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A Sri Lankan maid...

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Met 2 s****rs with a secret part 2

Synopsis: This story is about a young man named Devon who is living abroad as he goes to college. In the previous installment, Devon meets Asha and Shanthi - two half-white, half-Sri Lankan s****rs who live in the apartment next to his, and they begin an immediate friendship. With Asha, that friendship becomes more after Devon discovers that she is a transsexual. After their first night of passionate sex, Asha tells Devon that they must keep their relationship a secret because her s****r Shanthi is in love with him, and Asha fears she has already betrayed her s****r by sl**ping with him. But Devon has feelings for Shanthi as well . . .

* * *

One month, I thought to myself as I stepped into the elevator. It was Asha's and my one month anniversary. Thirty days ago, on a night I would never forget, the girl who was my next-door neighbor and friend stopped by to pay me a friendly visit. That visit culminated in the single most intense and sexually satisfying experience of my life. Better than that, I had found the kind of love that most people only dream or write sonnets about.

I pressed the button for my floor and watched the doors close. I had come to New Zealand looking for an education and an adventure. I had hoped there would be girls along the way, of course, but never could I have anticipated that this sweet, gentle half-Kiwi/half-Sri Lankan girl would change my life so indelibly.

When I reached my floor, I stepped out of the elevator and walked towards my apartment, still reflecting on the strange course a life can take. When I had met Asha and her older s****r Shanthi all those weeks ago, I had been another person. The Devon I had known then seemed to no longer exist. He was transformed. His attitudes towards life, towards love, and even towards sex no longer resembled what they had once been.

Sex, I thought as I reached for my keys. Could I have ever known that the girl I would one day fall in love with would be a transsexual – born with the genetic traits of a male, but destined to become a female as a cocoon is destined to become a butterfly? At one time, the possibility would have been as remote as anything I could imagine. I was in love with a girl who had a penis and testicles. In the end, that's all it came down to, and the first part mattered much less than the second (not that I didn't love that penis and those testicles, however.)

I opened the door and was immediately greeted by the sound of a sizzling frying pan and the smell of cooking meat. Asha stood at the stove, her back to me. I had given her the spare copy of my apartment key so she could come and go as she liked and apparently she had decided to drop by and cook me a surprise dinner.

Asha was wearing a blue, silk dress that stopped just above her knees. Her shoulders were bare except for two thin straps of cloth which criss-crossed just beneath her neck. Her dusky brown skin looked as tempting and soft as warm chocolate. Her curly, black hair was neatly piled on top of her head. Even from the back, she looked ravishing.

I walked up to her, placed my hand around her waist until it was resting on the curve of her belly, and kissed her neck. She turned her face to me and kissed me with her full, luscious lips. "Hello, angel," I said.

"Mmm, I love it when you call me that," she replied, and kissed me again.

"What's for dinner?" I asked.

"Your favorite," she said. "Fajitas. I wanted to cook you something really romantic but . . ."

"Nothing could possibly be more romantic than fajitas."

"Do you like my dress?" she asked. "It's new."

"Very sexy," I told her. "You look stunning. I'm sorry I am so under-dressed. I figured I would have a chance to change before I saw you. I didn't suspect your covert cookery."

"I don't mind. A t-shirt is quicker to get off than a shirt and tie, anyway."

"You think I'm going to sl**p with you just because it's our one month anniversary? You should know I don't stand on ceremony, Asha. For shame."

"I know you're going to sl**p with me because, even if you don't stand on ceremony, your little guy is certainly standing. Fully erect, I'm guessing."

Well, could you blame me? The way I was standing, my crotch was right up against Asha's shapely backside. With her looking so sexy, I couldn't help it if I got excited just a little early. Then I looked down the front of Asha's dress and noticed a little bit of a tent that wasn't there a moment ago.

"He's not the only one standing erect," I pointed out.

Asha blushed and reached down to adjust herself, but I took her by the shoulders and turned her to face me. Her dress had a deep neckline and she was showing ample cleavage. I leaned in and kissed her deeply. Asha put her hands around my head and pulled my face against hers. My hands found her hips and squeezed gently. Our tongues touched briefly, just for a moment, and then our kiss broke. There would be time for more later on, we both knew. There was no need to rush.

"Sit down," she told me. "It's almost ready."

I did as instructed and Asha served me our special anniversary dinner. It was delicious and we took our time enjoying the meal, talking about a variety of subjects. At one point, I asked Asha where Shanthi was tonight. Usually, when Asha and I had a date like this, it was under some circumstance where Shanthi could not attend. Tonight was no different. "She's on a date," Asha told me. I felt a twinge of jealous but was careful not to show it.

The guilt on Asha's face was readily apparent, however. Asha and I both knew that Shanthi was in love with me. Asha, by secretly staking her claim on me, so to speak, felt that she had betrayed her s****r. That's why we had to sneak around like this. Asha didn't want her s****r to know that we were involved. What neither girl knew, however, was that my own feelings of love for Shanthi were often conflicted. There were times when I was with Asha that I forgot the rest of the world existed. But, when I was with Shanthi, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if fate had put me together with her instead of Asha.

"That's a good thing," I said. "If she's on a date, maybe she's getting over me."

"Maybe," Asha said, a little despondently. It didn't really change anything if Shanthi got over me. Once she found out about Asha and me, she would still feel betrayed. But we couldn't sneak around forever, could we?

"How is the research going?" I asked, trying to change the subject. Asha was in medical school and the star research assistant of a professor doing breakthrough work on reproductive medicine.

"Actually, that's something else we need to talk about," said Asha. "Tonight is going to be our last night together for a little while. I'm leaving tomorrow."

"What?" I exclaimed. "For how long?"

"Calm down, Devon!" she laughed. "I'm just going away for a week."


"To attend a conference in Sydney."

"A week without you?" I moaned. "I'll go crazy."

"I don't like it much either," she said. "That's why we have to make tonight extra special. Come on. Let me show you what's for dessert."

Asha took me by the hand led me from the table to the couch. She told me to sit down, then went to the cabinet to retrieve two wine glasses. She set them on the end table next to me, then quickly retrieved a bottle of Hawkes Bay merlot that she had hidden in my room inside a brown, paper bag. She poured the wine into the glasses. We both toasted our first month as a couple and drank a sip.

Next Asha dimmed the lights and lit a few candles that had been inside the same bag with the wine. The atmosphere was perfect. All that was needed was some romantic music. She had that covered to. She put a CD into the stereo and pressed play. Some soft jazz music began to fill the room. I drank more of the wine.

Asha's curvy hips began to sway with the music. I watched her voluptuous body, entranced by the sensuality of her movements. Asha seemed to glide away from the stereo to the center of the room. She faced me and continued to dance slowly and teasingly. My heart was pounding in my chest and my cock was already fully hard. Asha's lips turned into a faint smile, pleased at the obvious reaction she was getting from me.

Then she turned her back to me, still gracefully swaying her body. She reached out for the strap across her left shoulder and pulled it down, then for the right strap. Her shoulders were now bare. She allowed the thin material of the dress to slide down her body to her hips. She looked over her bare shoulder at me and smiled seductively. She wiggled her hips slightly and the dress fell to the floor. Asha was now nude except for her black sandals and a black thong. Her curvaceous rear end looked as delectable as ever and my cock began to pulsate at the thought of entering it once again.

Asha turned to face me. My eyes devoured the sight of her bare breasts with their large, dark pink nipples. Her belly was gently rounded – not fat, just pleasingly plump. My eyes drifted down to the front of her panties. Usually, Asha tucked her package away so skillfully that it was almost impossible to detect, even in the flimsiest underwear. Tonight, however, there was no tucking. Her organs were pressing hard against the fabric of her thong.

Asha swayed towards me and sat down on my lap. She took her glass of wine and drank deeply from it. I looked up into her honey-colored eyes, which were large and luminous.

"I love you," I told her. "I am going to be in love with you forever. Even if you dump me right now and I never see you again, I am going to love you until the day I die."

"Devon, you're gushing," she said.

"Oh, right, sorry."

"It's OK, sweetie," she whispered. "I love you, too."

Asha put her free arm around my shoulder and leaned in to kiss me. I met her kiss, tasting the wine on her plump lips. There was no light flickering of tongues. We French kissed passionately, with an intense desire born from our devoted love for one another.

We kissed for a long while and continued to drink the wine Asha had poured. Occasionally, I would meander from her lips, kissing down her neck to her shoulders. Asha let my mouth wander as she drank from her glass. Or, in other instances, it was Asha whose lips would stray from my mouth, affording me an opportunity to sip some of the rich, dark wine. It wasn't long before both of us were feeling a little fuzzy from the effects of the alcohol, but it only heightened our experience.

I kissed Asha's lips, then her round cheek, then the soft line of her jaw, then the underside of her chin, then her throat, then her collar bone, then the rising swell of her breast. My lips effortlessly found their way to the nipple of Asha's left breast. I popped it into my mouth and began sucking on it gently. Asha's fingers buried themselves in my hair.

"Devon . . ." she breathed.

"Mmm?" I asked, my lips tight around her nipple.

"I don't know how much time we have until Shanthi gets back from her date," she said. "I need you to make love to me now."

So much for foreplay. Not that I was complaining, mind you. As much as I loved feeling Asha's warm, wet mouth around my cock, and as much as I loved the feeling of my lips sliding up and down the length of her thick shaft, or the sensation of her sucking on her balls, it was only when I was inside her that our souls truly connected as one.

Asha took the glass from my hand and set it down on the table, next to mine. She grabbed a hold of my t-shirt and yanked it off over my head. Then she knelt down on the floor in front of me, first removing my shoes and socks, then reaching for my belt. She undid the buckle and pulled off my jeans and my boxer shorts in one movement. Her eyes brightened when she saw my eight inch dick pop free and I knew she wanted it in her mouth, but she wanted it in her butt even more.

She rose to her feet and wriggled out of her thong. She stood naked before me in all of her breath-taking beauty. Her wide cock, just shorter than average, was standing at almost full erection. Her darkish brown scrotum sack hung below. Just as Asha had experienced a moment ago, I felt myself beginning to salivate. How I wanted to lick and suck and taste her. I had to satisfy myself with simply touching for the moment. I reached out, took Asha's cock in my hand, and began to stroke her until she was fully hard.

It's an amazing thing to see a transsexual woman exposed before you, especially a goddess like Asha. The presence of a dick and balls doesn't make her look any more masculine. Instead, it highlights the femininity of the rest of her by contrast. Then, surrounded by all the femininity and beauty, her sex organs begin appearing distinctly womanly as well. Asha's beauty and her presence made her package seem the most natural thing on a woman's body.

"I love when you stare at me like she," she whispered. "What are you thinking when you do it?"

"I'm thinking that 'angel' is a fitting nickname for you."

"Stop it," she said, blushing.

"I can't do that," I said. "Sorry, but that's just the way it is."

She beamed. "You're so sweet, Devon. You're my angel, too."

"Come here."

"One second . . ."

Asha bent down for another item from her brown sack of goodies. No, not THAT brown sack of goodies, I mean the one that had the wine and the candles. She took out a fresh bottle of lubricant jelly, which was good, since ours was almost empty. Asha squirted a dollop into her hand, then rubbed it over every inch of my cock. It was cold at first but Asha's hand felt so warm that it barely mattered. She added another dollop until I was generously coated.

Then Asha handed me the bottle. "Now you do me," she said. She turned her back to me and bent over just slightly, bracing herself with one hand on the arm of the couch. I squirted some of the jelly on my index finger, then spread Asha's butt cheeks apart with my dry hand. Her nuts hung temptingly in front of me, but I remained focused. I applied the jelly to her immaculately clean, pink hole. Once enough was on, I put the bottle away. Asha turned to face me once again.

She moved closer towards me. She placed a hand on both of my shoulders and knelt on the couch, with one knee on either side of my thighs. Our faces were inches apart. She wiggled closer to me until her cock was pressed flat between my body and hers. She was straddling my lap with her ass positioned directly above my stiff erection.

"Our last time for a week," I said.

"Better make it good then," she replied.

And make it good we did. I placed on hand on either of Asha's butt cheeks and spread them wide apart. Asha craned her neck to look down while reaching for my cock with one hand. She gripped my shaft and carefully guided the tip towards her eager hole. The two touched and the first shiver of electricity ran up my dick through the rest of my body.

Asha held my cock in place and lowered her body. She did this slowly because, despite all the love-making we had done in the past month, she remained very tight down there. She held her breath as the tip entered her up to the first inch until my head was engulfed. Within moments, however, it was past the sphincter. Asha let out her breath in a single woosh and lowered her body down the rest of the way. My dick slid all of the way into her body. My eyes rolled back into my head. Asha sighed in mixed pain and pleasure. For the moment, it was mostly pain. The pleasure would come soon, though.

In perfect rhythm, we began to make love to one another. I would raise my hips as she lowered her body, both of us working together to get my penis as deep into her bowels as we could manage. When I lowered my hips, she raised her body just enough that I didn't pass the sphincter again. Then we would repeat the two-step cycle again.

At first, the pace was slow. Both of us were reveling in the physical, emotional, and spiritual delight of the connection we had made. Inside her, I felt more alive and more aware than I could feel when we were apart. Everything seemed more brilliant and vibrant. My senses increased until I could smell Asha's perfume, her breath, and the slight tangy odor from her backside as well. I could see every eye lash and every drop of sweat on her breasts. She looked so lovely I could have cried.

Asha, she had once told me, felt like she was really and truly a woman when I was inside her body. That was an exaggeration, of course. Asha was really and truly a woman all the time. We both knew that. But when we were in the midst of our love making, Asha felt more sexy and more feminine and more desirable than she had ever thought herself capable of being. I felt privileged to allow Asha to feel that way.

As time passed, our pace increased, until Asha's butt cheeks were slapping loudly against my thighs and she was grunting with the effort of riding my cock. I too was making interesting noises of pleasure as I made love to this transsexual Venus.

"Devon . . . Devon . . ." she began to moan each time I plunged myself into her. I knew what it meant. The more vocal Asha became, the closer she was to her orgasm. I could feel my own building inside me as well.

Asha leaned back, holding on to me by one of my shoulders, and reached for her cock as it bounced and flopped in between our bodies. She began to jerk herself furiously, still calling out my name. I put my hands on her hips and was now effectively lifting her up and dropping her back down, sparing her the effort so she could concentrate on her own needs.

Moments later, Asha hissed my name ecstatically, and closed her eyes tightly. I looked down quickly, just in time to see a gout of semen erupt from the end of her cock. It splashed against my stomach and was followed immediately by a second burst of sticky, white cum. Asha's eyes popped open and she looked down at her handiwork. Several more streams of cum followed, each smaller than the one before it, until all that was left was a tiny dribble. She looked into my eyes and grinned broadly, proud and satisfied.

All the while, her stride never broke, and soon I was ready to cum as well. Sensing this, Asha closed her eyes and tilted back her head. Her limp cock fell from her sticky fingers. She began to massage her breasts with one hand. I leaned forward, my mouth searching for her fingers. She offered them to me and I happily sucked the cum from the knuckle to the tips of her red-painted fingernails. When her fingers were cleaned, she began mashing her breasts together or toying with her nipples. She whispered words of encouragement to me.

Finally, it struck like a thunderbolt. My hips surged upwards involuntarily and I dumped what felt like a gallon of semen into her butt. Asha, feeling the cum splash deep inside her, moaned, "Oh, Devon, yes . . . I want it all . . ." And she got it all. Wave after wave came until I could cum no more.

With a tremor, my body relaxed. My cock turned limp and slid easily out of Asha's backside. She leaned forward, putting her arms around my neck, and kissed me fiercely. I returned her kiss with equal ferocity. The kiss was long and deep. Then it was over.

Asha rose from my lap and walked towards the bathroom. I watched her butt wiggle as she moved. From the reflection in the bathroom mirror, I watched as Asha pulled some toilet paper from the spool and used it to wipe herself clean. She dropped the used paper into the toilet and flushed. Then she returned with a wet hand towel and used it to wipe my dick. That done, she sat down on the couch next to me. I took my hand in hers.

"So will you remember that for this next week?" she asked.

"I think I'll remember that for this next decade," I confessed. Asha laughed.

Just then, Asha's cell phone beeped from her purse on the kitchen counter. Unconcerned about her total nudity, she walked into the kitchen to retrieve it. She opened it to check the text message that had been left. She came back to the couch, looking distressed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Shanthi said her date went badly. She's on her way home now," Asha told me.

"Oh," I replied, disappointed.

"I had better go back to my place."


I watched Asha get dressed again. I didn't bother.

"Goodnight," Asha said, giving me a kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too."

She walked out of the apartment and I was alone. I couldn't help feeling like fate had cheated me somewhat. Here I had this perfect girl but I just couldn't allow myself to be happy with her like any normal person would have. I just had to keep obsessing over the "what-ifs". Why couldn't I just give my heart to Asha 100% and never look back?

Little did I know that, in twenty-four hours, never looking back would no longer be an option.

* * *

I spent all night thinking about Asha and Shanthi. I tossed and turned in bed, wondering what I could do, how I could reconcile my feelings for the two s****rs, and how I could choose between two girls I loved. Of course, Asha and I were a couple, of sorts. Well, not really. Most real couples don't need to hide the fact that they're couples. Was I betraying her by thinking these thoughts? Was I betraying myself by trying to ignore what I felt for Shanthi? These questions and a hundred more raced through my head until I finally fell asl**p.

* * *

The next day, I resolved that I would visit Shanthi at her apartment and tell her the truth about everything. I would tell her that Asha and I were a couple, that I loved Asha, but that I loved her as well, and that I knew she loved me. Maybe things would work themselves out if I was honest. Or maybe they would fall apart in my lap and I'd wreck three lives with one blow. No, I told myself, I couldn't worry about that. I had to do the honorable thing and that was to tell the truth.

When I came home from my classes, I reached my floor to find Shanthi standing at my apartment door, knocking. When I saw her, all my resolve seemed to melt away. She was dressed in white sneakers, a tight pair of black, spandex shorts, and a purple sports bra. The ensemble revealed a rather pleasing amount of her smooth, brown skin. Her jet black hair was tied back in a ponytail. When she sensed me coming, she turned, and flashed a dazzling smile. She was very lean, unlike Asha who was much more curvy, and her breasts were smaller, but she had the kind of tight, firm body that most men drool over. Me included.

"Hey Dev," she said. "Wanna go to the gym with me?"

Listen, Shanthi, we need to talk about our relationship, my brain said.

"Sure, I'll go get dressed!" my mouth said.

Fifteen minutes later, I found myself sitting on the seat of an exercise bike, watching Shanthi as she ran on the treadmill across from me. Her body was so streamlined that running seemed as natural as walking on her. Her ponytail bounced up and down with each step. When she began to sweat, she looked absolutely radiant.

There's this thing that exercise does to me. It makes me . . . well, horny. Something about the testosterone produced during a workout turns all my thoughts towards sex. Watching Shanthi in her two scraps of clothing didn't help matters, either. Her chocolate skin was glistening and I could practically taste the salt of her sweat.

"So is it nice having the place to yourself?" I asked.

"What?" she asked, pulling the white ear plug of her iPod out of her ear.

"I said, 'Is it nice having the place to yourself?'"

"Oh, yeah, I guess," she replied. "It's kind of lonely, though. I miss having Asha around."

"Me too."


"Um, I mean, yeah. You know. She's my friend. Anyway, she'll be back soon."

"True," said Shanthi. "You live alone all the time, though. Don't you ever get lonely?"

"Not really," I answered.

"Maybe if you had a girlfriend, you wouldn't be so lonely."

"What do you mean?"

She shrugged. "I just mean that a sweet guy like you shouldn't have to be alone." Before I could say anything, she smiled at me, and slipped the earphone back into her ear, leaving me to wonder and gape at the implications of what she had just said. Was it a hint? Was it just idle talk? Was she talking about Asha or about herself? Women could be so frustrating.

After our workout, Shanthi and I headed home. As we stepped into the elevator, she moved to stand very close beside me. The back of my hand brushed hers. Instinctually, I took hold of it. Shanthi looked up at me for a moment, then looked forward again, but she didn't take back her hand. Still holding hands, still silent, we walked back to the door of my apartment. I finally released Shanthi's hand to reach for my keys only to discover . . . "Crap."

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"My keys," I said. "They were in the pocket of my jeans. My jeans are in my apartment. I'm locked out."

"You have to call the building manager."

"It's too late. He goes home at five. Oh well. I guess I'll have to call him and see if he'll make a special trip."

"You could stay at our place," Shanthi suggested. "We have the fold-out couch."

"Are you sure you wouldn't mind?" I asked.

"Of course not. Come on. It'll be nice to have company."

Shanthi unlocked her apartment and we entered together. She put her keys on the table as I meandered over to the window to look outside. When I turned back around, Shanthi was standing right in front of me, looking at me expectantly.

Before I could say or do anything, Shanthi moved in, reaching out her hands towards my face as she did. She guided my face down towards hers and we kissed one another fiercely. I wish I could say that I broke off the kiss, thinking about Asha and how this amounted to a betrayal of her trust in me, but I'm ashamed to sorry that Asha never even entered my mind. All my awareness dimmed, except for the feeling of Shanthi's lips against mine, the heat of her body, and the smell of her sweat.

Our kiss lasted about ten seconds. "Wow", was all I could think to say.

"My thoughts exactly," she replied, still keeping her face close to mine.

"Shanthi, we . . ." I don't know how I was going to finish that sentence, but she interrupted me anyway.

"Let me tell you what's going to happen, Devon," she said. "I am going to walk into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Then I am going to get undressed and get into the shower. Then you're going to come and join me. OK?"

"OK," I replied, swallowing hard.

Shanthi pressed a finger against my lips, then swiveled, and walked towards the bathroom. My eyes were fixed on her tight, little ass as it wiggled back and forth. She stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. A moment later, I heard the water begin to run. I waited a minute until the pitch of the water changed, letting me know she was in the shower.

I took a deep breath and walked into the bathroom. Shanthi and Asha had a cubicle-type shower with a glass door which distorted all the light that passed through it. Shanthi appeared only as a brown, human shape behind it. Her gym clothes were in a pile on the floor. I quickly stripped naked and walked to the door. Shanthi turned to face me as I opened it.

Maybe I should have known it. Looking back on it, it seems like my experience with Asha should have somehow indicated to me that her s****r was special as well. Honestly, it never even occured to me that Shanthi was anything but a typical girl. Of course, it had never occured to me with Asha until I'd first felt her hard cock through her pajama pants. Now here I was, staring at Shanthi's nude body in all its stunning feminine beauty, surprised speechless to see a cock dangling from between her thighs.

It wasn't as thick as Asha's, but it was at least two inches longer, and every bit as gorgeous. Her sack hung down lower than Asha's, stretching the skin, but I still found myself dizzy at the thought of cradling her wonderful balls in my hand. Her black pubic hair was neatly trimmed and its wetness made it shimmer.

I stepped into the shower, closed the door behind me, and kissed Shanthi with such f***e that I drove her against the shower wall. At first, she seemed surprised, but she quickly closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around the back of my head. The steam gathered around us as we kissed for long minutes.

"That's not quite the reaction I was expecting," she finally said.

"I like to be unpredictable," I replied.

"I hope you don't think I'm cruel for doing it that way, but I just think showing is easier than telling," she explained. "Plus I knew this was the best way to get the most honest reaction out of you."

"It worked," I said. "My honest reaction is that you're unbelievably sexy, and having a penis just makes you even sexier."

"I take it you like transsexuals, then."

"Oh yeah. I'm a big fan."

"Lucky me."

"Lucky both of us."

We kissed again, this time longer than before, until our lips were numb. Then Shanthi took the bar of soap and began washing my body, not hesitating to touch my cock or my ass. When she was finished, the handed the bar to me, and I did the same for her. I knelt down in front of her, running my hands up and down her slender legs, and watched as her cock grew in anticipation, as if daring me. I soaped up my hands and then rubbed her dick and her balls with the lather until they were clean. She moaned and sighed at my touch.

Then I rose to my feet so that my face was even with Shanthi's breasts. Because she was more slender than Asha, her breasts were smaller, only a B-cup, but they were beautiful nonetheless. I sucked on one breast, then another. Shanthi sighed in pleasure and buried her fingers in my hair as she pressed my face against her chest. I licked her tits for a few more minutes before dragging my tongue up her throat to her mouth so we could kiss again.

Shanthi reached for a bottle of shampoo and washed my hair. Then I did the same for her. With her wet, black hair plastered against her skull, Shanthi looked like some exotic sea nymph who had come to fulfill my fantasies.

When we were finished, we stepped out of the shower, and quickly dried off. Both of our cocks were rock hard the entire time. Shanthi wrapped a towel around body, beneath the armpits, and waited for me to finish. As I reached for my clothes, Shanthi stopped me. "You're not going to need those for a while," she informed me. She took me by the hand and led me naked into her bedroom.

Once inside, she gave me a shove, and I fell on my butt on the edge of the bed. Shanthi stood in front of me, smiling seductively.

"Now you have two choices," she said. "Which do you want to suck first? My cock?" She lifted up the towel, flashing me a brief glimpse of her scrumptious meat, then whirled around. "Or my ass?" She flipped up the back of the towel, presenting her tasty butt.

"Hmm, your cock looks awfully tempting, but I think I want that to be the main course," I replied.

"Good choice," she said.

She pushed me on my back, then walked around to the other side of the bed. She climbed on the mattress and walked towards me on her knees until she was straddling my head with her ass practically on my face.

I wasted no time spreading her cheeks apart to reveal the secret pink treasure hidden in between. I flicked the tip of my tongue against the rubbery hole, causing Shanthi to writhe in pleasure. I continued tickling her anus with my tongue until Shanthi was grinding her asscrack against my face. With no more room for flicking, I began to lap eagerly at her hole, taking a breath whenever I could.

Putting my hands on Shanthi's hips, I pressed her ass against my face, and slurped hungrily. I was intoxicated by the smell of her flesh and the pungent odor from inside her. My tongue wriggled into her rectum and Shanthi moaned. I kept my hands firmly on her hips, keeping her from squirming away from me. I devoured her ass eagerly as she rode my face like a cowgirl.

I was beginning to feel lightheaded. I pushed Shanthi's butt away just far enough so that I could breathe. Seeing her perfect rear end right in front of me, I couldn't resist the urge to kiss it. I planted kisses on one cheek, then the other, but it wasn't enough. I dragged my tongue along the smooth flesh, leaving a shiny trail of saliva. I licked until every inch of her ass was glistening wet. By now, my head was feeling better, and I dove back into her sweet orafice.

"God, that feels so good, Devon," she groaned. "Have you ever done this before?"

I didn't want to lie to her. "A few times," I said. It was the truth, although a bit of an understatement, and I left out that tiny detail where her s****r was the girl I'd done it to. Hopefully, she'd just assume it was some other girl.

"I can't wait to find out how good of a cocksucker you are," she said.

Taking that as my cue, I lifted Shanthi away from my face, and wriggled out from underneath her. She leaned forward on her hands with her ass presented to me. I got down on my knees behind her and lifted up the hem of the towel. I once again began lapping at her wet hole like a thirsty dog. I proceeded downwards until I was licking her prostate, then even further downwards until my tongue caressed her saggy scrotum.

Her nuts dangled tantalizingly in front of me and I was powerless to resist. I fondled them with the tip of my tongue before sucking the left one into my mouth. I closed my lips against it, adding just enough pressure to cause a tiny bit of delightful pain. Shanthi squealed and breathed hard. Then I switched to the right one, repeating the same process. Finally, I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and managed to suck her entire sack in my mouth. Shanthi moaned and pushed her hips back, forcing all the loose skin into my lips.

When I spit it out, her sack was dripping with my spit. I had fun playing with her balls, but now I needed her cock.

I turned over on to my back and the tip of her cock nearly touched my lips. I flicked my tongue against the hole and it immediately began stiffening up again. I opened my lips and began to suck on the head, feeling it expand as the bl**d pumped in. Shanthi lowered her body, feeding me more tasty inches of her shaft.

I sucked as much as I could, working to relax my throat muscles, then withdrew. Then I took a little more in my mouth than before. Shanthi's gasps of pleasure told me she was enjoying it.

Soon, I was able to fit her entire cock in my mouth, even as it grew to its full length. I sucked on the head for a while, then took the rest in so deep that my lips brushed against her pubes. I caressed the shaft with my tongue as my throat muscles squeezed the head. All these techniques I had practiced with Asha and came to me naturally as I blew her s****r. Giving Shanthi a blowjob was different from giving Asha one, but Shanthi's dick tasted every bit as delicious, and the texture of hard flesh beneath thin skin made it all the better.

Shanthi took an active role in her own pleasure, lowering her body as I pumped her penis with my mouth. She began doing it faster and faster until she was literally fucking my throat. I was fully relaxed at this point, however, and didn't gag. She did it so hard that her entire body was soon covered in sweat and she was grunting at the effort.

Without any request from me, Shanthi began to slow down after a while, and eventually pulled her cock from my mouth. I kept my lips tight around not, not wanting to let go, and it escaped with a moist, pop sound.

"What's the big idea?" I said. "I was enjoying that."

"So was I," she said. "But I need butt sex. And I mean now. I can't any longer."

"It would be an honor to enter you," I said sincerely. Shanthi laughed out loud at that and rolled off of me. She covered her mouth to stifle her giggles. "What?" I said, confused.

"You're so adorable, Devon," she told me. "Now get on your back."

Thinking that Shanthi wanted to start on top, I rolled over on to my back. Instead of climbing on top of me, however, Shanthi knelt by my feet. She grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs off the mattress. Instinctively, I tried to close my knees, but Shanthi kept my legs apart as she scooted in close enough that her cock was poking my scrotum.

"What are you doing?" I asked, a bit worried.

"I said I needed some butt sex," she replied.

"But I thought you meant . . ." I began, but trailed off.

"I know you thought that," she said. And, added with a shrug, "You were mistaken."

"I've never done this before."

She seemed a bit surprised. "Really? It's obvious you've sucked some dick before, but you've never been fucked?"


"Wow. First time for everything, right?"

Although I was quite a bit taller than Shanthi, and had plenty of weight on her, I still felt totally powerless against her. The truth is, the sight of her there between my legs, looking so strong and confident, excited me in ways I hadn't anticipated. I could feel this weird itching sensation deep in my ass that I couldn't recognize.

Shanthi spit in her hand and rubbed it all over her cock. She moved in closer to me, pushing my ankles up to her shoulders. Instinctively, I leaned back, raising my ass off the mattress. At once, I felt Shanthi's cock head rubbing against my ass crack. I was scared, but excited. This was a whole new world of sexual pleasure to explore. I was afraid it would hurt, I'll admit, but that fear seemed to diminish with each passing heartbeat.

Shanthi guided her dick towards my asshole and when I first felt the two touch, a shiver covered my entire body. She smiled at me and gave me an encouraging pat on my ankle. The next moment, my rectum was being stretched, a feeling I can only compare to taking a crap in reverse. I sucked in air through my teeth, determined not to cry out in pain. Shanthi kept pushing and the pain increased as her cock met my sphincter. Finally, she pushed through, and the rest of her slid easily inside me. The pain subsided.

"How does it feel?" she asked me.

"That's not so bad," I replied, relieved.

"Well, it's about to get worse," she said with a grin.

Shanthi didn't spend any time making sweet, gentle love to me the way I did with Asha. She began plowing me almost immediately. I was totally caught unaware and couldn't help but cry out, more in surprise than in true pain. I gritted my teeth, however, and clenched my fists. I wasn't going to show any weakness.

"Is that as hard as you can do it?" I asked her.

"Oh ho!" she remarked. "A challenge!"

Shanthi buried her cock in my ass and I could feel ripples of pleasure and pain spreading through my entire body, radiating outward from my virgin ass. Yet, despite the discomfort, I had rarely sensed anything more sexually satisfying. And there was something so erotic about submitting yourself to another person so completely, letting her penetrate you in your most vulnerable area. I could understand why Asha loved it so much.

I grabbed the backs of my knees with my hands and held my legs up to take the pressure off Shanthi's shoulders. She leaned forward, placing her hands on either sides of my hips, giving herself more leverage with which to pound my hole. Looking at Shanthi's face, I saw an expression that was almost feral. Her eyes were clenched tightly and her mouth was twisted with excrutiating pleasure.

The room was filled with familiar sounds and smells - grunts and gasps, the slap of skin against skin, the squelching noise made by her lubricating saliva. Then there was the odor of sweat, breath, semen, and feces. The air was so thick with the heat of our bodies that it felt like a little cocoon of our own.

"Ready for . . . another . . . first?" she asked between thrusts.

"What . . . first?" I asked.

"First time . . . a girl . . . jizzed in . . . your ass."

"First time . . . for . . . everything."

Shanthi grinned wickedly at me and picked up the pace, not something I had known was possible. I grabbed my own cock and began stroking it fast, knowing my orgasm was close too. Looking into Shanthi's face, I could see how close she was to her orgasm, and I was eager to feel what Asha had felt every time I came inside her. My orgasm hit first, though. I groaned as a massive geyser of cum shot out of my cock and splattered all over my chest. Shanthi laughed delightedly and smeared the sticky stuff all over my torso as she fucked me.

At last, Shanthi sucked in a deep breath, held it for a second or two, and let it out in a woosh as she plunged her cock as deep as it would go. I felt an intense heat suddenly spill into my bowels. Shanthi shuddered and another surge of liquid warmth entered my body. Shanthi's cum filled me to the brim and at last she was spent. She pulled her cock out of my ass and collapsed on her back, head on the pillow.

While she recovered, I went into the bathroom, holding my ass cheeks together as I walked. I sat down on the toilet and purged myself. It was a strange thing to see semen floating in with my waste. I flushed and then toweled chest off. Then I went back into the bedroom.

I climbed on the bed next to Shanthi. She pulled the towel away from her body and dropped it on the floor next to the bed. Now fully nude, she snuggled up closely against me, resting her head on my shoulder, in an act of tenderness that seemed so out of place with her previous behavior. It suddenly occured to me that she hadn't even sucked my cock that whole time. She had made everything about her pleasure. To my surprise, I didn't mind letting her be in total control.

"That was wonderful," she said. "I wasn't too rough, was I?"

"No, dear," I said, somewhat untruthfully.

"Devon, do you know I'm in love with you?"


"And are you . . ."

"I am in love with you too, Shanthi."

"We can't tell Asha about this," she said, in a sad voice. "She's in love with you, too. If she found out about this, she'd feel like I betrayed her."

I couldn't bring myself to tell Shanthi that I was the one who betrayed Asha. In fact, I had betrayed both of them. There was no way out of this situation for me, I suddenly realized. If I told Asha the truth, she would hate me. Then she would tell Shanthi and Shanthi would hate me. If I told Shanthi the truth, she would hate me, then she would tell Asha and Asha would hate me. They were s****rs. Two transssexual s****rs that must be closer than any other s****rs on Earth because of the secret they both shared.

But I loved them both. I loved Asha and Shanthi, neither one more or less than the other. And I couldn't survive with the guilt, even if I somehow managed to keep both relationships a secret from the other.

When Asha came back, I would tell her the truth, and accept the consequences.

To be continued . . .... Continue»
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How do i get my 1st sex with man. name is chamara silva.people call me from india.but I was in sri lanka.this story tell how I get my 1st sex with men.

one day I went my friend house by bus.the bus was full of people.

but I was midlle of the bus.after few minitse I get somthin around my was rubbing something.i looked back was men rubbing his cock inn my back.i think he was just 45 years old but in bus nobody can see it.i get so sucked from it.after bus stop at the stand.we all get down from the bus.that man followed me and he talk to me.i said why?..he told come with me..i said no I cant I don't know who u are.he said no no just trust me and please get in the taxi.i said ok and we both get in the taxi.

at the taxi asked where are we going?and he told you was so sexy boy.i said thnks.and he told we are going to my home,and can u be my wife at home?i said what the fuck you telling.he said please honey please.i said no the taxi he suddenly kiss in my lips.
and I told are you mad.he said no.and we came to the his home.and he pay for the taxi and he take me to inside of his house.and he told me to dress as a girl and he show his wifes cupboard
and dress anything u like.i also like to have a sex but I was shy.and loking for some dress in cupboard.and I find his wife nighty after I went his bed room and he was in bed in no dresses.i was shy to go for him but like to go.and I went in to the bed and touch gis cock.his cock is little black but I was 7inches.he told me to get his cock into my mouth and I do it and I do blow was so amazing experience in my life.i do it my best for him.and he told me to do hand job and I do both of it.and he put me in to the bed and put my nighty to up and he put his cock into my ass and it was so hard and I was scremed.but he but it so hard and fucking my ass so hard I fell I was in dream.suddenly he get his cock in out and take his cock to my face.but I was closed my mouth I fell something in my face.i think he got a cums in my face.oh my god he wipe his cock and put in back again in my ass fucking hardly.he is not stoping and only doing fast and hard.2nd time he open my mouth and put cums inside in my mouth.but It was little cums...
after we both get sl**p and get some wash.he give lift for the bus stand and give his number to me any time call for him.

this was reall story about my 1st sex.this was not fake.i was 17 years old when I get my 1st sex.but it was ever good fell I get.

nehanair911... Continue»
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Met 2 s****rs with a secret

Synopsis: First of all, I want to apologize. I konw it's been a really long time since I posted anything. I just haven't had much time to write. However, I think you'll find this story worth the wait.

This story is about a young man who heads off to college in New Zealand and meets two beautiful s****rs. Before long, a relationship develops between our hero and one of the s****rs. Of course, if you've read any of my stories, you know there's more to this girl than meets the eye . . .

* * *

I want to get one thing out of the way before I start my story: I'm not gay. It's not a denial thing, though. I mean, if I were gay, I wouldn't try to lie to myself and pretend to be something different. It's simply the truth of who I am. I love women, romantically and sexually. I've never felt any kind of love for another man except for the kind of love that a person feels towards his friends or f****y.

Still, I've always loved cocks. For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by them. Let's be honest – I think they're beautiful. Whenever I'm watching a porno movie or looking at some porn on the internet, my eyes are always drawn to the man's dick and his balls almost as much as to the woman. Have I ever thought about how it would feel to touch another man's cock? Or even suck it? Yes, to be perfectly open. I have thought about it on many occasions. But I never acted on it for the plain reason that I couldn't reconcile my desire for the male sex organs with my lack of desire for the rest of the male form.

That is, of course, until I met Shanthi and Asha. Now I'll get on with the story.

My name is Devon Lockett. I came to live in Auckland, New Zealand, during my final semester of college as part of a study abroad program. Like so many others, I had wanted to visit New Zealand ever since I saw "The Lord of the Rings". When the opportunity presented itself to spend a semester studying at the University of Auckland, I jumped on it.

Once I arrived in the city, I knew I needed to find some place to live. I could have taken university housing but I'd shared a dorm long enough. I wanted some place to myself. Through hard work and a little luck, I found a one-bedroom apartment for an exceptionally low cost right near the university, within walking distance.

I hadn't brought much to the country with me, just two suitcases and a backpack, so moving in was a relatively simple process of taking the elevator up to the fourth floor and lugging my bags to the door. Once I reached my new place, I set down my bags and reached into my pocket for my keys.

At just that moment, the door next to mine opened, and two young women stepped out into the hallway. I was immediately stunned by how strikingly beautiful they both were. The girl on the right was about 5'9" with long, black hair and skin the color of coffee ice cream. Her eyes were a deep, mysterious brown. Her body was lean and lithe, her breasts small, her entire frame tight and well-conditioned like a gymnast. The second girl, clearly the s****r of the first girl, was a bit shorter, around 5"5'. Her skin was a shade lighter, but still reminded me of something sweet and delicious. Her eyes were the color of rich, dark honey. Unlike her s****r, she was chubby, but not in a bad way. Her face, breasts, belly, and thighs were pleasantly rounded in a way that made her just as beautiful as her s****r.

"Oh, hi," I said, forcing myself to say something so that I'd stopped staring.

"Hey," said the taller s****r in an adorable Kiwi (translation: New Zealand) accent.

"Hey," repeated the shorter one in an identical accent.

"My name is Devon," I told them. "I live in this apartment here. I'm just moving in."

"I'm Shanthi," said the taller s****r. "This is my s****r, Asha."

"Hey," Asha said again with a smile.

"Those are interesting names," I remarked. "Where are you from?"

"We're from New Zealand," Shanthi told me, "but our father is from Sri Lanka."

"Our mother is a Kiwi," added Anush, meaning that their mother was a "paiheke" – a person descended from European colonizers. "Are you American?" she asked.

"Yep," I admitted. (Side note: So far, everyone I'd talked to since coming to this country assumed I was Canadian. At least, they always asked me if I was Canadian. I think that, for whatever reasons, those people were afraid I might be offended if they asked if I was American.)

"I'm here going to college . . . er, University," I said, correcting myself since "college" meant "high school" down here. "University of Auckland. I'm doing a Study Abroad kind of thing."

"Cool," said Shanthi. "Well, it was nice to meet you. We were just about to go to the gym. See you around?"

"Definitely," I said. "Actually, I'm thinking about ordering a pizza tonight from some place called Hell. Would you two like to come over later for dinner? I mean, even if it does kind of defeat the purpose of going to the gym."

They both laughed at that. They had beautiful, musical laughs. But they didn't laugh too hard. It wasn't that funny.

"Sure, why not?" said Shanthi.

"Awesome," I replied. "I'll be here. Just come over whenever."

"We will," Shanthi assured me.

"See ya," said Asha.

"See ya," repeated Shanthi.

The two girls turned away from me and walked in the opposite direction down the hall, towards the elevator. Both wore tight, spandex shorts, presumably for working out at the gym. My eyes fixed first on Shanthi's taut, firm ass and then on Asha's full, gorgeously-rounded ass. At that moment, Asha glanced at me over her shoulder and smiled.

I smiled back and lifted a hand in a small wave. The girls stepped into the elevator a moment later and were gone. I entered my apartment and began to unpack my clothes. I had been in my new place for less than ten minutes and was already going to have dinner with two sexy s****rs. Everything was coming up Devon. I could barely stand the excitement as I waited for the girls to arrive.

* * *

About ninety minutes later, I heard a gentle tapping on the door. I rushed to the peephole and peered through it. Shanthi and Asha were both out in the hallway, now dressed in regular street clothes, waiting for me to let them in. Without a second's hesitation, I opened the door and welcomed them to my home.

The place was pretty bare and lacking in personality since I hadn't had much time or opportunity to add any personal touches. Still, it had a dining table and some nice chairs that we could all eat at together. I asked the girls what kind of pizza they wanted and, when they gave me strange answers like "Brimstone" and "Purgatory", I decided to actually look at the Hell menu. After a few minutes of searching, I decided on a "Mayhem" and called up the restaurant.

Soon, there were three individual size pizzas on the table in front of us. As we ate, the three of us talked at length about all kinds of various subjects, the girls getting to know me and I, by turn, getting to know them.

For example, I learned that Shanthi was 20 years old, 2 years younger than me, and that she was studying Political Science at the University. "She's going to be Prime Minister someday," Asha had remarked to her s****r's slight embarrassment. Asha, on the other hand, was 18 years old and doing her first year at the University. She was studying biology and was assisting a professor doing breakthrough work in the field of medical surgery. The s****rs also told me that they had both moved out of their parents' house before the start of the school year so that they could share an apartment together closer to campus.

"So how about you, Devon?" Asha asked. "What brings you all the way to New Zealand?"

"Well," I said, "I've always wanted to try living abroad. I've lived in the same town my entire life and I've never traveled as much as I'd like to. I saw this as an opportunity for an adventure, so I took it."

"Good on you," said Shanthi.

"How are you finding New Zealand?" Asha asked me.

"It's great. It's a lot different but not bad different. The people are much friendlier. I mean, if I'd asked two girls I'd never met to come over to my apartment for dinner back home, they probably would have thought I was a lunatic."

"Oh, we don't think that, do we Shali?" Asha asked her s****r.

"No way," Shanthi replied with a little laugh.

"Thanks, I appreciate it," I told them.

We talked until midnight. I was constantly amazed by how sweet, how sincere, and how open both of the s****rs were. Although I had known them for only a few hours, I knew instinctually that we would remain close friends for the duration of my stay in New Zealand. The girls both seemed to genuinely like me and enjoy my company, which was encouraging.

Finally, the night began to wind down. I was still feeling the effects of jetlag and the girls seemed to be yawning more frequently. It was time for bed. I offered to walk them home.

"But we only live next door," Shanthi remarked.

"But as a gentleman, I'm required to e****t you young ladies home safely."

"American boys," said Asha in a wistful tone. "They're so gallant. Not like Kiwi boys at all, ay?"

As promised, I walked both of the girls the whole three meters (I was trying to think in metric now) to their door. We said goodnight and they walked into their apartment. It was Asha who closed the door and she gave me the same secretive smile she had given me when she'd caught me checking out her butt earlier. I walked back to my place.

In the month that followed, I saw Shanthi and Asha often. Two days after our first meeting, they offered to cook me dinner – genuine Sri Lankan fare. We stayed up even later that night talking, our tongues a bit loosened by a nice bottle of wine from a vineyard on Waiheke Island. I felt very comfortable and very content in their company, as I hoped they felt in mine.

Several times a week, the three of us would get together and have fun. They showed me around the city and we did all the touristy things that I had read about and that they, having lived in the country all their lives, had never done. Some nights, we went to clubs. Other nights, we would see movies. One day, we took a ferry to the Bay of Islands and saw real, live dolphins swimming alongside the boat. Everything I did with Shanthi and Asha was a wonderful time.

Gradually, I began to realize I had a serious problem, however. I was falling in love, but I couldn't decide which of the girls I had fallen in love with. I was constantly thinking about one or the other, but I could never decide which one I liked best. Shanthi was closer to me in age and, with a gun to my head, I would have said she was the more attractive s****r, but she was also aloof at times. I felt I had a bit more chemistry with Asha than with Shanthi, but I didn't know if she felt the same way about me. I was too concerned with losing their friendship to admit my feelings.

Still, I knew that the love I felt was too strong to be concealed indefinitely. I think I was waiting on a sign from above to indicate what my next move should be. One Friday night, a month to the day after I met the s****rs, I received that sign, loud and clear.

* * *

I had spent that night with Shanthi and Asha. I had class during the day and met up with them afterwards for a late lunch. We spent the next few hours running some errands together which I always preferred to do with the girls because they had a car and I didn't. For dinner, in honor of our one month anniversary, we had pizza from Hell again.

When the night was over, the girls left me on my own and went home. I was not the least bit sl**py, however. That day, I was more torn between my love for both girls than I had ever been in the last thirty days. I stood out on my small balcony, looking down at the city, contemplating the situation. Sooner or later, I would have to come clean or I would go insane.

I was considering that when I heard a soft knock at the door. I opened it to find Asha, dressed in burgundy silk pajamas that clung to her body in a most pleasing way. She looked apprehensive, as if she were doing something she shouldn't.

"Hey," I said. "What's up? Is everything all right?"

"Yeah," she replied. "I couldn't sl**p."

"Me neither. Come on in. Do you want some tea?"

I made a pot of tea and set it down on the coffee table in front of the couch along with two tea cups. I sat down beside Asha and poured the tea into her cup, then mine. We each took a small sip and then set them back down on the table. Asha still had that anxious expression and she was being unusually quiet. I moved a little closer to her.

"Are you sure everything is OK?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, then, "No, not really."

"What's wrong?"

"Have you ever had to keep a secret because you were afraid of hurting someone you love even if it felt like that secret was killing you?"

"I think I can understand."

"What would you do?"

"I think that, if you really love that someone, you have to be honest with them, even if it hurts them."

"Devon . . ."

And just like that, we were kissing. I can't say who made the first move. I can't really remember because it happened so quickly. One moment, Asha was saying my name, and the next our lips were pressed hard against one another's. There was no nervous hesitation, no tentative brushing of lips, or even longing glances into one another's eyes. We simply dove into one another's kiss without so much as a deep breath.

My right arm curled around the back of Asha's neck and my hand buried itself in her soft, luxurious hair. My other hand rested on her hip. Her hands came up under my arms and pulled at my shoulders, pulling me closer to her. Soon, we were in a fierce embrace. The heat from her body was blazing in its intensity, but the warmth of her flesh was as intoxicating as the taste of her mouth.

Asha swung her leg over my thighs and she was now sitting on my lap, facing me. At last, we had that longing gaze into each other's eyes. Neither of us spoke, but there was no need for words. I knew by the passion with which she had been kissing me that Asha felt the same way about me that I felt about her. Her passion was unmistakable because it was the same as my own.

The gazing couldn't last for long. We were kissing again. My hands wandered up and down her back while her hands cupped my face. Her lips parted and I could feel the tip of her tongue poking out. I opened my mouth as well and the tips of our tongues met in the warm, wet seal our lips had formed. It take only moments for this cautious probing to become a deep French kiss.

I felt bolder. My hands crept down from Asha's back to her ass, which I squeezed and kneaded firmly. This only encouraged her to become bolder as well. Her hands began to explore underneath my shirt, rubbing the muscles of my sides and my chest. I pulled away from her, breaking the kiss, just long enough for Asha to eagerly yank my shirt up off over my head and toss it aside on the floor. Our kissing resumed and my lips were delightfully numb with the constant pressure. Our breathing was heavy and loud as we sucked in air only when absolutely necessary. The room was filled with the sounds of two people too absorbed in on another to care what kinds of strange noises they might be making – grunts, sighs, moans, and more.

I kissed the corner of Asha's mouth, then her cheek, and then worked my way towards her ear lobe. I kissed it and gently tugged on it with my lips. Asha sighed, turning the side of her head towards me. I kissed her cheek again and then began kissing my way down her jaw line to her neck. She tilted her face toward the ceiling, giving me freer access. I kissed her tender neck eagerly until I reached her collarbone. Asha's fingers ran through my hair, massaging my scalp as I kissed her succulent skin.

While my lips were exploring her throat, my hands had moved away from her butt. I cupped one breast in each hand, through the silk of her pajamas, and gently squeezed them, which elicited airy moans from Asha.

I drew my hands away and my fingers proceeded to unbutton the front of her pajama top. I undid the first button and kissed the newly exposed skin. I undid the next button and kissed the top of her cleavage. I did this slowly, so that Asha could stop me if I was going too far for her, but apparently she had no complaints about it. One by one, I undid the buttons until there was an unbroken strip of skin visible from her neck to her waist.

I peeled the silk away, baring Asha's breasts to my hungry eyes. She lowered her arms so she could slip them out of the sleeves. Her top was discarded and forgotten. I paused for a moment to admire her breasts, which were a large C-cup at least, with dark pink nipples in the centers. They were healthy, natural, beautiful breasts.

Kissing my way down, my mouth came at last to her left nipple. My tongue traced circles around it, stimulating it until it was diamond hard. Then I began to suckle, taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I worked the left breasts for a minute or more before turning my attention to the other. I repeated the same steps as before. I moved back and forth. Whichever nipple I was not sucking, I was gently pinching with the fingers of my free hand. All the while, Asha made rapturous sighs that sounded almost like dry sobs of pleasure.

When I removed my face from her breasts and sat up straight, Asha remained in the same position, leaning back with her face tilted upwards. I drank in the sight of her bare chest and admired the smooth, dark skin of her chubby belly. Then my eyes drifted down even farther and nearly refused to believe what they saw.

"What the . . ." I said out loud without meaning to.

Something long and hard was poking up against the fabric of Asha's pajama bottoms. Asha looked down and immediately realized what I had seen. She jumped off my lap and stepped away from me, which only revealed more. With her standing fully upright, I could see there was a tent pitched in the front of her silk pajama pants with a tiny wet spot at the top.

"Asha?" I said, looking for some kind of explanation.

"Oh my God, oh my God . . ." she kept repeating. Her face was dark red as she scrambled to find her top and she refused to look at me. She just kept chanting those three words.

"What is this? I don't understand," I told her.

"Devon, I'm so sorry," she said. She found her top and began to put it on, turning her back to me.

"I don't . . ."

"I didn't mean for it to go this far," she said. "I would have stopped. I just got caught up. I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

Asha didn't answer me. She just buttoned the first few buttons and made a beeline for the door. Seeing what she was doing, I jumped off the couch and followed her. I caught her as she reached for the doorknob. I grabbed her elbow, not hard enough to hurt her, but enough to restrain her and prevent her from leaving in such a state.

"Please talk to me," I begged.

"Don't you get it?" she said, sounding desperate. "I have a penis. I'm a transsexual."

"A transsexual?"

"I'm sorry, Devon. Please just let me go and you'll never have to see me again."

"Why would you say something like that? I love you, Asha."

At last, Asha stopped struggling to get through the door. She turned slowly to me, her eyes slowly rising to meet mine. I knew it must have taken a tremendous effort. Her eyes were wet and shining, but also filled with hope. She waited for a moment before speaking.

"Do you mean it?" she asked.

"I do," I told her.

"Oh, Devon," she breathed, "I love you too."

She threw open her arms and I went happily into them. We held one another tightly, not with the same physical and sexual urgency that we had before, but in a more tender embrace. I buried my face in her hair, breathing the sweet fragrance, and she leaned her face against my shoulder. Then I turned my face to hers and we kissed, sweetly and softly.

"I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about all this," I admitted, "but I know how I feel about you and that's enough."

"That's kind of you to say," Asha said, "but we have to face reality. If you're not attracted to me sexually, then what kind of a relationship can we have?"

"Who said I wasn't?"

"There's a difference between finding someone sexy and wanting to have sex with that person. Especially a person like me. If you're not interested in me sexually, I'll understand. I won't hold it against you. I'll know it's just how you are."

"I do want to have sex with you. Badly. I want to make love to you."

Asha withdrew from my embrace and walk past me into the living room. She stopped a few feet away with her back facing me. She reached with both hands towards her chest and began to unbutton her top. Although I could not see it, I could recognize the motions. When she was finished, she slipped the silk pajama top off of her body and let it fall to the floor. I admired the smooth, flawless skin of her wide back. Although she might be called overweight, she was honestly as perfect as any woman could be.

Her body trembled slightly as she drew a deep breath. Her thumbs hooked the elastic waistband of her pants. She bent slightly at the waist, pulling the burgundy fabric down past her curvy thighs, revealing her bare backside to me. She released the pants and they dropped to the floor. She stepped out of them and now stood naked before me. My eyes took in the breath-taking sight of her pleasantly plump ass, which was round and healthy.

She peered at me over her shoulder, then turned to face me, presenting herself to me. I tried not to stare but, of course, my gaze was drawn to that mysterious place of a woman's body, where the two legs meet. Sure enough, there it was – a thick, circumsized cock about four inches long, semi-erect that was crowned by a well-maintained bush of midnight black pubic hair.

I didn't speak. There was nothing I could say that could express what I was feeling. Instead, I walked to Asha and placed my hand against her face. She closed her eyes. I leaned in and kissed her the way we had kissed at the door.

Then it changed. My hand moved from her face to the back of her head and I held it there while I pressed my lips fiercely against hers. Asha reacted immediately, pressing her body closer to mine. My tongue entered her mouth. Hers and mine wrestled for control. The first kiss had been to show that I still loved her. This kiss was to show that I still wanted her.

And why wouldn't I? I thought. For years, I had been fantasizing about how it would feel to touch or suck another man's cock. Now I had found exactly what I needed. Not a man, but not a ordinary woman either – a woman with the cock that I wanted so much. My only regret was that I had not explored this avenue earlier.

"I think we should continue this in the bedroom," said Asha, breaking our deep kiss.

"I was just about to suggest that myself," I replied.

"Come on."

Asha spun around and began to walk towards the bedroom. I gave her a playful spank on her ample butt. She squeaked and then giggled as she skipped excitedly into my bedroom. I followed close behind. Once inside, I practically tackled her to the mattress. I mounted her and plunged my tongue down her throat. Asha's legs wrapped around my waist and she held on tightly.

I kissed Asha's lips, d***k on the taste and the feel, as my hands ran up and down her thick thighs. I kissed her chin, then her neck. I worked my way down rapidly to her breasts and feasted on them with a hunger even greater than before. She cooed and gasped as I stimulated her sensitive nipples. I kissed my way down to her navel and below.

Her black pubic hair was as soft as goose down and smelled of some wildflower shampoo. I buried my nose in it, letting the scent invade my nostrils. My mouth was inches away from her dick and I began to salivate at the thought of what would come next.

"Scoot over," I whispered. "Put your head on the pillows."

"Devon, you don't have to . . ." she said.

"I have to, Asha. I want to."


Asha moved into position, lying on her back in the center of my bed, with her head on the pillows. She spread her legs apart and planted her feet on the mattress with her knees elevated. She was now completely exposed. Her cock, now hard, rested face-up in her bush. Her dusky-colored ball sack drooped down below. Inside their warm home, her testicles seemed to twitch with anticipation.

I lay with my upper body perpendicular to hers. My right elbow rested on the other side of her body. My left hand reached for her rigid member and I held it in my hand. It had grown longer, now that it was fully engorged with bl**d, but it was still a less than average length. The width, on the other hand, was greater than my own. I held it for a moment, feeling the weight of it. I was captivated. Her cock was so beautiful, even as beautiful as Asha herself.

I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head. Asha's body reacted immediately, tensing and trembling. It tasted delicious, even more wonderful than I could have imagined. My tongue explored every inch of her throbbing mushroom tip. My saliva mixed with the tiny bit of precum oozing from her pee slit and I had to keep swallowing or else risk drooling all over her.

"It's even better than I imagined," she told me.

Her encouraging words egged me on. I let another inch of her meat into my mouth and closed my lips tightly around it. Again, I gave my tongue all the time it needed to explore this new territory. I proceeded down another inch and again took time to savor this experience. I wanted it to last forever.

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

"Devon," Asha whispered harshly, her breath coming hard and fast. "I'm going to cum . . ."

I wasn't quite prepared for that, but I reacted on instinct. I wanted to taste the most raw essence of this beautiful, sweet, kind girl with whom I had fallen in love.

A moment later, a salty but delicious liquid filled my mouth. Asha moaned and thrust her hips up. Another surge of her heavenly nectar entered my mouth and slid down my throat. I swallowed it all, silently begging for more. More came, but less than before. Another surge followed as she emptied the contents of her testicles into my mouth.

Asha took a deep breath and let it out in a single burst. Her body relaxed. I withdrew my mouth from her dick and sat up. I shifted positions so that I was now lying alongside her, resting my face on her breast. My fingers rubbed her round tummy.

"Sorry," she said, a bit embarrassed. "I've been kind of looking forward to this for a long time, I guess."

"Don't worry about it," I said with a chuckle.

"We have all night, anyway, don't we?" Asha pointed out.

"We can have the rest of our lives if we want," I replied.

Those words had huge implications. A month ago, I might have said it was impossible to fall so hard in love with someone so fast, but I'd meant what I said. Asha could very well be the one. Time would tell, but I had confidence that this relationship would last for a long, long time. She didn't respond to my statement, though. She just kissed the top of my head.

We lay there like that for quite a while. We didn't speak. We didn't have to. I knew that Asha needed time to recharge her batteries and I was patient.

My patience paid off. Asha broke the stillness and wriggled out from under me. She crawled halfway down the bed, then turned towards me. She reached out for the waistband of the mesh basketball shorts I was wearing and yanked them off me. Next came my boxer shorts. Asha stared hungrily at my eight-inch cock.

Without hesitation, she dove right in. She kissed the underside of my shaft, up and down, from bottom to top. Her full lips sent shivers of electricity through my body to the tips of my extremities. I watched her as she buried her face in my crotch, kissing my balls as lovingly as my dick itself. She gripped my cock with her right hand and began to stroke it as she licked both testicles in turn.

At last, she pulled her mouth away from my sack and looked up at me. Her honey-colored eyes seemed lumiscent in the faint light of the room.

Without breaking that eye contact, she opened her mouth, and took me inside her. The pleasure was so intense that it almost felt like pain. I gritted my teeth to keep from crying out, which might alarm her. Within moments, the feeling subsided, replaced by pure delightful sweetness.

Asha's head bobbed up and down slowly. Her eyes never left mine. She continued to suck on my cock tenderly. She was teasing me, I knew. She wanted to draw out this moment for as long as possible. She pushed me to the very edge and then drew back before I went over.

An hour passed. The feeling never diminished, only increased. What was sixty minutes seemed to pass in a heartbeat. All that time, we kept our eyes locked on one another.

My life had been changed forever by this girl, but I knew one thing for certain. I had not come to this country for a change of scenery, for an education, even for an adventure. I had traveled across the world, from one side of the planet to the other, to find this girl.

Asha's hand found its way to my shaft once again and began to stroke. I knew this was the moment. She pumped my cock with her hand while her mouth sucked like a hungry c***d at a breast. She was pushing me towards that edge again and this time there would be no coming back.

A tremor rocked my body, then another. The energy was building inside me quickly, too quickly to contain or control. I could no longer keep eye contact. I closed my eyes tightly as I began to see flashes of light in front of my eyes.

The dam burst. I blew my load with an almost volcanic f***e. Asha sucked it down, just as I had sucked down hers. She squealed, but the sound was muffled by the cock in her mouth. I pumped more and more cum into her throat until at last the reservoir went dry. I opened my eyes again. Asha was looking at me, smiling rapturously.

She climbed up beside me and lay down next to me. I put my arm around her shoulders and she cradled her head against me. I looked down at her cock and saw, to my surprise, that her bush was matted with cum. Suddenly, I knew what that squeal had been earlier. As I had orgasmed into her mouth, so had she orgasmed involuntarily.

"You naughty girl," I said. "I'm going to have to change the sheets."

"Mmm, not yet," she said. "They're just going to get messy again."

I laughed. "True, true."

We lay in silence for a few moments.

"Can I ask you something, Asha?" I said.

"Of course," she replied.

"Why did you do it? Why did you become a girl?"

"I didn't. I was born a girl. I was never a boy."

"I don't understand."

"I mean, on the inside. People might have thought I was a boy. I might have looked like one or dressed like one, but that was never me. This is the real me."

"How old were you?"

"Twelve, when I began living as a girl full time."

Asha told me more details of how she had transitioned from the lie of being a boy to the truth of being a girl. She told me about visiting psychologists, talking to her parents and how understanding they had been, taking hormone treatments, and finally taking the big step that changed her life. She became on the outside the person she had always been on the inside. I admired her courage and her determination. I knew I never would have had the strength to attempt something like that.

I could feel my sexual energy building again as we talked. By the way that Asha began to shift restlessly, I sensed the same was true for her. She asked me if I had any kind of lubricant. I told her there was KY jelly in the medicine cabinet. She rose from the bed and walked into the en suite. I watched her butt wiggle as she walked. It looked so inviting.

When Asha returned to the bedroom, I could see that her cock had begun to rise again. She cuddled up against me and placed the bottle of jelly in my hand.

"What's this for?" I asked, knowing the answer but not wanting to sound like I was expecting it from her.

"Don't be a tease," she said, grinning at me. "You know . . ."

"Well," I said, toying with her, "it's lubricant, so you want me to lubricate something. But what?"

"Come on, Devon," she said, slapping me on the shoulder.

"I have no idea."

"My . . . my butthole . . ."

"Whatever for?"

"Because," she said, now shifting positions again, getting on all fours, "I want that big dick of yours all the way up there. Now get to it before I decide I don't want to give you any more tonight."

"Yes, ma'am!" I said eagerly.

Asha smiled approvingly and then turned her ass towards me. I rose up and knelt behind her. I squirted a bit of the KY jelly at the top of her crack and it ran all the way down. I slipped my fingers between the cheeks and greased up the crack. Asha reached behind and spread her cheeks apart with one hand to grant me better access. I could see her dark rosebud there, waiting for me to enter.

I squirted some of the jelly on my finger, then pressed it against the rubbery orafice. I applied a little pressure and the tip slipped inside. Asha let out a soft sigh. I slid my finger in deeper. Now, I had never had any kind of anal sex, even with an ordinary girl, so this was all knew to me. I wasn't sure what to expect. It was tight and hot inside and I could feel the bl**d pumping inside her.

I added more jelly and slipped a second finger inside Asha's butt. It went in effortlessly and Asha sighed again, almost a moan. I buried my fingers inside her up to the knuckle, as far as I could. I moved them in and out of her hole, but also around in circles, trying to stretch the sphincter enough to allow me to penetrate her with a minimum of discomfort.

After a short while, things began to feel looser, and I knew it was time. I pulled out my fingers with a faint pop sound, and raised myself up so that my dick was even with her anus. I squirted some of the jelly along the length of my shaft and then rubbed it all around to lubricate myself as well as her. I placed one hand on her hip and used the other hand to guide myself towards her.

"Devon," she said, looking over her shoulder at me.

"Yes?" I asked, pausing.

"I just wanted to let you know that you're my first."

"I'm honored," I told her sincerely.

She smiled at me and then turned her face away. Now she was ready. I lined the tip of my cock up with her butt hole and began to push. Although it was loose, it was still not easy to penetrate. Asha groaned in discomfort, but didn't tell me to stop. She perservered through the pain as I at last managed to push the head of my cock into her pure, untouched opening.

After that first bit of resistance, my dick seemed to fit like a glove, as if her butt were meant for me and my cock meant for her. Asha sighed as my eight inches sank into her body. I buried my shaft up to the hilt and then stopped.

"How does it feel?" I asked.

"Like I've been finally been completed," she replied.

Sure, it was a corny thing for her to say, but I've found that corny sentiments are almost always the most sincere, since you would never say such a thing unless you truly meant it.

Our love-making began. Our bodies moved in perfect rhythm and we achieved sexual harmony. When I pushed forward, she pushed back. When I pulled back, she relaxed her muscles inside to allow me freedom to move. Even our breathing became synchronized.

It was slow at first. As Asha had done when she had sucked on me, I tried to draw out the experience for as long as I could. One of the good things about having cum once already tonight was that I was able to go for much longer.

I didn't measure time in minutes or hours. I measured it in the beats of our hearts, in the sighs and moans of our love, in the whispered pleadings and promises we made in the blessed dark.

But it could not last forever. Our rhythms became faster and faster. I pushed my cock as deep inside as it could go, then pulled it out to the base of my head, then immediately pushed back in. Asha raised her head and her body stiffened as she put all the strength of her back into our exertions.

Soon I was slamming my groin against her ass. The room was filled with the smell of sweat and the sounds of Asha groaning and moaning. My ball sack slapped against hers with each thrust forward, making a clapping sound that grew louder as I drew closer to my final climax. My cock had never been so hard and I had never felt a more intense burning in my loins.

Asha buried her face in the pillows and began to cry. Even then, she never told me to stop. I knew, through our intuitive connection, that she was not crying out of any pain she did not relish.

The moment came at last. With a quick series of deep thrusts, I launched a flood of semen and christened Asha's virgin bowels.

Even as I shot my load into Asha, my body took control and continued ramming her. I saw Asha's arm moving furiously alongside her body and I knew she was jerking herself off. I kept pumping, determined to keep it up until Asha came. At last, she gave a deep sigh and collapsed forward. My dick slipped out of her body as she went and I too fell over, barely managing to avoid falling on her.

We both gasped for air. I turned my face towards Asha's and opened my eyes. Her face was wet with tears and sweat and drool.

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

"Don't worry," she told me in a comforting tone.

"You were crying. Did it hurt that bad?"

"It hurt, but it didn't. Does that make sense? It was like the pain was transformed. I was crying because I've never felt so much emotion at once. I couldn't contain it. So much love."

"That's amazing, Asha. I wish I could have felt that too."

"But Devon . . ." she said, then reached out for my face. She rubbed my cheek and showed me the tip of her finger. There was a teardrop on it. Only then did I realize that I had been crying, too. "You did."

* * *

Asha fell asl**p almost immediately. I managed to pull the blankets up over us and pull her body close against mine before I, too, fell into a deep sl**p.

* * *

When I woke up the next morning, it was to the sound of my bedroom door creaking slightly. I opened my eyes to see Asha entering the room, carrying a tray which she set down on the small table beside the bed. I saw toast with jam, slices of fruit, and two glasses of juice – enough for both of us. When she stood back up, she saw that I was awake, and smiled warmly.

As far as I could tell, she was wearing nothing except for one of my t-shirts. It was a bit tight on her, but long enough that the hem dangled down enough to conceal something else dangling down. My eyes fixated on her lovely, shapely thighs.

She interrupted by staring by crawling over and kissing me on the mouth. I returned the kiss with equal vigor and delight. I think that, until this point, Asha may have been slightly concerned that I had made love to her more out of horniness than a genuine desire for her and that, after two orgasms and a night to sl**p on it, I might feel differently towards her.

I didn't. She was as lovely and sexy to me as she had been in the deepest throes of our passion last night. I ran my hand up and down her thighs and it wasn't long before the fabric of the t-shirt began to rise noticeably. I had been right. She was only wearing the shirt.

"Uh-oh," I said. "Someone has morning wood."

"Only 'cause you're touching me like that!" she replied.

"Then I'm going to keep doing it."

"I won't stop you."

I drew back the cloth of the shirt to reveal her treasures. I reached out and cupped her hot balls in my hands, then began to massage them while my wrist rubbed against the underside of her shaft. Her cock was rock hard in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, my own cock was rapidly hardening underneath the blanket.

"There's something I've always wanted to try," she confessed.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You know when the girl goes on top and the guy goes on bottom and they both suck each other's dicks at the same time. Well, not always dicks. You know what I mean."


"Exactly! Can we do that? Please?"

There was no way I was going to refuse a request like that. I tossed the blankets aside and lay flat on my back, spread eagle. Asha eagerly rose to a kneeling position, grabbed the hem of the shirt, and yanked it off over her head. Her large, full breasts bounced with the motion and I noticed that her nipples were as hard as her dick.

Asha moved so that she was kneeling next to my shoulders, then slung a leg over my head until she was kneeling on either side of my neck, facing away from me. Her bare ass was only inches away from my face and her sack was dangling down brazenly from underneath.

I found it slightly amusing that this same girl, who had been so mortified when I had noticed a bulge in her pants, was now happy to plant her balls right in my face. I was happy about it too, actually.

Asha lowered her face to my crotch and began to kiss the areas immediately surrounding my package, warming me up. She proceeded to kiss my nut sack next, occasionally stopping to lick a little circle around one testicle or the other. She quickly reached my cock and began licking up and down the shaft like it was a tasty Popsicle.

It occurred to me that last night Asha had shot her load so early that she had the patience to give me the achingly-slow blowjob she had. Now, full of sexual hunger, she didn't plan on waiting. She wanted to suck my cock hard and fast.

I went to work on Asha as well. Because of the position of our bodies, her cock was not easily accessible, but her scrotum was right there. I pinched the loose skin between my lips and tugged on it ever so slightly. It was smooth and hairless and the entire region had an intoxicating, musky smell.

The skin wasn't enough for long. I began to lick her balls, then to lap at them greedily like a dog. I would place my open mouth against one ball and suck it inside. Then I would roll it around with my tongue. I moved from one testicle to the other in this fashion.

Meanwhile, I was playing with Asha's butt hole a little as well. I wet my finger with saliva and inserted it into her rectum which, I was pleased to note, felt as tight now as it had at the beginning of our anal play last night. I slid my finger in and out of her while I nursed on her tasty girl-nuggets.

The only problem with this position was that I couldn't reach Asha's dick. I rolled Asha over on to her side so that she and I were both lying on our hips, facing opposite directions, with complete access to one another's meat.

I took her cock in one hand and peeled back to the foreskin to reveal the head. I took the entire thing into my mouth at once, nearly gagging on its girth but not caring. I was desperately hungry for her.

I can't say exactly how long I lay there, sucking on my new girlfriend's cock, but I know it must not have been too long. Soon, we were both grunting from the corners of our mouths as we fought to suck harder and take it deeper down our throats.

I had one hand on each of Asha's ass cheeks and I was massaging them fiercely while I licked, kissed, and swallowed her magnificent organ. I began to use her ass for leverage, pulling her towards me until she was practically fucking my face.

Asha was going at it like a pro. She would take my entire length into her mouth in one gulp, wrapping her lips around the base of my cock and teasing the sensitive flesh with the muscles of her lips, tongue, and throat. After a short while, she was giving up on the teasing, and just bobbed her head up and down rapidly with her lips tightly sealed around my dick, effectively jerking me off with her mouth.

Neither of us could last long at that pace. Our moans and groans became louder and more frequent. Our bodies began to shake.

In one explosive moment, I jettisoned my entire load of semen into Asha's mouth. Almost simultaneously, or perhaps in reaction to my offering, she blew her wad into my mouth as well. It was just as delicious as I had remembered. Asha and I drank one another's juices until there was no more left.

I lay my head on Asha's thigh, panting heavily.

We recovered for a moment and then Asha crawled back over to me. She looked at me for a moment, then reached out and dabbed the corner of my mouth. When she pulled her finger away, there was a tiny drop of cum on the end. She offered it to me and I happily slurped it off.

"Now let's eat breakfast," she said.

"I thought we just did," I joked.

"You nutter," she said, slapping me playfully on the shoulder.

We ate the breakfast that Asha had prepared. It was simple, but tasty, and served to replenish a lot of the strength we had exhausted last night and so far this morning. Once the meal was finished, Asha cuddled up against me. She went still for a moment, then whispered softly:

"There's something else I have to tell you."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Do you remember when I made that comment last night about keeping secrets from people because you didn't want to hurt them?"

"Of course, but don't worry. You didn't hurt me."

"That's not what I meant."

"What did you mean, then?"

"It's Shanthi. I've been keeping a secret from her because I was afraid it would hurt her to know the truth. And I guess I was being selfish, too. The truth is that Shanthi is in love with you, too. She told me last week but I was too afraid to admit that I felt the same way about you. I was worried she'd feel betrayed. And now I really have betrayed her."

This was a bomb shell I had not been expecting. I never gave much thought to the possibility that Shanthi had those kind of feelings for me. When things had progressed with Asha last night, I had forgotten about her s****r almost altogether. It seemed like a moot point.

Now those conflicted feelings I'd been having for Asha and Shanthi rushed back. Of course, things were much more complicated now.

Should I tell Asha that I had feelings for her s****r?

Should I just pretend that I didn't?

Would I choose Shanthi over Asha if I had to make a choice?

"I'm a horrible person, aren't I?" Asha asked.

"Shh," I replied, trying to sound soothing. "Not at all."

I kissed Asha on the forehead, then on the lips. She cuddled up against me, holding me tightly. I pondered the question she had just asked me. Little did Asha know that I was wondering the same thing about myself.

To be continued . . .... Continue»
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The Trial of Julie

This story is not an erotic story I'm afraid so if you are looking for sexual stimulation I'm sorry. Instead it is simply an extract from the third volume of my novel "Slaves of the Amethyst" It recounts the story of the character Julie who faces a crisis in her life and becomes suicidal. In desperation she runs to the extraordinary Oriental gardens in the parklands of Mathom Hall to take counsel of their mistress Shiro-san. This is the trial though which that lady puts her. I post this story for a dear friend.... a person who loves cats!

Julie had been awake for hours. She had helped Doris prepare breakfast for her two sons in Doris’ beautiful little cottage set in a glade of the Oriental Gardens. She was calmer now. In fact she felt sublimely tranquil. Julie had slept at Doris’s cottage the night before and she’d been awoken early by the two young boys who were rushing about in great excitement. This was to be a big day in the Oriental Gardens for the gardens were hosting the big garden party for the valley’s c***dren. Terry and Richard were in a fever of excitement at the thought that all their school friends and other friends from Mathom would be joining them in the gardens that night. The air of excitement pervaded the whole vista of Shiro-san’s domain and even at this early hour extra helpers were already erecting the trestle tables and pavilions for the party out on the lawns and around the lakes. It was all Doris could do to keep her two young sons wedded to the breakfast table for sufficient time to consume their breakfast in anything other than unseemly haste. “For heaven’s sake boys!” she cried in exasperation, “Stop wolfing your food! The party’s not until this evening for crying out loud! You’ve plenty of time to see everything. Have a bit of respect! Whatever must Julie here think?”
“Aww mam!” moaned Terry in frustration. “We want ter see t’ firework display they’re settin’ up ovver Shiro-san’s palace!”
“It’s only a load of tubes and frames and what have you boys. They won’t be setting any off until this evening when it gets dark! Anyway the lady Shiro won’t be amused to have you lot running about this early in the morning!”
“T’ lady won’t mind mam.” Richard protested “She never says owt when we go ovver on ter t’ island.”
“Hmmph! Shiro-san’s far too lax with you youngsters. She’ll spoil you all rotten!” Doris turned to Julie. “I’m sorry Julie! They’re hopeless this morning! Did you sl**p well anyway?”
“Yes ma-am!” Julie replied politely, enjoying the domestic morning chaos in Doris’s household. “I’m sorry ter ‘ave put yer ter so much trouble like.”
“Oh it was no trouble whatsoever Julie. It was lovely having you. Come on have some more bacon.” Doris picked up the pan from the kitchen stove. “Get by Bobby!” she grumbled. This last was directed at a large black dog of uncertain ancestry, a permanently lolling tongue and incessantly wagging tail, who had attached itself to Julie with all the canine devotion that stated quite clearly that life simply wasn’t worth living if Julie Hawthorne wasn’t part of it. Julie’s magic was undiminished even in the Oriental Gardens.
“Well maybe just another rasher or two if yer please ma-am.” It was disgraceful really. Julie had already eaten a big bowl of cereal, two fried eggs, two sausages, four rashers of bacon, a grilled tomato, some fried mushrooms and two slices of fried bread. Whatever the austere morning repast might be in Shiro-san’s palace, here, in Doris’s household, breakfast was a traditional hearty English cholesterol nightmare and proud of it. Julie had woken up famished!
“We’ve finished mam! Can we go now?” pleaded Terry.
“Oh go on then or we’ll have no peace otherwise! Take Bobby with you and don’t be going up to the palace and disturbing Shiro-san do you hear? And remember you’re to be back for lunchtime. Your fathers are arriving for lunch and they’ll be wanting to see you.” The two boys left in delight although Bobby had to be cajoled out of the house looking miserable at being separated from his newfound love in Julie. Doris sighed. “I just don’t know where they get the energy from. Anyway let’s have another cup of tea.” Doris plied the teapot.
“D’ yer want any ‘elp doin’ t’ dishes ma-am?”
“No leave them Julie. How are you getting back to the village?”
“I dunno ma-am. T’ lady Shiro said she’d get someone ter drive us back like but I’ve still got me bike chained up at t’ top gate.”
“Well don’t worry about that Julie. We’ll sort that out for you. I’ll get one of the delivery lads to drive it back in his van. How are you feeling today anyway?”
“Better ma-am. I…. I ‘ad a long talk wi t’ lady Shiro last night an’ … well it’s ‘elped me see things a bit clearer mebbe. I’m sorry I’ve been so much trouble ma-am.”
“Don’t be silly Julie! You haven’t. I’m just pleased that you’re feeling better. I’m glad that Shiro-san helped you put things into perspective.”
“Well she didn’t say ovver much ma-am. Just sort o’ listened really.” Julie shook her head. “It were funny like. She didn’t seem a bit put out by me turnin’ up. It were almost as if she were expectin’ me!”
“I think she was Julie. Ever since the last time you were here I think Shiro-san’s been expecting you to come back to her. She’s a very wise lady Julie.”
Julie nodded and stared at her teacup. “She did say one thing that got me thinkin’ ma-am. I was tellin’ ‘er about ‘ow I’ve bin pretendin’ ter be someone else but mesen and she jus’ laughed an’ said that I ‘ad ter learn wot I was afore I could pretend ter be summat that I wasn’t! I’m buggered if I know wot she was talkin’ about!”
Doris laughed. “It sounds authentic Julie! Shiro-san often says things that don’t seem to make sense at the time but later, when you think it through, it all makes a great deal of sense. She’s changed many a person’s life with an enigmatic statement like that Julie.”
“I’ve never met anyone like ‘er ma-am!”
“And you’ll seldom meet her like again Julie. She is an extraordinary lady. I’ve met some wonderful people Julie but only one wiser and more extraordinary than our Lady Shiro of the Garden.”
“Oo’s that then ma-am?”
“Why Her Serenity the Empress of course; Lady Mathom of the Great Hall.”
Julie shivered “She… she frightens me!”
Doris leaned across the breakfast table to take Julie’s hand. “You are wrong to be frightened of Her Ladyship Julie. She is the kindest most loving person that I know. Oh everybody’s a bit scared of her to begin with but one moment of magic and you’ll love her forever more. She’s wise beyond your comprehension Julie. However great your problems might seem to be she could solve them with a lift of her little finger. Have you never spoken to her?”
“Only a couple o’ times in passin’ when I were a k** ma-am.”
“Perhaps you ought to talk to her Julie.”
“Wot me? Why would she want owt ter do wi t’ likes o’ me?”
“You might be surprised Julie. I think I know some of the problems with your f****y and everything. Well she might be able to help. This is the festival season. Everybody in the valley has the traditional right to petition Her Ladyship during the festival. Why don’t you request an audience?”
Julie shook her head vigorously. “Blimey ma-am no! I can’t see me goin’ ter Lady Mathom fer any ‘elp! Yer don’t know the ‘alf of it!”
“Well you ought to think about it Julie.” Doris paused “Listen Julie if you’re not up to facing the rest of the festival you’re quite welcome to stay here you know. I’m sure your friends will be able to manage without you and they’ll understand. It won’t be as if you’re neglecting your part either. You can help out with the c***dren’s garden party today. Goddess knows we could use the help.”
“I… I don’t know ma-am.” Julie was sorely tempted. She quailed every time she thought about going back to face the others. How lovely it would be to bury herself away here in these peaceful gardens for a few days. It sounded like bliss. “Yer know I never ever went ter t’ k**’s party when I was young ma-am. Me mam allus wanted us ter go but I allus used ter twag off.”
“Why Julie? Most k**s love the annual garden party.”
“Dunno ma-am. I think it were cos I was always frightened o’ comin’ anywhere near ter t’ All. It used ter scare me.”
Something caught Doris’s eye out of the cottage window. “Oh look Julie! It’s Shiro-san. She must be coming to see you.” Julie looked out of the window to see the Japanese lady gliding along the path that led across the meadow to the cottage dressed in a fabulous kimono. Julie’s heart jumped at the sight of her. She was dressed in greens and golds that harmonised with the flowers in the meadows as if she herself had blossomed from the tranquillity of the little glade and captured the early morning sun in the robes she wound about her. Julie now knew that Shiro-san changed her costumes endlessly to blend into the perfection of her creation, the Oriental Gardens. By spring she would be like the blossoms on the cherry trees or in autumn the golds and reds of the trees’ leaves. She would even change her dress throughout the day from the fresh crisp tones of the morning into the softer hues of the afternoon and the darker mysteries of the night. She had kimonos to suit every mood and atmosphere endlessly varying them like some great artist ceaselessly aware of her own presence within the picture she painted around herself; a brushstroke within her own masterpiece.
Julie and Doris hurried to the door of the cottage to greet her with low bows and she returned the bow graciously her eyes twinkling with amusement in her exquisite face. “Ohayoo gozaimasu Shiro-san.” said Doris in great politeness with a bow.
“Domo arigato gozaimasu.” replied Shiro-san in equal formality.
Doris indicated the little garden table on the lawn before the cottage. “Will you join us for cha lady?”
“Why thank you. A little while perhaps.” Shiro-san took a place whilst Doris rushed off to prepare tea. Shiro-san never drank the strong black Indian or Sri Lankan teas most favoured by the British but only the delicate green teas mostly d***k in Japan. Doris took care over the preparation of the tea making sure not to boil the water for fine green teas are spoiled by being boiled. The tea was a high quality Gyokuro from the Uri district near to Kyoto, a region famous for its tea. Gyokuro meant jade dew and the leaves of the bushes were grown in the shade just before harvest to ensure that the flavour was subtle and delicate.
Shiro-san invited Julie to join her whilst Doris was busy. “And now my little Hakuchou how are you today?” asked Shiro-san in her lovely lilting voice.
“Er…. fine thank you ma-am.”
“You have slept well? Your dreams were sweet ones?”
“Y… yes lady Shiro.”
“I am pleased for today I must ask great courage of you.”
“Of me ma-am? Ow d’ yer mean?”
“I have been thinking about you a great deal Hakuchou and I think I may know the answer to some of your problems. However, to find that answer, you must perform a great service for me this morning and for that you must be brave.”
“What sort o’ service ma-am?”
“A dangerous one Hakuchou!”
“Oh yes perilous indeed! You will need all your courage today. Today you must walk into the mouth of the dragon!”
Julie relapsed into silence as Doris returned with the tea. The birdsong in the trees and bushes around them seemed unnaturally loud. Shiro-san was watching her very carefully, judging her finely and treasuring her greatly. She watched Julie’s inner battle for peace and the stirring of her courage knowing that this young girl must be tested as all were ultimately tested. Shiro-san however had little doubt that her little swan would prove equal to the test. Finally when she judged the moment to be right she rose, shouldered her parasol and addressed Doris. “I’m afraid I must take your young visitor away for a while. There is something I must show her.”
Doris stood and bowed. “Of course Shiro-san. Go with the Goddess Julie.”
“Thank you ma-am. I’m sorry again to ‘ave put yer ter so much trouble.”
“And I repeat again Julie. It was no trouble at all. Please feel free to visit us anytime you want.” Julie bowed according to the custom of these gardens but could find no adequate words to say.
“Come Hakuchou.” Shiro-san urged. “Let us walk awhile.” Shiro-san led Julie through the glades of the Gardens in silence and Julie tripped along after her heart beating heavily. At last she could take the silence no more.
“Wh… where are we goin’ ma-am?” she enquired fearfully.
“To one of the most terrible and perilous parts of my realm Hakuchou.”
“You… you said it might be dangerous ma-am.”
“Oh yes! Hai! Abunai! Dangerous! Very! I need you to perform a task for me. One that only you can do.”
“Wh… what is it?”
“Hush Hakuchou! You will see.” Shiro-san took them aside down a little path. They crossed the stream by way of a tiny carved wooden bridge and shortly afterwards they were climbing up a slope between thick coppices of trees. It was quiet among the trees and Julie felt the tension mounting by the second. The trees and undergrowth were thick and if anywhere within the Oriental Gardens could have been called gloomy this was it. Then they came upon a stair of rough-hewn steps cut into the rock and Shiro-san hitched up her kimono and led Julie up the stairs. Julie tried to keep count of the steps but lost count at a hundred which clearly demonstrated her nervousness that even her extraordinary numerical skills could so desert her.
Finally they emerged high above the gardens on a grassy terrace before a looming cliff. Set into the base of the cliff was a forbiddingly large cave mouth and Julie gasped in wonder and horror. The rock about the mouth of the cave had been carved into the likeness of a great gaping dragon’s head. There were two huge flaring nostrils above the opening and two enormous wild eyes glaring down from above them. The floor and roof of the opening were lined with huge gleaming teeth and there was a soft red glow flickering from the darkness within. The dragon was painted in golds and scarlet and held an aura of menace and feral ferocity. Nor did it guard the cliff alone for all over the cliff face were dozens of other carvings, gargoyles, gibbering goblins, hideous b**sts and monsters all glaring down on the little sunny patch before the base of the cliff. There were trolls, great carved spiders with numerous glittering eyes, multi-headed serpents and gaping skulls. There were symbols and hieroglyphics etched into the rock between the figures that you just knew were unspeakable curses and the whole scene spoke of dreadful evil and warned of the folly of daring to pass any further this way. To Julie’s fevered imagination the whole cliff face seemed to be alive with crawling monstrosities eager to leap down and devour her. The whole relief was some dreadful nightmare out of the tortured imagination of the insane.
“This is the dragon’s mouth,” said Shiro-san. “Here you must enter.”
“Wot go in there?” asked Julie appalled.
“Yes that is correct Hakuchou.”
“Wot on me own?”
“Yes you must enter alone. I shall wait for you here.”
“I can’t do it! It’s ‘orrible!”
“There are even greater horrors beyond the portal of the mouth Hakuchou but nevertheless enter you must. This is the task I lay upon you. You must be brave.”
“’Ow… ow far in do I ‘ave ter go?”
“To the very end Hakuchou! To the final chamber, the very stomach of the dragon, the most dangerous place of all. There you will find a treasure, precious and perilous. You must bring that treasure back to me.”
“But, but….”
“No more questions now Hakuchou. Time grows short! This is the task laid upon you by the Lady of the Gardens! Obey me in this!” Shiro-san seated herself on a boulder, her parasol over her shoulder. “I shall be waiting here. Have no fear! Go boldly with the Goddess and no harm shall come to you.”
Fearfully Julie approached the cave mouth and hesitated before the row of huge teeth guarding the entrance. She turned to look back. Shiro-san was sat quite still watching her dispassionately. Julie took a deep breath and stepped between the teeth penetrating into the gloom beyond. To begin with she could hardly see a thing as her eyes adjusted from the bright morning sunshine outside to the dark interior. Once her vision returned she realised that it was not entirely dark within the cave. There was a flickering red illumination before her. Slowly she felt her way toward it more terrified than she had ever been in her life.
The illumination came from lanterns set upon the wall but they were of little comfort for the scene they illuminated was some awful vision out of hell. The walls of the cavern were painted in bl**d red and there were faces carved into the relief of the walls, faces of despair mingled with those of despicable evil. You could almost hear the moans of the damned and the cackling of their tormentors. Julie shuddered and closed her eyes tight fighting down the urge to flee in panic. She gulped back the bile that had entered her throat and urged her feet forwards. A little further and the cave grew dark, too dark to see her way forward. There were little rustling noises and tiny squeaks that made the hair on the back of her neck bristle from the darkness beyond. She hesitated long. It seemed unthinkable to penetrate that dark zone with its awful little noises betraying the presence of some foul infestation of vermin within. Julie was almost sobbing in fear.
The last vestiges of her mind that remained coherent in that hellhole nagged her to a decision. She needed light! In despair she reached for one of the lanterns hanging from the wall, wincing at the hideous visage that adorned the wall beneath it. Tentatively she lifted the lantern from the hook and holding it aloft crept forward into the darkness. The lantern consisted of a single candle inside a wicker frame covered in paper and its light was feeble but enough to reveal more horror beyond. This seemed some realm of the dead for there were bones s**ttered on the floor and the walls were painted with skeletons and skulls. Julie felt cobwebs brushing her face and whimpered in fear. She hated spiders! Cautiously she crept on but the little jittering noises and rustlings grew louder as she went and her trepidation grew. She came to a bend in the cave. The noise seemed to come from just around the curve and it was long before she could steel herself to negotiate it. As she did so the noises suddenly rose to a crescendo and suddenly the air was full of wild fluttering and hundreds of black shapes detached themselves from the walls and flew about her in a wild maelstrom. Julie screamed and dropped her lantern plunging herself into darkness with the wild fluttering and squeaks all around her. She cowered on the floor sobbing helplessly.
Now she was crawling back the way she had come, frantically scrabbling along the ground sobbing in panic. She felt bones under her hands and knees and more cobwebs on her face driving her out in terror. At last she was back in the illuminated regions and she leant against the wall crying piteously. She just wanted to be out of this terrible place, wanted to flee back to the terrace at the base of the cliffs and into the warm comfort of Shiro-san’s serenity. In that thought Julie began to recover her courage. There was something more terrible than these caves after all. She would have to tell the gentle lady of the gardens that she was not brave enough after all, that she had failed in her task, that she was not worthy of the trust the lady had placed in her!
Gasping for breath Julie squatted on the floor of the cave and tried to still her wildly beating heart. “Bats!” she thought to herself. “They’re only bl**dy bats! There’s thousand o’ bl**dy bats in t’ valley! Yer see ‘em every evenin’ in t’ summer around t’ street lights in t’ village! Where d’ yer think they sl**p in t’ daytime yer dozy cow? In bl**dy caves that’s where! I must ‘ave disturbed their roost! They’re probably just as frightened o’ me as I am o’ them!” Slowly she pulled herself to her feet. “Come on yer daft bitch!” she told herself. “Yer bein’ bl**dy hysterical! They’re only bl**dy caves wi daft paintin’s an’ statues on t’ walls! There’s nowt ter be frightened of!” Julie took another lamp and shielding its fragile flame cautiously proceeded once more into the depths of the cave.
There seemed to be less frantic activity at the bat roost where Julie relocated her discarded lantern on the floor. Carefully she took the candle from her new lantern and relit the old one affording her more light within the cavern. Now she could see the bats clustered along the roof of the cavern. There seemed to be hundreds of them hanging from ledges and projections. In spite of her fears she found her curiosity stimulated by them. She approached them cautiously. They had funny little faces with upturned noses and big pointed ears. They were quite cute really when you looked at them closely. She saw that many of them had small ones clinging to them and she realised that these must be babies clutching on to their mothers and her face softened. She must have frightened the poor things to death when she’d come blundering in here with her lamp and screaming her head off! She wondered what sort of bats they were. They had a big book at home that showed all the species of mammals in Britain. She’d have to look them up when she got home.
Calmer now, she pressed on into the cave leaving one of the lanterns behind as guide for her return. She entered into a large cave and her heart jumped once more. The whole of the far wall was carved into the likeness of a grotesque monster with multiple arms and three enormous eyes above a slavering gaping mouth full of teeth. Between the outstretched legs of this monstrous apparition was a small exit, the only other exit to this cave and there were old rusty chains hanging over it. So lifelike was the carving that Julie seemed to feel its eyes regarding her as she tremblingly crossed the chamber. She pushed aside the chains with shaking fingers. The chains felt cold and clammy. She found herself in a long narrow passageway that was damp and musty. She hurried along hating the feeling of the slimy walls until once more the passage opened out. She crept into this larger chamber her feeble little light illuminating only a fraction of it. The cavern seemed vast and she had no idea how to find her way through it. With infinite caution she moved out into the cave.
She froze, stifling another scream. She had seen a light moving ahead of her, a ghostly luminescence flickering ahead of her in the dark. The ghostly light was still now as she peered ahead in mounting fear but it had moved! There was something alive in here or at least something that shone and moved. Was there some awful spectre haunting these caverns, some dreadful unquiet spirit lurking ahead of her in the dark? Petrified she took a couple more steps and then froze again. The light had moved once more! She took another step and the light moved too. It was mimicking her. It stopped when she stopped, moved as she did. Experimentally she moved her lantern from side to side. The light in the distance followed the movement perfectly. Julie let out her breath with a gasp, the perspiration on her brow forming rivulets down her forehead. “It’s a bl**dy reflection!” she told herself. “Yer frightenin’ yersen wi yer own shadows yer gormless twit!” Emboldened she pressed forward toward the light. Now it was obvious that she was seeing a reflection of her own lamp in some polished surface. It was a fair way across the cave but at last Julie stood before a huge sheet of some highly polished metal. She held up her lamp and saw her own reflection in the metal. She laughed aloud. “Well nowt ter be frightened o’ there!” she said. “Just awd Julie ‘Awthorne lookin’ like she’s about ter wet ‘ersen!” She laughed at the image of her face in the polished surface. “Now why?” she asked, “Would anyone put a flippin’ great mirror in a place like this?” Then she smacked herself on the forehead. “Of course yer daft prat! Start usin’ yer brain Julie! ‘Ow else would yer find yer way across this cave? Yer put a friggin’ great mirror up so’s that when yer shines yer light across t’ cave it reflects back an’ shows yer t’ way ter go!” Julie looked around and sure enough by the side of the mirror was a small passageway. “Well looks like this is t’ way then.” she said aloud and passed into the passage.
The passage was long and narrow and it wound about considerably but it presented no great obstacle as it wove its way back into the hillside. At last Julie rounded a final bend and saw a soft light ahead of her. She approached on tenterhooks to perceive that the light was emanating from a small opening d****d with a curtain of fine reeds. With a sudden thrill she knew instinctively that the light beyond the curtain was her target. This was the inner sanctum, what the lady Shiro had called the stomach of the dragon, the most perilous part of all. With her heart in her mouth Julie crept on toward the curtain. The light beyond was yellow and warm but Julie hesitated for long seconds before the curtain barely daring to breathe. “Come on.” She whispered to herself “Yer ‘aven’t come all this way just ter bottle out at t’ last ‘urdle!” Taking a deep breath she pushed aside the curtain and stepped into the chamber beyond.
She blinked in surprise. It was a small chamber no more than ten metres across and well lit by many candles on the walls. It was also, as far as a superficial glance could tell, completely empty. Julie was baffled. It seemed ridiculous to have come all this way to find a completely uninteresting little chamber with absolutely nothing in it. Julie put down her lantern and scratched her head in puzzlement. “What the ‘ell’s all this about then?” she said aloud. As if in answer there came a tiny little noise from a far corner of the chamber. Julie started in alarm. It had been a feeble little mewling sound. She looked in the direction of the noise and saw a tiny basket nestled in one corner. She hadn’t even noticed it. Once again the little note came from the basket. Utterly baffled by now Julie strode over to investigate. It was a little wicker basket whose lid was held shut by a small clasp. Julie knelt down and undid the clasp before taking another deep breath and opening the basket. She peered fearfully inside. “Aaawwww!” she cried in wonder. Peering fearfully back at her was the most heartbreakingly lovely little face she had ever seen. It belonged to a little Siamese kitten with impossibly blue eyes and huge dark pointed ears. It had a dark chocolate brown face, legs and tail contrasting with its cream coat but it was that face that captivated you. The ears were so big that they just looked silly on the little delicate face and the blue eyes were enormous and they were staring at Julie frightened. The tiny mouth opened to emit a pathetic little mewl and Julie’s heart broke in two.
“Aaww! Yer poor little thing!” Julie reached down into the basket to pluck up the tiny creature and clutch it to her breast. “Fancy leavin’ yer all on yer own down ‘ere! Yer poor little precious!” She stroked a finger across the tiny head and was rewarded with another little mewl. “Yer must be cold an’ ungry as well yer poor mite! Poor thing!” Julie cradled the little kitten in her arms compassionately, tears coursing down her cheeks. “Come on love!” she said decisively “Let’s get you out ov ‘ere! I’ll ‘ave ter put yer back in yer basket love whilst we get back through t’ caves.” Gently Julie lowered the kitten back into the basket. “It won’t be long I promise love.” She told the little kitten as it protested with feeble cries. “Don’t cry now! I’ll ‘ave you out ov ‘ere in no time!” Julie picked up the basket and her lantern and set off back through the caves her mission now forgotten in her haste to bring this helpless little creature to safety.
It was easy now the return passage. She was almost hurrying ignoring the images of horror etched on the walls, their images holding no more terror for her. She paused in the chamber containing the huge carved monster to look into the basket to reassure herself that her precious burden was unharmed then turned to the enormous carved figure. “Fuck off you ugly bastard!” she told it and hastened away. She murmured encouraging words to her little kitten as they went. At the bat roosts the squeaking and fluttering must have frightened the little a****l for it cried piteously but Julie said. “Now, now love they’re only bats! Yer’ll be untin’ them when yer a bit bigger!” Julie paused however to extinguish the lantern she had left among the roost. Now the bats could return the accustomed security of their darkness. Julie passed the final chambers and there wonderfully was the opening of the cave and she was out into the open. The sun was shining down in glory on the grassy terrace before the cliff face and Shiro-san was sat upon her stone smiling at her, so very proud of her little Hakuchou.
Julie paused feeling momentarily foolish but Shiro-san beckoned her over. Suddenly shy Julie walked over to her and, obeying the commands of Shiro-sans hands she squatted on the grass at her feet laying the little basket down. “Well Hakuchou what treasure have you brought back from the dragon’s belly then?”
“P…please ma-am I went as far as I could! I… I got ter this chamber right at t’ end but there were nowt in it but… but well this.”
“I think “this” might well be enough treasure for one day Hakuchou. Come open your basket and let us feast our eyes on your wealth.” Julie opened the basket and lifted the little kitten out, blinking in the sudden bright sunlight, and held it gently for Shiro-san to see. The Japanese lady smiled gently and reached out to stroke the kitten. “Well Hakuchou he doesn’t glitter in the sunlight but he is a precious gem indeed your little jewel. May I hold your treasure for a moment?”
“Y…. yes ma-am… of course.” Julie handed over the kitten, which mewled in alarm, but soon calmed down under the gentle caresses of Shiro-san’s fingers and began to look about it with interest. She teased it with a finger and the tiny a****l batted her finger with a paw.
“Ah see Hakuchou there is life in our little tora yet! He is recovering his courage!”
“Please ma-am? It’s a he?”
“Oh yes Hakuchou. A little tomcat.”
“Is he wot yer sent me ter find ma-am?”
“But of course Hakuchou! I told you that you would find a treasure. Is he not a treasure?”
Julie reached over and petted the little kitten her eyes soft. “I… I think he’s lovely ma-am but yer said the treasure would be dangerous. There’s nowt dangerous about ‘im!”
“Oh but there is Hakuchou! See! He is so small I can hold him in the palm of one hand but he has captured and enslaved two big nasty people already! He is a peril this one!” Julie laughed and tickled the tiny creature fondly.
“Ee I was frightened in there ma-am.”
“Frightened? Whatever of?”
“Well all t’ statues an’ t’ paintin’s ma-am.”
Shiro-san threw back her head and laughed deliciously. “Poof! Is this what frightens us? Old stones and silly pictures? Have they frightened my little Hakuchou? Hah! Here little one take your little treasure and I will teach them not to frighten you!” Shiro-san handed over the kitten and rose determinedly to her feet. She strode over to the cave mouth and stood before it with her hands on her hips. “So!” she shouted, “You have frightened my Hakuchou. Now you have asked for it! I will teach you a lesson you won’t forget!” With that Shiro-san pulled an extraordinary and comical face at the cave and poked her tongue out, blowing a long raspberry. For the next minute or two she strode up and down before the figures on the cliff pulling faces at them and thumbing her nose whilst Julie sat on the grass and giggled helplessly. She couldn’t help it. The tiny Japanese woman seemed almost ludicrously comic as she marched up and down parodying the grotesque faces carved on the cliff wall. “Hah take that!” she was calling. “Any face you can make I can make better! Now who is the ugly one? Are you frightened yet? Pooh to you! Ugly stones!” Finally she turned her back to the cave mouth and suddenly hitched up her kimonos showing her bottom to the carved figures and looked back over her shoulder to blow a last raspberry and Julie laughed until her sides ached.
Shiro-san re-adjusted her dress and returned to her seat on the boulder with a smile. “So Hakuchou do you think I frightened them?”
“N.. no ma-am!” said Julie wiping the tears from her eyes.
“No of course not. How could I? They are only stones and pictures. How can they be frightened and how can they possibly frighten us? The only thing to fear beyond the dragon’s mouth is that which you take beyond it yourself.” Shiro-san reached out to caress Julie’s golden locks in great affection. “We have both of us found a treasure this day. Come bring your little kitten I have something to show you.” So saying she rose and led Julie away from the cliff to return down the track toward the centre of the Gardens. Julie looked back at the cliff before they descended and laughed to herself. The horrible carved figures just looked comical and silly now. They retraced their steps back into the heart of Shiro-san’s enchanted realm. Shiro-san led her through the bewildering glades and orchards until at last they came to a small lake with an island set in the middle. From this island rose an enormous towering pagoda of emerald greens and gold, its apex high above the trees around. Julie stood and gazed up at the enormous structure in awe. Its surface was painted as though it was scaled like the skin of some enormous reptile and there was a great carved wooden dragon curled about the foot of it. The tail of the dragon d****d across the little lake forming a curved bridge connecting the island to the land.
“This is the Dragon Pagoda Hakuchou.” Shiro-san told her. You have walked into the dragon’s mouth now you must climb to the top of its tower.”
“Is it dangerous as well?” Julie wanted to know.
“But of course! But then we carry our dangers everywhere with us don’t we? Come let us climb together.” They crossed over the fantastic bridge and entered the pagoda to climb the wooden stairs within. The Dragon Pagoda was the tallest structure anywhere within the Oriental Gardens and the spiralling wooden steps seemed endless as they made their way upwards. Near the top the tower narrowed and Julie paused to catch her breath, the sweat heavy on her brow. Incredibly the tiny kitten had fallen asl**p in her arms. At last Shiro-san led her out onto a platform at the very top of the towering edifice.
Julie gasped in wonder for the view was extraordinary. Below her the whole vista of the Oriental Gardens was laid out in panoramic relief and beyond that the great rolling parklands of Mathom Hall stretched away into the distance. It was beautiful and breathtaking. “Aaww! This is lovely ma-am!”
“Oh yes Hakuchou! This is the realm of the Great Lady! This is her vision. This is her dream. Look around and tell me what you see.” Julie cast her eyes over the landscape laid out before her. Her vision followed the curves of the hills, lingered long in little valleys and sheltered glades, followed the line of entrancing streams and danced over shimmering lakes, dallied awhile amidst the copses and woods and came at last to settle upon the massive structure of the Great Hall in the distance. It stood there like some fortress of obstinacy, huge and commanding, dominating this fairy landscape with its brooding presence; Hall of constancy, Castle of adamant, the seat of all the magic in these lands, the dwelling of the Witch Queen of Mathomdale in all its power and resolution. Julie shivered.
Shiro-san was watching her carefully and saw to the fraction of a second when her gaze fell upon the Great Hall, seeing the shadow that crept across her face. She came to stand next to her and placed a hand about her waist. “Ah yes Hakuchou. There indeed is the very house of the dragon. What treasures would you find therein do you think if only you dared to enter through its portals?” Julie gulped, her eyes riveted on the distant Hall. “Listen Hakuchou,” said Shiro-san softly. “Today you walked into the very mouth of the dragon and, although you were afraid you walked into the very depths of his bowels. You expected to find terror and despair and what did you find instead?” Shiro-san paused to stroke the kitten in Julie’s arms. “Why nothing but a little kitten Hakuchou. A little kitten in need of love and protection and once you found him all your fears vanished like the morning mists before the rays of the sun. For your fears were only in your mind Hakuchou. You carry fears yet and I say to you that you will never know peace and joy until you laugh in their faces. You will never find peace in these lands until you walk without fear into the House of the Dragon itself.”
Julie stared at Hall unable to tear her eyes away. This was where Rebecca and Alice and all the other girls lived. This was where her beloved Jennifer lived. She felt a tear trickle down her cheek. “Please ma-am!” she whispered “Oo am I?”
“Ah Hakuchou! Stop worrying about who and what you are. Others will see that far better than you will ever see it yourself and they will love you for it.” Shiro-san paused “As I do!”
“You ma-am? But why I mean what for?”
Shiro-san stroked her face gently. “Let us go down now Hakuchou. There is one last thing I must show you and then we had better prepare you to return to the village for you have more dragons to face there.” They descended the tall pagoda and Shiro-san led her once more through the gardens. In a quiet grove she brought Julie to a lovely little pavilion set among the trees by the side of a tiny brook. “Do you know of this Hakuchou?” Shiro-san asked her.
“N.. no ma-am.”
“Your mother never mentioned it?”
“No lady.”
“Strange. Come let us step inside.” The interior of the pavilion was split up into small rooms by tatami walls and it was furnished simply but in exquisite taste in Japanese style. There was a sl**ping chamber with a large low futon in the middle. Shiro-san paused here. “Do you know the name of this house Hakuchou?”
“Why no ma-am.”
“It is called the Julie house.”
Shiro-san smiled “Your mother had her own dragons to face Hakuchou. She spent her confinement here with us in the gardens. That was nearly eighteen years ago. You were born in this room, in this house. We call it the Julie house in your honour. The little maple tree by the veranda was planted for your birth; its leaves are the gold of your hair on your birthday. It is the Julie tree.”
Julie was staring at Shiro-san in astonishment. “Yer mean me… me mam ‘ad us in ‘ere?”
“Yes Hakuchou.”
“Wot on ‘er own?”
“Oh no of course not. She had help of course.”
“Oo… oo ‘elped ‘er?” But somehow Julie already knew the answer to that question.
“Why she had several helpers but I was the midwife. I delivered you with my own hands on that very futon Hakuchou.” Shiro-san smiled softy and placed a hand on Julie’s shoulder. “It has taken you nearly eighteen years to come back to me. But you have come back and it is my joy, my little Hakuchou as dear as any daughter.”
Julie choked back the tears her mind reeling. “Is… is that wot yer want from me lady? D’ yer want me ter come ‘ere an’ live in yer garden?”
Shiro-san shook her head sadly. “I do not think that can come to pass Hakuchou. If all I understand of you is true then I believe your destiny lies elsewhere but there will always be a home for you in these gardens.” There was a long silence but eventually Shiro-san said, “Come now it is getting late. You will need to freshen up after your adventures and little tora-chan here must be hungry.” They left the pavilion and Julie looked back as they walked away. It seemed that there were mysteries unknown in her life.
Presently they found themselves back at Doris’ cottage. Doris was preparing lunch for the expected arrival of her husbands and the two young boys had returned from their adventures. Doris was ecstatically effusive over the tiny kitten. “Aww isn’t he sweet?” she crooned.
“Please ma-am.” said Julie “I think ‘e might be ‘ungry. Ave yer owt ‘e could eat?”
“Of course Julie! I’ll chop some mince up very fine and soften it in a little milk and egg yolk. He ought to have a little water as well. I’ll take care of it Julie while you brush up.” Doris turned to Shiro-san. “Is he one of Sula’s kittens Shiro-san?” Shiro-san nodded and smiled. “Well get on then Julie and get cleaned up.” Doris continued. She paused. “Have you decided to stay here then Julie?”
Julie shook her head. “No ma-am. I think I’d best get back. T’ other girls is relyin’ on me. I don’t want ter let our Jenny down.”
Shiro-san smiled at her. “I think that is very wise Hakuchou.”
Whilst Julie attended to her appearance the little kitten lapped and nibbled at his food and drink. When Julie returned refreshed the boys were playing with the kitten making it chase a piece of string and laughing at its antics. “There is a car waiting for you at the last bridge Hakuchou. We must hurry.” Shiro-san told her.
“Blimey I’m gonna be late.”
“Oh no I think you’ll be just in time.”
“But it’s nearly lunchtime!”
“You will still be just in time.” Shiro-san scooped up the little kitten. “Come I’ll accompany you to the bridge.”
“I’ll come as well.” said Doris. “Dinner’s in the oven so I’ve plenty of time. You boys stay here in case your fathers turn up early.”
“Aww mam!”
“I said stay here! That’s an order!”
“Yes mam.”
The little entourage set off for the last bridge, Shiro-san carrying the kitten. At the bridge Julie was astonished to see a large limousine parked on the track on the other side of the bridge. “Is that fer me?” she gasped.
“Yes Julie.” Doris told her. “We asked one of the off duty drivers from the Hall if he’d give you a lift. Now don’t worry about your bike. We’ll see to all that. Now come on you’re late. Off you go!”
“Oh ma-am I don’t know ‘ow ter thank you all!” Impulsively Julie rushed to Doris and hugged her.
Doris patted her gently. “It was a pleasure Julie. You come back and see us again real soon you hear.”
“Yes ma-am.” Julie turned to Shiro-san. “Oh lady thank you! Yer’ve saved me life! ‘Onest you ‘ave!”
“Your life is precious to me Hakuchou. Please kiss me and then you must go.” Julie bent to kiss the tiny Japanese lady and then stood back and bowed deeply.
“Thank you Shiro-san fer all yer’ve done fer me.” Shiro-san bowed in return and Julie turned toward the bridge.
“Hakuchou! You are forgetting something!”
“Wh… what ma-am?”
Shiro-san laughed and held out the bundle in her hands “Why your little kitten of course. Your little tora-chan!”
Julie gazed at her amazed “Y… yer mean ‘e’s mine?”
“But of course he’s yours! He’s been yours ever since you found him in the dragon’s belly Hakuchou! I told you he was dangerous for now he is your responsibility. You cannot throw away your life now for now you have a helpless kitten to take care of.”
“Oh ma-am!” Tears flooded into Julie’s eyes and she took the kitten from Shiro-san, her heart breaking. “What was it yer called ‘im ma-am? A tora or summat?”
Doris smiled at her. “It’s just the Japanese name for a tiger Julie and tora-chan means little tiger. Go on now get along with you.”
Julie crossed the bridge cradling her precious kitten and the chauffeur held the door open for her. She turned to bow once more to her friends in the magic zone beyond and then she was in the car being driven through the parklands of Mathom Hall. Julie’s attention was fixed on the kitten in her lap. It had been an exciting day for the tiny creature and now replete with food he was fast asl**p on her knee. So fixated was she on her kitten she scarcely even noticed when the car rounded the huge edifice of Mathom Hall and drove down the drive toward the main road. “What am I gonna call yer?” she asked the little slumbering creature. “I know! I’ll call yer Tiger!” Julie giggled. It was a name you usually gave to stripy tabby cats but it seemed perfect anyway. After all Shiro-san had called him Tiger and he came from the Oriental Gardens. In Julie’s imagination anything to do with the Orient had tigers interwoven with it. She sat back in the upholstery of the car contented. “Well Tiger looks like you an’ me’s stuck wi one another!” At last she understood Shiro-san’s gift to her. It was a perilous gift indeed. Perilous and precious! Shiro-san had given her more than a little kitten. She had given her back her life.

With love to my gentle wolf

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Slavegirl Island 6.1

Chapter Six (Part One)

PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF 25 YEAR OLD Trainer and Overseer Tariq

As I left the cell of the two of the six girls in my charge – ans also of Miss Pohl – I reflected once again what an excellent fuck Tania now was. After hideous reluctance to begin with, she now thoroughly enjoyed it. With me, anyway. It was probably rather different with some of the elderly horrors we get as male guests. Still, a slave-girl has to expect the rough with the smooth.
And I had certainly given it to her smoothly that morning.
Her sex felt like liquid silk and she could scarcely have been more cooperative. My weapon was doing tremendous things for her. She was soon coming excessively and, later, when I really went after her, she became quite berserk. Yes...a really good fuck.
The only trouble about being an Overseer is that one has to keep oneself in reserve a bit. I mean, there's so much pussy available, it's almost ridicolous. For example, I've got six girls in my charge, all of whom I fuck with great regularity, but there is also plenty of spare pussy around on Bianca's Island. There are always girls being trained and there's no trouble at all if you happen to fancy some other Overseer's charge. Or charges. Lucjily, I'm young and strong and I reckon I can manage about six fucks a day. A day and night really. I simply hope I can go on doing that for quite some time.
I entered the cell of two of my other girls, Elsa and Margot. Elsa is a hefty german girl, not greatly to my fancy but, nevertheless, with a superb bottom to thrash. Margot is far more petite, english and rather up-market. She simply can't get herself adjusted, which is a pity for her. I mean, though she submits, she still hates every second of it. Even when I'm fucked her. Quite unlike Tania who has accepted the situation and obviously gets a big kick out of my cockbeing up her. Pity Margot can't do that. She'd be hapier, I'm sure. I'll keep working on her. One day she may come to realise there is a lot to be said for a large cock being driven up her. She must try and overcome her ladylike predilections.
The two girls knelt up as I entered. Elsa's big tits sagging a little, Margot's micely firm and rounded. I went across to Elsa and slapped both her tits, twice.
„You know, girl,“ I said, „you're getting too fat.“
„I'm sorry, Sir,“ she answered miserably.
„I think I'll have to put you on a diet.“
„If you say so, Sir.“
I was, of course, quite aware that a number of male guests really went for big women. Big tits, big ass. So Elsa had her uses. It would, indeed, have been pointless to make her slim.
„Ben fucked today?“ I asked her.
„No, Sir,“ she answered respectfully. „Not yet.“
„Just been lying around then?“
„Yes, Sir.“
I went across margot.
„And how are you, my charming english rose?“ I asked.
„Well, Sir,“ she said. Rather like a schoolgirl answering her Form Master. I fondled her apple-round breasts and she proffered them more fully to me. As a slave-girl should. I fiddled with her nipples. Her expression remained composed as it certainly had not done in the early days.
„Have you been fucked?“ I asked.
„Yes, Sir,“ came the replie. Did I detect the faintest blush of shame?
„Tell me about it,“ I said.
Margot gulped. „He was...was an elderly gentleman, Sir.“ Another gulp. „He took rather a long time.
„I grinned at her. „Couldn't get it up, eh?“
„That is so, Sir.“
„Had to suck him a lot?“
„Yes, Sir.“
„Then he only just made it?“
„That's right, Sir.“
I nodded. „Well, that happens a lot with many of our more elderly guests. But, as long as you make them happy, that's what counts.“
„I understand, Sir,“ said Margot meekly. She had dark brown hair which was drawn into a single pigtail which made her look even younger than she was. Which was a mere twenty years old. Having left her public school, she might, I thought, now be sat at university. However, fate had decided differently for her. Instead of using her brain, she was having to use her pussy. Not to mention her mouth and her asshole. Oh dear, oh dear, how unjust life can be!
If I hadn't given Tania a real good thumping I would rather have liked to have a go at Margot at that very moment. But it really wouldn't have worked out. A man has to have rest and a little time to recover.
„You may, Margot,“ I said, „take the knob of my prick into her mouth...just the knob, don't be greedy...and suck it gently.“ Her features twitched as I removed my pouch. Sucking was one of Margot's least favourite things. All the same, she did exactly as she was told, taking hold of my rather limp organ and inserted the knob in her mouth. She sucked it well, also licking it. Very pleasant. Doubtless, she expected me to swell up in no time at all and have to give me a thorough sucking. But, after my recent exertions, this didn't happen. After a little while, I tapped her on her head.
„That will do, my pretty slave,“ I said. She released my knob from her mouth, looking thankful. I fondled her breasts for a few moments then left the cell.
It really is very nice to have a free run of six girls in one's charge. Not to mention quite a few others. A job must men would envy, I suppose. But then, they have to have the right equipment, don't they?
I looked into the next cell which, along with Miss Pohl, I am in charge of. The girls there are Theresa and Nina and they are both french. Related I think. Could be cousins. Both are very dark-haired and dark-eyed. Passionate looking. Both are 24 or 25.
Therese must have been taken off somewhere but Nina knelt up immediately I entered. I smiled at her. This haughty looking girl has about the best pair of breasts I have ever seen. They are half melon in size, yet sag hardly at all. They are firm and thrusting with big, light brown nipples.
„Hello, big tits,“ I greeted her.
„Hello, Sir,“ she responded. Then she meekly submitted to my fondling of her lush orbs. Many at time have I had my cock between them, with her tossing me off delightfully. A lovely experience.
Nina's nipples soon became firm and I sucked them for a little while. Though I had just been slaked by Tania, I still couldn't resist female flesh. Not that anything was going to happen. I removed my mouth.
„Nice?“ I asked.
„Lovely, Sir,“ she responded. I wondered how she really felt about it all. She was, I believe, from an Aristocratic f**** it must have been more difficult for her to adapt to slave life than most girls.
I asked her the usual question. „Been fucked today, Nina?“
„Not yet, Sir,“ she replied. „But I was taken to suck a gentleman. He said he very much liked the look of my breasts...and would make use of them tomorrow.“
„Lucky him. Not to mention you.“ I smiled at her again, squeezing those beautyful melons.
„Yes, Sir,“ she nodded submissively. Sometimes I wonder how these lovely slave-girls can make themselves do whatever they have to do. The indecencies, the indignities, the utter surrender of theyr sexual being. But then I think of the Punishment Room and what they have to go through there if they do not behave themselves.
It is certainly a very though life for them.
„Where is Therese?“ I asked.
„I don't know, Sir,“ Miss Pohl took her away an hour ago.“ Oh those lovely big, firm tits. I went on squeezing and mauling them. Nina kept them well presented to me. Good girl.
„I think I might well make use of these myself tomorrow,“ I said.
„Thank you, Sir,“ she answered. That was proper slave-girl talk. Mind you, Nina and Therese are very experienced. I reckon they have been on Binaca's Island for well over four years. They've gone through a lot. And survived.
„See you tomorrow then, big tits,“ I said, as I got up.
„I look forward to it, Sir,“ she answered humbly. Oh, what a well trained slave!

I left the cell and locked the door...just in time to see Miss Pohl leading Therese back. The girl looked absolutely knackered. I wondered what she'd been up to but didn't stay to ask. I was feeling in the mood for a good steak and a bottle of Bergundy. So I headed for the canteen.
Halfway trough my meal, Miss Timal came into the canteen. She is a ravishing looking Sri Lankan with the lightest coffee-looking skin. She was wearing a skin-tight leotard and white thigh-length booths which showed her to full advantage. Frankly, I've always wanted to fuck the ass of her but no way is that going to happen because she's made it plain she is a completian lesbian.
She came across and sat down beside me. I smelt the exotic scent of her.
Without being asked, she poured herself a glass from my wine bottle.
„Hiya, handsome,“ she said, smiling at me, „been using that big donger of yours this morning?“
„Sure have,“ I replied, smiling back, „had Tania suck me first thing then fucked her a little while back.“
„Lucky girl,“ she said. „But I hope you're not too shagged. I'd like some help from you this afternoon.“
„Always ready to help,“ I said and I mean it. Always a treat to work with Timal. „Whats on?“
„I've got a 16-year-old in the early stages of her training,“ said Timal.
„Yeah...quite some kind, with a super body for her age. She'll soon be doing marvellous things to me.“
„I bet,“ I said. „What's my part?“
„Well, after several good canings, I've got her through her Posture Training. Now I'm coming on to cock sucking. I reckon your cock will scare the living daylights out of her.“
„Shouldn't wonder,“ I said as modestly as I was able.
„OK then?“
„Fine...fine...“ It was not at all unpleasant to be asked to train a 16-year-old in cock sucking!
„Training Room Number 4 at three o'clock then?“
„Be seeing you,“ I said. She finished her drink and left, hips swivelling delightfully.

Just after three o'clock, I made my way to the Slave Quarters and entered Training Room Number 4. Timal was already there and so was the girl. The girl was in the revealing posture number 1, and I liked what I saw. Lovely tightrounded bottom, nice long thighs. It was pretty obvious that she had been caned at the lunch-time Punishment Session for there were plenty of fresh-raised weals over her young buttocks.
„This is Cloe,“ said Timal. „She's english.“ The girl was trembling uncontrollably.
„Nice arse,“ I said.
„Posture Number 3,“ ordered Timal sharply. The girl knelt erect at once, swivelled round to face us, placing hands on top of her head. Her mouth was wobbly and her cheeks wet with tears. This is a very tough time during a girl's training. She had beautifullly firm, well rounded breasts, like white apples. The nipples were light brown as was her shoulder-length hair. A pretty face but looking rather contorted at that moment.
I took off my pouch so that my cock hung loose and I saw her eyes widen in horror. She gasped and recoiled a little, mouth sagging. I usually have that effect on girls the first time they see me.
„That's what you're going to be working on this afternoon, Chloe,“ said Timal almost casually.
„Nooo...oooohhh...noooo...“ gasped the girl, mouth twisting.
Instantly, Timal lashed her slim whalebone switch across Chloe's naked breasts.
„YES!“ She bellowed, as Chloe's wailing shriek filled the room and her hands clasped her round orbs. „HANDS AWAY...on top of your head!“
Reluctantly, Chloe took her hands away. A bright red weal ran across both juddering tits.
„Mmmmmfff...mmmfff...mmmfff...“ she sobbed.
„And just because you've had one caning today, don't imagine that I will not be happy to give you another this evening,“ continued Timal, „if consider you deserve it. And it will be more severe one. „Is that QUITE clear, Chloe?“
„Mmmfff...uuugh...mmfff...y-yes...Miss...“ She must have learnt by then that Timal didn't threaten lightly.
I sat down on a leather bolster. „Crawl to tariq and kiss his feet,“ odered Timal. She looked very imperious in those tigh-length boots and I could well understand in what terror Chloe held her. She came crawling, still sobbing. It was nice to feel her soft, tremolous mouth pressing to my feet. Timal's switch sawd continuously across a nervously twitching bottom.
„Kneel up,“ came the order. Chloe knelt erect, eyes averted from me. Poor dear! „You are now going to kiss Tariq's balls,“ said Timal. Obligingly, I raised my cock so that the girl could get at them.
Swiiiccckkk! Sswwiiiicccckkkk!
The switch lashed twice across Chloe's buttocks and she writed forward, between my parted tighs. I seized her light brown hair with my left hand and pushed her head down. „Get on with it, my pretty,“ I said. „They're nice big balls, aren't they?“ She was struggling to get away.
Ssswwiiicccckkkk! Ssswwiiicccckkkk!
Two more stinging cuts had her yelping. I kept her head now and her mouth pressed to my balls.
„“ she sobbed but I f***ed her to keep her mouth there.
„KISS,GIRL...KISS!“ bellowed Timal.
Ssswwwiiicccckkkk! Sswiccckkkkk!
I felt the young lips begin to move as they pressed against my scrotum. She could only stand a certain amout of pain. It was better to obey than feel that stinging whalebone...which continued to saw menacingly.
Timal was smiling mischievously at me. „Is she kissing?“ she enquired.
„Yep...“ I said, „I guess you could say that...“ The young mouth went on working, with Chloe making little snorts of revulsion. My prick, which I still held raised in my right hand, was beginning to swell. Wouldn't yours, if you had a ripe 16-year-old kissing your balls?
„Lick!“ ordered Timal suddenly. „And lick good, girl!“ The switch tapped lightly and constantly. Chloe flinched with dread. Then I felt her tongue begin to lave over my balls. Nice...very nice. Pain obtain obedience.
„Is she licking?“ asked Timal.
„Sure is,“ I replied. Timal looked faintly triumphant. My cock was gradually getting thicker and stiffer but I don't think Chloe was aware of this because, I kept her head well down so that she could not escape from her noisome task.
„Lovely big balls, eh?“ I said.
„U-Ugh...u-ugh...u-ugh...“ she groaned but kept on licking.
Sawing the switch, tapping it, Timal kept the girl at it for a good five minutes. By then I was solidly in erection.
„Kneel up!“ barked Timal. I let Chloe's hair go and she straightened up at once. What she saw right before her must have come as quite a shock for she let out a disbelieving wail and half got to her feet. „KNEEL, SLAVE!“ bellowed Timal, lashing the switch down several times. Chloe knelt, covering her face with her hands. Again the switch lashed. „Hands on top of your head, have learnt the posture!“ Chloe's hands went up; she averted her face from me.
„LOOK AT THAT COCK...LOOK AT IT!“ cried Timal.
Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiiicccckkkk!
Chloe had to look...or go on feeling that switch. She looked...features quivering, nostrils flaringwith revulsion.
„Nice, eh?“ I said, grinning at her. „That's a really big cock, girlie. And, soon, you're going to have it in your mouth.“
„N-Nooooo...NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!“ shrieked Chloe. She was fast becoming hysterical. Which, I suppose was understandable.
„First you going to lick it,“ said Timal.
Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk!
Chloe was yelping with pain, her eyes wild, tears spurting out. I got hold of her hair again, bringing her face toward.
„LICK IT!“ commanded Timal.
Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk! Sswwiiicccckkkk!
I pulled the girl even closer, feeling her mouth on my throbbing length.
Four more times the switch lashes across Chloe's squirming bottom. Then I felt her tongue against me. Pulling on her hair, I ensured that her tongue ran satisfyingly up and down my length. She was retching. Sobbing heart-rendingly. No, that youngster didn't like what she had to do one little bit! It reminded me very much of how Tania had behaved to begin with.
I kept her at it, pulling her closer to me, jerking her head up and down.
Smiling at me, Timal sawed the cane across the girl's bottom. It was ever ready to lash down and bring instant pain.
„Lick...lick...lick...“ urged Timal, lick that lovely big cock!“
Chloe did so, having very little option, unless she wanted to feel the switch. I realised that, to Timal, the sight of my rampant erection must have been pretty revolting. Noth that that mattered a damn. It was all part of her job to have to look upon a Trainer's erection. In any event, she only had to observe it and not deal with it as Chloe was doing. Something far more unpleasant, especially for a 16-year-old.
„Lick the knob,“ ordered Timal. „Just the knob.“ Her switch started flicking warningly. Chloe licked my knob. I must say it felt delicious. Her pretty young features were quite distorted as she worked away. Her eyes were shut, her nostrils wide. Jetting, snorting sobs came from her. Yet she kept to her task.
Oh what a busy little tongue!
„Good girl,“ I said, mussuing her hair. „Keep at it!“
Chloe did so. She was definitely in mortal terror of what Timal would do to her if she did not.
Can you imagine it?
„Stop!“ cried Timal.
Needless to say, Chloe stopped at once. I let her head go and it swung right down between my thighs. She was weeping uncontrollably. Her lungs heaving. She had just done something she had never remotely ever imagined herself doing. Quite an ordeal. I was quite understanding even if, as ever, totally devoted to my duties. A slave-girl has to be trained to behave herself in every sort of sexual way that is demanded of her. And in every other way too.
„Kneel up!“
Chloe knelt up. Her eyes were red blotches. Her young cheeks were awash with tears. Those apple-round breasts heaved up and down. She was, I could see, right at the end of her tether. So, I guessed, could Timal, who is an experienced Trainer.
„Right Chloe,“ she said, „you have made quite a good start. Though, I have to tell you, not quite good enough. Accordingly, I shall cane you again this evening.“
„OOOHH...NO...NO...mercy...merceeeeee...Miss!“ Chlue flung herself round and clasped Timal's boots. „I t-tried...ooooh...I tried...have merceeeeeeeee!“
„But you didn't try hard enough, Chloe,“ stated Timal, almost sympathetically one might have trought. „Theree were lots of protests, lots of pressure put upon you. It's not good enough. A slave-girl simply has to learn to obey. And licking a cock is really a most basic exercise.“
„M-Merceee...merceeee...merceeee...“ moaned Chloe, „n-no...more of...of the c-cane...“
„Plenty more, if you don't behave yourself,“ rasped Timal.
„Oooooh...ohhhh...dear God...ooooh how can I endure it...“ whined Chloe. I smiled at Timal who was continuing to tap Chloe's bottom with her switch.
„Oh, you'll edure it all right, slave. You'll survive. And lean to obey implicity.“
„She's right, youngster,“ I said, mauling one of Chloe's tits. Instinctively she shied away. Shortly she would'n be doing that. „You'll soon be obeying absolutely and completely.“
„Another reason why I am going to cane you this evening, Chloe,“ said Timal, „is that tomorrow morning you are coming back here and you are going to take Tariq's cock into your mouth. Take it and suck it...“
„Oh, yes...oh, yes. So, my girl, while you're getting caned, just think that you will get it all over again, if you don't do as I say.“
Timal was smiling sexily at me. Though I knew she didn't mean it. „It might be more appropriate if you caned her, tariq,“ she said.
„If you think so, I shall be happy to oblige,“ I answered. The prospect was not at all displeasing. Timal was fastening on Chloe's collar and chain.
„See you this evening then, Tariq,“ said Timal, striding towards the Training Room door, more or less dragging the weeping girl behind her. I must say her bottom was already exceedingly well striped with both switch and cane.
„Yes...sure thing,“ I replied, following them out.
I went back to my own quarters to take a little rest.

I slept happily for a couple of hours or so, and when I awoke, realised it was already six o'click. Alomst time for the evening Punishment Session. As usual, after a sl**p, I had a solid erection on, but didn't intend to do anything about it at that moment. I took a shower and that cooled me down.
Then I made my way down to the Punishment Room without my pouch on.
Trainers and Overseers have the option to wear one or not. I often don't, so as to impress a few of the girls.
Timal was just bringing Chloe in when I arrived. She chained her to the wall, then came across to me.
„Eighteen strokes, I think,“ she said.
Whatever you want,“ I answered.
„Should soften her up nicely for tomorrow,“ smiled Timal. „Rather fancy her, don't you?“
„Not bad,“ I answered, trying to sound indifferent. „She's just another piece of young cunt as far as I am concerned.“
„Ahhh...well...“ sighed Timal, smirking at me.
Madame Grosse came in dead on time and Chloe was called out first. She was weeping incessantly, struggling against the collar and chain.
„Insolence and obedience, Madame,“ I said. Madame Grosse nodded grimly. „And we are just coming to a crunch point in Chloe's training. Miss Timal thinks 18 strokes with a Number 2 would meet the case. And so do I.“
Chloe was crying out for mercy. Madame Grosse said nothing for a few moments. Then she spoke. „May I make a suggestion, Tariq?“
„Certainly, Madame.“
„This girl has had several good canings; I think she needs something more. Something that will make her bottom very tender indeed. I think she should get then strokes with the double thonged strap and ten strokes with a number 2 cane. The strokes to be laid on alternately.“
„Excellent, Madame,“ I responded.
Then Timal and I placed a wildly struggling Chloe into the pillory and curved her round bottom as taut as possible. Timal picked up the strap so I fetched the Number 2 rod.
We took up positions on either side.
„Start at the top,“ I advised, „work down...then back up again. Take it slowly.“ Those second ten strokes were going to be the purest agony for young Chloe. Timal swung up.
THWWWAACCCCKKKK! The heavy leather tawse cracked loudly across the naked bottom.
A second later, my cane came down and whiplashed across the burning swathe just raised.
There were two gasping shrieks of torment from Chloe, the second one louder and more agonised than the first. A purpling, twin-tracked weal bisected the three inch-wide welt across both buttock cheeks. Chloe went on shrieking, her throat rattling.
We allowed her ten seconds to absorb the pain fully, then laid on again, a little lower.
The shrieks were ear splitting. Madame Grosse nodded her head approvingly. This girl, on account of her suggestion, was really suffering. And was going to suffer for, far more.

Chloe fainted three times during her cruel flogging but was quickly revived on each occasion. Tawse and cane continued to fall relentlessly. The whole bottom was a mass of red-purple welts and weals when we had at last finished.
„No treatment,“ said Madame Grosse. „You'll want her nice and tender for tomorrow.“
Timal and I agreed whole-heartedly.... Continue»
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My slut wife..from Sri Lanka

hi im gayan aged 27 yrs living in moratuwa, Sri lanka..the story i'm going to narrate you is about the real incidents happened during past few months about my young and horny wife Taniya..actually its about how i found my wife is a horny slut with her collegue. my wife is 25 years old and we were married for the last 6 months. As both of us are working for same bank in Sri lanka we dint get a chance to work together and i was transferred to System Department where you get 7*24*365 work in shift basis. The very next month my wife got promoted to next level and we overjoyed as it was a gift for our wedding. But the real problem was started by then only..

During my wife Taniya's training sessions after her promotion our bank has hired a person called Dananjaya who is in his early thirties a superb speaker and a HR guy from another bank to do a training session towards HR Skills and Blah..Blahh. His training went for 2 days in the 2 week training program and my wife didnt stop talking about that person through out the week. After 2 months my wife Taniya got an offer from the bank where Dananjaya works as HR Manager for a superior post with a package which no one can refuse. I was also agreed since it was a good option to switch with a package like that and wanted Taniya to join as soon. As expected Taniya was so happy about the new job and as usual she was praising Mr.Dananjaya for this opportunity.

Within one month period Taniya joined the new bank and got her placement at HR division of the bank as a Trainee Executive. Things went on smoothly for while and Taniya was so happy about the new job and people around her. By the 3rd week after Taniya got her new job i was transferred to a outstation branch in a small town near Galle for a new assignment. Since my wife also resigned even after her promotion i coud not negotiate with the transfer with my superiors as they indirectly pointing how un loyal is my wife. So i had to accept the transfer and shifted my self to the Branch near Galle. As our bank operates 6 days per week i had not had the chance to visit home every week so i used to come once in two weeks for two days. We used to be on phone for hours every day and Taniya was telling everything about her day at ofiice.

As the days moving i was bit annoyed about the calls Taniya getting in her mobile as i noticed nearly most of the time i had my call in waiting when ever i called her. Even though I did not say anything about the waiting calls Taniya would have noticed my anguish told me one day that she was given a new mobile no by her bank as their corporate policy where the bills are settled by the bank. However Taniya was not too happy to change her no as she had been using that for nearly 9 years so she had purchased a new mobile phone and using that for office matters. But at first i was not too happy about two mobile thing but had accept as i didnt want to show her that i was skeptic about her behavior. And Taniya also told that she is getting too many calls as she handling the HR matters and it will be a problem with me if she is not attending my calls and she decided to leave the office phone at her desk once she finished work. That seemed reasonable to me and i also welcomed the idea.

After few weeks everything was ok and i went for home for a three day holiday. I took the bus after i finished my work at 5pm on Friday evening and told Taniya That i was coming home for a three days holiday and i would stay till Monday. She suddenly asked at what time i would reach colombo and why didnt i tell her about the holiday. Then I said I thought a take a leave as Im tired of working for last two weeks without break and the i have not granted leave till the last minute. She said ok and she'll be home before me. fortunately the train i was coming is an express from Matara has stopped at Moratuwa for signal clearance. So i had stepped out of the train with joy as my travelling had cut down nearly 1.5Hrs. Otherwise i had to go to Colombo and come back to Moratuwa either by bus or train and friends from Sri Lanka know how painfull journey is that on a Friday evening. I reached home about 7.40pm and realized Taniya had not come yet and used the second key i have with me to open the door went straightly to the wash room to get freshen before Taniya comes. I noticed the nice fragrance coming in the washroom and saw some new shower gels and shampoos in the wash room. Those were looking like some foreign kind stuffs and wondered how Taniya had got them. And there were some panties which worn by my wife during the week were in hangers I usually never care about my wife's panties but now the one month sex drought had made me to sniff the panties of my wife. I took them in my had and started to look at one by one. All those panties were newly bought ones and I have not seen Taniya wearing those. One cotton panty in dull pink color had some wrinkles on its crotch as some one has rubbed her pussy over panty and the her juice has dried on the panty and it made the crotch of the panty stiff like a paper. Then i found a black one with some wetness remain on that which i could assume that the one she had weared last night and changed this morning. After that I didnt waste the time and went to the closet looking for the shampoo. there i found a expensive shaving kit for ladies and Cosmopolitan magazine. Taniya is not the person who read the magazines and certainly not Cosmopolitam Mag. I smelled fishy on the magazine and went through it. the magazine was folded on a page which had the pubic hair styles with photos. They have mentioned the names of each style like, heart cut, bushy cut, triangle cut, V cut, toothpic cut and pine Cut and wondered what is the cut Taniya is having. Then I took a shower and went to hall and switch on the computer to browse some websites. It was around 8pm and still Taniya had not turned up. I didnt too worried as she usually comes around 8 pm since the route was really packed everyday after work and too it was Friday evening so the situation will be worse than normal days. As I switched on the computer the Skype was on with the start-up and automatically started to signing in. I waited for a while and wondered what was she doing in Skype as she don't even have friends in abroad. I went through some call history where she only called and received from a person named dananj.m. As i not too dumb I assumed it was Dananjaya her HR Manager . The calls were went for 25 ,30 minutes mostly around 11pm and i saw some chat messages were saying..wait..hubby calling..ill be back in 10 min 15 mints like. I was so sure some thing is going through them and decided to search some more. Next i went through the web history and found some pages on sexual health. She had searched How to give a erotic blowjob?? and anal sex...How to make man eating your pussy??.. Instead of getting angry i was bit aroused by the pages she viewed and decided to wait some time to catch more actions of her.

Taniya came around 8.15pm and she was in a black sleeveless outfit which is only unto her knees. I have not seen her wearing dresses like that to office and questioned her about the new dress. She said she had a cocktail get to gather and she was prepared for that but had to leave the cocktail party in middle since i was coming. And said she was moving with the corporate management most of the time and the new job is not like the previous one where she handled customers so she preferred to wear some posh dresses then only she can be respected and blah..blah..I said ok and but to find at least transport service to go to work as it is not good travel in buses with dresses. She nodded and said she never use buses these days and hired a Trishaw for daily commute. I was convinced and she went washroom to get herself freshen. We ordered some food from a restaurant as she was tired of work slept early.... Continue»
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A Maid's Tale

.This is kind of a long story (12,000+ words) but I hope you will stick with it to the end. The story would also not have been possible if not for the inspiration that I recieved from slave-maid.

Fiona could feel his steel like gaze penetrate her as she scrubbed the cold tile bathroom floor with the hard brush. She knew he was judging her work and she felt nervous that he would find a spot she had missed. She so wanted him to be pleased with her.

Her eyes scanned the floor just as his eyes scanned her naked body. She could feel his gaze linger on her firm backside as it wobbled side to side with each stroke of the brush she made. Her legs were slightly open and she knew he could see her pussy, she felt a jolt of excitement run through her body. She loved being on show for him as she cleaned.

He looked at her and then at the floor where she had scrubbed. She had done a good job, obviously she was learning fast. Maybe he would even allow her to wear her maid uniform soon, just the uniform of course, underwear was not allowed, she had to be at his beck and call at all times for whatever took his fancy.

Fiona scrubbed a patch of the floor and moved on. She had been down on her hands and knees for twenty minutes so far, but it was worth the pain she felt in her joints to have Sir Henry pleased with her again.

She owed him so much, much more then she could ever repay. He had taken her from the misery of her marriage, got her away from a husband who had neglected her for years, helped her escape from the boredom and frustration of her life and given her a new one with him. At the age of forty-one she could finally start living again.

Yet despite all he had done for her, she had let him down. She was the live-in maid, her job was to serve Sir Henry, and she had to submit to his every whim. He had told her to clean the bathroom which she had eagerly done but much to her horror he had found a spot she had missed…

“Fifi” It was the name given to her when she first came into Sir Henry’s service, he had decided that Fiona was not a fitting name for a maid and bestowed a more fitting one upon her. Fiona had not resisted. “Get in here, now!” She felt a chill go down her spine as she heard the tone of Sir Henry’s voice. It was hard and angry.

“Is something wrong Sir? How may I serve you?” she spoke hesitantly, in her mind she was running over thoughts to try and find what she could have done to upset him. Her stomach was in knots and her heart raced.

“Fifi, I told you to clean the bathroom did I not?” he turned his dark eyes onto her and Fiona lowered her gaze to the floor and bowed her head in submission.

“You did Sir, and I did as I was told like a good maid” she said softly

“Fifi, I do not like to be lied to!” his voice rose and became growling. Sir Henry was a very caring man but also very strict. Fiona had learned that soon after entering his employment.

“Sir… I… I do not lie” Fiona felt her cheeks redden and her stomach turn over, his eyes looked deep into her.

“Then why, Fifi, why did I find a dirty spot on the floor you say you cleaned?”

Fiona felt his strong hand grab her arm and he pulled her roughly across the room towards the toilet. A myriad of thoughts ran through her head, how could she have missed a spot? How could she disappoint Sir Henry like that? Shame ran through her.

“There, got down on your knees and look carefully!”

Fiona fell to her knees at his feet and bowed her head down, she looked but couldn’t see anything, and panic grew within her mind.

“Do you see it?” his tone was harsh and made Fiona jump.

“I don’t see anything Sir” she said quietly, shyly.

“Then look closer” he shoved her head down until her nose almost touched the floor and then she saw what his sharp eyes had. There was a small mark of dust she had over-looked.

“I am so sorry Sir, I… I can’t explain” she was lost, couldn’t find the right words, her whole body tensed and her mouth refused to let the words come. Sir Henry cut her off.

“I don’t want excuses Fifi!” he snapped and she flinched “This will not do at all, come with me!”

Fiona followed behind Sir Henry, she felt ashamed of herself and weak. She knew what was to come and knew she deserved it, now she just had to steel herself.

She was lead into the living room, trailing behind Sir Henry she held herself in check with much difficulty, inside she was a mess. Once inside he stopped and turned to face her. He was an older gentleman, in his mid fifties but still handsome and trim. Before he took early retirement he had made his fortune in the financial world and he used that money to fund his current comfortable lifestyle.

“I am very disappointed in you Fifi” he said looking her over, she couldn’t meet his eyes, her head was bowed low “I bring you here, give you a new life as my maid, give you this lovely uniform to wear”

He stopped again and admired her dress. It was a French maid uniform, black and white with a frilly shirt. It clung to Fiona’s body tightly; she wore nothing underneath it meaning whenever she bent over her naked legs, ass and pussy were on show.

“And you don’t even do a simple thing like clean my floor when I tell you to” he shook his head and tuted, making Fiona feel more ashamed of herself for displeasing him “I think its time you learned your lesson!”

“Yes, Sir” Fiona said quietly, resigned to her fate.

“Remove your uniform; you don’t deserve to wear it”

Fiona felt like sobbing but held it back. Her uniform was a symbol of her position within the house. When she was made to remove it she felt lost, in the house without a place. It was not something she liked. Her natural submissiveness took over and she removed the uniform without complaint or question, it slid down her body, her modest breasts exposed first and then the rest of her. She stood naked before Sir Henry.

He shook his head as he looked at her. Her nipples were already hard and pointed, just obeying his commands was enough to turn her on and arouse her, and it was something he much enjoyed about her.

“Fifi, this is for your own good, now hold out your hands”

Fiona didn’t look up at him but she felt the hard metal of the handcuffs wrap around her thin wrists. He always did this when she was to be punished, it was a physical reminded of her bondage to him. She felt herself grow wetter and more aroused despite herself.

“Now turn and bend over Fifi.” This was a command, his voice was hard.

Fiona obeyed instinctively, turning she bent at the waist and placed her cuffed hands onto the sofa, palms flat on the seat, and waited for it to begin.

Sir Henry waited, making Fiona wonder when the first smack would come. It was the waiting that was worse then the actual punishment. He was strict but never so much so that damaged her. That was not the point of punishment, he wanted her to learn not be hurt.


The thin bamboo cane he carried came down on her firm right buttock, making her wince and stinging sensations grow on her skin. The cane was for this very purpose. It was not very useful as a walking aide, too thin and bendable, but as a tool for delivering swift and memorable punishment it was perfect.


Again the cane cut through the air with a swish and landed on her buttock after a short pause. Fiona gasped as she felt the stinging pain shoot up her spine then fade away, the warmth from the area remained however.


This one landed on the left cheek but with the same result, a sharp sting and then a soft and constant heat which grew with each additional smack that a strong swing of his arm delivered.


Back to the right cheek this time, a thin red line rose and then faded on her skin. Fiona clenched her hands and fought the urge to pull away from the cane as she heard another swish and a sting on her left buttock. In her mind she knew she deserved this, needed him to be strict with her. She could feel nothing but a desire to have him enter her and dominate her as the cane came down on her again for a final stroke.


Sir Henry spanked Fiona a total of five times with his cane, no marks were left on her but she could feel the stinging pain where each had landed mix into a general burning sensation. It would be a good reminder to be much more careful before she declared she had finished her duties in future.

“Now, Fifi. Go back into the bathroom and actually clean the floor!”

Fiona straightened her back but kept her head hung, she couldn’t even look at him right now, her shame at disappointing him was too great, she would make up for it now, would clean the floor until it was spotless.

“Yes Sir, thank you for being so lenient with me, though I don’t deserve it, Sir” she said and quickly curtsied to him before rushing off to the bathroom to start her work again…

That had been twenty minutes ago. Fiona had been thinking about her punishment and scrubbing the floor naked, her hands still in cuffs limiting her movements, since he had finished delivering it. She took much more care this time and she was glad that Sir Henry was watching her work; his gaze on her naked body made her work harder, be more careful, and aroused her more.

Finally she was finished. Fiona looked carefully over the shining floor, making sure she had not missed anything, if she had then Sir Henry would not be so gentle again.

“Finished?” his voice came from just behind her and Fiona swallowed before she answered

“Yes Sir, I believe you will be pleased”

She waited for his answer, her heart beating madly in her chest and her breath catching in her throat. She was on her knees at his feet and could feel his presence towering over her, the sense of domination that she got from having his shadow cast over her naked body drove her wild with desire.

Sir Henry smiled as he looked down upon his live-in maid. He loved the power he had over her; she was more then just his servant. She was his willing little slave. She would not object to anything he ordered of her, would submit to his whim without question. He had always been a dominant type of person, it had served him well in the business world, made him a fortune, and now it served him well in his personal life too.

“You have missed something Fifi” he said menacingly and Fiona felt faint, her body shook “Turn around”

Slowly she spun on her knees; her eyes were welling up with tears. How could she miss something again? She couldn’t have, but Sit Henry knew best!

Fiona slowly raised her eyes up from Sir Henry’s feet. Up his legs and once her sight got up to his crotch she knew what she had missed. A smile of relief came over her face, the corners of her lips curled up and a sense of relief calmed her rapid heartbeat.

Sir Henry’s cock stood erect, pointing at her face strong and proud. He had unzipped his trousers and removed it while she was cleaning the floor. Watching her naked body glide along, hands cuffed and breasts hanging and swaying as she moved the brush had made him very aroused.

“I think it needs to be cleaned Fifi” he smiled down at her as she nodded her head eagerly

“Yes Sir” she said quickly and lifted her bound hands wrapping her fingers around the shaft of his cock near the base, gently rubbing it as she moved forwards on her knees and kissed the head gently, her tongue flicking over his sensitive skin as her lips closed around it.

Fiona pursed her lips and kissed the head of Sir Henry’s cock several times, she treated it as a long lost lover, gently caressing it and placing little calculated licks here and there, designed to bring the maximum pleasure.

Sir Henry looked down into Fiona’s submissive brown eyes, his strong penetrating gaze overwhelming her own tentative one. She liked him to look deep into her as she pleased him; it made her feel connected to him.

She closed her wet lips around the head of his cock again and this time began to slide her mouth forward, taking more of his hardness into her mouth’s warm embrace. Her tongue slid along the underside of his shaft and then began to swirl around it, cleaning him like she would a thin vase with a cloth.

Sir Henry groaned a little as Fiona began to suck gently on his cock, her tongue glided up and down his shaft and her lips tightly clung to it as she moved her head back and focused back on the sensitive head. Her hands held the base of his cock softly and made small rocking movements; just enough to add more sensations to her sucks and licks.

Fiona heard his groan and felt a great sense of pleasure herself. Just pleasing him made her happy; she had even had an orgasm herself just from bringing him to the point of release before.

She began to move her tongue faster, licking him more urgently after the initial tenderness that she had shown. It was something she had learned he liked from many times pleasing him. He liked her to start gentle, submissively touching him and feeling out his desires then when she knew his feelings to become gradually more confident in her quest to please him.

Sir Henry leaned his head back and thrust his hips forwards, his cock sliding deeper into Fiona’s mouth, the head moving towards her throat before he stopped and moved it back towards her lips. She allowed him to use her like this, just kept her lips closed around his cock and her head still while he began to thrust back and forth.

“Remove your hands” he said as his hands entangled in her hair. He wanted complete control over how he used her mouth, he would dictate the pace of his thrusts, would control the depth that he shoved his cock to in her mouth or throat, she was here on her knees to bring him the pleasure he wanted and nothing more. Not that Fiona wanted it any other way; she was overjoyed to be totally submissive to such a strong and dominant man.

His pace gathered, his cock sinking in and then pulling out of her mouth. Fiona sucked him on each forwards thrust he made, her tongue flicking and lips clinging to the cock she loved so much. Her hands hung down between her thighs, fingers gently rubbed against her clit as her mouth was used by Sir Henry, it was one of the benefits he allowed her while she satisfied him

His strong hands began to move Fiona’s head, his own hips stopping their thrusts. She let go of herself and allowed him to manipulate her for his pleasure, her head bobbing back and forth and his cock glistening with her saliva.

“Yes Fifi, clean it like a good little maid” Sir Henry growled as he f***ed her head forwards, his cock sliding deep into her mouth and the head touching her throat. Fiona relaxed and allowed him as much access as she could manage; training had given her good control over her throat and dulled her gagging impulse.

Fiona moaned as he spoke to her, her own fingers were now rubbing the little hard nub that was her clit f***efully as her mouth was used to please the man who dominated her whole life. She could feel his cock throbbing and twitching as she sucked and played with it. His strong hands, entangled in her hair moved her at a fast pace along the shaft.

“Harder” he said as his hips once again began to drive his cock forwards. Fiona sucked him harder, obeying his command as she always did. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked him, her tongue rubbing along his cock’s bulbous head and her breath coming quickly through her nose.

Fiona felt her knees ache from kneeling on the hand floor but ignored the pain, she was being treated by Sir Henry to suck his cock and intended to enjoy every second of it. His pace was frantic, his cock emerging from between her lips and then sinking back into the depth of her mouth just as quickly, each time she would suck and lick him he treated her to the sound of his deep voice groaning with pleasure.

Sir Henry groaned and held Fiona’s head tightly between his hands; his cock was half way in her mouth, a few inches protruded from her lips. She was looking up at him, her eyes full of love and desire and submission to him. She knew what was to come next, she’d felt it building for some time.

The first squirt of his orgasm splashed a blob of sticky, salty cum onto the back of her tongue. He grunted as another was released, this one landing more on her taste bubs giving her whole mouth the taste of his offering.

Fiona swallowed and felt another dribble of his cum. She savoured the taste; he had offered it to her and she would gladly accept, would willingly allow him to deposit his seed in any place he wished within her body or on it.

Finally his cock stopped twitching and the flow of cum ceased. Fiona rolled the last remains around her mouth and then swallowed it as Sir Henry removed his cock from between her lips and looked down at her lovingly. He patted her head and caressed his hand over her cheek, a sign of his affection for her. Fiona felt great pride and love as he did so.

She looked at his cock and saw it glistened with her spit and the last remains of his cum, without thinking she took it back into her mouth and licked it clean, making sure to get all his own fluids off before she released it again and smiled up at him from her knees.

“You did a good job Fifi, now I think I shall take dinner at seven pm tonight” he said and tucked his limp cock back into his trousers before turning to exit the bathroom.

“Yes Sir” she said looking at the clock and getting to her feet to begin preparing dinner. With her hands still cuffed it would take a little longer then usual.

Part 2:

The kitchen was hot and a thin sheen of sweat had formed all over Fiona’s naked body. The hand cuffs which had been part of her punishment for not doing her duty and cleaning the kitchen floor to Sir Henry’s satisfaction had made preparing his dinner a more laborious task then usual, but she had managed.

Now it was time to serve. He was already at the table awaiting his meal but Fiona had to serve it in the correct way. She looked at the clock, it showed 6:55pm and she began to prepare.

Getting a cloth she wiped her naked body down, removing the sweat that had accumulated from checking the oven and rushing around preparing the food. It glided down her smooth skin, not bad for forty-one, and removed the moisture. Sir Henry didn’t like his maid to be damp while she served his dinner.

Finally dried off Fiona replaced the towel and went to get the tray she would serve his food upon. It was cool to the touch, the metal felt good on her hands as she placed it down on the counter and took the collar that attacked to it via a chain in her hands, unclasping it and raising the leather circle to her neck. She wrapped it around and buckled the small cuff with a little difficulty behind her head, letting her hair cover it once she had done so.

Next were the clamps. Fiona looked at each and a small thrill ran through her body. She reached up to her chest and tweaked first her right and then her left nipple. The small nubs hardened quickly, standing erect. She hesitated for only a moment then took the first of the clamps in her hand; she snapped the metal together between her fingers and felt her crotch grow wetter as the quiet metallic chink sounded.

Fiona raised the clamp and placed it over her right nipple, her fingers still holding the clasp open, she adjusted it a little, pushing it against her skin so her whole nipple and more of the surrounding flesh would be pinched between each metal bar, then she released the clasp and it quickly snapped down on her.

A flair of pain shot out from her clamped nipple. The small nub felt like it was on fire as the metal dug in and held tight but Fiona didn’t cry out or even groan. A small mile came over her face, she was doing this for Sir Henry, and he had ordered her to serve his dinner in this fashion since she first arrived at his home as the live-in maid.

A second later Fiona attached the second clamp to her left nipple, again the pain flared, her nipple stung and her skin puckered around the clamp but she just focused on serving. She had to check they were attached properly. With a held breath Fiona pulled the chains that hung from the clamps on her nipples. A sharp pain followed but the clamps remained attached, her nipples stretched away from her body.

With all three chains secure, one going from her neck and one from each stinging nipple, Fiona began to attach them to the tray. The chain from her neck attached to the middle and each nipple’s chain went to the corner, combined they held the tray steady as it lay horizontally from her waist.

Another check on the time and it was time to serve the first course. Fiona picked up the bowl of soup she had prepared for Sir Henry and placed it on the try with a spoon. The added weight of the filled bowl made the tray heavier and the chains on her nipples tugged. She felt her skin stretch, her sensitive nubs cried out in protest and she grimaced a little but quickly regained her composure as she walked, naked, out of the kitchen and into the dinning room.

“Thank you Fifi” Sir Henry said as his maid placed the bowl of soup before him and stood back waiting for him to finished so she may remove it once more.

He admired her naked form. Had a small smile as he saw her reddening nipples, the small clamp cutting off the bl**d to them and holding what was there already. His eyes went down from Fiona’s breasts to her crotch as he spooned soup into his mouth. He felt a stirring in his crotch looking at her naked form. She worked for him without pay and conditions, which was the deal. Her rewards for her service were simple. She got a very good room to stay in and the benefits of his attention when he felt in the mood to have her, much like he had that afternoon. The feeling was returning now.

Fiona waited as Sir Henry ate his soup. She could feel his eyes on her and it made her stomach fill with butterflies. She always felt the same when he gave her attention like this. Her nipples stung, the weight of the tray alone was enough to pull them slightly but it was a good stinging, a dull ache that made her aroused.

He finished and Fiona stepped forwards to remove his bowl, placing it once again upon the tray and feeling her nipples pulled by its weight on the clamps. She walked back to the kitchen and could feel Sir Henry’s eyes follow her all the way, focused on her naked swaying backside. She loved feeling the attention.

Next course was the main. This consisted of a plate of lamb chops and vegetables with a glass of wine. Once it was all on the tray and she had taken a second or two to adjust to her nipples being stretched once more, Fiona took his meal to Sir Henry.

His eyes watched her all the way from the door. He admired her form as she walked, her breasts pulled down by the weight of the tray and her hands still cuffed together resting down over her crotch. She moved gracefully but carefully, each step she took was measured and small. He felt his cock stir once more in his pants at seeing her so submissively serve him his meal.

“Your next course Sir, I do hope it is to your liking” Fiona said as she placed the plate and glass down on the table before him. The shiny dark mahogany almost reflected her back.

“Thank you Fifi” he said with a smile and began to cut his meat and dine once more.

Sir Henry took his time, chewing over each piece carefully, thoughtfully dragging out his dinner. He thought about how Fiona must be feeling now, the clamps had been on her nipples for some time now and a quick glace at them revealed them to be hard and a little inflamed, he suspected that if he ordered her to open her thighs and thrust a finger into her she would be wet and ready for him.

Fiona stood obediently with her head bowed as he ate. Her nipples were now aching much more then they had when she had first attached the clamps to them. It wasn’t a pain that made her want to remove them; however, it was more a dull ache that drove her wild. She wasn’t into pain exactly, she didn’t enjoy the feeling of it as such, but knowing this was his will, she was serving him by enduring, made her happy, made it all worth it, made her wet.

As she stood, her breasts radiating feelings of pleasure and pain, her thighs squeezed hard together meaning she at least had some sensation of relief she wanted nothing more then Sir Henry to take her. She desired nothing more at that moment then to have him inside her, this thick cock thrusting into her womanhood, filling her with his desire, making her his fully.

Sir Henry glanced at his maid and saw her thighs squeeze together, it was a small movement but unmistakable. His mind went to deviant thoughts. His cock began to twitch inside his trousers.

He continued to eat but his mind was on other things. His eyes were drawn to Fiona as she stood quietly. His gaze ran over her nakedness, taking it all in. He had seen it so much since he took her away from her neglectful husband; the man had not deserved her. A woman like her needed a firm hand and lots of attention. She needed to be taught how to act around gentlemen; she needed to be shown how to embrace her submissiveness. He had done all that and would continue to teach her. But as he looked at her now a more base desire came over him.

Fiona collected up his plate but was told to leave his glass when he was finished eating. She placed it back on the tray and quickly but carefully walked back to the kitchen to fetch his dessert. She was just about to put the bowl of ice cream on the tray that hung on chains from her neck and nipples when she was startled by his voice.

“Fifi, remove your serving tray and come in here immediately”

Quickly Fiona unbuckled the collar around her neck and unclasped the clamps on her nipples. As soon as they were removed she felt the sting as bl**d rushed back to them, it sensation of pins and needles radiated from the hard nubs across the rest of her breasts. She put the tray on the counter and rushed back onto the dinning room.

“Is something amiss Sir?” she asked quickly

“My glass, Fifi, it has left a ring on my mahogany dining table” he replied pointing out the small mark on the dark wood.

“I shall get my cleaning equipment right away Sir” Fiona said and turned to hurry for a cloth and some water. She was halted by his voice before she could even take a step.

“No Fifi” his voice was cool and calm. She turned to see a dark smouldering in his hard eyes, it made her legs go weak and all she wanted to do was drop to her knees.

“Then, what would you have me do Sir?” she asked unsure of what was expected of her. It was a feeling she didn’t like.

Sir Henry stood and looked down at his maid. He was quite a margin taller then her despite she herself being five-foot-nine-inches tall, and cast and imposing figure at his full height. Just his presence looking over her made Fiona feel small and submissive, there was no command of his she wouldn’t obey.

“Give me your hands Fifi” he said and she raised her arms to him. He looked at the hand cuffs for a moment and then pulled the key from his pocket. Clicking the lock Fiona felt the restraints fall from her right wrist and dangle in the air from her left.

Sir Henry held her arm firmly in his strong grip. He studied her face, looking for any sign of her thoughts and then smiled as he quickly and f***efully spun her around until she faced away from him. He grabbed her other arm and roughly pulled it behind her back. The hand cuffs clicked as they were re-secured around Fiona’s wrists.

Fiona swallowed hard as she felt the powerlessness wash over her, her natural instinct was to struggle but her mind over powered that thought, she just stood and waited for her master to do what he wished with her.

A strong hand pressed against the middle of her back and pushed her forwards and Fiona was bent over the dining table. It was cold and hard, her B-cup breasts pressed against it and her nipples instantly hardened.

“Legs!” it was a command and to emphasis it Fiona felt his foot shove her own to the side. She quickly spread her feet wide her stomach now resting against the table as well as her breast. Her arms pulled back and cuffed behind her, she was totally at his mercy.

Fiona heard movement, the sound of a zip being undone and her excitement grew. She had already been moist, ready for attention since she first attached the clamps to her nipples and began serving his dinner, now she was positively dripping wet.

Sir Henry stepped out of his pants, his cock hard and throbbing he looked at his naked maid, bent over his dinning table, her breasts pressed over the small ring that his wine glass had made. He took hold of his cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy, she shuddered as he entered her.

Fiona felt the head of his cock slide into her with ease. A groan came out of her lips as she felt him slide his hips forwards, the full length of his cock slipping into her, her juice providing him with lots of lubricant to add to his ease.

“My, my. What a wet little slut maid you are” he said as his cock sank deeper into Fiona’s pussy until just an inch of him was left out. He could feel her squeeze him and the little shudders and shakes she always made when he was inside her, when he allowed her the pleasure of his cock.

“Yes Sir, I am your slut maid, Sir” Fiona said with a gasp as she felt him throb within her. Her body was on fire, her breasts pressed down hard onto the dark wooden table as he pulled back, removing the majority of his cock from her then thrust back in hard, her whole body rocked forwards, her breasts rubbed along the shiny varnished wood, her hard nipples scr****g and the friction making her squeal.

Sir Henry pulled back again and thrust hard into her, he watched as her body moved forwards, her breasts squashed against the table would be removing the stain now. His cock throbbed again in her wet hole and he placed his hands on her shoulders as he thrust hard again into his maid, his cock slipping deep into her willing body as she thrust her own hips back to get more of him inside.

Fiona moved her arms but the cuffs held them in place behind her back, she was powerless to do anything but accept his cock into her body, to be used as his fuck toy. She felt his hands press down on her shoulders, thrusting her breasts even harder onto the wooden table, her nipples, erect and aching sc****d along its surface as her body was again moved forwards by his hard thrust into her wonton pussy. Each time she felt his thickness inside her she groaned aloud. She pushed back against him only to be shoved forwards again by his hard and fast hip thrusts.

Her thighs hit against the edge of the table as he fucked her from behind. His cock thrust back and forth within her pussy, stretching her as the lips clung to his shaft, trying to keep him inside her for as long as possible.

“Such a wonton maid” he said from above her as he thrust deep again, the head of his cock sinking far inside Fiona’s pussy bringing a cry of pleasure from her open mouth.

“I am Sir, oh please Sir…” Fiona’s words were cut off as she felt one of his hands leave her shoulders and grab the hand cuffs restraining her arms behind her back. He pulled them a little, bending her shoulders back more and pressing her breasts harder against the wooden table that was supporting her body as he fucked her.

“Silence, Fifi” he said with another small tug, it was a signal to her, she was not permitted to ask for things while he was using her.

Fiona fell silent and placed her forehead against the cold wood table. She just focused on the feeling of his cock in her pussy, throbbing and thrusting inside her. She loved the power he had over her in times like this, a feeling of complete devotion to him came over her, she could feel the restraints holding her hands behind her back, she was totally at his mercy as he slipped deep into her again.

Sir Henry let go of the cuffs and placed his hand back on his maid, Fiona’s, shoulder. With both hands back supporting him he could thrust harder again, his cock driving into her pussy, small wet sounds could be heard as his cock slid into her, a testament to just how aroused she was at being bound and used by him.

Fiona held in gasps of pleasure as her body was rocked back and forth once more, his cock thrusting in her deeper now, more f***efully, he had hit his stride, he was making her know her place now, she was his toy to play with. His to use for pleasure when he wanted. She was more then just his maid at times like this.

“Hmm such a good maid” his deep voice growled as his cock was held deep in Fiona and throbbed madly. She could feel each movement of it, her pussy was so sensitive from all the attention it had gotten so far from him, the nerves were on fire, her whole crotch ached as much as her nipples which were still pressed hard against the table.

She held still, just wishing that he would say the words she wanted to hear right now, but she knew what she wanted wasn’t relevant, he was the boss, he told her what would happen and when, not the other way around. She felt a jerk of his cock inside her and gasped as his hands pushed hard on her back, forcing her down harder onto the hard wood.

“You have my permission Fifi” his voice came out with a gasp as his cock unloaded its contents into her. It jerked and throbbed as he came for the second time that day, this time depositing in her pussy rather then her mouth.

Fiona gasped and groaned as she got the permission she had wanted so badly, her own orgasm begun as soon as he made clear she was allowed. Her body shook and twitched as she felt his cock shooting his seed into her, marking her as his.

“Thank you Sir, oh thank you Sir!” she said over and over as the waves of pleasure came over her, her breath was raspy and quick, her pussy was on fire.

Finally, spent and tired, Sir Henry slipped his cock out of Fiona but didn’t take his hands from her shoulders. He held her down on the table for a few moments, looking at her sweat coated body, her arms secured behind her back, hands clasped together.

He relented and pulled her up to her feet. Fiona quickly fell into her usual submissive role, eyes down and head bowed. Her breasts rose and fell as she caught her breath.

“Fifi, I want you to get a cloth and clean this table that you have messed up with your sweat, then go take a shower, I will not have my maid such a mess!”

“Yes Sir” Fiona said as he unlocked the cuffs and let her arms free.

“I shall be going to bed early tonight Fifi, I have something important to do early tomorrow morning” Sir Henry announced before leaving the room and heading into one of the two bathrooms to clean himself.

Fiona waited for him to leave the room and then hurried off to the other bathroom, the one she had cleaned earlier that day, as she showered she thought about what a good day it had been and wondered what tomorrow would bring.

Part 3:

The cold hard floor felt refreshing on Fiona’s feet as she walked into the kitchen. She felt good today, it was what a good nights sl**p did for her and last night she had slept well after pleasing Sir Henry as she had on his dining table. She was still naked, her maid’s uniform had not yet been returned to her, but she hoped that he would relent soon, forgive her for her mistake the previous day. He knew best however and she wouldn’t question his judgement.

Her eyes fell to the sink, all the pots and pans and plates were still there ready to be cleaned, she should have done it the previous night but Sir Henry had instead used her for his pleasure and dismissed her.

“You have a lot of work to do today Fifi, a lot indeed, are you slacking in your duties?”

Fiona spun around when she heard his voice behind her. Normally he would not be up at this time. She quickly lowered her head and looked at the floor, something that she instinctively when in his presence.

“No, Sir” she said quietly and meekly “I was just about to start my duties, Sir.”

“I wonder sometimes, Fifi, if I am too soft with you, give you too much leeway to slack off, maybe you need tougher lessons” he shook his head thoughtfully as he gazed at her. Fiona said nothing just felt her stomach knot and heart race. The feeling of his eyes on her made her feel small.

“If it is what you think I deserve, Sir”

“Hmm, well get on with it, I expect my maid to work not stand around flapping her lips!” his voice became hard and stern making Fiona jump slightly.

She turned and began to run some water into the bowl, she could feel his eyes on her back and it made her nervous. She never knew what he was planning for her, each day was a new experience and the excitement of life with Sir Henry made the occasional punishment worth it.

The water was warm as she sank her hands into it and began to scrub a plate, the sponge rubbed against her soft skin, she could feel his presence behind her still, his eyes fixed on her back and dropping down to her naked backside. She felt the sexual thrill she always got from him grow.

“I will be going out for a while Fifi” he said more softly and Fiona felt his body move closer to her own “I shouldn’t be more then an hour”

Fiona jumped as she felt his hand touch her naked stomach and slide down her smooth skin until it reached her crotch. Once there his finger tip gently caressed up and down the length of her pussy. The touch was light, just a faint feeling but still arousing, teasing.

Sir Henry pressed his body against her back. Fiona could feel the bulge of his cock trapped within his pants press against her and his finger began to part the lips of her pussy before it slipped inside her, exploring her wetness. She let out a small groan as his finger entered her.

“I expect you to be finished with your cleaning duties by the time I return Fifi” he pressed his finger deeper into her and slowly slid it back out, his thumb found her clit and pressed on it bringing yet another groan from her lips as she squeezed the sponge between her fingers.

“Yes Sir” she whimpered as his finger was joined by a second, she could feel her legs shaking; the pleasure was great, feeling him looking over her, his fingers working slowly and carefully in her pussy, it all made her tremble with desire.

Sir Henry grinned; he was enjoying the reaction that Fiona gave to his attention. He was doing this for fun; he was exerting his power, his control, and his dominance over her. He could make her cum in a second if he wished to, but no, she had to learn and he was going to teach her.

“I trust you know what will happen if you are not” he said and drove his fingers deep and hard into her pussy.

Fiona gasped hard and felt her legs wobble, he held tightly onto the sink to keep from falling. The orgasm was right there, ready to explode and yet she had to hold back, he had not given her permission to cum.

“Please, Sir, please may your slave maid cum for you?” the words came out before she could stop them. There was still a small part of wilfulness in her, a small part that had not quite been surpassed.

Sir Henry quickly removed his fingers from her and stepped back. Fiona felt a chill run down her spine. What had she done? How could she say such a thing when she knew there was work to do?

“Sir, I am so sorry please…”

“Silence!” his voice echoed around the kitchen and made Fiona cringe. He was such a kind man to her but he was strict too, he had to be, she needed him to be. “You want to feel the release of pleasure while there are dirty dishes in my kitchen?”

Fiona began to apologise but was cut off by a harsh slap of his hand on her naked buttock. She fell silent and waited for him to speak again.

“I can see now that I have been too lenient with you Fifi. Its time to remember that you are my maid, my property, and your job is to serve me” his hand swung down and smacked against her buttock again, the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room and the familiar sting spread from the impact point.

“Yes, Sir” Fiona said as she felt another slap hit her naked ass. It was not the spanking but more the reason for it that made her whimper. Her pussy was even wetter then it had been when he had been fingering her, now.

“And again you speak back to me! This will end” A final smack on her buttock and Sir Henry left the kitchen. Fiona stood and thought about what had happened. Her hands were still in the hot water, and now her buttocks were radiating warmth too, she suspected they would be red if she could see them.

Sir Henry returned with something in his hands. Fiona didn’t dare look around at him, she simply kept her eyes forwards and head bowed.

“This will remind you to hold your tongue, open your mouth!”

Fiona opened her lips and felt something shoved roughly between her teeth. It didn’t take long for her to realise what it was. The taste of rubber gave it away and when she felt the strap go around the sides of her face and get buckled behind her head she knew for sure. It was a ball gag.

“And to make sure you don’t get any ideas about leaving this room until you have cleaned it up…”

Fiona felt another collar pulled around her neck and tied tightly. She didn’t know it but attached to this collar was a length of silk which Sir Henry tied to a hook on the far wall. The length of the silk ribbon was just enough to allow Fiona to get to the cupboards if she stretched.

“Now, you will learn that your cleaning duties as my maid come before your pathetic desires”

Fiona tried to speak, tried to say ‘Yes Sir’ but with the gag she couldn’t make more then a muffled groan. She nodded her head instead to signify she understood. Her pussy was very wet, she still felt hot and desperate to cum, and the spanking he had delivered had done nothing but made the feeling worse as it always did.

“Get on with your cleaning. I expect the kitchen to be spotless when I return” with that Sir Henry was gone, leaving Fiona alone with her work and her thoughts.

She scrubbed the plates in the warm water. Once they were clean she placed them on the side to be dried and placed away in their cupboards. Her mind raced through thought after thought. The gag in her mouth served her well as something to bite onto as she cursed herself.

She dipped another plate into the foaming water and ran the sponge over it several times. She was careful to hold on tight to the slick porcelain, the last thing she wanted to do was break anything, as that would have severe consequences for her.

Another plate and she was done. Her hands were wrinkled by the water but very soft. For some reason her mind settled on the first time that she had been punished by Sir Henry.

It had happened not long after she had entered his service. Soon after he had taken her away from her unhappy marriage and brought her to his mansion. She had been so naïve then. Unruly was the best way to describe her but she had learned her place. He had brought out her true nature, her submissiveness.

Fiona began to dry the plates. Her pussy was aching for more attention as the thoughts of her first paddling passed through her mind but she had to finish cleaning up first. He had said clearly, her duties came first unless, of course, he decided to use her.

She finished drying and began to put the plates away, the silk ribbon that had been attached to the collar around her neck made it difficult, each time she went too far from the sink it would pull her back, choke her slightly until she found the right distance that she could get to.

Her pussy throbbed as her mind filled with the thoughts of her situation. She pulled at the silk ribbon which kept her bound in the kitchen, bit onto the gag a little and signed. This is what she needed, a firm hand to keep her in place, if she had only seen that at the start.

Fiona looked around the kitchen and saw it looked spotless. Everything was cleaned and put away, the surfaces looked sparkling. Fiona felt proud of herself, she had finished before Sir Henry got home, and hopefully he would not be too upset with her anymore when he had seen the job she had done.

A look at the clock showed her that Sir Henry had been gone for just over forty minutes. He had said he would be gone for a while, how long that was exactly she didn’t know, but now she had finished her work, cleaned the place up and given it a once over to be sure, she had time alone.

Leaving the kitchen was not an option. It was only for Sir Henry to untie her and allow her to go about the rest of her duties. No she would have to remain here until he set her free.

A strange impulse came over her and Fiona sank to the ground. The cold floor felt good against her naked skin and she wiggled her ass a little as she settled with her legs apart and knees bent, back resting against the cupboard under the sink.

In her mind she again thought about her first punishment, it was like she was there again, only this time watching as he brought the paddle down on her flesh. She could hear the wood smack against her and almost feel the sting of it as he brought it down harder.

Without thinking Fiona began to run a finger up and down her pussy lips, gently applying pressure until her finger tip found its way between and into her moist pussy just the way Sir Henry had done before he had spanked her and left.

She groaned softly around the gag that he had made her wear, a reminder that her place was not to talk back to him but to serve him. Her finger slid deeper and quickly she pulled it back, wiggling her knuckles.

Her mind filled with images from her past. The times she had spent scrubbing the floors, cleaning the bathroom and dusting the silverware. Some strange feeling of joy came over her and she began to slip a second finger into her wet pussy, both now moving easily within her and the soft moans and groans came with regular speed from her throat.

She loved serving Sir Henry, just the thought of it made her aroused, how had she come to be so lucky to have him as her master? Her old life, the one she had before he came into her life, was now just a distant and unhappy memory.

Fiona slid her fingers faster into her pussy; her thumb now found her hard clit and began to press on it eliciting a deep groan of pleasure from her throat, the gag in her mouth muffling most of it. She thought about his words, her cleaning duties came first, only then could she enjoy the pleasures she wanted so badly.

Well she had done all that Sir Henry had asked of her, the kitchen was clean, the dishes put away and now she could play. She leaned back and the silk ribbon that held her in the kitchen pulled tight. It reminded her that she was not free, was just a servant, a live-in maid, although a live-in maid with some benefits.

Her fingers played with her pussy, rubbing and thrusting as her mind thought about Sir Henry and the ways she served him. She thought about his strong hands on her body as his cock entered her, the way he talked to her, made her know she was subservient to him in every way. She came hard and knew she would have to mop the floor before he arrived back.

Upon arriving home some two hours after he had set off, Sir Henry found his maid still in the kitchen. She was finishing up with some mopping, the ribbon that he had tied to her to make sure she couldn’t leave the kitchen made it so that she had to stretch the mop to get to the corners of the room but from the look of it she had managed to clean almost every square inch.

“I see you have done well Fifi, good” he said and watched as Fiona’s naked body bent in a courtesy. She felt happy that he had praised her work.

Sir Henry walked over and removed the ribbon that held her to the kitchen and then unbuckled the gag he had made her wear. Fiona opened and closed her jaw when he turned away; it felt good to be able to move it again.

“Now come with me Fifi, I have something for you”

Curiosity filled Fiona. Had he really brought her something? She followed behind him and he lead her into the living room, a sudden fear came over her, was he going to punish her again for this morning?

Her fears were allayed when he stopped and turned to face her with a smile on his face. There laid out on the sofa was a package with a message written on it reading: To Fifi, my good little maid

“Well, open it” he said and watched as Fiona hesitantly walked forwards, a little unsure.

The packaging tore open in her hands and revealed just what it was that Fiona was being presented with. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes welled up with tears as she took hold of the content and held it up to get a better view of it.

Sir Henry had bought her a new maid uniform. Fiona’s eyes moved over it and her hands felt the strong leather. Her old uniform had been cotton, this one felt so much different.

“Let me see you in it Fifi!” he said as he sat down in a plush chair.

Fiona looked at the uniform with wide eyes. Her fingers moved along the supple leather and she listened to the gentle sounds it made. Her eyes scanned down its length and she saw that the leather only comprised the top half of the garment; the lower half was a soft silk material.

“Fifi, I said let me see you in it!” Sir Henry’s hard and commanding voice shook Fiona from her daze and she quickly turned to face him.

“Yes Sir” she said in a small voice and quickly she began to pull the uniform on over her head.

The leather clung to her naked skin and Fiona had to pull hard to get the uniform down in place. It was when she had her head and arms through that she noticed that the breast of the garment was missing, her breasts were exposed as the cut of the leather settled snugly under them, pushing her modest assets up and making her cleavage more prominent. The garment ended just above her crotch and frilled out into a small skirt. She felt strange in this tight leather outfit, her breasts on show as well as her legs (and pussy if she bent over).

“Very good, just the right fit” Sir Henry said as he admired her new look. The black leather contrasted nicely with her pale skin and the way it pushed her breasts up, her nipples already erect, made his cock twitch a little.

“This is… too much Sir” Fiona said as she looked at him and then back down at herself.

“Nonsense Fifi” he said with a dismissive wave of his hand “Now give me a twirl and let me see it all”

Fiona turned and showed off the new uniform for her master. Each movement was a little harder then she was used to, the leather was tight and restricting, it squeaked a little as she stretched her arms out wide.

“Now bend over”

Fiona quickly bent at the waist and felt the uniform ride up her back a little. Her round ass came into view and she felt his eyes upon her, judging what he saw. Fiona opened her legs a little and knew he could see her pussy; a naughty thrill went through her. She was on show for him.

“Very good!” he said with a smile “Now go get your duster Fifi, I require the master bedroom to be given a good clean”

Part 4:

Fiona reached up and almost over balanced on the small stool she was using to add height to her reach. She was dusting a wardrobe and required an extra lift to be able to get her duster on top of it. Her new leather French maid uniform clung to her body, her breasts hanging out of the top of it.

Se steadied herself and continued her dusting, the soft feather duster sliding along the hard wood wardrobe and scooping small amounts of dust from it. She cleaned the rooms regularly which kept the problem to a minimum.

Behind her she could feel Sir Henry’s eyes on the back of her naked thighs. As she was reaching up the dress rode up her back a little and showed her firm buttocks to him too, she suspected he would be able to see her naked pussy also, she liked the idea of him watching her as she worked, just his gaze on her made her aroused and the power he had over her added to the feeling.

She continued to dust, waving the duster from side to side with graceful sweeps of her arm. Each time she reached out further to dust the back her short uniform would ride higher, giving her master a better view of her.

His eyes roamed over Fiona. He had planned on getting her a new maid outfit for some time. While the cotton one had been good to look at it had not been tight enough. This new leather one hugged tightly onto her curves and extenuated her assets better for his pleasure. He also liked the tightness of it and how it would remind her of her bondage to him. She was his and bound in her place.

Fiona stopped for a second and got on her tip-toes to peek at the top of the wardrobe. She could just see up there if she stretched. She felt the leather grip tighter to her body as she reached up; the added tightness made her shudder but it was his eyes on her that really had the greatest effect.

Sir Henry watched her with his strong penetrating eyes. He liked to watch her work, seeing her doing his bidding was a huge turn on for him. It was something that he had always enjoyed; being in control of people, and Fiona was the perfect submissive woman for him.

Fiona couldn’t see any dust she had missed and so, satisfied, she began to get down from her stool. She bent at the waist and her ass pushed out towards Sir Henry who smiled as he watched her movements, they were slow and deliberate, she knew just how to please him, letting him see her perfectly as she moved.

“Fifi, I see some dust over on the dressing table, clean it at once!”

“Yes Sir” Fiona said obediently and quickly she got off the stool and hurriedly walked over to the dressing table which she began to wipe over with her feather duster, careful not to disturb any of the various item that that made it their home.

Sir Henry watched as she ran the duster over the wooden top of the dresser. His arousal had grown steadily as he had ordered Fiona around, telling her to clean this and that, fast and slower. She had done so without question or complaint, just as a good maid should.

Fiona shook hear head and let her long pony-tail swish down her back. She always tied her hair back when she was cleaning; it kept it out of the way, then she resumed her cleaning duties, running the duster over the dresser and looking closely for any missed spots.

Once she was satisfied that there was no dust left she turned to Sir Henry and awaited his approval. She hung her head as he looked over the room. He made small noises, a tut here and there, dragging out her nervousness.

“You have done well Fifi” he finally said, a huge sense of relief came over her “However, there is still a mark on this dressing table” he said when he heard her give a small sigh “It will need polishing I think”

“Yes Sir, I shall get my polish and a fresh cloth” Fiona said

“That won’t be necessary for now Fifi” Sir Henry said, his eyes narrowing on her and a coolness coming into his voice.

“Sir?” Fiona was confused but she didn’t want to question him, her place was to serve. She stood and just looked puzzled.

“Come here” he pointed to the floor at his feet and Fiona quickly walked over to him and stood, head down.

Sir Henry raised her chin with his fingers, making Fiona look into his eyes. He could see her submissiveness in them, his gaze easily enough to make her want to look away but he held her captivated.

“Sit on the dresser Fifi, now!” he said slowly but harshly. He was in the mood to exert his control and dominance fully over his maid.

Fiona nodded and quickly stepped past him; she turned and placed both hands on the wooden top of the dressing table before pushing herself up enough for her ass to slide over it, her legs hung from the edge.

“Now open your thighs Fifi” he didn’t wait for her to respond, quickly he slid his strong hands between her legs and pushed her thighs apart, her pussy exposed for his approval.

Fiona looked at his face and then down to his crotch, she could see the bulge in his pants, it made her squirm with delight that she had aroused him so much.

“I think you have earned a short rest Fifi” he said as his eyes moved down her body, lingering on her breasts and then falling to her naked crotch.

“Thank you Sir” she said her arousal growing

“But there is still the matter of this dresser” he said placing his hand between her thighs on the wood, his fingers just inches from her wet pussy.

Fiona looked up at his face and saw the smile grow on his lips. She always got the same feeling when she saw it. He was thinking about something and that could only mean one of two things for her, either punishment or pleasure.

“What shall I do for you Sir?” It was a question she had learned was a good one to use when she wasn’t sure what he wanted from her.

Sir Henry moved his hand on the wooden top of the dresser and lightly touched Fiona’s pussy lips, his middle and index finger gently parted the lips and then sank into her probing her wetness and liking what they found.

“Remove my belt Fifi” he said as his fingers worked their way deeper into his maid, her pussy was on fire and her heart raced.

Fiona reached forwards and unbuckled his belt; her hands shook slightly as she pulled it through the loops and placed it on the dressing table next to herself. She awaited his next order eagerly.

“Unzip my trousers and push them down” he said, his eyes never leaving her face.

Fiona obeyed as she always did, his trousers fell and his hard cock pointed out straight from his body. She wanted to touch it, caress it in her hands and suck it before he fucked her but she held herself in check. It was his choice if she could do it.

“Tell me Fifi, what is it you want?”

“I want to serve you, Sir” she said without hesitation

“Very good Fifi, I can see I made the right choice when I brought you here as my maid”

Fiona was about to say something when Sir Henry’s strong hands gripped the backs of her knees and she was pulled to the edge of the dresser upon which she was sat. Just a small portion of her ass was left on the top and her crotch was now hung over the edge.

Sir Henry reached up and pushed Fiona backward until she was leaning back against the wall. Her head rested against it as he gazed down at her, once again his dark eyes meeting her submissive brown ones. She could feel his dominance as he stepped forwards and without looking down slipped the head of his cock into her wet pussy.

Fiona bit her lip as she felt herself filled by the cock she loved so much. Her pussy spread wide as he entered her, his cock sinking into her body easily and her nerves, already on edge, began to fire pleasure messages up her spine. His eyes never left hers.

Sir Henry slid his cock deeper into her pussy. He enjoyed the wetness she always had. It was just cleaning for him that did it. She really was a true submissive maid at heart. He ran a hand over her breasts and then took her right nipple between his fingers, pinching it tightly and pulling a little, making Fiona groan.

Fiona arched her back, pushing more of her breast into his hand as Sir Henry rolled her erect nipple between his fingers; she enjoyed the feeling, a little pain but mostly pleasure. His cock was now fully inside her, the feeling of fullness driving her wild before he pulled his hips back and denied her of it.

A hard thrust sent the length of his cock back deep into Fiona and brought a moan from her lips as well as his. She squeezed her muscles around his shaft, gripping onto him and not wanting to let go. Her eyes fell as her head nodded down and her gaze fell on their combined crotches. She could see his cock as it slid out of her only to be thrust back in with great f***e. Sir Henry pulled her nipple harder as he saw her head drop

“Look at me Fifi!” his voice was hard and commanding, he wanted to look into her submissive eyes, see her submitting to his will as he fucked her.

Fiona pulled her eyes back up to his and saw the penetrating look her gave her, she wanted to look away but knew she couldn’t. She just looked up at him as his cock sank back into her, his breath now growing a little ragged as he moved his hips back and forth.

The leather of her maid uniform squeaked as her body moved back and forth with each thrust into her pussy that his cock made, the dressing table upon which she was perched as he fucked hr rocked a little making some bottles at the end rattle, it was the sound of his pleasure as he used her.

“You are such a good little maid Fifi” he said looking deep into her eyes as his cock went back deep into her moist pussy “My own little slave maid” he said with a shark like grin.

Fiona nodded her head in agreement, her mouth was open and her breath was ragged and fast, each time his cock filled her she would gasp and moan, her eyes were still glued on his as his strong body loomed over her, dominating her. All she could see was him.

He pulled her nipple again and Fiona called out with a squeal of pleasure, her eyes leaving his once again and her head dropping to look at the erect nub as he squeezed it a little, his other hand on the top of the dresser for balance.

“Look at me!” he shouted and with his free hand, now removed from the dresser, he grabbed her long hair and pulled her head back, making her eyes once again look up into his. She saw how hard they had become, any softness there may have been was gone now.

Fiona shook as she felt his hand tighten around her hair holding her face in place, her eyes scanning his, wide and full of fear at the thought she had disobeyed him, had displeased him.

Sir Henry’s cock throbbed and throbbed within her pussy, each time he slid into her she could feel it getting a little faster and stronger as he brought himself to orgasm using her as his toy of choice.

Fiona gathered her nerve and looked at him as she felt his cock slide in and out of her faster, his hips driving the head and shaft into her. She suspected that he would punish her for her moment of distraction, she would gladly accept any that he felt necessary as she always did. She needed constantly to be taught her place as his submissive maid.

Sir Henry licked his lips, the thoughts of what he would do with her brought him even more pleasure and he felt his orgasm gather speed. He kept his eyes on hers, he loved seeing her submission at the point of orgasm.

Fiona swallowed and her lip trembled as his eyes looked deep into hers, they seemed to penetrate her just as his cock was and then she felt it. A harsh jerk of his cock inside her pussy and she felt the heat and wetness as he came within her. His cum squirting deeply into welcoming pussy.

Once spent he slipped out of her and stood over her sweat covered body for a moment, just looking at her breasts rise and fall, her thighs shake a little and a small amount of his cum dribble from her open pussy lips.

“Go clean yourself up Fifi and then get back here, you have cleaning to finish and later a punishment for your disobedience” he said, his eyes not leaving her face.

“Yes Sir” she said quietly as she slipped off the dresser and stood before him with her head bowed

“Oh and Fifi, I am planning a gathering of my friends this weekend. I shall require you to go shopping tomorrow and stock the kitchen with food.”

Fiona smiled and nodded before she hurried off to get herself cleaned and continue her duties of dusting and polishing. Her mind thought about the part that he had just informed her about. All those eyes on her in her new maid uniform, she couldn’t wait…

Author’s note: Thanks for reading to the end of the story. I really hope you enjoyed the subject and content of it. As always I am happy to receive all comments, messages and feedback that you may have so please get in touch.
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Maid to order

Being almost broke, and being told by her landlord to pay up fast, or lose her apartment, Susan Chambers was desperate for a job. In the classifieds, she found an ad, and decided to at least apply, it sounded like it wouldn't be that tough a job.

"Wanted, a young, attractive female for maid service. Apply to Lady Elizabeth Wentworth, 19 Hudson street. Please apply in person only, no mail in resumes or telephone calls."

She imagined what a maid would do, dusting, cleaning, serving tea, shouldn't be too hard a job. Susan soon found herself at the appointed address, 19 Hudson street turned out to be a mansion, and she soon found herself in sitting room, and Lady Wentworth was giving her an interview.

She noticed Lady Wentworth eyeing her closely, Susan was certainly attractive enough, being all of 22, with short blonde hair, full rosebud lips, nicely shaped g****fruit sized breasts, and a nice curvy waist with a little extra flare to her hips. Oh yes, Susan would do very nicely.

Susan was about to find out that all of the personal maids Lady Wentworth hired, were also required to service her in her sexual needs. In the initial interview, she would make it very clear that she wanted her sexual needs serviced, which she proceeded to do.

"So, Susan my dear, let me make it perfectly clear. You main duties will be to service my sexual needs. I am a very horny lady, and I want you to be ready to service me whenever I want. Do you think you can handle that?"

Susan was surprised, her prospective employer was 45, but Lady Wentworth was certainly attractive enough herself, with a thick head of long brown hair, pale blue eyes, and a figure that many ladies half her age will kill for. The idea of sexually servicing her intrigued her, and with Susan agreeing to that, Lady Wentworth rose, and took Susan by the hand.

"Come with me Susan, it's now time for a more intimate, horizontal interview."

With her prospective maid agreeing, Lady Wentworth took Susan to bed, to give Susan her intimate, horizontal interview. She stripped her prospective maid down, then asked Susan to do the same to her. Once both of them were totally naked, Liz drew Susan into a hot, wet, tongue swirling kiss of drawn out passion, both of them could feel the growing heat within. Lady Wentworth took Susan to her bed, she lay back, and told Susan what to do.

"To service my horny sexual needs, my maids must be able to lick my cunt, whenever, and wherever I want. Get your mouth down there my pretty Susan, show me your skill at licking my horny pink walls."

Lady Wentworth would make her prospective maids lick her horny cunt all night, if need be, to teach them how to be a good cunt lapper. That would not be necessary with Susan, she was a born pussy licker, as Lady Wentworth had discovered, as Susan went down on her the first time during her intimate interview. Susan's mouth made contact, her tongue darting out to lick and suck at Lady Wentworth's steamy heat. Liz could feel the delightful lust, Susan's face nestled securely between her thighs. Her tongue, lips and mouth were giving her the licking she craved. Oh yes, just the kind of maid she needed, Susan sure knew what she was doing, as Liz felt herself rising towards orgasm. Lady Wentworth always liked to reach climax while she was sitting sit on her pretty maid's face, she was a squinter, so she could cum all over that pretty face.

"Now lie back Susan, I'm going to sit on your face, then lick me, bring me off, make me cum all over your sweet face" Lady Wentworth crooned.

Susan eagerly did so, watching as Lady Wentworth positioned herself, her pussy lips were shaved bare, a neatly trimmed tuft of dark brown pubic hair just above her lips, hovering just above her. Susan was so excited she grasped her hips, and pulled Lady Wentworth's hot, wet center tight against her mouth.

Lady Wentworth was impressed, Susan was so eager, she pulled me against her, and Susan's tongue eagerly returned to licking at her sizzling core, taking her up to that wonderful pinnacle.

"Yes, oh yes, keep licking me Susan, there, oh my god yes, right there."

Susan licked her mistress's cunt wildly, Lady Wentworth started to grunt and rotate her hips, pushing her hot, wet cleft against Susan's lips, eager to maximize the contact. She could feel the locking up, that squeezing urge, she lifted up just slightly, so that the tip of Susan's tongue tickled at her stiff, erect clit, she could feel the release rushing at her, and she let fly. She let out a howl of pleasure, and her cunt started to squirt, Lady Wentworth squealed and grunted with pleasure as she sprayed her cum, Susan could feel the rush of girl cum, splattering against her lips, her nose, all over her face, Susan enjoyed the squirting facial she was getting.

Susan was burning up, Liz was not going to leave her maid unsatisfied, and cuddling next to her, her fingers reached down. Susan could feel practiced fingers stroking at her slick lips, fingertips roaming around and around, tickling lightly at her hard, stiff clit, being on the brink, she quickly felt the rush, and she clung to Lady Wentworth, letting out a howl of joy as she crested to a shaking, shuddering climax.

Susan was so eager, and performed her sexual duties so well that she easily got the job as Lady Wentworth's personal maid. As an added bonus, Susan was moved into the mansion, and got her own room, and a healthy salary, without having to pay any rent. Lady Wentworth wanted Susan to be there all the time, she was crazy for her new maid's sexual proficiency.

On her first day, Susan was given the details. Most of her daily routine would be servicing her employer's healthy sexual desires. Susan was instructed to never wear panties, and to always wear very short skirts, so the lady of the manor could feel her up as she desired. Her employer loved to feel her up often, and with the Lady's soft hands spiraling around her ass cheeks, gently caressing the apex of her sex, whispering in her maid's ear to come to her bedroom and service her, Susan was always horny and ready.

After the first few days, Lady Wentworth felt that Susan was ready for more, and she took Susan to her special playroom. Susan saw all the instruments of pleasure, as Lady Wentworth led her over to what looked like a soccer goal frame. Attached to the top of the frame were handcuff style chains with padded wrist restraints. Susan was ordered to strip naked, and put on a pair of 6 inch stiletto heels, then raise her arms over her head. Lady Wentworth smiled as Susan quickly did as she was told, lifting her arms above her head. The restraints were secured around her wrists, and the tautness was adjusted, so that her arms were held straight up. Lady Wentworth went over to a rack of toys, and selected a long, oak blackboard pointer. She had bought a few things from a school auction, old schools had such interesting things, she wondered how many of the long, hard wooden objects like the pointer, and yardsticks she had also bought, had been used by stern teachers on the tight, sexy asses of misbehaving students. The high heels made Susan's sexy ass jut out, and that was the idea. It was time to introduce her personal maid to the next level of service. Lady Wentworth smiled, stroking her hand over Susan's sexy ass cheeks, then she took position, aimed at that inviting target, and swung hard.

Susan's ass lit up, as she felt the pain of the first stroke blaze through her. She let out a shriek, before she could even brace herself for the next stroke, the stinging pain was administered over and over, her shrieks of pain accompanying the whipping sound of the pointer finding its mark again and again, 10 hard strokes tanning her white ass to a bright crimson glow of pain.

At first it had been wildly painful, but after the pain of the first five strokes, she discovered her pussy was soaked with heat, she felt her cunt start pulsing as the pain of her ass whipping started a fire going, the pain mixed with a growing bolt of lust, her shrieks were now part pain, part pleasure, she was now incredibly horny. After Lady Wentworth had whipped her ass, she smiled, tossed the pointer aside. She slid her fingers up Susan, grinning as she felt the heat of her cunt, the wet gush of her juices, and she stripped off her clothes.

"Now my dear, we must do something about that very horny pussy of yours" Lady Wentworth cooed.

Liz smiled as she strapped on a 10 inch dildo, and got behind her horny maid. Nudging the dildo against her lips, she grasped her hips tightly, and buried it in one big thrust. Susan howled with a mix of pain and pleasure, as her mistress' hips smacked tightly against her freshly paddled ass, and the dildo slammed into her, spreading her walls apart. Lady Wentworth loved to fuck her maids, and she reamed out Susan, power-fucking her until Susan saw stars, Susan's shrieks of orgasmic pleasure filling the play room. Listening to Susan's howls of climax made Lady Wentworth's cunt into a roiling caldron of lust, she needed her maid's expert cunt lapping ability, and she needed it NOW.

She unshackled her maid, and led her over to a bed, urging Susan to lie back. Susan did so, and watched her employer's steamy cunt hover just above her face. Susan eagerly grasped her hips, Lady Wentworth settled down on her pretty maid's face, letting out a sigh of pleasure as she felt her maid's talented tongue slide into her burning pinkness. Susan slid her tongue deep, then curled her tongue around her mistress's clit, pulling and tugging on that throbbing bud, over and over. Lady Wentworth could feel that squeezing urge, and as the burning tide of orgasm engulfed her, grunting and moaning with release, her cunt squirted wildly as she washed Susan's face with a load of her juices, as Susan's tongue brought her employer to a huge climax.

Not a day went by without Susan licking her employer's cunt to a gushing, juicy release, and being fucked by Lady Wentworth. Once or twice a week, she would be taken to the playroom, where she would be restrained and would get a hard paddling, her cunt gushing as the whipping of her ass made her cunt a fiery, wet center of lust. Fortunately, Lady Wentworth had been a very fit 45 years old, who always kept herself clean and well groomed, and she was VERY horny, and Susan had looked forward to servicing her sexual needs.

Lady Wentworth's friend, Lady Maria Astor, was having lunch at the mansion one day. Lady Astor caught enough glimpses of Susan performing her non-sexual maid duties, that she could plainly tell that she was not wearing panties of any kind. Lady Wentworth had been happy to inform Lady Astor about how Susan was her sexual maid, and all the fun and games she played, and how eager Susan was to service her every sexual need.

"Would you like to borrow Susan, and play with her in my playroom? I am sure she'll give you the kind of service you'd love."

Lady Astor was 50, had been widowed for 10 years and was just as horny as Lady Wentworth. Masturbation, while it provided some short term relief, just amplified the horny ache between her thighs, she needed more that her fingers or toys. Liz told her how much Susan loved to get her ass spanked, and how hot and horny it made her. She also commented on Susan's natural born skill at licking pussy, Lady Astor was more than intrigued, it had been too long since she'd had her cunt get a good licking, she was eager to try her out.

Susan was called for, and Lady Wentworth said, "Susan, I want you to give Lady Astor what you give me. She will take you to the playroom, and you will service her as well as you service me, is that understood?"

Susan replied, "Yes, Mistress, I will make sure that Lady Astor gets as much pleasure as she desires."

Lady Wentworth led the way, and in the playroom, Lady Astor took control. Lady Wentworth left, she thought that Maria would enjoy Susan's charms and assets in private, and the playroom was soundproof.

From a drawer of clothing, Lady Astor choose various items, and handed them to the maid. Very soon, Susan was dressed in an old style black bullet bra, and her lower body was clad in a tight black girdle. Long black nylons stretched up her legs, and were fastened to the girdle garters. The girdle was crotch-less, leaving her asshole and pussy bare.

Lady Astor could feel the ache between her legs, the sight was making her juices churn. Lady Astor liked to role play, and the role had Susan as a clumsy maid that was always dropping or spilling things. She explained it to Susan, and then berated her for being so clumsy. She pulled Susan over to a table, and ordered her to lie face down across the table, with her legs on the floor. Susan complied, and Lady Astor took a pair of handcuffs. She ordered Susan to stretch her arms up. Susan complied, and she cuffed Susan's wrists together, and secured the chain around a post set in the table. Her ankles were secured with clamps, and clamped to the table legs. Lady Astor smiled as she watched the maid restrained and helpless. She could see the stretch of her legs exposing her pretty maid's sexy pussy, her pussy lips just slightly open, and glistening.

Lady Astor said, "Really Susan, you were so highly recommended by Lady Wentworth. Of course, knowing Liz, she was probably more interested in this", she said, as she dropped her hand down to Susan's ass, and stroked her girdle covered cheeks.

Susan could feel her pussy starting to churn, the Lady's stroking fingers were making her horny.

Lady Astor continued, "then she was in your abilities as a maid. Perhaps some punishment will make you not so clumsy. We'll see what tanning your ass will do for your abilities. I would hope that you would accept your punishment in silence, but just to make sure, we can take care of that too. Open your mouth Susan!"

Susan did as she was ordered, and Lady Astor gagged her with a red leather ball gag, Susan could feel her mouth filled with the large red ball, keeping her silent. Lady Astor smiled, Liz certainly had a well appointed playroom. With a grin, Lady Astor reached for a butt plug, and slid some lube over it. Pulling apart her ass cheeks, she could see Susan's tight asshole, and she swiftly slid it up Susan's twitching tight hole, Susan grunted with pleasure as she lost her last vestige of virginity. Lady Astor picked up a solid oak yardstick, and swished it around a bit. With a grin, she smacked it across her clumsy maid's girdle covered ass. Susan's howl was well muffled by the gag, as she felt the sting. Lady Astor drew her arm back and smacked her ass again, drawing another well muffled howl from Susan. She started to paddle her, tanning her clumsy maid's ass over and over again. Susan's muffled howls turned to muffled grunts of pleasure, as she felt her cunt heating up quickly. Being restrained, having her ass up-thrust, making such an inviting target, and having her asshole plugged while her ass was paddled made her body thrum with pleasure, her cunt gushing with juices.

Lady Astor smiled as she saw Susan's pussy lips soaked up with the juices of her sexual desire. Liz was such a great friend, letting her use her sexy maid. Susan could feel her cunt getting hotter and hotter, the spread of her tight ass walls clamped around the plug, and the whipping of her ass cheeks was wildly exciting. She wished that Lady Astor would fuck her to orgasm with a strap-on dildo. After 12 solid stokes, Susan's ass was a red, stinging nest of strokes, the stinging making her cunt a burning volcano.

"And now", Lady Astor said, "after the punishment, we must have the positive incentive!"

She ungagged Susan, Lady Astor wanted to hear the pretty maid scream with sexual pleasure. She tossed the yardstick aside, slipped off her dress, and from the selection of dildos available, she strapped on a flame red 12 incher, shaped just like a real cock. Lady Astor positioned herself, and nudging the dildo against Susan's burning core, she grabbed her hips, and slammed the dildo deep inside Susan. Susan howled with pleasure as her cunt was split open, and Lady Astor was just as hot as Susan, she drove every inch up Susan's fiery cunt. Susan felt the smacking of her hips against her freshly spanked cheeks, the press of Lady Astor against her kept the butt plug secured, and Susan could feel her head spinning. Lady Astor drew back, and slammed it in again, splitting her open again, after 3 plunges deep inside her burning fuck-hole, Susan exploded, her orgasm crashing into her. Susan's shrieks of climax filled the playroom, and Lady Astor was burning up with heat. Liz had told her what a great pussy lapper she was, and Lady Astor needed relief.

She released Susan, and ordered her to kneel. Susan did so, Lady Astor's bare, smooth shaven mound was inches from her lips. Lady Astor hated pubic hair, she had been shaving ever since she was a teenager, and she loved the feeling of her bare pussy. It was also encouraging for her lovers to get down there and lick her, she had every lover eager to lick her tight lips. Susan could see those tight lips, wet with the hot, slick lubrication of Lady Astor's desire. Susan adjusted her body, so she could slide her tongue right between the inviting part of her labia.

"Yes, oh yes, lick me my pretty maid, lick me" Lady Astor crooned.

Susan needed no further encouragement, she eagerly slid her tongue along the sexy pink trail of Lady Astor's tight opening, licking up all the hot dew that was coating her lips. Susan noticed that Lady Astor juices were tart and sweet, while Lady Wentworth's were muskier, and stronger. Susan didn't mind, every since she learned how to lick cunt in high school, she'd been hooked on going down on her girlfriends, and in college, all the sorority knew that she was a dedicated pussy licker, and she regularly serviced all of her sorority s****rs. She loved the Saturday night licking parties, where all her s****rs would make sure not to have a date for that night, once Susan showed them not only how eager she was, but also how talented her pussy lapping talents were. She lapped everyone's heated cunt on a Saturday night sorority licking party.

The remembered thoughts of having all her sorority s****rs lined up, naked, with their pubic regions all ready for Susan to lick, all of those hot, wet cunts ready to be licked to a juicy, squirting release spurred Susan's excitement, and she licked at Lady Astor's cunt wildly. Lady Astor was quickly being consumed by the rising fire of climax, my god, it felt like Susan was eating her alive. She started to grunt and rotate her hips, pushing her hot, wet cleft tightly against Susan's face.

"Yes, oh yes, my pretty little maid, ummm, you're such a good cunt lapper, make me cum!"

Susan slid a finger up her, she had learned how to polish the g-spot with her high school lovers, and in college, every sorority s****r would give her a squirting facial, she loved the feeling of girl cum splattering against her face. Lady Astor felt the rush, and her howl of pleasure filled the playroom, her orgasm crashing into her, her pussy squirting wildly, gushing her juices, cumming all over Susan's face.

She pulled away and ordered Susan onto the bed. Lady Astor strapped the 12 inch dildo on again, she quickly got between her spread thigs, nudging against her, Lady Astor drove in the entire 12 inches, in one bold thrust. Susan squealed as she felt her walls get the spreading apart, and Lady Astor gave Susan a power-fucking, my god, it excited her to see that horny, pretty maid writhing beneath her. She gently grabbed Susan's head, and plunged her lips down onto Susan's. Their mouths opened, tongues swirling together, being kissed while being fucked always powered Susan along, she could feel the surging heat, with their mouths pressed tightly together, Susan let out muffled howls of pleaure as her churning pussy exploded, tight pink walls quivering wildly, gripping at the surging dildo splitting her open.

Lady Astor ordered Susan to strap on the dildo that she had just used on Susan, and fuck her.

"It's been too long since I've had a good fucking, ram this pussy splitter up me, and fuck me until I see stars." Lady Astor crooned.

Susan quickly strapped on the dildo, swung into position, and placed it against the entrance to Lady Astor's steamy entrance.

"Drive it in, fuck me hard, ram my cunt!" Lady Astor growled.

Susan thrust forward, and slammed the entire 12 inches upLady Astor in one big thrust. Lady Astor cried out with a mix of pain and pleasure as the red dildo slammed into her, spreading the walls of her cunt open, quickly and f***efully. Susan pulled back, and buried it up deep up Lady Astor's molten core once again. The pain was quickly receding, being replaced with almost unbearable pleasure, as the dildo started to fuck her again and again. Lady Astor wrapped her legs around Susan's waist and urged her on.

"Yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes, so good, so fucking good, give it to me my pretty maid, fuck me, fuck my ass off, fuck my brains out, FUCK ME!"

With grunts, squeals and unintelligible cries of pleasure, Lady Astor urged her lover on. Susan took great pleasure in plunging into Lady Astor again and again, plowing her Lady Astor was seeing stars, pleasure filled stars, as Susan plowed her furrow. Lady Astor was racing along to orgasm, and with shrieks of pleasure, she crested to a glorious climax, her howls and cries of orgasm filling the playroom.

When Lady Astor brought Susan out of the playroom, and returned her to Lady Wentworth, she told Liz all about the fantastic servicing Susan had given her. Lady Wentworth was pleased, and it wasn't long before Lady Wentworth was cupping Susan's ass cheeks, fingers reaching under and tracing at her slick lips. Her voice whispered to come to her bedroom and service her, now. Susan smiled as she followed her mistress, for a horny female Like Lady Wenworth, Susan certainly was a maid to order.
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Extreme Maid Training with Mistress Madame C

Life has become an extremely busy in the C household – and, the general house slave as of late had NOT the met the high standards and range of ever changing skills set out in his contract. As a result -he was fired!
The household had to advertise for a new assistant; one with an open mind, one who was adept in the art of assisting Madame’s every whim and alternative lifestyle and, one who was aesthetically pleasing to Madame’s eye and that of her guests.
After many months of searching, the day finally came when a suitable match was sourced and arrived for an interview with Madame C.
Miss Jenny saw the new applicant in and went to fetch Madame C from her study- Jenny had a puzzled look on her face- she informed her that the new assistant house maid was waiting to be interviewed in the Red Room-but said things did not appear as they should……..
The new Maid was as bold a brass and stood in the middle of the red room as the two woman entered …teetering on 8 inch heels she attempted to curtsy but ended up tumbling over her toes and landed at the feet of Madame C and Jenny. The layers of petticoat and lace underskirts ballooning up and over her head to reveal pink satin frilly panties with bows on, suspender belts holding lacy stockings with ribbons on….and….some rather ominous dark hairs peeping out of the top of her stockings!.
After being told to sort herself out she very clumsily resurrected herself in a vertical position. It was at this stage it became very apparent that the maid was not female but a male in full makeup, wig, jewellery and satin red maids dress!. When questioned by Madame and Jenny, the maid was adamant that the post was highlighted as a TV maid position. Madame C already had Angelica as her personal maid and no-one could match her devotion and skillset so why would she want another TV maid?
It was made clear that a female assistant maid’s position had been advertised-and what they had in front of them was a male masquerading as a woman! The frustration and annoyance was particularly prevalent in Madame Cs voice as he was instructed to lift all his frills on his maids outfit up so the woman could see what was underneath. …What was brought to their immediate attention was the HUGE bulge in the satin panties….maids don’t have bulges in their panties Jenny said, she wanted to see what was going on in the maids panties-so Jenny pulled them down to expose a rather large wet sticky cock that seemed to grow as they ran their nails down its shaft. This certainly was NOT a female maid-and the advert clearly stated that a female maid was required. Whats more the household did not want over excitable cocks in ladies panties wandering around. All cocks were to be chaste or controlled by cock devices; Madame’s maid Angelica always had an electro chastity device on-24/7!
A dilemma had to be solved…and very very quickly. Madame C had a party that evening and needed a maid to assist her with the entertainment and guests…it was too late to get anyone else in so they would just have to make the best of what they had.
Jenny was told to fetch some tape and some razors whilst Madame C tied this errant fake maid in a hogtie position. Pulling his satin panties down he had a huge bulging cock on display, and tied in the hog position he was totally helpless to do anything to prevent what was to happen next…..
The ladies were going to turn this male into a convincing female maid!! Enf***ed Feminisation!!! As Madame C started cutting up some special tape Jenny reappeared with warm water, towels razors and proceeded with wet shaving all the hair from the cock and balls ……after patting them dry Madame C pulled the legs back even further giving her complete access to push the cock and balls up and inside the pelvic area and neatly tape all the male genitalia away.
Jenny looked on at what Madame was doing–she could no longer see the male cock and balls….all signs of masculinity were taped away and out of site.
Electric pads were attached around the taped area and wired to a remote control device.
If, in the event of the tape coming loose or the bursting cock becoming too excited the maid could be given a remote electric shock. This maid was to be completely owned and controlled by the woman and guests of the house.
The maid started to squirm on the floor and pull against her ropes…Jenny undid her and scolded her-pressing the button on the electrics device and sending a shock wave of sensation up through his cock and balls! You WILL do what you are told-at all times and we WILL control you she shouted. It was emphasised that things would only get worse if she dared to resist the actions bestowed upon her.
Besides-she had found a set of car keys that evidently belonged to this rogue maid and she had no intention of giving them back until the captor did exactly as he was told!
A collar was placed around her neck and sat neatly over the red neck beads she was wearing. A lead clipped neatly in place and the maid was told she was going to be trained to walk correctly in her heels….Jenny tugged on the lead and the maid shot forward teetering and wobbling all over the place…ZAP the electrics were turned on and left on to encourage her to listen to Madame Cs and Jenny’s instructions. After training him to walk inside he was taken outside and f***ed to walk up and down the garden until both woman were satisfied with her progress. The electrics worked away constantly and the heels f***ed his calf to clench and his feet to arch like a woman’s
The maid was struggling and it was apparent that her bursting cock wanted to break though the tape that controlled it and held her in place. She just couldn’t walk properly.
The woman thought the only thing they could do was insert a small vibrating butt plug up inside his hole to make him focus on that and not his confined cock, and a very tight corset to f***e him upright.
Jenny bent him over in the garden-spat on his hole to make it wet and Madam C inserted apurple vibrating plug.
His body twitched uncontrollably as the device filled him with sensation and vibration. It made his taped up cock swell and press against its restraints almost making him want to shoot. Next Madame C put a full body corset over the his dress and did it up so tightly it gave him a waist and a very straight back.
Jenny picked up the lead and pulled his neck collar and commanded him to walk like a woman-after all he had a pussy and a waist now- and he was filled with a vibrating plug and electrics buzzing away to constantly remind him he was a girl-and he was to be trained and used like a girl.
The woman lead him back inside to a corridor where there were lots of mirrors.
The helpless maid was walked up and down the long corridor -teetering on her heels, her pussy filled with a vibrating plug and her swollen cock taped up inside her. f***ed to come to terms with the visual apparition in the mirrors that surrounded her ,the electrics were turn up even more and the vibrating plug set onto pulse mode.
The rustling satin maids dress flounced around as he clip clopped around trying to desperately walk like a lady-he wanted this humiliation to end but at the same time was so sexually aroused and frustrated-these woman had complete control of him!.
Infuriated by her lame attempts at walking correctly, the woman decided to shackle the maids legs together and cuff her wrists to her neck collar and lead, forcing her to walk with her legs together and arms upright and shoulders back… Madame C and Jenny controlled every single move of this errant maid-taking away any form of masculinity and making him look, act and walk like a woman.
Still not happy with the maids performance and transformation Madame C and Jenny decided that the best form of training would be to take her to the punishment room and teach her the ultimate lesson of male submission and transition to complete femininity……….
The maid was led by Jenny to the punishment room and f***ed to her knees and instructed to watch exactly what was happening in front of her…..
Madame C put on a rather large strap on and began to buckle up the supporting side straps, as she did so she instructed Jenny to put hers on - the maid was to be spit roasted!
The woman paraded around the maid in circles-teasing her with their large cocks. The maids eyes were flashing with fear and a mixture of excitement as they darted between the large cock that Madame C was wearing and the cock that Jenny had on-they looked huge and intimidating….before the maid could look any more Madame C grabbed her face and f***ed the cock into her red lips-telling her to suck it like a real cock and make it hard until it squirted in her slutty mouth. The maid hungrily filled her mouth with the black cock taking inch after inch …her red lipstick started to slide all over her face and make her look like a used and abused slut.
Jenny started to laugh at the situation the maid had got herself into and then whispered in the maids’ ear how she was going to push her forward, pull her petticoats up, remove her vibrating plug and fill her up with her strap on.
The maid howled and tried to struggle but Madame C held her shoulders and pulled her towards her cock making it go down her throat even more. She told Jenny to remove the sluts plug, undo her leg cuffs and penetrate her wet hole with her strap on-the maid was to be used both ends-spit roasted like a hot chicken and made to squeal like a girl ……after all the Madame C residence had advertised for a female maid-not a male!-So at least if they gave this slut a hole and a female voice they would be half way there…..
The maid bit on the black cock that was f***ed in her mouth as Jenny entered her from behind.
The whole length of Jenny’s cock slide up inside the helpless maid and as it did so Madame C instructed her to suck on her black cock and rock back and forth back and forth…a cock both ends-training the maid and turning her into an obedient slut for use later on when the guests arrived.
All the maid could feel was her tight hole being filled and stretched, taken and used, electrics pulsing away at the area where her genitalia had been taped and her mouth being filled with a thick hard cock. She could feel Jenny’s thighs pushing against her arse and her hands on her corseted waist-helpless to move she had to take every stroke of cock. At the front her head was clamped by Madame Cs hands and the large cock she was f***ed to suck made her mouth salivate and gag-the more cock she took the more her own cock grew and wanted to come-it was totally unbearable as it was forcibly taped up inside her…it was like a throbbing swelling clitoris about to squirt…
As the woman continued with the double ended cock roasting Jenny shouted out that there was wet sticky stuff trickling down the maids stocking tops…the maid was prised off the cocks and f***ed to stand up for inspection.
Her dishevelled face and ruffled outfit told a story…but not quite the same one as that was trickling down her legs.
Even though her cock had been taped up inside her the maid had come where she had been taken by two cocks-Madame C and Jenny looked at each other in disbelief-not only did this male squeal like a girl, suck cock like a girl but she also came like a girl!
Clearly regular strap on training was necessary to keep this maid under control in a constant state of enf***ed feminisation! The Madame C household had a female maid after all!.

... Continue»
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The Master, the Madam, and the Maid

The drive to Don and Carol’s isn’t far but traffic was snarled making the journey irritating. It had been an arduous work week for both Jean and I and we were looking forward to the evening as we always do to these special get-togethers.

Jean and I are married, in our late fifties and began swinging about eight years ago. Jean is 5’ 8’’ tall, a slim blonde who could easily pass for 38. She has small breasts with large, erect nipples, an ass to die for and a multiple orgasmic pussy topped with neatly-trimmed blonde hair. I’m 5’ 10” tall with a medium, well-proportioned build and a nice 7”. We have always enjoyed frequent sex with each other and our swinging has added to the variety we like so much.

Don and Carol were the first couple we swung with and have become good friends in and out of the sexual arena. Don is 5’ 7”, average physique but is very well endowed with a 9½” long, thick, uncut cock and his small stature makes his dick look huge in proportion to his overall body size. Carol is a statuesque 5’ 11’’ with large breasts, a well-rounded ass and an always-wet pussy with a large and very sensitive clitoris topped with a bushy mound of dark brown hair. They look like an odd-matched couple but love each other dearly and enjoy sex as much as Jean and I.

We pull into the driveway and are welcomed at the door by our friends. Sitting in the lounge with a glass of wine we chat about recent events in our lives as we unwind for a few minutes. There is an underlying excitement in our chatter for this is what we call our special night. Let me explain; about every six weeks we have a role-playing evening. On a rotational basis, one of us is the DC, (director/came****rson), for the evening while the other three role-play. I am the DC tonight and earlier in the week I had briefed Don and Carol on the basic storyline and their roles but Jean still knows nothing, and this makes her very excited and horny.

We finish our wine and get down to business. ‘Here is the scenario for tonight’ I proclaim, ‘Don and Carol are the master and mistress of the house and Jean, you are the maid. The maid is responsible for cleaning the house and anything else the master and mistress may want or need, including, of course, sexual desires. You will do as you are told and refer to them as Sir and Madam. Jean, there is an outfit for you upstairs, we will start with Carol in the bedroom, Don in the kitchen and Jean at the bottom of the stairs.’

Jean descends the stairs in a very revealing maid’s outfit that hardly covers her bottom, black fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. She is carrying a feather duster and playfully twirls it around my crotch. ‘Right, let’s get started’ I say, ‘Jean; I want you to dust the stairs and be sexy about doing it.’

‘Yes boss’ she says and salutes me with the duster.

The Master, the Madam and the Maid


I film the maid dusting the stairs, panning from her high heels to her bare ass with that thin strip of thong that only just covers her pussy then pan out for a full back view. My cock is already rock hard and I would love to take her myself right here on these stairs but that will have to wait.

When she is halfway up the staircase Don arrives at the bottom and leers up at her for a few moments. ‘Jean, come here!’ he says sternly.

‘Yes Sir’ she replies, descends the stairs with tits bouncing and stands in front of her employer.

‘Did you clean the kitchen floor today?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Come with me.’

They walk into the kitchen and Don points to the streaks on the ceramic tile.

‘Sorry Sir’ the maid says meekly.

‘Sorry is just not good enough, this sort of thing has been happening far too frequently. I need to take a firmer hand with you and that’s just what I intend to do, you will be punished later. Now get up to the bedroom and help Madam.’

‘Yes Sir’ she replies and walks back to the staircase as Don ogles her.

As she reaches the first step he calls out for her to wait and confronts her.
‘Take off your panties and give them to me, you won’t need them any more this evening.’

She obeys and hands her panties to her employer. Don fondles her ass and then rubs her clit and inserts two fingers between her moist pussy lips. ‘There will be more of this later, now off with you’ he demands. As she walks slowly upstairs, exaggerating the wiggle of her ass, Don watches her, brings the panties to his face and inhales deeply.

Carol is lying on the bed in a pale pink corset with matching stockings and high heels. Her legs are bent and she pumping a large dildo in and out of her pussy while a smaller one is in her ass. ‘Ah Jean, come here and do this for me dear.’

The maid climbs onto the bed and takes hold of the shaft of rubber and works it vigorously in and out of Carol’s pussy. ‘Is that good Madam, is that the way you like it?’ whispers the maid.

‘Oh yes dear, faster, faster, oh fuck my pussy’ cries Carol and the maid obliges and begins to pump the other dildo in Madam’s ass.

‘Jean, put your tongue in my pussy, you know how I adore your tongue.’

The maid removes the dildo, gets on all-fours and lowers her face between Madam’s legs. She dutifully spreads the ladies’ lips and lashes the oversize clit with her tongue.

Between oohhs, aahhs and yes….yes, Carol manages to say, ‘Jean, put that big rubber cock in your pussy, Mr. Don has been horny all day and I’m sure he’ll want both of us tonight. Your pussy needs to be loosened up, his cock seems to get so much harder and bigger when he fucks you.’

‘Yes Madam’ says the maid and rubs the dildo around her pussy and clit then slowly f***es it beyond her pussy lips while continuing to eat Carol.

Don enters the room and surveys the scene with a smile. He is well pleased with what he sees and begins to undress. Standing naked, his big dick is already hard and twitching as he watches his wife squirm and moan and his maid fucking herself with the dildo. He takes hold of his cock and pulls back the foreskin exposing the large, bulbous head and proceeds to jerk slowly while walking towards the bed. He takes the dildo from the maid’s hand and starts to fuck her with it in long, powerful thrusts as he continues to play with himself.

He suddenly states, ‘Enough, enough. We need to settle a little matter before we continue. My dear, I need you to go and sit on the couch and Jean, stand beside Madam.’

The ladies comply and Don begins, ‘Things have been getting lax around here lately and I’ve had enough. I’ve had a word with Jean and she knows she will be punished tonight but I also blame you, my pet. You are too easy on the girl and you will be punished also, I’m sorry but I need to set an example.

Don sits on the couch and asks his wife to stand beside the maid. ‘Both of you will receive a good spanking, who is first?’

‘It’s my fault Sir’ says the maid ‘I will take both spankings.’

‘Nonsense’ replies Don, ‘You’re both as bad as one another, now dear, over my knee, c’mon.’

Carol lies across her husband’s lap with her bottom in the air and the spanking begins. He pauses between spanks to caress his wife’s reddening ass and to feel her wet pussy.

‘Nine, ten, now stand over by the bed. Next!’ says Don and the maid is spanked with the same caresses and pussy fondling and she can feel his hard cock twitching against her tummy. ‘Now stand beside Madam’ she is instructed.

Don stands, his erection sticking slightly upwards and lies on the bed with his ass on the edge and tells the ladies to play with his cock. They kneel on either side of his legs and fondle, kiss, jerk, suck and tongue his shaft which appears to get harder and bigger as they work on him. I thought Don would surely shoot his load the way the girls were teaming up on his cock but he maintained control and then asked them to stop. He tells the ladies to bend over with arms on the bed and he stands between them feeling their red asses and fingering their pussies. Then he moves behind Carol and sinks his cock into her cunt. He pumps forcibly into his wife and continues to fingerfuck his maid. Pulling out and moving to the maid, he holds his cock to her lips and slowly brushes them open, inch by inch he disappeared inside of her. Carol caresses his balls and pinches the maid’s clit as Don increases speed causing the maid to moan and let out little squeals. I know she is feeling the full power of 9½” of thick cock and I know also that she loves it. He rams into the maid harder and harder, faster and faster then pulls out and Carol jerks him a few times and he splashes sperm all over the maid’s pussy and up onto her tummy. He sticks his cock into her mouth and she sucks every last drop of cum from his softening erection while Carol licks Jean’s cum soaked pussy.

‘It’s a wrap - that looked pretty good’ I say

‘That felt pretty good!’ exclaimed Jean.

After the threesome take a short rest on the bed, they go for a shower, Don and Carol to the master bathroom and Jean to the guest bathroom. I wonder off to the den to check out the video. I watch Jean on the stairs, being spanked and Don fucking her with that big dick of his and I am rock hard. I remove my clothes and skim back and forth through the video while playing with my cock. Jean comes in and goes straight for it, sucking it wildly, ‘I’ve been waiting all night for this’ she says between sucks.

I point to the television commenting, ‘You don’t seem to be thinking of my cock there.’

She turns to see a close-up of her pussy being pounded by Don’s huge cock and hears herself moaning and squealing. ‘Oh, don’t be silly, I was enjoying myself but I love your cock the best, no one fucks me like you do’ she whispers and returns her attention to my erection.

As I lay back in the chair, my wife sucking my dick, I watch the TV and see her walking up the stairs again. Those lovely legs and beautiful ass and pussy lips moving slightly as she climbs the stairs. ‘Climb on top you little slut, face away so I can look at your ass’ I say and soon feel her warmth and moistness envelope my erection.

Jean is bouncing up and down when Carol enters the room wrapped in a towel. ‘Ooh goodie, more sex’ she yells and discarding her towel, climbs onto the chair and positions her bush on my mouth. Her large clit is very sensitive and she has always said I have the best tongue ever and really loves me to eat her. After a while I tell the girls that I want them to suck my cock and they have their lips and tongue on it in no time.

Shortly, Don strolls into the room and slumps into a chair opposite us. He has a towel around his middle and is staring at Jean’s ass bouncing about as she sucks me. Pretty soon I see the towel begin to move until there is a huge tent erected in his lap. The girls are so busy they don’t realize he is there.

‘Carol, sit in the chair’ I say as I get out of the chair and, ‘Oh, there’s something for you over there Jean.’

Jean turns and is surprised to see Don but she smiles when she sees the tent. Don stands and rips off the towel, Jean kneels in front of him and mouths his dick then deep-throats most of it before choking but she tries again and again until it feels comfortable.

Carol sits in the chair and spreads her legs over the arms. Her pussy is open and I can’t resist tonguing and biting her big, exposed clit again before my dick enters her. I look over my shoulder and see Jean spreading her legs over the arms of her chair as Don lowers his cock to his balls into my wife.

The night comes to a closes with me shooting my wad into Carol while Don, managing admirable, but understandably taking longer, to send his second load into Jean. Don and I then lie on the floor with our wives on top in sixty-nine position and mingle our juices and ejaculations.... Continue»
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Foursome us nad maid n her son

Four some with maid n her son

I did not tell my wife Pari about maid and her son. I had plan how to tell her. I know she would love it.
Pari enjoy sex with new people. We learn new ways to fuck n get fucked.

Couple of days after Maid n her son fucked me in ass and I fucked Nalny and Raja. We made plan to surprise Pari. Pari came home about 2pm in after noon. After chat chat about her parent we went in kitchen. I asked Pari if she can make tea. As she picked up pot to fill with water I grabed her from back
and started to massage her boobs from back. Pari started to push her back on my getting hard dick. She started to grind her back side on my dick that got my dick hard. She felt the hardness. She said I think your tool need to cool down. Pari turned around and got on her knees. She removed my pants and took my dick out. She started to suck it. At that time Maid open the door that enter to kitchen. Pari had her back toward that door she did not see maid. Maid moved slowly toward us. Maid kneeled beside Pari. She said to Pari that looks very tasty can have suck too. Pari was shocked to see her there. But very quickly she said sure it is big enough for both of us Pari put my dick in maid,s mouth.
They both started to suck my dick. Maid had all of my dick in her mouth. Pari oh you are expert in sucking cocks. Maid just smiled. After 10 minutes sucking Pari said why dont we move in guest room.
In guest room maid removed Pari,s cloths and Pari hellped her to get out of her cloths. They both admired each other,s body. Pari and maid started to kiss each other. They were sucking each other,s tongue. They both lay on bed Maid started to lick Pari,s pussy which was shaved.

They licked each other for few minutes in 69. They both compliment each other the way they suck pussy. I was standing by the bed then Maid pulled me over on the bed. My cock was real hard. I said who want it first. Maid said I want it. away. I want that 7” cock in my pussy. So I got my cock in maid,s pussy and started to pump her. She was asking for more harder Pari was sitting on bed massaging maid,s boobs her back was toward the door, the door was open. Maid started to moan louder and louder.
At that time Maid,s son Raja walk in the room. Pari did not notice him till he was close to bed. He said is it private party or can I join in too. Pari turn her head and saw little boy standing by the bed. Raja i about 5 foot tall slim. He had his short on and tee shirt. Pari looked surprised to see Raja next to bed.
Pari said what the fuck is going on here? AJ u been hiding things from me. Not really I wanted to surprise you. You sure surprised me good. This is young boy is it right that he should see all this?
Nalny said he is very good at it. Pari said what do u mean he is good at it? I said wait till he take off his short. In fact why dont you take off his cloths. Pari looked at me with surprise in her eyes. Pari took off his shirt then she undid his short. When she lowered his short she was shocked by his cock size. OMG she said I cant believe it that he has cock bigger then you AJ.

Pari held his cock in hand she could harly put her hand around it. I saw the lust in her eyes it reminded the same lust she had when she had black cock in Goa.
Maid said to Pari do u want it in your pussy. You have to suck it first then He will fuck you till you tell him to stop. Is he that good? I said yes he is very good. His mom taught him how to fuck. Pari said dont tell me he fuck his mom too. Raja said yes I fuck mom,s pussy and her ass.
Pari said I cant believe it. It is true I said he even fucked my ass.
Parri started to suck it but she could not take it all in her mouth. Raja has thick n 8” long it can be hard for any woman to take it all down the throat. Pali lay on her back and asked Raja to go at it. Pari told me to lift her legs up and wide for Raja. Raja got between Pari,s legs and pointed his dick to Pari;s heaven gate. Hr started to push his dick in slowly. Pari said yes he is trained good. She pulled maid to ward her and kissed her. Pari told Raja to go fast and hit hard. Raja went wild at Pari,s pussy he keep ponding her (fuddy) cunt hardar. Pari was on the bed close to the edge and Maid lay next to Pari and asked me to fuck her. I started to push my cock in her cunt. She too said hardar and faster. So we bot guys were fucking ladies like no tomorrow. We both fucked them for more then 15 minutes non stop. Both ladies said it is enough now. They said we need rest now. I said sure we have all the time to do things.... Continue»
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Black lover wants wife to be his french maid Hallo

It was now late October around my 30th birthday and Halloween. My wife and her black lover made plans to get together with one another this coming Saturday night which was also Halloween night. Knowing this he asked her if she could or would dress up like a "French Maid" ready to serve his every need, and that did not mean cleaning the house I assure you. She told him “OK cool, sounds like fun, I think I can do that.” My wife was now on a mission, to go out shopping and hopefully find a sexy hot French Maid outfit and make his fantasy come true. Over the next couple of days my wife went out shopping to a number of those sexy lingerie stores to locate a French maid costume. There wasn't enough time to purchase one online because plans were already made for the up coming weekend to act out this Halloween sex fantasy of his. As her luck would have it, she found what she considered to be the perfect French Maid Outfit. A black and white patent short flair dress that laces down the front and has puffy short sleeves, white satin apron and headband. The rest of costume includes fishnet thigh high stockings and black patent high heels shoes. My wife was so excited and couldn't wait for Saturday night to come dressed as his personal French Maid, to serve him his fantasy all night long!

Well Saturday night finally came and her lover arrived right on time, 9:00PM. The door bell rang, my wife took a deep breath, gave me a kiss on the cheek and there she was, this gorgeous French Maid hurrying to answer the front door to let her black lover in. When she opened our front door the look on his face was total amazement. Immediately, he couldn't keep his hands off her as they embraced in a long kiss that lasted a good 5 minutes. When they regained their composure my wife said to him. "Is there anything you need, or I can do for you master?” I was impressed, very nice role playing, I forgot about that part being so distracted at just how hot she looked and his reaction to her dressed up in a french maid outfit. He turned to me for a brief second, he looked right back at her and replied "Why yes maid, first I want you to unbuckle my belt, snap open my pants and zip down my fly". "Yes Master, anything you want master" she replied.

I was kind of worried as our inside front door was still wide open, all that remained closed was our full length-all glass outer storm door. Anyone that might just happen to pass by could easily look in and notice what was unfolding right before my very eyes here inside our home. I couldn't move, I was totally mesmerized and I really did not want to distract them as they continued this role playing fantasy out. If she wanted to close the front door or dim the inside lights she would have done so already. So go ahead I thought, put on a show for all to see, get caught or not. WOW, I must admit it was an added bonus for me that really heightened my own arousal watching the two of them. I'm sure for my wife as well knowing it’s possible for others to peek inside and see what’s going on in our home tonight. A big black man half naked standing over a hot white woman in a French Maid outfit, doing the nasty no less. God I love this lifestyle we live!

He then ordered my wife, his French Maid to get down on her knees and lowered his pants to his ankles, (he wasn't wearing any briefs) My wife dropped to her knees. After freeing his already hard big black cock he ordered his French Maid to worship and suck on it. "Yes master, I waited all week for this master" she replied. She began by kissing and licking his big black cock from the underside of his balls to the tip of his giant black cock. He ordered her to continue sucking on that big stick until he shot his load of cum in her mouth and swallow every drop of it. He told her she would be punished if she missed just one drop... and all this with the front door wide open! WOW, was all I could think.. look at this, what a great night for my French Maid wife. She was sucking on his cock so good that even I was jealous. She had her left arm around his naked ass holding on to him, her right hand pumping furiously at the base of his long cock while her mouth went as deep as she could slurping on the length of his big black cock over and over again. His legs began to stiffen up then he threw his head back and began cumming in her mouth. Her lips were wrapped tightly around his cum spewing cock making sure she didn’t miss one drop of his seed.

I could tell from the amount of times she kept swallowing his load by the way she was gulping and sucking on him. She held him there for a few more minutes as she sucked real hard making sure he was drained of his cum. Then she licked him clean and stood up. She looked him right in the eyes and said, “Thank you so much master” he replied with a smirk eating grin on his face, “Your welcome maid” After that scene the two of them went up to our bedroom. I began to follow them but my wife turned back and told me not to follow them.. Then I heard her say under her breath, kinda of a whisper that I know she wanted me to hear "sl**p down stairs loser" !! Ah, Ok humiliate me I thought! True and perfect words a cuckold like me loves to hear. Now all I have to do is wait for him to leave. But I know it's going to be a very long night and I can't wait to hear all the details after he has his way with his willing little French Maid, my wife.

I went into our small spare bedroom and found a note she obviously left for me earlier in the day. Clever I though to myself., she knew all along she was going have me sl**p down here so she could be alone up in our bedroom with her black lover serving his fantasy of having a French maid whore to do what ever he wants happily with no questions asked. The Note read: "To my small dick loser husband, I want you to remove all your cloths. I put your cell phone on the night stand. I’ll call you when he leaves. Don’t wait up and don’t you dare jerk off that pathetic small dick or yours, sweet dreams! Your whore wife! No, I mean his whore, your wife! Oh and another thing. I put that huge butt plug you hate having shoved up your ass under the pillow. Make sure it’s inside you when I call you to come up after he’s gone."

I stayed in bed waiting nearly all night for her phone call. I tried my best to stay awake, but eventually I drifted off to sl**p. I was awakened by my cell phone sometime after 8a.m. the next morning. I quickly reached for that giant butt plug then the door swung open. There she was still dressed partially in her French maid outfit without the apron and head band. She had a huge smile on her face, her hair was tossed and her makeup was all messed up. She took the butt plug from my hand and said “let me help you with this” She had me get on my knees, she put a little lube in and around my butt and proceeded to tease me with it. Then without warning she slammed it right up my butt hole, held it there until I stopped squealing from the pain she had just inflicted on me. She pinched my nipple ring with one hand while her other hand measured my small dick in a pitiful way. She let out a big sigh! Then she said “What a shame how small your cock is, 5"” Then she ordered me to roll over on to my back and lay flat on the bed. She started to move up and over my waiting mouth to lick her pussy clean. Then she said “I have a surprise for you cuckyboy are you ready for it?” I replied “Ready for what” She said “lick my pussy clean and you’ll soon find out” Then she reminded me that she had to do everything her master asked of her and one of his requests was not wearing condoms. Licking her pussy clean is one thing, licking someones freshly deposited cum an entire new thing for me. I was to turned on, none of that mattered to me. Until my own reality hit me.

I knew then what she was about to say next as my heart raced. My wife said “He came inside me at least five times and I loved feeling his warm cum shooting deep inside me where no man has ever gone, especially not you” "What, no condoms? Are you nuts?" I said. She replied, "I'm pretty sure he made me pregnant cumming deep inside my fertile womb so many times" I replied, "how can you be so sure your pregnant? My wife said, "Because I'm ovulating today." You've got to be k**ding me" I said. She replied, "We talked about this so many times how hot it would be for me to become black pregnant or have you forgotten?, so what's your problem?" I replied, "That was a fantasy of ours I never thought you would actually go through with it, what will our f****y and friends think when they obviously find out I'm not the father?". "I know," she smiled. It means I'll have a black baby, and our families and all of our friends will find out that you’re my cuckold. And I will have to explain to everyone about the size of your pathetic little unsatisfying dick. I'm sure most will understand. And I don't really care what anyone will think or has to say about it, you shouldn't either. This is the lifestyle we choose to live and if it means we're having a black baby we made this decision to live this lifestyle to the fullest, it's who we are so get over it." With my head down in submission I replied, "Your right, I'm happy for you, for us." "Now can we continue getting down to business" she said in a stern tone of voice.

I cupped my lips around her gaping pussy and slowly worked my tongue inside her cum soaked pussy. I felt her put some pressure on herself forcing the cum down from deep inside her womb and I helped by sucking out as much of his cum as I could. She commented, “That’s it cuckyboy get it all out of me, swallow all his loads and clean me all up, I have another surprise for you when your done but don’t move your close to your birthday present just as soon as your finished cleaning my pussy”

Happy birthday to you, now get ready for your present!
... Continue»
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Our naughty lesbian maid

Last summer my girlfriend and I went on holiday to the beautiful Greek island of Lesbos for two weeks of fun in the sun. I had a met Sasha a few months earlier at a club when I was out dressed as Tania. She was fascinated by my appearance and looks even though she knew that I was a slutty transvestite. Sasha was herself a free-spirited woman who was looking to meet other open-minded people so right from the start we hit if off with each other. We quickly got involved in a relationship and she completely accepted the male and female halves of my personality. So after a couple of months we decided to go on holiday where this story really starts…

Most of our days were spent lazing around the hotel swimming pool, sunbathing, wandering around the old town on this idyllic island. During our second week we woke up one morning to find much to our surprise that it was raining outside. It didn’t take us long to realise that the best way to spend the morning was in bed pleasuring each other’s bodies. Sasha whispered into my ear “I want you to dress-up, I want to have sex with Tania now”. I was hoping she might ask me that so I slipped out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom to begin my transformation. 30 minutes later I opened the bathroom door completely made up as Tania. I was wearing my sexy new red dress, stockings and my fantastic new red high heels. “Come over here you naughty bitch!” commanded Sasha from the bed where she was lying naked revealing every secret of her beautiful, slim body. As I walked over she jumped up of the bed and grabbed hold of me and kissed me fiercely on my lips whilst squeezing my buttocks. “I am going to fuck you so hard you dirty slut” Sasha said as she rubbed my cock through the material of my red dress. Within minutes Sasha had me on my hands and knees with my dress up around my waist. She quickly pulled of the lace panties I was wearing so allow my now erect cock to swing free. Pulling my cock backwards, Sasha began to lick and suck it whilst gently squeezing my balls. I of course became quickly aroused and started dripping pre-cum from the tip of my cock, which Sasha greedily gobbled up as soon as it appeared. “Stay like that and don’t move” Sasha commanded. Following her instructions, I stayed exactly as I was. From the other side of the room I heard the clasps of Sasha’s suitcase snap open. A few minutes later I could hear Sasha walk back across the room to where I was still patiently waiting on my hands and knees. The next thing I felt was Sasha gently rubbing lubricant into my ass and using her finger to work the muscle and start to open me up. I am ashamed to admit that being such a slut, it doesn’t take much to open my ass up these days and within seconds Sasha was able to insert three fingers into my now gaping ass. After working me for another couple of minutes, she withdrew her fingers and then I felt her thrust something hard and thick deep inside me. I realised of course that Sasha had put on her big strap-on cock and, as I knew from previous experience, that she was fully intent on giving my ass a good pounding with her rigid latex phallus. Just as Sasha began her longer strokes, causing me to moan with pleasure, we both heard a gasp of shock from the door. Turning round we saw out Greek chamber maid holding a pile of linen in one hand and covering her mouth with the other hand. The expression on her face was one embarrassment mixed with curiosity. Obviously she had knocked on the door and we hadn’t heard and now the three of us were frozen in position staring at each other. Sasha reacted first, she said to the maid, “Put the towels down and come over here”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I though the maid would run from the room and probably the next thing we would hear was the sound of the manager knocking on the door. Much to my surprise the maid did as she was told. “Sit on the bed next to us” Sasha instructed her. The maid did as she was told. “What is your name” Sasha asked. “Varvara” the maid replied. “I can see from your eyes that you like what you see, don’t you?” said Sasha in that seductive voice of hers. “Yes, I like what I see” the maid replied. Sasha swivelled her body around to face Varvara. “Do you want to play with my breasts Varvara?”. “Yes” she breathily replied. “Well why don’t you take them in your hands and start kissing them?”. Varvara did as she was instructed and gently cupped Sasha’s breasts in her hands and slowly at first began to kiss them. Varvara obviously had experience with other women as she soon had Sasha moaning with delight as she began to suck harder on Sasha’s now fully erect and engorged nipples. As Varvara continued to suck tit, Sasha unfastened her maid’s outfit and unclasped her bra until Varvara’s beautiful, full breasts were also revealed. “Stand-up Varvara” Sasha commanded. Sasha expertly unzipped Varvara’s skirt and then quickly pulled down her panties as Varara stood up. Soon she was standing naked before us so that we could admire her delightful body. As you can see from the photos she allowed us to take, she has amazing tits and a nice hairy, dark slit.

Despite the fact she was obviously still a little shy, Varvara seemed fascinated by Sasha’s huge strap-on cock and could hardly take her eyes of it. Sasha noticed of course and beckoned Varvara over with her finger, “Kneel down and suck me”. Varvara did as she was instructed and knelt in front of Sasha and began to slowly lick her cock, which was still dripping with lube and my ass juices. Varvara then opened her mouth wide and began to gobble up the big rubber phallus attached to Sasha’s body. Until now I had only watched in rapt fascination as my girlfriend seduced our quiet little Greek chamber maid. I could no longer resist the temptation to join in. I stood up and walked behind Varvara to kneel down if front of her delicious ass.

I gently inserted my finger into her dark, hairy slit to find that she was already quite wet. Slowly at first I moved my finger in and out of her cunt, which made Varvara utter a low moan of pleasure. I pushed in a second finger inside her and began to rub both fingers around the top of Vavara’s cunt, searching for her G-spot. I knew I had found it when Vavara cried out with pleasure. I began working her cunt harder with my fingers whilst Sasha pulled Vavara’s head further onto her rubber phallus, making her gag in the process. “I want to fuck the little bitch” said Sasha. Quickly we swapped positions and as I pulled Vavara’s mouth over my swollen and very erect cock, Sasha thrust deep inside her from behind with her strap-on. Varavra almost choked on my cock with the surprise of having such a large object f***ed deep inside her cunt but she quickly regained her composure and began expertly to suck me off as Sasha pounded her cunt from behind. Sasha grabbed hold of Varvara’s hips for a better grip and really began to fuck our nice little Greek chamber maid really hard and deep. I was so turned on by the sight of my girlfriend fucking another woman that it wasn’t long before I could feel myself approaching an orgasm. Before I could say anything to Vavara, I exploded hot sticky cum inside her mouth. Our naughty little chamber maid continued to suck me until I was completely drained and her mouth was full of hot cum and dripping down her chin. Sasha realising what had happened so she stopped fucking Varvara and turned her round to kiss her full on the lips so that she could greedily share my cum with the chamber maid. The kissed each other passionately for several minutes until the last of the cum had disappeared down their throats after which Sasha began to lick the rest of my cum off Varvara’s chin and breasts.

The girls disappeared into the bathroom to shower together and as I lay relaxing on the bed I could hear giggles of delight and pleasure mingled with the noise of water cascading from the shower. Finally they emerged from the bathroom naked. Varvara quickly put her uniform back on and picked up the linen she had been carrying when she had inadvertently burst in on us earlier. “Come back tomorrow Varvara, I want you to clean this” commanded Sasha as she pointed to her own shaven pussy. Varvara laughed quietly and gave us a naughty wink as she slipped out of the door.

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Indonesian Maid & Bangladeshi Man (Part 1)

This is a true story. Happen many years ago, 1998 if I'm not wrong and I was serving My National Service in the Army back then. This is what happen.....

One of the day when I was serving My NS, I reported sick and had to see my MO. My camp was located at Mandai and my NS stint was 8-5pm (Mon- Sat). My MO was located at Choa Chu Kang. I was confident that I will gat a Medical Certificate, to rest at home. So, thinking I had a lot of time to spare, I ventured to look for pussy to fuck at Bukit Panjang.

I went to Fajar Road. There were a few of housing flats with only 1 stairwell for the entire block and this stairwell opens up to every floor, with a door. I decided take the lift and went to the top floor. From the top floor, I took the staircase and went downwards quietly. Sometimes there were couples having sex at these type of staircase, and I'd like to peep quietly and stroke my cock
while they were engaging in those horny thrusts.

I went down until I reached the 3rd floor. I saw a couple. An Indonesian maid and a Bangla Man. They were hugging and kissing. Then I saw the Bangla Man caresses the maids tits. He pulled the maids bra down and licked her breast profusely. The Maid was in ecstasy and horny. She stroke the Bangla Man's cock (still with pants though). I was at the 4th floor and I could see everything in between the staircase railing. I was also stroking my cock, thinking if only I could get the pussy and fuck the brains out of her.

Suddenly the maid turn her back towards the Bangla man and she pulled down her shorts. Omg, she's not wearing any panties. Then the Bangla man also dropped his pants. The maid bent down and they in a doggy style position, about to make the sexual penetration. But before the Bangla man could thrust his cock into her pussy, I decided to give them a scare. I immediately went down to them. They were shocked to see me as I was in an Army uniform. I asked them what they were doing and threaten them. In Singapore, a Bangla man is a migrant worker from Bangladesh who comes to Singapore to work, mostly as cleaners. And the Indonesian maid is also a migrant worker from Indonesia. Both are bound by strict rules, especially for maids, they can't have any sexual activities while working in Singapore. If their employers were to find out, they will be deported back to their countries.

So, I threatened them, that I would report their activities to their employers, & called the police for having sex in a public area. They were scared of course. The maid started to cry and the Bangla man started to plead to me. This is of course, my chance to fuck that Indonesian maid's pussy. I told the Bangla man to fuck immediately. Then I asked the maid to follow me. We went to the 17th floor. All this while the maid was crying and pleading for forgiveness from me. When we reached the 17th floor staircase, I told the maid that I would spare her and not to report to her employer but on one condition, to let me fuck her pussy. She agreed and she immediately removed her shorts. Seeing her, my pants dropped and my hardened cock sprung out. We immediately engaged in a sexual activities; doggy style first, then still, standing, facing each other, I hold up her left leg and fucked her from the from. Then, she asked me to sit on floor with my back rest to the wall. With her legs wide open, she squatted down, took my cock and shove it into her pussy. She was enjoying it, every time thrusting her hips sideways and to and fro. Sometimes, she even sway her hips in a circular motion, grasping my cock tightly with her pussy. We were in heaven at that time. I asked where should I cum, in her pussy or outside. She told me to cum inside her pussy. After 15 mins of intense sex, I told her that I am going to cum. She quickens her hip motion against my cock. And she told me that she's going to cum too. With her thrusting so ferocious, I cummed inside her pussy with a full load of cum. It was the moment of joy. She came at the same time, almost yelling "Ouh baby that was the greatest sex I've ever had", and continue to make a circular motion against my throbbing cock and then slowly stop but my cock was still inside her pussy and she did not want it came off her pussy.

As I had to leave, to report to my MO, I told her we can do it another time. I even asked for her mobile number and obligingly gave it to me.

They next day I decided to fuck her again. So called her mobile number, but the operator said that the number that I've dialled is no longer used. Damn, I was conned by the Indonesian maid. From that day, I decided to tracked her down at her neighbourhood area, Fajar. Until then, the next story will be up when I accidentally saw them (the Bangla man & The Indonesian Maid) again.... Continue»
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Indonesian Maid & Bangladeshi Man (Part 1)

This is a true story. Happen many years ago, 1998 if I'm not wrong and I was serving My National Service in the Army back then. This is what happen.....

One of the day when I was serving My NS, I reported sick and had to see my MO. My camp was located at Mandai and my NS stint was 8-5pm (Mon- Sat). My MO was located at Choa Chu Kang. I was confident that I will gat a Medical Certificate, to rest at home. So, thinking I had a lot of time to spare, I ventured to look for pussy to fuck at Bukit Panjang.

I went to Fajar Road. There were a few of housing flats with only 1 stairwell for the entire block and this stairwell opens up to every floor, with a door. I decided take the lift and went to the top floor. From the top floor, I took the staircase and went downwards quietly. Sometimes there were couples having sex at these type of staircase, and I'd like to peep quietly and stroke my cock
while they were engaging in those horny thrusts.

I went down until I reached the 3rd floor. I saw a couple. An Indonesian maid and a Bangla Man. They were hugging and kissing. Then I saw the Bangla Man caresses the maids tits. He pulled the maids bra down and licked her breast profusely. The Maid was in ecstasy and horny. She stroke the Bangla Man's cock (still with pants though). I was at the 4th floor and I could see everything in between the staircase railing. I was also stroking my cock, thinking if only I could get the pussy and fuck the brains out of her.

Suddenly the maid turn her back towards the Bangla man and she pulled down her shorts. Omg, she's not wearing any panties. Then the Bangla man also dropped his pants. The maid bent down and they in a doggy style position, about to make the sexual penetration. But before the Bangla man could thrust his cock into her pussy, I decided to give them a scare. I immediately went down to them. They were shocked to see me as I was in an Army uniform. I asked them what they were doing and threaten them. In Singapore, a Bangla man is a migrant worker from Bangladesh who comes to Singapore to work, mostly as cleaners. And the Indonesian maid is also a migrant worker from Indonesia. Both are bound by strict rules, especially for maids, they can't have any sexual activities while working in Singapore. If their employers were to find out, they will be deported back to their countries.

So, I threatened them, that I would report their activities to their employers, & called the police for having sex in a public area. They were scared of course. The maid started to cry and the Bangla man started to plead to me. This is of course, my chance to fuck that Indonesian maid's pussy. I told the Bangla man to fuck immediately. Then I asked the maid to follow me. We went to the 17th floor. All this while the maid was crying and pleading for forgiveness from me. When we reached the 17th floor staircase, I told the maid that I would spare her and not to report to her employer but on one condition, to let me fuck her pussy. She agreed and she immediately removed her shorts. Seeing her, my pants dropped and my hardened cock sprung out. We immediately engaged in a sexual activities; doggy style first, then still, standing, facing each other, I hold up her left leg and fucked her from the from. Then, she asked me to sit on floor with my back rest to the wall. With her legs wide open, she squatted down, took my cock and shove it into her pussy. She was enjoying it, every time thrusting her hips sideways and to and fro. Sometimes, she even sway her hips in a circular motion, grasping my cock tightly with her pussy. We were in heaven at that time. I asked where should I cum, in her pussy or outside. She told me to cum inside her pussy. After 15 mins of intense sex, I told her that I am going to cum. She quickens her hip motion against my cock. And she told me that she's going to cum too. With her thrusting so ferocious, I cummed inside her pussy with a full load of cum. It was the moment of joy. She came at the same time, almost yelling "Ouh baby that was the greatest sex I've ever had", and continue to make a circular motion against my throbbing cock and then slowly stop but my cock was still inside her pussy and she did not want it came off her pussy.

As I had to leave, to report to my MO, I told her we can do it another time. I even asked for her mobile number and obligingly gave it to me.

They next day I decided to fuck her again. So called her mobile number, but the operator said that the number that I've dialled is no longer used. Damn, I was conned by the Indonesian maid. From that day, I decided to tracked her down at her neighbourhood area, Fajar. Until then, the next story will be up when I accidentally saw them (the Bangla man & The Indonesian Maid) again.... Continue»
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Maid Service

My husband and I enjoy travel and like to get away a few times a year. Being cold in the North we like to head south in January or February. This year we went to Florida to see the sights and do the regular tour that the tourists do. We booked into the Hilton at Walt Disney World and got busy seeing and doing all the regular stuff. On the fourth day we were there, my husband had booked a round of golf, that being his passion. My passion on the other hand is shopping and I was quite delighted to let him go and play a round while I took the time to browse the shops.

We went down to the restaurant that morning for a leisurely breakfast before going our own separate ways. He headed off for the links and I went back up to the room to gather my purse and freshen up before my shopping spree.

It took me about ten minutes to get ready and I grabbed my purse, ready to hit the streets. As I was heading for the door I heard a sound coming from the next room. The room was one of those with an adjoining door to the next room, allowing larger groups to move back and forth easily between. I heard it again, the sound of someone moaning. It was not a moan of pain, but of passion. The couple next door must be getting it on I thought.

My voyeurism instincts must have taken over because I found myself moving over to the door to listen better. I put my ear near the door and listened to what was definitely the sound of a woman enjoying sex. I listened for a minute or two and began to move away feeling somewhat guilty for intruding on their private moment.

It was then that I noticed there was a crack between the door and the frame. Well I had come this far. I put my eye to the crack. As luck would have it I was looking directly at the bed in the next room. To my surprise I discovered that it was not a couple making love.

Spread out on the bed was a woman. I would guess in her early thirties like me. She had brown hair and a tanned complexion with contrasting tan lines. Her left hand was pulling at her breasts, while her right dipped into her pussy. Her head was thrown back and her pelvis thrust back and forth as she finger fucked herself.

I felt I should go but something held me there. She just looked so sexy her one hand pulling at her nipples, then rubbing her palms across them. Her nipples were light colored, almost pink and looked engorged from her play. Her right hand thrusting into her pussy, which was glistening wet with her juices. She would then run up over her clit rubbing it in circles for a few moments before plunging her fingers back inside.

Oh God, it turning me on. I knew now why my husband liked to watch me masturbate. I also knew that I was going to have to cum too; I had that itch that needed to be scratched. I slipped my hand under my dress and into my panties. I started to rub my own slit that was already very wet from watching her. I continued to rub myself as I watched her start to ram her fingers in harder. I could tell she was close to cumming. As she came I came too, rubbing my hard little button back and forth. My husband always teases me about hew easy I can cum. It is not uncommon for me to cum 30 or 40 times in a session of love making. I guess I am just one of the lucky ones. It does not take much to set me off and this was more than enough.

I figured that would be it, but I continued to watch her, slowly rubbing myself in the after glow. She rolled over for a moment and then back, holding a purse. She reached in and pulled out a vibrator. It was pink and shaped like a penis. She turned the black knob on the end, starting it up. She slid it over her nipples for a few moments before moving it down to easily slip into her dripping pussy. This girl was just getting started.

Well if she could have another orgasm so could I. I slipped my panties off to give better access for my fingers. I started to rub my nub and finger fuck myself again all the time watching her fuck herself with the vibrator.

I froze........

"That must be quite a show," came a female voice from behind.

Dropping my hand from my crotch I turn to face the maid that had entered the room. I had not heard her in my preoccupation in my mutual masturbation session with the woman next door.

"Let me see," she said, moving past me like she had not just caught me with my fingers in the cookie jar.

As she stood at the door way her eye to the crack I looked her over. She appeared to be about 19 or 20, perfect completion, black hair, average sized breasts, quite cute. She of course was dressed in the maid uniform of the hotel a blouse, skirt and sensible shoes.

She watched at the crack for about a minute while I stood there trying to f***e away my embarrassment at being caught. Turning back she said in a low voice. "She looks great, have a look again; I think she is about to cum."

Not knowing what else to do I put my eye back to the crack. The maid was right the woman was starting into the throws of another orgasm. The sight of her cumming again sent another gush of juices to my own pussy. I still had needs that had yet to be met.

As I watched the other woman my hand crept back under my skirt. I was too far gone to let the fact that the maid was there stop me. As my fingers entered my wet slit I felt a pair of hands reach around and start to undo the buttons on my blouse. The maid quickly undid all the button then helped me removed my blouse. She then undid my bra and removed it to. My fingers went back to my pussy as the maid reached around and caressed my breasts, one in each hand as she left a wet trail of kisses across my shoulders and neck.

I was transfixed now, watching the woman next door fucking herself, my own fingers in my pussy and the maid playing with my breasts, I was so turned it was like I had a river running out of me. I started into another orgasm

When I finally subsided a bit the maid pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down. She moved between my thighs and pushed up my skirt exposing that extremely wet pussy of mine. She moved in and started licking and sucking. Her tongue flicked across my clit, first gently, then harder. She then dipped down pushing her tongue as far as she could inside me. Moving back up she slipped my nub between her lips and sucked, sending me into an immediate orgasm. She continued to lick nibble and suck bring me to multiple orgasms, I don't know how many I was just lost in the feeling of the moment.

Finally I pushed her away. She had given me some fantastic orgasms and I knew that I had to reciprocate. I told her to lie down and as I removed her skirt and panties. She undid her blouse and slid her bra up and over her breasts. All I could think about right now was tasting her juices.

I moved in, giving some tentative licks. She grabbed the back of my head with one hand and ground my face and tongue into her gooey slit. I relished in the taste, the texture, the heat. I did my best, tonguing her clit, diving my tongue deep inside her, sucking her and was rewarded with an orgasm. I continued eating her pussy like a ravenous wolf, devouring her, bringing her to yet another orgasm.

I laid back, exhausted, but satisfied. What an experience. The maid rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom carrying her clothes. She emerged a few minutes later, dressed and looking again like she had when she first caught me.

She smiled and said, "I hope you have enjoyed your stay at the Hilton, I will be back later to tidy up." With that see winked and left me on the bed, sticky and naked except for my bunched up skirt.

I got up to shower and as I passed the door to the next room I had one last look. The woman was gone and to this day I wonder it she had heard us and stood at that door, her eye to the crack, watching the maid and I make each other cum.
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The Filipino maid

Not my story but I enjoyed and thought you would too

Curt drove the 36″ wide mower up the ramp on onto the trailer attached to the back of his pickup truck. He cut the engine and wiped the sweat from his face with a clean rag. He couldn’t remember when it was so damned hot. He tipped his hat back on his head and took the pruning sheers and weed wacker out of the back. He still had at least another hour of work before he was done here, and he was out of water. Fifteen minutes later, he’d had it. He went to the back door of the main house and rang the bell. He’d seen servants around the house before and only hoped that someone was home today.

The door opened; he felt the cool rush of air conditioning blast his face, chest, and legs. The breeze was soothing and he hoped that he would be invited in while someone got him a glass of water. It was the young Filipino woman with mocha skin who answered the door that made him hot again. She was slender, but filled out her fitted uniform in all the right places. She had deep brown almond-shaped eyes and wore the slighted bit of makeup. Her shoes were sensible and black; her skirt was much shorter than was practical. Her smile was bright and wide and inviting.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“I’m Curt, the lawn guy, and I was hoping that you might be able to get me a glass of water. It’s hot out here.” He could barely control his cock; his dirty mind raced. Curt imagined him getting her alone in the cabana, bending her over the back of a chaise lounge and fucking her sweet, dark pussy from behind.

“Come in,” she said as she opened the door.

Despite the frosty inside of the house, his cock was pushing hard against his cutoffs. All of a sudden, going commando didn’t seem like such a great idea; his cock threatened to pop out the shortened leg when he reached into his pocket and grabbed his stiff shaft.

“Please wait here. I’ll get you a glass of ice water. Would you like a slice of lemon?”


The maid smiled, turned and walked away. Each step she took, each wiggle of her ass, made the bl**d pound in his head. He looked down and saw the grass clippings and dust stuck to his sweaty skin and hair. Damned, he thought. If only I wasn’t so grimy, but maybe I can get her number before I leave.

The dry, air-conditioned air made his nipples small and hard, but his cock was hot and raging in his shorts. Alone, his dirty little fantasies hijacked his mind and made him hard. Curt wondered what it would be like to take her bent over the pool table that he was sure they had downstairs. Even better, he thought, what would it be like if she sucked him then rode him on top of the pool table.

She came back, walking down the hallway with a glass of ice water with a slice of lemon. As she got close, she dropped the napkin that was under the glass on the floor, but didn’t seem to notice.

Curt took the tall glass with a smile and a thank you. He drank; she watched. When he was about half done he told her, “You dropped a napkin on the floor,” and pointed behind her. She turned around, took two steps and bent over at the waist to retrieve the napkin. Curt couldn’t believe his luck or his eyes. He saw garter straps attached to the top of her stockings and flash of her ass. What he didn’t see was underwear. He swallowed hard and his cock sprung to life, peeking out from the bottom of his shorts.

She turned around with the napkin in her hand; there was nothing he could do about his cock without being obvious, so he drank some water.

“Thank you,” she said holding up the napkin but looking at his crotch.

“No, thank you,” Curt replied holding up the water but thinking about her taut, sweet ass.

The maid looked at him. She batted her eyes and asked, “Do you really have so much more to do?” She took a step forward and slowly reached for his crotch. She took his cockhead in the palm of her hand then ran her nails up the underside of his hardened shaft until she reached his balls.

He inhaled sharply. Oh it felt good. “No, about an hour’s worth.”

“Care to wash up a little and take a break?”

Curt placed the glass on the table, put his hands on her hips, and kissed her. She tasted sweet like honey; her straight silky hair smelled faintly of lilacs. The maid returned his kiss gently and passionately.

“What kind of break?”

“I was thinking perhaps a blowjob break; I could really use one of those, plus your dick looks so ready. Maybe later we can have a fuck break too. What do you think? Interested?”

“Ain’t no doubt about that, Darlin’. Where’s the washroom?”

He followed the maid’s twitching ass from the back door, through the house to a luxurious bathroom with a large shower enclosed by frosted glass.

“Why don’t you just put your dirty things in this towel and take a shower?”

Curt stripped and did as he was told. He watched her as she watched him peel of his shorts and have his dick spring free already erect. The maid left the bathroom and he took a refreshing shower, watching the dirt and grass clippings wash off his body. As he was rinsing off, the shower door opened and in stepped the naked maid. Her body could only be described as succulent. Her waist was narrow, but she had big tits and wide hips with a flat belly. Her mocha skin was evenly colored all over but for her large chocolate nipples. Her pussy was unshaven but when he touched it, it was soft and silky like the hair on her head.

As he touched her pussy, she let out a soft moan. Curt stroked her pussy again, but this time more firmly; her moan was louder. Curt cupped her pussy in his hand and began massaging her wetness. She grabbed on to his shoulder and rocked her hips while he rubbed her. Suddenly, she trembled from head to toe, let out a short sharp yell, then dropped into a squat. She put one hand on his ass and the other on his balls then began sucking and licking his cockhead.

Water ran down the back of her head and he eased her face closer so she could get more of his cock in her sweet mouth. Her tongue was warm magic velvet and she knew how to use it. She licked hard and soft the flesh under the rim of his bulging cockhead. She ran her hands over his thighs and ass as she enthusiastically sucked. She hit all the right spots to get him hard and ready to cum.

Curt’s knees wobbled; she was relentless, and he loved it. She sucked and licked and stroked him harder and faster once she sensed that he was getting ready to shoot his wad. His whole body stopped and shivered as he delivered his hot cum load into the back of her throat. She couldn’t get enough; she moaned as she sucked harder, pulling every drop of semen from his shaft.

When she was done sucking, she stood up, turned around, and soaped her ass crack with thick liquid soap. Reaching between her legs she grabbed his cock and nestled it between her muscular butt cheeks. With her hand trapping his dick in the groove, she moved her ass up and down as she flexed her butt. “Oh, yeah that makes me hot,” she said.

Curt grunted and didn’t argue. After the blowjob she just gave him, he would let her do about anything. If she wanted her butt cheeks fucked, then that’s what he’d do.

“You’re so nice baby, such a big, thick cock. It makes it all that much more fun to fuck.” She slid her ass up and down his dick a few more times then looked over her shoulder. “I need you in my ass baby, it that okay? Would you mind fucking my ass? I haven’t had a good ass fucking in a long time.”

Curt went from mahogany hard to diamond hard in a heartbeat. Did he want to fuck her ass? Does an Englishman like tea? Holy crap! He could hardly believe his ears!

“What’s the matter,” she asked. “You don’t want to fuck my ass?”

“Oh, yeah, baby, I want to fuck your hot tight ass.”

The maid smiled. “Good.” She washed the soap off and spread hair conditioner all over his cock and her asshole. “Warm me up with your fingers, huh baby?”

Curt complied. He took his middle finger, coated it with conditioner, and massaged her asshole. The maid moaned the whole time, so he slipped it inside. At first he only went as far as his first knuckle, but then she pushed her ass into his hand so that he was in up to his middle knuckle. Slowly, he wiggled his finger and withdrew almost all the way before going back in again. The maid moaned and groaned with every stroke.

“Stop teasing me. I want your cock in my ass now,” she said looking over he shoulder.

Not wanting to disappoint her, Curt spread the conditioner on his cockhead and gently pressed against her dark brown, puckered asshole. He felt her relax and practically suck his cock into her ass.

“Oh baby! You’re sooooo big inside of me. Be gentle, go slow.”

Curt grabbed her by the hips and slowly pushed his cock into her ass. He pushed an inch or so, came back a little then pushed more until he was buried to his balls in her ass. She was tighter than any pussy he had ever fucked. It was hot and slick and tight around the base of his cock, as if her ass was trying to milk him of his cum.

Curt started pumping; he couldn’t help it. As he pumped his cock in and out of her ass, the maid moaned louder and louder. Her moans were like cheers, egging him on, pleading for more. The more she moaned, the harder he fucked. The harder he fucked her tight ass, the more he moaned. He reached around with one hand and began massaging her clit and she went wild.

Her little moans came fast and hard; his grunts came fast and hard as he picked up the speed of his fucking. Suddenly he felt her body stiffen with orgasm. Three strokes later, he joined her, shooting hot cum into her ass. Slowly, he withdrew his fading hard-on until he pulled out with a little pop.

Quickly, she turned around and washed his cock.

“When’s the next time the lawn has to be cut?” she asked.... Continue»
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Sexy games and finally sex with my African maid

My wife used to have a job where she would have to travel one week a month.
I would watch her dress and do her make up while I stroked my cock.
When she was ready to leave, she would sit down beside and rub and suck me for a few minutes to finish me off. According to her that would be me good till Friday night when she got back.
Actually that left me and the black African maid alone for a few days.
This maid had caught us doing stuff many times. In the morning when she brought coffee my wife was often cuddled up to me and rubbing me under the sheets so that was obvious to the maid. Quite a few times I was in the process of shooting cum as she walked in, or while she walking around to my wife’s side I would have my knees up to make a tent and my wife would keep pumping so I was shooting while she talked to the maid.
Once I was fucking my wife dog style. I was close to cumming when the maid knocked on the door.
My wife tried to jump away and run to the bathroom but I held her hips tighter and told her I am going to shoot. She told me to hurry and as the cum built up and shot out of me and into her pussy the maid walked into the room. We couldn’t see her come in from behind but my wife ran to the bathroom. I was on my knees and so lay down on my back, cock covered in cum as the maid was two feet away from me and I pulled the sheets up.
I was out of breath but very excited at her knowing she had seen us fuck.
I played a lot of tricks on the maid for months. For example when she brought my morning coffee I would be watching porn and the sheets would be moving up and down.
One morning I heard her walking towards the room. The bedroom door was about half way open and there was a large mirror on the wall. I was naked with the sheets off and I heard the maid stop at the door. She didn’t knock like you might expect to allow me to cover up. Instead she stood still and that meant she was watching me masturbate in the mirror. This told me she was getting interested in having fun.
So that morning I enjoyed rubbing my cock and thinking of her watching. When I came, thrusting my hips and groaning she knocked on the door as if she had just arrived.
I slowly pulled the covers up as she walked in and she said hello as if nothing happened.
I started to create more elaborate games after that.
I put porn on the bedroom TV. When I heard her in the kitchen making coffee I would go into my bathroom and run the shower BUT I would not shower. I stood by the door and held it open an inch or so. When the maid put down the coffee she had to turn around and she would see the porn movie. Every time she would stop and watch for a couple of minutes and I would check how she would stare at the best scenes I could find to excite her.
I also tried lying in the bed with porn on. When she turned around and saw it I would ask if she would watch with me.
She said she didn’t really like to watch it so I pulled off the sheets and told her to watch me while I stroked instead.
While she watched I told her I want her to see me shoot cum so she would just stand there.
We did that 3 times then one day I asked her to sit with me on the bed and take over with a hand job .
She did it but said that was my wife’s job. Of course I said my wife is away and I need to cum every day so I need her help. She said she was scared and I said she shouldn’t be since I cannot tell anybody!
She did a decent hand job and of course I moved her up to giving head while I lay and watched. I have had many back women and they have an advantage in cock sucking with those big lips and the deeper jaw. They can easily get an extra inch of cock in compared to a typical white woman. I was able to persuade this girl to let me cum in her mouth every time and make her swallow, something my wife is not keen on.
As our games evolved sometimes she would come to tell me dinner was ready and I would be on the bed stroking. I would ask her to finish me off and then I would get up.
The last and final stage while she worked for us for her to dress up in my wife’s lingerie.
My wife is a 34D and the maid 34B but everything fitted well enough!
She would put on stocking, garter belt and high heels and walk around the room while I watched.
Other good outfits were a corset and body stocking.
She would parade around then come to me sitting on the bed and I would bury my head in her cleavage and feel her hard, firm ass.
By now I realized the only thing left was to have full sex with her.
That was more serious that her watching me masturbate, or her rubbing or sucking me, but I wanted her.
She was really wary when I first brought it up. I told her I have to have this and I bought us condoms so there is no problem, we just keep it quiet between us.
I laid her flat on the back on the bed and kissed her and moved my hand down between her thighs.
She was interested but shying away at the same time. I told her to relax I wouldn’t hurt her but I want to go inside you.
It was driving me nuts watching her in my wife’s lingerie yet a black woman with a thick bush instead of a white blonde and a shaved pussy.
The kissing and groping got heavier and I put her hand on my cock.
By now I was sliding a finger up and down her clit, teasing an inch into her pussy. She was very wet so I knew I had to keep being gentle but firm and we would do it.
Sure enough she was moaning and her hips started to move up and down. That’s when I made my move and climbed on top. She knew then it was going to happen. I grabbed a condom and put it on while she looked at my cock, then I guided my cock into her, slowly so as not to upset her in any way.
I eased it in, feeling her pussy give way as I pushed deeper in.
I asked her when she had last fucked and she said it was a long time, more than 6 months. I told her to relax and I would be good to her. She said you are fucking me in your wife’s clothes she won’t be happy. I said she won’t find out, anyway you look so fucking hot in her sexiest clothes.
I got into a slow steady rhythm with her, checking her reaction to my moves, letting her get into it and figuring how to give her an orgasm. I was up on my arms, looking down at her and she was grabbing my forearms, her legs flat but wide open.
I said her pussy feels really good, I don’t know how long I can hold out before I cum, I want to hold back and watch her. She said it’s good, it’s been such a long time.
I keep up a steady pace, telling her I have wanted to fuck her for months. She said yes she knows because of the way I kept showing her my cock and trying to tease her.
I said OK we can have more fun from now on, relax, I wanna watch you fuck under me.
She was breathing heavier now, her hands gripping my arms pretty hard. I went deeper and she grunted.
I said cum for me. She said yes I will. From then on I went steady and deep and as she started to moan I picked up speed so I could catch up with her.
It was obvious she was going to get off so I really started pumping her. She was crying out now and I was starting to breathe hard. Then she let out this huge scream, then another one as she came. I was pounding her now, the last few seconds before I shot my load into her hairy pink pussy.
I finished and looked at her, laughing. We had come together on our first time.
I pulled my cock out, ripped off the condom and gave it to her. I said pour it on your tits and taste it, so she let it dribble out them wiped her finger in it.
I told her she was a good fuck and I want to her do it with her again when we are alone.
She said it must stay a secret or we will be in trouble. We fucked often after that, her in my wife’s different outfits, until we had to move to another town.
... Continue»
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The Sex Maid

It has been about six mouths since we have met, and we have been in bed with each other quite a few times; this time is going to be different.

We met on a Saturday morning at her house where for some reason she was looking quite hot and sexy. You were wearing a beautiful summer dress, with a low cut front that gave a good view of your cleavage. You ran into my arms like you haven't seen me in about a month giving me one of the best kisses I have ever had. When we stopped kissing, you got on your knees and said that you had been a bad girl and that you were all mine for the weekend and I was to have my way with you.

We went and had some breakfast talking about what to do for this weekend. You said that "All you want to do was to have sex all weekend long"; in short spend the weekend naked at my house having sex when and where I wanted. Then you leaned over to kiss me and whispered in my ear that you had on a pair of thong panties and matching bra.

We finished breakfast and went to my house. We weren't in the house two minutes when you were out of your dress leaving your thong panties on. Then you jumped into my arms telling me that you wanted to be my sex maid.

I looked at you and said, "Sex Maid?"

You said, "Yes, Sex Maid. A maid that would clean and cook for you and have sex anytime you wanted, the way you wanted."

I said, "OK, if that is what you want then you can start cleaning the kitchen and after that clean the bathrooms and start the laundry." "Oh, by the way your maid uniform is that thong you have on."

You kissed me with a strange look in your eyes, like what is wrong with you are you sick, but you said, "Yes, Sir whatever you say sir."

You have been working hard in the kitchen for about an hour when I came in and told you to get on your knees in front of me and suck my cock.

With no questions you did as is said, with a big grin on your face, like he is going to fuck me now.

You got on your knees and pulled my pants down and started licking and kissing my cock, and playing with my balls. Then you put my dick into your mouth and started giving me a good blow-job.

You sucked me so good that in about five minutes I was cumming down your throat swallowing all my cum. After you had finished cleaning my cock up with your tongue and mouth. You looked up at me and said, "Now it’s my turn sweetie eat my pussy." I looked down at you saying, "You did a good job sucking my dick, but you haven't finished in the kitchen yet, get back to work maid."

You got up to your feet using a piece of paper-towel to wipe your face off saying, "My pussy is wet and wants to be fucked by you.

I turned back around with a look of disapproval on my face and said, "You said that you want to be my Sex Maid, so get back to work maid.

So you went back to work so frustrated you lost track of time forgetting to fix my lunch. I came back into the kitchen and asked where is my lunch?

You said, "You didn't give instructions for lunch."

I scolded you saying, "You’re my Sex Maid and as such it goes without saying that you are to fix my meals! So make me a couple of sandwiches and bring them to me in the den."

In about five minutes you came into the den with my sandwiches and see that I'm watching a porn flick. You ask, "Can I watch with you?"

I look at you and say, "No, you will be too busy watching me jack-off and cumming all over your tits."

You got to your knees and started watching me with the hope that after I came on your tits, that I will start having sex with you on the den floor.

You sat watching me, you started cheering for me to cum because you know that I know you like for me to cum all over your firm tits. "Cum for me, shoot that hot juicy cum all over me, cum all over my tits."

After about 15 minutes I got up and start cumming all over your big firm tits.

You cried out, "Yes, cum all over my titties baby." As you start rubbing my cum all over and playing with your nipples and saying, "See how hard my nipples are for you."

I then tell you "Clean my dick up with your mouth and then go clean the bathrooms.

This time there are no complaints from you. You just got up and do as you were told to do.

In about an hour or so I got up to go to the bathroom and I start hearing what sounded like someone moaning and it start getting louder and louder. As I got to the door of the bathroom, I see you playing with your pussy and I hear you whispering "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming all over my fingers for you!"

Just as you started calming down, I opened the door saying, "I caught you playing on the job! Scaring you half to death.

You jumped to your feet with a scared look on your face, trying to pull up your thong uniform, "I'm sorry sir, I'm sorry. You don't have to worry about me playing with myself again."

I tell you, "Just shut up and hold my cock so that I can take a piss, and finish cleaning the bathroom. Take your uniform off and take a nap. You will be needing it."

I went back to the den and finished watching my movies. You finished the cleaning and went to the bedroom and took your thong uniform off and got into bed and went to sl**p.

At about 10:37 that night I went into the bedroom and watched you sl**p. Ten to fifteen minutes later you awakened up and asked, "What are you doing sir?"

I said, "I'm admiring your beautiful body."

You turned over and asked, "Do you want me to play with my pussy for you?"

I looked at you as you lifted your leg up so I could see your pussy. You started running your hand down over your tits and down to your pussy saying, "I'm all hot and wet and I want to put on a show for you lover."

I said, "OK, that sounds like a good idea. Play with your pussy for me and watch me as I play with my cock."

You started to rub and play with your breast and nipples telling me how hard your nipples are. Then you ran your hand down to your hot wet cunt. Just as you touched your clit you moaned like I have never heard you before. You played with your clit a little, then you slid one finger in your wet hole. You looked over at me as I played with my dick, saying how hot you were and how much you wanted me in your mouth.

You watched me stroke my big fat hard cock as you fingered your wet snatch and played with your nipples.

As I watched you play, you said, "I'm cumming, I'm going to cum for you baby. Watch me cum all over my fingers, watch me, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Oh, shit I'm cumming."

Just as you started cumming, I was getting ready to cum too. I got up and said, "Open your mouth so I can cum in your mouth and on your face."

After we calmed down, you rolled over and started kissing me all over stopping at my semi hard cock to kiss, lick and suck my dick into a full blown hard on again. I got up on top of you with your feet resting on my shoulders. I started out slow and soft working my way up to a good hard strong fuck.

You grabbed a hold of the headboard and started screaming, "Oh, oooh, fuck me, fuck me hard, harder, shit, oh shit, fuck me hard motherfucker, fuck me good and hard. Damn you're fucking the shit out of me. Make me cum all over your big fat hard cock.

Then you started cumming and you started to say,"Oh, shit I can't stop cumming, I can't stop cumming. Oh, please, don't stop, fuck me. Fuck me good. Feel my hot cum all over your cock your big fat cock.

Then I had you get on your knees so that I could fuck you doggie style. And so I started banging my fat cock in and out of your wet cunt as hard as you wanted.

Then I stopped and without you knowing I slammed my cock into your ass. You screamed out with pain of my dick in your ass, but after a few strokes you began to like it. You even said, "Yes, fuck me in my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass until you cum. As I fucked your ass you played with your pussy and felt my balls slapping your hot wet pussy.

You screamed out that you were going to cum saying, "Yes, yes, yes fuck me, fuck that ass, I'm cumming, fuck my ass."

I then started to cum as well yelling that, "I was cumming in your ass."

You said, "Yes cum in my ass, cum in my ass, fill my ass with your hot load you big hot motherfucker, cum in my motherfucking ass."

After that we passed out on the bed all hot and sweaty and sticky with each other’s cum all over us.... Continue»
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