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A Lesson in Social Justice

A Lesson in Social Justice

... . They learn a deep and
abiding lesson in race relations. (Mm+/F, nc, intr,
exh, blkmail, b**st ... and me. He is teaching us a

Now for the hard part! I felt myself turning even
redder as I ... you have another lesson in humility
over your lunch hour?"

I blushed and answered, "Yes Karl... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... justice. "This will look great tonight - thank you both!" and she hugged Barb and Mike in turn. She ... in gymnastics had carried over into her social life. She was no longer shy and awkward around boys ... such a bully around here, I thought I'd teach him a lesson. I've seen him be merciless on some of the women... Continue»
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The Caning at the Cafe du Concorde.

... . The cafe was the hub of social life within the village and, standing firmly at the epicentre ... takes a very serious view of this incident and is determined to see justice done. You left the scene ... to avoid being breathalysed will be construed as attempting to pervert the course of justice... Continue»
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Ohhh s****r !!

... spelling lesson.

"I have C P." She said in her slurred manner of speaking.

"sl**py?" Then she turned ... her justice. She was perfect.

Isabelle stepped carefully into the shower. I took her hand so ... , we both had scholarships and she had social security. We worried about our parents, but Marissa came... Continue»
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mom is a widow

... that you spend some real time in juvenile hall to 'learn your lesson.'"

Sam's heart sank. "Mom! She can ... . Johnson's house. "Are you sure you won't reconsider? Let the justice system take its course? Who ... specialties. We take boys like Sally-sissies-who tragically have been socialized against... Continue»
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A. Qu’est-ce que la pornodépendance ?

La notion ... , la pornographie peut entraîner chez le patient des conséquences néfastes, telles que l'isolement social ... de confidentialité, il cherche à ce que cette dernière ne puisse pas "déborder" dans le "monde réel". A... Continue»
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Kara, the special girl

... school was that the teachers all knew this and planned the most boring lessons for exactly those times ... from the pack” Kara’s attention faded in and out of the lesson, just in case something interesting ... genitalia. However, that doesn’t quite do it justice. Cock wouldn’t even begin to describe it. The eight... Continue»
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You have to love Karma

... , had put her son in a private school for boys. She knew that the social life she desired would ... but she assumed that a boy at school had already done that. Pictures don’t really do justice ... the last time. By the time we are done with this lesson, you will know what makes a boys cock get hard... Continue»
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this was a sign that I reestablish a social life, I
entertained thoughts of beginning to date. I'd ... lessons.

As if she sensed my thoughts, Barbie pulled her mouth
away from mine and whispered, "I ...
it justice. Thank you. Thank you for doing that to me.
Thank you for making it so good for me."

Still... Continue»
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Déchéance 1

... de mot pour décrire ce que je ressentais pour elle. Lorsqu’elle m’a laissée après m’avoir ... elle ne s’est atténuée. A mesure que les années passaient, j’ai toujours conservé dans un coin sombre et mauvais ... -Labat depuis qu’elle a épousé le riche et puissant magna de l’industrie fait encore belle figure... Continue»
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Romantic Trial

... twinkle in her eye as if she had been set free. He coming to a trusted since of betrayal assumed she was a ... as possible. She would dream a far dream deeper in finding some much needed alone time. So she also ... had set out to get what she deserved in her desire and she readied for a great mountain to climb... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... justice for her suffering. She stared down at the lifeless body of the maid, and quickly gathered ... pictures of her friends, clearly pulled off Slap and other social media sites. "We've also discovered ... pistol in her hand. "But I don't exactly need all of him. He'll learn that the pain is just a lesson... Continue»
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Eudeamon......Latex Bane...

... (possibly in protest, possibly to avoid the inevitable social controversy) and went into seclusion ... . They had learned their lesson, one might say. And those were the ones who had lived as a Bane for less ... on a vacation you could do other things, like read a book or socialize with people. She dug a discarded... Continue»
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Marriage Bonding

... ****y. It was because Judy indicated she still had to have a social life in spite of my graduate ... , the photo he sent me doesn't even begin to do you justice."

"Hello Mrs. Jackson, happy to..."

Mother ... -social and against her parents. Again, fearing corporal punishment and pain, I quickly surrendered... Continue»
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Company Cuckold

... company. Do bring her around to meet some of us here at GBI at our next social function so she can ... to be at the mercy of influences I had no control over.


The GBI social ... his girl's photo - her name was Dorothy - and encouraged he bring her to the social event.

As he... Continue»
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Husbands Humiliation

... for the verdict on my outburst. Stephanie's justice was always swift and vicious. "I will not take ... lesson. When she demanded that I dye my hair some sort of very feminine blond, I just shut my mouth ... you home. I don't want you socializing with the boys after your dance. Just go wait... Continue»
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... dottern rekommenderade. Att berömmet var ett skamligt förslag kunde jag liksom inte ta in. Kanske ... manlig l****a, om det uttrycket finns. Ja, man kan nog säga att jag var en manlig l****a.

Man ... på något sätt. Och en dag gick denna önskan i uppfyllelse.

Hon låste upp dörren och vi vällde in... Continue»
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Lupanar aquatique

... . Tout le reste était parti dans le courant.
Faisant fi de toute convention sociale, je décidai ... :

— Nous sommes libertaires en politique comme en amour, répondit Roger. Il n’y a pas très longtemps ... et surtout l’entrejambe de Roger. Elle me lâcha dans un souffle :

— Il a vraiment le paquet... Continue»
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sub fantasy

... . It was excruciating for him, but he learned a valuable lesson: I am in charge, even when he is on ... Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I am 41 years old and live in a suburb of Dallas ... is away.

He travels on business several days a month, mostly in the southeast. I used to give him... Continue»
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Sally's Secret Lover

... .

The social position of the Denhams was not yet clearly defined. Ray had
joined the Jaycees and Sally ... half-dozen pupils. Why, Lord, she had a pupil coming for a
lesson in twenty minutes, and here she ... at the head of
the Quiggville social circuit ... respected, admired. Ha! And he had
dared to kiss... Continue»
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