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A Pet's Performance Part IV

... gentle touch. "I didn't sl**p with anyone last night pet." He whispers so quietly ... look up at him, a mistake on my part. His lips find mine and instinctively I press ... this point, I am beyond caring. I part my lips invitingly to his, even as he ... ... Continue»
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Amys's B&D Adventures

Let me tell you a little bit about me. When my great adventure began, I was young (age 25) and not very experienced. Oh, I had sex any number of times, in a number of different ways, but I never felt the wild excitement in actually doing those things that I imagined in advance. I had a million different, very kinky fantasies, things that I really wanted to do but was afraid to try, even if I had the opportunity to try) which I really didn't have. Mostly, my fantasies involved me as a sort of slave girl, captured by some strong individual. Some days, I imagined my master to be a male and sometimes a female, with special events for each one. What I thought I really wanted was a strong master or mistress, one who also had wild sexual fantasies, and who would take charge of me and would then act out those fantasies, obviously with me playing out the part of slave girl, used by master (or maybe better yet, mistress) in strange and delicious ways, hopefully with an audience watching and most delicious of all, whether I liked it or not. I wanted strange and sexy things to happen and not have any say as to the agenda, to be used, perhaps even to be a little bit abused.

My figure is good, that is, I think it is good, and maybe you will agree (that is, you will if you like full bodied girls with large, shapely titties). I am tall, about 5'7", with a nice, full shapely bust, good legs, and a delicious round bottom. I love being nude, and enjoy other people seeing me nude. I have even posed nude for a guy, just for fun, very naughty, very sexy pictures, like me masturbating for him, with a large rubber dildo or for example, his favorite shot, me urinating for him, the stream shooting out like a waterfall. I did find that very exciting (though, I would just die if those pictures ever got out) and no, I won't show YOU the pictures, either. I also posed nude once for a very, very sexy amateur lady photographer, but that is a completely different story that I do not intend to tell you today. All I will say about that is that she was dressed when she took the first pictures of me, she was nude when she took the last pictures of me, and the very best pictures would have been taken a while later, but by then, frankly, she was too busy to think about taking pictures. She had her mind on something else (and her tongue into something else, too).

I love reading about kinky sex. Sometimes, I go to the porno shops, to look at the fascinating things they write about, and to look at the exciting array of rubber dildos and accessories that they sell. I even bought a couple of those things) strictly as a scientific experiment, you understand. I know a nice shop in Miami that sells remarkable stuff and I have purchased four different dildos and a couple of rubber butt pluggers. I adore playing with these toys, and had a secret fantasy about somebody else putting them into me (instead of me doing it myself). If it was a super-sexy guy who did it, and if he started me out with a nice, bare bottomed spanking, that would be just great. And if it was a marvelous, beautiful, dominant super sexy lady who did it to me, that would be the greatest!!!

In one of the shops, I found a magazine, a Swingers Journal that seemed interesting. It had just fascinating pictures, especially in the B&D area that was my particular excitement at the time. The ads seemed like fun. One of these showed a guy whose area of interest was in spankings, enemas, and Greek things about which I had many secret thoughts but not much real experience. I decided that I would answer this particular ad, not intending ever to meet this guy, but rather, just to hear what he had to say.

A week or so later, I got a letter from him, with a nude picture. His name was Tom. He was a divorcee. He was about 35, well built, well hung, too. And he was holding a leather paddle in his hand and hanging from the ceiling next to him was a large enema bag, a long rubber hose attached to it, and connected to the end of that, a black rubber looking device that got inserted into the recipient of this enema, and really did the work. It looked like a huge, erect, black penis. Believe me, it was an impressive picture.

His letter told about how he liked to be masterful, how he thought that there was no sight so beautiful as a naked, shapely, female bottom, and nothing he liked to do so much as to pet it, to kiss it... and to spank it until it was rosy pink. Then, when she was fully ready and receptive, to give her a long, slow, deep enema, filling her fuller than she had ever been filled before, using, of course, a Bardex so that she could not expel it until permitted. And then to lubricate her pretty asshole, greasing it generously until it was slippery, and then to fuck it deeply and firmly. His letter excited me tremendously. He became an instantaneous member in my library of fantasies.

I wrote back to him, he replied again, and this time, included a telephone number. I stared at that for a long time. I knew that calling the number was taking a very serious step, that there was at least a chance that I would follow up and visit him at, as he described it, his Domination Laboratory. I did call the number. When he replied, his voice was much as I expected it to be, and the conversation also was about what I had expected. We agreed to meet, not at his place, but on neutral ground, at a certain coffee shop, nothing else promised but the meeting. I was willing to go that far in advance, but no further at all. Oh, I knew I would go ahead and meet him at the coffee shop, but I did have serious doubts about whether I would go from there to his place.

The day of the meeting came, and as promised, I went. In fact, I got there early so that I could scout out the scene, and if he showed, and if I did not like his looks up close, I could sneak out. Well, he did show up on time, and I did like his looks. We had a fascinating conversation about everything else in the world except sex. We found a million things to talk about, found lots of areas of common interest, a few fun things to fight about, too. After a long time (maybe as much as a couple of hours), it was time to leave. I declined to go to his place yet, but since I did not have a car with me (I had hopped on the bus to get there), he drove me home. As luck would have it, a vacant parking place was right there, almost at my front door. He walked me to the door, and right into my apartment. What happened next was an awful long way from what our letters talked about. We were soon petting, and in short order, he had me out of my sweater and bra, and soon out of everything else. He got me very excited, undressed himself and showed off a nice looking, very erect penis. We did have very nice, normal sex. It was fun, pleasant, and certainly not earth shaking. I am not even sure now that he made me cum that night. I don't think so, but then, I rarely do in regular intercourse.

He called me again the following week. Soon, we were dating, more or less regularly, having good sex once or twice a week, but no domination, no spankings. One evening, we did go to his place. This time, he showed me his laboratory, a room in the basement, with wood paneled walls, a large, sturdy oak library table with a gym mat as a top, and a rubber sheet over it. That was the laboratory. We wondered what it would be like if I was up on it, bottom up. I complied. Attached to each leg of the table was a leather strap. He put a leather dog collar around each of my wrists, and then fastened the wrist to one of the leather straps, stretching my arms out wide, and helpless. Very quickly, my ankles were similarly fastened. I was now spreadeagled, completely under his control.

Did he now take charge completely? Absolutely not. He talked to me, and came back to our early correspondence, and what I had told him I wanted him to do. And all this time, his hands were wandering over my bare ass. Suddenly, SPLATT! He whacked me with his big, bare hand across my ass. It stung a little bit, but certainly did not really HURT. Again.......and again....a few more times. Then he went to the closet. He took out a leather strop. Long and wicked looking. He talked to me some more. And then he raised the strop and swished it, fairly hard, across my ass. It did hurt, but it felt good at the same time. He gave me a fairly thorough spanking that day, followed by the love enema he had talked about.. a long, slow enema that took 20 or 30 minutes to go in. Along the way, a couple of times, I told him that I could not take any more. Each time, he would stop the water flow for a while until I got used to the feeling...and then start it again. Eventually, he gave me as much as he wanted me to have, but then, he made me keep it in for a while longer.

After he finally did let me expel it into the toilet, I got to rest a while, but then, he did Greek me. He first expanded my anus with a greased finger, and then two and three at the same time, stretching me. He had a conical, rubber dildo, a butt plugger. Slowly, almost tenderly, he inserted it in me until the thickest part was past the sphincter. In it went, the rest of the way, the thick rim preventing it from going in too far. He asked me how it felt. Actually, it felt almost marvelous. I was almost disappointed when he pulled it out and I was shocked when, from his drawer, he pulled out a still larger version of the same thing. This looked too big to ever get into such a tight place. However, with patience, and perseverance and plenty of pressure, he did get it in, slowly stretching me larger, until the largest diameter passed the sphincter and it was lodged fully up inside me. He gave me a little more of the leather strop, so I could have the two sensations together. After a while, the rubber plug came out. He got up astride, put the blunt, rigid end of his cock against my now stretched rosette. After what had happened so far, that did not really hurt at all, it was sort of tight, but not painful. And to me, the sensation of being fucked in the ass by a masterful man was just marvelous, though I must say that never did I have the feeling that I was out of control. I always felt that any time I really wanted him to stop and go no further, that he would have stopped without question. Never did I feel totally dominated, subjugated, like the subdued slavegirl I really wanted to be.

The next time or two that we were together, things were much the same. After we had done the same things a few times, we began to talk about fantasies, and he made me tell him mine. It relates to Mrs. Olsen, who was my landlady, and who really disliked me. If I ever was going to try the slavegirl experience, totally controlled by another, she would be absolutely my first choice.

Now the wierd thing about her was that she once had been a strong disciplinarian, a teacher in one of those strange schools where the students are punished. I overheard her telling a lady friend once that she did have an experience. She had a student who badly needed the discipline, and nothing that Mrs. Olsen ever did seemed to make that one shape up. Repeated applications of the leather did not make any difference. The cure for her, according to Mrs. Olsen, was that she was given a thorough stropping, f***ed to take a number of tablespoons of castor oil, thank Mrs. Olsen for each one, stropped some more, and then given a large mouthful of Mrs. Olsen's shit to eat, a tablespoonful at a time. I overheard this and never forgot it. And, I am sure, I masturbated about it a thousand times. That was my fantasy. I wanted to be taken over by somebody who disliked me, stripped, spanked thoroughly, made to eat her pussy, and then more humiliating things.

Now understand this about Mrs. Olsen. She is tall and strong, a very handsome woman, with a very potent personality. She is about 45. There is no Mr. Olsen around. I do not know if she is a widow or a divorcee, she is not the kind of person that you ask questions of. We genuinely do not like each other. I think she is overbearing. She thinks that I am wild, spoiled, disrespectful. While she is my landlady, I cannot wait to get out of there, and she cannot wait to have me gone. But, she still is very much in my fantasies. This story, embellished somewhat, is what I told to Tom. He is very interested in this, and says that he is going to look into making it all happen. He had me write him a letter, detailing all this, though how exactly he plans to make use of it, I do not know.

Today, Tom called at lunch time and asked me to come over this evening, and to be sure to be there before 8:00 PM. He says that we might, just might, have company, though he won't say who and he won't say what. I am fantasizing about this, have been all day now, not knowing what to expect. Today is Thursday, I thought, and today is the day that perhaps I am going to meet my fate. Thomas had heard my story and questioned me on it in detail. He knew what I think I want. He was delighted to help me, to play in our little drama. He had my letter, written in my own hand, addressed to him, which detailed everything. He had also purchased a pint bottle of castor oil at the d**g store, the only item on the list that he did not have in advance. And he had made the calls, I believe, talked to Mrs. Olsen, explained our relationship, and had her surprised (and he says, delighted and enthusiastic) agreement to participate. He told her that he had been regularly spanking me, had nude photos of me that he knew she would want to see, and had ideas of advanced discipline for me that he wanted to discuss with her. She was cautious, but interested, after all, this was really right up her alley, and it was being handed to her on a silver platter, so to speak.

This time, for the first time, I did not drive to his place. I knew that if the adventure was going to go according to his plan, that I would be taken home, in bondage, by Mrs. Olsen. My car would only be in the way. I went there by cab, dressed as usual, in jeans and a sweater. The clothes made no difference. I would be nude as soon as I got there. Thomas' house was no different than at any other time. The furnishings are sparse, but adequate. The room down in the basement, which was the "playroom", had wood paneled walls, with various hooks and eyes, and the large, very sturdy oak library table with a padded top. On the floor stood a brown paper bag. I was instructed to strip down to my panties, (but to leave them on) a pair of black nylon bikini panties that he had bought for me that he liked. I was to put each article of clothing that I removed into that paper bag. Soon enough, I was almost nude, trembling slightly, though not from fright. Thomas had seen me nude now a number of times and had used me in the various ways that a punished girl is used. Instead, I was trembling in anticipation. This might be the night that Mrs. Olsen would join us, and if she did, there was no telling how the agenda might go. This time, for preparation, all that happened was that Tom put wrist cuffs on me and fastened my wrists behind my back. I was helpless. And I was wondering if she would appear, and if she did appear, if she would participate, and if she did participate, how severe she would be with me. I had fantasies about how she would be dressed. No matter what she had on top, I knew that she would wear a black merry-widow, a short corset like garment, only hip length, and with that, black opera-length hose and garters. And of course, black panties that revealed more than they hid, through which would clearly be visible, her full behind. I had seen her dressed this way, and it really depressed me. It also really excited me. I had visions of kissing that large, shapely bottom, of thrusting my tongue up inside, and I hated these visions. And secretly begged that she make it happen.

I stood, just marking time. The phone rang. Tom went upstairs to talk, and seemed gone forever. Then the doorbell rang. I could hear voices as he answered upstairs, but I could not identify who was there. I could only hope. Footsteps could be heard, two pair were coming down the stairs, and there she was!! Mrs. Velma Olsen stood there, looking just gorgeous, dressed in a simple, severe black dress. She looked around the room, looked finally at me, standing wearing only my panties, my wrists fastened behind my back.

"My dear", she said. "You cannot imagine how glad I am to see you here. And looking so lovely, too".

I stood still as her hands ran across my lower body, fondling my bottom, gently squeezing one cheek of my ass. Her hands ran up my front, taking hold of each bare breast and fondling me. She took my nipples, each between a thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed, bringing them to instant erection, and using my nipples to pull by, dragged me in very close.

"Let me see your tongue", she commanded.

I opened my mouth, showed her the tip of my tongue. Squeezing somewhat harder, she ordered me.

"Further,darling. Stick it all the way out so that I can see it."

I complied. She opened her mouth, and we deep-kissed. And gently, she bit down on my tongue. Not very hard, but hard enough. This was not at all what I had expected.

"My dear", she said, "Tom has told me how naughty you have been. I am not really surprised, but it is nice to have confirmation that I have been correct. He has asked that I help in modifying your behavior. Won't that be fun?"

And in saying that, she squeezed hard on each erect nipple, making me gasp.

She removed the black frock. She did not have the merry-widow on, rather, she was wearing only a sexy looking deep-cut black bra, and black panty hose. This emphasized her curvaceous figure, and with her high heels, she had a totally queenly appearance. Tom, watching closely, his eyes popping out at the sight, was obviously very erect. It seemed certain that at least for now, he was going to be a voyeur in this drama, not a direct participant. It also seemed that he did not mind in the least.

Velma sat, and pulled me over her lap, bottom up. Her hands fondled my bikini clad rump, squeezing here and there, probing a bit. A hand ran inside the waist band and squeezed naked flesh, not hard, but rather more a loving squeeze. She quickly pulled my panties down, tugged them all the way off, and asked me to open my legs so that she could see all my parts. Her hands probed here and there. First, a finger touched all around my vulva, testing for creaminess. I was sopping wet. The finger probed inward, deeply, came out again and rubbed gently across my now erect clit, almost making me leap off her lap. The finger found its way between the upturned cheeks of my bottom, found the rosebud pointing up at her, gently f***ed its way inside, full depth. This also seemed to please her.

"Ooh yes, you are just lovely," she said, "just the way I knew you would be".

And she raised her right hand and spanked me fiercely across one cheek of my upturned bottom. Very slowly, she lectured me on good behavior, punctuating almost every point with another hard swat on my bare ass, first on one cheek and then the other, alternating back and forth it seemed, to be sure that each side got its fair share. Well, each side got more than its fair share. Very soon, she brought me to tears. This went on for a while, much longer than I had expected, and much more of a spanking than Tom had ever given me. I was crying now, not knowing what to say.

I begged her to stop, promising her as a little girl might, that I would be good, that I would never again be disrespectful, that I would obey her in anything, just anything, that she might want me to do. She pushed me off onto the floor, ordered me to kneel before her. Now understand how I felt. I had truly been punished and my bottom felt like it was on fire. I felt humiliated to be treated this way, and to have Tom see me treated this way. I felt totally ashamed of myself for getting myself into this situation. And I felt totally under her control. But most of all, I felt absolutely, orgasmically excited. She was Queen, she was in charge, and what would happen was completely up to her. What she wanted from me, she would get!!!

She took off her black bra, and showed me (and Tom) a pair of delicious, shapely, large breasts. She offered me a thick, dark brown nipple to kiss. I had no doubts whatever about what was going to happen now, and I did just as she indicated she wanted me to do. I leaned forward, and took that luscious morsel into my mouth and sucked it lovingly. Shortly, her hand found my earlobe, and pulled me downward. She shucked her black underpants, spread her husky, shapely thighs, and showed me a musky crotch, obviously excited that she wanted me to kiss as a gesture of submission. And all the time that I had known her, hated her, always I had known that this was what I really wanted. I had dreamed about it a thousand times, the thought of me being on my knees, kneeling before her widespread thighs, peering into her open, expectant crotch, looking at the pink lips and her erect clit, standing up and awaiting my kiss. I knew the significance of this position. I was going to lean forward and kiss her there, and suck her juices, and give her pleasure. And by so doing, she was going to take possession of me, to use me any way that she chose to use me in the future. I was going to be converted to her slave girl, and she would own me and operate me. I buried my face in it, her gorgeous, feminine cunt, tasting her juices, enjoying the strange flavors and enjoying the sexy, gorgeous feeling of humiliation of doing this with Tom watching. He loved it.

I was still on my knees between her thighs when she reached to the table for the bottle of castor oil, and a tablespoon. A large spoonful was poured, and offered to me. I pursed my lips, knowing that no taste did I hate so much as this. I refused. She smiled, reached over and took a nipple, and pinched HARD. It hurt, really hurt. I screamed, not understanding her sudden change in mood.

She said, "Now there you are being willfuly disobedient. That is exactly what I am going to correct."

She pinched again, and I immediately opened my mouth wide, and got for my troubles, the tablespoonful of the castor oil. I gagged on it, but managed to swallow it down.

"Would you like another?" she asked. When I gasped out NOOO, she pinched again, saying "Now that is the WRONG answer, darling. Let me ask again. Would you like another?"

I knew what would happen if I said no again. I did not know what to say. She said it for me.

She said "'May I have another?' That would be the way that you would say it if you had good manners".

And with that, she gave me another pinch, this time not so hard, but still hard enough. And of course, I did ask for another, and was duly rewarded with a large spoonful, and then a moment later, another and another.........

I was let alone for a while, while Velma and Tom disappeared upstairs. They were gone for a long time. When they came back, I could see that Tom had lost his erection. Velma sat down again before me, her thighs spread again, and beckoned me to kiss her. I did, of course, and found now that she was ever so much more juicy than before, a totally different flavor, too. Obviously, out of my sight, they had fucked. She had paid Tom, in a sense, for turning me over to her for discipline, and she had thanked him in the manner he liked best. Velma reached into her purse, and found a new toy, a large nipple clip that she attached to one of my nipples, and snapped a leash onto it. This was a new way to lead somebody around. She found my coat, threw it over my shoulders, took the leash in one hand, the paper bag with my clothes in the other, said goodbye to Tom, and led me out to her car. As she led me, her attitude seemed to be that of a great lady who had just procured a new toy, and now meant to take it home and play with it in depth. I was the toy. And I knew this game that we were going to play. She was going to make the rules and I was going to abide by them, without any limits. She would be judge and jury and enf***er.

In the car, she reached into the coat, took my other breast in her hand and very gently fondled it, rubbing the nipple. She turned her face to me, and offered me a very wet kiss, and as well, a totally confusing mixture of sensations and feelings. Her hand ran between my thighs, into my pussy, feeling its wetness. She gently, very gently frigged my clit, bringing me almost, but not quite to orgasm.

And she nibbled on my ear lobe, and thrust a tongue into my ear, in the meanwhile, whispering, "Darling girl, I am going to be your teacher, and I am going to just loooovvvvee being your teacher. You are just going to love it. Did you enjoy going down on me?"

Considering the remarkable talent she had shown for pinching my nipples and making me do her thing, I knew I had better give the right answer. I said that I loved it.

"Good", she said, "since you like it so well, do it again, right now."

So, for another ten or fifteen minutes we sat parked in front of Tom's house, my face buried in her humid cunt, my tongue sucking her clit, and all the while, that castor oil was doing its insidious work, taking me ever closer to that particular point of no return.

Away we drove, finally, towards home. I was certain that I would never make it there, considering the wild sensations in my bowels. Somehow, I did manage to hold on long enough, my stomach heaving and quenching, as she led me up the stairs, firmly holding the leash. I begged for permission to go to the bathroom, and to my surprise, it was granted without question. Velma was, for the moment, in her sweet phase. I came back out, and was granted permission to shower and to rest a bit. Rest for what? Well, as it turned out, for quite a bit more.

An hour later, after relaxing and watching the evening news on TV, she ordered me up. My hands were fastened behind my back again, and after some really loving-type gentle play with my nipples, we began to discuss discipline. She reviewed my conduct over the past several years that we had known each other. She pointed to a number of specific instances where, she thought, I could have, should have, behaved differently. Now, she told me, she was going to teach me a number of things, but better manners and better behavior and total obedience to recognized authority were certainly vital parts of the lessons. Obviously, she was now the recognized authority that she referred to. To determine if I was sufficiently obedient, she turned her back to me, bent forward to give me a delightful view of her bare ass, her legs spread so that I could see her brown rosette, almost winking at me.

I knew what she wanted me to do, to give it a long, wet, sweet thrusting kiss. At that point, I could not. She said that this was disobedience, exactly what she had meant. And announcing this, she bent me over the end of the couch, my bottom raised. She left me there for a moment, went to fetch something from the closet, and showed it to me, a wicked looking leather strap, about 18" long, 3" wide, and the end cut into three separate tongues of leather. She told me that it was a trainer, sometimes called a tawse, but by any name, a marvelous tool for one job, for teaching. She said that nature had provided every female a place to be taught, her naked behind. There, lessons could be given, that it might be painful for the moment, but they would be remembered and no permanent harm would come. And with that, she raised the tawse, and SSSSSPPPPLLLAAATTT!, a fiery streak, right across the crowns of both cheeks. I screamed out. She said nothing, and for a long time, the only sound in the room was the voice from the TV. Time dragged, and my behind was on fire. I had never really felt anything like it before. And then, SSSSSPPPPPPPLLLAAATTTT!! Again, she burned my bottom, as before. And now it hurt twice as much, if that is possible. I was sobbing, crying, begging her to let me go. All that got me was a third and then a fourth shot of the wicked tawse across my rump. She asked me questions about things I had done the previous year, about things I had said, about Tom. She wanted to know if I had been letting him fuck me. I said no. That immediately earned me another vicious swat with the tawse. Again she asked, and this time, I confessed. She wanted to know if I had him use me up the ass. I denied it and got yet another stroke. I confessed that Tom had been using me anally. She noted that down for future reference, as if that was another transgression that she intended to cure. I was crying hysterically now, willing to tell her anything, willing to confess to any sin, and getting in the process, a barn burner of a spanking. Suddenly it stopped.

She said to me, "What would you like to do,now?" I knew there was only one answer to that question, and I said it, "Please let me show you, let me kiss your beautiful ass."

She smiled slightly, bent forward again, and again, offered her brown rosette to my tongue. Now, finally, I did what I had always really wanted to do. I thrust my tongue against it, probed inward slightly, tasted her strange flavor, and gave her thusly, the kiss of total obedience.

She left the room. After what seemed a long time, she returned, carrying a paper plate. I knew what would happen next, and sure enough, she found a spoon, and then asked me if I wanted my dessert now. I gulped, cried again, and said nooooo. And for that refusal, got another two strokes of the tawse. She asked again, and knowing that this would go on until I said yes, I did so. She made me request it, made me ask her to please feed me my dessert

Geri Continue»
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Rania's Poker Party

i****t, First, Inter, Oral, Amp, Preg?

So I was sitting there, the way I always am, but at least I had some
company. Mark was there, and he'd brought a couple of his friends. A
black guy named Tony and a guy who looked Irish, all red hair and freckles
named Cal, which was short for Callahan I found out, since his first name
was Toby and he hated it. I'd never met them before, but it was cool.

They were all about 20, Cal was 19 I think, going to the junior college.
I'd just turned 18 and I was still in high school, which seemed ridiculous
to me. I couldn't wait to graduate. Mom and Dad were out of town for a
wedding, which was the main reason Mark and his friends had come by.
Raiding my dad's liquor cabinet was a lot cheaper than buying it.

"So how do you play this?" I asked.

"You never played poker, Rania?" Tony grinned at me. He was pretty
cute, not really tall, but nice looking with his chocolate skin and white
teeth. A real outgoing personality too, sort of a friendly guy and I liked
that a lot.

"Nope." I shrugged. "I can play cribbage though."

"Cribbage?" Mark laughed. "This is poker night! Everybody bring your

"Money?" I stared at him.

"Well, you gotta have money." Cal laughed. "That's the point."

"Ahhh..." I rolled my eyes. "I got better things to do with my money
than give it to you guys." I started pushing myself from the table.

"It's not real money, just nickels and dimes, don't go." Tony smiled at

"Wellll..." I shrugged. "I'll try a little."

We were all drinking, the guys more than me. It was fun though, sitting
there and trying to figure out what I was doing. One of the guys would
help figure out how much to bet, or if I should fold, or whatever. They
were trying to be honest too, it seemed like, cause I was winning. I had
like ten dollars in nickels, dimes, and quarters in front of me and it was

"Well, shoot. I guess we better get serious." Mark said, looking at the
big pile of coins in front of me, and the little ones in front of him and
his friends. "No more help for Rania, she's on her own now."

"That's fine." I giggled. "I'll beat the pants off you guys anyway!" I
was feeling pretty smart right then.

"Beat the pants off us?" Cal grinned and Tony laughed with him. "We'll
see, we'll see."

And sure enough, eventually my luck started turning. Tony won a bunch
of hands, with Cal and Mark winning enough to stay in the game. We were
all getting a little buzzed, not really d***k, but just relaxed. I was
sitting between Cal and Tony and they'd both moved their chairs a little
closer, just a fraction every once in awhile and before I knew it they were
right next to me, the both of them.

"Hey!" I laughed. "You guys are cheating!"

"No we're not!" Tony protested. "We just like sitting by you."

"Yeah, Kell, come on." Cal touched me on my shoulder, giving me a little
rub and I grinned at him.

"You're just trying to see my cards."

It didn't really occur to me that they might be trying to see something
else too. I'm a pretty girl, I know that, with a cute face and a nice
body. A real nice body, seriously toned, even buff you might say because I
get a serious workout everyday. My ass is nice and pert and solid, believe
me, I'm proud of my butt, I work it to death. My breasts are nice too,
firm but pretty large and I was a little self-conscious about them
actually, since they were 34D cups. In high school big is good, but bigger
is sort of weird.

I have blonde hair, sorta long I guess. Mostly I keep it in a ponytail,
but that night it was loose. And blue eyes, not dramatic blue or anything,
but nice. Everybody likes me, but my problem is that I have really bad
legs. In fact, I don't have any legs at all hardly, which sucks even worse
than you might think. It happened when I was seven, riding my bike and
ending up under a truck. No use crying over it 11 years later though, I
did plenty of that before. So, now you know I'm an amputee, with a great
body, a pretty face, and no boyfriend...Cause for some reason boys just
don't really want to get serious with a girl in a wheelchair.

So, I was sort of innocent. I mean I never really had a boyfriend or
anything, as I just explained. I wasn't exactly shy myself, but I was far
from outgoing and I think I intimidated most guys anyway. Even the guys I
was playing poker with, at first they'd been nervous, sort of like they
were walking on egg shells around me, but their drinking and my
determination to have good time got them over that quickly enough.

Maybe too quickly I thought, as it did finally dawn on me that by trying
to look at my cards Tony and Cal were getting a pretty good eyeful down my
loosely buttoned blouse.

"Okay, okay." I grinned. "Move back over, come on...I want to win some
of your money back."

They laughed and joked, but they moved and I still wasn't winning. But
finally I had a good hand, a really good one, and it was right on time too.
I was down to my last quarter, which I'd just anted into the pot.

Mark had the bet and he threw in a dime, which Tony matched and then
bumped to a quarter. I just looked down at the empty table and then at the
three jacks in my hand.

"Can I borrow a quarter from somebody?" I asked innocently and they all
laughed at me. "I'm serious, come on!"

"You can't borrow a quarter, Rania!" Mark grinned. "You have to play
with your own money."

"But I don't have any more. Please?" I looked around, batting my eyes
and making a puppy dog face, but it was no use.

"Nope, you're out of money, you're out of the game, that's how it
works." Cal said.

"Well...Maybe..." Tony started saying and I smiled at him. "You got
anything worth a quarter? You know, something to throw in?"

"Ummm..." I thought about it. "I have my earrings." I said. "They're
worth way more than a quarter though."

"Don't bet those Kell." Mark shook his head.

"Well, you guys wouldn't really keep them, if I lost..." I looked
around. "Would you?"

"I would." Mark said seriously, cause he was sorta like that.

"I bet you would." I frowned.

"Aw, she's out." Cal said, "Let's bet?"

"Wait, hold on...How about um, my top?" I said, giggling nervously, but
being serious. "Like strip poker, right?"

"You played strip poker before?" Tony grinned at me.

"Well no, but I heard of it." I said. "Come on, my top okay?"

"For a quarter?" Mark stared at me.

"Mmmm...Can I get like a little change or something for it?" I asked

"No." Cal grinned. "All clothes are a quarter except
wearing socks?"

"No!" I laughed at him and he turned bright red, but I wasn't offended
or anything.

"Okay, so Rania's clothes are worth a quarter." Mark said, "Okay?"

"Yeah sure." Tony nodded, looking at his cards like he was cool.

"Okay." Cal nodded as well.

"Alright then, I have to take it off now?" I asked.

"You gotta pay the pot, Rania." Tony grinned and they all watched as I
sighed and took off my blouse, exposing my plain white bra cupping my large

I folded it up and put it in the center of the table. "Okay, I'm in."

I tried to ignore the guys' looks, but I felt a little funny sitting
there in my bra. I kept my cards close to my chest and brushed a long
strand of blonde hair out of my eyes, being brave as I returned their

"Okay, to me?" Cal licked his lips. "I'm...I'm in...and uh, I'll raise
it a quarter."

"What?" I stared at him and he giggled.

"Wait your turn." He smiled at me.

Of course everyone stayed in, Mark and then Tony, tossing in their money
and Tony even raised another quarter, so it was fifty cents to me!

"This isn't fair!" I said, looking at them with pursed lips.

"Fifty cents, Kell." Mark leaned back.

That's uh...Hmmm..." Tony chuckled. "Your bra and shorts, I guess. If
you wanna stay in the game."

"I don't like you guys." I said, frowning as I looked at my cards again.
Three jacks, an eight and a two. And we still had the draw coming.
"Underwear has to be worth more than regular clothes, come on."

"Well, we agreed..." Cal started, but Tony held up his hand.

"That's fair." He nodded, looking around. "Underwear is...personal." He
said it with a straight face, but then he bust out laughing and even I had
to smile at him.

"How about, okay, fifty cents for underwear then...but that includes
panties too." Mark looked at me and I nodded as we all agreed that was

"Okay, hold on a sec." I put my cards face down and made funny faces at
them for a few seconds while I worked my panties off, pulling them out
front under the long skirt I wore with a grin.

"Oh, she can't do that!" Cal protested, but Tony just laughed and nodded
and Mark just shrugged. "You can't do that, you gotta like take stuff off
in order."

"What?" I laughed at him. "How do you know I don't put my dress on
before I put on my panties?"

"Well..." He looked down, grumbling because I hadn't shown him my tits.

But I was sitting there with no panties on, and it was a little
embarrassing putting them on the table. I mean they were clean, you know,
but they were my little pink panties, with a little white bow on the front
and...It was weird. It was also exciting, which was really strange. There
I was, an 18 year old high school virgin, playing strip poker with three
college guys...Yikes! I kinda liked it.

But I wouldn't have admitted it in a hundred thousand million years.

At least we got to draw cards now and I decided to take two, looking for
that other jack. Mark took one, so I figured he had like a straight, or
maybe a flush, if he'd gotten lucky. Tony took three, so all he had was a
pair of something. Cal took three also, so I figured I had them beat just
sitting there.

"My bet?" Tony asked. "I'll check."

"What's that mean...oh!" I remembered. "My bet, right? Ummm..." I
frowned then and Tony was grinning. "You sneaky..."

I had to bet either a quarter or fifty cents, and I was going to lose
either my bra or my skirt, one or the other. This wasn't working out like
I'd planned at all and I almost quit, but I knew I had the winning hand

"A quarter..." I said. "You guys keep your eyes on your cards." I made
sure I was sitting close to table, as close as I could get, and I wriggled
my butt out of my skirt, wrapping it up finally and putting it on the

"Hmmm...Cal looked at his cards and then at me...and then, "I'm out. I
got squat."

"Quarter to me huh?" Mark rubbed his chin. "Okay. Here's your quarter
and I'll...bump it a quarter. Fifty cents Tony."

"I'm in." He didn't even hesitate. "And, aw, what the hell...let's add
a quarter. So that's..."

"Fifty cents to me." I frowned. But I'd pulled two fives in the draw,
as if by magic, and even I knew it was gonna be tough for anybody to beat a
full house.

"Alright." I took a deep breath. "We're all adults." Then I looked at
Mark. "Some of us anyway, Mark close your eyes."

"No way, Rania. Let's see `em." He laughed and I blushed, but I did it.

I removed my bra slowly, actually liking the way I had the attention of
those guys, especially Tony whom I was starting to like a lot. Cal was
okay too, Mark...nyaaa...So I reached behind me, which of course gave those
guys a real thrill, and undid my bra with one hand, pressing it to my boobs
with the other, and then finally taking it off after a long, long pause.

"Wow." Cal said. "You're uh...Wow."

"Close your mouth, Cal." Tony chuckled, but he was looking at my tits
too and he liked them a lot.

My nipples were hard, which was mildly embarrassing, and pointed like
bubblegum rockets. They didn't sag, for all their size, and I was sort of
proud actually. I'd never, ever shown my breasts to anyone, but there I
was, naked as a jaybird now, with rock hard nipples and three horny guys.
Do you see a pattern here?

I tossed my bra on the table carelessly, I mean once they'd seen me I
couldn't take it back, so I actually relaxed quite a bit and laughed at
their stares.

"Is that it I asked?" Ready to lay down my cards and get dressed again,
because I knew I had a winner.

"Uh, nope...It's a quarter to me and I'll see that, and raise fifty
cents." Mark said.

"Fifty cents?" I stared at him. "You're doing that on purpose! I don't
have anymore clothes!"

"Sorry, Kell...But these cards are worth every penny!" He smiled and I
knew he was bluffing.

"Trying to buy the pot, huh buddy?" Tony thought he was bluffing too.
"I got your fifty, and here's fifty cents more."

"Oh you guys suck!" I said. "A dollar now? To me?" I was sitting on
the best hand anybody'd had all night and they were pulling that stuff? It
wasn't fair and I was so annoyed I even forgot I was naked. Almost.

"A dollar to you." Tony nodded.

"Well." I shrugged. "I guess I'm out. I don't have anything else to

"Well..." Mark said slowly. " could bet other things."

"Other things?" I looked at him. "Like what? My teeth?"

"No, about, I don't know...a kiss maybe? Or...Nah...that's
not worth a dollar..."

"A kiss isn't worth a dollar?" I stared at him in disbelief. "Is that
an insult or something?" I honestly didn't know what to think of it.

Tony and Cal had the good sense to stay quiet, at least.

"No I just mean a kiss, well...everybody kisses." Mark shrugged. "How
about like, ummm...something serious."

"Serious?" I was lost now. "What do you mean serious?"

"I mean like sex, you know. a blowjob?" He said
slowly, watching my reaction closely.

"What?" I snorted. "Are you crazy?"

"Well, if you bet a blowjob and you win...You get to pick who goes down
on you, right?" Mark grinned at me. "I mean you could have Tony do it, if
you want...He's still in. Or me...Up to you. Plus you get our money."

"Uhhh..." I sat back shaking my head trying to understand him.

"But only if you win, if you don't then whoever wins the hand, me or know..."

"You want me to give you a blowjob?" I'd never even touched a boy's

"Well, duh...You're pretty hot." Mark chuckled and if I could have I
might have slapped him.

"So it's like you guys win either way." I shook my head.

"Well so do you." Mark grinned, "Depending on how you look at it."

"I won't give you a blowjob, Mark." I shook my head. "Tony maybe," I
seriously blushed when I said that and I couldn't look at him. "But not

"Why not?" He asked.

"Cause you're my b*****r?" I said, holding out my hand like it was
obvious. "Remember that?"

"Ah, who cares, come on...You're probably gonna win anyway and then you
can play with Tony all you want."

"I don't want to play with Tony!" But I was lying and they knew it. I
could feel my face burning and my nipples felt like they were going to pop.
My sex was greasy and I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair.

"Well, either way. Oral sex for a dollar, you in or out?" He asked.

"I'mmmmm..." I paused, thinking hard. If I had the winning hand, I
could probably clean these guys out. Teach them a real lesson maybe. And
I did have the winning hand, I was sure.

"What? Come on." Mark said impatiently.

"How much for real sex?" I asked, swallowing hard.

"What? Like fucking?" Mark stared at me.

"Yeah." I nodded. "If I said I'd do it with the winner, if I don't win
I mean, how much is that worth?"

"I don't know." Mark shrugged. "Five dollars?" He looked at Tony and
Tony was laughing and not saying a word. He just held up his hands like he
was innocent.

"Don't ask me, man." Tony wasn't saying a thing.

"Five?" I shook my head. "You're crazy, it's gotta be like...I don't
know, twenty bucks, how about that?" Even that wasn't very much, especially
for my virginity, but these guys didn't know I was a virgin and I wasn't
gonna say anything, and twenty bucks was probably about all my b*****r had
anyway. He was always broke.

"Ahhh...well, sure." Mark nodded and took a drink of his beer. "Twenty
is...okay, I guess."

"Okay then, I'll see your dollar...for a blowjob..." I rolled my eyes.
"And raise you guys twenty for um, fucking...But!" I stared at them. "No
more raising, this is it, right?"

"Sure uh, okay." Mark nodded. "So twenty to me? Then..." He opened his
wallet for ten, searched his pockets for a crumpled five and some ones, and
finally counted all the change in front of him. He had twenty dollars and
ten cents. "...I'm in."

"I'" Tony nodded and I laughed at him, thinking I'd just scored
pretty good. About 45, almost 50 bucks altogether, not bad at all.

"Read `em and weep, boys!" I said, cause I'd heard that in a movie once
and had wanted to say it al night. I laid down my full house and grinned
at them triumphantly.

"Uhhh, that's good." Tony nodded. "But I have four sixes. Sorry about
that." But he didn't look sorry and my smile felt frozen on my face.

"Ohhh...look at Tony go!" Cal laughed, finally finding his voice after
sitting like a lump for twenty minutes staring at my boobs.

"Not bad Tony, but I got this little thing they call a straight
flush...Seven through Jack of Hearts. Ain't that cool?" Mark grinned at
us, and especially at me.

"Bet you were looking for this guy, huh?" He tapped his jack, the one
I'd been missing.

"Well, I guess it's our lucky night Tony, Rania owes us buddy!" He gave
Tony a high five and I glared at him. "You're not gonna welch out on us,
are you s*s?"

"No." I shook my head. "You know me better than that, Mark."

"Yeah." He smiled at me. "You always keep your promises, and hey!
That's why we love you!"

"Well, you're the big winner I guess um..." I swallowed, not exactly
sure how I was supposed to feel about this. I mean I wanted sex yeah, but
not with my b*****r for one thing. And not because I owed to somebody for
another. I kinda wanted it to be more special than that, you know?

"I think she's shy." Mark said to Tony.

"Well, you're kinda bein' a dick." Tony told him and I smiled at that.

"Am I?" Mark looked at him.

"Yeah. You gotta be smooth man." Tony shook his head. "You already
know she's gonna do it, right? So be nice."

"It's okay." I smiled at Tony, "Mark's been a dick since he was born.
I'm used to it."

"Shoot." Tony shook his head, smiling back at me. "If you were my
s****r...Mmmm...I wouldn't be no dick, not like that."

"Yeah yeah...Knock it off." He looked at me. "Are you gonna pay up or

I laughed then, looking at Tony. "See what I mean?" I nodded. "Yeah
okay, ummm...The same time okay? I want Tony to be there. I..." I bit my
lip, looking at him. "I want him to be my first, alright?"

"Your first?" Tony narrowed his eyes.

"I never did it." I swallowed nervously. "So um...You did it before
right? Like you know how?"

He chuckled and I blushed. "Don't worry, everybody knows how. That
ain't the hard part."

"Yeah. I know." I was sounding stupid, the way I do when I talk to guys
I like. "I just meant,'re not a virgin too, are you?"

"No." Tony smiled. "But I wish I was now." He was talking softer and I
think we both forgot Mark and Cal were there with us.

"Why?" I asked, smiling and playing with my hair, feeling my bare
breasts just aching suddenly to be touched.

"Cause you're way finer than any girlfriend I ever had." Tony was closer
too and then we were kissing and it was nice, I ain't lying. Wow!

"Come on." Mark sighed. "Okay, fine both of us. He can fuck you and
you suck me, right?"

"I hate my b*****r sometimes." I whispered and Tony just grinned at me.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you." He promised.

"What about me?" Cal was whining like a red headed step-c***d.

"You shouldn'ta folded, pal." Mark laughed. "Television's in there." He
pointed towards the living room. "Use a coaster too! My mom's a neat

"You wanna cover yourself up?" Tony asked me as he stood up.

"Nah, I'm okay." I shrugged. "You're gonna see it all anyway, right?" I
giggled nervously and I felt a little scared because this was the bad part
for me, the part in my dreams where it became a nightmare.

"It's okay." He bent over and kissed me again. "You're really

"You say that now..." I smiled weakly, looking into his soft brown eyes.

"No, I mean it and if you don't want to do this, we don't have to.
Mark's full of shit." Tony told me seriously. "You don't owe us anything."

"Do you want to do it?" I asked him. "With me?"

"Yeah." He nodded. "Long as I can see you again after, long as were
still friends. If it's gonna be problem, then no...I can wait."

"Really Tony?" I think I was going to cry, which sounds totally dumb,
and I even wiped at my eyes for a second, but I didn't.

"Uh-huh." He nodded. "We can go as fast as you want, whatever you want,

"I want to do it." I told him. "But I gotta know if you mean it..." I
grabbed my wheels and rolled back in my chair, really hating it right then,
and giving Tony, and the others a real good look at my legs. Such as they

I'd lost them just above the knees and there were some scars, but it
wasn't that bad. Not horrible, except the way my thighs just...ended.
Round and sort of wrinkled, like the end of really big hot dogs you might
say, except that sounds sort of funny, and my legs weren't funny at all.

The guys also got a good look at my pussy too, but I wasn't quite so
nervous about that. I mean it was private, yeah, but not weird like my
legs. I had a little golden hair down there, sort of yellow-brown, and my
clit was hard, like a little pink eraser, but only because Tony...Mmmm...I
don't know, he just seriously made me feel good. Anyway, I was looking at
my legs, and probably they did too at first, but when I looked at them, all
three of them, they were staring at my pussy.

"I mean it." Tony said, blinking and forcing himself to look into my

"Okay." I bit my bottom lip. "Me too."

"Well, I'm glad we got that sorted out." My b*****r rolled his eyes.
"Come on."

He pushed me towards my bedroom, with Tony following and Cal too, even
though he hadn't won anything. I guess TV didn't sound like much fun, and
I didn't mind really. I know I sound like a slut or something, but for one
thing, I'd been basically dreaming of sex for like 4 years straight. Some
people say only guys have wet dreams? The people who say that are guys,
believe me, girls have them too...We just don't make a big deal out of it.

For another thing, do you believe in love at first sight? Or if not
that, then maybe love two hours after first sight? Cause I was thinking
that I could seriously be in love with Tony right about then. I didn't
have a lot of experience, true, and he wasn't exactly the sort of guy I'd
pictured myself with, since I was a german-swede and he was...I don't know,
zulu or something. No offence intended. I'm just pointing out the
obvious, which didn't bother me at all.

And also, while I'm on it, I did have this weird psychological thing
about keeping my word. I know some people can say they'll do something and
then change their mind, or forget, or whatever, but not me. I'd said I'd
do it, give the winners blow jobs and even have sex with them, and I'd
known at the time what those things were. So chickening out later, or
stepping up to some higher moral ground didn't really make much sense. I'd
lost my legs and people had sent me cards and letters saying how brave I
was, you know, the courageous little girl...Maybe I just always felt I had
to live up to that or something.

Whatever it was, I knew one thing...I was finally going to lose my
virginity and that thought didn't bother me at all!

Mark had rolled me into my bedroom a thousand times, probably more.
He'd also carried me a gazillion times, so he knew what to do. Basically
he wheeled me to my bed and just waited until I'd pushed myself up and out,
flopping onto my tummy, which was easiest for me. To the uninitiated it
probably looked like I could have used some help, but believe me, I didn't
need it or want it.

"Ain't you gonna help her?" Cal asked and Mark just gave him a look
like, `What? Are you crazy?'

I got on my bed just fine and I could have rolled over, but remember how
I said I was proud of my ass? I was laying there on my tummy for one
reason...Just to show it off to Tony.

I'm a little paranoid about getting a fat ass, or a flat ass, which
would be just as bad, so I do physical therapy, like leg curls, and
swimming, but not really swimming, I just sort of float and kick until my
ass burns with the effort. Anyway, I work my butt to death and now, laying
there on my tummy, bare butt naked, I knew it was paying off. Legs or no
legs, a man couldn't look at my firm round ass and not get excited. Or so
I hoped.

"What do you think?" I asked Tony, partly because I wanted to tease him,
and partly because I wanted to make sure he liked what he saw.

"I think you're uh..."

"Fucking hot!" Cal finished for him.

"Yeah." Tony chucked, turning his head. "Fucking hot."

"Shit, I've been looking at that for the last 4 or 5 years, man." My
b*****r was saying. "You got no idea."

"Really?" I looked at Mark, a little surprised. "You've been looking at

"Since you were like 13, Kell." He nodded, taking off his clothes while
we talked. "I used to jerk off in your panties."

"That was you?" I stared at him.

"Well yeah." He laughed. "Who else would it be?"

"I thought it was that guy Joel you used to hang out with." I told him.
Joel had been his best friend, but that guy was always staring at me, he
was sorta creepy, like a stalker or something.

"Joel?" Mark laughed. "I dunno, maybe he did. All I know is I've been
waiting for this for a long time, s*s."

Mark had undressed quickly and I looked from his face down to his penis,
which was hard and long and bobbing up and down as he moved. He was
getting on the bed, sliding up to lean against the headboard, which was
about perfect as it put my head right where his cock was.

"You gonna get undressed, dude?" Mark looked at Tony. "Or am I gonna do
her by myself?"

"Do me?" I laughed. "Are you sure we came from the same parents?"

"I dunno, does it matter?" He laughed. If I was a little weird, Mark
was positively strange sometimes. "Okay, come on Kell, Jesus I used to
dream about this."

"I can't believe your s****r's gonna suck your dick." Cal was looking
around for a place to sit while Tony took off his clothes.

"Sit in my chair, its okay." I told him, since there wasn't any other
chairs in there.

"Come on! Suck it." Mark said impatiently, but I ignored him.

I'd never played with a cock before and here was my chance. It was kind
of cute, I guess. Not really big or anything, but hot under my fingers,
and heavy. I guess that surprised me the most. It had a weight to it,
duh...I'm no brain surgeon, but I guess I figured since it was attached to
Mark, he'd sort of be holding it up, right?

"I'm gonna lick you, okay?" Tony surprised me, since I'd been looking at
Mark's dick and I'd sorta forgotten the other guys were there for a second.
"You have the most perfect ass..." He was saying and then I felt something,
really, really nice.

Tony just got on the bed behind me, he must have been lying down too,
and spread my ass and I felt his hot wet tongue across my anus. I mean he
went right for my ass, first thing. I about jumped off the bed! But I
couldn't because Mark had decided to help me out by grabbing my head and
basically pulling my open mouth down on his cock.

So, I was sucking my first cock ever, and it was my b*****r's. They're
probably all the same though, so that didn't bother me a whole lot. The
whole i****t thing, I don't know, it doesn't get me really excited, and it
doesn't turn me off either. Mark liked it though, he was always calling me
s*s while we did it, and he hardly ever calls me that. It was like he had
to keep reminding himself that he finally got what he'd always wanted, sex
with his beautiful s****r.

The truth was he probably could have had me a longtime before. All he
had to do was say something, or try and kiss me. I wouldn't have said no,
I don't think. I wanted to have sex; all my friends were doing it, so if
it had to be with my b*****r so what? It would have given me some good
leverage too, some really cool ways to tease him. I really regret that he
didn't have sex with me when I was mmmm...14 or 15 maybe. It would have
been fun.

So I guess he was making up for lost time, because he was holding my
head tight, really making me bob up and down on his thick cock and I had no
idea what I was doing. I didn't know if I was literally supposed to suck,
like he had a big straw between his legs, or if I was just supposed to
mouth it, you know. So I did both and he didn't really seem to mind either

I didn't mind either, except I was gagging sometimes when he hit the
back of my throat, coughing a little too. We just had to go slower, that
was all, and I'd get the hang of it. So I resisted him, just a little, and
stroked his thighs with my hands, and Mark finally did relax enough to let
me figure this blowjob thing out for myself. It wasn't really very
complicated at all, once you got the hang of it.

Tony helped a lot though too, because he was licking and kissing my
pussy and butt like you wouldn't believe. Yes, there are black guys who
like eating pussy, and they do a good job of it. I don't know where or how
Tony learned, but he knew what he was doing and if I'd had real legs,
instead of those useless stumps, I'd have been squeezing his head hard! As
it was I still squeezed him pretty good, especially when he gave me my
first real orgasm of my life.

I'd had other ones, I mean I frigged myself often enough to get a spot
in the masturbation hall of fame probably, but this was way better than any
of the ones I'd given myself. Mostly cause I usually stopped when I
started cumming, but Tony just kept on going and it drove me insane! I was
shaking like a leaf, just holding my mouth loose around Mark's cock, and
moaning like crazy. I was wriggling and squirming and flopping around, but
Tony was right there with me, holding my hips and shoving his big tongue
deep inside my quivering sex like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh god!" I just looked up at my b*****r, my mouth open and dripping
spit and precum all over his slobbery wet penis. "That was good!"

Mark just shrugged, and pushed my face back down, but he wouldn't know
good cunnilingus from square dance calling, believe me. I loved him and
all, but my b*****r really was a selfish prick sometimes.

"You ready, baby?" I heard Tony whispering in my ear, and he was sliding
up my back and it felt so good.

"Mmmphh..." I said around Mark's penis, trying to lift my head to say
more, but Mark was holding me down and pushing up with his hips at the same

"I'm gonna fuck you good, Rania...I swear, you're so hot, baby..." Tony
loved calling me baby, which I didn't mind at all. It was better than s*s
anyway. And hearing him talk dirty in my ear, in that soft low voice of
his, it was yummy.

I could feel his thighs outside mine, such as they were and a moment
later I felt the head of his cock nudging my pussy. I was so ready for it
too, like you wouldn't believe. I'd had a really nice cum already and my
pussy was on fire, all wet and juicy and hungry for Tony's big cock. The
only problem, if it can be called that, was that my pussy was so small.

I'd fingered myself a lot, even inside, just a little, but mostly
playing with clit. I still had my hymen, I knew that, because I'd felt it
just inside and I'd been careful, you know saving myself for Mr. Right,
who happened to be Tony I guess. He was definitely gonna pop my cherry if
he could get his dick inside me. But it seemed to take forever, mostly
cause he wasn't really using his hands, probably. He was just pushing with
his hips, sort of humping my pelvis and poking around for my little hole.

It felt good, I mean I liked it and it seemed really sexy, feeling his
smooth warm cockhead rubbing me all over, even pressing against my little
butthole once in awhile, but at the same time I really wanted it too. And
Mark was really fucking my mouth now. It wasn't even a blowjob really, he
was just holding my face in his hands and pushing with his hips, sliding
his i****tuous cock in and out of my tightly stretched lips. It was easy
for me, so long as he didn't go too far inside, so I didn't really mind.

"Mmmm...Come on baby, open up for me..." Tony was saying and I could
tell he was getting frustrated too after about 5 minutes of playing pin the
dick in the Rania. So I finally did what he was reluctant to do, or maybe
what he'd been waiting for all along. I reached back and grabbed his cock,
which really filled my hand, I mean seriously, he was thick, a lot thicker
than Mark, and I guided him blindly to my pussy, rubbing the head around
while I tried to adjust my hips and suck Mark at the same time.

He finally caught me, his cock finding the spot and he knew it. Tony
pushed, grunting as his penis split my rather shy and reluctant pussy and
like two seconds after he started I felt him tearing at my hymen. It
wasn't very deep at all, seriously. I hear about those girls who take like
3 inches of dick before they even touch their cherries? No way, mine was
right there like a stop sign and it hurt when he ran through it, like being
cut with a knife. A dull knife, with maybe a little hot butter on it.

I groaned and my whole body jerked, as if I might get away somehow, but
Tony was holding me and kissing my neck, kissing my ear. He whispered how
good I felt, how nice and tight and hot my pussy was around his dick. And
then he'd stab me with it, thrusting with his hips and I'd groan again,
little tears coming to my eyes, and then in the middle of all that, Mark
was cumming in my mouth.

No warning or anything, he just did it. I was coughing and I'd
swallowed a big mouthful, and a lot of it was running out between my lips.
What a mess! I even had some of my b*****r's sperm coming out of my nose,
because it was just like drinking hot salty milk and trying to breath, you
know, I was choking for a second there. It almost hurt, except Tony's big
cock in my too small pussy was making sure I knew what hurt really was
right about then.

I sucked Mark a little more once I'd caught my breath, but I needed to
take a break from that. My jaws ached and my tongue was tired and I had
that sort of slimy spermy aftertaste...And I was burping too, because I'd
swallowed a lot of air while I was sucking him off. I hadn't expected

Anyway, Mark gave me a little pat on the head and let me concentrate on
getting fucked, which was what really interested me. I kept waiting for
Tony to stop pushing, I mean it felt like he'd been pushing inch after inch
after inch inside me, but I guess it was just quarter inches, or maybe he
was on the metric system, because I reached back and there was like a
fistful of cock still looking for a home.

"I'm gonna push now, baby...You ready?" Tony asked me.

"W-What?" I turned my face to see him smiling. I wanted to ask him what
he meant by that, like he hadn't really been pushing before? My pussy felt
stuffed! It hurt! Jesus Christ, I should have joined a convent, you know?

"Here it comes, baby..." and Tony grunted as he gripped my shoulders,
really holding me tight, and he just jammed his cock inside me hard, with
one quick thrust that knocked the air out of me. Literally. I was
breathless, my mouth open, my pussy feeling like a cannon had just gone off
inside it, and he was kissing my neck and telling me I was beautiful.


But the good thing was that he was in, all the way, balls deep...However
you like to say it, his cockhead was playing ping-pong with my cervix. It
was right there like a lightening bolt that shocked me every time I moved
so much as my little finger. But I couldn't decide if it was really,
really good, or sort of bad, because that lightning bolt made me cum
again...A couple times, because Tony would pull back some, and just do it
all over again, slowly at first, but then faster and faster and you know
what? Pretty soon my pussy didn't hurt anymore, although the fire was
still there, it just felt really nice.

That big black cock just sliding in and out with my hot soft walls
around it, squeezing him. I could feel it, I felt like a horny little
milking machine and Tony could feel it too. He was kissing me hard now, on
the lips and everything, not even caring that I'd just sucked off my
b*****r. He loved me, or so he said, and I said it back, over and over
while we made love. He was giving me a great fuck, just as he'd promised,
and while the pain never truly went away that first time, I don't remember
it so much now. It faded away, or I felt too good to notice it and I was
just begging for him to cum inside me. Almost.

"Do you have a condom?" I asked, my voice ragged and breathless.

"What?" Tony kissed me, rubbing his cheek against mine.

"A condom..." I wriggled my hips, working my pussy around his thick cock
as it stabbed deep into my hungry cunt. "...I'm not...protected."

"N-No..." Tony reached beneath me, filling his hands with my breasts,
squeezing them to make me moan even louder. Thumbing my nipples until I
had tears in my eyes.

"I...Oh god...I'm not protected at all..." I fucked myself back, pushing
at my mattress with my hands, wanting him all the way inside me.

"I...I'll pull out, baby...Oh shit you feel so good around my dick..."

"You promise...promise you'll...uh...pull out?" I turned my head licking
across his soft lips, breathing hard and looking into his eyes.

"Oh yeah...fuck...yeah Rania...fuck ..."

Oh, we forget all about that conversation. Tony was fucking me hard,
slamming his cock inside me over and over and I was practically barking
like a dog for it. I was his bitch, his slut, his little legless whore,
and I loved it. I couldn't get enough of his dick. And when he told me he
was gonna cum, I told him to do it, to sperm me good. To cream inside me
cause I couldn't imagine life without that huge cock inside me. I wasn't
ever gonna let Tony pull out.

Which was just lust talking, of course, Somewhere inside me, where Rania
lived, the phone was ringing and a little voice was waiting to tell me that
we'd better stop, we'd better think about what we were doing. Taking a big
load of semen on the back isn't exactly sexy, but neither is changing
diapers at two in the morning.

Unfortunately Rania wasn't home. She was in lala land playing the
bongos with a little monkey named Orgasm, who just happened to really know
how to do the Samba, you dig? Tony sure didn't want to pull out, it went
against every male instinct in his body. Shoot, if he didn't knock me up,
his caveman ancestors told him, someone else would and that was bad karma,
man. He was gonna cum inside me whether I liked it or not, probably, but
that may be a little harsh. Tony was a pretty nice guy.

Either way when I felt that first wild spurt of baby gravy deep in my
womb I lost it. I came like crazy and only later, during the wonderfully
warm afterglow of our sex, with Tony's cock still inside me, still leaking
his happy little sperms, did I realize what we'd just done.

"Tony?" I whispered, laying there pressed deep into my mattress by his
hot damp body.

He was still way down in my cunt, which was clasped so tightly around
him that I wondered if he'd ever be able to get out of me. I could feel
the muscles there, those weird little pussy muscles that I had no control
over, contracting and relaxing with tiny spasms like sweet little orgasms,
except they weren't. They just made me feel really good.

"Hmmm?" Tony had his eyes closed, his chin on the bed next to my face, a
soft smile on his mouth like he was asl**p and dreaming something nice.

"Did you pull out?" I asked him softly, knowing he hadn't. I could feel
him inside me, his sperm in my pussy, in my womb, bathing my cervix and my
uterus and my little egg probably. It made me tremble with fear, but maybe
with excitement too. I could have been pregnant right then, I thought,
pregnant with Tony's baby while he held me, covering my pale body like a
big black blanket.

"Uhhh...Not yet..." He kissed me. "But I will next time, I promise."

"Oh Tony." I sighed. "It isn't funny. You promised." I wasn't really
angry, or even disappointed. I'd wanted it as much as he had, wanted his
cum inside me. It was my first time with a man, my first time making love,
of being...fucked...and I'd wanted the whole ride, just as much as Tony
had. It wasn't just his fault, or mine, it was ours.

"Next time? It's my turn...Come on, dude, let me in...I'm ready!" Mark
was there, of course. I'd forgotten about him. And Cal, who was still
sitting in my wheel chair. He'd been stroking his own cock while he
watched Tony fucking me and he was still doing it as I turned my head
lazily to look at them..

"Shut-up Mark...We're not done yet." I told my b*****r, and then
shrugged, as best I could and kissed Tony deeply before I whispered softly,
" time...but don't forget, okay? It's a bad time for me."

"Sure baby." Tony smiled and he started moving his hips again, his
thickness moving just a little bit, back and forth. He was going to fuck
me again and I was so ready for it. The brief pain of losing my virginity
was long gone, completely forgotten for the moment. I was so wet down
there and as Tony began moving faster, pushing himself up on his straight
arms and getting a better angle, I could feel his sperm being mixed and
churning inside me.

"You wanna ride me, baby?" Tony asked a moment later and when I just
nodded he stopped and pulled out of me slowly. Mark probably thought it
was his turn, but he was in for a disappointment as Tony lay down on his
back and helped slide onto his chest and stomach. I had my stumps on
either side of his strong thighs, spread as far as they'd go, and his cock
went back inside me easily this time, finding my vagina which was gaping
wide and leaking our juices.

I pressed my fiery nipples against him, my large firm breasts flat
against his body and it was good like that. Tony grabbed my ass and held
me impaled on his cock, rocking my body easily back and forth while we
kissed. He was going to last longer this time, I knew it, I could sense it
and that was fine with me. I wanted to fuck him all night long, all
weekend if I could. I had my mouth on his, my long blonde hair falling
around us like a silky veil, and we kissed deep. I sucked his tongue like
it was a cock, putting my lips around it and sliding my head back and
forth. I bit his lips and sucked them as well. I let his tongue caress my
mouth and fuck me in time with his big dick. I couldn't ever get enough of
kissing Tony.

"Hey...!" I felt someone on the bed and then behind me. I turned to
look and it was Mark. He'd been watching us, watching his friend's thick
black cock fuck his crippled baby s****r, and it had finally gotten to be
too much for him. Obviously he'd seen too much porn, or maybe he'd done
this before, him and Tony, I have no idea. But while Tony held me to his
body, kissing me and telling me to relax, that it was okay, Mark was
getting behind me, rubbing his wet cockhead across my anus, and finally
pushing it inside my ass, or trying to anyway.

"Ohhh fuck, s*s...You're ass is so...Ugh!...tight!...Jesus...relax!"
Mark grunted with the effort of stretching my virgin sphincter, forcing it
open and I did try to relax, not a word of protest escaped my lips,
although at least one or two should have.

Giving my b*****r a blowjob was one thing, and I'd have fucked him too,
maybe, probably...But letting him fuck my ass? I'd heard of it before, but
I didn't think I actually knew anyone who'd done it, you know? Like my
friends in high school, they'd laugh sometimes, talking about how their
boyfriend had wanted too, or how they wondered how it might feel, but no
girl I knew had ever said 'Oh yeah, I got seriously butt fucked last
night.' But pretty soon I was gonna be able to say that and by my own
b*****r too. Me, the most beautiful girl who never had a date, who rolled
down the halls looking up at everyone, smiling, being nice and hearing the
words I wasn't supposed to.

"Oh man, she's hot..." followed closely by "Yeah dude, but she ain't got
no legs" or conversations to that effect, which weren't meant to hurt me,
but they did, you know. Maybe I just should have given some away, like
convinced a boy to try it, just a kiss maybe, a little feel of my perfect
tits, and then a little more. And then a quick fuck under the bleachers
and then word would have spread and I'd let more guys do me, and more,
until I'd been fucked by all of them...

My brain was wandering, but Mark brought me back to reality as his
swollen cock suddenly pushed it's way into my ass with a strange burning
sensation, and just a little discomfort, like...well, sorta like going to
bathroom but different. It actually felt kind of nice right at the
beginning, with just his cockhead there, not very deep at all, and Tony's
cock moving gently inside me, sawing a few inches back and forth. It was
good...And then Mark shoved, really pushed hard and that did hurt. I
gasped and pushed my shoulders up, gritting my teeth and squinching my eyes
and I felt like someone was driving a baseball bat up my butt!

"Owwww fuck Mark!" I groaned. "Slow...Slow hurts!"

"Sorry, s*s." Mark chuckled, not sounding sorry at all, and then he
pushed again and Tony had brought one of his hands to my head, pulling me
down to his mouth and I resisted at first, wanting very much to scream, but
that wasn't helping me relax. Kissing Tony helped a lot, it calmed me down
and gave Mark a little more access into my rectum, which he put to good use
naturally. He rammed his dick inside me as far as he could, and he wasn't
exactly small in the dick department, but not like Tony either, thank God.

"Ohhhmmm..." I just moaned into Tony's mouth, feeling my ass burn, my
muscles protesting that intrusion into my most private place. And there
were good feelings too, I mean...Wow! I was being double teamed, tag
fucked by two guys at once, and my pussy felt really good now, which sort
of washed away a lot of the pain in my ass, and even that pain wasn't
entirely bad. My body kind of liked the discomfort, a little bit. But it
was the feeling of those two cocks inside me at the same time, working in
and out of my two recently virgin holes, that was driving me crazy. I
could feel them rubbing each other, separated only by the thin sot layers
of flesh between my cunt and ass and that was sort of like meeting God.

I felt stuffed too. If Tony's cock was big, it felt positively huge
now, being crowded by Mark's which seemed a lot bigger fucking my ass now
than it had fucking my mouth half an hour before. They didn't have any
rhythm, those two guys, Tony was going nice and slow, like we had all week
to fuck, and Mark was driving his dick inside my ass hard and fast,
reaching around to grab my tits, squeezing them and pulling on them like I
was his pet pony and those were the reigns. I didn't really mind, it felt
good like that. My breasts were aching for some attention, even my
b*****r's rough and inconsiderate mauling. In truth, everything felt good
for me right then, whether it did or not...Uh, sorta.

"Come on Cal...She's got one more hole..." Mark laughed and I groaned as
he jabbed his dick hard inside me. "She ain't gonna mind, are you s*s?"

I wasn't going to mind mostly because I was cumming right about then.
I'd have sucked a doorknob if someone put it too my lips. My head was
filled with flashing lights and sirens, the riot police beating my
senseless brain with cotton candy clubs. My whole body shook and I just
opened my mouth wide as Cal, who'd been sitting there so patiently, so
quietly that he might have been part of woodwork, scrambled to get in front
of me, kind of standing, but with his knees bent, presenting his penis to
my lips, and it was really wet. He must have been jerking off for an hour,
getting close and stopping, leaking precum like crazy. He didn't care how
he had to stand as long as I'd suck his dick.

And I did. I took him in my mouth, moving my body, my head as much as I
was able. You have no idea how useful legs are for even something so
simple as a blowjob. Well, neither do I technically, but if you got 'em,
appreciate them. Because I've often wished that I had long smooth legs,
just so I could lean over a bit and suck a nice sized cock like
Cal's...without falling over, I mean. But Mark and Tony were right there
anyway, pinning me down to one spot, namely on their hard cocks as they
fucked me, so I wasn't gonna fall anywhere.

Cal was nice, he held my head, pulled my air out of my eyes, and his
fingers were really gentle. He didn't f***e me, or push too deep, or do
any of the selfish things my b*****r had liked when I'd sucked him off.
Cal was really sweet and I liked sucking his cock, mostly because it was
just the right size for my inexperienced mouth. Not too thick, not too
long. Just right, baby bear, and I was giving him the best blowjob I
could, considering the circumstances. It was a little hard to focus with
my pussy stuffed with black dick, and my ass crammed full of i****tuous
b*****rly love dick, but I did okay. Enough so that when Cal was nice
enough to tell me he was going to cum I was able to swallow most of it
without choking.

Funny thing about eating sperm, at first it sorta sucks. Not the flavor
really, which varies from person to person, like Cal tasted sort of
salty-sweet, while my b*****r had tasted more like plain tortilla chips,
meaning just salty wit no real taste at all, but it's the texture that gets
you. A weird sort of lukewarm Jell-O texture, much like...well, I won't
say cause snot is gross...But once you've done it a time or two, you barely
notice it really. I swallowed Cal down easily enough and he thanked me for
it, which was sweet of him. I'd have sucked him again, since he'd cum
really fast and he'd been so nice, and I'd liked the way being stuffed with
three cocks at once felt...But Mark was getting ready to cum too and he was
always such a demanding person.

"Oh shit, s*s...I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna your ass...oh
fuck...!" He was loud, like wake-up the neighbors loud and I turned my face
to look at him. "I always...uggghhh..."

Mark didn't get to finish telling me how he'd always wanted to cum in my
tight round ass because right then he was doing it, shooting his sperm deep
in my bowels, and I could feel it. Wet and hot and sort of, I don't know,
greasy kinda. He was cumming a lot and he just held his cock inside my ass
as far as he could, while Tony just kept fucking me slow, my big black love

"Goddamn....oh fuck that was good..." Mark was grinning still, like he'd
never stop, and he pulled his cock out of me slow, which felt really weird.

I was so used to having two dicks inside me that just having one, even a
big one like Tony's, made me feel just a little...empty.

"Do you want to fuck me there?" I looked up at Cal, who was still hard
and leaning against the wall above my bed, threatening to tear down my Les
Miserables poster. "In my ass?" I asked him.

"Oh yeah, Kell...I'd love to do that." He chuckled, a little
breathlessly and he looked like he thought I was crazy for doubting it.

Mark moved out of the way, giving me a hard slap on my ass and a happy
chuckle as he made room for Cal. "Get her Cal...I got her ready for ya!
Didn't I tell you guys she was fucking hot? Didn't I? I told you she'd do
it...oh fuck yeah..." Mark congratulated himself and I might have wondered
how much of this he'd really planned, and how much he was just taking
credit for after the fact, because my b*****r was like that.

"You okay, baby?" Tony was looking up at me and I smiled, licking my
lips and still tasting Cal's sperm.

"Oh yeah, don't feels sooooo good!" I giggled and it did, it
felt like I'd been given the best d**gs in the world. I was high as a kite
right then on sex and I wanted even more if that was possible.

Cal rubbed my back while Tony's strong hands held my ass, even pulling
my firm round cheeks apart for his friend, and he entered my asshole
easily. I was already hot and hungry for him, and Mark had greased my butt
good with his sperm. All Cal had to do was give a little push and it was
like my ass just sucked him inside, my rectal muscles squeezing and pulling
at him, massaging his cock as it slid inside me so that Cal was gasping
with pleasure.

"Oh man that's...good...Jesus feel so good in there..." He
was saying and I just smiled and lowered my head, pressing my body to
Tony's once more and enjoyed the really great fuck that was to follow.

A while later, after Cal had added his sperm to my b*****r's, really
filling my ass good with it, Tony was fucking me harder, grunting as he
stabbed his cock up and into my womb. I was smiling down at him, rocking
my body and nodding and whispering little things about how much I loved his
cock...How good he felt inside me...How I wanted to fuck him for the rest
of my know, stuff like that.

"I'm gonna cum in a minute..." Tony warned me. "I'm close, baby...You
want me to pull out?"

"No way..." I laughed gently, kissing him on the lips. "If I get
pregnant...I don't care, least I know who the daddy is, right?"

"I won't run." He promised me. "Not from you, baby."



... Continue»
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Cheerleaders' Fun and Games Chapters 3&4

Chapter Three

The girls were all huddled close together under the blanket when I came downstairs.

"Hello my pets." The girl Emily started whimpering, and Tara stood up screaming.

"What are you doing to us? Where is Monique, you can't keep us like this!"

"You're right Tara, I have such better plans for you. Look at all this empty space." I spread my arms to the 1500 sq ft of unfinished basement. "You are all now my slaves, and I'm going to build my own little dungeon to house you, just be patient."

"You fucking pervert, you can't do this to us, let us go!" I just smiled at her, I think it infuriated her even more. She grabbed the fenced door and tried to shake it open.

I started toward the door, Tara took a step or two back. Her eyes were locked on me as I undid the lock.

"Come here slut!" She didn't move, but she couldn't have expected that I could pounce so fast. I had her by the arm, then took a clump full or hair in my hand and tugged her out of the kennel screeching. She tried to punch me, but I was easily able to overpower her. I threw her down on the ground outside the kennel then locked the other girls inside.

Tara, with venom in her eyes came at me. She didn't see the cattle prod till the last second when I f***ed it into her belly and pulled the trigger. She collapsed instantly on the floor, writhing in pain. I was on her in a second, I got her over onto her stomach and wrapped her wrists in duct tape.

"How do you like that cunt?" I rolled her over onto her back and slapped her hard across the face a couple times. She was still blubbering in pain from the jolt. Looking in her eyes I saw shock, I don't think the little spoiled rich bitch had ever been told no.

I lifted Tara up by the back of her neck and pressed her face against the kennel where her friends were.

"Tara has volunteered to teach you what will happen if you defy me!"

Tara was still stunned with the effects of the tazer, and the other girls were babbling, cowering as far back as they could in the cage. I dropped Tara on the floor, I knew she couldn't go anyplace with her wrists bound and the door to the basement shut. I headed up into my workshop, it was a mixture of an automotive garage, and woodworking shop. Soon enough I'd be using the shop a lot, building my fair share of apparatuses to play with the girls on.

I first went for my hunting knife, Tara wasn't going to get the option of stripping for me. In the shop I found an old radiator fan belt, but better still, I found this old metal workhorse my dad had made, it must have weighed damn near 100 lbs, if not more. It looked like any workhorse, but it was metal, pop had welded the thing up years ago. When I saw it there in the corner, I knew it would be perfect.

The girls were sobbing as I carried my toys back down into the basement. I kicked Tara in the gut as I walked past her.

"Get to your knees you whore!" I set the workhorse down in front of the kennel, I wanted the other girls to see it all. I tossed the rest of the crap on the floor and then grabbed Tara by the hair.

"Get the fuck up cunt!" She screamed as I dragged her to her feet by the scalp. When I had her upright I bellowed at her more. "You'd better fucking stand still!"

I slid my hunting knife up under Tara's hip and the elastic band on her panties. I'm a fanatic about sharp blades, so the metal cut easily through her panties, and her skirt. I could hear her wallowing in terror.

The blade cut as easily through the other side as it did the first, her little outfit fell to the floor, I could see the small patch of trimmed pussy hair.

Cutting away Tara's vest and shirt was even easier. I cut away the fabric leaving here there only in her bra.

"Are you ready to show me your tits you slut?" I had to hold Tara up by the elbows, her knees threatened to buckle at any moment. "Hold still cunt, I wouldn't want to cut you, yet." Tara yelped as I brought the blade up under her sports bra. I moved slow, more to agonize her than anything. She was naked in no time and I let go of her elbow.

"Push out those tits, show your friends!" Tara was balling like a c***d.

"Get on your knees slut!" Tara fell awkwardly to her knees. I took the fan belt and looped it around her neck. I twisted it so it contracted and closed down on her flesh. I could hear her gasping as it constricted her airway.

"Want me to choke you right now whore!" I watched Tara's face go red. I heard the girls in the kennel start begging me to stop. They went suddenly silent as I turned back to glare at them, all three moved away from the door.

I had no intent to choke Tara though and let the belt come free. I could hear her take in deep breaths.

"No, I'm not going to choke you, I'm going to whip your ass bitch, maybe it'll teach you to behave a little better."

I took the belt from Tara's neck and got behind where she knelt. I picked up some alligator clips I'd found out in the garage. I pinched the ends and opened the serrated jaws. Tara's body started to shudder and she tried to crawl away, but I grabbed her around the neck and pulled her to me. I pinched her right nipple till it went hard.

"I told you to behave and I'd be good to you." Tara screamed as I closed the sharp metal teeth shut on her nipple. She tried to twist her torso thinking it would knock the clip off, but I knew it would hold.

"Hold still slut!" I grabbed for her other nipple.

"God, please, no!" Tara screamed, spittle shot from her mouth as I closed the second clip on her other nipple. I let her scream long and hard as I picked up my knife. I don't know what she thought I was going to do, but her body was shaking like a leaf. I cut the duct tape away from her wrists.

"Bend over the workhorse slut. Grasp the corners with your hands!" The alligator clips looked gorgeous on her tits, I love the way they sparkled in the light.

"I said bend over the work horse!" Tara was a blubbering c***d as she bellied up to the metal frame, it was the perfect height, the horizontal bar came to her belly, and when she bent over, it was perfect. Her cute little ass was up in the air, and when I taped her legs to the corners, it would spread her pussy nicely.

I knelt down and held her right wrist to the post, I wrapped duct tape around her arm till it was pinned to the metal pole.

"Please, please, stop this!" I was mere inches from her face, tears dripped from her chin.

"You had your chance slut!" I wrapped her other wrist with tape and then started on her ankles. Once I had the tape around her legs she was posed perfectly, her legs were spread, her toes were barely in contact with the ground.

Even though Tara fought against the frame like mad, it barely budged.

"Please, Please…" Tara continued to beg between spasms of tears. My dick was aching.

I picked up the radiator belt from the floor. I moved full circle around her, I knew she could see the hard black rubber in my hand. I turned to the girls in the kennel, I tried to cover my excitement so I could give my little speech.

"I'm keeping you all as my slaves. I expect you to obey my every command, I expect, and demand, that you do whatever I say. I'm going to give you just a little sample of how I will handle disobedience." I laid my hand on Tara's ass, I could feel her muscles contract and twitch under my touch.

"I want you all to fucking count how many times I whip Tara, I want to hear your voices loud and clear, otherwise I'll start over until you learn to follow directions."

I twisted my body in a flash and used all my strength to bring the belt down on Tara's ass. The sound was incredible, it ripped through the basement like a bolt of lightning, then I heard Tara scream. Her head arched up as the radiator belt recoiled from her flesh.

"I didn't hear you!" I yelled at the caged girls as I brought the belt down again on Tara's body, I hit almost the exact same spot again. Already a deep red welt had formed on her skin and I heard the girl's in the cage scream out two.

"Think again." I turned and smiled at the girls in the kennel. "This is number two." I brought the belt down as hard as I could on the back of Tara's thighs. The metal workhorse clanked off the ground maybe an inch as Tara's whole body bucked. Her scream pierced the room.

Again and again I brought the belt down on Tara's body, the red welts formed almost immediately and crisscrossed her thighs and ass.

The girls in the cage screamed out the count, but I didn't care how many times I whipped Tara. I'd given my lesson, and I was having fun whipping her body.

Tara's head went limp after my last blow and I figured that was enough. I dropped my sweat pants and bellied up behind the bent, u*********s, girl. As I slammed my dick forward into her tight pussy and she came to.

At first I'm not sure she grasped what was going on, her mind was clouded with pain, but quickly enough I knew she felt my dick to the hilt in her snatch.

"God you've got a tight pussy too!" I roared with lust as I felt my dick encased by Tara's tight cunt. I grabbed her by the hair and arched her head up. I pounded into her body like a jackhammer. The metal frame clanged forward with each crushing thrust. My body was filled with adrenaline, and like Monique the night before, I wanted to batter Tara's pussy with my prick.

"I'm going to cum in your pussy slut. I'm going to fill you with my sperm!"

Tara started screaming when she felt my warm spunk flooding into her belly. In spite of the pain, I knew it was the abject humiliation she felt me pumping her full that made her bellow.

"That's it, milk my cock, squeeze me tight!" I let go of Tara's hair and collapsed on her body, my prick still impaled in her snatch.

It took a few minutes for me to catch my breath again. As I slid my cock from her tight, warm pussy and I was in heaven.

I started moving slowly toward the kennel door.

"Get over here Lisa." Her body was trembling as she shuffled toward the door. I undid the lock and had her come outside.

"Get on your knees!" I pointed to the floor in front of me

"Clean my dick slave!" The tears streamed down her cheeks. Tara was wailing still, bent over the workhorse, my cum filling her pussy.

I grabbed the back of Lisa's head, my dick was covered in cum and Tara's slime. I f***ed the length of my shaft into Lisa's mouth, I heard her gag as I slammed my prick in, I could feel her tongue and throat convulse at the intrusion. I closed my eyes and arched my head back, groaning as I made Lisa suck my cock.

"Lick me clean, lick all my cum and Tara's juices from my prick." I loved the way Lisa, in her terror, swabbed her tongue over my cock. I was almost ready to cum again as she licked me clean.

"That's good slut." I pushed her back so she fell on the floor. I walked over to where Tara was bent on the frame crying. I bent down and grabbed the alligator clips and squeezed them open, I took them from her breasts. There was a bit of a delayed reaction, then she started screaming as the bl**d flowed back into her nipples. I massaged her tits between my fingers, making her feel every ounce of pain.

I stood straight up and loomed over Lisa, she was still on the floor, too afraid to move.

"As I said, if you behave, I'll treat you well, if not, I'll do whatever I need to do to make you learn." I grabbed Lisa by the arm and lifted her upright. I took out my knife and cut the tape off Tara's wrists and ankles.

"Take your friend to the bathroom, I think there is some ointment in there." Lisa helped the weak legged Tara into the bathroom.

"Get over here Emily." I opened the kennel door, she was sobbing. Jayme watched my every move.

"So tell me Emily, how old are you?"

"I…I….I'm 17 sir."

"So, have you ever had sex?" I could see her trembling, her whole body convulsed.

"N…no…no sir." I smiled at her.

"Good, why don't you ease those panties down so I can see that little pussy of yours." Her body started to tremble even more, the tears fell down her face and she stared up at me with those big blue eyes.


"Emily, have you already forgotten about Tara?" She started sniffling and moved her hands reluctantly to the waist band of her panties. She looked up at me for approval, or maybe one last desperate plea.

"Come on Emily, get those panties down around your ankles and spread your legs." Her knees were shaking so bad I thought they'd buckle. After she had her panties down, she held up her little skirt so I could see. She had a cute little patch of red hair neatly trimmed.

"Why don't you spread those cunt lips for me Emily." I could see her cringe, but she didn't hesitate. She had nice long fingers, with a fresh coat of nail polish, though her nails were short.

Emily spread her labia for me, showing the pink of her pussy.

"Do you want me to feel?" She started crying harder, she tried to respond, but couldn't. I put my index finger in between her spread lips, I could see her hands trembling as I ran my fingers along the length of her pink snatch.

"That's a nice little pussy Emily, can you squeeze my finger?" I thought she was going to lose it.

"Please…" There was such a desperation in her plea.

"Okay." I pulled my finger from her body.

"You can pull up your panties, get back in the kennel." Emily quickly pulled up her drawers and ran back into the cage. Jayme had her arms opened wide and hugged Emily tight as I locked the kennel door.

"Are you two starting to understand what I expect of you?" Emily was still held firm in Jayme's arms.

"Yes Sir."

"Good." I turned and headed toward the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom without knocking.

"Go to your cage Lisa. Kneel at the door and wait for me. Don't think about being a heroic fool, just do it." Lisa got to her feet and skirted as far away from me as possible as she scurried out the door.

Tara was lying on her stomach, Lisa had done a good job of spreading balm on the welts. I knelt next to Tara and grabbed a clump of hair. I didn't twist it hard, but enough so she had to look up at me.

"You've got a nice pussy, too bad I wasn't the first." She just stared into my eyes, I could see the fear I now instilled in her.

"I would hate to do more damage to that body of yours." I reached out and pinched her nipple, eliciting a yelp of pain. I could clearly see the markings of the alligator clip on her flesh.

"Do you understand what I expect of you?" She nodded softly, I saw a tear run down her cheek.

"I expect complete and utter obedience. Don't fuck with me. You are my slave now, when I say to get on your back and spread your legs so I can fuck you, I want you to do it without thinking, then I want you to wrap your legs around my back and fuck me back so I cum harder, understand!" I arched her head back and clamped my mouth on hers, forcing my tongue in her so she felt completely used. I loved the feeling of power.

I let go of Tara's head and stood up.

"I want you to go back to your kennel, if you behave I'll get you something to wear." Tara struggled to her feet, I knew her body ached. I moved slowly behind her, watching the red lines on her ass and thighs wistfully. She fell to her knees next to Lisa.

"Is anybody hungry?" I heard a soft chorus of yes's. I opened the kennel door and let Lisa and Tara inside.

"Come over here Emily, you're going to help me make lunch." Emily was precious, she whimpered and tried to hold onto Jayme, but she'd already learned not to screw with me and she came toward me like any good pet. I locked the door behind her leaving the other girls in silence. I followed Emily up the stairs, her cute butt enticing me on.

When we got into the kitchen I could see her whole body twitching in fear.

"So you understand to behave Emily, right? I'm trusting you now, and if you violate my trust, I'll have to punish you, and you wouldn't want that, now would you?" She really did have lovely eyes.

"No sir." She even cast down her eyes when she responded, it was so cute.

I moved toward her, she backed away till her hips bumped into the counter.

"You know I'm going to fuck you one of these days, don't you?" She didn't respond.

"Why don't take off your top so I can see your tits." She started crying again, though I don't think the tears had ever gone that far below the surface.

"Come on Emily, be a good girl and show me your breasts." I didn't think she could do it, but the fear must have driven her on.

It wasn't much of a striptease, but I still enjoyed it. She tried to cover her breasts with her hands after she'd taken off her top, and she had the most gorgeous flat belly.

"Put your hands to your side Emily." Her breasts weren't huge, but they were so perky, her pink nipples were hard as rocks as she stood there before me.

She tried to move away from me, but I cornered her at the counter. I clamped my hands on those beautiful, youthful, tits. I held her nipples between my fingers and pulled gently. Her skin was so soft and pliable. I love the feel of her flesh in my hands.

"God I can't wait to fuck you Emily." She was whimpering softly and I let go of her breasts.

"I guess we should make up some food, don't you think?" Emily nodded and went for her top.

"No, no, you're so cute like that, and I have an idea." I dug through the drawer and pulled out a pair of wooden clothespins.
"Let's try these out." I closed the first wooden pin so the long side was against her chest. Emily let out a little cry as the first pin's spring closed on her nipple. Then I did the next and stood back.

"That is so fucking cute Emily!" I knew she didn't feel the same, but it didn't really matter. We spent the next 20 minutes putting together an assortment of sandwiches and fruit for the girls.

"Monique is down the hall." I pointed in the direction of her room. "It's on the left, why don't you take this sandwich and drink to her, but I don't want you to talk to her, understand?" Emily nodded and headed down the hall. I knew she was embarrassed as hell being naked above the waist and having the clothespins on her tits.

I had big plans for the two of them, Monique and Emily, I couldn't wait to get them on the bed together and have them eat the other out. They were both so cute and shy, and I knew neither would like it, at least at first.

I waited for Emily to come back, I still had so much to do.

My cute little girl came into the kitchen, she didn't look too happy.

"Good girl." I reached my hand out and ran my fingers over her belly, instinctively she recoiled. I could feel her stomach muscles convulse.

"Why don't you take the rest of the food down to your friends." I could see her trembling. I helped her grab one of the plates and I'd got an old T-shirt for Tara to wear.

Emily moved with infinite slowness down the stairs. I knew she didn't want her friends to see her like this. I still couldn't believe my luck, 5 gorgeous young teenagers had fallen into my lap.

The girls were huddled in the corner of the kennel, wrapped in the blanket.

"Meal time." I opened the door for Emily to go inside. Without speaking she handed out the food. I loved the way she moved, there was a timidness that I knew was brought on by shame. There she was, naked from the waist up with clothespins clipped to her tits.

Emily rushed back to my side as soon as she'd passed out the food.

"If you girls promise to be good, I'll leave the cage door open, then you can use the bathroom." I knew they couldn't go anyplace anyway, the way the basement was set up there were locking doors between the kennels and the stairway.

"Will you behave?" The girls nodded.

"Okay." I tossed the old shirt to Tara and then grabbed Emily by the arm and lead her upstairs, making sure the doors were locked.

I let Emily eat her meal and use the bathroom. I waited patiently, watching her eat her food. It was obvious she was self conscious with me looking at her, but I loved looking at her body, and those little clothespins on her tits, I have to say it turned me on.

When she was done eating I took Emily straight to the den and got on the computer, we had so many toys to order.

"Why don't you take off those panties?" I was seated in my chair, Emily was a few feet in front of me. Her hands were trembling so much I didn't think she'd be able to get out of her shorts. I'm sure she could see the bulge in my sweats, and I think she thought I was going to fuck her.

"Come on Emily." Her stomach twitched as she slid the little skirt and panties down around her ankles.

"God you're such a cute thing. Come here, sit on my lap." I could hear her sniffle as she sat on my thighs, her knees off to the side.

"No, straddle my leg." I made her swing her leg over my thigh so sat astride me, her pelvis on my upper leg.

"Good girl." I reached around her body and up between her legs, I started playing with her clit. I could feel her body jerk as I touched her love bud. She was whimpering as I touched her.

"Grind those hips babe. Do you want me to make you cum?" She didn't answer. I moved my free hand to her left breast and opened the clothespin.

"Ouch." It was so cute, her sweet little voice. I worked her nipple as the bl**d flowed back in.

"Tell me Emily, have you ever let the boys play with your tits, they're so nice." She didn't reply. I opened the other clip and let the bl**d flow back into her nipple.

"We've got work to do." I brought up the net and did a quick search for sex toys. There were tons of pages.

"Look at all these links Emily, do you have a favorite? Have you ever bought a dildo for yourself?" I wanted to embarrass her. I leaned in close so my chest was against her back. I found a page that looked good and started flipping through the categories.

"We need some whips, don't you think?" I started adding just about everything to the shopping cart, crops, paddles, I was indiscriminate.

"Look at that flogger Emily, I bet you can't wait till I use that on your tits, can you?" I grabbed her breast and started playing with it.

"Give me your hand." I grabbed her left hand and pulled it behind her.

"Rub my dick." I put her hand on my cock, she didn't want to, that was obvious, and she started moving fast.

"Move slow, don't make me cum in my pants." I could barely concentrate on the screen, even through the fabric I loved the feel of her soft hand on my dick.

I made Emily lead us through the webpage looking for more toys, gags, vibrators, dildos, leather, it didn't matter, I pretty much bought one of everything. I loved the nipple clamps I saw on the screen, clovers, weighted ones, I couldn't wait for the shipment to arrive. I couldn't wait to use them all on the girls' bodies.

"That's enough." I made Emily stop rubbing my cock, I was going to blow. I couldn't decide if I wanted to have her suck me off, or let the fearful anticipation continue to build in her.

"Get on your back!" I pushed her off my lap and onto the floor. I dropped my sweats and fell on top of her, straddling her hips.

"Jack me off, I want to cum on your tits." I could see her eyes go wide with shock. She didn't move so I grabbed her hand and made her circle her fingers around my prick. I held her hand in mine and started moving her up and down over my cock. I closed my eyes and bellowed as I was ready to blow.

"Faster!" I made her jack me off harder, I was just about to cum. Her soft hand on my cock felt so good.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH." My prick jerked and I shot my cum over her body. I could heard Emily whine as a long line of white sticky sperm shot over her belly, up onto her tits, and over her neck.

"AHHHHH." My prick kept shooting, dribbling cum over her body, I made her hold me tight.

"God that felt good." I made her squeeze the last few drops from the head of my prick as I continued to savor the orgasm.

"Get on your knees." I could see the revulsion in her eyes when she saw the streaks of cum that ran over her torso.

"Lick me clean." Her eyes went wide.

"Wha…I c….Please…" I grabbed the back of her head and drew her mouth near my prick.

"I said lick me clean." Reluctantly Emily stuck out her tongue, she eased it toward the head of my cock like a timid k** dared to lick a 9 volt battery on a dare.

"Come on." I could feel the strain in her neck muscles as I brought her tongue into contact with my manhood.

"Lick me up!" In the midst of choking back the tears Emily ran her tongue over the head of my cock.

"That feels so good, good girl, keep it up." I loved the feel of her soft, moist, tongue on me. I was already feeling ready to cum again.

I made Emily clean me for a good five minutes. It was a joy to see her suffer through the humiliation, her tongue weaving over my still hard cock. I even made her take my balls into her mouth, god it was incredible.

I let go of the back of Emily's head.

"Just wait till I start fucking that little pussy of yours, then we'll have a really good time." I loved the way she looked down at the cum that streaked her torso. I knew she wanted to get into the fetal position and cry.

"Come on, lets get you cleaned up." I grabbed Emily by the arm and got her to her feet. I think she thought I was going to take her to the bathroom, but instead I led her down the hall to where Monique was.

We walked in without knocking. Monique was on her back, her legs spread wide, and reluctantly pushing the dildo in and out of her cunt. She wasn't putting much effort into the act, and I knew when I watched the tape with her later we'd have something to discuss, but there were other needs at the moment.

The look of horror in both girl's eyes was precious, Monique completely humiliated at being caught masturbating, and Emily at seeing her friend with the big black dildo stuffed in her twat.

I pushed Emily toward the bed.

"Get on your back." Monique sat up, she started pulling the fake dick from her pussy.

"No, leave it in, push it deeper and clean the cum off Emily." I think for the first time Monique saw my cum in lines on her friends chest and tits. I made sure to stay out of the line of the camera, I knew I'd love to see the scene later, when I made Monique watch it again with me.

I moved close to the bed, I reached between Monique's legs and pushed the dildo as far in as it would go. She yelped as the wide shaft filled her.

"That's better. Clean up Emily, lick all that cum up. We wouldn't want it to go to waste, would we?" Emily lay absolute still on the bed. I knew she felt completely degraded. I don't know how close of friends she and Monique were, but I'm sure neither could have ever imagined this level of contact.

The chain attached to Monique's collar jingled as she inched toward Emily's body. She kept looking at me, as if I would grant a reprieve.

I needed only to nod my head in her direction and she got over Emily's body.

Monique started at Emily's belly, I watched in sadistic glory as her tongue darted over Emily's flat stomach. I loved the way Emily grabbed the linens in her hands and balled them in her fists. Her stomach twitched, her muscles rippled like waves on the sea.

Monique was utilitarian in her cleaning efforts, though I knew she was filled with revulsion. She moved up Emily's body licking the drops and lines of cum. I could hear Emily crying louder as Monique's tongue moved towards her breasts. With the way her body reacted though, I knew the sensations were intense.

Emily arched her head up to look when Monique ran her tongue over her breasts.

"Monique." Her head jerked up from her work and looked at me. "Make sure her nipples are clean and sucked dry." I knew there was no cum plastered on Emily's nipples, but I wanted Monique to give them some attention.

In spite of the fact that Monique wasn't trying to make the scene erotic, it was to me. They almost looked like a pair of lovers, coupled on the bed.

"Monique, why don't you give Emily a kiss, if there is any cum left in your mouth, give her a taste." Monique looked up at me with those sweet hazel eyes, I knew she wanted to cry. It had already been humiliating enough to lick her friend clean, and now I was making her give Emily an open mouth kiss.

"She hasn't tasted my cum yet, I wouldn't want you to have all the fun." Monique pushed the hair off Emily's face and planted a kiss on her friend's lips. Emily tugged hard on the linens as Monique drove her tongue into her mouth.

I had to rub my dick through my sweats, I wanted to cum bad again, but I needed to hold off till later, when I came back to watch the video with Monique.

"Okay girls." They unlocked mouths willingly.

"Good job Monique." I grabbed for Emily's wrist and helped her off the bed.

"I'll let you get back to masturbating. By the way, how's that been going?" I didn't care, or even want her to respond, I just wanted to see her blush in shame because I'd said it in front of Emily.

I slammed the door shut with Monique staring up at me from the bed, the black dildo still jutting from her pussy. I'd be very curious to see the tape later.

I stopped in my room and got Emily a long T-Shirt to put on, even in that she was hot. I took her back into the basement to be with her friends. I knew they'd ask her if I fucked her, and I knew even though I didn't, it would probably be more humiliating for her to have to recount the tale of what had actually happened, me cumming on her tits and then having Monique clean it up.

When I got back upstairs it dawned on me how exhausted I was. I'd had a busy 24 hours, hell, it all seemed a blur when I thought back on it, though my dick had a clear memory of the two tight little pussies I'd fucked. I decided on a nap, I was tempted to lay down with Monique, but I didn't want to take her away from the torment I'd set upon her. I loved the idea of her staring at the clock, agonizing over the minutes till she had to masturbate for the camera again.

My dick was still hard when I laid down. Usually I got to sl**p easily, but with all my new pets on my mind it was hard. I still couldn't believe my luck. Finally I just had to let the image of my girls ease me off to sl**p.
Chapter Four

When I awoke I'd forgot about what had happened for an instant, but then, the glorious reality came back to me and I remembered Monique was across the hall, and my 4 other beauties were in the basement, life is good.

Looking outside the sun was setting in the west. I still had to make dinner for me and the girls, and on the grander scale, I still needed to start preparations for my dungeon. I also had to get outfits for my girls, lacy things, leather, anything I'd ever fantasized about. There was a lot of work involved in k**napping, and keeping 5 slaves.

I started toward Monique's door, but then thought better of it. I needed to make her suffer longer, stuffing that big dildo in her pussy…

When I got to the kitchen the dogs were going crazy, they'd spent most of the day outdoors. I had a doggy door put in last year so they could come and go as they pleased, I had about a 10 acre fenced in yard out back, before the woods started.

Spike jumped up on me, his tail wagging like mad.

"Hey Buddy." I knew he could sense the girls in the house. I figured I'd use the dogs later to drive more fear into the girls, though I knew the two dogs wouldn't hurt a thing, but the girls didn't need to know that.

I set about making food, for the dogs, and the girls, both my sets of pets. I needed to keep the girls wanting and dependent upon me. I still didn't know exactly what I was going to do in the long run with them, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to go on the journey.

I knew Jim, my buddy, was probably going crazy with anticipation. I was probably a little cruel not to tell him more, but what can you do?

After I finished feeding the dogs I carried the girls' food down into the basement, they were huddled together on the sl**ping bag.

"Hello my pets'." I made a tray of chicken breasts and cooked veggies along with some lemonade.

"Dinner is served." I set the tray just outside the kennel door and leaned up against the workhorse.

"Don't be shy, go ahead." Tara inched out and picked up the food, taking it back to her friends. I liked that she was regaining I little of her boldness, all the better to break down the line.

I sat and watched them eat, not saying a word, just taking in the vision of my lovelies. I knew they could feel the weight of my stare on them, I'm sure they wondered what terror I would inflict on them next, but I wasn't going to give up my hand, not yet at least.

"I meant to ask Emily, how did you like the taste of cum when you and Monique kissed?" I saw her lips quiver as I smiled.

"Well, I have some things to take care of, but I'll see you in the morning. We will be having a visitor tomorrow, one of my oldest friends. I'm sure you'll go out of your way to taking care of him. sl**p tight." I kind of chuckled to myself as I locked them in the basement for the night. I wondered what they were thinking now.

I dropped food off for Monique, she was on the bed, hiding under the blankets.

"Hey my slut, dinner is served." Her eyes followed me across the room. I saw the dildo next to the camera, about as far away from her as possible. I couldn't help but smile.

I tapped her leg under the cover.

"I've got to be off for the moment, but don't worry, I'll be back. We're going to watch that tape tonight.

It was hard to leave my flock, but I decided I needed to leave the girls alone for awhile and pick up some groceries. I was running out of food having all the additional guests. I did make sure to pick up some vegetable items that I had some dual purpose work in mind for. I got a few very nice, very large cucumbers.

I thought about stopping by the shop to talk with Jim, but my dick was aching again and I couldn't wait to watch the video with Monique. I knew it was an interesting show.

After I put everything away, I sat and watched TV for awhile. I knew the longer I waited, the more Monique would stew.

Monique was wide eyed as I entered the room. She was there, the collar around her neck, sitting naked on the bed, God she was gorgeous. Instinctively she brought her arms in, trying to cover herself, subtly she brought her legs together.

I sat down on the edge of the bed.

"How was your day?" I reached out and cupped her chin, her eyes were already moist and I could tell she was about to lose it.

I grabbed the chain attached to her collar and pulled her toward me, I clamped my mouth on hers and let my tongue explore. She was so sweet my cock twitched in anticipation.

I let go of Monique's chain and captured her nipple between my fingers.

"So, are you ready to watch the tape?" She just stared up at me. "Did you use that big dildo to fill your pussy?" I smiled, then stood up and went to the camera, I rewound the tape and hooked the outputs so it would show on the TV.

The image popped up on screen, it was a close up of Monique's belly. Even on screen I could tell she was terrified. She moved back toward the bed, and when her face showed on screen, I could see she was crying. She sat down on the mattress and tried to cover herself as she just stared at the camera.

I stripped out of my clothes and sat on the bed next to Monique. I was already hard, and the pre-cum was dripping from the head of my cock. I pulled Monique to me. I laid on my side and moved her so she was in front of me, her body molded to mine. My dick inched between her warm, inviting thighs and I clamped my hands on her tits.

"How many times did you cum today?"

On screen Monique's body shuddered and I could tell she had absolutely no desire to masturbate, but she was scared of me. She propped a pillow under her back and lay flat on the bed. Tentatively she spread her legs, she had amazing flexibility, something I couldn't help but note for the future. She picked up the large black dildo, she stared at it in disbelief, it was huge and would make a tight fit in her small pussy.

"Is this the good part where you cum for me?" I twisted Monique's nipple till she yelped. She was trying not to look at the screen and the image she'd made.

On screen Monique pushed the head of the dildo against her opening, the black rubber gleamed in the overhead light, she'd coated it with tons of lube.

I slid a finger into Monique's pussy.

"Are you still sore from me fucking you last night?" I could feel her body shaking against mine. On screen I could hear her sobbing as the big dildo inched deeper into her cunt. I saw her knees jerk up as the thicker head of the dildo eased into her channel.

Monique held the large shaft in two hands, slowly she drove it deeper into her body, but not much. She started pulling the dildo back out again, she wasn't putting a whole lot of effort into the act.

I thrust my finger deep in her pussy and she groaned in obvious discomfort. The video continued on, but nothing changed.

"What's this?" I slapped Monique hard across the face, I stood up on the bed and grabbed for the chain around her neck, making her wail out in pain as I tugged her upright. "What the fuck is this?" I pointed at the screen. "I told you I wanted you to masturbate for me, this is…I don't know what the fuck this is." I threw her back down on the bed and went for the dildo. I tossed it at her.

"Come on, fuck it slut!" The tears streamed down Monique's cheeks. I picked up my belt from the floor.

"Start fucking the dildo, get your fingers on your clit, do something. I know you know what to do!" I brought the doubled up belt down on Monique's breast, the sound of leather on flesh rang through the room. She cried out, but didn't move.

The next blow was on her pussy. I knew it hurt her by the shrill cry I got from her. She tried to cross her leg over her mound, but I grabbed her knee and brought the belt down again. On screen nothing had changed, Monique continued to barely push the dildo in her cunt.

I climbed on the bed and took hold of the dildo, I didn't care if I hurt her, but I pushed the head of the shaft against her opening and drove it in, her whole body reacted. I f***ed the fake cock deep in her pussy, leaving it embedded in her for a second.

"Come on cunt, rub that clit, play with your tits." I slowly pulled the dildo from her snatch till the head was almost free, then I slammed it back in. I grabbed for her hand and moved it over her clit. I brought the belt down on her tit again.

"Do something!" I held her hand to her body till she started playing with herself. "Play with those tits you whore." Monique's sobbing was intense. I started moving the dildo in and out of her pussy, as I drove it deep into her hips would arch, her legs were shaking.

I continued to fuck her with the dildo, picking up speed as I went. I loved the look of her cunt spreading, straining to take in the large black shaft. The contrasting color of her white skin against the gleaming black was driving me on.

"That's it whore, move those fingers, I want to see you cum!" I picked up the belt and brought it down on her belly, I loved the sound, and the red mark that stood out on her skin almost immediately.

As I continued to drive the dildo home, I could see Monique's pussy growing wetter. She was even moving her fingers with more intensity on her clit. Her nipples were hard and pointed, and I could see the convulsions in her belly.

"That's it, tell me you want to cum, beg me to let you!" The only response I got was louder cries, but I didn't care. I was brutally fucking her with the dildo. With my free hand I grabbed her's and pushed her fingers harder against her clit.

"Come on slut. Tell me what a dirty little bitch you are. Tell me how you want to cum!" Monique was crying, but I could also hear the moans escaping from her chest.

"That's it slut. You're just a dirty whore. You want to cum, you want me to fuck you and blow in your pussy, tell me." I grabbed for her breasts and took hold. I twisted her nipple till she screamed. I drove the dildo into her, leaving it impaled for a second in her tight hole, then taking it out, so it was almost free. She'd arch her hips, trying to keep it in her, then I'd slam the long shaft home again. She was just about to orgasm.

I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, then grabbed her hand so she couldn't rub her clit.

"Beg me to let you cum whore. Tell me you're just a no good cock sucker, tell me!" I could sense the hesitation, her moans were growing louder. She barely whispered out.

"What was that slut?" I twisted her nipple violently.

It was barely audible, but I could still hear her.

"Please let me cum." I rammed the dildo back in her pussy and let go of her hand. She had her fingers on her clit in an instant, then she started to scream. I kept driving the dildo home, rotating the bulbous head inside of her, moving it up and down so she had to move her hips with the motion.

"That's it slut! Beg me to fuck you!" I left the dildo deep in her body and moved to her breasts, I took hold of her nipples and pulled them taut.

"Beg me to fuck you cunt!" Monique was too lost in her own reverie. I flipped her over onto her belly, I couldn't wait any longer, I was going to blow.

I pulled the black dildo out with a pop, her pussy was gushing now.

"Grab your ankles and spread your legs for me cunt!" She had the most beautiful, perfect ass. I f***ed two fingers into her snatch.

Monique grabbed her ankles, it spread her legs nicely. I dropped my weight on her and drove home. I almost came when I felt the muscles of her vagina contracting on my prick. It felt so good.

The uninspired masturbation scene was still going on TV. I grabbed Monique's hair and made her look up at the screen. I started pounding into her from behind. I loved the feel of her under me, I loved the feel of her pussy holding tight to my cock.

"That's it cunt, squeeze me tight, look at the screen, look at what a little whore you are." I jack hammered into her pussy, I was just about to blow. "You're such a little whore, what would mommy and daddy think? Ahhh. You're going to cum for me every day, right bitch?" I slammed home, driving my cock to the hilt and started spurting. I couldn't stop cumming, my balls kept pumping, filling her with my sperm. "That's it baby, can you feel all that cum." I held her head up to look at the screen. I could feel her body tensing under mine, her hips, the contractions in her back as she started crying again.

Finally I just collapsed on top of her. My dick still held within the warm confines of her pussy. I knew we'd made some improvement today. I was going to do the same thing tomorrow, tape her and make her masturbate for me.

I don't know, I probably laid atop her for a good ten minutes. The feeling was too glorious to move. I got off the bed and stood over her, her head was almost hanging over the edge, her face pressed in the covers. I stared down at her for a second, then grabbed a clump of hair and made her twist onto her back. My dick was right in front of her eyes.

"So slut, when I tell you to masturbate for the camera tomorrow, you know what you have to do?" She just stared blindly up at me.

"I was speaking to you whore. Do you want me to get out the belt and reinf***e our lesson?"


"No sir, no sir! Is how you are to respond." I smacked her across the face.

"No sir!" I loved the look of terror in her eyes.

"When I tell you to masturbate are you going to do it slut?" She hesitated.

"Yes sir." I couldn't hold back the smirk.

"Good, now clean my cock you little cum sucker." I didn't really give her the option of obeying, I bent at the knees and f***ed my waning prick in her mouth. I could hear her gag as I f***ed my length into her and drove my ass crack into her face. Her tongue movements over my cock were incredible, and I had to let out a guttural roar it felt so good.

I eased up a little and pulled my cock from her mouth. Monique obeyed and used her tongue to clean me. I had her suck my balls till I was near cumming again, then I pulled free.

"I'm tempted to hogtie you for the night, unless you promise to be a good girl." I'm not sure she really knew what a hogtie was, but she didn't want to find out either.

"I'll be good." She stuttered out. I stared down at her, I wanted to make her think it was a big decision for me not to tie her up, even though I'd already decided I wanted to sl**p with her. She had the most beautiful, obsequious eyes.

"Okay." I ran my hand through her hair.

I unlocked the chain from Monique's collar and dragged her into my bedroom. I undid the collar around her neck and pushed her into the shower.

"Clean up slut." I slammed the bathroom door shut and sat on the bed. It had been a long day. I was looking forward to my buddy coming over. I was already thinking about some things I wanted to do. I kept thinking about Jayme's tits and what I was going to do with them, and then, after abusing her breasts, I decided it was about time for a good old double penetration. I knew she wouldn't like it, she seemed like the shy type and I knew it would humiliate her. I don't know why, but she seemed the type that was f***ed by her mom to be a cheerleader in the first place, and I'm sure having a dick in her pussy and ass wasn't the highest priority goal in her life.

Monique came from the bathroom without being prodded. She walked timidly toward the bed. All I had to do was point to the floor and she fell to her knees. Her hair was still wet as I put the collar back around her neck.

"If you are a good girl I won't bind your wrists. Okay?" Her lips were quivering slightly.

"Yes sir." I tapped the bed next to me. She climbed into the bed warily. I pulled the covers over us and held her in a big bear hug. I'm sure sometime in the night I'd have to fuck her again. Feeling that soft skinned girl against me was more than I could have asked for.

To be continued… ... Continue»
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Chapter One.

I checked the cameras one last time and opened a fresh pack
of videotape. Glancing around the room, I satisfied myself
that all the lights were in position, the powerful lamps
casting a wave of heat over the set. The tapes of three
completed sessions were safely packed away in an airtight
box and I was well on my way to completing another red hot
production of the popular porno series 'Pussy Heat'.
However, I still felt dissatisfied with my life. I wanted
to make my own films. Amateur porno had grown into a
major sub-category of the porno film industry over recent
years. Despite having low budgets, no sets and no music
scores, they had proved surprisingly popular, making their
'hosts' into minor celebrities. Soon, everyone wanted to
get into the act, each series introducing it's own gimmick
or twist. Some have resident starlets, some specialise in
anal sex or oral sex or female ejaculators. One
enterprising series even features naked vomiting women. By
the time that I had decided to enter the market, just about
every possible niche had been taken, used and re-used to
the point of nausea. However, there was one area of amateur
porno that was not very well covered which was, and still
is, films dealing with sadism.

At this point, all my friends smugly reminded me of the
piles of 'fetish' films that line every adult video store.
BDSM, rubber, enema, S&M, FemDom, s**t and a million other
fetishes stretch as far as the jaded eye can see. Equally
smugly, I point out that these are either faked, very mild
or feature masochists who are actually having a good time.
The closest things to 'pure' sadism are the 'English' style
films that depict corporal punishment. Fortunately for me,
CP films concentrate primarily on girls' buttocks. A nice
rounded bottom is a thing of beauty, but on the other side
is something with which almost all red bl**ded men have an
absolute obsession. That's right, Pussy! In a flash of pure
genius (as compared to my usual level of thought) I
realised that by combining amateurs, CP style sadism
and a focus on pussy shots, I had a potential winner in the
porno fetish market.

After I had stopped dancing around the room in my
underwear, I spotted the flaw in my master plan. One major
reason why real CP films are comparatively rare is the
shortage of good looking amateurs who are willing to
perform for less than stellar fees. The solution naturally,
was creative advertising. I needed to make performing in my
videos attractive to the would be 'stars' as well as the

There is a healthy traffic in Eastern European porno
actresses. Streams of young attractive ladies are being
hired by the porn masters of the West and groomed into
short lived stars who blaze brightly on our TV screens and
then are quickly replaced by the next wave of newcomers.
After making the rounds and buying enough drinks to cater a
wedding reception, I finally got in touch with a producer
who had a list of new talent waiting for their turn at
stardom. I did not have too many qualms about explaining my
concept to him as his studio did not produce fetish films.
I offered to pay the travel costs of any girl who agreed to
feature in my first video on the strict understanding that
I would only release my film one month after the girl's
mainstream porno video release. This actually made
commercial sense for me, as I would then be able to claim
that a number of the girls who had made their 'amateur'
debuts in my video had gone on to join a major studio. This
would be my selling point to the girls.

To my amazement, this convoluted scheme actually worked,
and my first release was moderately successful. Although I
made a small loss in terms of financial profit, I was
established as a 'real' producer. I even received a
few calls from other studios inviting me to introduce
suitable 'talent' to them.

My meager working capital was rapidly becoming depleted so
I had to make my next video a commercial success, which
meant finding true amateurs to work for me. I called up
every talent agency that I could find, placed ads in
various magazines and even printed pamphlets which I paid
runners to distribute at the local College and anywhere
else that had a likely population of young women who might
possibly want to get into the porno industry. Then I

Chapter Two.

Letters, email and calls started to come in response to my
ads. Most of them quickly lost interest when I described
the kind of film that I intended to make. Some were willing
but were too ugly, too old, too high on something, too
tattooed or all of the above. A few were young and
attractive but were also heavy duty masochists with enough
scars and piercings to frighten a biker gang. Finally,
after six weeks, I managed to find four girls who met all
my requirements. I was fairly sure that I could get enough
quality footage from them to make up the bulk of a video
release. Unfortunately I still did not have my hook. I
needed a face, body and personality that would sell my

The girls would not wait around forever, so I started
filming even though I was missing my leading lady. A
donation to the favorite charity of a real-estate agent
friend of mine gained me the temporary use of a fully
furnished mansion on the outskirts of town. With the
assistance of my partner Jessie, I set up my equipment in
the living room.

Jessie had completed one year of a degree course in
cinematography before she had dropped out due to a lack of
funds. We had met outside of Adam's office, one of my porno
producer friends. He had invited me to stop by for a drink
in celebration of my first successful video and when I
arrived, I saw Jessie sitting dejectedly in the lobby. I
said 'Hi', she smiled back, and we had started talking.

When she realised that I was a real live film maker, Jessie
looked ready to burst with excitement. It turned out that
she still wanted to get into the movie making business and
had hoped that Adam would hire her as an assistant camera
person. Despite how it may look, filming porno is a
specialised skill and Adam had no time for enthusiastic
beginners. Jessie complained indignantly that Adam had
added insult to injury by offering her a bit part in one of
his films on the condition that she had a boob job done.

Jessie is a tall blonde with small, well formed breasts,
a nice curvy figure and a cheerful grin. She is cute rather
than fashion model beautiful which I found a refreshing
change from the standardised silicone beauties that lined
the hallways of every agency. At the time however, I barely
noticed how she looked as I was more interested in her
other abilities. I needed a second cameraman, but I could
not afford to pay for a pro. Jessie possessed the right
training, and the fact that she was a woman was a bonus, as
it would help to put the girls at ease. At first she was
wary when I offered her a partnership, especially when I
described the kind of films that I made. However after I
assured her that all my 'actresses' performed of their own
free will and showed her a sample of my previous tape, she
agreed to sign on. By the time we had finished interviewing
the applicants and finalised the outline 'script' I had
come to regard her as a friend.

Chapter Three.

We started the first day shooting interviews of each of the
girls. These would serve as the introduction to each of
their segments as well as giving them a chance to get used
being in front of the cameras. I always enjoy this part of
the filming. Chatting with a pretty young woman about the
way her body looks and her sexual tastes always turns me

As a standard setup we use three cameras, with one set up
for a full body shot, one zoomed in on the girl's face and
one more hand-held by Jessie. The room had a small bar with
tall leather and chrome stools. I moved all but one of the
stools away from the bar and placed the remaining seat in
the centre. This gave us a suitable backdrop for the

The first girl was Debbie. Small and slim with short dark
brown hair, she was dressed in a pleated skirt and white
blouse which gave her a school girlish look. Debbie stared
into the camera with a serious expression, as if she were
about to take her exams, her hands neatly folded in her

'This is Debbie. Say hello Debbie' I said, waving at her
from behind the cameras.

'Hello' she said, giving me a small, uncertain smile.

'You look really young Debbie. Just so that we don't end up
in jail, tell the viewers your age' I said, only half
joking. The way she was dressed she looked about fifteen.

'I'm twenty, but everyone always thinks that I'm a k**' she
replied, grimacing.

The view up her skirt from where I was standing was almost
enough to make me a convert to pedophilia and Jessie waved
at me from across the room when I paused for too long,
distracted by the scenery.

'Ahem. Er, yes. Well, you are certainly a very pretty girl.
Have you ever done any thing like this before?'

'Nope' said Debbie.

'And you do know what kind of video we are making don't
you?' I asked. I was interested to hear what her answer
would be. The girls in my last film had spoken very little
English and so the dialogue had, of necessity, been very

'Yes' said Debbie, nodding.

I made stretching motions with my hands and mouthed the
words 'Go on'. I saw Jessie moving around to get a shot of
Debbie's face from the side.

Debbie frowned for a moment and then she realised what it
was that I wanted. 'Oh. Ah, yes I know that you make sort
of spanking stuff'.

'And have you ever been spanked?' I prompted.

'Never' she replied. 'No one has ever laid a hand on me'.

'But you agreed to do this video knowing that you might be
spanked or even tortured' I said, pressing her.

'This is different' said Debbie, tossing her hair
nervously. 'I want to act in adult films'

'So as long as it is acting you don't mind a little
punishment?' I asked.

Debbie shrugged and smiled. 'Whatever it takes'.

'How about the cane? If we want to sell to the UK they will
expect to see some good cane marks'. Actually I was pretty
sure that they would lap up just about anything, but it was
fun to see what it would take to scare Debbie. We could
always edit the tape if she panicked.

'Do they?' said Debbie innocently. 'I guess having my
bottom caned is ok'

'I like your attitude Debbie' I said, smiling at her in
approval. Then I put on a worried frown. 'The trouble is,
caned bottoms vids are everywhere. I really want to help
you make a splash in the business' I said, looking at
Debbie pleadingly as if searching for inspiration.

After a moment of deep thought, Debbie suddenly brightened.
'Hey, I know! Why don't you cane me somewhere else' she
said happily.

Jessie grinned behind her camera and stuck her tongue out
at me.

'Well, I suppose that might work,' I said reluctantly 'but
where else could we cane you that would look really
impressive?' I held my breath as I waited for Debbie to say
the right thing.

'My tits!' squealed Debbie.

'Yes you have nice tits. What about them?' I asked, acting

'You could cane my tits, silly' declared Debbie.

'Are you sure?'

Debbie nodded enthusiastically.

'O.K.' I said and put on my TV announcer voice. 'For the
first time anywhere, a world exclusive video feature.
Beautiful video virgin Debbie will have her breasts caned
right in front of your eyes. Stay tuned' I waved my hand in
a chopping motion and Jessie stopped filming. 'Great work

'Did I do good?' asked Debbie anxiously.

'You are going to be a star' I declared reassuringly.

Just then, my mobile phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled
it out and held it to my ear, ignoring the deadly
microwaves that were frying my brain cells.

It was Eddie, an agent who knew that I was still looking
for a girl. He said that he had found just the person for
me, a girl named Paula. New, young, pretty and smart. She
was willing to do heavy s&m work and best of all, she was
available immediately. I grinned and showed Jessie a
thumbs-up. We were in business.

After Eddie hung up I called the printers and told them to
expect a portfolio shot of Paula from Eddie. We did not
have the time to do a proper stills shoot for the video
jacket so I had to trust in Eddie's judgement. I told the
printers to go ahead and start making the covers. Then I
called the video studios to book duplication time. Finally
I called Mac, my personal 'venture capitalist'. He would
advance me the money to pay for the video covers, tape
reproduction, advertising and distribution in exchange for
a hefty fee and a cut of the earnings. Once I started
everything in motion, we had two days to wind up the actual
filming and to deliver the finished goods.

Chapter Four.

With everything in place, I went on to do the other
interviews. One of the girls turned out to have a terrible
camera presence, looking dull and vague during the
interview. I sent her home with two hundred dollars for her
time. This left me with Angela and Mary, who were nineteen
and eighteen respectively, and blonde haired in a typical
cheerleader kind of way. Both possessed firm, nicely
rounded bottoms, so I decided to do a double caning scene
with them as a warm up for the video, followed by Debbie
and climaxing (heh!) with Paula.

Jessie and I spent an hour moving the gear up to the
bedroom and setting up the lighting again, while the three
girls had a late lunch in the kitchen. Since Paula would
not arrive until late in the evening, I decided to do
her interview in the bedroom.

With everything set up, I asked Angela and Mary to come up
to the bedroom, leaving Debbie to watch television
downstairs until it was her turn.

I sat the girls on the edge of the bed and signaled Jessie
to start filming. Jessie had wanted to do the 'Action!' and
'Cut!' thing, but since there were only the two of us and
we were using video and not film, I told her that I felt
silly doing the clapboard routine and that regular English
would serve.

'Here we are again with Angela and Mary. Wave to the folks
girls'. The two of them dutifully waved. I made faces at
them from behind the cameras and got them to grin and
giggle. In a scene where there was no real script or even
lines to read, the first moments were always the most
awkward before the conversation and action built up a
momentum of their own.

Both girls were dressed in jeans and T-shirts. Angela's
shirt was pink with a picture of a small Teddy bear wearing
a diaper. Mary's shirt was green and covered with 'Save the
Earth' messages.

'Are you ready for some action?' I asked.

Nods from both girls. I picked up the cane and tossed it to
Angela. It was about the length of my arm and the springy
tan coloured wood gleamed under the lights. Mary giggled
and rubbed the seat of her jeans as Angela swished the cane
through the air, making a threatening sound.

'Well girls, what do you think of that?'

'Its a big one' replied Mary suggestively.

'I bet it hurts' said Angela, her blue eyes wide.

I waited a moment for Jessie to get into position and then
turned back to the girls. 'All right. Why don't you both
get undressed and let everyone have a look at your bodies.
Mary, you go first' I said.

Mary nodded, blew a kiss at Jessie's camera and then
started pulling her T-shirt up over her head. Neither of
the girls were wearing a bra, so Mary's breasts quickly
bounced into view, her nipples already stiff and quivering.

'Mmm, those look very nice Mary. Are they real?' I asked
just to keep the soundtrack going.

'Yup' said Mary as she tossed her shirt aside. She cupped
her breasts in her palms and bounced the fleshy globes
proudly. 'All natural with no added preservatives'.

I motioned for Angela to start undressing while I continued
talking to Mary. 'Play with your nipples Mary. Lets see if
you can get them even harder'.

Mary crossed her arms across her chest and brushed the
palms of her hands over the points of her breasts in slow
circular motions. I could see her aureoles crinkle up
around her nipples in reaction to her touch. I motioned
Jessie to zoom in on Mary's hands while I turned my
attention to Angela, who was now also naked from the waist

Stretching out my hand, I gently brushed Angela's tits with
my fingers. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Mary's.
When combined with her trim athletic figure, her smaller
bust made her look like a teenager. I made a 'Wow' motion
with my lips and showed her a thumbs up. She smiled and
stuck out her tongue at my obvious flattery. I grinned back
and indicated that she should remove the rest of her
clothes. Her jeans and panties slid to the floor as I
directed a camera towards her. Placing my eye to the
viewfinder, I panned the camera up and down her naked body,
lingering over her breasts and her pubic triangle.

'Do a twirl Angela. Lets see the rest of that fabulous
body. Slowly, that's right' I said, zooming out to a three
quarter shot from head to knees. As I worked I could hear
Jessie getting Mary undressed. We made a good team.

'Hold it right there Angela. Good, let me get a look at
that lovely bum' I said. Zooming in on her buttocks, I
locked the tripod and moved forward to run my hand over the
firm, lightly furred cheeks that she thrust out at me. I
drew a line across both cheeks with my finger and I felt
her quiver slightly in anticipation of the burning kiss of
the rod. After another few seconds, I stopped shooting and
turned the camera towards Mary to repeat the visual
examination that I had just given her companion.

I signaled a halt and we shut down the cameras and
repositioned the girls and the lights for the next scene. A
few minutes later, we were shooting again with the girls
standing to either side of a tall wooden stool.

'Hello everybody,' I said, speaking to the invisible
audience 'as you can see, the girls are back and ready for
some real butt whacking action. Right girls?'

The girls waggled their hips and blew kisses at the camera.

'Right, this is what we are going to do. You are going to
cane each other in turns, three strokes each time. The er,
recipient will bend over with her forearms resting on the
stool, legs straight and apart. I want to see those bums
thrust up high and tight'. I paused for a moment and then
threw in the twist. 'Just to make things interesting, if
the girl being caned jumps up or otherwise fails to hold
still for the full three strokes, she will have to take one
of the other girl's three strokes each time she moves'

Mary and Angela glanced thoughtfully at each other,
realising that I had just given them an incentive to really
hit each other hard.

'One last thing' I added. 'I want to see nice red weals on
those bums. If I or Jessie think that a stroke is just a
love tap, I will give both of you an additional stroke'.

The girls groaned dramatically and tossed a coin to see who
would go first. The coin came up tails and Angela wiped
pretend tears from her eyes as she d****d her slim body
over the stool. Jessie went down on her knees with her
camera as Angela spread her legs apart, catching the bulge
of her pussy as it swung into view.

Mary stood at the left of the upthrust buttocks and swung
the long flexible rod through the air, testing it's heft.
After a quick glance to ensure that all the cameras were
running, I waved at Mary to begin.

Mary tapped the cane against Angela's bottom taking careful
aim. Under the harsh video lighting I saw a faint sheen of
sweat break out across the curving expanse of Angela's
tautly stretched skin. Mary's wrist bent back a final time
and with a faint 'whoosh' the cane swept back in a blurred
brown arc to impact against its target with a sharp
'smack'. Later, the during the editing of the video I
slowed and extended that moment so that the viewer would
see Angela's flesh ripple away from the impact and the cane
bounce off of her skin accompanied by a mist-fine spray of

'Ahh' gasped Angela as the burning sting of the cane
radiated throughout her body, forcing her to toss her head
and curl her toes. Jessie zoomed in tighter, and in the
monitor I could see the trademark parallel red lines of a
caning start to form, rising into angry crimson ridges
across Angela's ass. The close-in view let me see her
muscles of her buttocks and thighs tighten into quivering
tension as she fought the pain. Even the puffy pink lips of
her pussy and the small brownish rose of her asshole
visibly contracted, as if trying to hide from the deadly
kiss of the rod.

I signaled Mary to pause and for Jessie to keep her camera
zoomed in on Angela's ass.

'Are you all right Angela?' I asked.

'I'm O.K.' she replied.

'Did that hurt?' I said, deliberately asking a stupid

'Fuck yes, that hurt' replied Angela vehemently. 'It feels
like my ass has been cut in half with a blunt knife' she
groaned. 'I hope you guys are enjoying this'

I nodded at Mary, who grinned and slashed the cane down
again without warning. It was obvious that she hoped to
catch Angela by surprise and to make her jump. A second set
of red bars blossomed into being as the impact rocked
Angela forward over her hands.

The moist, fleshy sound of wood striking flesh filled the
room as Mary struck for the third time in quick succession.

Angela threw back her head, her teeth bared in a rictus of
agony, her panting breath loud and quick. Her hips writhed
like an exotic dancer, weaving a pattern of sex and pain in
front of our eyes. Even Jessie seemed fascinated by the
scene as she ran the electronic eye of her camera over and
around Angela's body in an attempt to capture the intense
and heady mixture of feelings being expressed by the
punished girl.

I stopped the cameras at that point in order to give Angela
a chance to rub her bum and to express herself.

'Fuck! Ow! Shit that hurts..." muttered Angela as she
applied some body lotion to her bright red posterior. While
she was thus occupied, I retrieved the cane from Mary and
instructed her to get into position for her scene.

I took a moment to consult with Jessie and to review the
footage that we had just captured. Watching the caning on
the monitor we both agreed that it had gone very well so
far. Jessie decided to adjust some of the lighting in
order to make the weals and ridges show up more clearly on
the video.

Angela finally finished consoling her wounded bottom and
came back to the set, taking the cane from my hand with a
determined look in her eyes.

'Are you ready Mary?' I asked.

'Go ahead' Mary replied, giving her bottom a rub of her

I signaled Jessie and triggered the rest of the cameras.

'And here we are again, this time with the lovely Mary in
the hot spot' I announced. I reached out with my hand and
ran a finger up and down the crevice between her plump
cheeks. 'Doesn't that just look good enough to eat? In
fact, after we get done with the filming...'

'In your dreams' shouted Mary, her voice muffled, coming
from the other side of her bum.

Just then, Angela whipped the cane across Mary's buttocks,
barely missing my hand. Evidently she had decided to repay
Mary for the attempt to catch her by surprise.

'Yeow!' screeched Mary, flapping her elbows like a startled
sea gull. I winced at the solid "thunk" of the cane as it
sunk into Mary's flesh. Despite her shock, Mary managed to
keep her buttocks upthrust and taut, although she planted
her feet flat on the ground as if bracing against a gale.
She turned her head to glare at Angela, who smiled sweetly
before sending the cane whizzing through the air again to
paint a second fluorescent red line an inch away from the
first. This time Mary absorbed the blow stoically, with
only the flicker of her eyelids to indicate the terrible
pain she was feeling.

Angela cocked her head to one side and the tip of her
tongue stuck out from the corner of her mouth as she took
aim. The cane cut through the air once more with terrific
speed and I almost expected to see the wood burst into
flames from the friction. Her aim was deadly accurate,
cutting diagonally across the first two marks to form a
ragged 'Z'. Tiny spots of bl**d formed almost immediately
where the tip of the cane met the topmost welt.

Mary screeched and jerked upright, her hands reaching back
to cup her buttocks protectively. Angela grinned
triumphantly as she pointed her finger at the other girl.

'And Mary earns herself the honour of taking one of
Angela's strokes. So it's four for Mary and two for Angela'
I declared in my best sports announcer voice.

Angela did a little victory dance while Mary glumly rubbed
cream into her bum. I did not stop recording this time as
the sight of Angela's tits bouncing up and down as she
danced was too good to miss.

Angela meekly thrust her behind out for her final two
strokes. Despite the fact that Mary was obviously trying to
make two blows do the work of three, her victim managed to
infuriate her by taking both heavy cuts without so much as
a twitch. She straightened up gracefully and took the cane
from Mary's hand without a single rub of her swelling ass

Since there was nothing to be gained by being stoic, Mary
yelled, wriggled and cursed her way through her final four
strokes. This actually worked out quite well, as her antics
were more entertaining than if she had just stayed still,
especially as she turned out to have an amazing vocabulary
of four letter words for someone her age.

I closed the scene with a side-by-side shot of their
glowing red bottoms twitching under my hand as I felt the
hot ridges of their cane marks.

Chapter Five.

It was Debbie's turn next and I decided to start with her
sitting on floor at the end of the bed. This necessitated
more adjustments to the lights. Mary and Angela wandered
off to soak their swollen behinds in the bathroom while
Jessie went downstairs to fetch Debbie.

I took the opportunity to call Eddie, who confirmed that
Paula was in her car and on her way to my location.
Comforted by this news, I put away the phone and tidied up
the bed. The light was starting to fade outside, so I drew
the curtains. The last thing I needed was for some Peeping
Tom of a neighbour to report our activities to the police.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs announced the arrival
of my next performer and I turned to the door with a
welcoming smile on my face hoping that Debbie had not been
frightened by the sounds that must have drifted downstairs.

Jessie tossed me a packet of juice and then guided Debbie
into position in front of the cameras. She had already
inserted a straw into the carton, so when I grabbed it I
received a stream of yellow liquid up my nose which made me
stagger backwards, flinging the offending container back
out into the hallway. Since this made Debbie laugh I
decided not to throw Jessie out of the window in revenge
for half choking me to death. I wiped the sticky concoction
off of my face with as much dignity as I could muster, not
helped at all by the sniggers of the two women. Mentally
promising my rebellious partner a fiendish fate worthy of
Fu Manchu, I made a final check of the lights and cameras
before turning my attention to Debbie.

'All right you disrespectful lot, back to work' I ordered
sternly. Jessie stuck out her tongue at me before picking
up her camera and taking her place. Debbie sat cross legged
on the end of the bed and looked at me expectantly.

'Ready?' I asked.

Debbie nodded and bounced on the mattress. I signaled to
Jessie and started my own cameras.

'Here we have the Delicious Debbie. Isn't she nice?' I
said. Jessie moved her camera up and down in a nodding

'Today we are going to do nasty things with Debbie's
titties' I said, trying to sound like the presenter in one
of those shows that the television people seem to think
appeal to c***dren.

'Very nathty' lisped Debbie in a little girl voice. My
opinion of her acting ability went up several notches,
which boded well for the marketability of the final
product. I decided to let Debbie ad lib for a bit.

'Debbie has been naughty and needs to be punished doesn't
she?' I prompted.

'I've been baaad' said Debbie, playing with the ends of her
hair. 'Naughty girls get spanked on their bottoms. But
baaad girls get extra special punishment' she said with
wide eyed seriousness.

'That's right' I said approvingly. 'Really naughty girls
get their titties punished'. I pointed at the buttons of
Debbie's blouse and Jessie zoomed in on Debbie's hands as
the girl started to undo the pearl coloured fasteners. As
if by magic, the front of the blouse parted under the
ministrations of Debbie's slim, delicate fingers revealing
the shallow valley of her cleavage. When she reached the
waistband of her skirt I held up my hand.

'Stop right there Debbie. That will do for now' I said.
'Now spread the sides of your blouse apart and show us your

Debbie brushed the translucent white fabric aside, sliding
it across the pale mounds of her breasts. Like the
unveiling of a cream coloured marble statue the curtains
parted to reveal the smooth firm curves of her youthful
tits. Then suddenly two stiff, rose coloured nipples
blazed in my viewfinder, a shocking contrast to the
alabaster background of her bosom. Jennifer zoomed in on
the miniature monoliths. Glancing at the monitor I was
startled to see a pink and white landscape of valleys and
hills capped by twin russet towers, glistening with the
occasional golden stalks of grass.

Booting my artistic muse firmly into the little store room
in the back of my mind, I turned my attention back to the
work at hand.

'My, those are really pretty nipples you have Debbie' I

'Thank you' replied Debbie. She moistened a fingertip by
sliding it into her mouth and then circled it over her
aureoles, making her nipples rise into even greater

'But they need to punished, don't they?' I prompted.

'Uh huh' agreed Debbie, slowly licking her lips. Bending
her index fingers and thumbs into pincers she took a firm
grip on both nipples. The smooth glossy finish of her
nail polish gave her fingers a mechanical gleam and on the
screen it looked as if her teats had been trapped by
plastic coated clamps.

'Now squeeze. Pinch those nipples as hard as you can' I

Debbie obediently crushed her trapped nipples, her knuckles
whitening with the f***e of her grip. As the pain grew her
lips opened in a silent gasp but she did not waver and
continued to squeeze until her nipples were almost flat.

'That's it, now lets see a real titty twister'

Her hands swivelled at my command, twisting her flesh into
taut reddened spirals before releasing them with an almost
audible 'snap'. Debbie winced and silently mouthed an
'ouch' at the camera.

It was time to get serious and to give the viewers what
they had (hopefully) bought the video to see. Rummaging in
my kit bag I found my special whip. It was a true work of
art and had cost me a bundle. The business end consisted of
five supple black leather strands each of which were twelve
inches in length with a square cross-section, mounted on a
mahogany handle. The handle was inlaid with silver wire and
capped at the end with a sterling silver fitting made up of
sharp edged ridges that flowed together to form a slightly
rounded point. None of this actually made the whip any more
efficient or painful, but it looked very impressive in the
close-up shots and I hoped to make it into a kind of trade
mark for my future videos.

I handed the whip to Debbie, who slowly and sensuously ran
her fingers over the instrument of her punishment as if it
were a pet or her lover's body. I was pleased to see that
Jessie had moved in to capture the sight of Debbie's slim
fingers sliding over the polished wood and through the
leather strands.

Debbie brought the whip to her mouth and kissed the handle
with full, pouting lips before whispering 'Whip me. Whip my
breasts hard'. Watching her face tightly framed in the
monitor as she said her lines made my crotch tingle.

I took the whip back and stepped aside, allowing Jessie to
take over the main cameras. Placing myself in front of
Debbie and to her right, I made several swinging motions
with my arm as well as with the whip while Jessie watched
on the monitor. This allowed us to determine the range of
motion available to me while still not bringing my face
into the shot or blocking the cameras with my body. I stuck
a piece of masking tape on the floor to mark the spot and
then sat down on the bed next to Debbie.

'Are you ready for this?' I asked, putting my arm around
her shoulder.

Debbie turned her head to meet my eyes. 'Don't worry' she
replied. 'I know that I am not terrifically beautiful and I
am never going to be a great actress, but I really want to
make it in this business and I'll do whatever it takes to
get there. There are loads of girls who will let you fuck
them in the ass and then suck your dick afterwards or drink
cum from another girl's pussy. Unless they are really
gorgeous or get chosen for star treatment by a producer,
they just do one fuck scene after another until every one
gets bored and then they kinda fade away'.

I nodded encouragingly and waited for her to continue.

'Most of the good looking actresses who do s&m videos will
only accept the light stuff. You know, big floppy whips,
lots of leather gear and fake screaming' said Debbie,
looking down at her lap.

'Yeah, I know what you mean' I said 'but I think that you
are wrong about one thing'.

'What's that?'

'You are as pretty as any of the other girls around' I

Debbie grinned 'Gee, thanks Mister' she said in her little
girl voice. Switching back to her normal voice she
continued 'Anyway, I figure that if I do the real stuff and
if I can find a real film maker and not some wacko doing a
home movie, I can get myself noticed'.

'I'm not sure whether I qualify as a "real" film maker, but
I can promise that as long as you do your part, Jessie and
I will try to make you look as good as we can in this
video' I said.

Debbie took a deep breath, let it go with a sigh and said
'O.K then, lets do it'.

I repositioned Debbie so that her legs hung off the end of
the bed with her knees spread wide. This would give the
camera a nice peek of her pink panties as well as help her
to balance. I nodded to Jessie who started filming.

'Debbie, I want you to pull your blouse off of your
shoulders and then put your hands on top of your head' I
said for the soundtrack. 'That's it, good. Now pull your
shoulders back a little and stick out your breasts a bit
more. Perfect'.

Debbie's tits did in fact look good enough to eat in that
position. I gave the camera a moment more to capture her
tits in their unmarked condition and then I started using
the whip.

The first strokes fell across both breasts and were no more
than gentle slaps, producing more noise than impact. They
made her tits visibly jiggle and bounce, showing the
viewers that I was really hitting her. I knew that these
slower strokes would in fact look more impressive on tape
than the faster, harder ones where the whip would be moving
too fast to clearly see. During editing I would have to add
in some slow motion bits to increase the visual impact.
Debbie began to sway her body in rhythm to the steady slaps
of the whip and I had to warn her to stay still.

Her smooth delicate skin began to flush a gentle pink as it
heated under the firm smacking of the leather strands.

'Enough of that' I said, dropping the whip to hang at my
side. 'You want to see some real whip marks, right?' I
asked my electronic audience rhetorically. 'Of course you

'Yes. Stop being a wimp, really whip my tits. Put some
stripes on them. Punish them.' said Debbie arching her back

Taking a careful grip on the whip, I swing it back and
forth a few times to correct my aim. Then I swept it
forward in a smooth horizontal arc, for the first time
putting some real f***e into my wrist action.

The leather lashes struck home with a much sharper sound
this time and I could feel the impact of the whip as it met
Debbie's skin. Debbie gasped out loud, her whole body
stiffening with the shock. The first five crimson ridges
started to form, rising out of the reddened skin.

'That's better' I exclaimed heartily. 'Just look at those
marks'. Jessie's eye was glued to her viewfinder and I knew
that she was carefully recording the puffy red swellings
that streaked Debbie's breasts. Like the spraying cum of
regular porno films, these whip marks were the 'money
shots' of an S&M film, proof that the blows were not faked.

I now concentrated on one breast at a time, whipping first
the left and then the right breast. The sound of the whip
and the strained hissing of Debbie's breath seemed to form
a kind of musical rhythm as her breasts were painfully
covered with horizontal streaks of red. The contrast
between the cool white of her blouse and the glowing heat
of her swelling breasts was shocking.

Debbie was moaning steadily, going 'Oh' and 'Ow' in
counterpoint to the snap of the whip and shaking her head
from side to side as if to deny the stinging pain in her
breasts. By the time I counted forty strokes, her arms were
quivering with the strain and there were damp strands of
hair plastered to her forehead. I decided that it was time
to finish the scene as I did not want to whip Debbie beyond

'All right Debbie, big finish now. I want you to put your
hands on the bed behind your back and arch you back. Stick
those tits right up in the air and get your face well
clear. I am going to give you one more across each nipple,
but really hard this time'

Debbie glanced at me with panic and desperation in her
eyes. I realised that she was on the verge of breaking. Her
whole body quivered as she struggled with the fear and
pain. Suddenly she flung her hands down and arched her
back. 'Do it!' she cried, her fingers digging into the
bedding like claws.

I folded four strands of the whip back, gripping them under
my fingers, leaving a single leather thong. Flipping the
whip over Debbie's upthrust breasts I measured the distance
carefully. I wanted to hit her nipples with the tip of the
whip on each stroke for maximum effect.

I raised my hand over my shoulder and brought the whip down
hard, the leather hissing through the air like a striking
snake. I snapped my wrist upwards just as the tip of the
whip reached Debbie's left nipple and the leather struck
the swollen, quivering bud with a sharp 'crack'. Debbie
shrieked in agony as tiny flecks of bl**d welled up from
the torn skin of her areola. Her screams continued as I
quickly drew back my arm, took aim and let fly with another
hard stroke, this time striking her right nipple with
similar results.

Tears welled up out of Debbie's eyes as her screams faded
into agonised sobs. Slowly and stiffly, she straightened up
and wiped the tears away with the back of her hand.
Gingerly, she ran her hands over her bruised and battered
breasts. Lifting her gaze to look directly into the camera
lens, Debbie gave a tight smile.

'Was that good for you?' she said huskily. 'There's lots
more of me to whip and torture, so come back and see me
again soon'. Cupping her breasts in her hands, she blew a
kiss at the camera.

I swept my hand across my throat, signaling Jessie to stop

I bent over Debbie and kissed her on the forehead. 'That
was fantastic' I said. 'You'll have them knocking down your
door with offers'.

'I fucking hope so' replied Debbie with a grin 'but not
right away' she said, looking down ruefully at her breasts.

Chapter Six.

The sun had set while we were filming. Jessie went off to
the bathroom to help Debbie apply soothing salve on her
breasts while I carefully unloaded the day's tapes, which
we would edit and duplicate over the next few days.

I heard some movement downstairs and then Angela's voice
shouting 'Paula's here'.

This was great news and I shouted back 'Tell her to come on
up'. Since the equipment was still set up I decided to
shoot a few minutes of tape with Paula just to get a feel
of how she looked and acted.

I heard footsteps and then a woman's voice say 'Hello?'.

'Over here in the master bedroom' I called.

Suddenly, I heard a scream and a series of muffled thumps.
Jessie ran out of the bathroom and I joined her at the head
of the stairs. Half way down the stairs lay the crumpled
form of Paula. She appeared to be out cold. At our feet was
the flattened juice carton that I had flung away earlier.
Paula must have stepped on it, slipped and fallen back down
the stairs. Jessie ran off to call an ambulance while I
went down to render any first aid that I could.

I got in my car and followed the ambulance to the hospital.
Fortunately, Paula had not broken any bones, but had a
twisted ankle and a badly bruised face.

As I drove back to the house with the immediate concerns
about Paula's condition behind me, I was able to consider
the more serious problem that I now faced. I had just lost
the star of my video unless I was willing to wait several
weeks for Paula to recover. Unfortunately, I had already
committed myself to the printers, video distributors and
advertisers. I could re-schedule all of them, but they
would expect to be paid for any lost time and revenue. This
brought me to my main problem, Mac. It was his money that I
had spent, and his 'financial institution' did not re-
schedule loans. With all the extra cost and delay, my video
would be a loss maker unless it sold like the latest
Hollywood blockbuster. I had expected to repay Mac with the
proceeds of the first month's sales. Mac would be
disappointed. Mac would express his disappointment in very
unpleasant ways. Maybe even fatal ways.

When I reached the house I explained the problem to Jessie.
She suggested we call Eddie to see if we could get a
replacement for Paula.

When I told Eddie about my difficulties he laughed and said
'If you wanted one of the BDSM crowd or an S&M vid regular,
no problem. But a "virgin" and good looking too? You don't
need Eddie, you need a miracle. Sorry.". I could almost see
him shaking his head as he hung up. He was right. Once Mac
heard about this fiasco I would need a priest.

I put down the phone and turned to Jessie. 'Look' I said
'this whole deal was my idea and Mac will be satisfied with
me, so you better go home, pack up and get out of town for
a while. It should be safe to come back in a couple of

Jessie shook her head and tried to argue.

I stopped her and said 'There is nothing that you could do
here to help, so you might as well get clear of ground

Suddenly Jessie grabbed my arm. 'You're wrong. You do have
a solution. You have me' she said, striking a pose.

'No' I said firmly.

'Yes' she replied equally firmly. 'I don't run out on my
friends. Besides, I threw that juice packet at you. If I
had not been fooling around none of this would have

I tried my best to talk her out of it, but I must admit
that in the end, the thought of Mac's wrath made me less
noble than I should have been.

Chapter Seven.

My conscience would not let me sl**p and I spent the night
making plans to get Jessie and myself out of town. I
figured that in the light of the morning I could convince
her to do the sensible thing and run away.

I tried the sneaky approach and discussed Paula's scene
with Jessie over breakfast. I hoped that the combination of
greasy eggs and a detailed description of the scene might
put her off. Unfortunately Jessie only seemed to get more
involved in the technicalities of the day's proposed shoot.

'Give it up' said Jessie.

'What do you mean' I asked innocently.

'I know what you are up to, and it won't work' she replied.

'But you will have to suck me off' I protested.

'Fine' said Jessie, biting savagely into a sausage.

I winced and added 'And swallow'.

'Yummy' retorted Jessie, slurping up her runny eggs.

I gave it one last try. 'It will hurt really bad'.

'I've made up my mind' Jessie said stubbornly. 'I am not
going to let you get trashed by Mac's goons and I am not
running away. Anyway, I have always wanted to try S&M'.

I held up my hands in surrender. 'O.K. I give up'

I took a sip of cold coffee. 'Jessie' I said.



'What are partners for' said Jessie with a grin.

I called the hospital to check up on Paula, who was now
sporting a cast on her ankle after the x-rays had revealed
a hairline fracture. She seemed in good spirits and did not
seem inclined to sue me for her mishap. I told her to take
care and to call me if she needed anything.

Unable to think of any more excuses for delay, I went up
the stairs to join Jessie who had set up the equipment and
was putting on her makeup.

One of the rooms on this level had been set up as a study
and had contained a pair of those high tech adjustable
chairs, all black leather and chrome, which we had decided
would make an ideal prop for Paula's scene. I kicked at the
power cables that festooned the bedroom floor and then
dragged one of the chairs into the bedroom, placing it in
the centre of the space that Jessie had surrounded with the
lights and cameras. Once again I drew the curtains over all
the windows, both for privacy and to darken the room as I
wanted the focus of the scene to be the chair and it's
occupant. In the background was a mirror and dressing table
with a few empty cosmetic bottles on it's surface. With the
right lighting they would glisten and gleam mysteriously in
the darkened room.

Finally all was ready and I waited for my star with a
mixture of reluctance and anticipation. I stood in the
darkness surrounding the island of light, staring at the
image of the set in the monitor and listening to the faint
sounds of movement coming from the bathroom.

Then the latch clicked and the bathroom door swung open,
emitting a faint cloud of steam. Jessie stood in the
doorway, her figure a dramatic silhouette outlined by the
bright light of the bathroom. It was all so cinematic that
I expected to hear an orchestra start playing 'Blue
Velvet'. Her naked form was wrapped in a dark blue towel,
and her short golden hair clung in damp strands around her
face. I had never allowed myself to admit any sexual
interest in Jessie for fear that it would interfere with
our comfortable working relationship. Now I felt those
mental walls coming down and a definite stirring in my

'Well, do you think the punters will pay to see this?' she
said, holding her out her arms. Despite her casual tone, I
could hear the uncertainty in her voice.

'Jessie, you look terrific. If I took some stills right now
I know that I could sell them to half a dozen mags in a
minute' I said. Suddenly I remembered that we would need a
new cover shot for the packaging. I told Jessie to stay
where she was and reached for my trusty Nikon. Slapping a
heavy diffuser on the flash I ran off a roll of film. With
a little luck at least one of the shots would be suitable
for the box cover and posters.

Threading her way carefully through the forest of light
stands and tripods, Jessie made her way to the waiting
chair. Perching herself on one of the arms of the chair
with her legs crossed at the ankles, she waited for me to
start. This time I would only be using the static cameras.
This would necessitate more stopping and positioning than
normal as I was lacking an assistant cameraman.

I took a final glance at the monitor to check the lighting
and then counted down from three with my fingers for
Jessie's benefit.

'Hello, hello. And who are you, lovely lady?' I said in a
suggestive voice.

'Hi. My name is Jessie' she replied.

I was surprised that she had given her real name and I
raised an eyebrow at her, my hand poised to stop filming.
She gave a smile that indicated that she knew what she had
done and that it was deliberate.

'It looks like you are naked under that towel' I commented.

'Absolutely nothing' said Jessie, sliding her hand slowly
up and down her thigh.

'So if that towel were to slip we would see everything' I
said, zooming in on the creamy skin of her thigh.

'Almost everything' said Jessie teasingly.


Jessie uncrossed her legs and spread her knees wide apart,
pushing the towel down between her thighs modestly. 'I
would have to do something like this if you wanted to see
everything' she replied, her voice falling low and husky as
she said the word 'everything'.

'That sounds good' I said. 'Why don't you take that towel
off then'

Jessie brought her legs together and stood up. Standing on
the balls of her feet and one leg slightly behind the
other, she loosened the knot that held the towel around her
chest. Holding on to one corner Jessie let the towel fall.
The fabric flowed around her body like a torrent of water
moving in slow motion, sliding across her back, down her
buttocks and over her thighs. Her breasts now stood proudly
revealed, two shining hemispheres of white surmounting the
giant blue exclamation mark formed by the hanging towel.
She held the pose for a long, frozen moment. Then suddenly
time re-started again and the towel fell to the ground,
unveiling her naked body. The golden curls of her pubic
hair shone like polished metal under the harsh studio

Jessie spent a lot of her time in the gym and although she
was not anorexically slim, all of that effort had given her
a superbly sleek figure with just the right amount of
softness where it mattered the most. Holding her hands
slightly away from her sides she slowly turned on the spot,
showing off the firm opposing curves of her breasts and her
buttocks, the swooping slopes of her shoulders and back,
then her profile again, before squarely facing the cameras
once more.

'Boy oh boy, that is a sight to behold' I said. I had never
before seen Jessie in anything more revealing than tight
jeans and I had kept a careful rein on my fantasies as far
as she was concerned. The admiration must have come through
in my voice and Jessie gave a little smile of satisfaction
at my sincere and horny reaction.

'The best is yet to come' said Jessie teasingly as she slid
into the waiting leather clad embrace of the chair. Bracing
herself with both hands flat on the seat between her
thighs, she lifted her legs slowly up into the air, spread
them apart in a 'V' and finally d****d her bent knees over
the armrests in the classic pose of the pornographic model.

'Show me your pussy' I rasped, my throat suddenly growing

'You mean you want to see my cunt?' said Jessie, being
deliberately crude.

'Yes, flash that cunt' I said, playing along.

Keeping one hand on top of the other, Jessie slid then
upwards like theater curtains rising to reveal the cast.
The fleshy pink petals of her inner labia flared apart as
she slid one fingertip upwards along the fold of her sex.

I signaled Jessie to freeze as I adjusted one camera for a
close up of the area between her legs. Several seconds
later I gave her the go-ahead to continue.

'Can you see it?' said Jessie as she stroked her sex with
the tip of her finger. 'Do you like to watch me make my
pussy lips wet and my clit stand up?'. She carefully drew
her lips apart, spreading her cunt wide and taut. The mouth
of her vagina gaped in welcome, and as she continued to
play with herself I saw the pearly drops of her excitement
start to well up from the depths of her passage.

'Put some fingers in your hole' I said.

'How many?' she asked, sliding one finger into her clinging
flesh. She moved the finger in and out slowly, liberally
coating the digit with her sex juices. She lifted her
finger to her face and sniffed daintily as if sampling a
fine wine.

'Nothing smells quite like hot wet pussy' declared Jessie,
holding out her finger toward the cameras. Suddenly she
brought her outstretched hand down sharply and slapped
herself squarely on her spread pussy with a loud wet

'Ow,' exclaimed Jessie with an exaggerated pout. 'Now
that's what everyone is waiting for isn't it?' she said.

I made some appreciative sounds and said 'That's right
Jessie. Some real, shocking pussy torture is what we are

Jessie took hold of her labia and spread them wide. 'My
pussy is all yours. Hit me, hurt me, do anything you want'

'Lets have a look at the inside of your hole' I said.
'Stick some fingers in and open it out wide'

Obediently Jessie placed the tips of her index fingers at
the mouth of her vagina and worked them into the tight
slippery opening. She pushed them deep, worked them around
and then slid them out again. Adding two more fingers she
pushed them in again, all the way up to her knuckles.
Keeping her fingers straight and rigid, she pulled her
hands apart, stretching her passage out until the camera
was able to peer right inside her body.

'Harder,' I said 'until it hurts'

Fighting against the strength of her own pussy muscles,
Jessie applied more f***e, dilating her vaginal so wide
that her hand would almost have fit into the opening.

'That's as far as it will go' said Jessie.

'Are you sure?' I asked. Reaching out with my arm I hooked
a finger into her widespread pussy at the point just above
her asshole and tugged downwards hard.

'Ow, that hurts' exclaimed Jessie in surprise. I kept
pulling until the circle of skin around her opening felt as
taut as a violin string and almost ready to tear under the
pressure. With my other hand I reached into the container
that I had brought from the kitchen and produced my little
surprise, a large piece of ice which I had hacked from a
block that I had made the previous day.

The ice was roughly rectangular and about a foot long and
three inches wide. I had made no attempt to smooth it out
and despite some degree of melting it was still a jagged
and almost spiky object.

'Say ahh' I said, pressing the tip of the miniature iceberg
into Jessie's wide stretched pussy.

Jessie gasped as I f***ed the jagged icicle into her cunt.
The sharp corners and points that studded it's surface
ripped at her shrinking flesh, and the natural reaction of
her muscles to resist the intrusion by contracting only
made the pain worse. However, unlike a wooden or metal
dildo, the ice melted sufficiently on contact with the
warmth of her flesh to provide a small amount of
lubrication, saving the insides of her cunt from being cut
and ripped.

Jessie moaned as I shoved the ice dildo deeper,burying it
firmly inside her body. Her vagina began to adjust to the
size of the icy intruder as it ground it's way into the
depths of her sex and I felt Jessie push her hips upwards
against the frigid shaft, eager to escape the pain by
completing her impalement. Finally I felt the shaft touch
bottom, grinding against her cervix.

Jessie sighed with relief as her pussy wrapped itself
around the glistening spike. She soon realised that her
relief was premature. As I twisted and thrust the frozen
phallus into her cunt the sub-zero temperature of the ice
began to bite into the delicate nerve lined walls of her
vagina. Sharp fangs of pain dug deep into the flesh of her
groin as the lining of her cunt started to freeze.

In the monitor I could see Jessie's body visibly quiver and
tremble from the throbbing ache that bit at her cunt. Her
moans grew louder as the pain steadily increased. Of
course, I had no intention of allowing her flesh to
actually freeze or get frost bitten, so I kindly pulled the
icicle out with one quick twisting motion, duplicating the
ripping inward journey, only in reverse. For a long moment
the opening of Jessie's cunt remained wide open, with an
icy mixture of water and vaginal secretions dripping out
onto the shiny leather of the seat.

'God that hurt!' groaned Jessie, glaring at her dripping
r****t as I dumped it back into its container. From another
container I extracted a hand towel which I had immersed in
boiling water. The water had cooled enough for me to touch
and I wrung out the hot towel and folded it into a pad
which I pressed between Jessie's legs. This soaked up most
of the water and helped to relieve the numbness in her
flesh that had been inflicted by the ice.

In order to give Jessie some time to recover from the ice
****, I started whipping her thighs and pussy with my
special whip, striking only hard enough to redden her skin
without cutting or bruising her. Jessie played up to the
whip with great skill and flair, exaggerating her reactions
to the whip just enough to make them clearly visible to the
cameras, but without appearing to be acting.

After about twenty strokes she looked sufficiently
recovered, so I proceeded to the final act. I produced a
thick white candle from my bag of tricks and lit it with a
match. Using a lighter would have been easier but I thought
that the match added a touch of style. I held the candle
and burning match in front of the closest camera filling
the monitor with the flickering blue and gold of the
flames. When I was sure that the wick was burning steadily,
I carefully inserted the other end of the candle into
Jessie's pussy. The candle was made of a firm, hard wax
which melted at a fairly high temperature, unlike the soft,
almost creamy wax normally used in 'wax play' videos. The
drops from this candle were hot enough to do more that just
sting. This also meant that the drops formed more slowly
and would not rapidly coat the victim's skin with a
dramatic but protective layer of wax.

Having made sure that the candle was seated deeply enough
not to pop out when Jessie's vaginal muscles contracted, I
moved over to stand beside her head.

'Suck my cock' I said, taking a grip on Jessie's hair.

Jessie unzipped my pants and carefully extracted my cock
from the tangle of my underpants, shirt tails and fly. I
had done this routine numerous times with professional
actresses as well as amateurs, but this time I felt oddly
embarrassed. Jessie must have realised the reason for my
hesitation and gave me a wink before taking the head of my
dick between her lips. She began sucking and licking with
gusto, spurred on by the burning drops of wax trickling
down the shaft of the candle to scald the sensitive skin of
her pussy and perineum. The bobbing motion of her head also
served to jiggle the candle, causing some of the drops of
molten wax to splatter her inner thighs, buttocks and even
her asshole.

I used my grip on Jessie's hair to guide her head as I
roughly fucked her mouth, driving my cock deep into her
throat. I pumped my cock rapidly in and out of her mouth,
making her gag and almost choking her. The desperate
motions of her throat felt like a gripping hand around my
shaft and I felt my orgasm approaching. I warned Jessie by
patting the back of her head with my fingers and then
withdrew my cock from her mouth.

Pumping my dick with my right hand I said 'Stick out your
clit. Pull your pussy lips back. Spread it wide, that's it'

Jessie's clit rested on the top side of the candle's shaft
but had been spared the sting of the molten wax. With my
free hand I prepared for the finale. Jessie continued to
kiss and lick at the head of my cock as I masturbated.

I continued to jerk my hand up and down the shaft of my
cock as I leaned over to pluck the candle from its fleshy
socket. As the first tremors of my climax began I flipped
the candle over and jammed the flaming tip against Jessie's

Jessie's clitoris was bathed in flame for only a split
second before it was snuffed out by her flesh, but the tiny
puddle of boiling wax at the base of the wick was almost as
hot. Jessie screamed in pain as her sensitive clit was
seared by the wax, her mouth opening wide. With perfect
timing my cum spurted out in a creamy jet, spraying into
Jessie's waiting mouth. Grabbing her head with both hands I
f***ed her to endure the agony of her singed clit while I
plunged my throbbing organ back into the depths of her
throat. Pulling back slightly, I milked the last few drops
of sperm onto her lips and face. Sobbing in pain, Jessie
managed to lick my cock clean and to give it a final kiss
before I pulled away. I hopped across to the camera and
zoomed in on her clit, filling the screen with the sight of
her sore and reddened bud as I faded the image to

'Done!' I cried, reaching for the ice bucket. I soaked the
hand towel with the icy water that filled the container and
gently pressed it over Jessie's pussy. Wiping a drop of cum
from the tip of her nose, I gently kissed her lips.

'You were fantastic' I said.

'I know' replied Jessie w... Continue»
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