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A Boy and Girl Story (mf, teens, trans, rom, cons)

... Boy and Girl Story

By SpectreOfHell

Only yesterday, Nick had been on top of ... like to have such a beautiful girl in his bed.

Girl. He still thought of her that way. And yet, the knowledge that he ... ... Continue»
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A Mother and Her Son 1

This is a story about i****t between a mother and her son. If you don't like that type of story, stop here. The introduction is fairly long but I would encourage you to read it because it sets up the entire story. If you are desperate for a sexual fix, skip down to the middle of Chapter 1, or for that matter any other chapter, and you will find what you are looking for.:) However, I would still suggest that you then go back and read the introduction. As always, vote and send me an e-mail to let me know how you liked it. Enjoy.


It had been two years since Tommy Ritter's father died. Tommy was sixteen when the tragedy occurred. While Tommy missed his dad a lot, it was no more than his mom did. Their life had been ideal--living in the suburbs, two-car garage, and nice schools. Everything was just about perfect until the accident.

Bob Ritter had been driving home from work late one night when a d***ken driver crossed the centerline and hit his car head-on. He never had a chance. The police said that the other car had been traveling at almost one hundred miles per hour.

The funeral was difficult for everyone. Bob and Sue's relatives flew in from around the country and were a big help to Tommy and his mother. However, when the funeral was over, she and Tommy had to go home and deal with the loss alone. The accident changed their lives dramatically.

Tommy's mom, Sue, had to go back to work to make ends meet and they had to sell their house. However, in the two years since Bob's death, Sue had done very well in her job and she had been lucky in the stock market. She had purchased a new house for her and Tommy, smaller than before, but very comfortable nonetheless. The job and investments provided enough money to enjoy life and take an occasional vacation.

While the two years since the accident had been financially stable, it was emotionally difficult. On an emotional level, she and Tommy were still struggling. They leaned on each other for support and therefore had grown closer than the typical mother and teenaged son.

Tommy Ritter became the man of the house overnight, but he knew that he couldn't make up for the loss of his dad to his mother.

Tommy was a tall, handsome and lean boy at 6' 1" and 175 pounds. He was bigger than most of his classmates. However, while he appeared to be a confident teenager, he was, in fact, very shy and overly sensitive. Although, he had his dad's handsome face and the bright blue eyes of his mom, he wasn't comfortable with girls.

Tommy wanted to date, but every time he was around an attractive girl, he would become tongue-tied and embarrass himself. It was easier for him just to avoid those situations. Besides, he almost felt like he would be cheating his mom if he dated.

Now 18, Tommy had graduated from high school with honors and had earned a football scholarship to a local university. While he looked like the All-American boy, he had never had a girlfriend. His shyness was an incredible embarrassment for him. The shyness was primarily the result of a slight stutter that he had developed not long after his father died. He had hid it successfully from his mother so far and most of the time he could cover it up. However, it tended to show up when he was nervous and all too often, that was in the presents of girls his age.

Sue Ritter was still a very attractive woman as well. She was tall at 5' 7" with a well-proportioned body. However, like most women, she was critical of her body. She thought that her butt was too round and that her breasts were too large. Her tendency was to dress on the conservative side to cover up her perceived flaws.

Sue had been desperately lonely since Bob's death. Although, she tried not to lean on Tommy too much, he seemed to be the only one that really understood. She didn't have to explain to him how she felt when she was sad, angry, or lonely. He just knew. Sue thought that she could read Tommy as well.

Out of sheer loneliness, Sue had tried dating. Unfortunately, she hadn't met anyone that she really liked or connected with on an emotional level or for that matter, on a physical level. Sue still had strong sexual desires. However, she needed more from a man. She needed tenderness and understanding first. Most of the men she dated seemed to think that because she was a young widowed woman that she would jump into bed at the drop of a hat.

Tommy tried to encourage her to go out and have some fun, but whenever he suggested that she find someone, she would always tell him that he was the only man she needed in her life now. It was almost as if she would be cheating Tommy or somehow hurting Bob's memory. While she knew deep inside it was time to move on, she couldn't let go of the past.

Now 36, Sue worked hard to keep the f****y financially solvent. Her job as a public relations executive was rewarding but time consuming. She had to work 12 hour days and sometimes Saturdays.

Tommy talked her into wearing sexier clothes and had even convinced her that she looked great with short skirts and low cut tops. He told her that she needed to show off her assets to get ahead in business. It had worked on the business level. However, her good looks also attracted a lot of unwanted attention from men.

Whenever Tommy would tell her that she should date, she would turn his comments around and say he should be the one dating.

Sue was more concerned about her son's lack of social development then she was about dating herself. She wanted him to go out and have fun, yet he would be home most weekend nights with her.

Chapter 1

One Saturday evening, Sue found Tommy sitting in the living room watching TV as usual.

"Tommy, why are you sitting home tonight? Why don't you go out with someone?" Sue said, sitting down next to her son and putting her arm around his shoulders. They had this conversation almost every weekend.

"Come on Mom, give me a break. I don't need to go out, besides, I'd rather be home with you." That had been his standard response. It was a lame excuse and they both knew it.

"Tommy, you need to have friends, you know... girlfriends," Sue said in exasperation. Then she looked at him seriously and said, "I'm worried about you."

"You seem to do okay without boyfriends. Why do I need girlfriends?"

"Come on Tommy, that's different and you know it. I've already been married. Besides, I already have a man. You!" Sue said, squeezing his shoulder affectionately.

"Well, I have plenty time to date. Besides, I already have a woman. You!" Tommy replied, smiling at using his mom's own words.

Sue sighed in frustration. "Well, we're a fine pair aren't we?"

"Mom, you're my best friend," Tommy said seriously, snuggling into her arm.

"And you're my best friend too," Sue said, hugging him again. However, she couldn't let it go. "You still need to date. It's not healthy."

Tommy took a deep breath. "Mom..."


Tommy's mouth was opened but nothing came out. His head fell back on the sofa and he closed his eyes. His face seemed to color in embarrassment. "It's nothing. Never mind," he finally said.

"Come on Tommy... please don't close me out," Sue said, turning his face to her and looking into his misty eyes. "We've always been able to talk about anything. Haven't we?"

Tommy had wanted to talk to his mother for a long time about his shyness and the stutter but he didn't want to burden her. Additionally, he felt embarrassed talking to her about girls. Now that he had finally gotten up enough nerve to bring the subject up, he knew he had to continue. "It's... it's just that I'm... I'm not so hot with the girls. I'm too shy and whenever I get around a nice looking girl I... I... I... get tongue-tied," Tommy said, his eyes unable to meet his mother's.

Sue was surprised but tried not to show it. She had never heard him get tongue-tied before. "Now wait a minute, you always say that I'm a nice looking girl and you don't get tongue-tied around me."

"I'm serious Mom, I don't know what to do or say around girls. I've only kissed two girls in my whole life," Tommy blurted before he could stop himself.

"Really?" Sue said in astonishment. My God, he was 18 and he had only kissed two girls, she thought. He must be a virgin! The realization shocked Sue. Then a bigger problem occurred to her. "You like girls don't you?"

"Mommmmmm! Of course I like girls," Tommy said, now totally embarrassed.

Sue sighed in relief.

"It's just that... just that... oh hell... I haven't even been on a real date."

"Wow Tommy, I had no idea!" Sue was unable to hide the shock in her voice. "I've seen you go out. You said you were going out with girls."

"I'm sorry Mom, I lied. I go to the library or the mall. I just didn't want you to feel bad for me. You have enough on your mind."

Suddenly, Sue realized that she had neglected Tommy since his father died. She had been foolish to think that she could read him. She had been so busy mourning her own loss, feeling sorry for herself and working on her career that she had missed all the signs. It was obvious now that he was very sexually immature. God, how could I have been so stupid? she thought.

The two of them sat silently for a long time. Neither one of them knew what to say.

Finally, Sue broke the ice with an idea.

"Tommy, what would you think about you and I going on a date?"

"Come on Mom! Get serious!"

"I am serious. You're very comfortable around me, so why don't we go out? You can act as if I'm your date. I can tell you what you need to work on. After all, I still remember what girls like." Sue stopped when she realized that he might be embarrassed to go out with his mother. "Uh...that is if you wouldn't be too embarrassed to be seen out with your old mom."

"God Mom, you're not old. You're the best looking woman I know!" His face turned red as soon as he said it.

"Thank you sweetheart, and you are the best looking man I know. So why don't we two good looking people go on a date?"

Tommy was quiet for a few minutes, thinking. Maybe it would be good for her to go out, he thought. Besides, she might get off his back about dating. It could be a way for him to help her. Suddenly, he liked the idea. "Well... okay... I guess it might be fun," Tommy finally said in a nonchalant tone.

"You don't sound that excited," Sue said with a pout.

"That's not it," Tommy said quickly. But... but...

"What's wrong sweetie?"

"I don't... uh don't know about that stuff. I... I... I... would... uh... you know, feel silly if I messed up. That would be embar... embarrassing," Tommy said, a stutter in his voice.

"There's nothing you could do to embarrass yourself honey," Sue said patting his leg affectionately. "Come on, let's get dressed and you can take me to dinner and a movie," Sue said, reaching to the table and picking up her car keys and flipping them to him. "You can even drive, lover boy."

"Mommmmm," Tommy said, his face turning red again. However, underneath the embarrassment he was as excited as he had been in a long time.

Twenty minutes later, Tommy was pacing around the living room nervously, waiting for his mom. When he saw her come down the stairs, he started to say something but stopped in mid-sentence with his mouth open.

Sue had on a tight, white pull over top that was low cut, exposing the upper swells of her breasts, and a short black skirt and high heels. She thought Tommy would like the outfit since he picked it out for her.

"What's wrong?" Sue asked concerned about the look on her son's face. Suddenly, she thought that she had made a big mistake.

"Mom, uh, uh, you look, look..." Tommy stuttered trying to tell her how great she looked.

"I'll change," Sue said, turning to go back upstairs fearing that she had gone too far in trying to look young and "hot".

"No! You look beautiful," Tommy blurted out.

Sue turned back around smiling. "Why thank you sweetie, I thought you were upset with what I was wearing."

"Wow Mom, I hope some of my friends see me with you. God, they will be so jealous!"

Sue felt her heart swell with pride and love. "Well, let's go make them jealous. For tonight, why don't you call me Sue," she said with a smile.

"Okay Mo... uh Sue," Tommy answered. "Sue," he said again to himself, loving the way her name rolled off his tongue.

Tommy rushed to the car in front of his mom to open the door to let her in. As she sat down, Tommy couldn't help look at the expanse of her thighs as her skirt pulled up. When he looked up he saw his mom smiling at him. God, she saw me looking up her skirt, Tommy thought. I can't even do that right, he thought, mentally chastising himself.

As he drove, Tommy kept glancing over at his mother's legs. He felt a stirring between his legs and was suddenly very confused.

Sue's skirt had pulled up her legs, revealing her tanned thighs. She tried to pull it down but the bucket seats of her car made that difficult.

Tommy drove to a small Italian restaurant that they went to on occasion. It was quiet and intimate with a genuine Mediterranean look. The tables were covered in red checked table clothes and each had an old wine bottle in the center with a lit candle. There was even a violinist playing music.

Dinner went great and was very relaxing. Sue even let Tommy have a couple glasses of wine. Sue wanted to make him feel more grown up. He certainly needed some confidence building.

Sue had quite a bit more wine than Tommy. She felt a little tipsy but also warm and relaxed.

Tommy had no trouble talking to his mom. The wine had loosened his tongue just a bit. Besides, it wasn't like it was a real date, he thought.

They talked about school, friends, music, movies; all the things that a boy and girl would talk about on a date. Occasionally, Sue would point out things about how he should act on a date. Like waiting until his date had taken her seat before he sat down or opening the restaurant door for her. She tried not to be too critical. Not surprisingly though, Tommy didn't need much coaching. He was a natural gentleman, like his dad.

For a little while, Tommy truly forgot that Sue was his mom.

Sue also forgot for a short time that she was out with her son. He suddenly seemed so mature. His pretty blue eyes sparkled in the dim candlelight as he laughed and his face lit up like a candle when he smiled. God, he was handsome, she thought. Suddenly, Sue felt a little shiver run through her.

When dinner was over, Tommy e****ted Sue out to the car, opening the restaurant door and hurrying to open the car door.

Sue was just a bit unsteady on her feet. She knew that she shouldn't have had that last glass of wine.

When Tommy opened the door of the car, and his mom slid in, he tried not to look at her exposed thighs again. However, that was impossible. No matter how hard he tried, his eyes went to the dark area between his mother's legs. The light from a street lamp melted the shadows and Tommy drew in his breath. His mother's legs opened, revealing the silky tops of her thigh high nylons, her smooth thighs and then a pair of pale blue silk panties hugging the pouch of her sex. She paused for a second with one leg out of the car.

Tommy stood almost frozen, his eyes as large as saucers.

"Well, are we going to the movies or not?" Sue asked, again noticing that her son was looking up her skirt. Another shiver ran through her. Now Sue wasn't sure whether the spreading of her thighs had been an accident on her part or not. She felt so naughty tonight. It was just a little innocent fun, she told herself. The wine was making everything seem all right.

Tommy's shocked face turned scarlet when he saw his mom watching him again. Suddenly, he felt ashamed of his behavior. If I do this to my own mom, what will I do when I go out on a date with a real girlfriend? he thought.

At the movie theater they got sodas and popcorn then found a seat near the back row. Since the movie had been out for a while, the theater wasn't crowded. They practically had the theater to themselves.

The movie was funny and light, making them both laugh. About midway through the movie, Tommy carefully raised his arm and put it on the back of the seat behind his mother, his bare arm touching her shoulders.

Sue didn't miss the move and felt another of those little shivers come over her.

At one point when they were laughing, Tommy moved his arm until it was around her, his hand hanging over her shoulder. His mom surprised him by sighing and snuggled even closer into his arm.

Sue smiled to herself at her son's boldness. She felt so comfortable and loved at that moment. It had been a long time since she felt like this.

Suddenly, Tommy realized that his fingers were touching the top swell of his mom's breast where the soft flesh was exposed. He could feel his heart begin to beat rapidly in his chest.

Sue felt the fingers but let them stay where they were, as she didn't want to spoil the mood. Besides, it was just innocent fun and probably an accident, she told herself.

Tommy could no longer concentrate on the movie. Almost without his control, his fingers began to move lightly back and forth across the exposed swell of her breast. The movement was delicate, almost imperceptible. Still, Tommy could feel it. It felt as though his fingertips were on fire. Stop it! he told himself.

After a few minutes, Sue noticed his fingers were moving. It was a sensual touch, almost tickling. It could still have been accidental. When she felt goose bumps spring up on her chest, she knew that she should stop him. However, she didn't want to embarrass him. He probably didn't even know that he was doing it anyway. It was just an innocent touch. However, the tingling she felt between her legs wasn't so innocent.

Tommy's hand was shaking, as his fingers grew bolder. The tips of his fingers moved further down until they were just barely under the elastic of her top. Now, there was no doubt about whether or not he was touching her accidentally. He couldn't believe how bold he was.

Sue's breathing increased. She wanted to stop him but it had been so long since someone that she cared for paid attention to her. The brain of the mother was in a battle with the brain of the woman; a woman that had missed intimate touches for so long. Sue began to squirm in her seat. Incredibly, she could feel her panties getting wet. When she felt Tommy's fingers begin to move further down, she reached up and grabbed his hand, preventing any further movement. However, she didn't take the fingers out of her top, but instead held them where they were, almost pressing them to her soft flesh.

Tommy breathed a sigh of relief when his mother didn't chastise him. At one point, she let go of his hand to reach for the popcorn in the seat next to her. When she turned back, Tommy took the opportunity to move his fingers downward again, getting half his hand under the top before she stopped him.

Now Sue held his fingers from the outside of the top. Her own heartbeat had quickened.

Tommy felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. His penis was now very uncomfortable in his pants. He squirmed around, trying to find a comfortable position. He couldn't very well reach down and adjust himself.

Sue held Tommy's trembling hand tightly, knowing that one more fraction of an inch and he would be able to feel her nipple. In fact, his fingertips were touching the large brown areola. She could feel the hard nipples pulsing almost painfully. Now, her breathing was as labored as Tommy.

The two sat almost frozen. When the tightness of Sue's fingers lessened, she felt Tommy's fingers begin to move downward again. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She could feel the fingers moving across the bumpy surface of her areola. Then they split apart around the nub of her swollen nipple...Suddenly, the lights of the theater came on.... Continue»
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it happened on vacation and continued at home 3 (

it happened on vacation (and continued at home)" pt 9:

After Mom had sucked and licked me clean we laid back exhausted, at least I know I was !.
We laid there for an undetermined amount of time not talking, touching, spooning or cuddling rather there was space between us and that was fine with me. I just had mindblowing sex and now I didn't feel like touching her or wanting her to nor did she attempt to touch me, I don't understand the ambivalence ?.
The sex was as great as my dream had been yet it ended different than I anticipated.
When a word was spoken it was her,
"sweetie, we can't stay like this, you better go to you're room", she said.
I stood and picked up my clothes then looked at her. She had rolled onto her side with her back to me. I wanted to say "I love you" but it just didn't seem right. I do love my Mom dearly but as strange as it seems saying it would have sounded and felt out of context ?.
"Goodnight Mom", I said.
"Night sweetie", was all she said.

In my room I strained to make sense of EVERYTHING. I was jacked up so I paced the room and when I was tired of that I laid down. I had so much in my head I thought it would explode.
I laid there thinking what in the world is not to love here. I mean since I was 13 years old I have been consumed with thoughts of sex, sex , sex and wishing I had a variety of girls who would just "give it up" and want nothing more than to satisfy me.
In the last two days I have had more sex with different partners than my imagination ever allowed me to have, with the exception of imagining a three way.
I had to sl**p but needed to concentrate on something to forget everything else. I needed comfort, I needed satisfaction, I need my s****r. Thoughts of her filled my head as I finally dosed off.....................

I woke the next morning feeling better, much better. I had the typical morning wood and wanted to stroke it but I didn't. After taking a shower and dressing I went to the kitchen. When I walked in Mom was standing at the counter. She had that short robe on and she was on her toes stretching to reach something, causing her robe to ride up.
My cock started to rise up as I looked up and down her legs while noticing the shape of her butt which was just above the bottom out of her robe. I drew in then let out a slow breath while slightly shaking my head side to side and let out a low,
"mmm, mmm, mm".

She looked back and dropped down on her feet, finished what she was doing then went to the table and sat down. I got a drink from the fridge and when I turned around she looked at me,
"Sweetie, we need to talk".
I sat down at the table across from her.
"Look, about lastnight........", she said. She stopped as if searching for words.
"Mom.....", I started to say then she cut me off.
"Listen, what we did was....I...uh, that is you......(she let out a frustrated breath) look, you are a young man with normal "urges" and,, it "happened".
"Are you saying..... "I took advantage of you" ?, I asked.
"Oh god baby NO !........., I felt I took advantage of YOU" !, she said.
"Mom, I..........",I started to respond but stopped due to the sound of a door opening.
"We'll talk about this later", she said in a whisper while giving the back of my hand a few pats.

My s****r had come home. She walked in smiling, full of energy telling us all about the birthday party, they all went swimming, etc. Mom went to get dressed, s*s went to her room and I sat at the table. Mom and s*s came back in the kitchen about the same time. Mom said she was leaving and would be back later this afternoon.

As s*s was standing at the counter I looked at her. She was wearing shorts, (the type most people think are to short yet are the only ones they seem to make for girls), I followed her shapely tanned legs all the way to her full hips and her shorts were tight which defined her generous well sculpted butt. She looked irresistable.
I stood then walked up behind her putting my arms around her waist and pressed into her.
Her ass felt so good against my hardening cock. She leaned back into me and moved her head to one side resting it against my shoulder. Her hair smelled wonderful and she felt wonderful.
Her neck was begging to be kissed so I moved my head down and munched on her neck while tightening my arms around her waist which elicited a lightly audible, "mmmmmmmm" from her as she stretched her head back to expose as much of that kissable neck as possible.
She started breathing harder while I worked on her neck and slipped my hand over the front of her shorts and down to her pussy.

She turned and looked at me, "I missed you", she said.
"I missed you to", I responded.
She reached down and rubbed the lump in my shorts, "I have a naughty idea", she said with a smile.
"What", I said.
She lowered herself down in front of me.
"HERE ! ?, are you crazy", I said.
"Come on, I want us to do something in every room", she said looking up at me.

I lowered my shorts. My cock was hanging low and very heavy. As she sucked me into her mouth it started to rise and expand. She had her mouth stretched around my now fully engorged meat while I had each hand on the counter to steady myself. I leaned my head down and closed my eyes as she slowly worked on my tool with such care and passion, she was making love to my cock with her mouth.
After several minutes of her working on me I needed more, I needed to be in her sweet pussy.
"s*s, I want you", I said. She pulled off of me and looked up.
"I need you in me", she said

She stood up and led me to the living room. She laid on the couch pulling me down with her as we kissed. She opened her legs as I reached down to guide myself in. She grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me into her as I pushed.
I was laying on top of her with one arm around the back of her neck and the other shoved straight down into the cushion trying to keep my weight off of her as I thrusted in and out.
Her breathing picked up and got faster and faster. I was moaning "UHH, UHH, UHH" and picking up the pace as I felt the pressure rising and squeezed my muscles.
Her breaths quickened then she gulped in a fast breath and held it. I felt her stomach tighten then she let out a slight squeal while breathing out an "uhhhhhhhhhh" then my cock was suddenly bathed in hot liquid.
Knowing I had satisfied her I made a few more strokes then held myself deep inside her while easing the grip the muscles had on my cock and let out an, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh", as the first stream shot into her cunt.
I made a few more strokes, held it in and let out a, "mmmmmmmm", then a few more strokes after that and grunted, "UH, UH, UH" as I squeezed what I had left into her.

I held myself off her as much as possible while breathing with relief and exhaustion. I didn't want to move off of her and even if I did she had her arms around my neck, holding me as she breathed.
I looked at down and held her pretty face with my hand leaning down and kissing her deeply, she responded equally. We started kissing, moaning and squeezing each other as my still semi-solid cock started to harden again.
"Oh my god it's getting hard again" she said.
"I just can't help it baby", I said.
"Maybe you need more than ONE to satisfy you", she said.
"ONE what", I asked.
She just smiled at me as I continued to look at her.
"Come on, ONE WHAT", I asked.
"Something I've been thinking about", she said.
"You gonna tell me what it is", I asked.
"NOPE, not yet anyway", she said with a smile.

Thinking we were taking our chances to continue laying on the couch naked holding each other, which enhanced the excitement, we still thought it prudent to get up and put clothes on. I didn't even bother trying to get out of her whatever it was she was talking about before and figured she's just being a tease.
With both of us "satisifed" we watched TV, played video games, and did various individual things around the house.
We were in our indiviual rooms and I was listening to music when my phone beeped a message alert.
"want 2 do it ?", read the message.
"said i'd text U !", I replied.
"later ?", she replied.
"will c", I replied.
"ok", she replied.

I got up and walked down the hall to get something to drink and passing by my s****rs room I noticed her feverishly texting away on her phone. She stopped texting and put the phone down when she noticed me looking.
"Have you seen your sneaky little friend lately", I said.
"Yeah, she was at the party for awhile yesterday", she said.
"Did you mention anything about the "cousin" thing", I said.
"NO, what do we know anyway", she said.
I just nodded my head and started to walk away and she instantly picked up her phone again and started texting when I stopped and looked at her and she dropped her phone down again.
"How close are you and her REALLY", I said.
"What do you mean", she said nerviously.
"Well apparently you two shared a lot and I was wondering anything else you two may have "SHARED"
"I don't know", she said, shrugging her shoulders.
"WHY ?", she said.
"Nothing", I said.
I started to walk away and she was raising her phone up when I stopped again.
"One more thing, I said.
She dropped her phone down.
"WHAAAAT", she said frustratingly
"How long have you been on birth control", I said.
"Since I was 13, WHY !", she said.
"Just wondering, making sure", I said with a smile on my face.
She rolled her eyes, brought her phone up and started texting.

After awhile Mom came home. s*s and I were playing a video game in the living room.

Mom was in the kitchen when she said, "Would you come in here and sit down, there is something serious we need to talk about".
s*s and I went to the table and pulled two chairs around where we could sit side by side and across from her.
Mom was nervious and fidgety and it was obvious she had something really serious on her mind.

"Look this directly concerns you two and....uh....oh god..uh..I have to stop this"...........(she looked up and closed her eyes as if to summon courage then took a deep breath).
s*s and I looked at each other, she had a fearful look in her eyes, she reached over and put her hand on my leg and squeezed.
Mom opened her eyes as she brought her head down looked at us and started again, "There is no easy way to say this but I have to, I just can't deny this anymore.....................

it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 10.

(I'm not altogether sure I'm in the loop on things and I thought I was the one running the show, so to speak. I mean I got it going on for a sex starved teenager and just when I think things will smooth out something comes out of left field and smacks me upside the head.
I'm pretty sure all the sex is going to catch up with me in fact I'm afraid it has.
Mom is to fidgety and nervous, we know we have been found out. I'm scrambling in my head on how I'm going to plea and how I will make my case, our case.
Sure this is mutual but I'm the oldest and I'm the male. Do I just plead guilty and throw myself on her mercy, plead not guilty by reason of hormonal insanity or plead guilty with an excuse.
What's my excuse ?, UH Mom my excuse is I love her !, and her immediate response would be in the typical sarcastic motherly tone, "all b*****rs love their s****rs that doesn't mean they have sex with them, would you have sex with everyone you love ?".
There is no way I can win, there is no defense, we are screwed (no pun intended).
I braced for the absolute inevitable, my s****r was digging her nails into my leg and this time, it hurt).

........................Mom sat in front of us struggling for words when she started again,......"I know you two".....(letting out a big breath) "YOUR FATHER AND I HAVE SEPARATED !", she said. "I know you two can handle this", she said.
I wanted to let out a huge breath in relief but how would that look ?. My s****r loosened her grip on my leg but held on. I looked over at s*s her eyes welled with tears and after a few seconds she let go like a waterfall and started sobbing.

After consoling s*s the three of us talked, we asked our questions and Mom, withholding certain details of course, tried to explain the reasoning behind the separation. She referenced the indifference's, the needed time apart, the possibility of working things out, etc, etc.
It was a lot to take in and s*s took it really hard. It was agreed that she would stay with Moms friend for a couple days and that missing school is understandable given the circumstances.
Mom went to her room and s*s went to her's to pack a couple things.

I went to see s*s in her room and we talked briefly as she packed and when she was done we looked into each others eyes.
"I thought she knew about us", she said.
"Yeah, that's what I thought", I said.
"I'm gonna miss you" she said.
"Me to", I said.
She threw her arms around me and we kissed, a long deep kiss, a kiss that had to last a couple of days. We finally broke our kiss and she turned her head and laid it on my chest with her arms wrapped around me. I had my arms around her with my head resting on her's, smelling her hair and enjoying the feel of her body as my cock began to get hard.
Mom walked to her door, "come on, I'll drop you off", she said.
We pulled away from each other and they left.

I was alone in the house and after holding s*s and smelling her hair I was horny, despite Mom's revelation. I wasn't sure what to do, then it hit me. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone I thought.
I pulled out my phone and typed, "meet up ?", and pressed send.
Within 30 seconds, "on the way", she replied.
I smiled thinking alright, maybe I can get a few answers................ and then some. I walked out the door and headed to our spot in the woods.

She was already there when I showed up.
"You kept me waiting ALL DAY", she said.
"Well I couldn't break away earlier", I said.
"Mmm, I bet", she said
I stood there looking her up and down. I couldn't help it I mean she looked so dam good.
At about 115lbs she was certainly slender and a little taller than most 14 year old girls I knew. She had on those tight jeans which followed the slight curve in her hips as well has her small yet pronounced butt. She had a midriff shirt on exposing her tanned, yet ever so slightly curved, stomach which I followed down as it gently descended into the top of her pants right down to her pussy.
I stood there growing harder, I had an urgent need but I had a few questions first.

"How long has this been going on between you and my Dad", I asked.
"What you saw was it", she said.
"You mean to tell me that was the first time, the only time", I asked
"That's what I'm saying", she said.
"I can't believe that, they split because of you", I said.
"Believe what you want, it wasn't anything I did", she said.
I stood there looking at her thinking she's right, there is something else, something more but WHAT ?.

She walked up slipping her fingers in my waistband and pulled me towards her,
"Did we come here to talk or what", she asked.
I looked at her,
"BOTH", I said as I took off my shirt.
She pulled her shirt off and took mine, turned and bent down to make a place for us. As she was bent over I rubbed my hand over the curve of her tight little ass. Still bent over she turned her head up,
"You gonna just stand there or do you want some of it", she said.
I started taking off my pants as she stood and took her's off. Taking off our pants she turned and bent over to lay them out and I grabbed her hips and pressed my hard on against her ass.
She stood up and turned to me, "
I have something for that", she said pinching a small tube in her fingers.
I pulled my underwear off and she got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I ran my hand over the top of her head and down the back applying slight pressure each time she took me back in.
After a couple minutes she knew I was at peak hardness so she stopped, stood up and pulled her panties off. She squeezed some lube directly onto me and worked it all around. Then she applied some to her finger and reached around working some onto her hole.
"I don't get it back there as much as I would like, just go slow at first, OK !", she said.

She got onto her knee's and bent over supporting herself on her forearms with her head touching the ground. I dropped onto my knee's behind her and lined up. Oh God I wanted her ass so bad. I started breathing hard just from the anticipation, my cock was aching to get inside her puckered little hole.
I was oozing pre-cum as I guided myself closer. Placing my meat at her entrance I pushed in, my squishy head pierced her hole which parted and squeezed my cock as it followed it's contour. My cock felt as it was already fully loaded and ready to shoot as I pushed in.

The thickness of the lube combined with the tightness of her little hole made slight creamy smacking sounds as I continued to penetrate her. I made it in just to the thickest part of my cock when she started breathing heavily.
She had been holding her breath as I made my initial assault. I stopped, allowing her to catch her breath.
As her breathing eased she turned her head slightly and nodded with approval for me to proceed. I started pushing in again and she raised her head as the thickest part of my cock eased through then she breathed out dropping her head as I continued to push in, stopping as I reached maximum depth.
I gripped her slight but firm hips as I eased out to half way then went back in, slowly working in and out of her at first then picking up speed and lengthening my stroke.

I was sawing in and out of her with almost my full length, stopping just before I was all the way out.
I was breathing steadily as she breathed out little, 'uh, uh, uh, sounds.
Already feeling like I could have exploded into her upon my initial entry I was really feeling the pressure now which caused me to speed up and bring on that sweet relief.
I was pounding against her little ass as I bottomed out on each stroke then I began making, "oh, oh, oh, oh, sounds as I feverishly slammed into her.
I felt the cum suddenly racing up my shaft,
"OH, OH, OH, I HAVE TO CUUUUUUUMMMMM !, shouted out. I tried to squeeze closed but my muscles were not responding to my command nor could I stop pumping in and out of her as my cum started to flow, I was powerless to stop it.
I let out a loud, OHHHH, OHHHH, OHHHH, as my cock muscles suddenly and involuntarily kept opening and closing as I was shooting into her while continuing to pump in and out.
Finally willing my cock muscles to close I kept pumping in and out of her and built some pressure then I pushed deep into her ass and released my muscles letting out a last satisfying stream while I breathed out an, "OHHHHHHHHHHH !".
I held myself in until I knew I was done.

I pulled out and sat back catching my breath as she stayed bent over with her head on the ground, her body less tensed as cum dribble out of her hole. After a minute she sat up with her back still to me she took in a breath,
"You like it don't you" as she turned her head back to look at me.
"Dam right I do, as much as I like the other", I said.
"You convinced me", she said. With that we got up and started getting dressed.
As we finished getting dressed she said,
"we'll have to do THAT again".
"And then some", I said, looking right at her.
"Absolutely", she said, nodding her head.
As she turned to walk away she said, "text me".
I looked at her as she walked away and after a few seconds, "Count On It", I replied.

With my sexual need filled (for the time being anyway) my mind was clear to focus on other things. I took my time walking back home and thought about everything that was happening, everything I was doing or thinking about doing.
After about an hour or so I made my way on home. Mom still hadn't made it back yet so I fixed something to eat and watched TV. It was getting late in the evening so I went to take a shower.
Being alone I left the bathroom door slightly opened and had just stepped in the shower when I heard movement, "MOM", I called out.
"Yeah, it's me sweetie", she said.
"Are you OK !", I asked.
"I'm......fine", she said.
"You sure", I said.
There was a bit of silence then,
"Honey I want to talk to you about.....last night", she said.

I was silent, I didn't know what my response should be so I just stood there under the running water and waited for her.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry.....for...what I.... did", she said sobbing.
"MOM, you didn't do anything that...........", I said as she cut me off.
"Honey, your a young..... man and I understand..... the urges can be...overwhelming. I should have.....stopped", she said between sobs.
"I was so sad and lonely..... it felt so holding me,......looking at me. Honey I haven't had anyone look at me like that........ in a long time. It made me feel...... good and needed.......wanted !, she said still sobbing.

I was getting frustrated with her taking the "blame" and talking to me like a stupid k** that didn't know what he was doing or one who couldn't control himself. With me in the shower and not facing her I felt brave in speaking out .

"Mom, I knew what I was doing OK !. I think your a pretty, sexy woman. I wanted to hold you, to feel you, to...........I mean who the hell wouldn't want you. I'M NOT SORRY AND I'D DO IT AGAIN !, I responded in a raised voice.

I stood there thinking, "OH SHIT", seems I can't control my dam mouth. It was dead quiet except for the water running, I continued to stand there thinking, "I'm Toast". Thinking I really "did it now" I began to soap up and finish then I would deal with the aftermath when I was done and got out.
I was wetting my hair when the shower curtain opened. I turned as she entered. She stood before me as I ran my eyes up and down her wonderful tanned body. I noticed she had a dreamy look in her eyes as I took her all in.
She loved the fact that I was practically drooling over her glorious naked body.

She put her arms on my shoulders and walked up to me then stopped when my cock poked into her stomach. She quickly looked down then slowly back up as I was looking back at her with desire. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she descended to her knee's. With neither of us breaking eye contact she took my rock hard shaft in her hand and held it as she slowly brought her mouth close and took me in.
I was taking deep breaths now as we continued to look at each other while she began taking me in and out. As she reached the halfway point of my throbbing cock and increased her suction I rolled my eyes up while leaning my head back and brought my hands to each side of her head.
She starting taking me deeper and deeper until she had me in her throat. She was talented and experienced, she was showing me her appreciation regarding my reverence of her body. She kept throating me and I was surprised that I didn't feel the need to cum already. I was thoroughly enjoying the work she was expertly performing on me.
After several minutes she pulled off of me and stood as I looked at her, now I was the one with the dreamy look in my eyes. Her lips formed a slight but proud smile as we continued to look at each other.

With our eyes locked I reached behind me to turn off the water. I was worried if my eyes left her's at just that moment then a spell would be broken and realizing what happened we would come to our senses and refrain from what was to happen next. I reached and opened the curtain then broke eye contact before we stepped out.
I grabbed a towel and began to dry her off, as she turned around I dried her back then began giving her kisses starting at the back of her neck then across her back then on top of each shoulder all the while running my hands down each side of her body and around her waist.
I brought my hands up to her beautiful soft boobs and squeezed each one while I continued planting kisses on her shoulders as she leaned her head back.
I stopped and she turned around, she wasn't looking at my face, rather she was looking at my chest, "honey, maybe we shouldn't............", she began to say.
I cut her off when I put my fingers under her chin, forcing her head up to look at me. I wanted to look in her eyes to see if she REALLY didn't want to.
Confident, I grabbed her wrist and turned around pulling her with me and led her to my room. I sat on the bed with her wrist in my hand while she stood there. I tugged a little and she turned and sat next to me while looking straight out as if willing her need to stop.
I was intent on continuing so I leaned over and began kissing her shoulder while my arms went around her. I gently f***ed her to lay back.

I turned up the heat when I positioned myself and started to suck and bite her nipples while I reached down ran a hand over her mound. As her breathing picked up she began to let out squeaky little moans that sounded like, "oh, oh, oh, oh", (which may have been no, no, no, no) but I continued to work my way down while kissing her stomach.
Her legs still laid straight out so I began to move them apart as I leaned down to lick at her slit. She wasn't helping yet not resisting as I opened them up enough to allow myself the access I wanted.
I gently lapped at her pussy while her breathing became labored. Her hands where on the top of my head and she was lightly pushing. Knowing I had her sufficiently wet I was ready to be inside her.

As I positioned myself and began to mount her she brought her hands to my chest, pushing with light pressure and kept murmuring, "i'm weak, i'm so weak......i'm so weak.
I reached down and placed my cock at her entrance and pushed in and immediately began to pump. Her breathing picked up more and she pushed on my chest a little harder. With no willpower left she finally succumbed to her desire, her need, and picked her legs up and back,
Her legs now opened fully, plus her words, drove me into a fury. I started stroking deep into her. I was holding myself up with my arms straight down at her sides and her hands were now around my back just under my shoulders and she was dug in. I was going at her in full gallop as I got closer and closer.
I increased my thrusts, slamming into her pelvis each time I bottomed out.
I felt her cum wash over my cock as I pounded into her. I was there but holding it, trying to delay it as long as I could so I could enjoy it and shoot as much as I could and as deep as I could inside her.

"MOM, I CAN'T HOLD IT, UH UH UH, I HAVE TO.......", I said, as she cut me off.
I pulled out and moved up her, as she picked up her head I guided my cock to her mouth. As she opened her mouth to take me I let go,
"OHHHHHHH", I screamed out, just as the first stream shot into her mouth.
She wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking hard as I threw my head back and let out another,
"AHHHHHH MOMMA, EAT MY CUM", as I blasted into her sucking mouth.
I leaned my head down concentrating and holding as she sucked more and I let out a final,
"OHHH, OHHH, OHHH", as I squeezed the last of it.
Out of breath I stayed there on one knee leaning over her holding myself up with one arm while holding my cock with the other as she had her lips wrapped tight around my cock, sucking every last drop she could get.

Finally spent I pulled out and fell beside her.
She laid on her back, "MMMMM baby, you taste goooood !", she said, as I could hear her slightly lick and smack her lips.
I don't know why but this time I didn't mind that we were touching in fact I felt I needed to, heck I wanted to touch her, touch and feel her more.
I rolled on my side towards her as she rolled putting her back to me.
I snuggled up behind her putting an arm over her and pulling her back to me while planting soft kisses on her back. This was my appreciation of her and for her.
I wasn't sure if this was a portent as we laid in that position and fell asl**p. As I was drifting off I hoped after sl**p wouldn't come regret.

There was none from me however, you never know what the other person is thinking, will think or will do.........................................

it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 11.

(WOW. I really have a situation now. It started by having sex with my s****r. Now Dad and Mom have split and I'm having sex with her. I have my girlfriend then of course I have my little "hook up's" with the girl who is not only my s****rs friend but presumably our "cousin".
I'm really stretching it so perhaps I should consider thinning the herd a bit or if nothing else perhaps I need to take a break !.
Sure I'm thinking I need a break at this moment as I lay here feeling completely spent after our session.
Perhaps I will feel different in the morning after all, I'm young and I can rejuvenate quickly. I also think differently when I "need relief".
It's amazing what you can do, let alone what you can justify, when your "under pressure", so to speak).

I woke up just as I fell asl**p, snuggled up to her back with my arm d****d over her. I don't think either of us moved an inch, except for my cock, which has a mind of it's own. As usual it was rock hard and now and it was wedged between the bed and her butt. Now that I was awake I was uncomfortable with it like that so I eased back and it sprang up. I scooted towards her and my cock poked at her butt.
I pushed into her crack as it slid down and nestled in.

She moaned then moved her hips forward slightly. She reached back and grabbed my cock, stroking it just a little.

"Oh honey lets take care of that", she said. She rolled over then scooted down and took me into her mouth.
I laid there and moaned out a soothing, "OHHHHHH", and as she worked I put a hand on the top of her head pushing. I
I wanted to cum and I wanted to be as deep in her mouth (or pussy) as I could but just as long I was was relieved.
I rolled onto my back then after a minute she pulled off and straddled me.
She raised up and guided me to her pussy then sat back, impaling herself on my shaft.

My hands went to her butt and I pushed as she rode me up and down.
"OH BABY YOU ARE SO HARD", she said. I was almost wheezing from the stimulation as her soft inner folds encased my throbbing cock.
I was pushing her up as far as possible, wanting to feel her with every inch of my rock hard shaft plus I was getting close already. Close hell, I was there.
"UH, UH, UH, UH", I moaned loudly as I pushed, begging her to pick up the pace.
"MOM, I'M GONNA CUUUUUUMMMMM............, OHHHHHHHHH", I shouted, as I began to shoot into her.
She sat back with me still in her and squeezed as she extracted the remainder from me.

When it was done I let out a final, "uhhhhhhh", oh that felt good, I really needed that", I said.
"Well I know how young men are in the morning, it's nice to get a little relief first thing, makes for a great start to the day", she said
She pulled off and stood up,"You need to get ready for school and I have to go to work", she said.
Thinking I may get out of it for a few days I thought it better not to argue so I got up and headed for the shower. Afterwords I dressed and headed out the door as I heard her in her room showering and getting ready.

Trying to stay focused in school was tough, it was almost impossible. I was consumed with thoughts of, well you know "the usual", plus I was trying to prognosticate. With things in constant flux it was pointless to even try and predict what could happen next. It wasn't as much as trying to predict but where I was steering this, where did I want this to go, what future did I want, what future was I making, etc ?.

In between classes I ran into my girlfriend. She kissed me then pulled back looking at me, "mmm, I need you", she said. I closed my eyes trying to stay out of sex mode. Like I needed this stimulation, said my inner voice sarcastically.
"It's been crazy, I know we haven't had a chance to talk and....."stuff", I said.
"I know, sorry about your parents" (the bell rang) "gotta go, she said as she ran down the hall.

I stood there looking at her run with her ass jiggling slightly while I was thinking, "mmm, I have to get me some of that", then it hit me, "how the hell did she know about my parents, we haven't talked ?".
I opened my mouth to ask then thought there isn't enough time.
I finished out the school day while thinking about my girlfriend.............or girlfriends, I thought, as I laughed inside.
After running into her earlier, with her being suggestive and all, plus all the nice pretty things walking around school all day and my own thoughts and needs, I was as stimulated as I could get right now.
School was done, FINALLY !. I walked looking for my girlfriend figuring she would be in the parking lot. I pulled out my phone and texted, "where u", then pushed send.
After a couple minutes my phone beeped.
"had 2 go c u later !", she replied.

FUCK !, I said on the inside. I was horny but now I'm pissed. I wanted to text a reply but didn't, I just began to walk.
I wasn't in the best of moods now. All I could think was "Dam that bitch".
I walked as if on automatic, not even cognizant of where I was being consumed with extracting some revenge and all. I walked along, eyes to the ground thinking next time I'll just "hate fuck" her.

A voice broke my concentration, "Hey mister", she said.
I stopped, picked my head up closed my eyes and drew in a breath. No longer horny but in pissed off mode I opened my eyes as I breathed out then turned and my mood immediately softened.
She was wearing shorts and a spagetti strap top, both of which displayed her tanned and lean slender body.
"You seem a little stressed, maybe I can help", she said as she raised her eyebrows.
I stood there for a few seconds without reply.
"Yeah, maybe you can", I said, nodding my head.
I walked towards her then she turned and walked as I followed. As I admired the view before me it didn't take long to get back into horny mode, I was getting stiffer as we walked. I wanted EVERYTHING she had.
As we rounded the dense foliage that provided the privacy for "our spot" I saw a blanket on the ground. She was already prepared I thought as she stopped and turned to me. She got up close and said, "we have plans for you".
I caught movement from the corner of my eye as she grabbed my wrists and started walking backwards, pulling me with her.
My immediate thought was "shit, this is a trap of some kind". I stood there aprehensive but my tension eased after I looked from one to the other as they both smiled.
As I was letting myself be pulled down to the blanket by this slender little seductress, "your quite the stud muffin", I heard from behind me. Then I was descended upon. I thought "this can't be happening, please let this is be happening".
I willfully complied as I was being stripped naked.

My cock was being engulfed by one as the other planted her pussy onto my face. I lapped at that cunt like a dog while running my hands up and squeezing those soft titties.
I was busy with my dick being sucked while I had a dripping cunt mashed down on my face then after a few minutes of licking, she began moaning, "oh, oh, oh.
She reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling my face in deeper as she began rocking her hips and moaning, mmmmmmmmm, then she caught a breath and let out a, "UHHHHHHHHHHH !" as I was rewarded with a drenching bath of hot jizz.

I laid there with jizz coating my face and dripping off my chin as she rocked on my mouth and finished squirting while I felt the other one with her sweet little mouth pull off my cock.
Being done, she let go of my hair got up and pivoted around to straddle me. She raised up and fully grabbed my cock with her hand. Sufficiently wet she plunged down taking me all the way in. She leaned forward placing her hands on the ground and rocked on me taking as much of my cock as she could while I had my hands pushing on her ass.

As I laid there being fucked I looked to my side as the other girl pulled her shorts and spagetti strap shirt off. I eyed her lean slender body while she looked down at me smiling.
"You enjoying this mister", she said.
"OH YEAH", I said.
She stepped over me and lowered to her knees, her little cunt hovering just above me.
"Now it's my turn", she said.

She lowered herself to my mouth and I started licking. I moved my hands and now had them running up her back and around the front to rub across her tits. She kept herself off of me as I teased her little cunt lips while alternately flicking my tongue across her clit.
I was in bliss having my first threesome.

Looking up at her she had her head level, eyes lightly closed and mouth slightly open taking in shallow breaths.
I licked at her sweet little pussy for several minutes and continued to run my hands up and down her slender body as she slowly leaned her head back while her breathing stayed steady, she was getting close.
Sensing that my light teasing of her lips and clit was what she wanted I didn't increase rather I stayed steady with what I was doing.
I was close myself, the pressure was built up inside my shaft but I had complete control and kept myself closed tight as I saivored the feel of my cock pistonning in and out.

I looked up again as I licked, her head was all the way back now, she had her hands on her legs and her breathing picked up. She never made a sound she only started taking quick breaths as it built up in her.
She took in a last breath and held it. I raised my head up and placed my open mouth over her mound and licked her slit as she let out a slow breath.
Instead of a gush her sweet juice dripped into my mouth. I pulled my head back and licked her entire slit trying to get as much as I could.
I rolled my eyes back and loosened up and let out, "UHHHHHHHHH", as a stream of cum shot from my peehole. She kept rocking on me as I squeezed closed then let loose and and moaned, "AHHHHHHHH", as another streamed of sticky cum coated the inside of the cunt my cock was in.
With a final, OHHHHHHHH, BABY !", I let loose what I had left.
She slowed then stopped rocking on me as I finished licking the pussy that was above my face. She pulled off of my cock breathing and turned around and took my slowly deflating cock in her mouth. I was soaked down there, a mixture of juice and cum dripping off my balls as she worked to clean me off.

Before she pulled her pussy from over my face she looked down at me, gave the side of my face a few pats with her hand and said, "your good".
Then she stood up and started to get dressed while I was still having my balls and cock sucked and licked clean by the other.
My s****rs friend finnished dressing then look down at me, winked and mouthed a silent "later" then turned and walked off.

I didn't figure this happening. I laid there in amazement while remembering my thoughts from this morning about predictions, what can happen, what I want to happen, where am I going with this and how to steer things, etc.
STEER !, hell I'm not sure if I'm doing any driving. I don't know where it's going but I sure like the ride, so far.

I sat up and looked down while shaking my head side to side. With a smile on my face I finally looked up at her,
"You are SO naughty", I said.
"I KNEW you were able to handle it", she said grinning back at me.
"You know I have a ton of questions", I said.
"I know you do", she said.
"OK, tell me about you two girls", I said.

She just looked at me, keeping me in suspense......................................

it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 12.

I couldn't believe it. I have dreamed about it and fantasized about countless scenarios but did I ever think I would have sex with two girls at the same time.
It was easy to imagine my s****rs friend being into it but my girlfriend ??. I thought my s****r may have been cooking up something like this, hell I was hoping she was, but what just happened took me by complete surprise.
I sat there after having my first three way with my s****rs little friend and my girlfriend.
My girlfriend just smiled at me, keeping me in suspense regarding my question which was "how in the hell did those two even know each other".
I couldn't have imagined my girlfriend being a participant in a three way with me. We got dressed then sat back down on the blanket and talked.

Turns out that my girlfriends b*****r knows my s****rs friends b*****r and thats who's house she stopped at when her and I were on our way to go swimming the other day.
She explained to me that her and the girl have been talking and they kind of just "hit it off". She said she found the girl to be quite provocative for her age and when the subject of sex came up she said they found they shared similar interests. I wondered what else they shared ?.
She also explained that when her and I stopped at that house to drop something off for her b*****r the other day is when the girl saw me in the car and they put it all together as to who knew who and things took off from there. She also heard through the girl that that my parents had split. That made me wonder what all my girlfriend did know, what else had she been told ?.
Looking at my girlfriend I nervously asked, "so what is it exactly you heard that you think I'm a "stud muffin", as you put it".
"I know about you and her, duh", she said.
I dropped my eyes to the ground with some relief that her and the girl didn't share EVERYTHING. As she started to speak I looked back to her.
"She told me all kinds of things, like how much you enjoy getting a girl in the ass, she said you were aggressive which I certainly knew and we both like that but also figured you needed some in return", she said. I just smiled and rolled my eyes.
I know about you and your s****r", she said.
I looked at her wide eyed, not knowing what to expect. She just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders like "no big deal".
"Its' nothing a lot of us haven't done or experimented with", she said.
I looked at her just nodding my head while thinking is she making some kind of confession with that statement ?.
"I figured if you had that much action going on, that I know about, then you could certainly handle the two of us at the same time", she said.
She mentioned that she liked what happened but did still want one on one time with me.
We finished talking, she offered me a ride home but I declined. I started walking home and thinking about our conversation and all the revelations.
I pulled my phone out and texted s*s to check up on her. We texted how much we missed each other plus that she would be back home tomorrow and she emphasized the need for her and I to "spend some time together", which I certainly agreed.
I've been having plenty of sex but I needed something that only she could give me, that we could give each other. We needed to make love. I started growing hard.

By the time I got home Mom was there and in the kitchen, busy at the counter. She had just arrived a few minutes before I did and hadn't even changed from her work clothes. She had been recently promoted at work and had to wear more business type attire.
She had on an outfit I haven't seen before. She stood before me in a black business dress, which conformed to her shape and accentuated her waist and hips. The low cut shirt certainly didn't help hide her ample breasts plus the blazer she had on conformed to her waist and upper body. She had on high heels, her dark hair was pulled back and fastened and she wore a pair of black rimmed glasses.
I just stood there looking her up and down.
"So what do you think", she asked, as she held her arms out and spun around.
"Oh Mom, you look so HOT !".
She frowned and rolled her eyes up, "Typical guy", she said, as she turned back to the counter to continue what she was doing.
"Don't BS me, thats the reaction you shoot for by wearing an outfit like that", I said.
She turned her head slightly and had a smile on her face.
I walked up behind her pressing my groin against her ass while running my hands around her waist. She smacked my hand.
"Go get a shower you are sweaty and smelly. I'm going to change and finish supper", she said.
I walked away thinking, if she only knew how I got sweaty and smelly. I was laughing inside as I headed to the bathroom.

The rest of the evening was typical. We ate, she did some work, I surfed the internet, we watched TV, etc, until it was time for bed. I was anticipating "getting some" but I couldn't interpret her level of interest and resigned myself to let her be the lead.
She turned off the TV and got up and started to head towards her room.
Thinking it's not going to happen tonight I got up to head to my room up.
I got about two steps when she said, "Honey, you want to stay in here tonight". I turned and she was standing at her door looking at me.
"Sure, I'll be right there", I said. I didn't have anything I needed to do but I headed to my room to give her a few minute plus I didn't want to look assumtive.
I walked back to her room and I heard her busy in her bathroom. I undressed and got under the covers. She walked out with a very sexy nightie on and stood there while I took her in.
"You like", she said.
I just laid there still taking her in as she crawled up on the bed straddling my feet, reached up and pulled my cover down. My cock sprang up as the cover was pulled over it.
She looked down at my cock slightly rocking back and forth then she looked up and our eyes met, "Yeah, I think you like", she said. Pulling her nightie off over her head and tossing it to the floor she crawled higher, turned around and positioned herself for a 69.

She took my meat deep into her mouth as I pulled her cunt to my face. I reached out to tease her with my tongue and gave her little flicks up and down her slit. She started taking me in deeper then pulled me back out, sucked hard on my head then plunging back down throating me. She then begun to flex her hips in the typical fuck motion.
I started fully licking her cunt from top to bottom and she pulled off of my cock and let out an, "OHHHHHHH !, MMMMMMMM, UHHHHHH !", then it was like she stopped breathing then with an, "AHHHHHHHHH !", she flooded my face as I continued to lap at her drenched cunt.

I scooted from under her and positioned myself behind her, placing my hardened tool at her sopping wet gash.
I pushed into her and kept going until I bottomed out. I stopped to enjoy the feel of being deep in her with her cunt gripping my cock. I grabbed her hips and started pumping in and out of her. I thought I was doing just fine when she raised her head and started fucking back at me and rocking her hips. I
n a desperate voice she said, "FUCK ME, I JUST NEED YOU TO FUCK ME".
I immediately dug my fingers in, picked up the pace and started slamming into her, HARD. I was fucking her with all I had and which caused her to shudder then start moaning,
"OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OHHHHHH, OH BABY YOUR FUCKING ME !", then I felt her get wetter as she came again.
I had different intentions so with my mind on other things I didn't feel the need to cum, YET. While I fucked her I rubbed my thumb over her anus then inserted a finger. I could tell she had plenty back there in the day and I was aching to have my cock in her ass.
I slowed the beating I was giving her pussy with the intent on making the transition to get my cock in her puckered brown hole.
I was pumping my finger in and out of her ass while I fucked her pussy. I felt things were ready plus I was breathing hard from the anticipation of what was to come.
I stopped and pulled my cock out of her soaked cunt and placed it at her asshole.
"OH BABY, I WONDERED IF YOU WERE EVER GOING TO DO THIS", she said. She remained bent all the way over and had her head on the bed.
I stayed on one knee and planted my other foot beside her then raised up as high as I could to line up then push into her, she had no problem taking my girth as I pushed to the fattest part of my cock then I stopped.
"DO IT", she said. With that I pushed in to my entire length. I pulled back to start pumping her when she said, "GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME BABY".
I got off my one knee and planted my feet beside her in the squat position. I moved my hands up to grasp her waist and I started fucking deep into her butt. I was taking FULL strokes and was in instant heaven.
She kept moaning, "UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, as I fucked in and out of her hole.
After a minute I felt it rise within me and I started fucking her harder and faster. Without additional lube things were beginning to dry out.

I was close, there was no stopping me. I pounded away wanting nothing more than to shoot deep inside her.
"HONEY, YOU NEED TO FINISH UP", she said with a strained voice.
"I"M GONNA DO IT MOM, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH", I moaned out. I concentrated on shooting and my legs were burning as I pounded a little harder to bring it on.
"HURRY BABY, HURRY IT UP", she screamed out.
"I HAVE TO CUM, OH MOM I"M CUMMING, UH, UH, UH, UH, OHHHHHHHHH, I moaned out as I thrust deep and held it as I blasted thick sticky goo into her.
I continued to hold it in as another equally powerful blast shot deep into her guts. I continued to hold it in as I squeezed a few more squirts into her before pulling out and sitting back.
She slid forward and laid out with her arms stretched out to each side. I finally fell back breathing and stretched my legs out to help dispel the burning in my calves.
After several minutes we recuperated and got under the covers. She talked about how she had the need but hadn't had sex like this in a long time and how much she enjoyed what I did for her and to her. After a while we drifted off to sl**p.
When we woke up in the morning she got on top and took care of my morning wood before we had to get ready for school and work.

I knew this was going to be another tough day trying to concentrate on school, s*s was coming home today. Between the time school got out and Mom made it from work s*s and I only had an hour and a half or so, and of course we could sneak some in tonight when Mom slept.
With school finally done I walked home .
Upon walking in it appeared I was the only one home, I wonder where s*s is I thought.
I went to my room and when I walked in the door shut behind me, I turned to see s*s standing there naked. She has certainly been spending time naked in the tanning bed I thought, not a tan line anywhere
She walked up and threw her arms around my neck as I ran my hands down her sides the let them drift over the curve of her butt and I squeezed her cheeks as we kissed.

"I've been about to explode, I've missed you so much", she said.
I pulled a hand around and ran it over her pussy while leaning my head down to kiss her neck and top of her shoulder.
She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, "make love to me".
I pulled back and began to undo my pants as she unbuttoned my shirt.
She was helping me, rushing me to undress.
We stood before each other naked then we got on the bed and while she was on her knees I got up behind her and reached around to massage her titties while I kissed her neck and back. She was leaning back against me with her head leaned to the side reaching her arms behind her to grab my waist and pull me closer.
I continued kissing her back then started to run my hand up and down her wonderful body. As I reached her pussy and ran a finger along her slit, she took in a breath. She was wet and the sensation of my finger touching her clit sent shivers up her back. She was ready so I stopped and leaned back.

She turned and began to lay down. I followed her down and positioned myself on top of her. I reached down and worked my cock up and down her cunt then stopped at her entrance and pushed in. With me on my forearms we locked fingers and stared into each others eyes as I started to work in and out of her.
This felt so good to me, to have her body touching mine, to be in her, I just wanted to melt. My eyes explored hers and as the intensity of our lovemaking picked up we began kissing, deep soft kisses as I continued a steady rhythm in and out of her. I was fully enjoying the feel of being inside my sweet little s****r.
We closed our eyes and pulled our hands apart. She put her arms around me than ran her hands down to my lower back and began pulling me into her.
I've been wanting her, needing her for days and I wanted to hold off but the passion, the feel of her body and the action of her cunt made it impossible. I tried to get it off my mind but the need to cum was quickly overpowering my want to delay.

We stopped kissing and I sped up just a little to bring on the inevitable. She moved her hands to my shoulders and began to gently dig her nails in. My back straightened as my thrusts picked up even more. Cum fill my shaft but I held it as the pressure built. Her hot juice flooded my cock just as I was near the point of release.
"Cum in me", she said softly.
That was it for me, I let loose and began to spray inside her.
"I LOVE YOU", I said, as the first spurt left my cock.
I pumped in and out as I continued to spray inside her until I was spent. When I was done we began to hug, kiss and lay there wrapped in each others arms as we confessed our undying love for each other.
Enjoying the feel of each others body we took note that 40 minutes had passed and that we didn't have long before Mom would be home.
The passion began to pick up again as we continued to hold each other and started to kiss.
She pulled her head away and with a smile,
"I know what you like, I know what you want", she said.
I ran my hand down to her nice plump butt and caressed it as we looked at each other.
"It's like your reading my mind", I said.

We broke our hold, she rolled out of bed and said, "be right back".
She went to her room and was back in an instant with some lube in her hand.
She got on the bed and knelt facing me and worked some lube onto my cock. She worked her hand up and down my shaft, it felt so good.
"MMMM", I moaned, as she continued to work me until she knew it was rock hard.
She turned her back to me and straddled me. She moved up as high as she could as I had one hand on her butt pushing her up higher and the other hand on my cock to line up and she eased down onto me. She was tight and hasn't had it much back there so I held my cock steady as she lowered herself down.
As the head of my cock was being flattened by the pressure she applied I watched as her hole began to stretch and I pushed up and entered her and let out an, "ohhhhhhh". The feel of her anus snapped tight around my cock was intense.

I placed each hand on her hips as she began to ease herself down. She started rocking and I didn't try to f***e any more into her I just let her get used to it. After a few little strokes I was ready for more and was about to increase my grip and pull her in as I pushed up but she suddenly sat more upright, which helped the alignment, and taking a breath she lowered herself down more. She took me in past the thickest part of my cock and continued to work herself up and down.
I was breathing very hard now from the feel of her incredibly tight hole squeezing my cock. She continued to work and was taking me in deeper and deeper with every descent.
I was pushing against her butt to get her up as high as possible then letting her come down on me then I pushed my hips up as she came back down and my cock was buried in her ass.

To be deep inside my s****rs plump ass as she worked herself up and down my shaft was more than I could take. She wanted me as deep in her as much as I wanted it. She was driving me wild the way she was riding me and when I couldn't stand it anymore, I tensed up and, "UH, UH, UH, I HAVE TO CUUUUUUM", I shouted.
I pulled her hips and thrust myself up into her as I let go. It felt like I shot a continuous stream that slowly lost pressure and when it quit I gave my cock a few squeezes with my muscles then she tightened up and slowly pulled off of me.
I laid there catching my breath as she got on her side next to me and started running her hand over my chest and giving me little kisses on my shoulder.
She laid there looking at me, finally caught up I turned my head to face her, "that was incredible", I said.
"There's going to be more of this, a lot more, I LOVE YOU" she said.
"I LOVE YOU TO", I said.

She got up and went to the bathroom and I figured I better get up and clean up a bit before Mom got home. As I waited for s*s to get out of the bathroom I started to wonder how all this was going to work out. Mom and I had our sessions when nobody was around but how is that going to work now that all three of us are home. Will Mom want to sneak in some late at night and what about s*s and I.
I never even thought about the logistics of it all until this moment. I wondered about the implications of not only Mom finding out but what would s*s think, what would she do, what would I do.
I just laid there thinking how is this going to work................

it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 13.

(What was a boy to do, what am I going to do ?. I was so consumed with sex well, young lust for the most part that I have created a situation ripe for disaster. You know the saying: "don't shit where you eat". I feel I've done just that and my only hope is that my shit will be like fertilizer and something beautiful will grow from it.
One one hand it's not like Mom and I have talked and worked out "the details" of how, when, where or even IF we would continue our rendezvous. s*s wouldn't expect a different late night routine so maybe things would work out ?.
This kept going through my mind during and after s*s and I cleaned up from our last session).

Mom arrived home and the three of us performed the usual routine of dinner, which Mom seemed to be unusually quiet while we ate. Afterwords we all went to the living room and watched some TV.
Being a horny teenager I couldn't help but eye the two females around me.
Mom kept on her business dress, complete with high heels and glasses, which was driving me crazy.
s*s wore her typical jogging shorts and a tank top, looking so delicious.
I thought who wouldn't want a couple of hot females under the same roof. I let my previous worries slip away and fantasized about these two who I loved the most and having one then the other or even...................!, I shook my head and thought "not likely".
It was a nice thought and it would be so HOT !, I was getting myself worked up.
As we sat watching TV I looked at Mom who was still quiet and contemplative. She finally got up and went to her room to shower and change which would give s*s and I an opportunity to talk.
I was about ready to speak when her phone beeped and she started texting, I just sat back watching TV until s*s finished and I was getting ready to speak when Mom came out of her room.
There she stood freshly scrubbed, her long dark hair glistened with moisture and she had that short robe on. I looked over at s*s who was on the couch, already scantily dressed she had her knees up to her chest and feet planted apart, which drew my eyes right to her crotch.
I looked back to Mom as she walked to the couch and sat down, her robe riding up showing plenty of leg. She just sat there looking pensive.

I couldn't take it anymore as my earlier thoughts about each of them, combined with their attire and posture, was causing my cock to rise.
Being a teen I was used to the frustration of observing some eye candy while conjuring up sexual scenarios then go pound one out.
I jumped up and, "I'll see you two later", I said.
Neither of them said a word as I headed out the door.

I walked as my girlfriend and I texted back and forth for a little bit then wrote she was busy with "f****y stuff" and she had to go and we would get together soon. After her and I finished texting I started to put the phone in my pocket then pulled it out to send a message to my s****rs friend and typed:
"want 2 meet up ?" and pressed send.
The anticipation of getting a quickie with my s****rs friend didn't help my condition, then my phone beeped:
"cant", she replied.
That answer actually helped soften my raging hard on.
"2 bad", I wrote.
"tell me bout it", she replied.
"another time", I wrote.
She replied with a string of smiley face emoticons.

I just kicked around a bit more then went back home. When I walked in I heard Mom and s*s talking in the living room, I turned heading towards my room when Mom said,
"Could you come in here".
I walked into the living room thinking, "oh boy, what is it". I sat in the chair across from the couch where Mom and s*s were sitting.
Mom had a different demeanor now, she seemed "pleasant", I glanced at s*s who also had a pleasant look on her face. Seeing their faces and manner put me at ease. I wasn't currently in the mood to speak, let alone listen but I resigned myself to sit there and get through whatever this was.
Mom seemed almost thrilled to talk as she looked at me and began to speak.
"Prior and recent...uhhh, happenings have created certain....mmm, challenges for us. While this still brings ....uhhh, implications for the near future, things are what they are and they can be dealt with", she said.
I sat there thinking "why is she dragging out whatever it is, just spit it out and lets go on". My eyes were focused on the couch and not on either of them but I noticed Mom and s*s look at each other then Mom looked back in my direction.

"Honey, it was decided that we should share", she said.
I looked up at her with a blank stare,
"uh huh", I said as I continued to look at her while waiting for clarity.
I glanced at s*s who had a smile on her face then she rolled her eyes, looked at me,
"She knows.....WE KNOW !", she said.
The bl**d felt like it drained from my body and I went numb. My eyes darted from Mom to s*s and in between.
I searched for a sign that what I heard and was thinking was actually something entirely different, something I haven't caught on to yet.
Mom spoke up,
"Honey it's OK", she said.
I looked at s*s who just nodded her head at me, she glanced at Mom then got up and walked to her room. I turned my head to follow her as she passed by me.
Looking back to Mom,
"it's time for bed", she said and cocked her head towards the bedroom door.

I sat there for a minute before walking into her room. I was still in disbelief as I walked into the bedroom. Mom was coming out of her bathroom with something in her hand,
"come here, there is something you need to know", she said.
She showed me a pregnancy test, my eyebrows raised,
"s*s" ?, I asked with raised eyebrows. She shook her head and my mouth dropped open.
"You mean, YOU", I asked.
She nodded, "That's right, daddy !", she said.
"Are you sure that it wasn't....., I started to ask then she cut me off.
"He had a vasectomy long ago, so long that I forgot about the possibility of even getting pregnant", she said.
I didn't know what to do or say but along with my expanding disbelief came a certain stirring inside, this was kind of HOT !.

"Honey, I've known about you and your s****r for quite some time and she's the love of your life, isn't she?", she asked.
"YES", I said.
"And with what happened between us you love me to, don't you sweetie", she asked.
"VERY MUCH", I said.
She looked down and smiled while lightly shaking her head side to side, then in a soft tone like she was talking to herself,
"the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree", she said.
"How's that", I asked.
"I guess I expected you would follow in your fathers footsteps, maybe its genetic", she said.

All kinds of scenarios were running through my head at that point. What exactly did she mean, what was she referring to and is it even in context to anything I'm thinking.
"Mom, what are you talking about", I asked.
"I figured you and your s****r to fall for each other, that's what happened with your father............ and me", she said.
My eyes went wide, did she say what I thought she said, is she saying what I think she's saying.

You mean you and Dad are......b*****r AND s****r ?", I asked as Mom nodded her head yes.
I stepped back and sat on the bed, my head was spinning yet, oddly I thought, I was also filled with desire and some pride. I mean Mom was still young at 33 yrs old so having a baby at her age was fine.
She sat down next to me, her robe riding up exposing her smooth legs caused a natural reaction in me, I was getting hard.
"Lets lay down and relax, I know this is a lot to take in", she said.
Se got up and switched off the light as I stood up to undress. I looked on the other side of the bed as she stood and took off her robe while silhouetted in front of the window. Seeing her profile made me even harder.

We crawled in bed and she scooted closer to me and reached out, brushing my cock with her hand.
"MMMM baby, just like your father, nothing can keep you "down", she said while squeezing my boner. With that she lowered her head down and positioned herself.
"This will relax you and help you sl**p", she said, as she took me into her warm wet mouth.
She began to gently take me in and out.
I place my hands on each side of her head and let out a barely audible, "ohhhhhh mommaaaaa".
She was soothing my aching cock, gliding her tongue along the bottom of my shaft, teasing my head with the tip of her tongue then sucking me back in which cause me to loudly moan, "
She worked harder with every moan and grunt I was making. With many years of practice she enjoyed the appreciation she received for her talent.
It was feeling really good and the pressure was rising, I knew my cock was swelling in her mouth but I had control and was intent on enjoying this.
She really knew what to do and I could of taken it longer than she was able to give. Appreciating the the work she was doing and my pressure building caused me to moan,
I was holding off but she was getting tired.
She started to tease my balls with her fingers and as my breathing picked up she pulled back and began to suck hard on my head while working her tongue on my frenulum.
My body tensed up so quick from the sensation I thought I would spring up and off the bed. My hands dropped from her head and what was in once in my control was now in hers.
The pressure instantly built like a wave behind the column of cum that already filled my shaft,
"I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING", AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !", I shouted, as an eruption of boiling hot liquid shot into her mouth.
The pressure was greater than I thought, as I blasted it almost hurt yet the relief was oh so good.
"OH MY GOD, UHHHHHHH", I said, as another blast of molten lava sprayed in her mouth.
She continued to suck and tease as I clamped down then,
"OHHHHHHH BABY", I said, as released yet another spray of white hot cum searing the inside of her mouth.

She finished swallowing the loads I shot into her mouth, made sure I was clean then laid down turning her back to me and I scooted up behind her, reaching an arm around and squeezing one of her boobs and nestled in for the night.
"Sweetie, in the morning when you wake up with your usual "condition" your s****r is going to take care of you, OK", she said.

Yeah I thought, the fertilizer I laid has started something beautiful to grow.................................

it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 14. The Final Part.

(So what am I to make of the revelations from Mom last night. She is pregnant with my c***d plus her and s*s intend to share me then on top of that my Mom and Dad are really b*****r and s****r !.
I know growing up we never had much contact with f****y or even ever heard Mom and Dad talk about f****y that much other than occasionally hearing bits and pieces of them quietly conversing with each other.
All s*s and I knew was that any f****y we had were on the west coast and with us being on the east coast visits never happened, nor did phone calls ?. Yeah, seemed strange to s*s and I. It was like we were isolated but over the years we just accepted that our f****y wasn't that tightnit or close and we had grown accustomed to things as they have been).

I woke up with Mom facing me. She looked so pretty laying there, especially knowing she was pregnant with my c***d. I moved a little and she opened her eyes and smiled, "sl**p good", she asked.
"Uh Huh", I said.
It was still to early to get up so I asked her about how it came to be with her and Dad.
She explained that they were the only c***dren and living in a rural part of California there wasn't much to do in the summer.
They either stayed around the house or would play in the woods and climb hills. There was a small lake nearby where they fished, skipped stones or played in the water. Since it wasn't far from the house her b*****r (my Dad) was allowed to camp out in a small tent there.
She pitched a fit and begged to go camp out and her b*****r reluctantly agreed.
Mom was the youngest of the two. They were 11 and 12 yrs old when this started happening. She said the first time she was allowed to go camping was the first time she ever saw a penis.
Some settings are just conducive for "things to happen" and it felt like a boy and girl alone together it was just "natural" or it was "supposed" to be this way. It was as if these situations were meant for exploration and to satisfy ones curiosities.
She said they were in the tent and he had to pee and when he got up she saw his shorts were "pushed out".

When he came back in she asked why it was like that and if she could see it.
He laid back and pulled his shorts down and of course she wanted to touch it and was amazed at how it started to grow again.
They began to explore what each other had and that Dad wanted her to let him put it in her mouth. She wouldn't do it but she liked feeling his penis and she liked it when he touched her.
She said it wasn't like either of them hadn't inadvertently walked in on their Mom and Dad when they were "doing it" and of course what they had heard around from friends or on TV they each knew the fundamentals.
She really liked him rubbing her pussy but he was getting agitated playing around and his penis was really hard and it hurt.
He begged her to put it in her mouth but told him they could try what they had seen their mom and dad do.
She got on her knees and he got behind her. She was kind of wet and when he he tried to put it in it hurt a little but it also felt good.

They worked at it and he "got in" a little and it felt really good until he reached a certain point. Everytime he tried she said it hurt her to much. She said he didn't break her that night but they continued to do it and he suddenly squirted into her which made it very slippery and after that his penis didn't hurt anymore.
She explained things were different from that point, they discovered something new, fun and very exciting. So they found out what they could and began to explore further and would sneak into one or the others room at night and this is when she sucked his dick and he licked her pussy.
She said as good as that felt along with what little bit he was able to get inside her then if he got it all in her then it should feel even better.
So with information they were able to obtain they planned another camping trip, prepared with some vasolene and towels to clean up. She remembered he was so excited when she got into position and globbed vasolene on his penis and they began to "do it".
After some in and out action she was ready and on her command he shoved it in and she screamed from the pain and begged him, "take it out, take it out, take it out", He told her he couldn't stop and just kept going.
She said the pain gradually drifted to soreness as they "did it" and the feeling she anticipated deep inside happened and it felt good.
He got to a point he was pounding her like a jackhammer she said. He went faster and harder until he moaned and she felt him squirting inside her.
She also said he held and caressed her afterwords and was sorry that he hurt her but that he just couldn't stop.
After that things changed for both of them, they loved each other anyway and liked what they were doing and things took off from there.

"Interesting story", I said.
She reached down and felt how hard I was.
"Yeah I see that, go see your s****r", she said.
I rolled out of bed and strode out of her room and across the living room with a great big hard on leading the way. I walked into my s****rs room, my cock was so stiff it could penetrate steel. s*s sat up and had a huge smile on her face as I walked to her bed.
Hey, DADDY", she said.
I already had enough conversation, I needed relief right now I thought to myself. My cock felt as if it could bust out of it's skin, it hurt.
She leaned forward keeping her eyes on mine as she started sucking my cock. The instant it was in her mouth my eyes went closed and head leaned back,
"AHHHHHHHH", was all I could get out as I grabbed the back of her head and kept pulling her onto me.
After a minute of her sucking I was ready for pussy, I was ready to FUCK.
I let go the back of her head, she pulled off of me and turned to get onto her knees. She bent over in a tight fashion keeping her legs together while supporting herself with her forearms on the top of her legs. She was dutifully offering herself to me, giving me what I desperately needed.

I positioned myself behind her with one knee on the bed and my other foot planted on the floor and lined up. Placing my aching cock in her slot I pushed in just past the head and met the typical resistance from her not being properly warmed up but I badly needed to bury myself inside of her.
I began to quickly work in and out pushing in more of my cock which caused her a few grunts and groans as I worked.
When I hit bottom I started fucking her slowly with long strokes. It felt so good to be inside my s****r, something about her just satisfies me like nothing else.
She needed to be wetter and as I worked she let out a breathy, "mmmmm", and I felt a warm wetness around my cock and I was able to pick up the pace now.
I began to slam against her butt, my cock was like a steel rod pistonning in and out of her pussy, that sweet sweet pussy.
I was close, so close to the release I needed. As I pounded away the cum raced up my shaft and I moaned out,
"UHHH, UHHH, UHHH, UHHHHHHHHH", then I shoved in and shot a stream of thick sticky hot goo deep inside her.
I pumped into her a few more times then threw my head back and let out a,
"OHHHHHHHHHH", as I let go another stream of thick rich cream.
"OHHH BABY, KNOCK ME UP, KNOCK ME UP", she screamed out.
I was breathing hard from fucking her as well as from tightening every muscle as my body tensed for each eruption.
I was suprised at how much I felt I still had in me. I pumped her some more and as the pressure peaked I grabbed her hips pulling myself as deep into her as I could,
"OHHHHH s*s", I moaned as another powerful stream of rich i****tuous sperm coated her womb.
I pumped a few more times then,
"OH GOD I CAN'T STOP CUMMING, AHHHHHHHH", I said as I pushed myself deep into her again, squirtng and squeezing my muscles as she worked her cunt to milk me.

Finally finished I stayed inside her while my once fully engorged cock began to deflate. I pulled out and sat down behind her as she spun around and threw her arms around my neck and began kissing my face all over and then my lips, we locked in for a long deep kiss.
She pulled away looking at me,
"it's going to happen, I just know it is", she said excitedly.
"What, what's going to happen", I said.
"I'm going to have your baby", she said with a big smile.
"s*s, your on birth control.........RIGHT ?", I asked.
"Mom has been buying it but I haven't used it in a loooong time", she said.

Sure enough a couple weeks later she was sick one morning and the test confirmed it. It looked like Mom and s*s would deliver about next June, just in time for summer vacation.
I'm not sure what it is maybe female hormones or whatever but just after they knew they were pregnant their sex drives slowed for a few weeks but mine didn't diminish at all in fact, it kicked up a notch and WHY ?.
Maybe it was the knowledge that I wasn't shooting blanks or that I had a choice of pussy on tap under the same roof but whatever it was my need had increased.
This wasn't much of a problem for me anyway because either Mom or s*s dutifully took care of at least my morning wood, in one fashion or the other during their lull.
I do see my girlfriend and we have been fucking. She really seemed to have "come out" since our three way, she likes to get nasty. She loves it when I cum on her face or on her titties.
Her and I were texting and she had mentioned expanding on the three way scenario some, I think she either wants to or already has been with another girl, I'm not sure but she wanted some more "action" as she put it.
That was fine by me, if anyone knows of anything hotter than some girl on girl action during a three way then I would like to know about it.

It had been about a week or so since her or I have seen or heard from my s****rs little friend other than an initial text that she was leaving on a trip and would be back.
My girlfriend wanted another three way BAD. She said she had to go but would text me tonight about planning another "get together".

Later my s****rs friend texted me that she was finally back and couldn't wait to meet up. I asked about the three of us getting together but she texted that she just wanted me right now.
We met in our usual spot, she beat me there, and had the place prepared with a blanket on the ground. She was laid out on the blanket but jumped up onto her knees as I walked up.
"I've been waiting to have you for over a week", she said. She anxiously began to pull at the waistband of my shorts.
As she pulled my shorts down I dropped my underwear and she literally inhaled my cock into her mouth, sucking harder than she ever did before.
I just lightly laid a hand on the top of her head as she feverishly worked, taking me in as far as possible and it was feeling really good.
She replied with a muffled, "UH HUH", as she continued to bobb on my dick.
After another minute she pulled off with an audible "POP". She caught a few breaths then looked up at me,
"I want you in my pussy", she said with lust in her eyes.
She pulled off her sundress then laid back and took off her panties. She spun around on her knees and bent over as I lowered myself down behind her,
"I'm ready, she said.
I guided my meat to her little pussy, running my cock up and down her slit I found she was right, her cunt was wet.

I pushed into her and as my cock split her cunt lips apart and her hole stretched she loudly moaned out a painful sounding, "OHHHHHH". She was tight, like she hadn't had it in a while.
Wanting to get inside her real bad I pulled back and pushed in again,
"UHHHHH", she moaned, which sounded like a mix of pleasure and pain. She wanted it as bad as I did.
She picked her head up off the ground and got up on her hands. This lined things up better so I pulled back again and thrust sliding in deep,
"OHHH YEAHHHHH!", she said.
With my cock now fully coated with her juice I started fucking in and out of her and she began a constant,
"UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH", as I pumped her. I hadn't seen her quite like this before and her cunt had really good action.

I started sawing in and out of her with full strokes. I noticed she dropped her head slightly then let out an,
"AHHHHHH", and my cock was drowned with her hot jizz.
Her juice flowed out around my cock and as I fucked her it began making slapping noises, she was REALLY WET now. I started fucking her hard and fast, she picked her head up and shouted,
She was driving me crazy and turning me on more and more. I was already holding back but she was so dam hot that I just had to cum in her NOW.
I pounded her as I worked up more pressure,
"UH, UH, UH, UHHHHHH, "OHHHH.........OHHHH.........OHHH", as I squeezed three shots of greasy pent up cum deep in her hot little pussy.
I held myself deep inside as she moaned out,
"UHHHH.,UHHHH, UHHHH" as her little cunt confulsed around my shaft. With my muscles relaxed I let her cunt action milk me.

When we were done I reluctantly pulled out of her still gripping pussy and we laid back on the blanket side by side catching our breath.
After a minute I turned my head to her,
"Daddy huh, you been talking to my s****r I guess?", I said.
"No, we haven't texted since before I left ?", she said looking back at me
"Oh, well I thought that maybe you two...uh...that is......uhhhhhh, ahhh nothing, I stammered.
I turned my head away and was looking up. She rolled on her side facing me and propped her head up on her elbow and reached over with her other arm stroking my chest.
"You are a Daddy", she said.
I turned my head to look at her and she was smiling at me.
"Thats right stud, I'm pregnant, she said.
"WHAT, Noooo !", I said.

We talked for a bit and I asked the usual questions like how she knew I was the father, etc. She said it was way more than a 50/50 chance unless something went wrong because her b*****r always wore a condom since she wasn't on birth control.
Knowing how she is I obviously asked her about the possibility of it being anyone else but she maintained her b*****r and I were the only two she fucked.
She admitted she's been "around" but just giving blow jobs. I'm not sure I can believe that, how can I ?.
We finally parted and I walked back to the house in a daze. Walking into the kitchen I was greeted with a simultaneous,
"HELLO DADDY" from Mom and s*s. I rolled my eyes and sat at the table.
"Mom, I been meaning to ask you about the "cousin" you mentioned weeks ago", I said.
She suddenly seemed nervous then glanced at s*s who was standing next to her.
"Well, since you two know about your Dad and I then I guess this needs to come out to as well", she said.

She began to explain that just like my father did, I fell for my s****r. Furthermore just like I did, my father also had sex with his mother and got her pregnant with twins when Mom was pregnant with s*s.
She said when those c***dren were born they ended up living with other relatives and unbeknownst to anyone they ended up moving to the same town we are in, it was just a fluke.
They always talked about if f****y ever did get together then they would explain that we were all "cousins".

I sat there thinking to myself, "no wonder Dad was calling her "baby girl" when she was blowing him.
How was I going to tell them that I now MAY be the father of my "cousins", "half s****rs" or "whatevers", baby.
Well maybe keeping it in the f****y is a genetic thing or if nothing else there is trend so maybe telling them will be easier than I figured. "MMM, what if they give birth to girls..........this could be an interesting future I thought.
With all the fucking I get three f****y members pregnant and my girlfriend is the odd one out, I chuckled at the thought. How the hell am I going to explain all of this to her, I may have to at some point.
I sat there thinking how all this even got started. I had my girlfriend, my s****r did her thing and I did mine. I just don't know how ALL this began and took off like it did.

As I sat there pondering I noticed Mom and s*s looking at me with a gleam in their eyes,
"we have something special planned for you tonight", said Mom. I glanced over at s*s.
"UH HUHHHH", said s*s, nodding her head.
My eyes darted between the two as they smiled at each other then back at me with a wicked look in their eyes. I guess what had left them the last couple weeks had come back.
"Come with us, DADDY", said Mom. They both turned and headed to Moms room. s*s was trailing behind Mom and as she walked she looked behind her with that wicked smile motioned "come here", with her index finger.
A smile grew on my face and I began to grow hard as well, "oh boy, we're gonna get nasty", I said to myself.
I got up and walked to her room and both were sitting on the bed, Mom patted the spot on the bed she wanted me to sit, which was right between them.
I sat down, each one leaned in an began to tongue my ears, they know this is one of the things that gets me lit. My already hard cock got even harder and as they tongued me s*s reached down and started rubbing my cock through my shorts.
They pulled away from my ears, pushed me onto my back and started taking my clothes off, practically tearing them off. They needed this badly.
Mom and s*s stood and began to take their clothes off then Mom walked up to s*s and began to carress s*s's shoulders then pushed her back on the bed beside me. s*s looked at me,
"I want to suck your dick", she said.
I got up and knelt beside and leaned over her and guided my cock to her mouth. I looked down her body and Mom had started licking s*s's pussy. I grabbed s*s's hair with one hand and run the other over her tits. I was fucking her mouth as Mom licked her pussy.
The whole scene was so hot I thought I was dreaming. This is to good to be true and if this is how it's going to be then I'm in for some fun.

With her mouth full of my cock all s*s could do was eek out muffled, "mm, mm, mm, mm, mm" as she obviously liked the licking Mom was giving her.
Mom picked her head up and, "MMM, MM, MM", sweet pussy, she said.
I pulled out of s*s's mouth and laid back as Mom straddled my face. I reached my tongue out and went straight for her clit and teased it.
She moved her hips forward indicating she needed some attention to other areas other than her sensitive clit. s*s climbed up on me, grabbed my cock and placed it in the right spot.
She impaled herself onto my now iron stiff shaft with an "uhh.
Oh God her sweet pussy felt so good good on wrapped around my cock.
I licked Mom's slit while I reached up squeezing her wonderful boobs. Instead of drowning my face she controlled her jizz as well as her movements.
She occasionally rocked her hips back when she needed me to tease her clit then thrusting forward so I could lap at her cunt lips while s*s rode up and down my cock and squeezing her cunt tight now and then.
She brought herself off with an, OHHHHH", as I felt her juice trickle down my shaft and onto my balls, it was very warm and slippery.
I was building towards an explosion myself and began to moan as I lapped at Moms cunt while s*s rode me.

Mom pulled off of my face and kelt back next to s*s. As she rode faster I belted out,
"OH, OH, OH, OH I'M GONNA CUM, then s*s pulled off and spun around.
Mom took me into her mouth and began sucking my rippling cock then with a roar,
"I'M CUUUUUMMING", I shouted as Mom pulled off of me.
They both leaned close to my cock and opened their mouths.
I let out an, "AHHHHHHHHHHH!", squirting gobs of goo that splattering their lips and faces. I reached down and pumped my shaft and,
"OHHHHHHH!", as I sprayed another load onto their faces. They licked there lips as I pumped a few more times and,
"OHHHH MY GOD", as another spray left my peehole spattering their mouth and lips.
I let go of my cock and laid my head back with my eyes closed in sweet bliss. Mom and s*s worked at licking and alternately sucking my cock to clean and extract all the cum they could.

A high pitched scream pierced through the bliss, "WHAT THE FUCK !", a voice shreeked.
I picked my head up as Mom and s*s turned to look behind them.
There was my girlfriend standing in the doorway, eyes and mouth wide open with shock. Standing just beside and behind her was my s****rs friend.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE", I said in a raised voice, looking right at my girlfriend.

"I"M PREGNANT !!!", she screamed.

Surveying the room my s****rs friend said, "MMM, this looks like fun", as she looked at my girlfriend. Mom and s*s looked at each other as I dropped my head back and closed my eyes.

How did it get to this, how did this happen: it happened on vacation......... and continued at home.

I just laid thinking that you never know what the future holds, and a huge smile grew on my face
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Learning to FUCK from MOM and DADDY

My name is Mark and I have a true story to tell you about my first time having sex and my first time doing a few other things too!

My mom and dad were both avid nudists and on weekends, we would all go to this place where everybody ran around naked! I was use to it by the time I got in 7th grade and I kind of enjoyed watching people, especially the girls my age at that place. We were all too young to have even any pubic hair much less experience with sex, but one night, I saw something that would change that forever!

Our parents had told me, my b*****r and my s****r that they were going to visit some friends for a few hours that night at another cabin in the resort and after they had been gone for about two hours, I needed to get something I left left in our car but the doors were locked so I went over to the cabin they were suppose to be visiting and when I went up to the front door, I could hear moaning sounds coming from inside. I went around to one of the side windows and peeked inside and saw my mom, sucking their friends cock and my dad was fucking the guys wife! I was shocked but mesmerized at the site and I kept on watching them through the window. Dad was fucking the woman doggie style and the other man pulled his cock out from my mom and went over to my dad and stuck his cock in dad's mouth! I saw the guy shoot a load of cum all over my dad's face and then mom went over to him and started licking the cum off and she then sucked the guy a little more. The man then got on all fours and dad got behind him and I saw him put his cock in that guys asshole and start fucking him! The man's wife then started licking mom's pussy and ass and I was freaked out by all of this and thought that my dad was now a fag, mom a lesbian and I knew that both of them were sluts now too! I ran down the road and went back to our cabin but didn't tell any of my siblings anything about what I had seen.

Mom and Dad came back about an hour later and made some coffee and sat on the sofa across from me. I kept staring at them both, thinking that mom was a slut lesbian and dad was a fag! I was glancing down at her crotch too, thinking about how much it had just been fucked when I surprised myself by starting to get a little hard-on! I had a towel under me that I was sitting on and I pulled it up and covered my crotch (we were all still naked) and headed to the bathroom to let it calm down a little.

That night, I went to bed in a room I shared with my b*****r and s****r and I reached under the covers and started playing with my little cock. I was getting pretty hard and all I could think of was what I had seen but it was turning me on for some strange reason! The next morning, I jumped in a golf cart with dad and we went down to the pool area where mom and my s****r had already set up some chairs, etc for the day and the couple they had been fucking sat right next to us. I couldn't take my eyes off of them and was secretly wishing that I had been in that bed too!

That evening rolled around and my mom told me that they were going back over to their friends cabin for a couple of hours and I knew right away what THEY had planned so me, being a smart ass told mom that I knew what they were doing over there and that they were all having sex together! I went on to explain what I had seen so mom led me in their bedroom where dad was and told him what I had said! Dad wasn't as pissed as I thought he would be but he told me that he and mom were what he called swingers! He explained it all too me and when I asked him about the guy fucking his mouth and ass, he told me that both he and mom were BI? I didn't know what that meant but figured that it meant he liked cock too as well as a pussy! Dad pulled out a photo album and showed me some pix of both he and mom fucking each other, several other people and a few of him sucking some cock and sticking his cock in other men's mouths! It was actually turning me on and dad must have noticed it too and told me that he would have more to tell me after they got back from their visit. Mom and dad took off and I was left standing there with a little hard-on and nothing else!

About two hours later, dad called me on the cell phone and told me to come down to that same cabin I had seen them in before and that he had something to show me. I grabbed a towel and took headed over there thinking I was in big time trouble for looking through their window. When I arrived at the door, mom opened it up and told me to come inside! I went in and there sat the other couple, my dad and another boy and girl that looked to be also around my age. I had actually seen the girl at the pool several times and thought she was cute as hell too!

Dad told me that they though it was time to learn about their lifestyle and he had that same girl lead me into one of the bedrooms. We both sat on the bed and then the other boy came in too. I was actually shaking some and nervous about everything going on. The girl reached over and grabbed my cock and started playing with it and the boy was kinda behind me a little and I could feel his hand on my butt. The girls name was Linda and Linda asked me if I had ever done this before. I told her no and she said that my mom and dad wanted me to learn about some things. With that, she leaned over and took my cock in her sweet little mouth started licking and sucking on it. It felt awesome and I didn't want her to stop either. The boy then came around toward my face and since he was already naked, put his cock up to my face and told me to open my mouth! I did it too and he popped it in there. It was really weird feeling, having his dick in my mouth but still was fun so I sucked on it a little and kinda ran my tongue around the head. We all played around a bit and that's when Linda asked me to kiss her pussy. She laid back, spread her legs and I leaned over and licked it at first but then stuck my tongue in it as best I could! She said I was good at that and she took her hands and spread her hole open a little more so I could get a better lick..LOL The other boy was now behind me and I felt him start rubbing and playing with my asshole. It felt really good and when he started licking it, I felt REALLY good and so good in fact, I still remember THAT to this day..LOL

We were all kinda playing around with each other, doing this and that and I saw a big FLASH! I looked around and it was dad and the other man and they had some camera's and were snapping pictures. Dad told me that he wanted to take a few pix of us and then they showed us what to do in some poses. Linda was great at it and she told me that her dad loved taking pix and video. That's when I found out that the other man was her dad and the boy was her b*****r! We did some fun poses of me sucking him, he sucking me, pretend butt fucking..I hadn't done that yet and some pix of me eating out Linda, etc, etc.

We had a great time and I left with mom and dad and we headed back to our cabin. I was horny as hell by now and although I had had some new experiences and lots of fun, I wasn't really satisfied and wanted more. Mom and Dad then headed off to their bedroom and I did the same. My b*****r and s****r were asl**p by now so I was really quiet and didn't want to wake them. I was naked of course so I reached under the covers and started stroking my little cock some. It was getting pretty hard now but then the bedroom door slowly opened and I saw my mom standing there, she came in, kissed me on the cheek and told me to be really quiet but to come into their bedroom. She left and I got up and went to her. She closed the door behind me and told me to come sit on the bed. Dad was laying there naked of course and he had a huge hard-on and was fondling his cock and balls. Mom took me by the hand and asked me to lay down next to him which I did and my mom leaned over, kissed me on the lips and then ran her tongue down my chest and tummy and all the way to my cock. She licked it a few times and then squeezed it lovingly. She looked up at me and asked me if I was ok with what she was doing to me. I told her yes and she opened her mouth and lowered it over my cock!

It felt so good as she pumped her mouth up and down and she was gently squeezing my balls sack too. Dad was still playing with his big cock and then he sat up and got on his knee's. He inched over toward me and put his cock right in my face. I knew what he wanted me to do so I slowly opened my mouth and let him slip his cock inside. It was so big (MUCH bigger than that other boys earlier) but it was nice and I licked all around the rim of the head and up and down the shaft. I placed my left hand around the base and then started pumping my face up and down, just like mom was doing to me! Dad seemed to enjoy it and no one even said a word. I felt dad start to shake some and he whispered to my mom that he was fixing to cum! Mom looked up at me and to me that I was going to get some of Daddy's MILK as she called it and when he came, I felt my mouth suddenly fill up with his warm, wet and gooey sperm! He pulled out of my mouth and I kinda swished the juice around in my mouth and even felt it slip between my teeth and gums. It tasted kind salty but sweet at the same time. I didn't know what to do with it and mom must have noticed so she told me that it was ok to swallow it. I did as she said and she leaned over and kissed me and this time, She slipped her tongue in there and our tongues intertwined and the cum daddy had left made everything really wet!

Mom then asked me to watch them fuck so I sat on the side of the bed while dad fucked mom doggie style at first. Then he pulled out of her and asked me to suck his cock some and to make sure it was really wet with my spit! I did as asked and he then told me to lean over to my mom's ass and lick her pussy and then her ass. That was really fun and something about my tongue inside my mom's butt was cool! Dad then pushed me away and stuck his cock in mom's butt hole! Mom yelled just a bit as daddy when in it but she seemed to settle down as dad fucked her. When dad came, he really fucked her hard and when he pulled out. I could see his jism seeping from her ass. Dad told me to go over to her and lick it clean which I did!

After we were done, mom told me that they had always wanted to have me join them and now that I had, they were going to make me a part of their sex lives and introduce me to some of the friends who also like to fuck their f****y members! Dad told me that the next step was to get my young asshole ready to get fucked but that it would take lots of practice until it would take a grown man's cock in my young ass. I can't WAIT to do that soon and dad even said we are going to start making videos of our sex play and of me learning how to fuck and suck cock!

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"The Unusual girl... and boy"

My name is Adam. I was raised by my Aunt in a small town with no other s1blings and my Uncle was hardly ever around. When I was young, around 5 or 6 and maybe even before that, I vaguely remember my Uncle coming to my bed at night sometimes. He would walk into my room d***k most of the time, come up to my bed while I was asle3p, and he would reach his hand inside my underwear and touch my "private parts" for a while until he'd let out a groaning noise, then he usually left. One night when I was around 7 my Aunt found my Uncle doing this stuff to me and she called the town sheriff, after that I never saw him again. I was pretty much your average good looking boy in school and as I grew older I got the attention of many cute girls. But I never truely found the right one for me, until one day...

It was nearing winter break at school and I had been hanging out with a girl I liked named Sam or her full name was Samantha, for a little over a month. We were both in the 9th grade and she was in my history class. Every time the lunch bell would ring we would meet at the cafeteria and have lunch together. I really grew to like her a lot and she liked me too, but like every relationship we were envied by others. Some girls said nasty things to her, like that she was a nerd and they called her an ugly girl. To me she was far from ugly so I told her she had nothing to worry about. I was called a few things too, but a few of my guy friends heard a few rumors being spread from the "popular" crowd that she wasn't really a girl . That was clearly the dumbest of them all because Samantha was clearly a beautiful girl, her C cup breasts and the fact that when she wore tight jeans they outlined her pussy so it was clear no balls were present. 

I brought Sam home with me one night and introduced her to my Aunt to which my Aunt gave her a warm welcome. I had dinner with her and when we finished we cuddled together on the sofa in the living room. I said, "Hey Sam?" She looked back at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and said, "What is it Adam?" I said, "You know, I was thinking...we could um... Well, take our relationship to the next level. You know like, trying something other than just kissing." She looked at me wide eyed and said, " what?" I replied, "Trying things like... oral and touching down there, you know..." She paused looking at me and then down at the floor as she looked around like she was nervously looking for an excuse not to when finally Sam said, "Well I do like you a lot...but its just...? Um, your Aunt is here." I quickly replied, "Well after she does the dishes, which isn't much because it's just us three, she likes to sl**p for a while on that couch over there. Lets go to my room and leave the door open so she knows we aren't doing anything. When I hear her snore it means she really is asle3p, we'll lock the door to my room and she'll never know we did anything." She was hesitant at first, I guess she was just as nervous as I was, but eventually Sam agreed. So we got up and walked over to my room. When we got to my room I turned on the tv and we waited until I heard her loud snoring. 

After another 15 min Aunt threw herself on the couch and she was knocked out in about 2 minutes. I heard my Aunt snoring so I decided it was time to close the door and I locked it too. I turned to Samantha and without turning off the light I took off my shirt first and she slowly did the same. My eyes were glued to her perfectly rounded teeen age breasts partially hidden by her laced Victoria's Secret bra. I then wacthed as she undid her bra, taking it off and revealing her perfect young tits. I came closer and she also was attracted by my semi muscular upper body since I was slim but not built. She felt my chest with her hand giving me permission to touch her naked breasts. I grabbed one and then another as she felt my chest too using both hands now. We started to kiss and one thing led to another so I started taking off my shorts and she took off her skirt revealing her bright pink panties. We were both down to our underwear and without paying much attention to her panties yet I continued by sucking on her beautiful breasts. She moaned, "Oh..." soon For the first time she reached for my uncircumcised, 6 inch long, hard cock, hard already from all the hot playing we were doing. 

She stroked my cock moving my foreskin back and forth over the pink head of my cock which felt really good, almost like...  I paused for a second as something caught my eye. I stopped sucking her tits and looked down at her pink panties. Towards the front of them I saw a pretty big lump that wasn't there when she took off her skirt. It was below her stomach, yet above her pussy, hidden behind her panties. She looked shocked to see me staring and I thought it was a vibrator or something she had prepared for her to play with herself tonight, but how did I not see it before. So my curiosity made me bring my hand over to the front of her panties as she said, "Adam Wait!..." But by the time she finished her sentence I had seen what it was that rested above her pussy and I couldn't help but stare. She had a penis almost as big as mine and a pair of tiny balls under it, right above her pussy! I gasped in reaction and for some reason my cock stayed hard as ever, but I dared not move from here. I said, "" She started explaining, "Adam... I was gonna tell you before but I thought you would break up with me if you knew I have a full size boys dick in front of my pussy. I was born with both boy and girl parts so the doctor asked my parents to choose. I was given the gender identity of a girl and on my birth certificate it says I'm a female. I guess I always felt like one until I hit puberty and mom gave me medicine to help me develop more into a woman. So if you feel it's too much then I'll just go and sorry for letting you down Adam..." 

I let go of Sam's panties and I looked at her saying, "No wait!... It's okay... I have a story too... When I was just a young boy, my uncle would come to my bed at night to touch my dick and run his hands around my balls, sometimes he grabbed my butt too... One night on my 7th birthday he made me open my mouth and he put his dick inside while he jerked himself off. When he was about to finish, he flooded my innocent young mouth and he made me swallow his semen. He told me never to tell, so I never told anyone. My uncle continued to do that to me EVERY night until one night, when the sheriff took him because my aunt caught him in the act... So you see, you and me, we aren't that different." When I finished Sam looked at me differently and came up to kiss me. I wasn't expecting her to do that but it comforted me after letting all our emotions out and soon I was back to feeling her breasts. I was hard again and the thought of her being hard too turned me on very much. I was lost in our kissing and soon she pulled down my underwear, reaching for my cock. Sam's hand felt warm on my hard dick and she began to stroke it again. I then knew why it felt so good when she did it and of course it was that she had her own dick to practice with.

Samantha then broke the kiss and pulled her panties down revealing her hard 5 inch long circumcised cock, which was pointing up slightly. Curiosity struck me again as I put my hand on her dick, it felt just like mine except my dick is uncircumcised and slightly longer than hers. I grabbed her cock and stroked it while my other hand explored her little balls and then her pussy. She moaned while I play with both her hard dick and her wet pussy, "Ohh! Uhh!" Sam continued to stroke my dick again and we both moaned softly so my Aunt wouldn't be woken up. "Uh!...Urghhh!...Oh yea...Ohh!" I didn't know why, but suddenly felt a huge urge inside me to put her cock in my it was my uncle's cock! So I signaled her to pause touching my dick for a second, then I got on my knees so I was staring right at Samantha's beautiful cock and her virgin pussy at the same time. I lifted her hard cock and under her balls I looked at her tight pussy which looked clean and was smoothly shaved from any hairs. She must keep her dick and her balls pressed closer to her stomach so a bulge won't show between her legs. 

I then moved my lips to Sam's pussy, using my tongue to taste her fluids.
She moaned again, "Ohh! Yes Adam... Oh!" I licked Sam's tight pussy lips and worked my way up to where her pussy ended. Then I continued moving my tongue upwards, licking her balls, then the extended shaft of her dick. When I reached the head of Samantha's cock, I used my tongue to lick off the leaking precum dripping slightly off the tip and she moaned, "Uhh! Yes..." I felt bold and I opened my mouth taking in the head of her dick as it passed my soft wet lips. I dove in further taking more and more of her cock into my mouth. She moaned as I reached the bottom and I had her entire cock in my mouth with her thick cock head hitting the back of my throat. "Uh! Uuhhh! Yes Oh feels so good." I sucked Sam's dick good, moving my head up and down the shaft of her hard long cock. 

About another minute passed when she said, "Adam I'm...Im... Uhhh! Uhhhh!" Without another second going by, I felt my mouth being filled with her cum. It tasted a little like my uncle's, except my uncle let out more cum than she did, but I guess it's because she also has a pussy. I swallowed all the semen that came out of Samantha's dick as it shrunk inside my mouth and I finally pulled it out. I was still hard and my cock needed relief so I started stroking it while watching her naked body, looking at her now softened cock and I moaned. "Uh... Yea..." Sam came to me again and she got to her knees in front of me taking my dick into her hands. Then she pulled back my foreskin and licked off the precum that was leaking from the head of my dick with her tongue. 

Samantha must have been wanting cock in her mouth too because she quickly took my dick into her mouth. She almost put the whole thing in, but my thick cock head hit the back of her throat and she stopped having only another inch of travel left. Sam felt bolder and she shoved the thick head of my cock down her throat to fit my  whole dick in her mouth. I moaned feeling my cock head slip into her tight virgin throat, "Uhh! Oh yea..." She pulled her head back a little and I looked down to see that her dick had become hard again. I was turned on by the sight of Sam's long hard cock. She was in front of me sucking my cock, while stroking her own cock and playing with her pussy at the same time. 

Watching Sam stroke her cock while sucking mine sent me over the edge and I said, "Sam, I'm...I'm cumming!... Uh!" I moaned loud as I shot several streams of my warm semen into her mouth and I watched her eagerly swallow my cum as more spilled out of my cock into her mouth. She looked at me with the most innocent face as she sucked up all of my sperm until my dick was soft and I went over to my bed to recover. Meanwhile, Sam played with herself next to me as I watched her start to finger her pussy while stroking her cock and she moaned in between,  "Ohh!... Uhh!..." Watching her turned me on and within half a minute of seeing this I walked up to her and put my hand on her pussy. I found the tight wet hole where she was fingering and I started to gently push my own finger inside her wet virgin pussy. She gasped feeling my intruding finger and she moaned, "uh...Uhh!" As I was fingering Sam's pussy she grabbed both her cock and mine putting them together. Our dicks were touching, rubbing against each other and she began to stroke them together with her hands. I humped into her hand a little as she did the same and our cocks were grinding against each other. 

In a minute or so of this hot sex between Sam and me, I felt I was going to have another great orgasm so I moaned saying, "Uh! I...I think i'm gonna cum again! Uhh!" She moaned too saying, "Me too!...Uhh!" My dick started squirting warm semen all over her dick and her hand too. At the same time I also saw Sam's cock spilling cum too, only now she was shooting more than before probably because my finger continued going in and out of her pussy. Her cum spilled onto my dick, which was spilling my own cum over her dick. Sam finally let go of both our dicks and we laid on my bed facing each other. I watched her suck on her hand which was covered in both of our cum. 

An hour later we heard a knock on the front door of my Aunt's house and I was sure it caused my Aunt to wake up. I rushed to put on my clothes telling Samantha to do the same and when we were dressed I ran to unlock the door just in time. The tv was still on so we just sat on my bed until we heard my bedroom door open and my Aunt said, "Okay you two, Samantha's parents are here to pick her up. I hope you two weren't up to any trouble in there while I was out by the couch." We shook our heads and Samantha walked out of the room so we followed her to the front door where her parents were. My Aunt said, "Not to worry, they were always under watch at my house." She was obviously lying because while she was sl**ping on the couch Sam and I were naked in my room "playing". I quickly pop kissed Sam on the lips before she left with her parents. I was very happy that night and I couldn't wait for the next time I would get to see my boy-girlfriend Samantha...... Continue»
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Although I classify myself as a gay man, I have had sexual encounters with a handful of women, some more fulfilling than others. One of the horniest experiences I ever had was with a very sexy 19 year old girl and her 19 year old male work colleague, Mark. Her name was Jackie and she shared a flat with two gay friends of mine.

One Saturday night my two friends threw a party and as both of them worked in the theatre, needless to say, the guests were a pretty diverse bunch of people of both sexes and all persuasions. About three hours into the evening the party was in full swing with plenty of drinks already and still being consumed. There was a considerable amount of snogging going on: boy with girl, boy with boy and girl with girl. I had been hoping a full-blown orgy might develop, but sadly, that was not to be.

By the early hours of the morning most of the revellers had departed, leaving just the few of us who were staying the night at the flat. A smoochy record was playing (it might have been Barry White), two guys were crashed out in armchairs, our hosts had retired to their bedroom and Jackie and Mark were dancing very closely together in the middle of the room. I approached them to say goodnight as I was intending to get some much needed sl**p in the third bedroom that had been reserved for me. But Jackie stretched out her arm, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her and Mark. Without saying anything, she kissed me and soon our tongues were competing to see which one of them could reach the farthest down the others throat. I have to say I found her extremely sexy. She had the look of a young Audrey Hepburn about her and was very slim. A couple of minutes later the three of us were smooching together, going round and round slowly on the same spot in the middle of the floor. As I was kissing Jackie, I felt Mark's cheek suddenly against mine and his tongue was searching for my mouth. I was in seventh heaven - he was a very cute guy and I had been fancying him all night, not knowing whether he was straight, gay or bi. It now appeared that he was, at the very least, bisexual! As he and I kissed, I felt a hand groping my crotch and, looking down between the three of us, I could see both of Jackie's hands were feeling our ever-increasing bulges. I was getting extremely aroused and it was evident her ministrations were having the same effect on the 19 year old lad.

After a few minutes she whispered in my ear: "Let's go to my room". She whispered something in Mark's ear. It was obviously the same suggestion and we were soon in the privacy of her bedroom. There was a bit more three-way snogging, then Jackie's hands started undoing my trouser belt. I backed away slightly. "Let me watch you undress Mark" I said, sitting on the edge of the bed. She turned her attentions to the excited youth who was raining kisses all over her face and neck. His black trousers were opened up and slid down over his lovely rounded buttocks encased in a pair of tight white briefs. I shifted along the bed a bit so I now had a profile view of the couple. The bulge at the front of his briefs strained to burst through the material. Jackie's hand cupped the bulge and started stroking it; his hands were now inside the front of her top and fondling her breasts. I was doing my own fondling, playing with my now fully erected cock.

I stood up and moved behind Jackie. My hands slid her jeans down, revealing a pair of sexy see-through panties. One of her hands reached behind her, unzipped my trousers and fished inside my underpants. As I felt her hand wrap round my throbbing cock I looked over her shoulder and down between her and Mark and saw that her other hand was stroking his now exposed prick. It was as hard as mine, quite long and slender with a nice loose foreskin which Jackie was rolling back and forth over his helmet.

My hands were equally busy, one of them pulling her knickers to one side as the other one prodded and probed through a luxuriant growth of pubic hair. I felt the moistness and sunk two fingers into her cunt. She reacted quite violently to this, bucking forward and letting out a little squeal. She turned round to face me, kissing me frenziedly, both hands now cupping my cock and balls.

Not wishing to see Mark left out in the cold, the hand not busy pleasuring Jackie took over from hers on his dick and I felt it pulsating in my grasp. Suddenly, Jackie was down on her knees and I felt a delicious warm mouth engulf my rock-hard horn. She deep-throated it a few times then took Mark's equally rock-hard weapon in her mouth. This continued for quite a few minutes, then she climbed on to the bed and got down on all fours. "I want you both to fuck me, but don't cum inside me" An impatient Mark was first on the bed and knelt down in position behind her. As he pulled her panties down, I climbed on to the bed beside them. I reached up between his legs and grasped his hungry cock, guiding it into Jackie's equally hungry twat. He slid in balls deep, they both let out sighs of gratification and he started giving her full length strokes. I added to his pleasure by gently fondling his bollocks as he fucked her, though as his speed increased, I found it difficult to keep hold of them.

I turned over on my back and slid underneath Jackie who was still on all fours. I lifted my head and took one of her tits in my mouth, sucking on the erect nipple, then changing to the other breast and sucking that. My hand crawled down her body and found her hairy pussy. I could feel Mark's prick against my fingers pounding away inside her as I located Jackie's clit and started massaging it. I brought her to her first orgasm and my fingers were soaked. As Mark did an outward stroke I grabbed his length and he came out of her. Now he was fucking my cunt-juicy fist.

"My turn" I said and we changed places. Jackie turned over on her back and i slid into her in the missionary position. As I had done to Mark so did he return the compliment and I felt his hand fondling my balls as I pounded her. The situation was so horny I knew I wasn't going to hold out much longer. I pulled out of her, saying "I'm going to cum if I keep this up". Mark was kneeling beside her face and she was sucking his cock. She pulled it away and said "I want you both to cum on my breasts. Wank each other off over them". What a proposition! I knelt astride her waist, Mark shuffled closer to me so our throbbing cocks were hovering over Jackie's tits. I took hold of his prick and he took hold of mine and we both started stroking. With the added stimulus of Jackie's hand under my balls (her other one, needless to say, was fondling Mark's) I felt my orgasm approaching. A few more wanks from Mark's fist and I exploded, dumping a healthy load over Jackie's right boob. This must have triggered Mark off. He threw his head back, let out a yell, his body stiffened and the first jet of spunk cannoned out of his helmet-eye, across Jackie's torso without touching her, and splattered on the floor beside the bed. Still tossing him off, I quickly guided his prick downwards and this time he hit the target, giving her left tit a real glazing with several more spurts.

I must admit, Marks spunking put mine to shame, but between us we liberally coated Jackie's breasts and neck. To show our appreciation we both finished her off to another shattering orgasm with our fingers, Mark's on her clit, mine buried into her cunt.

The next morning, when Mark had left, Jackie told me that before last night's encounter, the 19 year old boy had been a virgin. Wow! He certainly had an initiation to remember!

COMING SOON: Mutual Masturbation With Jackie.... Continue»
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Stewardess, Thai boy, and the taxi driver

The knock on the door, was almost undiscernable, over the noise of the porn movie I was watching on the hotels in-house movie listing.
Now you may ask why would a young beautiful woman be watching porn in a hotel room when there were so many cocks wanting to feel the inside of her, surely all I needed to do was open the door and in they would cum (speaking literately)
I had a long flight across to Thailand, twelve hours non stop, and I was left feeling frustrated, physically, my body was tired, and the one hour taxi service into Bangkok, left me frustrated sexually, as I thumbed through the drivers personal catalogue of sexual services for white girls, having digested the one for men, prior to being shown this one.
'You like big cock lady', he asked me, not in the slightest concerned he might be offending me, I looked up from the page I was digesting, 'Sure, Big and Thick', I replied, laughing at both my answer and his directness.
Somehow you found it difficult to be either embarrassed or offended by all matters sexual in the capital, males and females came her and were confronted with its availability and openness.
'You have big cock', he laughed out loud, 'I am old man now, no lead in pencil' he added, looking back at me, 'You fuck-ee fuck fuck', he continued, 'Yes I Fuck, and I am so Fucking horny now', I replied, suddenly feeling fruity and turned-on, as if someone had just flicked a switch.
Of course Joe was no stranger, he was our companies Limo driver, picking us up at the airport and taking us down-town to the hotel. He was well known by all the cabin crews, and depending on our disposition to sex, Joe provided us with the latest updates and services, and as far as I knew, Joe never sampled any of the girls, we were never that desperate, as Joe was no looker, or well endowed enough to inspire an urge to pull over and have a quickie.
No, Joe was everyone's friend and a favourite amongst us, taking us to places to see live-sex shows, and select massage parlours for white girls, where coincidently, I had my first triple penetration and many of my friends had their DP's.
'You like young boy', Joe enquired, 'Sure', I answered, somewhat intrigued, but not shying away from the controversial subject of u******e sex, after all in this society it was rife, and we all knew it was going on.
Joe felt between his legs and produced another photo album, 'You boys, big cock, virgin cock', he said, with the advertising flair of a hawker stall vendor, and as I thumbed through the pages, I was shocked at their ages.
'Joe, these are c***dren', I said, 'Way too young for me, sorry Joe', and I closed the book and handed it back too him.
'Ok you ask for Billy, room service', he said, 'Where I asked', in hotel, 'They know, just say Joe tell you', and at that point we turned of the main road and went into a gas station.
'Fill it up', said Joe as he got out of the car and started dialling on his mobile phone.
I got out and went into the station shop and bought some mineral water and a bag of sweets.
By the time I got out of the shop the car was parked at the side with Joe smoking a cigarette and talking to a young man who just arrived on a mopped scooter.
As I walked across the forecourt the young man turned towards me and smiled, 'Hello', he said, and I replied in similar salutation.
'Who is this Joe', I asked, opening my bottle and taking a drink. 'This is Billy', said Joe with a broad smile on his face.
'I thought he was at the hotel', I asked, curious as to what was going on. 'He is, and we take him in now', said Joe with a triumphant finalisation, in his voice.
looked at Billy, he was early teens, or could it be that famous Thai look that belied their years, he could have been s*******n or thirteen for all I knew, but he was a handsome youth, and looking down at his shorts, he had a meaty bulge that grew interesting the more I looked.
I got into the car and closed my door and Joe did likewise, while Billy went around to the other back door and opened it fully.
Thinking he was about to get in, I said to Joe, 'Joe what is he doing', but Joe said, 'Look', and as he said it I had already been looking in that direction, as he pulled his shorts down, shielded by the car, his cock was huge.
I stared, my mouth fell open, as he encircled it and pulled on it, all the time my mind mentally counting the inches as it grew to enormous proportions, certainly two good handful's.
He bent and reached inside, asking for something, which turned out to be my water, which I handed to him, and watched as he poured the water over it and washed it clean, meanwhile dwarfing the bottle as I compared then alongside each other.
Joe sat in silence, studying me, 'You like to Fuck Fuck'?
I sat, my mind and heart racing, and I looked at Joe, 'Sure', and as I answered the boy climbed in beside me for the journey into the city centre.
Joe started the engine and we drew the curtains across the windows in the back, as the boy removed his t-shirt and shorts.
He sat naked as we kissed, myself still in my full uniform, and I marvelled at his soft skin and hairless pubes, his thick long cock, also soft skinned bur rock hard.
I slipped of my clothes until I was naked from the waist down, and mounted him. I was so wet he slipped inside me as if his angle and swelling were a perfect match.
I was humping him with an unabashed manner, not caring that Joe was watching my asshole bounce up and down on him in his mirror, or that I was licking his face, a sure sign I was sexed-up to the highest level.
When I started grunting I knew I was close and as if telegraphically, Joe knew also as he had pulled of the road again and pared a safe distance from the main dual carriageway.
Joe managed to climb over the seats and get in-between my ass and the front seat, and slide his cock in-between my ass cheeks and join-in the copulation, but by then I needed to orgasm so I was in no mood to stop or complain.
Joe slide into my ass as I called out with a huge orgasm racking my body, and by the time I was coming back to Earth, my arms had been raised and Joe was clinging to my breasts, using them as leverage to ram home his member and relieve himself inside my ass.
When Joe finished I lay back on the seat and the boy continued humping me as Joe got out and smoked a cigarette, I climaxed again followed by the boy and thankfully Joe had a box of tissues for me to wipe my crotch as we drove on to Bangkok, each kilometre, releasing more sperm, so I sat bare-assed until I was almost at the hotel.
I paid Joe $15 dollars for the in-car servicing and checked in, looking around for Billy, who had disappeared into the back of the hotel.
The door knocked again, with more robustness and I arose, walked over and there stood Billy, in uniform, I smiled and thought to myself, right son, now we shall see what you are made off, legal or not this boy was going to hurt and suffer cock burn with the insides of my pussy

... Continue»
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Boy meets girl

Hello everybody! I know this isn't a Brian and Joseph story, which will disappoint some, but I really wanted to write this.

If you guys want, I'd be glad to turn this story into a series. I'll also take ideas for future stories if you have something you'd like to see.

As always, I love feedback. Tell me how to make these better for you.

jogio: it was a good movie but the theater sucked, the floor was sticky.

mykyl: nice comma splice.

jogio: gah. you and em both give me the hardest time about this stuff.

mykyl: who?

jogio: emily. remember?

mykyl: is she the mousy girl who was hitting on me at your birthday party?

jogio: no. she wasn't at my party. maybe you never met her. that's weird. you two are both always correcting my grammar over GOD DAMN INSTANT MESSENGER.

mykyl: well maybe you should read more books. and I'd like to meet her.

jogio: i probably read more than you. but yeah, you two definitely need to meet.

With that, Michael signed off of AIM. He was a wirey s*******n year old, as many of them are, with a messy brown mop of hair and hazel bedroom eyes. At least Vanessa and Allison, two girls he had dated, had called them bedroom eyes.

He was excited to meet someone else his age who also made fun of Joe for his grammar. Instant messenger grammar snobs weren't all too common around these parts.

That night he got a text from Joe reading 'mall tomorrow at 4. emily will be there.'

When Michael arrived at the mall, he found Joe in the food court eating some Panda Express with crossed chopsticks. Michael didn't understand how people could misuse chopsticks like that.

They talked for a bit, exchanging normal greetings and playful jibes.

"So, is your friend coming," Michael asked.

"You mean Em? Well, she's supposed to be. I'd give her a few minutes."

With that, the boys got to talking about video games. As they were talking, a girl came over to their table.

"I guess I'm the last one here."

Michael looked up and saw, well, a very pretty girl. She was about 5'3" with long brown hair and blue-green eyes, with a very cute face. She was a bit plump, which most have contributed to what Michael observed to be at least D cup breasts and some very nice thighs. She was wearing a black tank top and blue jeans.

"Hey, Em," said Joe, "this is Michael, the other grammar nerd I told you about. Michael, this is Emily."

Michael stood up to shake her hand, a behavior he had acquired some years back.

"It's nice to finally meet you," he said with a smile.

"And you too." Turning slightly to Joe, she said "you didn't say he was cute."

At that Michael felt a bit flush, and despite his six feet of height, at this moment he felt small next to her.

"Oh my god he's blushing!" Em said that with great excitement, her eyes beaming.

"Hey, leave him alone," interjected Joe. "He doesn't need the full treatment all at once."

The three sat down and talk. Michael learned that Em and Joe had met at summer camp, that she was sixteen, six months younger than Joe and a year younger than Michael, and that she was from the south, even though her accent was barely noticeable. The only time he really noticed the accent was when she said "Michael," as she almost pronounced it "Mahchael." He found this very cute.

When the outing was over, Michael and Em exchanged contact information. He put her number in his phone and got her screen name.

Over the next few days, Michael found himself talking to Emily a lot. He learned that she was a very sexual girl, or at the very least, unlike most girls he knew, she was very open about her sexuality. She told him that she regarded herself as somewhat bisexual with a preference for men, and that she shaved her pubic hair. He also learned that those breasts were DD, not just D.

One day when they were talking online, Em invited him to a pool party at her friend Lauren's house that coming weekend. He accepted the invitation.

At the pool party, Michael wore his standard red swim trunks. Emily, for her part, had on a black one piece. But in spite of it, Michael had a very good view of her large breasts. He was sure she had caught him staring a few times, but she never said anything.

The worst for him was when they were playing water volleyball on opposite teams. Because of his height, Michael played the net, which gave him an excellent view: every time Em jumped or swung at the ball, his eyes couldn't see anything other than her and those magnificent tits. This left Michael with a pretty nasty hard-on.

After they were done playing, Michael somehow managed to will his boner down enough that he felt OK getting out of the pool.

He went inside the house and went up to the bathroom. Michael knew that if he didn't jerk off he would have a very hard time dealing with the rest of the pool party, what with how much he couldn't stop staring at Emily and her breasts.

He pulled down his trunks, sat on the toilet, and began to stroke his seven inch cock. He closed his eyes and pictured Emily. He imagined her crawling towards him, giving him a full view down her tits. And then she sat up and let the straps of her suit fall, revealing what Michael had been after all day.

As he stroked his cock, in his mind's eye he saw her laying naked on a large bed and imagined ramming his dick deep inside her. He moaned as he thrust into her. She called his name in that sexy voice of hers: "Michael, Michael..."

"Hey, Michael, are you in here?" It was her! She had been calling him from outside the bathroom!

Stammering, Michael said "Um, yeah, be out in a minute."

"OK. I was worried. You've been inside the house for a while." Michael had no idea that any significant period of time had passed.

Thinking quickly, Michael moved over to the sink and ran the cold water. He let it hit his left wrist and splashed some on his cock. The last thing he wanted was to walk out of the bathroom and poke the girl he found so pretty with his erection.

The cold water sent shivers through his body and was less than pleasant, but at least now Michael was ready to put his trunks back on. He opened the door and found Emily waiting write there, her chestnut hair in a ponytail.

"Sorry for taking so long. It's all yours now."

Emily smiled at him, flickering as she looked him up and down.

"Oh, I don't need the bathroom," she said, grinning. And with that, she grabbed Michael's arms, turned him around, and pushed him up against the hallway wall.

"I was hoping to catch you alone in the house. Lauren's parents are out of town and everyone else is getting some food off the grill.

"I saw the way you were looking at me today. And I liked it." She stepped closer, her boobs now touching his lower chest. "I liked it a lot."

Em took another step forward, pressing her boobs harder against Michael, and rubbing her stomach right up against his cock.

Michael couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed her sides, just below her breasts, and kissed her. She kissed him back, hard.

The two stood against that wall making out, their tongues rubbing against each other. Michael was the one to break the kiss. He moved is mouth to the right side of her neck, nipping and sucking on her skin, but careful not to leave a hickey for the other partygoers to find.

"Mmm, Michael," she moaned, pulling his head harder into her neck.

When he resumed making out with her, still up against the wall in the hallway, he started to fondle her right breast with his left hand as he held her to him with his right. It was soft and sexy, and immediately he found her hard nipple, massaging it as he groped her.

Emily moaned into his mouth. For her part, she had her legs wrapped around Michael's slightly bent right thigh. She rubbed her pubic region back and forth on his cock, moaning into his mouth as they kissed. Michael could feel her wetness on him.

"Oh my god I'm so wet," Emily said in a breathy voice as she continued to grind on his thigh. Michael's cock was now rock hard and pressed up against her, so he grabbed her sexy, juicy hips and began to dry hump her back.

The two let out small gasps of pleasure as they stood in the hallway, pleasuring themselves on each other's bodies. It was only dryhumping by name: Michael's leg was almost glistening with Emily's juices, and Emily could feel Michael's cock leaking onto her skin through both of their bathing suits.

Suddenly Emily pulled Michael into the bathroom and closed the door. Looking at him, she removed the straps of her bathing suit from her arms, allowing it to reveal those big DD breasts. Michael was almost drooling at the site.

Em smiled at the sight of Michael's lust, and slowly she stepped over to him and planted a big kiss right on his lips, before falling to her knees. She undid the drawstring of his suit and pulled it down, allowing his rock hard dick to spring free.

"Oh wow, you're big," she gasped, wrapping her hand around Michael's cock. Michael moaned as she began to stroke him up and down. "And I do appreciate that you're shaved." And with that, she leaned forward and took the head of his turgid prick into her sexy little mouth.

Michael's head fell back slightly and his mouth fell open as he felt the pretty nymph's mouth on him. Her eyes were closed as she bobbed up and down, massaging Michael's dick with her lips and sucking. As she sucked his teenage cock, she flicked her tongue along the underside of his shaft, driving him wild.

"That feels so good," Michael cried. "You're such a good cocksucker."

Slurping, Emily let Michael's dick fall from her mouth. "I love dirty talk," she said, and with that she resumed her blowjob.

"I can't believe this," said Michael as he had his dick sucked. "We're in the bathroom of your friend's house, and you're on your knees sucking my dick. You like sucking dick, don't you? Mmm, good girl. I bet you get off knowing that there are so many people around."

Hearing this was making Emily hotter than she could've imagined. She was sucking harder and moving her lips along Michael's dick faster. Her right hand was down her swimsuit, rubbing and pinching her hard little clit. She moaned around the big cock in her mouth.

Feeling the cum rising in his cock, Michael pulled Emily's mouth from him and stood her up. In a swift motion, he pulled down her bathing suit, finally seeing the sexy teen girl fully naked in front of him. He grabbed her and made out with her a bit, allowing his hands to explore her body more fully. He had a handful of tit in his left hand, and he groped her juicy ass with his right. Michael loved full, plump asses.

Wanting more, Michael brought Em over to the bathroom window and spun her around so that his cock was right up against her round ass. He ground against her and fondled her breasts while he sucked on her neck. "Baby yes," Emily moaned. The window overlooked the swimming pool. If someone had looked up, they would've seen a pair of big teen breasts.

"Bend over," Michael commanded her. Em put her hands against the window pane and arched her back, wiggling her sexy ass. She looked back at him with those big, blue-green eyes. Michael grabbed her hips and rubbed the head of his cock against her wet, bald pussy.

"Be gentle," she said in a small voice. "It's my first time."

Smiling, Michael replied "Mine, too." And with that, he plunged his dick all the way inside her.

"Oh goood," she cried, loudly enough that Michael thought someone outside might've heard them. As he had expected, Emily didn't have her hymen intact, but her cunt was still so tight. "Don't move for a bit. Lemme get used to it."

After about fifteen seconds, Michael began to pull out slowly before thrusting back inside of Em's no-longer-virgin pussy. Emily made small, almost whimpering noises at Michael's initial few motions. Then she began to purr.

"That's sooo good," Em moaned. "Oh my god yes FUCK ME! It's even better than I imagined! My cunt is so full."

"You bet I'll keep fucking you," Michael almost yelled. "Your little cunt feels so good on my cock. You like that, don't you, having your slutty pussy filled full of dick for the first time! C'mon, tell me how much you love it!"

"Mmm fuck yes I love your cock in me. And I am a slut - your slut. I'll let you have your way with me, anytime, anywhere. Oh keep pounding me! Oh I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum from having a big dick in me for the first time. Ohhhhh!"

Michael could feel Emily's little pussy contract on his dick as it spilled cum onto his cock and down her legs. Michael continued to thrust into her as she came, and with every thrust her juicy ass would jiggle and shake. This drove Michael absolutely crazy.

After a few minutes of doggy style, Michael could feel himself getting ready to shoot. He pulled out of Emily's pussy, spun her around, and picked her up. She giggled at the action, kissing Michael as he carried her over to the sink.

Placing her on the marble countertop, he leaned into her and looked into her eyes. They both gasped as he put his cock into her. He resumed fucking her wet teen pussy, but now there was an obvious tenderness between them as they screwed.

"Keep going," Emily cried, "I'm about to cum again!"

"Em, I'm close."

Emily looked up into Michael's eyes and said "Cum inside me. I'm on the pill and I want to feel it."

Needing no more encouragement, Michael began to pound into her faster until he started shooting his load deep inside Emily's young cunt.

"Oh Michael," she cooed as her orgasm took her. They writhed together in simultaneous orgasm for almost an entire minute. When they were both finished, they smiled and kissed.

Emily stood up, and then immediately almost fell as her knees buckled. Michael caught her.

"You did a number on me, babe," she said. "And you have another thing coming if you think this was a one time deal."

Michael chuckled. "You think I'd give you up after that??"

"We must reek of sex. Here, let's shower before facing the group.

The two got under the warm water, washing sweat and cum and chlorine from their bodies.

Then came the knock on the door. "Em," a female voice asked, "are you in there?"

Em turned off the water. Michael whipsered to her "Answer her and head out first. I'll wait here for you two to leave."

Emily nodded and gave him a soft, lover's kiss.

"Yeah, I'm in here. I was rinsing off some of this pool water," she said as she put her suit back on. "It was starting to irritate my skin."

After the Emily walked away from the bathroom with her friend, Michael began to put his own suit on. No longer a virgin and with a sexy girl seemingly at his beck and call, he was excited for how his future weekends would be spent!

A Dirty Western by Rebelman
Fiction , Anal, Coercion, Female/Female, Humiliation, Male Domination, Prostitution, Threesome Posted: 2011-08-14
Author's infos
Gender: Male Age: Secret Location: N/A
Introduction: Short story set in the late 1800's

A Dirty Western
By Rebelman

Lou pulled his hat tighter onto his head and kicked his horse up to keep moving. He had to keep going and the horse was scared because of the lightening the thunder storm was producing. It was the perfect time to ride on, because no one would be foolish enough to follow him on a night like this. Not unless he was addle brained.

Lou had robbed the Wells Fargo stage and made off with a load of cash and a few bags of gold coins as well. The heist had gone perfectly and he knew it would be a few hours before a posse could form. It could be the sheriff would wait until morning before beginning the chase. All these were good scenarios for Lou.

The horse was struggling with the extra weight in the saddlebags in addition to his 200 lbs. Lou stepped down from the horse and took the lead, with the gelding following wearily behind.

If he kept going for another hour he could make a hard turn to the north and the posse would keep heading west. There was a town to the west, and they would assume he was going there. With the driving rain washing out his tracks, they would never be able to find his trail that led out of Texas to the north.

He smiled to himself as lighting flashed and the f***e from a gust of wind almost stopped him in his tracks. With this much money he would have a fine time in the next whorehouse.


Waco Texas was alive and hopping at 9 pm the next evening when Lou arrived. The rain had stopped and the cow town was full of cowboys ending their drives. That was a good thing if you were trying to hide. He thought of signing on as a hand and riding out the next morning, but he wasn’t in a hurry. No one would be able to find him this quickly.

He hadn’t been in the saloon for more than ten minutes before heading upstairs with two whores. Both were sloppy d***k and he had to help them up the stairs to the room he rented.

“Take off them duds,” he told them anxiously. The women began giggling and then started to undress for him, one on either side of the bed.

“Get closer together,” he told them, “so I can see you both.” They laughed d***kenly and the blond moved to join the dark haired woman before continuing to undress.

“Now,” Lou said, “kiss each other.” Both the women’s head snapped up at the order and stepped back.

“Mister, you’re sick!” spat the blond. “We don’t do no perverted stuff, just a straight lay.”

Lou pulled his gun from the holster and tipped up his hat with the barrel. “I don’t think you understand,” he told them firmly, “I’m the paying customer and you do what I want.” He let the gun barrel dip down to point at the women.

“But.. but mister,” the black haired whore was completely sober now and beginning to tremble in fear, “we ain’t never done nothin’ like that before.”

“Nothing like trying something new,” he grinned. The pistol was still aimed at the two and he slowly pulled back the hammer. The ominous click filled the room and the girls both gasped in horror.

“Do like I ask and nothing will happen to you.” He laughed suddenly, “nothing much different than any other night!” The blond moved closer to her friend and pulled her face toward her.

“Sissy,” she snapped, “just do like he asks and we’ll be done shortly.” Sissy was on the verge of tears but nodded.

“Ok June,” she mumbled. She let June pull her close and then they kissed. It was a long, passionate, deep kiss that made the outlaw’s cock rock hard.

“Perfect,” he said, “get out of those clothes and onto the bed.” The women rushed to comply rather than fight. They had seen the results of girls that tried to fight the d***ken cowboys. The thought of yelling for help had crossed June’s mind but there was no way anyone would hear them above the piano that was blaring downstairs.

“You,” he pointed to June as he was pulling off the last of his clothing, “on your back, and have your friend get on top of you.” The women moved into position and soon Sissy’s breasts were hanging down and almost touching June’s as she held herself up with only her arms.

“Kiss her again,” Lou told her. Sissy hesitated and Lou stepped to the side of the bed, pulling his belt out of his discarded pants as he moved and swung the belt in one motion. It landed with a crack and Sissy yelped. It was all the motivation she needed to lock lips with June. Sissy kissed her feverishly in an effort to ward off further punishment.

Lou climbed onto the bed, belt still in hand and lined up his hard cock with Sissy’s pussy. In one thrust he was in to the hilt and began pumping into her. Sissy stopped kissing June for a moment to catch her breath, only to hear the whoosh of the belt and feel the leather as it slapped across her back.

“Oooowwwww!” she screamed. She quickly began kissing June again to save herself from another blow.

Lou slammed his cock into her faster as the excitement of having two whores at his whim was causing his dick to throb like never before. He felt invincible at that moment, and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he came.

BAM! The door slammed open and large man stepped into the room. Lou pushed off Sissy and leapt for his gun on the small table but the intruder already had it in his hand. Too late to stop his forward momentum, Lou flew off the bed and crashed into the wall, landing in a heap at the stranger’s feet.

“What the hell is goin’ on!” Lou bellowed. He looked up to find an army pistol pointed at his face.

“You robbed a stage,” the big man said, “I’m here to take you back.”

“Robbed the sta…” Lou looked at the man incredulously, “you tracked me here?” His mind tried to come up with a reasonable explanation.

“Yes,” came the stoic reply.

“But, the storm,” Lou was frantic now. What kind of man could track him through a storm like that? Not only track him, but gain time as well.

“Who are you?” Lou finally asked.

“Name’s Taggert.”

“Oh shit! I thought you were dead!” Lou exclaimed.

“Not hardly,” Taggert replied. “Now stand up slow and lean up against the wall.” The outlaw warily complied and Taggert tied his hands behind his back.

“Sheriff,” June finally spoke up from the other side of the bed, “that man made us do perverted things!” Taggert turned to see June standing naked with her hands on her hips and Sissy cringing on the floor with a blanket pulled up to her eyes.

“Really,” Taggert smiled, “what type of perverted things?”

“He, he, he made us kiss,” she finally spat out.

“Oh?” Taggert feigned concern before turning to Lou, “did you do that?” Lou nodded in agreement.

“Was that all you were going to make them do?” Taggert asked.

“No,” Lou said, “I was going to… I was going to make them lick each other.” Sissy gasped again from behind the protection of her blanket.

“Did you pay them for the whole night?” Taggert asked.

“Yes,” the outlaw said with a puzzled look.

“Is that true?” Taggert asked June.

She shifted nervously. “Yes,” she said, “he paid for the whole night.”

“Did you cum?” Taggert directed the question to Lou.

He looked sheepishly at the ground. “No, I was about to when you showed up.”

“Well,” Taggert pretended to be perplexed. “We got ourselves a situation. You girls got paid and didn’t finish the job. I’m responsible for getting any unspent money back to the stage depot.”

“You can’t take our money!” snapped June.

“Hmmm,” said the big man thoughtfully, “maybe not. But he paid for all night and you didn’t work all night, so we have an issue. Maybe I have a solution.”

“What do you mean?” June wasn’t following his train of thought.

“I’ve been riding hard for a few days,” he said, “I’ll let you keep the money but I think you should do the work you got paid for. I’ll make sure you earn it.”

Realization finally dawned on June and she turned red. The lawman was going to fuck her and Sissy.

“That ain’t decent!” she accused.

“I certainly hope not,” retorted Taggert. “Get back on the bed while I finish with your friend here.” He made Lou sit in the arm chair and tied his ankles tightly. A loop around the chest made sure he wouldn’t be moving.

“Ain’t you going to take him to the jail?” questioned Sissy. “You gonna let him stay and watch?”

“He paid for it,” said Taggert as he shut the door and barred it with the table. June was obviously mad but she was used to being abused by men. She would do whatever he wanted and then sneak down and tell the owner Tom while the lawman was sl**ping. She would make sure he got his.

Taggert undressed as the women waited on the bed. He was at least 6 foot 2 inches tall and there wasn’t an once of fat on his body. His skin was riddled with scars of past battles and the muscles of is arms bulged as he climbed onto the bed. Still on his knees, his large cock hung down and Sissy gulped at the size. “Suck it,” he said, “both of you.”

Both of the women moved into position on either side of him and began working on his massive cock. June sucked the end into her mouth and Sissy licked the sensitive underside in tandem. This was something they were used to doing and they performed the task to practiced perfection. Within minutes, Taggert’s impressive cock stood at full mass and even June was intimidated by it.

Glancing over his shoulder, Taggert could see by the naked man’s erection that he was obviously enjoying the show. “What were you going to have them do next?” he asked.

Lou sat stunned for a few seconds before answering, “I was going to have them lick each other,” he tried to nod his head to make Taggert understand, “like, flip flop, and then I was going to fuck the one on top.”

“You heard him,” Taggert said. He guided the women into the 69 position and then guided his cock into June’s waiting pussy. Pressing on the back of her head made her mouth drop straight between June’s legs, and he held her there until she stopped objecting and began licking at the pussy in her mouth.

Slowly working his cock into June, he could feel his balls graze over Sissy’s nose. They landed on her lips and he waited until she opened her mouth and licked at them before moving again. Taggert stayed in this position for almost ten minutes as he stroked in and out of June while Sissy struggled to lap at his balls.

“What’s next?” he asked Lou as he continued to fuck June.

Lou had caught on to the game now and was more than willing to play. “I was going to switch them out and fuck Sissy in the ass.” Sissy moaned her objections with a mouthful of balls and June jumped up.

“Fuck this!” she yelled, “We’re leaving!” she moved to get off the bed but Taggert’s massive hand closed around her throat.

“You look familiar to me,” he said quietly as if contemplating, “maybe a wanted poster from Galveston?” June quit moving and sank back onto the bed. If he knew about the poster he could take them both to jail any time. She thought no one would recognize them here.

“It’s not me,” she said weakly.

“Oh,” Taggert smiled, “I guess if you stay, I won’t have to go check.” June’s shoulders slumped and she nodded. She shot a dirty look at Lou.

”You sick pervert!” she spat at him. Lou turned red but then a smile crept across his face.

“I was going to have June get her ready by licking her ass,” Lou said to Taggert. June opened her mouth to say something but then closed it.

Sissy was pulled into position on her knees and it only took a look from Taggert to get June behind her. Before long she was licking at Sissy’s anus, making the bent over woman moan from her efforts.

Taggert tweaked June’s nipple while she worked. “You can do better,” he said. June redoubled her exertions by pushing her tongue all the way into her friend’s ass. Sissy moaned loudly and bucked against June’s face.

“That’s enough,” said Taggert, “get under her and lick her pussy while I fuck her.” June moved onto her back and slid under Sissy while Taggert lined up his cock with her now lubricated hole. He pushed the head of his cock against her until it finally yielded enough to allow it to pop in.

Sissy hissed loudly and then moaned as the big man pushed slowly into her. June’s pussy was now in front of her and she licked at it with wild abandon. The over stimulated Sissy had June on the brink of orgasm as Taggert pumped into her at an increasing pace.

His large balls slapped June as he stroked into the kneeling woman’s asshole and she swiped at it with her tongue when it was close enough. Taggert began to fuck Sissy in earnest and his cock swelled as he got closer to cumming. June was shuddering from her own climax as Sissy relentlessly licked her and pushed back against Taggert at the same time. He felt his own climax coming and hammered in and out of Sissy with blinding speed before finally cumming in her ass as she shuddered from her own orgasm.

All three were breathing hard as Taggert pulled his cock slowly from Sissy’s ass, allowing a large amount of cum to escape and drop into June’s face. She lie quietly without moving and let the warm liquid spill onto her. The three untangles themselves and sat up on the bed.

“Oh shit,” June said. She was looking in the direction of Lou as he sat tied to the chair with cum splattered all over his stomach. “You are a fucking pervert.”

Lou looked at her with hatred in his eyes. “I was going to have her lick all my cum up when I was done,” he told Taggert. June looked pleadingly to the big man.

“Get to it,” he told June. She groaned before moving to her knees in front of Lou and began lapping up the cum from his stomach.

“Then,” Lou said with a wicked grin, “I was going to fuck June in the ass and make her suck my cock when I was done.” June groaned at this but didn’t object. It was going to be a long night.


The next morning Taggert was dressed and ready to go by dawn. He had spent his time making sure Lou got his money’s worth and now it was time to go. He had threatened to take Lou to the jail stark naked unless he told where the Wells Fargo money was. Only then did he let the women put Lou’s pants back on, but nothing else.

“What kind of lawman are you Taggert?” asked June as he was pushing Lou out the door.

“Never said I was a lawman,” he answered. “I’m a bounty hunter.”

Your votes and comments are the only way I know if I should do a series of short stories with Taggert as the main character.

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my love story begone

My name is Mimi
or that the name of my secret life
I am a167cm tall, 55 kg, and 28y old ….
Really I don’t what is my gender any more
I have a male body
But I have a feminine soul, and desire...
Desire of being pretty, sexy and wanted from men
I love to be treated as girl
Maybe Coues I been raised with 4 s****rs
And I was the youngest
They always treated me as I was a girl like them
Dress me up like a girl and do my hair and call me Barbie girl
When I become 6years old I was listening for them talking about their boys friend's and how they love them and cure for them…
I envy them for that
When I went for school I like playing with girls not boys
Coues that what I used to, and it makes me comfortable
On my first year in prep school I meet this boy nor
He was my neighbor, he is so sweet, handsome, and he always good to me, not like other boys they always call me names and harm me and make me cry
We become closes to each other
So he become my bf
for me at least, for him I was his friend
Then I was big enough to have my own room in the house
And I star to have privacy, I am used to girls clothes

But I can't walk around warring them any more
So in my room I have a big collection of my s****r's closes and cosmetic and some of my own
When I am alone I always a girl
I like to but some make up and do my hair….

One day me and nor, when we was playing at my home, he suggest we play hasped and wife and I will be the wife
And he asked me to get a dress from my s****r wardrobe, so I get one from mien and put it on I enjoyed benign a bride, this day I started to love him really

And when we in hi school he didn’t have any girls friends
Coues I consider him my boyfriend,
And I scrod every tray for him to get any girl .
till that day we were in a party in some club
I see him with some girl and I could not stand that for a moment, I went there for him and asked him to live because I feel thick , and in the way I told him that I don’t like the way he look to her, talk to her, or touches her
He tell me that he does not understand me or my concern and he just want to have sex only nothing else
We had a harsh talking, and I lift to home
I went to my room, I felt like I will lose him, and start crying, and I called one of my best girl friend she know about me and we are so closes to each other, I told her about what happen, and she know that I love him but he don’t know about me or my feelings, and I am afraid if told him he would live me
she told me that I must let him know everything!! And if he cares about me he will understand
And she will help me doing that
So we went to the mall and we bay a hot red dress lingerie, and all what girl want in her 1st date.
At last the dress make me a completely sexy girl a very hot one

We call his phone and told him that he must get a room in some motel and I will meet him there, but we didn't told him what it was about
So he call back and we went there,
I could not forget the way other boys look to me when we was in the way to him
That night I was a girl, in public, and everybody just love the way I look
Suzy nook at the room door, and he open
He chocked, he know that was me but he didn’t expect that
Ohhh The way he looks to me
He could not speak or do anything, so we went into the room me and Suzy my girl, letting him at the door,
He keep looking at me, as he can't believe it
I stand up and walk to him, and hold his hands, and say
Nor. I love you... very long time ago… I know you must be confuse know but really no one will love you like me and I take his hands as we set on the sofa
Suzy get us a couple of pink shampain glasses
, to cool up
He said, every one told me that there is something about you and how you concern about me, but I didn’t think of that
And he cheek me up and said, wow you're so beautiful, sexy too
So he come close to me and kissed me
He hold me with his arms and hold me to him very tied
Then he put me on his lap keep kissing me
I was very nerves, I will lose my virginity that night.. I have had sex before with Suzy and other girls, and I did have anal sex with Suzy by finger or dildo but never been with a male before
I stand up and took off my dress

He g****s me from my waist and kiss me all over my body and hold my back very hard
Suzy come by and lay down my panty
And tern me around and she touches my ass and open it and started to lack it ,
Then he take my little penis and suck it very gently, it was an awesome feeling
Suzy pouched him at the sofa and take off his pants, his dick was medium size but was very erected
She g**** my head to it and lit me suck it
I taste good , and I feel all my body very hot and my ass hall was stretched and waiting for his dick
So he put me on the back and open my lieges wide and he stared to stick his dick in me , It felt like a nice smooth hot , not like finger or dildo and with a spit of oil in my ass and on his dick he chunk it all in

And start to fuk me , as Suzy was set on the sofa washes us and playing in her pussy
He was laying over me face to face, fucking me very slow very gentle so romance and he says to me
I love you Mimi, you're so pretty and sexy , you are my girl……
And then he hug me hard as he come in me then he take his dick off and lit me suck it tell it erected a gene then he start a gene
This time he boot me in dog still and fuck me harder making me scream like a biatch but it felted very nice
Suzy set up front of me and make me lack her pussy
So I did tell she come
Wow it was a dream night
And me and nor keep going out every weekend as boy and girl
Too be follow………..
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With a Boy and a Girl with a Huh

Samstag Abend in Berlin, man bereitet sich vor, heitert sich etwas an und geht dann auf die Piste. Also ab in die Disco.
Deutschlands größte Community für Transensex :
Musik, Beats und Stimmung. Viele Leute, viele Frauen. Man tanzt sich durch die Menge und versucht Kontakte zu knüpfen. So beginnt der Abend, Chancen kommen und gehen.

Liedwechsel, Lady Gaga mit Love Games. Die Leute stürmen wieder die Tanzfläche. Mir fällt eine sexy junge Dame auf, etwa 20 Jahre alt, gute 1,75m groß, schlanke Statur und hammer Körper. Lasziv tanzt sie herum und stellt sich zur Schau. Ich versuche mein Glück und komme ihr näher. So bewegen wir uns etwas nebeneinander her. Das Publikum, mich eingeschlossen, singt leise den Liedtext mit. "let's have some fun this beat is sick. i wanna take a ride on your disco stick.." Die Dame nähert sich mich an und ich blicke zurück. "don't think too much just bust that stick, i wanna take a ride on your disco stick." Langsam beginnt sie aufreizend mit mir zu tanzen. "the story of us, it always starts the same, with a boy and a girl and a huh and a game". Sie flüstert mir ins Ohr: "Wenn du das wirklich willst, ich bin genau das was du suchst." Sie leckt sich einmal verführerisch über die Lippen und spricht dann weiter: "Aber ich habe gewisse Regeln. Erstens: Wenn wir es tun, tun wir es auf meine Weise. Zweitens: Wenn wir einmal angefangen haben, ziehen wir es durch. Ich hasse es mittendrin aufhören zu müssen, es ist so frustrierend. Drittens und letztens: Wenn du nett zu mir bist, bin ich nett zu dir. Also überlege dir gut was du machst." Ich weiss nicht ob der Alkohol mich am Nachdenken hindert oder ob es einfach an dieser sexy Gestalt vor mir liegt, aber ich antworte nur: "Alles was du willst."

Gemeinsam verlassen wir die Disco und fahren mit einem Taxi zu ihrer Wohnung. Bereits auf dem Weg zeigt sie mir Offerten und küsst mich zärtlich. Wir kommen an ihrer Wohnung an und huschen hinein. Die Tür fällt hinter uns ins Schloss und wir stolpern in ihr Schlafzimmer. Nach und nach fallen die Kleidungsstücke, ich liege nur noch mit Hose auf dem Bett. Sie kniet im kurzen Kleid und BH über mir. Sie zieht mir die Hose aus, ich entkleide ihr den BH. Mittlerweile ist das Küssen intensiver geworden, weniger zärtlich und sie, ihr Name ist Lea, wird immer fordernder. Schnell fasst sie in meine Shorts und verwöhnt meinen Kleinen mit ihrer Hand. Verschmitzt haucht sie mir zu: "Wie ich dir, so du mir" und verschlingt mit einem Mal meinen noch Kleinen mit ihrem Mund. Diese Wärme und das Gefühl, es ist erst der zweite Blowjob den ich bekomme. Sanft umspielt sie mit ihrer Zunge meine Spitze und spürt, wenn ich langsam etwas größer werde. Aber irgendwie bin ich nervös, ich hatte vorher noch mit keiner Frau geschlafen, es hat sich einfach nicht ergeben. Und so kann Lea blasen wie sie will, wirklich steif werde ich nicht.

"Was ist denn los Süßer", fragt sie und drückt ihre Brüste aufreizend zusammen, "gefalle ich dir nicht?" Dadurch, dass sie es anspricht, werde ich noch nervöser. Sie streichelt ihren Schritt etwas und sieht mich an. Ich versuche ihr die Lage zu erklären, sie sieht mich verständnisvoll an und antwortet: "So so, na dann haben wir eine echte Jungfrau hier. Glaub mir Süßer, den Abend vergisst du nie mehr, es wird ein wunderbares Erlebnis für dich. Du schenkst jemanden nur einmal deine Jungfräulichkeit und ich nehme sie mir sehr gerne von dir. Aber was machen wir, wenn du mich nicht ficken kannst? Momentan geht mit deiner Nudel nicht viel. Wie wäre es, wenn wir uns erstmal von dir ablenken lassen und du dich auf mich konzentrierst?"

Sie rutscht weiter auf und setzt sich auf meine Brust. Ihr Schritt ist direkt vor mir. "Denk daran, sei zärtlich und sei so zu mir, wie ich zu dir war. Das ist doch nur fair, oder?" Ich schliesse die Augen auf ihren Rat hin und versuche mich zu entspannen. Sie rutscht noch ein Stück weiter, ihre Schenkel sind nun neben meinen Kopf als ob sie ihn festhalten. Ich spüre die Hitze ihres Körpers, sie schiebt ihren Slip zur Seite und nähert sich meinen Mund an. Leise flüstert sie: "the story of us, it always starts the same. Und nun sei nett zu deinem Girl mit dem Extra Huh." Irritiert möchte ich fragen was sie meint, doch als ich meinen Mund aufmache, steckt sie ihr noch kleines Huh einfach hinein. Überrascht versuche ich meinen Mund freizuräumen und dieses weiche warme Etwas mit meiner Zunge hinaus zu schieben, doch gerade diese Versuche lassen das Huh immer größer werden. Hilflos liege ich da während sie meinen Kopf mit ihren Schenkeln fest hält, hilflos sehe ich sie an während sie ihren Schwanz in meinen Mund hält.

"Was ist los Süßer? Überrascht? Aber auf der Tanzfläche wolltest du doch noch meinen Disco Stick?", fragt sie mit einem Lächeln und hält still. All meine Bemühungen mich zu befreien oder mich ihr zu entziehen sind vergebens, aus der Position komme ich so nicht raus. Durch meinen warmen Mund schwillt ihr Huh immer mehr an und drängt sich immer weiter in meinen Rachen. Jede Bewegung von mir, jeder Versuch sie auszuspucken oder wegzuschieben erregt sie nur noch mehr und vergrößert mein Problem. Ich wollte doch nur mit einer Frau schlafen und nun finde ich mich in auswegloser Lage mit einem Stab im Mund! Und wie kann ein so weibliches Geschöpf unten herum eben nicht weiblich sein?

Ehe ich mich in weiteren Frage verlieren kann bewegt Lea ihre Hüften vorwärts und stößt mir ihren Stab tiefer in den Mund bis ich meine, dass ich keine Luft mehr bekomme. Schnell zieht sie zurück und bietet mir an: "Du siehst, es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten dies hier durchzuziehen. Ich bekomme immer was ich möchte. Ich sagte dir ja, dass ich erst aufhöre wenn ich zufrieden bin. Die erste Möglichkeit wäre, dass du dich wehrst und versuchst abzuhauen, dann müsste ich dich fesseln. Die zweite Möglichkeit wäre, dass du dich fügst und mitspielst, dabei kommst du auch viel eher auf deine Kosten. Jedenfalls geht dein kleiner süßer Arsch hier nicht ungefickt raus. Überlege es dir gut, denn wenn ich mein Becken bewege muss meine Stange Raum finden - und ich glaube, dass dein Mund und Arsch gegen mein hartes Rohr verlieren werden."

Sie gibt mir etwas Bedenkzeit und als Geste des guten Willens massiert sie meinen Kleinen. Schließlich füge ich mich und hoffe, dass das ganze erträglich sein wird, im Notfall kann ich es ja immer noch vergessen. Da ich mit vollem Mund nicht reden kann lecke ich mit meiner Zunge über ihren Schaft und sauge ihr Huh hinein. Sie genießt meine Zuwendung und reibt sich ihre Brüste. Vielleicht würde sie ja von mir ablassen, wenn sie gekommen ist? Vielleicht wäre dann mein Hintern verschont, wenn sie ihr Pulver vorher verschiesst? Also bemühe ich mich besonders und schlecke ihr Huh so gut es geht.

Doch ehe ich mich an diese Hoffnung klammern kann entzieht sie sich mir und rutscht von meinem Körper herunter, über mein Becken hinweg zwischen meine Beine.Langsam hebt sie diese an und legt sie auf ihre Schultern. Unbeweglich liege ich da, hilflos wird mir nun bewusst, was geschehen wird. Während ich immer nervöser und ängstlicher werde, zieht sie sich über ihren 22x5cm Kolben ein Kondom.

"Ganz ruhig, Süßer. Du hattest deine Chance ein Mann zu werden und mich zu ficken, aber du konntest ja nicht. Nun zeige ich dir, wie man jemanden entjungfert, wie man jemanden richtig fickt! Ich werde für immer deine Erste sein und vielleicht darfst du mich nachher auch noch ficken. Und jetzt beruhige dich. Ich habe es in meinen Hintern bekommen und lebe immer noch, also wirst du das auch überstehen", redet sie auf mich ein, während sie etwas Gleitgel auf ihr Huh schmiert und dann mit ihren Fingern an meinem Hintern herumtastest.

Sie beginnt sofort mit zwei Fingern mein kleines Löchlein zu weiten, gefolgt von einem Dritten. Es schmerzt etwas und ich versuche mich zu entspannen, mich abzulenken, als ob ich woanders wäre. Ihre Finger verzeichnen kleine Erfolge und schaffen Raum für das Kommende.

Sie entzieht ihre Finger und positioniert sich neu, sodass ihr Kolben direkt vor meinem Löchlein ist. Als sie merkt, dass ich nicht mehr bei der Sache bin, sagt sie zu mir: "Hey Süßer, nicht träumen, meinen kleinen Traum kennst du doch noch gar nicht." Sie streift ihren Stab zwischen meine Arschbacken rauf und runter, bis sie ihn an mein Löchlein ansetzt. Nervös sehe ich sie an, wohl wissend, dass ich ihr gleich meine Jungfräulichkeit geben werde, dass sie die erste Frau sein wird, mit der ich ficke, oder in diesem Fall von der ich gefickt werde.

Sie sieht in meine Augen und spricht: "Ich liebe es in die Augen meines Liebsten zu schauen wenn ich zum ersten Mal eins mit ihm werde. Du bist danach noch genauso Mann wie vorher, aber wenn es dir gefällt ficke ich dich bis du wie ein kleines Mädchen weinst, ich hoffe doch es sind dann Freudentränen!"

Und schon bricht sie über mich hinein, sie drückt ihren Kolben gegen mein kleines Loch. Ich spüre die Hitze ihres Huh und merke, wie sich immer mehr Druck aufbaut. Auch wenn sie mich vorher vorbereitet hat, sie braucht doch etwas Zeit um voran zu kommen. Ich versuche mich zu entspannen und in dem Moment gleitet die Spitze ihres Prachtkolbens in meinen zuvor noch jungfräulichen Hintern. Sie hält kurz inne und lässt mich mich anpassen. Der Schmerz ist auszuhalten, ich versuche mich zu entspannen. Sie greift sich meinen Kleinen und massiert ihn etwas. Dies hilft mir herunterzukommen. Langsam drückt sie ihre Hüfte vorwärts und ihre Hammerspitze verschwindet völlig in mir, gefolgt von einem Stück ihres Luststabes.

"Siehst du? Du lebst noch und du bist auch noch ohnmächtig. Lass uns doch mal ausprobieren, wie viel du verträgst", sagt sie fordernd und schiebt mit einem Male die restliche Länge ihres Monstrums in meinen engen Arsch. Ich schreie kurz auf als mich der plötzliche Schmerz überrascht, doch als sie gänzlich in mir steckt und sich nicht bewegt, vergeht der Schmerz.

"Süßer? Alles okay? Du bist jetzt offiziell keine Jungfrau mehr, du wurdest durch die großartige Lea entjungfert. Und da du in unserem kleinem love game gerade die bottom bist, sei eine gute Frau und lass dich ficken bis du kommst!" haucht sie mir entgegen, ehe sie ihre ganze Länge herauszieht und wie ein Hammerschlag zurück in mein kleines Loch schiebt. Mir bleibt die Luft weg, ich kann nichts sagen, ja mich nicht einmal bewegen. Jedoch vergehen mit jedem Centimeter, der mein Löchlein verlässt und wieder rein kommt die Schmerzen. Langsam baut sich ein wohliges Gefühl auf als sie ihre Fleischpeitsche auf und in meinen Arsch niederprasseln lässt. Ich hebe meine Hände und streichel sie über ihre Brüste, während sie sich weiter nach vorne beugt und so meine Beine zu meiner Brust herandrückt. Durch diese Position kommt sie noch tiefer und erreicht Stellen die ich gar nicht kannte. Wie eine wild gewordene Maschine bricht sie nun über mich hinein, ihr Luststab stößt durch meinen engen Hintern wie ein Fickkolben vor und zurück. Tief hinein bis ihr kleines Säckchen gegen meine Backen stößt, wieder heraus bis nur noch ihre dicke Schwanzkrone mein Löchlein offen hält. Stoß um Stoß bohrt sie sich in mich hinein, immer stärker, immer schneller. In mir bildet sich ein Gewitter, viel stärker als was ich bisher kannte. Wir beide fangen an zu stöhnen und schwer zu atmen. Immer wieder stößt sie zu, immer wieder bricht sie mein Hintertürchen auf und rammt ihren Monsterprügel in mich hinein. Unfähig sich zu wehren, unwillig sich zu entziehen liege ich da und lasse mich abficken. Als ich denke, dass ich nicht mehr kann, spüre ich meinen Orgasmus und spüre wie ich mich über ihren Schwanz verkrampfe, als ob ich sie festhalten will. Dies gibt auch ihr den Rest. Sie zieht ihren Prachtlümmel aus mir heraus, reisst sich das Gummi herunter und spritzt mir das Produkt meines engen Arsches auf meinen Bauch.
Deutschlands größte Community für Transensex :
Sie fällt auf das Bett zurück, wir beide atmen schwer, mit einem Lächeln auf dem Gesicht. Erschöpft sprich sie zu mir: "Liedwechsel, mein Disco Stick braucht eine Pause. Aber der Abend ist noch jung..." ... Continue»
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Cute And Sensual School Love

As it turned out I was the highest scorer in my cbse exams of class 10 among that class, so very soon I started getting my response from teachers and friends including girls. A few of them struck me as they were very beautiful, and one of them was she. Even though I am writing this story with our mutual consent, let me not display her name, some things are better kept secret. She was a damn good looking girl, with a cute look, average height of 5.3 and a killing smile. A smile for which half the school will die for. She was among the most beautiful girls of the school. She had small boobs which were apt for her and a cute ass that jumped around when she walks. As the days passed by, we became more and more friendly. Frankly stating, we were like enemies. Whatever I say, she will be there to oppose me. That became a habit for both of us. Now if either one was not there, we started missing the company of each other. It was at the end of my class 11, that we both realized that we were in love with each other. But no one said a word. In schools, there is a very good group of people that we call as ‘friends'. Everyone knew that we two were in love but no one was proposing. I was not proposing because I was not sure of my reputation, as I was known as the ‘kishan kanhaiya' in my previous school. According to my friends, the only friends that I had were girls, and as a matter of fact they were correct. I always liked the company of girls. And she was not proposing, because she was not sure if I was just flirting with her, or I was serious and the other reason being my f****y status. My f****y being one of the most powerful in the area, so she was not sure if I will accept her as my girl friend as she was from a middle class f****y.

But, to be true, I loved her very much and wanted to be with her for my whole life. So, as I was mentioning, the friends chipped in. One day, we were playing truth and dare, and I was trapped with a dare. I was supposed to propose her and I did. And it went really bad. It was because I had never proposed a girl before. I was more used to be on the receiving side. But this time, the case was different. Even though, it was all for fun, I couldn't do it. But the intentions were clear and the relationship had just taken a different turn. The school got over that day, I called her in the evening. It was a regular practice for us to chat long hours, and to be true, when we chatted the time flew like nothing. Einstein was very true about the relativity of time theory. She asked me if whatever happened today was true, I said ‘yes'. She said, u have to propose me again and now. It was kind of an awkward situation because my dad was besides me, and he does not encourage those stuffs. I said I can't, but she was adamant. So, I took out a book and said...." PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 143". She got the idea and said "I LOVE YOU" and I again repeated 143. That was all I could talk to her that day, as my dad wanted me to accompany him to some minister's house. So, we said bye and the things ended for that day. Next day, when we met in school, our relationship was completely changed. There were smiles but no words in between us. And then I understood, why friends are friends, they understood what happened yesterday, and started shouting and congratulating us. We were a couple now. Normally, in my school, these news items spread like fire and as it was concerned with me, the spread was even faster. Now it was us and our friends, and both of us wanted the friends to go away so that we can have a private space, but that was not to be. So we were f***ed to break our innocence. As we were sitting on the same bench, we started touching each other's hand in a way that it was not visible to others. We were pressing each other's hand gently and just smiling. That was what we were about to do that whole year. We were not able to meet each other outside because of the fear of being spotted by our f****y and friends, so we had to be content with that only. But as we all know, being content to just doing that is not practically possible. One day, while we were talking, I said I wanted to kiss her and she said no problem, do whatever you want. But the problem was "where".When we entered 12th, we planned and took all our tuitions in the same place. This is where all the mischief's started. In school, we were content to only touches in hands but there in tuitions we were both different persons. Our tuitions use to start at 6 am in the morning, and we used to be there by 5 45..that 15 minutes was all ours and only us. Since it is a hill station, it used to be very cold and people used to wake up late. So no one will be there at that time and we had the liberty to do whatever we wanted to do. So, finally we kissed one fine morning, it was just a kiss to the cheeks. Initially she gave and then I followed. Then I asked I want to kiss your lips( My cock is already growing while writing these lines, remembering those days). She dint say anything. Without waiting for the response, I kissed her. I kissed her twice. Actually neither of us knew how to do lip kiss. It was the first time we both had kissed in our whole life. I have had relationships before but never did any of these things and she was new to this whole part called love and love making. After kissing, we dint say a word and it was time, so we had to stop. The next day, same time same place, we were again alone, and this time when we kissed, it was a total kiss, with my tongue in hers and hers in me. We kissed for 2-3 minutes. I still remember the taste of that kiss and will not forget it my whole life. Our hands started going inside each others clothes. It was a moment of passion and loves everywhere.

My hands went to her ass, I grabbed it and started squeezing it. The moment she felt that, she stopped and our lip lock broke. She was angry with me. She asked what I was doing, and I had no answers. So, I kissed her again. All the anger was visible in the kiss, which was more passionate than the previous one. There was no stopping, we kept on kissing with both our tongues exploring each and every part of each other's mouth. From being amateurs a day before, we had become pros within a span of 24 hours. Now her hands were inside my shirt and mine was playing with her back. I reached her bra, and to my great luck, we heard some footsteps. Those were the other students attending the tuitions and everything stopped. But we were in no mood of stopping. So, we positioned ourselves inside the tuition room such that we were at least able to play with each other's hands and legs. We started touching legs, moving from top to bottom. It was very sensual. For us it was not just casual touching of a boy and girl, but true love. So with every touch, the tension in the room started to grow. My cock was in no mood of going down. It was troubling me as I was wearing my jeans and it just wanted to break out. To add to the pressure, she started massaging my thighs and along with that she was also staring straight at me continuously. We used to stare at each other a lot, we loved being lost in each other's eyes, but this stare was different. She started massaging me faster. I was not able to control. I started pulling her hands near my cock. Then she started messaging by cock from over the pants. Finally I asked her to stop, which I had to say her in writing else the others will know. Now, I started messaging her thighs and she started feeling the pressure now. I wanted to more further up towards her vaginal region, but she stopped me and requested me not to do. She wrote, "what will happen if I cum now?" I stopped as none of us wanted to take that risk of coming under suspicion. That night, when she called (we didn't use to talk about our adventures in the school just to be on the safer side), all the other topics that we used to discuss before were left behind and a new area came into the picture. The only thing we talked was about the foreplay that we did in the tuitions. I told her that I want to touch her breast, press them and lick them and finally fuck her after eating her pussy. To which she replied "let's see what can be done tomorrow". She asked me that how will I do that if we were alone. This was the first time when we had phone sex. Since both of us had our own private rooms and personal mobiles, the privacy was not a problem. Within 20 mins of our foreplay, I saw my cock grow to 7 inches and then shoot the biggest load of cum that I had ever seen from my cock before. She had a very loud orgasm at the same time. And both of us were drained of energy. Then we exchanged some kisses over the phone & slept.

The next day, I went with a half pant to my tuitions. That day we both were late, she actually came 10 mins into the tuition. Everyone was asking me If I was a psycho to wear a half pant, but I knew it was not going to be cold for long. There was a cloth over our table that we used to cover our down area. She dint know that I was wearing shorts. She came and we started our regular touching of legs. It was when she kept her hands on my legs and thighs that she realized what I was up to that day. She smiled and within no time, her hands were over my cock which was already rock hard. She started feeling it fully over my pants and my jockey. She was able to put her hand inside my shorts and was fondling with my cock over my jockey. She was pressing it as hard as she can. At the same time, I was pressing her thighs as sensually as I could, But still she dint allow me to touch her pussy. I was a bit dissatisfied, but she was compensating that with her hand job over my jockey. I started realizing my precum. My jockey was slightly wet. When she got that wetness sensation, she smiled, touched it harder to make her hands wet. Then she pulled her hand out. I asked why just through eye movements. Then she did something that I dint expect her to do. She put that finger in her mouth, and started tasting my precum. She said it was salty and tasty. Again I wrote, "I want to be inside yours too". This time she said yes with her eyes. Without wasting any time, I entered her pussy. She was wearing a skirt. So accessing her was easy. She parted her legs a bit and I finally reached the glory hole by just moving her panties aside. Her pussy was covered with little hair. I started pushing my inside. It was tight. I just moved my finger in and out for some 5 mins. I was in heaven. My hands were all wet now because of her pre shooting I guess and she was smiling. By that time, the tuition time was over. So we started readjusting ourselves. In the mean time, I took my hands out of her pussy and tasted her ejaculation. It was very tasty and salty. Then we had to pack up. By that day, she had touched my cock over my jockey and I had touched her pussy directly. I had not touched her breasts nor even seen them. That night, I told her to come early the next day and that I wanted to touch, feel and eat her breast. She said "ok". Next morning we were there at our playground. I was in my shorts, she in skirt and a loose t-shirt. We went up the stairs, our normal playing corner and the first thing she did was that she lifted her shirt, moved her bras up and told me to touch her boobs. I was in seventh heaven. I grabbed her boobs. As I mentioned they were small but very cute with pinkish nipples. The smell was very sensual and was killing me. I started pressing them harder and in the mean time I was also kissing her in the lips. She stopped and said, byte that and showed me her boobs. And I did exactly so, I put my lips on her breast and started sucking them. I sucked it for 3-4 minutes. That was the most awesome thing that I had eaten till that day in my life. She started moaning, which I had to control by putting my finger in her mouth. She bit my finger hard, but the pain was no where in picture. It was pure pleasure for both of us. Then she said, I want to see your cock. She said that while touching my cock she was not sure what the size is and that she didn't believe me that the size was 7 inches. I told her to go down and see herself to which she did. She pulled my shorts and jockey down in one time up to my knee and my cock jumped out. She was amazed to see my cock and said that she was afraid that what will happen if I put that inside her, to which I told "that we will see when I am in u". I asked her to take my cock I her mouth, to which she said she won't. I asked her why, she said "she was not sure what will happen if I cum in her mouth and that she might also get pregnant". I told her that nothing will happen but she was not sure. She wanted to confirm before she does that. I was a bit upset and asked what next. She smiled and said "what about a hand job" and started moving my cock up and down. That was our first time but damn she was very good with that stuff. I asked her how was she so good, to which she replied that she had seen some porn videos. I was kissing her and touching and pressing her boobs in the same time. It was such a nice feeling. She started moving my shaft up and down, from my balls and within 5 mins,

I was up to my limit. I told her I am about to cum. She started moving my cock more rigorously and I cum. The first few shots went flying in the air and the rest was in her hand. She squeezed my cock for every last bit of my cum. Her hand was full with my fluids. She took her hand and massaged all my cum over her breast. It was so sexy. Then she pulled my pants up and guided my cock inside the pant. I told her that I want to eat her pussy. She said yes, but we ran out of time. So we stopped and she promised that tomorrow I will get that. We continued our play during the whole tuition. I was fingering her the whole time during the class and her love juices were flowing. From a single finger now I had three inside her now. I was not able to go further in, to which she told me to control and be happy with that for now. I understood what she meant. So I tried to be content. That day, we both were too aroused. In the school also, there was not sights of my cock going down which she noticed and she was also very horny. She was teasing me by moving her hands over her breast during her class hours. That made me horny like hell. I wrote in a chit and said "we are bunking the next hour", after reading that she smiled and put that chit inside her breast region. I was my school captain, so I had access to all the labs with ease, and since I was also the topper, the teachers used to give the lab keys to me so that I can go and study there whenever I wanted to. Normally, all of my close friends(we had a group of 6)used to go, but that time only we two were bunking, so the place was all to us. Our teacher had also advised us to lock the doors from inside so that no one disturbs us while studying and also for security reasons. But today we were in a mood of studying only biology in physics lab and that too practically. So, without telling anyone, we bunked. We took the keys, went to the lab, closed the doors and then there was a moment of silence. We knew no one will be coming there for the next 40 mins. We looked at each other thinking practically nothing. She asked me to open my clothes, and I asked the same to her. We were staring at each other directly with passion and lust in our eyes. I said let's do together. We both removed our sweaters and shoes. I opened my shirt and so did she. The uniform for girls in my school was a shirt and skirts along with the other accessories. I removed my tie but she dint. She was looking so sexy. I told her that I will fuck the shit out of her today. Then I removed my vest and she removed her bra. I won't be able to explain how she was looking with just a tie. Just imagine guys. Then the pants were thrown and she opened her skirts. All this time we were staring at each other's eyes. I am practically out of words to explain what was going in our minds. Now it was love going to be followed by love making. Then the final set of clothes i.e. our panties were down and we were completely nude and smiling at each other seeing each other's body. We stopped for a moment and then the silence broke, she said, "I am all yours, do whatever you want". But then she stopped. As I told ,we were very cautious about sex. We didn't have condoms ,no prevention. She said what if I get pregnant. I asked her to believe in me and told her that I won't cum inside her. She was not fully happy but said yes. She waited for a second and said "let's take a chance, even if I am pregnant, it will be your baby only". Then there was absolutely no stopping. We kissed each other in standing position with my tongue inside her mouth, my one hand fingering her pussy and the other hand pressing her boobs.

On the other hand, her one hand was feeling my back and the other one was playing with my shaft. We stayed in that position for 4-5 mins. I broke the lip lock and went down straight down to her pussy. She was a bit shocked. She said ‘wait‘. I said why? She moved her place and sat on the desk where we used to do experiments. She asked me to sit on the wooden stool which I did. Then she parted her legs and said, "now eat". I pulled her pussy towards me and started kissing her all over her pussy. I started teasing her by making circles over her pussy. She was annoyed and horny. She took hold of my face and pressed her over her pussy. I understood that is too much for her to bear. So I started tongue fucking her , she was moaning like hell in pleasure and was asking me to go further and further. I went in as far as I could. She said "fuck me baby". I said my tool is not lubricated, it will hurt you more. She said, give that to me. I also climbed the table and in no time we were in a 69 position. She took my cock in her mouth for the first time. It was one of the nicest feeling a guy can have. She was licking the tip of my cock as if she will just cut and eat it now and in the mean time, I was busy eating her pussy. This continued for 5 mins. We just had around 20 mins before the bell will ring, so I said "let's do it". I stopped to look at her, there was both fear and excitement in her face. She said "please do it slowly" . I said to her "trust me". We adjusted our position with she sitting in the side slabs. Optimum height for me to insert. She took my cock and guided into her pussy. Even I had no idea that how will that ‘big thing' go inside that small hole. I inserted just the tip of my cock. It was very tight. I gave one more blow, it went in a bit further. She was in pain. Tears were about to roll. She asked me to stop. But i was so horny and was in no mood of stopping. But even I was not able to go further. So, I grasped my breast and gave a full blow, it broke her hymen and my cock went all in. She shouted like hell in pain. To calm her down I kept my cock in her pussy and started kissing her and squeezing her breasts. After some time the pain subsided and she was a bit relaxed. Then I started moving my cock to and fro in her pussy...she was making sounds that were driving me crazy. I started pounding her very hard. She was smiling, I asked what happened, she said "your face, I like the way your expression changes while you are fucking me ". That was enough of a boost for me. I kept on fucking her for the next 10 mins. I don't know from where I got that much energy. Suddenly I felt her pussy walls becoming hard and she shivered and came. I kept my hand near her pussy, took her pussy juices in my hand. Tasted myself and then inserted the finger into her mouth which she gracefully tasted with a big smile. She was relieved. But I was still rock hard, I started pumping her again and in 2 mins I told her I was about to cum. I asked "where?", she said in my mouth. I was so happy to hear that. In the morning she told, she wont and now she is ready. She gave a crooked smile and said "don't worry darling, now its my turn". I took the cock out of the vertical lips(vagina) and put in inside the horizontal one(mouth), she gave an awesome blow job again for a minute and in no time I came inside her mouth. That was a huge explosion. She drank all my love juices and was still sucking my cock for the last drop. Then again we kissed for a little and dint speak a word, we were just imagining what had just happened. But, we didn't have time. The period was almost over, we quickly dressed up. I wanted to keep her panties but she told "we also have a class to attend, how can I do it without panties".

And I agreed to it. We took some waste clothes from the store and cleaned whatever mess that we had made. During the whole love making session, she was wearing her tie which made me even more hornier and hornier. Then we checked each other's dresses. Pressed whatever we could have over the clothes. In the mean time the bell rang, so we took our books, locked the lab and started walking towards the class as if nothing had happened. It was only we who knew that we just had our first sex and that too inside the school campus. Just thinking of that was driving us crazy. But there was a small problem, she was not able to walk properly. Everyone in the class knew that we were dating and that we were absent for the last period. So, if she turns up in that way inside the class, they are bound to suspect us. She said "what shall we do now?". And frankly speaking, even I had no idea. Then I told, "it's just a matter of one more period, lets go to my car". I always kept my car inside the school compound only. So we went to my car, I asked my driver to go and wait near her house. He followed my orders and left the place and started walking to her house, it was about a km away. Now we were again alone in the car, with no one near us. But we didn't do anything. We just sat there holding each other's hands and looking at each other's eyes and thinking of what just happened. We chatted for some time with our hands still fondling with each other's private parts. The whole day was so eventful and lustful, my first experience and that too not with anyone else but with a girl whom I loved with all my heart. Finally, the school time was over, so I dropped her at her place, smiled and exchanged glances, my driver was standing there, picked him up and left. That night, the only thing that we both could talk with each other was about sex and that when can we do it again. We had lots of such intense love making sessions for the next few months which I would like to share next time. But the worst part is that, we are not together now. We had to break our relationship because of our f****y problems. We are still best friends and will remain like that for our whole life. Friendship has no bounds. We share everything and truly speaking after breaking up, it was so difficult for us to forget each other, that we have tried everything, even new boy and girl friends, but we cannot reach that level and intensity and chemistry that we had between us...but what to do that's fate. I am presently at Coimbatore and she is in Delhi, both are single, doing our college. Sometimes we plan and meet on our way home but only as friends. Still there is not a single day that we don't talk.... Continue»
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A Boy and his Mother

A Tail of a boy and his Mummy

Xenophobio, at 18 had been raised to understand his Mother Dearest's
attitude towards the need for discipline for boys and in particular his
need for it.

Valoria Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale had always been strict, but her stern
attitude increased with the teen's age and he knew it would just continue
that way.

Mrs. Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale had no intention of letting up on her son
and was always finding ways to increase his shame and the regularity of
his now routine spankings.

She simply believed it was his cute girlish bottom that needed the
attention and his bare bottom at that. She saw it as a separate entity to
her son and when he misbehaved, it was his cheeky bottom that had
misbehaved and needed to be dealt with in the most severe manner.

The fact that Xenophobio possessed an extremely plump rounded bottom for
a boy was a constant irritation to him and more so as his Mother Dearest
constantly reminded him of the fact.

He often studied his long smooth bare legs which his Mother saw to it
along with the rest of his body was kept shaved and hairless in the
mirror and could not help but notice the way his swishy buttocks were
rounded and upturned like a girl. His shaven genitals were the most
humiliating part of his body particularly in Physical Education class.

Mrs. Valoria Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale often commented that most girls
would die for such a rounded high cheeked bottom. She especially admired
the natural sway and wiggle to his derriere as he walked around during
her home tutelage wearing a tight skirt with high heels and of course
with the required panties underneath.

This made her son very conscious of its feminine fullness but not as much
as when vulnerable over his Mother Dearest's lap with the skirt lifted
and the panties down baring his girlish bottom elevating it high into the
air for a lengthy leathering from one of his Mrs. Dearest- Thumpsdale's
many straps.

The fact that the pretty teenager was still also kept in extremely short
pants when outside the home in warm weather did not help his predicament
and especially as some of his shorts exposed a large portion of his
generous bottom cheeks often reddened by a stinging switch.

Some of the tight lavender shorts were buttoned down the back. One pair
of his feminine shorts had twenty two small buttons which the young boy
was unable to do and undo by himself.

Having his Mother Dearest undo these shorts some afternoons before a
spanking was a slow process but it allowed for Mrs. Dearest-Thumpdale's
long scolding and prep talk about some disobedient or disrespectful
reason for what was about to happen to his very vulnerable and sensitive

Being a good looking boy with big soulful brown eyes and shoulder length
blonde hair whose personality had become submissive and feminine allowed
his Mother Dearest to easily reduce him to a lip pouting, blubbering,
shaking and frightened c***d even before his spanking began and together
with the impending pain keep him fully under her stern control.

Part of her regimen for feminizing Xeno was the shots and pills she gave
to the totally submissive teen that were doing a good job of filling out
the bra she insisted he wear.

Discipline was always separate from punishment in the Dearest-Thumpsdale

Punishment was when he seemed to break one of her many, many rules or
seemed to disobey her in some tiny way. It could be a carelessly acquired
run in his stockings, or a lock of curly untidy hair, or some small
matter in his bedroom such as forgetting to close his lipstick or giving
in to a bad bathroom habit of standing up to urinate when going to the
toilet. "Little sissies sit to urinate and while doing it are careful
not to touch their genitals too much and achieve an erection."

Discipline however, was an entirely different matter. It involved very
regular spanking of his bare bottom and thighs, front and back. It was
designed to keep Xenophobio behaving at his best, to remind him he was
under his Mother Dearest's rules and control and to make him continually
try harder to be pleasing, mannerly and at his most obedient.

The shy youngster even had what his Mother described as 'good boy
spankings' and these were usually lengthy affairs.

Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale's theory was that if he had been a good boy, it
was because of the hard spankings he was receiving and therefore needed
more to help him continue in that manner.

Some of Xenophobio's friends were spanked, some more than others, and
some on their bare bottoms, but mainly when they had misbehaved and had
done some misdeed.

Xeno, however, was spanked on his bare bottom on a very regular basis
with a variety of implements. Some of these "discipline" spankings were
actually worse than his punishment spankings and could involve up to four
or five implements, all chosen by his Mother Dearest for his particularly
rotund buttocks.

Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale did not believe a responsible parent could have
too many implements available for a plump bottomed teenaged boy and she
was always looking to add to her bed box where she kept them. A steel
spatula in her local market may be viewed by most as to its use in the
kitchen, but Valoria 's (what all her friends called Valoria Mother
Dearest-Thumpsdale) first thoughtful image was that of her girly/boy/son
with his panties down bare bottom or plump thighs as she discreetly
slapped it into her open palm.

Checking the hairbrush and bath brush section of a store was second
nature to her now and the hardware store also offered many useful tools
to help teach her full breasted sissy/son the many lessons required to
permanently form the submissive, feminine, mannerly personality which
Mother Dearest required.

Occasionally she visited the local horse riding store to examine some
lengths of leather or some pieces that could be used to secure her son's
wrists or ankles for a judicial caning which he occasionally received.

Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale often mused on the tales of her own Mummy when a
leather harness maker could be visited and a choice piece of leather
ordered to be made for a recalcitrant son or daughter. Some were even
said to have a bench at the back of the store where a young boy's
uncovered bottom could be positioned over a specially made spanking bench
and left there as the Mother or Aunt went shopping.

The harness maker could then study the bared backside of the miscreant to
help choose the finest piece of thick leather to assist its guardian in
chastising it thoroughly.

On her return, a few choice pieces would be ready and could be tried out
with 'the impudent one' secured across the bench.

Some responsible Mothers took the opportunity to deliver an overdue
lengthy strapping while choosing the best piece. The new strap was then
left to be oiled and polished and narrowed at the handle, before being
collected some days later.

Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale always kept a strap and cane hanging on
Xenophobio's bedroom wall close to his bed and a paddle on his bedside
dresser to remind the usually trembling, shy adolescent of the quite
regular routine of a hard spanking at his bedtime, a routine copied from
her own Mother as she dealt with her b*****r for all those years.

A bedtime spanking was mainly to focus Xeno on the next day and he was
encouraged to continue his good behavior, if he had behaved well that

These sessions were also used to help train the boy to "present" his
bottom to the strap, a lesson that needed continual training for an
agonizing treatment of his upturned buttocks.

Valoria was never happy with Xenophobio's efforts at pushing his bare
bottom up high for the relentless strap; at least she never let Phobio
feel she was happy. She did note however his nice attempts to "help" his
Mother strap his bottom exceptionally hard, by pushing it up for her as
high as he could, even though he was in some severe distress at her full
f***e wallopings.

She also knew that despite his best efforts to avoid his discipline, his
bottom would in time naturally start to rise up to the strap
involuntarily, a secret she learned from her Mother Dearest. The reason
for the phenomenon was not explained to her, but she reveled in the fact
that she had started to see traits of it with Xenophobio, even though he
didn't realize he was doing it.

Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale knew deep down that in time to come he would be
pushing it off the bed as high as he possibly could the instant he heard
his Mother say 'Up'.

This is also the reason she used the word continuously during a 'training
strapping' as a type of hypnosis for the boy. During a strapping, a
stranger outside the door would hear the word mixed in with the continual
instructions to "Give me your bottom panty-boy, up. That's it good girl,
up higher now. Up for Mummy, up Missy Prissy, up higher, that's it hold
it there. Push it up now like a good sissy. That's it. Stick it out for

The intense pain was all directed at his very round and very bare bottom
usually over two pillows, and on and on she would instruct during one of
his many lengthy strappings.

The suffering boy also knew of course that if Mummy was displeased, the
strapping could continue for some time until she was pleased enough to
start to deliver the full amount he was due. This could take up to twenty
minutes on some occasions along with her continual scoldings.

Valoria believed strict scolding was part of raising a boy and keeping
him under control. As her Mother Dearest used to advise her, spank him
hard and often, scold him harshly and continually, and control his bare
bottom and his naughty penis, and keep the pantywaist in feminine clothes
and she would have a very well behaved boy regardless of his age when his
will was broken.

Of course she had seen this with her b*****r, even into his 20s.

Xenophobio's penis control was a totally separate matter but she knew it
went hand in hand with his regular bare bottom discipline. Basically it
was not to be touched, felt up, played with, stroked, rubbed on items or
used in any such manner other than when urinating and even then he was to
be careful and of course sitting like the 'he/she' her beloved son had

When he was being undressed for his preliminary scolding however, it
could be used as part of his humiliation and could of course be examined,
stroked and even smacked by his Mother with the penis strap, if she felt
the need.

To this end Valoria often took the boy along or astride her skirted,
stockinged or bare thigh in preparation for a spanking. Valoria
understood how most Mothers used an over the knee position and stuck to
it for the odd time they took their teenage sons across the knee.

Valoria however came to learn that many variations of over, along,
astride, up on, back on, pinned in, even kneeling up on her knees, could
be used in the chastisement of her boy. She continually tried out new
positions on or about her knee and could often be found in her bedroom
practicing a new position with a thick pillow.

Once she was very happy with starting with the boy/girl standing at her
closed together knees and leaning over her shoulder and she would reach
around him and smack at his bottom and flanks. She would gradually slide
both of her knees between his thighs and start to f***e them apart. This
caused him to slide down her shoulder and she would scold him for that,
telling him to 'get back up over her shoulder for his well-deserved

After a period of this he had to 'climb on' to astride her knees and
facing her and then lean his head over her shoulder or under her arm. In
time with the slaps he would gradually be made to kneel up on her knees
and the proximity of his privates to his Mother's face made for a very
humiliating excitement to the boy's burgeoning manhood causing extra
punishment with the penis strap.

Valoria knew these positions did not allow for the very hard type of
spankings she liked to administer, but the pushing, pulling maneuvers,
shame and scoldings along with the ultimate use of the penis strap it
allowed for more than made up for this.

She also knew she could vary her scoldings, her boy's attire before and
during a spanking, and indeed her own attire and demeanor in the course
of administering the many, many spankings that went on in the Dearest-
Thumpsdale household.

Each piece of Xenophobio's clothing was chosen with some care (skirts and
bras and other frilly lacy things) and designed to keep him as a well
spanked and feminized boy should be kept.

Valoria Dearest (as her Mother used to call her) had taught her that
there was nothing wrong with keeping a boy appearing in a feminized
manner that always invited a firm spanking, especially if he possessed a
chubby round bottom like Xeno did.

Shirts, tops, blouses, halter suits, knee socks, ankle socks, ribbons,
shoes all had a special place in Xenophobio's wardrobe but most
importantly in particular his underwear and pants. Valoria believed
Xenophobio's bottom was best suited squeezed into exceptionally short
tight pants or on most occasions shown under an extremely short tight
little skirt. She also used very short wide legged loose pants which
fitted onto his upper bottom and when they went shopping, she paid close
attention to how each pair looked, how it would shame him and how it
might suit one of his many spanking sessions.

She felt he needed to be constantly aware of his well-rounded bottom and
the need for clothing that helped show it off in its 'sticky out'
fashion. She knew she often had those fleeting thoughts about his bottom
as she went about her daily work when he might pass her or be seen
bending over for something or on hands and knees playing and the thought
was of 'he needs a sound walloping with one of his thick leather straps
..... I think I will spend some time this evening, helping him learn to
push that bottom of his well up for the strap .... Hmm, yes, that will do
him no harm.'

"Xenophobio dear, I think a good strapping will do you good this evening
dear, and we'll make it a very sound one, okay dear?"

A subdued reply of ".... Y ... yes Mummy Dearest," was quite usual as the
shivering teen let the new information sink into the consciousness of his
bottom in his very tight pants and panties became all the more aware.

"And perhaps a lengthy session with the bath brush on those fat bare
cheeks of yours will help prepare you for the strap and get you crying

The following "Y ... yes Mummy ... uh ... whatever" was intoned with a little
more alarm as he knew his Mother usually turned such a statement into a
full shaming for him, but more importantly despite some of his leather
straps being quite severe, he was really more terrified of the dreaded
bath brush.

It was long, hard and heavy and it impacted so "perfectly" with his bare
bottom as the Martinet put it. But it also stung something terrible and
his Mother Dearest seemed to like using it for an exceptionally lengthy
time. So what may have been a straightforward bedtime strapping could now
turn into a full blown disciplinary session and that thought just
terrified him.

He hated the bath brush and more so as it always played a big part at his
twice or thrice weekly bath times. It always made him think about how his
beautiful Mother could be so stern and how methodically she went about
gathering two fresh towels, and taking the bath brush down from its hook
on bath nights, a harbinger of bedtime pain.

"We'll see if we can have you thrusting that big bare bottom of yours up
a little higher tonight for the proper, thorough 'brushing' it deserves.
If not we can fetch out the prison strap which as we both know always
helps you to concentrate on your bare behind when I am chastising it,
don't we, dear?"

"Y... yes.... yes Mummy, I will try my best, Mummy."

"Oh, you'll try your best alright, believe me sweet boy, you will try
exceptionally hard to please me and the thick strap I will use on you.
It's all boys like you understand, isn't dear? A thick leather strap
across their bare backsides."

As far as Mrs. Thumpsdale was concerned, Xenophobio thrived under firm
discipline and he would continue to do so as long as he lived with her.
She also believed that the young him/her thrived under the continual
verbal reminders of his constantly diminishing status as a male member of
the f****y into a very controllable wimp.

His Mother Dearest teased the sissified panty-waist unmercifully with the
threat to change his name to Pansy deVille so his friends and f****y
would have another reason to laugh at him.

Phobio wondered why his breasts seemed to be growing and the nipples
seemed so sensitive with the vitamins he was taking. He now did not need
to pad his bra. His growing breasts did that.

Certain items were used for different types of chastisement. For example,
the oval polished clothes brush was used solely for a furiously fast
walloping with the struggling boy locked tightly between her thighs with
his bottom being almost squeezed upwards for her attentions.

The boy's wrists needed to be secured for these spankings. With the
blistering pace of the hard spanking, Valoria figured she applied enough
good firm smacks over a five minute period.

Xeno usually started bawling after about ten smacks and she liked the way
he just settled into a nice helpless crying rhythm and heaving of
buttocks during these furious discipline sessions.

There was no scolding with these spankings and she did nothing but
concentrate on delivering the spanks hard and fast to about two areas on
his bottom cheeks evoking from her son, "Please Mummy, not in the same
two spots. Please!"

Of course this was completely ignored by Mrs. Dearest- Thumpsdale who
enjoyed watching the two spots turn red and then purple eliciting a
delightful reaction from her squirming son's painful ordeal perpetrated
upon his disobedient behind.

So, Xenophobio knew what was to happen if he was sent for the oval
clothes brush which sat in a drawer with a length of soft rope. No other
type of spanking was administered with this brush.

The riding crop was mainly for his thighs. He stood naked and raised a
thigh for his Mother to strike it six times on its top. Then he lowered
it and raised the other for her.

This went on and on as the thigh was usually not 'held up properly' for
each of the six spanks, allowing for a prolonged treatment. This was also
used for his 'prancing' training again designed to prolong.

A switching was dreaded by Xeno because it was not only painful but made
him feel like a majorette dancing in a parade because his Mother Dearest
made him wear a cute pantied skirt like a strutting member of a high
school band.

Firstly, as it took a while to get the preparations right and secondly as
they were usually quite intense for the boy.

Out of the blue his Mother would announce a switching. It involved him
going to his room and stripping down and selecting a pair of light see-
through panties worn under the majorette costume in which he had to march
while strutting his parade of pain under the slender branches of wood
dancing out welts on his bottom and thighs while his burgeoning breasts
bounced in the air.

The fear-ridden boy did not like the way his Mother described the types
of switches she wished him to go and cut for her as the descriptions
generally leaned towards one that will 'sink nicely into those fleshy
buttocks of yours'. He also knew all three switches would be used on him
till he was more than in agony.

On occasion this chastisement would not involve just his bottom as Mrs.
Dearest-Thumpsdale may decide she wanted to stripe 'every single inch of
his plump thighs, front and back'.

Valoria's leather strap collection would be praised in the strictest of
orphanages of old. She had eight straps in total and each one had its own
particular flavor. She still had her short over the knee strap for when
he was much younger and she often mused on how after all the years it
still had its uses when it came to Xenophobio's discipline.

There were the two tailed tawse of sixteen and twenty three inches. She
knew the sting of such straps and knew that when Phobio howled at each
stroke. Her other three straps were plain double sided thick leather, the
last being a Canadian prison strap.

A few years back she had been chatting with a Canadian Mother of two
boys. This woman had talked on and on at length about her boys'
chastisement, but she noted keenly smiling in glee when she stated what
would happen if she caught them masturbating, "Of course if that happens,
then it's out with the prison strap for them."

After some close inquiry, Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale researched it and
finally found one and bought it. The Martinet was even more impressed
with it when it arrived one afternoon. In a box about fifteen inches
long, she discovered a lovely curled piece of fine crafted leather.
Mother Dearest knew at once that the comment from this Canadian Mother as
'designed for the most recalcitrant boys' bare bottoms was not an

Not easy to hold at first but she learned the uncurling of the leather
was important when delivering a hard strapping with it. A beautiful tan
color at thirty inches long with a four inch handle and four inches wide
with a solid one quarter inch thickness.

It was a wonderful looking implement. Designed originally for grown women
in Canadian prisons, she had found that some were sentenced to thirty
strokes a day for the duration of their sentence. This was applied with
the offending woman strapped across a horse with a cushion placed beneath
her hips for elevation of the buttocks which were bared. Thirty strokes
seemed a little lenient but she was happy to learn that often an offender
was given many more for 'offensive behavior' during her strapping.

Mother Dearest held it in her hands and swung it about gently. She
realized quickly that this strap was designed for over the head lashing
and she knew immediately that due to its design, a 'lenient' strapping
would be very difficult to administer with it. She placed it out flat on
the table and called Xenophobio to her and he arrived sharply and

She told him to sit and announced the arrival of a 'new disciplinary
implement for his more and more deserving bare bottom cheeks'.

Xenophobio stared at the strap trying to take it in and only able to
compare it to his other collection of punishment straps but he did not
like what he saw. He clenched his buttocks fearfully.

"It's designed for the bigger boy, Xenophobio, or perhaps they said the
'bigger bottomed boy'. I can't recall exactly, but it certainly looks
ideal for you, doesn't it dear?"

Xeno was quiet, still trying to take in the picture of the strap on the
table. This was surely going to hurt terribly on his bare bottom, he

"There are even some notes with it, isn't that nice"? Valoria picked up
and unfolded the little leaflet that accompanied the chastising strap.

She ignored the details about the women's prison and went on, "Let's
see, 'Designed to teach the most wilful miscreant the error of their
ways, this strap will make a very sudden and lasting impression on the
upturned bare buttocks of even the most disobedient subject. It can
deliver a most severe punishment with a few dozen strokes and the user
will find the only way to apply this strap is with great f***e. The
miscreant should be placed along a bench if available and secured with
its bottom elevated to help meet its very striking impact.

Even the most well trained subject will find it difficult to present its
own buttocks to this strap and its owner will find training will almost
need to be started over'.

Xenophobio noticed the spankee was referred to as 'it' as if he were an
a****l. Is there no mercy? -- Not when he was panties down getting a

"Honey, it seems you have a new friend. Just think how much fun it will
be spending many long evenings getting you acquainted with your new
leather friend. We'll be seeing if we can teach you some new good
manners. We'll have to work on your curtsey. It's atrocious."

His Mother went on reading the brochure. 'While the amount of strokes in
the past with this strap was generally predetermined in the hands of
private disciplinary requirements, the user should find their own
suitable measures and not limit themselves to the original stipulations.'

"In other words baby, you will need to be strapped at length, even with
this strap and that is what I intend to do with it. No sense in limiting
ourselves when it comes to the disciplinary requirements of your cheeky
bottom, is there, dear?"

Valoria liked the way she used her own words mingled with the ones in the
leaflet as Xenophobio sat almost motionless and very quietly still
clenching and unclenching his terrified behind. He knew his Mother
Dearest's questions did not always require an answer or response but he
suddenly started at "I said, is there dear"?

"No, no Mummy," was his instant response.

"What else is there, if the miscreant is used to other types of leather
disciplinary implements, it may be of use to warm up the bottom cheeks
beforehand with one or more of their regular straps for quite a while,
before introducing its soon to be extremely sorry buttocks to this fine
implement. This can be continued for the initial few weeks, but then the
buttocks left alone to become white and vulnerable again after a week or
two when it may be applied to a fresh pair of bottom cheeks. Punishment
can be continued through other methods as hitting the front and back of
thighs and the calves while thinking of new ways to humiliate the boy to
break his will to a suitable feminine nature.'

"Isn't that considerate, Xenophobio? And what's left, (This strap is
ideally suited to the more plump bottomed miscreant, and while quite
severe, it may be used on a frequent basis, if very instant obedience is
a requirement'.

"If very instant obedience is a requirement! Well that is certainly a
requirement when it comes to you isn't, Honey?" Mother Dearest asked as
she crossed her legs and looked pointedly at the boy.

"Yes, Mummy it is."

"Yes, it most certainly is and we've spent many hours teaching you and
that bottom of yours that lesson, haven't we dear?"

"Yes, Mummy."

Xeno was still taking in the strap on the table when he noticed his
Mother's skirt riding up her now crossed leg exposing her knee and thigh.
Her maternal lap was very well known to the constantly fearful lad as he
spent many hours over it, across it and astride it, learning the many,
many lessons his Mother Dearest decided he needed to learn.

Just the sight of it alone reminded him of his bawling antics as a brush
or paddle cracked repeatedly onto his upturned bottom.

"Well then perhaps it will be required on a frequent basis then, what do
you think, my little pansy?"

"Yes, Mummy."

He could never get used to the way his Mummy incorporated his own
agreement into his regular harsh discipline, but he knew better than to
disagree. However the young victim did not like the look of this
particular addition to the disciplinary f****y of implements. Thinking
about what such an implement could do to his rump almost made him urinate
in his panties which would certainly give his Mummy reason to pain his
bottom with what she called 'his new friend'.

"Well, I try my best to be obedient, Mummy."

"Yes, you do, dear but that is not always good enough now, is it?" The
maternal voice had now a sharper edge to it and he recognized it

"Eh, no Mummy, it isn't".

"Of course it isn't, dear boy and while you may think you are being
instantly obedient when I tell you to do something, I may view it
entirely differently. Isn't that correct, sweet Zeno?"

"Er, yes Mummy, that is right."

"Of course it is right, my little queer. In fact it may be viewed as
being disobedient, isn't that right"?

Xenophobio did not like the way his Mummy had started to sound now.

"Downright disobedient in fact." Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale said with a
harbinger of inevitable certain pain dripping from her voice. Xeno began
to clench and unclench his buttocks in anticipation of the agony coming
to them in the immediate future.

"Er, well, I will try hard to be very obedient Mummy; I promise I will."

"Yes, dear, you say that now when you see this new strap on the table.
You see; it's working already isn't it? Little disobedient boys with
such swishy spankable bottoms need the feel of our leather friend here?"

"Yes Mummy .... It is."

"An extremely disobedient little pansy, that's what you are, aren't you?"

It was too late; his Mother had walked him into the trap. To deny this
would be seen as blatant cheek and he was too afraid of going there. He
had no choice. His cheeks were going to suffer.

"Yes ... yes, Mummy."

"And what happens to disobedient little sluty sissy-boys, Honey?"

"They get ....punished, Mummy."

"Yes dear, they do. They get punished. Punished long, and punished hard
on their very bare bottoms with this long leather strap which was
specially designed for disobedient boys and especially those with plump
bottoms like yours. Isn't that right, honey pie?"

"Yes, yes Mummy it is yes."

Being cooperative never did help the boy escape his Mother's full
disciplinary measures, but he tried hard to reason in his immature mind
how it had transpired that a new strap arrives to the house and shortly
into a discussion about it he was being told he was an extremely
disobedient boy.

"Well, Xenophobio baby, let's not waste any more time on this. You heard
what the leaflet said, didn't you? So off you go and fetch two of your
straps. Get me the over-knee-strap and the sixteen inch tawse; they
should be sufficient to warm you up properly for your first taste of this
new big strap. But you can expect a good hand spanking too, you
disobedient little miss, for your slow mumbling as you were questioned on
the proficiency of this fine disciplinary strap I went to the trouble of
acquiring for you.

Sometimes I feel you are totally ungrateful for the efforts I put into
your training and discipline. We will have to address that in the next
few weeks.

Although this will be your first taste of this fine strap, I intend using
it in a full and proper manner across those full buttocks of yours in an
exceptionally lengthy strapping. With this strap it may be ok for the
normal disobedient boy, but with a little pansy boy with buttocks such as
yours that would be of little use now would it?

I intend to discipline you very thoroughly today, Phobio, for the
disobedient faggoty boy that you are. I am sure you will be begging me to
be allowed to be an extremely obedient fruity boy by the time I am
finished with you and I am sure you will be repeating your feelings again
tomorrow afternoon when we repeat these measures.

Maybe then you won't complain about being kind to my friend Samuel when
you two are alone in your bedroom.

Xenophobia began to cry.

"But he's so big ... Mummy ... so big ... Mummy," responded Xenophobio through
his tears.

"Xeno, honey. He's a real man and not a little swishy/sissy/boy like you.
The next time you are in the bath check out your tiny penis. It will
never get big enough to satisfy a girl.

Save your tears until this new strap starts tearing up your fat behind.
You'll need them, then. Get it, baby .... tear and tear - you obviously
don't find that amusing ... maybe your 'new leather friend' will improve
your sense of humor."

"Of course at your bedtime tonight I will still expect full cooperation
from your impudent bottom regardless of how well punished it may be."

"Now over here and let me remove those little pants and panties of yours.
You may as well do your fetching bare bottomed today."

Valoria stood the boy just in the juncture of her slightly separated
knees as she slid her skirt back a little. The Matriarch eyed him sternly
as she slowly turned him awkwardly to get at his buttons that clasped
tightly across his girlish bottom cheeks.

Slowly Mrs. Thumpsdale unclipped each one slowly, as each one allowed a
further piece of his plump bottom out. She always marveled at the way his
bottom inched out of these pants and the way his generous fleshy cheeks
assisted the undoing of each button, as his white silky panties came into

Eventually the last button popped open and out fell the soon to be
chastised naughty bottom. She slid the tight pants down his legs and he
knew to lift each foot to allow them to be removed and folded and placed
on the table.

They didn't take up much space and Mrs. Thumpsdale looked at them and
wondered how on earth they contained such a bottom. The panties were not
much better and she slowly slid them half way down his thighs.

"Leave your panties there as you trot off to get your straps. They won't
be there for long, of course, as I'll be removing them completely when
you return. I want that bottom completely bare today. Off you go and
don't dawdle, boy."

"Y yes Mummy," was the reply as Xenophobio took himself off to retrieve
the straps. The reasoning behind this discipline session was long gone
from his pretty little head as he just knew his Mother Dearest had to be
right. How was he going to cope with that strap though? It looked
terrifying, and the quivering of his bottom as he walked didn't help his

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Situation was created on sudden change. Hope you all enjoy this story very much.

s****r Name is “N” in short. Her figure was 32-30-32. She is very fair in color. Her age was 19. And the b*****r name is “R”. His age was 22. His height was 5’11” and s****r was 5’6”. The length of b*****r’s penis was 7 inches and 2.25 inches wide.

N was quite innocent. She always hugs b*****r in any good news. She loves his b*****r like any s****r loves her b*****r may be more because they are very friendly and shares everything. R was nice guy who loves s****r too as a s****r and they were best friends.

She was such an innocent girl, she hugged him when she pass her exam and kissed on his chicks and when she gets good news. But now R feels her rock hard on boobs on his chest. She never feels it wrong. Sometimes she sits on his laps when R works on computer. She has not any wrong feeling about him.

Sometimes she changes upper cloths in front of R without any hesitation but with her bra and panty inside. But now R was seeing her cuts and wants to see her more body. They were sharing a same room. Only small certain divide them. They have different bed

These days R was seeing her while bathing. She didn’t even think about it. She baths like soaps all over her body and usually naked. Now a days R is watching N’s boob’s movement while sl**ping. And also wants to see inside her skirt too. One night he was pressing her boobs. He now started doing masturbation while pressing your boobs.

One day she awoke while pressing her boobs and say – “what are you doing b*****r, why you are pressing my boobs and what are you doing with your cock. Please go and sl**p or use bathroom.” “No s****r it is not bad.”

N: what?
R: I want to see you naked.
N: No don talk rubbish ok just sl**p.
R: No s****r it is not wrong
N: Yes it is please sl**p or I will call mom.
R: Ok s****r sl**p I will talk to you tomorrow.

R called N on terrace. She came. Then they talked there on the topic of last night incident. She forgot the incident and also she didn’t inform her mother about this. R was telling her that s****r this is not wrong.

N : What I forgot all
R: ok just show me your tits
N: no no
R : There is no problem in showing
N: I cant you are my b*****r
R: Ok just think we are boy and girl. We have to know each other organ
N: I can’t, please don’t compel
R: for our knowledge
N: no please….
R: come on Neethu

She went downstairs fast and without hearing his words. She went down and tries to recall what happened. She felt so bad for hurting his sweet b*****r and thought that if he asks her once more she will surely show him her tits. She doesn’t have sexual feelings for him just love b*****rly love.

After dinner R told N to come and sl**p on the roof. She says yes b*****r. They went upside on the roof after telling their parents. They slept. N awoke for pee and she went downstairs. She heard sexy sounds from parents’ room. She peeped in the room and saw them while sex. She feels hot and returned into bed after pee. R don’t know that N just returned from down.

R awoke and he now wants to seduce her while sl**ping. But N was awaking and feeling him but her eyes were closed. She was sl**ping actually pretending to be sl**p. R started cursing her boobs slowly. Then he was trying making them bare. N was not wearing bra that day. She won’t wear bra and panty in night while sl**ping.

R started sucking her boobs very hard and fast. N wakes up.

N: What de hell is this?

And try to go to down, but R stopped her then keep her down on the bed sheet once again.

N: leave me
R: no, I will see you completely naked today.
N: Please please leave me please I am your s*s
R: no, today you have to show me your figure naked
N: Ok only figure
R: yes
N: Ok just see it

She opened the night gown. She was naked in front of him. R also opened his pants and became naked. N went near R and sees his dick from near and went back.

R: Please allow me s*s to touch you. Please
N: Ok just touch

He touched her pussy and round her clits by his finger and press her boobs hard. She became horny after clit moving finger and now she was in her arms.

N: Please leave me

She also wants to fuck now but she was resisting from upper side.

N: ha don’t make me hot b*o
R: ok just enjoy it
N: ha ahaaaaaaa b*o I love u

R started sucking her boobs again. N is holding her cock. Now they both are in deep French kiss. N says – kiss me hard give me you tongue, give me all. Now b*o holds her and lift her and made her head down and leg up.

Her legs are on his shoulders. s****r’s mouth was at his dick and b*****r was licking her pussy. s****r’s hands were around his waist. 69 position but in standing mode. She sucks his penis hard and fast till her throat and her pussy walls were feeling his tongue. chatak chat chat!

She had reached first orgasm in licking. Now b*o put s*s down and ride on her after stretching your legs and keeping pillow at her waist then b*o placed his dick on pussy hole then soft jerk. She started stopping him because of pain of hymen stop.

N: I am virgin b*o please be slow.

Then slow fuck and kissing was going on. After some time she enjoys fuck.

N: I am feeling pain please be gentle, It is good oh god, fuck me u bastard s****r fucker in & out in! ghachak ghach ghachak

N: haaaaaaaaaaa fuck hard.

Now b*****r keep s****r up on his dick and she was holding his shoulders and he was fucking her in standing position by lifting your ass up and down. She was enjoying dick sitting fuck from standing position. Great fucking session was going on. Cold breeze was blowing and giving the immense pleasure and joy to both of them.

Now s****r reached her second orgasm heavily and she released her complete love juice on his b*****r’s dick. Now she was put in doggy style and b*****r was now fucking her from back and he was holding her boobs and giving smart and hard jerk from back.

With every jerk she went forward but return back to accept the jerk in next time without delay. They both were in different world. Both were creating strange moaning sound as oh ah ouch. This scene was looking awesome like two smart couples were enjoying the so interesting and enjoying fuck. If someone saw them in such a position he or she can’t stop himself or herself for masturbating.

s****r now reached her third orgasm and b*****r was also about to cum. Now b*****r keeps his cock out of the pussy to be longer in the fuck. He stopped for a while. Now s****r again sucking his cock to be hard once again. Within some time it was hard as rod once again.

Now he was going to fuck her in ass. He licks her ass and spitted on gate. Insert one finger to make way for his cock. Then placed his cock on the ass hole and started pressing slowly. She got a hard pain but b*****r keep her mouth shut by his hand. He was moving slowly. He was doing the movement in slow speed. 3 slow jerks followed by one hard jerk. Within some time whole cock was gulped in ass. And now she was also enjoying hard fuck in ass. She was also responding his jerks by moving her body front and back.

Wow such as smart and hard fuck. Now after some 60-70 jerks b*****r was ready to release her juice inside her ass. Ohohhhhohoo that’s it this was gone. Now her ass was filled with his hot and crispy liquid.

Then they both lay on the floor for some time. They were feeling tired so they slept nude on the roof. Around 4 AM they awoke and wore their cloths and slept in different bed sheets like s****r and b*****r. Only they know what happened in night and roof, moon and stars were viewer of this nice show.... Continue»
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the Boy's Story (Chapter 7)

Being a good Master he doesn't want to hurt me too much so he stops spanking me and leans down and pulls on the nipple chain while continuing to fuck my arse. As he has cum twice already he doesn't cum this time and pulls out and makes me lick his cock clean before we lie down together again. "How is the feeling?' he asks me. "Very strong" I say and he says "Good - we have more to do! You are my Good Boy!"............

Chapter 7.

The feeling is very strong still for both of us as the second pills do there magic. We both know that the feeling makes us more willing to try new things and makes our enjoyment of our actions and each other much stronger - even though we love each other a lot. We are laying holding each other when he asked me about the feeling and he said it was very good for him too. I could see by his eyes that he was having good strong feelings. Suddenly he rolls over on his hands and knees and orders me "Lick my arse Boy!". I am so happy to hear this as I love his lovely smooth arse and the soft brown love bud that is his arsehole. I know it is the 'E' that is making him give me this order and I willingly get behind him and slowly lick along his crack my tongue flicking lightly over his hole, teasing him. I increase my tongue pressure more and each lick I let linger over his hole before moving on. I hear him sniff poppers so I reach for him to give me a sniff too. This really gets me going and I start rimming my Master strongly, licking, sucking, pushing my tongue into his love hole. I move up to bring his cock down between his legs and suck on the head teasing it with flicks of my tongue and then to his balls that are out of the cockring now so are looser and I suck each into my mouth. I keep going down on his arsehole, back to his cock & balls several times and he is moaning saying "You are my Good Boy". My cock is hard so I kneel behind him and rub it up and down his crack. "What are you doing?" "Just teasing you Master" I reply. He reaches to the cabinet and gets down a new dildo that he has bought and gives it to me and he rolls over onto his back. I take the dildo, open a condom and roll it down then lube the dildo with a lot of KY putting extra on his beautiful arsehole. "Relax Master" I say and again, as before with the anal beads, I slowly put the end of the dildo against his opening and slowly put the head of the dildo into his arse. I can feel he is tense so I stop pushing and wait while he takes more poppers. I talk to him quietly and gently telling him he is my strong Master amd that I want to give him much pleasure. I see his body relax and I feel his sphincter muscle make the dildo move slowly, very slowly, so I push the dildo in until the head passes the sphincter and and I stop pushing. The dildo is about 3" inside my Master and after about a minute I gently insert another 2" which I think is enough for him. I ask him if it is OK and he says "It's alright - no more in" and I obey him. Then I turn on the vibration switch to slow and I can feel the dildo start to tremble in my fingers and I hear him moan so I think it is touching his prostrate and giving him good feelings - even though he is not often wanting this action. My Master prefers to work my arsehole and only sometimes will he let me play with his.

After about 2 minutes I increase the vibration speed and I am feeling very excited for my Master. This dildo is about 3-4" thick and about 7" long and we have other dildo's that are thicker and longer including double dildo's that we will use later. I slow the vibrator and then turn the switch off and then slowly start to withdraw it from his love tube. Again, as always the head has to pass the sphincter and this gives a very strong sensation of pleasure and pain. The dildo slides past the muscle and I take it out and lean down and kiss his manhole. Then I crawl up to him and he takes me in his arms and kisses me. I say to him that I could use my cock instead of the dildo because my cock is smaller and he just says "We'll see" as is his usual answer.

"I need a pee" he says so we both go to the bathroom and I get into the bath and lie down ready for another golden shower. He stands on the bath and after a minute of concentrating starts to piss over me - it is warm and feels lovely. He stops peeing suddenly and orders "Stand up!". I do and he tells me to turn around and bend over so that my arse is pointing at him. I feel him move close behind me and his semi-hard cock touches my arsehole. He holds it firmly and with his body and his hand pushes his cock into my arse and stands still. After about a minute I feel a warm flow into my insides and my Master is making me his Piss Boy and pissing into my arse. I think it is called a 'piss enema'. "You are my Good Piss Boy" he says and I feel the warm pee inside my arse - it feels just like an enema.

"I am finished" he says. "Hold it in" and as he pulls his cock out I tighten my arse muscles to stop the flow. He kneels down behind me so that he can watch his piss flow out of his Boy and tells me to release it. I do and I can feel it rush out like an enema and his comment "It's looks OK". Always the master of understatement!

I stand up and turn around and start to piss hitting his cock and balls and I aim down his legs and back to his cock. When we are finished I get the enema bottle while he has a shower and I clean my arse inside to get all the piss residue out then I have a shower too.

I go back to the bedroom and my Master is laying back on the pillows and looking still strong with the feeling and orders me to get his cockring which I put on for him. He wants me to put on the hood again which I do and he tells me to suck his cock. I love sucking his cock but this time I can't see it so have to use my hands and my mouth to explore his lovely 7" cock and his wondeful smooth balls held tight by his cockring. I suck him for many minutes enjoying the feel of his cock. I raise my head up and start to slide his cock down my throat until I almost have my nose in his pubic hair. I gag a couple of times but f***e myself to relax and breathe and feel his cockhead in the top of my throat. I can't hold it there long and slip his cock out of my mouth while I get my breath back.

He moves down the bed and gets behind me and opens my cheeks and looks at my arsehole. He runs his finger up and down it then goes to the cabinet and I hear him getting things off it and he climbs back on the bed. I feel his fingers touch my hole and they are covered in KY. He pushes one finger into me and pushes it in deep then twists it around before pulling it out and replacing it with two fingers - same action, then he uses three fingers and pushes slowly until all fingers are in to the knuckles. "You are my Good Boy" he says and spanks my arse with his paddle and puts his three fingers back into my hole. He leaves them in moving them in and out slowly each time going in a bit deeper and between this he is spanking my arse with his paddle. I know he is preparing me for some serious arse play and I wonder if he will try and use the giant dildo on me???....

To be continued. ... Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 9)

"I am your Master" he says "and you will be my slave". I nod and he tells me to lay on the bed where he attaches the nipple clamps giving them a pull to send good waves to my cock and balls. He then gets the cuffs and attaches to my ankles and pulls my legs up so that he can clip the cuffs to the head of the bed. This brings my legs right up and exposes my arse to my Master. "You are my Good Slave Boy" he says and reaches for the giant dildo........

Chapter 9

I am very afraid when I see him reach for the giant dildo - I know this will hurt. He says to me "How is the feeling?" and I say it is going away. "Me too" he says and probably because it is not strong enough he puts the giant dildo back and says "Later then". He still leave my legs cuffed back so that my arse is very accessible to him and with a smile he gets the paddle and starts to spank my cheeks again. This time he only uses his fingers after every third spank so the spanking hurts more but in between spanks he plays with my arse. He reaches for the poppers and taking the hood off my head orders me to take big sniffs. I do and he does the same and then picks up the paddle and begins spanking me again. He keeps doing this for about 5-6 minutes and also keeps slipping his fingers into my arse and working them around using 2-3 fingers at a time.

Then I see him get the black double dildo and grease it up with KY. He puts the head against my arsehole and with a steady motion pushes it inside me. It feels uncomfortable to start with but quickly that feeling is replaced by the warm sensation and he pulls and pushes the dildo back and forward exciting my arse and making me moan. He keeps spanking me with one hand and moving the dildo with his other hand. I see the intense look on his face as he seems to be enjoying the control and I am happy for him.

Suddenly he pulls the dildo out and I feel his cock pushing into my arse in it's place. The spanking has made my Master horny and made his cock hard so with a steady push he buries his 7" cock inside me and, pausing to take another poppers hit for each of us, starts fucking my arse with the regular strokes that he is good at. I love my Masters cock inside me. He raises himself up on his hands like doing press ups and starts thrusting his cock into me faster. Then he crouches down so that his cock is almost pointing straight down and I feel it rubbing against my prostrate. He like it when he enters me from above and he keeps fucking me steadily withdrawing his cock to the head then thrusting it back into me. He keeps fucking like this for about 10 minutes then I see him stiffen his body and I know his cum is pouring out of his piss slit filling my arse.

He falls back onto his knees and I can see the sweat on his face and his breathing is laboured as he has been fucking me for more than 10 minutes. He pulls his cock out then reaches up to uncuff my legs and I stretch out. His cock is by my face as he undoes the cuffs so I take it into my mouth and lick the last bits of cum from around the head and at his piss slit. He gets up and tells me to follow him but stops by his bag and gets out another 'E' for each of us which we swallow with water. My bladder is quite full from the water we have been drinking and he leads me into the bathroom where I know we are going to have another piss session. I lay down in the bath without having to be ordered to and he steps onto the side and looks down at me. He smiles his warm smile and says "You are my good piss boy" and holding his cock starts pissing all over me. He has a full bladder and his piss keeps flowing out all over my hair, on my face, into my mouth, on my nipples, down my belly, onto my armpits. It is a long hot golden shower and the taste is quite sweet as it is only water that he has been drinking. He finishes and tells me to stand up and he lays down. "Piss on me" he orders again and I stand there trying to empty my bladder which is taking some time to get started. While I am looking at him he pees some more squirting it over his chest and nipples and seeing him pissing starts my pee flowing. I spray all over his chest and arms, down to his pubes and cock and balls and back to his neck. He pees some more over his chest and I can see our piss mixing together.

I finish pissing and he stands up and says to me "Lick all the piss off me Boy!" and I kneel down and let my tongue lap all over his pubic hair, up his stomach to his chest around his nipples which I flick my tongue over and he moans softly, up to his chin and armpits. I finish licking by going down to lick the piss off his cock and balls and while I am licking his cock he pees some more and I take his cock head in my mouth and feel his warm piss filling my mouth. I swallow and he says "You are my Good Boy". We turn on the shower and we lather each other and rinse each other off before drying ourselves and going back to put some more porn on the DVD. "How is the feeling now?" he asks me and I say it is getting stronger and he says "Same" but he decides to wait some more until it feels very strong. I know when it is strong for both of us he will want to play with my arse again and because of the feeling I am looking forward to it because I know it pleases him.

To be continued ... Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 8)

......spanks my arse with his paddle and puts his three fingers back into my hole. He leaves them in moving them in and out slowly each time going in a bit deeper and between this he is spanking my arse with his paddle. I know he is preparing me for some serious arse play and I wonder if he will try and use the giant dildo on me???....

Chapter 8.
I lay still on the bed on my knees with my arse up in the air but as I still have the hood on I cannot see - all is dark. I feel my Master withdraw his fingers and then suddenly his mouth is on my arse and his tongue is pushing into my hole - this causes me to moan happily and he takes his mouth off and spanks my cheeks again several times making them sting. Next I feel something pushing against my hole and I ask him what it is. "Don't ask me" he says, "You are my Boy and I am your Master and you will do what I please to you". As he says that I feel him pushing a dildo into me and it feels good. I feel it slip past my arse muscle and he starts twisting it and sliding it back and forward giving me good feelings and I am sure it is making him happy too. He switches the vibrator button on and the dildo starts to vibrate and twist inside me giving me even more good feelings. He pulls it partly out then pushes it back and he keeps doing this for several minutes before he slowly pulls this one out of me.

Next I feel him put more KY on my arse and another dildo is being pushed against my love hole. This is a larger dildo as I can feel it stretching my hole more than before. I reach under my legs and quickly touch it and realise it is one of the double dildo's we have. "Don't touch it" he says angrily and spanks my cheeks several times again but this time does not use his fingers to ease the tingling. "You are being a Naughty Boy" he says and spanks me again using the paddle. I say "I am sorry Master. Can I have some Poppers Master?" He passes the bottle to me and I lift up the mouth of the hood to my nose so I can sniff deeply. It makes my head feel good and with the 'E' feeling I am preparing myself for more of my Master's arse play. Suddenly I feel him pushing the other end of the double dildo against my hole and it is starting to stretch me open very wide. He pushes quite hard but the second head will not get past my sphincter muscle and he pulls it all out. I feel the first smaller dildo go back into my arse and then I feel my Master trying to slip his own cock into me along with the dildo. I know that by spanking me and playing with my arse turns him on and makes him hard so I think he is trying to double fuck me and make my hole wider.

I feel him pushing his cock hard and suddenly it slips in and he has his cock and a dildo in my arse. He turns the vibration on and I can feel it vibrating his cock as well as my arse. It feels really good and I am hoping that my Master is happy too. After several minutes I feel him pull his cock out and he starts twisting the dildo and slowly pulling it out of me. I lay still and let my body fall to the bed as I hear him get off the bed and go away. Shortly I hear him come back and he climbs on the bed and tells me to open my legs so he can access my hole. I raise myself up and suddenly I feel something very cold agsinst my arsehole and realise he has got ice cubes. I feel him poke one into me with his finger, then a second and a third and the cold spreads inside my love tube. Then I feel his cock pushing into me and he must be feeling the cold ice against his hot cock as he thrusts into me again and again. He keeps fucking me and I wish I could look into his eyes to see the lust and power that he has while his 7" cock pounds my man hole. After several minutes he collapse onto me and I feel the ice water seeping out past his cock and down my arse to my balls.

He pulls his cock out and orders me to go with him to the bathroom again - he leads me by the hand as I still have the hood on. He helps me get into the bath and tells me to stand still. He takes my right arm and I feel him put a cuff on which he raise my arm up with and cuffs it to the bath curtain rail. He does the same with my left hand and I am now cuffed and hooded standing in the bath. He climbs onto the bath and I feel his cock is near my face and a jet of warm piss starts to hit my chest. "Open your mouth" he orders and when I do a stream of hot pee flows in and spills out down my chin and down my body and legs into the bath. It feels sooo good.

He undoes the cuffs from the rail and from my hands and takes the hood off me. Then to my surprise he lays in the bath and orders me "Piss on me!". I stand over him and start pissing on his chest and smooth stomach but he points to his face so I aim my warm pee onto his face. I move my stream down his body and target his lovely cock and balls. Finally I run out of piss so he stands and we hug and kiss in the bath and he orders me to lick the piss off his body - I can each taste my sweet piss and I come back up and we kiss and I know he can taste our piss. We shower and return to the bedroom but as I lay down he tells me he has another surprise for me. I am frightened as he looks at the giant dildo but I say nothing. He leaves the bedroom and comes back with a plastic bag which he throws on the bed. I open it and tip out a leather set of accessories that he tells me to put on him. These are straps with metal links that go over his shoulders, across his chest and down under his balls like a thong but with a ring that his cock can go through. I look at these in wonder and immediately start to dress my master fitting everything to him but especially enjoying putting his cock through the ring. I tighten the straps to make it fit well and he looks like a strong Master.

"I am your Master" he says "and you will be my slave". I nod and he tells me to lay on the bed where he attaches the nipple clamps giving them a pull to send good waves to my cock and balls. He then gets the cuffs and attaches to my ankles and pulls my legs up so that he can clip the cuffs to the head of the bed. This brings my legs right up and exposes my arse to my Master. "You are my Good Slave Boy" he says and reaches for the giant dildo........

To be continued ........ Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 11)

...and I feel my arse start to close back to normal. "Please massage my hole" I ask and my Master puts 1 or 2 fingers inside me and gently massages my arse to give me some comfort. I roll over on my back and my Master lays in my arms and we kiss tenderly as I know I have pleased my Master and we share a special love.

Chapter 11.

We lay together for about 20 minutes just holding each other and occassionally kissing tenderly. My Master looked at me and said "Your arsehole stretched quite big". "I know", I said "I could feel it and it hurt a bit but got a bit better after".
He said "I would like to do more now - come with me" We walked to the bathroom again and on the way he asked "Is the feeling still strong?" I said it was still OK and he said same for him. He told me to get into the bath but to stand up and bend over. He said "I am going to piss in your arse again because I think it is stretched and my cock will go in easier". So I bent over with my arms supporting my body against the wall but he said turn around - "Suck my cock first and make it hard". I knelt down in the bath and took his soft cock in my hand, slowly pulling his foreskin back exposing the lovely helmet of his 7" cock. Slowly I put my tongue into his piss slit and licked it back and forward, then slipped it under the head to the point I know is sensitive for him and flicked my tongue around that point and circled his cock head too. Then slowly, with warm wet lips, I slid my mouth along his shaft until my nose was in his thick pubic hair. I rolled my tongue over his shaft and could feel his cock start to get harder and thicker. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth and I played with his smooth balls while sucking his cock into my throat.

Stand up!" he ordered and I stood up and bent over as before. He crouched down and spread my arse cheeks and then spat onto my arsehole to grease it up. "It is easier" he said and stood up with his semi hard cock in his hand guiding the head to my hole. With very little effort he was able to slide it up my arse easily and I could feel his pubes against my cheeks as he buried hc cock deep inside me again. Reaching down he opened the popper bottle and reached around to give me a sniff then took a big hit himself. "Ready for my piss Boy?" he asked and I said "Yes". He paused for about a minute then said "It is coming" and straight after I felt his warm piss shooting into my arse. He seemed to piss for more than a minute and when he stopped he leaned foward to lie across my back with his cock still in my arse. Then he stood up again and started pulling his cock out and I tightened my arse muscle as hard as I could. He sat down on the side of the bath and said to relax which I did and immediately his piss started to flow out of my hole onto the bottom of the bath. It still felt warm and pleasant.

"Clean your arse up" he ordered, "I have more to do to you". He showered first and I followed him after using the enema bottle and showering too. I went back to the bedroom and he was sitting waiting for me with a smile on his face and a pair of latex gloves on the bed. "You are my Good Boy and with your soft arsehole I am going to 'fist' you!" I was surprised but knowing how my Master liked playing with my arse I knew this would please him. While I was showering he had put on his macho harness and straps and looked very Masterful. I laid on the bed on my stomach and he pulled the hood over my head again. Then I heard him snapping the gloves on and knew he was going to try something new with me that we had not done before.

I felt him put KY onto my hole and with his fingers made sure my arse was well greased up. Then I could feel him start to push his fingers into me all well greased up with KY and gel. I asked how mnay fingers and he said 3. Then after several moments I felt more pressure and knew he was using 4 fingers with his thumb. I felt his fingers pushing my sphincter muscle and his knuckles were agains my asre hole entrance. "Take the popper" he ordered and I lifted the hood up to take 4 big sniffs of poppere which made my head feel light and buzzy and the good feeling went through my body. I could hear him sniffing popper too then his fingers were back inside my arse and I could feel his knuckles forcing their way past my arse opening as he pushed his hand deeper into me. I could feel his knuckles pushing my sphincter muscle slowly wider and wider and the pain slowly eased as my arse adjusted to his hand, then suddenly my muscle allowed his knuckles to pass and his hand was inside my arse. I lay very still feeling his fingers moving around inside my arse and he started slowly moving his hand back and forward hand fucking my love tube. "You are my Good Boy" he said to me again and I knew that he would want to hand fuck me more times in the future.

To be continued.... Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 16 - Final Chapter)

.....he sniffed his poppers and I could see the sweat on his chest and shoulders as he gave us each a hard fuck. Suddenly he fell forawrd onto his arms with his cock deep inside of me and I knew he was giving me his baby seed deep into my arse. He leant down and kissed my lips and I felt much love for my Master.

Chapter 16

We all lay on the bed together recovering from the hard fucking that our Master had given us. I could feel the feeling strong so thought it must be the same for Eric and my Master. I reached over and took the giant dildo and passed it to my Master while I got more KY and started greasing up Erics hole. My Master smiled at me and told Eric to roll over on his stomach. I put the hood over Eric's head and reached for the butt plug. I asked my Master to put it into me before he filled Eric with the giant dildo and turning my arse to him felt him slip the butt plug inside me. It went in easier this time because of the double dildo and fucking that had happened earlier.

I then knelt at Eric's head and watched as my Master started to push the giant dildo into Eric's greased hole. I gave Eric a sniff of popper to help him relax and watched closely as my Master steadily pushed the monster dildo into Eric's arse. It was an amazing sight and made my cock rise. I watched my Master twisting the dildo, pulling it part way out then pushing it in again. Eric's arsehole was larger than mine but I could still see the skin stretching and Eric's moans seemed to indicate he was enjoying the giant toy inside hime.

I raised his hooded head up and pushed my cock through the mouth hole into Erics warm mouth and my Master ordered him to suck my dick. It felt wonderful and watching my Master control the dildo helped stir the cum in my balls and I face fucked Eric while my Master butt fucked him with the dildo. I could feel my cock starting to swell and next moment I shot my creamy cum into Erics hot mouth and felt his tongue licking around my head and his throat sucking down my man cream. I leaned across and kissed my Masters hot lips while he twisted the dildo and Eric licked my cock clean.

I took my cock out of Eric's mouth and watched my Master slowly pull the dildo out of Eric's arse. His hole looked wide and red as the dildo head came out and without warning my Master suddenly started pushing his half hard cock into the wide hole that the dildo had filled. I watched and he looked me in the eye and said "He is my piss boy" and I knew that my Master was about to piss inside Eric. I looked at his face and he said quietly to me "It's coming" and then watched his face as it showed the pleasure of pissing inside his slave.

When he had finished he ordered Eric to keep his arse muscles tight and empty his arse in the toilet. Eric got off the bed and left the bedroom. My Master and I went to the sofa and sat holding each other watching TV. We heard the shower running so Eric must have been cleaning up. After several minutes he came out drying himself and said that he had to go and started getting dressed. He finished dressing and after getting instructions as to where to catch a taxi he gave each of us a hug and left the apartment. I was very happy to see him go. Now I was alone with my Master who I love and I would not share him with any other slave boys again.

I knew that we had several more hours to enjoy each other and I looked forward to being my Masters Good Boy.

The End. ... Continue»
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New Girl in My Life (Mf-teen, tg, cons, rom)

New Girl in My Life

by Spectreofhell

I had been married for ten years when my wife brought Brenda home. Julie was working for c***d welfare services at the time and there were no available foster homes or group homes for Brenda to go to. I protested, naturally, and knowing what happened later I was right to do so.

Brenda was fifteen and beautiful in an untraditional way. She had blonde hair but the dark skin of a latina, a stocky build but delicate, angelic face. She also had quite a rack on her for her age, C cups at least I would have guessed. Bigger than my wife's anyway.

She was nervous in our home at first, shy and quiet. After the first week she began to relax. I think it helped that I was making such an effort to show no sign of attraction to her. Julie had filled me in on Brenda's background, how she'd been f***ed into prostitution at a young age. I did what I could to make Brenda feel safe, secure, and welcome, and it really began to pay off. Even my wife praised me for my efforts.

Brenda's case got bogged down in the courts, so she was with us quite awhile. Even after space in one of the group homes came open, Julie and I decided to let Brenda stay with us. She became even more relaxed and one day slipped up and called Julie "Mom." I swear, I though Julie would burst into tears. We'd never been able to have k**s of our own. Later that day, Julie told me that Brenda would like to start calling me "Dad," and I was honored. Julie sent me to sort of tuck Brenda in that night, even though she was way too old for that sort of thing, and as I drew the covers up over her she looked me right in the eye and said, "I love you, Daddy."

I felt two things in that instant. One was intense affection for this young girl. The other was sexual arousal. It wasn't until that moment that I realized how strongly attracted to this girl I had become. But what was I to do? It was far too late to kick her out. Those thoughts rumbled around in my head and I forgot to tell Julie what Brenda had said to me.

Over the next few weeks, I noticed a trend developing. Brenda was becoming much more affectionate with us, but more so with me. But only when Julie wasn't there to see it. Brenda wold check to make sure Julie wasn't around before throwing her arms around me in a tight hug and snuggling into my embrace. I began to get boners during those times and did my best to keep my hips away from her. I didn't know what to do! One day as I squirmed away from her, Brenda said, "Please, hold me Daddy."

"I can't," I said.

She paused and said, "Is your dick hard?"

That shocked me, even though I knew about her history. I couldn't answer, and I couldn't resist when Brenda turned me more toward her and hugged me tightly. My boner was pressing into her belly, she had to feel it, but she just giggled and sighed as if contented. After that, I relaxed a little and began to really enjoy those hugs. I began to rub her back and stroke her hair, and even to kiss the top of her head. One day after I kissd her head, Brenda looked up at me. She stared into my eyes for a moment, then rose on her toes and put her lips on mine. The kiss was subtle, brief, and sweet, but I didn't resist. I couldn't. She whispered, "I love you, Daddy." On reflex I said to her, "I love you too, Brenda."

It was the first time I'd ever said that to her, though Julie said it regularly. Brenda's face lit up and a tear rolled over her cheek. She pulled away and ran to her room. I felt like shit. This girl needed parental love, and there I was flirting with her.

The next day, everything changed forever. It was Saturday, but Julie got called in to work because of some emergency placement. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich when Brenda appeared in the doorway. I glanced up, then did a double take. She was wearing one of my shirts and the bottom came to just below her crotch. Her legs were thick, dark, and gorgeous, and her feet were incredibly sexy to me. The shirt was unbuttoned far enough to nearly expose her tits. Her hair was down and cascaded over her shoulders.

"What'cha doing?" she asked.

"Making lunch," I said, still unable to stop ogling her. "Uh, you hungry?"

"Yes," she said in a little voice. She came to me then and took me by the hand. I dropped my sandwhich makings onto the counter, not even thinking to resist as she led me into the living room.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"I want to do something for you," she said. She led me to my chair and put me in it, then she stood in front of me, her legs nearly touching my knees. She said, "You and Julie have been so nice to me, nicer than I thought anyone could be. I just wanted to...I want you to know when I tell you I love you, I really mean it."

"I mean it too, Brenda," I said, shaking from nervousness.

"I want to show you just how much I love you," she said.

"You don't have to do that," I said quickly. But all I did was watch as she got down on her knees. I knew she had experience at this. I knew I wasn't corrupting her if I let her do it. But I did love her and I wanted her to heal. This wasn't right. And still I just sat there and watched her unbuckle my belt and unfasten my pants. Her hand lowered my fly without hesitation and she smiled at me as she peeled the clothing aside.

"Brenda," I said, meaning to say something to stop her, to stop myself.

"Daddy," she said back, and I melted.

She pulled my underwear down and my hard cock sprang out. She burst into a wide, delighted smile and took my shaft in her hand. "Oooh," she said. "Nice and thick." She bent forward and took the head into her mouth. I nearly died right then.

"Oh god, Brenda," I groaned. She made a satisfied sound as she took more and more of my cock into her expert mouth. She was perfection. Her mouth was hot and wet, and she knew exactly how to use her tongue to make me crazy. Her knowledge of where to touch and what to lick in order to maximize a man's pleasure was preternatural.

Now, I'm not all that well-endowed, though she was right to call me thick. I'm only six inches long, but I've been told I'm thicker than average. Still, it was a pleasant shock when Brenda deep throated me. She moaned as she lifted off, drooling all over me, her hand quickly fisting my shaft.

"Oh god, Brenda," I said. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yeah, cum for me Daddy," she moaned. "Cum in my mouth!" She sucked me back in, and the world exploded around me. It was the most powerful orgasm of my life up to that moment. Since Brenda had come to live with us, Julie and I had tapered down our sex life. Juilie seemed relieved for the excuse to not fuck, but it meant that I have a heavy load built up for Brenda's mouth.

She choked once but recovered quickly as my cum jetted into her mouth. When I was spent, she raised her head, panting as heavily as I was, my cum all over her lips and chin. She smiled broadly at me. "Your cum is delicious, Daddy," she said.

"We shouldn't have done that," I told her.

"I'm glad you let me," she said.

I slid forward to the edge of my chair and pulled her closer. "I really do love you," I told her. Then I kissed her. I knew she had my cum still in her mouth, but I didn't care. And let me tell you, sometimes a kiss is much more intimate than even a blowjob. She might have been acting like her old self by sucking me off, but the kiss was personal, and she knew it too. She moaned and melted into the kiss, thrusting her tongue against mine. I put my left hand over one of her tits and massaged it. Her nipple was rock hard.

Hooking my hands under her armpits, I lifted her to her feet as I stood. I turned and pushed her down into the chair. Suddenly her demeanor changed. "No!" she said.

I wasn't going to be denied, though. I dropped to my knees in front of her. "I want to return the favor," I said, smiling.

"Please, no, you don't have to do that, Daddy," she said, pushing my hands away as I reached for the hem of her shirt.

"I want to, Brenda," I said. "I want to make you cum."

Her resistance weakened. "I can't...can't let you," she said meekly.

I pushed her hands away and pulled up her shirt. "It's okay," I told her. "You know I'd never hurt you."

"That's not it," she said, pushing me away again. "Please!"

I grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the arms of the chair. "Listen," I said. "If you really don't want me to pleasure you, I won't. But I really want to. And if today is the last time we ever do anything together...well, I won't like it, but I can accept it."

"You...want to...I mean...more?" She seemed dazed.

"As much as you're willing to do," I confessed.

I let go of her wrists. She left her arms where I'd put them. "Now," I said, grinning, and I grasped the hem of her panties. I tugged them down revealing a sparse bush that was as blonde as the hair on her head.

"You won't love me anymore," she said, frozen.

"Lift up so I can take off your panties," I said. She shook her head. I spoke a little more sternly, like a father might to a stubborn c***d. "Lift. Up."

Relucantly, she obeyed. I peeled her panties down, revealing the rest of her bush. She was keeping her legs closed tightly, though. "It's okay," I told her. Gently, I grasped her ankles and lifted her legs, bending them while at the same time spreading them.

That's when I got the shock of my life.

As her legs parted, something sprang up from between her legs. She sobbed and covered her face with her hands. I let go of her ankles and leaned back, stunned. Her feet fell to the cushion of the chair leaving her legs spread, leaving what I had found exposed. It was a cock. Brenda wasn't a girl. She was a boy!

Shock spread through me like a avalanche of snow, freezing me. Brenda's sob, though, broke the spell. She was weeping furiously. "Hey, hey," I said, moving to take her into my arms. She slid her feet off the cushion and fell into my embrace.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "I should have told you!"

"It's okay," I said, stroking her back to calm her. But was it? I was stunned beyond belief. I had just gotten a blowjob from a boy! And I'd loved it! Did that mean I was gay?

But no, that was stupid. Brenda was a girl. She was beautiful and feminine in every way. So what if she had a cock instead of a pussy between her legs? She was still a girl, no matter what. "Brenda," I said. I had to repeat her name a few times before she stopped sobbing and lowered her hands from her face. I stroked her wet cheek and said, "It's okay."

Then I kissed her. Soft and tender, like our first kiss. She looked as if she simply couldn't believe it. I had made my decision, though. I eased her back into the chair again, showering her with kisses. My hand snaked down between us, and for the first time in my life I grasped a cock that was not my own. Brenda tensed, then shivered.

Our kisses became a little hotter then. She was still sobbing just a little as I moved my lips to her chest. She moaned when I began to nibble the sides of her tits. She spread the shirt wider to give me more access. "Yes," she hissed as I began to suck one of her nipples.

My hand, meanwhile, continued to explore her cock and balls. She was smaller than I would have expected someone her age to be. If I'd had to guess, I'd say four inches, no more. At least she was circumcised. I stroked her lightly, the way I liked to be touched, and she responded with more moans.

That was how sh'ed known how to suck my cock so well. A guy knows what a guy loves. I settled lower, bringing my face to her crotch. She smelled salty, musky. I kissed the tip of her cock and the breath caught in her throat. Then I let the tip slide past my lips, into my mouth.

Never in my life would I have believed I'd be sucking a cock. But I wasn't with a man, I reminded myself. I was with a girl. A beautiful girl. I took her fully into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her shaft. When I came up, I applied suction, and her cock made a popping sound as it left my lips. I looked up at her, knowing that my spittle coated my lips and chin.

"Your pussy tastes delicous," I told her.

Her eyes lit up and a smile spread over her beautiful face. I went down on her again, determined to take her all the way. Her hands tangled in my hair as she moaned loudly and began to lift her hips, thrusting into my mouth gently. I did everything that she'd done to me, licking and sucking her shaft, kissing her balls, deep throating her.

"Daddy!" she finally cried out. "Daddy!" I felt her cock swelling and knew she was going to cum. But I'd already made the decision of what to do.

"Go ahead," I told her. "Cum in daddy's mouth!"

When I sucked her back in, she screamed and exploded. I felt a hot rush of salty fluid jet into my mouth as her cock pulsed. She spasmed in the chair, jerking with each explosion from her cock. She held my head in both hands and crossed her legs over my back to lock me against her crotch, crying out again as a last burst of her semen filled my mouth. Then she sagged, spent.

"Oh, my god," she panted. "Daddy!"

I let her cock fall from my mouth. It was hard to believe I'd done that! I smiled at her and crawled over her. She sat up to meet me, planting her mouth on mine feverishly. To my surprise, I was hard again, and my cock poked her legs. She broke the kiss and looked down, then smiled broadly.

"Fuck me," she said.

That was all it took. I pushed her back into the chair and reached down for her ankles. She lifted her legs to help me, rocking back and pressing deeper into the chair as I put my knees on the cusion beneath her. She reached down and grasped my cock. I watched as she guided it to her puckered asshole. Oh god, I wanted inside her so bad!

"Wait," she said, spitting into her hand. She slathered spittle onto her sphincter, I did the same to my cock. Then she lined me up again. I began to push, and instantly began to enter her. She had been fucked before, that was obvious. She knew exactly how to relax her sphincter to let me in. Her ass was incredibly tight. I imagined that was what her virgin pussy would have felt like. She stared into my eyes as I penetrated her, moaning.

When I was balls deep in her, I kissed her, then she whispered, "Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me." And I did. I pulled back until only the head was left inside her, then I slid home again. She was much tighter than I thought a tranny prostitute should have been, and she seemed to love it as much as me. Her toes curled and uncurled with each thrust I made into her body.

It was hard to believe I was assfucking her. Or that Brenda was actually a boy! I leaned in closer and kissed her, releasing her legs which she instantly wrapped around me. Her cock, still erect, was rubbing against my shirt. Her hands pawed at my clothes until she had my shirt off, and then her cock rubbed right on my skin. Even though I'd just had a mind-numbing orgasm, I felt another one building already.

She sensed it, maybe because my cock swelled inside her. "Cum in me, Daddy," she moaned. "Cum in my hot pussy and put a baby in me."

Damn, she knew exactly what to say. I must have sounded like a strangling camel as I erupted inside her. She clung even tighter to me, shaking beneath me as I spilled the last ounce of semen in my body up her ass. When I was spent, I sagged, but she didn't seem to mind my weight on her. Slowly I recovered and managed to lean back. My cock remained in her ass, it looked so lewd, especially with her smaller cock sitting right there. She'd cum when I did and her sperm was all over my chest and hers. She laughed as she rubbed it into my skin.

"I can't believe we did that," she said.

"I know!" I laughed.

"And you're not freaked out or anything?" she asked.

"A little, yeah," I said. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. But I don't regret it."

"Do you think you'd want it again?"

I smiled. "As much as we can get away with," I said.

She laughed and pulled me down into a long, wet kiss. "Do you think," she asked, whispering, "one day I could, you know...fuck you?"

My cock twitched inside her. I never thought I'd be excited by such an idea, but I was. "Yeah," I told her.

"I love you so much, Daddy," she said.

"I love you too, Brenda," I replied.

Well, Brenda never did leave our home. Eventually Julie found out about Brenda's true gender and seemed to really relax after that. After all, she believed I'd never fool around with a transexual. When Brenda was old enough, she had the operation to change her genitalia, and I got to be the first to fuck her. She'd had the doctor put in a hymen just for me to break.

Now isn't that the sweetest daughter a man could ever want?... Continue»
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My Daughter's Roommate - 1
by Day Dreamer (1993)


A widowed dad is seduced by his daughter's college
roommate and he can't believe his luck. Their interplay
finds dad fantasizing about what it would be like to be
doing these things to his beautiful young daughter.
Those thoughts of i****t just won't go away. (MF, FF,


Author's Note: This is a fantasy and, therefore, a work
of fiction. All characters, events, and circumstances
are imaginary, and any similarity between them and
actual persons, events and circumstances is purely



My wife died two years ago, and since then I've pretty
much lived a loner's life. My only c***d, Candy, lived
in an apartment with one of her girlfriends during her
summer break from college, and even though she usually
called me almost every day, we actually saw each other
only about once a week.

The last two years had been rough ones, but I'd about
worked my way through the grief over my wife's death and
was beginning to feel periods of loneliness. Believing
this was a sign that I reestablish a social life, I
entertained thoughts of beginning to date. I'd heard all
sorts of horror stories about what a jungle dating was
for older, newly-single persons, so I had anxiety about
getting into that arena.

I was beginning to get incredibly horny, though, and
even with frequent relieving of sexual urges with
masturbation, I was starting to experience a driving
urge for real female companionship. I was needing a
flesh-and-bl**d woman, not the imaginary ones I conjured
up in my erotic fantasies. I hoped to find a mature
woman near my age who, like me, wanted only a physical
relationship without too many emotional entanglements --
just good, hot sex with no strings attached.

Before trying to date someone I hardly knew, I decided I
would invite my daughter and her roommate out to dinner.
I figured if I started with a comfortable, non-sexual
encounter like taking the two girls out, asking an older
woman would be easier. Besides, my daughter was going
back to school the next week and it would be somewhat of
a back-to-school going- away celebration.

I picked the girls up at 7:00 o'clock the next Friday
evening. Although I had talked with her a few times on
the telephone, it was the first time I had actually met
Candy's roommate. Her name was Barbie, and the name fit
her perfectly. She was blonde and willowy, just like a
Barbie doll. And just like the doll, she had long legs
that just seemed to go on forever.

They were both dressed stylishly in tight mini-skirts
and form-fitting tops that left few secrets about the
contours of their bodies. Candy was a beautiful girl,
but Barbie was just about her equal. I couldn't help but
wonder why Barbie would be willing to spend an evening
with an older man like me when she must have certainly
had many offers from young studs her own age.

I took the girls to one of the better supper clubs in
town and, after we got a table, ordered drinks. With a
band playing some good soft music in the background,
Candy and I chatted about her having to go back to
school on the following Sunday. To get in some last
moments with her before she left town, I agreed to come
over and help her pack her car. Throughout this time,
Barbie was very pleasant, smiling a lot, but didn't
enter much into the conversation.

After a few minutes of listening to the band and
chatting, I asked Candy to dance. When we got onto the
dance floor, Candy told me that Barbie was a very sweet
girl, but was somewhat on the shy side. I told her I was
amazed that someone as pretty as she could be shy.

Candy laughed and said that even if Barbie was pretty,
she was still very shy, especially with men. She told me
that she herself was dating a little that summer, but
that Barbie would usually sit home and watch television.
Sure, she got asked out on many occasions, but her
shyness kept her from accepting. She urged me to ask
Barbie to dance, that with her there she would probably

When we got back to the table, I asked Barbie to dance
the next dance with me. She got a surprised look on her
face, and glanced quickly at Candy. Candy smiled and
made a motion toward the dance floor with her head. With
a shy smile, Barbie stood up and said, "Yes, I would
love to dance."

The band was playing a nice golden-oldie, a slow piece
that called for some old-fashioned slow dancing. Barbie
came into my arms and her body almost melted against
mine. She was almost as tall as I, and we seemed to fit
together like two pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. After a
few seconds, she murmured, "Oh, Mr. Larson, you're a
good dancer. Most of the boys I know are pure clods on
their feet."

She put her head on my shoulder and snuggled her body
even more closely against mine. "I just love slow
dancing," she whispered into my ear.

She may have been enjoying our dancing together, but not
nearly so much as I. The firm mounds of her breasts were
pushing into my chest and her soft, rounded belly pushed
up hard against my lower abdomen. It had been a long
time since I had held a girl in my arms and I was
savoring every second of it. Unfortunately, with its
having been so long since I had been in such close
contact with a female body, I couldn't keep from
reacting to the sensual stimulus.

Against my wishes, even with gritting my teeth to try to
avoid it, my penis began to harden and lengthen out down
my trousers leg. "Oh, God," I thought, "I'm going to
embarrass myself, and with Barbie being as shy as she
is, she's going to be mortified."

Instead of pulling away in embarrassment, though, Barbie
pushed her groin hard against mine, squirming her hips
against me. She whispered into my ear, "Am I the cause
of that?"

"Yes, and I'm so sorry. I'm terribly embarrassed about
something like this happening."

"Oh, please don't be embarrassed. It's really my fault
for dancing so close. Besides, I'm very flattered by it.
I wasn't sure I could cause that kind of reaction in a
man. You're giving my ego a tremendous boost." With
that, she pulled me so tight against her that I could
feel the hard little nubbins of her nipples against my

We finished the dance almost glued together, silent,
both of us enjoying the pleasant sensations of sexual
flesh pressed against sexual flesh.

When the song ended, Barbie excused herself and went to
the restroom and I went back to the table. My hard-on
was evident, bulging out the front of my trousers. Candy
arched an eyebrow and with a wry smile whispered, "Well,
I see you really did enjoy dancing with her." I blushed
a little in embarrassment about my condition, but no
more was said about my obvious arousal. Barbie returned
soon and the subject seemed to be dropped.

After we ate, we had a couple of after-dinner drinks and
talked and laughed. Barbie no longer seemed so shy and
grew more talkative and animated as the evening wore on.
When I mentioned leaving, Barbie asked me to dance one
more dance with her before we left. When we moved onto
the dance floor, Barbie again molded her body against
me, pressing her groin against mine, seeming to try to
push her pussy into my once-again hard and throbbing
cock. "You're coming over Sunday to help Candy get away
to college aren't you?"

"Sure, just like I said I would," I answered.

"Well, after Candy leaves, will you come back into the
apartment? There's something I need to talk to you

"Well, okay, I'll be glad to," I answered. "But why
can't we talk about it now?"

"Because now's not a good time. It's something I'll be
able to talk about only when the two of us are alone

The song ended with those words and Barbie thrust her
groin hard against mine, giving my cock one final feel
of the indentation of her pussy. When we went back to
the table, I was once against in an evident state of
arousal, my cock a hard bulge under the fly of my
trousers. I could see Candy's eyes take in the show, but
she only gave me a knowing look and didn't comment.

We didn't say much on the way back to their apartment.
When I let them out, Candy kissed me on the cheek and
thanked me for taking them to dinner. Following suit,
Barbie repeated the ritual. As I got into the car and
closed the door, Candy said, "See you Sunday morning,

"Yes, see you Sunday," Barbie repeated softly.

As I drove home, I recalled the feel of Barbie's body
against mine and immediately got another hard-on. Under
the shower that night I soaped up my cock and stroked it
hard, imagining it was Barbie's hand performing the act.
Jets of sperm shot out into the shower stall as my cock
jerked in orgasm. I slept soundly that night, not even
dreaming about what dark, mysterious subject Barbie
wished to talk about.

* * *

Sunday morning I drove over to Candy and Barbie's
apartment to help Candy get her clothes and gear loaded
into her car. Candy had most of her stuff already packed
in suitcases, boxes, and hanging garment bags.
Altogether, between finishing the last of her packing
and loading everything into the trunk and back seat of
Candy's car, we finished in about two hours.

Barbie prepared us some sandwiches and Cokes, and we sat
down in the living room and ate lunch and rested. Candy
said she needed to take a shower before leaving and
asked me to stay until she left so she could kiss me

While I was waiting, I finally had time to take a good
look at Barbie. It was worth the effort, because I liked
what I saw. She was dressed in a pair of extra-short
shorts and a tight- fitting tank top. Her lack of a bra
was obvious from the way her nipples and the dark
circles of her areolas showed through the thin fabric of
her top.

Her shorts pulled up so tightly into her crotch that the
crease of her vagina was clearly defined. Her long legs
were very shapely, with smoothly fleshed thighs and firm
calves. If she hadn't been so young, almost the same age
as my daughter, I would have found her sexually

"Hell," I thought to myself, "who am I fooling. I AM
attracted to her. It was she I thought about when I
jerked off the other night. And it was she who got me so
hot and bothered when we danced together. k** or no k**,
she is a fine-looking woman, and I would make love to
her if the occasion were right."

Barbie saw me looking at her and gave me a soft, gentle
smile. Still smiling at me, she slowly spread her legs
apart and moved her hands up and down her thighs,
caressing them with light strokes. I envied her hands,
wishing that it were mine doing the stroking. Of its own
volition, my cock swelled to where I had a semi-

The last thing in the world I wanted was for Candy to
come back into the room and find me lusting after her
roommate. I quickly switched my thoughts over to Candy
and her trip back to Austin and my cock gradually
returned to normal. Just in time, too, for at this time
Candy came back into the room, all ready to leave for
her trip.

Barbie and I walked Candy out to her car. She gave
Barbie a hug and then she hugged me. The hug was unlike
any she had given me before. She pushed her body against
mine and her groin pressed against mine. Still slightly
tumescent, my cock started once again to harden. I
quickly pulled back, not wanting Candy to know how I was
reacting to her hug. She kissed me on the lips instead
of the cheek, and her lips were wet and slightly parted.

In automatic reaction, I spread my lips apart to match
hers. Her tongue darted out and brushed lightly across
my lower lip. She broke the kiss, a look of regret on
her face. "I almost wish I weren't leaving," she said
softly. "But I'll be back in about a month. Keep the
home fires burning. Good-bye Daddy. Bye-bye, Barbie. See
you in about a month."

She drove off, leaving Barbie and me standing on the

I was in somewhat of a state of shock, hardly believing
what had just happened. Unless I had completely
misconstrued Candy's actions, she had just made sexual
overtures to me. Just the thought of that possibility
filled be with a powerful feeling of concupiscence.

All the repressed desires I had ever felt for my
daughter came to the surface and made me realize how
much I would like to make love to her. I groaned
internally and told myself that I was a fool for even
having such thoughts, that what I was thinking was only
the stuff of perverted erotic fantasies, not real life.

At this time I felt Barbie's hand on my arm. "Well,
she's off to school. In a way I envy her, being able to
go off to school, while I go to school here in town. Oh,
well, Rice is just as good a school as Texas, and we'll
both end up with good degrees."

I realized that she had missed the interplay between
Candy and me, and I was relieved. God, what would she
think of me if she thought I was lusting after my own
daughter. Lusting after Barbie was bad enough, but
having sexual thoughts about Candy was even more

"Mr. Larson, can you come in now and talk with me?"

"Barbie, for Pete's sake, call me Joe. Calling me Mr.
Larson makes me feel like I'm a tottering old man."

Barbie laughed and said, "Okay, Joe it is. And you're
sure not a tottering old man. At least I hope you're
not, cause that would spoil everything."

"What do you mean, 'everything'?"

Barbie took my hand in hers and pulled me toward her
door. "Come on in and I'll tell you about it."

"Is this what you said you needed to talk to me about?"
I asked.

"Yes, that's what it's about."

We went into Barbie's living room and she closed the
door behind us. I sat down on the sofa and she sat in
the chair across from me, just as she had done earlier.
Barbie softly cleared her throat and said, "Mr.
Lar...err, Joe, do you think I'm attractive?"

"Barbie, you're not just attractive, you're a beautiful
girl," I answered without any hesitation.

"Am I sexually appealing, too?"

I didn't know where this was leading, but the
conversation was getting me excited again and my cock
was starting to get hard like it had been before. "Yes,
Barbie, you are definitely sexually appealing. Any man
in his right mind would like to make love to you." I was
afraid to look down at my front, knowing there would be
the evidence of my statement. If she were as shy and
naive as Candy had made her out to be, maybe she
wouldn't notice.

"Hah!" I thought, "She knew what it was the other night,
she'll know what it is now."

Barbie's eyes widened as she looked at my bulging front,
and she whispered, "Yes, I can see you mean what you
say." Barbie then got to her feet and moved in front of
me, standing just inches away. Looking directly down at
me, she said in a soft, little-girl voice, "Joe, I want
you to teach me how to make love. Will you show me how?

Needless to say, I was totally surprised by her request.
I figured a girl as beautiful as Barbie could have any
man she wanted, and here she was asking me, a man more
than twice her age, to teach her about lovemaking. "God,
Barbie, did I hear you right?" I asked. "You mean you
don't know how to make love and you want me to show how
to do it?"

Barbie answered, "Yes, that's just what I'm asking you
to do."

"You mean you're still a virgin?" I asked.

"No, I'm not a virgin. I did it once when I was fifteen,
but it was a bad experience. I know from listening to my
friends that it should be something good and beautiful.
That's why I want to learn how."

"But why me? There are lots of boys who would kill to
make love to a beautiful girl like you."

"I want to learn from someone who's experienced, who
knows how to make a girl enjoy making love. From what
I've heard, you're that kind of man."

"What do you mean, 'what you've heard'?"

"Well, Candy has told me how she's listened when you and
your wife made love. How your wife cried out in pleasure
and joy from what you did to her. That's the kind of
lovemaking I want to learn, and I need to learn it from
someone who knows how."

I was both flattered and irritated by what Barbie said.
Flattered that both Candy and Barbie thought of me a
good lover and irritated about Candy's telling a friend
about something as personal and intimate as the love
between a wife and husband. Lust won out over
indignation, though. I recognized that I was beyond the
point of no return -- my cock was now fully hard and
straining at the front of my trousers.

After two years of celibacy, Barbie's request was one I
couldn't refuse. I was practically trembling at the
thought of getting her naked and teaching her everything
I knew about all the ways our bodies could give each
other pleasure.

"I know I'm not much compared to all the mature,
experienced women who must be running after a handsome
man like you. But if you'll teach me how, I know I can
be as good as any of them. If you'll just teach me how,
I'll do my best to be the best lover you ever had,"
Barbie said, looking down at me.

I couldn't help but smile ruefully, and said, "I don't
know where you got an idea like that, but the truth is
that I haven't had a women since my wife died. It's been
two years since I've made love to a woman. I'm probably
pretty rusty right now."

"Ohhh, Joe. You poor thing. You must be hurting real
bad." Moving closer, Barbie spread her legs apart, and
straddling my thighs with hers, sat on my lap. Her
breasts pressed against my chest and her pussy fit down
right on top of my now completely hard and throbbing
cock. "I know it must have been bad for you, but I like
it that it's happening this way. This way you won't be
comparing me to any recent, experienced lovers. This
way, you get to relearn while I'm learning."

Barbie squirmed her pussy against my hard cock and a
smile of both wonder and pleasure spread across her
face. She looked down adoringly at me and then lowered
her mouth to mine. Her lips were moist and warm against
mine, and I savored the thrill of the first real kiss I
had for a long time. I spread my lips slightly apart,
and extending my tongue between them, I brushed it
lightly across her lips, giving them little tender, wet
stokes of love.

Barbie moaned softly in reaction. Responding to my oral
caresses, she spread her own lips apart. The tip of her
tongue came out between them, and with almost tentative
motions, she brushed her tongue against mine with light,
almost imperceptible strokes.

I wrapped my arms around Barbie and pulled her even
closer against me. I put one hand behind her neck and
then opened my mouth wide and probed my tongue fully
into her mouth. Her mouth opened wide and her lips
worked around my mouth, nibbling and sliding over its
surface. Her tongue became a wild thing, swirling and
intertwining with mine, exchanging oral caresses.

I withdrew my tongue and hers followed it, plunging into
my mouth. She explored all my oral cavity with her
tongue, digging it under mine, under my gums, and into
my cheeks. She was panting now, and her breath came into
my mouth in little gusts. I could feel the sounds in her
chest as she moaned softly, responding to the sheer
eroticism of our deep kiss.

Barbie squirmed her buttocks around on my lap, working
the crotch of her shorts down so that it made even
tighter contact with my rampant penis. My cock was
throbbing in response to our kiss, and I felt the wet
spot in my Jockey shorts where pre-cum was drooling out
and dampening the fabric.

Almost breathless, Barbie pulled her lips away from mine
and whispered, "Oh, God, Joe, I've never felt like this
before. I'm so aroused my panties are starting to get
wet." She pressed her pussy down against my hard cock
and said, "You're aroused, too, aren't you. I can feel
your hardness pressing against me. It feels like you've
got a log between your legs. You really do want me,
don't you? You really do want to make love to me."

I pulled Barbie's face back down to mine, and with her
lips almost brushing against mine, I said, "Like I've
never wanted anything in my life."

"Oh, God, Joe, me too," she whispered and then pressed
her open mouth against mine. She plunged her tongue into
my mouth and caressed my tongue with hers. As she did
so, I moved my hands up and down her back, stroking
gently, loving the feel of the warm flesh I felt through
the thin fabric of her top. I moved my hands down to
Barbie's buttocks and cupped one in each hand, kneading
and stroking them with gentle, loving caresses. She
moaned softly and almost bounced up and down on my lap,
seeking to bring her pussy into closer contact with my
bulging cock.

Moving my hand to the side of her shorts, I undid the
buttons, leaving the waistband loose around her middle.
Extending my hands under the fabric of her shorts, I ran
them all over the silken smoothness of her brief bikini
panties. Tracing along their lower hem, I caressed the
exposed skin of her lower buttocks.

One by one, my fingers found the crease between the firm
globes of her ass, and I stroked them up and down the
cleft, moving from its top down into the area between
her thighs. With her legs spread wide apart as they
were, I could run my fingers all the way down to her
crotch and stroke them across the narrow expanse of silk
covering her anus and vulva. She was right about her
panties being wet -- I could feel the slight dampness of
her arousal in the fabric between her legs.

Moving my hands up to the top of Barbie's panties, I
pushed my hands under the sheer fabric and onto the
smoothly textured flesh of her buttocks. Once again I
found the spread-wide crack of her buttocks and moved my
fingers up and down its full length. As I went lower,
probing deeply into the hidden area between her thighs,
I felt the evidence of her arousal. The lower portion of
the gaping area between her buttocks was slick with the
flow of her female secretions, and my fingers made slick
tracks across her anus as they probed her nether

She started as I slowly circled her little rosebud with
a fingertip and moaned into my mouth at the pleasure of
the erotic touch. Moving even lower, my finger
encountered the very bottom of her gaping vulva. I
extended my finger and probed it into the moist furrow
of her womanness. She broke the kiss and ground her wet
flesh against my probing finger, murmuring, "Oh god,
Joe! You're driving me crazy!"

I wanted to move my finger all the way up to her
clitoris and give her the thrill of feeling it stroked
but the pressure of my cock against her prevented it.
Instead, I moved my hands from under her panties to up
under the thin fabric of her top. Spreading my fingers
to their widest, I slowly moved my hands around to her

As they gently stroked across her front, they came to
the soft curves of the undersides of her breasts. I
moved them up to where they each cupped one of her
breasts and then squeezed them with just gentle
pressure. She responded by moving herself backward so
that there was enough space between us for me continue
my ministrations.

The tank top she had on fit so tightly that I didn't
have room to pay the kind of homage to her breasts that
they deserved. To solve that problem, I pulled my hands
from under her top and then slowly pulled it up until it
came up over and fully exposed her bountiful mounds.
Barbie broke the kiss and pulled herself even further
away, ensuring I had ample room to continue caressing
her breasts.

With room enough to properly attend to Barbie's needs, I
rubbed a finger over each of her nipples, lightly
stroking across the hard little nubbins. She wrapped her
arms around my neck and laid her cheek on the top of my
head, moaning in reaction to the pleasure my hands were
bringing to her breasts.

As I gently stroked and squeezed Barbie's soft mounds,
her nipples erected, hardening and extending out in
little points from the dark circles surrounding them.
She whispered, "Oh, Joe, I love that. My boobs are so

I knew that if my hands felt that good on her breasts,
my mouth and tongue would feel even better. I moved my
mouth to her right breast and stroked my tongue across
its top. Barbie jerked in reaction to the contact, and
then pulled herself even further back. With her hands
still wrapped around the back of my neck, she leaned
back and thrust her breasts up to me, inviting me to
give them oral caresses.

"Yes, Joe, suck on them. Oh god, Joe, I've longed so
much for a boy to suck on my nipples. Suck them. Please,
Joe, suck them... suck them hard." As I took a nipple
into my mouth, she muttered, "Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Like
that. Oh, God, yes! Suck on them... suck them... suck
like a baby."

Seeing the pleasure I was giving Barbie, I doubled my
efforts, taking the whole center of her breast into my
mouth and sucking on it. As I did so, I stroked my
tongue in circles around her nipple, moving it across
the pebbly-texture of her areola. I pulled my mouth away
from her breast until just the hard extension of her
nipple was still between my lips and nibbled on it,
biting with just the gentlest of nips with my teeth.
Barbie whispered, almost a hiss, "Yeesssssss, like that.
Just... like... that!"

Suddenly Barbie sat up fully in my lap. Reaching down,
she took hold of her tank top and pulled it up over her
head, tossing it on the floor. Her breasts were now
fully exposed to me now, twin mounds the shape of half-
a-cantaloupe, each pale and white except for the dark
circles of areolae. I took each one in a hand and
squeezed it, causing the nipples to thrust out even more
than they were.

I brought my mouth down, and alternating between them,
kissed, sucked, and licked each of them. I feasted on
them, loving each of them fully with my mouth and
tongue. Barbie's had her head thrown back, moaning as I
lavished my oral caresses on her now trembling breasts.

Barbie reached out her hands and grasped my shoulders,
crying, "Oh, God, Joe, I can't take anymore of this. I
feel like I'm climbing higher and higher, that I'm just
about to explode."

I was feeling a lot like that myself. It had been so
long since I had made love to a woman that I was shaking
with desire. My cock had poured out pre-cum and the
whole front of my Jockey shorts was now soaked from the
flow. The continued grinding of Barbie's pussy against
my cock had me on the very edge of orgasm. I knew that
if we continued in this manner, we both would soon be
erupting in orgasm.

I didn't want to cum in my pants, I wanted my cock
inside Barbie's tight pussy when I spent my long-stored
sperm. Besides, the feel of Barbie's pussy against my
cock made me want to see it and touch it without the
restrictions our clothing caused. Even more than that, I
wanted to bury my mouth in the wetness of her woman
flesh and taste once more the unparalleled taste of a
woman in full arousal.

I took my mouth away from Barbie's breasts and pulled
her face down to mine. Our mouths came together in a wet
kiss, our tongues wild a****ls as they duelled each
other. Barbie was breathing hard and so was I. We were
each ready to go to the next step of Barbie's lessons.

As if she sensed my thoughts, Barbie pulled her mouth
away from mine and whispered, "I want us to get naked,
Joe. I want us to be able to see each other's bodies in
all their glory. It's time to go to my bedroom. Oh, God,
Joe, strip me and make love to me. I need it so bad." As
she said this, she stood up and took my hand. "Let's go
to my bedroom. Make love to me. Teach me all there is
about making love. Come fuck me, Joe. Fuck me and teach
me how to fuck you."

Barbie held my hand tightly as we walked down the
hallway to her bedroom. With her tank top removed, I had
an excellent view of the profile of her breasts. They
hadn't seemed particularly large when she was facing me
in the living room chair, but seeing them now in
profile, seeing the way they thrust out and jiggled up
and down as she walked, made me realize they were full
and developed. I knew I would enjoy feasting on them and
caressing them until the nipples stood erect and hard.

As we entered her bedroom, her hand trembled in mine and
I could tell she was nervous about the journey on which
we were about to embark. As we approached the bed that
filled a corner of the room, she turned to me and
smiling shyly said, "Joe, I don't know what to do next.
All I know is that I have never felt this way before. I
know that whatever comes next, I'm ready for it. Oh,
God, Joe, I'm more than ready for it -- I NEED it. I've
never felt such a need before. I've never in my life
been aroused like I am now."

Still holding my hand, she used it to pull herself into
my arms. Wrapping her arms around me, she put her mouth
to mine and kissed me with a fervor that proved the
truth of her statement. She broke the kiss and almost
breathlessly whispered, "Joe, show me what to do next.
Love me, and show me how to love you."

With her in my arms like that, she was no longer my
daughter's roommate -- she was a desirable woman and I
was a man who desired her. We were man and woman aroused
and needing each other. Our desires had mounted to a
fever pitch, and we needed each other in a manner
approaching desperation. I pulled her lips to mine again
and my mouth feasted on hers.

As we kissed, I put my hands on her firm buttocks and
pulled her groin hard against mine, pressing the hard
knot of my manhood into the vee of her groin. As I
cupped and kneaded the firm handfuls of her buttocks,
she thrust herself against me, pushing her sex into even
closer contact with mine.

We broke the kiss slowly, almost reluctantly, until our
lips were barely apart, just brushing against the
other's. We were both breathing hard now, our mutual
desire almost taking our breath away. Putting my hands
on the waistband of her loosened shorts, I started
pushing them down over her hips. As they came below her
hips and fell to the floor around her feet, I said, "The
first thing is to get rid of all the barriers between

Barbie stepped back away from me and said, "Yes, let's
get naked. I want to show my body to you -- show it to
you completely." She smiled at me and whispered, "And I
want to see your body, your naked body, and all there is
about it." She sat down on the side of the bed and
started to remove her shoes and socks.

Without looking up she in a soft voice, "I've never seen
a nude man before." Then she looked up, and with an
almost lascivious expression on her face, she said in a
louder voice, "I want to see you naked, Joe. I want to
see what's been pressing up here between my legs. I want
to see your penis, Joe. I want to see that hard manhood
with my own eyes."

Responding to her wanton request, I started stripping my
clothes, almost tearing them from my body. Barbie's
words inflamed me, and I wanted her to see me naked as
much as I longed to see her body in its totality.
Impelled by that urgency, I had removed all my clothes
except my Jockey shorts by the time she had finished
taking off her shoes and socks.

Barbie stood and faced me, trembling slightly in
anticipation of the next step. For a moment we stood
there, looking into each other's eyes. Her brief panties
barely covered her pubis and lower belly. A circle of
dampness spread out from the panties' crotch, a tell-
tale of the height of her arousal. I glanced down at the
front of my shorts, and saw that they had a similar
circle of moisture. I felt the slick wetness of my pre-
seminal flow pressing against my straining cock. It was
evidence of my total arousal, evidence of my desire for
the almost-nude, beautiful twenty-year-old girl who
stood before me.

"Do you like my body?" Barbie asked.

"Barbie, you have a beautiful body. You're a beautiful
girl and you have a body to match." I grinned a little
and added, "At least that part I can."

"What about you?" she said. "I can't see all of you

I put my hands to the top of my shorts and started to
push them down. Matching me, Barbie put her hands to the
top of her panties, and still looking me in the eyes, a
shy smile on her face, started pushing them down over
her hips. Inch by inch, we each lowered our last
articles of clothing, pushing them down to reveal our
unclad bodies to each other. Barbie's pubic fur came
into view just as a mat of my pubic hair pushed itself
over the waistband of my shorts.

Barbie pushed the silken fabric of her panties down onto
her thighs and her vagina revealed itself fully to me,
her womanly crease visible through the damp locks of her
fur. As her sexual core came into view, I pushed the
waistband of my shorts over the bulge of my cock and

Free from its restrictions, my cock sprung outward,
stiff and throbbing in its freedom. Shorts and panties
both fell to the floor and without looking down, we each
stepped out of them and stood still and silent, inviting
each other's inspection.

Barbie's eyes, now widened, roamed up and down my body,
taking in all my nakedness. I gazed at her at the same
time, almost breathless from the beauty of her girlish,
yet womanly, body on full display. I reached out a hand
and brushed it across one of her erect nipples. "Barbie,
you are incredibly beautiful, all of you," I said,
caressing the hard, little nubbin that jutted out so
proudly from the dusky circle topping the full, white
mound of her breast.

Barbie stepped toward me and laid a hand on my chest,
running her fingers through the sparse hair that covered
it. "You're beautiful, too, Joe," she whispered. "And
you're so big. God, you're so big and hard." Even though
I knew that at about six inches my cock was only average
in size, I couldn't help but feel flattered by her
compliment. Responding to her words, I pulled her
against me and kissed her.

With our arms wrapped tightly around each other, the
hard points of her breasts pressed into my chest. As we
kissed with a deep, soul kiss, she started breathing
faster, and with each breath the little bullets of her
nipples felt harder yet. I reached down and took hold of
her buttocks, squeezing them gently. As I did so, I bent
my legs just a little so that my cock could come free
from between us and its head press into the crease of
her vagina.

Thrusting my hips forward, I slid my cock between her
labia. Her flesh was slick from her secretions, and my
cock burrowed into the hot, slippery recess of her

Pressing a little deeper, my cock came to Barbie's
clitoris. It was a hard protrusion, a swollen bump right
in the center of her wet channel. As the head of my cock
brushed over the little nubbin, Barbie gasped and jerked
her hips in reaction. She moaned into my mouth and
muttered, "Oh, God!" Reacting to such pleasure, she
thrust her hips against mine and my cock slid all the
way down into the folds and convolution of her labia.
Our pubic bones now pressed hard against each other, and
we both panted in reaction to the waves of pleasure
flowing through our sexual centers. This time it was my
time to moan. The warmth of her flesh surrounding my
cock caused it to throb, each of my heart-beats making
it pulsate with its own little beats.

Our kiss was beyond control. Gasping and working our
lips and tongues in wild abandon, our mouths acted out
the motions our lower bodies were desperate to perform.
As we plunged our tongues in and out of each other's
mouths in oral copulatory motions, Barbie's hips started
imitating the motion, pushing in and pulling out.

As she did, my cock slid back and forth in her furrow,
my shaft caressing her clitoral protrusion. Her furrow
slickened even more with each stroke, becoming oily with
secretions flowing from her inner recesses and pre-cum
flowing from my cock in a copious, seemingly never-
ending supply.

Barbie was moaning now, a continuous sound of pleasure.
Her moans had started softly, but were gradually
increasing in volume. Suddenly, she jerked her mouth
away from mine and stiffened her body until it was
almost rigid. Her mouth opened in a round circle and her
eyes widened. Almost chokingly she muttered, "Joe! Oh,
God, Joe!"

Her furrow started shuddering around my cock and her
belly jerked against mine. I felt her tremors as they
ran through her abdomen and flowed into mine. She
clutched me against her and laid her head on my

"Joooeee, ooohhh Jooe... Oh god, Joe. Oooohhhh, God...
Ooooohh. Oh, Joe... Joe... Joe!" she moaned as the
shudders and spasms of orgasm shook her body.

My cock was locked in the tight grip of her labial lips
as they clamped down on it. Tremor after tremor seized
her channel and moved into the hardness of my imprisoned
shaft. It was only an act of sheer will power that kept
me from coming along with her.

The shudders of her flesh against mine brought me right
to the edge and, but for the thought of how good it was
going to feel to bury my cock fully in the warmth of the
near-virgin flesh that now gripped it so pleasurably, I
would have spewed my manhood out into the warm folds
that embraced my throbbing penis.

The shudders and tremors of her orgasm slowly lessened
and Barbie's knees began to buckle under her. I lifted
her up gently and, moving to the bed, I lowered her and
laid her softly down on her back, her knees and lower
legs hanging off the side. She put an arm across her
eyes and lay there, breathing heavily, still
experiencing the last little trembling of her orgasm.

Her legs were splayed apart and the furrow between them
was completely open to my view. It was wet and
glistening from our combined secretions and her clitoris
was engorged and protruded up between the swollen lips
running down each side of the gaping channel. At the
bottom of the channel, the lips opened wider and
revealed just the slightest hint of the opening to her
long-unplumbed sheath. Except for anticipation of the
pleasure I knew I would get from giving her even more
pleasure, I would have plunged my cock into that opening
and enjoyed the same rapture Barbie had just
experienced. She had asked me to teach her about
pleasurable love, though, and I was determined to do
just that--to make her cry out in pleasure over and over

I sat down on the bed next to Barbie and gazed down at
the perfection of her body. I didn't know what fate had
brought the two of us together and had caused her to ask
me to be her love mentor, but I wasn't going to question
my good fortune. I had been feeling the need for female
companionship, and it had been offered to me in the form
of Barbie's request. "God, but she's beautiful," I
thought. "And so young--almost the same age as Candy."

I thought back to the good-bye kiss my daughter had
given me and my passion rose to even higher levels. My
cock throbbed from the thought that making love to
Barbie would be almost like making love to Candy, that
caressing Barbie's firm young body would be like having
Candy's body beneath my hands. I couldn't help but
picture Candy nude just like Barbie was, her vagina
gaping open and wet with the flow of a woman's
secretions of love.

Worried about the perversion of such thoughts, I f***ed
them from my mind by dropping my lips to Barbie's navel
and kissing and tonguing her little indented belly
button. Moving upwards, I kissed and ran my tongue along
the curved underside of her breasts. She squirmed under
my caresses and lifted her arm from her eyes. I sat up
and smiled down at her. Seeing that she had recovered, I
asked, "You okay now, Barbie?"

"Okay? Oh, God, Joe, am I EVER okay. I've never cum like
that before in my life." As if to prove her point, she
squirmed her hips in small circles, gyrating them on the

Even though I suspected what she meant, I couldn't
resist asking the next question. "But I thought you
hadn't been with a boy since you were fifteen, and that
time was a bad one for you."

Barbie's face reddened and she said, "Well, err, you
know." She held up a finger and said, "Sometimes a girl
just has to take care of things herself." With a little
grin, she said, "After the orgasm I just had, I realize
this little pinky is a poor substitute."

"I know exactly what you're talking about," I said.
"I've had to resort to solitary games myself during the
last two years."

With a solemn expression on her face, Barbie took my
hand and placed it on her breast. "We won't have to do
that now, will we? Now we've got each other. We can have
the real thing now, can't we? We can have real boy-girl

"Yes," I said. "And viva the real thing. Viva boy and
girl love."

Barbie looked up at me with a look of adoration I hadn't
experienced since my wife and I were in our courtship
days and whispered, "Joe?"

"Um-hmm," I answered.

"Kiss me again. I love the way you kiss."

"I love your kisses, too," I said, and lowered my mouth
to hers. This time we kissed gently, our tongues softly
and slowly intertwining. My hand was still on her breast
and I gently stroked her nipple, matching my hand
caresses to our oral ones. She murmured a soft "Ummnnn"
into my mouth and arched her back upward, pushing her
breast even harder into my hand. Switching my hand back
and forth, I massaged her breasts, paying particular
attention to her hard and still- erect nipples.

Knowing, though, that as much as she enjoyed touches on
her breasts, she would like lower touches even more, I
slowly moved my hand from her upthrust mounds down onto
the softly rounded firm flesh of her little belly. Using
just my finger tips, I traced little circles around the
indentation of her navel.

Gradually, I widened the circles and soon my hand was
roving over the entire expanse of her lower body. Each
stroke took my hand lower and lower, and my fingers
finally brushed into the soft pubic hair growing so
lushly in her delta of Venus. Barbie reacted to the
caresses by squirming her hips in little gyrations. Her
tongue, moving only gently before, began to swirl around
mine with faster, more intense strokes.

Using all my fingers, I brushed through and teased
Barbie's abundant pubic fur. Once again, she breathed
out a soft "Ummnnn." As she did, she spread her thighs
even more, giving me greater access to that secret area
hidden between them. I had already explored her labial
lips with my cock, now I wanted to explore that area
with my hand, to seek out and delve all the deep
recesses of her femininity.

Exploring through Barbie's pubic forest, my fingers came
to the little fold at the top of her maidenly crease,
that unmistakable mark of her femininity. Remembering
how inviting her gaping furrow had been to me, I
extended my middle finger and eased it slowly down into
the warm, wet area between her labia.

With Barbie's legs spread apart as they were, my finger
slid easily into the exposed channel of her sex. The
warm flesh of her sex was smooth and slippery, soaking
with the flow of my pre-cum and her own secretions.
Tracing through the residue of our slippery flows, I
extended my finger further down, searching out the
secrets of her nether region.

As my hand and finger moved lower to where they were
buried between her thighs, my finger tip came to the
swollen button of her clitoris. It was a hard nubbin
between her labia, swollen and erected from her aroused
passion. I moved my finger on top of it and stroked
across the clitoral surface, using just the softest of
touches. Barbie gasped and jerked her hips in response
to the contact. Even though our mouths were still locked
together and our tongues still busy stroking the
other's, I could understand Barbie's words as she
mouthed, "Oh god!"

Barbie hunched her hips up against my hand, forcing her
clitoris into closer contact with my exploring finger.
As my finger moved back and forth across the little
nubbin, she reacted to the pleasure by gyrating her hips
in small circles. She moved her face to the side,
pulling her lips from mine, and said, "Oh, God, your
hand feels so much better than mine or Can... err,
anyone else's has ever felt." As my finger once again
moved across her little pleasure button, she moaned,
"Oooohh, Joe, it's so much better when you do it."

Barbie's slip of the tongue put my imagination into
overdrive. I envisioned her and my daughter Candy in bed
together, both naked, hands delving into and stroking
the other's pussy. I could picture them, young nymphs in
full nubile bloom, moaning and working their hips in
frantic motions as they orgasmed together. Imagining
Barbie masturbating was erotic enough, but thinking of
Candy with a hand between her legs, completely naked and
panting with pleasure, drove my lust up even higher than
it was.

Barbie's moans of pleasure pulled my thoughts back to
her. I recognized from her sounds and the way she was
squirming her hips that if I continued my attentions to
her clitoris she would soon crash into another orgasm. I
did, indeed, want to give her another orgasm before I
finally penetrated her pussy with my cock, but I had
another way in mind, a way that would bring her far more
pleasure than my finger could provide. To avoid her
cresting into a orgasm right then and there, I moved my
finger lower into her wet furrow.

Moving into the wide portion of Barbie's spread labial
lips, my finger sought out the barely hidden opening to
her inner recesses I had seen before. My search ended
quickly, and I slowly and gently insinuated my finger
into the snug, soft hole of her womanhood. Barbie
breathed in deeply and stiffened her body slightly as my
finger worked its way into the hot recess of her body.

When my finger was fully inserted into her pussy, she
let out her breath and relaxed. God, but she was tight.
The walls of her sheath clasped around my finger and
held it within the hot, moist confines of her vaginal
cavity. I thought about the pleasure that tight flesh
would provide when I at last penetrated her, my cock
throbbed and pulsated in anticipation.

As Barbie relaxed, her grip on my finger loosened, and I
was able to stroke it in and out of her. I joined that
finger with another, and was soon giving her a preview
of what she could expect when my cock was performing
such action. Continuing my finger-fucking of Barbie's
pussy, I used my other hand to stroke her breasts,
rubbing her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and
gently kneading the soft, white mounds.

Responding to such action, Barbie started thrusting her
hips up to my hand, pushing her wet flesh up to meet
each of the thrusts I made with my fingers. "Ummnnnn,
that's so nice. Why does it feel so good now, when it
hurt so much when I was fifteen?"

"Because you're ready for it now. Your body's aroused
and ready for loving. It wasn't before."

"Oh, boy, is it EVER ready." She pushed her hips up hard
against my hand and said, "Oh, God, Joe, I feel like I'm
going to cum again." Wrapping an arm around my
shoulders, she grasped me hard. "Joe, do it to me now. I
want you inside me when I cum." She took one her hands
and wrapped it around my cock, saying, "Put this inside
me, Joe. God, Joe, I'm so ready. Fuck me now. Fuck me
and teach me how to fuck."

Pulling my fingers from out of Barbie's pussy, I sat up
beside her and stroked her belly with soft touches. She
still had her hand wrapped around my cock and squeezed
it, matching her squeezes to my strokes of her stomach.
I dipped a finger into her crease and said, "Don't
worry, I'm going to fuck you." Grinning, I said, "Boy,
am I EVER going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you like
crazy, little girl."

Barbie hunched her hips up against my hand and said,
"Now. Do it now."

"I will in just a little while. I'm having a hard time
waiting, myself. Remember, though, you asked me to be
your teacher, and I've got something else to teach you
before that."

"What's that?"

"Barbie, did you and Candy eat each other?"

Barbie's eyes got real wide and she said, "Oh, no! We're
not lesbians. All we did was -- all we've done is what
you just did to me. All we did was use our fingers on
each other. It feels so much better when someone else
does it for you." She suddenly realized the full import
of my question and said, "Are YOU going to eat me? Oh,
God, Joe, ARE you going to eat me?"

"Would you like for me to?"

"Yes! Oh, God, yes! I've heard girls talk about how
marvelous it is when their boyfriends eat them, and I
hoped it would happen to me someday."

"How 'bout right now?" I asked.

Barbie closed her eyes and, with a moan in her voice,
answered, "Ohhh... yes... now... please... right now."

I got off the bed and knelt between her wide-spread legs
d****d off the side of the bed, and putting my hands
under her buttocks, I pulled her toward me until her
hips were right at the edge and her sexual core
available to my now almost drooling mouth. With my hands
still under the soft little globes of her ass, I lifted
Barbie's wide-spread pussy up to my face. Her labia were
fat and puffy with arousal and the channel between them
was wet with the flow of sexual lubrication.

I had almost forgotten how the aroma of a woman in heat
aroused me, and the scent wafting upward from the
completely open pit of Barbie's sexuality made me even
hungrier to feast on her soft, wet flesh.

Succumbing to the aphrodisial effect of that sight and
aroma, I lowered my face and buried my mouth in Barbie's
wet flesh. The taste of her young, hot vagina was every
bit as good as I had imagined, and I opened my mouth
wide, tongue extended, and tried to lick up all the
marvelous, aromatic nectar that had oozed out and coated
the pink, soft flesh.

Using the broad, flat side of my tongue, I stroked the
full length of her furrow, from the very bottom all the
way up to her clitoris. As it moved softly over the
surface of the little sexual bump, she gasped and jerked
her hips. Putting both hands down to my head, she
twisted her fingers into my hair and murmured, "Ohhhh...
oooooohhhhh... Joe... Oh god, Joe."

I continued to lave her clitoris with soft tongue
strokes until her hips started squirming and moving up
and down in response. As her hips moved in stronger and
stronger thrusts, she muttered, "Uhhh... uhhh...u hhh,"
matching her pleasure sounds with each of her thrusts.
From her motions and sounds of pleasure, it was obvious
she was climbing higher and higher, nearing the very
edge of orgasm. I wanted to prolong her pleasure,
though. I wanted to stretch it out to where her orgasm,
when it finally came, would rack her whole body and be
one she remembered for a long time.

In order to assure this, I abandoned her clitoris and
moved my mouth down to the opening into her inner
recesses, the opening that led into the hot, wet inside
of her pussy. Making a little cone of my tongue, I
probed its tip into Barbie's channel, delving into it
with fluttery motions. She twisted my hair in her
fingers and pushed her hips up even higher, seeking my
tongue, seeking to get more and more of it into her hot

With mouth pressed hard against her wet channel, I
extended my tongue as far as it would go, circling it
around and around, stroking it across the walls of her
sheath. She spread her thighs to the utmost extension
possible and hunched her pussy up against my mouth,
moaning from the pleasure she was experiencing.

I knew she had another erogenous point that I hadn't yet
explored, so I pulled my tongue from out the hot
confines of her channel and moved it lower. Lifting her
now completely spread buttocks upward, I moved the tip
of my tongue into the cleft between them, searching for
that final aperture, that point of pleasure I hadn't yet
attended to. Almost immediately, my search was rewarded.
Her little, tightly crinkled anus came under the tip of
my tongue and I stroked it gently, making oral love to
her little rosebud.

She gasped as I made contact with her nethermost
opening, and almost shouting, moaned out, "Oh, God, Joe!
I didn't know about this. Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe..."

I circled Barbie's little flower with my tongue, wetting
the whole inside of her ass cheeks. Her buttocks and
thighs trembled as I rimmed her, and I could hear soft
moans of pleasure from above me. "Oh, God, nobody's ever
talked about this. I didn't know so much pleasure could
come from THERE," she whispered softly. Using just the
tip of my tongue, I probed into the wrinkled aperture,
pushing it slightly inside. She pushed her buttocks
against my exploring tongue, and muttered, "Ummnnn...
oohhhh... good... so goood."

Relinquishing my progress into her tight nether opening,
I moved my tongue onto that small, uncreased area
between her anus and the beginning of her labia. Using
just fluttery motions, I stroked my tongue across that
little patch of flesh. She jerked and squirmed as I
tongued her there, moaning in response to my oral
touches of what was one of her most erogenous areas.

Having traversed the full range of her nether zones, I
returned my attentions to her vagina. Rolling my tongue
into a tube, I plunged into her now completely flooded
sheath and stroked it in and out, using it like a
miniature cock to fuck her slick pussy. She took her
hands from my head and lifted herself up on her elbows.
Using them for leverage, she started thrusting her hips
against my tongue, returning my thrusts with her own.

She whispered, "Oh, yes, push it in and pull it out.
Yes, just like that. Ohhh, yesss, do it. Fuck me...fuck
me with your tongue."

Barbie's thrusts became faster and her breathing turned
into pants. She was climbing higher and higher up the
ladder of lust and was on the very edge of another
orgasm. I pulled my tongue out of her tunnel and moved
my mouth up to where it was over her clitoris. Opening
my mouth wide, I put it over her swollen organ and drew
it into my mouth. Applying suction, I nibbled on her
nubbin and stroked my tongue over and over its surface.

In reaction, Barbie thrust her hips up so that only the
cheeks of her buttocks were still on the bed. Reaching
down, she put her hands on the back of my head and
pulled my face completely into her wet pussy, burying my
head between her thighs.

Barbie wrapped her legs around my torso and her hips
went into an overdrive of motion, jerking and thrusting
against my mouth. Still keeping one of her hands on the
back of my head, she used the other to beat against my
back with soft little blows. Each time she thrust
against me, her hips left the bed, straining themselves
up against my ravaging mouth.

I lifted her buttocks up even higher and moved two
fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and pulling
them out in time with the strokes of my tongue across
her clitoris. Barbie's moans became inarticulate, and
she cried out in pleasure. Among her moans and sighs,
she finally managed to say, "Oh god, I'm cumming!
Cumming... cumming... CUMMINGGG!"

Falling away from me, Barbie fell back onto the bed. Her
hips continued thrusting against my mouth and her thighs
clamped around my ears, holding me in place. Slowly,
though, she decreased the motion of her hips and after
about two minutes relaxed the grip of her thighs. As I
moved my hands from under her buttocks and lowered her
hips back to the bed, she lay completely still,
breathing hard, and looking at me with a wonder-struck
expression on her face.

I stood up and once again sat down on the bed beside
her. Not saying a word, I put a hand on her head and
gently stroked her hair. Barbie broke the silence,
whispering, "God, Joe. I can hardly talk about it. That
was so good I don't have the right kind of words to do
it justice. Thank you. Thank you for doing that to me.
Thank you for making it so good for me."

Still in that marvelous state of lassitude that follows
orgasm, Barbie lay on her back, completely relaxed. From
the look of satisfaction on her face, it was obvious she
had just attained heights of pleasure never before
reached. It had been her first experience with oral
intercourse, the very first time anyone had ever applied
his mouth to between her legs, and she was almost
overcome by the results it produced. Barely able to
speak, she said, "Now I know what a REAL orgasm feels

Barbie reached up and put a hand on my shoulder, pulling
me down in contact with her. Putting a hand behind my
neck, she brought my face to hers, mouth open and wet,
seeking to be kissed. Even though my face was still wet
and slick from her sexual secretions and my lips still
coated with her wet juices, I put my mouth on hers and
kissed her. Wrapping an arm around my back, she pulled
my body against hers, drawing my chest against her

She used her tongue like a rapier, thrusting it into my
mouth and swirling it around and around, making contact
with all the inside of my mouth. Pulling her mouth from
mine, she licked around my lips and across my cheeks,
lapping up all the remains of her orgasm that were

When she had finished, she said, "I like that taste.
Does that mean I'm a lesbian?"

I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought and said,
"You? Not a chance. From what I've seen, you're about as
straight as they come."

She reached down a hand and took hold of my still hard
and throbbing cock and said, "Yeah, I must be, because I
sure do like what you have here." Smiling softly and
shyly, she continued, "And I'm going to like it even
more in just a little while, aren't I?"

I smiled back and said, "If I have my way, you are."

Barbie squeezed my cock and said, "Joe, can I look at
it? I've never seen a real penis before. Do you mind if
I look at it, up close?"

I rolled away from Barbie and lay on my back, my cock
standing up and swaying. "Be my guest. Look all you
want." I smiled and said, "You can even touch it if you

Barbie sat up beside me and said, "I want." Reaching out
a hand, she circled her fingers around my shaft, holding
it gently in her hand. With her other hand, she ran her
fingers across the wet and glistening head, wet from my
continuing flow of pre-cum. "I get wet when I'm excited.
Does your wetness mean the same thing?"

"Yes, exactly the same thing. Remember saying that your
panties were wet? Well, my shorts were soaking when I
took them off."

Barbie smiled and said, "I'm glad you're wet. That means
you're really excited, excited by being here with me."
She squeezed my cock and moved a hand down to my balls,
stroking them softly with just her finger tips. "God,
I'm getting excited again just from holding your penis
and seeing how hot and aroused it is. Does that make

"Yeah, perfect sense. Every time you came, I had to
fight hard to keep from coming myself at the same time."

"Oooh, I wish you had."

I laughed and said, "Barbie, boys can't come back as
fast as girls can. Girls can have one orgasm after
another, but boys need a little time in between. I
wanted to be sure I would be able to give you the kind
of loving I want to."

Still stroking my cock, she said, "If you cum now, how
long will you have to wait before you can cum again?"

I laughed and said, "Barbie, having a beautiful, naked
girl you beside me and considering my reaction to what
you're doing right now, it probably won't take much time
at all -- maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. Why?"

"Because I want to do to you what you just did to me. I
want to eat you and make you cum. But I wouldn't want to
do it if it kept you from being able to show me how to
fuck." Laughing, she continued, "I know it's a bad pun,
but I want to eat my cake and have it, too." She gave my
cock a squeeze and asked, "How about it? If I eat you
and make you cum, will you still be able to fuck me?"

"Just try to keep me from it."

"I hoped that was what you'd say." She smiled a little
shy smile and said, "The only problem is, I don't know
how to do it. What do I do now? Tell me what I'm
supposed to do. Teach me how a woman is supposed to eat
a man."

"Have you ever eaten a popsicle?"

"Sure, lots of times."

"Okay, first lick it all over, just like you would a
popscicle, a warm one that is, and then put it into your
mouth and suck on it."

"Do I put the whole thing in my mouth?"

"Sure, or at least as much as you can."

Barbie dropped her head and, with her tongue fully
extended, lapped across the bulbous head of my cock,
licking up the coating of pre-cum that covered it. My
abdomen tensed at the pleasure of the touch as her
tongue moved across my sensitive glans.

I couldn't keep from groaning as my cock jerked in
response. Another dribble of pre-cum oozed out of my
cock and Barbie immediately went after it, licking it
off as fast as it seeped out. She lifted her head and
grinned at me. "I like the way you taste, too. Does that
mean I'm gay?"

"No, sweetheart, it just means you're a good lover."

Barbie's face lit up in pleasure and she lowered her
head again, this time opening her mouth and taking about
half my cock inside. She swirled her tongue around and
around my shaft, and I couldn't help but thrust my cock
up and move it in and out of her mouth in imitation of
the fuck I had been waiting on for so long. Seeing from
that the kind of motion I desired, she moved her mouth
up and down on my cock. I closed my eyes and moaned,
"Oh, yesss. Ooohhhh, yes, baby, that's the way."

She pulled her mouth up and asked, "You like that?"

"Oh, God, yes!"

"I'm doing it right, then? It feels good to you?"

"It's fantastic. It's been so long since this has
happened to me, and it's good. Oh, baby, yes, it's good."

Barbie held my cock by its very base and licked on it,
starting at her hand and stroking up to and across the
head. She covered all sides of my cock with her tongue
washing and I was soon jerking upward and trembling in
pleasure from her loving caresses. Finishing with that,
she lifted her head up and once again took me into her
mouth, plunging downward until her lips brushed against
my pubic hairs.

"God," I thought, "she's almost deep-throating me."

If her intention had been to give me pleasure like I had
given her, she was accomplishing her goal. The warmth
and wetness of her mouth engulfing my now beating and
throbbing cock was bringing me closer and closer to
orgasm. I had been hard and hot for so long, needing
release so badly, and I knew it would be only a matter
of seconds before my cock erupted a volcano flow of hot

Barbie began her up and down motions again, and they
were the beginning of my downfall. I couldn't control my
hips any longer -- they began a constant up and down
motion, driving my cock up to meet the motions of her
mouth as it moved down and engulfed my cock. It was
jerking and pulsing with each motion and a flow of pre-
cum was gushing out in a steady trickle.

Suddenly, my vision became blurred and sparkly and
spasms began in my prostate gland. "Barbie, I'm going to
cum. Pull back if you don't want me to cum in your
mouth," I managed to say in a strangled voice.

Barbie pulled her mouth off my cock and lifted her head,
watching my cock as it swelled in her hand. After the
swelling, it contracted and a huge glob of white, hot
sperm shot out several feet into the air and fell and
splattered on my chest. Barbie muttered a soft "Ohhh"
sound, and with a quick movement, recaptured my cock in
her mouth.

With almost frantic motions, she gulped my cock down and
sucked on it, drawing out draught after draught of my
sperm. My cock continued to jerk and spurt, and my
buttocks and stomach muscles clenched as each jet of cum
spewed out my cock into the wetness of Barbie's mouth.

All I could do was groan at the pleasure her mouth was
giving me. I had my buttocks lifted completely off the
bed, my cock thrust up into her mouth as she continued
to suck on it. Her whole hand was coated with sperm that
had escaped from her mouth and my pubic hair was
drenched in the hot, sticky wetness of the flow.

As my orgasmic pleasure lessened in intensity, I lowered
my hips back to the bed, relaxed and limp from the
explosion of my climax. Barbie released my cock from her
mouth and then moved up and licked up the blob of sperm
that had spattered on my chest. Finishing the job, she
then licked off the sperm that coated her fingers.
Seemingly unable to keep her hands off me, she took my
still hard cock in her hand and fondled it.

"God, Joe, I had no idea men spurt so much juice when
they cum. Was it good for you? Was that why you spurted
out so much?"

"No, Barb, it wasn't any good. I act this way -- like
I've died and gone to heaven--all the time." I smiled
and said, "Oh, baby, it was terrific. Yes, it WAS good,
and that WAS the reason I spurted so much."

"Then I gave you as much pleasure as you gave me?"

"I don't how much you got, but if it was as much as me,
then you must have had a good time."

Barbie got on her hands and knees and then stretched out
alongside me. She kept her hand on my cock, still
fondling it, as though it would be lost if she let go.
She turned toward me and stroked her other hand across
my cheek, a soft loving caress, and said, "I had a good
time. Oh, boy, DID I have a good time."

Her lips were still wet with the overflow of my cum and
she reached out her tongue and licked it off. It was
such a wanton gesture that my cock responded to it,
growing completely rigid once again and throbbing in
Barbie's hand. Not loosening her hold on my cock, she
snuggled up close against me, her breasts pushing
against my chest.

She put her hand behind my neck and pulled my mouth
against hers. Our mouths opened automatic- ally, and we
kissed deeply and languidly. She lifted a leg and put it
over my waist, giving her hand more room to gently
fondle and caress my now fully recovered cock.

It was period of quietude, a period of savoring the
moments and pleasures just past, and we were in almost a
reverie. My thoughts drifted and in my mind's eye I
imagined that it was Candy who lay so close to me, that
it was Candy who had her hand on my cock, fondling it
with soft, loving touches.

As Barbie moved her tongue slowly in my mouth, I
imagined that it was Candy's tongue probing and
insinuating itself so erotically. My cock jerked in
Barbie's hand as it responded to the arousing i****tuous
mental pictures, and I moaned softly in response to the
fantasies my mind was weaving. Barbie pulled her mouth
from mine and said, "That was a fast fifteen minutes."

I smiled at her and said, "You can take credit for that.
You're enough to bring a mummy back to life."

Barbie dimpled up and said, "Thank you, kind sir. Right
now, though, I'm glad you're a daddy and not a mummy."
She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and squeezing my
cock, she said, "Does that mean you're ready to go on
with my lessons?"

With Barbie's leg over my hip, her pussy was spread wide
and allowed me to put my whole hand in her furrow and
caress it. "Yeah, that's what it means. In just a little
while, I hope to make your bad memory of sex just that--
a bad memory. From now on I want you to have something
good to remember and to build on in your relations with

Barbie's only response was just a long, happy

I continued my hand strokes in her pussy, moving my
fingers up and down the complete length of her wide-
gaping furrow. She was still wet and slick, her juices
still seeping out and covering all the soft, tender
flesh of her inner thighs. My cock was leaking, too, and
Barbie's hand had spread my slick pre-cum so that the
full length of my shaft was coated with the slippery

Even though I had just finished one of the most intense
orgasms of my life, Barbie's hand sliding up and down on
my shaft and rubbing over its slickened glans was
bringing my passions back up to a fever pitch.

I got up on my hands and knees and turned in reverse to
her, so that my head was even with her pussy. I
straddled over her body, my knees on each side of her
chest, and lowered my mouth down into the wetness of her
exposed vaginal opening. Taking hold of her thighs, I
spread them even farther apart and moved my mouth down
so that it had access to all her wet, hot flesh. The
musky odor of her orgasm inflamed my senses, and I went
at her pussy like a starving man -- lapping, licking,
and sucking like there would be no tomorrow.

I knew that my cock was waving in front of Barbie's face
like a flag pole and I hoped she would know from that
what I wanted her to do. As if sensing my thoughts and
desires, Barbie took hold of my cock and guided it into
her mouth. Once she had engulfed in her oral cavity, she
gave it the same sort of attention I was giving her
pussy by sucking on it and swirling her tongue around
the bulbous head. She may not have had much knowledge
about sex, but she was taking to sixty-nine like a

I took hold of her hips and rolled us over onto our
sides. We handled this in perfect concert, neither of us
breaking our oral contact with the other's sex. Lifting
our legs over each other, we proceeded to eat each
other. Neither of us were inhibited in giving of
pleasure, and the room was soon filled with the liquid,
slurping sounds that are only produced by man and woman
engaged in passionate oral sex.

Barbie's thigh started squeezing down on me and I could
tell she was once again climbing up the heights to
orgasm. Her action on my cock was delightful and made me
want to prolong our foreplay, to draw it out until we
each were panting and desperate for the final act of
penetration. I knew there was nothing quite so good as
driving my cock into a trembling, spasming pussy, one
that was practically screaming out in desire for

I slowed down my oral actions on her pussy, just
limiting them to slow licks and tickles with my tongue.
Just as she had done all through love-making, she seemed
to sense my thoughts and slowed down her oral fondling
of my cock. For long moments, we engaged in gentle, slow
love, each of us building slowly and inexorably toward
the inevitable conclusion that waited at the end of our
slow journey.

Even slow love has it limits, though, and before long we
were each moaning from the pleasure our slow, soft
touches were bringing. Barbie's hips were gyrating in
little circles, and with short thrusts of her hips she
was driving the gash of her pussy up to my mouth and
tongue. I probed my tongue into the hot hole of her
sheath and I could feel her gasp around my cock. She
sucked down hard on my cock, seeking to return the
feelings of rapture my oral explorations were bringing.

When she gripped my head hard between her thighs and
moaned so loud that my cock almost came out of her
mouth, I knew that it was time, time to take that final
step in her education. I pulled my mouth away from the
swamp of her pussy and sat up erect on my knees pulling
my cock from her mouth with an audible sound. Barbie
muttered, "Oh god, Joe I was almost there."

"Me, too," I said "That's why I stopped." I moved from
straddling Barbie and got down between her legs, my cock
standing straight out from my body, wet with her saliva
and throbbing with lust. "It's time for the real thing,
Barb. It's time for the final part of your lessons."

Barbie pulled her legs up, bending them at the knees,
and spread them even further apart. The wet furrow and
opening into her love pit lay fully exposed to me,
available to be plumbed to its depths. Barbie said,
"Joe, I don't have any kind of protection on. Don't you
need to wear something?"

Stroking the inside of her thighs, I said, "You don't
have anything to worry about--I had a vasectomy ten
years ago. I don't need to wear a rubber; I'm perfectly

Barbie smiled and said, "Oh, good. This way there won't
be anything between us...just Joe and Barbie, together."

Taking hold of the base of my cock, I leaned forward and
moved its red and throbbing head into the spread flesh
of Barbie's channel. Stroking up and down, I traversed
the full length of her slit with my cock. As it came to
her clitoris, I held my shaft in place and rubbed little
circles around Barbie's little love button. Pre-cum
covered the little nubbin and made it even more slick
than it was. She groaned and pushed her hips against my
shaft, seeking even more contact between my throbbing
manhood and her hard and swollen center of female

Moving my cock downward, I sought out the opening that
Barbie had been yearning so much to be filled. It was
time, finally, for penetration, and my cock throbbed and
jerked in anticipation of its burial into the tight
little hole leading into the hot, wet inner recesses of
Barbie's body. Since Barbie wasn't a virgin, I was
confident I could achieve full penetration without her
feeling pain. Indeed, it wasn't pain either of us was
thinking of, it was pleasure -- the pleasure that comes
only from the union of male and female flesh.

As the head of my cock nudged into Barbie's vaginal
entrance and entered about half an inch, she opened her
eyes wide and drew in her breath. Very slowly, I pressed
my cock further into her sheath until it was about half-
way in. The tight tunnel of her flesh pressed in on my
cock on all sides and its heat and wetness sent thrills
through my body. It had been a long time since my cock
had enjoyed the pleasure of sexual union, and I realized
then just how much I had missed it.

Knowing that the position we were in would not allow me
to penetrate to the very depths of Barbie's pussy, I
pulled my cock out so I could shift us around to a
position that was better. As my cock came out of her,
Barbie humped her pussy up to me, seeking to maintain
contact. As our flesh disconnected, Barbie let out her
breath and said, "Was that it, Joe?"

Not being able to resist teasing her, I said, "Yep. That
was it. How was it?"

"Well, uh, okay, I guess," she said, with a slight frown
on her face.

Seeing how pitiful she looked and hearing the
disappointment in her voice, I was sorry I teased her.
Laughing, I said, "Barbie, I'm just teasing you. No,
sweetheart, that's not it, not by a long shot. I haven't
even gotten started yet, in fact. All I'm doing is
moving us a little so that it will be better, so that
you can experience full penetration."

Barbie smiled and said, "You're a dirty old meanie. I
thought that you had fucked me and I didn't even know

I took hold of Barbie's hips and pulled her until her
buttocks were at the edge of bed and her feet hanging
off. Spreading her legs, I stood between them, looking
down at the perfection of her body. "Barbie, when we get
through here, there's not going to be any doubt in your
mind--you're going to know you've been fucked."

With that, I reached down and pulled her legs up to
where her feet were up on my shoulders. From that
vantage, I could look down and see where the lips of her
pussy were now just a pink crease between her thighs.
Reaching down, I put my hands under her buttocks and
lifted her ass up to where my cock brushed against that
crease, the head just nudging into it.

Shoving my hips forward, I pushed my cock further in
between her labial lips, seeking out the portal to her
tunnel of love. Releasing a hand from her ass cheek, I
took hold of my shaft and probed into Barbie's furrow,
feeling around for her vagina. I soon found it and drove
my cock in far enough to be sure it was lodged in place.

Reaching up, I positioned her legs so that her knees
were on my shoulders and her calves extending down my
back. Then I leaned forward and put my hands on the bed,
right along her now heaving breasts. Lowering myself
even lower, I brought my mouth down to Barbie's lips and
kissed her. With my tongue rolled into a tube, I pushed
it slowly into her mouth. As my tongue penetrated her
oral cavity, I slowly thrust my hips forward and pushed
my cock into the tight confines of Barbie's vagina.

Although her pussy was slick with her secretions, it was
nonetheless tight, and I had to push hard to make
penetration. It was obvious that even though she might
not be a virgin, it had been a long time since anything
had plumbed to the depths I was now attaining.

I felt the walls of her sheath push apart as my spear
probed into the inner recesses of Barbie's womanhood and
then press onto and enclose my cock in their warmth. Her
buttocks clenched in my hands and her pussy clamped down
hard on my shaft. I pulled my mouth from hers and
whispered, "Try to relax, baby. I'm almost there, almost
all the way in."

Barbie released the tension in her buttocks and in one
smooth motion I drove my cock fully into her pussy,
bottoming out with the head just making contact with her
cervix. Barbie whispered, "Ohhhh, Joe." She pushed her
pussy hard against my pubic bone and said, "Oh, God,
Joe, I can feel you all the way up inside me.
deep." She gyrated her hips and smiling said, "Oh, yeah,
now I KNOW I'm being fucked. NOW we're finally and
really fucking."

I lowered myself to my elbows and put my mouth on hers
and kissed her again. She thrust he tongue up into my
mouth and shoved her pussy hard up against me at the
same time. I worked my hips in small circles, pressing
on and rubbing myself across her clitoris. She swirled
her tongue inside my mouth and murmured soft sounds of
pleasure. Pulling her mouth from mine, she whispered,
"Oh, God, I love it! Oh, God, Daddy Joe, I love it, I
love it!"

Slowly, inch by slow inch, I pulled my cock from
Barbie's body until only the head remained within her.
Reversing the motion, I then pushed it slowly into her,
thrusting until it once again was completely embedded in
her flesh. The flow of her secretions had increased and
they, combined with the flow of my pre-cum, made her
tunnel slick. Now that she had relaxed from the tension
and anticipation of initial penetration, she had
loosened a little, and though she was still tight by any
standard, I was able to slide my cock out of her with

I held for a moment, my cock poised at her love's
entrance, and then thrust hard, driving my cock into her
body in one motion, pushing hard until my cock was once
again fully engulfed in the flesh of her womanhood. She
gasped and shoved back against me, murmuring, "Oh, yes,
I love that. Oh, God, I love fucking. I just LOVE

Barbie's calling me "Daddy Joe" had triggered my
fantasies about Candy again, and in my mind it was Candy
underneath me, Candy's pussy that was the receptacle of
my throbbing cock. My cock swelled even more in response
to the mental picture and I started pumping in and out
of Barbie, thrusting and pulling back with rapid
motions. She met each of my thrusts with her own,
gasping and panting as she worked her hips up and down
against the pistoning shaft invading her pussy.

She was moaning continuously, little mewling sounds of
pleasure coming from both her throat and her mouth.
Wetting a finger, I put it down into the top of her
crease and massaged her clitoris, rubbing it in time to
my thrusts and withdrawals. In my mind's eye, it was
Candy's crease I was massaging and it was her murmuring
the sounds of sexual pleasure. I groaned in response to
the image, my sounds mingling with Barbie's.

The strokes of my cock combined with the strumming of my
finger on her clitoris was bringing Barbie to the very
brink of orgasm. Her pussy's clasping and clutching at
my cock and the heat and friction of my strokes deep
into her flesh had me to the same point also, almost
ready to fall into that deep, almost bottomless well of
rapture that accompanies orgasm. Barbie reached up her
hands and grabbed my shoulders, squeezing them in
clutching fingers. "Oh, God, I'm going to cum!" she
shouted. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

I did just that. I drove my cock in and out of her as
fast as I could go. In my fantasy, it was Candy I was
fucking, and I was almost overcome with the feelings of
concupiscence, of sheer unbridled lust, that image

Barbie clamped her knees up against my head and thrust
herself up hard against me, shudders running through her
abdomen. She cried out, "OH GOD! OH GOD!!"

I drove my cock all the way into Barbie's pussy and held
there, shudders now wracking my body. I pulled out and
thrust in once more. As I did, orgasm overtook me and my
cock started jerking and spewing out sperm into the hot
depths of Barbie's pussy. She pulled my lips down to
hers and thrust her tongue in and out of my mouth. Our
groans mingled with the other's just as the hot, liquid
flows of our orgasms mingled inside her body.

We lay like that, overcome with the rapture of our
simultaneous orgasms, for what seemed like an eternity.
As our spasms slowly lessened, I lifted myself and took
Barbie's legs from my shoulders and lay them back down
on the bed. I then lowered myself back down on her and
resumed our kiss. I could feel her legs wrap around my
hips as she wrapped her arms around me back.

My cock still completely immersed in Barbie's hot hole,
we lay like that, softly and slowly kissing, making
gentle thrusts against each other's bodies. My cock
began to shrink, gradually working its way out of
Barbie's wet recess until it fell completely out and
nestled into her drenching furrow.

I pulled my face up and looked down at hers. She had her
eyes closed and lips slightly apart, still breathing
heavily. She opened her eyes and looked up into mine, a
smile on her face. "Now I know what good fucking is
like," she said softly. "Now I really know what a REALLY
good orgasm is like. Thank you, Joe."

I smiled and said, "You're thanking me? Here you've just
given me one on the best experiences of my life, and
you're thanking me? God, baby, it should be me thanking

She smiled softly, almost shyly, and asked, "I'm a good
fuck? Boys will really think I'm good in bed?"

"Barbie, you're not only beautiful, but you're sexy
beyond belief. Yes, you'll do fine with boys. All you
have to do is find one who wants to give as well as
receive pleasure. There are lots of guys like that, and
I'm sure you'll find one. When you do, I assure you
he'll be one lucky guy."

Before I left and went home, Barbie made me assure her
that I would be available to continue her "lessons" if
she developed an urge to do so. Giving her light kiss on
the lips, I told her that it would be my pleasure to do
so, that making love to her was as much pleasure for me
as it was for her. Her parting words were that she would
give me a call and make arrangements.

That night after I had showered and gone to bed, I once
again thought about Candy, about how she and Barbie had
played together and given each other orgasms. Once
again, I imagined that it had been her instead of Barbie
who had been naked and passionate, and that it had been
Candy, not Barbie, under me as we achieved such a
satisfying orgasm. My cock hardened and stayed hard,
even as I drifted off to sl**p.

* * *

I was not surprised when my phone rang several days
later to find Barbie on the other end. I was hoping that
she was going to ask for a renewal of her "lessons."
Instead, she was excited and wanted to tell me about how
she had met and made love to a boy about her age. She
described it as a "good experience," not like her first
experience with a boy.

She said she just wanted to call me and let me know her
lessons had paid off and to thank me once again for
showing how good love could be if done right. Even
though I was disappointed, having been looking forward
to at least one more session with Barbie, I expressed my
delight at her new circumstances and wished her
continued good fortune in the arena of love.

When she hung up, I felt the full weight of my forty-
five years.

* * *

One evening, about a week later, Candy called and
indicated that she would be coming home on the following
week-end. With a wry little laugh, she said that she
would have to stay with me instead of Barbie, that
Barbie had a new roommate -- a boy this time. At the end
of our conversation, Candy added these words: "And when
I get home, Daddy, there's something I need to talk with
you about."

Recognizing that these were words similar to what Barbie
had used, visions of Candy and I making love filled my
mind. Responding to the stimulus, my cock grew instantly
erect and I was f***ed to relieve myself with a lonely
session of solo love before I was able to go to sl**p.
That night, I dreamed that Candy and I made love. It was
the greatest sex I had ever experienced.

The days I spent waiting for Candy to come home from
school were filled with feelings of ambivalence. On one
hand, I recognized that for me to read a sensual message
into Candy's request to talk with me could be a complete
mistake--she might simply want to talk about a school
problem or something similar. She might even be having a
problem with a boyfriend and want some fatherly advice
about how to deal with it. On the other hand, I still
couldn't help but recall the very undaughterly kiss she
had given me just before she drove off to Austin.

Not since she was a little girl had she kissed me on the
lips. And she had never before given me a feel of her
tongue as she had when she extended it and brushed it
across my lips. The memory of that kiss filled me with
very unfatherly feelings.

Even though part of me shuddered in revulsion at the
thought of such perverted i****tuous ideas, I couldn't
prevent myself from feeling over- whelming desire. No
matter how I fought against the idea, I desired my
daughter -- desired her with a level of passion and
ardor I had seldom, if ever, felt before. Wrong or not,
I yearned to make love to Candy, to love her as man and
woman make love.

The memory of how Candy's roommate Barbie and I had made
love was still fresh enough to kindle hot sparks of
lust. I was able to clearly picture in my mind Barbie
and I making oral love and then coupling our bodies in
the classic postures of intercourse. After a few
moments, though, the pictures changed, with the image of
Barbie being replaced by one of Candy.

Before long, fantasies replaced memory, and in them it
was Candy who was naked, it was she that I brought to
orgasm with my mouth, and, finally, it was she who
screamed in rapture as my cock penetrated her depths and
brought her to the utmost height of ecstasy. Those
fantasies kept me with an almost perpetual erection as I
waited out the days before Candy's return.

* * * *

I left work early on Friday. I knew that Candy would
probably get home around 5:00 pm, and I wanted to be
there when she arrived. I planned to take her to dinner
that evening and wanted to shower and be dressed before
she got there. Rushing into the house, I quickly
undressed and showered.

As I got out of the shower, I walked naked into the
bedroom, where I had my clothes laid out. I was no more
than half-way across the room when I looked up and saw
Candy standing in the doorway. She laughed, embarrassed,
and said, "Oops! Gee, Daddy, I'm sorry. I had no idea
I'd find you naked."

I'm sure I blushed, because my face became warm. "My
fault, sweetheart. I should have known it was about time
for you to be getting here." I expected her to be as
embarrassed as I was and to immediately move away from
the door. Instead, she continued to stare at me for
several seconds, taking in my complete nakedness, before
slowly, almost reluctantly, moving her eyes away and
walking toward her room.

I was relieved that she had left, because her looking at
my nakedness like that brought all my fantasies back
with a rush and my cock swelled and erected, standing
rigidly out from groin.

After I finished dressing, I went to Candy's bedroom. I
was going to volunteer to help her unpack her car, but
found she had already done so. "Hi, Daddy," she said
with a smile. "You look a little more presentable now."

I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassment when she
added, "I'm sorry I caught you en flagrante."

Then she grinnned and added, "Anyway, you might be
interested to know I think you've got a great bod for a
forty-five-year-old man."

"Hah!" I thought, remembering my erection, "if you'd
stayed for a little while longer, you would have REALLY
found out about my body." Instead of voicing those
words, though, I asked her if she wanted to go out to
dinner. She said she would like that very much, and
asked where we were going.

When I told her we could go anyplace she wanted, she
said she would like for me to take her back to the same
place she, Barbie, and I had gone just before she left
to return to school. She told me she wanted to take a
shower and change clothes first. Grinning the same way
she had before, she said, "Maybe I ought to leave my
door open and give you a chance get even."

I'm not sure what I mumbled in response, but I beat a
quick retreat to the den to wait for her to get ready.

About thirty minutes later, Candy came into the den and
announced she was ready to go. She wore dressy designer
jeans that clung to her hips as though they had been
painted on and a silken full blouse that emphasized the
swell of her breasts. The dark tresses of her hair were
pinned back in something like a pony-tail, leaving the
features of her face clearly evident. In short, she was
beautiful... and sensual.

That sensuality was something new to me -- the only time
she had previously displayed it to me was in the good-
bye kiss. My desire, tamed for a short time, flared up

After we got to the restaurant, we had a drink and
brought each other up to date on our lives. She told me
how she was doing in school and I related how things had
been at home. Well, ALMOST as things had been at home--I
didn't include the part about how Barbie had asked me to
teach her about love and how I proceeded to do just
that. She brought up the subject of Barbie, though, by
telling me how surprised she had been to find Barbie had
a boy as a roommate. She told me that because Barbie had
been so shy about boys, there must have been something
happen in her life to make her change.

When she said "something happen in her life," she smiled
a little smile, almost secretive, and gave me one of the
strangest looks I have ever received. From that, I
suspected that Candy might know something about the
relationship between Barbie and me, but was too polite
to bring her knowledge out in the open.

Finally, I asked her why she had decided to come home a
couple of weeks earlier than planned. She gave me a look
similar to the one before and said, "Well, as I told
you, I have something I need to talk with you about."

I was still completely undecided about Candy and her
newly displayed sensuality, so I pressed her further by
asking her why we couldn't have talked about it on the
phone. With that same secret expression on her face, she
said, "It's something that can only be discussed in
person, face to face."

"Well, we're in person, face to face, right now. Let me
order us another drink, and we can talk about it now."

Candy put her hand over mine and patted it. "Oh, Daddy,
you're so sweet, but we CAN'T talk about it now. After
we get back home we will. Right now, I want you to dance
with me. I haven't danced a step since we were here
last, and you know how much I like to dance." Not even
waiting for an answer, she stood up, my hand still in
hers, and led me to the dance floor.

I had been brought up dancing the old-fashioned way
where the boy holds one of the girl's hands and puts the
other one on her waist. Candy, though, wanted to dance
the modern way and put both her arms around my neck and
snuggled up to me, the front of her body squarely
against mine.

For a moment I let my hands dangle to my side, not sure
what to do with them. I looked around and saw how other
couples were dancing and then followed suit by putting
both my hands on her back. Laughing softly, Candy put
her mouth by my ear and whispered, "Looks like you're
finally learning to dance the right way."

Pressed against each other like that, Candy's little
belly rubbed against my belly and the front of her
thighs pressed their full length against mine. As we
danced, I was totally aware of the contact of our bodies
as leg moved against leg and belly squirmed against

When her crotch moved hard against my groin, I had to
grit my teeth to keep from groaning. The fantasies I had
been working so hard to repress came to the surface of
my mind and my body responded. Even though I willed it
not to happen, my cock swelled and made a protrusion in
the front of my slacks. Candy must have felt it because
she pressed herself even tighter against me.

"Oh, God," I thought, "this is wrong. This is my own
daughter arousing my lust. Fantasies are one thing, but
this is real, and it's wrong." I pulled my hips back,
moving my hard cock from contact with Candy's groin. She
responded by once again pressing herself against me.
Putting her mouth to my ear, she whispered, "Daddy,
dance with me the way you did with Barbie."

"But you're my daughter. It's not right for father and
daughter to do like we're doing."

"I know that, Daddy. It's what I want, though, so let's
do it anyway."

Candy and I danced the rest of the dance pressed close
together. My cock had formed a hard, round knot in my
groin and Candy pressed her jean-covered vee against it,
occasionally grinding herself hard against me. When the
song ended, she held me on the dance floor.

"One more dance, please. Dance another dance with me and
then we can go order, okay?"

If she had known my mental condition, she would have
realized that pleas were not necessary. I would have
gladly stayed on the dance floor all night just so I
could hold her in my arms and press our bodies together.
My fantasies had completely driven out the reality of
the situation, and I was now completely given over to
experiencing the full effects of Candy's newly
demonstrated sensuality.

After we had danced another dance, Candy kissed me on
the cheek and said, "Thank you, Daddy." As she leaned
into me to deliver the kiss, her groin pressed hard
against mine. Knowing we were about to break contact,
and reluctant to do so, I pushed my hard cock into the
vee of her groin and ground it into her jean-covered

We stood still in the middle of the dance floor for a
long moment, our sexual areas pressed against each
other, each loathe to separate ourselves from the
pleasurable embrace. Realizing, though, that the music
had stopped and embarrassed about putting on such a
display of lust for all the on-lookers, we broke apart
and went to our table.

Dinner went very quickly, conversation stifled by the
thoughts and recriminations spinning through my head.
Candy had a distant look in her eyes, and I felt that
she too must be considering the actions we had just
completed and what they might lead to. I didn't know
about her, but my thoughts were confused. One part of me
wanted Candy with a desperation that was almost beyond

I had fantasized about our making love, and it was hard
to drive the fantasy out and make room for the real, the
practical part. The real, the practical, was that Candy
was my daughter, that I should be concerned about
protecting her, not aching to make love to her. My
thoughts were still confused when I paid the bill and we
left to go home.

When we reached home and went into the house, Candy
said, "Daddy, I really do need to talk with you. Why
don't we put on our night clothes first, though. After
we've changed, we can have an after dinner drink and
talk. Okay?" All I could do was nod my approval.

I changed to pajamas and a robe and went into the
kitchen and mixed us some drinks. As I was carrying them
into the den, Candy came in. She appeared to be dressed
as I was, with a robe covering her. I didn't see any
pajamas covering her legs, so she either had on shorty
pajamas, or, and my bl**d raced at the idea, nothing at
all. My hand trembled a little as I handed her drink.
Her hand also had a tremble as she took it.

Candy and I sat there in silence for a few minutes,
sipping our drinks. She looked at me and our eyes met
and locked. I knew that whatever the outcome, it was
time to start our conversation. I took the initiative by
asking, "What's this problem you need to talk about,

Candy smiled shyly and said, "I've rehearsed this a
thousand times, but still don't know for sure how to say
it." She paused, looking down at her lap, and then
looked up, saying, "Well, I guess you could say that in
a way I'm jealous."

"Jealous? Has someone stolen a boyfriend away from you?"

Candy smiled, a rueful, crooked grin, and said, "Well,
not that exactly, but it is something like that."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, do you remember when you and Barbie danced just
before I left for Austin last time? Sort of like the way
we danced tonight, only more so?"

"Yes, baby, I remember."

"Daddy, I was jealous of Barbie. I was jealous of how
she held you so close, of how aroused she was. Seeing
the two of you act like that bothered me. It bothered me

"Gee, baby, I'm sorry. After all, it was you who got us
to dance together."

"Oh, no, Daddy, I'm not scolding you. What happened was
perfectly natural. After all, Momma has been dead for
over two years, and you're bound to have needs and
drives that need to be satisfied. No, that wasn't what
bothered me. What bothered me was...uh, well...I wished
it had been me rather than Barbie."

There wasn't anything I could say that could properly
respond to her statement. I wanted to say, "Oh, God,
Barbie, I wish it had been you, too," but this was my
daughter I was talking to. I didn't know where she would
take the conversation from there, and I sure didn't want
to embarrass her or offend her. Instead, all I said was
"umm-hmm," urging her to continue.

"What's made it worse," she continued, "is that I've
talked with Barbie. Daddy, she told me what she did to

I grimaced and waved my hands in a gesture of
resignation. I knew Candy and Barbie were close friends,
but I hadn't expected Barbie to tell Candy about our
brief affair.

"Oh, Daddy, she didn't just come out and tell me -- I
had to worm it out of her. Besides, I approve. It was
real sweet of you, and it really helped her." Candy
laughed and continued, "Boy, DID it help her. I could
hardly believe she would have a live-in boyfriend."
Candy reached out a hand and patted mine, saying, "No,
Daddy, I'm not bothered by that." She gripped my hand
hard now and very quietly and softly said, "What I'm
bothered about is that what you did for her I need as
bad, if not worse, than she did."

I pulled my hand back and sat up. "Candy, are you

Candy dropped her hands to her lap and clasped them
together. Looking me directly in the eyes, a serious
expression on her face, she said, "Yes, that's EXACTLY
what I'm suggesting. Daddy, I'm nineteen years old, and
I'm still a virgin. I've wanted to have sex, wanted it
desperately, but I've been afraid of all the boys I've
dated. They were rough and pawed at me.

"Daddy, I've laid awake at night and listened to you and
Momma. That's told me that sex doesn't have to be rough.
I heard Momma moan from the pleasure you gave her.
That's how I want sex to be, that's how I want my
special first time to be. Daddy, that's why I want my
first time to be with you."

"Sweetheart, you're my daughter. We can't..."

"Oh, Daddy, we CAN. Our being daughter and father is
what makes it so possible. Daddy, I love you and I know
you love me. That love is what makes it so special, so

Still feeling doubts about the reality versus the
fantasy of committing i****t, I said, "But Candy...."

"You think I'm not as pretty or desirable as Barbie,
don't you? Well, you're wrong!" Candy said, defiantly.
She stood up, and after untieing the sash around her
waist, pulled her robe from off her shoulders and let it
drop to the floor. I had to repress a gasp at what I
saw. Candy stood there before me dressed in baby-doll
pajamas made of the sheerest material possible.

Her breasts filled out the pajama tops, her nipples and
their surrounding dusky circles clearly visible through
the thin material. Down below, in the sheer panty
bottoms, a dark swath showed at her groin. She had an
abundant growth of pubic hair and it could be seen
through the tissue-thin fabric that left little to the
imagination. My heart beat at a rapid pace--seeing her
like that, in those sheerest-of-sheer pajamas, was as
arousing as seeing her nude.

Candy reached down to the bottom of her pajama top and
with a swift motion pulled it up and over her head,
revealing the glory of her breasts that had only been
hinted at before. With the top removed, I could see them
in all their splendor -- firm, round, and not sagging
even a millimeter. Each one was centered with a darker
circle, and from them, the hard nubbins of her nipples
stood proudly erect. She put her hands up and cupped the
white mounds, pushing them upward.

"My boobs are bigger and fuller than Barbie's. I know,
because as she told you, we've seen each other naked."
She leaned forward, pushing her breasts even closer to
me. "Admit it, Daddy, they're nicer than Barbie's,
aren't they?"

I couldn't make my voice work to answer her. Viewing her
magnificent breasts, seeing her act in such an erotic
way had made me virtually inarticulate. I could only nod
my head and manage finally to whisper a strangled "Yes."

Candy put her hands on the waist band of her pajama
bottoms and slowly pushed them downward. She wiggled her
hips, working the wisp of fabric down until the slightly
rounded bulge of stomach was revealed. Giving her hips
another twist, she pushed the panties down until they
were around her hips. My cock had already come erect,
making a hard bulge in the front of my pajamas at the
sight of Candy's breasts, but now, as the dark tresses
of her bushy groin came into view, it jerked and pushed
out the front of my robe. No matter what words I might
use on Candy, my desire could not be denied.

Reaching further down, Candy pushed her panties until
they were around her knees. At this point, they released
and fell to her feet. She stepped one foot out of them
and then lifted the other up and removed the briefs from
her foot. I had felt lust before, but the sight of
Candy's pussy made me tremble with an overpowering rush
of desire. I wanted nothing else at that point but to
grab her and sink my throbbing cock into that furrow, to
find her hidden depths and push my shaft in until I had
buried its full length into the deep recesses of her
young, hot flesh.

With her panties removed, Candy now stood before me
completely nude with nothing to hide the full extent of
her beauty from me. Where she had seemed a little shy
and hesitant before, her posture and the look she gave
me now spoke of boldness.

She was enjoying the strip tease performance, she was
exulting in showing me her totally nude body. Without
saying a word, she turned around so that her back was to
me, the fullness of her firm, hard buttocks revealed to
me. I had always thought Marilyn Chambers had the best
ass ever put on a woman, but the one Candy now displayed
to me was every bit as good if not better.

Looking back at me over her shoulder, Candy put her
hands on her buttocks, one hand on each of the firm
globes. She kneaded them and then spread them apart,
showing me the little indention of her anus. Between
those cheeks I could see the crease of her vagina and
the soft, furry pubic hair that extended down to between
her legs.

"Daddy, my bottom is twice as nice as Barbie's. My ass
is hard and firm. Barbie's is soft." She delved her
fingers into the cleavage between the cheeks and stroked
them up and down. "My ass is better, isn't it? Come on,
Daddy, tell me you like mine better."

"Candy, your ass is absolutely perfect," I managed to
whisper, unable to tear my eyes away from the firmness
of her buttocks and especially the area down below them.
My cock was drooling now, pre-come wetting its head and
soaking my pajamas.

Candy turned back around to where she once again faced
me. With her revealed to me like that I realized that
she was far more beautiful and desirable than Barbie had
been. Candy was about three inches shorter than Barbie,
and where Barbie had a model's body, Candy's was fuller,
more lush. Her hips flared out wider and her thighs were
fuller and more firm. Her breasts were full but not
overly large -- good handfuls, ready to be caressed and

She was like a ripe fruit, ready to be savored, ready to
be devoured. I could hardly believe that a girl so
beautiful, so ready, could still be a virgin. It was
even harder to believe that she was asking me, her
father, to be the one to take that virginity, to be the
first one to taste that ripened fruit.

Candy put her hand on her stomach and slowly traced it
down through her pubic hair to the top of her feminine
furrow. With one finger extended, she probed down
between her labial lips. Pulling her finger back out,
she held it up, wet and shiny with her moisture. "Look
how wet I am. This shows how much I need you. Oh, God,
Daddy, please don't make me beg!"

By this time, all thoughts of any reservations I might
have had, recriminations about the enormity of i****t,
were gone. They were replaced by the reality of what was
happening. The fantasies I had entertained about Candy
and me making love were no longer just day dreams. There
was no way I could refuse Candy her request. Further,
there was no way I could deny any more my long
suppressed desire to have Candy, to know her in the most
intimate way possible.

Candy took a step forward to where she was right in
front of me, only a step away. She looked down at me
sitting here and in a soft voice said, "Daddy, I know
you're attracted to me, that you want me as much I want
you. I felt you when we danced. You were hard, and your
hardness pressed against me. God, it felt so good that I
wanted us to make love right there on the spot." She
looked down at my lap, at the tent my cock was making of
the front of my pajamas and robe.

"You're that way right now. You can't deny it -- I can
see how your penis is causing the front of your robe to
stand up."

Suddenly, Candy knelt down between my knees. She took my
robe and spread its front apart, revealing my pajamas.
Underneath their thin cotton fabric, my cock was rigid
and throbbing, pressing the cloth up like a tent pole
under an Indian tepee. At the top of the bulge, directly
over the head of my penis, a circle of moisture had
formed, soaking the cloth with my pre- come.

Reaching out, Candy put her hand on the bulge and
grasped my cock. Even through the fabric, the touch was
electric, and I gasped at the pleasure her hand gave me.
Working the pajama fly open, Candy put her hand inside
and pulled my cock out. It was hard as a steel rod and
wet with the flow of my lust.

Putting her hand around it, she said, "Feel how hard you
are -- you're as aroused as I am. This is what I want.
Use this on me, make love to me, teach me how to love
you. Daddy, make a real woman of me. I don't care what
you have to do -- pretend I'm Barbie if you have to --
but take me to bed and love me. Daddy, take me to bed
and... and... fuck me." She squeezed my cock hard and
muttered, "Oh, God, yes! Fuck me! Really fuck me."

I put my hand under Candy's chin and pulled her head up
so that she faced me. Talking quietly, I said, "Candy,
sweetheart, it's impossible for me to pretend you're
Barbie." Even though a look of disappointment came on
her face, I continued, "You see, every time I made love
to Barbie, in my mind I was making love to you. Every
time I touched her, it was you I was touching. Every
time she had an orgasm, I pretended it was you who was

While I was talking the expression on her face changed
from disappointment to wonder. She whispered, "You

"I mean that ever since you developed into a woman, I've
longed to make love to you. I hid my desire because I
knew that would be i****t." Looking down at where she
still had my cock in my hand, I said, "As you can see, I
can't hide it any more." My cock throbbed in her hand,
and I continued, "Yes, you're right, baby, I DO want you
as bad as you want me. Probably even more. So if you
really do want me to make love to you, there's nothing
in the world I want more than that."

In almost a groan, Candy said, "YES! Oooh, Daddy, yes,

Standing up, Candy fell against me, her breasts against
my chest, her vagina right on top of my cock. Still
whispering, "Yes, yes, yes," Candy brought her mouth
against mine, her lips hungrily seeking out mine. As our
mouths came together, Candy speared her tongue between
my lips and drove it into my mouth, working it
feverishly around and around.

She squirmed her buttocks and hips so that my cock moved
between her labial lips and into her wet furrow.
Clamping her wetness around it, she gyrated her hips and
moaned in pleasure at the touch of flesh upon flesh.
Finally breaking the kiss, Candy whispered, "Take me to
bed now, Daddy. Take me to bed and make me a woman. Love
me like a man and woman are supposed to love."

Standing up, I lifted Candy into my arms and carried her
down the hall to the bedroom. She pulled my face to hers
and kissed me as we journeyed on her last step toward

Lowering her gently, I put Candy on the bed, facing up
to me. Her lush young body, now completely revealed, was
so beautiful that I had to pause and savor it. The
crease of her maidenhood showed through the abundant
growth of pubic hair, and with her legs spread slightly
apart as they were, it gaped apart, allowing a small
glimpse of its inner portions. Her breasts, somewhat
flattened from her position, were nonetheless firm,
quivering only slightly as she breathed.

At the top of each of them, her nipples stood up stiffly
from the middle of the crinkled areas of their
surrounding areolas. I had fantasized about Candy, about
how she would look nude, aroused, eager to love me, and
now it was no longer fantasy. I thought of what lay
ahead for us and reveled at the prospect.

"Sweetheart, you're so beautiful," I said, at last
breaking the silence. "I've dreamed of seeing you like
this, of our making love, and now it's happening in real
life. The real you is so much better than any of my
dreams or fantasies."

Candy smiled, enjoying the compliment, and said, "I
thought you'd like me if you got a chance to see me."
Smiling wider, she added, "See ALL of me, that is."

"Baby, I more than like you, I LOVE you -- ALL of you,
every part."

Candy put one hand between her legs and cupped a breast
with the other one. Still smiling that wide, coquettish
smile, she said, "But you like some parts better than
others, don't you?"

Smiling back at her, I said, "Yes, baby, some parts are
better. Especially those parts I hadn't seen before."

Candy took her hands away from her body and gestured up
at me. "You get naked, too. Take off your clothes so
that I can all parts of you, too."

I grinned at her and said, "But you've already seen me
naked. Remember?"

Grinning back at me, she said, "Yeah, I sure haven't
forgotten. I wanted to stay and look, but I was afraid
you'd get embarrassed." She looked down to where my cock
was forcing the front of my robe out and said, "But
you're different now from how you were then. Now you're
aroused, and I want to see you like that." The
expression on her face turned serious and speaking more
softly, she said, "Besides, things are different now.
Now we're going to be lovers, aren't we?"

Taking off my robe, I said, "Yes, sweetheart, now we're
going to be lovers. I'm going to give you the best
loving I know how." I unbuttoned my pajama top and
dropped it to the floor. Untieing the draw string to my
bottoms, I lowered them, pushing them down so that they
allowed my cock to spring out free from confinement. I
dropped them to my feet and stepped out of them,
completely nude, my cock standing out almost straight
from my body. Now I was as naked as Candy.

Candy's eyes widened slightly and she took a deep breath
as she stared at my rampant manhood. "God, Daddy, you're
beautiful, too. I like ALL of you, too," she whispered.
She reached out a hand to me and said, "Get on the bed
with me. Get here close to me--I want to feel your body
close to mine."

I stretched out on the bed alongside Candy and turned on
my side facing her. She turned toward me and
immediately, without a word being spoken, we were in
each other's arms. She clutched at me and pressed
herself close, pushing her breasts into my chest.

She whispered, "Oh, God, Daddy! Yes. Close, just like
this. Hold me, Daddy. Hold me close to you." I wrapped
my arms around her and dropped my hands down to her firm
buttocks. When she had turned to show me her ass, I
ached to hold and stroke them. Now they were in my hands
and I could love them all I wanted. "Oh, yes, touch me,
Daddy." She put her lips almost against mine and
whispered, "Kiss me, too. Touch me and kiss me."

Candy pressed her lips against mine and our mouths
blended and melted together. There was nothing of father
and daughter in the kiss: it was a lover's kiss--wet,
exciting, and expressive of the urgency of our arousal.
Our mouths opened and our tongues explored, swirling and
stroking. The pace of her breathing increased and mine
did too. I stroked her buttocks and kneaded them gently,
loving the feel of the firm globes in my hands.

Using just a light touch, I moved my hands down to where
the cleft between her cheeks disappeared, and felt the
tender, sensitive flesh hidden in that secret area of
her femininity. She was wet there, slick with the flow
of a woman aroused. I moved my fingers across the
slippery flesh at the top of her thighs and she moaned,
the sound muffled by our kiss.

Candy broke the kiss and in a whisper, almost a moan,
said, "Oooooo, I love this. This is my deepest, most
secret fantasy coming true."


"Daddy, you told me you had longed to make love to me
for a long time. Well, I've felt the same way about you.
At night, when I listened to you and Momma love each
other, I fantasized it was me, not Momma, you were
making love to. One night I sneaked to your door and
peeked in. She was on top of you, and you were holding
each other, and you were both moaning. I could see
Momma's bottom moving up and down, and I knew she had
you inside her." She stroked her fingers across my cheek
and continued, "That was the night I touched myself for
the first time. I was so excited, I trembled all over.
After I got back in bed, I thought about your being
inside Momma, up between her legs, and I felt down
between my legs, down to that spot where a man goes in.

"It felt so good to touch there and I soon had both my
hands down, touching and rubbing. I could hardly believe
how wet I got. It kept feeling better and better and I
just kept climbing higher and higher. Then it happened.
I had an orgasm. I had my very first orgasm the night I
saw you and Momma making love.

"Every time after that when you and Momma made love, I
listened and touched myself. I pretended it was you
touching me, that you were inside me like you were
inside Momma. I could hear when you and Momma had an
orgasm, and I would try to come at the same time. That
way, I could dream that it was you making me come and
that I was the one who made you come."

Her revelation aroused me to a pitch I had never before
achieved. I pulled her closer against me, pressing the
little nubbins of her nipples into my chest. My cock
throbbed, down where it pushed against her thigh, and
more of my pre-come gushed out, making her leg even more
slippery from my hot flow. I groaned and whispered, "Oh,
God, baby, I had no idea."

"That's why I got upset about Barbie--she got to live
out my fantasy, my fantasy of making love with you."

I held her closer to me and whispered, "Baby, baby, I'm
so sorry. If I'd only known...."

"Shhh, Daddy," Candy said, putting her lips to mine to
stop my protests. Pulling her lips slightly away so that
they barely touched mine, she said, "Here I am making
you feel bad, and it wasn't your fault at all. I just
wanted you to know that my feelings toward you are just
like the ones you have for me."

Her lips curved into a smile and she continued, "You DO
have to make up for it, though. You have to do
everything to me that you did to Barbie. Then you have
to do more. I want you to do MORE to me than you did to
Barbie. Daddy, I want us to do EVERYTHING. We've got a
whole weekend, and you have to show and do everything to

I could hardly believe this was my little girl Candy
telling me this. Pure, unadulterated lust flowed through
me, and I felt hot all over. I growled deep in my throat
and pushed her onto her back. Shifting up, I leaned down
across her and put my chest down and crushed it against
the firmness of her breasts.

"Yes, baby, yes," I muttered. "We'll do everything. When
we get through, there won't be anything we haven't done.
I'm going to love you like I've never loved anyone
before." Putting my mouth against hers, I drove my
tongue into the warmth and wetness of her mouth. I used
it wildly, its thrusts mirroring the heights of passion
Candy's words had driven me to. She wrapped an arm
around my back and pulled me even closer, growling in
her throat as I had done. I shivered in anticipation of
the weekend ahead of us--two whole days of nothing but

As we kissed, I put a hand on her breasts. I stroked
lightly across their undercurves and then moved up to
their areolas. Alternating between them, I drew little
circles around the nipples, lightly tracing my
fingertips on the crinkly dark ovals crowning their
fullness. She arched her back up toward my hand and
murmured a soft "ummnnn" into my mouth.

I touched the nipples, just brushing my fingers across
them. She muttered an "Ahh" and arched her back even
higher. Taking her breasts one at a time, I squeezed
them and kneaded them gently, brushing my palm across
the nipples as I did so. Her back was now several inches
off the bed as she arched it up and offered her breasts
for my caresses.

As much as I enjoyed touching her breasts, I was even
more drawn to the area below. I remembered how wet and
pink her furrow had been when she removed her pajama
bottoms, and I longed to touch her there, to put my
fingers into that cleft of womanhood she had revealed to
me. Taking my hand away from her breasts, I slowly moved
it down her front. When I came to the little indentation
of her navel, I drew a little circle around it with my
fingertips, just brushing lightly and teasingly.

Leaving her little belly-button, I moved lower. With
just the tips of my fingers, I drew a line down the
little roundedness of her belly, down to where her
temple of Venus was hidden away. She gasped at the touch
and shivered, the muscles of her stomach tensing up in
anticipation of my hand reaching its goal. As my fingers
moved into the forest of her black pubic hair, Candy
bent her legs at the knees and drew her feet up. When I
at last found her hidden furrow, she moved her knees
apart and opened herself up to fully receive my invading

After my hand found its goal, I moved two fingers into
the channel. Her labial lips were swollen, filled by her
arousal. Using two fingers, I stroked the inside of one
from near the bottom up to the top, to where it joined
the other. As I stroked slowly upward, my fingers came
to her clitoris. It was huge -- far larger than any I
had ever encountered before, like a hard acorn centered
in her furrow, forcing the lips to gape open around it.
Candy jerked her hips and gasped as my fingers barely
brushed against its sensitivity.

Using the same two fingers, I traced down the other
puffed-out lip and followed it back down to where it
widened out. The whole area between her legs was slick
and creamy, coated with the evidence of her newly
revealed passion. I was amazed at how aroused she was.
Realizing that I had lived with this little nymph for
nineteen years and had never seen evidence of her
feelings for me nor recognized the depths of her
sensuality filled me with a sense of wonder.

Dipping my fingers into the wide area of her vulva, I
found the entrance to her tunnel. I traced my finger
around the opening, toying with its edges, and then
slipped a finger tip into the recess. Her hips moved up
against my probing finger and her tongue went wild in my
mouth. I continued my probing until almost half my
finger was inserted into her. Her hips undulated against
my hand as her pussy sought to imitate the fuck it was
longing to receive. Responding to my touches, she was
soon panting into my mouth, barely able to sustain our

I twisted my finger in slow gyrations, stretching and
teasing the tight entrance to her vagina. Reacting to
the motions, she squirmed her hips in counter circles,
and my hand was soon slick with her juices, almost as if
it had been bathed in her girl flow. Finally having my
hand where it had been in so many of my fantasies made
my bl**d race. My cock throbbed against her side,
pulsing as if it had a life of its own, eager to replace
my finger and delve into Candy's tight, hot inner body.

I slowly extracted my finger from within Candy and let
it trace a path right up the center of her wet furrow.
Just touching lightly, I slowly moved it up to where it
came against her swollen, bulging clitoris. Moving my
finger tip on top of the hard little knob, I caressed it
with just the gentlest of strokes. Its hood was pulled
back, allowing full access to its firm, sensitive flesh.

Candy murmured, "Oh god," saying the words right into my
mouth. Her hips began to jerk and twist, and she shoved
them against my hand, pressing herself hard against me.
Suddenly, her stomach started shuddering in little
spasms and her knees jerked together, clamping my hand
between them.

Still able to move my finger, I continued the soft
strokes of Candy's swollen, exposed clitoris. She flung
an arm across my shoulder and dug her fingers into my
back, moaning into my mouth. Unable to bear the
escalation of pleasure any longer, she dropped both arms
by her sides, and using them and her feet for leverage,
thrust her hips up, arching her back a full foot off the
bed. The small shudders that had shaken her belly before
increased in their intensity and her hips were soon
jerking and twisting.

Pulling her mouth from mine, she moved her head to the
side and moaned, "Ohhh, God, Daddy." I could feel the
hand next to me clutch the sheet as she balled it up
into a fist. Suddenly she went rigid, the muscles of her
stomach and thighs straining and hard. She moved her
head from side to side and muttered, "Ahh, Ahh." Then
she arched her head back, straining it against the
pillow, and screamed, "Dadddieee! Ooohhhh, God,

The whole insides of her legs convulsed against my hand
and spasms undulated up and down her furrow, moving
against my finger in wave after wave. They continued
like this for at least thirty seconds before gradually
decreasing. She was moaning continuously, a soft
crooning sound of rapture.

Slowly, the spasms became less intense and she gradually
relaxed, the muscles in her thighs and stomach
softening. Her legs moved apart, releasing my hand from
their grasp. Her hips slowly descended until her back
once again was on the bed.

Still breathing hard, she whispered, "I came Daddy. Oh,
God, I just came and came and came. I've longed for this
so much that I knew all it would take was one touch
between my legs and I'd be gone. Ohhh, Daddy, that was
sooo good. That's the best it's ever been for me."

"Later on, it will get even better," I said.

"I'll die if it does. I don't think I can bear anything

"You will, baby, you will. And it will only get better,
sweet- heart. Better and better."

Candy's hand was right next to where my cock touched her
side. She moved it to where her fingers came into
contact with my shaft and lightly stroked them up and
down its length, spreading the wetness of my pre-come
over its surface. Wrapping her fingers around my cock,
she whispered, "How about now? Can we start right now? I
want you to feel what I just felt. I tell from how hard
you are that you're ready." She gave my shaft a hard
squeeze and continued, "Daddy, let's fuck now. I want to
feel this up inside me, deep inside me. I want to feel
you when you come. I want you to come long and hard just
like I did."

"Yes, baby, if you're ready for it, we'll do it right
now. But remember, with this being your first time, it
might hurt a little. I'll try to be as gentle as
possible, but sometimes nothing can prevent a girl from
experiencing some pain the first time. It usually
doesn't last long, though--the pleasure soon drives the
pain away."

"I know I told you I was a virgin, and that's so--I've
never fucked before. But one time when I was listening
to you and Momma I got pretty carried away and pushed my
fingers in real deep. I felt something tear, and it hurt
a little. I even found a little bl**d on me the next
morning. Since I did that back then, it may not hurt
this time."

My mind formed a mental picture of her playing with
herself in bed, getting so aroused that she deflowered
herself, and my cock jerked in response to the image. I
was finding out more and more about my daughter that I
hadn't even suspected.

More and more I was finding how sexual she was, how
passion had ran just below her surface, unrevealed until
now. She wasn't any longer my little girl--she was a
passionate, fully matured female, ready and eager for me
to bring her sexuality to complete fruition. Even though
I was in one way disappointed that it wouldn't be me who
ridded her of her maidenhead, I was relieved that I
wouldn't have to bring her the pain of defloweration.

"It sounds like you took care of your maidenhead then.
You're right, it probably won't hurt now. Still, though,
let's not take any chances. We'll do it the way that a
virgin should do it the first time, with you on top."

Candy smiled a soft smile and said, "Like I saw you and
Momma doing it? Just like I dreamed about? Oh, yes,
let's do it like that. It will be like it was when I
went back to bed and pretended, only it will be real
this time. This time I really will have you inside me."

She squirmed her hips around, and with excitement
showing in her voice, said, "Oh, God, let's do it right
now. Just thinking about it sends shivers through me."
She took my hand and moved it down to her vee, pressing
it into her wet flesh. "Feel how wet I am. Just feel how
ready I am."

I could hardly believe the sheer wantonness of that
action. She had just finished a shuddering orgasm and
now she was asking for more--asking me, no, almost
begging me, to fuck her. Her passion was far greater
than I could have fantasized about even in my wildest of
fantasy and I trembled in lust, trembled with an
overpowering desire to give her what she wanted: to have
my cock buried to its base in her young body.

I turned over on my back, my cock thrusting up erect and
quivering from my groin. I looked down at it and its
head was inflamed, a dark plum color. It was wet, too,
the flow of my pre-come dribbling down and drenching it.
I touched Candy and said, "Get up over me. Straddle me
so that you can lower yourself down on me."

Candy did as I said, putting her knees on each side of
my hips, her vee just above my straining cock. Her
furrow gaped open, and her swatch of hair was wet,
clinging to her pubis in little curls. I reached down
and held my cock still, pointing it right up to the
entrance to Candy's vagina. "Now, baby, lower yourself
down on me. Do it real slow and easy. Take just as much
as you comfortably can. If it starts to hurt, just stop
and let the pain pass. This way, you're in control. You
get to set the pace."

With a frown of concentration on her face, Candy lowered
her hips until my cock made contact with her wet furrow.
She squirmed, positioning herself until the head of my
cock nudged into the recess of her sheath. Tilting her
head back slightly, she closed her eyes and slowly
lowered herself onto my hardness, engulfing it in her
hot, wet flesh.

Although she was incredibly tight, the combination of
her lubrication and my pre-come facilitated penetration.
One inch of my cock disappeared and then another. Candy
let out her breath and then lowered herself until her
pussy had swallowed about half my shaft.

The walls of her tunnel pressed tightly around its hard
invader and created some of the most pleasurable
sensations I could recall. I had thought my first
journey into Barbie's pussy was one of my most memorable
experiences, but it paled in comparison to the pleasure
that now rushed through my body.

Thus far, other than feeling my cock f***e the walls of
her tunnel apart, there been no obstruction, no
obstacles to my journey into the depths of Candy's body.
Her maidenhead no longer existed. It looked like we
would be free to continue without the inconvenience of
even momentary pain. She still had her eyes closed,
though, and the slight frown was still on her face. "You
okay, sweetheart?" I asked. "Is it hurting any?"

She opened her eyes and smiled. "No... it doesn't hurt.
It's just a strange, new feeling--like my whole belly is
filling up." She leaned forward, putting her hands by my
side, and f***ed more of her pussy down over my cock.

"My belly is filling up with my Daddy's cock," she
murmured, almost to herself. Then, with a grunt and a
sudden downward thrust of her hips, she impaled herself
on the remaining portion of my cock. At last, I was all
the way in her, my cock buried completely in Candy's
teenage pussy. Having accomplished her goal, she leaned
down, letting her breasts brush across my chest, and
whispered, "Ah, all of it. All of Daddy's cock... all
the way inside me."

Thank goodness she stayed still. If she had moved even
an inch, I would have filled her pussy right then and
there with my come. Finally achieving my desire to make
love with Candy was so arousing that it would have taken
little more to send me beyond my already stretched-to-
the-limit control.

For long moments, we remained motionless like that--
pubic hair intermeshed and pubic bones pressed together.
Even without motion, it was pure, unabated pleasure. The
warmth and moisture of her vagina pressing in on all
portions of my cock felt so good I would have gladly
remained like that for hours, just savoring the
pleasure, enjoying the contact of our sexual flesh.

Eventually, though, Candy lifted herself until her torso
was erect above me. Using her knees and thighs, she
raised herself about an inch, withdrawing the sheath of
her vagina from off my cock by that amount. Then,
reversing the motion, she once again came down, taking
all my cock back inside her warm confines. As she hit
bottom, she squirmed herself against the hardness of my
pubis, grinding her clitoris on it. "Ohhh, yes," she

She repeated the action one more time, bringing the hard
nubbin of her clitoris into even harder contact with the
base of my cock. Then, holding still, she looked down at
me and said, "I did it, Daddy. Just like in my dreams, I
got all my Daddy's cock up into my belly." She lifted
herself even higher than before, and then thrust down
hard on me. "Daddy, we're fucking. We're finally,
finally fucking!"

Using just a little rocking motion, Candy moved back and
forth, moving her pussy up and down my cock in little
short strokes. Right above me, her breasts jiggled from
the motion. If nothing else had indicated the extent of
her arousal, her breasts would have. The nipples were
fully erect and jutting straight out.

Even the areolas around them were swollen and puffed
out, their crinkles gone. Unable to resist them, I put
my hands up and made love to those firm, magnificent
globes. She put her hands on top of mine and pressed
them into her flesh, pressing them deeply into the
pillows of her femininity.

Gradually, Candy increased her tempo, bouncing up and
down at a faster pace. As she did, the up-and-down
strokes became longer, and my pleasure climbed to meet
hers. I felt shudders and little contractions of
pleasure grasp her pussy, causing it to squeeze down on
my cock. I knew from that that she was having a series
of mini-orgasms that would intensify until they combined
into one big one. She murmured her pleasure each time a
contraction hit and moaned in joy from the feeling.

Candy took my hands away from her breasts and then
leaned down to where our faces were only inches apart.
"I'm fucking you, Daddy. How do you like it? Did Barbie
do this to you?"

"No, sweetheart, Barbie and I didn't do it like this.
This is just for you and me."

"Good," she said, putting her mouth on mine and driving
her tongue into my mouth.

Candy stretched herself so that she now lay on top of me
in the classic missionary position. She moved her pussy
up and down on my shaft, using long strokes. Combined
with them, she gyrated her hips in circles, twisting her
pussy around my cock with each of her strokes. The
motions were working their spell on me, but they were
affected her even more. Her mini-orgasms were almost
continuous now and her juices were flowing out and
covering my balls and running down the crack of my ass.
We were making a marvelous wet spot.

I reached down and caressed the smooth skin of her
buttocks. I could feel their muscles clench up each time
she thrust down and then feel them rise on each of her
up strokes. Her stomach muscles pressed against mine and
the shudders and contractions that moved through them
transferred to mine.

I spread my legs apart and lifted them, wrapping them
around her waist. Using them for leverage, I started
reciprocating her thrusts, driving upward to meet each
of her downward thrusts. We were soon panting into each
other's mouths, climbing the ascent toward orgasm at a
breakneck speed.

Candy started softly muttering, "Oh god... Oh god... Oh
god!" gradually increasing the pace of her hip motions.
Suddenly, she pulled her face away of mine and threw her
head back with eyes closed.

"Oh god, Daddy!"

The little shudders and contractions that she had had
earlier now became hard convulsions, shaking her and
causing her whole pelvis to tremble. Using my legs, I
pulled her groin hard against mine and ground my pubic
bone into her clitoris. She collapsed against me, her
breasts crushed against my chest, and shook and panted
as her orgasm took control of her, shaking her with its

Gradually, her shudders lessened and she relaxed against
me, totally spent from the intensity of the orgasm. She
lifted her up and softly said, "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, sweetheart," I answered.

"You didn't come, did you?" she asked.

"Not yet. But I'm not far from it."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Daddy. I told you I wanted you to have
the same kind of pleasure I had, and all I did was have
it all over again and leave you high and dry."

I chuckled and said, "Who said I was through?"

She grinned and said, "Not me."

I lifted Candy from off me and turned her on her back.
Getting on my knees, I moved up between her legs. I took
hold of each of her legs and spread them wide apart,
lifting them up with knees bent so they formed a saddle
for me. Then I moved a pillow to her hips and lifted her
so I could put it under them.

Now she was ready for me. My cock throbbed in
anticipation of entry into the wide-open pussy that lay
before it, just inches away. Now I was ready to show her
some REAL fucking, ready to show her how a cock and
pussy were really supposed to fit together. Candy
watched me throughout all this, silent, eyes wide.

Grasping my cock by the base, I ran its head up and down
her furrow, concentrating on her clitoris. Then I guided
it down to her tunnel, still open from her fucking me,
and nudged it into her. Thrusting my hips forward
slowly, I pushed my cock into Candy's body.

Soon, it was down to where its base was pushed firmly
into the wet, pink flesh of her furrow. I pulled it out
and then thrust it back in, hard and fast. Since she had
already come, I didn't have to have any concern about
her being satisfied--it was my time now, time for me to
fully enjoy the pleasure of her body, to live out the
fantasy of fucking the young, hot body of my little

I lifted both of Candy's legs up, spreading the vee of
her vulva wide, exposing all the wet flesh of her
furrow. I could see where my cock entered into her, and
I shoved hard, watching it as it drove in until my belly
thrust into her wetness. I pulled out until just the
head was left inside her and thrust in again, pushing as
hard as I could.

Stretching my legs out below me, I put my hands
alongside her shoulders and started pistoning in and out
as hard and fast as I could go. Candy spread her legs
out all the way and put them over mine, her ankles
locked across my calves. As I came down on my thrusts,
she raised her hips up with a thrust of her own. Her
eyes were even wider now, and she grunted, "Oh, God,

"Is this hurting you, baby?" I asked.

"Hurting? Oh, God, no! It's just so good, it's almost
unbelievable." As she hunched her hips up to meet me,
she murmured, "Ummmnnnn." She reached up and grasped my
shoulders with her hands and said, "Oh, I love it this
way. I love it hard and fast." She moved her legs from
my calves and wrapped them around my hips, and hunching
her hips up toward me, muttered, "Ooooh, I'm going to
come AGAIN! Oh, God, Daddy, DO IT! Do it hard... HARD!"

Putting my hands under her hips, I continued to drive my
cock in and out of her clutching, clenching hot tunnel.
"Yeah, baby, hard, hard," I murmured. I could feel my
orgasm building to a crescendo. I had waited so long to
finally make love to Candy that it had built up to one
of the highest peaks of my life.

The way her hot flesh clutched against mine, the
slippery friction of oily flesh rubbing against oily
flesh, was taking me beyond any point of control. I was
panting like a runner doing a marathon and the pressure
of my semen was a volcano ready to erupt. I felt her
pussy tighten down on my cock and the muscles of her
belly tighten.

Her buttocks clenched in my hands, drawing up into
little knots. In a half moan, half cry, she screamed,
"Ohhhhhh, Daddy! Ohhhhh, oh, oh, oooooooohhhhhh!" She
opened her eyes and moaned, "Oh, God, come now. Come
with me. Come with your little girl."

Hearing her words and feeling her body writhe in my
grasp was too much for me. I had already been on the
edge of orgasm, and her actions pushed me over the
crest. I drove my cock in, as deep as I could get it,
and held it there. My buttocks now clenched just as hers
were doing and my cock contracted.

Then, almost like a cannon shot, a jet of come spurted
out of my cock into the depths of her flesh. Candy felt
it and shoved her hips up even tighter to me. She put a
hand behind my head and brought mouth to wide open
mouth. With both our mouths open and seeking, we kissed,
our tongues stroking and caressing the other's.

Gush after gush spurted from my cock. It filled her
pussy and spread over my cock and coated it with warm
slipperiness. Candy's hips pushed up hard up against me,
her pussy pressed against the base of my cock, jerking
against me with little stabbing motions. The flow of my
sperm had intensified her orgasm and we were both at the
peak of our rapture, writhing in ecstasy.

I pulled my cock out and then drove it back in again,
and Candy murmured her approval. As I pushed in, I felt
my sperm gush out and cover both of us. It dripped down
on my balls and I knew that a whole stream had to be
flowing down between her legs and drenching the bed. It
had to be the wettest fuck I had ever had, and I loved
the wetness.

Our peaks passed slowly, gradually ebbing away into just
little tremors and sighs. The wild abandon of our kiss
changed into a gentle tenderness. Oh, God," I thought,
"I've just fucked my own daughter, my little girl, the
person I love most in this world." She moved slightly,
restirring the pleasure. "And it was the best fuck I've
ever had."

I pulled my lips away from hers slightly and she said,
"Ummnnn, God, Daddy. That was incredible." She hunched
her hips up to mine, pressing her sperm coated pussy
against me and with a big smile said, "You were right.
Now I know what REAL fucking is." She hunched her hips
up and said, "It even still feels good, doesn't it?" Not
waiting for an answer, she pulled my mouth back down to
hers for a slow, languid kiss.

She was right--it did still feel good. Even though my
cock had lost a little of its rigidity, it was still
firm, filling the entire cavity of her pussy. The fact
that it was Candy under me, her pussy holding my cock in
its warm grasp, played games with my libido, keeping me
hard despite my having one of the most intense orgasms
of my life. I pulled my cock out and shoved it back,
testing myself. Yes, it WAS still good. I felt like I
could go on forever. Go on forever with Candy.

She felt my stroke and shoved against it, murmuring into
my mouth. Her hand stroked the back of my neck, a caress
reflecting her feelings toward me. Now we were more than
father and daughter, our love had a new dimension, a new
depth and breadth. She broke our kiss, licking my lips
in the process, and whispered, "Are you going to fuck me
again, right now?"

"Do you want me to?"

"YES! Oh, God, yes. Can you?"

I pulled my cock out and shoved it back in, saying,
"What does than tell you?"

Candy grinned and said, "That tells me that my Daddy is
about to fuck his little girl again." She pulled her
pussy down, letting my cock slip out a little, and then
shoved back up, taking it back inside. "Yes, Daddy, do
it again. Let's do it over and over again, until we
can't do it anymore."

I pulled out and got up on my knees, saying, "Let's use
another position. This time let's play like we're boy
dog and girl dog."

Candy grinned, immediately catching on, and got up on
her hands and knees, her beautiful ass turned toward me.
She turned her head back toward me and smiling, said,
"Is this right, Daddy?"

Was it right? With that sweet little ass stuck up in the
air for me, it was more than right--it was perfect. Her
whole bottom was wet from where my come had run down
between her legs, and the furrow of her pussy was
overflowing from come still oozing out her pussy. Seeing
her like that brought all the rigidity back to my cock,
and my lust that had declined slightly after my orgasm
returned in full f***e.

My cock quivered in anticipation of getting back inside
of the hot sexual flesh presented in open invitation
before me. I groaned and thrust my shaft up between her
legs, pushing it into the wetness of her furrow, seeking
Candy's hot, come-dripping hole.

Running my cock up and down the channel, I found the
opening to her sheath and pushed it in, thrusting my
hips forward slowly. My belly at last made contact with
her buttocks, making a wet sound. I put my hands on her
hips and pulled her in even closer to me, swinging my
balls up to where they made contact with her clitoris. I
pulled out and then thrust in hard, forcing her hips

She folded her arms and laid her head on them so as to
steady her ass for my attack. Turning her head back to
me, she said, "I like it this way. You go in so deep...
deeper than ever before. I can feel your cock going way
up inside me." She squirmed her slick buttocks against
me and murmured, "Ummnnnn, it feels so good this way."

Even though Candy's pussy was still tight, my cock had
opened it up considerably. That, coupled with way my
previous deposit of sperm increased her lubrication,
allowed me to really ram her. From that position, I
didn't have to worry about crushing her, and I allowed
my lust full play. Gripping her hips, I held her in
place and drove in and out of her like a piledriver.

Each of my thrusts moved her forward, driving her head
into the pillow. She was my lust toy, and I used her
body to give me the utmost pleasure possible. With each
of my thrusts I muttered, "Yes, baby, deep...oh, sweet
pussy... ummm, sweet little girl pussy... oh, god, baby,
so good, so good, so good."

I wasn't the only one getting pleasure from my pistoning
thrusts. Each time I thrust against Candy, she grunted
and pushed back hard against me. The cheeks of her ass
spread apart and her buttocks flattened against my belly
each time I drove into her. As I pulled out, the
entrance to her pussy stretched out, clasping my cock as
if reluctant to lose contact. We became one creature,
fused together in a sphere of pure pleasure. We moaned
and muttered our pleasure, inarticulate sounds of lust
being completely and fully satisfied.

Leaning across Candy's back, I put my hands under her
and caressed her hanging breasts, kneading the firm
projections and rubbing across the firm nipples. She
moved her shoulders up slightly, giving me more room to
play with her sensitive nipples. After giving them
sufficient attention, I moved my hands lower, down to
her drenched sexual area. Using the fingers of both
hands, I thoroughly explored the top portion of her wet

I felt it widen with each of my thrusts and then come
back together as I withdrew. Two of my fingers found her
clitoris and rubbed it while the others caressed the
inner portions of her labial lips. Feeling her wetness,
feeling it as it soaked my hands, served only to
intensify the eroticism of the contact. She squirmed her
ass and tried to move her legs together as my fingers
strummed across her love button.

My uninhibited onslaught of her pussy became too much
for me and I felt my orgasm surging to its breaking
point. The contact of my fingers on her clitoris coupled
with the way I see-sawed my cock in and out her was
bringing Candy to the same point.

Her whole ass quivered and shivers run through her firm
little belly. Her moans were continuous as she responded
to the multiple stimulation. She bucked up hard against
me and shouted, "Oh, God, I'm coming again!" Shudders
ran through her body and she collapsed flat, my hands
pinned under her, still playing drum beats on her
clitoris. I went down with her, continuing to piston my
cock in and out with hard, fast strokes.

Candy worked her hips up and down, first pushing her
clitoris against my fingers and then pushing her pussy
against my cock. Each of us was lost in rapture, orgasm
sweeping over us in ever higher waves. Hers came on
first and she shook under me, shaking her ass in
circles, and moaning, "Oh, God...Oh, God." The whole
internal portion of her pussy convulsed and jerked,
grasping my cock and contracting around it.

Even with that restriction, I still managed to drive in
and out, as deep as I could go. The combination of her
belly convulsing against my hands, the shudder of her
furrow against my fingers, and the clutch of her
trembling pussy flesh against my cock proved to be the
final ignition, though, and I joined her in orgasm,
jetting shot after shot of sperm into her already filled

My eyes clouded over, my vision becoming blurred, and I
collapsed on top of Candy, barely able to support myself
with my arms to keep from crushing her under my weight.
It had been the most intense, most satisfying orgasm of
my life, and I was totally spent. Each spurt of sperm
weakened me, relaxing me. When I finally stopped coming,
I was limp, completely used up.

We lay there for long moments, gasping, trying to catch
our breaths. My cock, now completely satisfied, slowly
shrunk and then pulled out of Candy's pussy, dribbling
even more come over her. I had come so much that it was
leaking out of her pussy, each of her tremors making
more pour out. The stream flowed down over my cock and
balls and her pussy, and a pool of semen formed under

Gradually, I came to my senses, my vision returning, and
lifted myself and lay down beside her. Her face was
turned toward mine, and she smiled softly. Without
actually speaking, her lips formed the words, "Thank
you, Daddy. I love you." Uncaring about our sl**ping in
the result of our orgasm, I reached down and pulled the
covers over us. Candy went to sl**p immediately and I
soon followed.

* * * *

The next morning I woke up to the delicious smell of
fresh coffee and bacon frying. I picked up my wrinkled
robe from the floor and put it on. Following the smell
of breakfast, I went into the kitchen. Candy was
standing there in her robe, cooking breakfast for us.
The back of her hair was still damp, so I knew she had
taken a shower. Turning toward me, she said, "Well, good
morning, sunshine. I'm fixing us some breakfast." She
grinned and continued, "I figured we need some
nourishment after last night. Why don't you get your
shower while I finish. Breakfast ought to just about be
ready by the time you're through."

Following her suggestion, I went into the bathroom and
quickly shaved and showered. While showering, I recalled
the events of the previous evening. It had been a
evening of the most exciting love-making of my life and
my cock sprung up in full erection as I remembered what
Candy and I had done. Candy might be my daughter, but
she was also a passionate woman with a large capacity
for love. After forcing myself to think of other things,
I got my erection down to a semi-hard and put on my robe
and went back into the kitchen.

Candy had breakfast on the table and we sat down and
ate. Candy didn't say anything, but the looks she gave
me were warm and filled with excitement. She conveyed
with her eyes that last night hadn't been enough, that
she wanted more. She had said we had the whole weekend,
and it appeared that she meant it. My cock slowly came
fully erect as I considered the prospect.

Candy carried her dishes and put them in the sink and I
did the same. Standing there at the sink, her robe tied
tightly about her, the full perfection of her form
showed through the thin fabric. I embraced her from the
back, running my hands around to her front and cupping
her breasts. "Baby," I whispered into her ear, "last
night was the best thing that's happened to me in my
entire life."

She turned around to me and said, "Me, too, Daddy. It
was even better for me." She put her mouth to mine and
kissed me lightly, just brushing her tongue across my
lower lip. She moved her mouth from mine and said,
"Thank you for last night."

Stepping away from me to the center of the kitchen,
Candy grinned at me and said, "Guess what I've got on
under my robe."

"I couldn't even begin to guess," I answered.

Candy laughed and said, "Nothing. There's nothing under
here except your little Candy. Interested?"

Interested? God, I lusted after her with a lust that
seeming to have no limit. Nine-thirty in the morning,
after an evening of love-making that included some of
the most intense orgasms of my life, and my cock was
standing rigidly away from my body, pushing my robe out
in a bulge. It was Candy doing that to me. I just
couldn't seem to get enough of her. I looked down at the
bulge in the front of my robe and said, "What do you

"How about a date, then? Why don't we meet in my bedroom
in... let's see...three seconds?" She laughed and ran
down the hall, looking back over her shoulder at me with
a look that was as lustful as the one I'm sure I was
giving her.

As soon as we got into her room, we were all over each
other, each one trying to get the robe off the other. In
seconds, our robes were on the floor and we were
standing naked, trembling with desire. Candy moved up
against me and put her arms around me, holding me close.
"God, Daddy, I think I'm turning into a nymphomaniac.
All I can think about is making love with you. All I
want is for us to make love, to fuck for twenty- four
hours a day. I just can't seem to get enough of you."

"God, baby, you too? I thought it was just me. You
affect me exactly the same way. No one has ever done
that to me before. Just you."

Candy pushed her groin against my hard cock and
whispered, "Then why are we wasting time?"

In answer, I stepped toward the bed, pushing Candy in
lock-step with me. When the back of her knees hit the
bed, she fell down on it, laughing. Even though she was
laughing at the awkward dance we had just performed, her
eyes looking up at me showed smoky desire, hunger for
more of what we had done last night. What I saw in her
eyes inflamed my desires and whetted my hunger even

With her legs spread as they were, the furrow of her
pussy was open, with pink, moist flesh showing. It
looked delicious and I had to taste it. I knelt at her
feet and spread her legs even farther apart, spreading
her labia up so that her wet furrow gaped even wider.
Extending my tongue, I licked a circle around her navel
and then traced a line down to the dark forest of her
pubic fur.

I curled my tongue into a tube and, using it like a
finger, moved it downward, parting a path through the
pubic tresses. When it came to the top of her furrow, I
probed down into it, brushing my tongue lightly across
the firm button of Candy's little man in the boat. Candy
gasped and thrust her hips up to me, pushing her hot
vulva against my mouth. "Ohhh, Daddy!" she murmured.
"Oh, God, I was hoping you would do this. Barbie told me
about your doing it to her, and I nearly came in my
panties from hearing her tell how good it was."

Candy's words excited me even more and I put my whole
mouth into her furrow and licked and slurped up and
down, trying to reach every part of it. I put my hands
under her buttocks and lifted her up so that I could get
to her better. As I moved down to the lower portion of
the gash, I spread her cheeks apart and probed my tongue
even lower. I could see the little crinkled rosebud
nestled in the cleft between her cheeks and I drove my
tongue down to it and licked and caressed it.

She squirmed her hips in response and said, "Oh, Daddy,
that's nasty!" I spread her cheeks apart even wider and
rimmed her harder, probing the tip of my tongue down
into the midst of the little wrinkles. She moved her
hips from side to side and said, "Oh, God, nasty... so
dirty... ummnnnn... oohh... yes... good. Oooooohhhh, I
love it!"

I replaced my tongue with a finger tip, using it to rub
and gently caress Candy's little nether hole. Running my
tongue from there upwards, I came to the opening into
her tight love tunnel. She had become completely aroused
now, and cream was flowing out and covering all her
tender vaginal furrow. I put my mouth right on top of
her opening and spread my lips wide, stretching her
vagina wider.

I sucked on it, drawing out more of her cream, and then
plunged my tongue in as far as I could extend it. I
twisted it around and around, moving it on the vaginal
walls and caressing her interior. Rolling it up into a
hard little tube, I plunged my tongue in and out, giving
her a miniature version of intercourse. That action
coupled with the way my finger played with her little
asshole soon had her breathing fast and moving her hips
up and down.

I withdrew my tongue and replaced it with the thumb of
the hand that was caressing her asshole. Keeping that
hand in motion, moving both my finger tip and thumb
around and in her two lower orifices, I moved my mouth
up and placed it over her clitoris. As my tongue came
out and laved her swollen clitoris, she gasped and
jerked her hips up to my mouth.

I sucked the little nubbin between my lips, and holding
it like that, strummed my tongue over and across the
exposed surface of her hard pleasure knot. She put both
her hands on my head and pressed my face in closer to
her, moaning and muttering, "Ohhhh, yessss... do it...
suck me... yesss... oohhh... I love it... oh, I love

Candy was soon rocking back and forth on her elbows,
moving her hips against mine in little short thrusts. I
followed each of her motions, never once losing my
contact with her clitoris. I felt trembles and shudders
in her thighs, and her clitoris started little jerking
movements between my lips. Suddenly, her vagina clamped
down on my thumb and squeezed hard. Her buttocks
clenched, the muscles in them becoming hard knots, and
she screamed, "Coming! Oh, God, I'm commiinng,

I kept licking her clitoris, carrying her all the way
through her orgasm. After a while, she jerked her hips
away from my mouth and whispered, "Please, no more."

I took my mouth away from her and sat up straight,
wanting to see her in the full aftermath of orgasm. She
had her eyes closed, and lay there trembling, a flush
across her face and a red blush covering her breasts and
the area between them. Cream was flowing from her pussy
and moving in a little stream down her furrow to the
cleft between her cheeks. She had come hard and was
still breathing fast, slowly recovering from the intense
pleasure of her clitoral orgasm.

I moved up and sat on the bed beside her and stroked her
hair, softly and tenderly, as she relaxed and came down
from the high she had just experienced. After a little
while, she stopped her labored breathing and opened her
eyes, looking up at me. She reached out a hand and put
in on my thigh, saying, "God, Daddy, that was the first
time anyone has ever done that to me. I see what Barbie
was talking about -- it's good -- really, really good."

She smiled and said, "Oooohh, WAS it good! I don't know
which I like best, that way, or the natural way. I'm
glad we can do both. That way I'm not f***ed to make a

Candy sat up on the bed beside me, her hand still on my
thigh, and said, "Now, dear Daddy, it's your turn.
Daddy's little girl is going to do you like you did
her." Reaching out her hand, she wrapped it around my
cock and slowly jacked it up and down, spreading my pre-
come over its entire length.

Then, without letting loose of my cock, she knelt down
in front of me and engulfed half my cock into her mouth.
Clamping her lips tight around my shaft, she applied
suction and used her tongue on the sensitive head and
glans. Reacting to her sudden onslaught of pleasure, I
sucked in my breath and jerked my hips up to her mouth.

From the way she went after my cock, it was obvious that
Candy had natural oral tendencies. She sucked and
slurped on it, moving it in and out her mouth just as
though she were using it as a substitute pussy. I had
gotten so aroused from eating her, from seeing the
rapture of her orgasm, that I was soon trembling and
moaning from the intense pleasure she was giving me.
"Oh, God, baby, that's good. Ummnnnn, I'm getting close,

If anything, she intensified her efforts, taking even
more of my cock into her mouth and slurping and licking
it with even more f***e. "Oh, Baby, you'd better stop.
If you don't stop, I'm going to come, come right in your
mouth." She looked up at me, her eyes twinkling, and
formed her lips into a smile around my shaft.

Candy continued to look up at me, a smile still on her
lips, and sucked even harder. She put a hand under my
balls and lightly caressed my scrotum. With rapid
motions, she bobbed her head back and forth, moving my
cock in and out of her mouth. The action of her tongue,
the warm wetness of her mouth, and the movement of her
lips up and down my shaft proved too much, and I thrust
my cock toward her hard, driving as much of it into her
mouth as she could take.

"Oh, God, baby," I groaned, shooting a huge spurt of
sperm right on top of her tongue. It was followed by
another then another, and Candy gulped, trying to
swallow the thick sperm gushing out of my cock. Even
though she managed to get most of it, some flowed out
over her lower lip and ran in little streams out each
corner of her mouth. Her chin was soon covered with my
flow and white, thick drops dripped down on the floor. I
fell back on the bed, trembling in the throes of my
orgasm, as Candy continued to suck on my cock and
swallow the mouthful of come I had given her.

After a few moments, I recovered from my orgasm to
realize that Candy was still at work on my cock, licking
it and sucking lightly on it. Responding to that
treatment, it stayed completely rigid, fully erect. I
sat up and put my hands alongside her head and gently
pulled her mouth from off my cock. I lifted her up and
pulled her alongside on the bed. If my cock hadn't
already been hard, it would have gotten that way from
just looking at her.

Her whole mouth was covered with the white, thick
coating of my come, and drops of it still clung to her
chin, hanging down, but not yet falling. She licked her
lips and then, using her fingers, wiped the flow from
her chin and into her mouth. She smiled and said, "This
isn't bad at all. Almost tasteless--kind of like egg
whites." Then, grinning, she said, "In fact, seeing that
it's your come, I have to admit that I kind of like it."

Candy put her hand down to my cock and fondled it,
gently squeezing and rubbing it. Her hand was still wet
from my come and the combined lubrication of my come and
her saliva made the contact very pleasurable. She
grinned at me and said, "In case you're wondering why
I'm paying so much attention to your cock, it's because
I'm trying to keep you good and hard. I've got plans for
your hard cock, plans I think you'll like."

I had a hard time imagining anything I could like better
than what she had just done, and my cock swelled in her
hand at the thought of something even better. "What kind
of plans do you have in mind?" I asked.

Without answering, Candy let go my cock and moved up to
the center of the bed. Getting on all fours, she turned
her ass to me and reached down and pulled her cheeks
apart. I could see all of her sweet ass, from the wet
opening of her pussy all the way up to where the cleft
blended into her back. She turned her head toward me and
then took a finger and put it on her little anus. "Did
you do Barbie here? Did you fuck her right here?"

My cock became as rigid as it was possible to be in
response to her question. If I were interpreting her
question correctly, she was going to ask me to fuck her
in the ass. I had never fucked anyone in the ass, not
even Candy's mother, and it was something I had long
wanted to do. Now, Candy was going to ask me to do it.
Hot and flushed with excitement and lust, I answered,
"No, we didn't do that."

Candy grinned and said, "Good. Then do it to me. Stick
your cock in here and do me here. That way there won't
anything virgin left about me." She put a hand to her
mouth and said, "This is no longer virgin," and moving
the hand down to her pussy, she added, "And this is no
longer virgin for sure." She pushed a finger tip into
her asshole and said, "This is the only virginity I have
left, and I want you to take it, too."

As much as I wanted to fuck Candy in the ass, I wanted
to make sure she knew what she was doing. "It might hurt
you some, Baby," I cautioned her.

"Not if you use K-Y Jelly. One of my girlfriends in
school tells me that she and her boyfriend do it this
way all the time in order to avoid any chance on her
getting pregnant. She says that K-Y Jelly keeps it from
hurting. Go look in the right hand drawer of my bathroom
medicine cabinet and you'll find some."

I went and got the K-Y Jelly and came back into the
bedroom. As I entered I could see that Candy had her
hand in her pussy rubbing her clitoris. She didn't stop
her rubbing when she saw me, and said, "I guess I got a
little impatient."

I squirted K-Y Jelly on my cock and completely coated it
with the slippery cream. Getting up on the bed, I
squirted a blob right on top of Candy's little anus,
covering it completely. Then I squeezed some out on my
index finger, making sure it was covered. Working very
carefully, I pushed my jelly-covered finger into her
little opening, spreading it open and pushing all the
way in. I rotated my finger, coating all the inside of
her ass, making it slippery.

I repeated the action, adding even more lubrication
inside her tight little anal tunnel. She squirmed and
moaned as I performed the preliminary steps, enjoying
having my finger inside her. She looked back at me and
said, "That should be plenty. Now put your cock inside
me. Fuck me in the ass, Daddy. Make me a woman in every
way." My cock jerked in response to her words. She
didn't know it, but she was about to make me a man in
every way.

I pushed my cock up against her little opening and
pressed into her. At first it didn't budge at all, just
rammed against the tightness of her opening. Then I felt
her relax a little and the head went all the way in,
spreading the tight ring of her opening around my shaft.
I paused, giving her a chance to get used to having me
inside ass, and asked, "You okay, sweetheart? Still want
to go on?"

"Oh, yes. You don't have to stop. It doesn't hurt. It
just feels like I need to go the bathroom real bad. Keep
on, get it all the way in me."

I pushed a little more and then all resistance abruptly
stopped. Once I had the head of my cock past her
sphincter, it went in easily. I continued to push in
until my cock was completely inside her, the wiry hair
at the base of my cock crushed against her buttocks. I
had thought her pussy was hot and tight, but it didn't
begin to compare with her ass. It was incredibly tight
and so warm that my cock felt like it was inside a

The walls of her anus were smooth against my cock,
different from her vagina in ways that couldn't even be
described, but just as pleasure-giving. She tested her
reflexes by contracting the walls around my cock,
squeezing down on it, and a wave of pleasure swept over
me. Candy's mouth and pussy were sheer delights, but her
ass was at least their equal, if not better. "Ooohh,
Baby," I said, "you have to have the sweetest ass in the

Candy laid her head down and started rocked her ass to
and fro, pulling my cock out and then pushing it back
in. The K-Y Jelly was working perfectly and my cock was
able to move in and out freely. Matching her motions, I
started my own thrusts and withdrawals.

Soon we were moving fast, grinding ourselves against
each other, grunting each time our flesh slapped
together. Leaning down and reaching under her, I put my
hands down to her breasts and fondled them. When I did,
she moved her arms under mine and put her hands in her
pussy, gently rubbing her clitoris in perfect timing
with the motions of my cock as it reamed her sweet,
tight ass.

The interior control she had was amazing. Each time I
pressed my phallus completely within her, she squeezed
down on it, pressing the hot, slick tube of her ass
around it. The ring of her sphincter tightened down on
it at the same time, and the effect was a combination of
stroking and velvet-like massage of my whole shaft.

The total effect -- the action of her ass on my cock,
seeing the rocking and squirming of Candy's perfect,
sweet ass, and the knowledge that we were engaged in the
ultimate act of father-daughter i****t -- was becoming
more than my already overloaded senses could bear. The
sensual pressure just built and built, escalating to
where my sperm was almost ready to burst out in a hot

I speeded up my strokes, driving into her upturned ass
with long, hard strokes. My breath was ragged, almost a
pant, and I gripped her hips and jerked her toward me
with almost brutal f***e. "Oh, God, baby! Almost there!"
I shouted.

Candy's drove her fingers deep within her pussy,
thrusting them in and out, and I could feel them through
the thin membrane that separated them from my thrusting,
rigid shaft. She muttered, "Yes! Fuck me! Come with me,
fill me up with come. Ohh god, yes, yes, YES!"

Candy's orgasm came on her and her ass muscles clamped
down on my cock, sending wave after wave of shudders
over it. It was too much, and with a hard contraction, a
jet of sperm shot out my jerking cock, shooting up deep
into her belly. She squirmed her ass hard against my
cock and muttered, "Ohhh, I can feel you coming. I can
feel each one of your spurts. Ohh, come, come,

Relaxing at last, Candy fell prone, my cock still buried
in her little tunnel. She moaned, her hands still under
her moving in her pussy, still pushed her ass up and
down, alternating pressure between her fingers and my
cock. Her motions slowed gradually, and then she lay
still. Her anus was still completely relaxed, open
around my cock, and as my cock lost its erection, it
gradually came out of her opening and fell between her
ass cheeks.

I rolled off her then, laying on my side, and looked at
her, filled with feelings of love and tenderness. Her
eyes were closed and her face relaxed. A little stream
of saliva ran out of one corner of her mouth, and she
reached her tongue out and captured it. Lifting herself,
she pulled her arms from underneath her and turned
toward me, opening her eyes.

Reaching out her arm, she put her hand, still wet from
being in her pussy, on my shoulder and pulled her face
and against mine and kissed me. It was a soft, slow,
tender kiss, filled with the languor and relaxation of
complete satiation, the afterglow of orgasm that
pleasures and satisfies the entire body.

She broke the kiss and smiled, saying, "Now there's
nothing about me that's non-virgin. I believe I came
harder that way than the others." Her face became more
serious and she said, "Did you ever do that with Momma?"

"No, sweetheart, that was my first time with anyone."

She clutched me to her and said, "That means in a way I
got your virginity." She smiled and moving her lips to
mine, she whispered, "Oh, Daddy, I like that." Our lips
blended together and we kissed for a long time, each
savoring the new relationship we had.

* * * *

By the time Sunday afternoon came, Candy and I explored
every position, every aspect of sexuality I could think
of. By my count, probably not too reliable, I had eleven
orgasms that weekend. I didn't attempt to estimate how
many Candy had, probably four times that number. Just
before she went out to her car to leave for Austin, she
said, "Kiss me good-bye, Daddy. Do it inside here where
people can't see."

We kissed, a deep kiss that wasn't meant for father and
daughter. She broke away and said, "Daddy, I just can't
seem to get enough of you. If I come home next weekend,
can we spend it like we did this one?"

I looked at her and said, "No." She got a surprised,
disappointed look on her face, and I laughed and said,
"It won't be like this weekend, it'll be even better.
Sweetheart, I can hardly wait."

She dimpled up and said, "It's a date then--a Daddy and
Candy date."

When she drove off, I was left with a half-hard. I knew
that our relationship couldn't last, that just like
Barbie, now that she was tuned into her sexuality she
would quickly find a young man to meet all her needs.
Until then, though, I plan to just enjoy my good

By the time next weekend comes, my now half-hard cock
will be fully ready, just aching and throbbing to get
back inside my sweet daughter's mouth, pussy, and ass.

The End

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