to through them out of the door bang on twelve I don’t mind giving them a bit of extra time to finish.

Sylvie gave Alice a dirty grin, you are a hot one, and Daisy tells me you took to pussy like a duck to water. There was also this nice young man Josh who booked you and Daisy for a two girl experience, also next Saturday.

I take it from what Daisy told me you wouldn’t have a problem with that.
No, not at all. In fact I was hoping to try that. Good then I will see you tomorrow, with that Sylvie slid an envelope over to Alice. Get home safely and goodnight Alice. Goodnight Sylvie. Wasting no more time Alice was up and out through the main entrance and onto the street hailing a cab.

Back home Jack had just got in from the pub and though he was not d***k he was a little worse for wear.
He pored himself a glass of water and took it upstairs to bed.

As he pulled the heavy d****s across he first heard and then saw a cab come down the street and pull up outside.
He saw Alice get out, his heart leaped with excitement and he quickly finished closing the d****s.

Another pair eyes were also on Alice. From a safe distance Josh had followed her back to find out where she lived and as soon as the cab pulled away he drove slowly down the street. Making a mental note on the house number she went into.

After letting herself in Alice hurriedly made her way up the stairs to their bedroom and was happy to see Jack pulling of his socks, before lying down on the bed with his cock hard in anticipation.

Alice smiled and removed her coat and skirt.
She kicked her shoes off and unclasping her bra stood by the side of the bed a few feet away and rubbed the crotch of her knickers.

“I got a present for you Jack do you want to unwrap it”

Jack got of the bed and stood before Alice. Go on then Jack, the longer you wait the more cum my panties will soak up. And you don’t want to let that tasty fuck juice go to waste after I worked so hard extracting it from all those horny men.

Alice put her hands on Jacks shoulders and gently pushed him down to his knees so his head was level with the cunt. She pulled his face into her sodden crutch and as she did Jacks tongue came out and licked the silky material covering her abused pussy.

Her cunt stank of sex. Grasping the waist of her knickers he started to pull them down slowly reviling her gooey slit.

When her knickers were down by her ankles Alice stepped out of them.
“Do you like your present Jack?”
Yes, was all he could say as she opened her thighs giving Jack better access just in time for him to catch a dollop of cum that was hanging from her cunt lips and about to drop wastefully to the floor.

He licked her slit a few times before Alice pulled away and turned around and bent over offering access to both pussy and arse. He went from one hole to the other with his tongue. Jack got up and put his cock head to the entrance of her hot cunt and started to work it in. Alice stated to tell Jack about her day giving him all the details as he started to slowly fuck her. After about twenty strokes in her pussy he pulled out and went up her arse. All the time Alice went on telling him about Daisy and her first taste of pussy, how Josh had fucked her so well up her arse and the size of his cock, and the tag team.

Jack had been moving his cock form pussy to arse and back again, but when he could take the pressure in his balls no longer he plunged into her arse and fucked her hard until his seed shot into the soupy mess already there.

Alice let Jack stay in her for a few minutes. “Come on Jack let’s get on the bed so I can sit on your face and drain my holes into your mouth properly before you fuck my arse again”

Jack pulled his slimy cock out of Alice and got back on the bed. Alice straddled his face lowering herself down as Jack craned his neck up to meet her steaming sex not wanting to wait.

“O yes Jack get that greedy mouth of yours on my well fucked cunt.” Jack gorged himself on her slimy hole slurping away. After a few minutes Alice shifted position slightly offering her arse hole for him to worship. As Jack’s tongue tried to gain entry as Alice strained her arse muscles as if she was trying to take a shit.

A grate dollop of Jacks own cum mixed with the foul sludge already there slipped out of her arse and into Jacks mouth. Jack swirled the filth around his mouth tasting the pungent arse flavours mixed with the cum before swallowing and going back to the abused orifice for seconds.

Alice was getting hot and wanted to cum and she stated to slide her pussy up and down over Jacks face harder and faster covering him with the slime from her cunt. As she was getting close she pinched her own nipples until it hurt and fucked Jack face with f***e.

A powerful orgasm rippled through her as it did she involuntarily let go a small steam of piss washing over Jacks face. Alice was shocked and gave out a little gasp as she held onto the piss that wanted to come out. She looked down at Jack expecting him to be angry but he was sucking at her piss hole, she let another small steam of piss out and Jack clamped his lips over her and drank. Alice was flushed with renewed sexual excitement. “Fuck yes Jack, drink my piss you dirty basted, drink it all up”

Jack drank her bitter tasting wine as his cock stirred once more, quickly becoming a full erection as his bl**d surged into his loins. He lapped the last few drips of piss from Alice’s slit slightly confused about what had just happen.

He knew that it turned him on but was slightly embarrassed that it did.
Alice took control of the situation and slithered her body down his until her groin bumped into his cock. Her breasts hung down over his chest as she lowered her head to his.

Her hair hung down like a curtain around them creating their own little world.
“I do love you Jack” she whispered, “never forget that will you”
Alice took hold of Jack’s hard cock and steered it into her receptive arse.

As she pushed herself on to his cock her lips were inches from Jack’s, His face was wet from her piss and fuck juice, his lips quivered slightly like a little boy’s who thought he might have done something wrong.

She kissed him gently at fist then with more passion as Jack responded he started to fuck Alice back jerking his hips up into her.

“Did you like drinking my piss? I loved giving it to you, tell me how much you liked it Jack, tell me you will do it again, and tell me you want to do it again....Please”

“Yes, fuck yes Alice I liked, no! I loved drinking your piss, I want to drink from you again, please tell me you will make me drink your piss”

“I’m a dirty, filthy fucking whore Jack, It is what I was meant to be and I can’t help it, I need cock, a lot of fucking cock pumping me full of cum again and again. You Jack were put on this earth to service my whore holes, to lovingly eat all that precious cum from my cunt and arse that all the men I fuck deposit in me. When you’re done feeding on my shitty arse and slimy cunt you are going to be washing it down with my piss from now on. Aren’t you Jack?”

Alice was now riding Jack’s cock bringing him close to coming.
“Yes Alice I want to service your sloppy well fucked holes, and when you are happy that I have done a good job I want to wash it down with your piss”

Alice clenched her arse muscles and milked Jack’s cock as he started to unload in her draining his balls. When she was done Alice pulled of his cock and snuggled up to Jack. “We are lucky Jack, to have found each other”
“Yes we are Alice”

They talked for a while, Alice telling Jack that he had got lucky tonight as she had thought she was only going to get one load in her to bring home.
“Come and see me at work Jack, just like an ordinary punter”
“Ok Alice I will”
With that Alice untwined herself from Jack and laid down on her belly resting her head on the pillow. “I’m leaking cum out of my arse, clean it up”

It was more an order than a request and jack scouted down the bed and buried his face between her arse cheeks as Alice purred into the pillow.

Alice and Jack woke up Sunday morning entwined in each other’s arms. Groggy and sticky from the previous nights workout, both smelling strongly of body orders and stale sweat that only comes from spending a night in used bed sheets and with unwashed body’s following an energetic sexual performance.

Jack pressed his morning glory into Alice as she opened her thighs and guided his cock into her crusty cunt hole.

As Jack started to work his cock in and out of her warm qwim she gently grazed his back with her nails cooing with the pleasure of getting a morning fuck.
They both made love tenderly touching, caressing and feeling the warmth of each other as their body’s moulded together as one.

Yes Alice loved being fucked good and hard, and delighted in the depraved a****l passion of a rough fucking from a total stranger making her feel dirty and nasty. But this tender love Jack gave her made her feel wanted, and loved. She needed this almost as much as she needed and craved the raw sex she got at work, the excitement of never knowing who would fuck her next and if it would make her toes curl in debauched ecstasy or be just a filthy act with a bloated old man grunting away to a premature ejaculation. Even the latter she quite enjoyed, depending on her mood she could almost get off on it. The shear debasement of letting some smelly old d***k use her body as a cum receptacle gave her a thrill.

As they both reached their peak Alice thought to herself that she could never give up her whoring for this kind of sex alone but she knew she wanted, needed both to be complete. Alice came first with a little orgasm and as Jack finished off she whispered in his ear how she loved him and how she needed him.

The lay together for a while before Alice slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom and stared to run a bath. She delighted on the luxury of having hot running water and a proper bathroom complete with a toilet. A far cry from what she had been used to.

She took her time getting cleaned up and it was a hour before she returned to the bedroom. Jack still lying in bed lent on his side and watched as Alice got ready for work. She sensually pulled up her silk stockings gliding them over her freshly shaved legs attaching them to her suspender belt. She finished dressing and making herself look lovely for her paying public, before giving Jack a light kiss goodbye.

It was getting on for Six o’clock in the afternoon and Jack had been sat at the bar for over an hour watching Alice take men upstairs to fuck her. He had spoken to Sylvie and had asked for a half hour with Blond with big tits.

Sylvie told him that Alice was only doing quickies as one of her other girls didn’t turn in today and they had a lot of customers to go through, and he would have to wait.
Jack was happy to wait, and it turned him on seeing her take the men upstairs, he just wished he could be a fly on the wall in her room, and watch her get fucked.

Alice knew Jack was next in line and was trying to take her time with the man between her legs. In fact Jack had been next in line two punters ago but they both came in her mouth and she wanted Jack to eat cum out of her cunt.
This punter had a nice sized cock nothing special but his balls were big and heavy slapping into her arse cheeks. His overweight body pressed into hers and she could feel the heat and sweat coming of it as he grunted and heaved away. She wanted to get a full load out his balls so she didn’t rush him giving him time to build up a good wad of cum.

After a good ten minutes of her skilful manipulation he could hold out no longer and upped his pace with Alice bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts, and clenching her pussy muscles. She encouraged him on, and now urged him to fuck her. “fuck me baby, fuck me, I want your cum in me” as he reached the point of no return she raised her hips of the bed and mashed her sex into his faking an orgasm as he shot ropes of man batter into her greedy cunt.

Alice’s cunt had drained him dry, and he pulled out of her a very satisfied punter.

She grabbed his cock and used it to pull him up her body and to her eager lips. Taking his cock in her mouth she sucked and licked its length cleaning the mixture of sperm and pussy juice from the shaft and folds of his foreskin.

Alice released his cock and he got of the bed and hurriedly dressed. Alice smiled to herself, thinking on how the vast majority of men were so eager to get into her pants and then so eager to leave as soon as they had dumped their load into one of her willing orifices.

Without cleaning up her cunt Alice got her underwear on and checked her hair and makeup in the mirror. She slipped on her gown and went down to the parlour.
She went up to Jack and took his hand leading him up to her room without a word being spoken.

As soon as she got into her room she closed the door and turned to Jack, who was beginning to unbutton his shirt and take his clothes of.

“What are you doing Jack? We haven’t got time for any funny business, my cunt needs cleaning out, and I want you to save that for when I get home”. Pointing at his already half erect penis stating to tent his trousers.

From that first night back at Jack’s place Alice saw the light and revelled in the way she could treat Jack like so many men did to her.
Jack was her own private whore, and if she was the filthiest slut in London he was even lower than she was.

Jack didn’t argue and stopped undressing as Alice lay on her bed and spread her thighs exposing her glistening sex.
Jack licked his lips and with no more instruction from Alice got between her thighs and went to work on her messy snatch.

His cock was now painfully hard, but he did not touch it, or try and free it from its confines. He just went to work on his mistress’s hot box.
Alice purred and stroked his hair as he wormed his tongue into her quivering hole. He worked away for seven or eight minutes before he managed to bring her off and clean up the last of the sperm deposited in her pussy.

All done Alice pushed his face away from her sedated twat and giggled. “O Jack, you need to clean your face before you go down stares”

Jack cleaned his face and Alice wiped a damp cloth over her sex before putting on a clean pair of panties. The pair tidied up and presentable made their way back down to the parlour, Jacks erection had abated but he still had a bulge in his pants and was conscious of it and left into the night air to catch a tram back home.

He didn’t have the money for a cab as he spent what little cash he had on paying the madam of the house for the privilege of eating his girlfriend’s spunk filled cunt out.

Jack was finding it harder and harder to get by as most of the black-market was now being taken over by professional gangs, and he was no match for their muscle and there was less and less room for small independent chancers like him. Alice was now earning quite good money but he didn’t know how she would take it if he asked her for some of her earnings, to help out with the bills. And he was a little scared that it might upset her if he asked.

A little depressed he made his way home. As he walked up the street to his house he had felt a shiver run down his spine as if someone was watching him. He glanced around but saw nothing out of the ordinary and proceeded up to his front door and let himself in.

Josh had been eying the empty house from a discreet distance for twenty minutes after checking out the back of the place. And was about to move off when he saw a man turn into the street from the far end. He was quite smartly dressed for someone living round here and this caught his attention.

A small time crook, a spiv he thought to himself and studied him a bit closer. The man was not very tall with a slim build and a rather effeminate walk, a queer. He was surprised a little when the man got to Alice’s house and let himself in.
“This could be very interesting” he said out load to no one but himself.

Back at the Eagle Club Alice was getting a little board as the evening was getting on and the numbers of customers were getting fewer and fewer.

It had just gone ten thirty when Sylvie told her she could go.
Alice was a bit disappointed as her holes were clean ready for another punter, but she thanked Sylvie and got her things together and left after picking up her share of the day’s takings. As she walked out of the door she was thinking to herself that Jack would be out of luck tonight, no sticky holes to get his hot but not so little tongue in.
She giggled to herself as she hailed a cab thinking that he would have to be satisfied with a go on her arse and piss cocktail instead.

To be continued........
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Alice The Dirty Whore Part 4

Alice The Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a sex addicted whore and her depraved sexual cravings. It covers most perversions. In this the fourth chapter Alice rediscovers big cock worship and is introduced to the strap-on. She also becomes the target of an underground extreme sex club. (MF, M+F, FF, Anal, prost, whore, cream-pie, ws, strap-on Fdom)

Chapter 4 “Alice gets big dick fucked, again”

Josh woke up on Monday morning and stretched his lean taught body. Alice had been occupying his mind, and his erect cock told him that he may not be as objective as he should be.

Josh worked for a very exclusive club as an odd job man, special odd jobs that needed to be dealt with discreetly, sort of private detective and hired gun, if and when required. A member of the Hell Fire Club recruited him shortly after he was demobbed.

When the war started Josh had no intention of joining up, but after Dunkirk he wanted to do his bit, or at least the propaganda of the day was telling him that, and fired up his patriotic duty.

Josh was a rising star in the police f***e and a natural detective with an uncanny almost sixth sense for seeing through the lies, the truth behind the smiles, and the gut feel for unseen dangers. He was also a serious outdoors man with a passion for rock climbing, sailing, rowing and the more aggressive sports like boxing, all of which he excelled.

After he persuaded his superintendent to release him for military service so he could join up he spent the first few months in officer training. It was during his training that he was approached by one of Hugh Denton’s men, who persuaded him to join the Baker Street Irregulars.

At the time Josh didn't know what he was letting himself in for, but it sounded like it was right up his street. Working for Hugh and then the SOE Josh risked his life more times than anyone would have thought possible and still keep on surviving against the odds.

During the war all he wanted was for it to just fucking end, but when it did he felt like his life and true vocation had also ended. Not knowing what direction to take after spending so many years on the very edge of life and death itself he was a lost soul swimming in the dregs of a whiskey bottle, or any bottle of booze he could get, not giving a fuck.

Josh was blind d***k in Soho and on his knees throwing up in a back street when a well to do gentleman helped him up and took him back to his town house.

In the morning Josh woke up bewildered with his head thumping and in unfamiliar surroundings. Sitting in a chair by the bed reading the mornings paper was a familiar face, it was Sir Percy, one of his superiors in the Special Operations Executive.

Good morning Josh, you look like a man that needs something useful to do and I think I may have just the thing for you.
That was the beginning of his employment with the Club and he enjoyed his work, especially the perks that came with it.

Josh was wandering round Piccadilly and Lester Square, with no particular objective in mind, just enjoying the warm late September sunshine that occasionally graces the British Isles at that time of year under the banner of an Indian summer.

He wasn't strictly looking out for a young girl that meets the Hell Fire Clubs requirements, but after overhearing Lady Denham better known as Vicky or Mistress Vicky depending on whether she was dishing it out or taking it, expressing the need for some new bl**d. And form what she described it was almost fate as he overheard two men discussing a new girl that had just started work that very day at the Eagle Club.

His senses tingled and he knew this whore was worth an investigation, so Josh went along to try the slut out.

That was yesterday and Josh had already booked up to see her again the coming Saturday for a double up. Alice with another whore called Daisy, but he could not wait that long.
He had made his mind up that he couldn't wait until Saturday, and that he would see her again this Wednesday.

In the mean time he would do a little bit more snooping into the girl’s background.
And also check out the man he saw entering her house, or maybe it was his house.

Over the next two days he found out very little about the mystery whore Alice, but the man was a different story. Jack Rose was his name and black market good’s his game, but he didn't have a police record. In fact he had no record at all; he was so far under the radar he wasn't even on the list of deserters or on the run from the call up. And for a man his age this was very unusual.

Jack Rose was almost invisible, a shadow, a ghost. But he was well known about London town in all the wrong places, and after some discreet questions he also learnt that Alice used to work as an u******e prostitute down the docks in the cheapest part of town. And that Jack had been her most loyal of punters and never went with anyone else, or at least had never been known to.

So maybe he was not queer after all, and just liked his whore’s dirty and nasty. Josh could understand that, that’s the way he liked them.

Wednesday as planed Josh walked into the Eagle Club and went through to the parlour, it was early in the evening but quite a few men were hanging around. Josh was surprised to see Jack at the bar alone holding a pint.

Sylvie spotted him and remembered him from Saturday, the man that had booked Alice and Daisy for one hour, she was regretting this now as Alice was very popular and got her punters of quick. Sylvie had never known a whore who could drain balls with the speed Alice could and wanted fuck and go punters for her new whore.

She checked her book and to make sure she had the name right and went over to Josh.
Hello Josh, I wasn't expecting you back until Saturday, fancy trying out one of my other girls?
No thanks Sylvie I fancy another go on Alice, and I would like to pay again for the half hour. When will she be free?

She is a busy girl you will have to wait a bit.
That’s no problem I have nowhere to be and I fancy a pint or two.

Sylvie left Josh as he ordered a pint and whet back to mingling.
Josh moved up the bar a bit too where Jack was, made eye contact then supped his beer.

A couple of minutes later Alice appeared and scanned the bar and noticed Josh standing by the bar with Jack, she gave them both a smile before going over to the man who was next up.

Taking the opportunity to strike up a conversation Josh pointed at Alice, “that is one sexy looking whore, what you say”
“That she is that” Jack replied, “she’s is very popular”.
“I did her last Saturday” Josh volunteered; “she is a fantastic fuck and takes it up the arse like a champ” Are you waiting to see her?

“Yes I am but I’m in no hurry, you?”
“Yes I’m in line also” They both chuckled “No bother for me I’m in no rush and I fancy a pint or two. By the way I’m Josh” he held out his hand and Jack took it introducing himself.

Josh was just finishing his first pint when Alice taped him on the shoulder, hi Josh you ready she said with a cheeky smile.
Josh had a wicked grin on his face as he whispered in Alice’s ear. I want sloppy seconds on your arse, can you get another punter to fuck your arse. I can wait, will you do that for me Alice.

Alice giggled, “Yes no problem” she kissed his cheek and went over to Sylvie. Josh wants to have another drink, and so does Jack, so who’s next?

Josh wondered why he seemed to have jumped the cue ahead of Jack and why Alice hadn't offered Jack the next jump on her gash.

Alice had done three more customers before one dumped a load in her arse and she went over to Josh, ready to go baby. Josh again wondered why Jack was still left propping the bar up, if he was in line to fuck Alice he could have done so twice over by now.

Josh downed the little bit of beer he had left in his glass and followed Alice to her room. On entering Alice discarded her robe and panties before helping Josh with his pants as he took his shirt off. As soon as his cock was free she had it in her mouth giving it loving attention.

As she suckled on his big dick, Josh talked. “I was chatting with Jack, I get the impression he sees you a lot, he one of your regulars?” This was an unexpected turn of events and he had to exploit the circumstances.

“You could say that” she responded and went back to sucking his cock that was now rock hard. After a few more sucks she released it, “you gonna fuck my spunk filled arse with this big cock, and add to the load already there”

“You bet I am”

Alice got on the bed and offered her arse up for Josh to use, and he wasted no time lining his meaty cock up with her moist puckered brown star, and pushing the bulbous head of his engorged cock into her slick hole.

Alice gave out a little gasp as he pushed deeper into her back passage “fuck that feels good, do me good and hard Josh”
“You are one dirty slag Alice aren't you? I bet that chap Jack likes your filthy cunt and arse as much as I do” Alice did not respond. Josh buried his cock full f***e all the way into her hot shitter balls deep. “Tell me Alice, does he like your holes well fucked and full of other men’s spunk like I do?”

Josh was not really a sloppy seconds fan but his ploy asking for sloppies on her arse was to try and get more time with Jack and extract what information he could. He got very little from what he said, but a fare bit from what he didn't.

“Yes......Yes he does, he loves my dirty cunt and arse, just like you do”
Josh started to hammer away giving Alice the full length of his cock. Tell me more Alice it turns me on, just how nasty does he like you to be.

“As nasty as possible, gang fucked and full of cum. My whore holes stretched and dripping”

Alice was breathing harder as she frantically worked her clit getting turned on herself.
“He likes to eats me out”
“What! He eats your cunt out after you have been filled with spunk by some punter?”
“Yes....and he sucks cum out of my arse too” this was too much for Josh and he blasted off in Alice’s bowels. At the same time a powerful orgasm gripped Alice and whole body shook with pleasure.

Josh left his cock in her arse as they came back down to earth. He stroked her hips and caressed her buttocks. “That was wild Alice, you going to get Jack up here next to clean my cum out of your shit hole?”

Yes, was all she said.
“You know I am an arse man but do you want me to dump a load in your cunt and give him a treat”
“Yes please”
“If I do will you tell me some of the nasty things you've done”
“Yes, now let me suck that cock clean and get it ready for my cunt”

Alice took the filthy prick in her mouth and sucked it good until he was ready to fuck her again. As he ploughed away at her furrow she told him about working in the dock’s and getting her diseased cunt and arse licked out by Jack.

By the time Josh deposited his goods into her cunt he knew that she would be perfect for the Club, and they might even be interested in Jack.

As Josh got dressed Alice just laid stretched out on the bed. “Would you mind sending Jack up”
“No, not at all, I’ll see you on Saturday”
“You can bet on it Alice, see ya”

Back in the parlour Josh whet up to Jack at the bar and told him with a wink that Alice was upstairs and waiting for him.
Jack said thanks and was quickly off up the stairway to heaven.

As he entered her room and looked at Alice as she raised her legs up in the air revealing her used arsehole and cunt. “Start with the shitter Jack, both holes need your special attention, that nice man Josh was kind enough to put a good load in each of them, and don’t bother to try and get me off, I came fucking hard with Josh’s big cock up me arse”

Jack’s cock was rock hard in his pants as he went crawling between her thighs pressing his face into the crack of her arse. He feasted away on her dirty opening dipping his tongue in and out and sucking up the slime that he managed to work out.

He moved up to her pussy and lapped away at her beef curtains occasionally gently sucking on her clit before mining her cunt for Josh’s cum.

Alice was happy with the job done and pushed Jack’s face away, she swung her leg over his head and got of the bed.

Jack got up and went to wash his face.
“I can’t keep doing this Alice, I can’t afford to keep paying to see you like this, and business is not good for me at the moment”

Alice stopped wiping her cunt and went to her bag, and fished out her purse removing about five pounds from it. “Here, take it, I don’t need much money, I just need a lot of cock and for you to eat my cunt and arse out”

Jack took the money and hugged Alice and pressed his hard cock into her, I do love you Alice”
“I know, and I love you too, now go down stairs have a drink and then get in line. Pay for half an hour and I will let you fuck me, as a treat just this once before you clean me out”
“Thanks Alice, what did I ever do to deserve you?”

Alice grinned “You service my whore holes and drink my piss, you also took me off the streets and under your roof when I needed help, now get out of here before Sylvie comes up”

Jack was back at the bar having another beer with a pocket full of cash and feeling good about life. He watched as Alice took punters one after the other up to her room. He waited until she had been with four more men before he approached Sylvie and asked her if he could have another turn with Alice. He got the usual reply about having to wait and he said no problem and paid her for the half hour.

Alice, had been with yet another three men and was just leading the forth towards the bottom of the stairs as she mouthed to Jack your next.
Less than ten minutes later she was taking Jack up stairs.

In her room she told Jack to quickly undress and she whipped of her panties and discarded her robe, but instead of getting on the bed she spread a towel out on the floor.
Jack stood naked and looked at Alice puzzled.

Lay down here Jack I am desperate for a piss, I didn't think I could hold on.
Jack numbly went over to Alice and lied down on his back as she mounted his face. She squealed as the first jet of piss hit the back of Jack’s throat. The flow was strong and so was the taste of her pungent wine, Jack could not keep up with the quantity of piss going into his mouth at first but he gulped back as much of it as he could, before Alice stemmed the flow giving him a mouthful at a time.

As she finished she got of him and went to the bed to make herself comfortable. “I fucking needed that, wow that was fucking good”
Looking back at Jack getting up she told him to clean himself up. “I don’t want my bed stinking of piss now do I?”

Alice watched as Jack washed himself at the sink and used the dry bit of the towel before joining Alice. She could not fail to notice his raging hard on.
“You can use my cunt Jack it should have some cum in it, the last punter wasn't very good and he didn't put much in me”

Jack positioned his cock at her entrance and pushed into her, his eyes were half closed and his face was a picture of lust as his cock made its way into her love box.
“Yes that’s it sink that cock balls deep and fuck my dirty cunt, good your cock feels so good in my hot pussy, did drinking my piss make you extra horny baby”

Jack didn't reply but he fucked his cock harder into her sex.
“I asked you a question baby; tell me did drinking my piss turn you on?”
“Yes, fucking yes it turned me on”

“That turns me on baby, knowing that you get hot by drinking my piss, it turns me on that you just used the money I gave you to pay for it, what does that make you baby”
Jack hammered away feeling the pressure of cum beginning to build in his balls and the base of his cock ready to off load their contents. “I don’t know, what does it make me”

“It makes you my whore, my bitch, my piss drinking, arse licking cum sucking bitch”
“Yeesssss” was all Jack could say as he flooded Alice’s cunt with his heavy pentup load.
Alice smiled up at him, his face flushed with exertion, she stroked his cheek. “be a good bitch and clean me out, I have paying punters waiting to use that cunt”

Jack was a little confused with his emotions as he went down to clean her up. Her dirty talk turned him on no end, and yes he loved the depraved things he did with Alice, but she was getting more and more aggressive in their relationship. And much of it was turning into degradation and humiliation for him, but this was also a huge turn on.

After leaving the Eagle Club Josh made his way over to Great Portland Street tube station and on to Fitzroy Square where the Hell Fire Club was hidden in open view amongst foreign Embassy’s, and the London homes of aristocracy and foreign dignitaries, above suspicion in its grandeur and luckily uns**thed by the blitz. The volume of well to do visitors coming and going at all hours went unnoticed. And a great deal of coming and going there was.

Josh was sat in the lounge bar with its oak panelled walls and ornate plastered ceiling waiting to see Lady Denham, a glass of fine brandy in hand.

It was a very luxurious club and very exclusive, it had the opulence of old money and status. The kind of place a King or Queen, Prince or Princess would have felt at home. And over the last two hundred years many had.

The waiter had told him after enquiring, that her ladyship would be about half an hour, but it was almost an hour before he returned and advised Josh that she would see him now in the basement office.

On making his way down to the basement office the door was left wide open and he looked in to see Lady Denham sitting behind a large desk lighting up a cigarette. She was dishevelled and wearing a see-through red lace and silk gown that was not fully tied at the front. For an older lady she was strikingly beautiful.

Lady Denham looked up and beckoned Josh in with a simple nod of the head, she stood up and moved round the front of the desk and as she did her robe hung open exposing her massive cleavage and a lot of flesh. Her tits were being supported and held in place by an almost industrial underwired black bra. Her extended fat nipples complete with large gold rings protruded out of two strategically manufactured holes in the cups.

Her corset was tight laced and exaggerated her massive breasts and broad hips. The one inch wide suspenders from her corset stretched down to hold up her silk stockings, and her feet were adorned in four inch high heeled stilettos.

Her hairy pussy was left exposed and her fat cunt lips hung down between her parted thighs obscenely.

She noticed Josh looking at her snatch. It was not as if he hadn't seen it before. In fact he had sloshed his cock around inside her loose cunt a number of times and he had even fisted her, but she normally covers up when not working, and is dressed like a lady.
Taking another drag on her cigarette she exhaled in Josh’s direction.

“Sorry for keeping you Josh, but I just got fist fucked for England and it went on a bit, you understand. I am just giving the battered old cunt a bit of air” She said as a way of explanation.

“Now to business, I believe you want to talk to me about a young whore I might be interested in, what’s her name Ana?”

“Alice, and yes, you are going to interested. She is a first class nymphomaniac and a top draw dirty whore. And I think Lord Denham may be interested in the boyfriend Jack”

Lady Denham raised her eyebrow, “The whore has a boyfriend and he is queer?”
“I don’t know for sure but I think he may be turned, if he is not thinking about sucking cock already. He is very effeminate and get this, the whore Alice gets him to clean the cum out of her cunt and arse after she gets fucked”

“So he has a cum fetish, nothing too unusual in that. I have had many men pay to eat cum out of my cunt and arse over the years and most were straight, still it’s worth looking into. I know my husband would love some new cock and arse to play with, but tell me more about the girl”

Josh gave her all the information he had and Lady Denham was interested, very interested.
“See her again this Saturday as planned and then give me an update on Sunday about noon”
“Yes Lady Denham”
“That will be all Josh, unless you want to give me a quick fuck? My arse hasn't been destroyed yet tonight”

Back at the Eagle things had gone a bit quiet Alice and Daisy were propping up the bar enjoying a glass of champagne chatting when Sylvie came over and interrupted them.

“See those two gentlemen over by the fire” she indicated with a nod of her head two smartly dressed business men, both fairly young in their early twenties and quite good looking. “They have asked for something a little special, they want a foursome but they want a girl girl show first.

I know you haven’t done one yet Alice, you up for it? Do this last trick and you’re both done for the night”
Alice didn't have to think about it. You bet, came her response.

Sylvie smiled wickedly and turned to go over to where the gentlemen sat.
Daisy turned to Alice. “We will do it my room; I have some toys you are going to love”
“Toys, what toys”
“Wait and see”

Sylvie returned with the gentlemen and introduced them as Toby and Clifford. Sylvie instructed the barman to open a bottle of champagne for them to take up.
Drinks in hand the foursome made their way to Daisy’s room.

They quickly got settled and Daisy asked them if they wanted anything in particular, she said that she and Alice were very versatile and she had some toys they might like to see them use on each other as a warm up.

“Let’s see the toys; this should be interesting ay Toby”
Toby was speechless as he watched Daisy open a chest of draws and pull out a harness with a false cock attached to it. She tossed it onto the bed and Alice now naked picked it up and inspected it.

Daisy came back to the bed carrying another phallus shaped object a fare bit larger and thicker than the seven inch one she had hold of that was attached to the harness.
“Well boys do you want to see me fuck Alice with the strap-on before I open her up with this” waving the small club like cock in her hand.

“Fuck yes don’t we Toby” Clifford gave his friend a nudge but all that came out of Toby’s mouth was a grunted yes.

Daisy disrobed and got on the bed with Alice, looking at the men she told them to join in whenever they wanted. And not to worry about missing the show that they would continue while the boys recuperated and were ready for another go.

Let’s get that pussy warmed up Daisy said as she went down between Alice’s thighs.
Alice raised her pelvis up to meet Daisy’s mouth and urged her on and to eat her cunt.
After a few minutes Alice was getting turned on and oblivious to the voyeurs in the room.

“Sit on my face Daisy; I want some pussy to eat too”
Daisy swung her body around getting into a sixty-nine and planted her cunt onto Alice’s waiting mouth.

Alice was lost in lust and was suddenly brought round as she felt a cock enter her cunt, a big cock, and a warm cock, not one of Daisy’s toys. One of the men was starting to fuck her but which one.

She didn't have to wait long to find out.
“Come on Toby don’t be shy let Daisy suck your cock”
Alice herd the rustling of clothes and then Daisy squealed “Oh my God, oh my fucking god”

Clifford almost shouted. “bl**dy hell Toby I thought my dick was big but that thing you got there, well how do you keep a thing like that hidden”
Daisy exclaimed “that thing is not going anywhere near my cunt”

Alice craned her neck to look as Daisy lifted herself off Alice’s face; she raised herself up on her elbows as Clifford sawed his eight thick inches in and out of her quivering cunt.
She saw Toby standing a few feet away from the bed in all his glory. Alice licked her lips and smiled at Toby. He was like monkeys little b*****r but a white version. Shy and embarrassed, with his ten plus inches of soft cock swinging between his legs.

“You can fuck me Toby, I’ll take that cock when Clifford has finished. Do you want to fuck me Toby? Please say you do”

For the first time since they meet Toby was not speechless. “You mean it; you will let me fuck you. Nobody has ever let me fuck them before, I’m too big”

“You’re a virgin? Fuck you’re not leaving here until that cock has been buried deep inside my cunt and you’re balls have been drained dry. Daisy suck that cock and get it ready for me”

Daisy thought she had seen it all but this was the biggest cock she had ever seen by a mile, and this young girl was going to take it on.
As Daisy started to saliva up Toby’s monster cock Clifford started to rough fuck Alice.
“Ye that’s it baby fuck me good and hard. Open me up for Toby”

Clifford doubled his efforts rotating his hips and grinding hid crotch into hers “You ever done a cock as big as Toby’s before”
She looked at Toby’s now rock hard cock, yes it was fucking big but not quite in Monkeys league. “Ye I fucking have. I've had a cock bigger than that balls deep up my fucking cunt”

Realisation hit Alice that if she was going to take Toby balls deep she would be taking his dick past her cervix and she would have to remove the diaphragm, or have it punched so deep she would need a surgeon to remove it.

Please Clifford can we stop a minute; I have something I need to do.

Clifford stopped fucking Alice as Toby and Daisy both paused and looked at her with puzzled faces, waiting for an explanation.

“If Toby’s going to fuck me I need to take out my cap”
Toby and Clifford still looked puzzled.
“It’s like a barrier to stop sperm getting into my womb, Toby’s too big I need to take it out”

Without a word Clifford shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he pulled his cock out of her. Alice went over to the sink in the corner and fished the cap out and put it in the sink.
Joining Clifford back on the bed they resumed fucking with gusto.

It didn't take Clifford long, he was all but done and the thrill of shooting his load into this greedy whore’s unprotected cunt was too much. He took a few dozen more powerful thrusts before he spilled a massive load of baby makers into her fuck socket.

Getting his breath back he pulled out, and climbed of the bed slapping Toby on the back and telling him that the whore was all his.

Alice wiggled her finger at Toby beckoning him to her. Toby moved over to the bed and knelt between Alice’s wide spread legs. Alice smiled sexily at him and took hold of his tool rubbing the bulbous head over her leaking fuck hole.
“Don’t worry about hurting me Toby, I’ll tell you to stop or slow down if it gets too much.

This is going to hurt me, it’s going to hurt me a lot, but believe me once I get this beautiful cock all in I’m going to fucking love it.
I’m going to cum so fucking hard on your cock you won’t believe it. Now start forcing it in me”

As Daisy and Clifford looked on awestruck at what they were witnessing Toby took Alice at her word and was applying more and more pressure on the entrance to her cunt.

It only took Toby a minute or two before Alice squealed and gasped for air. The head of his cock was in and he had f***ed about three inches of shaft in with it before Alice pushed him back with her hands.

“Easy Tiger let me get used to having that much cock in me for a bit” Alice worked her hips and slowly got used to the massive girth, Toby instinctively started to fuck Alice with the little bit of his cock he had buried in her.

“O yes baby that feels so good, give me more of that cock, ram another three or four inches in me, make me scream it”

Toby lunged into her delivering a good extra three inches, as Alice squealed. Her cunt quivered and really started to juice up as Toby slowly worked his tool in and out slowly going a little deeper.

“Yes that’s it work that big cock of yours in me, fill me up, stretch me out good”
Alice was furiously working away with her fingers on her clit as Toby hit bottom with at least another four inches or more to go. Alice felt the stabbing pain of the huge cock head knocking at the entrance to her breading chamber.

Toby also could feel his cock hitting the internal barrier preventing full penetration.
“That’s it Toby your at the door, I’m close to coming and when I do bust the door down baby and fuck me with every inch of that dick”

Toby sawed his cock in and out building up speed and getting close coming, so very close. Then Alice’s body shook and her cunt spasumed on his cock. She ****d her legs round Toby digging her heals into his arse cheeks as he hammered his cock into her cervix only to make Alice shriek in pain, he gave it another mighty thrust and felt his pubic bone crash into hers.

He was in, all the way in the sluts play pen. Oblivious to Alice’s pain lost in the moment he yelled out with triumph as he flooded her womb with his seed.

Alice was whimpering like a beaten puppy, her breathing was raged and her eyes wet with tears from the pain. But the pain was subsiding and she pulled Toby to her and kissed him.
“You are definitely no longer a virgin Toby; in fact you have been where most men can only dream about going, now you have got to fuck me again tonight so I can really get off on your cock”

“let anyone try and stop me” he smiled down at her as the cock head on his deflating tool popped out of her womb.

Clifford was sat with Daisy, both stunned from what they had just witnessed. Clifford’s cock was rock hard and twitching with excitement.

Toby was just about to pull out his softening cock when Alice told him to hold on.
“Daisy please can you pass me my cap I’ll plug my cunt to stop cum from dripping all over your bed.

Daisy got up and fetched the cap from the sink handing it to Alice.
As Toby pulled out she quickly sealed her stretched out hole.
Clifford regaining his composure asked what she was going to do for an encore. “Watching Daisy fuck that battered cunt of yours with that dildo now is just not going to cut it”

They all laughed. Toby had got of the bed and with a little bit of a swagger went over to the table and topped up the glasses. He handed them out taking one over to Alice, who took it gratefully.

Daisy took a sip from her glass and got up. She walked over to the bed and picked up the strap-on and the phallus.
“You are right Clifford, her baggy cunt is no good for anything now except for Mr. big over there, so why don’t we open her arse up a little with my toys and if you like you can dump your cum in that hole, that ok with you Alice?”
“You know it is Daisy, I love it up the arse”

Daisy was already strapping the cock on, as Alice was getting onto her hands and knees.
Getting onto the bed with Alice, Daisy positioned herself ready to fuck and ran the head of the strap-on cock up against Alice’s glistening and engorged piss flaps coating the cock head with the slime.

She diddled her fingers in Alice’s messy twat and worked two fingers into her arse, then repeated the process a number of times until Alice was moaning with pleasure.
A good smear of the fuck juice all over the rubber cock and Daisy was pushing its head into her hungry arse.

It didn’t take long for Alice to accept the whole thing and start begging to get fucked harder. And Daisy was happy to oblige. Toby and Clifford looked on as Daisy humped away at Alice’s shit hole amazed at the look of ecstasy on her face.

Daisy looked over at Clifford and asked him if he wanted to take over. He didn't need to be asked twice his cock was ready and he was going to bust a big load in the depraved sluts bowels. But first she could get her lips around his cock.

He went over to the edge of the bed and offered Alice his cock and she gladly sucked it into her warm mouth.
As soon as she had his dick slick with saliva he pulled out and went to take his place at her backdoor.

Daisy pulled out and moved away to gave him access. Clifford’s cock was a good inch longer than the dildo and a good deal thicker.

As he was positioning his cock Alice looked back at him and hissed. “Don’t fuck about slam it in, fuck me” Clifford did and Alice gave out a little squeal. “O yes that’s it good and hard, fuck me, fuck me” she looked over to Toby his cock hanging between his legs slowly growing. Come here baby let me see how much of that cock I can get down my throat.

Toby went over to Alice and she grabbed his cock stuffing the head into her mouth she worked a good six inches in when the rush of bl**d to Toby’s cock made her release it. His cock was swelling rapidly and all Alice could do was accommodate the big mushroom head in her mouth and swirl her tong around the smooth gland. She would have tried to get it into her throat but in this position with her arse getting fucked good and hard by Clifford it was impossible.

As Alice moaned on Toby’s cock head Clifford took a final thrust into her arse spewing his sperm into her. His arse checks tightened and he shook with the powerful blast of seed being ejected from his loins. He held his cock deep inside her as the euphoria subsided and his twitching cock had nothing left to pump out.
Breathless he pulled out and on wobbly legs got of the bed and made for a chair.

Alice released Toby’s cock head from her mouth and got on her back spreading her legs wide. Toby didn't need to be told this time and got between her thighs Alice reached down to take out the cap and as she did he quickly plugged the hole with his cock giving her a good six inches straight of the bat.

“Oooww that’s it baby, fuck me, give me it all”
Toby gave her a few more strokes of his cock going deeper each time before he hit her cervix that had already started to tighten up.

Toby paused for a second then pulled almost all the way out before ploughing his cock all the way back in and punching his way back into her womb.
The air was pushed from Alice’s lungs and her body shook as an orgasm swept over her. Toby pulled his cock back out four or five inches feeling the tightness on his cock head as it passed back through the now not so small opening to her womb, and drove his mighty cock back in.

He repeated this again and again as Alice begged for more, her body was riding a wave of pain and sexual bliss.
Toby fucked away at her battered cervix until it only slightly griped his cock as it passed through the opening. His big hands pawed at her firm young breasts pinching and pulling on her hard nipples.

Thank God for this whore. Toby thought to himself, he never dreamed that sex could be this good. And this horny dirty slut beneath him was incredible, he wanted to take her all night until he could take her no more.

Toby lasted a good fifteen minutes before he quickened his pace ready to explode, Alice felt it coming and bucked her sex into his, as he fucked her harder. “God I love your cock, fill me up with your cum baby, that’s it ram that fucking cock into my cunt, use my whore cunt as hard as you like”

Alice’s and Toby’s bodies trembled in unison as his powerful cock delivered the goods directly into Alice’s womb. She clung onto him pulling his chest tight against hers as she gasped for breath. “God I love my job, that was the best fuck ever Toby”

Toby beamed with pride he knew the whore wasn't just saying it, she meant it.
Daisy got up and announced that the show was over. Toby and Clifford looked disappointed but didn't say anything. They got more than their money’s worth, more than they could have hoped for, especially Toby.

Toby whet to pull out of Alice and she quickly grabbed her cap to plug her saturated spunk filled gaping cunt.

The boys got dressed and as they were leaving turned and thanked the lady’s for the best time ever. Toby called Alice over and asked if he could see her again.

Yes Toby I’d love to see you again but! She paused thinking on how to explain that his dick was too big for her to take under normal circumstances.

“Tonight was wonderful Toby but it worked out well, I have the day off tomorrow and my pussy will recover from the fucking you gave me. So I can work again on Friday. But I need my pussy stretched good before you fuck me and after you have, I am no use for working. I can’t take you just anytime”

“So Wednesdays are good, at the end of the evening” Toby asked hoping to get his end away with this orgasmic whore on a regular basis.

Alice gave it a little thought and said “Yes that would be lovely” she thought that she would get Jack in line to fuck her first so she could guarantee a good fucking before Toby went into action on her cunt.

Alice lent up and gave Toby a kiss on the cheek; he turned and left with the swagger of a man who just won gold at the Olympics. “See you next Wednesday then big boy” Alice called after him, as he exited the room.

Her mind was working overtime thinking about getting a regular fucking from such a big cock and also the relationship she had with Jack.
Alice was beginning to wonder just how far she could push Jack, just how depraved a relationship they could have. And what would he say if she brought Toby home to fuck her in their bed.

But one thing she knew was that she was going to find out, and tonight was the night. If things fucked up she now had options. She was almost eighteen and making good money.
She knew that she could make even more money working independently and many of the men she had already met would come see her. A month or so and she would have a steady stream of regulars again, that she could take away from the Eagle if needed.

As the girls were clearing up, Alice quizzed Daisy on the toys, the strap-on in particular.
Daisy explained that she had worked with a dominant mistress who took pleasure from whipping, flogging and generally humiliating men.

Daisy explained that some men got turned on getting fucked up the arse, and tacking pain. And some got turned on just watching. And that one day the mistress had her strapped down and gagged, at the request of some rich punter and she fucked her up the arse with it.

“She knew that I would never take it up the arse, and the mistress made her think that she was being tied down for a flogging. After the session finished and the punter left I punched the bitches lights out, took my money and that strap-on with me”

Alice asked “You ever fuck a man up the arse with it?”
“Yes, quite a few, I like doing it, I take my fare share of cock its only right to give a little back don’t you think” she giggled. “Besides I can cum hard with the pressure on my clit from the harness stimulating me as I fuck them. You fancy fucking a man up the arse?”

“I have never thought of it but ye I do, and I want to borrow it, can I?”
“Sure got anyone in mind” Alice had the biggest smile stretching across her face. “You bet I do”

Daisy and Alice finished up for the night and went down to get their cut of Sylvie before going their separate ways.

Alice got a cab home and let herself in. The house was dark apart from the landing light that was on. She made her way up to the bedroom and saw Jack on the bed naked with a stupid grin on his face.

“Been down the pub Jack?”

“I Just had a couple” Thinking that he may have over done it spending much of the cash Alice had given him on a cab home and then down the local pub.

His stupid grin now removed and a more timid expression replaced it.
Saying nothing Alice removed her purse from her coat pocket and put the coat over the back of the chair at the dressing table. On the dressing table laid Jack’s keys and a pile of change, it was a great deal less than she had given him earlier.

She opened her purse and took out her takings for the day, holding back enough for a couple of cab fares and a bit extra.
“Here you go Jack, a bit more money so you can afford to see me again on Friday, and pay a few bills”

She smiled down at him like a mother would to a naughty c***d wondering what to do with him. But Alice knew exactly what she was going to do to Jack.

Alice Stripped as Jack surveyed her body intently, his cock starting to grow giving away his excitement. She delved into her bag and removed the strap-on showing it to Jack with an evil grin spreading across her face. “I have a new toy Jack, but before we start to play with it you can lick my cunt and arse out”

She got on the bed with Jack like a cat stalking her prey. “You are in for a real treat tonight Jack” Still holding the strap-on she got on her hands and knees as Jack got behind her. “Clean my arse first” His lips and tongue went to her succulent sperm filled arse crack working his way up and into her well fucked dirty hole.

“That’s it bitch get stuck in. You like being my whore don’t you, doing the nasty things I tell you to do”

Jack pulled his face away from Alice’s arse to reply “yes” before he replaced his eager lips back onto her abused butt hole.

“I want you to know what it feels like to be pounded up the arse like I do every day, and how fantastic it feels”

Jack paused “What do you mean?” confused by the statement, but he went quickly back to work tonguing Alice’s arse.

“Tonight Daisy and I gave a couple of guys a show and Daisy put this on and fucked my arse, and I’m going to fuck yours”
Jack moaned into her arse crack and Alice smiled to herself knowing she had him.

Knowing that it would get Jack excited she told him about the fucking she had received, Toby’s cock and the cum trapped inside her cunt. Jack was rock hard and his cock was twitching; he was willing to do anything for his slutty whore of a girlfriend.

She pushed his face away from her arse and told him to go to the bathroom and clean his hole out the way she had to do every day, and that when he got back she was going to truly make him her bitch.

Jack had already cleaned his arse out once ready for Alice to probe it with her fingers like she normally does, but without any hesitation Jack got up and went to the bathroom, he used Alice’s douche bottle to clean his bowels out, his cock dripping with pre cum and his legs trembled as he washed his innards out again and again, until they were clean.

Alice grinning like the cat that got the cream sat on the dressing table chair and carefully removed her cap that was plugging her sperm filled twat. She caught a great dollop of cum in it and started to diddle her cunny spilling more fuck slime into the upturned Dutch cap.

Almost in a trance Jack went back to their bedroom, his arse all clean and ready for his mistress to fuck him. Jack wasn’t quite sure how he felt about the spiralling turn of events but was mentally powerless to resist or object. Alice now had the strap-on cock up her cunt sliding it in and out with total ease covering it with the glistening spent cum of her punters.

She pulled it all the way out and offered her pussy for Jack’s attention.
“Warm me up Jack before I strap this on and fuck you”
Jack went between her legs and lapped at her still louse hole that was dripping with semen and pussy juice.

After a few minutes she called a halt to the cunt worship and told him to get on the bed, arse in the air. As he did she stepped into the harness and buckled it up as she had seen Daisy do a few hours earlier.

Taking the cum filled Dutch cap she joined Jack on the bed and positioned herself behind him. She poured some of the cum onto his puckered arsehole and worked it in with one finger then two as he groaned with lust pushing his butt back into her probing fingers.

“Ooow you like that don’t you baby” Jack didn’t reply, the reaction of his body said more than was needed to be said, confirming his willingness and wantonness’. Alice worked more of the cum into his arse stretching his hole further now with three fingers causing Jack to shiver with a little pain, but mostly with desire and anticipation.

Satisfied that she had worked his hole enough to accept the head of the dildo she sc****d the last of the sperm she had gathered from her oozing cunt and spread it onto and in his pussy arse.

As soon as Alice lined up the head of the cock with his anal ring, she felt Jack push his arse back into her, not hard enough to get the cock head into his arse but enough for Alice to feel a tingling in her clit as the pressure of the harness stimulated her.

Alice grabbed Jack’s smooth hips holding him in place.
“O you are hot for my cock aren’t you Jack?”
Jack just gave out a slight moan but did not reply. Alice teased his butt hole with the tip of the dildo and asked again.

“I didn’t hear you Jack, are you hot for my cock, do you want me to fuck you and make you my bitch? Ask nicely and I will”
Jack’s arse itched deep inside and he was now eager for his mistress to take him and scratch his itch. “Please, I want you to fuck me, please fuck me, I’ll do anything for you Alice, make me your bitch.......please”

Alice thrust forward into his arse pushing past his sphincter and lodging three inches of rubber cock in his back passage. Jack gave out a girlie wine as the entry sent a sharp stabbing pain shouting up his spine.
Alice paused her assault thinking that most men wouldn't bother stopping, they would just drive their cock home, but she cared for Jack, he was special and she wanted him to enjoy this as much as she knew she was going to do. Yes a little pain he would enjoy just like she did, but not too much too soon.

As Jacks backdoor and anal passage relaxed and started to accept the invading phallus. She pushed forward again and again rotating her hips slowly stretching him until she had him fully impaled on her strap-on.

Jack was gasping in pain and pleasure and Alice was moaning in the gratification of nailing his arse, the power and control she felt over him excited her.

Alice started to draw back and thrust the dildo back into his arse using longer and longer strokes. Her own enthusiasm and self pleasure growing with the strap-on harness stimulating her sex, pushing her forward to her own orgasm.

Jack’s cock was dripping pre cum and he desperately wanted to fist himself off, but he needed both arms to support himself as Alice started to fuck him in earnest.
The stimulation from the fucking was electric and the way Alice sawed her strap-on into him sent Jack into an orgasmic bliss like he had never experienced.

His whole body shock and his balls sent a copious amount of sperm thorough his desperately twitching cock spraying his desire up to his chin and onto the bedspread beneath him. The f***e of the anal ecstasy being delivered by his mistress made his arms give way and he collapsed beneath her as she continued to pound his arse searching for her own pleasure that was now so close.

Alice continued to grind into the now unresponsive and passive body of her lover, driving herself to her goal and when she reached it, it was an earth shattering experience sending waves of euphoria rippling through her, making her collapse breathless on top of Jack.

They both lay gasping for breath, Jack passive under Alice’s weight with her stiff nipples boring into the flesh just below his shoulder blades and her strap-on buried deep in his arse.

Alice nuzzled and kissed Jack’s neck keeping the dildo up his arse slowly gyrating her hips and was the first to speak, and what she said took him by surprise.
“You still want to marry me?”
Jack was a little stunned but was quick to reply. “Yes, I still want to, now more than ever, will you?”

“You better buy me a ring and ask me properly, but think about it carefully” Alice pushed herself of Jack and pulled the strap-on cock out of his arse. Getting of the bed she took the harness of and hung it over the dressing table chair.

Jack had rolled over onto his side and was studying Alice as she removed the strap-on. Alice noticed his gaze. “You really do like my new toy don’t you Jack, but I only borrowed this one and I will have to give it back”
“You can get your own one can’t you?”

Alice didn't respond at first but just smiled as she got back on the bed, she fluffed up a couple of pillows and half sitting up with her thighs parted Jack needed no instruction as he positioned himself between her now wide spread legs and lowered his face towards her stretched and abused sex.

“That’s it baby lick my well fucked cunt” As he worked his tongue into the folds of her bloated and puffy cunt lips she gave him more details of the fucking she had taken from Toby and his obscenely large cock.

“I’m going to have that big cock inside me again, and I might even bring him back here and let him fuck me for free. I bet you would like to watch that wouldn't you baby”
Jack didn't reply his lips and mouth gently working on her engorged and sensitive clit that was a little redder than usual from the abrasive rubbing of the strap-on harness.

But he defiantly wanted to watch Alice getting fucked, more than anything.
And to see her pounded and stretched by the huge cock she had just described made his cock twitch excitedly.

Alice’s breath was getting raged as she went on “Maybe we could have a little engagement party, and invite a few well chosen punters round to gang fuck me for free, sort of start off as we mean to go on”

“And when they are all spent and can’t fuck me anymore, and we are alone you can go down on your knees and ask me to marry you”

“You give me a ring Jack and I will get my own strap-on and give that arse ring of yours a thoroughly good fucking”
Alice’s fantasies and words were turning her on as she knew they also turned Jack on by the way he moaned into and devoured her slimy sex.

She stroked his hair as she bucked her pelvis up into his face getting close to coming. “do you want to fuck me Jack, my cunt will still be loose after the fucking Toby gave me, do you want to try my stretched out cunt”

Jack did very much and told her so as he offered up his rejuvenated cock up to her stretched opening.

“Yes Jack fuck me and tell me how much you want to watch other men fuck my cunt and arse, tell me how much you want me to get my own strap-on and fuck you”

As he pushed his cock into her yielding sex and started to slip in and out he did, degrading himself and confirming his position of submissive to his whore mistress and her body.

To be continued........

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Alice 3

Alice part three.
On the way home from the office I was feeling good about what Stephen had said about me being the top female engineer, then it struck me, I was the only female engineer. I popped in the bank and paid in the cheque from Santex, with so much going on I had forgotten all about it. I did some shopping and got a few bottles of wine, also another pack of KY, dad had used a few on me this week.
I changed from my suit to a mini skirt and strappy three-inch shoes.
I set the table for three, and prepared dinner. Five thirty, dad came home.
‘Hi sweetie, Carol here yet’?
‘Hi dad, not yet, she said about six’
Dad, went off to shower and change. Ten minutes later the doorbell rang, I was excited as I opened it, Carol dropped her bag then we grabbed each other and got into a very passionate kiss.
‘Oh Alice I have missed you so much, you look fantastic, and what a great body you have’
‘I have missed you too, I have been dying to see you again. I will show you my body later, you will be amazed what has been done to me’
We were holding each other close and talking, almost touching our lips together, I gazed into her eyes
‘I am in love with you Carol’
‘Oh Alice, I am in love with you as well, very much so’
Once again our lips met and tongues fought each other.
‘Any chance I could be introduced or are you staying joined at the mouth’ dad interrupted.
Although we broke the kiss, we stayed holding each other close.
‘Sorry dad, this is Carol, Carol this is my dad Greg’
Carol released her right hand and held it out under my left arm
‘Pleased to meet you Greg’ as they shook hands
‘Nice to meet you Carol. Is there a chance I can borrow Alice to serve the dinner’?
I giggled. I notice that since my voice has changed I giggled like a girl.
‘Sorry dad, we missed each other a lot’
I went and served the meal. We talked during the meal. Dad asked Carol why she liked me in girly clothes.
‘Alice looks so much better as a girl than she ever did as a boy, and I finish up with her as my best friend’
‘You are very pretty Carol, I can see why Alice has fallen for you’
Carol and I cleared up after we had eaten, dad went in the lounge.
‘Come on Carol’
I led her to my bedroom
‘He thinks you are a real girl’ I said
I began undressing, my bra was last. Carol had been watching and muttering time after time.
‘Oh my god…oh my god, your tits, they are so real, your tiny waist, your lovely hips and such a beautiful bottom, oh Carol, I am so jealous, you look terrific and you even sound like a girl’
‘I even turn myself on when I look in the mirror, I love my new body’
She came close and felt around my breasts, then kissed and sucked the nipples, my dick became instantly hard. I was trying to undress her while her mouth was glued to my tits.
‘I want you Carol, really bad’
She stood in front of me in her underwear and stockings
‘Alice do you want to fuck me first’
‘I don’t mind as long as we are joined together’
‘Can I fuck you? I want to get into your lovely body’
‘On my back’?
‘Yes, I want to look at your face’
I lay back, handed her a tube of KY, she prepared us both and aimed her dick at my ass. I watched her expression as she entered me, she had a half smile and look of sheer bliss as she got deeper.
‘I love you ever so much Carol’
‘Oh Alice, I am in heaven, I am with you again’
As she was fucking me she played with my tits
‘I wish I had a pair like these’ she whispered
She fucked me for about ten minutes, I had been using my bottom to grip her, I felt her dick expand, then the throbbing as she cum in me. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, as her dick softened and dropped out, I wiped us both clean. She rolled over onto her back.
‘Take me Alice’
She lifted her legs, I used the last of that tube of KY getting ready for her. I pushed my dick into her, and gently eased in until my thighs were on her legs, then fucked her slowly watching her face, I loved everything about her, I was ecstatic making love to her. My dick travelling in and out of her, she was gripping and releasing in time with me, eventually I couldn’t hold back, I stopped when I was fully in, my dick shot its load, I just wished I could have made a baby in her, it would tie us permanently together.
We lay back, she lifted on one elbow and gently stroked my body.
‘Tell me everything Alice, how did this all happen’
I started where I went to work dressed for the first time, how nervous I was, what I discovered, right through to when dad ****d me thinking I was my mum, the operation, how I felt sorry for my dad and let him fuck me as mum. The shopping with Janet, and the fucking I gave her. When dad had fucked me, and mum came on the phone, then how I let dad fuck me as his daughter afterwards.
‘I have told you everything, I hope you still love me’
‘Of course I love you, never doubt it, I will always love you Alice, I feel we were meant for each other. Shit, that was some story, my one is tame compared to that, you know I saw another tgurl, well, we have had a few fuck sessions, two nights in a motel and a few in the back of her car. I still have to creep out from home to dress. I found a disused barn in the country, which I use to get dressed, I have a mirror in there so I can do my makeup and check myself over, a bit messy but it beats changing in the back of my car’
‘I have been getting worried, I now like getting fucked, I love the feel of a dick inside me, I don’t want to be gay’ I frowned
‘Do you ever look at men and fancy them’?
‘No, I don’t even think of them like that, they are hairy and not at all feminine, I still look at girls though, but after fucking Janet, I found I prefer your bottom to her pussy’
‘Did you fancy your dad’?
‘No, I let him use me because I hated seeing him miserable, I did enjoy him fucking me, I sort of got used to it’
‘Well it seems you are not gay, but maybe a bit bi’
‘What about us then? I fancied you the very first time I saw you in the restaurant’
‘You thought I was a girl’
‘How about you then? You knew I was a boy’
‘I first saw you through the window with the sexy underwear on, a sort of transvestite, I just had to talk to you because I was the same’
‘I am so glad you did, I can’t imagine life without you now’
‘Fuck me Alice, I want to be joined to you again’
I turned her on her side, lifted her right leg and put my right leg between hers, I eased my dick into her lovely bottom, and fucked her hard, I was in the one I love again. It took at least fifteen minutes of frantic fucking before I dumped another load into her.
‘That was sooo good, you really are a great lover, now I want you on top of me’
She lay on her back, I knelt astride, I guided her hard dick in me as I lowered down. I rode her as if I was on a horse, my tits were jiggling about and my soft dick was slapping her stomach. I looked down at her pretty face smiling back at me
She whispered ‘I love you’
I pursed my lips and blew her a kiss. I was gripping her dick and using my inner muscles as she had taught me, she was fondling my titties and trying to thrust up in me so I raised myself a little, we got into a rhythm moving together.
‘I’m going to cum’ she gasped
I sat down hard and felt the jerking of her dick as it unloaded in me. I got some tissue, as I leaned forward and kissed her, her softening dick slid out, still in the unbroken kiss, I put my hand behind me and wiped us both. I lay on top of her, our tongues still entangled in a loving kiss.
We broke apart, I rolled off and lay on my back beside her, we held hands gazing at the ceiling.
‘Have you told your parents about me’? I asked
‘Have I ?, I talk about you a lot, my mum and dad keep asking me if I think of anything else, I call you my girlfriend’
‘So they think I am a real girl then’?
‘Of course, my parents are both pleased that I am so called normal’
‘Just suppose, you got dressed, and we drove to your house, you stayed in the car while I went and introduced myself to your parents. I could explain that until I met you I was lesbian, but I fell in love with you. This weekend I dressed you up as a girl and I was over the moon with you, I had a boyfriend and girlfriend all rolled in one and wanted us to get engaged, you were happy about it because it was what I wanted, then I called you in to meet them’
‘I will have to think about it, I like the idea though’
‘It would give you an excuse to dress up and say you are practicing for me’
‘I wish I could do it full time like you, and go to work as well’
‘You’ll never know until you try it’
We stayed talking for ages, Carol started playing with my tits and got me horny again, so we both fucked each other again and fell asl**p cuddled up together.
The doorbell woke me, I looked at the clock, five to nine, bl**dy hell that must be mum. I nudged Carol,
‘Quick, my mum’s here’
We dived in the shower, douched, washed and dried each other, back to the bedroom and got dressed, matching underwear, stockings, 3inch strappies and a summer flowery dress. Carol was in similar clothes. We did our hair and make up.
‘Alice, your mum’s here’ dad called up
‘Two minutes’ I shouted back
I was nervous, I was going to see my mum as a girl, Carol gave my hand squeeze
‘Go for it darling’ she said quietly.
I went down with Carol following and into the lounge.
‘Oh my god, is that really you Alan’?
‘No mum, I am Alice now’
A little boy ran up
‘You look like my mummy are you my mummy too’?
‘No Gary, she is your big s****r Alice, and who is the other young lady’
‘Sorry mum, this is Carol my girlfriend’ I turned to Carol, ‘my mum Elizabeth’
mum went to Carol and kissed her cheek,
‘Pleased to meet you Carol, Alice certainly picked a pretty one, please call me Liz’ Mum turned to me and hugged me tight, she was kissing my cheeks, she pulled back to look at me, tears streaming down her face,
‘Oh Alice, I am so happy, I always wanted a daughter, I can’t believe how much you look like me when I was younger’
Carol was playing with Gary on the floor,
‘Can I take Gary in the kitchen and do some drawing, and I could make tea or coffee if anyone wants it’
‘That’s a good idea’ dad said ‘who wants tea and who wants coffee’
‘Coffee please’
‘that’s three coffees in here and you can get what you want Carol, and thanks, it would be nice if you can keep Gary occupied for a while’
Mum sat down. Carol came in with the drinks.
‘Alice I would like you stay as well. Greg I want to explain why I left. You remember when I phoned you because my car had broken down, when I was on my way back from my aunt Suzy’?
Dad nodded
‘Well, I was just about to phone the RAC like you told me, when a car pulled up, two men got out and offered to help, one grabbed and held me, the other got my hands behind me and taped them together, then taped my eyes and my mouth. Oh Greg, they ****d me, they were taking it in turn, I tried to fight back, honestly, but they were too strong’
Tears were flowing down mum’s cheeks. Dad went to put his arm around her but she put up her hand to stop him.
‘Please let me finish. I remember it like it was yesterday. They left me on the back seat, I remembered you kept a small tool kit in the glove compartment. I somehow was able to feel my way out the rear door and into the front, I had to lay on my front on the passenger seat, with my hands still tied behind me, I eventually got the compartment open and found the toolkit. I had trouble finding the knife and I cut my wrist as I cut through the tape. Once I had my hands free, I pulled off the other tapes, I searched around and found my mobile phone and then phoned the RAC. I could only give them a rough description of where I was. While I waited for them, I cleaned myself up as best as I could. The RAC man came and found the battery connection loose, he fixed it, and he gave me a plaster for my wrist. I drove to a motorway service station and booked in a Travelodge. I phoned you and said I was ok, but the car wouldn’t be ready until the next day, you did offer to come and get me, but I insisted on staying to wait for my car. I took a shower and was in there over an hour trying to clean myself, I felt so dirty. I cried myself to sl**p. I made sure you would have left for work when I got home. I threw all the clothes I was wearing into a black sack, then once dressed I put it in the boot of my car. When you got home from work, I told you I had cut myself when I looked under the bonnet, and said I was tired and went to bed. Three weeks later I started morning sickness, I got a pregnancy test kit and it showed positive. You could not make babies anymore, I felt awful, I could not stay at home, I know I would have to tell you what had happened, so, I phoned aunt Suzy and told her, she said to go down to her. That is when I left. I named the baby Gary, it was the nearest I could get to your name, on the birth certificate I named you as the father’.
‘Oh Liz I wish you had told me, I thought you had found someone else’ dad was crying and so was I.
Mum carried on
‘I did think of putting Gary up for adoption, but I just could not do that, after all he was my son. I missed you so very much. I got a job in a shop, aunt Suzy looked after the baby, he is three years and four months old now, About a year ago, aunt Suzy became ill, she died last month, she had left her house and everything to me. I have not been out or seen anyone for the last year, just shopping for food. I have not had sex since I left you. I was so lonely down there, I thought if I told you everything, you might understand’
Dad grabbed mum and flung his arms around her.
‘Oh my darling Liz, I love you so much, I have missed you terribly, I wish you had told me, I would have understood’
He was kissing her all over her tearstained face, they were both crying. I sat with tears running down my face. I could hear laughter from Carol and Gary coming from the kitchen. I wondered if mum had stayed, would I be Alice now. I would not have met Carol, my life would have been so different.
‘You are here now, I want you to stay, I want Gary to have a mummy and daddy, and mostly I want our life to be together again’
‘Do you forgive me Greg’?
‘There is nothing to forgive, I am still in love with you’
‘Can I come back Greg’?
‘I wouldn’t have it any other way, I want you home again’
They kissed, Mum turned to me,
‘Alice, my lovely daughter, you have to tell me how this came about’
I told her how I missed her, and dressing in her clothes to be near to her, then about Santex, then my company having me changed to a girl.
‘Mum, I love being Alice now’
‘Do you mean you have real implants’?
‘Yes mum, they look great’
Dad said
‘Come Liz, I want to show you something’
He led her to the office room, he brought up the picture of mum and me in that dress
‘Alice on the left and you on the right’
‘Amazing, we look exactly the same, it must have been hard for you when you saw her everyday, and you were still in love with me, how did you keep your hands off her’
Dad and I went crimson, I was standing behind, mum looked at dad incredulously
‘You didn’t did you? your own son? I can’t believe it’
‘Mum?, it was my fault, I was dressed in your clothes’
‘Liz, I saw you when it happened, it was you I ****d not Alice’
‘You ****d her’?
‘I couldn’t help it, I was angry and frustrated when I saw you, later I realised what I had done, I broke down, Alice forgave me, she understood how much I wanted you’
‘Did you **** her again’?
I butted in
‘No mum, from then on I felt ever so sorry for him, he missed you so much, I let him have me, but he always called me Liz and I called him Greg when we did it, it was always you he made love to, not me. Then you phoned, he had only just had me, we were together on the bed when you called, just after that call, I gave myself to him again as Alice his daughter, it was our first time’
‘Please Liz, try to understand, I wanted you so badly, it was only ever you I made love to, except of course the last time with Alice’
‘Greg darling, you made love to me all those times and I never knew’
‘If you want me still, I promise to make up for it’
‘Alice, can you and Carol look after Gary for a while, I think your dad and I have some business to attend to’
She grabbed dad’s hand and led him upstairs. I went in the kitchen, Carol and Gary were on the floor playing and laughing.
‘My dad and mum are making up for lost time, they asked if we could look after Gary for a while’
‘No problem, he is a smashing little k**, we get on great together’
We took Gary down to the shops, bought a couple of toys, then over the park. We had a MacDonald’s, then made our way home. We had been out hours, Mum and dad were in the lounge cuddling on the couch. Mum looked a bit worn out and had a little tell tale look about her eyes. Gary piped up as he ran to mum
‘Mummy, please can we stay here, I love being with Alice and auntie Carol’
‘Of course we will dear, this will be our home now’
dad picked him up and kissed his cheek
‘Hi Gary, I am your daddy now, I hope we can be friends’
‘I’m glad you love mummy, she has been so sad’
‘I love you too little one’
‘You are a nice daddy, you have made mummy happy’
‘Carol and I will get dinner sorted out for later, you can get to know each other, you must have lots to talk about’ I said.
We held hands as we left, as soon as we reached the kitchen we hugged and kissed.
‘I want you Alice’
‘We haven’t much time’ I said
We ran up to my room, both taking our panties off, I handed her the KY
‘You first Carol’
I got on all fours on the bed, in no time at all she was in me. Fucking me like a jackrabbit for around ten minutes before she cum.
We changed places, I slid in her easily, I only lasted a little longer than Carol before I filled her pert bottom.
We got our makeup on then freshened up, panties on, then went to prepare dinner. Mum, dad and Gary were not about.
‘Dinner’ I called
‘Be right there’ dad’s voice came down.
It was so nice, us all sitting at the table, it felt like a whole f****y at last. Carol and I insisted on washing up afterwards.
Carol went upstairs with mum to help wash and get Gary ready for bed. Dad patted me on my bottom as I was uncorking the wine.
‘You take after your old man’
‘Why’s that dad’?
‘You hammered poor Carol non stop for half an hour earlier, your mum and me were getting the bedroom next to yours ready for young Gary, we could hear the bed moving’
I giggled
Later, when Gary was asl**p, we sat in the lounge talking and sipping wine. Carol told them about her work in the office and her flexi time hours, dad was interested with the type of work she did.
‘If you ever need a job, I could put a good word in for you at our local office, they need people like you’
‘Oh thank you Greg’
‘No problem. By the way, you are welcome here whenever you want, you don’t need to ask, I am sure Alice would be pleased’
Mum asked me how her clothes fitted me.
‘Before I had the surgery, I found the tops fitted perfectly when I padded the bra, and the skirts were a little tight on the waist, but the length was just right, but now, the waists are just slightly loose’
‘We will have to have a sort out, as I haven’t been going out for the past four years, I haven’t had any new clothes, maybe I could borrow some now and again’
‘Mum, they are yours anyway’
‘No, they are yours, I lost claim to them when I left’.
We carried on for a while, dad yawned and stretched
‘Ready to go up Liz’?
‘Will I get any sl**p’
Dad grinned
‘Maybe later’
Mum went up. Carol turned to me
‘Fancy sharing a shower’?
‘Sounds good to me. Goodnight dad, be gentle with mum’
Carol and I showered etc, that got us both horny, we wore a baby doll nightie each, hers was pink, mine was white. We fucked each other twice, then too worn out we lay together and drifted off to sl**p.
I was the first up, I douched, washed and brushed my hair, made up my face, and with a pleated mini skirt and tee shirt, I went down and put the coffee percolator on. Mum was next
‘Good morning Alice, you look good’
‘Hi mum, you look nice too’
We sat and sipped coffee, Carol came in, she looked so pretty
‘Good morning Liz, ahh coffee’
Dad came in carrying Gary
‘Morning everyone, could someone get a coffee for me, I have a lively handful here’
We sat chatting for a while, Mum and dad decided to go shopping, Carol and I looked after Gary. In the afternoon we played crazy golf. Had a meal in a pub restaurant, then went bowling. We got to bed about eleven. Carol and I had two good fuck sessions, then as we lay together she asked me to see her parents about her dressing.
‘I love wearing the lovely clothes and being a girl all the time’
‘How about going there tomorrow, will they be home’?
‘Yes, they are always in on Sundays’
‘Ok, after breakfast we get you all dolled up, and I will drive you there’

Next morning after the morning snack, we went back up to my room, and went through mum’s wardrobe as none of my dresses would fit Carol around the waist, she is the same size I was before surgery. We picked a nice knee length dress, bolero jacket, tan stockings and black ankle strap shoes, with pale blue matching nylon underwear. After her make up and hair she was complete, I whispered in her ear
‘I want to fuck you’
She grinned
‘If you can get my parents to accept me, you can have me’
‘Right now you have to phone them and tell them that I have something I need to tell them and I am on my way over’
Carol made the call,
‘They are expecting you, in a couple of hours’
I drove over to Oxford, I pulled up two houses away
‘Now when I ring your mobile, you must come immediately’
I went and rang the bell, an attractive and pretty fortyish blonde opened the door, I could see immediately that she was carols mum’
‘Hello, I am Alice’
‘Oh, I am very pleased to meet you, my name is June, please come in’
she led me to the lounge, a fairly handsome man stood as I entered
‘This is Bernie my husband, Bernie this is Alice’
‘I am so pleased to meet you Alice, and may I say, Harold has an excellent taste, please sit down’
June asked ‘May I take your jacket’?
I removed my bolero and handed it to her
‘I have come to tell you something which is very important both to me and to Harold, as you know we are seeing each other, in fact we are both madly in love, but there is a problem’
Bernie butted in
‘He hasn’t got you pregnant has he’?
‘Bernie for goodness sake let the young lady tell you’
‘I am sorry Alice, please go on’ June said
‘No, I am not pregnant, what I was going to say was, I have been a lesbian until I met Harold, it definitely was love at first sight, a big turning point for me, I actually fell in love with a man. Of course sex is an important part of a couple, and ours was very good, but one evening I got him to dress as a girl, our sex life went out the roof, he loved it and I loved it, I finished up with a boyfriend and a girlfriend, we are a perfect couple. We now go out together shopping, as girls. Even you must admit, Harold is very pretty, but as a girl she is a knockout. Harold would like to be Carol, but could you accept your son to dress as a girl’?
‘Harold had a difficult time at school, he was always picked on because of his feminine looks, we have always said he would make a better looking girl than a boy, but we were worried if he ever turned gay, but after meeting you, I am glad that he has found such an attractive girl, it shows he has an impeccable taste. As for him dressing as a female, I suppose if it means you both want it, I think I could accept it. What do you think June’?
‘Well Bernie, you know I have always wanted a girl, I would be happy about it’
I rang carols mobile
‘Come to me darling’
A minute later, we heard the front door open and shut, then Carol blushing brightly, entered the lounge
‘Hi mum, Hi dad’
‘Wow, I can hardly believe my eyes, you look astounding’ Bernie said
‘Oh darling, you are so pretty’ June said rushing to Carol, and throwing her arms around her and kissing her cheek ‘At last I have the daughter I have always wanted, you look great’
‘Mum, dad, this is how I want to be, Alice persuaded me to dress up, and being with her as a girl is heaven. I would like to stay as a girl from now on, but only if you can accept it that way’
‘It seems important to you, I will not object, how about you June’?
‘You know how I feel Bernie, I love the idea’
I went to Carol and kissed her lips
‘I love you Carol, now you owe me’
We both burst out laughing,
For the next hour, we talked about Carol, how she would adjust in her new life, her work, even us as a pair.
‘I am so happy that she has you, I can tell you are both very much in love, you have my blessing’ Bernie said
‘Come Carol, lets make a drink for them’ June said taking her hand
I told Bernie how my mum and dad thought carol was a girl and accepted her, knowing my lesbian past. Carol came in put the drinks down and sat beside me, June followed and sat in the other armchair. Carols skirt had ridden up a little and was showing a bit of leg. As we sat chatting, I noticed Bernie admiring us, I could see he fancied both of us, his crotch showed the outline of his hard dick, he looked uncomfortable and he constantly kept moving in his chair. When we started saying our goodbyes, June kissed us both on the cheek, Bernie lingered just a little longer and hugged us as he kissed our cheeks.
As I was driving back Carol was ecstatic
‘Alice, how can I thank you, I can dress up and be a girl at home now, and not creep off to hotels to dress’
‘By letting me fuck your brains out when I get you home. Your mum and dad were easily persuaded, I think you may have to keep your dad at arms length now and then, I could see he fancied you’
‘You really think so’?
‘He had a hard on most of the morning’
‘That was because of you’
‘And you, he checked out you and your legs quite a few times’
We arrived back, the house was quiet, so I led Carol up to my room, as we passed dad’s room we could hear the sounds of them shagging.
I shut the door and hugged Carol tight, our lips opened and our tongues joined, while we were kissing, I lifted her dress and pulled down her panties, she then did the same to me, I lowered her onto the bed, lifted her dress and used the KY, she opened her legs wide, I slid my hard dick into her waiting bottom, while I fucked her I looked at her smiling face, I loved her so much it hurt. I realised that I had not pulled the bed away from the wall, and light tap..tap it was making, was a sure giveaway we were fucking.
‘I hear your home then’ my dad shouted through the closed door, then I heard mum laughing as they went away.
I held my dick still as I cum inside my Carol, her face lit up as she felt it spew forth deep in her.
‘That was wonderful Alice, I always feel so complete when you have made love to me. Can I undress you for my turn’
She unzipped my dress, and helped me out of it, unfastened my bra and spent some time caressing and kissing my titties, it was sending tingles up my spine
‘I love your beautiful breasts’ she whispered
I lay back on the bed, I lubricated and stroked her stiff dick, then handed her the tube to get my bottom slick for her to enter. She held me by my narrow waist to pull herself into me, I was pushing back in time with her movements like a well oiled machine. Our bodies were now well tuned for each other, some time elapsed before she thrust hard and shot her cum into my bowels.
In the afterglow of our lovemaking we lay in each other’s arms
‘Alice, I want to be with you always, I never want to lose you’
‘I will never leave you Carol. How would you feel if we got engaged’?
‘That’s a great idea, we could get matching rings’
‘We will go shopping next weekend, and check out the jewellers’
We kissed lovingly.
Once dressed, we sorted out some clothes and underwear that Carol could take home for her new role, and packed it carefully in an old suitcase. We carried the case down to the hall, and went for a drink. In the kitchen mum and dad were at the table
‘There is still coffee in the perc’, you probably need a drink now’ dad said grinning
‘Dad? Please’
‘Well you were a long time, you must be thirsty’
We sat together opposite my parents with our drinks
‘Two pretty attractive girls, no one could ever tell that one of you is not, you two look so happy together’ mum said wistfully
‘We are mum, in fact we would like to get engaged’
‘Oh, that’s wonderful news, maybe Carol can have a baby girl, if I can’t have a daughter, at least I would have a chance of a granddaughter’
‘We wont be having babies yet mum, at least I hope not’
‘Well don’t leave it too long’
‘I have to get going, is it ok for me to come next week’?
‘We would love to have you here, you don’t have to ask, you could even move in if you wanted to, there is plenty of room’ dad said
‘Thank you’ she kissed dad and mum on their cheeks.
I walked to the door we got into a deep kiss
‘I will miss you Carol’
‘Me too Alice, I will see you next Friday’
‘Just a sec’ I said wiping the smudged lipstick from her face ‘and be careful in those shoes’
‘Don’t worry, I an old pair of trainers in the car’
I followed her out to her car and helped her with her case
‘Goodbye darling’ I waved as she left
Gary was playing on the floor when I got back, he looked up at me
‘Where is auntie Carol’
‘You will see her next week Gary’
‘Oh, I wanted her to play with me’
I played with him, got him drawing, tried some puzzles, after all he is my b*****r.
The next day I was at work at eight thirty, after a few preliminary checks, I sorted out the problems, I was finished by lunchtime. I went home, dad was at work, mum in the kitchen
‘Hello favourite daughter’ she hugged me ‘I would love to see your breasts Alice, please can I look’
‘Mum, I feel embarrassed’
‘Please, I will even show you mine’
‘Well ok, I have to change anyway’
I went to my room, mum followed me, she took her top off and removed her bra, they were lovely, still firm rounded globes. I removed my skirt and jacket, undid my blouse, I went red as I undid my bra
‘They are beautiful Alice’
‘Only like yours mum, thirty six ‘C’’
‘And your waist looks so tiny, you have such a lovely figure’
I only had my panties and stockings on
‘You still have a nice figure mum, very much like mine’
‘I think my bottom is a bit big’ she removed her skirt ‘take your panties off, we can compare ourselves in the mirror’ she dropped her panties
Her pussy was shaved smooth, I must have been beetroot red as I removed mine, I was completely hairless
‘You look beautiful’
‘Just like you mum’
We stood by the mirror turning this way and that, and although she was thirty-nine, there was no sign of her losing her shape,
‘Tell me, are your nipples sensitive, mine are, your dad only has to tweak them and I get really horny’
She reached to touch my nipples I backed away and fell on my back on the bed
‘Don’t mum’
‘I only want to touch them silly’
she leaned over to touch me and I moved to avoid her, she jumped astride me, and started feeling my titties
‘They feel and look so real’
My dick sprung to attention, mum was cooing, as she leaned back, my dick went straight up her pussy
‘Oh my god Alice, your dick is in me’
As she went to lift herself, I held her hips
‘Please mum, just a few seconds’
She lowered herself, I was fully inside her now, so warm, this is where I came from twenty two years ago. I reached out and felt her titties, similar shape and size of mine.
‘Don’t please Alice’
She rocked back and forward, I started fucking up in her, we were playing with each other’s tits.
‘I am going to cum’ she screeched
I felt her pussy spasm and grip, as my dick began to spurt into her
‘NO Alice, don’t cum in me’
‘I’m sorry mum, I just did, I couldn’t help it’
‘Oh, god, I am still fertile’
As she raised off me, our mixed cum trickled onto my dick
‘We should never have done that’ she sobbed
‘I’m sorry mum, it was an accident, you played with my tits, and they are sensitive too’
She went into the en suite bathroom and had a shower. Mum got dressed and went out, I had my usual douche and shower, then dressed.
‘Mum’? I said as I entered the kitchen ‘I am sorry, but the chances of you getting pregnant are pretty slim’
‘I hope I am not, I could have a big problem telling your dad’
I kissed her cheek,
‘Love you mum, it’s so nice you are back home’ I said trying to change the subject
‘I love you too Alice, even more so now you are my daughter’
I phoned Carol about eight pm. She had gone to work dressed, and explained to her boss that she wanted to be treated as a girl, he had told her that he was willing to accept her, but it was only for a month, then he would revue her contract. We both said how much we missed each other’
The rest of the day was normal, we had dinner, I helped mum clear up. I turned in around ten.
Tuesday, my work was fairly straightforward. I went to the clinic where I had the surgery, I saw the doctor, he asked me how I was, I told him perfect, I loved my new body, but wanted to know the cost for carrying out the same procedure again. ‘That was easy’ he told me, as he had only just billed my company for my operation, it would be £4,700.00 including VAT. I thanked him and left. I had the money Santex had given me. I knew Carol would want to have it done, and I would have £300.00 over for the engagement rings, I couldn’t wait to tell her this evening.
I kissed mum on the cheek when I got home
‘You have to keep that dick of yours in your panties when you are near me from now on’
We both had a good laugh at that, I helped her in the kitchen, it felt like we were s****rs, we still looked alike, we got on well together. Dad now gave me a cuddle and kissed my cheek now I was his daughter, instead of the high five when I was his son. After dinner was finished and cleared up.
Carol phoned, she was a bit worried at what I had said about her dad the way he looked at her.
‘I secretly watched him, he certainly looks at me differently now. I really don’t know what to do, you see, my gran is a bit ill, and mum is going to stay with her Wednesday and Thursday, it means two nights with just me and dad here’
‘Why are you worried, do you think he wants to fuck you’?
‘I am pretty sure he does’
‘Why not let him’
‘I am not sure how to approach him’
I told her about what I did, wear sexy clothes, lay on a romantic candle lit dinner with wine, and tell him it was just this once and was a special evening for him’.
‘Suppose he doesn’t do anything’
‘Then just act normal, but if my feelings are right, you will get a good fucking’ I giggled ‘Now, for something serious, have you got any holidays due to you’
‘Yes, about three weeks, why’?
‘Can you take next week off’
‘I think so’
‘Let me know tomorrow’
‘Ok, love you lots’
‘Love you too, byee’.
The next day, I had a few problems and by the time I got home dinner was ready.
‘Hi mum’ I kissed her cheek
‘Hello darling, Carol has called a few times, she said she would call later’
‘Hi dad’ he gave me a hug as I kissed him
We had dinner, cleared up. I realised it was Wednesday and Carol was going to seduce her dad, shit, I hope nothing has gone wrong. I played on the computer until ten, then went to bed.
My mobile rang just after midnight, I sl**pily found it
‘Oh Alice, he has just gone to sl**p’
She was whispering, I had to hold the phone tight to my ear
‘I am off next week on holiday. I did what you told me about doing a romantic dinner, it worked too well, he has fucked me, four times so far, he lasts for ages, I will tell you Friday, oops I think he’s waki…no daddy, not again I need some rest, ooohh’
The phone must have fallen on the bed, I could hear the rhythmic movement, then a lot of rustling
‘Please be gentle daddy, ooohh’
Then the regular movement started again, it went on for half an hour before it went irregular and thump.. thump to a stop
‘Please let me rest now, I have to go to work in a few hours’
I heard Bernie’s voice
‘Only if you let me fuck you again when I get home’
‘No it was only supposed to be this evening, just the once’
‘Ok then, turn over, I will fuck you all night long then’
‘Please no daddy, I am sore’
‘Your choice’
‘Do you promise just one more evening’
‘Yes, I promise, just once more, I have watched you walking around the house, I was getting really horny, you are so lovely, I needed to fuck you, now that I have, I just love fucking you’
‘Ok, you can have me when you get home, but if you break your promise, I will tell mum’
‘That’s fair, this coming evening will be the last time, goodnight my sexy little daughter’
Five minutes later, I could hear soft regular breathing, I knew that sound, it was Carol.
I drifted back to sl**p.
Thursday evening Carol did not phone.
Friday, my day was uneventful, I got home at four, kissed hello to mum, I played with Gary for a while, then did my usual in the shower. I dressed in sexy clothes. At last Carol turned up.
‘You look worn out’ I said as we kissed in the hall
‘I should bl**dy think so, dad fucked me silly last night, he promised it would be the last time. He certainly give me something to remember. On Wednesday you know I did the romantic dinner thing, and he fucked me half the night. Well, I found out this morning that I needn’t have bothered with the romantic dinner thing, he said he intended to fuck me anyway, and the bastard has been on Viagra. Last night it seemed he had a permanent hard on, he didn’t finish with me until three am this morning’
‘I am sorry Carol, I should never have talked you into it’
‘It’s not your fault, he told me he would have fucked me anyway, I am sorry Alice I am too sore to let you make love to me, at the moment’
‘I understand darling, I heard him fucking you, your phone was still on after you spoke to me, and I heard him blackmail you to have you again last night. Don’t worry about being sore, I understand, I will kiss it better later’ we both laughed ‘Now about next week, I want you to stay with me, I have a little surprise for you’
‘I like surprises as long as they don’t have a dick attached’
We cackled like two hens.
‘Oh, hello Carol’ mum said poking her head around the kitchen door ‘I heard laughing, I thought I would check it out’
‘Auntie Carol..Auntie Carol’
Gary ran to her and cuddled her legs, Carol picked him up and gave him a kiss
‘Hello Gary, have you missed me’?
She played with him on the floor. I was giving mum a hand at the sink
‘She will make a really good mother’ mum nudged me and winked
‘Yes she loves k**s, but we won’t have any for a while’
‘Well don’t leave it too long’
Dad came home
‘Wow, a houseful of beautiful angels, I must have taken the wrong turning and finished up in heaven’ He was grinning as he kissed us all on the cheek
After dinner, and cleared up, Carol collected her case and we went up to my room and had a good kissing and cuddling session, we undressed each other. Carol wanted to give me a blowjob as her bum was off limits.
‘Would you like to sixty-nine or would you like to fuck me’? I suggested
‘That would make a change, lets do it’
We lay top and tail, as I started to kiss her cock, I felt her warm mouth on mine. I tried to get her dick into my throat, after the fourth attempt, I managed to get her all in, my nose was on her balls, she also took all of my dick, we sucked and slurped for some time before I began to lose it. She realised I was going to cum, and held me in her throat as I unloaded, then she licked my dick clean. I was caressing her balls as I swallowed her, it took some time before I felt her dick swell, I got her into my throat, I felt the underside of her dick throbbing as she cum. I sucked and licked her clean.
‘I hope I don’t put on weight with what you just filled me with’ I cackled
I turned around, as we kissed, I could taste the sticky slightly salty flavour of my cum.
‘I want to be with you forever, I could never love anyone as deeply as I do you’ she breathed.
‘Carol darling, I feel the same toward you. I only wish we could make a baby’
‘Mmm, that would be nice, which one of us should get pregnant’?
‘I think you should, as you were the first to be a girl’
‘But you have real titties and a fabulous figure’
‘You will soon’
‘What do you mean’?
‘You are booked in for the same surgery that I have had, on Monday morning nine am’
‘Oh Alice, that’s fantastic news, but how can I pay for it’?
‘I am paying from the bonus I got, and I have enough left over for our engagement rings, it is my engagement present to us’
‘I don’t know what to say, I am so happy’
Carol cried, her tears flowed down her face, she was kissing me and getting my face wet with them. We did not make love, we just cuddled together and went to sl**p.
Next morning I extricated myself from a deep sl**ping Carol, sorted myself in the en suite, dressed with a knee length cotton flowered dress, make up and hair completed I went down to the kitchen. Dad was there
‘Hi babe, you look good this morning’
He kissed my cheek and patted my bottom
‘Fancy a quickie before anyone gets up’?
‘No dad, all that happened between us is over now, you have mum and I have Carol’
‘You were a bl**dy good fuck though’ he said quietly and grinning
‘Thanks dad, I will take that as a compliment’
We sat and had coffee, he asked me how I was getting on being a girl at work. I told him that people were nicer to me and I seemed to get more respect’
‘You always looked a bit effeminate and had a sexy sort of way about you as a boy, but now you have blossomed into a beautiful sexy girl so very much like your mum’
‘I always thought she was attractive and sexy, I suppose I wanted to be like her’
‘Sometimes I look round and mistake who I am looking at, even the way you walk is like her’
Mum came in with Gary trotting behind
‘Alice can we play please’
‘No Gary, you have breakfast first, then you can play’ mum said ‘Hi sweetie’ she kissed my cheek ‘no Carol’?
‘She is having a lay in’
‘You should take it easy on her, probably kept her up half the night’ mum smiled
Thirty minutes later Carol emerged
‘Hi everyone, any chance of a coffee, I am gasping’
‘Aunty Carol, aunty Carol’
Gary rushed to her, she picked him up cuddled and kissed him
‘How is my favourite nephew today’?
‘Can we play, pleease’
Carol drank her drink, then took him in the lounge
‘That girl will make a really good mum some day’ dad remarked
‘Some day dad’
About an hour later, mum retrieved Gary. Carol and me set off to the big shopping centre. We scanned all the jewellers’ windows. We stopped for a snack at a bistro café.
‘I liked that one with the patterned gold ring and the imitation diamond’ Carol said
‘Yes, it seemed good value for the price, but it looks expensive, Shall we see if they have two’?
‘Oh Alice, yes please’
We returned to the shop and asked for two of the rings, after a bit of hunting the assistant found two identical rings that we wanted, they altered them to fit us, after paying, Carol turned to me
‘Alice darling, when shall we do it, you know, get engaged’?
‘How about Wednesday, the day after you come home from your op’
‘Can we make it the day I come home, sort of celebrate my new body’
‘Ok lover it will be Tuesday then’
‘I am so excited I could burst’
Later after dinner and a f****y chat, Carol and I turned in at ten.
‘I want you to fuck me Alice, as long as you are gentle, I am still a little tender’
When we had got ready, we fucked each other slowly twice, and curled up to sl**p well after midnight’
We both woke up around the same time, douched and showered together, Carol kept playing with my tits
‘Please stop Carol, it turns me on, they are very sensitive’
‘I love them, I can hardly wait for my own’ she said, and carried on kneading and pulling on my nipples. I bent her over the end of the bath on her knees in the water, using shower gel for lubricant I shoved my dick in her she squealed as I fucked her. After leaving my cum in her, we dried off and got made up and dressed.
Once we finished a snack for breakfast, Carol played with Gary in the lounge, mum pottered about in the kitchen, dad was doing a few DIY jobs, I vacuumed around the house, everything seemed so normal, once again it felt great being a girl.
Carol and I, had a good fuck a few times that evening, I turned the light off at eleven.
I nudged Carol awake at seven
‘Big day today darling’
We got ready, I took Carol to the clinic at eight thirty, once she had gone into the op room, I left for work. Got home about four, mum was in the lounge with Gary.
‘Where is Carol’?
‘She will be back tomorrow night, I ran her to the station this morning’
‘Nothing serious I hope’
‘No, just routine stuff’
I felt so alone that night, I drifted off to sl**p fairly late.
Fairly straightforward work, I got home at four, changed, I told mum I was picking up Carol, I got to the clinic at five thirty, but had to wait an hour, before Carol emerged
‘I have seen them Alice, they are so lovely, just like yours, and my tiny waist, it’s amazing’ she said in a squeaky voice
We both giggled, we kissed in the reception, the girl behind the desk looked shocked, Carol and I turned and smiled at her, she leaned toward us and said
‘Both your lipsticks are smudged’ she grinned
Dinner was in the oven. We ate and cleared up and joined mum and dad in the lounge, they were watching a soap on the TV.
‘Everything ok Carol’ Mum asked
‘Yes thanks Liz’ with her squeak
‘Mum, Dad, we have an important announcement to make’
‘Oh goodie, you are pregnant Carol’ mum said excitedly
‘No mum, Carol and I are getting engaged’
Dad rushed out and came back with a bottle of champagne and glasses
I produced the rings, I held one in each hand, they were both the same size. Carol picked my left hand, she took the ring
‘Kneel’ I whispered as I picked up her left hand and held out my let to her
‘With this ring I betroth you Carol’
‘With this ring I betroth you Alice’ with her squeak
We slipped our rings on each other, the champagne cork popped, Carol and I kissed deeply still on our knees.
‘I love you darling Alice’
‘I love you darling Carol’
‘That was so sweet’ mum said with tearful eyes
We drank our glasses and the refills
‘I wish you both all the happiness in the world’ dad said croakily
‘me too’ mum blubbered
‘We are off to bed, we have to celebrate and make up for lost time’ I said
Dad and mum grinned at us as we left.
We stripped off,
‘You look fantastic’ I said as I saw her beautiful body ‘what is your measurements’?
‘The same as yours, thirty six, twenty four, thirty six, we can even wear each others clothes’
We fondled each other’s bodies in the shower, neither of us could keep our hands off each other
‘Alice, I can never thank you enough, I am truly a girl now’ she said in her five year old voice
We put on frilly nighties, we fucked each other time after time that night.
The next three days were fairly, uneventful at work, I had a few problems on Friday and didn’t get home until six. Carol and I had been shagging regular in the evenings. During each day, Carol was helping mum and playing with Gary. On Saturday, Carol and I went to the shopping centre, we strolled around the shops, our high heels clicking as we walked. Whilst having a snack at the bistro,
‘Alice, it feels so natural being a girl now, I have looked at our reflection on some shop windows, we do look like two attractive girls enjoying ourselves’
‘I feel the same, we do look good together, I am so glad we are an item now’ I said holding up my hand and flashing the ring.
‘I would like to buy us something nice to wear, let’s shop’
We went in various shops trying on skirts and dresses, Carol bought us some matching underwear, a dress each, mini skirt and blouse, all identical.
We found no one at home when we arrived, so we hung up our clothes, as dad had taken all his belongings out when mum had left, Carol had his side of the wardrobe. I heard them come home, dad called up
‘Alice, Carol’?
‘Yes dad’
‘You girls get yourselves ready, I have booked us all a table for eight o clock at Lake View restaurant, we leave at seven thirty’
‘Oh great dad’
Mum knocked and came in
‘What are you girls wearing’
We showed her the matching dresses
‘I used to have one like that, could I borrow it Alice’
‘Of course mum, all those at that end are yours’
She found the dress and left.
We dived in the bathroom together, douched and showered, we decided to wear the clothes we got today and were ready downstairs dead on time.
Dad drove us all. When we were shown our table, dad said
‘You three look like triplets, all blondes and dressed the same’
Gary had a special chair between mum and dad, I sat beside him, Carol by mum. We placed our orders, dad ordered the wine for us three girls. The lights were dimmed as we were on the deserts, another bottle of wine arrived. The DJ started the music with some slow tunes. Dad asked Carol for a dance while mum was seeing to Gary, they danced two songs, then he asked me, I felt a bit nervous, I had never danced as a girl before with a man.
‘Don’t worry little one, I will hold you tight, all you have to do is follow my movements’
As he held me I could feel his hard dick against me. I started getting turned on, I thought, ‘that he dick has fucked me a few times’. By the second dance, I was following dad perfectly. He led me back, then asked mum. I turned to Carol
‘You gave my dad a hard on, he was already stiff when we started dancing’
‘I know, he told me he was holding me tight so I could follow his movements, I felt his dick grow’
‘Dirty old sod, that’s exactly what he said to me’ we both giggled in our girly voices.
Dad danced several dances with mum, Carol and I looked after Gary, while sipping the wine. He brought mum back and went to the toilet.
‘You girls have got my husband all horny, I felt his hard dick against me’
‘We have both said that we felt it too mum’
‘That dick is mine, so don’t go getting ideas’
We were still laughing when dad came back. The music turned to rock and pop, Carol looked at me
‘Yes, let’s do it’ I said
We did our thing on the dance floor, I found it odd dancing in high heels, but soon got used to it, mum joined us, she showed she was good too, in fact I began to copy some of her moves. After we had been on the floor for half an hour, we sat down at our table.
‘You three really looked good together out there’ dad remarked
After a couple more tunes the tempo slowed down, dad once again picked Carol first, then me, then mum. As they danced
‘He is still hard’ Carol said
‘I know, poor mum is in for a good fucking later’
‘So am I, I hope’
‘You can bet your cotton socks on it’
Gary was fast asl**p as we left. Once in the car
‘Thanks for the evening dad, we have had a great time’
‘That’s ok, I am pleased to have made three sexy girls happy’
‘I bet you would like to’ I said a bit tipsy
The car erupted with our laughing and woke Gary up.
Carol and I, made passionate love well into the early hours, before we collapsed in each other’s arms.
Sunday morning, everyone had a lie in, it was nearly midday before we were all up. Carol and I spent the afternoon washing and cleaning our cars. Dad and mum took Gary over the park. We had our evening meal then chatted in the lounge, as Carol was going from here straight to work, we had an early night. A couple of good fucks each, then curled up to sl**p together.
We set off early for work, I phoned Carol at six, she told me that her mum was going to her grandma’s Wednesday and getting back Thursday, and was worried her dad would try it on, I told her that she only had to threaten him by telling her mum and she should be ok. Tuesday when I got home, mum dropped a bombshell
‘I have missed my period, so I got a pregnancy test kit, oh Alice, it was positive, what are we going to do’? tears were flowing down her cheeks
I held her tight, she was sobbing uncontrollably
‘Oh mum, I am so sorry, I will break the news to dad’
‘We have to do it together, it’s a much my fault as it is yours’
Dad arrived, I told him to go in the lounge. I took mums hand and led her in, she was still crying.
‘What’s up’ dad said standing up
‘Sit down dad, it’s important.’ I was shaking like a leaf ‘Mum is pregnant’
‘What? Who?’ he jumped up
‘It was an accident Greg’ mum blubbered.
‘Dad, it was my fault, it was an accident’
‘You and your own mother, you had better explain’
‘It started when mum wanted to see my breasts, I was shy, so mum said she would show me hers if I showed her mine, then she wanted to compare our figures using the wardrobe mirror, we finished up naked. Mum tried to feel my breasts, but I moved away and fell on the bed, she tried again, I was moving about to avoid her, she kneeled across me, and was feeling them and as they are sensitive my dick got hard’
‘Greg’ mum butted in ‘I was trying to get a better feel of them and moved back, I had sat on Alice’s dick, it went right up inside me’
‘Dad, I began feeling mums tits, I asked her to stay still, but she started riding me, when she shouted for at me to pull out, it was too late, I had already cum in her’
‘I am so sorry Greg, you know what I am like when my tits are played with’
‘Have you ever done it again’
‘No dad we haven’t, that was the only time’
‘I don’t know what to say, I am not sure whether I am angry or hurt, maybe you should have a termination, inbreeding can be a problem for the baby’
‘Greg, I couldn’t, supposing the baby was normal, I would never forgive myself’
‘bl**dy hell, I just realised I am going to be a grandfather’
‘Will you accept him’
‘I will have to, I don’t want to lose you again’
Dad went to mum and hugged her
‘I love you Liz, it sounds weird that my daughter fucked my wife’
Mum looked at him with tearful smile
‘We didn’t really fuck Greg, anyway my husband fucked my son’
The tension eased off as we all started laughing. Mum and dad went in the kitchen for dinner. I had to phone Carol and tell her. I phoned her from the hall.
‘Hi Carol, I have some bad news, I have got my mum pregnant, it was an accident’ I went on and told her the story
‘My god. How have your parents taken it’
‘I think they have accepted the problem’
‘I hope so, I love them like my own. I am very jealous though’
‘Yes, you are going to be a mummy’
‘You can share him with me’
‘It’s not the same as having one of your own’
‘Are you getting broody’?
We both giggled at that remark.
‘Alice? I’m getting worried about my dad again, he keeps telling me how pretty I am, and he has asked me if he can have me on Wednesday night, I told him I would tell mum if he tried, he promised he would not take Viagra again, and be gentle with me’
‘Do you want him to’?
‘Not really, I was worried what you would think, I only want you’
‘Look Carol, when we make love, it is real love, not just a fuck, your dad wants to fuck you, there is a lot of difference, at least it is f****y and not anyone, As long as it doesn’t affect us, like it did last week’
‘You don’t mind then’?
‘If it was with anyone else, I would be upset about it, but I am ok if it is only with your dad’
‘I will phone you on Wednesday, if I don’t phone by seven then you will know that I have let him have me’
‘Ok I will understand’
We said our goodbyes.
I went for my dinner, mum and dad had finished and was cleaning up Gary.
‘Have you told Carol’? dad asked
‘Yes, I explained how it happened’
‘How did she take it’?
‘She is very jealous because I am going to be a mummy’
‘Poor girl, I can see she really loves k**s’ mum said ‘mind you, it means I will be Grandma, I am going to give birth to my daughters c***d’
Work went well the rest of the week.
Carol did not phone on Wednesday, she told me Thursday evening that her dad was true to his word, he was gentle with her, he loved her new body and kept playing with her breasts, she agreed it did arouse her, and it was a good fuck. We both looked forward to meeting up on Friday.
Carol made it in time for dinner, as soon as the f****y had settled down, Carol and I went up and fucked each other silly. We lay together holding hands.
‘Alice? it looks like my mum is going to my gran’s every Wednesday to Thursday, It’s obvious my dad will want me every week, but you have to wait for me each weekend before you get fucked. Why don’t you get your dad to fuck you on a Wednesday evening? that way, we can think of each other while it is happening’
‘I don’t think my mum would approve’
‘Would you like me to ask him’?
‘No, don’t be silly, my dad thinks you are real girl, and dads do not fuck their girls’
‘I could tell him that you haven’t been fucked since he did it, and you told me that it would be nice now and then’
‘I don’t know, it would be tricky’
We kissed and cuddled up then went to sl**p.
It was a good weekend, Saturday morning Carol and I walked around the shopping centre. In the afternoon we took Gary to the park. Sunday the whole f****y played crazy golf then went bowling. Carol and I fucked each other each night.
Monday, we went off to where we were working. I got home about five, kissed mum and Gary hello.
‘Your dad and I want a little talk with you later’
‘I hope it isn’t serious mum’
‘No, just a chat’
I got showered and changed, then went for dinner, said hello to dad and pecked him on the cheek. I helped mum clear up after dinner. Helped get Gary sorted and put to bed. Then in the lounge.
‘Carol and I have had a little talk’ dad said
I went crimson, I knew what she had discussed with him
‘She told me that you and her have normal satisfying sexual relationship, but sometimes you missed being Liz for me before the real Liz came back’
‘yes dad’
‘I enjoyed those times too, well I have discussed this with your mother and we have come to an agreement, but only if you are willing’
‘Yes dad’ I was still bright red
‘We have agreed that I will spend every Wednesday evening with you in your bed, but afterwards I will go back and sl**p with your mum. How do you feel about that’?
‘I’d like that dad, but what about you mum’?
‘It would be a relief to have a night off, your dad is a bit demanding, as you may remember’
‘I remember it well mum’
‘As my pregnancy advances it will eventually be too uncomfortable for me to have sex, so when that happens you could step in and help me out’
‘Yes mum’
‘Well it is your fault that I am like this, so it’s only fair that you help out’
Dad patted my bottom
‘I will look forward to Wednesday Liz’ he grinned
I went to bed and lay there thinking about my very odd life.
Tuesday and Wednesdays work went well, I was home at five, gave mum a peck and Gary a hug
‘Well young lady, tonight’s the night’
‘Aw mum, leave it out’
‘I bet your dad doesn’t later’
‘Leave it out, I reckon it will be in most of the time’ mum laughed
‘Mum, you are embarrassing me’
‘Sorry Alice, go and get ready’
I douched showered, put on sexy underwear, mini skirt and a low cut blouse, make up and hair done, I felt like I was on a first date. I could hear dad was home as I went down for dinner. I was blushing bright red as I sat down, I tried to avoid looking at dad.
‘You look absolutely fabulous this evening Alice, is it for something special’?
‘Greg, stop teasing her’
I only picked at my dinner, I had butterflies. Dad went upstairs to get ready for me, I went to help mum clear up
‘Not tonight Alice, you run along and prepare yourself for dad, he won’t be long, come to think of it, he will be long’ mum laughed at her own joke

continued in Alice part four.

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Alice 4

Alice part four

I stood in my bedroom in front of the mirror, I could see the image of a very sexy blonde girl with a lovely figure, who was smiling back at me, she had prepared herself for an evening of sex, and was waiting for her father to fuck her.
Dad knocked.
‘Come in dad’
‘God you look so beautiful’
Dad stripped naked, his huge dick at right angles from his body
‘Let me undress you Alice’
‘Is it Alice tonight’
‘Yes Alice, it’s me your dad, and I am going to fuck you, my little daughter’
He carefully removed my blouse and skirt folded, and put them on a chair, he stood back and admired me standing in silky white matching bra and panties, tan stockings and three inch ankle strap shoes.
‘Come darling, I want you badly, it seems ages since I made love to you’
I leaned toward him and lightly brushed my lips on his
‘I want you too dad’ I whispered softly in my girlie voice
He lowered my panties to my ankles my dick popped stiffly out, as he bent down I put my hand on his shoulder for balance and stepped daintily out of them, He stood and led me to my bed, lay me on my back. He began kissing my ear, down my neck, down to my bra, which he unhooked and lifted off my breasts, he then spent some time fondling and kissing them, my dick was twitching, the sensitivity of my breasts had a direct effect on my dick, if he carried on much longer I would have to cum. Thankfully he moved to my navel, he stuck his tongue in licking my button in there, it had drawn deeper in when my waist fat had been removed. Further down he travelled to my hips and right thigh slowly kissed down my leg to my ankle, after removing both shoes, he sucked my toes through my nylon stockings, first the right then the left foot, I liked the tickly sexy feelings it gave me. Up the left leg to my thigh, I could feel his cheek touching my hard dick. He licked up and down my dick, then kissing my purple knob.
I felt his mouth warm and wet, engulf my dick head, I wouldn’t last very long, he slowly took more into his mouth, my dick was throbbing with anticipated release, his nose touched my stomach, he had deep throated me. After a very short while, it happened, my dick exploded into his throat, I emptied my aching balls as he sucked me dry, he had swallowed every last drop, then he licked me clean. I felt weak, all the built up tension and nerves had left me. As he lifted my legs, I reached out and handed him the KY. I really wanted him in me now. I was relaxed and ready, after pushing his jelly coated fingers in me and stretching my anal ring open, he generously lubricated his large dick
‘Alice darling, you guide it ready for me to put it in’
He placed my hand on his dick, I grasped it, my fingers could not close around it, I positioned it at my opening
‘Push daddy, push it in me’
The head of his dick stretched my anal ring wide before it entered me. My legs were on his shoulders, he was so gentle as he eased further into me, he smiled
‘Alice my sweetest, I have wanted you so much, we haven’t been together ever since your mum came back, I have missed making love to you, and now at last, I am in you again’
I smiled back at him and wriggled my bottom taking him completely into me.
‘I love it daddy, I missed it too, and you fill me so full, please fuck me now’
He fucked me, slowly at first then to a nice steady rhythm. I could feel every vein of his dick as it slid in and out of me. He stroked my nylon clad legs, and played with my titties, all the while fucking me with his monster dick. I was enjoying my dad shagging me, I thought of my Carol, was she being fucked right now? was she enjoying her daddy fucking her? Dad’s dick began to swell, he pulled me tight onto him, throb, throb I felt his sperm shoot into my bowels, it felt wonderful as he pumped his love juice into my body.
Dad in his usual way, carried on fucking me, I remembered he always cum twice, before his dick would soften. With his dick still deep in me, holding me tight he lifted me off the bed, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, he fucked me while he stood, he must be so strong to do this. Eventually he lowered me down with my backside on the edge of the bed, he was kneeling on the carpet, my legs were wide open, he fucked me for ages before once again he shot another load into me. I handed him some tissues as he withdrew from me.
‘You are one helluver fuck Alice’
‘You are one helluver stud daddy’
We lay back together, he started stroking my body.
‘I wanted you last week when we were dancing’
‘I know I could feel your hard dick on me, but it was hard already when we started, that means, Carol got you hard in the first place’
‘Sorry about that, she is so pretty’
‘Don’t ever try it on with her, she is one hundred percent mine’
‘I would never do that to you Alice, I respect your love for each other’
‘Thanks dad’
While he was caressing my body, I was gently wanking his half hard dick.
‘It looks like we will have to spend more time together like this, as your baby gets bigger in mums tummy. How do you feel about that’?
‘I will like it dad, I am sorry about the baby though’
His dick was slowly getting harder.
‘Did you like fucking your mum’?
‘We didn’t really fuck, it was an accident and was all over in a minute’
‘I have a business meeting next Tuesday, I don’t expect to be home until midnight.
And your mum is safe now for nine months, If I can persuade her, would you like to fuck her properly’?
‘Are you sure you wouldn’t mind’?
‘She will not get fucked for two days, and I have no intention of missing our Wednesday session together’
‘I would like to, I have always thought that mum is very sexy’
‘Right, that’s settled then, I will talk to her tomorrow. Now turn over, I am going to fuck you again’
I got on all fours on the bed, within seconds his dick was fully in me. He started fucking me with long powerful strokes, I was pushing back in time with his thrusts. He fucked me for nearly an hour before he grunted as his dick unloaded his balls once again inside me.
‘Wow Alice darling, you were great, thank you’
‘That’s ok dad, I enjoyed it’
‘I will go back to your mum now’
He leaned to kiss my cheek, I quickly turned, so his lips could touch mine, I pulled away quickly so the kiss could not develop.
‘Until next Wednesday dad’
Dad left, I jumped in the shower, as I was drying off, my mobile rang for a text message received, it was from Carol,
‘I did-did you’?
It was midnight, I rang her number
‘Hi babe, yes I did, he hasn’t been gone long, I have just showered’
‘Oh Alice, he was so gentle this time, he left an hour ago, I thought I better not call until twelve when the coast was clear for you’
‘Carol? Be honest, did you enjoy it’?
‘Yes Alice, it was nice, I did think of you at eight thirty, wondering if you were at it. Did you enjoy your dad’?
‘Yes I did, he is good in bed. That’s funny, I thought of you at the same time’
‘I can’t wait until Friday when we can do it with each other, I miss you ever so much’
‘I miss you too Carol, I love you, byee’
‘I love you Alice, byee’
Next day, I got home from work about three, kissed mum and Gary.
‘Have a nice time last night dear’
‘Yes mum I did, thanks for letting me borrow him’
‘No problem, it gave me a rest, I couldn’t sl**p though, I kept thinking about your dad and you together having sex. When he came back he told me all about it, he said that he likes fucking you’
‘I like it too mum’
‘He also mentioned about next Tuesday, if I would like to let you make love to me properly, I told him that it would be nice and would like it to happen’
I put my arms around her and looked into her eyes
‘I want it to happen too mum’ I said softly
I kissed her gently on her lips, then went to shower and change.
I ran into problems on Thursday with a system, at lunchtime I phoned my office to explain, Janet answered and wanted to meet up again but I put her off, I explained the problem to my boss, it meant staying overnight. I booked a motel. then returned to work. I finally got to the motel at six thirty. I had a meal, then to my room, I always carried an overnight bag. I was worn out. Once showered, I went to bed. I woke up early, made a coffee from the complimentary set, and sat surfing on my laptop, I found Christine had sent me an email, she said that Harold was annoyed with her because she had to travel and stay overnight in different towns. Secretly she said that she was getting loads of orders, her commission had more than doubled, but she had to offer special services to get them. Sometimes she said she could get away with just a blowjob, but mostly she got fucked, once three buyers from the same company had fucked her in her hotel room, and they took it in turn with her all night, she said she could hardly walk and couldn’t sit down for two days. She was saving for a boob job.
I replied.
‘Hi Christine
lovely to hear from you. The company I work for insisted I become a full time female, I have got new breasts, hair removal, liposuction and my Adams apple shaved, my voice is much higher now, I will add on the clinic where I had it done. Do you remember I spoke of Carol? Well we are engaged, as a treat for our engagement I treated her to the same surgery I had, we both are 36. 24. 36, now, we love our new bodies. Carol spends every weekend with me and we fuck each other silly. You be careful you don’t catch something nasty with all those men.
I will keep in touch
Love Alice
I had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, phoned the company I was doing work for, and found I could start back there at eight.
I found the aggressive virus by ten, it took me an hour to eliminate it, the another two hours to get the system right. I typed and printed my report and sent a copy to my office. I made my goodbyes and left for home.
I arrived home at four, mum was in the lounge, I kissed her hello, she said Gary was having a nap.
‘How is our baby mum? Are you ok’?
She patted her tummy
‘Not showing yet, and yes I feel fine. I do hope you don’t have to stay out overnight next Tuesday’
‘And why is that mum’? I grinned
‘Because I want you very much’
‘I want you too, I have been really horny just thinking about us, I hope I can live up to your expectations’
‘I am sure you will, I haven’t stopped thinking about it either’
The doorbell rang
We kissed and slobbered over each other in the hall
‘Come upstairs, we can have a quickie before dinner’
‘Hi Liz’ Carol called from the stairs
We stripped, douched and while we showered, we fucked each other using skin moisturiser for lubricant.
‘Coo, I needed that’ Carol said
‘So did I, I have been horny for days’
‘Dinner’ mum called up, we dressed quickly and went down.
‘Hi dad’ pecking him on the cheek
‘Hi Greg, hi Liz’ Carol said pecking them both ‘Hello Gary’ she gave him a hug.
We had dinner and cleared up. Carol played with Gary on the floor in the lounge.
‘I bet you would like one of those Carol’ dad said
‘Yes Greg, I would, but not just yet, maybe in a year or so’
Carol and I, went up around nine, we fucked each other until midnight. Lying cuddling together on the bed.
‘Does your dad try it on at other times except Wednesdays’? I asked
‘He did a couple of times, but I told him if he didn’t behave, I would stop letting him have me anymore. He seems to be ok now. Does your dad pester you’?
‘No, he never has done. Even when we were doing it before mum came back, he always let me make the suggestion, except of course that first time’
‘Have you fucked your mum again’?
‘No, but dad is out late next Tuesday, and he has asked mum and me, if we would like to do it again. Mum and I have said yes’
‘Wow, a proper fuck with your own mum, and with your dads blessing, she is sexy and looks so much like you, I bet you will love it’
‘I hope so, it won’t be the same fucking a real pussy, I much prefer your bottom’
Still entwined, we went to sl**p.
We both had a good fuck first thing in the morning, got ourselves ready, then went to breakfast. I noticed a couple of times that Carol secretly looked at mum, then me and back. Dad took Gary in the lounge to play; us three girls cleared up and prepared the vegetables for this evening. Mum suggested that we had a stroll around the shopping mall and leave dad with Gary.
We had a good time strolling about, mum was fun to be with. A few times we got ogled by different men, even had two wolf whistles. We stopped for a snack at the bistro.
‘I have enjoyed being out with you both, and I like the attention you two are getting from the men’ mum said
‘I think you are included with the attention Liz, there is very little difference between you and Alice’
‘Thank you Carol, but I won’t be getting any in a few months time’
Mum decided to get a three-piece underwear set, bra, panties and suspender belt. She was handling a black satin set.
‘Do you think dad would like black with the red frilly bits’?
‘I would think he would like this one mum, gold and white, what do you think Carol’?
‘I think the gold with the white lace is nicer than the black and red, you would have to wear white stockings though’
‘Get the shiny Lycra ones mum’
‘Ok, that’s settled, I will go and pay, see you two over by the reduced price rail, and see if there are any bargains’
Carol found a black cocktail dress in our size, reduced from eighty to fifteen pounds, ‘coo that’s cheap, it’s nearly the same as your one’
Carol tried it on in the changing room, it fitted her perfectly.
We carried on searching and found two tartan pleated short skirts, three pounds each. Mum came clutching her bag,
‘I like the dress Carol’
We didn’t find anything else, when we went to pay, the cashier remarked that the reason they were cheap was very few ladies have such narrow waists now.
Back home, mum rescued dad from Gary who was climbing all over him. Carol and I, went up for sex session before dinner. Later mum and I washed up, we had sent Carol off to play with Gary, dad was on the PC. We all gathered in the lounge for a while, Carol and I, went up at nine, and fucked until late.
‘Alice darling, my life is so good now, I have a wonderful body, I feel and dress like a girl all the time, and most important, I met you, and we are in love’
‘I feel the same, I can not imagine being in love with anyone else in the world other than you, I want to be with you forever’
‘I want that too’
We slept embracing each other.
We fucked each other in our morning shower, make up and hair done, we wore the tartan skirts.
‘Look’ I said twirling in front of the mirror ‘you can see my panties when I spin round’
‘Don’t tease me with your sexy legs, or I have to fuck you again’ Carol grinned
‘I need a coffee first, c’mon’
After breakfast we all decided to play on the Wii, as it was raining, we spent most of the day playing on it. Later, Carol and I, fucked each other to sl**p.
Monday was a long day, I got home after dad at six thirty.
Tuesday I couldn’t wait to finish, I wanted to get home for my fuck session with mum. I worked really hard and was able to get home by four.
‘Hello my darling mother’ I said as I went to kiss her. Our lips touched, it felt as if sparks flew as we began to kiss passionately
‘Oh god, I want you so much’ she breathed
‘I haven’t stopped thinking about you all the time since you agreed, I have been so horny’
‘How about a quickie to break the tension, we won’t be so urgent when we get in bed later’ mum suggested.
I took off my skirt and jacket, mum removed her panties as I pulled mine down, my dick was hard and ready
‘No need for preliminaries, I am already wet and waiting Alice, just fuck me’
She lifted her dress to her waist. sat on the edge of the kitchen table and opened her legs wide, I stood between them and pushed my dick fully into my sexy mum,
‘Oh mum, at last’
‘Mmm, it feels wonderful having you inside me’
I began fucking hard and fast, we were gazing into each other’s eyes. I remembered looking in the wardrobe mirror after my op, and wanking wanting to fuck my image, here I am at last, fucking the image of me. The table was moving across the room with my hard thrusts, my mind flew back remembering how it did the same when dad was r****g me on it. Mum and I started playing with each other’s tits, my dick was a blur pistoning mums soft pussy, mum let out a long loud squeal as she was having an orgasm, I followed shortly after, shooting my pent up load in her.
‘Wow, that was something else’ she said coming back to earth.
Although I had just cum and I had slowed down, my dick was still hard. I once again continued ramming my dick in her.
‘God, you may look like me, but you have your dad’s stamina’.
‘My dick isn’t as big as his’
‘Don’t worry about that, yours is doing a wonderful job in me’
I slid her top up and pulled her bra up over her orbs, she unbuttoned my blouse, lifted my bra up, we were both playing with each other’s titties. Mum started shaking, her face took on a look of urgency, she let out another long squeal, her stomach vibrated as she had an almighty orgasm.
‘Please Alice, save some energy for later, I feel so weak’
‘Sorry mum, my dick stays in you as long as is still hard, I have waited for this too long, now I am making the most of it’
I leaned forward and kissed her soft lips, I pushed my tongue in, she put her hands behind my head and held me there. Her pussy was making the same sloshy noises as our mouths. The table was jammed against the washing machine and cooker, and was knocking against them in time with our fucking. Her fingernails dug in the back of my neck, I was banging her furiously, she squealed into our sealed mouths, we both cum together. Our lips parted, we were both gasping for breath. My dick slowly went limp.
I helped her off the table.
‘Hold me up Alice, my legs are like jelly’
I put my arms around her holding her to me, our lips met again as a soft loving kiss which went on and on, mum leaned back, looked directly in my eyes
‘I loved every second Alice, you were fantastic’
‘I never dreamed how good it would be to make love to you mum’
‘I hope you will want me again tonight’
‘I want to fuck your brains out later’
‘Now, now that is no way to speak to your mother is it’?
we both laughed
‘Mummy’ Gary piped up from the door ‘is dinner ready, I’m hungry’
‘Nearly, Gary, won’t be long, Alice and I had something to attend to’ she grinned at me.
I gave Gary a hug and kiss.
‘Will I have time to change mum’?
‘No, Alice, it is all ready in the oven, can you give me a hand moving the table back’?
When she bent to open the oven, I noticed a rivulet of cum running down the inside of her legs.
While eating, mum asked if I could clear up so she could put Gary to bed.
‘I want you to wear these tonight’ she handed me a bag ‘then come to my room when you are ready’
I cleared up after dinner, I found both our panties on the floor, collected my clothes, grabbed the bag, and went upstairs thinking about fucking my sexy mum again.
I went through my routine, douche, shower, make up and hair, I opened the bag and found the gold with white lace trim, panties, bra and suspenders, with white Lycra stockings. I thought when she bought them they were for her to wear for dad, I put them on and found a pair of two inch heeled sandals. I checked myself in the mirror, I grinned at me, ‘I am going to fuck someone who looks just like you, very soon’
Only dressed in my sexy underwear, I went to dad and mums room, the door was partly open, I was surprised to see her laying on her bed in exactly the same underwear as mine and her shapely legs also encased in sheer shiny white stockings.
‘Oh mum, you look stunning, so beautiful and sexy’
‘Just like you do darling, come and make love to me’
I slipped off my shoes, slid on the bed beside her and embraced her lovely body. We held each other tightly and kissed passionately. The feel of our satin underwear rubbing against our skin and our shiny cased legs slithering together was getting my dick twitching. She reached behind me and unclipped my bra, I followed her move and undid hers, we rubbed our nipples together, I kissed her ear, she put her lips to mine and whispered
‘Let’s do it together, what you do to me, I will do to you and vice versa’.
I remembered what dad had done to me last Wednesday when he worshipped my body and how wonderful it felt, I would do it to mum.
My lips giving feathery light kisses down her neck, as she kissed mine, I could feel her breathe lightly on my skin, I turned my body around, we lay on our sides, our bodies top to tail, I touched my lips upside down to hers, then proceeded to her breasts, kissing and loving them with my hands, so soft with hard erect nipples which I sucked greedily, each in turn, my dick hardened while she gave mine the same attention. Eventually I moved to her navel kissing around the depression and stuck my tongue into it, easing further down to just above her pussy, to her right thigh, kissing and stroking down the silky white stockings to her foot, my panty covered dick was rubbing between her titties. We both sucked on each other’s nylon clad toes at the same time, as I was drawing them in my mouth, even her feet and toes were sexy, I thought. I changed to the other foot and travelled up to above her stockings to the soft skin of her thigh. My next aim was to attack her pussy with my mouth, I pulled at the top edge of her panties, she lifted her hip, I did the same and we both slid our panties off. I felt her kissing my dick head, she had opened her legs so I could gain access to my goal. She was engulfing my dick with her mouth, suddenly I felt her nose on my pubic bone, my dick was now down her throat, I knew if she carried on that I would lose it, so I pulled back, removing it from her warm mouth.
‘Alice? I wanted to taste you’
‘Sorry mum, I want save it for this end’ I kissed her moist pussy.
I turned around, she rolled onto her back, I pulled her legs so her bottom was just over the edge of the bed, I kneeled on the floor, put my head between her thighs and began giving her pussy a French kiss. My tongue was whipping in and out, my nose rubbing her clit, she started gasping and trying to push my head away, but I was holding her by her hips. I sucked, licked and tongue fucked her,
‘No, no, don’t make me, pleeease no, aeeeeh’ she screeched
Her pussy and stomach spasmed as she climaxed. Now is the time, I thought, I lifted myself and thrust my dick completely into her, I began fucking her and fondled her titties. She smiled up at me
‘Oh Alice you are good, very, very good’
‘It’s because I want you so much mum’
I had picked up speed, I was now fucking her hard, the bed was rocking against the wall, we were both playing with each other’s titties. Because I had fucked her earlier, I was lasting longer, she clutched my arms, digging her nails in me, and had another climax, I felt her pussy gripping my dick as she went through it. I heaved her up so I could lie on top of her, without removing my dick. I lowered my lips to hers, she put her arms around my neck, we kissed passionately, our breasts mashed together, while I carried on gently fucking her.
‘Mmm’ she hummed in my mouth
I rolled us over so she was on top, she broke the kiss and kneeled and began riding me. We went back to tweaking each other’s nipples,
‘You have beautiful titties’
‘Only the same as yours mum’
She was bucking and rolling on my dick, her breathing became rasping, my dick was ready to explode
She let out a shrill squeal, we were both cumming together. Mum stayed on me for a minute as she regained her breath. She grabbed some tissues, and with a loud slurp as we parted, she rolled on her side beside me, both of us mopping up our lovemaking juices.
‘That was wonderful Alice darling, I am so glad your dad let us get together’
‘So am I, I have often fantasised about making love to you, and you are better than I dreamed you would be’
‘You seemed to have picked up some moves from your dad’
‘He is a good teacher’
We were facing each other on our sides, our faces just a couple of inches apart, our breasts touching with our legs entwined. It was so romantic.
‘I have just thought; all your little boy and girl sperms are meeting up with the baby you put in me’
‘Are you sorry mum’?
‘I was at first, but now I am glad you knocked me up, I always wanted more c***dren’.
‘Just think, my mummy is having a baby by her daughter’
‘You will have to be the mummy, I will be grandma’
‘Because, your dad will be a granddad’
‘Carol will be so jealous I will be a mum’
‘Why don’t you get her pregnant, you earn good money and she can live here, it would be lovely for the k**s too’
‘I can’t mum’
‘Why not’
‘I can’t tell you’
‘I know you are alright, so it must be her, please tell me what is wrong Alice’
‘You must promise to keep it to yourself and not say anything, even to dad’
‘I promise’
‘Carol is the same as me, a she male, she has a dick like mine’
‘Good god, she is far too pretty to have a dick’ mum gasped ‘so you two, ahem’
‘Yes mum, we make love to each other. We don’t fuck, we make love’
‘So which did you just do to me’?
‘I made love to you, which I am going to do again right now’
‘I need a break, I am a bit worn out’
‘I have more boy and girl sperm things who want to meet our baby’
I kissed her. My dick had hardened, I lifted her leg, put my upper leg in-between, and slid into her, I managed to get one foot by her face the other behind her. While I was fucking her I clamped her in-between, putting pressure on her bottom and tummy, tightening her pussy on my dick
‘Oh that feels so good’ mum groaned
I sucked her toes while fucking her now tight pussy, she grabbed my foot and did the same. That feels nice, two sensations at once. Mum was groaning on my toes, then she screeched, I could feel her stomach muscles contracting on my thigh as she cum.
I slid my leg back turned her, and lifted her on her hands and knees, and carried on fucking her doggy style. It took another ten minutes before she had another orgasm, I was still hard, and I was enjoying fucking my sexy mum, I put one hand around and under her and was flicking her clit with a finger, with the other hand I reached around and tweaked her nipple, I swapped hands a few times, to give both her nipples the same attention, my balls started to tighten, I wanted mum to cum again, so I rubbed her clit harder and pulled and pinched her nipples, sure enough she began gasping, I tried to hold back, but I thrust harder as I began to cum, mum screeched as my sperm shot into her. I held her in that position, while we were both cumming, slowly we regained our breath. I slumped sideways on the bed, mum just fell forward on her front, resting her face toward me, on her hands. Neither of us had remembered to wipe ourselves.
‘I don’t think I have cum that many times since my honeymoon’ mum croaked
‘You shouldn’t be so sexy’ I smiled at her lovely face.
I stroked her back gently, from her buttocks to her neck, up and down her spine on her flawless skin.
‘I think you passed very well’
‘What mum’
‘You said earlier, that you hoped you would come up to my expectations, well you have certainly well passed any that I did have’
‘Thank you mum, I just wanted you so much’
Mum whispered ‘That is one of the best fucks I have ever had’
She turned toward me, we embraced each other, and kissed on the cheeks, nose, eyes, each taking it in turn, finally our lips touched, kissing gently using our tongues, in a way that only lovers can do.
I looked at her face, other than slight ageing, she looked like me, blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, same shaped nose and lips which had a slight tilt upwards at the ends, giving the look of a permanent slight smile.
‘Are you studying me darling daughter’
‘Yes mummy dear, you are beautiful’
‘Thank you sexy girl, you are beautiful too, don’t forget everyone says how much we look alike’
We had been in each other’s arms for some time, and because I had been gazing so closely at her face, my dick had started to stiffen.
‘I want you again mum’
‘No more Alice, not tonight, I am finished, you won’t get me again’
‘Can I just put it in you please’
Mum rolled onto her back with her legs wide open, I positioned myself between them and slid my dick home in her offered pussy. I began fucking her slowly. She smiled
‘I will not cum again, but it feels so nice having you in me’
‘I like being in you’
I was fucking her pussy with long steady strokes, for ages, gradually her body started to respond, I quickened my pace, her body kept in time, I began fucking her hard, she wrapped her legs around me pulling me into her, I could feel her nails on my back digging in, her body thrusting back, we were now fucking like there was no tomorrow, she let out a loud screech, we both cum hard together.

‘I wish I had my camera’ dad said from the door ‘a video of what I just saw, would net me thousands on the porn market’
‘Oops sorry, I did not know you were there dad’ I blushed as I hastily got off mum making a loud slurping noise. Mum’s face had also gone bright red.
‘Hello Greg, I wasn’t expecting you yet’
‘You must have started late, it’s half past midnight. By what I have just seen, you look as if you have enjoyed yourselves’ he said grinning
I found my panties and bra, and began to put them on
‘Don’t bother dressing babe, your room is only two doors away, and I have seen you naked many times’
‘G’night dad’
‘Good night Alice dear’
He patted my bare bottom
‘Have that ready for me tomorrow’ he grinned and blew me a kiss.
Wednesday at work I found it hard going, I kept thinking about mum and me the night before, I had never fucked so many times in one evening, in my whole life, not even with Carol. I eventually got finished and went home.
‘Keep away from me with that dangerous weapon you keep in your panties’ mum cackled
I went to kiss her mouth, she turned her face so I kissed her cheek.
‘Back to normal now Alice, no more sex for us unless dad suggests it’
‘That’s ok mum, I agree’
‘Dad said he couldn’t find a dry patch to sl**p on, there were puddles of cum all over the sheets, when I went to get fresh ones my legs wouldn’t hold me up, I just fell on the floor, your dad laughed when he changed them, he had to lift me up to put me in bed’
‘It’s your fault, because you are so sexy’
‘He said he would be taking it out on you tonight’
I changed out of my work suit and slipped into a cotton dress and went down for dinner. Mum was dishing it up, dad had arrived, as I kissed his cheek, he put his hand up the back of my dress and squeezed my butt cheeks’
‘Mmm, I’m looking forward to that’ he grinned
‘Why are you hungry Greg’? mum said turning toward him with his dinner plate
She saw where his hand was
‘Oh, that sort of hungry’
We all had a good laugh. I went to help mum clear up after.
‘Not tonight Alice, this evening is for you and your dad, you will need all your energy later. Go on dear, go and get ready for him’
‘Goodnight mum’
‘Goodnight Alice, goodnight Greg have a good time’
As I left, dad was right behind me, I went upstairs letting him have a good look up my dress.
‘Seeing you girls at it last night, made me really horny, I have been looking forward to tonight’
‘See you in an hour dad, I will be ready for you’
He patted my bottom again
‘Keep it warm for me’ he chuckled.
I stripped off, I used more water than usual with the douche, and held it inside me longer to stretch my rectal tube. Showered, did my hair and face, I put on navy bra and suspenders with sheer navy stockings, and see through navy baby doll top with fur around the top and bottom, I did not bother to put panties on. I had just lubricated myself with the KY when I heard dad in the hall, so I knelt on the bed with my backside to the door.
‘Wow, that cute butt of yours looks so inviting’
‘It is all yours dad, I have kept it warm, it’s ready and waiting for you’
‘Wouldn’t you like me to play with you first’?
‘No, because I know you are horny’
He dropped his boxers, coated his large dick with KY. He pressed the head of his dick on my anus, the large knob opened me wide as it entered me, ‘Pop’ it went in, then that full feeling as his dick slowly travelled completely into me. He fucked me furiously for at least twenty minutes before he shot his first load. He must have saved it up, it felt like he had filled me with his cum. He turned me onto my back and re-entered me, I had my legs apart so he could have full access to me. He fucked me for what seemed ages, that monster dick ramming in me, he played with my tits, even wanking my dick in time with his thrusts. He smiled down at me
‘Oh god Alice, you are so sexy, I’m going to…’.
His dick throbbed as it unloaded again into my bowels. It is such a wonderful feeling, the spurting of his dick so deep inside me and knowing I could satisfy him. He leaned forward to kiss me, but I handed him tissues just in time before his lips touched mine.
‘No kissing dad, that is the rule’
‘Sorry, I forgot in the heat of the moment’
He lay facing me, with his arms around me. I could see by his expression it was getting to be more than just having sex with me. I did not want him to have anything more than just affection for me. I love my mum, I would never come between her and dad.
‘Dad’? I asked ‘what is it that makes you want to fuck me so much, when you have mum’?
‘Because you are a very sexy girl’
‘But you and everyone else think mum and me both look alike’
‘You remind me of her, when she was younger, and you are now my daughter, so it feels like I am committing i****t. Not only that, you are a very good fuck’
‘I like being fucked by my daddy’
‘Am I the only one now’
I had to say he was, I couldn’t admit Carol fucked me, as he still thinks she is a real girl.
‘Yes you are dad’
‘You say you like me fucking you, why is that’?
‘I feel and look like a girl, it is nice that you want to fuck me as one. I enjoy it too, I love the feel of you deep inside me, and I get a wonderful feeling when you are cumming in me, and I can satisfy you sexually as a girl can’
‘Do you ever fancy other men’
‘Definitely not, there is no way I would let any of them near me’
‘Yet you like me fucking you’
‘After you ****d me when you thought I was mum, I felt so sorry for you, I knew you wanted her badly. I did not want you going out with other women, so I let you fuck me instead. I began to look forward being used for sex by you, I found it nice that you wanted me’
‘Would you like to have me more often than just on Wednesdays’
‘No dad, once a week is enough, I have no intention of coming between you and mum’
‘Your mum did say, that if she got uncomfortable with sex when the baby got bigger, that you may have to stand in for her’
‘That’s no problem dad, after all it is my fault she got pregnant, and it’s only fair that I help her out, but it can only be when Carol isn’t here at the weekends. I don’t want her finding out’
‘I agree, when she is here I will be the perfect father’
‘Do you want me again dad’?
‘Would you like to Alice’?
‘Yes dad, I want you in me again’
I felt his dick, it was only half hard, I scurried down and kissed around his balls and dick, I was able to get the knob in my mouth and sucked, he was hardening, the head of his dick became too big for me to hold between my lips. I turned around with my bottom toward him on my side. He applied fresh KY, then slipped smoothly into me. Dad was fully hard, and was once again fucking me. My bottom was now used to his large dick, it felt nice the way he was using the whole length of it, sliding in and out. I wondered if Carol’s dad was fucking her right now, I glanced at the clock, nearly half past ten. Dad rolled onto his back lifting me so I was on top facing away from him, I put my hands on his knees and was riding him, he had his hands on my hips easing me up and down,
‘Try to spin around to face me sweetie’
I lifted a leg over his, pivoting on his dick, then over again. My whole weight pressing on his pubic bone, his dick couldn’t get any further into me, I moved my legs so I could kneel astride, then raised and lowered myself. He played with my titties and smiled.
‘Such a perfect body and flawless skin, you are so fuckable’
I leaned forward over him, he began ramming into me at a fast pace, my half hard dick was slapping his stomach in time, after a while he grabbed my hips and pulled me down hard, I put one hand behind and cupped his balls, I felt them rhythmically pulsing as they were emptying in me.
‘Wow dad, that felt so good, I could feel you cumming’
‘As I have said before, you are a great fuck. Stay there for a minute, it feels good and I want to drain every drop inside you’ he breathed heavily.
I sat on his gradually deflating dick, I had enjoyed being fucked and satisfying my dad. My dick had not got properly hard all evening, I must have overdone it with mum last night. I passed him some tissues as I rose off him, he wiped us both.
I lay beside him as he got up on one elbow, he put his hand under my chin and gazed into my eyes.
‘I really needed that after watching your mum and you last night, it was so horny’
He kissed me lightly on each cheek and forehead.
‘Until next week sweet Alice’.
As he left, I noticed it was eleven-thirty, I rang Carol.
‘Hi darling, are you free’?
‘Yes Alice, he left about five minutes ago’
‘Same here, I thought of you at half ten, while I was being shagged’
‘I was being cuddled, I had to give him a blow job to get him hard again, then he fucked me for the third time tonight’
‘I had three as well, oops, I’m leaking cum, see you Friday, love you’
‘Love you too Alice, byee’

For the next seven months, Carol and I were together every weekend. Dad had just started fucking me four nights Monday to Thursday as mum was getting closer. I was allowed to fuck mum once a week on a Wednesday until nine pm, then it was dads turn with me, until midnight, but that stopped a couple of weeks ago, as mum was getting uncomfortable. Mum’s checks came back each time from the clinic, baby was perfectly normal.
One Saturday, Mum called Carol, dad and me in the lounge.
‘I have been thinking that we may have a problem’ she held her hand up to stop us from speaking. ‘Greg, you were treated at the local hospital after your accident, they tried to get your fertility back, and your sperm checks were carried out in the clinic I am attending, they will know that you could not be the father’
Dad slapped his forehead.
‘God, I never thought of that’
‘Unless we want to finish up in court, we cannot name Alice, but we could name Harold as the father, only if you are willing Carol’
‘Who the hell is Harold’ dad spluttered
‘I am’ Carol answered
‘A pretty girl like you cannot be a father, you need a dick for that’
‘I have one, I am just like Alice, a shemale’
‘So you are a boy whose name is Harold’?
‘Yes, Harold Robinson’
‘It’s hard to believe you are a boy, you are…’
‘Too pretty’ Carol interrupted, ‘I know, everyone has said that about me all my life, and in answer to your question Liz, yes, I would be honoured to be named as the father’
‘Thank you Carol, I would have hated the birth certificate to have said ‘father unknown’’
A lovely baby girl was born right on time, six pound seven ounces, mum looked so happy and proud when we visited, we decided her name would be Amy Caroline Smith. When mum brought Amy home, it was my job to look after her when I was not at work, Carol virtually took over at weekends, she really loved our new f****y member, she spent her weekends, fussing over Amy and playing with Gary, any spare time we spent fucking.
Dad fucked me during the week, until mum had recovered, then back to just Wednesday evenings.

Two months after Amy arrived, on a Saturday morning just after Carol and I had a fuck in the shower and got ready, mum and dad called Carol and me into the lounge.
‘Greg and I have had a talk, Gary is now going to school, Amy is not one yet, I have been told by the clinic that I am healthy and still fertile. What I am trying to say is, I want another baby’.
‘We have watched how motherly and loving Carol is toward the c***dren, we wanted to know if you Carol, would like a baby of your own. It would mean you would have to give up work and live here to help Liz look after them, and, Alice you would have to support Carol financially. How do you two feel about that’?
Carol and I looked at each other, I grinned and nodded to her, she burst into tears.
‘Oh Greg, Liz, it would be a dream come true, I have wanted to be a mum ever since I met Gary, even more so now Amy has arrived. Oh, I have just thought, it means that Liz and I…’
‘Yes, it means that you will have to impregnate Liz, is that a problem for you’?
‘Not at all, it would be as if I am with Alice’
‘There is one thing though’ dad said ‘you will have to sl**p with Liz, and I will sl**p with Alice, until Liz gets pregnant, is that ok’?
‘What about me dad, I need Carol’
‘Oh yes of course, well how about Carol goes with Liz, and I go with you, until eleven, then we swap places’
‘That’s better, when does all this start’
‘Today, if you like’
Mum looked at Carol with a smirk
‘Fancy a trial run if we can get these two to look after the k**s’
Mum held her hand out to Carol, she stood and took it, turned to me and grinned as they left. Dad and I played with the little ones, I changed Amy’s nappy. About two hours later, mum and Carol came back holding hands. Mum was a bit dishevelled and had a satisfied look on her face, Carol looked a bit worn but happy.
‘Ok you two, our turn with the c***dren, off you go, I will get some snacks ready for lunch’
Dad didn’t need telling twice, he put his arm around my waist and led me out.
‘God, I am so horny, I kept thinking about your girlfriend fucking my wife’
He stripped, his dick was stiff and ready
‘Get your knickers off sweetie, I will get the KY’
I removed my panties, and got on my knees on the bed.
‘Like this dad’?
‘That’s fine, I just need to get my dick in you’
He lubed his dick, and me then entered me easily, Carol and I had fucked each other earlier this morning, so I was already a bit stretched. Dad fucked me hard, we changed positions a couple of times, he did his usual by cumming in me twice. After cleaning ourselves up, we went down and sat, four of us with the k**s eating sandwiches and coffee.
‘This is so nice’ mum said ‘just one big happy f****y’
‘I feel as if I am a part of it now’ Carol added smiling at mum

The next few weeks were a bit hectic. When Carol finished work each Wednesday, she went to her home, so her dad could have her, then back here on Thursday, when she fucked mum and dad fucked me until eleven, then I fucked Carol. Each morning I fucked Carol, but she saved herself for mum in the evening. On the fourth week just after dad had finished having me, and Carol had returned from mum,
She whispered ‘I am going to be a daddy and mummy, I have got your mum pregnant, but she says she won’t tell your dad for another week, just to be sure’
‘Oh, that’s wonderful news Carol, I am so happy for you’.
A week later, mum called us all together and told us the news.
Dad said that we could all get back to a normal f****y life now, but he had a request.
‘I will have to use you again Alice when mum starts to get big again, until then, you and mum can have sex once a week, but I would like to have Carol on that night, but of course only if you both agree’
Carol blushed and looked over at me and gave a slight nod, I wanted mum again, so I nodded back.
‘That sounds fair, the arrangement of us returning to our own bed at eleven still stands, but I would like to add, that when mum has this baby, we stick with our own partner from then on, is that agreed’?
We all agreed to those terms.
‘When do we start’? mum asked
‘Right now if you like’ dad said ogling Carol.
I could see she was worried, wringing her hands and biting her lip, my lovely Carol is going to be fucked by my dad.
‘Ok, two hours only, Alice and I will look after the k**s, after that, we have the same. Then tonight after dinner we do it again until eleven’
Dad got Carol’s hand and literally dragged her out, she was blushing bright red and looked nervously back at me.
Mum gave me a grin.
‘He’s been dying to fuck her for ages, so I thought it best that they went first’
We played with Gary and Amy, but my mind was in turmoil, thinking of my pretty Carol being fucked by my dad. Two hours later dad came in holding Carol’s hand he was smiling broadly, Carol was blushing profusely eyes cast down, I could see she was totally embarrassed and trying not to look at anyone. She was standing with her blouse partly buttoned wrongly, and with her legs slightly apart under her crumpled miniskirt, it seemed like dad had given her a good fucking. I felt a pang of jealousy, I was in love with her, and now I have shared her.
‘Come Alice, it’s our turn’
I followed mum up to my room, as soon as I closed the door, mum flung her arms around me and began kissing me passionately.
‘We are not supposed to kiss like that mum’ I said
‘I won’t tell, if you don’t, but right now I want you to fuck me silly’
Rapidly helping each other undress, mum pulled me onto the bed.
‘I don’t need any foreplay, just stick that dick of yours in me, I need you now’
I fucked mum in various positions, just like my dad, I didn’t slow down after I shot my first load in her, mum squealed through several orgasms, I glanced at the clock, only fifteen minutes to go. I really went to town on her then, I was fucking her hard and fast. Mum squeaked again as I finally cum in her just as our time was up. We hurriedly dressed and went down.
Carol looked up at me still blushing and smiled sheepishly, she was playing with Gary on the floor, dad was in an armchair cuddling a sl**ping Amy in his arms.
‘Enjoy yourselves’ dad grinned
‘Yes thanks Greg’ mum turned to me ‘please would you give me a hand with some sandwiches for lunch dear’.
We had the late lunch, talking about making the fourth bedroom into a nursery. Mum turned to Carol,
‘Take Alice upstairs while I prepare dinner, you haven’t spent much time together today’
Closing the bedroom door, we lay on the bed holding each other tight.
‘Why were you so embarrassed when you came down with my dad this morning’?
‘I didn’t know his dick was so big, but he did take it slowly until he got it all in me, then, just like you, he didn’t even slow down after he cum the first time, when our time was nearly up, I started to get dressed, he rammed his dick back into me and began fucking me again, I was bent over the bed doing my buttons up with his cock pounding into me, he cum in me a third time, he pulled his trousers on, then grabbed my hand and we came down, I could hardly walk, I had my panties in my hand and cum running down my legs and I felt a bit sore, I wanted a hole to open and swallow me up, I didn’t want you to see me having just been fucked by your dad only a few seconds before’
‘Did you enjoy him’?
‘Well sort of, his dick is much bigger than my dads, I didn’t think I could take it all at first, but he was very gentle with me, he kept asking if I was ok as he was getting further in me, I was amazed when his thighs touched the back of mine and knowing he had that big dick fully inside me it felt enormous, I have never been so stretched, once I got used to it, I suppose I liked it’
‘Well you have got him again later’
‘Oh god, I won’t be able to walk for a week’
‘Don’t be silly, he has fucked me hundreds of times, you will soon enjoy having his dick in you’
‘Did you like fucking your mum’?
‘Yes, it’s been a couple of months since we last did it, and she is good in bed’
‘I know I loved it when I was knocking her up, it was like fucking you except she has a real pussy’
‘Do you like real pussy’?
‘No, I prefer your bottom, so you better turn over’
Carol fucked me, we had a break kissing and caressing, then she climbed on me again.
We had dinner around seven, it took an hour by the time we had finished and cleared up.
‘We meet at nine, mum comes to you Alice, and Carol comes to me, is that ok’? dad said
We all agreed. Carol and I douched and showered, while I was soaping her down, I wanted to fuck her.
‘No Alice, this is for your dad tonight’ she said patting her bottom ‘and this is for your mum’ she grabbed my dick and waggled it.
We got made up and put sexy underwear on, I put on the gold set. At a minute to nine we kissed
‘See you later darling’, she said shakily as she set off.
Mum came in, she had her gold underwear set on as well.
‘Not only do we look alike, it seems we even think alike’
For the next two hours mum and I made passionate love together.
Carol came back at eleven holding her panties in her hand, mum gave her a kiss as she left.
‘I didn’t want to get cum over them’ she said, walking carefully with her legs apart into the bathroom. I followed her in, she was having another douche, I jumped in the shower to wash the smell of sex from me, Carol came in with me, we soaped each other,
‘Be gentle around my bottom, it’s a bit tender, your dads big dick has spent a lot of time in there today’
‘This is worn out anyway, so don’t worry’ I said waving my soft dick.
We got dried and curled up together naked in bed. She fucked me once before we went to sl**p.
Sunday morning, Carol and I had our early morning fuck, showered, made up and dressed alike.
‘Hello girls, toast ready, I will get your coffee’s’ mum said cheerfully ‘how do you both feel after yesterdays escapades’?
‘I was a bit sore last night, other than that I liked it’ Carol said
‘Yes she was untouchable, but I couldn’t have done anything anyway, because I was too worn out. I did have a great time though’
‘We will have a chat next Saturday to see if you want this arrangement to continue’

For the next eight months the arrangement carried on, mum was now getting too big for comfortable sex, so dad had me Monday to Thursday, Carol had her dad every Wednesday, then my dad had Carol on a Saturday from nine to eleven, she was quite used to his large dick now, she even looked forward to having it inside her. Carol was arranging to leave her job full time and work from our home on the computer part time, and she would have to pop into her office once a week, to sort out any paperwork, this was arranged for each Wednesday, so from there she would go to her home every Wednesday after work and let her dad have her in the evening, then return here Thursday morning.
This worked well until mum gave birth to another lovely baby girl, seven pounds two ounces, Angela Carol Smith. Carol had insisted attending the birth, and had held mum’s hand through the whole time. She then rushed screaming into the waiting room.
‘I am a mummy…I am a mummy’
The few others in there all looked at her, two burst out laughing the rest looked at her as if she was totally mad. Dad and I saw the funny side of it, we both flung our arms around her kissing and congratulating her.
The sexual side of our life changed, as Carol and I took baby Angela to Carol’s home each Friday to Saturday, because her parents thought I was the mother, the doting grandparents could see a likeness of me in her. Carol’s mum June took me on one side,
‘You are such a lucky girl keeping your figure so amazingly well, how on earth did you manage it’?
‘It must be in my genes, my mum has kept neat and trim as well’
‘Carol is so happy she met you, she loves you very much’
‘I am deeply in love with her too, I have a very pretty lover and best girlfriend all in one’
‘When we first met, you said you were a lesbian, do you still feel like a lesbian when you are with her?’
‘I suppose I do, she is very pretty, she takes after you’
‘I may have been ten years ago, I am over forty now, and the years are taking their toll’
‘Rubbish, you are still in your prime, I think you are still a pretty and sexy lady’
‘Are you coming on to me Alice’?
‘Well, Carol does look a lot like you, you have still got what it takes’
I only wanted to flatter her to give her ego a boost, and to give her confidence about her good looks.
‘I have never been with a woman, it would be very interesting especially with you, I do feel very attracted to you’
‘I think we should end this conversation, it is getting a little out of hand’
‘Please Alice, will you kiss me, just this one time’
She put her arms around me and put her lips to mine, we kissed gently at first, our tongues met, gradually it became sexually charged.
‘What the fuck’ Bernie exclaimed from the doorway
We leaped apart breathing heavily, June’s lipstick was smudged.
‘Sorry Bernie, I got a bit carried away’ June said blushing.
‘Cool mum, you have been snogging my girlfriend’ Carol said standing beside her dad
‘I only asked her for a kiss’
‘That was some kiss, it looked as if you wanted more than that’
‘Don’t feel sorry mum, I couldn’t resist her either, and she is great in bed’
‘Is that what you would like June? Would you like to go to bed with Alice’?
‘Bernie, you know I am not like that’
‘That kiss showed you would like to try it’
‘Er, excuse me, don’t I have a say in this’ I said
‘You have said several times, how attractive my mum is, so don’t deny that you fancy her’
‘Carol please, that was supposed to be just between us’
‘I have no objections, if you both want to share a bed for a while’ Bernie grinned
June turned to me
‘I would like to, how do you feel Alice’?
I looked at Carol pleadingly, she knew I would have to give the game away.
‘Go for it Alice’ Carol urged ‘you know you want to’
I took June’s hand, smiled
‘Yes’ I said softly
‘But what about you two, what will you do’? June looked at Carol and Bernie
‘Don’t worry mum, dad has been having me regularly for a couple of years’
‘God no, Bernie have you been fucking our so… daughter’?
‘Yes dear’
‘So that is why you were so tired every Thursday, you were shagging Carol when I went to my mothers house’
‘Sorry June, she looked so good, I just couldn’t resist her’
‘That settles it, come Alice, let us get to know each other, Bernie? You and Carol look after Angela until she is asl**p’
‘Hold it, I suggest we return to our own partners at midnight, is that ok’? I said
It was agreed. I followed June upstairs to her bedroom, as soon as the door was shut, she hugged and began kissing me frenziedly. Gasping for air, I pulled away
‘June, I have something important you should know’
‘Can it wait, I want you to make love to me now’
‘That is the important bit. I am the same as Carol, I have a dick’
‘WHAT? I don’t believe you, you are a helluver sexy girl’
I did a slow sensual strip to my underwear, I reached under and freed my dick, it stuck out from the left leg of my panties.
‘Oh my god, you have a beautiful body and nice sized dick, but where did Angela come from, she can’t be my granddaughter’
‘She is your granddaughter, Carol is the father and my mum is her mother, but Carol will be her mummy. She wanted a baby of her own, my mum offered to have the baby’
‘What about your dad, didn’t he object’?
‘No he is not fertile, he exchanged my mum for me until mum was pregnant’
‘So where does Amy come from’?
‘She is my daughter, I had an accident with my mum when she was inspecting my body’
‘I can’t believe it all, it seems I am the only one that has been left out. Alice please fuck me’
I did not just fuck her, I made love to her copying what I did to my mum. I brought her off twice with my mouth, she gave a little squeak each time she cum, I fucked her through three more, while I was resting after cumming in her twice, we lay holding each other, stroking and caressing each other.
‘That was amazing, your lovely body turned me on, and that dick of yours brought me off, oh Alice, I loved every second’
‘You realise that you must never say anything to Bernie, I want him to believe I am the mother of Angela’
‘Of course I wouldn’t say anything, it would be difficult to explain, and I want him to think we had a girl on girl sex session, your dick is staying my secret’
My dick began responding to her soft touch, I put a leg between hers and entered her again. She had two more orgasms
‘Look at the time, quick put something on, Bernie will be here any minute’.
I jumped out of bed pulled up my skirt, and just fastening my bra, when Bernie arrived
‘Times up girls, I hope you enjoyed yourselves, I know I did’ he chuckled
I picked up my remaining clothes, blew a kiss to June, and went to Carol’s room.
‘God, that was close’ I said
‘Why did you nearly get caught’?
‘I just got my skirt on, and doing up my bra when he walked in, I have still got a hard on’
‘Don’t look at me. I have just been fucked’
‘Oh please Carol, I will try to be quick’
‘I am still full of my dads cum, you will have to take sloppy seconds’
I kissed her,
‘Thanks babe, I owe you one’
She lay with her legs open, I slipped easily into her, she was quite loose, I could hear the cum squelching as I fucked her, it was a bit of a turn on, fucking my girlfriend who had just been fucked by her dad, and only a couple of minutes before my dick was in her mum. After a while, I shot my load adding to her already filled bowels.
She fucked me twice, my own sweet Carol making love to me. Before we were able to cuddle up together, we had to douche and shower to clean up. Back in bed, Carol asked
‘How did my mum take it when you showed her your dick’?
‘Her eyes nearly popped out of her head, I had to explain how our babies were conceived, she did promise she would never let on to your dad’
‘Was she a good fuck’?
‘She loved it, so did I, I hope we can do it again sometime. Was your dad okay with it’?
‘He reckons mum will soon get bored being a lesbian because she likes dick too much’
We giggled, kissed and went to sl**p.
Saturday morning, June was waiting by the percolator with her back to me, Carol was changing and feeding Angela upstairs,
‘How is my new lesbian girlfriend this morning’ I asked as I stroked her bottom
She turned, checked we were alone and put her arms around me
‘Oh Alice darling, last night was the best ever, I hope we get a chance to do it again’
‘So do I June, very much so, but only if it is ok with Carol, I would never do anything that she wasn’t in full agreement with’.
‘Don’t forget she was the one who suggested we get together in the first place, and she doesn’t seem to mind letting Bernie fuck her’
‘I would rather you ask her, when she comes down’
Carol came in carrying Angela, she asked her mum
‘How was it last night, did you enjoy your first lesbian experience’?
‘I loved it, and the surprise that went with it’
‘That has to be our secret mum’
‘Don’t worry, I will never let on. Did you mind taking on your dad while we did it’?
‘No, I have sort of got used to him now, I know he wants to get in my knickers any chance he gets, and I thought it would give you a change for a bit of excitement’
‘How do you feel about it Alice, did you mind lending your girlfriend to her dad’?
‘As long as Carol didn’t mind, I enjoyed the arrangement’
‘Is there any chance we could do it again sometime’? June asked
‘That is something you will have to discuss with dad. Right now though, Alice and I have to get ready to take Angela home’
‘I will talk to him during the week. You have made Bernie and myself very happy, we have a lovely granddaughter. Thank you so much’.
We travelled home just after lunch. Carol told me that her grandmother had not got very long to live. Her mum was spending more time with her and her dad wanted to know if Carol could keep up the Wednesday evening session with him.
‘What did you tell him’?
‘I told him it was difficult now Angela had arrived and I was working as well’
‘Do you want to see him’?
‘No, not really, I am so happy with just us, our babies and being together, I feel a little bit sorry for him, that’s all’
‘It’s ok by me, if you still see him each week, I am sure my dad would be pleased’
‘I thought we all agreed now that Angela has arrived, we were going to stick to our own partners’ Carol said
‘The idea was, that my mum is now off limits to us two, so if you stay overnight on Wednesday’s for your dad, I am pretty sure my mum will be quite happy to let my dad have me’

It became a regular schedule for the next two months, Carol stayed at her home each Wednesday night so her dad could have her, and my dad had me, we always phoned each other at midnight after our session. Each Friday Carol, Angela and I, went to Carol’s home, after baby was tucked up in bed, I fucked Carol’s mum, while her dad fucked her. Then at midnight Carol fucked me. The only person that lost out was my mum, who seemed quite content having her Wednesday evening break. Carol and I made love every chance we got.

It was fun when mum and Gary, Carol with Angela, and me and Amy went out shopping or to the park, three mums and their k**s just enjoying life together.
June’s mother passed away, it changed all our plans. Carol and I discussed our future.
‘I will have to stop seeing my dad every Wednesday, and just take Amy and Angela once a week to see them’.
‘What about the sex side of it’? I asked
‘If you are ok with it, I would like us to stick to each other in future’
‘I agree, it’s about time we had a more normal life, no dads or mums, just us two from now on’.
We told both our parents, they reluctantly agreed, we all had a lot of fun while it lasted, but they understood that Carol and I just wanted to be together and bring our c***dren up.
Gary was growing up a nice lad, he always looked after his two s****rs, Amy and Angela, although they were a year different in age, looked like identical twins, the k**s were growing up nicely and doing well at school. Carol and I dressed them in similar clothes, sometimes even we mistook which one was which. Carol and myself were still very much in love, our sex together never faltered, it was as good today as it ever was, and we enjoyed watching our little f****y growing up.


Please give me feedback it is my second story, the first was anonymous, this time I would like to know what you think of my efforts.

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Alice the Dirty Whore

Alice the Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Chapter One “Alice the Gutter Whore”

Alice couldn’t remember the moment she first started wanting, and lusting after physical contact with the opposite sex. But she figured that it was before she could walk.

At just four years old and within her first week at school she was flashing her knickers in the playground for the price of an anissed ball. And for one more she would offer to pull them down.

Her inquisitive sexual nature drove Alice to experiment with a lot off boys at school and outside of it, gaining her a reputation that was spread into the wider community.

Her parents John and Maud Reynolds turned a blind eye as strangers and neighbours whispered and spread gossip about their wanton daughter.
But then John and Maud understood a little more than most what the young girl was going through.

John had first met his wife to be when his regiment was shipping out from Portsmouth on its way to the front during the First World War.
Maud was a stunner and worked the docks seeing to it that as many service men as possible went to war knowing what joys could be had between the thighs of a willing woman, for a price of course.

John was taken with the young vivacious prostitute and meet up with her on every opportunity possible during his home leave.
Maud was also attracted to John and sex with him was more than just a whore punter relationship, and some quick loveless coupling for coin. He really hit the spot when they had sex and made her toes curl, as he banged away at her well used cunt with his 9” fat cock.

At the end of the war, it didn’t take much for John to persuaded Maud to marry him, and move into his home in South London, leaving her life as a prostitute behind.

When Alice came along it took them both by surprise, as they had long since thought that having a f****y was just not on the cards for them. But on November 17th 1929 Maud gave birth to a beautiful little girl and they could not have been happier.

Watching the little girl grow up they knew that she was her mother’s daughter, with her growing sexual appetite that reminded Maud of what she was like as a c***d growing into womanhood.

Sex was natural to Alice and it was mostly all she ever thought about, and as she got older she quickly realised that she could trade her favours for something with a little more value than an anissed ball, like shoe laces, a bag of gob stoppers or even cigarettes.

With Sunday dinner finished and the dishes done John and Maud made themselves comfortable in front of the fire listening to the radio as Alice wrapped up warm with her hat and coat.
With one hand already turning the front door knob she called out “Just going for a little walk”

John and Maud smiled at each other and replied in unison “Don’t be late”

It was Sunday the 17th of January 1943 at 7:45 in the evening. The winters sky was pitch black with no moon, just a blanket of darkness perforated with a million pinholes of light. As Alice left the warmth and safety of her home she made her way up the street. And as she turned into Playfield Crescent she could see the boy who she had agreed to meet already waiting in the shadows hands in pockets shuffling his feet.

It was unusually mild for January as Alice took the boys hand. He was an older boy of about sixteen, who nervously introduced himself as Alfred and offered her a box of swan matches with a crumpled pack of capstan cigarettes, with only three left in it.

His hand trembled as she led him of Playfield Crescent, through the trees and bushes to the caretakers hut on the edge of Alleyn’s School playing fields in East Dulwich.

This was Alice’s favourite place for playing mummy’s and daddies. She was just a few months past her thirteenth birthday and already she had been with more boys than she could count, or cared to remember. But on the whole it was all good fun, the best of fun.

There was a loose wooden panel at the back of the caretaker’s hut that you could pull away from the frame and squeeze through. Alice showed Alf the way and as the loose panel clattered shut behind them, the sound of the air raid sirens screeched through the still night air.

In the darkness of the caretaker’s hut Alice took the lead removing her coat and knickers before loosening her dress and fumbling with Alf’s trousers trying to free his penis as he clumsily felt up her budding but quite ample breasts and sensitive stiff nipples.

His cock now free and quickly rising to the occasion Alice took hold of his hands pushing them down her torso to her groin, and moistening sex

“You can play with my pussy if you want”

Alf was breathing hard and fast as his fingers touched a pussy for the first time feeling the slick lips and with guidance from Alice the very entrance to her vagina.

Alice manipulated his now throbbing young cock and teased him towards her heated sex already slick and ready for fucking.

“Put your willy in me Alf, please I want you to”

Alfred had barely spoken a word since he first introduced himself to this young girl now lying beneath him, with her legs spread wide. But he knew what he was here to do, and that was to lose his virginity.

As the first bursts of ack ack blotted out the screams of the air raid sirens Alice guided him towards her wanting pussy, and needing no more tuition or direction Alf pushed his cock home into Alice’s experienced sex making them both gasp with pleasure.

Alf had a nice thick cock, a little short on length but Alice would always take thickness over length any day of the week. Alice knew what she liked and the amount of action her tender young cunt had seen was quite considerable for any woman, let alone a girl who was barley thirteen.

Alf’s natural instincts kicked in and he started to hump into the young girl as she cooed and moaned beneath him. Her sounds obliterated by the continuous and deafening noise from the anti-aircraft fire.

The ground shook from the furious attack on the night sky with every battery of guns in London unloading their anger and hatred into the wave of German bombers above, hell bent on dishing out another painful blow on England’s already battered capital.

The blasts of light illuminated the inside of the hut piercing through every crack and opening sending dancing shadows of the coupling pair onto the dirty wooden floor, and walls.

The intensity of the barrage sent waves of fear mixed with excitement through their already highly charged veins.

With the ground literally shaking beneath them they cried out in passion and ecstasy as they came in unison, with Alf spilling his seed into Alice’s far from innocent pussy.

As they lay together in post sexual bliss a tremendous explosion ripped through the night eclipsing the defining noise from the anti aircraft batteries with a f***e that could be felt thirty miles away.

The sound wave rattled every tin and tool in the hut not nailed down and sent dust from the shelves and rafters cascading down.

The physical f***e of the sound wave made them gasp for air, shocking them back to reality.

Alice’s eyes opened wide with fear. “My god that was close”

“bl**dy close, it must be only a street away or closer!” Alf replied.
Panic set in as Alice pushed Alf off her. “My dad! My mum! I gota see”
The explosion was close, very close indeed and Alice feared for her parents.

Alice quickly retrieved her knickers coat and hat before she scrambled out of the hut. Looking up at the skyline flames licked upwards into the night coming from the direction of Lytcott Grove where Alice lived with her parents John and Maud Reynolds.

Not caring about the wiping branches of the busses or trees she dashed through the small cops to Playfield Crescent then right into Lytcott Grove where she froze.

Almost the whole street was gone, bricks, rubble, smashed and splintered furniture was strewn everywhere and a sixty foot wide crater made the road impassable.

Alice stood in shock as the screams of pain and desperation coming from the injured and dying assaulted her very being.

Unable to move she watched passively as the street that was, become alive with people coming from every direction running and shouting. The sound of fire engines now took over the night chorus with the backing music of roaring fires and breaking timbers.

Alice knew in her hart that her parents were gone along with her home. Not one brick was left in place where her home once was.
She was blinded with tears, her little body shaking with desperate sorrow and grief unable to move.

She felt an arm come over her shoulder, it was Alf.
“You lived there” he said matter of factually looking at the devastation, with no or little emotion in his voice. Alf gazed with morbid oar and fascination at the vision of destruction in front of him.

Alice just nodded numbly.

Nothing more needed to be said her sobbing and shaking body said it all, Alf knew she had lost her parents and home like so many other c***dren.

“You got any relatives you can go too?” Alice shook her head; the poor girl had no one.

“You can’t stay here then, they will catch you and take you away, most probably send you to Canada or Australia”
It was common knowledge that a lot of c***dren that had lost their parents and been made orphans got rounded up and sent abroad. The tails Alice had heard of slave ships and work houses put the fear of god into her.

Alf pulled Alice away from the scene dr****g her coat over her shoulders and putting a protective arm around her.

“You can come back to my house, my mum won’t mind. I will tell her what has happened and that you are going to stay with an aunt or something, don’t worry I will look after you”

He led Alice back to his parent’s house where he was greeted by a very worried mother, as if she didn’t have enough to worry about with her husband in North Africa with Monty.

Alf filled his mum in with the details, well at least some of them. About the bombs that hit Lytcott Grove and that he bumped into Alice fleeing from the devastation.

Ethel recognised Alice straight off, John and Maud Reynolds girl and by all accounts a proper little tart. She didn’t actually know the Reynolds but the gossip mongers made sure everyone knew who they were and what kind of a daughter they had raised.

But Ethel’s hart went out to the girl and needed no further details she just had to look at the girl to know the score. Fuck what the neighbours would say, no way would she turn this girl back out into the street.

She gave Alice a hug and told her that she could have Alf’s bed for the night and that he could sl**p downstairs. Tomorrow she would try to find her parents, knowing full well that that was going to be a futile quest.

In the following days Ethel made every effort to get news on John and Maud but the blast that took away Alice’s home was so great her parent’s bodies along with many others had not been recovered, and were not expected to be.

As Ethel came into her home on Wednesday afternoon following another round of fruitless enquiries she told the poor girl that she had to accept the fact that her parents were gone, and that she would have to go and stay with her aunt.

The next morning Alf’s mum wrapped up a couple of sandwiches for Alice just in case she felt hungry on the journey to her fictitious aunts north of the river.

Alf had heard that the dock’s was a good place for k**s hiding out, and that there were plenty of soup kitchens and she could always shelter in the underground.

Arriving at St Katherine’s Dock’s they looked around at the burnt-out and collapsed warehouses.
Alf didn’t want to leave Alice but there was nothing more he could do for her.
He handed her a few pennies and said goodbye not expecting much of a response as she had been distant and hardly uttered a word the whole journey.

As he turned to leave she called his name. He spun back round to face her.
“Thanks Alf, do you want another go on me?”
Alice opened her coat and lifted up the front of her dress exposing her knickers.

She reached out and took Alf’s hand and together they went into a bombed out building.

In the shadows Alice removed her knickers stuffing them into her coat pocket. Leaning against one of the remaining walls still intact as she parted her thighs, her pussy was dripping and she desperately needed some physical contact and more importantly a hard cock in her cunt.

It was very hard at first, grief stricken, vulnerable and trying to survive in one of the most heavily bombed parts of London. But Alice was tough and she had always been a head strong girl.

Alice quickly became a backstreet gutter whore selling her favours for whatever she could get and soon she didn’t care who it was sticking it to her, provided they paid.

It was now 1947 and Alice had been on the streets for more than three and a half years doing her best to survive.
It was another dark grey cloudy morning over the London docks as summer was giving way to autumn; Alice made her way through the back streets looking for punters.

At s*******n she had already been through, and seen more than most would see in a lifetime.

After a lean period with less and less ships coming into the still dilapidated docks, and too many cheep desperate whores working the same deprived area, Alice was desperate for a good pay day.

Even though she was a beautiful s*******n year old girl with long shaggy blond hair and the largest firm set of breasts that any girl of her tender years could hope for, her trade was dwindling.

She knew that her regulars were dwindling because of her skanky cunt.
It was difficult to keep it clean working the streets with nowhere to wash her snatch and arse after each punter had dumped a fresh load in her.

Her pubic mound itched with lice, and internally she knew her money maker was riddled with who knows what.

After each punter had spilled his load into her the best she could do was squat and try to push as much spunk from her filthy cunt or arse as she could, before using a rag to mop up the drips, thus giving them all some sloppy seconds, thirds and more, on a good day a lot more.

Today Alice felt like she had hit the jack pot. She had been given the nod that an American ship was docking at six in the morning and she had the jump on the other prostitutes working the docks, and would secure her favourite spot.

Alice needed a good pay day with her regulars dwindling. She was behind on the extortionate rent she had to pay the fat old landlady for the shithole basement flat she had to live in.

Alice leant against her favourite lamppost just a few hundred yards away from the main docks. It was a perfect spot and she had easy access to an alleyway that was secluded and still blocked off the other end from the bombing.
London was going to take decades to rebuild and this arse end of nowhere was not on the radar.

This prime spot was on the route any sailors would take if they wanted to get a tram or a bus up to the west end. Or if they wanted to find a cheap whore to fuck, Alice called it her cock trap, and was glad to get there first before any another slag took up the pitch.

Alice was only a little girl at five foot two but could hold her own against the best of them. A hungry belly and the girls desire to survive was enough to make the other much older whores respect her space.

It was seven thirty when the first of the sailors with leave started coming her way. A group of four swaggered up the street towards her laughing and joking between themselves. As they got closer Alice opened up her long coat to revile her wares.

Alice was wearing her red almost transparent lace blouse that she had unbuttoned and tied in a knot below her more than generous thirty-two E firm young breasts that were held inside a much too small black lace bra. She had on a short black skirt; her black stockings had a few small ladders in them. But they were the best she could do and such luxuries like silk stockings were still hard to get, and cost the earth. On her feet she wore a pair of black stilettos.

A long coat was d****d over her shoulders and she pulled it tight around her to disguise her trade, until she wanted to reveal it. And now she did.

The sailor’s conversation was muted as their eyes went to the young prostitute with shaggy blond hair, painted red lips and jaw dropping tits.

A quiet discussion ensued as they approached her and then they laughed amongst themselves. As they got to Alice three of them walked on getting straight back into their banter as one of the group stopped, smiling down into Alice’s face.
So how much for a good time baby, he asked.

Giving the young man a seductive smile she replied. Just ten bob for a handsome man like you, and if you have a spare pack of cigarettes I’ll give your cock a nice suck before and after you’re done. She would always give a dick wash service away for free, but it never hurt to ask for cigarettes.

Sounds good to me, got a place.
Alice replied “Back ally” she tilted her head in its general direction. “Its private and safe, no need to worry sir” She took his hand and gently pulled him towards the entrance of the ally just five feet away.

In the seclusion of the ally Alice squatted down and went straight to work unbuttoning the sailor’s belt and trousers, pulling his cock out so she could get to the job started.

She took the sailors cock and gave it a quick suck before tacking her mouth of his cock and looking up into his eyes she said that this would be a good time for him to part with his money and cigs.

The young sailor took out ten bob and a packet of cigarettes from his coat pocket and handed them to Alice.
Quickly stowing then in her hand bag she went back to work on his cock.

The young sailors cock was not overly impressive but she slobbered over it like it was the best cock she had ever seen, and after a few minutes she looked up into his eyes and asked if he was ready for her cunt or if he wanted to cum in her mouth.

I want your cunt he replied. Alice got up and leaning back against the ally wall, lifted her skirt, spread her thighs taking his cock and guiding it into her moist itching hole.

He slammed his little dick straight in with ease, and once in he started to fuck her with the vigorous inexperience of youth. It didn’t take long before he shot his pent up wad of thick cum into her slutty hole with Alice doing her best to bring on the proceedings as fast as she could with verbal stimulation and faked pleasure.

When Alice had milked the last of the cum from his cock with her cunt muscles she let his cock slip out of her and in a well practiced fluid move she squatted down and took his dripping cock in her mouth giving it a tongue bath. At the same time she clenched her pussy muscles to push out the first of the days takings from her cunt, or at least most of it onto the dirty cobbles.

All done the sailor quickly pulled up and fastened his trousers, and hastily left the alley leaving Alice to straighten her hair, clothing, and wipe away the dampness from her thighs and cunt lips with her cum rag.

Looking down she examined the large dollop of sperm beneath her, and smiling to herself she wonder how many days at sea he must have gone without wanking to build up such a heavy load. And how much more spunk there would be dripping out of her diseased fuck holes before the day and night was over.

For the rest of the morning Alice took a steady procession of cocks up her cunt, arse and in her mouth. By twelve thirty she took the luxury of a ploughman’s lunch with two bottles of stout in a local ale house. By late afternoon she had to count the cash to work out how many men she had been with. It was f******n and she figured she could almost double that by the end of the night.

By nine o’clock she had reached the magical twenty mark with a couple of the men paying to do her twice, front and back. Alice counted numbers of men not fucks.

It was starting to get late, another hour or two and she would head back to the shithole of a basement where she lived.
Her train of thought was interrupted as group of black men, obviously from the ship and on their way back approached her.

She opened her coat to expose the uniform of her trade and smiled seductively at them.
The five of them were talking in whispers as they got closer and looked into each other’s faces as eyes flashed back and forth in her direction as if formulating an agreement or plan.

On reaching her they all stopped and what looked like the eldest but also the one firmly in charge spoke. “Well gorgeous how are you doing today”. His black as coal face gleamed slightly in the light from the lamp above them and his teeth shone white against the darkness of his lips.

“I am doing good thanks handsome, you and your friends looking to have some fun?”
“Me and the boys were thinking on it, you do big dark meat sugar?”

“You bet I do, and as you are such handsome men you can all have a turn on me for ten bob a piece”.

“That sounds fair but I get to go twice, first and last. What do you say?”
Alice made the pretence of thinking it over knowing that she was going to say yes.

The money exchanged hands and Alice lead them down the alley.
Alice took her coat off and put it on the ground with her bag. She didn’t normally remove her blouse and bra but she didn’t want them ruined. So she removed them and dropped them on top of her coat exposing her tit flesh and her fat cigar butt sized stiff nipples, that were getting harder by the second thinking of the rough fucking she was about to get from the five black men.

Cupping her heavy breasts she squatted down in front of the older man who already had his fairly impressive cock out.

The other men also had their dicks out or were in the process of doing so as hands started to paw her arse cheeks and tits.

Alice knew that this was going to be a rough fuck; she was no stranger to black men and she had fucked many hundreds of black soldiers and sailors over the past few years. She hated to generalise but the vast majority of the blacks she had been with liked to fuck her hard. But this was no problem for a whore like Alice, in fact she loved it.

She had taken more than her fare share of hard and rough treatment from men with by big fat cocks in all colours stretching her holes out, sometimes painfully. Right now, her itching sex craved for it.

The first mans cock was now rock hard and he pulled it out of her mouth.
He pulled Alice upright and went behind her.
Alice bent over and spread her legs slightly to give the man access to her money maker, and he wasted no time slipping into her slimy hole.

“Yea that’s it fuck her Tom” said the man now in front of her offering up his dick for Alice to suck. Tom started to hammer away as if it was a competition speed fuck, as Alice worked away on the next mans cock and balls.

Tom lasted all of five minutes before blowing a good sized load into Alice’s hot box. The second man wasted no time, as Tom slipped his cock out of her fuck hole, he was straight in forcing some of Toms cum to ooze out over his cock shaft and balls.

The third man was also quick to feed Alice his thick black meat.
While sucking on this man’s cock she glanced at the two remaining men waiting in line slowly playing with their dicks. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the impressive appendages hanging between their legs.

They were both nine or ten inches long and not even fully erect. One of them was a bit fatter than the one she had in her mouth, and the one she had in her mouth was making her jaw ache. But the other one had by far the thickest, fattest cock she had ever seen.

It must have been well over two and a half maybe three inches in diameter. That bastard was going to hurt. Alice’s heart started to pound and her cunt heated up with anticipation.

The man with his cock in Alice’s mouth noticed her eying up the two cocks.
“Like what you see whore? Don’t worry Ben and I will open that hole of yours good before Monkey gets to stretch you out. We have done this before and he hasn’t killed anyone yet” All the guys laughed as Alice worked on the cock in her mouth.

Alice could feel her orgasm build as the man in her cunt grunted and added another thick load of seed into her sloppy pussy.

The third man took his cock out of Alice’s mouth and went to work on her hole forcing the air out of her lungs as he rammed his thick dick to full depth on the first stroke.

As he started to build up some momentum slamming into her sloppy twat Alice started working on Ben’s cock. At the same time she reached out with one hand and started stroking Monkeys club of a cock, felling the weight of it.

As the cock in her cunt started to piston in and out, her climax mounted until she was at the point of no return. The anticipation of being fucked and stretched out by this monster cock in her hand made her cunt boil.

It was a powerful orgasm causing her whole body to shake, her cunt walls to ripple and clamp down on the punters thick black dick that was buried deep in her greedy whore hole.

“Fuck the whores coming on my cock” announced the man behind her with his cock, balls deep in her hot cunt working away furiously towards his own climax.

It didn’t take him long after that before he started to hose down Alice’s cunt walls.
With his cock still hard and twitching he pulled out, and with panting breath he told Ben her hole was all his, and to stretch it out good for Monkey.

Ben took his place and worked his now fully erect twelve inch cock quickly all the way in until he hit bottom, and the head of his cock came into contact with her cervix.

Ben took long strokes gyrating his hips stretching her cunt further and on every fifth or sixth stroke he went as deep as he could battering away at the entrance to her womb causing Alice to gasp at the stabbing pain.

Alice knew what she was in for. Over the past four years of selling her cunt, the entrance to her womb had been torn into by some big long dicks on a few rare occasions. But tonight it was going to get stretched a good deal further than ever before.

She now suckled and drooled on Monkey’s monster cock, it was far too fat to get her lips around and now it was rock hard and longer than her forearm. Alice was thankful that Ben was going to batter down the door first, forcing his big black cock out of the play pen and into the nursery.

Even with the stabbing pain Alice was enjoying the feeling of being so full and she was building up to another orgasm. She willed it on knowing that it would help open the door for Ben’s objective. Alice was easily turned on and did cum with many of her punters but rarely would she cum twice in such a short time, and with such f***e.

And then it happened, her over worked cunt stated to spasm on Ben’s big cock and as her cervix opened to suck up new life he drove his cock home breaking through the tight entrance to her womb and tearing her insides.

His heavy balls slapped hard against the backs of her thighs and he held his cock deep inside her, holding on to her hips and supporting her, as her legs almost buckled with the intense wave of pleasure and pain that coursed through her body.

All Alice could do was whimper and moan as Ben started to take short deep thrusts plunging the depths of her body.

Monkeys cock was fully hard and slick with her saliva. Alice new that this monster was going into bat next and a wave of fear flushed through her with anticipation just as Ben groaned and spewed his load directly into her womb.

Ben was spent for the moment and dragged his cock out of her battered vagina. A small river of fuck slime mixed with bl**d from her torn cervix splashed to the cobbles between her legs.

Monkey grinning widely and went to take his turn.
For such a big man he was quite gentle at first working his bulbous head into her well fucked cock socket. They both sighed and groaned as his club of a cock made slow but gradual progress deeper into her love sheath stretching it to new dimensions.

Monkey stated making long strokes bumping into her now not so small and bl**dy cervix. After a few minutes he pulled out fully and a small river of cum and bl**d slipped from her gaping hole and pooled with the rest of the muck on the dirty ally floor.

Monkey span Alice round so they were face to face and he lifted her up effortlessly leaning her against the wall and lowered her down onto his cock, letting her own weight and gravity do some of the work. When she was impaled he pinned her up against the wall and started to grind his tool into her cervix.

The pain was intense but a weird sense of erotic euphoria also griped her as the tight entrance started to yield under the constant pressure. Alice wrapped her legs around Monkey and dug her heals into his butt as she came crying out into the night.

“Fuck me, get all of the cock in me. Come on you fucker give it to me”
Alice hissed through gritted teeth as Monkey stared to f***e his way in.
“Yes, yes that’s it, take my cunt if your man enough” she shouted as Monkey gave it his all and smashed through her cervix and into her breeding chamber.

Alice gave a out a bl**d gurgling shriek as she was fully impaled, tears streamed down her face as her features took on a contorted vision of pain, shock and ecstasy.

The air was pushed out of her lungs and she almost passed out. Her body was involuntarily shaking and she convulsed in spasms. It took several minutes for her to calm down and her body begin to accept the mighty cock freely using the full depth of her sex, like it had never been used before.

Her breathing steadied and she looked into Monkeys face. She saw compassion their and knew he could have tore up her cunt up bad if he wanted. But he was going slow, not wanting to hurt her more than he had to. But Alice was delirious and wanted to feel the masochistic delight of the giant cock ruining her hole.

She craned her neck up offering him her lips and he took them pushing his tongue into her open mouth.
Letting her lips slip away from his she looked straight into his eyes.
“Fuck me good Monkey, take my cunt any way you want it, make me come on your cock, make my cunt it, fuck me hard”

“You want Monkey to fuck you up good and hard whore?”
“Fuck yes, fuck the shit out of me, ruin my cunt, make it yours”
Monkey needed no more encouragement and immediately increased his pace and aggression.

The others looked on in dismay as Monkey battered away at Alice’s cunt, her obvious arousal and lust was undeniable.

Alice came hard on his cock twice before Monkey hammered home for the last time flooding her innards with copious amounts of hot sperm. He left his cock inside her for a minute letting his lust subside, before he lifted her of his cock and put her back down to earth on her shaky legs.
Alice squatted down to clean his slimy bl**d streaked cock, as she did she noticed the other men all had full erections. Tom had bargained for a second go but she knew that the others would most probably take her as well, and none would want her cunt. After the show she had just put on with Monkey they were all hot to go again.

In her experience it had always worked out better for her if she offered men what they wanted before they just took it. After the first half dozen or so ****s Alice decided to just give it away and make the best of it if she had too.

She continued to clean up Monkeys cock as she thought what to do. The men would not want her stretched out pussy; she would have to offer up her arse and mouth. But Ben, she was not going to take him in the arse.

Alice let Monkeys cock slip from her mouth and stood up looking into his eyes. “You think you could do that to me again if I let your friends have another go first”

“You bet Monkey can do whore good again, but my buddy’s aint gonna want your cunt now Monkey has had it. They always make Monkey go last”

Alice looked past him and addressed Tom and the others.

Tom you got another go, your other friends can also have another turn on me provided you leave Monkey here with me alone, when you are done. I am not done with him and his wonderful cock. She smiled seductively up at him and spoke in a girlish sexy voice. “I want some private time with Monkey”

Monkey beamed and she knew she had him wrapped around her little finger.

Tom responded with a smile and inside he was pleased that he and the boys could get some more cooperative sex without having to **** her arse.

“That sounds fine but I’m not fucking that cunt of yours after Monkey just tore it up”

“Then you can have my mouth or arse, just be gentle with my arse and Ben aint going in there, he’s too big. If Ben wants he can take my cunt when one of you is up my arse that will tighten it up. Or he can fuck my mouth.

Sounds fair replied Tom now moving towards Alice with his slick fuck juice coated cock. Alice went down on him and slobbered over his cock for good measure before turning round and offering up her arse.

She diddled a couple of fingers in her dripping cunt and transferred them to her puckered arse hole that had already take six dicks and four cum loads today.
Tom spat on her anal ring for good measure and lined his cock head up with her shit hole.

As Tom pushed his cock in, he was surprised how easily his head popped past her sphincter. Her back door was still tight but it had obviously been used earlier today, and been used plenty over time.

He quickly got into a steady rhythm, and after a few minutes Ben came over, Come on Tom let me have a crack at the pussy while you are up her arse.

“What the fuck, yea give it to the whore”. With that Ben and Tom had her sandwiched between them and Ben slipped effortlessly into Alice’s sloppy and loose whore hole and back into her full sex unhindered by any cervical barrier.

Alice tried to tighten her cunt muscles gripping Ben’s cock as best she could in an effort to bring them off quickly, forcing sticky goo out of her cunt and onto Ben’s ball sack and her inner thighs.

The two men worked in unison fucking her holes as Alice’s encouraged them with slutty remarks trying to increase their lust. Tom was the first to come injecting her tight arse with his second load of the night.
He pulled out as Ben paused, his cock planted deep into her womb as he waited for one of the nameless men to work his cock into Alice’s vacant shit hole.

As soon as the next man was in, Ben renewed his pounding with some extra urgency feeling his cum building up at the base of his cock.

Alice was also building up to yet another climax as Ben trembled and dumped his seed deep in her. This was enough to take Alice over the edge and a little orgasm rippled through her loins, her cunt and arse muscles contracted and released spasmodically on the cocks sheathed in her body.

This was almost enough to bring the man in her arse off but not quite and he kept on pumping her bowels.
Ben pulled out of her hole and grabbed Alice’s hair pulling her down to his cock.
Come on bitch give it a good clean. Yea that’s what I’ve been waiting for said Tom now standing beside Ben with his filthy cock hanging limply from his pants.

Alice was working on Ben’s cock as the man in her arse erupted into her bowels.
Ben took his cock out of Alice’s mouth satisfied it was clean enough and tucked it away in his trousers.

Tom feed her his filthy cock as the next man entered her arse. The thickness of this man’s cock made her gasp as it stretched her well used but delicate rectal walls.
The f***e of the entry almost made Alice almost gag on the putrid cock in her mouth that was covered with the fuck slim and arse juice.

But she recovered quick licking and sucking it good and clean before Tom tucked it away and headed off up the ally towards the street with Ben.

The next man offered her his half erect but quickly softening dick and she licked and sucked that cock clean. As she finished the cock wash to the man’s satisfaction the guy in her arse spurted his contribution into her already spunk filled anal cavity.

Monkey was standing a few feet away his dick hanging down obscenely between his legs and he was grinning like a schoolboy after wining some pointless prize or tin cup for making the best cup of tea or coming first in the under tens sack race.

Alice started to clean up the man’s cock that had just been pulled out of her arse as the previous anal assailant waited a few yards up the ally and obviously impatient to get going now his fun was over and his balls well drained.

His friend didn’t want to hang around either and after Alice had given his cock a quick lick he pulled it from her mouth and grasp tucking the still slimy cock into his trousers. He turned to Monkey as he started to move off “she’s all yours Monkey see ya back at the boat and don’t split the bitch.”

Monkey chuckled and tentatively moved closer to Alice.
Alice thought he looked almost shy and uncertain of himself without his friends with him. He was a big man well over six feet tall and built like a tank, all muscle and fire power.

Monkey looked down on the ripe full breast and licked his lips.
“Do you like my tits Monkey, do you want to suck on them a little”?
Alice reached up to put her arms around the big man’s neck, as he bent over and grabbed the cheeks of her arse lifting her up effortlessly until her breasts were level with his face.

Alice stroked the back of his head and buried her breasts into Monkeys face.
Monkeys mouth sort one of Alice’s big nipples that were now hard as bullets. At first he gently sucked in the nipple but soon got more aggressive as he tried to get more of her tit flesh in his mouth. Alice let out a squeal as Monkeys sharp teeth nipped her tender flesh.

Monkey stopped as if slapped, “Monkey sorry, Monkey doesn’t want to hurt whore, dirty whore nice to Monkey, most whore not like Monkey”
Alice stroked his head and smiled. “My name is Alice, and you can hurt me a little if you want to. So long as you fuck me good, like last time”.

With that Monkey started lowering Alice down to his now painfully hard and excited cock. “Monkey will fuck Alice good you see”
Alice reached down between them and grabbed Monkeys mammoth dick lining it up with her still gaping hole.

Monkeys cock slid into her cunt but it still made her gasp for air, she was amazed how quickly her cunt had tightened up in the past twenty minutes or thirty tops since he was last up her twat and fucking her womb. Alice put all her weight and effort into forcing herself down on his pole letting out a shriek as she hit bottom, the cocks passage blocked again by her tightening cervix.

Alice rotated her hips trying to work the cock deeper digging her heals into Monkeys muscular buttocks. Lust was taking over and she almost screamed into Monkeys ear.

“Come on Monkey fuck me, what are you waiting for, fuck my whore cunt raw you bastard”.

With that and as if a switch had been thrown Monkey slammed Alice against the wall and drove his cock all the way in with a one powerful thrust knocking the wind out of her.

All she could manage was guttural yeeeesssss as he battered his way straight through her already torn and bl**ded cervix and entered her cum filled womb. With no pause he repeated the motion again and again building up speed.

Alice’s body was almost numb with shock and the perverse pleasure she was getting from the pain in her belly as the speed and power of the drilling she was reviving intensified.

Monkey was hammering balls deep on every stroke as Alice came on his cock time and again. As she came down from this multi orgasmic high speed train fucking, Monkey slowed down and paused several times fully inserted into Alice’s body. Alice looked into Monkeys face wondering why he wasn’t going flat out for the finishing line.

Monkey saw the puzzled look on Alice’s face.
“Monkey slow down, not cum so fast. Monkey last a long time and fuck whore’s cunt up good”
Alice was wondering what she had gotten herself into, but right then she didn’t care.
Monkey continued to fuck Alice for another twenty minutes at least, taking her to the edge of the abyss and back before he could take no more and took what he needed, brutally hammering his club of a cock into her cunt draining his balls in her greedy battered womb.

He held onto Alice with his cock softening in her body not shore what to do; it was if he was always told what to do and with no one else there to make a decision for him he was a little lost.

Alice taking the initiative looked into Monkeys face smiling sweetly. “Thank you Monkey that was the best fuck ever, but I think you should get back to the ship now before you get into trouble.”

Yes, yes, Monkey replied lifting Alice of his softening cock.
Before Alice could offer to give his cock a good tongue bath, and she wanted too, he was stumbling out of the ally pulling up his trousers as he went.

Alice squatted down and put her hand down to feel the gaping hole that had been her cunt. The cum ran out of her as she diddled her fingers around the battered opening.

Grabbing her bag she fished out her spunk rag to mop up her thighs cunt and arse, for good measure after giving her arse crack a good wipe she popped a finger into her hole checking how tight it was.
Not bad she thought considering, still tight enough to sell unlike her cunt.

All straitened up she returned to the street wondering if she could get another couple of punters before she went home. She had a wicked thought that made her almost laugh out loud as she imagined the expression on the next punters face as he put his dick up her loose cunt.

Fuck it she thought and went to stand under the lamppost taking out a cigarette and lighting it.
She was on her second cigarette as two sailors turned the far corner and made their way towards her. As they got close she opened her coat and gave them her come fuck me smile.

“Hello boys, fancy a little something before bedtime”
“I think so babe how much and what do we get”
“Just ten bob a piece and you get whatever you want”
They both looked at each other and the one that had not spoken said “what the hell we got half hour to kill before we have to be back”
“Then come into my office boys” Alice said as she lead them over to the ally. Once in the ally she held out her hand and the sailors parted with their money.

Well who wants to go first or maybe you would like to take both ends.
I want the pussy said one and the other said ok, and that he could go first as he also wanted pussy.

Alice giggled as she took her coat off and laid it over her bag. She crouched down to take the sailors cock out.
His cock stank and had the smell of cunt on it, but she worked the unimpressive cock to a full erection.

Leaning back against the wall she parted her thighs and guided his cock into her.
The sailor had a look of surprise as his groin mashed with hers. He quickly pulled away turning to his mate, “I’m not fucking that. Her cunt is a loose as a barrel of grease”

His mate howled with laughter. “Just because you got a small dick, let me have a go”.
Fuck this I want my money back whore!
Alice turned around she didn’t want this to get nasty she said “Come on, please sir, I know I’m a bit loose down there please try my arse for size”

The sailor hesitated then went up behind Alice as she turned around offering up her arse. He immediately started to push his cock into her.

Alice clenched her arse muscles for all she was worth as he easily gained entry.
As he popped his cock all the way in he exclaimed that her arse was nice and tight.
Alice was wondering just how long she could keep this up, before letting her muscles relax. She didn’t have to wait long as he came within three minutes of fucking and pulled out a satisfied customer.

The next guy had his cock out ready for Alice to worm up. His cock was just as skanky as the first one and as soon as he was hard he pulled it out of her mouth, come on babe let me have some of that tight arse too”

“Not going for the nice tight pussy bud?” his friend chinned.
“Ok” he said knowing he would not live it down if he didn’t. “Let’s try a bit of the cunt before I come in your arse.

Alice guided the man into her hole and winked at him. As he went inside she faked a gasp. “Oh baby that feels good”.
The man had a slightly puzzled look on his face as he sloshed his slightly larger cock around her gaping cunt. He caught on and grinning he calling back to his mate. “Fuck this is some nice, hot tight pussy bud” he was actually struggling to get any friction at all in the baggy hole.

Alice helped him out. “You gonna split my tight arse with that big cock”
You bet he said pulling out of Alice, she span round bending over giving him access to her back door.
Alice didn’t clench her arse muscles and the man’s cock slid right in and he stated fucking her, she knew he wouldn’t complain about her loose arse, and he was getting some half decent friction.

Besides he wouldn’t want to give the other guy the opportunity to claim he had opened her up for him. But as he got close she backed onto him and squeeze her arse walls milking his cock until he came and pulled out.

With no more words spoken the two men left in the direction of the ship.
Alice gathered her stuff together and exited the ally, not bothering to try and dispel the small amount of cum the last two losers shot into her arse.

She leaned back against her lamppost and put her hand down her between her legs to rub her well fucked cunt.

It was itching like mad and she knew she was diseased down there but she had to push on regardless if she wanted to keep ahead of the game, put food in her mouth and pay the rent on the shitty damp one room basement she called home.

To be continued..........
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Alice the dirty whore part 2

Alice The Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Chapter Two “Alice Serves Up Her Messy Holes”

Alice leaned back against the lamppost and put her hand down between her legs to rub her well fucked cunt. She smiled to herself, it had been a long day and she would never forget the fucking she got from Monkey. She wondered if she lived to seventy if she would ever get to be fucked by a cock as big as that again. She desperately hoped so.

The London sky was now cloudless and the havens filled with bright stars more numerous than the parasites nesting in her groin. And the cool night air giving her hot over used snatch some welcome relief.

She could hear the distant sound of footsteps and the melee of d***ken men coming her way.
Her cunt itched, as they got closer. She recognised one of the voices. A small time spiv who she had fucked many, many times, and was actually one of her first paying customers.

As they got closer she could hear the banter more clearly.
“Hey Jack, you aint going to fuck that filthy slag again are you? Why don’t you just marry the dirty whore and be done with it? It would save you a lot of money!”

They all laughed including Jack.
As they got to where Alice stood Jack stopped and lit a cigarette as the other men said their goodbyes and walked on into the darkness.

Taking a long drag on his cigarette and blowing smoke into Alice’s face he lent his head forward slightly to her ear whispering.

“Been working hard today Alice?”
Looking into Jack’s handsome if not just a little bit effeminate face Alice confessed that she had.
She knew it turned him on to be told that she had been fucked by a number of men before him. And that her cunt was dripping from a hard nights work.

“I’ve been out all day Jack, I owe a weeks back rent and this weeks is due tomorrow. My little pussy has taken a lot of cock, it has been fucked and stretched out real good”

“Take it in the arse today?”
“Yes a far bit but they weren’t big like you Jack”

Jack was well hung with a good eight and a half inches maybe nine and thick. It wasn’t the biggest cock she’d taken up the arse, but she always made out it was and told him it hurt, even though she loved it. And it hadn’t caused her any real pain or discomfort for years.

“You going to let me have a crack at it? I will give you an extra shilling”
“You don’t have to pay extra for my ass tonight Jack. My cunt is so loose and battered even your big cock you would struggle to touch the sides”

Jack’s cock was now bursting to get free from his pants, the little slag was the best looking and the most well used whore this side of tower bridge. Prostitutes twice her age hadn’t seen the volume of traffic between their legs like Alice had. And for Jack this was the real kick.

It was not five minutes since the two sailors had cum up her arse.
She knew the cum already dripping from her arse and the vigorous fucking she had received from the black men would ease Jack’s entry no end. In fact it would make it a walk in the park, a very pleasant walk in the park.

Jack’s cock was rock hard in his pants, a bit of dirty talking with Alice always turned him on and he was extra horny tonight with a pain in his groin. His crouch itched and his penis was showing signs of blistering, and a discharge was dripping from his piss hole.

He knew the filthy whore Alice was to blame as she was the only woman he had been with in a very long time. Jack took a perverse pleasure by keeping faithful to this cheep slag.

Handing Alice ten bob they made their way to the darkened ally.
In the ally, Alice squatted down as she always did and pulled Jacks dick free and started to suck on the putrid dripping cock.

Jack was soon rock hard and Alice stood up and pulled up the front of her skirt, tucking the hem into her waistband exposing her young thighs and dripping sex.

“Fuck my pussy for a bit first Jack, My cunts so fucking loose, you got to try it”

She wanted to see if she could feel Jacks nice big cock in her stretched out and well fucked cunt.
With no more encouragement required Jack dipped his body down and grabbed Alice’s arse cheeks, as Alice took hold of his cock guiding it in the general direction of her baggy whore hole. Jack’s cock slipped almost unhindered into her yielding filthy cunt.

As thick as his cock was its progress was swift, a little bit like if he had stuck his cock in a large jar of warm Vaseline. As he slipped inside her, some of the slime from her previous fucks oozed out of her sex, dripping down over the base of Jack’s cock and balls, as he ground his pelvic bone into hers.

The feeling was wonderful as her slimy pussy sucked him in. As his thick cock filled Alice’s abused hole Jack sighed with pleasure with the feeling of goo running out of her and coating his balls, “fuck you are loose tonight, I’ve never known your cunt to be this fucking stretched out, you been fucking a horse”
“Something like that Jack” Alice replied.

“Tell me Alice”

“I got gang fucked by some black sailors Jack”

Alice and Jack both let out sighs of pleasure as Jack worked his cock scratching his itch and hers, sloshing his cock around inside her baggy hole.

“Yes, you take on groups of men a lot you dirty slut, but your cunt is so fucking loose”

“One of the men had a big dick Jack, twice as thick as yours and a good six inches longer; he fucked the shit out of me”

Jack did not reply, but in his mind’s eye he pictured his sweet little Alice getting a right royal fuck. He just wished he could have seen it. His dick twitched inside her pussy at the thought of being there to watch her cunt getting hammered by the huge black cock.

After a few minutes he pulled out of Alice’s slop bucket, and not having to be told Alice turned around hitched up the back of her dress offering Jack her arse, pulling her cheeks apart.

Jack wasted no time in lining up his cock and started to f***e his way into her. Though little f***e was really required, if Alice hadn’t used her arse muscles to try and tighten his entry.
Alice whimpered a little for show but also a little out of pleasure as Jack’s cock head made its way past her anal ring and into her arse.
Even with the two sailors taking turns, and the three black men she had earlier it was still tight for Jack’s cock.

Alice thought back to when Jack had first fucked her shit hole. She was desperate for some money and painfully hungry. But when Jack had finished battering her arse with his thick cock she promised herself that, that was the first and last time.
Well it was until the next time and the time after that.
Now she looked forward to a bit of pain, in her cunt, arse or a bit of rough treatment to her tits and nipples. It spiced the constant sex up a bit and made her horney for more cock.

Like peoples taste in wine and food changes over the years Alice’s sexual desires also had changed and as time went on she was edging further into the darkness, and her fantasies more and more extreme.

Tonight with the previous punters cum deposited in her bowels the fucking Jack was giving her the pleasure sensations in her back passage was starting to feel like heaven. And she felt like she could take it for hours.

Jack worked his cock in until he was fully sheathed in her arse and started to pump her bowels full on. He pawed at her generous breasts through the thin material of her bra with one hand and he cupped her slimy well fucked sex with the other.

Alice put her hands over the one between her legs cupping his hand and pushing his palm against her clit as his fingers slid unopposed into her loose sloppy cunt.
“Please make me cum Jack...... Please” Alice begged.
“Fuck me harder, take my arse, make it hurt, go on fucking do it, give it to me”
Out of her mouth Alice poured obscenities begging for the hardest fucking Jack could give her. Pleading for a brutal anal battering, and Jack responded twisting and grinding his cock into her as hard as he could, until Alice announced she was going to cum.

Jack was almost ready to cum himself, his aching balls ready to deliver his pent up seed but he paused; I will make you cum you filthy fucking whore with my diseased cock up your diseased arse and my fingers in your diseased cunt. He almost spat the words at her as Alice shivered and held her breath for what seemed like an eternity, until Jack spoke again.

How do you think my dick got in such a mess Alice, he hissed in her ear, you are the only girl I have been with in almost four years?
Alice remained silent and just whimpered as Jack started to hammer into her arse and aggressively maul her cunt with one hand as he attacked her right nipple that was jutting out asking for abuse, and abuse it got with a hard pinch and painful twist through the fabric of her bra.

Alice’s gasped and her body spasmed in orgasm as her discharge sprayed from her cunt into Jack’s palm. The griping of her arse muscles on Jack’s cock was too much for him and he sprayed the insides of her bowels with his own diseased goo.

Jack let out a wail as the sperm ejecting through his cock burned like he was passing molten lead.

Holding Alice tight, still griping her cunt and tit as he waited for the pain in his cock and balls to subside.
After a minute or two and with Jacks cock softening but still firmly lodged up her arse Alice spoke softly with a simple “I’m sorry Jack”

Jack tenderly kissed her neck and now gently fondled and caressed her young firm breasts.

“What am I going to do Jack, I have lost almost all my regulars and it won’t be long before no one will want to fuck me”
Alice’s eyes moistened and her body trembled against Jack’s.
“I can always get some passing trade but word gets around when a whore is fucked up as badly as I am. And it won’t be long before some guy comes looking for me because I gave him a dose, and takes it out on me. You’re not going to hurt me are you Jack” Alice started to gently sob.

“No Alice, I’m not going to hurt you. Far from it, I love you Alice”
“Move in with me. Come home with me now! Tonight! I will take care of you”

Alice was shocked at this offer, and her mind flipped back to what Jack’s mates had said in jest about him marrying her, to save him money.

“What would you expect of me if I moved in with you, you know I can’t and won’t stop whoring, I can’t cook or sow”

“I know you started whoring and fucking anyone with some spare change out of necessity, and I know you love it. If you had all the money in the world you would still be a slag. And I don’t mind, it turns me on Alice, I wouldn’t want you any other way”

“You want me to stay on with you like a mistress or a wife, but sill let me whore myself out, and fuck other men just for fun when I feel like it”

“That’s the idea, let’s just see how it goes but I do hope to make you my wife one day Alice”
“Look we will get ourselves down the clap doctors and cleaned up and then you can start whoring again”

“O Jack your cocks up my arse my cunt is so loose you can’t touch the sides and you are asking to marry you. This is not how I expected to be proposed too”

They both giggled and Jack nuzzled into her neck kissing her as Alice wiggled her arse back into his groin and hung her head back onto his shoulder.

“Your mates are going to find out sooner or later that you’re shacked up with me, they might even want to pay and fuck me and I would let them, can you cope with that”

“Yes Alice I will cope with it”

“So all you would want from me is to fuck my sloppy cunt and arse after I’ve finished a night’s work, you know it will only be a matter of time before I give you the clap again”

“Yes I know, and it turns me on a bit knowing that you probably will”

In fact it turned Jack on a lot, every time he took a piss the excruciating pain reminded him of her filthy cunt and his cock would get hard just thinking about her well used whore holes. He wondered just how much cock and cum she had taken. He figured a good few thousand men and enough cum to fill a bath.

“Yes Jack Id love too, but can we stop of at my place so I can grab my things, I don’t have much and we can be in and out in no time. Besides I can skip without paying that fat old cow of a landlady the rent”

Having picked up Alice’s meagre possessions and posted the key back through the landlady’s letterbox they hailed a cab and made their way back to Jack’s.

The cab pulled up outside Jack’s house and before he could reach for his wallet Alice had her money out.
“I’ll get this Jack” she said as she leant over smiling at the cabby. She offered him a ten bob note in one hand and then lent even closer so she was inches from his face.
“Do you want the money honey or your dick sucked?”

The old cabby almost had a heat attach and looked at Jack who was half out of the cab.

Don’t worry about me mate, take the blowjob it’s worth it I promise”
With that and the meter still running Alice got in the front and went for the cabby’s crutch tugging at his flies releasing his wrinkled old dick that stank of stale piss and sweat.

As Alice gobbled up the old man’s cock Jack let himself into his house carrying Alice’s carpet bag full of her worldly positions into his house, leaving the door ajar he went to the kitchen where he kept a bottle of whiskey. His throat was dry and he was a little shaky. He poured himself a large shot and necked it back. This did little to ail his parched mouth but it helped a little with his nerves.

He had fantasized and dreamt more times than he could remember what it would be like to have Alice in his bed, and all the debased sexual acts they would do together. Just to think about some of his darkest desires made him tremble and now wonder if they could actually come true.

It didn’t take Alice long to suck the spunk out of the old man’s cock and follow Jack into his house closing the door behind her.

Jack was standing in the kitchen smoking a cigarette as he heard the front door close his mind still churning over all the things he would like to do with Alice, and a little scared that if he suggested them, any of them, it would disgust her and push her away and out of his life. He fortified himself mentally before stubbing his cigarette out in the ashtray above the sink, turned and went to meet her at the bottom of the stairs.

Alice had a cheeky grin on her face, and as Jack reached her she offered up her puckered lips to kiss.
Jack lent down and kissed her tasting the old man’s cum on her lips.

Alice broke the kiss and smiled.
“Let’s start how we mean to go on Jack; do you want to fuck me again? I could do with cleaning myself up a bit”

Jack gave Alice an evil looking grin, what’s the point Alice, frightened I might catch something? I want to fuck you as you are. It’s going to be a while before I get the opportunity of enjoying your sloppy cum filled holes”

Alice giggled. “You are silly Jack; I was not offering to clean myself up so you can fuck me. I was going to clean myself up if you didn’t”

Jack gave out a nervous laugh and took Alice’s hand not knowing how to reply and lead her upstairs.

Getting into the master bedroom Jack pulled across the heavy d****s at the big bay window. Like all houses Jack had thick heavy blackout curtains and d****s that allowed no light to escape. Alice had already discarded her coat and was removing her bra, as Jack started to strip himself.

Jack gazed at Alice’s perfectly formed and fully naked young body for the first time in all its glory. He marvelled at her large breasts, tiny waist and flaring hips. She was almost a pornographic cartoon depiction of a woman’s body that was built for sex. But the cartoonist may have omitted the bruising to her inner thighs and bite marks to her breasts.

Alice silently went and laid down on the bed and spread her thighs for him to get between and she held her hand out to Jack as he went to her.
Jack laid between her legs and kissed her with passion tasting the bitter residue of the cabby’s sperm.
He then kissed her neck moving down to her heavenly breasts and stiff thick nipples. He lingered to suck in the stiff buds one by one and massage the generous mounds of firm flesh on her chest.

He continued his journey down her body kissing and caressing her as he went. The further down he went both Alice’s and Jacks breathing quickened.
Jack knew what he wanted to do, what he longed to do but he stopped as his tongue and lips got to her pelvic region and her lice infested blond pubes.

Looking up into her eyes, his own eyes pleading with her for approval and for her to tell him to go on he asked her how many men she had been with that day.
She quickly had a count up in her head; it was twenty before the five black men and the two sailors that was twenty-seven. Twenty-seven she replied with a shy smile adding that some of them went twice.

“Are you going to, you know kiss my pussy?”
God he wanted to lick her over worked cunt out, and was searching her face for any sign of her approval or disgust but saw nothing.
“Would you like that?”

A very broad smile broke out across her face leaving Jack in no doubt that yes that is what she wanted.

“Yes! Oh yes id love it, that’s so fucking nasty, no one has ever done that for me, please do it Jack”

Jack couldn’t believe his luck, far from disgusting Alice with his desire to feed on her slutty cunt, she wanted him too, and it was turning her on.
It was also turning Jack on and he desired more than just her willingness to allow him to feast on her sex.

“Then tell me what to do Alice, tell me to kiss your used, cum filled whore hole, tell me and I will do it”

Alice couldn’t believe it at first, her heart was pounding in her chest as she raised her hips of the bed moving her pelvis provocatively trying to entice Jack into her filthy gash.

Alice was getting excited, men normally told her what they wanted her to do for them. Whether it was to guide their cocks into her cunt or arse, suck on their cocks, or even stick her tongue up their arse cracks. Now for the first time she had a man at her disposal to do nasty things she liked.

“Kiss my sloppy cunt, fucking do it, I want to feel your lips on my sore and battered fuck hole”

Jack started working his way round Alice’s well fucked and battered twat gently sucking and liking at her swollen thick and abused cunt lips, occasionally nipping and suckling her red and swollen clit. All the time Alice was encouraging him, now with her eyes closed and grinding her sex into Jacks face, lips and tongue.

“That’s it baby, don’t hold back on me, lick my dirty cunt clean, Get your tongue inside my over fucked and cum filled hole. Oh yes work that cum out of my cunt”

Alice could feel her orgasm rising and it was going to be a big one, she swung her legs up and over Jack’s head clamping him between her thighs. She grabbed hold of the back Jacks head and pulled him even tighter into her boiling sex as she bucked her pelvis mashing her pussy into Jack’s face as hard as she could, as her pussy almost exploded with passion as she came.

A great jet of cum gushed from her sex into Jacks mouth and her convulsing cunt discharged much of the cum that had been trapped and stored up in the depths of her over worked cunt.

A good few slugs of sex fluid filled Jack’s mouth.
Jack swallowed the lot before he could talk himself out of it; he knew that was what he wanted to do. And he had passed the point of no return.

It was what he had wanted to do for a long time but never had the guts to ask her, for fear of her being disgusted and the shame of wanting to do it.

Alice almost blacked out with the pleasure ripping through her body like she had never known it. She thought back to a few hours ago and how well Monkey had fucked her and now the shear excitement of having her lover, yes her lover devouring her infected and used cunt was almost too erotic for her to comprehend. But she knew she loved it and she knew so did Jack, and she also knew that he was going to do this for her again and again. Pandora’s Box was open for business and it was not going to be closed again, not in her lifetime.

Jack was still working away lovingly between her legs as she slowly came back down to earth, releasing her grip on him and letting him breath more easily.

Alice stroked Jack’s hair and purred. “You like my slutty cunt don’t you Jack”
“Yes Alice I love your sloppy pussy, especially when it’s been well used and full of cum. You know that don’t you. That’s why I always try and find you late into the evening. Knowing that by then you would have been fucked a number of times and be carrying round a nights worth of takings in your dirty cunt”

Alice smiled and stroked Jacks hair. “You know something Jack that really turns me on. I have to ask this Jack, I’ll say sorry upfront if you think it’s disgusting. And yes it is but”
Alice paused not quite shore if she should go on but the cum oozing from her arse made her mind up.

“How about my arse Jack, that’s starting to take a lot more traffic, do you think you could love that to?”
“I want you to dump another load in there, and then give my arse the same treatment that you gave my pussy when you’re done. Please Jack do it for me. I have an itch deep inside my shit hole and only your dick can reach it, please Jack. Give my arse a good fucking and then lick the shitty hole clean when you’re done”

“I’ve had nine loads up there today Jack not counting the load you shot in me” She said with a mischievous grin as if this was the deal clincher, and it was.

Jack knelt up and his rock hard cock stuck straight out with discharge dripping from his pee hole.

Alice wasted no time spinning herself round kneeling up wiggling her arse at Jack.
Jack wiped the head of his dick up and down the crack of Alice’s arse that was slick with a milky brown slime. He placed his cock at the entrance to her back door and applying some pressure, he quickly popped the head of is cock past her sphincter as Alice moaned. He slowly carried on pumping his cock deeper until he was fully in her now tight butt hole. His hands wandered over her flanks and belly until they cupped her heavy breasts.

Jack sawed his cock in and out slowly at first enjoying the relief that the pressure of her arse walls gave to his itching dick. Then he built up speed. His hands mauled her breasts and cunt. Jack nuzzled his head into Alice’s neck as he pumped away in her tight but sloppy arse.

“Oh your arse feels so good on my cock Alice”

“Just fuck my arse, fuck it good and hard Jack. My arse is going to get a lot more cock from now on. So you better get used to the taste of shit flavoured spunk because this is one hole that is going to need a lot of your special love and attention”

Listening to Alice’s words turned Jack on and he doubled his efforts and was soon dumped his burning load into her bowels. He held Alice tight, his throbbing cock still buried in her.

Jacks breathing retuned to normal after his exertion, his cock softening but still inside Alice.
After a few minutes Alice broke the embrace and lent forward nestling her head on a pillow with her arse left high in the air. The movement made Jacks cock slip out of her. He looked down at the red puckered arse hole that was not entirely closed, and the light brown slime running down her arse crack to her cunt.

“What are you waiting for Jack, an invitation?”

With nothing more said Jack lowered his face to her perfectly formed arse cheeks and gently kissed each one lovingly before running his tongue up from her cunt to her oozing shit hole tasting the filth that had leaked out of her arse.
The crack of her arse clean he put his lips over her hole and gently kissed it, then again with a little more f***e.

Alice pushed her arse up to try and get his tongue into her itching hole but Jack was taking his time.
“Stop teasing me, get you’re fucking tongue in my arse” Alice hissed. Jack was shocked into action by her f***eful instruction and pulled her arse cheeks apart and with his mouth clamped over her anus he probed her filthy hole, swirling his tongue around the not so tight anal ring, tasting the slop therein.

Alice was almost purring into the pillow with her fingers playing with her over sensitive and blistered clit.

“Ooww yes, that’s it, suck that cum out of me, lick the shit out of my arse. Fuck yes that feels good”
“I hope you like this Jack because when I go back to work I will expect you to do this for me every time I bring home another man’s cum in my arse”

Alice was working herself up to another orgasm with the help of Jacks tongue mining her shit hole, but she didn’t want to come on her hand, not when Jack’s mouth was available.
“I’m going to come, let me sit on your face”

Jack took his mouth away from her hole and laid down on the bed as Alice got into a sixty nine position facing his quickly rejuvenated and throbbing cock.

Jack grabbed her arse checks and pulled her sex towards him as Alice observed his filthy cock twitch madly as he worked her cunt.

Within seconds Alice was grinding her snatch into Jacks face, her hot hole spilling more of its filthy contents into his eager mouth. Alice now had her lips around Jack’s putrid cock and his hips bucked up fucking Alice’s face as their bodies writhed with obscene lust. To spur him on she probed his arse with her fingers until she had had first one then two inserted in his anal passage.

Alice was the first to come, keeping her lips around Jacks cock as her loins shuddered and her fluids spurted forth into Jacks face.
Jack carried on thrusting upwards clenching and unclenching his arse muscles on her fingers that were now fucking his bum hole, while licking and slurping at the seemingly never ending supply of cum and fuck juice making its way dribbling out of Alice’s open cunt.

When Jack came Alice swallowed until there was nothing left, slipping her fingers out of his arse she let his cock go soft keeping it in her mouth like a c***d’s dummy as she nestled her head in his groin and Jack as if in a dream continued to kiss and moan into her loose cunt.

They eventually untwined their body’s and hugged each other exchanging gentle kisses. Before sl**p took them Alice broke the silence.
“You wont cheat on me will you Jack”
“Never Alice, I will never cheat on you”
“You better not”

To be continued............
... Continue»
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Hello my name is Lucky .Today I am going to share the story of princess Alice(15) . She lived in a place named Delhi . It’s a modern age story .She is an average good looking teen techanically(22-22-22). She belong to a political f****y .
Along with father and mother she was having a younger b*****r.And she used to live like a princess.
Everything was going good in their f****y their life was full of joy and happiness.Alice was also good in studies too. Alice’s story is also having megical twists.
One night she was sl**ping in her bed . Then suddenly she heard an unknown whisper .She opened her eyes a little look around and saw that there is nothing around and she slept again , …………….after sometime Alice was in deep sl**p and she again herd the strange whisper, this time she wake up on bed look around but again a strange dark figure was there(she ignored) , she fall down on the bed and again(deep sl**p)…………..after sometime a tight slapon her left cheek and said in a shivering sharp voice “Get up bitch!”.She wake up and when she saw who is it her eyes were stretched out and whole body was shivering of fear ,because the guy standing on his bed was no other it was a badass Goblin(just one and half feet). Trembling with fear the beautiful young lady said(Alice) “Who are you scaring me in midnight like that”. Then the goblin said my name is Tinky. Alice said why you are doing here .Then the goblin said “shut up bitch I am here to tell you the secret of zombies…………….now come with me bitch”. Then they slowly moved towards the next room in the dark.
The next room was of Alice’s b*****r Shahrukh(8) . Now both Alice and Tinky started watching in Shahrukh’s room(light already on).The floor was slipped off beneath Alice’s feet because she saw that what his younger b*****r was doing in midnight (masterbuating).Shahrukh was masterbuating watching FTV babes on the (midnight show).
Now Goblin(Tinky 1.5feet) come close to Alice and asked in her ear “Have you any idea what your b*****r is doing” Alice said “no what he is doing I’ve never saw anything like that”. Then Goblin(Tinky 1.5feet) said “idiot he is practicing Handcraft”. “What’s wrong with him” Alice said . “He turned into a zombie , now move your ass”Tinky said.
After that they slowly moved to the next room. It was the room of Alice’s mom & dad now when they going close the room they herd the strange voices “Aaaah ummmh oooooooooyeaaah!”, Alicce was scared very bad that what kind of demonic activity going inside then she asked Tinky(The Goblin) What’s going inside then Tinky said “let’s see inside.”
Then Tinky(The Goblin) through his magic created a ladder reaching the window right over the door of the room of Alice’s mom & dad . The next moment Tinky(The Goblin ) jumped to the top of the ladder and said “Come on let’s cheque it out flat-ass.” Alices also reached the top and standing along with the goblin watching inside their(mom&dad) room Alice was very amazed that what’s her mom&dad were doing she said “Oooh what they are doing” then Tinky(The Goblin) said “They are fucking idiot .” Alice said “okay, got it.”
After that standing on the top of ladder they seen all the
Chaos happening in the room (Alice’s father was fisting her mother in the ass.) Alice’s dad was fisting Alice’s mom like a slave.Both the Goblin and Alice were enjoying the show . But they have no idea a pair of eyes watching them . Suddenly both of them(Goblin and Alice) heard a strange voice from behind “What you are doing there!”.Both(Goblin and Alice) of them were scared very bad (Goosebumps!). Trmbling with fear both of them turned their necks and what they see it is no one other standing behind them it was Shahrukh(was going for a pee.). Alice had a sigh of relief but Tinky(The Goblin) was very angry he said “You scared us son of a bitch.”……………. “Now what you are looking at our faces get up and see the paranormal activity inside.” Shahrukh was also curious to know that what’s going on inside. Shahrukh joined them and then started watching inside he saw that his dad is fisting her mom and hairs of both of them also s**ttered and the whole bed was a mess bith of them were fucking just like a****ls. Then Shahrukh said “Whoooa that’s awesome!, but you come from where green monky ass!!!” Then Tinky(The Goblin) said ,focus on the party jackass!!!
After about one half an hour both the zombies(Alice’s & Sharukh’s mom-dad) finished their job . All the three gentlemen hanging on wall can clearly see the big ass gape of Alice’s mother . Her ass gape was also dripping.
When all that finished Alice and Sharukh said “That was AWESOME!” (After that nothing to see inside.)
All the three gentlemen get off the ladder . When Tinky (The Goblin) was packing(magic) his ladder Sharuck was amazed to see that how the Goblin packed the ladder he said “Alice frome where you brought this green monky?”
Tinky said “Oh son of a bitch , I am not a monky I am a Goblin” . Then Sharukh said nothing he was just admiring Tinky(top to bottom).Suddenly Sharukh’s eyes turned to his whrist watch and “Oh no, it’s time-it’s time.” Alice said , “For what ?” He said “it’s time for nude babes lumber jack I am going Are u coming Tinky?” Tinky said “Fuck off!”and Sharukh was gone.
And both Tinky and Alice were slowly moving towards their room (were talking about the highlights ) When they passed away Alice’s younger b*****r’s room they seen that Sharukh was masterbuating watching the babe’s lumberjack. Tinky said “Jackass! Still masterbuating!” Alice said “Yes , Sharukh loves masterbuating” and they passed away.
When Alice and Tinky reached their room Alice quickly striped off Tinky’s buttflap , and Tiny nude . Tinky said “What you are doing ?” She said “I am gonna turn you Zombie !”. Tinky was scared because Alice was acting like a wild(very wild !) whore.And Alice quickly put Tinky’s(The Goblin!) cock (tiny) in her mouth and started masterbuating. She was giving a very good blow job (like professional). It was ten minutes passed Alice was giving blowjob to Tinky And the next minute Alie’s mouth was full of blue coloured semifluid(CUM!) .Then Tinky said “You are AWSOME! Bitch.”
Alice swapped all the semi fluid and said that’s tasty. Now stood up take off frock and said “Now suck my pussy” Tinky said “I won’t!” . Alice said “You should be!”. Tinky said “Fuck off!”. Alice said “You should be otherwise I cut your two inch penis and feed it to Tobby!”(Tobby-street dog.)
Later Tinky comphrmised with the condition and get close to Alice’s pussy . Goblin was standing right under Alice’s legs his head barely reaching Alice’s pussy .Alice said “yes, now lick”. Tinky raised a little to lick her pussy but suddenly he pushed his two fingers in Alice’s tight pussy Alice screamed ,now Tinky was fingerfucking Alice very fast Alice’s pussy was bleading (broken!) Alice was scraaming and the Goblin was laughing of joy.Alice’s was also liking it. Suddenly A beer bottle appeared in Tinky’s hand(magic!) .Now with one hand Tinky was finger-fucking Alice and with other hand he was drinking beer .When the beer bottle gets empty Tinky poured half of the beer bottle right in her pussy .This time Alice screamed very bad.her pussy walls were totally stretched up to side. Now Tinky started his fucking speed with beer bottle and pushed almost half of beer bottle in Alice’s pussy. Now Tinky was cracking jokes ‘cause of joy and Tinky was also jumping.
Tinky fucked Alice very hard until she started moaning.When tinky take out the bottle Alice squirted bl**d right over Tinky. And Tnky also had a bathfull of cum. After that Alice fell down on bed rubbing her pussy .
Tinky also put on his butt-flap and while laughing very bad. And then the hero jumped out the window saying these memorable words, “See ya next time O mother fuckin bitch!”

To be continued ……………………………
... Continue»
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Ned, Alice,and Ned's Grandmother

I left early the next morning, curious to see if Alice's promise to relieve Ned's worry would actually happen. I parked several blocks away, walked back and was just taking up my post at Ned's window when the light switched on. Ned was on his back sl**ping, his semi-erect cock tenting the sheet. Alice walked slowly into the room, her eyes intent on his bulge, wrapping her shower-fresh hair with a towel. Her silk robe was untied, and as she walked towards Ned, I could see her perfect, small breasts had erect nipples. Her nicely trimmed blonde bush glistened moistly.

She paused over him to lick her finger before slowly rubbing her clit. With her other hand she turned back the sheet to expose his young dick. After gazing at it a few moments her finger began moving faster and faster until she brought herself to a silent orgasm. Composing herself, she tied her robe, then said aloud "Time to wake up, sl**pyhead." Bending forward, using only her mouth, she sucked in his cock. It grew instantly, becoming rock hard as she bobbed up and down on it. She began slurping noisily, dripping wet saliva down the side of his dick, and it appeared even bigger than the night before. She began stroking his big cock, using the saliva as lube, while licking the apple-shaped head of his prick. He began to stir at the ecstasy of his position, and muttered, "Thanks, Mom."

Ned began to thrust in and out of her little fist and wet mouth, and soon shot his sperm in several gushes, which Alice dribbled into his thick black pubic hair. "Get up now, sweetie," she said, "time to get ready for school and your big test. No worries...OK?" He sat up, then kissed the lips which had just drooled out his sperm, to reply, "I'll ace it, Mom. Thanks again." As if this were an every day occurence (which it probably was) he then got up and walked to his bathroom naked. Almost fully grown, Ned was a full head taller than the petite Alice, and she smacked his bare butt playfully as he walked past her. "Hurry, Neddie, I'll get breakfast ready."

I had to scramble now, as I had to pass her open-window kitchen to get back to my car, but I made it and drove to work with a hardon thinking of the kinky scene I'd just witnessed. I was torn - jealous of Ned, the pompous little prick fucking my girlfriend's mouth - yet turned on by the sordid kinkiness of it all. I decided to just remain silent, see what happened, and besides, at least she wasn't fucking him.

Alice and I were at our sexual peak, and the next few weeks we couldn't get enough of each other. We would suck and fuck at lunch, right after work, late at night, and sometimes wake up at 3 or 4 AM to do it some more. Mowing her expansive lawn, she would bring me iced tea, then blow my sweaty cock before bending over the riding lawn mower to let me fuck her sweet ass. We would fuck at work, sneaking out behind the dumpsters, and even fucked standing up at her mother's house while her mom fussed about in the next room. Oh yeah, her Mom.

You could tell she was Alice's Mom because they looked alike and were of the same shape. Her mom was a much bigger version, though, not in height - that was the same - but in proportions. Her mom, Liz, was bottom heavy like Alice, but her breasts were large, probably a 34D. They didn't look particularly big, though, because of the massive size of her ass. It was heart shaped because of her small waist, but each cheek was the size of Alice's entire ass, and she had a Marilyn Monroe-type walk which made them undulate like puppies in a blanket. I hadn't noticed it before that Saturday, she was just a ditzy old woman to me, complaining about everything, talking only about her soap operas. She was in her late 50's and had been divorced from Alice's dad for many years. He still paid for everything, though, and she lived in a very exclusive condo complex.

She called early that Saturday, wanting me to come fix her sink, as the maintenance man wouldn't be back til Monday. I didn't want to, but Alice begged me, saying "I have to take Ned shopping anyway, I won't be home all day." Reluctantly, I drove over with my tool box, never expecting the adventure I was about to have. Liz greeted me at the door, wearing really tight white slacks and a sheer top. I could clearly see her big black bra thru the fabric, and for the first time started to think of her as more than a goofy old broad. As she walked slowly in front of me to the kitchen I couldn't help stare at the motion of her huge, shapely ass. Also, seeing her small waist and the black bra strap under the almost invisible top was making me hard. I'd never seen a body like hers - magnificent!

My excitement must've shown, because when Liz turned to me in the kitchen, she said "My, you look flushed. Would you like a drink?" I just jokingly replied, "vodka martini, very dry, straight up", but she immediately found a shaker and began mixing like a professional bartender. As I got out my tools, I kept sneaking peeks at those huge hips atop massive thighs, and had to will myself not to get an erection. I thought it mighty early for martinis, but gratefully sucked it down as a distraction. Liz took a long pull on hers, then bent over to open the undersink doors, telling me about her leak. I hardly heard what she said, staring as I was at that magnificently large and shapely ass in front of me. I imagined stroking it with my hands, then unzipping and stripping the tight pants down to bury my cock in that glorious..."you seem distracted," Liz said, looking back at me, still bent at the waist. "Are you OK?" "Sure," I muttered, "guess the alcohol this early just rushed to my head."

"When you get to be my age," Liz replied, "you find it's never too early for a little alcohol." As she rose, her ass bumped against my now-hard cock, and she giggled a little as she moved. "I'm going to get something, you'll try to fix my leak, won't you?" I had to adjust my dick as she walked off, but gave it a squeeze just because I could. I turned on the water and could see the leak was in the lower connection of the P trap. I got out my pipe wrench and laid on my back under the cabinet to tighten it. As I finished, Liz walked back in the kitchen. To my shock, she had removed the sheer top and the white slacks, and was now clad only in the black bra, a black garter belt and black hose. The hair on her cunt was more gray/white than the blonde of Alice's, but was just as inviting. She slowly strolled over to straddle me, then placed a finger to her pussy, saying "this is the leak I really need fixed...I always pay my plumbers with pussy." It really appeared to leak, as she began fingering her hole the wetness creeped down her shapely thighs.

Paralyzed with the bizarre scenario, I couldn't move except for my expanding cock, which bloomed up to it's maximum size. Liz removed her bra, showing off firm, shapely breasts with puffy pink nipples. She reached down, unbuckled and unzipped me, then pulled my pants to my knees. Showing great limber skill for her age, she squatted down and directed my dick to her wet pussy. On the balls of her feet, holding on to the countertop for balance she began riding up and down with the wettest, yet tightest, pussy I'd ever felt. We both orgasmed quickly in our excitement and I think she gushed as much juice as I did. My lap was puddled over - a sticky mess. We finally rose, after a nice afterglow soak, but Liz had to help me up after my cramped position.

She wet a towel in the sink and gently washed my groin clean. This action, along with the sight of her magnificent body, quickly made me hard again. "I'm glad to see you're a real rooster," Liz said, "not like my ex husband who could only do it once." I pushed her back to sit on the edge of a bar stool, then dropped to my knees to eat that luscious pussy, covered and filled as it was with her sweet-smelling cunt juice and my own cum. I was intoxicated by the smell and taste as I licked and sucked her juicy hole, gripping her big hips with both hands. I kneaded her big cheeks like bread dough as I did my best to stick my entire face into her pussy, licking and sucking with a mad desire. Liz came again, actually gushing a little juice into my mouth as I sucked, and that did it - I had to fuck her - NOW.

I led her to the plush white sofa, with her gently stroking my dick, and bent her over the wide soft arm of it. I stared, mesmerized, for a time at this great, beautiful ass in front of me. Creamy white, unblemished, perfectly heart-shaped yet gigantic in size, it was the largest and best ass I've seen before or since. Lust-crazed, I bent to sniff, then tongue, that sweet anus, covered as it was by our copious spendings. "Oh my," Liz said, "No one's ever done that to me before." I found that hard to believe, but gave her several more moments of pleasure before rising to insert my rock-hard cock in her juicy wet pussy. I had my second wind now, and fucked and fucked for a long time until Liz squealed with delight and I felt her tight pussy emit another squirt. I then pulled out to place the engorged head against the puckered little hole I really wanted to fuck. "No one's ever fucked me there before, either," Liz said, " but you can." She reached behind her massive hips to spread those great cheeks apart, allowing me access to the prize. It was much tighter than any I'd ever had, but with perseverence and all the juice we'd worked up I finally squeezed my cockhead past the elastic opening. I held fast for a moment, to allow her to get used to the feel, then began a slow insertion.

"My God," Liz cried, "I can't believe I missed this pleasure all these years." She began to rock back and forth as I sawed in and out of that tight little hole. Occasionally I would go all the way to the hilt, then move my hips in a circular motion, to ream her deliciously. She seemed to love this, as did I, but soon got too excited and felt myself let loose a torrent of sperm deep in her ass. As I stood behind her in a sexual trance, I felt her continue to move on my cock, then spasm with lust, her sphincter gripping my dick like a vise, then with contractions as she again came. Thinking she might be uncomfortable, I tried to pull out, but she said, "stay where you are for a minute, it feels delicious." After basking in this afterglow a while, I tried to pull my softened cock out, but her anus gripped like a tight fist. Finally, I freed it with a slight 'plop' sound, and helped Liz to her feet.

Both of us were a little shaky, but I got Liz seated on the sofa, then walked to the kitchen to pour us each another martini. I didn't know about her, but know I sure needed a drink. As I sat back beside her, after a few pulls on the tasty drink I said, "Wonder what Alice would think of this?" I just said this to be funny and lighten the mood, but Liz got serious and after gulping down her martini said "Let me just tell you about Alice." And for the next couple of hours that's exactly what she did, only stopping when we got so horny we had to fuck again. But that's another story, for another time.... Continue»
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Ned and his mother, Alice

I was in a daze...having just witnessing the love of my life sucking the dick of her teenage son. I drove aimlessly for several hours, re-thinking the scene forever burnt into my brain of her, down on her knees, servicing his big cock like a cheap whore. I was appalled, yet also stimulated, knowing what pleasure her lips could give. My hard dick decided the issue - I would go back to face the situation.

Entering via the front door, I found Alice in repose on the sofa, reading. Her waist-length, platinum blonde hair was no longer tied back, but was freshly brushed. She wore a silk robe which opened slightly when she rose to reveal a black teddy underneath. "Hello, love," she said, "sorry you had to work so late. Can I fix you something to eat?"

I nodded, and as she retrieved leftovers from the fridge, I asked, "Where's Ned?" Without looking at me, apparently concentrating on her task, she chattered, "He's gone to bed. He was worried about his Latin test tomorrow, so I had to calm him down before he was able to study." I almost snorted my iced tea through my nose at this, because my Mom would give me warm milk or pat my head or even massage my shoulders, but she never gave me a blow job to calm down. The rich truly are different from you and me.

As she moved about the kitchen, I studied Alice's body. Her short robe displayed her sturdy, muscular legs as it hugged the contours of her big ass, tapering into a tiny waist. Her breasts, while not large, were perfectly shaped and had thimble-sized nipples protruding through the fabric. I could tell by the erect nipples and her flushed demeanor that she was turned on, and so was I, both from her nearness and from my memories of what she'd done just hours before.

I walked up behind her as she rinsed the dishes, grinding my now-hard cock into the crack of her beautiful ass, reaching around to squeeze and pinch those big, hard nipples. She moaned softly and reached behind to unzip me and free my cock from my jeans. She unsnapped the crotch of her teddy with her other hand, and raised it with the robe to expose her bare ass. "Fuck my ass, Joe, I'm so hot," she said, "I've been wanting this all evening." With perfect aim, she lodged the head of my rampant dick in her asshole, and though extremely tight it was at the same time very moist, so I was able to slide it in to the hilt. She shuddered and moaned at the pleasure of full insertion, as we both began to hunch back and forth. At the height of our ecstasy, I gripped her wide hips and held fast. Neither of us moved, but my dick expanded to its full length as it spewed a gusher of sperm, her anus muscles contracting to milk my shaft dry. Breathing hard, we remained in that position as my cock was finally pushed out of her ass. Spinning around, Alice said, "I need to clean you up." She dropped to her knees to lick and suck my cock before placing it back inside my jeans. She then rose and I couldn't help but to kiss her beautiful mouth, reeking as it did of the delicious aroma of her asshole.

We were tonguing each other like teenagers, and my dick was rising again, when we heard a noise from the other room. Ned was standing in the doorway of the den and said, "Mom, I need to talk to you." I couldn't help wonder how much the little prick had seen, but Alice adjusted her robe, saying "Be right back," before walking him to his room in the far side of the house. Curiousity got the best of me, so I slipped noiselessly out the back door around to Ned's window. Closing the door, thinking me far away, Ned raised his voice, "How can you fuck him, mother, you don't even let me do that? See how worried I am?" With that he dropped his pajama bottoms to display his big, hard cock. "You know I can't have you worried, Neddie, but you know we can never fuck," Alice replied. "That would be wrong, but I can relieve your worries in other ways."

As she spoke, Alice reached out with her tiny, soft hand and began to stroke her son's prick. In a very short time, she used her other hand as a cup to catch the cum spurting out of his cock. Red-faced and breathing hard, he fell back on his bed as Alice walked to his bathroom to wash her hands. She walked back to bend over his bed, kissing his cheek chastely, saying, "I'll wake you in the morning, sweet boy, to relieve your worry about your test. sl**p well."

I had to move fast to scurry back into the house. Alice acted perfectly normal, just saying, "The poor boy is worried about his test." I now knew this "worried" business was just a coded excuse for her to masturbate and suck the cock of her own son, but she was so delicious I couldn't bring myself to deprive myself out of morality. Besides, I thought, I'm the one with 'full access', I'm not letting that pompous little prick run me off. In hindsight, which always has 20/20 vision, I should have.

Spooning, safely in Alice's bed, she reached behind to squeeze my cock. I was semi-erect, still thinking about her jacking off her own son, and quickly became hard. "MMMmmmm, she cooed, I want some more of this. She turned over and began to suck my dick with that special way she had of licking the head, then slowly taking the whole length of it down her throat. She quickly got on top to ride me with her lightly-haired blonde pussy as I pinched her hard nipples. On her knees at first, she moved to her feet while still riding me, bending forward to kiss and tongue my mouth. Her pussy was so tight it felt like a warm, hairy mouth sucking my dick. She kept this up until I could take no more, then rose to put her on hands and knees, fucking her from behind. With her face and chest pressed against the bed, and big beautiful ass in the air, I used her long blonde hair as 'reins' while grinding away in her wet pussy. I put my thumb into her tight asshole as I fucked, and the added stimulation drove her and I both to a glorious orgasm. Catching my breath, I placed a pillow under her stomach to raise her ass, then dropped down to lick, suck and play with both her pussy and her asshole. I continued this for quite some time, until she finally came so hard she actually peed a little.

Afterward, cleaning up in the bathroom, Alice said to me "You're my man now, and I'll do anything for you." Both a little sore by now, we soaped, rinsed and dried each others' private parts before returning to bed for a good, deserved nights' sl**p. I was glad I hadn't deserted her, but had yet to find out the depth of her depravity.... Continue»
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Alice and Trevor *First Story ever!*

Wednesday evening Alice is all ready for her boyfriend Trevor to come over and get ready to study since his grades weren't always the best. Trevor had a hard time keeping focused on the work and not playing with her so they never got much accomplished during their tutoring. Finally she thought, four a clock and he should be here any moment. Time for studying was out the window today since it was their four month anniversary since both turning eighteen. Trevor walks in looking the same as he always does after football practice, tired and worn out. Since he made the team they haven’t had much time together so this was their only chance. He guided her carefully up to her room which she had prepared the way he asked her and she could feel it in her bones what would happen. The time was right and they were both ready by the time they finally opened her door to her room. He smiles as he gently pokes her cheek,

“Babe why must you always look so beautiful?”

Her cheeks flush a bright pink as she smiles,

“I’m only wearing a tank top and skirt baby nothing special, you know me”

His arms slowly wrap around her as she kisses him and he runs his hands up and down her sides feeling her soft tanned skin,

“Is it bad that I want you this bad already just seeing you like this? “

Alice feels her face growing brighter as she looks up at him before slipping her hands under his shirt

“No because I want you too just as bad as you want me.”

Trevor leans down kissing her neck as she moans softly tilting her head to let him kiss more as she closes her eyes and he slowly works his kisses down as his soft hands roam her perfect body. He slowly begins to lift on her shirt and her eyes open wide and looks up at him,

“What babygirl..You don’t want me to touch your beautiful body like this?”

Alice smiles wide and shakes her head no and lays back after peeling off her shirt. Trevor could feel his length growing hard against his pants and adjusts slightly seeing her perfect round breasts held by such a thin bra making him only wonder what was down below.

“Alice I want to make you feel incredible tonight. I want to taste your amazing pussy and never stop is that alright?”

Her eyes flutter open at the words and she can feel the wetness growing in her panties,

“Oh Trevor I've always wanted you too!”

Alice then peels off her skirt revealing her black lacy panties as well and smiles laying under him. His eyes grow wide then he stands up and admires her thin beautiful frame before leaning down at the edge of the bed pulling her down by her hips and running his hands up to her breasts caressing them lightly in his hands as he kisses between her thighs. During all of this Alice is squirming like crazy wanting to already feel him inside of her but refuses to let up her dominate side take control, she can feel her smooth pussy soaking against her panties and she desperately wants them off of her as she leans and watches. Trevor notices but refuses to pay attention to her there just yet, he wants to drive her mad in his own little way. First he kisses up her thighs, across her stomach then down her legs to her feet kissing them softly,

“Are you ready now to have the fun you've been waiting for?”

She nods eagerly then he laughs as he ties her hands together then to the headboard and ties each ankle to the posts of the bed and looks at her before pulling out his cock and beginning to rub it slowly in front of her.

“Baby! So incredibly unfair of you to do something like that to me! You know I want you in my mouth but I want to you lick me so bad!”

Trevor then moves down between her legs and rips the thin fabric of her panties away revealing her smooth pussy and he leans down furiously licking gripping her thighs so hard they might bleed. Alice is moaning and pulling on the ties trying to get free to help guide him to the perfect spot and make her cum until she passes out but he simply ignores her. Trevor moves up and pushes the torn fabric into her mouth,

“You like the taste of yourself?”

She nods helplessly as she is close to cumming into his mouth before he goes back down and gently licks her thighs, teasing again like before. Finally his mouth clamps down on her soaking pussy as he nibbles and licks and fucks with his tongue and teeth and feels her cumming against his tongue licking it up slowly before working his way back up her body.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself enough to cum for me. Now it’s my turn to please myself.”

He holds his cock against her then shoves it deep into her already throbbing pussy and begins to fuck her. Alice closes her eyes savoring every thrust she can feel as her pussy grips his cock hard milking it of his cum and she pulls on the ties before looking down and watching, she then feels his hands on her hips holding her tight as he pounds her.

“You like that little naughty girl? You like me fucking you like crazy?”

He grins as she nods and moans, finally after a half hour of this rigorous pumping he feels himself close to cumming and pulls out. He reaches for the panties and pulls them out getting on top of her shoving his cock into her warm and waiting mouth. Alice can’t take his entire cock but he f***es her too, down to her throat, and she moans making his cock vibrate in her mouth driving him wild as he cums down her throat and slowly climbs off of her and then unties her. She blushes noticing the beads of sweat on both of them before closing her eyes and laying back on the bed exhausted. Trevor zips up his pants and pulls on his shirt,

“So same time next week for tutoring right babe?”

She nods falling asl**p already excited for next week as Trevor shuts the door to their little play land…

(I really hope you enjoy my first story. If you like it I'd love to make more. Criticism is wanted! I want to get better in my writing! Thank you for reading!)... Continue»
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b*****r and s****r fuck Mum, Part 1.

b*****r and s****r fuck Mum, Part 1.

His s****r Sharon is one hell of a horny slut. She first fucked her b*****r when she was sixteen and Tom was f******n and it was the time they both lost their virginity. They started playing with each other earlier on in their younger lives when she first caught him masturbating in his room and wanted to watch him doing it. When he told her that he always thinks of her when he does it she told him that she does the same while thinking of him. Tom asked her, that very first time, if she would let him watch her masturbating sometimes and she said; “why not now?” She pulled her jeans and knickers down and standing by the side of the bed she started rubbing herself while looking at his erect cock. He was amazed to see how hard she rubbed her swollen clit and how wet her pussy was as she started to moan. She would run her fingers slightly past her pussy lips to wet her fingers and then attack her clit until her body bucked and jerked to her own pleasures. When she finished she would give him a quick kiss on the lips and then leave to go to the bathroom.
As they got older their sexual adventures got dirtier with Tom Cumming all over her body and her sliding her wet cunt all over his. They pissed on each other and she even pissed in his mouth once after she swallowed his cum. They would lick each other’s ass and poke fingers up them until it hurt so good.
The day they finally fucked was when Sharon came to his room after finding one of their dad’s porn videos and showed him the cover. It was called, Fuck My Wife Please. On the back it had so many pictures of different people fucking and sucking that they got turned on and decided to watch it when their mum and dad went out that night.
Sharon said that as soon as they leave we can watch it down stairs and then come back to bed and try some of the things in the video.
They did just that. As soon as they left they placed the video in the player and got ready on the couch. Tom had the remote control in his hand just in case and pressed play.
It started with all the crap and then showed short parts of what was to be seen and they both looked at each other with excitement.
They only got to watch part of the first clip as it started with a woman being fucked in the cunt by a man on the couch and another man watching through the outside window. The woman was talking dirty with, “fuck my horny cunt you bastard” and “give it to me harder” as they cuddled up to each other. Tom’s cock grew and Sharon was rubbing herself when the man fucking the lady called out to the man outside the window to “come in and join us George”. The next scene had George pulling his cock and wondering what to do when the man asked if he would like to fuck his wife while he watched. When George had his cock pumping away into the wife who was on her back on the couch Sharon got up and said “turn it off and grab the tape because you are going to fuck my pussy.” He nearly came on the spot and got up and hurried to do as she said.
When he got to his room she was naked on the bed and rubbing herself as he through the tape under the bed and got on top of her. She spread her legs wide and grabbed his hard cock and said “fuck me like the man in the tape but don’t cum inside of me.” As he entered her wet cunt he felt how hot it was. He got carried away and pushed past her hymen which made her scream and grab hold of his hips to stop him from moving. After a while she started lifting her hips into him very slowly and asked him how “does it feel?” He told her that he didn’t mean to hurt her and she said that she wanted it to hurt as it looked like it did in the video. When he started to fuck into her she moaned and told him to fuck her hard which he did. When she finally had her orgasm he had to pull his cock out so he didn't cum inside her. She closed her legs and let him spray her little tits and face until she calmed down and then said “this is the start of us fucking from now on and when I finally get on the pill you can cum inside of me and I can’t wait for that to happen.”
They got older and she was on the pill and they fucked just like in the video and she even likes it in the ass.
Tom is now 18 and Sharon has just turned 20. They have a collection of toys, books and videos that they use to enhance their sex life and they don’t let her period stop them from fucking. She has large firm breasts and large nipples with a slim and tight body from playing netball each week. She has shaved her pussy of her blond hair as has he. She says she loves his eight inch cock which is bigger than her last boyfriends.
Their mum and dad never knew about their sex life and when they were having sex Sharon would come to his room and they would fuck at the same time while trying to hear them. On one occasion Sharon said that she would like to see them fucking and to see if dad’s cock was the same size as Tom’s. Another time when their mum was yelling out with an orgasm from her bedroom Sharon said that she would like to join them and fuck on the same bed as them at the same time.
They never fucked in his s****r’s room until she bought the cabinet that sits at the end of her bed. It’s a large box which has carvings all around it and a lid with a seat on top. She calls it her glory box and he calls it their fuck box as it sits at the same level as her bed which they can use for different positions. They always pull the sheets over it to avoid it from any stains.
It was Saturday morning around ten when they were in her room fucking again. Hid dad had to work and his mum left an hour earlier to go shopping. Tom had eaten Sharon’s cunt to orgasm and she sucked him to hardness while fucking his ass with her fingers. After he shot his load in her mouth she got out her big thick dildo and placed it on the fuck seat and fucked herself to another orgasm as Tom watched until he got hard and ready to fuck her. She said “fuck my fucking wet cunt Tom” as her body was still trembling from her orgasm. He knew she wanted it badly and when he say’s badly he means hard and dirty. She was so fucking horny and wanted the works so bad that he knew that when they were finished she would go back to bed and sl**p it off.
He put her on the edge of the fuck box with her elbows resting on the end of the bed while holding her legs up in the air. He pushed his cock deep and hard into her wet cunt and she just smiled through gritted teeth with that look of lust on her face. “This is going to be so fucking good” she said. She moved forward to grab one of his ass cheeks and pulled him in further as she lifted her hips to meet his pounding cock. Sharon was moaning as yet another orgasm was approaching and he knew that it would hit her hard. “Harder baby, harder” was all she could say as her tits swayed to the beat of their fucking. He was grunting with every thrust into her wet cunt when suddenly the door started to open. Tom quickly pulled his cock out as the door was slowly opening and Sharon turned to one side when we separated grabbing her cunt and closing her legs tight.
The door was still opening as he wondered who the fuck was going to come in and catch them as there was no way of getting out of it now.
“Mum, I’m, I’m, I’m so sorry” was all he could say as her smile quickly changed to shock. Sharon heard who it was and was too ashamed to turn around and look in her direction. Her orgasm had started just when he had pulled out and she was finding it hard to control her body.
Kelly stood in the doorway with her mouth opened and looked at the two of them and knew what they were doing. She could feel the pain on her daughters face as she sensed what she was going through. Kelly had stopped them just as Sharon was about to orgasm and her walking in on them had caused this to happen to her.
As she looked at them her mind was racing. Should she leave the room? Should she yell at them and what would she say? What is her husband going to say? How long has this been going on? And then she heard her daughter squeal in discomfort.
Kelly was surprised by what had come out of her mouth. “Finish fucking your s****r Tom, I think she needs you. Now Tom, do you hear me.” Tom looked at his mum as his cock started going soft and said that he can’t. Kelly got angry with him and went over to Sharon to comfort her as she ordered him to help her. Sharon cried out “no mum, I’m alright and I’m sorry” as she felt her mum’s hands on her back. “You’re not alright my girl and I can see you need it.” “Tom, finish what you started and we’ll deal with this latter, now come on.” Tom was hesitant and he knew his mother was serious about this so he removed his hand from his soft cock and got back on his knees in front of his s****r. Kelly helped Sharon roll back by supporting her back and telling her that it will be alright.
As Sharon felt her mother’s hands on her skin her sluttish mind got turned on knowing that her mum was going to help and watch her b*****r fuck her. This is going to be wild thought Sharon as she slowly got back up and started spreading her legs. Tom had hold of his cock and tried to insert it into his s****r but knew that it wouldn’t work while his mum was watching. He was about to ask his mum is she would leave the room when Kelly told his to get on with it. He pushed his cock forward and felt the warmth of his s****r’s cunt and his cock started to firm up as he looked into his mother’s eyes.
Sharon could feel his semi hard cock starting to grow and had to hide her lustful grin away from her mum. Kelly could see that her son was uncomfortable about the situation and didn’t know what to do so she placed her hand on his hip and pushed and pulled him while telling him to start fucking her. He was getting harder and harder and started pumping into his s****r with short slow strokes. When Kelly saw that he was alright she removed her hand and helped steady her daughter. Sharon was getting hotter and hotter knowing that her mother wanted her to have an orgasm and that she would be here to see it happen. As they slowly fucked Kelly suddenly found herself aroused by the sight of her two c***dren loving each other in this way. She felt her own cunt start to twitch as she thought of the sex she has with her husband in the same way. She looked at her daughter’s body and was impressed at how beautiful she has become. She saw her breasts move as Tom pushed into her and looked down to see that she had shaved her pubic hair which she found very exciting. She could smell her daughter’s sex and found it to be the same as her own. When she looked at her son she could see her husband in him. Tom was nearly the same height as Peter and she was surprised to find herself wondering if his cock was the same. The sight before her could have brought a tear to her eyes when Sharon called out “mum.”
“Yes dear.” “Mum I can’t have an orgasm like this.” Kelly felt bad because she was making them feel uncomfortable and apologised and said she understands and will leave the room. “No mum, it’s not that. It’s just that we don’t do it like this.” “I don’t understand” she said. “Mum, let us show you but please promise me that you won’t leave the room no matter what, promise me.” “Ok then, I promise you but I still don’t understand.” Sharon knew she had her and was ready to show her mum how they fucked and hoped that it would turn her mum on watching them. She said to Tom “fuck me hard and deep and don’t hold back.” “But s*s” was all Tom could say. “Give it to me now before mum changes her mind. Now fuck me like you always do.” Kelly was shocked by her daughter’s language and yet it turned her on at the same time. She was wondering what was going to happen when Tom called out, “well it’s now or never.”
He roughly grabbed his s****r’s legs and spread them further apart and started fucking into her wet cunt as hard and fast as he could. Whatever trouble he was in because of this he didn’t care now, but he wanted to show his mum how they fucked and hoped that his dad fucked her the same way. He was now on a mission to show his mum how he can please a woman and give them massive orgasms.
As he fucked into her Sharon was grunting and rubbing her clit while calling out, oh yes baby, fuck my fucking cunt harder, yes, yes, that’s it, fuck me. Tom knew she was going to have a big orgasm and started sweating and he was driving his now rock hard cock into his s****r. It turned him on to see his mother had not left the room and wondered if it was turning her on or making her sick. He knew how to get his answer. When Sharon started crying out in a trembling voice that she was starting to cum he said, “cum on my cock s*s and then I’m going to fuck your tight ass with it.” Kelly looked at her son in amazement at what he had just said and then at her daughter and wondered if they really have had anal sex. It turned her on as her own cunt and ass reacted to the thought of how she feels when she has her husband fuck her that way. She wanted to touch herself so badly but not in front of the c***dren. When Sharon screamed out in a high pitched voice that she was Cumming Kelly yelled out to Tom, “don’t stop honey, fuck her and don’t while she’s Cumming.” “Turning you on mum?” Kelly was so turned on watching her daughter having an orgasm that she turned to Tom and surprised herself and him with an opened mouth kiss. Sharon was in her own zone to know what they were doing as her body spasmed and bucked to the pounding in her cunt. The contractions were stronger than ever before and even her ass muscles were reacting. She pushed her hand hard onto her clit and stiffened her legs as her climax took over every part of her body. She was grunting with every jerk and when she threw her head from side to side she noticed at one point her mother and b*****r kissing which made her rub her clit again. She wanted it to never stop as she tried to watch them kissing and make herself have a harder orgasm on top of the one she was having. Tom was still pounding away and sucking his mum’s tongue into his mouth. He could feel his s****r’s body moving around his cock as her cunt juices were making lured squishing sounds. He knew his mum could hear the same thing when she let out a low moan into his mouth. Kelly pulled away from his mouth and looked down at Sharon to see her having a massive orgasm and still rubbing her cunt at the same time. Kelly slid off the fuck box and to her knees to undo her jeans and get to her own juicy wet cunt. Tom knew she was overheated with all of this and he started thinking if she would let him fuck her. He pulled his cock out of Sharon’s cunt and waited to see her insert her fingers into herself. Sharon shoved three fingers into her wet cunt and started digging into the walls as her body trembled. Kelly was frantic to get to her own cunt when she let out a frustrated moan for all to hear. Sharon looked to see what she was doing and knew that her mum was desperate. She knew that she was going to fuck her mum and give her an orgasm to send her crazy with lust.
When Kelly finally got her jeans and knickers down to her knees she quickly rubbed her clit and Tom wanted to fuck her there and then. Tom watched his mum masturbating for the first in his live and he couldn’t control himself. He lifted his mum’s head and kissed her hard while he ran his hand up and under her top to get a handful of tit. She breathed the words, “yes, yes, squeeze them” into his mouth and she franticly frigged herself. While he was busy with his mum Sharon was ready to be ass fucked so that Tom could cum and fill her. She moved in closer and grabbed his hard penis and rubbed it on her wet cunt from her cunt to her ass as she watched them kissing. When she had her b*****r’s cock in her she was going to tell her mum to look and see if she would approve.
Tom could feel what his s****r was doing and couldn’t wait to show his mum how much his s****r love’s being ass fucked. When Sharon had his cock head in the entrance of her ass hole he said to his mum. “Mum, watch this.” She was breathing heavily and still rubbing her clit when she looked at Tom to see what he wanted her to see. When he looked down at Sharon’s ass with his cock head in the entrance she followed him and saw him shove his cock deep into her with all his f***e. “Oh my god, you two fuck like your father and me.” She shoved two fingers into herself and moaned with the pleasure she was giving herself. When Sharon was comfortable with Tom’s cock in her ass she stopped him from pumping into her for a moment and he wondered why. When he saw her move her hand towards his mum’s hand he knew what she was about to do. He was still playing with his mum’s tits and Sharon called out to her mum. “Mum.” Kelly opened her eyes to her and felt her remove her hand. “Mum just play with your clit, let me help you.” “No, I need to cum, I’m sorry but I can’t help it.” “Mum trust me and just watch me getting my ass fucked, ok.” She removed her fingers and spread her cunt juice to her clit and enjoyed how it felt but it wasn’t enough. She went to replace her fingers into her cunt but her daughter got to her cunt first and shoved three fingers in before she could stop her. Kelly knew she was done for and loved the thought of her daughter finger fucking her while she played with her clit. It turned her on knowing that she was about to cum on her daughter’s fingers but found it hard to concentrate on everything that was going on. “Watch me getting ass fucked mum.” She watched as Tom went into overdrive with his pounding cock into his s****r’s ass. Sharon was moaning with every thrust and had four fingers fucking her own wet cunt at the same time as finger fucking her mum’s cunt. The noise coming from her daughter’s cunt sent Kelly off like a rocket as she started fucking into her hand.
With her tits being played with and her hot cunt getting fingered and the sight of her two k**’s ass fucking she knew her orgasm was going to hit her hard. She rubbed her clit hard and moved in on Sharon’s opened mouth and kissed her hard. With her tongue darting in and out of her daughter’s mouth she felt her fingers pushing deep into her as they started wriggling inside of her. Kelly was panting the words into Sharon’s mouth as her orgasm was ready to blow, “yes baby, fuck my horny cunt, don’t stop fucking me, oh fuck yes baby, oh yes, oh yes, now baby yes push, push it oh fuck yesssss, I’m cumming, don’t stop pushing.” Her orgasm raked through her hard and brutal as she fucked herself in spasms on Sharon’s fingers and shoved two more fingers of her own into her contracting cunt. Sharon was licking her mum’s opened mouth as her mum was grunting with every contraction around their fingers. She was so turned on seeing her mum climax that her ass and pussy muscles lost control and sent her over the edge with a bone shattering climax of her own. She screamed into her mum’s mouth and Kelly tried to join her by shoving her tongue down her throat. They were sucking the air from each other as their bodies jerked together around and neither of them looked like stopping. Sharon was still getting Tom’s pounding cock and she could take it for quite a while through her trembling orgasm. In her state of sexual lust Tom was amazed to hear her say; “p, please mum, sit, omg, please sit on my face.” Tom stopped fucking into her in shock of what he heard and waited for the response from his trembling mum. “You won’t to suck me that bad?” “Yes mum, quick mum please.” Kelly was lost in herself and rolled on her ass on the floor to remove her jeans and knickers and with wobbly legs she got up onto the fuck box and straddled her daughter’s face.
With the void in her cunt from removing their fingers she needed something and needed it now. She lowered herself gently on her daughter’s face and let out a loud moan when she felt her tongue go straight into her wet cunt. Tom was totally amazed at seeing his mum’s ass in front of him getting her cunt eaten out by his s****r and went wild with his ass fucking into his s****r. He saw her grinding herself onto Sharon’s mouth and using her for her own gain. Her thighs were trembling as she fucked herself on her face and he felt the need to pull out of Sharon’s ass and shove it into his mothers. He knew that it would be unfair to his s****r to stop fucking her but he had a strong urge to touch his mother while she was in this position. Instead, he grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it hard but found his mum had no reaction to this as she continued to fuck his s****r’s face. He decided to spread her ass cheeks wide and saw his s****r take advantage of this by licking her ass hole. Sharon was grunting under her mother as her ass was being fucked hard and tried to shove her tongue into her ass when Tom spread her open. Kelly was moaning at the tongue lapping she was receiving and felt that her orgasm was still with her. When she felt Sharon’s tongue licking her ass she cried out, “oh yes baby that feels so good, wet my horny ass, don’t stop.” Those words got Tom ready to cum in his s****r. He spat on his fingers and leaned in close to his mothers ear and said, “I love you mum.” As she turned around to tell him that she loved him to she felt his finger rubbing around her ass hole and she replied with, “oh yes son, finger your mothers ass.” As he shoved a finger in her ass and heard her yelp he emptied his balls into his s****r’s ass as he push deep into her with his cock and did the same with his finger into his mum’s ass. Kelly heard him grunting and felt Sharon moaning in her cunt when she turned and kissed Tom full on the mouth. She felt she needed something extra to push her body further and said to Tom, “Shove another finger in me.” He did and was amazed at how easily it entered her ass and as his cock was still spewing cum into his s****r he decided to shove three fingers up her ass. As she kissed him she said in a trembling voice, “oh you are such a dirty bastard but I love it. Fuck me, fuck me hard Tom.” As he pushed deep into Sharon’s ass his mum leaned forward and pushed her ass up to receive a deep anal fingering. Sharon was now able to grunt and squeal louder as her orgasm was ripping through her and yet she still found the strength to move her hand up to her mum and shove four fingers deep into her juicy cunt. Kelly had both her holes filled with fingers pushing up to the limit as her orgasm sent her body bucking all over the place.
Tom could feel her contractions on his fingers and had the nerve to ask his mum in her orgasmic state if she would let him fuck her. In a babbling voice she said, “ye, ye, yes, yes plea, yes pleasssssse.”
They were all covered in sweat as Kelly was raising her hips up and down with their fucking fingers inside her as she trembled and tried to slowly move away. All through this pounding into both of her holes she cried out, “ Oh yes, don’t stop, omg, omg yes, yes I’m cumming yes, now, now push push, oh yesssssss” as her orgasm took hold of every part of her body. She bounced and bucked in spasm on their fingers as her thighs trembled. She f***ed herself to crawl away on her hands and knees over Sharon’s face as they followed her without taking their fingers out. When she made it to the bed she collapsed and Tom and Sharon’s finger were released. Her body was in spasms and jerking as she was riding the waves of a massive orgasm.
Sharon and Tom were both watching their mother and could not believe what had just happened.
Sharon still had Tom’s cock in her ass and could feel it getting soft as his cum started to seep out. She looked at Tom and smiled with that lustful grin and said, “That was the best and kinkiest fuck we have ever had. Come here, I want to suck your cock clean for fucking me so good.” Her face was wet with her mother’s cunt juice and Tom said, “Your face is so fucking wet it will be like fucking mum’s cunt.” Sharon liked the tone in his voice and told him to fuck her face so she could get him hard again. Kelly moaned out, “no, no stop. Don’t you k**s ever have enough?” They both smiled and Sharon said, “How can we ever stop fucking now when we have such a beautiful and horny mum like you to join us.” “Thanks k**s and your right, I loved every minute of this but you have to give me a rest and carry on without me.” Tom piped up and asked, “Will you let me fuck you mum?” “Oh son, knowing that you want me that way turns me on so much that I want to suck you so bad and swallow you cum. So get on with what you want to do and let me just watch you for a while, is that alright with you two?”
“You bet it is mum, you bet it is.”
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b*****r and s****r fuck Mum, Part, 2.

b*****r and s****r fuck Mum, Part 2.
Sharon couldn’t wait to see her mum suck her b*****r’s cock and swallow his cum. She wondered if she would really do it. As she got up to suck Tom’s cock which had started to grow hard from hearing what his mother wanted to do to him, Sharon was getting a few ideas of what she wanted to do to her.
“Get me nice and hard s*s cause I want to fuck mum so bad before she changes her mind,” said Tom. Sharon smiled with that lustful grin and told him that she was going to lick his ass hole while he fucks her.
Kelly was gently stroking her pussy and listening to them and realised how much alike they are to her and her husband Peter. She loved to be fucked hard in every hole and she loved the taste of cum. She knew deep down inside that this was all wrong and yet she felt that it was so right to be doing it with the one’s she loves. They were not k**’s anymore but grownups who knew what they wanted and they reminded her of her younger days. Her husband had taken her to her fist orgy where she had sex with her first black man while sucking his wife’s black cunt and her husband was fucking the man’s wife’s ass at the same time. They still go to orgies and she fucks everyone she can in the night like a real right slut that she is. The best orgy she likes is when the women fuck each other in one corner of the room while one lucky woman gets gangbanged by the rest of them men. When it was her turn she had eight men fucking and filling every hole for the whole night until she couldn’t move. Her and her husband call their type of fucking, power fucking, and even when it’s just the two of them they fuck dirty and hard. She too had ideas of her own that she wondered if her son and daughter would be up to doing and what they would think if she got their father to join in with them. If her son wanted to fuck his mother so badly would Sharon want to fuck her father? All these thoughts got her hotter by the minute and watching her daughter sucking her son’s cock made her want to join in but she decided to watch the action at hand.
Sharon was sucking Tom’s penis making it nice and wet with a large amount of saliva. When she drew back to the tip she used her hand to masturbate his shaft with a tight grip while playing with his balls. Kelly knew that her daughter loved doing this not just for his enjoyment but for her own as well. It didn’t take long for Tom’s cock to grow hard again with the head job Sharon was giving him. Kelly was wondering if he was at full length or could she make him any bigger. She was amazed at how much bigger he was than her husband and how turned on she was getting. She was going to fuck her son and she couldn’t wait. She was going to have him fuck her nice wet juicy cunt first until she orgasmed and then straight in her ass. She wanted him to cum in her cunt her ass and even down her throat. She hoped that he wouldn’t get too turned on and cum too soon as she wanted a good hard fucking to satisfy her needs. As she played with her pussy she could feel her juices running down the crack of her ass and decided to try something a bit different. She always has her cunt fucked first before anal but thought this time, seeing it was with her son, she would make him fuck her ass and then her cunt as a special treat for the both of them. She smeared her cunt juice around her and inside her anus and was getting more and more excited.
Sharon was now using two hands on his cock, one pulling the foreskin down and the other hand was squeezing and pulling just the head. She would spit in her hand and continue rubbing the head as she smiled to herself knowing that he liked it. When she looked at her mother and saw her playing with her ass she said, “I think your both ready.”
Kelly asked Tom how he wanted to fuck her and he told her to lay on the bed. She said, “Can I make a suggestion. What say we fuck standing up while you fuck in the ass? You fuck me so hard that when my legs start to buckle you have to hold me tight so that I can’t get away and f***e me to keep standing but never let up no matter what. What do you think?” Tom looked confused and asked why do it like that. She said that when he gives her an orgasm, she has to work against her orgasm to stay standing and he have to do the same. She told him that he will get the idea and that he will be amazed at what will happen.
Tom said ok and when he gave her a hand she grabbed his cock and said, “Honey, you are going to love this.” She felt her daughter’s saliva on his cock and knew that it would slip into her ass easily as she turned her back towards him. She bent down to expose her ass hole to him and told him to get it in there quick. He grabbed her hip and guided his cock to her anus and he touched her with the head she f***efully pushed herself back on him. He slipped straight in and pushed deep into her bowels as she grunted out the words, “oh yah.” When he started slowly fucking into her she raised herself up and threw her arm back around his neck and kissed him. He had to hold her tight but could not get in deep this way so he grabbed hold of her leg and lifted it up for a deeper penetration. “That’s it Tom, now fuck me like a slut.” What she said drove him crazy and he fucked her ass so hard that the upstroke was make it hard to keep balanced. Kelly had to hold on as tight as she could to her son as so he had to do the same. He was pushing into her so deep and she was trying to stay connected to his mouth that they were both grunting. He could feel her trying to lower her leg and he had to get a better hold of her. He moved his arm over her breasts and pulled her close and tight which squeezed the air out of her. She whispered, “I’m gonna cum so you better get ready to hold us up son, this is gonna be a good one.” She was sweating under his arm and her leg was getting heavier to hold and the harder it was to stay connected he found the harder he fucked into his mothers ass. He felt that he was no longer fucking his mother but a slut who he didn’t care about. She was hurting him by her grip and he knew he was doing the same. He moved his arm up her chest and grabbed her by the throat and shoved his tongue down her mouth as he fucked her hard. She moaned and pulled his hair and he tried to fuck her off her feet. Kelly’s leg started to tremble as her orgasm was approaching and had to grab Tom’s left ass cheek for added support. When she dug her finger nails into him he gave her the response she wanted. Her felt the pain and hammered into her ass harder and a lot faster as her cunt juice was running out and down his cock. He shoved three fingers in her mouth and made her gag and when she f***ed her head away he pulled her mouth back and opened it then spat into it which made her bite down hard on his fingers. He was past any pain she could dish out on him and he knew he was doing the same to her. He licked the side of her face and kept saying, “ like it rough bitch?, and, do you want it harder slut?” She loved being called a slut when she was getting fuck like this and it drove her over edge as her orgasm kicked in. She started yelling that she was cumming as her leg was giving out and her whole body was bucking in spasm. Tom was holding her slippery body up as he continued his brutal pounding in her ass and felt her anal muscle contracting around his cock. She exhaled a loud guttural moan as her cunt started squirting cum onto the floor. Sharon was watching them fuck as she fingered herself on the side of the bed and when her mum started squirting she shoved four fingers deep into her wet cunt. Kelly squirted with every spasm and her leg gave out but Tom had hold of her so she wouldn’t fall. He pushed his cock to the hilt and enjoyed her ass gripping it like a fist. His was going to fill his mum’s ass with cum any minute as her entire body trembled. “Yes mum, take my fucking load up your fucking ass slut,” he said as he blasted his hot cum deep into her. She felt herself squirt with every shot of cum entering her ass and screamed out, “ohhhhh yessssss.” Sharon was cumming at the same time as she raked the inside walls of her cunt. She wished she was in front of her mum to receive her spray as she fucked herself. As Tom was holding on to Kelly with a firm grip she released her hand from his hair and rubbed her wet cunt to make herself get that extra squirt. She wanted more inside her body and inserted three fingers up her contracting cunt and felt Tom’s hard cock between the walls. She started fucking herself hard and deep and when she heard Tom let out a loud moan she knew he was enjoying what she was doing and it made her cunt contract another squirt. She wanted more and fucked her cunt faster as her cum was gushing through her fingers and all over her son’s balls. When she felt that there was no more to come she grabbed her cunt walls and without moving she could feel her ass and cunt muscles contracting against the fullness. She let her body take the invasion and was glad that Tom had not decided to remove himself. They stayed in that position for quite a while and Kelly looked down to see her daughter’s body spasming on the bed with fingers in her cunt. Kelly was trying to get her breath back as her body was coming down from its massive orgasm and when she started to remove her fingers out of her cunt she felt Tom’s cock twitch in her ass. She was amazed to feel that he was still hard and decided to have a bit of fun. When she jabbed her fingers in against her back wall on his cock she felt another twitch in her ass. She smiled and enjoyed the reaction she was feeling and wondered if she could make his cock twitch enough to jerk around in there to give her an orgasm. She slowly pulled her fingers out to the opening of her cunt and quickly and deeply stabbed against his cock. He moaned and told her not to stop so she fucked herself with five thrusts and then stopped in deep. “Oh fuck yah, do that again,” he said. She did and it dove her crazy as her cunt reacted in the same way as his cock. Sharon moved to the floor between her mum’s legs and said, “Here, let me do that for you mum.” When Sharon saw her pull her three fingers out of her cunt she replaced them with four of her fingers. “Oh yah baby, pump me a few times and then just push in deep and stay there. You will feel your b*****rs cock react and my cunt muscles grip your fingers.” Sharon did as her mother said and was turned on to feel her b*****r’s cock jerking through the walls of her ass. With a wicked grin she said, “I’m going to try and make you both cum so hang on.” “Oh yes baby, make us cum, make us cum. She got on her knees and spread them to rub her cunt and then fist fucked her mum with four deep thrusts and then stopped to feel her b*****r’s cock. When she felt it jerk she quickly did it again and he started moaning as her mum’s thighs started to vibrate. Again, and again she pumped into her mother and every time her mum’s cunt gripped her fingers harder. When she stopped deep in her cunt she would rake her own cunt walls hard with three fingers. Kelly was yelling for more and not to stop Sharon fucked her harder and faster until she decided to slip her thumb in as well. With her fist trying to enter her mum’s cunt, Kelly cried out, “Oh yah, oh yah this is going to fucking hurt so good. Come on baby, just fucking shove it in.” Sharon lust took over and she was going to fuck the shit out of her. With one quick shove past her wrist Kelly grunted out the words, “oh fuck yah.” Sharon got so turned on when she felt Tom’s cock react and him out, “fuck that’s fucking good.” She pulled out until she saw her thumb knuckle and then decided it was time to get rough. She fist fucked her cunt with a vengeance and didn’t hold back as Kelley was screaming in pain and pleasure. Tom was crying out oh fuck and oh yah as her fist rubbed against his cock. “Hurry s*s I can’t hold her for much longer,” said Tom. So she fucked into her cunt so fast that Kelly was grunting while saliva was running from the side of her mouth. When Sharon added her mouth to her mother’s clit and sucked hard Kelly screamed and screamed and tried to push her away. Sharon wasn’t having any of that and attacked her clit even harder as her fist continued its onslaught. Tom felt his cock was going to cum again and was amazed that it was so soon. Kelly was trying to fight herself away from the pair of them but they fought back and didn’t let up. Her legs were kicking about and Tom’s cock was spasming in his mum’s ass but he couldn’t feel any cum shooting out. It was a painful feeling but he put up with it for his mother’s orgasm. When Kelly had the energy to yell out, “please stop” in a trembling voice, Sharon decided that her mum had had enough but f***efully pulled her fist out in one go for good measure. When Tom felt the void in his mum he threw her on the bed and grabbed his empty throbbing cock and fell to the floor covered in sweat. Sharon was finger fucking herself as she sucked her fingers clean of her mother’s cunt juice. She was moaning as her orgasm was approaching and quickened the speed into her cunt until she squealed in ecstasy and collapsed on the floor bucking and jerking uncontrollably. Kelly’s head was jerking and her thighs were trembling while her hand had cupped her cunt trying to tighten her legs together to close the void she felt.
It was quite a while before any of them moved as they let their bodies recover from the brutal sex they just had. Their bodies were covered in sweat and the room smelled of sex. Tom was the first to get up as he realized he was laying in his mum’s wet patch on the floor. “My cock is so fucking sore,” he said as he made his way to the bath room. He just got to the door when his mother said, “That’s because you fucked me the way I like it, hard, real hard, like a slut. I love you both and thanks for giving me the fucking I needed and I hope that you want to fuck me again, soon.” Sharon asked if she was alright and if they hurt her in any way. “Yah mum, are you ok?” asked Tom. “Yes I’m ok just a bit tender. The only thing that I’m worried about is your father. You see, we were going to go to an orgy tonight and I think he might ask some questions when I ask him if we don’t go.” Sharon and Tom both said the same thing at the same time when she finished. “Orgy.” They were so surprised and shocked to know that their parents went to orgies and Sharon was worried if her dad would get mad at her. She asked her if he would be made at her and she told that he will as he looks forward to them every month. She said that she will go and hope that he gets to fuck plenty of women but he knows that I like to be fucked just as much. Sharon thought of a way to help but was unsure of what her mother might. “Mum.” “Yes baby.” “Mum I think I can help you. What if I take your place and go to the orgy?, or better still, what if I fuck dad tonight?” Tom shook his head and left the room calling her a sick bitch. Kelly got up from the bed and looked at her with a lustful smile and said, “I can talk him into it but only if I can watch him fuck you in our bed.” “And then we’ll all go to the orgy,” said Sharon. “We’ll see if you’re up to it after your dad’s finished with you tonight” said Kelly.
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The Librarian Who Loved To Fuck

Laura Weber cast a sidelong glance in the direction of the nineteenth century romance novels and saw that there was trouble brewing. From her position behind her desk in the center of the library, she could see everything, even Kenneth Wilcox's hand inching its way under the reading table toward Mary Kepler's knee. Laura knew that the youngsters who frequented the Maple Grove Public Library were only there because they were f***ed by their teachers' reading assignments.

She knew perfectly well that, given half a chance, they would turn her library into just another place for hot fucking and sucking. She knew that was aIl these teenagers cared about. But she wasn't about to let such things happen in her library. Laura stood up briskly, adjusted her glasses and walked over to where the troublemakers were sitting. She gave them a stern look. If there was any doubt in Kenneth's mind that his hand should stop prowling, she banished that doubt by slamming a dictionary onto the table in front of him.

When she opened the book and pointed to the word chastity, both Kenneth and his intended object of affection blushed. Laura walked back to her desk with a feeling of accomplishment.It wasn't that Laura Weber was cold and unfeeling, although that was the way she seemed to her long-suffering charges at the library.

Under her prim exterior, she was a sensitive woman with the same needs and desires as other mature women. But in Maple Grove, a librarian was expected to behave like a librarian. Laura had lost her husband in an auto accident several years earlier and supported herself and four sons on her librarian's salary. Jobs weren't all that easy to find in the sl**py village of Maple Grove, and Laura had to keep up appearances.

Laura had been wondering lately if maybe the image she had been f***ed by convention to project for the past few years was becoming her own self-image. She wasn't really as prim and proper as she let on. She loved a good fuck as much as, in fact more than, the average woman. She often found herself looking back at the wonderful hours she and her husband Tom had spent in the sack, fucking and sucking all night and half the morning. She definitely missed having a hot stud like Tom to stick his big thick prick in her cunt at the mere drop of a pair of panties. Of course, Laura had the looks for it too, with long honey blond hair and rather nicely shaped breast.

They were still firm for her age of 37, despite the fact that she had four c***dren. Her ass was still firm too. Too bad she was as old as she was, because if she was still in her twenties, she easily could have been a successful exotic dancer or magazine model. Laura had stayed away from men for a long time. It was as if she had gotten locked into the image she had been projecting for the benefit of the people of Maple Grove. She had to shake herself at times and remind herself that she was really not the prim and proper Mrs. Weber, the widow lady who ran the local library. She was afraid that people would talk if she started dating. Laura was a woman of strong sexual urges. She knew perfectly well that once she got into a sexual situation with a man, she would let it all out and become a wanton slut in heat. If it ever got around that she was an easy fuck, she would be run out of town on a rail. Sometimes Laura wished that her life was more like her s****r Arlene's. Arlene had lost her husband too, only in divorce.

Unlike Laura, she had managed to stay relatively free of the constrictions of smalltown life. She had her own business and was out of town quite frequently on business trips. She had confided to Laura that she used those trips as an opportunity to let her hair down and fuck like the little vixen she was. Just the thought of all the mischief she could get into in her s****r's situation made Laura's tight little pussy quiver with excitement. "Mrs. Weber? Mrs. Weber. I . . . I have this book to bring back. Mrs. Weber?" "Oh, my! Joyce, I must have been thinking about something else. I'm terribly sorry. Let's see. You have brought back the Dickens. Let me stamp it. There!" "I almost didn't make it by closing time, Mrs. Weber," Joyce Wilson said, breathing heavily, as if she had run a block or two. "Closing time?
Oh, yes . . . closing time. It is closing time, isn't it? I just don't know where I am today!" Laura said, shaking her head.

Later,when everyone was out of the library, Laura sat on the edge of her desk and thought about leaving town for a few days. She
could go to the city and meet a nice young man in a singles bar. No one would know. She could let all her inhibitions fly out the window and have a good hot fucking time. She had such an itch between her legs, an itch that had been growing more and more all the time. She knew that only a big hard tireless prick could scratch that itch. She could take her vacation early. She could probably leave in a few days. But no. She knew perfectly well that by the time she got the courage, she would be an old maid. She knew that she would eventually resort to her trusty electric vibrator, stuffing it way up her hot cunt and letting her imagination bring her off. She was so hot that she wished she had her dildo in her briefcase right now. "Enough of this! " she said to herself, grabbing her briefcase and heading for the door.

She was about to flick off the lights when she stopped and listened. She thought she heard something odd. It sounded like pages being turned. And there was another sound too, a sound rather like slurping, a sound that she couldn't quite identify. These sounds seemed to be coming from the aisles between the rows of bookshelves. Quietly, Laura made her way to the source of the sound. It sounded like paper shuffling. Something made her shiver a bit with excitement. When she peeked through one of the shelves where a volume was missing and saw what was making the sound, she did more than just shiver. Her cunt suddenly tingled and twitched with excitement. Sitting on one of her step stools on the opposite side if the stack was David Slater. It wasn't particularly unusual or exciting to see young David hiding in the stacks, reading. The young boy read a lot. What was unusual and very stimulating to Laura was the fact that his jeans were open and his stiff young prick was sticking up as straight as could be.

The boy had his fingers wrapped around his stiff prick and was jacking off. Laura didn't know what to do. He reminded her so much of her own son, Michael, who was 18 years old. The boy had obviously gotten so caught up in his masturbating that he had lost track of time. What was she to do? She couldn't just let the k** stay there all night playing with himself. On the other hand, she couldn't just break in on him and stop him in the middle of his jerk-off session. The boy would be so embarrassed that he would never set foot in a library again.

She could make out what the boy was frantically leafing through, a book of old etchings. She couldn't quite make out what the subject matter was, but she could imagine. How such a volume ever escaped her eyes was beyond her. Perhaps it was part of the collection old man Winters left the library when he died recently. She had always wondered about that man. Holding the book in one hand and his prick in the other, David stroked it up and down until the oozing pre-cum that dripped from his piss-slit covered his hand and made the slurping sounds she had heard. Laura noticed that the boy had an incredibly stiff cock, and a nice big one, too. She couldn't help staring at the k**'s swollen prick. His prick head stuck way out of his fist when he squeezed the shaft.

She couldn't help wondering how such a nice hard cock would feel in her own hand. It had been so long since she had touched, or even seen a hard cock. Of course, David was only a youngster, and she knew that she had no business having lusty designs on him. But a hard cock was a hard cock, and in Laura's frustrated condition, she really needed a stiff cock. Laura's cunt was beginning to moisten. The itching and tingling she had felt earlier was getting more and more intense. She couldn't help reaching up under her dress and rubbing the crotch of her moistening panties. The hot-assed librarian felt wicked beyond belief, leaning up against a bookshelf and rubbing her hot pussy through her panties.

She would never have thought in her wildest imagination that she would be doing such a nasty thing in her library. But then, who ever would have guessed that young David would be exposing himself and jacking off in the shadows of the stacks? Laura pressed her fingers against the material of her panties, making the lacy crotch go up inside her seething cunt-gash. She twisted her finger just a bit,
making her cunt blaze with every movement against her tingling clit. Her legs began to tremble a bit as she fingered and stroked her cunt. She stared through the open space on the shelf, watching the boy's hand flying up and down on his rigid fucker. His underpants were hiding a part of the base of his cock, so she really couldn't tell exactly how long the thing was. His prick was sticking through the fly of his briefs.

She wished the boy would push his underpants down so that she could see more of his cock. Laura couldn't stand another minute. She had to decide now whether to sneak away and try to forget the scene and the burning between her legs, or to approach the boy and confront him and the hot desires that were seething inside her. For once, she decided to plunge headlong into the whirlpool of desire that was starting to swirl about her. She knew that once she approached the boy, there would be no turning back. She knew that what she was about to do was taboo, but she had to do it. She had to satisfy the craving for stiff cock that burned within her.

She summoned up all her courage and took a deep breath. She realized that she would have to be in complete control of the situation at all times. She didn't dare let her courage fail her for a moment. "Well, David Slater, what have we here?" she asked in her most authoritative voice. She had slipped silently around the shelf to the boy's hiding place and was standing directly in front of him, staring him in the eye. "Oh shit! Jesus! I . . . I was just reading," the youngster choked, trying desperately to get his hard-on back into his underwear. "Oh, really? Just reading, David? You have an interesting way of just reading, David." She smiled, enjoying the way the boy was struggling to cover himself. "I . . . I gotta go, Mrs. Weber!" David rasped, jumping up off the step stool and trying to get by Laura, who was blocking the narrow passage between the stacks. "Not so fast, David. I don't think you're going anywhere quite yet," she said
firmly, putting her hand on the boy's shoulder and pushing back gently but firmly. "But . . . I . . . I gotta go . . . honest . . . I gotta!" the boy protested, sitting back on the stool and putting the book over his lap.

Laura noticed that the open book was moving in his lap, jumping up and down a bit with each jerking movement of his still swollen prick. She watched the boy try to hide the long hard-on that jutted up between his legs, but to no avail. The book wasn't as long as his cock, and the swollen purplish cock-head showed. David tried to pull up his jeans, which had been pushed down to his knees. In the process of pulling up his pants, he knocked the book out of his lap, once again exposing the hard prick that he had been playing with only moments before. Laura sucked in her breath when she saw the k**'s big stiff fucker.

The hard cockshaft was covered with clear pre-cum that ran in little rivulets from his piss-slit. The head of his cock was much larger in proportion to his prickshaft than any cockhead she had seen. She could just imagine how nice such a big cockhead would feel fucking in and out of her cunt. The boy managed to get his pants up and fastened, but he couldn't get his stiff prick back into his underpants. He shoved his unyielding cock down into his pants leg and zipped up with great difficulty. He knew that Mrs. Weber had seen every bit of his exposed cock. He flushed as red as a beet. Laura knew how the boy was suffering, not only from embarrassment, but also from the agony of not being able to shoot his cum-load when he had been ready to pop off. She had to ease his suffering in some pleasurable way. But first she was going to have some fun teasing the boy.

She was feeling terribly horny at the moment and quite capable of doing almost anything to have some nasty fun. Watching David squirm made her even hornier. At the same time, she wondered how she could have these horny feeling about a teenager. After all, she had four teenage sons at home herself. But, he was 18, nearing 19, a time when young men begin their sexual lives. This boy was no boy, but a young man. A young man who was ready to fuck. "You seem to be very caught up in your reading, David. It must be something very . . . very stimulating. Why don't I just have a look?" she asked, bending over and picking up the book that had fallen off his lap. "Please don't look at it, Mrs. Weber. Please let me go. I . . . I promise I won't come back . . . honest." "But I don't want you to stay away from the library, David. Don't be silly. I want you to enjoy what you read, and you certainly seemed to be enjoying this book. Oh my! My, my, my! Just look at these engravings! This must have slipped by me, David." "I . . . I just found it by accident, Mrs. Weber." "If I had found it, I would have taken it home and looked at it myself, David.

These pictures are very interesting. These people are all naked. Just imagine, David. All these men and women are naked out in the woods. And just look at this, David!" she said, turning the page. "They're doing things together, wonderful things. This man has something long and hard sticking up in front of his naked body, David. It looks very much like what I saw sticking up in front of you a moment ago. Why, I believe that's his cock! Yes, David, it is. And now he's putting it in this woman's mouth!" "Mrs. Weber, please
don't talk like that. You . . . you're making me feel funny . . . you're making me . . . " "Horny, David? Am I making you horny?" "Uh . . . yeah, Mrs. Weber. You're making me . . . horny," the k** said, his prick jerking wildly in his tight pants. "You seem to have made yourself horny without any help from me, David. Why just look at that hard cock sticking out in your pants leg. You should be ashamed of yourself. And here in my library, of all places" "I'm sorry, Mrs. Weber. Honest, Mrs. Weber. I didn't mean any harm . . . I just couldn't help it." It seemed for a moment that poor little David was about to burst into tears.

Laura decided that it was time for a little tender loving care. "I've been too hard on you, David darling. It's really not that serious an
infraction. I think I can forgive you. You're young and horny, David. I know that your cock has a tendency to stiffen up at the slightest provocation, darling, " she said softly, sitting down on the stool next to him. She was so close to the boy that her leg was touching his. It felt good to David to hear her soothing voice, but the words she used and the way she was sitting close to him didn't help him get rid of the hard-on that was embarrassing him half to death. In fact, she seemed to be trying to keep him hard. She even laid her warm hand on his leg and squeezed gently. "Look at me now, David. That's right, darling boy. Thee's no need to be ashamed of what you have in your pants. All boys your age get big stiff hard-ons when they see things like what you saw in that book. Those pictures are really quite stimulating, aren't they, David?" "They sure are, Mrs. Weber." The boy felt her hand moving slowly up his leg, getting closer and closer to his crotch.

His cock was aching unbearably. He hadn't been able to get his stiff prick back into his underpants, so it was rubbing against the rough material of his brand new jeans. His cock was jerking in his pants so hard that he knew she could see it move if she looked in that direction. Inch by inch, her warm hand moved closer to where his balls were bulging in his pants. He sighed when she took her hand away and started turning the pages of the book. "You know, David, I too am getting quite stimulated looking at these engravings. They were made a long time ago, darling, but people still do the same exciting things together in real life. I find this one particularly interesting." She smiled, pointing out a page to the wide-eyed boy. David swallowed hard when he saw the picture she was pointing out to him. It showed a woman with her hand wrapped around a young man's naked prick. The woman in the engraving wasn't nearly as
pretty as Mrs. Weber.

The young man has such a satisfied look on his face. "Wouldn't you like to feel a woman's hand on your cock?" "Gosh, Mrs. Weber . . . " "Well, honey, wouldn't you?" "Uh . . . I guess, Mrs. Weber." "Has anyone ever touched your cock before, darling?" she asked, laying the book aside. The boy shook his head. Laura heard him gasp when she put her hand right on the long hard bulge of his prick. She let her hand slowly move down the hard cockshaft, all the way to the head of it. She could see the overly large bulge the k**'s cockhead made in his tight jeans. She pinched the head of his cock through his pants. She could feel the slippery moisture of the pre-cum that had oozed from his prick in his excitement. "My, but you are excited, David. Your stiff cock is just dripping with excitement, isn't it?. Have you ever tasted your own jizz, darling? I how you have, David. You don't need to answer. I'd like very much to taste the juice that drips from your cock, David. Do you mind?" Before the boy could anything, the pretty librarian was bending over his lap.

She moved her face so close to the hard prick that stuck down his pants leg that he could feel her warm moist breath. Then the k**'s body stiffened and his cock leaped in his pants. She actually pressed her warm hips right against the head of his dripping prick and began sucking at it through his tight jeans. "Delicious, David! It's so hot and salty-sweet, darling. I really must have a closer look at that big stiff cock. You don't mind, do you, son?" She smiled, licking her lips. "Do you really want to see it, Mrs. Weber? Honest? " the boy asked in total disbelief. The last time his mother had seen him with a hard-on, she had yelled at him. "I really would like to see it, David. Why don't you let me help you get it out?" she said, attacking the boy's jeans and tugging them down around his knees. She gasped when his surprisingly large prick leaped up from the tight confines of his pants and slapped against his stomach. "It's huge! It's
just lovely, David. It's much prettier than the ones in that engraving.

You're a real man, David. " "You . . . you mean it, Mrs. Weber?" the boy asked, his eyes lighting up with pride and excitement. "Do you really like it?" "I love your cock, David. I must touch it. It's so hard and hot! No wonder you were playing with it. Your cock feels so nice in my hand, so heavy and so thick. Do you mind if I rub it up and down a bit, David?"' she asked, moving her silky fingers ever so slowly up and down his dripping cock. "Does it make your cock feel good when I do that to you?" "Oh, Gosh yeah! It sure feels good, Mrs. Weber . . . but . . . I don't understand why you're doin' this. I . . . I don't get it." the boy rasped, sitting bolt upright as she stroked his prick. "I'm doing it because I know you love it, David, and because I'm very hot.

I just love cocks like yours, darling. And I know just what to do with them. Shall I move my hand a little faster, David darling?" "Jeez, Mrs. Weber! If . . . if you keep doing that, I'm gonna shoot the stuff!" the k** said in a shaky voice. "You're going to come, darling? You're going to shoot hot white cum all over the ceiling? Is that what you mean, David? Will it happen if I move my hand faster?" she teased, her hand flying up and down his slippery prick. "Yeah, Mrs. Weber, yeah! You're gonna make me come!" "Then I'd better stop," she said, taking her hand away and watching his prick jerk wildly.

The head of the k**'s excited cock was swollen so that she thought it would explode any minute. "Oh, shit! Jeez, Mrs. Weber . . . I . . . I never meant you should stop. I just didn't think you wanted to get it all over you ! " David said in a pleading voice, staring at his throbbing cock. "There's plenty of time to let your cum shoot out of your cock, darling. Why don't we have another look at that book and see if we can find some more interesting activities? Oh, look David! Doesn't this look like fun? This lady is sucking on this man's cock! Judging from the look on his face, he seems to be enjoying it. I wonder if your face would have that look on it if I put my lips on your nice hard prick and started sucking on it." She smiled, pursing her lovely lips and unfastening her long golden haIr. The boy hardly recognized Laura when she let her hair down and took off her glasses. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his young life. And she was about to suck his cock! He couldn't believe it was happening to him. He half expected to wake up and find that he had been in the middle of a wild wet dream. But the hand on his prick had felt real enough, and the hair that was now brushing against his naked prick felt real enough, too.

"It looks so tasty, David," she said as she lowered her lips closer and closer to his jutting, hard-on. "I simply must have a quick suck!" Laura heard her willing captive gasp when her lips touched the dripping head of his cock. She trembled slightly when she felt the incredibly exciting heat from his swollen prickhead against her lips. She flicked out her tongue and licked a drop of his pre-cum as it oozed from the piss-slit of his cock. The taste of his youthful cock lube made her ravenously hungry for hot cock meat. She opened her mouth as widely as she could and plunged down on the boy's hard prick. "Oh, shit! Shit, yeah!! Oh, Mrs. Weber! That feels so good! Wow! Please keep doing it, Mrs. Weber. You won't stop, will you?" Laura had no intention of stopping her cock-sucking just yet. In fact, she liked the feel and taste of the young man's prick in her mouth so much that she wanted to suck his cock all the way to his balls. She took more and more of the boy's prick down her throat, choking briefly on the big knob at the end of it.

She loved the feel of his hard prick-head stretching her throat as she swallowed it. She could feel his hard cock pounding with every beat of his wildly racing heart. Laura took his cock into her mouth all the way to where it disappeared through the fly of his white cotton briefs. She reached down and cupped his large balls in her hand, feeling the warmth of the swollen ball-sac through his underwear. She knew that he was rising to the things she was doing to him. She wanted to do even more to his cock and balls, but she would have to get him out of his underpants first. Somehow, she didn't think that would be too much of a problem. He would do anything she told him to do, and she knew it. "Your cock tastes just wonderful, David! It's so big and hard! Did you like the way that felt, David?" The
boy's face was still contorted in a look of pleasure almost to the brink of pain.

She told the boy that he would have to take his underwear off so that she could feel his balls and suck on them a bit. The k** scrambled to pull his briefs down the minute she asked him to do so. He had a lot of trouble getting them down over the hard-on that stuck out through the fly, but he managed. Laura got on her knees between the k**'s legs and began licking his exposed balls. Her tongue moved his balls around in their tight sac. She sucked his balls into her mouth one at a time, nibbling them gently. She caught the skin of the boy's ball-sac in her teeth and tugged at it gently. "Doesn't that feel nice, darling? You have such big fat balls, David. I'll just bet they're all full of hot cum. Would you like me to suck that cum right out of those swollen balls and let you shoot it into my mouth, darling?

Would you like me to suck you off, little lover?" "Oh God, yeah! Please, Mrs. Weber! Please suck me! I gotta shoot it, Mrs. Weber!
My . . . my balls are hurtin'! I'm awful horny!" "Hold onto your seat, David! I think you'll like this!" she said, plunging down on the k**'s rigid fucker. Laura bobbed her pretty head up and down on his cock as fast as she could, taking the thing down her throat all the way to his balls on each downward plunge. She knew that it wouldn't be long before the horny k** shot his wad and filled her mouth with jism. She could hardly wait to taste the boy's thick hot cum.

The boy began bouncing up and down on the stool, forcing his hard prick into her throat with each bounce. She reached between his legs and fondled his balls while she sucked him off. She could feel his balls squirming in their sac as she played with them. With her other hand, she reached up under her dress. She let her fingers find their way under the crotch of her damp panties and push into her cunt-gash. She had never felt so hot. She stuck her finger way up inside herself and finger-fucked her cunt. Mrs. Weber was doing things that the boy never thought possible with her lips and tongue and her sucking throat. He had imagined how a blowjob would feel, but he hadn't imagined anything like this.

He felt his balls suddenly tightening between his straining legs and knew that he would soon feel his cum spurting. "My stuff's gonna shoot, Mrs. Weber! I can't help it! I'm gonna shoot it! Jesus ! Suck it! Oh, Mrs. Weber! Suck me! Please don't stop! It feeIs so good!" The boy grunted as he blasted his first wad of cum into Mrs. Weber's mouth. Laura kept right on sucking and bobbing up and down on the boy's prick when she felt it stiffen even more in her throat. When she felt the first hot spurt of cum against the roof of her mouth, she grabbed his balls and squeezed tightly, heightening his pleasure even more. "Jeez, Mrs. Weber! Oh, shit! That feels so fucking good!" the boy moaned as his balls exploded with pleasure again and again. The young man's body shook with each shot of cum that spurted into the librarian's sucking mouth. He thought he would never stop coming in her mouth. He closed his eyes at the height of his pleasure and saw stars. He thought he would keel over from the sheer wild pleasure she was making him feel.

Laura tried to drink down all the hot thick cum the k** shot into her throat, but to no avail. The creamy stuff ran out of her mouth and dripped down the shaft of his cock, soaking his young balls and dripping onto the stool. She finally had to let his cock pull from her mouth and take a deep breath. She looked into his eyes and smiled wickedly. "Now, wasn't that more fun than playing with yourself?" she asked. "It sure was!,Wow! I've never felt anything like that, Mrs. Weber!" "Would you like to feel something else?" "Sure, Mrs. Weber. You gonna do it again?" "I thought you might like to feel this," she said softly. Laura stood up and lifted her dress, letting the innocent boy have a good long look at her barely covered cunt. She knew that the boy could see the shadow of her pussy through her
lacy panties. She watched his eyes widen.

"Would you like to feel it, darling? Would you like to touch me there? Would you like to put your hand right up against my warm little pussy? Don't be afraid, David. I want you to touch my cunt." David held out his hand, but he couldn't bring himself to dare to touch her there. He had tried to look at girls' cunts before, but they had always stopped him, and sometimes they got really mad at him and threatened to tell their moms. Did she really want him to feel her between the legs? He still couldn't believe such wild things were really happening to him. "Do you really mean it, Mrs. Weber? Can I really touch you . . . there?" If the boy had any doubts about her intentions, Laura dispelled them by taking his trembling hand in hers and guiding it between her legs. She sighed when she felt the back of his hand against the warm furry mound of her cunt. Only the thin material of her white panties kept his hand from making contact with her bare cunt. She held his hand there for a moment. When she took her hand away, the boy kept his hand between her legs, starting to move it a bit and explore her secret places.

"Doesn't it feel warm down there, David? Isn't that a nice comfy place to put your hand? " "It feels hot, Mrs. Weber," the boy said, feeling the warmth of her cunt soak into his exploring hand right through her panties."Would you like to have a look at my pussy, David? I think you'll find it prettier than that silly engraving you were jerking off over." "You'd really let me see it?" The boy choked, his hand still roving over her barely concealed cunt. "I'd love to let you see it, David. It would make me so excited to let you look at my naked pussy. In fact, darling, if I slipped my panties off and got out of my dress, I might be so hot for you that I might even let you lick me there. Does that sound like fun?" "And how! I get to eat you out? Oh, shit! This is something else, Mrs. Weber! I bet I'm the only k** in town that ever got to eat pussy in the library!"

"That may very well be, David, but no one else must ever know about it. This must remain our little secret, in spite of your natural inclination to brag about it to the other boys at school. Do you understand, David?" she asked, slipping out of her dress. "I . . . I wouldn't ever tell anybody! Honest, Mrs. Weber. Golly, Mrs. Weber, you're almost naked!" Laura stood before the bug-eyed lad, wearing only her panties, bra and shoes. She eliminated the shoes easily enough. The bra didn't take long, either. She wanted to show the boy her luscious naked tits. She unfastened the restraining garment and held the cups to her tits for a moment. "Would you like to see my tits, darling boy?" she teased. "God yes! Let me see 'em!" the k** rasped. His prick was already completely stiff again and standing up against his stomach. "Say please, David," she cooed, letting her bra slip off her bulging tits a little bit. "Oh please, Mrs. Weber!

Please let me see your tits! I dream about tits all the time! I'll do anything if you let me see them!" "If I let you see my naked tits, will you lick and suck them for me?" she asked, letting her bra slip a little more. "You'd let me do that? Oh, wow! I'll do it, Mrs. Weber! I'll do anything you tell me to do," David promised, dizzy with youthful lust. Laura crouched down in front of the boy, who was still sitting on the stool, and gyrated her shoulders a bit. When her big tits started to move, her bra fell away, presenting young David with a sight he would not soon forget. She lewdly shook her tits in the k**'s face for a moment or two. Then she moved closer to his face and lifted her naked tits in her hands, pushing them up against his cheeks. When his handsome face was buried in her cleavage, she reached down between his legs and started slowly fondling his responsive young balls.

David began kissing and licking the tit flesh that surrounded his face. He inhaled her feminine fragrance. He licked her resilient tits all over, tracing every curve with his eager tongue. When his tongue reached the goose pimpled flesh of her areolas, he noticed that her nipples were stiff. He kissed the hard little peaks of tit-flesh and noticed that she seemed to like it when he touched her there. Soon, the boy was licking and sucking her nipples with a wild passion. "Oh, God yes, David! I love your lips on my nipples! You do it so perfectly! Are you sure you haven't sucked a girl's tits before?" she moaned, her whole body tingling with raw lust as he licked and sucked her tits. "I . . . I've never done this before, Mrs. Weber, honest. Am I really doing it good?" "You're doing it beautifully. You do such wonderful things with your tongue, darling.

I want to feel your tongue somewhere else-where I need it even more." "Gosh, Mrs. Weber, where do you want me to put it? I'll put it anywhere you want it!" the boy rasped, his balls seething in their sac as she played with them. "I'll show you where I want that tongue, David," she said in a voice that dripped with honey. her hand down over her silky stomach and into the golden hair that covered her pussy. Then she raised one leg, resting her foot on the top of the stool on which the boy still sat. "Sit on the lower rung of the step stool, David," she commanded. The boy obeyed eagerly. "Jesus! It . . . it's sure pretty, Mrs. Weber. It's even prettier than I thought it would be!" he said in amazement, staring up at the luscious looking crevice of the librarian's pussy.

"I thought you'd like it, darling. Move your face closer to my pussy. That's right, darling. See how wet it looks? I'm so hot that my cunt is just dripping with lust for you. I have such an unbearable itch between my legs today, David. I think your tongue could help a bit. See the lips of my cunt, these raggedy-looking little folds of flesh? I'm going to spread them open for you, David. I want you to stiffen your tongue and shove it right up my cunt. Would you do that for me, lover?" David's tongue pushed up into her cunt in a split second after she told him what to do. She closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the intense pleasure the boy was bringing her. It had been so many years since she had felt a tongue on the sensitive inner flesh of her cunt. She felt his tongue moving slowly inside her hot wet cunt-gash, tickling the inner flesh of her pussy until she shivered with pure delight. "Your tongue feels so nice inside me, darling boy. Move it, David. Oh, yes! Yes! Bury your little tongue in my cunt the way I need it today. Move it! Oh God, yes! Lick it! Lick my fucking hot cunt, David! I don't care if you are only sixteen. I want you!" David's tongue flew wildly up and down the crevice of her pussy. She could feel the boy's nose pressing against her cunt-flesh as he licked and sucked away at her.

She had never felt so wanton. She could do anything now, anything that would satisfy her sexual itch. She worked the muscles of her cunt against the k**'s tongue, holding it inside her. "Do you feel that, darling? Do you feel how my cunt clutches and holds your tongue when you shove it way up into me?" "Yeah! " the boy muttered, his words muffled by her cunt. "Just imagine how it would feel if your cock were up inside me instead of your tongue ! " she breathed. "My dick? Up in your cunt?" the boy rasped. "Yes, David, your cock up inside my hot fucking cunt! You've been such a good boy and made me feel so nice with your sucking and licking that I've decided to give you a little treat.

I'm going to let you do what I know you've wanted to do ever since we started our fun and games. I'm going to let you fuck me right in my cunt!" "Fuck you? Oh golly, Mrs. Weber! You're not k**ding are you? You're really gonna let me?" "I insist upon it, darling. I really must have that big hard cock inside me!" "I . . . I've never done anything like that before, Mrs. Weber. I really don't know what to do." "I'll teach you everything you need to know, darling boy. I know you're a fast learner. The heat in my cunt is proof of that. I'll show you how to use that nice hard-on to have all sorts of nice nasty fun." Laura removed the boy's shirt and told him to take off his shoes. Her hands were all over the boy's young chest and shoulders and she was thrilling to the feel of his warm muscular body. "You have such nice hard muscles for a boy your age, David," she breathed into the k**'s ear. "Do I, Mrs. Weber?" he asked, a sparkle of boyish pride in his eyes. "Oh yes, darling. And it will take all of those nice young muscles to fuck me properly. Of course, the muscle you need the most is especially well developed." She giggled, reaching down and grabbing his stiff prick.

Laura told the boy to spread his clothes and hers out over the cold marble floor of the old library. Then she lay on her back and raised her legs, resting her feet on the floor and parting her long honey-tanned legs. She knew that the pussy she offered the boy was too tempting to resist. He would try to fuck that hot and inviting cunt with all his strength and eagerness, even though he didn't have the first idea of how to fuck. She opened her arms and invited the boy take what he was staring at so intently. David stood there staring for a moment longer, his dripping prick sticking up in front of his lean naked body. Then, without warning, the k** fell on the lusty librarian. He started bucking his hard ass and driving his long fucker aimlessly against her body.

She eventually had to reach between the boy's striving legs and take his jerking prick in her loving hand. She helped the k** position the hard fucker between the lips of her hungry cunt. She held her breath for a moment, preparing herself for the wild fucking she had been longing for these many years. When Laura felt the k**'s cock-head push between the tight lips of her cunt, she cried out in pure delight. She cried out so loudly that the boy thought he had hurt her. "Don't worry, David. I'm all right. It just feels so good! Your cock is so hot and thick! Shove it in me! Hurry! I can't wait! Fuck meeeee!" David felt the incredible heat of her cunt as her flesh engulfed his aching prick. He thrust hard, burying his prick in her all the way to his cum-filled balls in one mighty fuck stroke. She cried out again as if he had hurt her, but this time he just kept thrusting. His cock snapped up inside her, stiffening even more inside her sucking cunt. His prick swelled to incredible proportions inside her, squeezed and stroked as it was by the muscles of her greedy cunt.

He began banging in and out of her, fucking her faster and faster by the second. Her cries and whimpers of pleasure became louder. "Oh! How lovely! I love your prick! This is just perfect, David! Give it to me! Fuck me! Oh God, yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! I want it! Fuck meeeeee!" The boy was lying on her now, his chest crushing up against her naked tits. She could feel the boy's heart beating wildly in his chest. She began fucking her cunt up onto his prick, raising her ass off the floor to meet his every hard and deep cockthrust. She gyrated her pelvis too, grinding her hot wet pussy against his groin. She could feel his young balls slapping against her steamy crotch. "Mrs. Weber, I . . . I think I'm gonna . . . I'm gonna . . . do it," the boy rasped, his cock suddenly jerking up against the walls of her hot cunt. "Are you about to shoot your cum, darling?" she said breathlessly. "Yes, Mrs. Weber! I'm gonna shoot off! Oh, shit yeah! I'm gonna shoot! My balls! Oh, fuckin' shit! I'm comin', Mrs. Weber I'm commiinngggg!" Young David felt his balls suddenly get tight in their sac. He thought his balls were about to explode, so intense was the feeling of pleasure between his legs. When his orgasm ripped through his youthful body like a tornado, he closed his eyes tightly.

Blast after hot blast of thick hot cum shot through the stiff pipe of his prick and into the librarians's cunt. Each shot of cum into her cunt was accompanied by spasms that made the boy feel like his balls had been struck by lightning. He wrapped his arms around her and held on for dear life. "Fuck me! Come in my cunt, David! Come in my hot fucking cunt! I'm going to come too, lover! Oh God, yes! Yes! We're coming off at the same fucking time! Yesssss!" she hissed. Flash after flash of delight went through Laura's luscious body. She experienced an orgasm more intense by far than anything she had experienced in years. She abandoned herself to her pleasure, feeling wave after wave of sensation rush over her like a tide of delight. "Oh, David, darling boy! How lovely! How perfect" she whimpered as they lay together in the nest they had made of their abandoned clothes. "You screwed me so perfectly, darling. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it.

I haven't been fucked so well in years!" "Can we do it again, Mrs. Weber? I can get it hard again in about five minutes," the k** said, his prick still buried in the woman's clutching cunt. "I'd love nothing better, darling. But it's getting late. You must realize that your mother will be concerned about you. We can't just lie here and fuck all night. I think you and I had better get dressed and try to forget about what happened tonight, if we can. " "Gosh, Mrs. Weber, I don't ever want to forget about today! You're the most beautiful woman in the world, Mrs. Weber, and this is the greatest thing that ever happened to me!" Laura kissed the boy on his cock when it pulled out of her cunt. She got dressed and helped him get back into his clothes. She gave him another kiss on the cheek, then he walked out of the library and ran happily down the street. She didn't know whether or not she would ever again let herself go the way she had tonight, but she had the feeling that she just might, under the right circumstances. Sex with teenage boys was too much fun for her to rule it out in her future.

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Mom's Anniversary Fuck From Son

It is just the beginning of summer and high school vacation is finally here. My parents’ anniversary is just a day away. But in the afternoon, my parents had a big fight about the fact that my dad’s co-worker who supposes to be on a business trip to a convention is on a sick leave and my dad had to take his place in this short notice. Tomorrow will be my parents’ big night out to celebrate, but now my dad has to be out of town. Mom was so furious she slammed the door on dad as he leaves the house for the airport. Mom called her best friend, Mrs. Stanson, over to our house and they are talking how men are inconsiderate and unromantic. Out of all those girl talks that they have which I have listen to, this was the most interesting one of all. Because they are drinking vodka instead of tea or coffee for the first time, and it made them really talking freely.

“This is not the first time that Jim breaks our plans for our anniversary. I really hate him right now” said my mom with an angry tone.

“Well, you know is the same with my husband, he doesn’t even care for our anniversaries anymore. At least your husband still remembers. My husband just says that our son is already in high school and that we are already too old for this stuff” said Mrs. Stanson also with an angry tone.

“What can we do to get our husbands attention here? If I fucked another guy, I bet he’ll be sorry” said my mom and then slowly pass out on the couch.

“Shawn, I need your help to get your mother to bed” Mrs. Stanson calling for me.

I rush down from the stairs and we got my mom on her bed. It was getting late and Mrs. Stanson left our house afterward. I went back down to clean up the mess in the living room. And while I am cleaning up, I hear my mom calling out for my dad. I walk up to mom’s bed and there she was calling out my dad’s name and rubbing her pussy through her panties. I can tell she is horny from her tipsy.

“Jim, you better come back and fuck me right now or you’ll be sorry” said my mom while still masturbating.

I just turned 16 last month and I have been horny as hell. Seeing the sight of my mother playing with herself turns me on so much, especially when my mom is such a hotty. I drop my pants and boxers and I am just standing across from the bed masturbating at the sight of my mom.

My mom saw me and said “Jim, what the hell are you standing there for? I am so horny right now, come make love to me.”

I can’t believe she thinks I am dad. I have always dreamed of fucking my mother, can this be my dream coming true? I don’t know how to react but just stood there.

“I need you so bad, fuck me Jim” said my mom with a sexy horny voice.

I see my mom’s face all red. She must be heating up. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I climb on her bed on top of my mom with my hard dick and ask her, “are you sure you want me to fuck you mom?”

“My pussy is so wet, I need you in me now” my mom replied.

I know mom thinks I’m dad and it would be so wrong for me to fuck her, but I just can’t take the temptation. So I didn’t think twice and I shove my hard dick into her pussy.

“Ahhh… god you feel good inside me…” mom screamed.

I fuck her slowly to enjoy the pleasure of being inside my mother. But as I pull in and out of my mom she commands me to fuck me harder, so I increase speed on my thrust and each time my balls would hit her ass.

“Ahhh… ahhh… why can’t you fuck me like this last night?” said mom while moaning.

As mom continues screaming for pleasure, I started pumping her faster and faster. I can now feel my dick is about to blow.

“I am about to cum, don’t cum yet Jim” said my mom.

“I can’t hold it mom, ahhh…” I replied while my dick explodes in mom’s pussy.

I collapse on top of mom after I cum and she wraps her arms around me and kisses me on the lips.

“I didn’t cum yet, fuck me again Jim” my mom demanded.

“I don’t think I can mom, I am a little sore.” I answered.

Mom suddenly pushes me off of her to the other side of the bed and while I lay on my back she strokes my dick giving me a handjob.

“I don’t care, I need it now” said my mom while working on my dick with her hand.

My dick got hard again from her handjob and mom just climbs on top of me and sat on hard dick.

“Oh…. Shit….. It feels good mom” I said.

As mom moves up and down on my dick she said while moaning out pleasure, “I will fuck your brains out Jim if you don’t make me cum, so if you don’t want to be a retard you keep your dick hard until I cum”.

This is my first time with a woman grinding on top of me and she is my mother. Mom is riding me like there is no tomorrow. She is really fucking my brains out.

“Oh… God… Yes… I’m cumming” my mom screamed.

Mom was unaware that I burst another load inside of her before she started to cum, but my dick was still hard from her riding up and down on me. After mom cum she moves her hips up to free my dick from my pussy. A concoction of my man juice and her pussy juice starts to drip out of her pussy and onto my still hard dick. Seeing my juice dripping out of my mother’s pussy is the most pleasurable moment. Mom collapses on top of me and passes out. I am too exhausted to move a muscle, so I fell asl**p.

In the morning I heard a voice screaming out something but I open my eyes to see that I am still in bed with mom.

“Oh my god, what have I done? I knew I shouldn’t have too much to drink” mom said loudly.

“Son, tell me that we didn’t do anything in bed last night” said my mom.

“Well mom, you were d***k and we got you to bed. I’m sorry, but you kept insisting me to fuck you, so we did and you almost fuck my brains out mom” I said.

“Oh god, I didn’t! Did you use a condom son?” asked my mom with a shivering voice.

“I’m sorry but I didn’t use a condom” I replied.

“Don’t tell me you cum inside me?” my mom asked.

“I did, and twice” I answered.

“How could you do that to me? I could get pregnant from you. And how could you fuck me, I am your mother” said my mom with an angry voice.

“But you demanded me to fuck you” I quickly replied.

“I thought I was making love to your father” my mom said as she is getting up from bed naked to get dress.

My mom’s naked body turned me on so much my dick got hard instantly and was nakedly exposed without cover. I just stare at her as she gets dress and couldn’t say anything.

“Turn around young man, I need to get dress, and you should put your pants back on” my mom demanded.

Mom was trying to avoid looking at my hard on, but I can see that she peeks every so often as she dresses herself.

I took a deep breath and with some courage I said, “Mom, it is your anniversary today and dad is not going to come back until next week, can’t you treat me like the man of the house? I just want to make love to you again. My hard on is killing.”

“Do you know what you just said? You’re asking to fuck your mother again. You’re absolutely insane. You are not touching me again you hear. And god forbids if I am pregnant with your c***d, you will be so grounded. Now get out of my bed and get dress.” My mom angrily replied.

I got dressed and went to the kitchen to grab a bit. My mom is in her room trying to call dad. But soon I hear arguments with mom and dad over the phone when I am in my room. I am on my bed trying to relive the moment of last night in my head, but suddenly my door opens and enters my mom with an upset face.

“Son, you said you wanted to fuck me again right, so I want you to fuck me now. I am not going to be alone again on my anniversary” said my mom.

“If you fuck me now, I’ll let you fuck me this whole week while your father is on his stupid trip” my mom continued.

Shocked from what my mom said, I couldn’t say anything for a while. But then I pulled myself together and said, “Are you sure mom? You were just furious with me that I fuck you.”

Mom slowly walks toward me and strips her clothes off as she walks closer to me.

“If you don’t want to fuck me, then I will just have to fuck someone else. I don’t need you.” Mom said loudly.

I don’t know what got into her, but I really wanted to fuck my mom again, so I seize the moment. Mom, who is now complete naked, jumps into my bed and helps me remove my pants and boxers. My dick wasn’t quite ready yet, but without a word mom just swallowed my dick whole in her mouth. My mom gave me my first blowjob and it was breathtakingly pleasurable. My dick is rock hard is less than a minute. Mom climbs on me and mounts my hard dick into her pussy. It is nice warm and wet.

“Ahhh… God you feel good son!” said my mom while moaning as she rides up and down on my dick.

After a long riding from my mom, I wrap my arms around her and flip her on her back. I am now on top of her with my dick still inside her pussy.

“I think I should be the one fucking your brains out today mom. It is your anniversary.” I said manly.

“Oh little boy, your dick will be fucking sore and swollen before you can satisfy your mom. You are still not strong like your dad yet.” My mom said.

With that said, I wanted to prove her wrong. So I put in all I got and gave her fast strokes one after another, pumping her pussy hard and deep.

“Oh shit, I can’t believe you are really fucking my brains out, just a little more, I am almost there. Fuck me harder and a little faster.” My mom cried.

“Mom I think I’m going to blow, but I don’t have a condom on.” I said.

“I cum already, do it son, I want your dad to be sorry. Fuck me! Cum in my pussy son!” My mom demanded.

I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I burst inside my mom’s pussy. I collapse on top of my mom and said “Happy Anniversary, Mom!”

“I can’t believe I just let my son fuck me and cum inside me again.” My mom said.

I cuddle with my mom and we were in each other’s arms naked for a while until we got up to clean ourselves up in the shower. I begged my mom to get in the shower with her and she finally said yes. And one thing lead to another, I fucked her doggystyle in the shower while the water is running.

“Ahhh… You are such a bad boy. But I guess I am a bad mother too for letting you fuck me. I didn’t even let your dad fuck me in the shower.” said my mom with pleasure.

I pump as hard as I can in and out of her pussy, one thrust after another in a fast pace until we both collapse in the shower as the water runs down on us. We were like two lovers unable to keep each other’s hands off of one another. And during that week, I fuck my mom all over the house day and night. Until that week ended, and dad came home from his trip, but we continue to fuck at least once a week behind dad’s back and sometimes while dad was still in the house as well. But then of course we had to stop when my mom got pregnant with my c***d. Dad was happy to have another baby at his age, and he didn’t suspect a thing. I have now a new b*****r and my own son. However my mom got hornier after the baby and we fuck like husband and wife whenever we get the chance in the house under my dad’s nose.
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b*****r and s****r Fuck Mum Part 3

b*****r and s****r fuck Mum, Part 3
Please read parts 1 & 2 first from my blog to follow this story if you haven’t already.
Tom went and took a shower as Kelly and her daughter talked about sex and orgies.
Kelly was on Sharon’s bed besides her peeling her daughter’s wet hair from her shoulders as she told her about her first group sex she had with her father and some friends. She said that she always had a good sex life with her husband and still does and he always made her feel good. “Then one day he asked me what I thought if we were to have another woman join us in bed”. I told him that I loved the idea but thought that another couple would be better for the both of us as I always wanted to have two cocks in me at the same time. Well it took your dad two weeks to find a couple on the net and they were a bit younger than us but it was the best sex we ever had. I got to fuck a woman for the first time and let her fuck me as hard as she wanted. Then the two men fucked both my holes at the same time as I finger fucked the woman to orgasm. We are the best of friends now and you and Tom know who they are. “Donna and Mike?” asked Sharon. “Yes, that’s right and they come to the same orgies every month with me and your dad”.
“Does Donna ass fuck like you mum?” “Donna is a lady to everyone outside our group of friends but an absolute slut when she gets going. There is nothing she won’t do and she likes her sex hard and dirty just like me and your dad. Mike has even been fucked by your dad and other men and so has your dad.”
Sharon knew that the idea of fucking her father was not going to be a problem and told her mother so. But her mum said that the idea of going to an orgy with his daughter and watching men do whatever they wanted to his little girl would upset him as he knows how wild they can get.
She told her mum that when she finally fucks her dad’s brains out he will realize how much alike you and me are in the sack and that I’m ready for anything that goes. Kelly asked her if she would let her father ass fuck her and Sharon just smiled with a shiver and a rub of her cunt. “You bet I would mum and I’ll even clean his cock after with my mouth.”
Kelly told her that tonight she would talk to him in private and let her and her b*****r know what he thinks but your not to get upset if he says no.
That evening at the dinner table Sharon was wondering if her mum had spoken to her dad about today and what he was thinking while Tom ate his dinner as normal. She thought about fucking her dad all afternoon and played with herself as the wicked thoughts ran through her head. Now with her dad sitting next to her she felt that if he did know what they did with mum, he might be disgusted at her and her b*****r.
Peter asked with a smile on his face, “So how was your afternoon k**s.” Tom nearly choked on his food and tried quickly to contain himself then said, “Fine dad and yours.” Peter told them that it was not as exciting as theirs. Sharon knew that her mum had told him and now felt worried that he might be mad at them.
“Tom.” Peter called out and tom replied with, “yes dad.”
“I am so proud that a man of 19 years of age can give a woman like your mother a dam good fucking, and ass fucking for that matter that she would like to do it again. And Sharon I hear that your appetite for sex is just as strong as your mother’s.” He was smiling as he looked at their faces and waited for their response.
“Ah, yah dad, um, thanks,” was all Tom could say. Sharon asked her mum if she had told dad everything and Kelly said yes. Peter said that he liked it all and got horny hearing what went on today but was concerned about taking them to an orgy. Sharon said that mum thought you might be but got horny about the idea herself and would do anything to prove to him that there was nothing to worry about.
With that Peter told her to stand up and show him her pussy. She stood up and removed her dress and g-string in front of him as he pushed his chair back from the table. She moved in closer as her cunt started to get excited and wet. He liked her shaved cunt and ran a finger up her slit and felt her wetness which gave him an instant boner. How many fingers can you take he asked her. “As many as you want dad,” she replied.
Peter started with one finger as she parted her legs and then inserted two fingers as she closed her eyes and let out a little moan. “Sit back down sweetheart,” he told her and she did. She spread her legs apart and he inserted three fingers in her wet cunt and Sharon grunted out the words, “four fingers daddy”. He smiled and was overjoyed to see how hungry she was to be filled as his cock strained in his pants to be released. He slowly inserted the forth finger into her and she grabbed his wrist and started fucking herself with it. His 20 year old daughter was horny as hell and he knew she loved this. He moved his mouth to her clit and flicked his tongue over it as she moaned and grabbed his head and pulled him harder into her. She cried out, “fuck me dad, give it to me, give it to your horny little daughter as hard as you want to and don’t hold back.”
Peter was amazed and proud of his daughter and knew that his wife was right; she was just like her mother. He asked Kelly to come and suck his cock and then heard his daughter say, “No, suck Tom’s cock in front of dad.” Peter couldn’t take the strain in his pants any longer and got up to undo himself. He kept his fucking fingers going in and out of Sharon’s cunt while freeing his cock out and Sharon looked up to see his huge cock in his hand. “Oh yah dad, let me suck your cock, please. She move in on his cock and swallowed it down as deep as she could while his finger were still buried in her cunt. He pulled them out of her wet cunt and pushed her head away from his cock and with a look of amazement at her he put all four fingers into her mouth to suck. She sucked her juices off his fingers as he lowered his cock to the entrance of her cunt. When she felt the tip of it touch her cunt she smiled and said, “I’ve been dreaming about you fucking me all day dad, so fuck me like you fuck mum.” With that he shoved all eight inches into her to the limit and Sharon cried out, “Oh fuck yah daddy, fuck me hard”.
Peter moved some plates away on the table and picked her up with his cock buried in her cunt and placed her on the table. “Fuck you like your mother?” he said. “Fuck me like a slut.” He held her legs in the air as he pondered into her wet cunt and she grabbed her left breast with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. She could feel the fullness bringing her close to orgasm but wanted to show her dad that she was ready for anything before she did. She inserted two fingers into her cunt as her dad watched in amazement at how filthy his little girl can be. Her fingers felt good rubbing on his cock and making her feel even tighter than she was. He knew he was going to cum soon and told her to cum with him. She rubbed harder and was grunting with every thrust as she locked eyes with him to see him cum at the same time. As she watched her dad opening and closing his eyes while fucking into her she decided to give him and herself an extra treat by pulling her fingers out of her cunt and shoving them into her ass hole. She yelled out, “Oh yes fuck me dad, fuck me harder, harder, don’t fucking stop I’m, I’m going to, oh fuck yes, fuck yessssssssssss,” with a squeal in her voice as the biggest orgasm hit her hard. Peter felt her shove two fingers in her ass and could feel then against his cock as he fucked into her hard and deep. When her orgasm hit her, his cock was being squeezed by her powerful contractions and he fucked her harder and deeper. His thrusts made the table move and he pushed his cock deep into her and held it there when his orgasm hit him hard. He bucked into her as load upon load squirted deep into his daughters contracting cunt. He grunted out the words, “Oh god yes, yes, fuck me, yes.” Sharon was feeling her dads cum filling her cunt and was fucking her ass as hard as she could as her body was trembling on the table. She thought her orgasm would never stop and she didn’t want it to. Having her dad fuck his little and cum into her was better than fucking her b*****r. She pushed her anal wall hard against her father’s cock with her fingers and could feel his cock spasm as his cum filled her cunt and she wanted more of him.
Peter wanted to stay in her cunt forever as he felt her fingers pushing against his cock. He moved towards her and she looked up at him and met his eyes. With her heavy breathing she said, “I love you dad,” and he said that he loved her like never before. They kissed hard as their tongues entered each other’s mouths. As they kissed Peter slowly removed his cock from her soaking cunt which made her shiver in her dad’s arms. She removed her fingers from her ass and went to hug him but he grabbed her hand and suck in her two fingers which made her shiver with delight to see her dad do that. She poked her tongue in his mouth and licked her fingers with him. “Don’t do that honey; you’ll get me hard again.” “I hope so dad, because I want more of you. I want you to fuck me again and again and in all my holes. I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum after you fuck my little ass. I want to suck your balls and lick your ass and finger it while you fuck me. I’m all yours dad and you can fuck me whenever you want and even when I have my period and I’m not joking.”
Peter was smiling and told her that she knew what she wanted and how to get it because she was turning him on again. She wanted more and was happy that what she said was working and decided to suck his wet cock and get it ready to be ass fucked.
When Sharon got off the table, she and Peter looked towards Tom and Kelly who were on the floor. Kelly was deep throating her son as he lay on the floor and her on her hands and knees. She was fist fucking her cunt hard and deep while her head bobbed up and down on Tom’s shaft.
Peter’s eyes widened when he saw the two of them and his cock starting growing harder and decided he wanted to fuck his wife’s ass at that very moment. Sharon saw the look in his eyes and knew he wanted her mum and told him to go for it. He smiled and said “thanks babe” and moved in behind Kelly with his cock in hand aiming it at her ass hole. Sharon told him to wait and she lowered her head to his cock and spat on it and spread her spit all over his shaft. She had hold of it at the base and with her mouth directly above it let a long trail of saliva run down to the tip of the head and spread it even more around his cock. When he started moving in closer she stopped him as she moved in on her mother’s ass and landed another long stand of saliva on her ass hole and rubbed it around and in her ass. Kelly stopped sucking and started moaning when she felt this and saw her husband ready to fuck her. She smiled and asked him if he wanted the fist in or out? Peter just said, “Surprise me.” She turned her head back to Tom’s cock and removed her hand from her wet cunt and grabbed Peter’s cock between her spread legs and smeared her juices along his shaft. When she let go he aimed his cock at her anal entrance and rubbed it up and down as he heard her moaning for it. Peter was hoping that she would put her hand back in her cunt but was happy to fuck her ass hard.
He pushed in and didn’t stop until he was deep to the base of his cock as she gasped when he hit her bowels. She was just about to shove her fist back in her wet cunt but Sharon wanted to be a part it this and shoved her hand deep in her mother’s cunt. Kelly yelled out loud, “oh my fucking god,” at the fullness she felt in both her holes.
Sharon was kissing her dad as Kelly tried to continue sucking her son as her husband was pounding into her hard. Peter stopped kissing Sharon and told her to go and fuck her b*****r. She removed her hand and Kelly replaced it with her own. Peter grabbed her by the hair to remove her from Tom’s cock and Sharon spat on her fingers and rubbed it around her ass hole. She sat on Tom’s cock facing her mum and lowered herself until he was deep inside. “Oh yah, oh fuck yah” she said as she watched her mother being ass fucked at the same time as her. Sharon told her mum to fist fuck her and Kelly looked up and saw Tom’s cock buried deep in her daughter’s ass. She moaned at the sight before her and went straight for Sharon’s cunt with her fingers fully extended. Sharon screamed at the onslaught to both her holes. She loved to be fucked hard as hell and grunted at her mum to fuck her harder. Kelly told her to do the same to her as her orgasm was coming. She felt Sharon’s hand was flat in her cunt and with a panting voice said, “Follow my lead with your hand.” She curled her fingers in Sharon’s cunt to form a fist and felt her daughter do the same in her own cunt. Kelly started fist fucking her as hard and deep as she could which made her scream in pain but it also made Sharon stop fisting her. “Don’t stop fucking me,” she yelled at her. Sharon wanted to enjoy the brutality she was getting as her orgasm was approaching but f***ed herself to be as brutal to her mum’s cunt and make her cum at the same time.
Kelly was yelling “Fuck me, fuck me harder,” and Peter was fucking her ass as hard as he could for his own orgasm was about to hit him. Tom could feel his mum’s fist through his s****r’s cunt and started shooting load upon load into her as he bucked up of the floor to get deeper inside his s****r. He grabbed her left breast and pulled hard on it while grunting with every thrust as she tried to receive her mother’s fist and her b*****r’s cock as deep as she can.
Sharon was fisting her mother as hard as she could manage and when she felt her b*****r cumming in her ass she lost control of herself. Her orgasm hit her hard and her cunt started contracting on her mum’s fist. She started screaming as her body jerked and bucked on fist and cock trying to engulf as much as she could. Tom felt his cock being clamped by her anal muscle and had to work hard to push it in deep.
Peter had lost control when his orgasm hit him and started stabbed deep into his wife’s ass with every load shooting from his cock. Kelly was moaning the words, “Oh my god, oh my fucking god,” and then in a quiet pant said, “Don’t stop, don’t stop fucking me, more, harder, fist me harder, fucking give it to meeee, pleassssssssss, yesssssssssss, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” as her ass and cunt muscles started contracting around cock and fist. She grabbed Sharon’s arm and pull it into herself and kept it there as her whole body trembled from her massive orgasm.
Peter pulled his cock out of her ass and saw her trembling thighs so he shoved three fingers in her ass as hard as he could. Kelly grunted at the intrusion and pushed back on him for a deeper penetration as her ass clamped around his fingers. With a low trembling voice she said, “Oh my god, oh my god, please, please don’t stop,” as her body was trying to calm down. She was slowly pushing back and forth on his fingers as her cunt was slowly squeezing her daughter’s fist.
Tom was spent and released his grip on his s****r’s breast while his cock was still imbedded in her ass as he lay on the floor sweating.
Sharon could feel her contractions respond to her mother’s contractions around her fist at the same time and decided to stay with her mum until they separated. Peter pulled his fingers out of his wife and moved his cock to her mouth to suck him clean. When Sharon saw this she knew she wanted him in her mouth and pulled her fist quickly out of her mum’s cunt and was amazed to see her squirting on the floor. Kelly pulled her fist out of Sharon and started rubbing her own clit fast as she continued spraying the floor with her cunt juice.
Sharon ass gripped Tom’s soft cock in response and placed her hand under her mum to catch her spray and bring it to her mouth. She tasted her mum’s cunt juice and did it again but this time grabbed her father’s cock and put it in her mouth. As she tasted her mum’s ass and cunt juice and his cock she had another orgasm. Kelly looked at her having another orgasm and dived down to her cunt and started sucking on her clit. Sharon let go of her dad’s cock and flopped back onto Tom’s chest as her mother ate her cunt and searched for her daughter’s g spot with her middle finger.
Peter sat back in a chair to watch his wife at work and was proud to see how good she was making his daughter cum.
Sharon grabbed Kelly by the head and pulled her in closer and said, “Suck that filthy cunt of mine mum, please, please do me fucking hard, yes, that’s it mum, that’s it, bite my fucking clit.” And with that Kelly started sucking and fingering her cunt with two fingers as hard and as fast as she could. Her hand was a blur as she hammered into her and she used her teeth to pull on her clit. Sharon was screaming but Kelly didn’t let up on her cunt as she wanted to make her daughter loose herself and squirt. Kelly stopped sucking and started rubbing her thumb on Sharon’s erect clit while moaning the words, “come on babe, cum on your mother, you can do it babe, you can do it. Sharon’s cunt was on fire and she could hear it making squishing noises on her mum’s hand. She has never been fingered as fast and hard as this before but knew her orgasm was going to hurt. Kelly spat on her cunt and used her whole hand to rub her clit with such speed that made Sharon raise herself off Tom’s cock and in the air for more. Kelly quickly pulled her two fingers out and replaced them with three searching deep for her g-spot as Sharon started moaning louder and louder. “Fuck -------you------bitch-----I’m----cum-------I’m-----fucking-------cummmmmmming, ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck----meeeeee.” As her orgasm hit her she lost all control of her body and felt like she was going to shit herself as her mum continued fucking her cunt as fast as she could when suddenly a small amount of fluid escaped onto her hand. Kelly pulled her fingers out and a powerful squirt came out as Sharon screamed and bucked trying to get away from her mum. But Kelly roughly shoved her three fingers back in and fucked her with a blur again and again until a Sharon started squirting nonstop all over the place. She kept pulling out and shoving her fingers back into her like a pump and Sharon kept squirting and fighting her own body as her ass and cunt were contracting violently. Her legs were jerking in and out and her head whipped in all directions as squirt after squirt went flying all over her mother’s hands and chest. She could feel every nerve taking over her entire body as she squeezed and pulled hard on her tits. Kelly tried to place her mouth to her Sharon’s cunt and drink her juice but Sharon’s bucking made it impossible.
When Kelly felt her daughter’s legs slump to one side she decided she had enough and removed her fingers and sucked them clean as she moaned to the taste. Sharon collapsed on the floor in a foetal position with one hand squeezing her breast and her other hand cupped over her cunt and ass hole as her whole body trembled.
Tom was amazed at the sight of his s****r’s state and told his mum that it’s the first time he’s ever seen her that way after sex.
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mom Anniversary Fuck From Son

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It is just the beginning of summer and high school vacation is finally here. My parents’ anniversary is just a day away. But in the afternoon, my parents had a big fight about the fact that my dad’s co-worker who supposes to be on a business trip to a convention is on a sick leave and my dad had to take his place in this short notice. Tomorrow will be my parents’ big night out to celebrate, but now my dad has to be out of town. Mom was so furious she slammed the door on dad as he leaves the house for the airport. Mom called her best friend, Mrs. Stanson, over to our house and they are talking how men are inconsiderate and unromantic. Out of all those girl talks that they have which I have listen to, this was the most interesting one of all. Because they are drinking vodka instead of tea or coffee for the first time, and it made them really talking freely.

“This is not the first time that Jim breaks our plans for our anniversary. I really hate him right now” said my mom with an angry tone.

“Well, you know is the same with my husband, he doesn’t even care for our anniversaries anymore. At least your husband still remembers. My husband just says that our son is already in high school and that we are already too old for this stuff” said Mrs. Stanson also with an angry tone.

“What can we do to get our husbands attention here? If I fucked another guy, I bet he’ll be sorry” said my mom and then slowly pass out on the couch.

“Shawn, I need your help to get your mother to bed” Mrs. Stanson calling for me.

I rush down from the stairs and we got my mom on her bed. It was getting late and Mrs. Stanson left our house afterward. I went back down to clean up the mess in the living room. And while I am cleaning up, I hear my mom calling out for my dad. I walk up to mom’s bed and there she was calling out my dad’s name and rubbing her pussy through her panties. I can tell she is horny from her tipsy.

“Jim, you better come back and fuck me right now or you’ll be sorry” said my mom while still masturbating.

I just turned 16 last month and I have been horny as hell. Seeing the sight of my mother playing with herself turns me on so much, especially when my mom is such a hotty. I drop my pants and boxers and I am just standing across from the bed masturbating at the sight of my mom.

My mom saw me and said “Jim, what the hell are you standing there for? I am so horny right now, come make love to me.”

I can’t believe she thinks I am dad. I have always dreamed of fucking my mother, can this be my dream coming true? I don’t know how to react but just stood there.

“I need you so bad, fuck me Jim” said my mom with a sexy horny voice.

I see my mom’s face all red. She must be heating up. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I climb on her bed on top of my mom with my hard dick and ask her, “are you sure you want me to fuck you mom?”

“My pussy is so wet, I need you in me now” my mom replied.

I know mom thinks I’m dad and it would be so wrong for me to fuck her, but I just can’t take the temptation. So I didn’t think twice and I shove my hard dick into her pussy.

“Ahhh… god you feel good inside me…” mom screamed.

I fuck her slowly to enjoy the pleasure of being inside my mother. But as I pull in and out of my mom she commands me to fuck me harder, so I increase speed on my thrust and each time my balls would hit her ass.

“Ahhh… ahhh… why can’t you fuck me like this last night?” said mom while moaning.

As mom continues screaming for pleasure, I started pumping her faster and faster. I can now feel my dick is about to blow.

“I am about to cum, don’t cum yet Jim” said my mom.

“I can’t hold it mom, ahhh…” I replied while my dick explodes in mom’s pussy.

I collapse on top of mom after I cum and she wraps her arms around me and kisses me on the lips.

“I didn’t cum yet, fuck me again Jim” my mom demanded.

“I don’t think I can mom, I am a little sore.” I answered.

Mom suddenly pushes me off of her to the other side of the bed and while I lay on my back she strokes my dick giving me a handjob.

“I don’t care, I need it now” said my mom while working on my dick with her hand.

My dick got hard again from her handjob and mom just climbs on top of me and sat on hard dick.

“Oh…. Shit….. It feels good mom” I said.

As mom moves up and down on my dick she said while moaning out pleasure, “I will fuck your brains out Jim if you don’t make me cum, so if you don’t want to be a retard you keep your dick hard until I cum”.

This is my first time with a woman grinding on top of me and she is my mother. Mom is riding me like there is no tomorrow. She is really fucking my brains out.

“Oh… God… Yes… I’m cumming” my mom screamed.

Mom was unaware that I burst another load inside of her before she started to cum, but my dick was still hard from her riding up and down on me. After mom cum she moves her hips up to free my dick from my pussy. A concoction of my man juice and her pussy juice starts to drip out of her pussy and onto my still hard dick. Seeing my juice dripping out of my mother’s pussy is the most pleasurable moment. Mom collapses on top of me and passes out. I am too exhausted to move a muscle, so I fell asl**p.

In the morning I heard a voice screaming out something but I open my eyes to see that I am still in bed with mom.

“Oh my god, what have I done? I knew I shouldn’t have too much to drink” mom said loudly.

“Son, tell me that we didn’t do anything in bed last night” said my mom.

“Well mom, you were d***k and we got you to bed. I’m sorry, but you kept insisting me to fuck you, so we did and you almost fuck my brains out mom” I said.

“Oh god, I didn’t! Did you use a condom son?” asked my mom with a shivering voice.

“I’m sorry but I didn’t use a condom” I replied.

“Don’t tell me you cum inside me?” my mom asked.

“I did, and twice” I answered.

“How could you do that to me? I could get pregnant from you. And how could you fuck me, I am your mother” said my mom with an angry voice.

“But you demanded me to fuck you” I quickly replied.

“I thought I was making love to your father” my mom said as she is getting up from bed naked to get dress.

My mom’s naked body turned me on so much my dick got hard instantly and was nakedly exposed without cover. I just stare at her as she gets dress and couldn’t say anything.

“Turn around young man, I need to get dress, and you should put your pants back on” my mom demanded.

Mom was trying to avoid looking at my hard on, but I can see that she peeks every so often as she dresses herself.

I took a deep breath and with some courage I said, “Mom, it is your anniversary today and dad is not going to come back until next week, can’t you treat me like the man of the house? I just want to make love to you again. My hard on is killing.”

“Do you know what you just said? You’re asking to fuck your mother again. You’re absolutely insane. You are not touching me again you hear. And god forbids if I am pregnant with your c***d, you will be so grounded. Now get out of my bed and get dress.” My mom angrily replied.

I got dressed and went to the kitchen to grab a bit. My mom is in her room trying to call dad. But soon I hear arguments with mom and dad over the phone when I am in my room. I am on my bed trying to relive the moment of last night in my head, but suddenly my door opens and enters my mom with an upset face.

“Son, you said you wanted to fuck me again right, so I want you to fuck me now. I am not going to be alone again on my anniversary” said my mom.

“If you fuck me now, I’ll let you fuck me this whole week while your father is on his stupid trip” my mom continued.

Shocked from what my mom said, I couldn’t say anything for a while. But then I pulled myself together and said, “Are you sure mom? You were just furious with me that I fuck you.”

Mom slowly walks toward me and strips her clothes off as she walks closer to me.

“If you don’t want to fuck me, then I will just have to fuck someone else. I don’t need you.” Mom said loudly.

I don’t know what got into her, but I really wanted to fuck my mom again, so I seize the moment. Mom, who is now complete naked, jumps into my bed and helps me remove my pants and boxers. My dick wasn’t quite ready yet, but without a word mom just swallowed my dick whole in her mouth. My mom gave me my first blowjob and it was breathtakingly pleasurable. My dick is rock hard is less than a minute. Mom climbs on me and mounts my hard dick into her pussy. It is nice warm and wet.

“Ahhh… God you feel good son!” said my mom while moaning as she rides up and down on my dick.

After a long riding from my mom, I wrap my arms around her and flip her on her back. I am now on top of her with my dick still inside her pussy.

“I think I should be the one fucking your brains out today mom. It is your anniversary.” I said manly.

“Oh little boy, your dick will be fucking sore and swollen before you can satisfy your mom. You are still not strong like your dad yet.” My mom said.

With that said, I wanted to prove her wrong. So I put in all I got and gave her fast strokes one after another, pumping her pussy hard and deep.

“Oh shit, I can’t believe you are really fucking my brains out, just a little more, I am almost there. Fuck me harder and a little faster.” My mom cried.

“Mom I think I’m going to blow, but I don’t have a condom on.” I said.

“I cum already, do it son, I want your dad to be sorry. Fuck me! Cum in my pussy son!” My mom demanded.

I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I burst inside my mom’s pussy. I collapse on top of my mom and said “Happy Anniversary, Mom!”

“I can’t believe I just let my son fuck me and cum inside me again.” My mom said.

I cuddle with my mom and we were in each other’s arms naked for a while until we got up to clean ourselves up in the shower. I begged my mom to get in the shower with her and she finally said yes. And one thing lead to another, I fucked her doggystyle in the shower while the water is running.

“Ahhh… You are such a bad boy. But I guess I am a bad mother too for letting you fuck me. I didn’t even let your dad fuck me in the shower.” said my mom with pleasure.

I pump as hard as I can in and out of her pussy, one thrust after another in a fast pace until we both collapse in the shower as the water runs down on us. We were like two lovers unable to keep each other’s hands off of one another. And during that week, I fuck my mom all over the house day and night. Until that week ended, and dad came home from his trip, but we continue to fuck at least once a week behind dad’s back and sometimes while dad was still in the house as well. But then of course we had to stop when my mom got pregnant with my c***d. Dad was happy to have another baby at his age, and he didn’t suspect a thing. I have now a new b*****r and my own son. However my mom got hornier after the baby and we fuck like husband and wife whenever we get the chance in the house under my dad’s nose.

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Fuck My Arabian Slut Wife. Chapter III

Nescafe Goes Wild In America And Hubby Approves.

(Interracial, MMM……F, DP, BBC, BJ, Anal, Slut Wife, Cuckold)

Introduction : My name is Aziz; I am a 45 years old businessman from Casablanca. My wife Nescafe (that’s her nickname), is 15 years younger than me. She is a very tall (almost 6’) and very sexy babe with the most perfect body you could ever imagine! She‘s got the most perfect boobs, a small waist, large sexy hips, and the biggest booty in town. With the purest and silkiest skin ever, light brown shiny hair and the most beautiful eyes! She is definitely a man-dream girl!!!

Chapter III

Five more days to go before our trip to the US! Nescafe was very excited to see Big Shane and Jack and I could see true happiness in her beautiful eyes! The weeks of intense and hard work that Nescafe spent at the gym with her Haitian coach paid off. She succeeded to transform her body radically! She was rewarded by an amazingly sexy and muscular back, a solid but yet sooo smooth massive booty! She even succeeded to sculpt her abs and as icing on the cake her boobs became perfectly erect.

To me she incarnated a real man-dream girl and a bombshell from heaven! I could not wait to see Big Shane’s reactions about her new and highly attractive body! Nes was very curious and anxious about what was coming next and most of all what our American friends were preparing for us!

“Baby, I called Big Shane this afternoon, he was very excited and can’t wait to see both of us! He also told me he got a surprise for you baby!” I said.

“A surprise for me! Oh boy! Did he tell you what it was?” Nes asked.

“It’s a surprise darling he did not want to tell me!”

We packed our luggage the day before our departure from Casablanca international airport. We were ready for what Nes and I called our second honeymoon!

“Aziz I want you to promise me that you will give the freedom to do whatever I want with my body and to let me explore the secrets of American sex style in all its aspects without restrictions of any kind!”

“Baby you know I always support you, and I promise that I will let you enjoy your sex life and realize all your fantasies”

“One more thing Nes, for the pleasure of the American dudes who will have the honor to fuck you. I want you to shave that pussy, because a lady will come to our house to tattoo your sexy back, your right bum, and your pubis! You will also have your bellybutton pierced!! I want you to incarnate the perfect Arabian whore with the biggest white booty!” I added.

“ You always surprise me Aziz, this is gonna make the American boys go wild, and I really want that, I want them to enjoy every square inch of my body and fuck me the way Big Shane did last time!”

In NY International airport Big Shane was waiting for us. When he saw Nescafe he couldn’t believe his eyes!

“Waaaaw, is this you Nes?” Big Shane said!

“Yes honey, this is me, I missed you sooo much!” Nes replied.

Big Shane made us laugh loudly when he said:

“Watch out America, the most appreciated lady in Arabia with her massive booty is about to provoke a tsunami in the American porn industry!”

We went to Big Shane’s beautiful apartment in Manhattan. After taking a shower and getting changed, Big Shane took us to a famous Japanese restaurant. We had great time there, we tried a variety of Japanese dishes and most of all tried real Japanese sake! After a few shots, Nes was already feeling the effects of that wonderful liquor.

Big Shane did not take his eyes away from Nes during diner! He was impressed by her gorgeous body and her everlasting smile.

Around midnight we went back to his place. Jack was there waiting for us. When he saw Nescafe he was dead silent for a while before he approached her to kiss her soft hands and then hugged her passionately! Big Shane brought a bottle of Sake and started serving us!

Big Shane’s apartment was on the 29 floor and we could enjoy a nice view of NY City, It was a cozy place furnished with great taste. Nes and I enjoyed moments of pure joy! Jack told us that we would stay in NY City for a couple of days, then we would fly to Miami to spend one week over there , we also would spend two days in Orlando and finally flew back to NY City to spent one whole week there.

Big Shane came close to Nes, squatted in front of her, took her hands and said:

“Nes, I know how much you love huge muscular guys and enjoy monster cocks! I also know how much you like to fuck for hours and hours! But in America, I want you to expect anything! You will meet groups of Blacks and Latinos who will serve you and take very good care of your body the way only blacks and Latinos can!”

He also added: “These guys are professionals, they probably will ask you to do some things you can’t even imagine! So be prepared baby! I am sure you will love this new and exciting experience!”

“You remember what you told me, back in Marrakech, you said –“Once You Go Black You Never Come Back”- well honey we travelled over 4000 miles to come here because what you told me was absolutely true! My body needs some big muscular guys to sexually abuse it and both my pussy and big ass are craving for more massive black cocks!”

“I am ready for anything to please a monster cock. Don’t worry Habibi I am the right whore for this challenge! You will discover a new Nescafe!” She said.

I was amazed by how my baby blossomed into a very beautiful and very confident sexy young woman. Jack called one of his friends named Doug and asked him to come over to Big Shane’s place.

When Big Shane noticed that Nes was feeling sl**py, he told her to take a cold shower and put on her sexiest dress since he was expecting someone very important to join us. And before she went to the bathroom he gave her another shot of Sake and started to tell us some jokes.

Half an hour later Nes showed up, she was glamorous and breathtaking as always but that time she had more spices and flavors added to her beautiful body!

Her piercing, her tattoos, her suntan marks, her Tanga (G-String), her massive booty, and her erect boobs were simply exposed since she was wearing a red see-through nightdress. She asked Big Shane to make another Sake shot for her, then sat next to him.

Around 1 am, Doug showed up, he was a very handsome and very well built black man. He was about 25 years old and was neatly dressed. We introduced ourselves to each other then Nes served him a Sake shot.

From the lust in his eyes I could tell he was about to die to fuck my Nescafe! In the other hand my slut wife couldn’t stop contemplating his wonderful body and from the way she was looking at him I was sure her cunt was dripping and her pussy lips were already swollen!
Big Shane surprised us when he put on some Arabic music. He looked at Nes and told her:

“Show us what you got baby! I want you to honor our friend Doug and offer him one of your wild dances. Move that booty the way only a Moroccan whore can!”

You could not imagine how much I loved to watch other guys treating my Nescafe like a professional whore! And filling her three holes with their massive meats! That what really turned me on!

She stood up in front of all of us and started to dance like a professional belly dancer. Doug was amazed by her performance and asked for another Sake shot. The effect of the Sake shots made Nescafe perform her best dance ever!

Her “almost” naked exotic body heated the ambiance more, and spiced our party! We all were speechless for a while when she finished her performance! The sweat made her shine and she looked sooo sexy!

Doug stand up went towards her and kissed her hands. He thanked her for the great wild dance she offered us.

“I have never seen anything like that! You are a great dancer Nescafe! I can’t wait to see more of your skills.” Doug said.

Big Shane revealed to us that Doug is in charge of the casting for a very famous producer in the porn industry and that he already told him about Nescafe and about her endless skills in the world of sex!

He dimmed the lights then ordered my hot wife to strip for us.
“C’mon ass-woman, shake that booty for us!”

She went wild as she offered us a breathtaking strip show! I could not believe my eyes, I was wondering where and when she learned to strip like that!?

Big Shane approached Nes and asked me to join them.

“Now it’s time for serious stuff! Show Doug what you can do with your sweet pussy and huge booty! Impress him and I promise he will make his boss sign a generous contract with you!”

“But I don’t want to be in porn movies; I just want to enjoy sex the way I want, that’s all Big Shane.” Nes replied.

“Baby, show Doug what you can do with your body, then we will talk about this later! Is this fair enough?” I said.

We agreed to discuss the subject tomorrow morning, and give Nes the chance to impress Doug with all her valuable assets.

As she was moving her body in an erotic manner and following the rhythm of Latin music, Nescafe got closer to Doug and sat down on his lap and started kissing him passionately for a few minutes before she kneeled in front him, unzipped his pants and grabbed his massive cock.

She was truly amazed by the size of that huge cock! Doug’s cock was about 10 inch still limp! I wondered how big it would get once fully erect.

“Is all this meat for me? All this black meat to please my Moroccan pussy and my Brazilian massive booty?” Nes asked.

“It’s all yours baby, I want you to enjoy this moment and most of all satisfy your needs!” Doug replied.

Nes lost no time and started licking and sucking that huge cock for 5 minutes. It grew to an unbelievable size of 13 inch and almost 7 in girth!

“Aziz this is what I call a killer cock! Something awesome like this cannot be found in Morocco, yum, yum!”

That baseball bat drove Nes crazy; she wanted all that massive meat inside of her. She backed up laid on her back, spread her beautiful legs and asked for a fireman to help her extinguish the rising fire in her swollen wet pussy and king-size booty! She looked at me and said:

“Come here baby! Please eat my cunt and asshole! I cannot wait to see this huge shaft buried completely in my wet and spongy pussy!”

I tore her G-Sting and stuck my head between her gorgeous legs and started to suck the juices out of her well shaved pussy. Doug, Big Shane and Jack were enjoying Nes’ sexy curves and perfect body, but they enjoyed most her moaning and grunting. It was like she was crying and begging for big cocks to hammer both her tattooed pussy, and tattooed gigantic booty.

She asked Doug to come next to her and started to lick and suck his huge black cock.

When I felt she was ready to welcome Doug’s huge material I backed up to let him discover how delicious and hot my Nescafe’s body was! He positioned himself between her legs and dived into her pussy! He wanted to taste her sweet pulpous pussy juices and inhale the spicy and musky smell of her wet vagina. He spent over 10 minutes eating her pussy with his large lips and snake-like tongue.

Nes took his hands and put them over her erect boobs, she loved to have her beautiful sensitive tits pinched and flicked! My slut wife was overwhelmed by his technique, to the point that she started moaning loudly as she was having multiple and intense orgasm since he started sucking her juices!

He taught us the art of making a woman cum without fucking her, and how to make her desire for sex grow intensively until she started begging you to fuck her!
Nescafe was about to lose her mind, since she was burning inside and wanted bad that horse cock! But Doug wanted her to be all set for his monster.

When he felt that her wet swollen pussy was finally ready to grip his glossy massive cock. He finally ordered her to go all four since he wanted to fuck her doggy style first!

“Doug, put some oil over my big booty, I want you to rub that ass for me!” Nes said.
“You’re gonna make me mad, ass-woman” Doug replied.

She put her head down extend her hands, arched her muscular back and then lifted her massive booty to welcome Doug’s material!

To my surprise, Doug took a small black mask and covered Nes’ face! He lubricated the plum-size head of his cock and f***ed it to enter Nes’ very swollen pussy. Big Shane took his HD camera and started shooting that highly erotic scene.

With that mask nobody would recognize Nescafe so we had nothing to worry about! I got a closer look of that horse cock stretching my sweet wife’s pussy! This guy was an expert his moves were very slow but yet very intense and very deep! He pushed his monster cock deep as he pulled Nes from the hips to meet his crotch.

“Hold that ass woman! Hold that ass baby!” Doug said with a deep voice.

He stopped moving for five seconds before repeating the same move. Nes was experiencing extreme sensations and having intense orgasms!

Suddenly and without prior notice he started hammering her soft pussy vigorously and quickly. I could see his back and butt muscles contracting to give him more power and more speed. Nes was moaning loudly as unlimited orgasms hit her body!

“Oooh boy! What a great fuck! Please Doug, don’t stop! Keep fucking me, I want you to come deep in my womb and impregnate me with your black seeds!”

Doug was a sex master, he drove Nes crazy and made her cum a million time but he did not show any sign of fatigue or any sign of orgasm! Nes went wild and started trembling feverishly!

“Baby, you want me to shake that booty for you!”

“You’re good whore! Give me that ass slap (smack) bitch! Wonderful: Big ass white girl banging black cock!” Doug said.

When he felt that Nes was used up and could not keep up with his speed and power he pulled back with a popping sound and laid on his back then asked Nescafe to mount him and slide his entire shaft inside her dripping cunt, he also asked her to wrap his monster cock by her swollen pussy lips and to use her vagina’s inner muscles to grip his shaft!

Nes followed his orders and started enjoying the best fuck of her entire sex life! Big Shane was commenting that hot sex scene while shooting. Jack and I were amazed by this thoroughbred fuck technique! Doug was unbelievable and mastered Nescafe the way he wanted.

My baby showed signs of a series of intense orgasms as she started to grunt and moan loudly. Doug took the lead and started synchronizing his moves with hers, he grabbed her massive booty and pushed her up when he moved his ass down and then pulled her booty down when he moved his ass up! The impact between his huge cock and Nes’ swollen pussy and monster butt made a familiar sound! The sound of rough and intense fucking!

“Damn this ass! C’mon nasty bitch make that ass come down on me!”

She looked sooo sexy when she was squatting with her high heels still on her feet! Her hair was wet and her makeup was a mess but still looked sooo hot and sooo sexy!

When we thought that it was over, and that Doug was about to come, he threw Nes on her back then mounted her missionary for a while and hammered her pussy so hard before he put her legs over his wide shoulders and shoved all that black meat inside her well lubricated pussy with one stroke then held her in that position for about 15 seconds until she felt that all his hot black jizz was delivered into her fertile and warm womb!

“You asked for a long big dick to breed you and fuck your pussy! You got what you asked for, Arabian whore!” Doug said.

Nes grabbed his waist and pulled him towards her to have every inch of his shaft buried inside her and to squeeze his cock with her pussy muscles to get all his cum!

“Stand still you big handsome boy! I want to get all your black hot cum inside my fertile Moroccan womb!” Nes asked.

“Here he comes all in your tight pussy bitch!”

Doug asked Big Shane to stop shooting, then he took off Nes’ mask and kissed her pulpy lips passionately. Nes and Doug were sweating heavily and their bodies were shining! They both, hand in hand, went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Big Shane came next to me and asked for my opinion about the whole fuck scene. I told him that in my entire life, I had never seen someone fuck like Doug!

“Aziz, Doug is nothing compared to the guys Nescafe is about to fuck! Wait until we go to Miami, I am sure Nes will ask you to move your business to America and to forget about Marrakech!”

Nescafe and Doug were still in the bathroom, I was curious to know why it took them too long to take a shower! I headed to the bathroom, and to my surprise I found Nes on her knees giving a blowjob to Doug! Her both hands couldn’t cover even half of Doug’s massive meat, but she was doing a great job since Doug seemed to enjoy her way of sucking and licking his horse cock!

“I can tell from her eyes that your loving wife will be one of the most highly paid stars in the porn industry! I’ve been doing this business for many years and to be honest with you, this is the first time I met a young lady with all the necessary equipments and assets to be the new goddess of porn industry in just a few weeks!”

Doug also added: “You know that her eyes are sooo sexy, they are what we call in French “Les Yeux Revolver” (the Revolver eyes) when you look at her eyes, she kills you instantly and without any hesitation! Your wife Aziz has just killed me, and I want her to kill my boss! Let me introduce her to him tomorrow evening. He is celebrating the launch of a new porn movie with famous porn stars. I want you guys to meet him, and I am sure he will melt in front of Nescafe! I’ll pick you up tomorrow evening around 9 pm, be ready guys!”

He gave Nes a hearty hug and a deep kiss, then took his camera and left Big Shane’s place in a hurry, since he planned to show Nes’ sex debate to his boss.

We had a very busy schedule the second day in NY City, we visited several interesting places and enjoyed fine French cuisine with our hosts Big Shane and Jack. We also visited a store specialized in sexy lingerie where my loving wife bought several articles of her choice! She also bought a new and sexy gown for the evening party.

Nes also asked Big Shane about the reason why he didn’t want to fuck her last night! He said he wanted her to concentrate more about her upcoming adventures and that he and Jack would be honored to please her with some of his close friends when we returned back to NY from our Miami trip!

“I will have a big surprise for you Nes! But I will not tell you anything now! You will have to wait, and I promise you will love my surprise!” Big Shane said.

Doug showed up around 9 pm he was dressed with a classic black costume. All of us were ready and looking like movie stars. Nes finally showed up from the dressing-room. She was breathtaking and looked glamorous and sexy! Doug got closer to her, took her arm and asked her permission to join him to the limo that was waiting for us.

After a short journey, we arrived to the big boss’ beautiful house. It was crowded and some of the famous porn stars were there. Doug introduced us to his boss, a very wealthy black guy by the name of Todd. He was about 50 years old, and had a massive and muscular body. The body of a professional bodybuilder or a football star!!!

He welcomed us and leaned to kiss Nes’ hand then took us to a private and cozy corner. He opened a bottle of whisky and offered us some appetizers. Then he asked all the guests to join him by the swimming pool to start the party and meet the press.

We enjoyed a strip show performed by professional strippers; a light and laser show and finally we were entertained by a local music group that went wild with the crowd. We enjoyed the music very much! Big Shane invited Nescafe to dance with him. When she started dancing she drew everybody’s attention!

Where ever she went, she just could not go unnoticed! Her body was a pure joy, her boobs were smashing, her big booty was splendid, her eyes were ones of a predator, and her smile was angelic! Everybody joining the party agreed that she was a gorgeous goddess from heaven with a supernatural body! Everybody wanted whether to talk to her or dance with her, but she knew how to back off without hurting anybody’s feelings.

When the party was over and that the guests started to leave Todd’s beautiful house, Doug joined us and said that the big boss wanted to talk to us. We waited a few minutes until everybody left the house.

Todd invited us to join him in his office. A beautiful and cozy place where he made some drinks for us and he started talking about the flourishing porn business worldwide, and how he started from nothing! He also said that thanks to the size of his cock he was always busy acting in porn movies before he started his own production company and collected huge success thanks to the actors and actresses he chose himself!

Nescafe felt great when he started talking about her short film that Doug brought to him early in the morning. He said that Nes had all it takes to become one of the biggest porn stars in America!

Nes asked permission to talk then said: “Thanks to my loving and understanding husband Aziz who gave the freedom to live my fantasies fully and without any restrictions, I became addicted to big black dicks! I come to America to meet more black stallions with huge cocks! I never had in mind to be a porn actress! All I wanted was to have lots of fun and enjoy more sex!”

Todd totally agreed with her but mentioned that she could have lots of fun while still making lots of money! He asked her to try one short film and that she could always hide her face until she took her final decision!

I told Todd that his idea was great and that Nes and I would love to have some more time before we could take our decision.
“Okay, but I want you to be my honorable guests and spend a couple of days with me in my house” Todd added.
We could not believe what we heard! Nes gave me again that foxy smile as if she wanted bad that we stay with him! So we accepted his invitation!

Big Shane, Jack and Doug left the house and told us they would come to pick us up the next day.
Todd took us for a tour of his beautiful house, and later he showed us the VIP suite where we would spend the night! Nes got closer to me and whispered in my ears:

“Baby, I want to fuck this giant, I want his big cock bad! I know you are very clever so find an excuse to bring him to our room!”

I asked Todd if he still had the CD of Nes and Doug, because Nes and I would love to watch it! Nes accompanied him to the door, he kissed her hand then went to his office to bring the CD to us. In the meantime, we decided to change our clothes and put on something casual before he came back.

When he knocked at the door, Nescafe opened it to let him in. I couldn’t believe all she had to wear was a black g-string and a short and skimpy black top that showed all her white boobs cleavage! Her booty was totally exposed and Todd could see her tattooed bum, the piercing in her belly button and part of the tattoo on her pubis.

She asked him to come in and have a few drinks with us! I pretended I had to make an urgent phone call to give Todd and Nes the chance to get to know each other. That was always my strategy to hook anyone that Nes wanted to fuck! A few minutes later I showed up and joined them.

Nes made a drink for me and kept talking to Todd. Our host was staring passionately at Nes and followed every move she did! She showed him a photo-album with her favorite photos taken by me in Marrakech. Great pictures of Nes wearing different types of clothes from traditional to sexy to classic to sportswear and even belly dancing outfit!

Todd was amazed by her great look and her very sexy body and said he would be proud to make a short film about Nes fucking one of his favorite stars, and show it to his business partners!
I felt he was about to convince Nescafe to be a part of highly exciting experience! Nes went to the fridge to bring some more ice cubes, but intentionally, and for more excitement she walked with a seductive way and swayed her tanned and massive booty to impress Todd!

Since all black Americans worshiped certified big butts, I was sure he was hooked by Nes’ womanhood, but was very embarrassed by my presence!

To give him more freedom I told them that I was so tired and that I would need some rest. Nes offered Todd another drink and told him she needed to know more about the proposal he would offer her. As soon as I entered the bedroom, Nes got closer to Todd and sat next to him on the couch to show him another album of her erotic photos. I was hiding behind the curtains to have a better look of what was coming next.

I was shocked how the 6 foot tall Nes looked so small next to Todd’s huge and muscular body! I could not wait to see what Todd was hiding between his legs and how he would use his weapon! As they both were going through the photos, Nescafe made the first move as always! She voluntary sat on his lap, reached out to his crotch and started squeezing his monster cock and heavy balls! She also started French-kissing him with her luscious lips!

As Todd felt the heat, he lost no time then stood up in front of Nes and ordered her to remove all his upper clothes. Nes was astonished by this incredible and athletic 6”8’ giant! His arms were huge and very muscular, his massive back and abs looked like concrete steel! Compared to him Nes was a toy, and he could easily play with her body!! Nes started licking his chest and belly while massaging her big butt softly!

Nes undid his pants and he took them off along with his boxer! Nes’ eyes popped out when she looked down at his monster cock! I could not wait to see how a giant like him would fuck the biggest booty in Arabia! His legs were sooo sexy and 100 % lean muscles. Nescafe jumped over his massive body put her legs around his waist and started sucking his huge lips and twisting her tongue inside his mouth.

He seemed to appreciate her way of kissing a lot! Feeling very excited, Todd rotated Nes upside down, tore her Tanga (G-String) with his sparkling white teeth and started kissing her cunt and fondling her massive booty! His colossal cock was touching her wet and soft lips! He ordered Nescafe to milk his massive prick!

When she grabbed that monster she felt it was so heavy and so black with a countless number of veins! But most of all she appreciated most the phat head of Todd’s big black cock!
She sucked that cock for over 10 Minutes until it became hard as a rock and reached the undefeated size of 14 inch of massive meat and was as thick as a baseball bate. Todd was sucking her juices and biting her pussy lips for a few minutes! He even inserted his tongue in her tight asshole! He moved his tongue up and down between her ass cheeks while she was moaning heavily and loudly!

Feeling that she was ready to try the biggest cock of her life he put her over the carpet floor since the couch was too small to support the weight and the action of their bodies! Todd positioned himself between her sexy legs and put them over his shoulders with her high heels still on her feet. As I said before this babe loved to fuck with her high heels on!

With a deep southern voice Todd asked my loving wife to grab his black cock, and guided it towards her swollen wet pussy!
“Open it up for me, I gotta get it right here baby!”
Nes rubbed the mushroom head of his horse cock against the pulpy and swollen lips of her cunt. Todd’s strong body found no resistance to slide that entire well-sucked massive member in Nes’ tight and wet pussy with two or three slow pushes!

“There you go baby, it’s all yours!” Todd added

His technique was amazing; his strokes were so quick and so powerful that I could hear the sound of their bodies joining! My sexy wife started moaning and grunting loudly as intense orgasms were about to hit her!

“Baby you are sooo good, fuck your Moroccan white whore harder and deeper! I want you to shred my pussy!”

She was enjoying so many intense orgasms and asking for more! I could see her swollen pussy lips clinging to his massive cock as he slid it in and out her wet cunt. Todd kept digging for 10 minutes before he buried his monster deeper and let a piercing sound of victory to show his satisfaction! He was kissing her passionately as he loaded her fertile womb by his thick hot jizz!

I could see tears in her eyes! Her Kohl (Moroccan eyeliner) made her beautiful eyes look like ones of a tigress! The intensity of the fuck made her lips pulpy and glossy! These signs made it clear to me that Nes had enjoyed that monster cock sooo much and that she would die for some more of that massive meat!

Nes started to clean Todd’s monster dick and seemed to enjoy the odor and the taste of her master’s cum.

“Baby I truly delight in your monster cock and I really need more of that big black dick inside my big white booty!”
“Sweet Nescafe I don’t want to disturb your husband Aziz any more, why don’t you come with me to my private suite? I’ll show you the latest porn movies that I produced and I promise to take you to the seventh heaven!” Todd said.

When Nescafe was about to enter the bedroom to get some clothes, he backed her up and told her he did not want her to wake me up and she didn’t need any clothes since his bedroom was meters away !

Todd carried Nes and they left our place without any clothes on, and then crossed the garden with Nes still in his arms to enter his private room!

I was in my bed lonely and anxious, thinking about the juicy pussy of my sweet Nescafe! I struggled to fall asl**p because I couldn’t accept that we would sl**p in separate rooms! Thinking about Nescafe having a wild fuck with another man made my cock fully erect! I started to jerk off and in a few minutes I had my first orgasm without my Nescafe next to me!

I woke up late in the morning, and went out to join Nes and Todd. They were by the pool sunbathing and enjoying their breakfast. Nes was very happy. Her watery eyes and her pink cheeks were the proof that she got all she asked for!

I took a French toast and some orange juice and sat next to Nescafe. Todd had a phone call and he went to his office. I took the opportunity to ask my sweet wife about her wild night with Todd. She told me that they fucked all night long and that Todd made her come a million times in all different positions! He died to fuck her Amazing booty! But she could not take his prick in her massive ass even thought he used different lubricants!

“Baby his cock is huge and it got even bigger when he applied a special cream to his shaft! He spent about 5 minutes trying to shove it in my asshole but it was impossible, the mushroom head of his prick was too big for me, and he was afraid to hurt me! I tried to calm him down and gave him a sensational strip dance, then he enjoyed moment of intense pleasure, when I danced over his body with his cock buried deep inside my cunt, and fucked him until he came a river!”

As she was telling me about her intense suck and fuck session with Todd, my cock started to swell! Her sexy voice and attractive body always arouse me!

A few minutes later Todd showed up with a big smile on his face! He sat down next to my blossomed wife and told her that she was very lucky. The man he told her about was in NY City and for her pleasure he would be in Todd’s house by 7pm.

“ Well, baby I forgot to tell you that Todd and I came to an agreement about the shooting of a short porn movie with a young black man with an impressive cock. I saw his pictures yesterday and I just can’t wait to meet him!” Nes told me.

She showed me some of his pictures. The guy was immense, muscular and very good looking. But most off all he had the most impressive tools I‘ve ever seen in my entire life!

She also added: “To be honest with you Aziz, I can’t wait to fuck this handsome guy!”

I felt overwhelming sensations all over my body and my cock started to grow again. I was already fantasizing about her hammered really hard by that young black stallion. Nes amazed me sooo much! When she decided to do something, nothing in the world could stop her willpower!

“Come next to me Nes, I think you need some special treatments. Our hair dresser and makeup artist will take good care of you. But before that I suggest that you have a massage and take a shower first! Tania is here to serve you. One more thing, Tania will use wax to remove any remaining hair from your pubis! I want a smooth and bald pussy for the shooting!” Todd said.

Nes walked confidently, and as she passed by me and Todd to join Tania in the spa, she grabbed my cock and squeezed it then gave me that foxy smile again! Anytime she gave me that smile I knew for sure that something big was heading her way! I was sure that some of the best black bulls were about to stretch her tight pussy to the max and tear up her asshole!!!!!!!!

Well, my lovely wife Nes was, is and will always be the perfect Arabian White
Ass-Woman craving for Monster Black Cocks!

To be continued………….

End of Chapter III

Do not miss!

Chapter IV: Nescafe Turns Out To Be A Porn Star

Chapter V: Nescafe fires in Miami And Latinos Are Going Crazy
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I was finally home alone after 8 months of living back home with my parents. I had to move back because my roomies both got married and I couldn’t afford living on my own. My parents had to fly out of state on some business.

The house was locked up, the dogs were down stairs in the livingroom sl**ping, and I was naked in my bed reading the last chapter of a really great book. I looked over at the clock, it was 11:05, and knew my mother would be calling to make sure everything was ok. Even though I’m 22 she still makes me feel like her little girl. Moving back home doesn’t help to instill confidence that I am an adult woman.

At 11:40 I finish up talking with my mother, assure her everything is fine, and remind her that I will be gone all day tomorrow. We hang up.

As I settle back into my book I hear a loud noise by the trash cans by the side of the house, and my dogs begin to bark. I look out my window and see that two of the three cans have been dumped. Just as I put on my robe to go downstairs the lights in my bedroom go out. I try the light switch in my bedroom and in the hallway. No lights.

The dogs are barking, but they sound farther away. I run down stairs, and I as I go past the kitchen I can see moonlight streaming through that the back door is wide open. I close the door and lock it.

Where are my dogs? I can hear them barking in one of the rooms here on the first floor. But how did they get closed up in there? As I cross down the hallway to the guest bedroom and 2 offices I suddenly hear a door slam upstairs.

I go back to the kitchen and grab a flashlight. What is going on? I make my way back upstairs and all the doors are opened. My parent’s room looks fine. My mother’s art & scrapbook room looks fine. The guest bedroom looks fine. My room looks fine.

I set the flashlight on my desk facing upward so it bounces off the wall & ceiling to fill my room with light. As I walk toward the bathroom in my bedroom I suddenly hear a deep male voice coming from inside the darkened room. “Anna, nice to see you alone”.

I scream and try to run out of my bedroom. The man chases after me and grabs my arm and pulls me to him. Trying to fight him off, I feel this tall man lifting me high off the floor, and the material of my robe knocks the flashlight off the desk. I scream in the darkened room as I feel him bringing me toward the bed. I still try to struggle away, but he much is too strong for me.

He throws me on the bed and I immediately leap up to try escaping. I scream and feel his large hands pulling me back to the bed. I land on my back and his strong left hand holds me down by the throat which pins me to the bed.

His right hand ripping and tearing open my robe. I scream out loud again. His left hand leaves my throat and covers my mouth completely. I smell his hand and on it has a familiar cologne that I recognize. But who??

His powerful left hand clamps over my mouth. He holds me down by my face. I feel his strong right hand lifting my legs up and spreading them apart. Under the hand covering my mouth a muffled scream of mine is heard.

I hear the deep voice whispering harshly, “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”, Pushing down on my face every time he spoke to emphasize his words.

Struggling to get free my legs spread apart. I feel my legs being lifted and spread up over my head. I feel my pussy exposed and open to him. My body shakes as I feel his hot wet mouth completely cover my pussy. I whimper as the stranger starts to suck on my pussy lips, scoop his tongue through my pussy hole, and lightly squeeze my clit with his lips. Trying to move my hips to pull my pussy away from him, the hand covering my mouth pushes down hard on my face and mouth. It doesn’t hurt my face, but I get the message loud and clear.

His mouth is making my pussy wetter and wetter. I feel my body betray me. The more he licks my pussy along the edges, around my clit, sucking down hard on my juicy pussy hole, I start to flow. I’m scared, but my body is reacting to his oral attack.

Just when I feel I am wet enough the man slowly inserts the tip of his thick middle finger into my pussy. I gasp as I feel him enter me. I pull my hips away to get his finger out. He pushes on my face and f***es his extremely thick AND long finger in all the way. I gasp even louder as his finger splits the muscles of my pussy. I feel him opening me inside. His finger digs in and around my pussy hole. Rubbing in and along the lining of my pussy he tries to feel every inch. I’m juicing up even more as I feel him fingering fucking me. I start to cry from the pain and the amazing pleasure of his thick probing finger.

In a low deep tone I hear the man praise me for how wet I am. “That’s a good girl, your cunt is soaking wet for me. You will learn a lot from me tonight”. I whimper as I feel his finger digging is a curling to rub my G-spot. Rubbing upward into my pussy. My legs start to instinctively part wider. I feel him lift my legs back more as he whispers, “That’s a good little bitch. You know how to please me with your cunt hole”.

My body is starting to betray me even more. My nipples are hard, my pussy is flooding up with juices, and I am getting much more comfortable with the thickness of his finger spreading my tight inner muscles. In my mind I keep trying to place the smell of his cologne that he has on his wrist and hand. Where do I know it from?

His finger goes in deeper, and faster, and harder. I start to whimper even more as his thick cock-like finger jabs and fucks into my hole. I feel my pussy starting to build up to cumming. I moan and struggle to get away. “NO!”, he yells in a husky voice. Ramming his middle finger all the way in and clamping his mouth down on my clit.

I scream under the weight of his hand again. Arching my back it stuffs my pussy hole deep into his mouth. The swirling of his tongue on my clit and deep sucks gives my pussy the tingle I need. His middle fingers shoved so far up into me, like a thick cock, causes my pussy to clamp down. I start to shake as he curls his finger all around the inside of my pussy hole. I moan and shake as he brings me close to cumming.

As his mouth sucks my clit he starts to finger fuck me again. My hips moving to his thrusts. Forcing his finger into me as deep as it will go. I feel I am going to cum. I feel it. The stranger whispers in a deep tone, “What a good cunt you are You’ve needed this from me for a very long time”.

As his rapid moving middle finger takes my pussy harder and deeper, I start to feel myself cumming. I whimper louder as my pussy quivers and pulsates. Feeling the flood of cum rising and flowing through my pussy… Moaning and whimpering more.. I fee it… I start to slowly buck my hips against his middle finger…. I am going to cum. My clit is so achy tight and wet. I am shaking all over. Ramming his finger up inside. I hear him start to chuckle as he can feel my hips moving and my pussy twitching around his finger. “That’s my good fucking little cunt. Pump my finger, help me get it up inside of you. Help me make you cum”.

I moan and cry as I feel my pussy sucking and pulling onto his middle finger. My legs opening wider for him as I feel the flood building inside. I am going to cum. I will soak and gush all over his hand. I scream under his hand as I feel my pussy cumming and releasing for him. My legs shaking like crazy.

As my hips rise and meet his finger fucking penetration, under his breath in deep whispers, I hear him saying over and over, “Good cunty girl. Good cunt. That’s a good fuck cunt. Cum for your man”.

He pulls his finger out of me and completely covers my pussy hole with his mouth. Roughly drinking, sucking and slurping as much of my juices as he can. I hear him making hungry gasping, and moaning sounds as he sucks up the wetness.

My back is arching as I give him more of my pussy. I don’t even realize that he has uncovered my mouth, until I realize I can’t smell his cologne.

My legs spread open naturally for him, and I try to think of WHEN is a good time to scream again?

Suddenly, there is a ripping noise that sounds like tape. Just as I think it’s time to scream I feel a large piece of duct tape covering my mouth. The man grabs my right leg and my right arm and binds them together at the wrist and ankle.

Then he roughly grabs my left arm and left leg tapes them together the exact same way. The room is still so dark I can’t see him, but I feel him leave from bed. I am left alone with my arms and legs lifted up bound together like a roped baby calf. Exposing my pussy and my body for him.

I can hear him removing his clothes and the entire time he is humming, and slightly chuckling to himself. I feel scared, but my pussy is still so wet, puffy, and throbbing from my orgasm.

He chuckles a little louder and hear him stepping closer to the bed. I feel a slap against my pussy and clit. I winch and try to scream under the tape. Another stinging slap against my pussy hole and clit. Then another. And another. Then he rubs his full open palm against my clit, quickly circling his rough palm around and around.

“Do you have any idea how long I have been wanting to get a hold of your young little cunt?” A stinging slap connects with my pussy and clit. I feel my pussy flowing with every touch.

The man climbs on the bed in front of my tied open legs, and f***efully rams his middle finger inside my swollen wet pussy. “Fuck, you are wet inside. You will love what I have for you, and I know your tight cunt can handle it”.

I struggle, but the tape is so tight and my body is too exhausted from cumming so strong. His thick middle finger jabs, pokes, and rips into my pussy like a piston. Splitting my pussy walls open and causing me to protest under the mouth tape, as I feel my pussy starting to build on another flood of cum.

He can sense that my pussy is ready for another orgasm. I start moaning full out. The muscles clamp down on his finger, and pulsate. I moan even louder as I feel his ramming finger bringing my pussy off again. He pulls the middle finger out so quickly as I start to gush and my pussy erupts like a fountain and squirts all over the sheets. I scream out under the tape as my entire body convulses and shakes.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, that’s a good girl, make it nice and wet for what cums next” and he slaps my pussy and clit harder this time. I winch and scream.

I feel him press and cover my entire pussy hole with his mouth again. Drinking and sucking all the slippery juice. My hips moving to get away, but managing to seem like I’m enjoying it. He deeply scoops his tongue through my pussy and swirls it around my clit. He does this over, and over, and over again.

The man pulls away suddenly and I am left vulnerable again. My wet pussy feels the cool air in the room and there is only the sound of his breathing.

As I lay there I feel him crawling up between my legs. As he kneels in front of me I hear him whisper, “Do you feel this?” – and I feel the thick hard head of his cock rubbing my clit and lightly between my pussy lips. I gasp under the duct tape. I feel the head splitting the opening and a flinch to move away. The man slaps my pussy again really hard. “Don’t make me hurt your cunt”.

The head of his cock rubs up and back quickly between my pussy lips. I try to gasp under the tape. I feel the cock head slowly punch the opening. I mumble under the tape, “No! No!” shaking me head back and forth. He holds his cock head just inside my spreading hole. It’s so thick and hard. It hurts in a pleasurable way.

I hear the man giggling again like a demented clown. Scaring me so much that I shift forward and his cock starts to sink a little more into my pussy. And I feel his thick hard cock starting to enter me.

“Oh, my wet little cunt IS hungry.”. I feel him rise up and with the f***e of all his strength I feel him lay his entire body on top of me. His long, thick, hard cock is ramming up into my pussy and filling me all the way inside. I scream as I feel him splitting me so deep. So deep, so full of him, and wrapping around him so tightly.

He starts to really pump his cock into my pussy. My wetness coats him with every push he makes inside. With my arms and legs tape upward it’s a perfect cradle for his body. Naturally hugging on to his body as he fucks me. I hear him talking to me in a very dirty and nasty ways. Telling me how my pussy feels, how good it will be to finally cum inside of me.

His entire body weight is against me as his cock rubs in and out. I feel my body building up another orgasm. This time it’s his hard cock bringing this on. How can my body betray me like this? I don’t want to feel good now. This man is forcing himself on me.

His cock spreading my pussy so deep. I feel it’s close to tapping my against my cervix. So deep. So fucking deep. I cry out as I feel his cock against the wall inside. He is fucking me and opening me up fully. I feel his balls slapping against my ass. They are so big, warm, and full of his churning cum.

I hear him groaning as my pussy floods and coats his cock with juices. He hold me down even more with hug body hugging me so tight that I can't move. He has captured me.... talking in my ear - tell me how good my pussy feels.... The talk gets dirtier and filthier & wild... saying things a man has never said to me.....He can feel me start to cum... His cock thrusts get deeper and faster as I moan and cry. My whole body shakes...

He pushes his cock all the way in up to his balls. His feet pushing into the bed, trying to get his cock to push through my cervix. My pussy feel stuffed full. He starts to roll his hips in a circle. Not pumping anymore, his cock filling me and stretching my pussy hole in round circles. Like a spoon stirs in a glass…. It hurts and it feels good. I cry out. He can sense it hurts and makes bigger circles with his stiff cock. He keep pushing deeper as his cock painfully spreads my pussy walls. His public bone pressed against mine. His hips making circles….. I feel my pussy cumming again. I cry a muffled cry again.

Then he pulls his cock out completely from my throbbing and pulsating pussy, and kneels between my legs again. He slaps at my pussy hole a couple of times harder than ever. I cry out. Then nothing. Nothing happens for a full minute.

I feel my pussy dripping and flowing. Then without warning I feel him fall on top of me ramming his cock all the way in. This time he is pumping harder and faster .... Roughly fucking me….OMG, he is fucking me.

I hear him moaning in my ear, “Take me. Take me, you cunt, take my cock. Feel me. Feel my cock in you. Love it. Love how I take your cunt for my own”.

I feel him bringing another orgasm to me.. I scream a muffled scream.. His feet push on the bed behind him as his pumping stiff cock rubs deeper & deeper. I can feel his cock thicken more inside of me, as my pussy lets gos of another flood. My pussy grips onto him and his thrust get harder and faster. Now his cock feels so stiff inside me now. I can tell he is ready to fill me with his thick hot sperm. His balls have been churning and making a huge load to squirt up inside me.

His talking gets more frantic, “God I can feel it, its so hot and wet, I feel you squeezing me tighter and tighter. Cunt, do you feel how my cock is so swollen now? I’m fucking your little cunt so good. Your cunt is so open to take my seed”.

He is ramming into my pussy like a made man. His sweaty body dripping onto me. His dirty talking is making me so wet and horny – my body reacting to the sexual attack deep in my pussy. He stops talking as I feel his head next to mine. His arms wrap under me and suddenly feel his hand gripping and grabbing and spreading my ass. His cock fills my pussy deep. He starts to massage my ass cheeks together as it causes my pussy hole to squeeze on his cock. I moan and moan as I feel my pussy clamp down hard against his piston ripping cock. I cry out as he makes me cum again.

Then I hear him muffled in my neck, “I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m cumming!” As he is cumming his cock is pounding so much harder. His strong arms lift me up off the bed, fucking me so hard and deep. I can feel this cock plump as his sperm is pumping up through the shaft.

He screams, “FUCK!!!!ahhhhhhhhhh, Your cunt is milking me! Fuck! Fuck! Take it, you cunt! FUCK! Drink it in!!” I can feel his cock jerk and throb as his hot sperm completely floods into my tight pussy. Warming the sore and used lining of my inner pussy walls. His thrusts are still so deep like he is trying to capture his sperm so deep that is will never flow back out. Then he collapses on me fully. His breathing so heavy and deep. Gasping.

After about what seems like an eternity he slowly and gently pulls his cock out of me. He climbs off of me and I hear him leave the room. I am still helpless, taped up, and my pussy feels used, abused, and fully satisfied.

The lights in the house come back on and I see the muscular man who attacked me for the first time. He comes into the room with a pair of scissors, a wet wash cloth, and a large towel. He climbs onto the bed and quickly removes the duct tape from my mouth.

“How was it this time?” he asks.

I smile and reply, “That was the hardest and roughest time yet”.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asks in a concerned tone.

“No.”, I giggle. “But next time don’t push so hard on my mouth when you are telling me to shut up”.

You see, the older neighbor man next door is in a marriage with a wife who is bedridden, and because of her condition it is a sexless relationship. He still loves and adores her, but he does have human needs that she can’t fulfill.

She knows we meet to do this kind of thing. After fucking the hell out of me he returns to her happy and ready to meet her daily caretaking needs.

Mr. Harper and I have been having role play meetings like this ever since I turned 18 years old – when he actually cornered me in the darkened pool house. He knew I was always attracted to him. And he thought he’d try making his move on me to see if I’d let him.

OMG, Mr. Harper is a sexy, 6’4”, athletic man, now in his 50’s. What girl would pass up a husband who is experienced, can fuck like a demon, loves role play, AND had a vasectomy when he was in his 30’s? Best of all no strings attached. Neighbors WITH Benefits!!!

After he cut the tape away from my wrist and ankles he pulls me to my knees and I hungrily start to put his cock in my mouth. I see the head all red from the hard pounding he gave my pussy.

Licking and sucking all the smells and tastes of the hot sex off of his milking cock. I hold cup and lightly squeeze his balls and try to milk more cum from them. Lovingly I squeeze them and Mr. Harper moans. I taste the salty and thickness from him... I love it.. I love the smile on his face... I love feeling his hands on my head to guide his cock in and out as he makes sure his loving neighbor girl gets the sex cleaned off. The head slides down my throat so full and still dripping and leaking cum into my mouth. I love it and I feel him praise me with his hands through my hair. I know that is a good sign that he is pleased with me and I have done another good job for him.

He pulls his cock from my mouth when he feels his cock is no longer coated with our sexual fluids. He climbs off the bed and stands before me naked. I cross over to him and he wraps his strong powerful arms around me. He hugs me tightly. It’s the only sign of affection he ever gives me when we are together. He lightly kisses my forehead and whispers, “Thank you”. He tightens his hug to show how much he appreciates my participation in his sexual life. I hug him back just as tight and kiss his warm hairy chest.

He breaks free, grabs his clothes off the floor, and he leaves my room naked and happier than when he arrived.

I cross to the bed and take the wet warm wash cloth to clean his cum from my pussy. As I grab for the cloth I see that he has left me the familiar piece of paper with my next role play instructions typed on it.

Apparently next time he is from a collection agency and needs me to pay off a long time debt that I can’t financially afford to pay back. He will need payment from me in another form.

I smile as I start to clean off Mr. Harpers sperm from my swollen, sore, but very happy pussy hole. The warm water from the wash cloth feels so good.

I turn to look at the doorway of my bedroom and say out loud. “Good Night. Mr. Harper, I love you”.

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Best Friends Forever (that Fuck)

Brianna was one of the most popular girls at her high school: an outgoing, blonde cheerleader with straight-A’s and a personality everyone seemed to like. She also had a tight, well-toned body that was the product of countless hours in the gym. After losing her virginity at 18 to a classmate, she was disappointed in guys her own age and began fantasizing about older guys and girls her own age. Looking for a great fuck became a sort of obsession.

One evening, she was at the grocery store when she ran into Dan Jacobs, a former friend and business associate of her father’s. She remembered him checking her out when she was younger and he was regularly over to do business with her dad. She liked the attention. But once he left for a different firm, she hadn’t seen him in at least a couple of years.

But at the grocery story, he was alone and Brianna approached Dan, who took a second to recognize Brianna. Dan wasn’t a terribly handsome guy, sort of chubby, but he was wealthy and his wife was beautiful. But Brianna found something about him very sexy, part of it was his age and that he was in his 40s. He told her she had blossomed into a young, beautiful woman. A few moments of small talk revealed that his wife was out of town for the week and he was there to pick up some groceries while she was out of town. Dan couldn’t believe it when Brianna told him, “Mr. Jacobs, if you’re feeling lonely, I’d be happy to come over and keep you company tonight.” Dan’s mind was reeling with possibilities, unsure of what happened, but let his mind wander to the possibility that young, sexy Brianna would be his for the night. Brianna, on the other hand, knew what was going to happen: she was going to fuck Mr. Jacobs.

They exchanged numbers and he gave her his address. Dan raced home from the grocery, fresh with the memory of what just happened in his head, and went straight to his bedroom to masturbate.
When Brianna got home, she packed a small bag with a bathing suit (she thought she remembered Mr. Jacobs having a hot tub), plus a few sex toys and condoms. She put on her shortest jean shorts, cutoffs, and a tight tube top without a bra. Before heading out, she looked in the mirror and said to herself, “Yeah, I’d fuck me.”

At 7:00 sharp, Brianna rang Dan’s doorbell. He knew it was Brianna and instantly got hard. He didn’t know how he was going to cover up his erection because he wanted to seduce the PYT at his door and didn’t want to blow it. Rather than finding something he could hold that could cover it up, he just answered the door and hoped she wouldn’t at first notice.

He invited her in and she marveled at how big and luxurious his house was and said it was obvious he had been very successful once he left working with her dad. Then Brianna told Mr. Jacobs that she though that she remembered him telling her dad that he was buying a hot tub. She brought a bathing suit just in case. When he told her that that was from his older, smaller house and didn’t have one here, she said, “That’s okay, Mr. Jacobs, because I’ve been wet ever since I saw you at the grocery store this afternoon.”

He couldn’t believe what he just heard, and was shocked that he wouldn’t have to face the odds and try to seduce young Brianna. “Mr. Jacobs, I hope you didn’t think that I wanted a tour of the place, or to talk about school,” Brianna told him. “I came here tonight because I wanted to fuck and I wanted to fuck you. So let’s stop wasting time and you can show me your bedroom.”

Obviously, Dan didn’t have to be told twice and led Brianna to the bedroom. She reached into her bag and grabbed a condom and tossed it to Dan and said, “Mr. Jacobs, I think you’re going to need this.”

She jumped on the bed and took off her top, starting to rub her nipples. “Mr. Jacobs,” Brianna asked faux demurely, “Do you like my tits? I know they’re small, smaller than Mrs. Jacobs’ but I think they’re nice. Do you?”

Dan took off his shirt and khakis and jumped into the bed with Brianna, first licking the tits her found so luscious. A few moments later, Dan’s hard, throbbing cock was in young Brianna’s mouth. She was sucking hard, but didn’t want him to cum just yet.

She pulled away from him and pushed him back while she took off her shorts and panties, first sniffing her underwear before tossing it back to Dan asking if he liked the scent of barely legal, teenage cunt. She was rubbing her bald pussy while he took a quick sniff.

He was determined to fuck Brianna as hard as he could, and quickly put his cock into her available, smooth pussy. He fucked her as hard and as deep as he has ever fucked someone. He certainly has never fucked his wife that hard. After fucking Brianna hard to three quick, successive orgasms, she could sense that he was about to shoot himself and told him to take off the condom and shoot in his mouth. She took nearly every drop down her throat, loving every gulp.
After the calmed down, they were lying next to each other in the bed, their bottom halves under the covers. He asked her where she learned to fuck like that, certainly not from the teenage boys at school. “Of course not, Mr. Jacobs. They don’t know how to fuck me the way that you do. I basically learned everything I know about sex from watching lots of porn.”

They fucked every night at his place, the last night being the night before he had to pick up Mrs. Jacobs at the airport. Dan and Brianna agreed that they both wanted to continue fucking but had to be more discreet about it going forward. “I don’t want to have an affair with a married man, Mr. Jacobs,” Brianna told him, adding, “I just want to be fuck buddies with one.”

They had been sending texts to each other that said that they missed seeing each other and couldn’t wait to find time where they could do it again. It was around 2:00, late in the school day, when Brianna got a text from Dan. It said, “I pretended that I was fucking you when I was giving it to my wife last night. Never fucked her harder. She thought I was just missing her. Can’t wait to be in your cunt soon. Mr. J.”

This made Brianna unbelievably horny, and soon told the teacher that she had an upset stomach and needed to use the restroom. Brianna knew that she had to masturbate and cum somehow or she’d never make it through the rest of the day. Fortunately, she always carries her Pocket Rocket vibrator in her purse. She found a restroom that was empty, and would likely be for another at least 20 minutes. After a few moments of being quiet, she realized that no one would be able to hear her because everyone was in their classrooms and she’d have the whole bathroom to herself.

She locked herself in a stall, pulled down her skirt and panties and took out her Pocket Rocket and quickly found her clit. She knew she couldn’t be quiet for too long, she was far, far too horny for that. She began moaning things like, “I need you to fuck me good, Mr. Jacobs” slightly louder than she meant to, but it worked and she had three successive orgasms, enough to hold her off for the last period, until she could get home and properly masturbate with her Hitachi Wand, her favorite sex toy.

After pulling herself together, Brianna walked out of the stall, and realized that she wasn’t alone. In the bathroom, fixing her makeup in the mirror was Melissa, a heavy-set nerdy girl who a lot of k**s teased that she was a lesbian because she wasn’t very popular, and was always reading books by feminists. But she was cute in her own way, and had nice, big tits by any objective measure.

Melissa was shocked to see it was the glamorous Brianna that was masturbating in the bathroom stall, but she was aroused by it. Brianna said something to the effect of, “It’s not entirely what you think.” But Melissa just said, “I can keep your secret. I won’t tell anyone that you’re having sex with Mr. Jacobs.” Brianna told Melissa that she wasn’t having sex with Mr. Jacobs, the English teacher at school, but another Mr. Jacobs, who used to do business with her father.
Brianna was getting horny, again, and was starting to find Melissa irresistible. After Melissa assured Brianna that the secret that she heard Brianna masturbating would remain between them, Brianna said, “nonsense, I can’t have you holding that over me, plus I’m still turned on. Why don’t we go back in the stall and I’ll make you feel better than you’ve ever felt.” Melissa, who was actually more bisexual than lesbian, still wasn’t going to say no to being pleasured by one of the most popular, sexy girls at school.

Brianna had Melissa sit on the toilet while she pulled down her jeans and panties. She was pleased to see a perfectly trimmed pussy between Melissa’s legs. She knew they were pressed for time, so Brianna found Melissa’s clit quickly and it took only a few licks to give Melissa a blissful, intense orgasm.

They quickly put their clothes together because they knew classes were about to let out and Brianna told Melissa to follow her to her locker, to get away from the traffic. Melissa thought it would be a one-time deal, but was perfectly happy with that, but she was also nervous that the popular Brianna would tell everyone that she learned that Melissa was officially a lesbian. Brianna assured her that that wasn’t the case and said she’d prove it.

Brianna asked Melissa to take out her iPhone and asked for her number. Melissa recited it back to Brianna as she put it into her phone and typed something. About five seconds later, Melissa’s phone beeped with the text message tone and saw that she got a sexy photo of Brianna. It was a close-up photo of Brianna’s perfectly shaved pussy, her legs spread, and a big smile on Brianna’s face. Brianna wrote, “Next time we do it, it’s your turn to lick this. Soon? Please? Love, Bri.” Melissa was obviously blushing and put her phone back in her pocket. They had to scurry back to their final classes.

At the very least, Melissa thought she would have a memory and a photo she could masturbate to for as long as she had fingers. She wasn’t expecting this to be more than a one-time thing. But then she got another text from Brianna that said, “Friends at school, friends that fuck after school. Y/N?” Melissa meekly typed back “Y.”

Later that evening, comfortably slipping into bed to masturbate before going to sl**p, Melissa grabs her phone, still reeling at what happened just a few hours before, when she is startled to get another text from Brianna. It is a selfie in the bathroom mirror, topless, with Brianna’s perfectly pert breasts. It had a caption that said, “It’s okay playing with my tits, I guess, but yours are much nicer. Want to come over?” Then gave her address.
Melissa raced over there, excited to further explore Brianna’s tight, perfect body. She didn’t bother to put on some sexy clothes, knowing they wouldn’t be on for much longer.

Melissa rang the doorbell, and Brianna greeted her in just a bathrobe. Brianna gave Melissa a big French kiss and said, “I really love my new friend and how fast she came over. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

Melissa stepped inside and said to Brianna that she always thought she was sexy, but didn’t think they’d ever be friends, but being friends that fucked was beyond her imagination.” Brianna laughed and said, “Now it’s like we’re BFFF: Best Friends Forever that Fuck.” They both laughed before Brianna cut it off because she wanted to get down to business.

“Let’s go up to my room,” Brianna said. “These tight, teenage cunts aren’t going to lick themselves.”
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