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A french tutor

A french tutor

... . Anyway, I was telling her I was failing French and I needed this class to graduate. She told ... about a friend of hers that was a French teacher in high school. She said that ... would contact her and she if she could tutor me. She said her name was Yvette. ... ... Continue»
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The Tutor short story

... night I caught my sixteen year old son's twenty year old tutor fucking
him. I should have been insanely angry. I should have ... as they were. The difference is that the third
tutor became the last tutor. I guess that by my condemning her nearly
... ... Continue»
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from sitter to tutor

... story.

besides being a great babysitter and beautiful she is a math tutor..which was not my strong subject so she would help ... on her part a kiss small pecks here and there then I french kissed It proceed it to lick it again up and ... ... Continue»
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Punishing Miss Primrose

... tastes were diverse. From Shakespeare sonnets to original editions of French works. You are welcome to them."

"Thank you. ... attempt its literature."

He looked at her, curious. "You had a French tutor?"

"For but a year, and I fear my s****r and I ... ... Continue»
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you can learn a lot from a tutor

... my world off thinking, i hear a door open, presuming its the tutor, i dont bother glancing around.
I see a tall blonde girl walk past ... that stuff is mighty tricky, plus you're my favourite tutor"
i smiled, waiting till she had closed the door before ... ... Continue»
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Mi tutor...

... principio, me convertí en el centro de las atenciones del tutor. Muchos abrazos, una que otra palmada, regalos y trabajos extraclase en ... su oficina.

Pasados cerca de dos meses, el tutor se había convertido, me solicito en mi gran amigo y ... ... Continue»
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After School Sex Tutor

After School Sex Tutor

This happened many years ago and it ... my illness, then return to the arms of my love tutor, but it seemed like forever. I ran all the ... but I thought it would be fun to see my tutor and wrote back sure I would love to get together ... ... Continue»
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... up window.
To my surprise I recognised the chap as a former tutor of mine at college.When I attended college I was always attracted ... his meaty manhood into my soaking wet hole my old tutor and I polished off the other two and with cum dripping ... ... Continue»
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sexy tutor

... lost. Valerie had come to my rescue, shyly offering to tutor me one day when she saw my failing test score ... time."

I pecked her cheek and said, "I'm glad you are my tutor." She laid her head on my chest, and I pulled the ... ... Continue»
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Tutor and Her s*s

... to fail algebra because of my bitch teacher so I needed a tutor. I tried my school's tutoring program but all of the people ... then when I finally asked Maralee she said that she could tutor me after school and she was great at math. I was ... ... Continue»
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Night Tutor

... needed help. It was then that I realized I could actually be a tutor and make a little money. From then on I tutored 3 or 4 students ... ... Continue»
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Tutor time turns sexy

... on, we kissed and said goodbye.

Let’s just say that tutor sessions were never the same after that day After my ... ... Continue»
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Basketball Star & Math Tutor

... railing.

Anton fetched another PBR and systematically admiring his math tutor’s bountiful derriere. He smacked the soft pliable cheeks repeatedly and ... ... Continue»
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Black lover wants wife to be his french maid Hallo

... shopping to a number of those sexy lingerie stores to locate a French maid costume. There wasn't enough time to purchase one online ... 't wait for Saturday night to come dressed as his personal French Maid, to serve him his fantasy all night long!

Well ... ... Continue»
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... being a river boat captain. The country side is certainly really French. Though, I didn't go to high school and fly across the ... they kept quiet about it, it could be their little French secret.

Their journey continued along the rural canals of Southern ... ... Continue»
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My french teacher

... he looked forward to
seeing Miss Jones - Cheryl Jones, his French teacher.

Miss Jones was every man's dream come true;
especially ... mind.

Finally, the day was coming to an end and French class
approached. Bill didn't know this either; but Cheryl ... ... Continue»
Posted by griffen1 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo  |  
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Busty French Study Partner, continued

... out records and turning on the radio, getting all her french notes organized, making small talk about music and movies and ... panties back on however, and she starts fiddling with the French book again, ready to pretend nothing happened like a good little ... ... Continue»
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Counting To Three In French

... amused, mixed with the
sounds of soft laughter and excited French. Kurt couldn’t
tell how many, one, two, a thousand, they were ... at him until it was gone.
Distant soft laughter, scolding French as bodies
shuffled, a murmured Un, then hard soft against ... ... Continue»
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Indian wife and french boys

... built young men.....and both naked.


They were French, Anita discovered, as they fussed around her discussing her ... at home, actually want from these cultured young French men?

As she stabilized her thoughts she reached ... ... Continue»
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My french teacher

... eyes..she was way hotter than i imagined. She was a mature french lady, arround 43` years old but for me..she was ... sorry mrs Carla but i dont think i need to study french anymore, i will leave now..."
"Why Merc? you dont speak ... ... Continue»
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