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A Pet's Performance Part IV

A Pet's Performance Part IV

... In the pet's rooms...

After a short walk Tabitha showed off her little suite.

Anna ... at him. She smiles softly if a little awkwardly.

"Chocolate!" the pet almost yells.

"Yes you ... that much and are transparent anyway. Under it she has a very tiny light purple thong. The pet going... Continue»
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A Pet's performance.

... A Pet's Performance.

"Where are we going master?"

"Out my pet. Something special. Come ... . Please forgive your potty mouth pet."

"I will expect you to obey me perfectly while we are out ... the platform to take up her leash.

"Down on all fours little pet. Any you will be staying that way... Continue»
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A Pet's Performance, Part III

... to meet her mouth. Her lips part and her hand comes up to grip the thick shaft. With a wave his pet ...
At their home...

Anna and the pet come screaming and laughing into the huge central room ... with her bed at the foot of yours. I love it all." she exclaims while also giggling as the pet gets... Continue»
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Part Two Concluded: Teacher's Pet

... Story Behind My Photo Album: “Teacher's Pet”. Part Two Continued.

Again I want ... passionately, his tongue probing every part of his strong lover's mouth.

Charlie sensed ... the occasional freckle and the soft thin unmuscular limbs. The only part of the boy's body which... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV

... A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV
Another reality-based fiction by Dizzy D

I want to thank all ... am back to writing. Part IV was originally going to be the final chapters of 'A Mother's Helping ...

Part IV

Charlotte finally composed herself after Julie’s surprise oral assault on her aching... Continue»
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A Pet's Performance, Part II

... . And one at each end. My little pet in the middle. She has three very sweet little holes. Fill them ... but then closes her eyes.

"Had enough my pet." her Master asks.

She speaks without opening her eyes, "Yes ... .

"So what.... what am I supposed to do?" she asks in a very high pitched girly voice.

"My pet... Continue»
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Photo Album:Teacher's Pet, Part Two

... in this way. The boy was so eager to please and took his time enjoying every part of the proper Mr. Post' ... ;s privates. As Charlie's balls constricted and he was reaching orgasm, the k** massaged his ... testicles and began to swallow every drop of cum. Charlie's knees buckled as he experienced his... Continue»
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Teacher's Pet

... and darkest parts of the dwelling, of YOUR dwelling. Such bull shit.

Lane arrived just after ... that Heather had gone to visit her pregnant s****r in Arkansas. The less he had to deal with her ... sweat flying onto the sheets.

Robert's cock burst with hot cum inside his little teacher's pet... Continue»
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Lindsey's Performance

... pleased with Lindsey’s performance.
Suddenly the door opens and her servant and 7 guys step ... . His juice hits Lindsey’s mouth perfectly, she plays with it in her mouth and swallows a part... Continue»
Posted by GuyonGuyonGirl 5 months ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Group Sex  |  

The Landlady's New Pet-Part Ten

... in their tight pencil skirts, canes at the ready in case I did not perform quickly enough. I ... scent of that dominant woman’s most feminine and intimate parts invaded my nostrils. I leaned forward ... don’t perform to standard!” She knew damn well she would not be disappointed, my cock bobbed... Continue»
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Story Behind Teacher's Pet

... , it was time for him to feel Post's dick enter this sensitive and painful part of his body. Post ... , put his arm arount Mr. Post's shoulder and begged, "Please, please Mr. Post, I can' ... got up, put his arm around Bob's shoulder and explained what might be done to help in this crisis... Continue»
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Teacher's Pet

... something" she said as she parted her legs revealing a hairless pink pussy that was dripping wet. He ... changed her mind at that point there was gonna be no stopping on his part this 13 year old male ... UGH OOOH OOH" she saw his face drop as if he had taken some d**g as his lips parted and after his... Continue»
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The Cellist's Greatest Performance

... ; there was a gasp from the audience as the cloak parted. The reason for her nervousness was revealed ... . What he was asking of her was to appear at his next party and play for his guests, that part ... of it was not a problem for her. What was a problem was that he wanted her to appear and perform her recital... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote IV - Home Movies

... inept.” Part of him wished he could see the look on her face when whoever she was fucking found ... , Pet?” he asked, trying to focus on his concern and not the way her breasts looked in that old tee ... most english parts are subject to regular inspection?”
Petra shoved his shoulder. “The Jane Austen... Continue»
Posted by WriterJim 10 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Sex Humor, Taboo  |  
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Manager's Performance Review

... It is that dreaded time of year again, performance reviews. Lindsay Lee, my
manager sends out her ...
to conceal my erection. I am able to regain some composure and look
in to her eyes. She parts her ... off
the side of the desk. Propping her legs up, my hard erection begins
to part her lips, sliding... Continue»
Posted by chin6649 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Masturbation, Mature  |  
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter IV

... wonderful performance.

Gary returned in next to no time and poured each of the ladies a glass ... 's I watched as a k** on afternoon television. The well dressed ladies of that era exuded real class... Continue»
Posted by evolg99 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex  |  

Her Mother's Lover Part 1

... tarnished, figure of glamour,a pet of the international jet set and adored by her faithful ... , a rather mean, but physically attractive s*******n-year-oldgirl named Debby.
Debby's room seemed to he ... !" . . . her wail trailed off asher torso performed a series of shuddering contortions, her pussy... Continue»
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s****r in-law and Niece visit part IV

... but, mercifully, she was silent. This woman, s****r of my late-wife, essentially spread-eagled on my la-z-boy ... .

DanyAnne, for her part, simply rolled her eyes. Duh, like she didn't have a thousand things... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 2

... Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 2

Closing time was by far Anya's favourite part ... and for the most part vampires and demons were polite enough to go after the Slayers in one of the many ... know exactly what she said but now Dawn has a power. An evil power which is corrupting my little s... Continue»
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The Landlady's New Pet-Part Seven

... in humiliating me. I was truly their pet and nothing more. They hummed contentedly as I was fitted... Continue»
Posted by midsummerman 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Mature  |  
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