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A Savannah night

Savannah and Christian...Brother and Sister (Part

... year and a half so Christian, her younger b*****r was really excited.

Savannah is a 20 year old brunette girl, with beautiful wonderful ... even sit on, Savannah was sl**ping with Christian for the 6 nights that she was there.

Savannah knew that Christian ... ... Continue»
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A Savannah night

Crossdressed fully and very seductively in only fishnet thigh highs; hooker heels, g-string, garter belt, and bra, (all black), I had intentionally let the man walking around the motel parking lot see me. He'd stopped in his tracks, mouth open, and ... ... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

... slave,
neither Chris or I had discussed that night. She had found the night very
stimulating, while I had found it ... themselves another drink, Pat
said," Slut has had a busy night, pour yourself a drink Dearie. " Grateful
for this unexpected kindness, ... ... Continue»
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A Hard Day's Night

... cunt." Bruce laughed. "I just hope that it's worthwhile."


That night, after I'd sprayed her pussy with a huge amount of jizz, I ... Now that you know these simple rules please enjoy the night and if needed some erection sustaining medications are ... ... Continue»
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Date Night

... they talked Steve planned their next date night, which was next Saturday night.
Next Saturday came, and Steve told Marie, ... got you V.I.P. Tix to our show just for date night?” “Daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyuuuuummm.” “Tell me about it.” Steve said. “Sucks ... ... Continue»
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... rs about keeping the f****y together with a game night. Well that's what we did when the ... had our f****y game night on Saturday night, which was the only real night we would have ... ; not that last night wasn't more fun than any game night. I'm just going to ... ... Continue»
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The Night Audit: My Last Night


I waited, and then…


You didn’t tell him about last night did you?


Are you watching the videos?


I ate ... needed to get out of there.

“You were out all night last night,” she reminded me. I just shrugged. She frowned, but didn ... ... Continue»
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One Silent Night

... probably married, or living with somebody. Probably had a k**, and took a night job so that she could spend time with the little ... sl**p with her. Since Mia was determined to spend the night with Carter, she agreed readily.

“Leave the cleaning up,” Carter ... ... Continue»
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... my body shaking and shuddering uncontrollably.

The rest of the night was absolutely incredible, as soon as we’d all recovered
... each other!

My mind was in turmoil after the Friday night and Saturday morning with Daddy
and Yasmine. I couldn’t quite ... ... Continue»
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Cindy's Secret Night with Alex

... , quickie, or a simple blow job with Alex but a passion filled night with him.
When Alex dropped by one day, you invited ... his cock enter your pussy still moist from the previous night. “Figured I should give my sweet little lover what she likes ... ... Continue»
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Saturday Night Special

... “what you have in mind”. I said “how would like a Saturday night special?” She asked what that was and I said “it’s a drinking ... handcuffs and a blindfold. I was already hard just thinking about the night.
Jamal got at my place at 8pm. I said here is ... ... Continue»
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The Craziest Night of My Life.

... It was certainly something that would surprise her.

So Friday night was rapidly approaching and my stomach was in knots with ... a little small talk parted our separate ways.

Driving home that night my head was a blur. When I got home Beth and I ... ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part 2

... going to cry.

"Carly's got a point, Sam.... I mean, last night was seriously... something. But maybe we shouldn't talk about ... ."

Sam was getting frustrated. "A few days? Last night was arguably the best night ever and I seriously don't think I want to ... ... Continue»
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Stag Night Tranny Gang Bang

... it only seemed to encourage him even more. The first night that we met I'd been wearing a really short black leather ... true" Apparently the following Friday night Ross was going to his best mates stag night and they had talked about getting ... ... Continue»
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Night Maneuvers That End With A Bang!

... off.

I went to sl**p feeling extremely guilty that night. Guilty because not only did I fantasize about my ... husband." "Promise?" "I promise."

Another night:
I thought I was telling her the truth then, I really did ... ... Continue»
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A Incredible Night

... . He really found himself wanting to meet her that Friday night and fuck her brains out. They had been talking about ... towards his Jeep, Gary walking first with Stephanie following. The night was cool with a certain excitement in the air. They both ... ... Continue»
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Stormy Night ( Prelude to my night of terror )

... leaned down and kissed my cheek and whispered night mom. I answered back with good night, mommy loves you and closed my eyes ... my breast. I snuggled back into him and whispered nighty, night Richard. He said night mom.

In a dream like state of sl**p I felt ... ... Continue»
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At home one night,,,

... s****r made no mention of the events of that night! For me that is a night I doubt will ever be outdone,
or replaced in ... teasing of her nipples.

"You know I masterbate, thinking about that night, you, I know its wrong, but you taught me alot that ... ... Continue»
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Gonna Rock the Night

... a Scream of pure Desire

Rock this Night Gonna Rock this night away
Gonna Rock this Night Dreams are on Display
Her Garden ... Moisture
As we danced through the Night

Gonna Rock the Night with Passion
Gonna Rock the Night With Love
Gonna Soar with ... ... Continue»
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Poke Her Night /Glory Hole - An Adult Story

... office. Then I suggested we should move Poker Night to my house.)

Part 3 - Poker Her Night/Glory Hole

I was just pulling into ... her husband suck a dozen hard cocks in one night. MMMMMm Maybe next poker night. The winner gets to use the Glory ... ... Continue»
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