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A Mothers True Love, The Beggining.

A Mothers True Love, The Beggining.

... slept in the morning, and in the stillness of the morning light, I stared at him, suddenly the desire to mount him and claim a mothers right ... to me, my craving to have him back inside me, the perfect love and bonding, and as I dressed in stockings and garter ... ... Continue»
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True Love

True love
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Author : Hi Hi
Book ... felt like this before."

I heard my mothers muffled laughter as she thanked her patron with a ... voice.

I told her everything. About the laundry, the house, the dishes, compulsive eating and shopping and she ... ... Continue»
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My first time dressed as a girl (A True Story) The

My first time dressed as a girl (This is a true story, the conversations in it are only as accurate as my memory ... her.”So I heard some whistles out there. I told you the boys would love you” She teased. I didn’t say anything but blushed a deep ... ... Continue»
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My True Love

My True Love

It all started in high school my s****r was getting abused ... do it now” she replied w/ intention “uuuurrrrgggghhhh” I groand as I spurted the first drop in her I spurted about 5 shots in her. I finally ... ... Continue»
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True Story..... The Start of a 3way. (The Beginnin

... are sexy as hell.
Mike – Pinky – Your pics are hot! I love the profile pic.
Pinky1006 is wearing a hot little nurse number. It ... plan a weekend of fucking and sucking and that will be the other part to this true story.
We will keep you posted.

... Continue»
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My true love

My true love
My fingers wrap slowly, but firmly around my naked breast. The white flesh contrasting strongly with the dying rose colour ... that I just can’t say no.”
“Mmmmm, that’s because I love your ass.” I smiled up at him.
Still wanting more I began ... ... Continue»
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Do you believe in love?

... even myself. I thought I wasn’t destined for true love,

the love where you walk with your head in the clouds all day, where you can’t stop ... how

things can look so different when you’re in love. The rain didn’t bring me down, work

seemed to be ... ... Continue»
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A Son Finds His True Love ... His Mother

... just love to help you through it.” I said “dad already had the birds and the bees talk ... , as she moaned again and said “I love the way you feel son, PLEASE DON’T STOP ... are a better kisser than Jenny was. I love you mom.” “I love you too son.” And we kissed a ... ... Continue»
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The Package

... a piece of meat. You see, Janis taught me about true love. The kind of love only a few people find in a lifetime. She opened my ... heart to new things, but it was the sex that really ... ... Continue»
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Driving while masturbating...gotta love the outcom

... my breath but not for long as I love the feeling and place it on my clit once ... so bad he says, but I love it. Still bent inside of the trunk he then slides his hand ... was fucking me so good. Giving me the variety I love so much. Slow and steady strokes so ... ... Continue»
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Love the Neighbour`s Feet

Love The Neighbour's Feet

Every day Jason watched from his window as ... .
In all of his endeavours to keep the foot love alive, he'd often purchased items from the company called "Happy Feet."

Standing there ... ... Continue»
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I love the taste of CUM

... sucking him off with people 10feet away. We where in the janitors utility closet just going at it. He began to ... a shot gun burst and that's why I knew I would love the taste of cum . It was so sweet tasting I grin every ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... great photographer, but I'm your Mom, and Mothers shouldn't show their sons as much of ... on as my secret desire was coming true. How often have I fantasized about having ... softly.
"Oh Yes... Oh God... I love it... I love the taste of my pussy... Oh God give ... ... Continue»
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the photo shoot

... on as my secret desire was coming true. How often have I fantasized about having ... "Do you want to keep these... your Mothers wet panties?"
I thought he was going ... softly.
"Oh Yes... Oh God... I love it... I love the taste of my pussy... Oh God give ... ... Continue»
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Nathan begins to question the teachings of his chu

... was private. Not to mention the nosy mothers in the park. And, if anything, Nathan ... had long appeared to be one of the true believers and young leaders. Today, however ... even when they had made love. The intensity of the pleasure and the look of happiness on ... ... Continue»
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mom and son go to halloween party and fall in love

... only inches apart again. A look of love, the love only a parent and c***d can share, passed ... hands roughly squeezed and groped at his mothers fine tight ass, rough pulling her ... would have been like a fantasy come true, only, he had never fantasised about ... ... Continue»
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Mommy's naked love

... getting turned on by the erotic fantasy of mothers making love with their sons, and in particular, the idea of making love with her son ... after all this time that his dreams might be coming true.

Karen, too, was excited. She'd thought about it, and ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... were considered a mark of true love and an esteemed practice.
Whatever floats your cork.
The teeth can be used for scratching ... while giving birth. Wow, what a concept. Mothers
who orgasm.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At ... ... Continue»
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The Pat Wynn Look-a-like

... Horny young boys and lovesick single mothers in the same house you, know. Mom ... But I love the fact that you have kept the inside of the driver’s cabin original. The sixties feeling ... “And who says fantasies don’t come true” I whispered into her ear stroking ... ... Continue»
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Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 8

... other woman. It was the one woman who showed him the true joy of eating a ... cock.

“Ohhhhh, uhmmmmm, ohhhh, uhmmmm! I just love your . . . your big beautiful, uhmm, cock! ... don’t fuck their own mothers.

Eddie aside, the blowjob ended abruptly. It had ... ... Continue»
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