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... young and could not
help yourself. I have forgotten how lusty <ddd>boys</ddd> – I mean young men your age can
get.’ Then she added ... of
one of her breasts through the nightdress.

Trembling with <ddd>lust</ddd>, the boy pulled away and started undoing his trousers.

‘That ... ... Continue»
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More Black Adventures With Wife, Lisa Part # 3

... stood there for a moment letting the young <ddd>boys</ddd> <ddd>lust</ddd> over the picture of the lovely white ... the doorway.

“It’s ok, <ddd>boys</ddd>, go on, I’ll be ok”.

The <ddd>boys</ddd> looked scared as ... times over”, one of the <ddd>boys</ddd> said.

The other two <ddd>boys</ddd> just grinned a big grin and ... ... Continue»
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Panty Boys

I blinked. And had an evil thought. But the <ddd>boys</ddd> would. Would I want the <ddd>boys</ddd>? Not the ones I knew. Except for one.

... stiletto heels bounced on his manly shoulders.
I was frenzied with <ddd>lust</ddd> and miraculously hard yet again. I dug my nails into ... ... Continue»
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Bad Boys Make Being The Babysitter Blow

... The <ddd>boys</ddd> have to let me go

now. I have suffered this whole weekend, being tortured and humiliated. Confusing feelings

of <ddd>lust</ddd> and ...

Old men leer at me as the <ddd>boys</ddd> push me around. Everyone stares.
The <ddd>boys</ddd> pile more stuff into the cart: ... ... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 9

... very well that the young man was
talking about the <ddd>boys</ddd> jerking off.
"Ah, masturbation," the Scoutmaster said.
"What have a bunch ... Herbie. This was deeper, fuller, more lasting. She howled her <ddd>lust</ddd>
out as the Scoutmaster caught her fever and let his ... ... Continue»
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Jill and her boys (home Improvement story)


Just the thought of fucking their mom drove both <ddd>boys</ddd>
crazy with <ddd>lust</ddd>.

"Randy, Brad, come down for breakfast," Jill yelled,
... looked
too young to have had three teenage <ddd>boys</ddd>.

Glancing down, the <ddd>boys</ddd> again could not help but re-
member ... ... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 3

... prick teaser," the patrol leader said, his voice hoarse with <ddd>lust</ddd>.
"Oh, she fucks all right," a Scout with freckles across ... f***efully exposed was beyond the
wildest dreams of the <ddd>boys</ddd> clustering around her.
In the moonlight, Lisa's breasts were ... ... Continue»
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Tammy's teenaged cum lust

and continued sliding her hands up and down the <ddd>boys</ddd>' thighs, sometimes
just touching the thin, nylon material covering ... down the side of her body. Robbie
suddenly froze, a <ddd>lust</ddd>-contorted expression on his wide-eyed face.

"UHHHH.....UHHHHHHH... ... ... Continue»
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b*****rly lust Part 1

... fought one afternoon the summer before, that <ddd>lust</ddd> was getting stronger everyday he had to ... notice the changes in Ben that all <ddd>boys</ddd> go through one day in the ... his b*****r hard then that would satisfy his <ddd>lust</ddd> for a little while longer, that night when ... ... Continue»
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... department of sperm production.
Unlike pre-pubescent or early pubescent <ddd>boys</ddd> his
ejaculate was not clear, like pre-cum. Her panties ... leave her. He loved
her as a son and his sexual <ddd>lust</ddd> for her engulfed his
whole being.

Claudia's fingers could not ... ... Continue»
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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 7

... see the Boy Scouts trooping in,
gaping with wonder and <ddd>lust</ddd> at a mature woman's fully displayed sexual equipment.
The sixteen-year ... leader ordered without breaking his rhythm. As soon
as the <ddd>boys</ddd> released her, Aunt Dee's soft thighs and calves embraced ... ... Continue»
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Tammy's teenaged cum lust part 2

... end plopping down across her nose and left cheek.

The <ddd>boys</ddd> aimed their cocks lower with each blast, coating her cheeks ... dangling from her cum-covered face.

Slack-jawed with cum <ddd>lust</ddd>, Tammy starred into the camera, licking her
cum-blotched lips ... ... Continue»
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Babysitting My Brother's Boys

... stuff against his bottom.

As I looked down at Andrew, I felt <ddd>lust</ddd>, his pajama bottoms were very loose
with the cord ... reeling, where was Angela? But I complied and knelt beside the <ddd>boys</ddd>.

My b*****r opened his trousers to reveal a georgious semi-hard ... ... Continue»
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... on
the phone and the "NO <ddd>BOYS</ddd> ALLOWED" in the house routine.

... same time, groaning loudly letting out
<ddd>lust</ddd> take over completely. Our naked bodies ... around, making loud
kissing noises, letting our <ddd>lust</ddd> completely over take us. I was panting ... ... Continue»
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Al the Lust I Can Get Part 2.

... 2]
By: Friskee_cpl (

Insatiable Kim. All the <ddd>lust</ddd> I can get. Part 2
Thanks to you all for the fantastic ... and rubbed their cocks through their pants.

"Well come on <ddd>boys</ddd> get them out." I said to them as I undid Jeff's fly ... ... Continue»
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Scally Boys Only Lead To Trouble!

... ’s nylon shirt and string vest, previously hidden from view.
“No <ddd>Boys</ddd> Brigade” corrected Adam “Scouts have green shirts”.
“Is it nylon ... boy!”
His voice was slightly husky and pleading with the <ddd>lust</ddd> he was feeling.
Adam looked at the large boner in ... ... Continue»
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The Cats Seductions - Tony

... was their turn this month. Nothing unusual about this. The <ddd>boys</ddd> all arrived (about a dozen of them) during the Saturday afternoon ... as he went red.
“That’s ok Tony, lots of young <ddd>boys</ddd> <ddd>lust</ddd> after their mums and certainly after older women”. She stood ... ... Continue»
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The Romance of Lust - A classic Victorian erotic n

... the world. To sustain life she opened a little school for <ddd>boys</ddd> and girls of tender age. The neighbouring gentry, willing ... voluptuously lewd, carnal acquirements, every thing the wildest imagination of <ddd>lust</ddd> could desire. It was from her mother she inherited ... ... Continue»
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b*****rly Lust Part 3

... nearly a full 60 hours later before the <ddd>boys</ddd> found them selves alone with each other ... It was Monday morning before the two <ddd>boys</ddd> were alone, Scott was delegated to ... life time of lusting was satisfied for both <ddd>boys</ddd>, the phone ringing brought their passion to a ... ... Continue»
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Sweet Smell of Lust

... to press into her son's hip. "Mommy knows what little <ddd>boys</ddd> want!" The wet tongue slid down his neck.
David ... a response then turned about and departed.
The Sweet Smell of <ddd>Lust</ddd> - X (Part 1)
by Caesar, Copyright © 1995
David's day was spent reminiscing ... ... Continue»
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