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A Meeting of Minds

The End Of The Drought

... gradually it had sort <ddd>of</ddd> taken on a life <ddd>of</ddd> its own, this irregular distant <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> <ddd>minds</ddd> and suppressed desire; well; sexual curiosity really. To the point that here she sat, waiting for him, her head full <ddd>of</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Afternoon of Shared Pleasure

... some <ddd>of</ddd> my stories about the group but will take some digging to find. This was about our first mixed <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> that group.

As many <ddd>of</ddd> you know a group <ddd>of</ddd> us men have been getting together on average <ddd>of</ddd>
once a month ... ... Continue»
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Beginner's Meeting, A Play (Third stab at hum

... <ddd>Meeting</ddd>, A Play

Scene 1: A church basement. An odd looking assortment <ddd>of</ddd> people are sitting on metal folding chairs arranged ... Scene 1:
Charles: Welcome to the Parlin, New Jersey Beginner’s <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. My name is Charles. ... ... Continue»
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Dinner turned into fantasy meeting.

... for the garden terrace for their <ddd>meeting</ddd>. She was not waiting long as ... <ddd>meeting</ddd> you here". With a quick turn the two lovers knew what was up, they had been caught, but the looks <ddd>of</ddd> ... on and this too was the first <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> the star struck lovers. So in ... ... Continue»
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Wild Call of the Moose - Part 6


“He doesn’t have a gun,” said Martina, “He’s afraid <ddd>of</ddd> them.”

“That’s a great idea,” exclaimed Randall, “A Stun Gun!” ...

“Boy, you just think <ddd>of</ddd> everything don’t you?” said Talina.

“I have one <ddd>of</ddd> those kinds <ddd>of</ddd> <ddd>minds</ddd> I guess,” she replied.

... ... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (part eleven)

... <ddd>of</ddd> some multi-national corporation or something, ostensibly discussing new fields <ddd>of</ddd> bio-medical research. In reality it was a major policy formation <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> ... one seriously important <ddd>meeting</ddd> involving some <ddd>of</ddd> the most influential families <ddd>of</ddd> the Line. ... ... Continue»
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... TV unit I went looking for installation: to settle I joined the <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> the two women in a while like a lifetime, I estimate that the ... like, but now I was the only sane man in the <ddd>meeting</ddd> because after six and everyone in the house had changed ... ... Continue»
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Final day 1, 2nd meeting of me, Kendra, Carly and

... over at us and saw Kendra sucking all 3 <ddd>of</ddd> us at once, spitting on our cocks and ... only too happy to help out...the two <ddd>of</ddd> them sixty nined, leaving 6 guys inlcuding me to ... Kendra's slit. So me and Isaac and one <ddd>of</ddd> the other guys went where Carly's mouth was. ... ... Continue»
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The Secret Manor of Trans-Supremacy

... suspense as about such Secret Location too the <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> Her s****rs but I trusted Her as my ... -ons (1" x 5") ~ (1" x 8") ~ (1.5" x 8") ~ (1.5" x 10") ~ (2" x 8") ~ (3" x 15") ~ (4" x 9") ~ (5" x 11") ~ (6" x 14") too that <ddd>of</ddd> which you will be used as ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... <ddd>of</ddd> highly excitable erectile tissue whose head peeks out <ddd>of</ddd> the
upper end <ddd>of</ddd> a woman's outer yoni (vulva) just below the <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... called all <ddd>of</ddd> them for a <ddd>meeting</ddd> at
the factory floor and explained to them all, that there was no fear
<ddd>of</ddd> losing jobs ... , both had Anjali on their <ddd>minds</ddd>. Both
men were
silent on the ride home, both thinking <ddd>of</ddd> Anjali.
Rajesh just could not ... ... Continue»
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A Tale of Forbidden Love

... for my call that night after I finished my <ddd>meeting</ddd>. I told him nothing <ddd>of</ddd> what my plans were. Yet as all the ... and Sandra teeter in this breathless moment <ddd>of</ddd> expectation. A melody <ddd>of</ddd> truth echoed in their <ddd>minds</ddd>... Their first kiss lingered about, engulfing ... ... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (part nine)

... <ddd>of</ddd> their inheritance was irrelevant. Like tended to seek out like and the Goddess recognised her own. That two Alphas upon <ddd>meeting</ddd> ... to Professor Sehler on her <ddd>meeting</ddd> with Rebecca. He’d been ... was feeling curiously in two <ddd>minds</ddd> about her whipping. It had ... ... Continue»
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MANDY’S STORY (Memoirs of a T.V. slut)

... in the T.V. section. I said that I was interested in <ddd>meeting</ddd> men at their place for ‘massage e.t.c.’ ... before <ddd>meeting</ddd>, partly to establish that we were both into the same kind <ddd>of</ddd> ... but I think our <ddd>minds</ddd> were on other things! We had another glass <ddd>of</ddd> wine, and ... ... Continue»
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Power Line

... , no but I did rebuff the
career councilor at open <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> everyone finishing up this year because
she was expounding ... get
d***k out <ddd>of</ddd> there <ddd>minds</ddd>.

All our camps are technically dry but on special occasions like recently
one <ddd>of</ddd> our assistant ... ... Continue»
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For the Love of Holly

... -way conversation. We were all excited about the <ddd>meeting</ddd> this afternoon, and full <ddd>of</ddd> hope for the progress we could make. At ... <ddd>of</ddd> light, wreath, tree, and decoration you could imagine. We spent a long time admiring everything and trying to make up our <ddd>minds</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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But they're swingers!?"

"Kristen, we need to have a quick <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> the Best

I called mom’s number and left another ... us, that the image <ddd>of</ddd> JR and Kristen
engaging in anal sex, was passing through their <ddd>minds</ddd>.
Doug was taking ... ... Continue»
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Another Fantasy

Michael and I decided to meet. It seemed our <ddd>minds</ddd> and secret inner desires were in the same place. I drove ... it worked out just right, it could be the first <ddd>meeting</ddd> <ddd>of</ddd> a very long and special friendship.

I got to the restaurant first ... ... Continue»
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wning a Dominant Bitch - Complete

... <ddd>of</ddd> <ddd>minds</ddd> and relaxed so we could enjoy the rest <ddd>of</ddd> the evening.

By the end <ddd>of</ddd> ...

“I’m already working on it,” I said. I recounted my <ddd>meeting</ddd> with the geeks and she was ... less than excited about the prospect <ddd>of</ddd> a <ddd>meeting</ddd> with this person. He relaxed under ... ... Continue»
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... again.
Before we were formally married, a time-span <ddd>of</ddd> 18 months between <ddd>meeting</ddd> and marriage, my wife was always - almost daily - wanting ... collapsed. This f****y fling was very tiring for our bodies and <ddd>minds</ddd>, even if our sex organs seemed not to require ... ... Continue»
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