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A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapters 6 & 7 of 7

A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapter 1 of 7

... A Lesbian Love Affair

This story is based on nothing more than my wild imagination and a few ... to write this story. Her challenge was this, it MUST be a lesbian love story, it could NOT include any ... , it will be released in 7 parts as it turned out to be almost 40-pages long when completed. As soon as a chapter... Continue»
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A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapters 6 & 7 of 7

... XH aquaintenances (not on my friends list) and she said, "write me a Lesbian Love story ... I am not sure what happened, I posted the final two chapters a week ago and nothing happened, so ... will try again.

As mentioned in my opening chapter, this story is based on a challenge by one of my... Continue»
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A Lesbian Love Story - Chapters 4 and 5 of 7

... on flashbacks based on the first chapter to make this more than a love story and more than erotic ... This is a continuation of the story I wrote for an XH user that challenged me to write a Lesbian ... Love story in the first person, meaning I need to write as if I was one of the women.

I am relying... Continue»
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A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapters 2 and 3 of 7

... Continued from chapter 1

We Meet

The icy cold January wind cut through ... lips and said, “This is wonderful, I think I have had this before, I love it.”

“I am glad you like ... it,” Peg said, “I love to start the day with this blend; it really is an eye opener.”

She had... Continue»
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Chapter 7 Chrissie Recovers

... Chapter 7
Chrissie Recovers

I couldn't really move off the sofa for the next few days ... loved the sight of you in stockings
and a skirt and I loved to put makeup on your sweet face. We ... it at first but then I got
incredibly turned on by it. I loved that I had such power over you... Continue»
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CHAPTER 7 ... there with you. You know how much I worry.”
“I know baby, and I love you for it, but I’m fine. Honestly ... were drooping and I was half-asl**p. He told me he loved me and he told me good night, and then he... Continue»
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The Captains Wife (Chapter 7)

... Chapter 7 - Kitchen Duties

After breakfast the captain gave me to the cabin boy. He ... , the bath was a public affair. Next, the water was cold sea water, and it was not heated. Finally ... untied it and released the weight.

"You have lovely hair, Lady Sarah," he whispered... Continue»
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Lucious Lacey Chapter 7

... Chapter 7 - Titplay Trio To The Lake

The 3 were on their way to the lake, Jon driving, Lacey ... it to her waiting love basket.

As Donnie started to pump away and grab her soft round ass, Jon had ... stroking her swollen love bud. How a man could be so fucking rough and f***eful fucking her but not forget... Continue»
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Love Me 'til Dawn Chapter 7

... Chapter 7. George.

Lorraine found the courage to pick up the phone. It was not an easy call ... north to see her. But Lorraine invited her to join her in London. “I would love that, but I need ... that afternoon and night at the villa in San Monique.

“I love that villa,” reflected Alice.

“I love... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy Episode 7

... at a bar in town, and it was obvious from first sight that she was a lesbian. Patti had short, spiky ... damp on her crotch. She was wearing 7 inch high slut heels. She bought us drinks, me a red wine ... to my bare, wet, dripping cunt. “Oh yeah baby, that's lovely” she whispered into my ear, as she... Continue»
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 7

... Chapter 7

We walked into the busy Gare du Nord Eurostar terminus with Andy and Loraine and made ... to be humiliated, I’d love you to fuck over his face and when Carl cums inside you, I want you ... the car and get down to their house it’ll be about 6 o’clock. She says that would be perfect”.
By now... Continue»
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Forbidden love (part 1 - 7)

... that she had swallowed it.

Chapter 6

It was quieter than usual in the house when I arose ... .

Chapter 7

I got up early the next morning. I hadn't felt this good in ... well, I don't think I ... Chapter 1

It was a sunny and warm May afternoon as I sat staring out the window, trapped in my... Continue»
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A votre service - Episode 7

... pour le remercier d'avoir joué le jeu...

Episode 7: Un dîner presque parfait

Ryan ... , le cachant sous son t-shirt. A nouveau, l'étrange sensation de pouvoir l'emplit lorsqu'il se rendit compte ... carte de visite à chacun d’eux et leur dit avec un clin d’œil :
- Si ça vous a plu… Appelez-moi, ça... Continue»
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Beech Mountain 6--7--8 Connie

... clothes in the closet, clearing the bed for a well deserved power nap!!

Chapter 7 ... inside she kissed me on the cheek and remarked that she loved my little car.

“ From what Donna told ... would love to watch you two sometime – or you with Donna – or a three/four-way with all us girls... Continue»
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Milking Time B2 Chapter 7 Clyda & Jordan Part

... Chapter 7: Clyda & Jordan Part 1

Jordan was standing outside of Clyda quarters, mentally ... of the bed and greeted Jordan with a warm smile.
"Hallo, love," said Clyda. "Still with us after being ... at her figure.
"Now take off your skirt and sandals, love. But leave your bikini on for the time... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chapter 7

... \
1757 words .85

Chapter 7
The Auction
(Sheila’s Despair)

The auction took place ... that in one month she fell in love with him.

No one knew how he treated her or why she wanted... Continue»
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The Bondage Whore, Chapter 7

... The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 7 - Payday Surprise ... it to $36. Next social security and medicare take $6 and the state takes $4. That brings it to $26... Continue»
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sl**p-In For Daddy ch 6 to 7

... Chapter 6

A couple of days went by, or was it three? Days and nights telescoped ...
passionately kissing Debbie's mouth.

Chapter 7

Jerry couldn't wait; seeing his mom ... looking around for some
extra love-life myself, but your own -"

"Oh shit, Debbie," his... Continue»
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Mom helps injured son - Chapter 7

... Chapter 7

The rest of the evening went without incident, as we ate and settled in to watch t.v ... , but never wore. It fit rather snug, landing above my knees with slits up each side. I loved the way ... , lustful kiss! We sat there rocking and thrusting gently in a slow, methodical love-making session... Continue»
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iStartLife, chapter 7

... iCarly - iStartLife, chapter 7

With the excitement of yesterday's game and the fact that she ... . Until she looked at her clock. 7:13pm. "Damn it." She said as she rushed out of the bed ... heated up. It was 7:30 before she started with her hair and she still had makeup and had to get... Continue»
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