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A Day at the Movies

Afternoon at the movies

... was at the movies today with some friends and i saw this hot ... the type of day it was.

So brent was driving us down but he said we would park the car at the ... at the cafe and one of the waiters we walked to the movies just as we got their brent looked at ... ... Continue»
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TV Slut At Night II: At The Movies

... II:
At The Movies
By Suzie Quezie

It had been a slow week walking the streets.

My name ... Day-yumm!" he said. "No, I didn't know that."

The restrooms are between the clerk's counter and the entrance to the theater. I pushed open the door to the ... ... Continue»
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A Day at the Movies

... day for it.

To give a brief idea of the layout, when you walk into the building you are in an area that has movies ... if I’m doing the work, I’m getting the reward.”
“Well you won’t have a choice.”

I asked him then if he wanted to stay at the back, or ... ... Continue»
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A Day at the movies I will never forget

... reason and ruined it.On this faithful day she was extra horny, but we had ... liked doing was going to see movies at the mall. So we get into the theater and there isn't ... and feel her warm hand there, but at the same time I was scared about getting caught, ... ... Continue»
Posted by yevin666 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  Views: 1706  |  

BJ At The Movies

... at the movies with my GF and she just kept talking through the whole thing and it was ... she started baging for some of the popcorn I had so I did the only thing I could think to do. ... a pro. It felt great and I could enjoy the movie. When it was time for me to ... ... Continue»
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Day at the Spa

... the extra piece of paper attached to the card. Surprised, she carefully read the certificate giving her the unlimited full-day pass at the ... down a bit I laughed and held her at arms length. "So, how was your day at the spa? I tried to act casual.

"Oh, ... ... Continue»
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A day at the river.

... good day fishing lands one hell of a catch./

A day at the river.

I'm an ordinary guy in my ... the
girls just looked at me. Niki spoke.

“Thanks for a REAL fuck.” And the girls just walked off.

I don’t know what I'd expected at the ... ... Continue»
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Another day at the races!

... at the Hotel. The plan was to spend the night hear and then another day at the races tomorrow. I had a room all to myself and a table in the ... ... Continue»
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A Day at the Nude Beach



A man takes his wife to a secluded nude beach ... . Opening her thighs
wide Anne exposed the lips of her pussy to view, a gleam
visible at the entrance of her moisness and obvious ... ... Continue»
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A Day At the Beach

... Day At The Beach

We had carefully walked down the very narrow path from the high bluff to the beach below. The waves were crashing in and the ... for the day, and you've both made my day for me. Hope you two enjoyed it as much as I did. By the way ... ... Continue»
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Day at the beach!

... day at the beach. We read, swam in the ... the food Merry lifted my towel up and showed my cock to the girl at the pick up window. The girl laughed and turned red and we went on our way. I spent a few miles looking in the ... ... Continue»
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A great day at the beach

... day and I decided to go to the beach and try to catch some sun and maybe look at ... at least they didn't throw things at me. Always a start!
I felt my face blush, draining some of the ... so I could make it back to the bus without cumming What a great day at the ... ... Continue»
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Miem's Day At The Beach

... the blond to take the balls out. Each time slut moves the balls rip and pull at ... the sun. slut miem crys until she passes out from the pain.

slut miem and I had a wonderful day at the ... ... Continue»
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A Day at the Beach

... Day at the Beach
By Lorenqt

I lay face down on my towel, basking in the sun, almost falling asl**p. My boyfriend Jake, he ... what we were doing was actually i*****l; at least if we were caught, we could share the same jail cell. I started pushing my ... ... Continue»
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... know yet but kind of suspects...
I'm glad I decided on the movies that night its been really fun ever since maybe ... roommate share the rent and all the fringe benefits hmm I'll have to think about that...but that's another story! See you at the movies ... ... Continue»
Posted by laceysgirl 5 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male, Masturbation  |  Views: 2054  |  
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Lucky Day at the Casino

... I love to re-enact my favorite porn movies with girls I score with. And some of ... the bed, where I laid back and gestured for her to climb aboard. My cock was pointing at the ... was worth it at the time.

Guess I just have to go back to the casino and win ... ... Continue»
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Girlfriend and I at the movies

... her if she wants to go to the movies sometime and she says sure so i come ... am so suprised i almost went off the rode. Then i looked over at her and she smiles and ... looked over at her and said "we are going to be a great couple" and smiled and watched the ... ... Continue»
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At the Movies

... the full show follow us to the cinema. And bring your friends. Jen likes company.”

We walk across the road and enter the cinema. At the ... at the stimulation, your thighs parting to allow me better access. I slide two fingers in to your cunt, feeling the ... ... Continue»
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A night at the movies

... the back of the cinema, fumbling
along the wall. I covet a seat at the back, plenty of
room from the nearest patron and furthest away from
the ... ... Continue»
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A Night At The Movies

... said “Meet me at the movie theater at the corner of Sheridan and Oak at tonight at 7pm. Wear a skirt.” He hung up the phone before ... walking away and she also heard the others milling around and snickering at her. She could feel the blush starting to form ... ... Continue»
Posted by RyleighM72 4 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 599  |  
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