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A Big Mistake Ch. 03

Caught by Neighbor

... .

Caught by Neighbour Ch. 03

- 1 -

When I woke up, I momentarily had no idea where I ... on my pants and sweatshirt, and made my way home.

Ch. 02

- 1 -

The next day I ... the lubricant onto his cock - I'd forgotten just how big it was, and I felt a sudden stab of fear - he... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #11

... iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #11 – Epilogue

November 30
9:03 pm
Vega Household

"You ... is any of this 'right’?!"

"Because I made a mistake!" Jade screamed. "I am the one who fucked up ... in a big way. And the constant back and forth of how they would miss each other over the break... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter THREE

... isn't found in either of the above chapters.

*Ch. 03 does not have i****t. Ch. 04 WILL have i****t ... in Ch.01 and Ch.02. However, she will also describe an event that happens to her afterward, which ... mistakes, but I don't regret staying for them. I've sometimes regretted marrying the man but I've never... Continue»
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Husband Encourages Wife

... . "Married, remember?" Then Jen hurried away, and caught a cab home.
Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 03 ... a rough year. I'm happy to see you're happy again."

Tina broke into a big smile. "Thanks for being ... wide. "You're k**ding?"

"No!" Tina almost shouted, her face excited and covered with a big smile... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #5

... kinda need you to be there."

"Like an iCarly thing?"

"Not really. It’s just a really big event ... ?"

"I'm just happy to see you smile," he said coolly, scarfing down a big bite of overly processed eggs ... , eyes narrowed at her.

"I know you're mad, babe, but-"

"I'm not mad, Jade. I'm disappointed. Big... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #7

... forehead.

Tori was a little bothered by this since it was the kind of kiss you give a ch*ld ... was a huge mistake.

Tori hadn't even stopped to think of what her body had gone through ... would end. "This is a really big deal. Don't you think you should talk to Freddie about all... Continue»
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crackwhoreblues -42%

... . It was a but plug and it was big, it hurt, we screamed in pain. The one in charge took command and told ... vitamins. He's a fan now...
But the thing is that.... He's a really big fan now and won't leave us alone ... .

The gospel according to St. Soup-bone Ch. 42, p. 17 of the trans-utopia archives.
And the whore-prophet... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter TWO

... , you could either skip some of the paragraphs in this chapter or just go on to read Ch. 03 ... .

For Ch.03, I plan to write the mother's perspective which will briefly cover what happened in these two ... chapters, as well as other events that happened after - without the i****t.

Ch. 04 will be either... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #6

... no doubt brought on himself.

Watching Sam turn around was a mistake as he caught a perfect view ... could get out before Jade made a big issue.

"You better open the door before I take a sledgehammer ... eyes and you'll hold the product of our love and you'll know unconditional love from our ch*ld a few... Continue»
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Mary had a Hot Ram

... surprised by such a wonderful sensation. Her hand had rubbed vigorously away. All of a sudden her big ... , and her nipples were big and fat. When they got stiff, as they were now, they stood out like little ... fashioned to pump a man dry.

Her face was well matched to that splendid body. She had big blue... Continue»
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Undercover Angel Ch. 03

... Undercover Angel Ch. 03 - Transvestite in hiding f***ed to fuck.

Steve Marshall rolled ... in white high heels. She had blonde hair and was wearing heavy makeup. She was a big girl but well... Continue»
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Shy Gujarati Aunty Turned Hot

... this is an experience of me Raj, with my sexy friend Pooja aunty a sexy Guajarati lady with big ... that she is 38 32 40. Wow I like big boobs and butts of a mature lady and especially if she is in ... chat with me and ccidently I met Pooja, a Guajarati aunty.

Pooja was coming from a decent f****y... Continue»
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 1

... swore she wouldn't do and hesitate, which was a big mistake on her part. Aside from the obvious ... , and no one seemed more in need than ch*ldren. Poor defenceless ch*ldren, who needed her help.

Posing ... one more ch*ld to see. The one she was here for.

"Hey, erm... is this the right place?" Dawn... Continue»
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In The Car, In The Kitchen - Strange Relationship

... , and was surprised to see it was only 11:03. When a second text arrived within a minute or two ... of Pluto – the Big b*****r house – all failed to replace this teenage Goth shag-den ... ; That much I’d gathered for myself. Sensing his mistake he continued. “I mean, with other... Continue»
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Hurry Up! Before Mom and Dad Get Home! - Ch 03

... Chapter 1 and 2 here -

Chapter 03 - Hands ... I covered her face in semen. Obviously, it had sunk in just how much of a mistake and sign ... waited in front of her trying to ask me what we already knew.

"Ummm... hey big brô," she murmured... Continue»
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... and asked what he wanted.

i panicked which was a major mistake! If i had only known! By the time ... as i realized i had finally accomplished my first task! The counter read 00:03:21. i had only 3 ... ...

"Exactly what do you have in mind boi?" He asked.


"i need...time..(big breath... Continue»
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Magic Panties Ch.03 (sissy story) by nolfon

... Magic Panties Ch. 03
This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional ... from another erotic dream where I was sandwiched between two big guys. I was sad to have... Continue»
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the new doctor

... about him and
I said," What you did was stupid, it was probably the biggest mistake of your
life. I ... it. But sometimes we make mistakes,
we are only human, we make mistakes. WE MAKE MISTAKES. But, my friend, let's ... did,I quickly jabbed the big needle in his arm as he
screamed , cryed and then SHOUTED "I HATE YOU... Continue»
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... war
und war erstaunt, als ich dort die Ziffern 03:25 Uhr sah. Das konnte
nicht sein, denn dann war es ja ... ;sste vor Lust in sie
kriechen. Doch es war nur ein Augenblick, wild und a****lisch. Heftig ... wieder einen Vorwand suchten, sie in ein
Gespräch zu verwickeln. Nur Kai-jin verstand viel zu wenig... Continue»
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journal intime gay --- du lourd , mal ecris --- au

... avec godes et gaines et il a pris une substance .; dechainé le gars . l'ai fait jouir gavé.. apres il ch ... les mechancetées" pas grave/chat et traine jusqu'a 15h /chopé plein de tel de passifs(3) /alex passif exhib ... m'arrangerai a me montrer,sui apparu nu cocking a la fenetre entrouverte ,difficile pour lui contrejour... Continue»
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