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2nd of 4 CL guys

... of bottles up, better hurry or you'll miss the first couple of guys fucking her!" The bartender put a couple of bottles of rum in my hand and I followed the sound of the feet going ahead of ... ... Continue»
Posted by cuteb0y25 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Interracial Sex  |  Views: 1112  |  
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2nd of 4 CL guys

The 2nd was a fireman. Really good looking. But he seemed just a little straight, a little uptight for me. Not nervous, just straight.
We took a jacuzzi, the natural chemistry wasn't really there but neither of us wanted this to be a waste of time... speaking for myself. I moved my foot to his crotch, just to break the boring dynamic of chit chat,, so he moved closer. I started to feel a much better vibe from him, he reached inside my bikini top to massage and squeeze which i love, with his other hand he started to massage my pussy which was a good start.

I reached in to feel his cock, see what I had to work with and was happy for what I found. Rock hard and perfectly adequate size. I stroked it for a while, feeling his balls, though I am not a good multi tasker. I didn't know which I was more excited about, his touch, or his cock in my hand and all the prospects attached to that.
I got him on the edge of the jacuzzi, which is never hard, and proceded to feed myself some delicious cock though the chemistry still wasn't there. There was no a****l released in this boy yet. I made him cum so he was all happy. I was bored really. Comparitively.
We went upstairs, dried off and he layed me on the edge of my bed, sat on the floor and started to finger me. I was really surprised but he did it perfectly. He couldn't get over how much he loved the type of pussy I have, said it was a fetish of his. That was cool to hear. He kept fingering me till I allowed myself to squirt. It never fails. Not if you do it right. He said he'd never seen that happen before. He was happy on 3 counts now. It was my turn to be happy. We fucked, it was just normal. He knew how to finger, but didn't know how to use his cock. Not for me anyway.
All in all, not bad for a CL stranger. Not invited back though.
My process of elimination... Continue»
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Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 4 of 7

Wednesday morning we figured we would kind of give the girls a break somewhat &
Carl & George cooked breakfast for all of us. Nothing fancy, just pancakes &
eggs. While they were cooking breakfast I told the girls to get down on their
hands & knees & go around & give the guys a blowjob while we were waiting for
breakfast & while us guys were eating they could finish the job on whoever had
not yet been sucked off. I also told them that if they were still hungry after
drinking our loads of cum each that they then could also have some breakfast.
However, they had to do it standing up bent over the table while some of the
guys were ass fucking them because today was ASS FUCKING DAY. Everyone that
fucked them today HAD to fuck them in their assholes at least to start & IF
they were in the water they could go back & forth between the girls assholes &
cunts & back again, but everyone had to cum ONLY in the girls assholes today.
Also, after they fucked 1 girls asshole they HAD to let the other girl lick &
suck their cocks clean.

While Becky & Angel were crawling around giving us guys a blowjob I got the 2
baseball bats & stuck the handles in some bacon grease we had there & put 1 in
each girls asshole to open them up a bit & lube their assholes at the same
time. They then had to crawl around with these bats hanging out of their
asshole at the same time too. With the knob end in them the bats could NOT come
out easily, but the bats did drag & bounce over the floor as the girls crawled
around & also while they were giving us our blowjobs too. Carl & George were
the last 2 guys to get sucked off.

After the girls finished sucking them off I asked them if they were still
hungry. Both Becky & Angel said they were a bit so I told them to stand up &
bend over to eat & let 2 of the boys take the bats out of their assholes &
replace them with their cocks. (You need to remember that Angel had also just
spent the last night with Erics cock in her asshole as she slept & just before
we got out of bed he shot her 1st load of cum in her asshole for the day, so
her asshole was already primed for more fucking too). After these 1st 2 boys
finished fucking the girls assholes 2 more boys took their places & the girls
licked off the cock that had just came out of the other girls asshole. The cock
out of Becky did have a little bit of brown on it too for Angel to lick off &
she did as required & licked him clean. After the girls finished this task they
went back to eating their breakfast as the next 2 guys assfucked them. The
girls finished eating before the boys finished fucking so they just waited for
them to finish fucking them & then they sucked them clean as well. Again Angel
got a bit of brown to lick off too.

When they were done with this I told them that if they wished they could go to
the latrine before anything more was done to them, but NOT to wipe their asses
off. As the guys went down to the dredge Carl & me waited for the girls to
return. When they got back a few minutes later we took their baseball bats &
again stuck them in the girls assholes handle 1st & told them they had to walk
down to the river like that. The guys sure knew we were coming too because
these aluminum bats kept clinging as they bounced off the rock while the girls
walked down to the dredge.

Then Angel & Becky took their places beside the sluice box to do their job
there too. They both still had their bats in place too & the current of the
river had them waving around nicely in the girls. About 10 minutes later 2 of
the boys that had not yet assfucked them came over & took the bats out of their
assholes & again replaced them with their cocks & fucked them again. When they
finished fucking them they put the baseball bats back into the girls before
they went around to let the other girl lick them clean.1 of the boys said "we
figured why not just keep them full in between fuckings too." I thought that
sounded good & said "Yea, why not. Lets just keep doing that for awhile then.
It might also help keep some of the cum in them too." We kept this up with the
girls for about the next 4 hours. During this time each 1 of us guys had taken
a turn in 1 of the girls & 4 of the boys had each taken a 2nd turn in them.
That meant that when we stopped this fun both girls had already been ass fucked
13 times so far & had spent about 5 hours total with either a bat or a cock in
their assholes.

We needed to move the dredge & also decided to give the girls a bit of a break.
Eric & me helped them walk over to their boulder to lie down on & get some sun,
however we told them they had to keep their bats in place until at least th
next 2 guys fucked them again AFTER Eric & me ass fucked them there. I then
pulled the bat out of Angel to fuck her ass while Eric did the same to his aunt
Becky. After we finished fucking them again we put the bats back into them &
Angel licked off Eric while Becky licked me clean. It finally occurred to me
then that even though neither girl had wiped their ass off after doing their
thing at the latrine that neither 1 of them had to lick off a shitty cock. Th
river & the bats had rinsed them clean before the 1st 2 boys had fucked them.
By now it was about 12:30

We then left the girls laying there with the bats in them & went back to the
dredge. I told the guys then that they could take the bats out of the girls if
they wanted to & let them go bat free the rest of the afternoon. Again for the
next few hours 2 boys would take off for their turns in the girls & when they
got back another 2 would leave for their turns. Again 6 boys had been able to
go back for 2nds. Carl & me were the only 2 guys that had not gone over for
another turn in them this time. We had been too busy mining to take the time.

A bit after 5:00 we decided to quit for today & had the boys help us clean out
the sluice box into some buckets again. We also still had the buckets from
yesterday to pan out as well so we headed to the boulder to do that. It was
maybe 5:45 when we finally got back to the girls. To my surprise the bats were
still in their assholes. I asked why & the guys responded that they liked
seeing them there so why not.. I also found out from the girls that not only
had the guys here fucked them another 9 times, but the hobby miners had also
came by with 1 more guy & that 2 of the boys had also told them the rules for
today so they also had fucked their assholes, put the bats back in & had the
other girl lick them clean too. So including me & Eric earlier the girls had
again been assfucked another 12 times this afternoon.

I told the girls they could finally rest awhile from fucking because we had a
LOT of panning to do & needed everyone busy to get it done so they could just
lay there with the bats in them & relax a bit. I also told them they could roll
over if they wished because even though we had been spraying them with lotion
all afternoon too they still were getting a bit red from the sun. They both did
too, but also now they had to lie down with the bats tightly in their assholes
from the rock under them.

It wound up taking us over an hour to finally pan all of our sands, but we had
done good there as well. Carl figured we had at least 5 ounces of fines & small
nuggets. Plus we had gotten about 3 ounces of bigger nuggets also from

We were just about ready to head back to camp when the now 4 hobby miners
showed up & asked if they could have the girls 1 last time. They were not
planning on coming back tomorrow. I said "Yea, I see no reason why not, but
just fuck their assholes with them laying on their backs & leave the bats out
when you are done. That way the girls can lick each other clean after you guys
finish fucking them."

The 1st 2 guys quickly dropped their pants & had the girls suck them hard then
they removed the bats from their assholes & shoved their cocks in as the other
2 guys let the girls suck them hard too. When the 1st 2 guys finished fucking
them these 4 guys traded places in the girls. As the last 2 guys were just
about finished I asked them to stay in the girls for a minute. I then had the
guy in Angels asshole raise up as me & 2 other boys lifted Angel up. Then we
turned her over with him still in her & helped him walk around with her so that
she was over Beckys cunt. Then we helped him get her back down on top of Becky
& had the girls get ready for the guys to take their cocks out of them for them
to lick clean. Then the girls got to lick & suck each other clean too. This was
much easier for Becky to do with Angel on top of her because the cum was jus
running out of Angels asshole & there was a LOT of it too. I had 2 of the boys
lift Beckys legs up so that her asshole was easier for Angel to lick & suck on.
This did make it a lot easier for her, but she did lose some cum on the rock
before this took place. However she still got a LOT out of Becky too, just n
as much as Becky was able to drink.

By now it was almost 8:00 so we headed to camp for dinner. The girls were
finally relieved from not having their assholes full as well.

Tonights dinner was going to be Polish sausages & canned new whole potatoes. We
had 3 big packages of sausages & 10 cans of new potatoes for the girls to cook
tonight. After the girls finished cooking I told them to just sit & relax a bit
while us guys ate dinner. I had special plans for their dinner.

After us guys finished eating I had Angel get on the table 1st on her hands &
knees with her ass out. Then I told Becky to put 4 HOT new potatoes in Angels
asshole & then to fuck her asshole awhile with 2 Polish sausages to mash them
up in Angel. After about 10 minutes of Becky shoving these 2 Polish sausages
back & forth in Angel I told Becky to stop with both of them barely stickin
out of Angels asshole. NOW Becky could eat her dinner. She had to eat those 2
Polish sausages 1st out of Angel & then she had to eat the potatoes out of her
as Angel shoved them out for her. This did take a bit of wodden spooning to get
done too, but Becky did finally get Angel eaten out. She also did the spooning
herself this time too. Now it was time for them to trade places so that Angel
could have her dinner. We had been keeping the food hot too. Angel then put 4
hot potatoes in Beckys asshole & fucked her about another 10 minutes with the
sausages before she began to eat her dinner as well. This also took a bit of
wooden spooning to accomplish, but Angel too ate Becky clean.

Now it was time for us guys to ass fuck the girls again. However I also had
other plans for this too. I told both girls to lay face down over the table.
Then I got 2 more Polish sausages & put 1 in each girls asshole. Next I took 4
more & put 2 of them in each girls cunt. ALL of these sausages were fully in
them too, nothing was showing of them. Now I told the guys to fuck 1st the
girls assholes awhile, but NOT to cum in them just yet. They also could trade
off between their asshole & cunt a bit if they wished to. After All 14 of us
had fucked either Angel or Becky we then were going to finish the job by
fucking the other girl until we came IN their assholes.

It was kind of fun watching the girls squirm around as the guys fucked both
their holes with those sausages in them too. I must admit it did feel tight to
fuck either of their holes with a polish sausage or 2 keeping my dick company
in there too. I had fucked Becky 1st so that I could finish in Angels asshole.

The 1st session of this lasted almost 2 hours before both girls had been fucked
by 7 guys. All of us had been taking it kind of slow as we enjoyed the feeling
of being in their assholes & cunts with those sausages.

The 2nd session did not take quite as long though. It only lasted a little over
an hour because we all pounded the hell out of them this time. I was the 5th
guy to fuck Angel this time & man did it feel different in either of her holes.
Not only did she have 4 loads of cum in her asshole, but the sausages were
getting smashed up & squishy in her as well. She & Becky still had 2 more
fuckings to finish yet too. Carl & George were the last 2 guys. Carl in Becky &
George in Angel. Both of them commented that the girls holes really felt mushy.
However, before they finished Eric & 3 more boys wanted 2nds in the girls, so
we let them go but with 1 change. they had to just fuck their assholes only. By
the way, Eric had about a 12 inch cock & 1 of the other boys was even bigger
than him a bit. That boy & Eric both wound up fucking Angel too. She really got
a deep pounding from them. They both were burying their cocks in her asshole as
far as they could & were bouncing her up & down on the table from their fucking
her asshole.

As the 2nd boy finished in Angel I had him wait IN her for the last boy to cu
in Becky. Then I had him walk Angel over beside the boy in Becky so that Angel
could lick him off as he slowly pulled his cock out of Beckys asshole. Angel
then licked all of his cock she could get to as he pulled out of Becky then got
in position to eat Beckys asshole out 1st as Becky shoved as much cum & polish
sausage out of her as possible, but without any spooning. Now it was Beckys
turn to lick off the boy in Angels asshole while he slowly pulled his 13 inche
out of Angel. This did take a couple of minutes to do too. Then Becky ate out
Angels asshole of the cum & sausage in it while Angel pushed it out into her

Now it was time for the girls to eat the sausage out of each others cunts. This
time Becky got on top of Angel & they proceeded to 69 each others cunts clean
of the smashed sausages in there too. This however did take a bit of spooning
to get done so I let 2 of the boys have the fun of spooning the girls out for
the other to eat. When they were finally done I told the girls they could go to
the latrine to do their thing & get the last of the sausage out of their
assholes. I had 2 boys go with them to hold a couple of lanterns for light & to
keep away any critters if any came by, however none did.

Angel & Becky had again been fucked another 16 times this night, making for a
daily total of 45 fuckings & about 17 hours total of something other than cock,
& or cock in their assholes.

When the girls got back from the latrine we went to bed. However this night we
let Angel sl**p with nothing in her between me & George.

... Continue»
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Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 2 of 7

We got up about 7:00am on the 2nd day. We went out & had the girls start
breakfast for us as us guys woke up the boys. Angel & Becky cooked pancakes &
eggs for us today. It did look kind of cute seeing them naked with pancake
batter on their tits.

After breakfast we headed down to the river & our dredge to get started
for today. The 1st thing the girls did was to rinse the batter off themselves.
Then they each took their place beside the sluice box & started clearing the
bigger rocks out of it as we dredged for gold. It only took about 10 minutes
before 1 of the boys went up to Becky & bent her over the sluice box & started
fucking her. Soon after that another boy did the same to Angel. That started
their morning fuckings. For about the next 2 + hours as we dredged the girls
were also being fucked while they also cleared rocks from the box. They almost
constantly had a cock in either their cunts or assholes this whole time. I'm
not sure which hole got fucked the most on either 1 of them, but I do know
Angels asshole had cum in it when I started to fuck her asshole myself. After
we finished fucking them this time the girls just kept themselves busy with the
sluice box as the river current cleaned them off.

Around 11:30 we told the girls to go lay on the boulder & get some sun
while we cleaned out the sluice box. We had to pull out the screens & dump the
sands into our buckets for panning later.

I happened to look up at the girls about 20 min. later to see 3 guys with
a backpack dredge walk up & see them laying naked on the boulder. Carl & me
went over to them. They asked us where they could do some hobby mining nearby.
We explained that our claims went up river about 1/2 mile, beyond that they
could do all they wanted. 1 of them popped up & said something to the
effect "Can we do ALL we want here too ?" & pointed at the girls. I said "go
right ahead, they have to let anyone that wishes to fuck them. Pick out which 1
you want to start in & have fun." All 3 guys quickly dropped their pants & went
to the girls. Angel grabbed 2 of their cocks & started sucking them hard as
Becky did the same to the 3rd guy. Then Angel had 1 guy lay on the boulder as
she mounted him & told the other guy to fuck her asshole. This was her 1st DP
of the day. While this was going on the other guy fucked Becky too. This sex
action caught the attention of some of the boys that were not too busy so they
came over to watch & wait their turns. As soon as these 3 guys finished fucking
the girls the boys took over DPing both of them. I told the 3 guys to let the
girls lick their cocks clean before they pulled their pants back up, so the 2
that had fucked Angel had Becky lick them off while Angel licked off the other
guy. As they started to leave they asked if they could stop back for more on
their way back out later. Carl said " I see no reason why not, if you want to.
We'll be around here somewhere, just look us up. Don't worry either, the girls
will still be naked for fun. They have to stay naked no matter what until we
leave here in a few days. " With that they headed up river to go mining.

I looked back over at the girls. Both of them were being DPed & Angel was
also sucking a 3rd boy. I told them to hurry up so we could get back to work.
All 5 boys started vigorously fucking the girls. The 1 in Angels mouth was even
fucking her there too. Within a few minutes they all had finished filling the
girls with some more cum so we headed back to the dredge. While we had been
gone the other guys had moved the equipment a bit. Now the girls had to stand
in the river with the water flowing around Angels waist & Beckys cunt. Just as
they started working 2 other boys came up & started fucking them again. This
kind of action continued until all of us guys had fucked 1 of the girls again.
nice thing about this was that the river flow kept rinsing them off & out too.

About 4 pm the girls asked to take a break & go lay on the boulder to dry
off & catch some sun so we let them go. Within about 1/2 hour the boys started
taking breaks 2 at a time for 15 minutes or so. Even Eric & George took a break
during this. Carl & me stayed dredging until almost 6pm when we finally decided
to quit for the day & see how we had done mining. We took our buckets of sand
back over by the boulder to pan them out. As we got there the last 2 boys were
nearly finished ass fucking the girls. We then noticed that since the girls had
been laying belly down on the boulder that ALL the guys had ass fucked them
this time. Both their assholes were oozing cum. I asked the girls how they had
liked this fucking. Angel replied " It felt kind of weird having this rock
rubbing my clit as the guys fucked my asshole, but I did like it." Becky
said she felt the same way. Since Carl & me were the only 1s that had not yet
fucked them Carl went over & fucked Angel while I fucked Becky.

Then we went over to the river edge & began panning our sands out. We
spent about 1/2 hour showing the boys how to pan gold & were watching them do
it when the 3 hobby miners came back. Angel & Becky were still laying face down
on the boulder with cum oozing out of their assholes. 1 of the guys asked "Can
we get some of that too?" I responded "you can have all you want of the girls,
but the gold here is ours." With that the guys went over & started ass fucking
the girls again. Angel got 2 more loads of cum in her asshole & Becky took the
other 1.

About the same time these guys were finishing in the girls we finished
panning our days sands. We had pulled about 1 1/2 ounces of nice nuggets out
during the day & now found that we had about another 2 ounces of fines & small
nuggets also. These 3 guys saw this & said " Not only did you guys seem to have
lots of fun here today with these sluts, but you did good mining at the same
time." Carl responded "The gold is the main reason we are here. Our wives are
just a nice way to make it more fun at the same time. You guys do any good ?"
1 guy said they had gotten about 1/2 ounce was all. Then he added " but these 2
gals made the trip all the more fun. We planned on coming back tomorrow, can we
also get more of these sluts then too ?" Carl replied "Yes, all you like, but
they are NOT sluts, they are our wives that just happen to enjoy letting guys
have fun enjoying them" With that the guys said "SORRY, we apologise for that.
THANKS" & left for today.

I then went over to the girls & took a look at them. I had them roll over
to see their fronts. Both of their clits were red from the boulder rubbing them
& were quite sensitive too. Both of their nipples were red as well. I had them
roll back over & then told the guys "Lets see if we can really get their clits
red. I want all of us to give them 1 more hard ass fucking. With that I shoved
my cock in Angels asshole & started pounding her into the rock. George did the
same to Becky. It only took about an hour for 6 more guys to each pound Angels
& Beckys assholes rubbing their clits hard against the rock the whole time.
After the last 2 guys finished I had the girls roll back over to examine their
clits. Both of them were rubbed raw & sticking out at least 1/2 inch too.
Beckys was actually bleeding a small bit as well. I then said " OK guys, lets
take advantage of their sensitive clits & fuck their cunts 1 time too. " With
that 2 of the boys started fucking their cunts. Both girls clits were so
sensitive by now that each of them climaxed almost as soon as we started
fucking them again. For the next 1 1/2 hours both Angel & Becky were gyrating
their asses on the boulder & moaning like crazy as we all cunt fucked them. It
almost looked like they both were in an almost constant orgasm. By the time the
last 2 boys finished both Becky & Angel looked fucked out. They were just
laying there in almost oblivion as these guys fucked them. I then asked them
how they had liked this session. Becky replied " That was fantastic !! I have
never climaxed that hard or that much before. However, my clit hurts like hell.
Angel just said " I agree, ny clit hurts like crazy, but the climaxes were
great. I just replied "well, you are going to have to endure it because you
still have more fucking to get yet tonight. For now just go down in the water &
clean yourselves off then come up to the camp & fix us dinner."

I told the girls to go into the river & rinse themselves off, then we went
back to camp for dinner. We were going to have a simple camp dinner tonight,
baked beans & franks. I got out 2 big pots & opened 8 big cans of beans &
poured 4 in each pot. Then I opened 8 packages of hot dogs & put 4 of them in
each pot to cook. The girls had the job of stirring the pots until everything
was hot & ready to eat. I told the guys to help themselves, but to leave at
least 10 hot dogs & some beans in the pots for the girls to have. I had plans
for them too. I told the girls to just sit & wait for us to finish eating &
then they could have their dinner. After all us guys finished eating Carl & me
laid down a large sheet of plastic on the deck to catch things & keep the area
clean. Then I told Becky & Angel to get on their hands & knees on the plastic.
All this time we had left the pots of beans & franks simmering so they would
still be hot for the girls. I got out 4 hot dogs & put 2 in Angels asshole.
They went in completely too. Then I put 2 in Beckys asshole, but she could not
take both of them in all the way. She had about 3 inches of 1 hot dog still
showing so I told Angel she could eat hers 1st & had her crawl around behind
Becky to eat the hot dogs out of Beckys asshole. Angel easily ate the 1st part
of the 1 hotdog & then she got her mouth directly over Beckys asshole & waited
as Becky pushed the rest of the hot dogs out while Angel chewed & swallowed
them. It took a few minutes for this to finish. Then it was Beckys turn to eat
her hot dogs out of Angels asshole. She got in position behind Angel & put her
mouth against Angels asshole for Angel to push out the hot dogs in her for
Becky to eat.

Next came the beans. I got out a big mouth funnel we had brought for this
purpose. I told 2 boys to lift Angels legs & spread her open. Then I put the
funnel IN her cunt & started pouring hot beans into her. Once she was totally
full I took out the funnel & while the guys held her up & open Becky ate the
beans out of her cunt. Now it was Beckys turn. 2 more boys held her up as I
filled her cunt with hot beans & as Angel ate the beans out of her pussy.

Now came the real fun with the girls dinner. I took 4 more hot dogs & put
2 into each girls asshole. This time Carl really shoved the 2 into Beckys
asshole in order to get them fully into her. Then we put 2 more hot dogs in
each girls cunt as well. Then we held the girls up & put some beans in their
cunts. Next I told the guys to pick a girl & start filling their holes with
cum. I wanted both girls to be both cunt & ass fucked so that they each had cum
in both of their holes. By the time we were done fucking them both girls had 7
loads of cum in them. Angel had 4 in her asshole & 3 in her cunt & Becky had 4
in her cunt & 3 in her asshole. I had also told them to let the other girl
clean their cocks off after they had fucked 1 of the girls. This way the girls
got more nurishment too. 1st I told 2 guys to take Beckys legs & spread her
open & hold her up so that Angel could eat her clean 1st. This turned out to be
a bit messy too. All of the fucking had squished up the hot dogs in Beckys
holes so it took a bit for her to push them out. Especially the ones in her
cunt since they even had some beans with them as well as the cum. Angel did
however hungrily eat Beckys cunt clean, but she did have to use her fingers a
bit to get as much as possible out of Becky. While Angel was on her hands &
knees eating her dinner out of Becky a few of the guys decided to help her keep
Beckys dinner inside her by shoving their cocks into her cunt & fucking her
some more. Before she could get Becky cleaned out 2 more guys had cummed in her
cunt & 1 of the boys had pulled out & shoved his load into her asshole. He was
then again buried in Angels cunt when she finished eating Becky out. Now it was
Beckys turn to eat Angel clean. 2 boys grabbed Angels legs & as the boy in her
cunt got out of her they flipped her over & raised her up while spreading her
legs open. The mush in Angel was even messier than what Becky had in her & it
did take awhile for Becky to fully eat Angels asshole & cunt clean even using
her fingers. Becky was having so much trouble getting everything out of Angel
that I got a wooden spoon & used it in Angels cunt spooning the hot dogs, beans
& cum out of her & spoon feeding it to Becky. Then I put the spoon into Angels
asshole & dug out the last of the mussy hot dogs in there for Becky to eat as
well. Angel did NOT seem to mind when I spooned out her cunt, but when I shoved
that spoon 6 inches into her asshole & started spooning it out she did squeal &
squirm a bit. It only took 4 or 5 spoonings to finally get Angels asshole
clean. Then I thought that maybe Becky might still have a bit in her too so
stuck the spoon in her cunt. I was right there too. I got 3 spoons full of
beans, dogs & cum out of her cunt & fed them to Angel. Then I put the spoon in
Beckys asshole. She really let out a scream when I did that too, but she took
it. I got 2 more spoons of hotdog & cum out of there too for Angel to eat. It
turned out that there was also a bit of s**t on the 2nd spoonful, but I still
had Angel eat it too. She did get a bit of a sour look to her face as she
tasted it, but she did eat all of it too.

Since it was only then about 9:30 I told the guys it was DP time for
awhile. I had Eric & the 1 boy that was about 12 inches lie down & told the
girls to suck them hard. Angel took the 12 in. boy while Becky took her nephew
Eric. As soon as they were hard I told the girls to get on top of them & fill
their cunts with cock. Then the rest of us guys started fucking their assholes.
I was the 1st in Angels asshole & Carl was 1st in Beckys. While we were ass
fucking our wives I told the guys to ONLY fuck them until they felt like they
were ready to cum & then STOP & let the next guy take over. I wanted all of us
to be able to FINISH in the other girls asshole so that both Angel & Becky
would be ass fucked by all 12 of us guys before we finally cummed in them. Also
during this whole time the girls had to use their mouths to get the guys hard &
to keep us hard as well, but they had to suck on the guys that had ass fucked
the other girl. I also told the guys to NOT let the girls get them off with
their mouths, but to just keep us hard. This way we ALL would cum ONLY in their
assholes. By the time the last 2 guys had finally cummed in Beckys & Angels
asshole it was about midnight. The girls had spent about 2 1/2 hours with both
of their holes full of cock. Both Eric & the other boy had been able to stay in
their cunts this whole time too & had shot a few loads in there as well. Both
girls also had 6 loads of cum in their assholes. I asked Eric & the other boy
if they were able to stay put a bit longer & Eric said he was. So I had Becky
turn herself enough to lick out Angels asshole 1st & then as Angel lifted
herself off the boy in her cunt Becky also licked him clean & then sucked out
the cum in Angels pussy. While Becky was doing this I had stuck my cock into
her asshole to keep her full there as well. Then Angel positioned herself
behind Becky to 1st lick MY cock clean as I pulled out of Becky & as soon as I
was out Angel licked & sucked Beckys asshole clean of the cum in it. Then Eric
slowly pulled out of her cunt while Angel licked his cock clean before she
licked Beckys cunt clean as well.

I finally then told the boys it was time to get some sl**p. Carl, George,
Eric, Becky, Angel & me were sl**ping in the tent. Angel had to sl**p naked
between me & George while Becky slept naked between Carl & Eric. Angel went to
sl**p facing George with her tits against his chest & his cock resting against
her pussy while she had 1 leg resting over his legs. I was against her back
with my cock IN her asshole about 2 inches. I did this often when we were
alone too.

End of day 2

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Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 5 of 7

Thursday morning we got up about 6:45 & headed out of the tent to get up the
boys & have the girls fix us breakfast. However, 1 of the boys was already UP.
He said he had been dreaming about Angel & as soon as she walked out of the
tent he bent her over & started fucking her. He was still fucking her as we
woke up the rest of the boys. When the boys saw Angel being fucked they all
started getting horny too. 1 of them dropped his pants & had Angel suck on him
while 2 more boys bent Becky over & had her suck on them. 1 of them then
quickly started fucking Becky too. By the time about 3 of them had fucked each
girl us older guys decided we might as well start the day with a bang too so we
also dropped our pants & kicked them off. Carl & George took them 5th because
they needed to get breakfast started as the last of us guys fucked the girls.
By about 8:00 both girls had each been fucked 7 times & now had their cunts
full of cum. Also they had licked each of us guys clean after we fucked them.

By then breakfast was ready so us guys all put our shorts back on & we all sat
down to eat. However before we let the girls eat we had then both take the
other girls plate of ham & eggs & empty their cum filled cunts over them so
that each Angel & Becky could also eat the cum out of the other girls cunt with
their breakfast.

As soon as we finished eating I told the girls to bend over again while I went
into the tent to get them something. I had brought along 2 8x3 inch butt plugs.
I took a bit of grease & lubed them, then I stuck 1 in Angels asshole as Carl
shoved 1 in Beckys. I then announced to everyone that today they could NOT fuck
the girls assholes until I said otherwise. The girls had to keep those plugs in
their asshole until either Carl or me finally took them out. Then we headed for
the river.

You need to remember that all of us used the river to pee in. We just went
downstream a bit to do it. So as soon as we got there both girls stepped
downstreeam a bit & took a pee before they took their places by the sluice box
as we started dredging. However, they did NOT get right back. 4 of the boys
also needed to pee so they went with the girls. As soon as the girls finished
peeing 1 of the boys bent each of them over & stuck his cock in 1 of them &
took his pee INSIDE the girls cunts. Then the next 2 boys did the same. By then
2 more boys decided to do this as well. By the time this was over ALL of us
guys had taken a pee in 1 of the girls cunts. This pee did run out of them
quite easily though & it also helped wash out any residue of cum from their
cunts like a douche.

We had only been working about 25 to 30 minutes when the 1st 2 guys decided it
was time for some fucking & went over to the girls & fucked them. This started
another round of the young guys fucking them. It wound up that this continued
all morning with the boys going back & forth between dredging & fucking the
girls. By about noon each girl had been fucked at least 17 or 18 more times.

We decided to take a lunch break & headed back towards camp. However before w
got there I stopped the girls & had them bend over to take the plugs out of
their assholes. I took the 1 out of Becky & had Angel open her mouth & put the
plug about 5 inches into her mouth & told her to keep it there. Then I took th
1 out of Angels asshole & put it about 4 inches into Beckys mouth & told her
the same thing. Next I told the girls to go across the river to take a crap if
they needed too. I told them to find a depression to shit in & then to cover it
up with gravel, then they could go into the river to wash themselves off. I
also told them to keep the plugs in their mouths during all this & that I would
put them back into their assholes when they got back to camp. About 10 minutes
later the girls walked into camp with their buttplugs still in their mouths. I
then had Becky bend over & took the plug in Angels mouth out & turned it
around, then I put it back in Angels mouth & told her to shove it into Beckys
asshole that way. It took Angel a bit to get the plug started into Beckys
asshole, but then it was cute seeing Angel shove it into Becky. For the last
inch or so Angel had to use her tongue to get it all the way into Becky. Now it
was Beckys turn to put Angels plug into her asshole the same way. As before it
took her a bit to get it started into Angels asshole, but again it was fun
watching her shove it the rest of ther way in. Not only did Becky use her
tongue shoving it the last inch or so into Angel, but when she was done she
also gave Angels cunt a few licks & then stuck her tongue into Angels cunt &
ate her out for a couple of minutes. This got Angel started. The next thing we
knew was the girls got down on the deck on their sides facing each others cunt
with 1 of the other girls leg over their heads & they were eating out & licking
each other. It took them about 10 minutes of licking & sucking each other for
them to get the other 1 off.

During this time us guys just sat down watching them as we ate our sandwiches
for lumch. When the girls finished they both got up & sat down to eat their
sandwiches as well. However a few of the boys had other ideas for them. They
had gotten horny watching the girls eating each other & had been jacking off as
they watched them. They had the girls open their sandwiches & shot their loads
on them as a condiment. Angel got 3 loads of cum on her sandwich & Becky got 2
loads. Then the girls closed their sandwiches & ate them. Angel commented
afterwards that she never thought a ham & cheese sandwich could taste so good &
Becky agreed with her.

After we finished lunch we headed back to the river for more work. It did not
take 5 minutes before the girls were being fucked again. The girls were both
being fucked a 4th time when we heard someone call to us. Carl & me turned
around to see a guy on the bank watching the fun. We went up to see what he
wanted. It turned out that he was another miner looking for somewhere to put
his small dredge. 4 of his buddies were back by the gate unloading it from his
pickup. Carl explained to him that we held claims for about 3/4 mile up river &
another weekend miner had the claims on the other side of the river as well. If
they wished they could carry their equipment beyond that & try their luck, or
they could go back up the road about a mile & go down a gravel road there to
the river & dredge because that was an open area to anyone. This guy was a bit
unhappy about this but said OK. Then he commented about Angel & Becky being
fucked by the dredge & that they both were naked too. Carl explained that they
were our wives & had wanted to come with us so we had told them they could with
2 conditions, they had to stay naked all week & they had to FUCK ANYONE wishing
to fuck them. He said "man, I'd sure like to fuck 1 of them, but I have 4
buddies up by the road at our vehicles." Carl then said "well, lets take the
girls up there & see if your buddies want to fuck them too." He said "you mean
like that, naked ?" I then said "they have tennis shoes on, they can walk
easily up there." He said "well then why not, lets see what my buddies think of
this." I then yelled to the boys to hurry up & finish fucking the girls or to
just stop because we needed them. I then told them " on second thought, walk
them to the bank & finish fucking them there out of the water." I wanted the
girls to each have a load of cum leaking out of them as we went up to the road.
The boys did as told & walked the girls to the bank fucking them & finished
there in another minute or so. When Angel & Becky got to us Carl told them
there were another 4 guys up by the road & we wished to see if they wanted to
fuck the girls too. Angel & Becky just said "OK" & started walking up the road.
You should have seen the look on this 1 guys face when he saw the butt plugs in
their assholes then. He commented "now THAT is kinky. They each have a plug in
their assholes." I replied " We want to keep them open for ass fucking later,
but don't want them ass fucked yet." He just said "that makes since I guess."

You could have heard a pin drop when we got up by the road & the 4 guys there
saw Angel & Becky walking up to them naked. Their buddy explained the situation
to them about mining then said " These gals are our consolation for not being
able to mine here. We can ALL fuck them if we want to." 1 of them said "you
mean right here & now ?" Angel replied " why not. We are here & you are here
too." Then she walked over to the rear of their pickup & bent over the down
tailgate & asked "Who's 1st ??" Becky than bent over beside her & said " &
2nd??" It took no time at all for 2 of these guys to drop their pants & get
their already hard cocks out. I then said "Hold on guys, are you ALL clean of
diseases ?" They all said they were, so I said "then go right ahead & have fun."

These guys were worried that someone may see them. Angel & Becky really did not
seem to care, but even if they did it did NOT matter. However Carl & me knew
that we would see anyone coming from either direction long before they got
close enough to see anything where we were. We were in the bottom of the river
canyon at the only bridge. Anyone coming down either way could be seen several
turns in the road away coming down hill. However in mid week this was a seldom
drove road anyway. As the last 2 guys were fucking the girls Carl & me decided
to finally take a turn in them as well. This time we each fucked our own wife
too. Also we had told the guys that the girls were required to clean any cock
that had fucked them with their tongues too so these guys had been letting them
do that as well. After Carl & me finished fucking the girls, I stayed in Angels
cunt so that Carl could bring Becky around to eat Angel out when I got out of
her cunt. Then I went around for Angel to lick me off as Becky sucked & licked
the cum out of her cunt. These 5 guys really got a kick out of seeing Becky
clean Angel out of some of their cum & Angel did have the most of it too. She
had 4 loads of cum in her compared to Beckys 3 loads. As soon as Becky had
Angel licked clean Carl moved Becky around beside her again over the tailgate &
Angel got in position under Carls legs for him to pull out of Beckys cunt.
Angel was licking on Carls cock as he pulled out of Becky, then Angel started
licking & sucking Beckys cunt clean of her cum. 2 of the guys watching this
said "Damn, watching them eat our cum out of each other is getting me hard
again." I told them to just go ahead & fuck the girls again if they wanted to.
So as soon as Angel got out from between Beckys legs she again laid over the
tailgate for 1 of these guys to fuck her again as the other guy fucked Becky
again. The other 3 guys got busy & put their equipment back into their pickup
while these guys again fucked the girls. This time when they finished I just
had the girls lick them clean & again leave their cunts with cum in them for
the walk back to the river.

However, before these guys left Angel & Becky stood there & gave each of them a
big hug & kiss goodbye & thanked them for being nice enough to fuck them today.
This time however Becky was the 1 that told them they were welcome to come back
later before they left the area if they wished & join in on fucking ALL their
holes tonight. I then responded "YES, the girls were going to be getting fucked
in both their holes tonight & most likely at the same time too. The 1st guy
then replied "If I have anything to say about it we WILL be back then. Fucking
these girls with those plugs in their assholes was fantastic. I can only
imagine how fantastic fucking them with a 2nd cock in them can be." The other 4
guys all were nodding agreement with him too.

Since all this time no one had driven by I told the girls to stand there & wave
bye to these guys while Carl & me went back to the dredge & for them to come
down in a few minutes, BUT, if they saw another car coming that they had to
wait for it to pass by & smile & wave to them as well. This left the girls
alone naked on the side of the road with fresh cum dripping out of them for
anyone to see if they passed by. Carl & me were back at the dredge for about 5
minutes when the girls finally came back. Angel told us that "Happily" no one
had driven by them, but they had waited as told for awhile before they came

By now it was nearly 4:30 so we did not have much longer to dredge today.
However the girls had not been in the water by the sluice box 5 minutes before
2 boys started fucking them again. This continued constantly, 1 boy after the
other until we finished about 6:00. Both girls had again been fucked another 7
or 8 times by then. In fact, Angel still had a boy fucking her when Carl
announced quitting time. He was still fucking her after we had the box cleaned
out into our buckets, so I just told him to turn her around facing him & to
carry her back to our panning area on his cock. He did this easily & happily

When we got to our panning area he just laid Angel down on the boulder & then
he finished fucking her. Another boy had started fucking Becky again then too.
This continued continously while we panned our sands out. 1 guy after the other
fucking the girls for another hour or so. By this time each girl had already
been fucked 55 to 60 times today & they still had the night to go.

We finally went back to camp about 7:45 to start dinner. Carl & me had decided
tonight was going to be macaroni & cheese & more polish sausages. but 1st I had
the girls bend over when we got there to take their butt plugs out of them
while Carl grabbed a package of sausages. I then took 2 of them & put them in
Angels asshole all the way & then put 2 more fully into her cunt. Carl was
doing the same thing to Becky. Then we told the girls that they had to leave
those in them until AFTER they had cooked our dinner. Then they both could pop
them out of themselves into a frying pan & cook the other girls dinner for her.
Both Becky & Angel did have cunts full of cum too to flavor their sausages with
from their last fucking session. After the girls finished cooking us guys
sausages they did as told & popped the sausages out of themselves along with
some cum into a frying pan & cooked them for the other girl to eat along with
their macaroni & Cheese.

However, they were not aware just how kinky Carl & me were planning to be. Just
as they finished cooking the other girls sausage we told them to bend over.
Then we took a pair of pinchers & got a HOT sausage right out of the frying
pan & stuck then 1 at a time back into the other girls asshole & cunt. You can
imagine just how much the girls squealed as this was happening. 2 HOT sausages
into both their holes. 1st I told Angel to get her sausages out of Beckys cunt
& then out of her asshole & she only could use her mouth to get them out of
Becky too. Then it was Beckys turn to get the sausages out of Angels cunt &
asshole. They could then eat as much of them as they wanted with the rest of
their dinner. However, any left over sausage had to go back into their cunts
until AFTER we had finished fucking them tonight for them to finish eating then
along with all their cum over them. Both girls ate about 2 1/2 of their
sausages so we took the other whole 1 & cut them in half too. Then we put these
3 halves into each girls cunt.

Now we told everybody that tonight was going to be a 3 cock night IN the girls
holes. 1 BIG cock in their assholes while 2 more guys each fucked their cunt
together. Eric was 1 of the big guys, he was about 12 inches by 3 inches. He
got to go in his Aunt Becky. Another boy was about 13 inches by nearly 4 inches
across. He got to go into Angels asshole. We had these 2 lay on an air mattress
& told the girls to suck them hard & then to get on them in a reverse cowgirl
position. Then we had them lay back for us guys to fuck their pussies. By now
we all were naked too for ease of fucking the girls. 2 boys got in position on
each girl & started fucking their cunts together. I also wanted all of us to
fuck both girls like this tonight so that meant both girls had to be double
cunt fucked 10 times tonight. However, I had forgot the other 5 guys the girls
had invited back. About half way through the 1st 4 guys fucking the girls a 1st
time they walked up & saw what we were doing tonight. I just told them to get
undressed & get in line & that they all got to fuck each girl like this
tonight. It took us a little over 5 hours of constant double fucking the girls
to finish with all 17 of us guys fucking each 1 of them 1 time. In fact 1 of
the boys got to go twice because of the odd man. On top of that 6 of the boys
took thirds. That meant that each girl had been fucked 12 times in all by 3
cocks together. Also all during this time the girls were doing as they always
did & were licking & sucking the guys that had just fucked the other girl. This
meant that most of this time each Angel & Becky had 5 cocks at a time to work
on them. 2 back & forth in their mouths, 2 in their cunts & 1 in their
assholes. Both Angel & Becky were totally fucked out by the time we were done
with them this time. They both were just laying back on the guys in their
assholes & not moving. We literally had to lift each girl off the guys in their
assholes. What really surprised me though during all this was that Eric & the
other boy were still these 2 guys. They were not totally hard when we pulled
the girls off them, but they still had been mostly buried in their asshole all
night & actually said they could have lasted a bit longer if necessary. Eric
said he had cummed in Becky at least 4 times & the k** in Angel said he had
cummed 5 times.

However, the girls were in no condition to eat their sausages out of each other
by now. They were almost passed out from fucking & climaxing so much. I'm not
sure about Becky, but I could tell that Angel had been in total ecstasy from
climaxing over & over after about the 3rd group in her.

The girls were so out of it that we just covered them up where they were & let
them sl**p. Tomorrow they could have sausages & cum for breakfast.

The other 5 miners had left about an hour before we finished & told me they had
really enjoyed this night. They also asked if they could come back tomorrow for
more. I had told them "Yes", but only during the day because we planned on
going home that night, but Eric & George would be staying on.

I calculated that both Angel & Becky had been fucked individually over 70 times
today. Plus their assholes were full of something for about 18 hours as well.
No wonder they were so tuckered out.

end of day 5

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Barbeque - Sexy Orgy - part 2 -The REST of this st

part 2

Some of us guys, like me , were taking a short breather though & were just
watching the fun while we sat on lounge chairs & had something to drink. It
was fun to just sit back relaxing watching guy after guy take turns fucking
Angel. about every 3rd or 4th guy would actually cum in her after fucking
1 of the other girls. I don't know where they had fucked the other girls
at, their cunts or assholes & from the angle I had of angel I also could not
tell for sure which of her holes they were fucking, but I do know there was
a lot of asshole to pussy fucking going on & I also know that Mary & Laura
were sucking a lot of cock out of another girls holes.

Jeff, Bob, & me decided that we should give the girls a bit of a break after
this session so that they could drink something too, but that was it. They
still had to stay standing with their attachments hanging & whatever in their
holes. However we did let them bend over a chair back if they wanted to. They
all took advantage of this too. The only thing was that when they bent over
the weights hanging from their nipples hung down more too. However it seemed
that Laura & Angel had gotten used to the weights hanging from their cunts
because they walked a bit easier.

We let the girls have about a 15 minute break & then Laura got put in the
stocks, Mary in the rack, & Angel got her turn tied from the trees. This
really gave her tits a break because now her weights were laying on her.
However her cunt lips were still being stretched a bit more & they were about
to get stretched even more. I took a 2nd set of clamps & weights & hooked them
to Angels cunt lips. Now she had 2 sets hanging off of each cunt lip. You
could really see these weights swaying & pulling her cunt lips down further
as guys fucked her this time. In fact, guys had to move them out of the way
when they fucked her asshole. Again this fuck session lasted a little over
another hour. I did have more fun going from Lauras asshole to Angels mouth &
then to Marys asshole before I again gave Angel another mouth full of my cum
to drink. I've always enjoyed going ass to mouth & having 2 different assholes
to fuck for Angel to suck on was fun. Angel did not seem to mind where the cock
in her mouth had been, just that it was cum covered for her to lick off even
if the guy did NOT cum in her mouth, but quite a few of us did & Angel loved

During this session Jeff started the barbecues. He had 3 barbeques going
cooking T bone steaks & 3 rack of ribs. He also had corn on the cob cooking on
3 burners & baked beans cooking on another. He had a 4th barbeque going cooking
baked potatoes as well. After everything was done cooking we finally stopped
the current fuck session & let the girls down again. However, Jeff & I had made
a bet with each other as to which girl, Angel or Laura, would have the longest
stretched pussy lips by the end of the night. We decided to hang MORE weight to
each of the clamps attached to their cunt lips. By now Laura also had 2 sets on
each lip as well. Before we let them down we hooked 1 more weight to each clamp
& told them of our bet. We told them that they had to keep their lips clamped
until just before we finished for the night & then we would measure them to see
who's was biggest.

Again because of the weights hanging from their cunts the girls had to remain
standing while we all ate dinner. The girls did get plenty to eat too. Each
girl got a buttered cob of corn stuck in her asshole. Then as us guys ate down
our ribs or T bones we left a bit of meat on them & placed 1 in their cunts for
them to flavor with cum 7 pussy juice before they ate it. Each girl got to
finish of a couple of T bones & 7 or 8 ribs this way. They were even being nice
to each other this way. Angel was the 1st to start it. After the 2nd rib was
put in Mary, Angel reached over & took it out of her & ate it. Laura saw this
& did the same to the rib in Angels cunt, so Mary took the rib from Lauras cunt
& ate it. Us guys just kept filling their cunts with ribs & they kept eating
from each others cunts. Also, after about 20 minutes of simmering we told the
girls to do the same thing with the corn cobs in their assholes. Angel ate
Lauras, Laura ate Marys, & Mary ate Angels. Next we got really kinky. We put
a whole baked potato in each girls cunt & told them to keep them there for
awhile, but they did NOT have to eat them unless they wanted to later.

As soon as we finished eating we cleared off 1 of the tables & told all 3 girls
to bend face down over it. It was now ass fucking time. All of us guys had to
fuck them in their assholes for about 10 minutes & then pull out for the next
guy & move over to the next girl in line. After he had fucked all 3 girls he
had to wait his turn in line again. If some guy could finally not go any
further he had to pull out & shoot his cum in their pussies on their baked
potatoes. By the 3rd time around each girl had 2 or 3 loads of cum on their
potatoes & 8 guys were out. It took us about 2 1/2 hours of continous ass
fucking before all 28 of us guys finally gave 1 of the girls a cum covered
potato. I don't know which girl got the most cum but all 3 of them had cum
oozing from their cunts. Then we told the girls to take out another girls
potato & eat it if she wished to. What we did NOT expect was that all 3 of
them had cum covered mashed potatoes in their cunts. Jeff went in & got 3
bowls & 3 spoons & gave 1 to each girl & told them to dig out their potatoes.
Angel spooned out Marys cunt while Laura spooned out Angels cunt. Then Mary
spooned out Lauras cunt. All 3 girls then ate their mashed potatoes & skins
too with their cum gravy. I figured Angel might eat hers but seeing all 3 of
them eat theirs did surprise me.

By now it was getting dark out, but Jeff had yard lights that he turned on.
Then he told the girls to go stand with their legs spread wide open & he turned
the cold water on them again to wash their dinner off of them.

Now came a part us guys all enjoyed watching with the exception of the 10 guys
that went home. This also was the messy part. Jeff told the girls to get on
their hands & knees on the patio with their mouths on each other cunt. They had
to lick & suck each other to climax while us guy poured spoon fulls of baked
beans over their butts to lick up as well. They did not have to actually eat
the baked beans but they did have to get each other off with just their
tongues. It took aver 1/2 hour of this for all 3 girls fo finally climax. Angel
had climaxed twice, but it took her a bit to get Laura off finally. All 3 of
them by then were totally covered from face to butt with baked beans. It was
a BIG pot & we covered them pouring it on them. Jeff was nice this time though.
His downstair bathroom had a large shower in it So we had all 3 get in to wash
each other off.

After the girls got out of the shower Jeff & me added 2 more weights to each of
Angels & Lauras cunt lips. By now they were about 4 inches long but they had
MORE stretching to do.

We decided to stay inside to fuck the girls some more. We had them get on their
hands & knees on the floor & put a butt plug in each of their cunts. Because of
the weights we could not easily DP them so this was the next best thing. There
was still 18 of us guys there & for the next 3 or so hours we fucked the girls
assholes & mouths continously until no 1 was left to fuck them. I had dropped
out after about 2 hours though after I finally came in Angels mouth. After the
last guy finished in Lauras asshole we told the girls to circle up & lick each
other clean. It took the girls about 15 minutes to get each others assholes
clean of cum.

By now it was about Midnight. Angel had spent about 11 hours with her cunt lips
weighted & being stretched. Laura had spent about 12 hours that way. Jeff & me
had them stand up & spread their legs open so we could take a look at them.
Both girls lips were hanging about 6 inches down. Before Jeff went to get a
ruler we each took a few minutes to make the girls weights sway back & forth by
hitting them lightly. Both Angel & Laura were so used to having these things on
them that neither 1 of them flinched as they swung back & forth under them.
Then as Jeff was going out to get a ruler he told the girls to make them sway
on their own until he got back so both of them started swaying their butts.
They actually had those things swinging more under them then Jeff & me had.
I don't know what took him so long but it took him about 5 minutes to get back
with a ruler. We then put it inside Angels lips up against her cunt & measured
her lips. They were about 6 1/2 inches long. Then we did the same thing with
Laura. Her lips were a bit over 7 inches long. Jeff had won our bet. We had
Angel get back down on her hands & knees. Then Jeff took the plug out of her
cunt & had her put it in her mouth. Our bet was that the winner got to fuck the
others wife in the asshole with a aluminum baseball bat for at least 20
minutes. Angel & Laura did not know what our bet had been & Jeff did not say a
word as he shoved a baseball bat in Angels asshole & began fucking her with it
about 8 inches deep. Angel did jump a bit at first, but she had been ass fucked
with a baseball bat before so I knew she could take it. Jeff was fucking her
asshole so hard & fast that the weights hanging from her cunt lips were
clanging off the bat. They were swinging back & forth that much. The effects of
this were so much that Angel had a climax so intense that she was actually
laying on the floor for the last 5 minutes or so of this bat ass fucking.
After about 25 minutes Jeff stopped & just left Angel laying there on the
floor with the bat sticking out of her asshole. Angel laid there for about
another 5 minutes before she started to get up. I helped her get up, but I told
her she had to leave the bat in her asshole until everyone else had left & she
also had to at least walk them to the edge of the garage by the driveway like
that for making me lose our bet.

That was a sight to see too. Angel standing buck naked with weights hanging
from her cunt & tits with a bat in her asshole while she stood next to their
garage for anyone to see at about 1:30am. Lucky for her no one but all of us
was out there to see her for the 15+ minutes she stood there like that. Laura &
Mary were also still naked & Laura still had her clamps attached too. They were
standing with Angel giving the other guys goodbye kisses & hugs as they left.

After Angel got back in the house I took the bat out of her asshole, after all,
it had been in there for about 1 hour. Then I finally took the clamps & weights
off her cunt lips & off her nipple rings. By then she had spent almost 13 hours
with her cunt weighted down & over 14 hours with her nipples that way. That was
the ONLY time I ever saw Angel with almost 2 inch nipples without stretchers on
them. Her cunt lips only retracted about 1/2 inch too without the weights on

I then asked Jeff if he had a beach towel I could borrow for a few minutes. He
got me 1 & I had Angel wrap it around herself. I grabbed her skirt & blouse as
we left & Jeff walked out to our car with me. While I unlocked the car for
Angel to get in I gave Jeff back his towel. I had her get in naked & ride home
naked as well.

I don't know if all 27 other guys actually fucked Angel, but I do know that she
was fucked constantly for about 9 of the 13 hours we had been there at Jeff &
Lauras. I also know that she did drink & EAT lots of cum too. On top of all
that, she actually did enjoy everything that was done to her, just some things
not as much as others. By the way, her cunt lips took about 1 1/2 days to get
back to normal.

I found out the next day that Jeff had also placed video cameras around his
house for taping his parties. He was supposed to make me a copy too. However
his employer transferred him to Arizona about a week later & I never got it.

John -Angels hubby

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2nd Part of Geff and Annies first meeting

Robert when was in a bay that had 6 beds in it but as Annie walked she saw that only 3 of the beds were actually occupied and she smiled as she saw the three men all in a row with her husband at the far end, she said “it looks like the 3 wise monkeys in here!” and one of the men smiled and said “no it is just 3 of your admirers” Annie laughed and replied “Well hopefully two he doesn't really count does he” looking towards her husband! The third guy looked Annie up and down and said “Hey Robert, Annie is even more attractive in real life than in those picture you have shown us!”

Annie gave her husband a glare and said “just what pictures are those then? You are already in trouble with me!” The guy who had made the remark smiled and said “just some very nice shots of you on holiday in your bikini's!” Annie smiled at him then said “I hope you haven't shown them the ones that Geff has got of me!”

She lent over Robert and gave him a kiss and he could smell the spunk on her and when she slipped her tongue into his mouth he tasted it as well, looking up at her and smiling Robert said “is that a new toothpaste or mouthwash you are using darling?” Annie laughed and said “You need darling me, you left your emails with Geff open and I phoned him this morning firstly I was so angry but then I went and met him and he is so sweet isn't he!” Robert smiled and looking at his wife said “Really?” knowing just what a dirty bastard Geff had been when ever they had talked about Annie and remembering all the filthy ideas Geff had for using his lovely wife.

Not long after the visitors for the other two guys arrived and though they were both younger that her husband Annie noticed with a certain pleasure that the ladies seemed old fashioned and certainly she thought did not look as attractive as she felt at the moment.

As the others got talking with there visitors Annie explained to Robert how she had found the details of Geff on his computer and that initially she had been angry but then intrigued that an old man was so interested in her! So she told Robert that she had phoned him and left Geff a message saying she had found his details on Roberts computer then after she had rung off she realised it might have been a big mistake! It was she said 20 minutes or so before Geff rang back and by that time she was feeling silly but when she heard his voice she decided to take the bull by the horns so as to speak and go and see him.

She told Robert it felt so strange getting herself dressed knowing she was going to see another man but she had decided to wear hold up stockings for the occasion and flipped her dress open so that her husband could see the top of them and then lent forward to allow him to see her breasts sitting outside her bra and Geff had made her put them. She knew she was teasing him and with his hip still bandaged after the operation she new he would be very frustrated. Annie told her husband about Geff showing her off to another man and how she had felt scared, dirty, horny and very excited all at the same time and then how she had been made to suck Geff's cock and swallow his spunk. Robert pulled Annie towards him and kissed her and said “Well my lovely dirty whore you didn't manage to swallow it all” as he touched the stain on her forehead “and you even got some on your dress” No replied Annie “that's where Geff wiped his cock when he had finished with me!”

Then she told Robert that she was going to spend the night with Geff whatever he said and he laughed and told her that had she not arranged it already he would have suggested it. He did however ask what she was going to tell Kay there daughter as she was staying with them again at present, now just 30 and stunningly pretty she was just coming out of a bad relationship and had returned home. Annie said it is not a problem she is staying with a friend herself tonight so I will pop in home before I go to Geff's get some more clothes for tomorrow when I come to see you get some make up and leave her a note saying I stayed over here!

Robert suggested that for tomorrow the new lime green top he had recently bought for her would be nice and Annie said “you only want to get those two guys worked up don't you?” laughing as she knew that as well as being bright it was totally sheer. Robert smiled and said “Yes that is a good thought!”

She was aware that her husband was very worked up but struggling because of his operation but she thought it served him right, she then told him of Geff's instructions about undoing her dress completely as soon as she left the hospital and driving back home with her body exposed, she saw Robert's eyes light up with excitement and she had to admit to herself she was getting worked up she also thought about the car park attendant she had seen earlier and if he would see her when she went back to her car but she didn't tell Robert about him.

Visiting time was coming to an end and the people with the other two guys went Robert made Annie stay back until they had gone then he whispered to his wife that he would love her to open her dress very quickly and give the other two guys a quick flash Annie blushed strangely in view of everything that had gone on and nodded at her husband as she stood up and lent over and kissed him goodbye he whispered to her to enjoy herself and have a great night he would be thinking of her and that he was only jealous because he wouldn't be there to see it all! Then he suggested she should perhaps bring Geff with her the next day when she came visit Annie said she would ask him and would bring him if he agreed, she slipped her hand under the covers and gave Roberts rigid cock a quick stroke and squeeze and kissed him goodbye he said “it still tastes good!”

Annie stood up and walked round so she was in front of all three of the guys and Robert said “here you are boys have a good look at this!” Annie opened her dress wide and exposed herself to all three of them Robert realised for the first time that she had come without any pants and smiled the other two guys gasped one of them said “bl**dy hell!” the other one said “Jesus that's fantastic!” Then Annie wrapped her coat dress around herself and walked out of the ward, she could hear the guys talking behind her and wondered what they had said to Robert but she knew he would tell her next day.

Annie walked back to the car park feeling sexy and excited wondering about her journey home and what would happen this evening would she cope with the rampant dirty old man she had agreed to stay the night with.

By the time she got back to the car park it was virtually deserted and fairly dark and where she had parked her car was almost black with no lights on at all suddenly the car park attendant was by her side and said to Annie “I thought I better wait for you to make sure you got back to your car safely as some of the lights seem to have gone off for some reason, but I have brought my torch with me.” then he switched on and ran the light over Annie's body and smiled and said to her “Oh yes it was worth staying behind to see that!” Annie smiled back and replied “I am glad you like what you see.” The attendant who looked as though he was in his twenties said “I want to do more than just see you slut!” He reached over and touched Annies tits that were outside her bra her nipples where hard some of it because of the cold and some of it because of her excitement, Annie murmured “Oh that's nice” and they got back to her car and the car par guy leant her with her back against it and told her to spread her legs, she did as she was told and he undid his zip and puled his cock out and then pointed the torch down so that Annie could see the size of it and it was enormous reasonably long but very thick with a big curve in it, she gasped and he told her to stroke it she didn't need a second invitation and her hand curled round it but it was so thick her fingers hardly met around it, she stooped down and started to flick her tongue around it the young guy was moaning and telling her what a dirty fucking bitch she was thee more dirty things he said the more excited she felt she stretched her mouth wide to take him inside and he pushed hard and Annie was gagging but he put his hands on her head and started to fuck her mouth long and hard nearly pulling out before ramming it right back in going to the back of Annies throat but he came very quickly and Annie was swallowing hard to try to save from choking but then he pulled out and sprayed her tits and her body with his sperm before bending her forward to wipe his bell end all round her face.

Annie smiled at him and said “thank you that was lovely, I hope you are here when I come again!” He gave her a piece of paper Annie looked at it and saw the name Chris written on it and a mobile number he said “just ring me when you want to be fucked like the whore you are and I will fill all your holes with spunk for you!” Then he did his zip up switched his torch off and walked away, Annie carefully put the piece of paper in her purse that was one phone number she was really going to look forward to calling.

She opened the car door and was about to get in when she thought to herself “Oh what the heck” and took her dress off completely and got in the car she put the seat belt which felt cold across her body but she saw how it made her tits even more pronounced as it split between them she started the car up and set off back on her journey to Stafford wondering to herself if anyone would actually see her.

Back in the hospital ward Robert was discussing his sexy wife with the other two guys who still could not believe what that had seen he decided at this stage not to tell them about what she was getting up to tonight or what she had done before she came to see him he left them just thinking it was she was a sexy show off and who had done it to please her husband but even he didn't know what was happening on the car park as they discussed her but he did think to himself about her driving home with her dress wide open!

Robert smiled to himself though as he thought about the surprise in store for his wife as she spent Saturday night with Geff.
He knew that ever since he had started sharing Annies pictures with Geff that each Saturday night her pictures had run as a slide show from Geff's computer to his 50” television in the lounge and that two of Geff's old friends had joined him for wank parties over the slut and he didn't think that tonight would be any different and he wondered how his sexy wife would cope with three cocks from three of the dirtiest guys he had ever come across!

He called one of the nurses over and asked if she could pass him his laptop and plug it in for him she did with a smile and then said “was that your daughter that came to see you today Robert?” “Cheeky bugger” was his reply “that was my wife Annie!” The nurse replied “Oh my god she looked so young and attractive I just thought she must be your daughter, I'm sorry” Robert laughed and said “don't worry about it she always turns a few heads and never gets taken for her age!” One of the guys in the ward said “how old is Annie then Robert?” To which he replied, “she is just 62” The nurse gasped and said “no way I would have thought she was in her early forties at the latest” The guys both agreed.

Robert said as he turned his laptop on “thanks on her behalf I will tell her tomorrow!” He logged in to yahoo messenger and was pleased to see the Geff was there and that he had sent a couple of messages already. Robert quickly read them before contacting Geff.

The first message told how Annie had rung him and that he had been worried about how she would react and tthen the second one told Robert just what a dirty fucking bitch his lovely wife Annie was and how he had enjoyed embarrassing her by showing her off to his friend and then what a good fucking gobbler she had proved to be. He went on to tell Robert of his instructions to Annie and hoped that she had obeyed them when she came to see him, then he went onto say that if she had he would know that she was going to be easy to control and that between them they would be able to degrade and debauch her in ways that Annie could never imagine!

Robert Was getting so excited as he read this he was worried about damaging his replacement hip as he moved about. Then he sent Geff a message thanking for sending Annie to him like he had and asked if his two friends were going to be joining for the evening as well. Geff messaged back saying yes if that was alright but he was going to fuck the slut first and then they would come round after, he told Robert that a young lad from down the road who is a computer whiz k** had come round at Geff's request and set up hidden cameras throughout the bungalow and that he would be able to stream it all live for Robert to enjoy but that he wouldn't tell Annie about it!

Robert replied to Geff that it was fine for the other two to join in whether Annie agreed or not and that he hoped she would be well serviced. Geff told him that his wife was going to get the fucking of her life tonight might not be able to walk properly tomorrow! Robert messaged back told Geff that Annie was coming to see him again tomorrow and that he would love it if Geff came as well and perhaps the other guys if they felt like it. Geff said he definitely would bit might be better to leave the other two till the next time to which Robert agreed. As they carried on the chat the hospital evening meal arrived so Robert said goodbye and logged out telling Geff he was really looking forward to the show!

Meanwhile Annie was driving home and could not herself from thinking how much she was looking forward to Geff fucking her as she was waiting at a set of traffic lights she slipped her hand between her legs and gently caressed her clit moaning as she did and then happened to glance to her left to see a man in a van looking down at her she almost automatically smiled back at him and he waved his hand in a gesture indicating he was wanking, the lights changed and Annie drove straight on expecting the van driver to turn left but instead he too carried straight on and as they drove out of the town he flashed his lights at her and indicated left, Annie was worried but could not stop her self about a mile up the road she saw the sign for a lay by and she indicated left and drove into it.

She wasn't surprised when the van followed her in, my god Annie thought to herself just what am I doing but before she could attempt to drive away the man was out of his van and open Annies drivers door and told her he wanted her out, Annie hesitated and he reached in to pull at her but she said 'let me undo my seat belt then' so the guy stopped pulling at her Annie went to grab her dress and the man said “Oh no just walk round to my van like that I want to see you exposed.” Annie felt exposed just her bra her hold up stockings and her high heels she felt such a dirty slut as the guy opened the back of his van up for her she looked in side and it was carpeted out with nothing in it she needed him to help her up and he put his hand on her arse and lifted her in then climbed in behind her and closed the door.

He said to Annie “You must be some dirty fucking slut driving along like that obviously you are looking for a good fucking and that is just what you are going to get, now down on all fours like a bitch!”

Annie was surprised again at herself in how she felt so sexy being treated like this and quickly did as she was told she knew she was wet and she felt the guys hands between her legs and as he felt her he said “Oh what a dirty slut you are so fucking wet you just want me to fuck you don't you?” Annie didn't reply and suddenly he slapped her hard across her arse and said again “You want me to fuck you don't you!” Annie mumble “Yes” he slapped her again and said “not enough you bitch beg me to fuck you!” Annie said loudly “Oh please fuck me fuck me fuck me hard” Annie still on all fours felt the van move as the man got down behind her she heard him undo his zip and suddenly his cock was pushing against her cunt she was so horny she pushed back against him and felt him slip inside her she felt him stretching her he was much bigger than Robert was and she wondered in her mind why she had managed with his little cock all this time, the man behind her was fucking her hard in fast movements she could feel the teeth of his zip rubbing against her arse and then she gasped as he pushed a finger into her tight bum hole, she squealed and said “no no please not my bum” the guy laughed and said you just wait you whore you are going to have my cock right up there in a moment” Annie said “Oh god no you mustn't” but she realised he was pulling his cock out of her cunt and then rubbing his hard knob against her most private hole then suddenly her f***ed it in to her and Annie let out an almighty scream lifting her head up as she did and as she did so he grabbed hold of her hair and kept pulling her head back harder and harder as he fucked her tight little arse hole “My god” he gasped “you must have the tightest fucking arse ever hasn't any body fucked it before?” Fighting through her tears Annie said ”No never no one has ever done this to me”

It was all the news the guy wanted and he kept ramming his cock up her arse hard and harder with Annie screaming and the van rocking until the guy shouted out “Oh you fucking bitch I am cumming I'm cumming take that right up your arse! You fucking bitch!” Annie felt his weight on top of her and his cock still throbbing inside her arse and she was crying but thought it was over as he pulled out but the man then said to her “turn round now and suck me clean” Annie shuddered but realised she was in no position to say no so she moved round and saw his cock for the first time it was still throbbing and was smeared in spunk and her juices she moved her head forward and licked around the knob of it he said to her “Good girl you get it nice and clean and then I will let you go home to your hubby!” Annie smiled to herself and thought how little you know! When the guy was satisfied he said to Annie okay now I want your bra and your stockings as a souvenir. She thought to herself well why not she was virtually naked, she unclipped her bra and rolled her stockings down and gave them to him. He opened the back door and helped her out and said to her that if she ever wanted any fun there was a good dogging spot she should go to she would get plenty of cock there, Annie asked him to write the place down for her he went to his cab and got a pen and a piece of paper and gave her directions, thinking that might be a fun place to find sometime.

Annie thanked him and staggered back to her car, her arsehole throbbing as she did, she put her dress underneath her and around her so that she didn't stain the seat and so when she got home she could get into the house without the neighbours seeing her in this state!

When she arrived home she slipped inside quickly and decided to have a shower and freshen herself up for the night with Geff and wonder just what he had in store for Annie thought to herself “ I don't think I can get much dirtier than I have been today but its been fun!”

How little did she know!
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Angel & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 6 of 7

Friday morning we got up a bit after 7:00 & went out to wake the girls & the
boys. However it turned out we did not have to wake them ALL up. Angel was
awake with 2 boys double fucking her cunt together. She said they had woke her
up about 10 minutes earlier when 1 of the boys just uncovered her & started
fucking her. When the 2nd boy wanted to join in the 1st boy just rolled her
over & the other boy shoved his cock in her as well. That was about 5 minutes
ago & they were hotly fucking the hell out of her. Carl then woke up the rest
of the boys & Becky too. Some of the boys wanted to fuck Becky as well so Carl
told them that 2 of them could fuck her like Angel was being fucked. However,
when they finished the girls then had to eat each other out to get this
mornings cum as well as last nights cum & sausages out of them BEFORE they
could cook us breakfast. 2 boys quickly mounted Becky & started double fucking
her pussy too. They took about 5 minutes longer fucking Becky then the 2 boys
in Angel did so I told the boy under Angel to stay put until they were done
with Becky so as to hold the cum in Angel for Becky to eat out. When the boys
were done in Becky I told the boy on top of her to stay in & to move her over
on top of Angel. I had Angel get off the boy in her cunt & lay down for Becky
to get on top of. As soon as Becky was in place Angel started licking on her &
the boy still in her cunt as he pulled out of Becky. Angel then sucked him
clean 1st & then started eagerly eating out Beckys cunt. Becky already had her
face between Angels legs & was also doing the same to her cunt. As it turned
out, this fresh cum in the girls had helped to loosen the old cum in their
cunts & some of the 1 1/2 sausages in them too, but NOT enough. Carl & me did
have to take the wooden spoons & help dig them out of the girls for the girls
to eat. These sausages were nothing more than mush in the girls after ALL the
fucking they had the night before & this morning too. Also, the girls had a
hard cum crust over their assholes too.

After they had finished eating each other cunts as clean as possible I had
Becky get on her hands & knees & told Angel to get behind her & tongue her
asshole to loosen up the crust on it & then to tongue as much cum out of Beckys
asshole as she could while Becky tried to push it out for her too. Angel did
wind up getting some nice lightly brown juice out of Becky & she did swallow it
as well. Now it was Beckys turn to do Angels asshole the same way. Angel
managed to get out a bit more brownish cum than Becky had & it was a bit lumpy
too. Becky started to hesitate eating it until Carl told her to or else EVERY 1
there would give her ass 10 HARD smacks while she had her mouth over Angels
asshole. Then Becky went ahead & ate the shitty cum out of Angel. When she was
done with this I told Becky to lay down on the deck with her head just over the
edge so that Angel could give her some piss to wash down her throat. Angel got
over Becky & pissed on her face as Becky kept her mouth open to drink as much
of Angels pee down as she could catch in her mouth. She did however wind up
getting her head covered in pee too.

As soon as this was done Becky wanted to go wash her head. Carl told her "NO,
go fix breakfast 1st." So Becky had to let Angels pee dry on her face as she &
Angel fixed breakfast. Since today was to be our last day there we again wanted
the girls to fix bacon & eggs for us for breakfast, with 1 difference today.
They also had to cook enough bacon for BLT sandwiches for lunch. We had 10
pounds of bacon for them to cook today. Both girls were squealing constantly as
the hot bacon fat splattered on them during the about 30 minutes it took them
to cook all this bacon. Then they had to also cook our eggs in the same bacon
grease. This took about another 15 minutes of them again being splattered with
hot bacon grease. When they finally finished cooking we got a good look at
them. Since Angel was about 8 inches shorter than Becky her tits took most of
her abuse. Both her tits were completely covered in little red burn spots &
they gradually lessened as they went down to her shaved pussy. Becky on the
other hand had about an even dispersal of burn spots on her, but she did have a
bit more on her shaved pussy than Angel. However, Carl was not yet done with
them & the bacon grease. He turned the fire back on under the frying pan & got
the grease splattering again. Then he had the girls stand with their legs wide
apart as he held the pan between their legs for the grease to splatter directly
on their exposed pussies & assholes. He even had 1 of the boys come over & take
the wooden spoons handles to open the girls pussy lips open 1 at a time as he
held the splattering pan again under them to get their exposed cunts with hot
grease splatter too. Both girls did scream loudly as this hot grease hit their
open cunts too. Carl did this 2 times to their open cunts to give them a good
dose of hot grease too. However I stopped him when he wanted to lay them down
to pour some directly IN their open cunts. I said "Hey, we do want to be able
to fuck them more today too." I did however have the girls lay down so that we
could see their open cunts. Both of them were totally red with burn marks on
their lips & just inside them on their inner lips. When they got up to walk
they did have a lot of discomfort too from this.

After breakfast we headed back to the river & the dredging. As soon as the
girls got into the water they both spread their legs open for the water to run
between their pussies & ease the burning there. Shortly after we got the dredge
going 2 of the boys went over to the girls to fuck them the 1st time in the
river today. Both Angel & Becky squealed as they shoved their cocks into their
tender cunts for the 1st time, but they soon got used to the feeling of their
tender cunts being fucked again even though it did hurt them some. Each time
another guy fucked them for about the 1st 2 hours this happened too, but I
guess the cum & water mixture helped ease things because then they did not
flinch with more fucking. By the time we stopped for lunch each 1 of us guys
had fucked 1 of them & 4 guys had gone for 2nds. Both girls had only been
fucked 9 times this morning not counting BEFORE breakfast.

Before we went up to camp for lunch I had the girls lay on the boulder for a
few minutes so that we could see what their cunts looked like then. Both of
them still had very red cunts & they even had a few burn blisters on their cunt
lips & on their clits too. However they only had red spots everywhere else & NO
blisters. Neither 1 of them liked it though when I told 2 of the boys to rinse
their hands in the river & then pop their blisters for them. We actually had to
hold their legs open to do this because they were squirming around so much.
Each time a new blister got popped they squealed out from it too. However when
we finally let them loose & had them squat in the river to cool off their cunts
they felt much better. We did let them rest awhile from fucking too as we had
lunch which they also liked.

After lunch though they again got another surprise which they were not too
happy about. I grabbed a bit of our soft ropes & led them across the river to
the trees. I then had 2 boys pick up Angel & hold her while I tied 2 ropes to
her ankles 1st & threw the other ends over 2 branches. I then had some boys
pull her upside down between the trees with her legs WIDE open about 2 feet off
the ground. Then I tied 2 more ropes to her wrists & secured them between the
trees too. Now it was Beckys turn to get the same treatment. Once both girls
were hanging there spread eagled between the trees I grabbed 4 more pieces of
rope & told the guys to give both girls 3 swats between their legs 1st, but not
too hard, just hard enough to make them squeal a bit. However, before we
started this I took 2 ball gags I had & put 1 in each girls mouth to muffle
their screams. After the girls each got their 42 swats on their cunts I told
the guys they could give them both another 5 swats across their bodies on their
tits & asses, but a bit harder this time. I did want them to get some light
marks & welts on them from this, but no cuts. After 70 floggings with the ropes
both Angel & Becky were totally covered in red marks & they both had quite a
few welts across their tits, bellies, & asses.

Now I had the boys help me lower the girls legs down to where the were parallel
to the ground & about 3 feet off of it so that we could fuck them easily. Carl
& me had already decided that this afternoon was going to be spent fucking the
girls & torturing them lightly as much as possible instead of dredging. From
about 2:30 until nearly 8:00 the girls were being continously fucked in 1 of
their holes while hanging there & we also were flogging their asses, tits &
bellies while we fucked them too, but NOT real hard. However by 8:00 they both
were totally red in front & their butts were flaming also from the hundreds of
light rope floggings they got. However neither 1 of them had 1 cut anywhere.
Also their cunts & assholes were runnig freely of cum & there was a big cum
puddle under both of them. Each 1 of is guys had fucked them 3 or 4 times over
that 5 1/2 hours & most of the boys even more than that. From the looks of
their cunts & assholes they had been fucked in them at least 30 to 40 times
each. Both Angel & Becky were gaping in both holes.

We finally lowered both girls down into the cum covered pine needles below them
& untied them. However I still left their gags in place. We let them lay there
for about 10 minutes & then helped them to their feet. Angel & Becky were still
both a bit wobbly though from hanging for over 6 hours so we had to help them
walk to the river to cross it & also to rinse off. Both of them had their asses
& backs covered in cum soaked pine needles.

After we helped them rinse off & got on the other side I had them put their
hands behind them & then Carl & me tied their wrists behind their backs.

Carl & me had already told the boys that we were going to spent the night here
& go home Saturday afternoon instead, however we had not told the girls this.
We also had told the boys that we were going to have some more fun making today
a day the girls would remember for awhile.

As soon as we got back to camp we had the Angel & Becky bend face down over a
table. Then we had them spread their legs & we tied their ankles to the table
legs. Next we untied their hands & then tied them to the legs on the other side
of the tables.

Next came the 1st bit of their further torture tonight. Carl & me each took 2
10 inch candles & put them in the girls assholes until only about 2 inches were
out of them. THEN we lit the candles so that they could melt down & drip the
wax on to their cunts. When the candles finally burned out inside the girls
assholes we pulled them out a couple of inches & relit them. We did this 2 more
times to them. By then Angels & Beckys cunts were completely covered in candle
wax, & all during this time both girls had been squealing through their gags in
pain. Their asshole were not in much better condition either because they had
been used to snuff out the candles each time & were very nicely covered in burn
marks as were their ass cheeks from the candle flames burning them as the girls
wiggled around due to the candles burning in their asses.

Now I got 4 pieces of rope & told the guys to whip the girls cunts to get the
wax off of them. It took 4 or 5 swats from each of us to finally get most of
the dried wax of the girls cunts. However some of it had also ran into their
cunts before it had dried & cooled down. Also our whipping them had caused the
remainder of the 2 candles in their assholes to retract into them as well. I
can tell you the girls did not enjoy at all us having to reach into them to
pull out the last of the wax in their cunts or the candles in their assholes.

Now both Angel & Becky had nicely scorched cunts,assholes & butt cheeks & they
still had more to go yet. Carl told the boys that NOW they could really turn
the girls asses & cunts red with the ropes by giving them a good hard flogging
both across their butts & between their ass cheeks too.

When we started really whipping them both girls were crying in pain & screaming
through their ball gags, but due to them, not too loudly. I told the guys that
we each could take 10 swats on EACH girl this time, meaning that somewhere on
their back side they were going to get 140 hard swats with a soft rope. However
it also meant that NOW they most likely would also get some nice red cuts on
them as well. They did too by the time we finished their back sides. Both Angel
& Becky had 10 to 15 nice little cuts across their back & butts & even a few
across their assholes as well.

Now we untied them from the table legs & helped turn them over & tied them back
down for some more flogging on their front sides this time with the same rules,
10 swats each on each girl. The look on their faces when Carl said this was
almost total terror. After another 140 swats across their tits, bellies &
exposed cunts they both now had about as many nice little cuts on them & they
both were covered in nice red welts as well.

Still we were not totally done with the girls. Now it was time to fuck them
awhile. We wanted Angel & Becky to 1st be fucked hard in their cunts & then
rolled over & fucked hard in their assholes too. It only took us about 40 to 45
minutes for 7 of us to fuck 1 of the girls hard in the cunt, but after we
rolled them over & tied them back down it took over an hour for us to again cum
in the other girls asshole too. All during this time Angel & Becky were again
squealing in pain for getting their recently whipped tender cunts & assholes fucked.

Finally it was time for us to get some sl**p. HOWEVER, it was NOT time for the
girls torture to end. Carl got the 4 plugs we had & put 1 in each girls cunt &
asshole. Then we got their blankets to cover them up, put their pillows under
their heads, took the gags out of their mouths & told them to get a nice rest
while we left them tied belly down over the tables for the night.

End of day 6

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Tales Of Ted Part 2


Had been painted on the street for everyone to see, I had been outed, not only to my mates, but to the whole street including my parents and f****y, my life was in ruins I would have to kill myself, I could not bring this shame on my f****y never mind myself. it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me in my life, I was disgusted with myself it was all my own doing, I had been lusting after guys for years now, I had been touching up mates who were sl**ping, seducing and pestering mates to let me see and touch their cocks, doing things to and with them that I knew was wrong.
I had this whole secret life that was now going to come spewing out, I had lived with the fear of getting found out since I was as young as 12 years old, I had tried so hard on so many occasions to be straight, to stop lusting after boys, and just wanted to love girls like most teenage boys did„ but as soon as an opportunity arose to get my hand inside another guys boxers, my cock ruled my head and I went in to bender overdrive.
I suppose deep down I had known for a while that it would only be a matter of time before the shit would hit the fan, but I never expected to happen like this, not by the guy I loved most in the world, often after I had touched up or sucked off a sl**ping friend, I would go into panic and guilt mode, worrying that they might have woke up and caught me, that they might tell people what I had done to them, after each time I done something sexual with another guy I would go on a serious downer and swear to myself that this was the last time ever.

Now everyone I loved and cared for would find out that I was a poof, a bender, a cock jockey, a queer hawk, my lust for other guys had destroyed my life, nothing and no one else was to blame.
Suicide was the only way out, my f****y would be disgusted, my Dad and my b*****rs would disown me, probably kill me themselves for bringing such horrible shame on our f****y, I had to get away from here and fast.

I threw some clothes into a bag, gathered up what little cash I had and took my bank card from the drawer, I made my bed and left the house before anyone got up, My b*****r Jamie who I shared a room with, had not came home the night before, he was no doubt sl**ping it off in some girls bed or a friends carpet, but Mum and Dad would be getting up anytime now, If I’d had any sense I would have found some paint and painted over those words before leaving, but I never even thought about that until hours later.

I headed in towards the town centre, my head was all over the place, I could jump in the Clyde and drown myself but that might not work, I could go down the woods and hang myself, that sounded like a good Idea so that’s what I decided I was going to do, I went to the park then into the woods looking for some rope, I found a tree that had an old rope swing tied to a high branch, I searched around to find something to stand on, something that I could jump off once I had the rope around my neck, I found an old 25 litre oil drum that would do the job, I was about to put the rope around my neck, when a man with a dog came through the woods, I jumped off the oil drum and pretended I was playing with the swing, once he was out of sight I got up on the drum once again, tears were blinding me, I began to doubt that it would work, I needed a hangman’s noose but did not know how to tie one, what if I jumped and it never killed me, I would be swinging there until someone found me and cut me down, my bottle had crashed.

I changed my mind, fuck it I would run away to London, I had read about it in the papers and had saw it on TV often enough, people just disappear in London, I would run away and become a rent boy, I had read about other guys doing that, London was massive, lots of guys from Scotland had gone there and just started a new life, I would sell my body to old perverts until I had enough cash to get a flat, then I would get a job, find a girl to settle down with and start my life all over again, that way I did not have to kill myself, I could just start a new life where no one knew me, I would never have to face my f****y or friends in disgrace, so that’s what I decided I would do, I headed back into town to Buchanan Street bus station, the bus for London had left 20 minutes earlier and there would not another until early evening, the next bus going south was going to Blackpool, it was leaving in an hours time, I had been to Blackpool a few times on weekend and day trips I knew my way around there fairly well, it was a seaside resort in the North of England, I could get a job in a hotel, hopefully a live in position, or a job on the Pleasure Beach, I might have to live rough for a while but it would be better than killing myself, I did not want to die I was fucking scared of dying, I could not kill myself I was a fucking coward.

I bought my ticket for the bus then went and sat in the station toilets until it was time to get on the bus, I could not believe myself, here I was in all this trouble through my stinking gay thoughts, and what did I do, I began reading the dirty gay messages on the cubicle walls, soon I had my cock out and was wanking away like a madman trying to fire my duff on to the walls to join all the other spunk deposited by god only knows how many other perverted fuckers, was my whole life going to be like this? Maybe I would be better off dead; I cleaned up and got out onto the concourse just as the bus was beginning to board,

Running Away.
I had just sat down on my seat when my phone rang, it was Mum, I switched the phone off and stuffed it into my bag, I would get rid of the sim card and sell my phone when I got to Blackpool.
It was only a 4 hour journey but I can tell you every second felt like a minute and every minute an hour, as I went over and over in my head what I had done, tears flooded my face many times over those hours, it broke my heart to think of the embarrassment I had caused my f****y, yea I hated Gary for what he had done ,but I hated myself more for causing it.

When I arrived in Blackpool it was just after 4pm, I had withdrawn my last £20 from my bank account at a cash point before leaving Glasgow, between that and the money I had in the house I had bought my bus ticket some crisps and juice for my journey and cigarettes for my nerves, leaving me with only £16 to start my new life with.
My head was in turmoil, I had no where to stay, and not even enough money for a nights bed and breakfast, I walked about Blackpool trying to find a job, it was the 2nd of January hardly any place was open with most people still on holiday, I sat about on the pier for hours just thinking about what I was going to do, and most importantly where I was going to sl**p, my brain was wasted, my face burned from tears, I just wanted to curl up and die, I was tired, it was a bitterly cold night, the streets almost deserted, this was not the lively, fun filled Blackpool that I remember from my previous trips.

Eventually I turned on my phone, I had 28 text messages and even more missed calls, most of the messages were from my Mum wanting to know where I was, and what was going on, and what the message painted on the pavement outside the house was all about, There was 7 messages from mates a couple were semi abusive, but a couple just asking if it was true that I am gay.
I knew Mum would be worried that’s just the way she is, so I text her to tell her I was ok and not to worry about me, within seconds of hitting the send button my phone rang, I wished I had the courage to ignore it, but I needed to hear her voice I just needed some comfort, I could tell by her voice that she was really worried about me, at first I refused to tell her where I was, but she began pleading and crying down the phone, I could tell she was in tears, I was in tears it was all pretty heavy stuff, eventually I told her I was in Blackpool, She asked who I was with, I told her I was alone, she asked were I was staying and how much money I had, I told her the truth. she told me to find a hotel and book in, and she would phone and pay by credit card, I tried to refuse but with her pleading, and the fact that I was frozen through to the bone, I knew it made sense, I was scared, cold and lonely and I had only been away less than 12 hours, not a great start to my new life.

I won’t go in to too much detail here, I will just paint a general picture, I went to the nearest hotel and explained that I needed a room and my Mum would call and pay by card, The Receptionist let me phone Mum, and she gave her card details, then I was allocated a room, minutes after I closed the room door and lay on the bed, Mum called and we spoke for ages, she wanted to know why the message had been painted outside the house, and more importantly if I knew who had done it.
She told me that my Dad had painted over the words and that he and my two b*****rs had been out looking for my mates to see if they knew anything about it.

My Dad had been a Bouncer/Door security in some of the roughest Pubs and Clubs in Glasgow for 10 years after he married Mum when his day job was not paying mch and Mm could not work because she was having my b*****rs and me, he had been in prison a couple of times in his younger years for violent offences, he can be very aggressive and violent when he gets annoyed, I was dreading what he was going to do. Mum asked me about a hundred times why anyone would write that stuff, and why if there was no truth in it did I run off to Blackpool; I just kept denying there was any truth in what was written, eventually she gave in and told me to get some sl**p and that they would be leaving early in the morning to come and get me, I lay on that bed tossing and turning (well more tossing I must have had 5 or 6 wanks that night, (so much so that I had friction burn on my cock by the time I drifted off) even though I had caused all this trouble, I still could not get my perverted thoughts out of my head, but it was better than thinking about what my Dad was going to do when he got his hands on me.

I eventually dozed off it must have been from masturbation exhaustion, I woke up with the sound of my phone ringing, it was just after 10am, I answered it when I saw it was Mum, she told me that they would arrive in Blackpool in about an hour, and that I was to stay in my room until they got there.

Facing up to what I had done.

I got up had a piss, then had a quick wank In the shower, I dressed and sat worrying about having to face Mum and Dad, I had butterflies in my stomach, I felt sick, I even considered doing a runner before they got there, but that would have just made things a hundred times worse, I had little money and nowhere to go, I sat on the bed waiting for them to come wondering what would happen now,

I had to be out of the room before 12, it was 11.15 when I heard a knock on the room door, I can’t explain in words how I felt walking towards that door, I wanted to throw up, my whole body was shaking, I opened the door, Mum threw her arms around me and Dad closed the door behind them.

“Right what the fuck is going on” Dad demanded,

Mum growled at him.but he kept going ” That wee cunt, Gary Stewart told our John that you tried to perv him up, is it true ”

Dad more shouted than asked, I did not know what to say I just held my head in my hands.
”Look idiot, if your a fucking queer just admit it, don’t stand there hiding your face”

Mum lost her rag, and told him to get out of the room and wait in the car, Dad stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him.
I broke down crying like a two year old, Mum hugged me, she was crying also.

” your mine, and no matter what you are or what you have done I love you son, I would give my life, for you”
“I did try it on with Gary I thought he wanted to do it”

” it’s ok son we all make mistakes, your probably just confused lots of teenagers get confused and do stupid things on the spur of the moment, don’t worry about it, it’s not the end of the world we will get it sorted out”.

“John has warned Gary if he ever says anything about you again, he will smash his face in”

” Fuck sake Mum, I am not confused It’s true I am a poof, Gary is not the first Just go home and leave me here I will be alright as soon as I find a job”

” Look at me and listen!”
“if your gay so what, we will deal with it, but there is no way I am leaving you here your coming home with us and we will deal with it together”

” Dad will go mental when he finds out it is true, he will kill me”

“He will kill anyone who gives you a hard time son, He might not like the fact that your gay, but he will stand by you and support you no matter what you are or do”.

it was exactly 12.00 when we left the room, I checked out and we went to the car, Dad drove to a cafe so we could get some breakfast, I ate a little then went outside for a smoke, I wanted to give Mum the chance to put Dad in the picture.
When I went back in it was obvious that Mum had told him I was gay, Dad hugged me

“don’t worry about it Edward, your my son and if you like guys rather than burds I will just have to get used to it, I will support yea 100%, but for fuck sake don’t start wearing your Mum’s dresses, I could not handle you turning into Lily Savage” (Google Him)
He was squashing the life out me, but I knew he meant it from his heart, I was surprised how well he took it, I had expected to get punched black and blue, and disowned, but the total opposite happened, all the way back home in the car we chatted and laughed, We probably found out more about each other in those 4 hours than we had in the previous 10 years, even Mum laughed when he said
” But for fuck sake son if your going tae get a boyfriend get a better looking one than that cunt Gary Stewart he is one ugly bastard”
All was going to be ok.
(C) 2011

The next 48 Chapters are full of exciting teenage lust, seduction and rampant boy sex.
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Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2 - An Adult St

Mom, Daughter, Teacher - part 1 of 2

I wrote my name on the chalk board. "Buck Kelly"..."My name is Mr. Kelly. I will be your substitute teacher for the next few weeks. Mrs. Gladstone is on maternity leave. What chapter did she leave off on, in your text book?" I said. I heard a few groans. I then felt a big wad of paper on the back of my neck. I played it off. I just turned and stood in front of my desk. "Anybody?? Like to tell me." I said. A girl in the front row opened her mouth. "Chapter 4. Mr. Kelly." she said. I smiled. "Thank you. Would you like to read a few pages for the class?" I said. She smiled. "Dork!" said a girls voice in the back row. I turned my head to look around. Everyone laughed. The girl in the front row started reading. "Teachers Pet!" said the same girl in the back row.

I moved around my big wooden desk. I walked toward the back. A few of the k**s giggled as I walked up to the girl in the last row. "How are you??? Ms..." I said. "Joy Rose...Nice to meet you teach." she said. I smiled. Joy was covered in tattoos. She had long black hair, with red high lites. She had a few piercing on her mouth, nose, and both ears. She had black nails to match the black lips stick on her big lips. She was maybe 5ft 10inches tall. She was wearing big black jeans. A tight black t-shirt with a rock band, I never heard scrolled across her big chest. She was squeezed into a small desk and chair. Her big ass hung over the edge of the plastic chair. Her large breast rested on the wooden desk top. She had slim hips and a very small waist. I could tell she had developed more, than the rest of her 12th grade English class.

"Nice to meet you. Ms. Rose. Are we disturbing you? How's your hearing? Cause I keep hearing you, all the way in the back of my class. Would you like to move to the front? Maybe that would help...With your hearing." I said. "No! I'm all good. Thanks for asking teach. You can go back to the front." she said. I smiled. I could tell she was the trouble maker of the class. Maybe looking for some attention. I had to find out about her home life. Maybe I take a stroll down to the principle office. After class. "Ok! Pick up were Mrs. Gladstone left off. Thank you." I said. I then stood behind Joy. I had to keep checking out her ass from behind.

After 30 minutes. I walked to the front of my desk. I had asked a few students to read a few pages. I saw Joy in the back row not paying attention. "Ok! Ms. Rose....Pick up where he just left off. Thank you." I said. She looked around the room. She looked kinda of mad. I watched as she mouthed "Fuck! Shit! Where are we at? To a girl next to her. The other girl pointed in her text book. "Any day now.." I said. The class all laughed. She shot me another mean look. She then started to read. It took her a few minutes to read. She had the book stretched out in her small hands, away from her huge chest. I smiled. A minute later....."Beep!" Saved by the bell. "Ok! Read the rest of Chapter 4, tonight. Will be having a test tomorrow. Have a great day. Ms. Rose. Please come see me before you leave." I said.

I watched as the k**s left the class room. It took a few seconds for Joy to get out of her desk. Then walk to my desk. I watched as her whole body jiggle. She had the body of girl from Bodacious Magazine or Juggs. I just kept smiling. I wondered what her Mom looked like. "Are we going to have a problem? For the next few weeks. While I am teaching in this class." I said. She looked up at me. "No! I need to pass this class this year. I need to graduate. I hate having to take this class, over and over again. The third time is the charm." she said. I smiled. She was older than I thought. My cock moved down my leg.

I watched as she hurried to her next class. I then walked down to the principle office. I pulled out Joy's file. She was living with her Mom. They lived a few blocks from the school. Her Mom was 34. Divorced at 18. Made me wonder if Joy was the reason for her not getting married again. I put the file back. I was hoping to get by and forget about Joy and her Mother. I needed to keep this job for awhile. My last teaching gig. I got let go after a month. Along with 3 different female teachers and the female principle were also let go for having sex in the school. I tried to get out of it. But the school board voted against me.

Over the next two weeks. Joy was the same student in my class, as she was the first day. Making loud noises. Being disrupted. Always late for class. Never turning her school work in. I finally moved her to the front row. But then I was constantly checking her out, during class. My wondering eyes never left her chest or big ass. My love of voluptuous women was making me take cold showers at night and before school.

Finally Friday rolled around. Monday was a holiday. It was going to be a long 3 day weekend. I was in a good mood as I wrote the the next English assignment on the chalk board. I then felt a wad of paper hit my neck. It was the hardest hit yet. I turned to see Joy laughing. The whole class laughed. I smiled. I then walked over to my desk. I flipped out my laptop computer. I then click enter. The whole class watched as Joy launched the wad of paper at my neck. Her mouth fell open, as I paused the tape. She looked around. "I had some k**s from A/V help me out. Joy....Can you gather your things. Head to the principle office. Tell Mr. Mackey, I'll be right there." I said. A few minutes later the bell rang for next period.

I walked slowly down the hall, toward the principle office. I smiled as I saw Joy sitting in the small waiting area. She gave me a mean look as I walked passed her. I then opened Principle Mackey office door. I showed him the evidence of Joy throwing the paper. He picked up the phone. A few minute later he was talking to Joy Mother.

A half hour later there was a knock at his door. "Come in." he said. I smiled. It was Joy and what I could only imagine was her Mother. My mouth dropped open. She was shorter than her daughter. Maybe a inch or two smaller. She had the same large curvy frame as her daughter. Maybe just a little smaller than her daughter, but just as amazing. She was wearing a very tight dark blue pant suit. It was two sizes to small on her. She had long dirty blonde hair down passed her shoulders. She looked me up and down. Then she smiled.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice Mrs. Rose." said Mr. Mackey. "Just call me Ms. Fanny. I haven't been Mrs. Rose in a long time. What has Joy done this time?" she said. "Well! She was in Mr. Kelly class today. She was caught throwing paper at him. I can't have this at my school. We do have standards." he said. I smiled. "I'm so sorry Mr. Kelly. My Daughter can be a real pain. She can be a handful." said Mrs. Rose. I thought in my mind. She could be more than a handful. Two big handfuls. I then glanced at Joy. She was smiling. She was looking at her Mom. "What do you have to say? To Mr. Kelly.... young lady." said Joy Mom. She turned her eyes to look at me. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I promise." said Joy. "Thank you." I said.

"Has she been bad this whole semester? This is her third time taking this class. Can she get extra credit or help??.. Before its to late." said Mrs. Rose. I smiled. Joy shot me this mean look. "She has been both good and bad. I can see she is a smart student. She just needs some motivation. Maybe I can help. Before its to late." I said. "Joy....I'm not suspending you. But this is your only warning. Next time. I might not be so nice. You listen to Mr. Kelly. He maybe a young man. But he is full of knowledge. Now go to your next class. Get a pass from my secretary out front." said the Principle. I smiled. "You will need to write me a two page paper on why you won't do this again. Before class on Monday." I said. "Ok! Thanks!" said Joy. "Thank you Principle Mackey." said Joy Mom. I watched Joy struggle to get out of her chair. Then her Mom struggled next.

Joy walked out of the office. I followed closely behind Fanny. She might change her name to big Fanny. I thought as I watched her big round ass jiggle under the pant suit. "It was nice to meet you. Can I walk you to your car?" I said. "That would be nice. Thank you." said Fanny. "What do you do Fanny?" I said. "I'm a real estate agent. I used to dance. But I got to big." she giggled. "MMmm.... You must sell allot of house's. Your so nice and sweet." I said. "Thank you. You must be a great teacher. To put up with Joy all day. I heard her mention your name last week on the phone. She was texting her friends." said Fanny. I smiled. "I hope she was nice." I said. She smiled. "Something about your tight jeans, and sexy eyes. I thought she was k**ding. Until I met you. God what's come over me. Maybe the double shot of vodka I took before coming here. Dear me...." said Fanny.

"Which one is your car?" I said. I kept thinking about what she just said about me. "The small blue one. Over there." said Fanny. She pointed to a small blue Chevy. I put my hand down to open the driver side door. "Your such a gentleman. I wish I was a few years younger." said Fanny. I smiled. "Maybe we can go out some time." I said. She smiled. "Are you allowed to date the Mothers of your students?" said Fanny. "Maybe your right. That might not be a good idea. I hate to get into trouble. I kinda of need this job." I said. "Maybe we could talk about Joy.....over a bottle and something to eat. We can come up with a game plan for her. I need her to graduate this year. How does that sound?" she said. "Sounds great. I'll pick you up at 7pm...Tonight. Unless your busy." I said. She smiled. "No....Tonight great. Here my address and cell number. See you later." said Fanny.

After school let out. I went straight home. I took along shower. I shaved a few unwanted hairs on my body. I shaved all around my cock and balls. I left a small patch above my cock. Just under my hard abs. I checked my 6ft 4inch frame in the mirror as I put on some body spray and cologne. I then put on a small tight black t-shirt. It molded my big arms and shoulders. I slipped on some dark blue jeans. A small black belt, with a huge gold buckle on the front. I button up my fly on the jeans. I then slipped on some white Air Jordan's. I left my socks, and underwear in my dresser. I put on a big watch and grabbed my keys. It was 630pm.

It took me a few minutes to find Fanny and Joy's house. I parked my SUV in the small driveway. I walked up to the front door. "Knock! Knock!" I waited a few minutes. I heard some shouting inside the house. Then the small door knob moved. The big white front door opened. Joy was standing in the door way. She had a pink fish net top. That was stretched over a huge black bra. My eyes went right for her huge breast. Then I looked down. She was wearing a small denim skirt, that showed off her amazing ass and thick thighs. She had a pair of ripped black fishnet stockings on her curvy legs. She was also wearing some 6inch black wooden clogs, with sling back. I smiled. She had a black leather choker around her neck. She had painted her nails crimson red, to match her toe nails and sexy lips. She even smelled great. "What the fuck? Why are you here?" said Joy. I smiled. "I'm here to pick up your Mom." I said. Joy gave me the meanest look of all time. "Your joking. Your taking out my Mother. She like twice your age. Your my teacher." she said.

"Oh! Stop Joy. Where coming up with a game plan. To help you in school. Mr. Kelly been nice enough to help. He is making a effort to help you. Please be nice. I bought you some ice cream. It's in the freezer. It's your favorite. Don't eat the whole gallon this time. It make you sl**py. Baby!" said Fanny. She was walking down the stairs. My mouth dropped open. She was wearing 4inch red heels. She had a big red purse under her right arm. She was wearing a tight fitting red dress. That stretched over her huge curves. I could see right down her large cleavage. I could tell she was wearing a big red lace bra. But I was not sure if she was wearing panties. She walked by. My head turned. I was pretty sure she was not. She was wearing the same perfume as Joy.

"Can I come in?" I said. "No! I'm on to you Teach. I know what your up to. My Mom not that hot. Your after her money." said Joy. "What??" I said. "Joy! Stop! Mr. Kelly and I are going out. There nothing you can do about it. Your old Mom been locked up, for like ever. This is my first date, since your Dad left us. Now go inside. I will be back later. Don't wait up..." said Fanny. "Don't forget your paper." I said. I turned to let Fanny walk passed me. Joy slammed the door behind us. I walked behind Fanny. Her ass looked like two big cans of Spam tucked under her dress. My mouth dropped open when she got in my front seat. She spread her legs. I saw no panties. I closed her door.

I was not sure were the night would take Ms. Rose and I. But after two Margaritas and a plate of nachos. I felt her toes on my shin. She was playing footie's with me under the table. I smiled. My cock started to get harder under the table. She ran her foot up the inside of my leg. We spent the rest of the night laughing and having fun. We talked very little about Joy. Fanny told me about her husband leaving in the middle of the night. How he never came back. She then dedicated all her time to Joy. I was the first, to ask her out in a very long time. We finished off a few more Margaritas, before I asked her to dance. It was a slow number. She ran her hands all over my wide shoulders, and neck. I ran my hands all over her big ass. She rubbed her big breast against my chest. She gave me a small kiss on the cheek before I paid the check and we left.

It was close to 10pm when I pulled back into Fanny driveway. She rubbed my right arm the whole way back, from the restaurant. "Ahh! Where back." I said. She smiled. "I had such a great night with you Buck. It's still early. Would you like to come in? Maybe for some ice cream." said Fanny. I looked at her sexy eyes and than at her huge breast. "Sure! That would be nice. Maybe I can check on Joy's paper." I said. She smiled. "I hope she did not eat all the ice cream. Everything she eats goes right to her big booty. Just like her Mother." giggled Fanny. I smiled. I then walked around, to open Fanny door.

"You sure are a gentleman. Thank you, Buck.." said Fanny. "My pleasure.." I said. I held Fanny hand as we walked to her front door. Fanny reached into her big red purse. She pulled out a small set of keys. She then unlocked the top lock. Then open her door. My eyes got big. Fanny shut the door behind us. She then turned to see what I was seeing. Her daughter was passed out on the couch. Joy had her left leg on the floor. Her other foot on the couch. She was still wearing her black clogs on her small feet. Her hair was messed up. She also had a big black choker around her neck. With her name in gold lettering on the front. There was a big pink thong on the floor next to the couch. Her denim skirt rode up, almost exposing her pussy. Her black bra was half off. Her right breast was exposed under the pink fish net top. My eyes zeroed in on her big thumb size erect nipple. My mouth then fell open. She had one hand under her skirt. The other hand was cupping a gallon size container of ice cream. The spoon she was eating was wedged between her big breast. It look like she had eaten the whole gallon of cookie dough ice cream. I saw a note book on the floor, next to a pink pen. I assumed it was Joy's.

"Damn! She did it again. I told her not to eat the whole gallon. I'm sorry, Buck!" she said. I smiled. "Accidents will happen. Should we wake her up?" I said. "Fuck no! She just complain about you and I being here. Let her sl**p." said Fanny. "Your right. Your the Mom." I said. "Now that she is of legal age. I hope she does not run away from me. That what I did at her age." said Fanny. I smiled. I turned my head to look back at Fanny. She had her long red index finger nail in her mouth. She looked me up, then down. "You want to go upstairs and Fuck, or what. I'm so fucking horny." she said. She then leaned into my arms. She gave me a huge kiss on the lips.

A minute later I opened her bed room door. It was at the far end of the hallway on the 2nd floor. I smiled. She had a huge queen size bed. It was covered in black sheets and a zebra style comforter. There was maybe 5-6 small red pillows, along with 4 big black pillows on the bed. I felt her hand on the my shoulder as she closed the door behind us. "I'll be right back. Need to freshen up." said Fanny. She then walked into her bathroom. She closed the door. I bent down to take off my white tennis shoes. I tossed them next to her dresser.

A minute later the bathroom door opened. Out came Fanny. She had reapplied her sexy perfume. She put on some more red lipstick. She then walked up in front of me. She turned around. "Can you unzip me?" she giggled. I reached up to unzip the back of her tight red dress. She then moved her hips, and lifted her arms. Her whole dress fell around her ankles. She turned to look at me. I looked down. She was only wearing a red lacy bra that some how was holding up her huge pair of breast. I could hear the back of the bra, straining to stay on. She was not wearing any panties. I could see her blonde covered bush. It was a small "V" shape over her pussy. I smiled as she looked me up and down.

Fanny reached down to pull my tight black t-shirt over my head. I then felt her hands on my hard chest, and abs. She ran her hand over my hard nipples. She let out a soft moan. I smiled as she reached down to grab my big belt buckle. She unhooked the front. She pulled my small belt around my 30 inch waist. A minute later she unbutton my jeans. She pushed down the sides of my jeans, over my small hips. My hard 9 3/4inch cock sprang out hitting her huge breast. I could feel the lacy bra on the tip of my cock. "If I knew all teachers were packing this much meat. I ask for a parent-teacher conference every day. God! Your so big and thick. Mmmmmpppphhh" said Fanny.

I reached down to cup her big bra encased breast. She moaned as I pulled her big right breast free of the bra. I then pulled her huge breast toward my mouth. She had some big areola's, capped off by huge nipples. I stuck her hard nipples in my mouth. I open wide as I sucked on it. She looked up as I fed on her breast. She dropped her head back. Her dirty blonde hair fell on her back. I then let her right breast go from my mouth. I reached down to pull our her left breast. She had a 1 inch gold rod pierced in her erect nipple. I licked my lips as I started to lick her pierce nipple. She moaned very loud. "Oh! God! That one is so sensitive. Your making me all wet." said Fanny. I then smelled how wet she was. I smiled as I grabbed her breast and spun her around.

I looked down. My cock was wedge side way on her big ass cheeks. She moaned as I tried to unhook her red bra from the back. It took me a few seconds to unhook it, then I toss it on the floor. I stepped out of my jeans. I walked her over to her bed. She bent down to throw back the top sheet and the zebra style comforter. She then sat down facing me. I put my right foot on the bed next to her left hip. She reached down to pull up my cock. She spit on the tip. Then began to swirl her tongue around my cock. She was running her tongue down my shaft as she cupped my big naked balls. I moved my hips in trying to get more of my cock inside her mouth. She was having a hard time swallowing more than half of my cock. I felt her drop my balls. Then she tried to jack my cock and suck the tip of my cock. I grabbed her hand. I then showed her how to jack my cock better using her hand. She gagged, then spit out my cock. I smiled.

I pushed on her shoulders. Fanny fell back on the bed. I then grabbed her ankles. She was still wearing her heels. I quickly pulled them off. I then licked the point on the heels. She moaned. I bite both her ankles. She moved on the bed. I could hear the metal frame holding up the bed creek. I then spit on my right hand. I used the saliva to coat my hard cock. She put her hands on her big thighs. She spread her legs as I slapped my cock on her blonde hairy bush. I could feel the heat from her pussy as I moved my cock on the outside of her pussy. She closed her eyes as I eased my cock passed her tight pussy lips. She grunted as she f***ed my cock back out. I eased back in. She pushed my cock back out. She giggled.

I then leaned in with my hips. My cock was half way inside her. I started to slowly fuck her tight pussy. After a few minutes. We got a pretty good rhythm going. I shifted my weight on her body. I moved my head upwards to see her eyes still closed. I was now directly over her huge breast. I started to suck on her right nipple. Then her left. She was moaning. "Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder..." said Fanny. I started to fuck her faster. I could hear my naked balls slap on her skin. She moaned again very loud. I could hear the bed rattle this time. I wonder if Joy could hear us down stairs. I could not get her out of my mind. I looked down at her Mother. I picked up the pace. She wrapped her legs around my muscular ass. I pushed my cock all the way in. She opened her eyes. She then screamed. I could feel her orgasm for the first time. My cock flew out of her tight pussy.

I gently pushed myself off Fanny. She smiled as I helped her off the bed. I then lied down on my back. My cock sticking straight up. She climbed onto the bed. She lowered herself down on my abs. I reached up. I gripped her hips. I pushed her forward. Her wet pussy was on my cock. A second later she put her hands back on my chest. She pushed her pussy onto my cock. She was facing forward as I watched her amazing ass jiggle, from my hard cock. Her pussy was riding my cock harder. I reached up to grope her big breast, from behind. I could hear the bed rattling against the wall. She grunted as slapped her big ass. I started to use my manicured nails on her big white ass. I was making her big butt turn pink, from my nails. I smiled as I spanked her harder.

A minute later....She then bounced off my cock onto the bed... "Ok! Baby! Now turn around. Crawl over here. Wrap those big breast, around my cock. That it. Fuck those tits." I said. Fanny was on her knees. Her hands on my hard abs. Her huge breast smashed against my cock. I could not see the tip of my cock, buried in her massive cleavage. She used her tongue to lick between her breast. I felt the tip touch my cock. I then reached up to grab the side of her breast. I squeezed her breast together. My cock was being suffocated by flesh. "Fuck baby!!" I said. I then grunted. My toes curled. Then I started to erupt between her warm breast. She screamed. "Fuck! Your covering my boobs....Honey... Does he ever stop." she cooed. I pushed a huge load between her breast. I even got some under her chin. I then watched as she licked me clean. She got up and went into her bathroom.

A few minutes later Fanny came back out. She was washing her breast, with some wet wipes. She then wiped my cock and balls clean. I smiled as she tossed the wet wipes on the floor. I then got on my knees. I motion for her to crawl on the bed. She crawled on her knees. Once she was in front of me. I dropped my hands around her big ass. She put her hands around my neck. We began to kiss. Her tongue was in my mouth first. I then gripped her big ass. I could feel the tip of my cock hit her almost flat stomach. Her breast parted on my stomach. I looked down to see her nipples scrap against my soft skin. I then put my hard cock between her legs. She moaned as I moved my cock against her wet blonde bush. I could feel her wet pussy lips move on top of my shaft. I put my tongue in her mouth.

Slowly I moved her around. Her face turned as her body moved. She then pushed her lips off mine. I slapped her big ass. She put her hands at the end of the bed. She looked over her shoulder. I looked down at her big round ass. I put my finger on her asshole. She bite her lower lip. Her eyes got big. "Be gentle. I've never done that before. My ass is a virgin." said Fanny. "Its so wonderful. Your so ass is amazing. I never seen one so perfect. So round." I said. I then pushed her knees together. I pushed her feet under me. I moved my hips up. I put the tip of my cock on her asshole. She arched her back. Her huge boobs pressed out the sides of her body. I looked down to see her huge breast on either side of her. Her big nipples pointed straight out. I grabbed her dirty blonde hair. I twirled my hand over and over. Making her hair tighter on my hand.

"Aghhhhh! Fuck!" Fanny grunted. I eased the tip of my cock in her tight asshole. I then pushed half way inside her. I paused as her butt relaxed. I then eased more of my cock deeper inside her. She was screaming into the black sheets. I could see her hands grip the sheets and the zebra comforter. I them pull all the way out. Then I pushed all the way in. I did this a few times as she shook her big ass under me. I then spit on my cock. I started to fuck her ass faster. She moaned. She was very tight. "Fanny!! Fanny! Damn! Baby!" I said. She screamed into her bed. I reached around her left hip. I eased my fingers under her waist. I quickly found her pussy from the front. I started to rub her exposed labia. She moaned. Once I put two fingers inside her pussy. She fell flat on the bed. My hand was crushed. I pulled my cock out and began to spank her with my free hand.

She pushed her ass off the bed. I grabbed both her hips. I moved my right leg over her shoulder. I started to fuck her ass at a different angle. She was breathing heavy. I fucked her harder. My balls slapped her ass from behind. She moaned. I felt the bed move. I then heard a spring under the mattress fall out. I lost my balance. I fell down to her side. She turned her head to look at me. My cock was on the side of her ass. I grabbed her side and rolled her over on me. I pushed my cock back in her ass. I started to bite the back of her neck. Her huge breast stuck straight out from in front of her. I looked over her shoulder. I put my left hand on her huge rack. My cock was fucking her faster. She moved her hand between her legs. She was fingering her pussy. I tugged on her pierced nipple. She orgasm on her fingers. A second later I grunted and filled her big ass. I could feel some of load, leak out onto the black sheets.

Fanny rolled over and went back in the bathroom. I could hear some water running. A few minutes later she came out with a big towel to clean off her bed. She had another wet wipe to clean off my cock. She gave me a wicked grin as she went back in the bathroom. I watched as she came back out. She motion for me to get under the covers. She pulled the black sheets and zebra comforter over our naked bodies. She then reached up to turn off the lights. I smiled as she backed her ass against my cock. I wrapped my hands around her breast from behind. I kept my eyes open as she slowly drifted off to sl**p.

I could feel Fanny was asl**p. I let go of her big breast and quietly got out of bed. I walked into her bathroom. I was taking along pee, when I began to get hard. I looked down. I jacked my cock twice before I flushed the small toilet. I wonder if Joy is up. I had to go investigate. I looked behind the bathroom door. There was a long black see through Kimono robe hanging there. It fit kinda of tight. I tied the small black belt around my waist. I looked down. My cock was sticking straight out, through the opening. I shook my head as I opened the bathroom door. I walked into Fanny bedroom. I walked over to her big dresser. I opened the top drawer. I pulled out a small pair of black see through panties. I smiled as I slowly put them on. My cock fit snug inside the thin material. I looked over one last time at Fanny. She had kicked the comforter off and the black sheets. She was completely naked laying on the bed. My cock moved in her black panties.

I must have been quite the site, walking down the hall. I was wearing Fanny see through robe and a pair of her black see through panties. My cock was getting hard, from the thin material rubbing on the tip of my cock. I walked down the small flight of stairs to the 1st floor. I walked around the corner, to the living room. All the lights were on. But Joy was no where to be seen. I could hear some water running in the kitchen. I looked around the living room. I pushed out the small brown leather ottoman from in front of the couch. I saw a small black bean bag chair on the corner. I smiled. I saw the pink thong from earlier resting on the black bean bag. I reached down to pick up a note book on the couch. It was Joy's. She had written one line down on the blank paper inside. "Fuck! Mr.Kelly and this stupid ass report.." I smiled.

I crossed my right leg over my left. I then heard some heels clicking across the floor. A second later Joy walked into the living room. She had cleaned her deep cleavage of the cookie dough ice cream. She had put her huge breast back into her black bra. She had her long black hair teased up. Her black choker around her neck was tight on her neck. My mouth dropped open. She looked amazing from the side. Her huge breast pushed out the front. Her big ass squeezed into a small denim mini skirt, pushing out the back. I looked down to see she was still wearing her black 6inch wooden clogs. Her white skin and the black ripped fishnet stocking were very hot. I licked my lips as she stood there.

She finally turned her head to see me. "What the fuck??....What are you doing here Mr. Kelly?? Where my Mom?" said Joy. "Good evening Ms. Rose. Nice to see you again. I see you have the same mouth, as if we were in school. How ever, you do dress better at home than in class." I said. I smiled. "Hey! Are those my Mom's? Are you wearing her robe? Mr. Kelly wearing woman's lingerie. How funny." she said. "I thought I better put something on, before I came down. I could not find my jeans, and shirt upstairs. You Mom gave me this to wear. She thought you were still asl**p. We saw you when we came in earlier." I said. "Oh..My...God. You saw me? Right there? Why are you still here? I told you my Mom to old for you. Is she sl**ping now?" said Joy. "She sound a sl**p. I guess I wore her out. She fell asl**p fast." I said. I then grinned.

"No fucking way. My Mom would not sl**p with you on the first date. Your lying to me teach." said Joy. I smiled. "How much do you want to bet?" I said. She looked around the room. "I don't know. What do you want to bet?" said Joy. I smiled. "How about if you win. You go upstairs and your Mom not naked in her bed. Then I pass you in my class this semester." I said. "What if I loose and some how she naked in bed?" said Joy. "Then I will tudor you every day after school. Also you have to be nice to me in class and finish this report. You started." I said. I showed Joy, her note book. "That it." she said. "Maybe one more thing." I said. She looked at me sitting on the couch. "What? What the last thing?" said Joy. "You let me see your room and read your diary. I know you got some secrets in there. There nothing in this note book." I said. "Ok! I'll be right back. I know my Mom. She not that desperate. For a guy. Especially someone half her age." said Joy.

I got off the couch and followed Joy's big ass upstairs. "You better not be lying. teach! I can't wait to pass your class. After seeing my Mom." said Joy. I was looking up her denim skirt as we walked up the wooden stairs. I could hear her wooden clogs bang on the wood. I then walked behind her, down the hall. The whole time I was admiring her big ass and her short skirt. I watched her big thighs and long legs under the thin ripped black fishnets. I then cut in front of Joy. I reached down to open her Mom's bedroom door. "Shhh!" was all I could say.

"Mother fucker! I can't believe it." whispered Joy. She walked into her Mom's bedroom. She walked around the big queen size bed. She was looking down on her Mother's naked body. Fanny big breast were all red. Her nipples dark red. Her ass still had my right hand mark on the side. She then looked at me, standing in the door way. I smiled. She shook her head "NO!" She then shot me a mean look. I smiled again. This made her more mad. I could see the steam coming from her ears. She then walked around her Mom's bed. She walked passed me. I closed the bedroom door.

Joy turned. "You have to be fucking with me. You cheated." said Joy. "How could I cheat. I told you the truth down stairs on the couch." I said. Her mouth was wide open. "Well a bets, a bet. After school tutoring. Being nice. Now where your room." I said. "Fuck me. I can't believe you made it with my Mom. My room downstairs. Follow me Teach..." said Joy. I followed her down the stairs. I looked over her shoulder. I was watching her huge breast jiggle under her pink fishnet top and black bra. I smiled as we turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs. We walked down the hall. Her room was the last door on the left.

"Keep out!" was on Joy's bedroom door. She turned the handle to her bedroom. There were a few rock posters on the wall. Lots of tattoo pics and piercing info on the walls. She had a small dresser. With lots of earrings, chokers and some metal items on it. She had a big twin size bed. That was on wooden crates. The bed was raised up a few feet from the ground. I smiled as she closed the door behind us. "Are you and my Mom dating now?" she said. "I will have to ask. I think were just good friends." I said. "So where your diary?" I said.

Joy looked around the room. She then reached under her big pillow. She slowly pulled out a little pink diary. "I was expecting something black." I said. "It's pink.... Do you have a problem with that? You better be able to keep a secret." said Joy. "I'll try. I just hope you can be nice to me at school." I said. I opened the first couple of pages. I turned to look at her. She was running a finger in her dark hair. I then turned to sit on her bed. "Where the good stuff. These few pages, must be for your Mom." I said. She smiled. "Flip a few more Mr. Kelly. You sure know allot." said Joy. I smiled and flipped a few more pages. My eyes got a little big as I read the first paragraph on the score page.

Seems Joy kept score of how many times her friends had sex. She also had written down who she had sex with. It seems there were a lucky two guys and maybe 3 girls. I looked up at Joy. She was twirling another finger in her dark hair. "Now that your old enough. I'm surprised you haven't moved out on your Mom." I said. She smiled. "I got it to good here. Teach.." said Joy. "So Ted was your first. How was it?" I said. She smiled. "He was Ok... Not very good. He lasted like 30 seconds. Eddie was just as bad. Teach! High School guys are terrible." said Joy. "You gave a few stars to this name..." I pointed to "Lyssa" Joy smiled. "Yeah! She is really good. Don't tell my Mom. But her best friend know a way around a pussy. If you know what I mean. She almost got me off." said Joy. I felt my cock get harder. I looked down. The loose belt on the small black robe fell open. Joy looked down. I think she finally saw I was wearing her Mother's panties. Her eyes got bigger as my cock moved. I don't think she could see all of my cock inside her Mom's robe

"That's hot. Did you go down on her?" I said. "No! I did suck on her nice boobs. They were small. Like a A Cup. She loved my big boobs. She could not get enough of them. She tries to come over, when my Mom out sometimes. It's been a few weeks." said Joy. "The guys....What happen to them?" I said. "I tried one more time. I put my hand down there and they shot in my hand. Plus they were kinda of small. I was hoping for something bigger. Maybe someday." said Joy. I then shifted my ass on her bed. Her Mom's small robe fell open some more. I could feel the thin material on my cock strain to contain me.

"How many woman have you slept with Teach?" said Joy. I smiled. "A gentleman never tells. A few." I said. "I'm sure more than a few. You have a nice body and cute smile. I think my Mom likes you. One of my friends likes you also." said Joy. "Thanks. I see one girl has like a huge number of guys, she slept with." I said. "Yeah! We use to be friends. But not anymore. She is very jealous. Plus she sl**ps with everyone. She the school slut. Do you think she is cute?" said Joy. I laughed. "No! Not by a long shot. I prefer women with curves. She is kinda of bean pole." I said. Joy giggled. "Ha ha ha!! Nice Teach. Your the opposite of most guys. Does that mean you can last longer than my two former friends with benefits? " giggled Joy.

"I hope so. I've never got a complaint about my stamina or lasting quite awhile." I said. "What are you wearing underneath my Mom's robe." said Joy. "Curious??? Should I tell you or show you Ms. Rose." I said. She smiled. She then bite her lower lip and twirled her finger in her hair. "It was all I could find in the dark." I said. I opened the small black robe all the way. I sat up and then slowly took off the tiny robe. I was now sitting back on Joy's bed. I was sitting there in just her Mom's see through black panties. I then looked down. The tip of my cock head was wet. There was a small drop of pre-cum on her Mom's panties. My cock looked huge inside the back see through. "Damn! Teach! Your packing. Wow! Mmmmmm..." said Joy. Her eyes got real big. She kept staring at my semi hard cock.

"Thanks!" I said. "Does it get bigger?" she said. "Only one way to find out." I said. I put my hand on the front of my cock. I moved it around inside the thin material. It would not fall out. "Looks like it might be to tight in there." I said. She smiled. She then inched closer to the bed. She was getting closer to the front of my legs. I slowly opened my legs. I watched as Joy was now between my legs. "Maybe you could help...." I said. Joy slowly put her hands on the see through panties. She ran her hands inside my thighs. Her hands went under my ass. She I watched as Joy leaned down to put her long red crimson finger nails on my small hips. She then pulled down the side of her Mom's panties. Over my hips, then over my muscular ass. I then felt her pull up, then down. She had her Mom's panties around my ankles. She gasped. I looked down. My cock sprang out almost hitting her huge breast. She then leaned backed up.

"Fuck! Teach! That allot of cock. I see its getting bigger by the second." said Joy. I smiled. Joy put her hands on my naked thighs. She was starring at my cock getting harder. I watched as she moved her hands inside my thighs. Her small hands were so close to my naked balls. She then looked up. She licked her lips. "Don't tell my Mom." she said. A second later, Joy stuck out her wide tongue. She started to lick the tip of my cock. Her dark red crimson lips open up. She started to suck my cock. Her mouth got bigger as more of my cock went in her mouth. She gagged and spit me out. I smiled. She put my hard cock back in her mouth. "That it. Use your hands on my cock. Pump it, up and down. Now lick my balls. Use your tongue." I said. Joy was sucking my cock pretty could for the first time.

I watched as she squatted down between my legs. She was running her tongue the length of my cock. I grabbed the top of her head. I moved her mouth half way down my cock. She gagged and spit me out. I leaned on my elbows to see more of Joy's body. I watched as she sucked my cock like a new pro. She used her hands to stroke my cock. I put my hand around the black choker on her neck. She smiled as I played with it. She was really sucking my cock hard and fast. I moved her hands, to rub my big naked balls. "Have I lasted the longest?" I said. She smiled. "Yes! Can you last longer?" she said. "I'll warn you, when I'm ready to explode. I hope you can take it." I said. I wanted to see more of her sexy body.

"Ok! Stand up. Turn around. Slowly take off your clothes. Keep the black fishnets up. Leave your wooden clogs and choker on. Your so beautiful. You have such an amazing body." I said. Joy stood up and turned around in front of me. I leaned all the way up, on the bed. I was now watching her. She giggled as she took off her black belt, around her small waist. She then unzipped her small denim skirt. My eyes got bigger as I saw her full dark bush, between her legs. She then pulled her pink fishnet top over her head. She dropped it next to her clogs. She reached up to take off her huge bra. She pulled her big breast out first. Then turned her bra around under her huge tits. She unclasped the book metal hooks. She then dropped her huge bra next her clogs. She was now naked, except for the ripped black fishnets on her thick legs. Her sexy black wooden clogs and black choker around her neck. I smiled.

My eyes got big as her nipples got hard. They were very round and big. A little bigger than her Mother. I reached up to fondle her massive breast. I had to use both hands to move each breast. She smiled as she saw how excited I was. She arched her neck back and rolled her eyes. I moved her left breast to my mouth. I started to chew on her big fat nipples. She started to moan. I then smacked them with my hands. She moaned louder. I pushed both her breast together. Causing perhaps the biggest valley of cleavage. I smiled. I leaned back to take her all in. She wiggled her big thighs. I could tell Joy was getting wet.

I slowly put my left hand between her legs. I sucked on her boobs and gently moved my hand on the front of her hairy bush. Her pussy hair was wet and matted down. I slipped in my index finger. I easily moved inside her tight pussy. She began to breath heavier as I bite down on her left nipple. "Your making me so wet, Teach! Now I know why my Mom likes you. Your mouth is amazing." purred Joy. I smiled. I then moved my mouth to her other breast. I nibbled on her right nipple. She put her hands under her breast, feeding them to me. I was now moving my finger, in and out of her tight pussy. She looked down to see my greedy mouth on her flesh. I smiled,

A second later. I tossed her backwards on her bed. She bounced a few times before I crawled between her legs. She watched as I moved my hard cock on her right thigh. I then guided my cock between her legs. I pushed the tip of my cock inside her tight cunt lips. Her pussy was pushing me out. I smiled. I then inched a little more inside. She was breathing heavy. I spit on my hand. I rubbed her exposed pussy. I rubbed some of her wetness on my hard cock. I then pushed my cock, half way inside her. She moaned. Her eyes got big. I then lean down to start to kiss her breast. She moved her head back and forth on her pillows. She reached down to hold my hips. I inched some more of my cock inside her. She screamed. I guess I found, how far I could go.

I started to pick up the pace. She closed her eyes. I was fucking her very hard, fast and she felt so good. I rotated between sucking, slapping and licking her big breast. She dug her nails into my back. She then slid her hands around my neck. I started to kiss her as I fucked her harder. I looked like I was doing push ups on her amazing body. "Yes! Yes! Faster! Faster....Ohhhhhh! Fuck!!!! What's happening.....Arrgghhhhh!!" screamed Joy. I felt her body exploded under me. Her pussy was gushing around my cock. She had her first orgasm. "God your pussy...Your so hot....I'm cumming..." I yelled. I rammed my cock all the way in. Then I exploded deep inside her. I then fell on her body. We were both exhausted.

I laid next to her for about ten minutes. I could feel my cock getting hard again. I saw Joy eyes get big. She was looking at my now erect cock. I felt her small hand brush up against. She let out a soft moan. "God your hard again. How does that happen?" said Joy. I smiled. "Only one way to make it go away. You better sit on it. Bring that sweet pussy back on my cock." I said. I reached over to grab Joy by the waist. I then moved her onto my cock. She put her wooden clogs next to my hips. She then lowered her pussy on my cock. Her huge breast rested on my chest. I reached up to hold her black choker around her neck. She let out a scream as her tight pussy slid down my cock. She fell all the way down to the base of my cock.

I slipped her breast onto my face. I was sucking them as she moved up and down on my cock. I reached around to slap her big ass. She then fell on my body. Her weight was on my cock. Her pussy was soaking wet. She kept grinding her pussy on my cock. I kept sucking her breast. I raised her heavy breast over my face. I looked between her legs. Her hairy bush kept riding my cock. I could see day light, then darkness as she fucked my harder. I grabbed her big ass, holding my cock deep inside her. I then bounced her again on my cock. About twenty minutes later and two orgasm from Joy. I erupted deep inside her pussy. I then pulled all the way out of Joy hot pussy. I jammed my cock inside her hot mouth. She cleaned me off before I got off her bed.

"I'll be back tomorrow night. to take your Mom out again. I like to see a ruff copy of your two page report. Wear some short, shorts and a half shirt. When I see you. Make sure your mean to me tomorrow night. Don't want your Mom to think I've cured you already of bad habits." I said. "Ok! Teach!" she said.

"Do a good job tomorrow on your paper. Maybe when I see you on Monday after class. I'll bring you some ice cream. Your favorite. So come straight home from school. A few more tutor lessons, and you will pass my class with out a problem. Wear those tight blue jeans, and a tight top. I like to be teased all day before our next session. I'll make sure your Mom out for the night, tomorrow. Speaking of your Mom. I better get back upstairs. Before she wakes up. I hate for there to be a problem. Night Joy!" I said. I bent down to pick up Joy' Mom lingerie that I was wearing, when I followed her daughter into her bedroom. Joy smiled as I shut her door. I could see her left hand between her legs. She had two fingers in her pussy.

I walked back upstairs. Down the long hallway. I opened Fanny's bedroom door. I slowly closed the door behind me. I heard it click shut. I saw Fanny, on the bed. She was on her side. Her large naked breast facing the other way. Her huge ass was starring right at me. I heard her breath in. I moved slowly on the bed. I put my mouth on her neck. I then slipped my semi hard cock between her legs. My cock slipped between her big pussy lips. A minute later, half my cock was buried in her now tight pussy. I felt her body begin to shake. I then saw her eyes open. She put her hands back on my hips. "I thought I was dreaming. You can't get enough of my pussy. Mmmmm your big cock feels amazing again. Fuck me baby. I'm all yours." she said. I slipped my cock all the way inside her. "Click!" I heard the bedroom door open behind me.......

Part 2 cumming soon


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Tale of a bored Housewife


It was a cool gray, November afternoon. I was walking down the quiet
upper middle class, suburban street I lived on, on the way to Gloria's
house. It was fairly windy, a gust whipped up and I had to reach down to
hold my skirt. I suppose my modesty wasn't really in jeopardy but the
skirt was considerably shorter than what I was accustomed to wearing.
Gloria had asked me to assist her with a party she was throwing for
Dave's boss. He had just started a new job she really wanted to impress.
Part of his new responsibilities included entertaining customers. She
was going to hire several college girls to serve food and drinks but she
suggested that maybe I would want to help and in return she would forget
the $65.00 I had borrowed earlier that month. I readily agreed, the
party sounded like fun. Gloria thought about renting maids uniforms for
us but decided against it, she then asked us to all wear matching skirts
and blouses. She had called me earlier in the week and told me that mine
was almost ready, I had gone over to her place to try the skirt on. I
was uncomfortable with how short it was but she laughed it off, reminding
me that I was about 20 years behind the times. I didn't want to appear
too prudish, I didn't know any of these people and wouldn't be the only
one dressed like this, besides it was no worse than what many other women
were wearing these days; so I agreed to wear it. I had to admit the
outfit didn't look too bad on me, a red and black checked skirt, white
blouse, red scarf, black high heels and suntan panty hose. It may have
looked all right but it wasn't designed to protect me from the November
gusts I shivered and hurried along the sidewalk.
Gloria met me at the door, she laughed and asked me if it was going
to snow. We stood on the porch and discussed the overcast weather for a
moment, until she noticed me shivering. We stepped inside to begin
preparations for the evening. Gloria was busy on the phone so I did most
of the straightening up, setting up the buffet, etc. About 5:00, a
pretty young girl came to the door wearing the same outfit I was in. We
introduced each other; Paula was to help me serve. She seemed nice,
pert, maybe a little impertinent but friendly enough and I had to admit
in that outfit with her figure, she looked smashing. She told me she was
a 19 year old student at a nearby JC. I said goodbye to Pete and Chris,
Gloria's k**s, 16 and 14 respectively. They were going to their own
party that night, so they wouldn't be disturbed by ours. They were
actually the reason for my friendship with Gloria; Chris was my daughter
karen's best friend. And Pete was Karen's boyfriend. He had always
scared me, I thought he might be too "mature" for her, but what could I

Gloria came down about 7:30. Dave had just gotten home and the
guests had just started arriving. Mostly couples, mid twenties to early
forties, they were quite well dressed. There were about 25 people in
all, including Paula and I. I was introduced to most of the guests and
was flattered by the interest all took in me although a little
uncomfortable. The women were less friendly, maybe even condescending.
It seems that Gloria had mentioned something about me to most of them. I
was involved in putting away the guests' coats and serving drinks. At
one point I walked by the kitchen and heard Gloria on the phone.
Something caught my attention and I froze, listening to the
conversation......"36 years old, married, 3 k**s, 5'6", 120lbs, green
eyes, brown hair, has no idea what's going on. This bitch has never even
thought about anyone other than her husband."

At that the party on the other end must have said something, for Gloria
was silent. I was dumbfounded, she couldn't be talking about me??

About this time she looked up and noticed me standing there. She
looked startled but recovered well, "what are you doing? Dammit Joan this
is personal I'd appreciate it if"........I turned and went back into the
living room; the incident seemed strange but I really didn't think it was
important, I could confront her later. I didn't think she really had
been talking about me.

I went into the living room, it was quite large, with a fireplace
in the center. They had used furniture to divide it into two "rooms"; a
f****y room and a more formal living room. I went to the buffet table
set up in the ajoining dining room and started helping Paula serve.
Occasionally one of us would carry around a tray of drinks. I began to
feel slightly uncomfortable, out of place. There was an air of
excitement in the room but whenever I got near enough to a group to hear
or join in the conversation it seemed to die; sudden pauses, pregnant
silences etc. This happened several times and I was wondering what was
going on. Paula seemed to fit right in though. When she brought around
a tray I saw her laughing with the main group. One of the men put his
arm around in a manner that suggested they had not just met. Several of
them including Paula looked over in my direction as if appraising me,
then Paula returned and offered to relieve me for a while. This went on
until about 9:30.

Dave came over and took my arm, "there's someone I want you to
meet". He introduced me to Craig, his boss, and Phil, Gloria's b*****r.
Both men seemed seriously interested in my life, my f****y, job etc. and
were really probing me for details. This seemed strange too but a
welcome relief from the alienation I had been feeling up to this point.
I took a glass of wine and began to loosen up.

About half an hour later Gloria gathered all the guests back into the
living room, saying "it's time folks". Everyone seemed quite excited at
this and I wondered, "what in the world".........I was on my 2nd glass of
wine, (I never drink), and slightly lightheaded. Phil gently took it out
of my hands, took my arm firmly and guided me to the living room. The
chairs and couches had been rearranged in a semi circle in front of the
fireplace. In the center a long low coffee table had been placed. The
guests were seated or standing around the table. Phil guided me to the
front, I was confused but held his arm. Gloria stood in front of the
table facing everyone.

"This is something I have been looking forward to for a while. Joan
has been interested in Indian rights for some time. She doesn't know it
but tonight she is going to help collect money for the cause". There was
a general outbreak of laughter at that. I decided that I would prefer to
be standing in the back and started to move but found my arms suddenly
grabbed. I froze. "Bring her up here", Gloria commanded. Paula and Jan
(a friend of mine from Garden Club) each took one arm and pulled me up on
the coffee table, I resisted but not too hard, not knowing what was
coming. I was turned so that I faced the group, my arms still held, and
my hair wrapped around Paula's hand, she f***ed my head so I had to face
the group.

Gloria smiled at me and told me to relax, "this won't be
too bad we're just going to auction off some clothing". The room erupted
with laughter. I was numb, too shocked to scream. Gloria stood next to
the table "what do I hear for her scarf?"; some one offered $1.00,
another $2.00, the bidding went up to $5.00. At that time Gloria
accepted the bid, and reached for me, ripping the scarf from around my
neck. I screamed, a hand was clamped around my face. The scarf was
f***ed down my throat and with my arms held I couldn't get it out.
People started to sit down, they all appeared to know what was going to
happen. "Next up, her blouse", There was some cursory bidding, Gloria
backed up close to the table, I saw the opportunity and tried to kick
her. That was a mistake. Phil and Craig grabbed both legs. They each
took hold of an ankle. In addition they rubbed their hands up and down
my thighs and up under my skirt, much to the amusement of the other
guests. I was sobbing in my humiliation but there was no escape.

After a little more bidding my blouse was removed. Phil won the
bidding and took it off himself. They bent me over a little so that his
face was level with mine. He reached out and ripped my blouse down the
front, he jerked my arms out, I tried to cover up but Jan twisted my arm
until I gagged. I relaxed and they straightened me back up. I was held
there, up on the table with just my bra on. I went blank for a moment,
the only other man who had ever seen me like this was Tom......... I
never in my worst dreams imagined this could ever happen. Paula fingered
a gold chain I was wearing. It had a diamond pendant. Tom had given it
to me for our 12th wedding anniversary. It was sold for $5.00. It was
ripped off my neck, the chain breaking at the clasp, and ripping my
neck. Gloria told Paula to hold up my ring finger so my wedding band
could be examined, "she won't be needing that tonight". It went for a
few dollars. I was still kind of in shock, I was sobbing but was still
unbelieving. These things really don't happen. Again Gloria stepped
up. She reached out and snapped the strap on my bra. "What do I hear
for this fine Maiden Form Brassiere?".... The other guests all laughed
at her sarcasm, they talked among themselves but most of the attention
was riveted on me. The bidding went on. My bra was sold for $20.00.
Gloria didn't make any move to remove it though, I was shaking like a
leaf, what next? "Whoever correctly guesses what size this item of
clothing is shall have the privilege of removing it, however an incorrect
guess costs $5.00". She reached back and looked at the tag and laughed,
"not bad, who's your plastic surgeon?". I was turned and poked by
several guys "so they could have a fightin' chance of guessing right".
Several people tried guessing, on the third guess Steve's wife Marie said
36D, and Gloria smiled...."we have a winner". Marie "graciously allowed"
Steve to remove the bra. He took his time. He poked, rubbed and fondled
me to the delight of the crowd for about five minutes. I had lost
control by then, sobbing hysterically. Finally He removed it, and his

I had noticed earlier that several people had brought camera's with
them, now it appeared that everyone had. I was turned and twisted to
pose for these people, my hair practically ripped out of my head to f***e
me to look into the cameras. Paula reached down, still holding one arm
and ripped my skirt up to my waist, flashbulbs popped. They didn't
bother with the formality of auctioning my skirt, it disappeared in a
frenzy. I passed out.

When I awoke I was spreadeagled on my back on the coffee table, feet
tied, each to a leg, arms held back over my head by Paula and Jan, and
was surrounded by the guests, Gloria was slapping my face. When I opened
my eyes she smiled "she's ready now" Craig was standing at my feet. His
wife ritualistically unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down. She
caressed his penis but it was throbbing, he didn't need much help. When
he entered me it was rough. I screamed into the gag and everyone broke
into hysterical laughter. Craig even stopped and smiled, but not for
long. He had intercourse with me more roughly than I ever imagined
possible. Each stroke seemed to burn itself into my insides. I looked
up once into his eyes and saw a terrible fury there. When he was done He
pulled out and stood up, He moved to the head of the table and stood
over me his penis dripping into my face. He put one foot on the table
next to my face and motioned Paula and Jan to pose on either side of him
like a champion race car driver being congratulated after a victory while
his wife took several snapshots. They also each put a leg up on the
table, their nyloned legs flanking him as Marion took the shots. I tried
to cover up, Jan grabbed an arm and I was jerked back into a helpless
position. After Craig, the other men began taking turns on me. They
blanked into one another I was only semi-aware when one was done and
another started.

Again I blacked out. I was thinking about Tom and Karen my 14 year
old, (and Pete's girlfriend). I imagined myself with them on the beach
during our last vacation. I was warm and comfortable. In my dream I was
warm and comfortable, I thought I saw my son coming towards me with a
cold coke. He threatened to pour it on me.

I awoke with a start to look up into Steve's face as he rubbed a cold
bottle of beer against my crotch. Things were quieter, the lights had
been turned off in this end of the room, there were several candles lit.
I was no longer gagged nor held down. Steve helped untie my ankles and
his wife Marie gently guided me to a couch. I noticed that most of the
guests were gone, there were several couples sitting at the other end of
the room talking with Gloria and Dave but they paid us no attention.
Marie helped me gather my shoes, panty hose, bra and what was left of my
blouse. My panties were nowhere to be found. I put on my panty hose and
with Marie's help my shoes and skirt. Steve was still holding my blouse
and bra. Gloria noticed something and walked down to our end of the
room. "Steve let me help you with that stuff, It's not fit for Joan to
wear anymore so let's just chuck it". With that Steve frowned but handed
her the clothing and she tossed it into the fireplace where it
disappearred in a temporary resurgence of the dying fire.

Marie and Steve both looked a little sympathetic, they sat on the
couch on either side of me. They were both quite gentle, and after the
last hours I clung to that. The room was warm but I was still shaking
uncontrollably. Steve held me to stop my shaking. For the first time I
could remember I stopped sobbing. I didn't resist when Steve cupped one
breast. He was gentle and I felt a little safer being held. Marie spoke
up. "I saved your wedding ring for you, want it back? Of course, ....
listen though Steve has a fantasy about this, would you be willing to
help him live it? It's a lot easier than what you've already been
through tonight". I nodded agreement silently. I knew I had no choice
and I was more comfortable here than I would have been if Gloria noticed
me again. And they were so kind, I wanted to preserve that desparately.

Steve reached for my hand and held it while Marie slipped the ring on
my ring finger. Steve unzipped his pants and motioned for me to pull his
member out. I hesitated but when Marie started to move I reached for
it. I took it out, It was hard almost immediately. Marie guided me to
the floor in front of Steve where I knelt. She pushed my Face down into
his crotch and I understood I was to take it in my mouth. I gagged but
did it. After a few moments she pulled my head back and told me that if
I wanted to I could just use my hand but I would have to let him come in
my face. Dumbly I cooperated. I was in a kind of shock. Everytime I
tried to use my right hand she stopped me, I was to only use my left.
When he came he spurted in my face and on my hand which went up to
protect my eyes. He came a lot, it was warm and felt smooth against my

Flashbulbs popped. I looked left and there were Paula and Gloria
both recording this moment for posterity. Me topless, on my knees,
Steve's cock in my face and cum dripping off my face and hand (later I
was to learn that it was dripping off my ring, that was the object of the
exercise). When Steve finished cumming, Marie wiped his cock off with my
other hand and replaced it in his pants. They both got up as if I wasn't
even there and joined the other group. I heard a long burst of
hysterical laughter. Gloria spoke up as they left. "Get on your feet
and bring us some wine, and see if anyone wants any dessert." I
complied, it didn't seem like there was anything else to do at the time.

It was about 2:00 AM by then. I served dessert and a little wine to
the remaining guests. I was directed to again remove my skirt and kneel
on the floor under the lamp where they could all see me, until I was
needed. I complied. I tried not to look into anyones' eyes, I was
sobbing again but afraid of making too much noise. At one point Gloria
got up and threw my skirt into the fire, she also grabbed the arm that I
was using to cover my breasts and jerked away. "Don't you dare cover
up". After that they mostly ignored me in the conversation but would
occasionally give me a look of disgust to insure I was aware of my

For awhile I knelt there, leaning back fully exposing my breasts to
avoid Gloria's wrath. I was thinking back through my entire
relationship with Gloria and Dave. I had never seen anything remotely
comparing to their treatment of me tonight. I had felt that Gloria was
occasionally unnecessarily snippish with me, even rude, but she had
always seemed to be a fairly reliable friend. I had confided in her
about marital problems etc. and she in me. Her cruelty shocked me as did
her blatant enjoyment of my subjugation. I thought about Jan. She had
always been a good friend. She was what men call a doll, small,
excellent figure, pretty face, dark complexion, attracted men like flies
but seemed to ignore them.

Tonight she was acting extremely provocative, enjoying egging the men
on, and directing their energies towards me. She also enjoyed my
subjugation. I never even imagined that she could act like this.

About 3:30 Paula got up to leave and Gloria told me to help her with
her coat. Standing there in the hallway Paula smiled and cruelly
told me that "I have really enjoyed the evening, haven't you?" She
laughed and told me that she had made a deal with Gloria, and I was the
deal. I would be hearing from her later in the week, and if I valued my
f****y I would cooperate. She pulled my necklace out of her pocket and
told me she would get it fixed. Maybe I could borrow it sometime....with
that she stepped out the door and I was left alone in the hallway. Dave
came out and guided me to the basement, he pointed to a pile of blankets
and said Gloria would be down in the morning. I heard that door shut and
the lock click into place. Alone in the dark, I sobbed myself through
the night but didn't sl**p. I relived the experience countless times.
Was it real? Why? Why? Why? How could I face the people I knew. How
could I face Gloria and Dave, and the others I knew I might see again?

About 12 hours later The door opened and the bright light caused me
to squint in pain. Gloria came down carrying some clothing which she
dumped at my feet. "Get up!! Joan I'm not going to waste time with
unnecessary threats. Suffice to say that I have affidavits from everyone
who was here last night that you got d***k and made a fool of yourself.
You made passes at every man and when they were done you were begging for
more. I have pictures that would ruin your marriage for ever. And
finally if you don't want me to include Karen in our next Soiree, you
will do as you are told. I do require you to sign two papers and then I
am going to let you go. I know you won't be stupid enough to fight this
but just in case."

I looked at the papers. One said something to the effect that I had
agreed to "sell my body" for $65.00. I agreed to serve as the
entertainment at an "adult" party with the understanding that providing
sexual favors would be part of the deal. She had me write my age, name,
and measurements on the form in my own handwriting. She also had me
write that I would gladly perform fellatio and have intercourse with
whosoever desired at this party. And that I understood that although
such an agreement was i*****l it would suffice to prove the
voluntariness of any sexual activety. I managed to maintain my composure
and although I shook, I wrote what she wanted. After I had written what
she had originally ordered, she smiled and said let's improve this,
"write that you are married and you know Tom your husband would die if he
knew what you had done, so you asked your husband to leave you alone for
the weekend." Finally she had me write a note to Tom on the back of the
contract. "Tom I decided to see what the rest of the world was like. I
enjoyed what the 11 guys at that party did to me. Ask Gloria for some
snapshots." I complied. Gloria told me she was sure that she would
never have to use this paper.

The other form was a model release which covered the entire night. It
specifically mentioned that the photos were nude, I had posed voluntarily
and that I assigned to Gloria the rights to do what she desired with them
including publication. The total helplessness of the situation got to
me. I broke into tears. "Joan if you don't sign this in about 3 seconds
you will lose the chance and I will have to protect myself in a less
genteel fashion". I wasn't sure what she meant but decided that I had
nothing to lose by signing the forms. I did and she left. Strangely she
looked at me with almost friendliness in her eyes and said gently, "Joan
things have changed, but you're going to be all right. If you continue
to do what you're told, we will take care of you." As she climbed the
stairs out of the basement she left the basement door open and opened the
back door of her home. I was looking directly outside.

I stepped out of the light and dressed. She had chosen the clothes
to humiliate me. There was no bra or panties, the sweater was her
daughters, and about 3 sizes too small. The shoes were mine, the
pantyhose mine (it had been washed) but the skirt was again Chris'. In
addition to being too tight it was so short I was afraid to walk, if I
took too long a step I felt I would be exposing myself to the world. But
I did put it on and stepped out the door to freedom.

Walking down the street to my home I reflected on the evening. And
Gloria's cryptic final remarks, she couldn't think she could do this to
me again? I looked down at what I was wearing and realized that she
might be able to do what she wanted. That was a chilling thought. I
knew I could never go to the police. There was a real possibility that
even if they believed my story, that Gloria could indeed ruin my life and
my families'. I passed by a moving van, people were just moving into the
home. Three guys stood on the steps. I heard a loud whistle, and
another. Realizing they were for me I smiled involuntarily but stepped
up my pace. I felt embarrassed but flattered. I looked up into the
November sky. It was the deepest blue and the brightest sunlight that I
had seen in a long time................

I had spent the rest of that weekend in a daze. Saturday afternoon
when I got home, I immediately took off the clothes Gloria had sent me
away in, and threw them into the garbage in the garage. I tried to
sl**p. Although I had not slept in a day and a half, I was still to
upset. I wandered around the house, but couldn't seem to sit down.
About 6:30 I ran some water for a bath. As I lay there I began to
relax. When I moved I realized how sore I was. I think it was than that
the shock wore off and the full import of what had happened hit me. I
had been ****d, not just ****d but gang-****d. Not by strangers in some
alley, but by friends, and neighbors, less than two blocks from my home.
Not knowing where to turn, or what to do I moved from the tub to my bed
and eventually drifted off to sl**p.

When I woke up Sunday I was still in kind of a funk. It was a cold
clear day and I f***ed myself to clean up around the house, etc. in
preparation for my families return from Tom's parents. I thought about
friday night. That was the first time I had had sex with anyone other
than my husband. I was ashamed to admit it but the worst part was the
humiliation. The sex with the men had been degrading but ..............
When Tom and the k**s got there I tried to act cheerful and welcome them
back. Karen immediately stated that she was going to run over to see
Pete. I lost control. I yelled at her, told her that she was not going
anywhere. Everyone stared at me, Karen looked shocked but said nothing.
Tom took me aside and asked me if I was allright. I said yes, there was
nothing wrong. He went over to Karen and told her to wait until after
dinner to leave. While she was gone I was scared silly. What would she
find out over there? I did not know at the time if Pete or Chris knew
what had happened to me, it was so crazy I did not know what to think.

The next few days went slowly. Tom repeatedly asked me what was
wrong but I could not tell him. He could never understand. I know I was
acting strangely but could not help myself. We tried to make love
several times. Each time Tom would try to approach me I kept thinking
about that Friday night. The one time we did make love I remember
comparing his lovemaking to Craig's brutal intercourse. I didn't enjoy
Tom that night at all. It was so cold so dispassionate, I think Tom
finally got the message. 10 days later, about 7:00 one night I came down
stairs and heard people talking in the living room. "What happened last
weekend, she hasn't been the same since?" There was an edge on Tom's
voice when he spoke. "She seemed all right Friday night when she left".
That was Dave speaking, Gloria spoke up. "Steve and Marie Daniels left
with her, they were going to drop her off since it was pretty late. I
talked to Marie last week and she didn't mention anything". "Why don't
we all get together Saturday? Maybe she's just depressed and a little
get together will cheer her up." Tom agreed that that might be a good
idea. Gloria mentioned that she would try and invite a few other people
and would talk to Tom later in the week to set it up. I realized that if
someone saw me standing here they would notice that I had been
eavesdropping. I went on down into the living room. Gloria and Dave
were there with Tom. Gloria smiled warmly and mentioned that since she
hadn't heard from me in a while they thought they would stop by. I
mumbled hello, and sat next to Tom. We sat and talked for about 45
minutes. Everything seemed so, so...normal. After they left I wondered
if that night had really happened. I wanted to forget and they acted as
if nothing had changed.

I tried to talk Tom out of going but he was adament. Saturday
morning came and I saw that I had no choice. I pretended to be sick, and
that was not far from the truth but the k**s were eager to leave and Tom
seemed intent on dragging me there. I put on some jeans and a blouse and
we left to walk over there. As we walked down the street I took stock of
my f****y. Tom was 36, a fairly successful attorney and his practice was
just beginning to come into its own. After some hard years it looked
like he was in the process of becoming one of the most prominent local
attorneys. He was 5'10", 175 lbs and stayed in great shape. I was
extremely proud of him. When I married him I had misgivings. He was a
wonderful person, extremely dependable and I knew he could take care of
me but he was a little to staid, to damn dependable. I realized as I
looked at him that I had made the right choice. I cared for him deeply
and he was a wonderful husband and father. I looked at Karen my 14 year
old. She was a sophmore in high school, well behaved and normally easy
to handle. Many of my friends envied me because Karen and I seemed to
have so few problems. Her figure had been developing faster than I
wanted to see though, I worried about her. She went out with Pete,
Gloria's 16 year old and I felt that he was to wild for he. Scott my 12
year old was skinny as a beanpole, a little awkward but he was moving out
of the awkward stage and I was quite proud of him. Linda our youngest
was 11, she was a little monster, I loved her dearly though, she was my
favorite. Tom accused me of spoiling her. All in all I was extremely
proud of my f****y.

I looked up and saw that we had almost reached Gloria's house. I was
a little nervous but Tom had told me that we could leave after a little
if I still didn't feel better. If he only knew!!! Dave met us at the
door. Behind him stood Mona who had been Karen and Scott's 5th grade
teacher. I heard voices in the living room and I saw Phil, Gloria's
b*****r and a young women I didn't know. While Dave introduced me to
Phil and his date (Denise) Mona took Tom off to the side and they
appeared to be engaged in an earnest discussion. The k**s disappeared
upstairs. I realized that I was the only woman not wearing a skirt or a
dress. Gloria came out of the kitchen, welcomed us and asked if Mona or
I could give her a hand in the kitchen for a moment. Mona grabbed my
hand and almost dragged me into the kitchen. Once there she placed her
hand over my mouth while Gloria picked up a cup of some bright red sauce
and splashed it on my white blouse. Gloria spoke loudly, "I'm terribly
sorry". She went on for a moment while Mona relaxed her grip but kept a
hand on my arm and quietly said. "Cooperate with me Joan and today will
be fairly easy for you." Before I could answer Mona pulled me out of the
kitchen, I tried to look embarrassed, not scared. I knew somehow that
that was how they wanted me to act while Gloria announced how clumsy she
was. Mona offered to take me home to change clothes, while Gloria
continued to act sympathetic and apologize. The show was clearly for
Tom's benefit. I understood from the pressure of Mona's fingers that I
was to accept her offer. I did.

She drove me the 2 blocks to my home silently. I asked her what was
going on, for a moment I was outraged but when she offered to take me
back and allow Gloria to tell Tom what I had really done 2 weeks earlier
I became a little scared (terrified) and went along with her. She pulled
up into my driveway, I got out and begain walking towards the back door.
She stopped me. "When you enter a home alone you will use the back door,
when you are with someone else, you will ensure that they at least use
the front".

I looked at her as if to ask what in the world but thought better of
it. She went up the stairs and straight into my bedroom. I watched her
as she went through my closet. She was tall about 5'8", blonde hair,
blue eyes, single and about 31 or 32 years old. She had a good body and
as I remembered she had always liked to flaunt it. She was wearing a
long black skirt, but it was slit to mid thigh. I had seen when we had
walked into Gloria's home that Tom had noticed her. I had felt a tinge
of jealousy.

After going through my closet for a moment she turned to me and told me
to get out all my skirts, pumps or heels, tan or flesh covered panty hose,
and sweaters. She would choose what I was to wear. I complied with her
demand. As I bent down to get out my shoes I bumped into her. She grabbed
my hair and slapped my twice across the face. She didn't hit me hard but I
was shocked. Tears rolled down my face. "Hurry up, if we don't get back in
a few minutes Gloria will be getting out the picture album she created for
you last week and showing Tom and your k**s what a good show you put on."
After I had lain everything out she picked out 2 pair of shoes, plain black
pumps and plain white ones, several pair of panty hose and a sweater. She
made me try on several skirts. Finally she made me put on the black pumps,
panty hose, a knee length black skirt and a red turtle neck. She put several
skirts, the white pumps and some panty hose into a shopping bag. As she
turned to go almost as an afterthought she told me to show her what kind of
sweaters Karen had. She picked out a sweater that I had given Karen for her
birthday, a beautiful white angora sweater. She placed that in her shopping
bag and we left.

When we got back they were all sitting down to dinner. Gloria sat Tom
down at one table and Mona quickly grabbed the empty seat to his right. I
felt Phil's hand guide me to a seat at the other table. I looked over at
Tom, he smiled at me and started to say something. Right about then Mona
placed her hand on his arm and he turned to talk to her. I sat down between
Phil and Denise. I wasn't very hungry. I picked at my food. Phil tried to
make small talk and so did Denise. About halfway through the dinner I felt
Phil's hand on my leg. He started at the knee and slid his hand between my
skirt and leg. While smiling at my daughter and asking her about a party she
had gone to with Pete he fondled my thigh up to my panties. We both acted as
if nothing was happening. Denise looked at him and in a very sotto voice,
told him to "leave her alone,......for now" they both laughed at that and
after that they pretty much ignored me.

After dinner Gloria grabbed me and guided me into the kitchen. I could
hear Tom talking to Phil and Mona just outside the door. She told me that
Dave had something to show me. He came up from the basement and motioned for
me to follow him down. I went down behind him, upstairs I could hear the
voices of the others. He took me to the corner where I had spent the night 2
weeks earlier. There was a blanket covering one wall. He removed it,
underneath there were dozens of pictures. They were all of me, in the
various stages of undress that I had been f***ed to parade around in that
night. In the center there was a large color photo of me, topless, on my
knees, with my left hand around an erect penis, no more than 3 inches from my
face. Cum was dripping off my face and hand. My wedding ring could be
clearly seen underneath. It looked as if I was smiling. Next to that one
there was a shot of me wearing panties, pantyhose, black heels, and nothing
else. I was kneeling in the living room while 6 or 7 people sat on the
couches ignoring me. "Joan if you will cooperate today we won't show these
pictures to Tom. If at any time you cause any trouble though, he will get
the same tour that you received." Numbly I turned away. I started to cry.
"If he sees something is wrong, we will have to assume you are not d
cooperating. I will leave you alone here for a few moments but we will be
expecting you upstairs." He smiled at me, and reached down and raised my
skirt. He looked at my legs for a moment, as if to show me that he had that
power. He dropped my skirt and left the basement without speaking again.
After several minutes I turned and walked up the stairs.

I numbly reached for the door handle, I was going to just leave, nothing
could be worse than staying. Gloria was standing right outside the door. She
smiled and told me that she thought I might try and leave, but it would be
easier if I stayed. If I left she and Mona would have to show Tom what a "slut
he had married." After she and Mona finished talking to Tom I could never go
home again. If I continued to cooperate I would only suffer momentary
embarrassment. I was repulsed at what she considered "momentary embarrassment"
but knew that I had no choice. We went inside. Most everyone was in the
living room. Tom was there with Mona. He looked up at me. "How are you
feeling?" "Better I lied". Gloria told Tom that she wanted to show me her new
crafts room. He laughed and told me to have fun. Gloria guided me up the
stairs. We went up into what had been the attic. It had been remodeled for
her to use for her hobbies. (I was soon to learn that I was a hobby). Once
there Denise soon joined us. Phil was right behind her. "Shall we get
started?" Gloria asked sarcastically. Phil grabbed my arms while Gloria and
Denise pulled my sweater off. As soon as my arms slipped through the sleeves
Phil grabbed them again. They removed my skirt and slip and then, strangely,
Gloria asked Phil and Denise to leave the room."

"Joan, don't talk, just and absorb what I have to say. Go ahead, sit down
on the bed. Obviously you realized earlier that you have more to gain by going
along with us than by fighting. What I have in mind for you isn't too bad.
You are going to have to learn to cooperate. If you do, your life will go on
pretty much as it always has. If not, well, I have some alternate plans. For
the rest of today, relax and try to have fun. I promise you will not be hurt."

I thought about what she had said. All through my life, from high school,
college, and marriage I had been a "good girl", a "good wife" and generally had
conformed to what a "nice" girl should do. Tom had been my "first". I
fantasized about other men on occasion but had never so much as expressed the
thought. I always dressed modestly. The night they ****d me I was terrified,
humiliated, degraded to the point of being sick, but when I thought back about
it, I started to feel warm down around my vagina. I knew, and she knew that I
was going to cooperate. She knew how I felt, degraded but excited.

Dave came in the room. Gloria commanded that I kneel on the floor. I did.
Phil and Denise came back in. Denise picked up a tape measure and proceeded to
take my measurements. After she measured my bust I was allowed to replace my
bra. She recorded the measurements on a bulletin board. I noticed that there
were blanks there so the succeeding measurements could be compared to the
previous ones. Dave looked down the stairs and into the hallway. He reported
that the coast was clear Gloria led me down stairs to the bathroom. I was
directed to step on the scale. We started back into the attic but Gloria
guided me to her bedroom. She pushed my head down into what had been an old
heating grate, but was now slightly open into her living room. I saw Tom and
Mona on the couch, Mona had her hand on his arm and it was obvious they were
engrossed in conversation. Her skirt had slipped partially off her thigh. He
was enjoying her company. It was also obvious that she was offering him more
than a platonic relationship. Before I could react Gloria guided me back
upstairs. I was directed to kneel on the floor again while the others
discussed my body. I learned that they thought it was good, but that I would
be sent to the "Workout World" to improve it. During the afternoon, I stayed
there, not ignored but not harrassed either. Phil wrote out an exercise
schedule and told me that I would be using it soon. Dave and Phil spent most of
the time downstairs.

I could hear the k**s in another room but they stayed well out of the way
most of the afternoon. I was terrified that one of them would come in and see
me like this. Denise mentioned something to Gloria about Tom coming up but
Gloria laughed and assured her that Mona was not going to let him out of her

Late in the afternoon Denise told me to dress and come on downstairs. She
took me into the bathroom and helped rearrange my make-up. When I came
downstairs Tom had the k**s in the living room and they were preparing to
leave. Gloria asked me to stay. "Tom you don't mind if Joan stays awhile do
you?" He said it was up to me. They both looked at me, but before I could
speak Gloria spoke up, "great, it's settled, Joan promised me she would help me
bake tonight". With that Tom told me not to stay too late, kissed me, and left
with the k**s.

Gloria brought me into the living room. Mona brought out the bag of
clothing she had taken from my home earlier. Dave and Phil seemed to be
arranging some photographic lights and shades around the Christmas tree. Dave
had several cameras two on tripods, and one with a strange looking lens that he
was holding in his hand. As soon as they finished arranging things they looked
at me, expectantly, "Well come on, step up here." I came forward and Dave
"posed me" in front of the tree. "Turn slightly sideways, bend forward
slightly, now with your right hand, grab a handful of skirt and raise it a
little." "Damn it smile!" I was sobbing by now, Dave roughly wiped my face,
and pushed me into the position he wanted. For several minutes we went on like
this. Finally, Gloria who had been watching silently suggested theat we were
going about this all wrong. "Strip her!!" she commanded, Denise and Mona
proceeded to undress me. They weren't rough, they weren't gentle, they were
just cold and efficient. After I was undressed Dave lay me down on the floor,
on my side and photographed me in front of the tree. Then he moved me so that
I was on my back, feet towards the camera, legs spread, and my left hand
(wedding ring) covering my vagina. I was made to pose this way for a while.

Eventually I was allowed to put on some clothing, and I was photographed
for the next couple hours in various stages of dress and undress. I tried on
all the pairs of panty hose Mona had brought, Dave and Phil selected the shades
they liked. One skirt, my longest, had been slit to the waist, another had
been hemmed up during the afternoon so that it was much too short. They tried
every combination of clothing and pose imaginable. No blouse, then no skirt,
change shoes, bra on, bra off, panty hose on, panty hose off, change skirts,
remove skirt etc. I wasn't enjoying this at all but I wasn't as scared as I
had been originally. I was still scared and maybe a little angry (although my
fear overruled my anger) but it wasn't as hard to go along with them as it had
been in the beginning. I realized what Gloria had done. By making me pose
nude at first, I knew the worst was over and that things had to get better. It
worked. Both Dave and Phil became quite solicitous, as long as I cooperated
they were gentle.

About 9:30 Dave told Gloria he was done. Mona piped up, "I have one more
idea." I was directed to put on some suntan panty hose, my black heels, and my
daughters White sweater, but no skirt. The sweater was quite long and
actually partially covered my thighs. Gloria brought me to the kitchen, bent
me over the sink and soaked the sweater with water. She brought me dripping
into the living room. Mona had collected 3 hair dryers and they began heating
the sweater to dry it, while I was still in it. It took about an hour. When
they finished they repeated the process. Finally they did it again. This time
before it was totally dry Mona suggested they try some shots. By now the
sweater had shrunk. It was from fitting. It had stretched around my breasts
and was tight on my stomach. It still covered a little thigh.

Dave posed me in front of the tree again. This time he took several rolls
of film of just this outfit. I knelt, I bent over, I was twisted, and even
took one shot looking straight at the camera, hands underneath my chest as if I
was offering my breasts. This shot took awhile to get right because they
insisted I smile. It wasn't easy but Gloria's threats and the promise that
they would keep it up until I got it right scared me into trying. The
resultant grimace wasn't great but Dave said it would do. Finally Gloria
suggested the men pose with me. I knelt in front of them, Dave unzipped his
fly and placed my hand around his penis. I began to perform as he wished. When
he was done he did not put his penis back into his pants, he stood next to we
while I was f***ed to suck Phil. During this time Gloria took numerous shots.
Finally they were done.

I was told to kneel in the corner for a while. Mona asked me about the
f****y photo that we had taken several weeks earlier. "Tom told me that you
are going to send cards this year with that photo on them". I nodded
agreement. Dave looked at Gloria and they both smiled. "Bring us some of
them!" "When will you pick them up?" I replied that they should be ready on
Monday. Gloria ordered me to bring them to her immediately after I got them.
The phone rang, Dave answered it. "Everythings fine, she should be finished in
a little. Joan, it's Tom." He handed me the phone and I took it. "He sounded
a little irritated. It's well passed midnight hon, when will you be home? I
didn't think you would stay this long, I wish you would have called, is
everything all right?" As he was speaking Phil had reached over and was
absentmindedly fondling my thigh. Denise tried to smother a giggle but failed.
I told Tom I was all right and would be home soon. He sounded a little
relieved, I told him not to wait up, He said he would try but in any case to
wake him when I got in. I promised and we hung up. I asked Gloria if I could

She told me that they weren't done with me yet. She wanted to get a few
more shots of me with my ring finger wrapped around Dave's penis. I was posed
again, and again. Finally they were through. Gloria told me to dress, as I
had been dressed when I arrived. I did but Mona stopped me when I started to
put the skirt on. Gloria told me that I was through for the weekend but that I
had better be back Monday at 1:30 with the f****y Christmas cards.

"Do you hear me?" "Yes, I heard." "Than you better be here." Gloria
took me into the kitchen where we were joined by Mona. "Joan, I have a few
instructions for you; first you will no longer wear pantsuits or jeans, you
will wear skirts and dresses ALWAYS, second you will no longer say no to a man,
and third you will use the back door when you are at my home." Do you
understand? I nodded. She sounded gentle so I asked her why.....Before The
words were out of my mouth I was told to "Shut UP!!! In due time you will
learn, for now, just cooperate and you will be allowed to continue your way of
life. Mona got up to leave. I gathered my skirt in my hand, looked for my
slip with no success, found my purse and headed for the door. "Wrong door
bitch" with that Gloria pointed at the back door. I walked out and found Mona
waiting out front. She motioned for me to get into her car. I did. She drove
to my house, once in front I started to put my skirt on. She stopped me. "Get
out of the car." "I'm not dressed." She reached over and pushed me out, I was
to scared to fight. Once out of her car I stood there, she had stopped under a
street light, and put my skirt on. I walked into the house.

On the kitchen counter was a yellow manila envelope. Joan, read me, it
said in large red letters. I opened it and gasped. It contained a blank
diary, but also about twenty pictures taken two weeks earlier. The photographs
formed a chronological record of my gang-****. There was a note. "Joan use
this diary to record what happened to you during the last two weeks. Be
detailed, be specific, record your thoughts and your feelings. Bring this with
you when you come over Monday. You may keep the snapshots. So far you are the
only one in your f****y who has seen them. If you continue to cooperate, we
may be able to keep it this way. Sweet Dreams............. Gloria, Mona, and

I stuffed the photo's back into the manilla envelope and shoved it into a
cabinet full of junk that no one ever looked into, and stumbled upstairs
sobbing quietly. Tom was sound asl**p when I got there. For some reason I
looked on his dresser. There was one of his business cards with some writing
on it, I took it into the bathroom to read. It was a women's handwriting, it
had a phone number, and address, and it was signed Mona...........Not knowing
what could come next, I crawled off to bed. I thought about the day, Tom's
possible relationship with Mona, and Gloria's final orders. I drifted off to

The next week I had a call from Gloria. "You will be at my house
tonite at 7:30 or Tom will see the little display of your art photos."
Naturally I was scared silly but I knew I had to be there. I considered
what I should wear...I knew that I couldn't get away with the jeans
trick again but I also knew that the clothes Gloria wanted me in were
not the ones I wanted to wear out in public. I solved the problem
by dressing very conservatively but carrying a bag containing the skin
tight sweater, suntan pantyhose and a very short skirt.

On the way to Gloria's house, I changed into my "slut" outfit. The
sweater was so tight that it molded to my breasts like a second skin. My
dark nipples were visible through the white fabric and I noticed that they
were hard as little pebbles. The skirt was at least eight inches above
my knees and I knew that when I sat down, there was no way to hide
my ass and crotch. The pantyhose were sheer to the waist and when I
looked down I could clearly see my dark pubic hair through them. I sat
in my car for a moment and visualized all the sexually degrading things
Gloria and her friends had done to me. I suddenly realized that
not only were my nipples hard, but my vagina was wet and throbbing.

When I reached Gloria's I parked my car and entered through the back
door. I was immediately seized by both arms and a dark hood was placed
over my head. My hands were tied behind my back and I was pushed into
another room. "Don't scream and we won't have to gag you." Gloria
whispered in my ear. I felt my self being stripped by many hands, first
my pantyhose, then the skirt, and lastly the skintight sweater. I was
made to bend over and I realized that there was a table directly in front
of me. My arms were stretched out in front of me and tied securely.
My legs were spread wide apart and tied to opposite legs of the

"Jesus Christ, look at the bitch", I heard Gloria say, "vaginal fluid
is pouring out of her and its almost to her knees." I realized that
she was right, I was turned on as I had never been. My clitoris
felt as big as a golf ball and I had an empty ache in my vagina that
I had never experienced before. I hoped that Dave or one of the
guys would stick a hard cock into me at once.

I could picture myself as I must have appeared to them. Tied
hand and foot to the table with my feet just reaching the floor, love
juice oozing from my vagina and glistening in the light, breasts
mashed against the table and my anus upturned for all to see. Please
take me! I realized that I have never been this sexually aroused
in my life. Suddenly the hood was pulled off my head and I realized
I was looking at the reflection of a TV over my head in a mirror placed
directly in front of my eyes. As I slowly adjusted to the picture
I was amazed to see that it was a video of my husband Tom in Gloria's
bedroom. He was standing next to the bed and Mona had her arms
around him and was kissing him passionately. Gradually his hands
caressed her tight buns and then started squeezing them hard. The
next thing I saw was Tom pulling up her blouse and starting to suck
her nipples. The scene immediately cut to one of Mona and Tom in
bed. He was on his back with his feet toward the camera with one
of the finest erections I had ever seem him have. Mona was on her
knees with her vagina poised just above the head of his throbbing
penis. Gradually she lowered herself until he was just touching
her vaginal lips.

As I watched Tom's penis begin it's slow penetration of Mona's
tight vagina, I realized that I felt a cock at my own pussy lips.
As Mona slowly lowered herself onto my husband, someone was penetrating
me! Instantly my whole body went into spasms "OOOOOGGGGGGOOOODDDD"
cunt was now pushing hard at my cervix, and I loved it. Almost instantly,
I felt the first spurt of hot sperm flood my insides. Again and again
my r****t spurted, and I couldn't get enough. I clenched my legs
together as best I could because I knew the most gut wrenching orgasm
of my life was at hand. NOW... NOW..., OH SHIT, PUT IT BACK, PLEASE PUT IT
BACK!!! Just as I was about to come, I was empty. My cunt muscles squeezed
hard but there was nothing there. My clit was erect like a small penis and
demanded attention but I could do nothing. I pulled at the ropes, I cried,
I cursed, and I begged but my throbbing cunt was still empty. I could
feel the flood of sperm dripping out and I tried to hold it in.

Gradually I realized that Mona and Tom were still fucking right in
front of my face. I say Mona's body convulse in spasm after spasm as
she fucked my husband. I knew from the look on Tom's face that he was
getting ready to orgasm. At that moment Mona pulled herself up until
his penis was throbbing in midair. Imagine my suprise when Gloria
moved into the picture and 'deep throated' Tom's penis. He went
crazy...I have never been able to do that for him because I always
choke. Tom was thrusting his penis into Gloria's throat when he started
to orgasm. I saw the muscles in her throat start to milk the sperm from
my husband's balls. Again and again I saw him convulse as he shot
his load in Gloris's mouth. Finally he collapsed in a quivering heap
and Mona moved into the picture. She laid on the bed with her head between
Tom's legs and her face looking up into Gloria's. Slowly Gloria opened her
lips and let Tom's load drip onto Mona's open lips and curling tongue.

It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and my inner muscles
were spasming with the sheer nastiness of what I had just witnessed. I felt
the presence of someone behind me. I felt the head of a huge cock slipping
back and forth over the edges of my grasping vaginal lips but it refused
to plunge inside. The cock spread my flowing juices until I was wet
over the entire area between the top of my legs. The pressure settled
on my anus and pushed. "NOT IN THERE, YOU DIRTY COCK!!", I shrieked.
The pressure kept building against my tightly puckered entry. I was in
a haze of confused desires. Knowing that Tom had fucked Gloria was a
real turn-on, but I had never experienced anything but my doctor's finger
in my rectum. Obviously the man behind me meant to bury himself in
my ass and my only recourse would be to get it over as soon as I could.

Up my ass, then, I thought bitterly. Up my ass. That's the kind of
home you belong in, anyhow! I relaxed my rectum and thrust backward
onto the punishing club. A horrible burning sensation enveloped me at
the sudden plop. I shrieked and beat my fists against the table, but
I f***ed myself onto the shaft until I could feel its tip in the middle
of my belly. Now I had it all! I experimented with my rectum. I
realized that I had conscious control of it; I could make it relax or
I could squeeze down brutally with it. I began to squeeze and relax
as fast as I could alternate. The cock never ceased its relentless
pressure, it stayed buried deep within my body as I realized that
he was buried in shit and I could make him come in it.

I pumped my hips and gnawed at the base of the intruding prick
with my snapping anus. There was a deep groan from behind me and
I heard his breathing quicken. OK you fucker, I thought to myself,
now I've got you where I want you. I'm in charge and you're out of
control. I didn't realized that I was out of control too. The move-
ment of his cock shot charges of electricity into the barrel of my
plusing vagina and my cold determination was replaced with hot eagerness.

"MM-MM-MMHH!" I grunted. The cock withdrew until only the head
was buried in my squeezing rectum. Slowly it began a smooth pulsing
entry until it was fully sheathed and I could feel his balls bouncing
against my erect clit. "UNHH!...UNHH!...UNHH!!!!!" The cock withdrew
and thrust, again and again. Gradually the rhythm rose to a frenzy. I
felt myself yielding to a study succession of spasms and my guts writhed
around the hard fullness.

"YAAAGGHHH!!" I shouted. "AAGGHH!!!" I flattened my breasts against
the table as a raging orgasm gripped my body. My eyes bulged and the
breath caught in my throat. The wild pounding of the engouged cock
ceased abruptly and it was thrust as far and as hard into my rectum as
it would go. I feld a great surge of boiling fluid fill my belly in
the moment before I collapsed limply on the table. The was a rushing
sensation at my rectum and the cock was gone. The ache receded to my
spinctre. I realized that all my control was gone as I felt the hot
trickle spread down the insides of my thighs. I knew it was the white,
stringy remains of my r****ts lust. I closed my eyes, no longer caring.

As I gradually became aware of my surroundings, I realized that
I could hear applause! "Great job", Gloria was clapping and cheering
along with many other people, "that was the most fantastic ass-fucking
I've ever seen". Gloria and Mona stepped to the end of the table so
I could see them. They picked up the mirror in which I had been watching
the video replay of Tom's fuck and I realized to my horror that it was
a two way mirror and there was a video camera behind it! They had recorded
my every facial expression while I was getting fucked in the cunt and
in the ass.... Continue»
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the summer of 2002

Its me, spunk.

As you may have noticed, i love dark skinned woman, as one off my Xham friends quote "if it's nice, it's a fetish". This fetish started about 12 years ago. I wanted to tell the story as it is, so I might be a bit too long-winded for your taste.
Another thing, I am not a professional writer and English is not my native language. So mistakes possible.
Let me know what you think.

Xham origins: spunk85

When i was sixteen years old, i lived with my mom and s****r. she had a hard time raising us. Dad died two years earlier and it was hard for her working and raising us simultaneously. So during summer she had the brilliant idea of sending me on summer camp. Now, I am somewhat of an introvert, so the idea of spending the summer with a bunch of strangers just turned my stomach. I just didn't wanted go.
"what else are you going do?", mom asked, "game all summer?"
It didn't matter how much i begged, and believe me, i begged. It was pathetic.

Anyway, august 2nd was D-day. with a very long face i got on that bus , took my seat, pulled out my panasonic disc man and listen to music while praying for no one to come and sit next to me, and waited for it to leave. We were headed for the Ardennes. south of Belgium. That’s a 2 and a half hour journey.
We arrived on a campsite in a place called bouillon. after setting up the tent and listening to the damn instructors who were hardly 3 years older than most of us were, i eventually started making "friends". After a while we noticed that there were other groups as well. most of them were French, but one was an English group. Most off the guys literally ran over there to check the girls out.
I was way too shy for that. I still am, now that i think about it. they started whistling and winking. I was embarrassed in their place and soon disappeared like a thief in the night.
Later that day , we had a late barbeque. While talking and being cross fired with questions by my new acquaintances, I couth a girl in the corner of my eye. She was African and had this lovely light green and yellow flower summer dress. But she soon disappeared in the crowed. This is a nervy situation for me, I love beautiful women. And I had to see her! But the chitchatting continues. And so as the evening progressed I went to my tent. Listened to some music and fell asl**p.
The next day I woke up pretty early. I decided to take a look again at the large white board and check out the activities.
“I’m here, so I might as well make the best of it”, I remember saying to myself. So I did.
I heard a sigh. I looked at my left and there she stood. Nail biting. I couldn’t believe it. It was her. The same girl I saw last night. She was wearing the same dress and the white straps from her bra.
I looked back in front of me, in an attempt to hide my admiration, She was slightly shorter then I was. She had this big curly black hairdo like you see often with African girls. She had this big glasses. Now today people buy those because it fits their fashion fetish, but back in the day, you wore those because you needed them and you were probably a nerd. But I didn’t mind she was beautiful girl.

“What does “wandelen” mean?”, she asked. Still nail biting.
“euhmm… , walking, hiking, …”, I replied with a shocking voice.
When I beautiful young girl looks at me asking me something, i find it hard to concentrate on the eyes. Although she had those beautiful big dark brown eyes, my eyes could not help dropping and come to a standstill around the chest area. I’m sure she noticed it but I play it cool and stare back towards me. I’m a 15, 16 year old boy and I was in this situation before. I can’t help myself looking at breast.
“I’m soryy”, she said, “my french isn’t good”. I assumed she was Dutch speaking like I am.
So I replied in dutch, and i’ll translate “that’s ok, I speak dutch too”
“excuse me?” , she replied.
“oh, sorry, I thought you were Dutch speaking like me.”
She said she was from Brighton, if I’m not mistaken. I wasn’t really listening, because again I got fixated by her breast. I estimated them to be a C80. I started staring at the board. Again. She certainly saw it this time, she was squeezing her lips together holding her laughter. It didn’t take long before my cheeks turn red.
“great, she thinks I’m a pervert”, I remember thinking. Loving women like I do and being an introvert/shy boy, like I am doesn’t go well. I tried desperately to make small talk.
“what do you wane do ?”, I asked.
“I might stay at the camp for now, I’m not really in to sports”
“oh, I see. Neither am I”, I stumbled, “take a walk?”
“Maybe”, she replied with a smile, “ I’ll see you later, ok”
“ok.” I said.
What an awful start, and if my first impressing wasn’t bad enough, I was staring at her body as she walked away, but she turned around with those lips sealed again. Classic face palm moment. What a failure.
The day went by pretty uneventfully. I just explored the site and got to talk with one of the guys I met.

The next day, I was the first to wake up again. As I crawled out of the tent, and started stretching out my body as part of my morning routine. As I turned around to grab my stuff to shower, i see her stand right in front of me.
“hi”, she said, “good morning”.
“good morning.”, I replied.
“ I asked one of the instructors if we could take a bike and ride it to the city to explore it,” she said, “we can but we need to be back before 6pm for lunch.”
“oh, cool”, I said
“feel like taking a ride with me? I want to visit the castle, and I brought with me my camera.” She asked
“Off course.” I said, “give me minute to shower.
I enjoy showers and I usually take my time, but I was finished that day in ten minutes. We both took our bikes and it took us 25 minutes to get to the castle. We were a bit too early. Castle didn’t open yet. So we sat down and asked me where I was from.
“Ghent” i said, “It’s a small city here in Belgium.”,
“that’s nice”, she replied, “I never got your name.”
“I’m andy, you are….?”
“Alice”, she replied with a smile.
“that’s a beautiful name. you brought your camera?
Alice: “ yeah”
Me: “is it a hobby”
Alice: “kind off, I enjoy talking pictures and same the memories, from my travels”
As the conversation went on, I couldn’t help myself again. This time she was wearing a baby blue dress. Nothing fancy. A black bra. I noticed a birthmark on her right shoulder. Her cleavage was even more obvious than last time. I tried to look at them whenever I could without being caught. But most of the time, as the amateur I was, I got caught. When entering the castle we were the only ones there. It was only 9 the morning. She we had the hole place for ourselves. After 10 minutes of doing narrow stone stairs. We got on one of the towers. She started taking picture. I proposed talking a picture of her. So she stood there with her arms wide open and a big smile and took the picture. She came to me then, stood right next to me, took the camera out of my hands and took a picture of both of us. After a while I got into a room where it was pretty cold. There were three guillotines in there. She came in right after me and she said that she can tell. I play dumb off course

Me: “notice what?”
Alice: “you like me?.”
With a face wide open and completely embarrassed, staring to the ground I replied, “I’m sorry. I know its rude. I won’t…”
Alice: “you like my body?” she said with that ever so excited British accent .
Me: “uhuh”
She smiled, started looking at me like she was shy. But she wasn’t. she was the predator here.
Alice: “come here”, she said
I came to here, while she turned around she grabbed my arms and put them around hers.
Whit her left right hand she took my hands and guided it to her left breast underneath her bra and dress. Like I suspected. I nice hand full. The cold room made her nipples so hard. I started kissing her neck. I tickled her and she laughs gently.
Alice: “you enjoy what you see?.”
Me: “yes, you are so beautiful”
She put her bra and dress back in order and turned around.
Me: “I’m going kiss you”.
She smiled back and then I kissed her. My hands on her back soon find their way to her bottom. I was so hard it was impossible for me to hide it. While I was stretching her ass cheeks out she find her way to my crotch. As we were in each other’s arms I brought my hand to her leg and explored my way upwards to her ass again, I got under her knickers sliding my middle finger in her vagina. She was wet and tight. I was so scared to get caught, but I could be bothered. I was still squeezing and rubbing my crotch. She was obviously more experienced then I was. She was moaning in ear witch made me all the more exciting. I fear that I might come in my paints, but I didn’t wane say anything. I just kept fingering with one hand and holding her and squeezing her tits with the other hand. I didn’t know what do grab first. A girl made me come in a cold room inside my paints at 9.45 in the morning. I let go of her and said that we needed to stop.
Alice: “are you ok?”
Me: “yeah,..yeayea,.. sure.”, I replied somewhat happy but embarrassed at once.
Alice: “right, ok”, and again she was holding her laughter.
I took my backpack and proceeded to the next room, trying to pretend nothing was going on. Hoping for a bathroom, somewhere. Luckily for me Alice was paying more attention than I was and pointed me a bathroom. Great, she knows… another face palm moment. The next hour or so was awkward. I imaged my first experiences to be a bit less messy. But hell it was awesome. We walked some more in the castle. She was so intelligent. She knew more about my countries history then I did. And I was happy that she didn’t laugh about my mishap in the guillotine room. Around 1 pm we had lunch together and bought us a sandwich.
Alice: “why didn’t you tell me?”
Me: “tell you what?”
Alice: “ I was the first to do that with you wasn’t i?”
Me: “yes”, I replied embarrassed.
Alice: “its ok, sorry I made things messy”
Me: “no no, it was perfect”
We both laugh and paid for our lunch. The rest of the afternoon we walked around and biked back to camp. She joined her group and I did mine. During dinner she peaked to each other every now and then. And she joined me during campfire. I introduced her to the guys and the guys got introduced to her group. Around midnight we were instructed to say our goodnights and go to our tents. We kissed each other passionately.
Alice: “goodnight sweety”
Me: “goodnight”
As I was in my tent I replied the day. The castle in particular off course. I fell asl**p with the biggest smile imaginable. But alice had other plans

I still don’t know how she pulled it off, but around 1.30 pm I hear noise inside my tent. I wasn’t even aware she knew where my tent was. She was in my tent.
Me: “what are you doing?”
Alice: “don’t be so loud. They might here us, luckily you don’t share a tent and we it for ourselves"
Me “yea, …” I said amazed
Alice: “we can have some fun, its gonne be your first time right?”
Me: “yeah”
Alice smiled, sat up right, and removed her night dress and laid down again. She was brilliantly beautiful. Such a divine body. I gazed upon her for minutes while gently stroking her slim body. Her tummy with navel piercing. She enjoyed it while I was exploring and caress her. I removed my clothing as well and got on my knees.. She opened her legs and took my face with both of her hands and guided it between her legs. I was licking her pussy while she was stroking her fingers between my hair. After a while she putted both her hands around my ears letting me know the ritme. When she came she squeezed her legs together and I kept licking her while her whole body was sharing. She relaxed again and my head was on her belly.
“Come lay next to me”, she said I did and she started playing with my dick. I was so hard. She gently pulled me of while I was looking at her tits. She stopped for a second, took her hand behind my head pushed it to her breasts and pulled my dick off again. She had the most dark and small areolas. Soon I was on top of her but she stopped me. She had other plans. I laid down while she got on her knees. She speeded my legs and squeezed my balls with on hand and pulled me off with the other. When she started teasing my penis with her tongue. I took her head and f***ed it down deeper. I was the most sensational thing I ever felt. I milked my out. Clean as whistle. She swallowed the cum like breakfast. She laid down on top of me. “I’m going let you rest for a while she said” but I didn’t wanted to rest. I kept on sucking those breast and squeezed them. I was hard again before I realized it. And she saw it too. She got on top off me. My dick sliced inside her like knife through butter. She was so wet I starts feeling her moist down my inner thighs. Her inside was so creamy and warm. Scared of making too much noise she putted her finger inside my mouth. I nipped and sucked her bouncing tits. I was sitting upright sucking her boobs when we both came together. We held each other so tight. We both fell down like this on our side, with me still inside her. She started kissing me. The idea off kissing a girl after she swallowed your business, wasn’t something very pleasing. But I didn’t care. We both fell asl**p in this pose, woke up after half an hour. She didn’t wane get caught to off course so we kissed goodbye and left for her tent. As I got back inside my tent. I realized I lost my virginity to one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. The idea we probably will never see each other again in 8 days was not pleasant. But we still had 8 days. My first real vacation love was Alice, born in Kenya. And believe me, she was a Nubian princess. Sweet, kind, very smart indeed.
Now, after 12 almost 13 years later, I still think about her. Alice. And she is the reason why I love black women. I am still trying to achieve the same high as I did that summer.
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A Change of Events

Are you ready? I’ve put your luggage in the car, Susan came out I’ve spoken to the k**s, there ok and have promised to look after the dogs and no parties while were away. Yep i spoke to them as well, don’t worry there going to be ok, there 17 and 16, there good k**s. They have our mobile phone numbers and you can phone them when we get there. Yes your right, Susan got in the car buckled up and off we went. This was the first time we had been away for ages, well since the k**s had been born.

Susan and I have been married for 20 years, we have been through our high points and low points, i had finished in the Army and had started my civilian job, the problem was, it was 94 miles from where we lived near her mum and dad. She didn’t want to move, so I had to live in this terrible bed sit, well one thing led to another She was a single woman, we met at work and I went to the gym to keep myself occupied, she wanted to go and we both went together, I helped train her and as she had been married before and but it didn’t work, she had taken this job to get away, she was from a Pakistani f****y, she wanted to get away for her upbringing and wanted to be as we are in this country. Well it all happened as we were working on a project together, I went to her flat, as where i was it was very boring, well as we worked one night, we started drinking, we started joking and k**ding ourselves. We fell onto her settee, and just looked at each other and we started kissing, we both hadn’t had sex for ages, and both fucked each other all night. She liked to be on top so going upstairs she mounted me and slowly fucked me, she liked to hold onto the headboard and rode me as i fingered her clit and sucked her tits. She was a very good enthusiast fuck. Well i got her to wear, stocking and i got her a really big dildo, she didn’t know i had, one night, i was licking her clit from behind, i slowly put it in her, and kept licking her, she didn’t realise what was going on, she just loved it, riding it hard as i shoved it deep into her wet cunt. It was only when i turned it on, that she realised it, it took her by surprise, as she had never used one before. When i asked her if she liked it after we had finished fucking, she said yes but her religion didn’t allow it, well to cut a long story short, she started to become very religious and a lot of people at work started to cold shoulder her, well she got even more out spoken, she wanted me to go with her, but i didn’t want to so she left and i patched it up with Susan.

Well it took a while to get over it, and it had, Susan agreed to move over to where I worked, we settled down and our sex life took off again, I wanted to get a bit adventurous, and so did Susan, she started to write to inmates in the US, and to men in Australia, she came to me one day and asked if I wound mind taking photos of here in sexy underwear, well, this sounded exciting to me, so after what I had done, I thought I owed it to her. She we started taking photos of her; we bought sexy underwear for her, and went out to the fields and in the bedroom and living room, anywhere she and I thought would be a good photo location, at first Susan was very nervous, but i encouraged her and she started to enjoy it and really get into this type of internet sex. I got her didlo’s she liked using then, the rabbit her favourite. So the more she enjoyed it the more adventurous she got. The guys in Australia and in particular one guy, asked her for more and more, they wanted her to do different positions and with sexy underwear they described to her. She has some really good sexy photos i took for her, and put them on her PC what they wanted, and to send across. This guy sent her pictures of his hard cock, it was really big, and a series of pictures of his cock, wanking it till he cum. He put them in a word doc with a story describing what he wanted to do with his cock and to Susan. I had been monitoring Susan’s emails and had read this and many others. It was very erotic and sexually exciting, when she came to me the next day, she asked if we could take some more photos of her on the bed, looking like she was asl**p but playing with herself, i said well don’t forget to use your dildo’s so who ever its for he want be disappointed, she looked very nervous, i used this to make my move, what’s up, has he sent you some really erotic photos has he described what he wants to do to you? She said after a while well yes, my cock was rock hard in my trousers, really? Why don’t we read it together? You want be annoyed will you? No, i said you can do this to spice up our sex life, she looked relieved, ok, she started up her PC, and brought up the email with the attachment. I said, why don’t you get your kit on, lay on the bed, think about it as you play with yourself, hang on, i will read it to you, and you can imagine him doing what’s in the word doc, yes let’s do that, she said excited, i realised Susan liked the fantasy of it all the excitement, it really turned her on.

She got changed into a deep red black laced bask, black stocking all the way up and thigh high boots the PVC type that cling to you. I got the camera ready and positioned the PC on the cabinet so i could take photos and read the doc. Susan settled herself down, just start touching yourself all over, i shall just take a series of photos, she started touching her tits and squeezing her nipples, her hands went all over her body along her stockings her boots and onto her clit which was covered by a thin black lace throng. I was taking a load of photos, close up middle range and capturing the whole room.

Starting to read the doc, he was a fattish guy nothing to look at but sort of cheeky the sort of thing that women like, but he had a big thick cock. Well Susan he started, this is what I think of the last photos you sent to me, see how big my cock is, i want to feel you all over lick you tits and suck you clit till you screaming, i want to tie you up spread eagle and really play with you. This big cock I’m going to shove it down your throat and make you suck and gag on it, i want my balls sucked hard. Then I’m going to ram it in your wet hole, I’m not to be gentle you want it hard and fast and you’re going to get it. All the way in, fucking you and pulling your arms back, them I’m going to fuck your arse, hard as well, you dirty bitch you want to be fuck and satisfied, you don’t look like you’re getting it eh, well I’m going to give it to you long hard and fast, Susan was by now well into fingering her hole and clit, i took the dig dildo and pushed it into her wet hole, she gasped, but put both her hands on it and pushed it in and out of her with her legs wide apart. I took photos of it all, and with only my hand in view i fingered her clit, she came with an all mighty orgasm screaming and shouting yes, yes fuck me hard ram in me, you big cocked barstard fuck my arse do me fuck me all. Well, i just had to fuck her, i pulled her over and rammed my cock in her, with the dildo i fuck her arse and used the dildo on her we pussy, she came again and again, really loving it, go on fuck me don’t stop this is fantastic keep reading. I went on with the story till he had his cock shooting his load all over his hand, there he said I’m going to rub this in your tits, then you going to suck me hard again, then I’m going to tie you over the table, and my fried is coming over to fuck and you suck us both. Well, this really was a new level, I had read this but i wanted to see Susan’s reaction to this, as i was reading this I was also fucking her, she had her eyes closed and was cumming yes she moaned, bring him on you can both fuck my pussy till it hurts, fuck me till I scream for mercy!

We finished her sex session, did you like it i asked? Yes she said it was very exciting erotic and adventures, fantasying about it then fingering myself getting that dildo in me it was so big, do you think his cock is that big, well i said it may be bigger you cannot judge to well, i thought good, i shall get her a big 12 inch one see how she takes that, it was always a fantasy of mine to see Susan getting fucked by another guy or guys, i think this proves she would be up for it if the circumstances where right. Ok i said, let me get these off the camera, sort out the definition and put them on your PC, ok, then Susan said, why don’t you help me write the reply, i jumped at the chance, good idea, sort of from a man’s prospective what he would be expecting to hear, yes that’s it, ok, only if you get more sexy kit on so i can play with you, that way you’re writing it in a very sexy mood, so he gets really excited, good Susan smiled, let me wash then we can begin.

Susan went and had a quick shower, came back and got dressed in a very sexy short black dress black high heeled shoes black stockings suspender belt front opening bra. I had the photos ready. We got down to the reply. Susan started the reply with a fantasy, she wanted to meet him in a motel, he came in feeling her she slowly went down to his trousers and got his cock out and sucked him hard, he undressed her to her stockings and fucked her in every way he wanted, as she was writing this, i helped with the man’s bit’s and played with her. She added the photos and sent it off. We had a great sex afternoon acting it out.

This was a period of great sexual fantasies, the guy she emailed with this sex session was going ape shit, and he sent back photos after photos of himself. I helped Susan with her replies and photos. We went out for walks with her sexy clothing on as he wanted, loads of photos, i kept the under lying theme of going with other men. This guy loved that, he sent photos of him and other guys with their cocks out, telling Susan how they wanted to fuck her all together. Susan was really getting excited with this idea. She became more interested each time, she got them to explain what exactly they wanted to do to her, and what they wanted her to do. So what happened? Well, one weekend, she went to her mothers, when she was there she bumped into an old friend of her Dads, he phoned her and sent text messages, she wrote a letter to him, and they phoned each other, i happened to read one of the text messages he said i should have fucked you 20 years ago, we agreed to let her carry this on, as she liked the excitement of it all. Then one week she said she wanted to go and see him, well ok i had done it, and i thought well if i have if she wanted to... she said she found the idea at first not to her liking but the way the guys she was emailing made it sound, she was very curious to see what it was like, she said i want to see how it feels with another man. So we packed her overnight bag, and she went up to his place. She stayed three days, when she came back, she was quiet, i said ok what’s the matter? well did you fuck him, she was defensive at first, but then looked at me well yes we went out to his local pub, i had got changed in his place, ok what did you wear? well he told me what he wanted, tight short dress, stockings suspenders, G string and my front opening bra, he is much older than me well yes he’s nearly the same age as your Dad, yes i know that’s the weird thing, at times it felt very odd and times it felt ok, we had loads to drink, and chatted and laughed, the men at his pub, kept on saying to him who’s this then you’re young bit of fuck? He kept saying yer, she is, he looked and sounded like the guy from Australia, nothing special to look at but there was a basic ruggedness about him something that draws women to a sort of down and dirty fucking. We came out of there and got a taxi back to his place, he has hard hands and he rubbed me all over, it felt as if i wasn’t in control, her pushed me on the bed, and pushed my dress up pulled my G string out of the way his big hard hands and his big thick fingers where in my pussy , he got me so wet, it was really erotic and i just lost control, her turned me over and pulled my are upwards and rammed his cock in me, just like the guy described on the emails. His cock is very thick and it felt so different in me, stretching my cunt, he was just fucking me, no finesse grunting as he pumped his cock in and out, the whole thing was so base but so fucking great, it’s hard to describe it, but i just lost it and fucked his cock as he rammed it in. He wanted to fuck my arse but i wouldn’t let him, So It was different, with another man, his cock felt different, everything about it was different, but you just admitted you found it exciting, yes i did, it was so exciting, so are you going to see him again? Yes, i want to try this for a while, i know Susan, she gets into things has fun then becomes bored, i helped her chose her underwear, and he bought her kit as well. She had a few months of sex fun. Well as predicted it stopped, he was mucking her around. So we were going away to draw a line under it.

Getting to the hotel we booked in, went out and generally looked around. We had dinner that night, i ordered a bottle of wine to our room, while Susan was getting ready, before going to this weekend, i had been to the porno shop and had a good chat with the guy running it, he had this pick me up he called it, he said put this in her drink, before she eats, it takes about 1 hour but it will drop all her hang ups and the more she drinks the more sexy she gets, you can get her to do anything you want, it really heightens her sex drive, it makes her like a MILF. i poured us both a glass, but making sure she has the lot in her glass. Getting dressed myself, we had music on in the back ground and the lights low, Susan had put on a trouser suit, as i was in the shower, she came in with two more glasses of wine, do you think this is okay? Well i said from the shower, did you bring anything more revealing i laughed, she giggled ok I shall have a look, finishing off my shower, i got out drying myself with a raging hard on, going into the bedroom with my cock leading the way Susan was standing by the bed, well what do you think? She has on a black velvet one piece dress very short, it came just under her arse, if she bent over even slightly, you could see her arse and skin tight, it was very open cut at the back down to the small of her back and very low cut at the front, black suspender tights with seams, high heeled black open shoes purple see through throng, finishing it off with her black bra that opened at the front, well? Well i said look at me dose that answer your question? Oh yes it does, she slowly wanked my cock, and sitting on the bed suck me really slowly, that’s good, well that’s all for now, later she smiled, get dressed, we having dinner, getting dressed i thought to myself, the guy said it took about an hour to work, but then i did pour the whole bottle in her drink, good this could be a very interesting night, putting the small digital camera in my pocket we went for dinner.

Going into the restaurant, Susan got a lot of admiring looks, and a lot of women with envious looks. We sat down and while we were eating i was touching her legs, she was gripping my cock we both giggled like small k**s, in the back ground, we heard and saw a big party going on, speaking to the waiter, her said it was a business convention and everyone is welcome to join, come on Susan let’s make a night of it, yes she laughed let’s do that. We got up from the table and went into the party, it was full of people, i guided Susan to the bar, and picked a spot next to two black guys. Can we use that stool guys? Yer sure they said, no problem for a good looking lady, Susan thanked them and got herself up on the stool, she was showing a lot of leg, and her dress rode up so much you could easily see the gusset of her purple throng, which see didn’t do anything to cover up these guys were looking all over her, i stood behind her, they introduced themselves, Steve and Matt, they were over from the States for this big international convention. I got us all drinks, Susan was flirting with them like mad it was really fantastic for me; i hope my fantasy comes true, so far so good. Both of them where leaning over Susan and making the conversation even more flirtatious Susan was loving it, she was really responding to these guys, she had a thing she told me once about black guys, well let’s see, i was watching Steve and Matt, they were brushing Susan’s legs now and then with their hands, Susan was responding by i noticed, opening her legs slightly, i said i have to go to the toilet, can you guys look after Susan i smiled, Yer sure no problem take your time, i went off but doubled back, with me away, they started to touch Susan, first her legs rubbing them all the way up to her sex, and i noticed under dress, i knew they were playing with her clit, she sort of sat up straight, and her head went back a bit, yep, there fingering her, they didn’t see me, they were too busy getting into Susan, Matt, was stroking her back and Steve was putting his hand in side her dress and squeezing her tits. Then i watched as Steve leant over and started to whisper, Susan pulled his head round with both hands and whispered her reply into his ear, he started kissing her neck, Susan really was responding, she lent her neck over for more of it to be kissed, she then turned her lips and kissed him erotically, putting her hand round his neck and pulling him really close. She had turned to Steve and i watched as he positioned himself between her legs he was touching her legs as he was in between them and wide apart so he easily run his hand up the front of her thighs and disappeared up her dress, showing her suspender tights and purple throng, he lent forward to whisper in her ear again Susan looked around a bit and nodded, i knew he was playing with her pussy as she put her head on his shoulders, i noticed a small rhythmic movement, oh her hips, as he fingered her sex. Matt was up close behind her, feeling her from behind. His hands covered her tits and rubbed her thighs from behind, There was some very heavy kissing and touching going on, no one else was even looking everyone was there for fun. Matt moved round a bit so both of them where in front of Susan, they both where using their hands on her to great effect, Susan’s hands moved so she was feeling Steve’s and Matt’s cocks she looked down and in that silent movie situation, i could imagine what she was saying to them both, they both smiled at her and held her hands on their cock, moving them so she was wanking them hard. Both the guys lent into Susan and whispered in each ear, smiling as they did, she was smiling back and started looking round for me, if I’m not wrong it could have been lets go back to your room and you can get our cocks out and we can really fuck you.

Ok, let’s move this on to the next level, i walked back over, they didn’t see me, they were too busy, standing behind Susan’s stool, i watched them literally fucking each other, well I’m back, they sort of disengaged but i noticed Steve stayed between Susan’s legs and his hands still stroking her thighs, Susan had that faraway look, well it looks like you guys have really be looking after Susan, they smiled yer she is one piece of woman who really needs looking after, looking at Susan, well Susan do you need these guys to really look after you? She said oh yes they want to and so do i. Ok let’s go to our room so you guys can look after her, she really needs it. We all left, getting to out room, i let them in and said make your selves comfortable, I’ll go and get more wine, ok you do that where going to start looking after Susan, i said with a smile yes you guys do that, give her a real good looking after. Getting four bottles, i went back to the room, slowly letting myself in, they were all on the bed, both of the guys had their clothes off, and Susan was sucking them both hard, they were big! They had her tits out, her dress up round her waist, both of them where squeezing her tits and fingering her. Susan was like a woman possessed, sucking wanking, moaning, everything. Steve moved down to her cunt and started licking her she was letting out small intense screams, moaning and gyrating, that’s it, lick my pussy ,lick it hard, ahh that’s it get your fingers in me don’t stop, Matt, held her head and fuck gagged her mouth, umm, it’s so big, yes baby suck it take it all, suck my balls, Steve got up and positioned her legs with his really big cock at the entrance to her wet sex, ok Susan now we get down to some good hard sucking and fucking gripping her arse he rammed his cock deep into her cunt, she tensed up holding Matt’s cock fuck it’s so fucking big, its filling me so much, fuck what a feeling, Yer baby it is and you going to get it all, ahh fuck it’s so fucking big, it feels like is going to come out of my mouth! this is the best fuck ever, yer baby when you’ve had black you never look back, yes i see why ahh that’s it fuck me like that, fuck my pussy make it hurt, yer we will you’re going to feel like out cocks are still in you for a week! Steve started to fuck her hard and fast with long deep strokes, she was gasping screaming begging for more yer do that i what that feeling, Matt was ramming his cock in her mouth, she was cumming time after time, i just sat there watching the show, and taking the best porno photos ever, and yes i filmed it every bit of it. What a show. They used her and fucked her hard and fast all night everywhere in the room, they greased her arse and both of them fucked her arse, her cunt her mouth. She was well and truly looked after.

The guys left our room in the early hours, leaving Susan sprawled out on the bed, in a satisfied, sl**p, well that’s guys I think you really looked after her, yes we did and she did have a nice tight pussy, not any more, as a matter of interest, what where you guys whispering to her at the bar? How did you know that? Well you guys where to busy fingering Susan and touching her i was standing just a few feet away watching the show, well we started by asking if she had ever been with a black man before? She just said no i haven’t but always wanted to see if it’s true they have huge cocks that’s where we knew she wanted to fuck. Ok and she did, when do you guys go home? Where here till tomorrow, really, well so are we, want a repeat performance? Yep, ok I shall get her dressed up your place say 7? Oh yer we can give her a going away fuck marathon, yes that’s what she needs. She had her clothing on but what a sight, they just left her there, legs open tits out covered in there, black cocks cum, all over her face her tits and oozing out of her cunt what a site, and yes I filmed the scene all of it. While I left Susan sl**ping, I down loaded all of the pics and videos onto the laptop, changed the batteries for new ones ready for tonight, had a shower and lay down on the bed to a satisfied sl**p.

Susan woke up in the early afternoon, stretching herself, she looked around, i had got up earlier and got showered and dressed, what time is it? 3.30 In the afternoon how you feeling? She reached down to her cunt stretched and aching, wow that was fantastic. They were so big, and didn’t they fuck me, i felt so used. God it feels like there still in me, that Steve, he was a really big cocked guy and he can really pump his meat. Well, you need to have a shower get something to eat if you’re hungry and get dressed, why? Because those guys, they’re not going back to night its tomorrow, and where invited to their room with some of their friends at 7. What! Your joking, oh no, they liked fucking you so much they want to give you a good fuck farewell. Susan sat there taking it all in, Steve especially, his last words where I’m looking forward to stretching her sweet pussy tonight and if she’s not here I’m coming round to get her. Not allowing her to think i took her hand and lead her into the bathroom, you get showered, I’ll find you something to wear, fixing Susan a drink, making sure it was heavily laced with that magic potion, thinking to myself, what can I get her to wear? There’s going to be lots of couples there, so it sounds like a swapping party, so I need Susan to be the main attraction, looking through her bag, I found a red sheer one piece sleeveless dress made of a stretch material that clung to the body low cut at the front, it was very short, at the very top of her thigh. Another pair of dark sheer crutchless tights, no knickers and bra this time, to finish it off, high heeled black shoes, Good she would look fantastic in this and a big advertisement saying come on fuck me. Susan got out of the shower, oh my pussy it aches, its throbbing she put her leg up on the bed and pulled her lips apart, her cunt was red and looked well fucked, in fact, you could see her clit slightly pulsating, well you’re going to get a lot more tonight, i have selected these for you , i bet your going to be well and truly used and abused tonight, looking at the cloths on the bed Susan smiled yes in those i am, i moved over and sitting on the bed, Susan stated putting on her sexy cloths, i watched her put on her makeup, Susan looked fantastic, handing her the glass of wine i said well here’s to another experience for you, oh yes I’m looking forward to this, in one gulp she downed her drink, great, she’s really into this, grabbing the keys and the camera we went to the guys room and knocked on their door, looking at Susan, she was all excited, well, I have found out something more about her, she loves this, dirty bitch, Steve opened the door, hi guys come on in, well you look so good Susan, as he gave her a big hug and a really passionate kiss, Susan returned it with excited passion, his hands where all over her, as his big hands found her sex, no knickers eh? So you’re already, yes I am, and she added don’t worry Susan you’re not going to be disappointed, filled up , but not disappointed. Glancing down I saw Steve’s fingers, where wet! Holding Susan round the waist, Steve led us into the room.

The lights where low and soft music was playing in the back ground, there were six other couples in the flat. Steve introduced us to them all, now where all here, let’s get the party going, he handed Susan a drink, and leading her over to sofa he sat down with her. Getting a drink, and looking for some where to sit, a young African woman came over and holding my arm said come and sit with me and my husband, smiling I went with her and sat opposite Susan and Steve. The atmosphere was electric; every woman there was dress to kill, you could feel everyone waiting for the start, people’s eyes were looking at each other sort of, who I fancy here looks, Loti and her husband who I was now sitting with, where from the same organisation as Steve and Matt. Well, your company or who you guys work for is really something, is this what you guys do when you go on these conference meeting? Yer, we do, it’s only once or twice a year when we get out half yearly get together within our organisation, well why not? We not hurting anyone, and we want to experiment without any complications. Well yes, why not indeed? Steve interrupted, ok here’s the game, we all pick a card, the lowest losses the highest has to give the lowest a task, anything you want! Everyone was excited with this, so Steve dealt out the cards one each, well as you can imagine Susan got the lowest, and Matt got the highest, Ok Susan, i want you to lay on the table in the middle of the room, and I’m going to blind fold you, you have to guess who’s tongue is licking your pussy, Susan got up, smiling, she lay on the table, Matt got up and blind folded her, and he tied her arms to the legs of the table, i was expecting Matt to start licking her, but Loti, stood up and whispered in my ear, i like licking a woman’s pussy and you wife’s pussy looks sweet, she moved across and spread Susan’s legs open, slowly playing with her clit with her fingers, Susan started to squirm and moan, OOOH God that’s so good, Loti, got her tongue to work on Susan’s clit, her fingers going in and out of her, as only a woman knows, Susan was building up to a big orgasm, everyone was looking intensely at this sex play, and a lot of the couples where touching each other as it got more erotic. Susan came with a big screaming orgasm, pleading for more. Loti, got up and came and sat down, Matt untied her and took the blind fold off, well Susan, who’s tongue was that, God i don’t know, but I want more it was a fantastic cunt licking. Ok as you don’t know, you have to sit down, but your forfeit is you have to take your dress off. Susan slowly dropped it to the floor, leaving her crutchless stocking on and her high heels, she sat down next to Steve and Matt, Steve dealt the cards again, and as he did this, he and Matt had one of Susan’s legs over their laps, and where blatantly fingering her cunt and playing with her tits, Susan had her hands on their cocks.

Loti, whispered in my ear, your wife taste delicious, i must lick her pussy again, before Steve could call the cards, she moved across and planted her face straight into her pussy, Steve and Matt, held her legs, as Loti licked Susan to another orgasm. Oh My God, I’ve never had my cunt licked by a woman, as she squirmed and bucked Loti’s husband got up dropped his trousers and got out a huge cock, he walked across and Loti, guided it into Susan’s wet cunt AAAAHHHH, Fuck that’s so fucking big, its stretching my cunt so much I’m going to explode, without a word he started to pump Susan with big long deep strokes, getting faster and faster, everyone was looking at this and cheering him on, go on, fuck her hard, fill her ram it into the bitch she wants to fuck, yes fuck me fuck me hard. Loti carried on licking her cunt and her husband’s cock as he pumped her pussy, another guy got up went round the back of the sofa holding Susan’s head, he got his hard cock out and rammed it deep into her throat, fucking her hard, he didn’t last long, Susan was sucking hard and he groaned and shoot his cum down her throat. He pulled his cock out and immediately it was replaced with another. All the guys had their cocks out and where taking it in turns to fuck Susan. It descended into an orgy, everyone was fucking anyone, Susan got the most attention, i sat back and let Loti suck my cock as i watched Susan get the fucking of her life, not only was she getting fucked in every hole now, but the guys and girls where turning her over, fucking her from behind, holding her over some guys cock and lowing her onto it, she had cocks in her arse, cunt, mouth, women licking her fingering her, at one point, she had cocks in her cunt, arse and mouth, a woman licking her clit and sucking which ever cock was pounding her pussy, another woman rubbing her cunt over her mouth and licking her clit, in-between Susan sucking a cock.

Loti, rode me as i sat back gyrating on my cock a good long satisfying fuck. She told me as she fucked me that they as a group got together on their company trips and fucked. If they could find any other couples like-minded or just wanted to experience swinging away from their homes without any hang ups well, she said why not. I shot my load in her and she sucked my hard again. This went on all night, Susan was completely fucked, and we left in the early hours, went back to our room and collapsed. We left in the morning and drove home, going over this incredible weekend, Susan said she found it the most exciting time of our lives, looking at her, i said well we can always be there next time there in town, I smiled yes let’s do that, as long as no one finds out, don’t worry who would? Loti, said there always discrete, i also had her number, so we can phone her, yes let’s do that, good i said as i drove, there back her in three weeks and the guys have already got me to book you in there for a return fucking, as Steve said as we left your pussy should have stopped aching and be ready for more, you never? Yep, i did, oh and in your bag is the video they made, your joking nope I’m not, it’s a little extra, so when where home and we have cleaned up you can watch yourself getting the fuck of your life. Oh yes i cannot wait, nor can I .Here’s to next time.

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Cindy is the Center of Attention

Being invited to a party was a rare thing but we decided to go as we had f****y visiting to watch the k**s. We arrived at our friend Stephen’s house who was hosting the party where there seemed to be more guys than women. The music was going and the beer and alcohol flowing freely. You got ready putting on makeup, doing your hair and dressing yourself in a nice pair of shorts, a leopard print cami and your nicer pair of flip flops. Me, on the other hand was dressed in my usual of a plain t-shirt, jeans, and a new pair of work boots. We left the house to make the short drive to Stephen’s at 8:00 pm in the truck. Arriving we seen that he had a decent crowd and since he lived on a decent size of property there was still plenty of places to park the truck. We parked in the yard and proceeded in the house where as soon as Stephen seen he came over thanking us for coming over and then took us to introduce us to his other friends and guest. They were a good number of couple there but most of the guys and some of the women there were single.
Stephen then offered us a drink and being me I kept it simple and got me a beer while you asked for a Long Island ice tea. We started to mingle with some of the other people there but before much longer you decided to go off and talk to some of the women rolling your eyes and smiling as me and the guys started to talk guy stuff. I noted some of the guys there were staring at you every now and then especially the unattached guys. It turned me on as I knew I had an attractive wife so I would just kind of smile when I noticed. You got to the women and of course started to talk of subjects women talk about to include who they thought was hot at the party. Most of them were drinking mixed drinks which only made the alcohol flow freely though you paced yourself as I was with the beer. Most of the guys had went out to the porch to include myself talking the subjects of guys and talking of women of which turned to the ones who showed up the majority being quit attractive. One of the guys mentioned you and the things he would like to do to you if he could wondering what guy brought her to which I spoke up “that is my wife” as I laughed as I knew we were having a good time to which he started to apologize and I told him “don’t worry as to me it is a compliment!” He just laughed and went on as I listened. Stephen, knowing that I knew of him and your affair along with our threesome just a couple weeks earlier, just lowered his head and smiled at my reply back.
As the night went on some of the couple started to leave with a lustful eye to go and fuck but you and I stayed as this was our night out and wanted to continue to have a good time away! You joined us on the back deck Stephen built enjoying our conversation smiling and laughing at times chiming in. I started that the guys on the deck were staring at you in that way as you at time flirted with some off to the side. All the guys, with the exception of me, were single but always looking for a good fuck. As we started to head back in you and I were thinking of leaving but Stephen convinced us to stay as he enjoyed our company since some of his other single friends would drive him up the wall at times and like our down to earth fun and conversations. Not wanting to leave him high and dry we went inside to join the remaining group there.
Besides Stephen and I there you were eight other guys still there as the couple had left along with some of the single guys with some of the single women who showed up for the most party. You we were now the only woman left but continued to have a good time so I wasn’t going to leave as I was still having a good time talking to the other guys. I noticed you sit down by Stephen on the couch which I just looked over at you two and smiled going back to my conversation. More and more I noticed that guys still there started to look at you more lustfully to which you even noticed and smiled at them. Stephen decided to become a little playful and leaned over placing his lips on yours as you took him in wrapping your hands around his neck as he ran his hands down to your crotch rubbing your pussy through your shorts. The guys there started to yell out in excitement as he did as I looked on coming up with an idea that could be fun for everyone.
As you and Stephen broke lip contact you smiled at him telling him you need to get some water as you sat there for a bit. One of the guys leaned in to ask me “hey that is your wife and you don’t mind” to which I replied “no she is being playful which bodes well later” in which he just smiled and laughed lightly “sounds like you two are going to have some fun tonight”. As you got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen I went over to Stephen who also stood up to talk to some of the guys watching telling him “I think the guys could use a little fun don’t you” to which he looked at me and smiled saying “that would drive this bunch nuts”. I walked away following you to the kitchen coming up behind you placing my hands on your hips and lightly kissing your neck before you asked “so do you want to have some fun tonight” to which you replied with “what do you think but later sweetie” smiling. I walked back to the living room behind you from the kitchen and as we got to the middle I grabbed your hips stopping you dead center. The guys and Stephen looked on as I turned you around to give you a good passionate kiss which drove the bunch wild slowly taking my hand up your back undoing your bra which didn’t surprise you too much as you smiled at me. As you turned back around I once again placed my hands on your hips though this time bringing you close ran your shirt up taking your bra with it exposing your tits to the guys.
Stephen started walking over smiling as the guys just stared at your naked top half. You were surprised at first then asked flirtatiously “so do you like what you see” to them not expecting what was coming next thinking I was going to take you to one of the bedrooms there after. Stephen stepped in front of you smiling as he took his hands slowly down to the top of your shorts with a few of the guys yelling out “your blocking my view”. He didn’t stop a beat a I held your hips firm as he unbuttoned then unzipped your shorts to which you asked surprised and in a low voice “what are you doing” to which Stephen smiled and I leaned and whispered “giving the guys the full view” as I then kissed you on the neck as Stephen took your shorts and panties running them down your legs fully exposing your body to the guys there.
You stood there nude to all of us a little shocked but more excited to what would happen next. As Stephen stood back up we stood just behind to either side of you as the guys took in the view. Stephen then asked his guest “What do you think of the party favor for tonight?” to which the guys still just stared and you still a little nervous looked at him. The guys started to come over to us as Stephen told them “guest get the first feel” as the guys started to make their way toward your nude body.
As some of the guys started to undress the others came to you staring taking in your nude body. They started to touch your tits with Bryan running his hand along your pussy. Still a little shocked at what had happened; you started to loosen up as the first few guys that came to you started to massage your tits and play with your clit and pussy. You started to relax quite a bit as these guys were messing with you only wondering what would be next. Bryan came in for a kiss as he played with your pussy to which you tilted and turned your head accepting his lips. You let loose as looking down as the other guys played with your body. The other group of guys now fully undressed came over to replace the guys messing with you as they backed off to do the same and Stephen and I started to undress as well.
Instead of messing with you Ian and Aaron took your hands leading you to the couch sitting you on the edge of the lounge portion then started to fondle your tits while Anthony reached between your legs to feel your pussy. He exclaimed out to us “she wants our dick’s as her pussy is wet and ready” which brought a smile to all of us. At that moment Anthony spread your legs out to the side getting on his knees and started to lick your pussy. As he was licking your pussy the Ian started to caress your tits as Owen slightly at an angle to your body crouched down to start sucking and kissing flipping is tongue across your tit. The rest of us watched you get worked orally and your tits as you smiled watching partially sat up. At that moment Brad propped himself up on the cushion of the couch stroking his cock. Glancing over you took his cock in your hand stroking it for him then slowly took it into your mouth sucking it while your tits and pussy got worked. It was turning me on watching but wanted to see more.
Anthony licking your pussy worked you as you felt the cock in your mouth tense up. Brad then leaned over enough to lean into your mouth as he started to fuck you mouth with his cock. You started to orgasm from your pussy being licked working the cock in your mouth even more starting to feel the man’s warm pre-cum on your tongue. As you climaxed from being licked Brad could hold on no longer letting loose with a load of cum into your mouth. Your lips held onto his cock taking the warm cum in as you came down from one orgasm swallowing some of his cum with most moistening your lips for the next cock. No sooner than Anthony got up from between your legs David came in with a hard cock. He slowly rubbed it up and down your pussy lips that were extremely wet then slid it in. As he was slowly rubbing his cock Ian came over taking Brad’s place by your head.
As the David was fucking you, you let loose of the cock in your mouth for a moment telling the guys between breaths “I want you all to cum in me” which made David start to fuck you harder as you You slowly started to stroke Ian’s cock as David fucked you as Ian massaged your tit with his hand. You turned taking Ian’s cock into your mouth. The rest of us stroked our cocks waiting our turn either in your mouth or your pussy as we watched. You continued to suck Ian’s cock as David fucked you only letting go to catch your breath. Davis start to tense up letting go with a good load of cum in your pussy with Owen ready to take his place.
Ian took his cock from your mouth stepping back allowing Aaron to take his place. David stepped back from between your legs after putting every bit of his cum in your pussy. Owen spread your legs further apart as he stepped in sliding his cock in your pussy. You smiled as Owen slid in his cock into a pussy that was filling up with cum. Aaron slowly rubbed his cock along your lips as you slowly opened your mouth slowly sliding it in as he lifted your head up slightly helping you take his cock. Owen placed his arms to either side of you leaning over slightly as he fucked you pussy watching you working Owen’s cock with your mouth. Anthony looked on off to the side stroking his black cock as you glanced over with your eyes slightly smiling with Aaron’s cock in your mouth. As you started to orgasm again Aaron took the back of your head keeping your mouth on his cock controlling the motion of your lips up and down his shaft. As Owen started to cum in your pussy you started to feel the warmth of Aaron’s cum in your mouth as he held your face close to his body making you to taste and take his cum. Owen slowly slid his cock out as Anthony started to come over which you didn’t notice until Aaron finally took his hand from behind your head after he sent his cum into your mouth. Anthony smiled at you as you smiled back.
Anthony flipped you over on your stomach lifting your hips up as you put your arms down to support your body. Aaron left your side as Galvan got onto the couch on his knees positioning his cock in front of you. You reached one hand up gently massaging his balls then ran your hand up his stiff cock knowing what he wanted. Anthony hit his cock on your ass cheek the slowly ran it down to your pussy asking “are you ready for some dark meat” to which you replied “yes I am”. He slowly slid his cock his cock into your pussy as you moaned feeling it filling your pussy until his cock was deep inside feeling his balls up against your clit. You moaned out “that feels so good and has been awhile since I had dark meat” to which Anthony smiled. Before he began to fuck you he reached to your hair pulling your head slightly back he told you “take Galvan’s cock in your mouth” to which you did and started to suck his cock as Anthony let go of your hair. He slowly started to fuck your moans muffled by another cock in your mouth. I came over to your side and reached down to play with your tits that were bouncing as Anthony fucked you hearing your muffled moans as Anthony’s fucking guided your head along Galvan’s cock. His black hands were on your hips as he thrusted his cock deep into you. I watched as Anthony fucked you and you had a cock in your mouth only making me hornier but I knew it wasn’t my turn yet as the others still had not had a go at you. Anthony started to fuck you harder making it difficult to keep your grasp on Galvan’s cock as you felt his cock starting to really tense up knowing what was about to happen. With a few more hard thrust Anthony let loose of a very large load of cum deep into you not letting any bit be wasted.
As Anthony pulled his cock from your pussy Galvan got up as I took his place and Ian came around for his turn to fuck you. We were unsure if Ian would be able to pleasure you after Anthony but we were waiting to see. You stared and smiled at me your head slightly above my hard cock with you now on your arms with one hand stroking my cock as I asked smiling “you aren’t having fun are you” to which you just smiled at me asking “what do you think” as you slowly took my cock in your mouth. Ian wasted no time in putting his cock into you as you felt it enter your pussy. As he started to fuck you I would run my hand through your hair as you sucked my cock. Ian started to fuck you hard and fast and as you sucked my cock I could feel that he was working his smaller cock in you well as you would stop at times but you continued sucking my cock between the sensations of his cock sliding up the front inside of your pussy hitting those spots giving you pleasurable sensation. Ian never let up with his cock in your pussy as I could tell you were being pleasured quit well by his cock. I watched as you sucked my cock and Ian fucking you. Ian let loose with a couple hard thrust into your pussy putting his cum into you as I started to feel myself cum you worked my cock running your lips all the way down as you felt my cock throbbing ready to cum. I let loose a load of cum as you took your head down all the way on my cock letting my cum flow in taking every bit of my cum. As you took your head off my cock you smiled saying “I can’t wait for your turn in my pussy”.
Aaron came over standing you up and placing you back on your back with your head now toward the edge of the lounge. Your head was supported by a solid cushion Stephen placed under you to lift your head higher. As he did Bryan, Stephen, and Anthony came up around you with Anthony standing at your head stroking his cock above you with Bryan and Stephen to either side of you. As Aaron worked his way between your spread legs you smiled up at Anthony stroking his cock as you took Bryan and Stephen’s cock in your hands. Once Aaron got you the way he wanted you he took his cock slapping your clit with it as he leaned over you slightly sliding his cock into your messy pussy supporting his body with his arms. You took Bryan’s cock into your mouth as Aaron started to fuck you continuing to stroke Stephen’s cock. As Aaron fucked you, you switched to Stephen’s cock stroking Bryans cock. Aaron was thrusting his cock deep into you going at a decent motion slamming his cock deep inside of your pussy. Every so often you would stroke Bryan and Stephen’s cocks as you would lick Anthony’s above your head. As Aaron was fucking you, you continued go back and forth between Stephen and Bryan’s cocks in your mouth occasionally licking Anthony’s cock. Bryan’s cock started to throb in your hand so you went back to his cock but it was hard to keep it in your mouth as Aarons deep hard thrust were bringing you to an orgasm but you continued to stroke Stephen and Bryan’s cock trying to suck them the best you could. Bryan’s cock started throb in his hands as he let loose with a load of cum sending it onto your chest and stomach. You felt Aaron give you three hard thrust of his cock as you felt his warm cum flow into your pussy. You took Stephen’s cock back into your mouth sucking him till he finally came. You collapsed back down onto your back as Aaron slid his cock out of your pussy your mouth sliding off Stephen’s cock which you let some of the cum flow out of your mouth onto your lips and down your chin.
Brad came over you for his turn in your pussy lifting you up and putting you on your knees on the lounge cushion and hands on back of the lounge. Anthony went around as Brad spread your legs a little letting some of the cum drip from your pussy to the couch. Anthony ran his black cock around your lips as you lifted up one hand to play with his balls as you started to suck on his cock. Brad slid his cock into your pussy placing his hands on your hips. He started right off fucking you hard, your head sliding along as his cock thrusted in and out of your pussy. You didn’t take your lips off Anthony’s cock letting Brad do all the work of your head bobbing up and down it. You muffled moans were a turn on as Bryan and Galvan came over to play with your tits one on each side. Brad started to thrust even harder as he came close to cum as Anthony kept your head on his cock as you were starting to let go with the hard thrust. Anthony was close to cumming wanting you to take all of it keeping your mouth firmly placed as Brad fucked you. The throbbing cock in your mouth starting to send its load into your mouth, Anthony keeping you firmly on his cock to take it all in as Brad let a couple of last thrust of his cock in your pussy before sending his cum into you. As Anthony and Brad let their last bit of cum out they slid their cocks from either end of you.
Galvan came over, sitting down, brought you over to him to straddle his lap. He supported his cock as you slid yourself down onto him. Placing his hands on your hips he took control of you riding his cock bringing you down hard onto his cock. This was the first fuck of the night where you didn’t have a cock in your mouth and the rest of us watched as you were being fucked hard onto Galvan’s cock. We listened as you moaned in pleasure of Galvan’s cock going deep inside as he impaled you down onto him. He kept going as you started to orgasm hard feeling his cock starting the throb Galvan gave you a few more thrust down onto to his cock putting his warm load inside of you. He pushed you off of him as Bryan came over to put his cock into your pussy this time.
Bryan kept you on your side with your face toward the end of the couch as he laid down behind you. He guided his cock into your pussy your head a little above his. David came over to you taking your up raised head sliding his cock into your mouth. David started to thrust his hips fucking your mouth as Bryan fucked you his cock sliding out from time to time with your pussy being so loose and wet by now he would slide it back in fucking you hard. David was close to cumming but kept fucking your mouth until the point he could not hold out. You tightened your pussy muscles on Bryan’s cock which intensified his orgasm as he let loose his cum into you. Bryan sat up just as David was getting ready to cum and continue to fuck your mouth until he did.
Stephen sat you up this time put you in reverse cowgirl as Owen came closer. As Stephen slid you onto his cock Owen stood in front of you as you took his cock in hand to start stroking it as Stephen put his hands on your hips to fuck you. As Stephen started sliding you up and down his cock you took Owens cock in your mouth sucking it as Stephen fucked you. Every so often you let Owen’s cock slip from your slips as you would stroke it when you did as Stephen fucked you. Stephen was enjoying himself with his cock in your pussy again as you sucked Owen’s cock. You felt as Stephen thrusted you harder and his cock deeper into him as his cum rushed into your pussy. As you rested on Stephen’s lap you continued working Owen’s cock. You took it from your mouth and stroked it smiling up at him as you pointed his cock down at an angle starting to feel it throb. You stroked his cock until he let loose his cum going onto your chest in three shots.
As Owen backed up from you relieved, Stephen took you off his lap placing you on all fours motioning me over. I got up on the lounge coming up behind you rubbing my cock along your pussy which was a mess of nine other guys and your cum. I inserted my cock into your pussy feeling the large amounts of cum that had not left your pussy and started to fuck you hard and fast for being a little whore. This time the other guys watched as I reached my hands around to your tits which were sticky with cum placing my hands back on your hips to thrust my cock harder into you as you moaned out “fuck your whore wife”. Your orgasms became intense as I fucked you hard for being the entertainment for the night which I enjoyed every bit. Your orgasms grew in intensity as you let your front half your body to collapse on to your arms. I raised myself up a bit to get at you at another angle as your pussy was well loosened from your nights activities. As I did this the sensation you felt drove you over the edge as I felt your body have an intense orgasm your pussy tightening around my cock. As you climaxed I thrust deep and hard a lot slower to send my cum into your pussy. Your bodied collapsed down onto the couch my cock sliding out as you did. I stared at the well used pussy for a moment before backing away.
However, your nights fucking was not over yet as Anthony came over to you laying on the couch with a smile on your face you asked “what are you doing” as he help you sit up then stood you up. He replied you will see as he took you down with him to the floor with you on top. You straddled his cock smiling as you slid yourself down asking “you are being greedy” to which he said “no, I am going to share” as he lowered your body close to his. At that moment Galvan came up with his hard cock and started to press it against your ass slowly sliding his lubed cock in. You let out a moan feeling his cock press then slowly slide in. Galvan got his cock full in when Anthony started to work your hips up and down the two larger cocks of the group now deep inside of you. The rest of us watched as you got double penetrated watching their cocks slide in and out of your pussy and ass. They picked up a little speed and a good motion as you let out loud moans in pleasure being double stuffed with these two large cocks. You were in the throws of one orgasm after another as each of their cocks worked deeply into you pressing up against each other. They continued going as you moaned out “oh fuck” as you started into an intense hard orgasm which caused them to speed up. As they did you were moaning loudly as your pleasure of the sensation intensified. As you did Anthony and Galvan gave a some hard thrust into your body as you started to feel Anthony’s load in your pussy and Galvan’s in your ass. Galvan slid out after he came and Anthony lightly pushed you off onto your back on the floor as you smiled with a well pleasure look on your face.
“That is what I call a party” one of them stated to Stephen as I came over to kneeling down asking “did you have a good time” to which you replied “I sure did and having that many cocks in me, never let me go without a cock to long, it was great”. As the guys left and Stephen said grinning, you two can have the spare room tonight as he went to bed. I got up and started to help you up but you stopped at your knees and started to stroke my cock. You looked up and smiled at me asking “so how was it for you to have your wife being fucked my all those guys as it was fun for me” to which I looked down at you caressing your hair “it was fun for me too” smiling as I said it. You then said “I think hubby needs to have his cock cleaned up what do you think” to which I just smiled as you took my cock into your mouth feeling you lick it clean.
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wife with 15 guys

My wife and 15 guys. The complete story. I and my wife were used to going to swingers party its a party where only couples are invited and anybody can have sex with any buddy my name is raj and my wife's name jhanvi we live in Mumbai and i am a sw engg by profession. So we went to one new swingers party in Mumbai there we were actually late and all the ppl were already assembled in the hall. Then as we came in we heard that a game was being played we got quite inquisitive as of all swingers i have attended i havent seen a game being played in any of them, (i and my wife later realised how much that game had). So the organizer a hefty guy said that today there will be no couple swapping all were stunned and angry, he continued today there will be a fashion show and all ladies have to participate in it, ladies have to try and impress the judges with their dirty advances and suggestive acts in order to be the queen of the day today.

Now all ppl were having interest in this game, he said the queen will be rewarded and the reward is a secret. I also exhorted my wife to be a part of the show, she was in a kanjivaram saree green as the tea gardens of Darjeeling with a pristine golden zari border.

She first hesitated but later on my request she agreed, and so the tables were lined to make a cat walk podium and thus started the sexy cat walk,First came a lady in her mid 20s she was wearing a wrap around and a sexy white blouse, she poured some water on herself and the blouse became wet , her black hard nipples were jutting out of the thin fabric as she wiggled her boobs it in front of the naudience some ppl gave a sigh and some gave a whistle, she then unwrapped her wrap around and her bushy pussy was visible to all she then opened her legs to show that red creek as if she is filled with hot red simmering coal splinters just as they burn in the coal furnace in a steam engine and she wants a tong to go inside her furnace and s**tter those splinters to ignite more flame. it was beautiful i thought she would take the queens crown today ( but i was to be proved wrong ;-) ).

Then came ma lady i had seen on my locality some times, i guess they were also into all this swinging, she was i a suit, with a low cut kameez, she just popped out hr boobs
out of the low neck and out they came like a pair of rabbits milky white n color and big pink nipples, she then giggled them a bit and then lifted her kameez to reveal the salwar with the string hanging, she came near one of the guys near the cat walk and he pulled the string and her salwar fell off.She then displayed her pussy to all by squatting as if shes gonna shit in india n style and rotated her self around on he cat walk for all the guys to view it, all guys bent down and tried to smell her pussy. she then stood up and flung her salwar kameez and under garments to the crowd and went out nude, i thought with all this sexy showing my wife wont stand a chance at all. She a bit too shy for all this (but i guess i was about to be pleasantly surprised).

Then came my wife's turn, she looked sexy in the saree, she came in very innocently just tried to wiggle her butts, and then went away, i was sure she wont be the queen, and i guess she also did not intend to be the queen, so she just participated as i told her to do so.

The show continued.....................

Then came in a lady in her late 30s she was gorgeous milky white body and no marks at all i thought to myself what a maal she would look without those pair of jeans and tight top, and my wish was satisfied she just came out of that pair to reveal her nice thighs they had flesh at the right places, looked so nice and soft, mm i wanted to lick them and feel them so i went near the cat walk rt in front of my wife and came near her and licked her legs and slowly moved up, she was not wearing a panty and i licked her choot and felt a ting of salty taste she was already wet,she moaned a little, i felt
her musky fragrance and i was lost till someone shouted , let the show continue and i was suddenly awaken i came back to my chair and the show continued.

Then came a black gal, she was looking nice, u know gals with dark tan look more sexy than the fair ones,as she came in she had already dropped her attire and her jet black pussy hairs looked beautiful, she was muscular and her breasts were really big , she looked really a buxom beauty, she also squatted on floor and showed her pussy, and then went down on all fours like a dog and showed her pussy from behind she looked awesome, all guys had their lund in their hand and they were massaging it.

Soon after around 15 constants the show drew to a close, all the gals were nervous as to who would be crowned the queen.Soon the organiser with the papers came on the dice. He said that today its a surprising day there has been a tie and that to not two but 6 ladies have tied for today's queen title, then what should be done to break this tie.

All crowd started humming and one guy stood up and said let do one thing let all the guys smell and taste the pussy of the 6 gals and, which ever gals pussy is liked by the majority that gal wins.All agreed to this proposition , of course it was the way bozos find out their partner and it seemed a nice new way to search for your mating partner.

So the names of the 6 gals were called and asked to stand in a line.To my amazement jhanvi's name was also called.she stood up and went in the queue, then after all 6 names were called, they were asked to strip out of their clothes, my wife also removed her saree and petticoat blouse bra and panty, she looked very beautiful and sexy.

Then my wife being the first among them as asked to sit on a chair,then her legs were tied to the chair arms and her legs were wide open ,her pussy was wet and i knew that she loved when her pussy was licked and when so many guys will lick it she was wet and excited.

All guys were asked to stand in a line in front of the chair.all guys came in to my curiosity some guys came in with spoons in their hand which they had picked up from the buffet table, i didnt quite guess what was that for, The guys were asked to kneel down in front of the gal's pussy and then suck it for some time and then put his marks for that pussy on a piece of paper lying beside the chair, so the first guy came in knelt before my wife's pussy and started licking it slowly , he did it for some 5 min and then wrote some number on the paper and went to the next gal.then the next guy came and started eating my wife's pussy, his mouth was enveloped by my wife's pussy lips as if her was french kissing jhanvi's pussy, only his head and cheeks were visible from behind and rest of his mouth was covered with jhanvi's pubic hairs, he was an amazing sucker and soon my wife was wanting more, she was moaning and grabbing his head, the organizer pulled the guy and said only for 5 min max, and then moved him to next gal, and asked the next guy to come in, he came in with a spoon , he inserted the spoon's head in jhanvi's pussy and scooped out a nice amount of white juice from her pussy, as from the prev guys she was already wet she had lot of juice flowing.he slipped the spoon hungrily in his mouth and rolled his tongue inside, felt the taste and had a nice smile on his face, he also gave in some nos and went on.Then it was my turn he said i cant taste my wife's pussy as could give her more nos, all ppl laughed at this comment and i proceeded to next gal.after some time i heard my wife jhanvi moaning, i saw that the organiser was the last guy in the line sucking her pussy and he had his mobile on her clitoris, i saw that his phone was in vibrate mode and so my wife was enjoying the vibration on her pussy and was cumming curiously into organizers' mouth.

Soon this session was over and results were to be announced. All waited with baited breath and organiser came in with the result he said that the queen of the day has been chosen and the gal with the sweetest pussy is Jhanvi........... i couldnt believe my ears, my wife had the sweetest pussy in the group. well i was happy and proud and my wife was asked to come on stage, she was nude already
and she stood on the stage and was looking nervous, the organiser said that the queen will be crowned. and called for the crown, a guy came in with a tray but no crown in it. all were looking with curiosity what was to happen, he said that the queen will not be crowned but ringed. my wife was curious and frightened to see three small golden rings just like small tops that one ears in ear.she was asked to lie down on the bench.

She saw me is said dont worry and do as said, she lied down, a doctor came in and applied a syringe on her two nipples and her clitoris.she didnt feel any pain when it was done the doc was an experienced guy i guess.he then knelt on between my wife's legs and opened them up, then opened her pussy lips and pierced her clippers, a little bl**d came in but it was ok nothing more, my wife didint feel a pain.he then put a small ring in her clit and similarly in her nipples.Then she stood up and looked amazing three rings shining on her pussy and two nipples.She looked like a sex goddess.
then she was given some thing to drink and made to sit for half hr, she felt some pain after 15 min in the areas pierced but then soon she was ok and fine, then the organiser came in and took jhanvi again to the dice, he said to the crowd jhanvi is the queen today and in this honour she will be the center of attraction of the party.So no other gal will be fucked today, all guys will dedicate their cocks to the goddess.All 15 guys will gangbang her Till this horny bitch is fully satisfied.

And then..the ritual started, candles were brought in and put on all corners of the room, they were lit up and rest of the lights were put off, it looked awesome in the yellow light with all the nakedness around.The room looked as if a sun had been brought in yet their
was little darkness which made the scene more erotic.

The Organiser called for one of his servant, and he came in with a tray and a tall glass everyone was curios as to what was to happen, he then asked the servant to place a small bench in the middle of the hall, it was a small bench which could only support your back your hands,legs, and head will be hanging in air if u lie on it.He then asked the ladies to move to back and the guys to make a circle around the bench. Then he called in my wife jhanvi and asked her to sit on the bench and spread her legs for her pussy could be see by other guys, she came in and did as told, she was enjoying the fun and she had lost all shyness.

Then organiser took out a condom packet from this pocket and as he was about to open my wife said she does not like condoms and would like to take the guys without it, i was stunned at this comment, the organiser laughed and said this is not for u or the guys, its for my mobile!! everybody thought what did he mean by this, jhanvi asked what he meant, he said wait ill show u, he then took out his Nokia 3120 mobile and took out a condom and started covering the mobile with the condom.

All were murmuring as to what he was doing.He then showed the mobile to all and came near my wife and knelt in front of her and asked her to open her legs even wider, jhanvi obliged him and then he proceeded to put the condom covered mobile inside jhanvi's pussy, she felt a little pain but then it went in by half, he tried more she cried a little and then it went almost in but still its head was popping out, so he sucked jhanvi's clit and pushed the mobile with his finger and it disappeared into her pussy. only the condom skin which was not covering the mobile and hanging out was seen visibly hanging out of her pussy lips as if a hungry a****l had devoured his prey and only the tail as left behind.The organiser then pushed that tail inside her and called for a cello tape.He then proceeded to seal the pussy lips with the tape and then announced his cell number.He then asked someone to call on his cell, and it did not ring, but my wife moved a little and she moaned, ok so the organisers cell was in my wife's choot and it was in vibrate mode.

He then said all will one by one keep calling on his mobile to make the queen enjoy the vibrations, and while she is here on this bench in the center squirming and moaning with pleasure, i want the guys to do something for her, a glass will be circulated in the circle one by one to each guy and he has to fill his cum in the glass.

So the tall glass was circulated and first guy started his hand practice while lustily looking at my wife's naked body as she was moaning and enjoying the vibrations like a bitch. slowly all 15 guys had filled up the glass and it was over flowing with cum, organiser brought it to my wife and said its a toast to the queen, and for the queen's health.I protested that she wont drink it, but my wife i guess was already realy horny with the vibrations, i guess the organiser did all this vibrator this with this purpose in his mind.Jhanvi said she wants to taste it, and called for the glass.she tasted a little of it and i guess she kinda liked it and started drinking it like milk gulp gulp.

I couldnt believe what i was seeing, my wife drinking 15 men's cum in front of me and that too hungrily.she finally finished the tall glass of cum in a min and there was a small streak of cum cumming out of her mouth as if she was hungry for it and wants more, she wiped that off her face later.
Then the organiser came close to my wife knelt down and took out his mobile covered in condom and lot of my wife's cum out of her pussy, Ahh came the sound from my wife and the mobile popped out.Organiser said this was the starting of the queen ritual, and bhabhi ji seems to like it a lot, i see that bhabhi ji has not had her chuda's removed yet, (well i am my wife had been married for just 4 months now and thats why she had not removed her chuda its a set of red and white colored bangles that a newly married women wears for some months in punjabis). So i guess bhabhi ji is new to sex only my dear friend raj wold have been her mentor in sex, it would be great fun to fuck such women who has been newely married and not been exp in such sexual acts. So he then declared let the queen ritual begin in full swing..............

So my wife standing nude in the middle of the circle , the organiser came in the center and lifted my wife like a c***d, and plaed her on the bench, her legs, hands and head were hanging only her back was supported by the bench, then he said lets begin giving pleasure to the queen,A guy came out of the circle and knealt down on the floor in front of jhanvi's hanging legs, he took her legs spread em and took them on this shoulders, he came close to jhanvi's pussy his breath flowing over her pubic hairs, a small moan came out of jhanvi and he took out his tongue and started licking her wet pussy, he kinda liked it and then he grabbed her by the waist, (my wife had a nice waist 26 inches) and put his tongue deeper into jhanvi, his tongue rolling inside her vagina walls and my wife was enjoying it like heaven. My wife was very excited and she called for other guys to come in and join the fun, another guy came near my wife's face, and he kept his cock hanging in the air just above her mouth, she wanted to suck it and she was trying to reach for it, soon the guy gave her his cock and she was sucking on to it like a hungry bitch.She was very excited and now it was getting difficult for her to speak, so the organiser told me that u go near her and keep asking her what she wants, and give her that.

So i went near her and asked her what she wanted, she took out the guys cock and said i want more men on me, so i asked 4 more men to come in my wife help two of their cock in her hand and two men started sucking her nipples.she was really very excited now, so she told me to sk the rest of the 8 guys( i was outta picture) to one by one eat her pussy, so one by one guys started coming in and licking her pussy, she was leaking lot of juice and enjoying every moment of it,6 guys were stimulating my wife's all parts together, and rest 8 were one bye one enjoying her pussy juice.The organiser said that lets give the queen a bukake ritual, and all 8 guys surrounded my wife and started jerking off their cocks, soon then were spitting lot of semen on my wifes whole body and she was covered from head to toe in semen, she became very slippery now, and she was enjoying applying that semen all over her body. and some times occasionally tasting it.She then said that she wanted to be fucked and fucked real hard.

The organiser had a grin on his face as he watched my wife calling the shots, i guess he had something in mind. Anyway so a she was lifted from the bench,by one guy and then another guy lay on the bench she was the laidd face down on the guy and as she was being laid the guy below had put his cock in her pussy, she felt nice and comfortable and starting hopping on him.Then one guy came in from behind and pushed her on her back and she went flat down on the guy below. then he positioned jhanvi's ass to a comfortable level and started pushing his cock in her ass, jhanvi had been ass fucked once by me and that too she found it painful and swore she wont do it again, so i tried to say no to that guy, but to my amazement my wife said to me let him fuck her ass , she wants him to do that,So the guys looked at me smiled and took his cock and parted her ass cheeks.

He then started moving it in, its head had hardly gone in when my wife said no its painful do it slowly, but he enjoyed women in pain so he f***efully inserted his thing in her, it had halfway gone in and my wife was already shaking and shouting, then he gave one powerful shot and it went inside totally, it was such a push that the guys below cock was out of my wife's pussy, she then regained her senses and reinserted cock in her pussy, and relaxed in that position for sometime, i could see two guys attached to my wife's pussy and ass at the same time, it looked total a****l instinct.Then the two started moving and my wife sandwiched between them enjoying every moment of it, then she asked one more guy to put his cock in her mouth. so the three guys were fucking her in a unison, the whole room was filled with moaning sounds and sounds of my wife pussy and ass being banged.My wife asked the three guys to cum in together ,

After some 10 min all three guys came in to my wife and deposited huge loads of cum in her mouth , ass and pussy, she gagged a little, as semen came out of her mouth but then she was ok, all her holes were leaking semen now, then organiser said what happened why so silence, the next 3 guys batch should go in, so next three guys came in and they started fucking my wife in same fashion, this went on 5 time in batches of three guys each and it was almost 1 hr when my wife was being continuously triple fucked. She went through different phases of excitement and satisfaction, and to my amazement she was still very excited after these 1 hr session. So the ritual had to continue further..

My wife looked a little exhausted after this 1 hr session of tripple fucking by 15 guys in batches of 3 , by now she had been fucked 5 times and had multiple times orgasmed, the whole bench and my wife were covered in love juice and my wife lay there on the bench limp and leaking semen from all her holes and mouth.The organiser then said guys with thickest of the cock should come in th middle of the circle. so 4 guys including me came in, organiser told me to stay out as i was not allowed to participate, then he said that one of the guys lie down on the floor, then he said these 3 guys with thick cocks will fuck jhanvi in her ass.i forgot to tell ya these 3 guys had not fucked my wife in her ass as they feared that jhanvi would feel pain, i guess organiser noticed it so he had this plan, then he called 4 guys and asked my wife to be lifted , they came in and held my wife's naked body by their strong hands, my wife was feeling helpless in their strong hands, then proceeded to place my wife over the guy on the floor with his erect cock in his hand holding it straight up for jhanvi's ass to sink on it.

They placed jhanvi's ass right on top of his cock and started leaving her, she started falling slowly on his cock and as it started going in she shouted no pleaseeeee dont leave me on this i will die, but on one listened all were enjoying this act.Slowly the cock went in half way and my wife was feeling enormous pain, organiser said two guys can start sucking jhanvis breasts so that she feels nice, so two guys sucked on to her swollen nipples and she started becoming a little quite, soon the cock was 3/4 in and now my wife said she cant take in any more, but the orgainser said the two guys holding her buttocks can leave her and as the guys did she almost sank totally on the cock and it went inside her whole in one shot a strong cry came out of her mouth and then she was quite, she stayed like this for some time and she after sometime got used to this cock,she slowly started humping on it and now she was enjoying the cock , and she was really humping fast on it and saying lot of abusive words like i am your randi tonight, i am your pros fuck me, use me give me pain, hearing this more guys got excited and one guy tried to insert his cock in her pussy, it was difficult as the other guys cock in the ass had taken up space, but he somehow f***ed it in my wife cried again and then he started pumping in fast like an a****l and he was over in 2-3 min, then the other guys f***ed his penis in and started the same fast fucking, she was being fucked by rest of the 14 guys very fast each for 2-3 min and she had by now cum many times.

Then the guy below came in her ass, thereafter the guys lifted her up and asked the second guy with huge cock to lie on floor , then she was again placed on his cock , she cried again but this time it was less severe, and she really now enjoyed it.

After this guys the third guy was asked to lie on floor and he had the biggest cock, as she was lowered on his cock she cried like hell, so one guy stuffed her mouth with his cock,

Soon she was feeling ok and adjusting to this cock.

The came the surprise , organiser said since most of the guys re exhausted this time, no man will fuck jhanvi. He called for his black guy bozzo, he was a great around 6.5 ft tall and 9 inch long, he was massive just like a horse. black in color and looked furious, as my wife was riding the huge cock in her ass, bozo came near my wife's legs my wife was terrified and she immediately closed her legs so that bozo cant harm her, the organiser asked jhanvi not to be afraid, relax and open your legs said the organiser but jhanvi wont listen. he said that bozo is trained to give pleasure to women so he wont harm you, but jhanvi was too horrified to listen to him. She had lost all the pleasure of ass fucking and completely oblivious to the guys fucking her in her ass. Organiser was a bit angry so he asked two guys to come in and open her legs f***efully, two guys came in and before jhanvi could do anything her legs were pulled apart open for borzoi to view, the musky smell from her pussy attracted him and he started licking her legs which were covered with cum, my wife liked bozo licking on her legs and she relaxed soon bozo was on my wife's pussy and his long tongue was licking the entire length and breadth of jhanvi's pussy.She was moaning and enjoying now, as the guy fucked her in her ass and he licked her pussy she was on seventh heaven, i guess she was leaking a lot of juice from her pussy as bozzo was lapping on to it. Soon he had his nose inserted into her pussy and she was moaning like hell and saying ya i am a bitch a horny crazy bitch fuck me fuck me now.

So bozo was having his lunch of my wife's choot and he was enjoying it, he kept on licking, probing, sucking her choot for next 15-20 min Bozo use to stop sucking her at times when she was about to cum dont know if bozo was doing it purposely, but he was making my wife really horny, and my wife was shouting and calling bozo to fuck her, but he was quietly sucking her pussy.

Then she stood up and the guy below her had his cock popped out with a wet sound, she was thoroughly excited and wanted bozo in her. She said him to fuck her but he was standing without any movement. Then she asked the organiser to make bozo fuck her, the organiser said so the horny bitch wants bozo in her now after eating 15 cocks, she was quite, so the organiser said i will make bozzo fuck you but you would have to let me fuck u whenever i want for the rest of the year, i shall come to your home whenever i want and fuck you. My wife was in no mood to negotiate so she said ok u have whatever u want but let bozo fuck me. So he said very well jhanvi, now u kneel down on ur all fours like a bitch and move your ass up so that bozo can see it. So my wife shamelessly sat on all fours like a bitch and raised her ass to make bozo see her wet pussy. Bozo saw her and came near her pussy and started licking her pussy again, she moaned again and soon she was enjoying the lick. Bozo had become horny and ready as i could see a huge cock waiting to fuck jhanvi, it was 9 inched long and 3 inch thick almost like a horse lund a little smaller.

And he immediately swung his legs onto my wife's back.His legs encircled my wife's waist and his nails could be seen digging into her soft flesh, my wife cried in pain , then the crazy b**st brought his lower body near my wife's ass and tried to pump his lund into her choot, but my wife was a little short of height for him so his cock was caressing her back and ass creak. The organsier brought a small stool and placed it under her feet, she got the required raise and bozo after couple of shots hit his mark, his cock went in like lightning and my wife let out the shrillest of cries til today, it seemed she had been pierced by a dagger.And she said ohh i will die remove this b**st from my back, organiser came in and consoled her and said relax u will soon start enjoying it

After some time of crying in pain slowly her cries died down and she became quite, bozo then starred fucking her fast, she was enjoying the fast movement of bozo, bozo was amazing he was moving his ass too fast i could see his red fiery cock going in and coming out of her pussy too fast, my wife's choot was leaking lot of cum was flowing out.Bozo continued to fuck her fast and furiously, he was also moaning in his own way... was shat he said , it felt as if he was entangled with a horny tight bitch and he was enjoying it too.It was around 30 min now and bozo was not stopping a single bit, he had amazing stamina no man could fuck a women so fast and for 30 min without stopping, my wife had multiple orgasm , she had never felt like this before, and she loved it, she was saying ya i am bozo's bitch fuck me fuck me bozo. Suddenly i heard a loud cry from my wife as if something had pierced through her, i couldnt understand a sec ago she was enjoying and now suddenly she shouted like hell, i went near her to have a closer look.

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After around 5-10 min of pain bozo's entire cock with the bulb was inside her, ohh my god her pussy was stretched to the limit, it looked as if her pussy was holding a small throw ball inside her, she was now quite for sometime and trying to regain herself, bozo was on top of her with his front legs around her waist tightly gripping her and pulling her towards bozo and his hind legs on the ground with his ass trying to pump inside her pussy as fast and furious as he could.It looked so nice sexy and yet so radical to see a beautiful fair women fucked by a black giant .Bozzo still kept on pumping into her and the bulb of bozzo slowly was going inside her pussy even deeper, i could see from outside the swelling bulb inside her pussy moving inside her and going in deeper, i could not believe bozzo had his entire length beyond the bulb inside her, i guess he would have been around 10 inch long , my wife was now saying no more pushing please i am full and if he pushes more she would be pierced through by his cock, i said relax honey bozzo's cock is fully in you, she told me that his cock was almost going through her cervix.

I said relax and now imagine this b**st attached to you, she said she wants to see this happening so the organiser called one of his servants to bring the dressing table mirror from other room, they laid the dressing table horizontally beside my wife so that she could have the full view of her being fucked by the giant and the swollen pussy she wanted to see, initially when she saw all this she was horrified and asked me ohh my god what have u all done to me, i am now looking so much like a bitch, so the organiser said then let us remove bozzo, she said no no no pl dont, (my wife was feeling nice a horny now) she said she is liking bozzo and she would want to enjoy it more, so then she then started moving back and forth again and bozzo responded by humping her again, he was very fast and furious again, pumping her thoroughly and she was screaming in pure ecstasy, she was wailing and crying and yet saying fuck me fuck the hell out of me.

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My wife was now feeling tired, but due to all this pain, she was feeling horny again, The organiser approached him, he took her naked body in his arms and placed her on a raised bench in the garden, as he lay her down and was standing there, my wife took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously, organiser also got horny and said this bitch does have a lot of stamina.only a gang bang can satisfy her. So guy why dont u come on and fuck the hell out of her.

So guys came around her, again one guy lifted her, then one guy laid on the bench and then my wife was placed on him with his cock in her ass, then to guy spread her legs apart and one more guy come in between her legs and shoved his cock inside her pussy, she had the organisers cock in her mouth and now she was being triple fucked, all guys were fucking her in a unison, she was moaning shouting and saying fuck me hard, all the guys took turns to fuck her and when one guy cummed in her pussy , the next would take position,and when one guy cummed in her mouth the next came in, so her all holes were being filled up with cream cum and she was enjoying being fucked by so many guy vigorously all the time for the next 2 hrs.

After all this she was damn tired and unable to walk,I helped her on he steps and made her wear her clothes. Then we bid goodbye to the party and moved home, i gave her a massage and a nice food to eat and a nice warm bath. She was now relaxed and thanked me, and said she loved the fun and would want to go to such a party again but after a few days.Well what could i say then.She had loads of fun and so did I.... Continue»
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Revenge of the Fags.

Revenge of the Fags. Posted for a friend from him.
This story is an absolute fantasy, no parts of it are known to be true nor is there any indication in any part will become true. Some of it may be gruesome and torturous. Nor do I condone including bareback sex in any of the actions in the story, I put it here only because it is a story. There is a bes tiality paragraph in here only meant to be revengeful, not arousing. There is no danger to anyone. There is a small straight section to perpetuate the story some facts were researched a little and may or may not be true. If you are religious you will be offended by parts of the story so don't read it.

The story begins with Paul Phillips, an 18-year-old who like his siblings, father and his grandfather hates fags with a passion. His grandfather is the famous pastor Fred Phillips of the Bigoboro Baptist Church. This is the famous group that protests funerals for veterans in the name of fag hatred. Paul has three brot hers, Johnny, younger than him at 15 is typically the quietest and never goes to the protests. The other two Kenneth 23, and Keith 19 are avid protesters against all gays. None of them are very large people, most call the whole fam ily almost skinny and underweight, with the exception of Kenneth who works out and is quite buff. Paul and his buddy Josh are always driving around Topeka and the surrounding areas to search for fags to bash and people to thump Bibles against. If they don't think you're fag they try to hand you a Bible and shove Jesus down your throat. Josh, also 18, is somewhat built at 6'6" 206 pounds, he can be somewhat threatening at times. Scrawny Paul whose only 5'9" a 125 pounds would not normally go out of his own and try to bash fags all by himself.
So these two heard about a farm that always has gay parties. This farm is somewhat near his uncle's farm so he is familiar with the area. He and Josh set out to find out how true this is and then plan for a possible attack. They head out there on a Friday night when they hear music coming from the farm which is quite embedded among many trees and lots of cover. So these two park far far away and stealthily make their way to where they hear the music. They make their way through some heavy underbrush until they get a full view of the open barn and all the people gathered around roughly about 7 to 10 people. As they're laying down in the heavy underbrush viewing the party they take mental notes of who and what's going on during the party. They notice that everyone there seems a little older than them like college-age maybe freshman or sophomores. As many of them dance, they grind against each other, making the two heavily suspect that this truly is a gay party. Then they are truly disgusted when they see a couple of them French kissing for 10 min. or so. Now they're trying to take a full count of who is there, and try and look around the area to get a full plan as they now definitely want to bash these fags. They see that they are eight of them and wonder if there are any in the house. Just as they are about ready to sneak back and go round towards the house to observe if there's anybody inside the party members turn off the music and light a small bonfire. They gather around and start talking. Paul and Josh hear them talking about having the same party tomorrow and for most of the summer as their parents are on vacation and they are the only ones on the farm. This is all they needed to hear.
So these two little fuckers went back to Paul's house and gathered an arsenal of weapons that they plan to use in attacking the gays at the party on Saturday. They thought about inviting others as it may be too many people to take on at once but they figure they'll get all the praise from their fam ily after they take pictures of the beaten up fags. They figure that they'll get them all secured because they will have the guns pointed at these "scared fags" and will make them tie each other up. So all excited at getting to beat up eight fags, they can barely sle ep all night. Hell they may even try to kill him all.
The next day they make their way to the gay boy farm and implement their plan of attack. They sneak in the same way they did yesterday by going around to the side of the barn. They observed how some of them go into a small room at times. So they sneak around and get into this small room undetected, which is quite easy because the music is blaring. They discover that this is where the refrigerator is and where the beer is located. So they are armed when the first victim walks in. He does as they say as Paul ties him up feet, legs and stuffed his mouth with a rag, he puts him in the corner and then he kicks him right in the face. He kicks him a few more times when Josh yells at him to wait until we get them all and don't make too much noise. It wasn't long before the next one came in and also got tied up. After four more were tied up, the music was turned off and they could hear two guys yelling about where everyone was and what kind of jokes they were playing. They don't say a thing, the two just walk into the room and before they could turn and run they hear a weapon being cocked. Now that all eight were tied up, they couldn't believe how much fun they were going to have as they kept laughing and screaming "we're going to beat the living shit out of you faggots". They gave everybody a once over to make sure that they were all fully secure and tied. Then they started arbitrarily kicking and punching each every one of them. They kicked them as hard as they could at times, in the nuts, in the face, in the stomach, and the back, anywhere that was exposed. All the while constantly talking down on fags. After most of them were quite blo ody they said maybe we should kill few of these, at least hit them upside the head with these two by fours. So they grabbed a 2 x 4 and faced them making the slur "so you faggots want a big stick, huh?". What they didn't realize was that a ninth person came to the party late and was now behind them with his own 2 x 4. He whacked Josh who didn't have a 2 x 4, in the back of the head, and before Paul could get fully turned around, he was whacked as well. Both lay there semi-u*********s as the new guy untied several of his friends and then they went and tied up Paul and Josh.
Several hours have gone by before Paul and Josh actually started to realize what it happened to them. By this time, the farmer owner’s son, Chris, a cute 20-year-old with a twink like body had a major plan to teach these two a lesson. He has watched enough CSI shows to know what he can and can't do. Before Chris got started he asked Paul and Josh if they would apologize, he would let them go. Of course, they just started yelling back you fucking faggots I don't give a flying fuck about you gay faggots at all. I hope you all burn in hell and if I get out of this I'm going to kill you all. That's all I needed to hear, as I figured said Chris. He then shoved two metal contraptions into their mouths that held them wide open. Chris and his friends took off all their clothes strapped the two into breeder mounts meant to milk bulls of semen. All the while Paul and Josh screaming as best they could though their mouths were held wide open. Once they were all secure, Chris then announced "well Jimbo you've been wanting that gang bang orgy for some time now, while it looks now like we're going to get our chance with a couple of fag hating gay bashers". Of course Paul and Josh being tied up kind of figured something like this was going to happen but actually hearing it come from the fags mouth made them squirm and try to scream louder to no avail.
Let me introduce you to the people you two bashed up pretty good. So I'm Chris, as he's taking most of his clothes off. This here is Jimbo, he's had a fantasy of all of us pulling a gang bang on someone. A couple of us were actually looking a little forward to bottoming for our gang but it looks like you two have volunteered since you so kindly tried to beat us up and even attempt to kill some of us. Jimbo and his buddy Bill were on the wrestling team in high school both of them have nice cocks that are going to fuck you in your ass and your mouth. They're going to warm you up for Bob and Tom here. These two were on the track team, they both have 8 inch dicks and their both going to plow you. Me and my two pals Rick and James have 9 inch dicks. Then there's Jerome here, a nice built black guy that as the story goes is going to pump you with his 12 inch cock. Then there's this guy he's tall and skinny and we call him 13 by 7. 13 for short. No not 13 from the show House, no thats the dimensions of his cock. You heard me right. This is the only guy you didn't get to beat up, so because of this we're going to take it a little easy on you and let him go last.
So the first two Jimbo and Bill got their cocks hard and rammed them down the throats of Paul and Josh without mercy. Of course both of them start gagging and throwing up and screaming at the same time. They would face fuck them a couple seconds let them throw up until they stopped and then face fucked them again. They would continue this until they didn't throw up anything anymore. Then they would turn to their ass's as both of them started fucking them a little slowly at first and then banged them with a set rhythm. Then they called out to Bob and Tom and told them to take over the ass fucking. So Jimbo and Bill pulled their cocks out of their ass and walked up to their faces and started fucking their mouths. After a while of fucking both ends Chris and his pals said hurry up its our turn soon. They switched back and forth from ass to mouth a couple more times and then all four of them fucked Josh in the ass and each one moaned as they claimed their cum has been deeply seeded inside him. Then they all laughed and giggled claiming that was great fucking the straight boys who can't do a thing about it. Now it's our turn to watch, go ahead Chris.
So now Chris, Rick, James and Jerome began fucking the four holes of the gay bashers Josh and Paul. Of course when 12 inch Jerome shoves it down their throat they gag profusely because Jerome's black eye reminds him to jam his cock to the base of the mouth opening apparatus. He takes turns with Chris spearing his cock into their for ced open throats. Then they take their turn on the straight assholes spearing their dicks as deep as they go all the while you can hear Paul and Josh scream even with huge cocks in their mouth. Rick and James fuck Paul profusely and hard and then moaned as they both claim that their spooge has been deposited inside Paul's ass. Next Chris and Jerome face fuck the still gagging Paul and Josh. They are drooling and screaming and can barely see with all that spit in their face from their own drool. As Chris and Jerome moan with ecstasy as they jam their cocks as deep as they go down the throats of Paul and Josh claiming they made them swallow all their cum.
Next came the site that everyone wanted to see, everyone except for Paul and Josh of course. They want to see 13's 13 inch cock enter the holes of these gay bashers. 13 decided to fuck Paul first, even though he was quite loose from all the fucking is little hole resisted being penetrated by such a massive tool. 13 went on to pump his ass for a while and then went on to Josh. Both of them screamed through their open mouth contraption as this giant wiener tore open their assholes. He then went to go face fuck Josh, and sighed Chris this thing ain't big enough. Chris then shouted damn shit, would you look at that old 13 is living up to his name our braces aren't big enough for 13's cock. So Chris went back and he got some tools and said well this thing is adjustable, let's see if we can make it bigger. So 13 then was able to shove his cock down Paul's throat saying I can't cum in his mouth as my cock gets bigger and harder just before I cum it will get hurt by the brace. Chris then claimed well I just fixed Josh's brace see if it bigger. No said 13 it's the same thing, I guess I'm just have to cum in their asshole. So he proceeded to pump that giant monster into Paul's ass. He pumped it for a little while and then moved on to Josh who he fucked really hard until he screamed he was exploding his cream down Josh's asshole.
Damn now that was hot claimed Chris, but now we got a bit of work to do. They took some ether to knockout Josh and Paul for a little while. They made many preparations, such as driving their car away and leaving it in the parking lot on the other side of town where they wouldn't find it. They had done other duties that Josh and Paul won't find out about until later. They took the two to the next town and left them in the middle of a soccer field of a small community college. This is where they woke up one on top of the other with the cock of one for ced into the other one. This may have been something they would have never spoken of again, but they were surrounded by giggling college students snapping phone cam pics of the site they stumbled upon for gym class. They both got up and started running away when the coach professor grabbed both of them who were still kind of dazed. The sheriff was called in and both were taken in for questioning. The sheriff and detective couldn't believe their ears when they told them the story of what happened to them. So the local CSI and on local nurse was brought in to process them. They took r a p e kits, pumped their stomachs and went out to the farm to talk with the boys that were out there. There were only three of them out there and they had bought professional makeup to cover up all wounds. They allowed the Chi’s to process the barn in which they did find a single bull mount, but all the fingerprints that were on it were Chris's. They tested everywhere, and dusted everywhere for prints and evidence. They also took the DNA of the three men who were there. Later on they got the DNA of the other six men that Paul and Josh claimed were there. Now they just have to wait for the PCR tests to come back. Of course this made the local news as the story seemed a little ridiculous to be true.
When they got back home, they would have gotten a whipping from Paul's father and grandfather but they claim they were really trying to beat the crap out of those fags. They were utterly disgusted. I certainly hope you two weren't playing around with each other. If you are you will be disowned. Both claimed that the fags set up the whole thing and when the DNA comes back it will prove their story. "You better hope so, I am Fred Phillips the sole owner of an anti-fag brigade. People have donated to me $641 million to put down, get rid of and oppress all fags everywhere. I certainly am not going to have a son of mine be a fag." The news media have gotten a hold of this information and are constantly hanging outside the Phillips's hacienda hoping for an interview. Fat chance of that ever happening.
The next two days were grueling when the sheriff came and gathered the two for questioning again. He took them back to the sheriff's office in an interrogation room and slammed the door behind him. "What kind of funny business are you to trying to pull. I ought to arrest you for filing a false police report". What do you mean questioned Josh. The sheriff blurted back "all of our reports show that you two have inseminated each other". Paul murmured out buuuuuuuut thaaats impossible those nasty fags tied us down to a contraption and put some crap in our mouths forcing their their fag faggot wieners in both ends and inserting their sick crap in both holes and at no time did either one of us even remotely got hard let alone fuck each other. The sheriff yelled back at him you think I'm stupid, we found your vehicle and you had a camera in it. This picture right here clearly shows Josh holding the camera as he's taking a picture of you two doing your disgusting deed. The background of this picture doesn't have any features that are inside or around Chris Chester's barn. You two got fucked all right but by each other and you definitely used some large objects. The nurse said you were pretty tore up and that neither of your six-inch weenies could've done that damage. Now get your S&M asses out of here before I beat the shit out of you myself.
You have one hour to grab all your shit and don't you ever fucking come back here again. Paul's grandfather was irate, he kicked Paul out after he thought he was a fag. Josh's pop did the same to him except he gave them 29 lashes with a whip and didn't even let him take his stuff. Paul and Josh met back up at the park and couldn't figure out how that gang did this to them. It must've been when they knocked them out. Paul was now more furious than ever, he said he's going to get a gun and kill all those mother fucking fags. The whole town is now making fun of them calling them the gay bashers that are gay themselves. Josh said he wants nothing to do with anything anymore and he walked over to the cliff in the park and before Paul could catch up to him he just jumped off. Paul at least still had his car which did have a gun in it. So he was planning on coming back to town in a few weeks and shoot every one of those fags dead. He didn't know that Chris and his gang actually foresaw this possibility and have prepared for it.
So a Friday night two weeks later Paul made his way to the barn as he heard all the gang playing their fag music. He saw all nine of them sitting around a table. What he had was a machine gun, so at a few hundred yards he just started shooting until every one of them fell to the ground. He couldn't really figure is why no one reacted, and then he felt the sharp thump to the back of his head. When he finally awoke he found himself again strapped to the bull stand. He started to blurt out all you fucking faggots how the fucked did you escape my bullets. Chris smirked and said we kind of knew you were going to try something like this and so we had video cameras at the far end of our property and we set up the dummies even though they were 50 bucks a piece you did destroy them. Since you thought you were killing us were going to let you decide the punishment unless of course you want to apologize. Fuck no, fucking mother fucking faggots if I do get of this I am going to find a way to kill you your mother fucking faggots. That's what I thought claimed Chris, but more appropriately some of us are father fucking faggots. Mother fucking faggots is a contradiction. You want most of us to gang bang you or a different group to gang bang you. Paul gritted his teeth I want nothing to do with you fucking faggots except to see you bleeding on the ground. So Chris said oh nothing to do with us, I guess that means you want the other gang to bang you. Well we made some modifications to our mouth holder it is now much much bigger. So here's the nice gang that's going to pump all of their cum down your throat and up your ass. Take this shit away you you fucking faggots hmph ojj ooh... As the mouth holder for ces his mouth open wide. He is held tight in the bull stand and even has bars protecting his back from heavyweight. Chris then stated that before 13 is going to plow you we are going to let some smaller penises poke your body. I guess you're lucky old Billy here has somewhat of a long penis but it's very skinny. We're just going to put some of these pheromones right in your hole and Billy here will gladly fill your ass. Come on in Billy, Jimbo would you let Billy in. The door cracks open and you hear baa, baa, baa. Yeah Billy can smell a nanny in heat from a mile. That nanny is now your hole. Paul's eyes went wide open as he realized the Billy goat was about to fuck him. The Billy smelled his ass turned his lip up and then jumped up and started poking his thin wiener into Paul's ass. Don't worry Paul we haven't forgotten your mouth. Suddenly this big pig boar is up in his face and then jumps up on the bars as Chris and his pals direct his penis down Paul's mouth. Then the boar starts pumping in his face as the goat is pumping in his ass. Chris was gloating, so you wanted to shoot our fag asses dead now you're only going to get more cum, your favorite substance to be put in your ass and down your throat, as Chris and his friends laugh so hard they almost fall on the floor. Oh don't worry there's more to the gang coming. We will let these two seed you first. So the pig gives him a sloppy face and throat and the goat a sloppy ass. Next is 13. 13 comes around and says now these braces are big enough for me to properly fuck your face. But first let me do what I did last time, put this huge Magnum condom on this beautiful cock. Yup all of us were wearing condoms even though we said we came in you, we never actually did. And I'm wearing one now because I don't want to get nasty pig and goat cum on my cock, I'll let that stay inside you. As Paul keeps gagging, 13 doesn't care he just keeps shoving is 13 inches as deep as it will go down Paul's throat. Then he goes to his ass and very quickly without hesitation at all just slams it into Paul's hole. Paul screaming as best he could with his mouth for ced open. 13 said oh don't cry little Paulie there's something bigger going to be slamming you soon. This is what you get when you try to kill faggots. The rest of the crowd is cheering on as 13 slams Paul's ass pretty viciously. Then he takes his cock out of his ass and runs to his face continues pumping for another 5 min. as Paul still gags continuously. Then 13 moans as he more or less has his entire cock down Paul's throat. He pulled out and start slapping Paul in the face with his cum filled condom and cock. Awwhh, you wanted this come down your throat didn't you. Well that's too bad we'll let the bull do that. Of course his eyes popped wide open because he knew that 13 wasn't ki dding. So Paul could not see him very well but all of the sudden there was a big huge bull dick being shoved in his for ced open mouth. Damn says some of the guys that's a pretty big cock going down his throat. Sometimes they had to hold the bull back a little bit so that Paul could breathe. But it wasn't long until a heavy creamy load was dripping out of his mouth and the bull was retreating off his face. Chris then stated that quite nasty. Us gay boys would never take on any ani mals, that's just nasty, but since you volunteered in thinking you were killing us we have one more surprise for you. Then you hear clock clock clock clock clock clock and then a niegh. This is a star breeding stud horse and now we need to repay the services that you asked for when you were shooting at the dummies that you thought was us. The stud horse has delivered semen before had readily got up on the bars just over Paul's ass. One of the guys that had to direct the horses penis into Paul's ass, shivered iiiouuh I had to touch that with my hands. Paul was screaming and crying as best he could and was squirming a lot even though he was restrained. Damn, what is that thing about 16 inches long, he has 3 inches on you 13 and he's thicker too. 13 just said, well what the fuck do you think it's a real fucking horse. It wasn't long before a lot of white goo was coming out of Paul's ass. Someone in the crowd stated damn that's sick, what is that half a gallon of cum. The horse stepped off and they took it away. Would you look at that Paul here can't even keep his ass hole closed now and it's filled up all the way with horse cum, that is real sick but he deserved it. So it was almost morning and they had a final plan for this fag basher. This here is dog pheromone that you're going to find out how we used it soon.
The next thing Paul knew was a couple of dogs licking his face as he is bent forward over a bench with his hands duct taped behind him and his legs also duct taped. Another large dog was clearly mounting him and pumping his ass doggy style. Then he could hear giggling and camera phone snapshot sounds and he realized he was in the same field that the gang dumped him in last time. The sheriff was called out again, and they had to forcibly remove the large great Dane that was knotted in his ass. Paul never planed to tell anyone about what happened to him but he was for ced to because of the position they found him in. Again took DNA samples. He swore up and down to the sheriff that that is exactly what happened. The sheriff didn't want to believe him since he seem to have lied last time, but it seemed very difficult for somebody to duct tape themselves in the position he was in. He told Paul that if this turns out to be a lie he's going to get charged and put in jail. So they went out to the farm again and collect samples from all the ani mals there including dusting for fingerprints. They had to wait six or seven days before the DNA could come back since they do not normally test ani mals in this manner. After this time the sheriff had to spend a bit of time finding Paul, he finally found him sle eping in his car. They towed his car away and he was arrested. He charged him with everything he could think of like filing a false police report, best iality and a few other things. The sheriff told him none of those ani mals were a match and the game is over you're going to jail. We don't know where those ani mals came from or how you got the ani mals to do such disgusting things to you but we know they did them to you because the doctor said the damage to your anus was consistent with a large object penetrating it over a period of time. Paul was flabbergasted he couldn't figure out how they did that. He was arraigned but released on his own recognizance. His court date set for a month and a half from now. For the first three or four weeks he was moping around trying to figure out how he can get back at that gang this time without being caught.
A week before his court date he was grabbed by several members of the gang and taken back to the farm. First they beat him up pretty badly. And then they all stripped and Chris spouted that now we can have some unrestricted fun. Again he found his mouth for ced open and 13 shoving his massive cock down his throat all the while as he's gagging. Chris stated that he is so squirmy now I guess he likes it. Of course Paul gave him a stare showing him he did not like it at all. Another couple of guys were taking turns fucking his asshole. They would switch with 13 and they would clearly show Paul and smacked him in the eyes with their bare condomless cocks. 13 proclaimed Yep now you're getting the raw real deal. Oh yeah we used this electroejaculator to get the cum out of you two while you were under the first time you and your friend tried to fuck us over. The other guys joined in as they took turns rotating from his ass to his mouth until every one of them emptied a load in both of his holes making sure to smear cum all over his face and then down his throat. They were all content saying this is a lot nicer actually having to be able to cum in this guy. Then Chris said we have something special, we've saved a bucket of cum for you, in the past few weeks whenever one of us feels like jacking off we spooged right in the bucket. So then they took out a funnel and shoved it in his mouth and poured half the cum into it. He choked and tried to throw it back up but they held his nose and so it was either swallow or not breathe. Then they went to his ass which was still gaping and full of cum and poured the rest of the bucket deep in his hole then they took the bucket and put it on his head. Jimbo chuckled hey look it's a fag bashing dunce with a cum bucket on his head. They took the mouth contraption off his mouth as the cum bucket was dripping all over the sides and his face along with all the other cum that was covering his face and mouth. He was murmuring you fucking faggots but was kind of in a trance. They put a white background paper behind him. Then they untied one of his hands and stretched it out in front of him. Then another guy grabbed his camera phone, put it top of his hand and snapped several shots to make it look like Paul was actually taking his own self picture. They of course posted on the Internet from Paul's phone to his Facebook page. They took him to the same field but this time they just dumped him there loose. He just stumbled away. The next day he just sat in his car at a grocery store parking lot moping. His grandfather and father just happened to walk by and saw him all beat up. His grandfather didn't want to talk to him but his father said serves you right for being a fag. Paul weakly replied, it was the same guys at the Chester farm they beat me up and for ce themselves on me, this time I know they weren't wearing a condoms but the sheriff refuses to test me. I guess they knew that would happen. Please papa go out there and check it out they dance to their music like little fags. But watch it they got motion sensors or video cameras or something that tells them well in advance that you're coming. That's how they must have got me the second time.
The sheriff was called out to a farm not far from the Chester farm. It was Dave Hassell's farm and he claimed something may have been stolen because there was a lot of things moved around. The sheriff looked around and saw a couple of bull stands. He also saw a pile of used duct tape in the corner of one of the barns. The sheriff asked Dave what that was all about. He told him that was one of the other reasons why he called him, because of some of the extra stuff. He asked him if anyone else ever came to the farm. Dave told him it was just him and his wife, but a few weeks ago we had gone on vacation and my nephew had to feed the ani mals. He came in every other day to feed and water them. The sheriff said well I'm going to need to talk to him. Dave said that he didn't know anything about what was messed around with here. Well I need to talk to him anyway what's his name? It's Kenneth, Kenneth Phillips. The sheriff raised his eyebrows and glared back at Dave. You're ki dding. Oh you know him said Dave. Have you been watching the news lately. No, what's been going on, we don't have a TV and my nephews are the only people I ever really talk to, as why my si ster ever married those religious nuts I'll never know. The sheriff told him well were going to get a CSI team out here to figure out what's been going on in your farm. Whatever you need sheriff, I just want to make sure nothing is missing. The CSI team came out they took all the duct tape, and took DNA samples from all the ani mals. When the DNA came back, as the sheriff suspected it matched the DNA found on and inside the rectum and stomach of Paul Phillips. CSI team also said that much of the duct tape was rolled on in a manner that only required one person to do it. It was found to be cut off and matched to the duct tape that was found wrapped around Paul Phillips when the college ki ds found him over the bench when that canine was mating him.
That night his dad did find it kind of hard to believe that his own son was a fag so he decided to get a group together which included his two older sons so he could find out for himself. His grandfather was reluctant but he also joined in. So they did a more proper scoping out of the place and indeed did find both video cameras and motion sensors. They did hear music coming from the barn. They decided to come in from the back, even though it was quite rough it was unlikely they set up anything there. So they snuck up into some underbrush trying get a good view but they were on the wrong side of the barn. But before they could get up to move they saw a couple of the guys come back around to the back of the barn and start kissing and then start sucking each other off. Mother fucker, poor little Paul may have been right these are nasty fags whispered Paul's father. Paul's grandfather whispered back that doesn't mean that Paul wasn't a willing participant. They didn't want to move for fear of being discovered but they try to look away often from the disgusting fag activities that was in front of them as the two began fucking. Then the bottom turned around and took all the cum into his open mouth and then sucked the tops shrinking cock. Ughh that's so disgusting whispered the grandfather. Then the two walked back around to the other side of the barn and then the music stopped. Then they all came closer to the back of the barn bringing chairs as it was getting pretty dark they gathered around a woodpile and started a bonfire. They were yakking and talking quite loudly to overcome the noise of the bonfire. They were talking about all sorts of things but then they talked about Paul as the fag hating group could hear how they were bragging of how easy it was to frame Paul making him think that it was their own cum inside the first time and it was these ani mals here that screwed him. That was it, the entire fag hating group burst out from under the brush and before Chris's group could even react fast enough, they were all being beaten punched and kicked. They even had sticks and pieces of burning bonfire thrusted onto some of them. The fag hating group left them battered and beaten. They had to call an ambulance as three of them were severely injured but all of them needed treatment. The sheriff asked what happened and they told him that they think it was the father of Paul, his grandfather and others from his group. The sheriff went to the Phillips Hacienda and questioned them. They swore up and down that they have nothing to do with it but they said they knew that Paul was framed. The sheriff continuously asked why they suddenly thought that this was the case as they have disowned Paul for actually thinking he was gay. They just kept saying we know it now and we believe Paul. The sheriff was not convinced.
In court Paul was sentenced to five years as all the evidence pointed to Paul creating this scenario for flash and notoriety as none of the ani mals nor humans DNA matched either Paul or now deceased Josh's story. Paul's cute boy face and small frame body got him rap ed over and over and over again by hundreds of inmates. The fag hater was turned into a for ced cum dumpster whore. One day there was a train of over 100 guys that plowed his ass on his own bed. His bed was literally soaking wet with cum. He gave up on telling the guards because they took it as their own invitation to fuck his ass in a private room. He wouldn't even sle ep on his own bed, he just slept on the floor whimpering and crying every night. He tried to kill himself many times but there are very many objects available that can do the trick. He would try and piss off some of the inmates that haven't tried to bang him in hopes that they would shank him dead. Well all that did was get more cum in his ass. This was the worst most horriblest thing that could happen to a fag hating straight boy. He prayed every night wondering why the Lord couldn't save him. So much for Jesus hates fags. Paul would never have been in this mess if he didn't go around trying to beat up fags.
The sheriff was heavily suspicious that the fag hating group has beat up the gang at the Chester farm but the district attorney said he wouldn't take on the case because there was limited evidence and the Phillips have a lot of money to throw at an attorney. Jimbo's si ster Anita and her best friend Stephanie had flown in from Europe where they have been studying for two years. They had to see Jimbo who was in the hospital and beat up pretty badly. They heard that the group beat them up badly for being gay. Stephanie was a hot girl only 18 with a nice set of tits, turning heads wherever she goes. You would think that a hot girl like this would be hard to get but Stephanie was quite the slut. The two talked with other guys in the gang to figure out how they can get back at the fag bashers. And so a plan was set forth. They did a little research and found that Paul's grandfather was accused of constantly beating then killing his wife. Paul's mom left his father after he repeatedly abused her and beat her up. So the gang now knew that these people not only like to beat up fags but they often also like to beat up their own wives. They of course also knew that they were religious nuts. So Stephanie got dressed in a Moronmon uniform and gathered Moronmon papers to make it look legitimate. She said there's no way these guys are going to be able to resist. She knocked on the door of the Phillips Hacienda and started to spout out things about joining the Moronmon church. Kenneth answered and when Keith heard a woman's voice he also came to the door. They then said you know whose house this is this is our grandfather's house Fred Phillips of the Bigoboro Baptist Church. Would you like to come in we'd like to hear a little bit more but we also like to talk to you about our church. Both of these guys were more interested in getting into her skirt than talking to her about church, but they definitely wanted her to come inside. After talking for a few minutes she could see that both of them had hard-ons underneath their pants. They were both trying to joust position to see if one of them could get to screw her. And then their father, grandfather and little Johnny came walking in from the back pool asking what is going on. So the two older sons explained that she was a Moronmon trying to get us to join the Moronmon church. Fred Phillips then called to her saying why do you like the Moronmon church don't they have only one husband who is usually very old marrying many wives usually very young like yourself. She replied back well I don't really mind what kind of guy would be my husband I like all kinds including a hot guys like you with your age and stature. Fred Phillips was taken aback and then he became more interested. Then Stephanie said, actually I wish it was the reverse where I have many husbands but I serve them as they have their way with me. Now she could see that all the guys in the room had hard ons except little Johnny. In fact, little Johnny was paying very little attention to her which she found strange for a 15-year-old on teenage hormones. "Oh really" prompted Fred's son, "that's very interesting". So what do you usually like to do, like in bed? Stephanie said she doesn't normally get to do anything with anybody because the Moronmon church is so strict. She then said don't tell them but I'm thinking of leaving because I can't go on without sex for that long. Fred Phillips then called to Johnny and said Johnny, I need you to take up large bouquet of flowers to my wife's grave and since you've had your driving permit for six months and have driven very good with all of us I'm going to let you drive the Mercedes all the way out there all by yourself. You can pick up the bouquet at this flower shop. Johnny shouted out that's awesome I'll get a two-hour drive all by myself. And then Johnny left. Stephanie thought it was kind of odd for a teenager to show no interest in her him leave without even looking back. Stephanie asked if she could go use the restroom and they told her she can go use the one in the master bedroom right over there. So while she was in there, the four of them talked about how hot she was and how it would be nice to get into her pants. So Stephanie came back and asked if they could gather everyone else in the house so that she could talk to them more about the Moronmon church. Keith then blurted out there's no one else was here, my mom left years ago and my grandma died years ago. Neither one of us had a girlfriend in months as he pointed to his br other Kenneth. Oh that's quite interesting said Stephanie I kind of have been dreaming of the scenario like this for months now since my last boyfriend three years ago. Whaaaat dooooo yuuuu mean asked Fred Phillips. Well I kind of had a fantasy of several guys taking advantage of me. Whaaaat dooooo yuuuu mean advantage? Well just flirting with me and doing things. Are you interested asked Stephanie. They all looked at each other and said well yeah you are a hot girl as you probably know what you just want to play some games, watch a movie or something. Well hold on let me text my colleagues something. She held her phone down to where they can pretty much see what she was texting as she typed out "I'm going to be a few hours, I will meet you back at the North East section of our coverage area at six o'clock". They all saw that that was two hours from now as they were all excited.
So what do you guys want to do Stephanie asked. Keith stammered out of anything you want to do. Oh come on, you guys have to be hard up and I like things rough and tough, like something to put me in my place. The four of them weren't exactly sure what she meant as they stared at each other. What do I have to spell it out for you. What do you think I mean? What do you want us to call you names or something. No not exactly but I do want the four of you to do me separately. Whaaaat dooooo yuuuu mean do you? Geez you guys are dense. Okay I'll be blunt and I've never done anything like this before but when I saw that there was four hot guys I knew I could have some fun. Here is what I want. Kenneth I want you to drag me into that bedroom throw me on the bed and literally tear off all my clothes except leave a few pieces hanging. Then I want you to act like you're r****g me call me nasty names even slap me and fuck me in any hole you wish then cum in my face and maybe spit on me as you leave saying, next. All the while I will act like I'm crying and hating every moment but I am actually very turned on by that. Then I want your father to basically do the same but the even rougher I want him to pull me around the edge of the bed all the while fucking me hard. When he goes to cum I want him to cum in my asshole. Then he spits on me as he walks out and says, next, as he leaves. Although I will act like I'm crying and hate it I actually fantasized about this scene for a while. Then grandpa comes in and rips off whatever clothes I have left dangling and whips me with it. He fucks me in all holes but spread my legs wide and creams right on my pussy. Slaps me across the face and as he's leaving saying, one more for you slut. Keith then I want you to come in and slap me several times right off the bat then shove your cock in my face and down my throat. It doesn't matter if I gag or not just keep shoving it. Actually if I gag just slap me again and shove it down my mouth. Then throw me across the bed fuck my pussy for a while and fuck my ass, and make sure you call me a lot of nasty names. How big is your cock Keith? Ahh, well ahh, actually I'm 9 inches. Oh that's awesome. And when you cum I want you to take your cock and shove it all the way down my mouth then for ced my mouth open even more and put your balls inside and cum down my throat as you're doing it telling me to swallow every last drop you bitch. Keep your cock down my throat until I pass out. Then take it out, and we have to be a little safe here make sure I'm still breathing by slapping me, I should wake up and then throw me across the bed telling me how this filthy whore deserves this. And then the four of you come back in and grabbed my legs and arms and take me out into the hallway where if you will all fuck me at the same time. NOW DO YOU GET THE PICTURE! Their eyes were popped open the entire time. Their jaws were almost hitting the floor, they could not believe what they just heard from such a hot girl. Kenneth then finally said that sounds mother fucking awesome. The others shook their heads and agreed. Fred Phillips asked are you serious, I have never heard something so fantastic in my life. Stephanie then said fucking A, I'm serious. What, you don't want to do it? Oh no, we do that sounds spectacular. Well Kenneth what are you waiting for? Here's my arms pull me in and ra pe me. He hesitated for a few seconds but and his fa mily members who were nodding go ahead we will wait our turn. And so they each pretty much did it exactly how she asked. In the end they went in and dragged her out as she asked but when it came time to actually fucking her in front of each other they said they really could do this as they felt to self-conscious but that it was awesome. Fred Phillips went and got a set of his wife's clothes and handed it to her and asked her if she ever wanted to do that again. She took the clothes and said that was really fucking hot. I enjoyed every second of it I would like to do it again but the Moronmon church is moving me. Fred then said oh you don't have to worry about the Moronmon church you could stay here if you want we will pay for everything that you would ever need. That was hotter than I ever could've imagined. The others all agreed. She put her clothes on and said I think I might just do that but I have to talk to the church and tell them I'm leaving. Let me quickly text them that I will be there soon. I would love to have that done every day. Let's go in the kitchen and we can exchange numbers and e-mails. Why don't you write them all down on the paper there. So they headed to the kitchen and she scratches pretty roughly what they think is her phone number and e-mail address. Then she opens the discussion of what else they like to do just to make five or six minutes go by. They can hear her phone and she looks down at another text. Well I got to go, but I should be back here tomorrow for another fuck session. After she left they were all flabbergasted and could not believe how much fun they had. Them having out a woman that actually likes to be hit is like a dream. Kenneth stood up and said well normally you guys don't let us drink at all but I think this calls for a huge celebration I'm going to go to the Mancini's fine liquor store and get us some expensive champagne. Keith said that's about an hour away but it will be well worth it. Fred said I normally would never allow drinking in this house but after having the hottest time in my life I don't care if you brought dr ugs into this house right now. I'm going to actually drink with you.
Kenneth was at the liquor store and walking back to his car with a case of champagne when he saw Chris walking up to him. What do you want you fucking faggot, I ought to beat the shit out of you after what you did to our br other Paul. Well you already did that once, but now it's my turn. Your little faggot ass couldn't beat up mouse sitting on the table. Well I'm not going to beat you up but you might want to call Keith and tell him to check out the video camera on your grandpa's dressing room cabinet. What the hell do you mean stammered Kenneth. You'll see replied Chris. So he immediately called Keith who walked into the bedroom and then replied back to Kenneth yeah there is a camera here it's an older model with a little tape inside. Then Kenneth turned around and screamed how the fuck... He looked around but could see Chris anywhere. And Keith was saying how did you know this was here. Never mind that, does it have a wireless connection at all. Kenneth heard some crumpling noises and then Keith said I don't think so it's got a copyright saying 1987 on it. Oh thank the Lord said Kenneth. Hey wait, hook it up to the TV and play it. What do you mean said Keith. Just do it. So Keith looked around and found some old RCA cables and plugged them in. Oh wow this is awesome proclaimed Keith. Kenneth asked what do you mean? The whole fuck session it was caught on tape, we get to watch everything we did to her. Kenneth then said, no no no, I think you need to destroy it. He then said but I can jack off to this for hours. Kenneth then said yeah that would be great except I found out the camera was there from Chris Chester. You mean the fag Chris Chester. That's the one. I don't know what he's up to and I'm glad that video wasn't sending something wirelessly and that only we have possession of it. But I don't know how it got there or what he plans to do with that information so I think we need to destroy it now. Damn you got to be ki dding said Keith and I'm all hard watching this. Okay I'll get rid of it. I'll see you in an hour said Kenneth. Keith hooked up the camera to his computer and copied the entire footage onto a DVD and then hid it in a place he thought no one would ever find it. He then went back to the burn barrel with the tape and the camera, he threw it in and started to pour gas into the barrel over the camera when he heard "FREEZE, AND DROP THE GAS CAN".
So the Sheriff and the police were gathering all sorts of evidence with the warrant that they had. They took Keith away in handcuffs as they gathered the camera from the burn barrel. His father and grandfather were also led into squad cars as they were taken to the precinct for questioning. The sheriff asked where the other two br others were when one of the deputies said that she said it was only the older br others so we're only looking for Kenneth. About a half an hour later Kenneth was driving down the road as he saw all the police cars he turned around quickly and sped out of there, but one of the deputies saw him and chased after him. A police chase ensued, but it wasn't long before he crashed the car and was captured. The detective on the case told the Sheriff that they all said the same thing that she told them she would act like they were r****g her, that she wanted it to happen and she acted like she was resisting. Well this will be a hard thing to prove as it is four against one even if the DNA comes back as belonging to the fa mily. Any word on the younger son. No said the Sheriff, they all said he went to visit his grandmother's grave but hasn't returned. The detective said the videotape will be hard to reconstruct considering that the gasoline has eaten away much of the plastic. The CSI's have conf isc ated all computers and disks including a rather cleverly concealed one. They're going to check that one out first. It was a very short while before the district attorney was called to the CSI's office where he was astounded by what was playing on the DVD. He said there is no way that that girl was consensual to that abuse. How many different fingerprints were on the camera and the DVD? All of the fingerprints belonged to Keith Phillips. They said she sent text messages on her phone but no phones or the phone company had any text messages that talked about the Moronmon church from her or any of her friends and relatives. They were thrown into separate cells to await arraignment. Where they called their lawyers who said it will be an hour before he gets there. Fred Phillips was thrown into a cell where he thought it was a bunch of women. As he got to the gate he realized they were all transvestites or transsexuals. He pleaded with the deputy to put him in a different cell but the deputy denied his request. He sat cowering in the corner when one out of the 15 trannies proclaimed do you know who that is? That's the fag hating pastor Fred Phillips. Suddenly the grandpa found his mouth covered to silence him as 15 trannies where ripping off his clothes. At the same time they were kicking and punching him. He was able to get a word out or two, please if you're going to stick me... Okay one of the girls said let him say a little more. So they took their hand off his mouth just a crack he said if you're going to stick me please use condoms. They covered his mouth back up and laughed this is a jail cell honey not a bathhouse you're going to get fucked raw. He tried to bite the hand that was covering him and then she screamed so then they got a piece of his clothing and shoved it to one side of his mouth for cing his mouth open. They all face fucked him and fucked his ass hard blowing all their loads inside him. And then threw him in the corner where he whimpered and slowly put back on all his clothes. When the lawyer came he told them that he wanted to file charges on being put in the same jail cell with these faggot fake women. The lawyer explained to him that he will see what he can do but there is no law saying you can't be put in a cell with other guys even if they are transsexuals. The other three fared a little bit better if you hate fags, they only got the crap beat out of them in their jail cells. Although the father did get his own shirt stuck up his ass.
They were arraigned at $5 million bail each in which the more than half billion dollar net worth of Fred Phillips easily covered. They plan to fight this in court with a very powerful lawyer which is exactly what the district attorney thought. Little Johnny snuck back into the house and asked everyone what was going on. The attorney thought it would be best if Johnny stayed hidden until we call him as a sudden witness claiming that we could not locate them until that same day as he will take the stand. The Phillips attorney also said that maybe Johnny should take control of the entire wealth of the fa mily so that it would make it more difficult for anyone to sue them for damages and for the government to collect any fines. At his age he can be given full guardianship of himself also so that he could stay alone in the house without any other adult. And so Fred Phillips thought this was best and now Johnny had full control over all the money some $641 million meant to be used in protests and projects against all fags. The district attorney showed the court the evidence of the DNA and the locations that it was extracted from Stephanie's body. He then said that he needs to show the video of her getting ra ped, even though it was extremely graphic, this will prove his case as they can visually see exactly where that the DNA was found was consistent with the same location that each perpetrator ejaculated. Most of the audience couldn't watch the video very much even though they were required to, they had pretty much made up their minds that this was definitely not consensual. One week into the trial the Phillips attorney called his star witness Johnny Phillips. The district attorney objected because he was not able to talk to Johnny Phillips as a witness. The Phillips's attorney said that Johnny just showed up today and has key information that Stephanie Smith came in saying she was a Moronmon trying to perpetuate her religion and not dragged off from the streets like she said. The judge said well we will see where this goes and if I don't like anything I will allow the district attorney some time with the witness. So Johnny walked in and went right to the Phillips lawyer had told him he was fired or at least he wasn't going to get paid more money from the Phillips fa mily. The Phillips lawyer said I object. The judge said what did you object about this is your witness. The district attorney and the crowd couldn't believe what they were hearing and the judge asked the district attorney if he objected. The district attorney though astounded said no I don't object at all, I'd like to hear what this witness has to say. So Johnny took the stand as the Phillips lawyer even though he was now longer getting paid said he would continue and asked Johnny if he saw Stephanie Smith come into the house in a Moronmon uniform. Johnny said no I was sent off by grandpa to go get a bouquet of flowers to put on my grandmother's grave more than an hour and a half away and they told me not to come back for several weeks. "LIAR, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US". Mr. Graham would you please control your clients. The lawyer turned around and said you can't say anything that will only hurt you. He then turned back to Johnny and said may I remind you that you are under oath. Johnny said I very much realize that and although I am not lying at all, I don't believe anything in that book you made me put my hand on. "BLASPHEMOUS". Mr. Graham, your client. The lawyer turned around and said shhh. The Phillips lawyer Mr. Graham grilled Johnny on everything he could think of, but Johnny said that he did not witness anything other than his grandpa telling him to leave for extensive period of time. Mr. Graham was disgusted and said I'm through. The judge then said to the district attorney, your witness. The district attorney said I think Johnny said it all just as suspected and I have no more further questions. Objection, speculation, said Mr. Graham. Sustained said the judge and the jury will disregard with the district attorney says that he thinks happened. The jury spent five minutes, that's only five minutes to come back with a guilty plea and sentencing of 45 years each without the chance of parole, the maximum the law allowed for aggravated ra pe and conspiracy to commit ra pe. The courtroom went wild, the judge had to bang his mallet many times calling order in the court. But it was to no avail until everyone was moved out of the courtroom. The four of them were sent to separate prisons. Fred Phillips pleaded with Mr. Graham to do an appeal, but Mr. Graham said I'm not going to do it without being paid. You will have to find somebody else. But you gave control over to my son. Yes I realize that but he now has control and I can't do anything at all about it. So Fred Phillips did have other fag hating lawyers to call an appeal pro bono but they told him it would be several months before any new court dates. They did appeal many times over the years but they never succeeded.
The story for each of the Phillips fa mily members continues right after they were taken to jail. All four of them discovered that for the most part most of the jail members did not care for their fag hating ways except for the neo-Nazi KKK members, but they were very few. Fred Phillips because of his age was taken to a minimum security prison in which most people only spend a year or two in it. Most of the people sent here were thrown in jail for prostitution, yes they were almost all males prostituting. Fred Phillips asked to change prisons but was repeatedly denied. They all knew he was the fag hating gay basher so just about everyone in the prison even if they were in prison for a short time fucked his ass and spooged down his throat sooner or later. The first time they try to stick their cocks in his mouth, they were screaming that he was biting them. Then one of the other guys said we'll just take his teeth out. They yanked his dentures out and smashed them on the floor. There you go old man, keep biting down with your gums, it feels nice and tight on a cock. They wouldn't normally do this to an old man, but they knew exactly who he was and this is how they showed their hate for him. He went to the doctor a lot and the doctor told him that too much semen was not enough to keep him hydrated he still needed to drink water every day. He just sneered back at the doctor, because he knew that the doctor knew damn well he didn't want even a microscopic hint of someone else's semen anywhere near him let alone the many ounces even several cups he was for ced to take every day. His son didn't fare much better. In his prison the big guys always fucked the little guys, and he was a little guy. Not only were these guys big and fat they had enormous penises. He was ripped open three or four times a night. He had to go to the sick bay often mostly to get the stitches replaced on his anus. He was glad that they usually did not try and stick it in his face but they slapped and pissed on him an awful lot. He was definitely in straight gay hating gay bashing hell.
The other two were pretty boys in a prison with hundreds of inmates. You can just imagine what happened to them. It was getting close to cell door shut down as Keith was paraded to his jail cell he could see all the other cellmates stroking their cocks through their prison garb and all sorts of distasteful thoughts went through his head. Keith was put in the same cell as a 6'10" 265 pound black guy. He of course asked for a different cell many times before it was locked down for the night but they told you don't get choices here ki d. Samuel was his cell mates name and he tried to make small talk with him and see if he could get on his good side. He asked him what he was in for, Samuel smiled and told him serial ra pe and a murder. Yeah I love fucking, but usually what I wanted to fuck definitely did not want to be fucked. Oh said Keith, that's what my fa mily is in prison, although she and her friends framed us by sneaking a camera in and playing like he was really getting ra ped even though that's what she told us what to do. Yeah sure she did said Samuel. Keith didn't figure he would be believed. And so he questioned so how many girls did you ra pe? 14 and a half by 8. What does that mean said Keith. Well I killed one of my ra pe victims, they stopped breathing and I didn't know it. I was face fucking them, they must've passed out, I didn't feel any resistance so I just kept doing it. 14 and a half by 8. Why do you say that asked Keith. Well that's the size of my cock said Samuel. You fucked her in the face with a 14 inch dick. Damn you killed that chick with a 14 inch cock as a murder weapon. Well I killed them all right but I don't care for any young chicks. Oh said Keith, what do you do older ladies or something. No, I like to fucked twinks. Keith blurted back what the fuck is a twink. Samuel then smiled and said back to him how I love those twinks, but most of them don't like me as a type so I just went out and ra ped them. Occasionally a size queen twinkie would play with me and that was awesome but they usually got tired of me and that was the end of that. So Keith said describe to me what a twink is. Well it's smooth, has very little hair on their body, skinny a nice little bubble butt and most of the time shorthair. Keith then said back ahh you like little skinny girls huh? No said Samuel, twinks are usually in their late teens and early 20s. Keith said well, is that slang for a young lesbian? Nope, I think it describes exactly someone like you. Keith's eyes became glazed over as he stared in fear at the grinning Samuel. "GUARD, GUARD, GET ME OUT OF HERE". The guard came and Keith pleaded that he would do anything, anything so he could change cells. So the guard took in the shower and cleaned him up real good then took him to a back room and basically ra ped him, he fucked his face, he fucked his ass and he deposited a huge load into his ass and Keith let him do it all because he figured an average dick is better than that monster. Then he took him back and threw him in the same cell that Samuel was in. But I let you do anything to me said Keith. Well I had to loosen you up, you know old Samuel here is over 14 inches. Thanks said Samuel, now I can go to directly plowing his ass. Tears just came to Keith's eyes as he basically flopped the floor crying.
Don't cry little Keithy I'll make a deal with you. I only ra ped because I rarely got a willing participant, if I got a willing participant I like to do all sorts of things even please my partner. So my deal is that you be a willing participant. Then we could please each other and things would go much better for you and you may even like it. Keith was sobbing why would I ever want to do that, I would never like a dick getting in me. Well it's either that or I just rip you a new hole every night not caring how much it hurts you in your mouth or in your ass. Then I won't even care what happens outside the cell door. I know for a fact that once you go down to the mess hall you are going to be pulled into a room and fucked hard by at least 25 guys. I already heard them talking about what a cutie were and how it was going to be fun. If I say the word that you are my little bitch boy and you are untouchable, nobody will even grab your ass. They know if they do that I would just grab them and break them into two or just make two of their holes much larger without restraint. Everyone except for the guards I can't control them, except for Mike here because he loves being my bitch boy and will do anything I asked him. So what'll it be? I guess I don't have much choice, I will definitely go with the more pleasant scenario and be under your protection. That's my little bitch boy Keithy.
Well I'm going to give you a treat then. You're going to get off first and I'm going to enjoy getting you off. Keith then told him there is no way I can get off knowing that a guy is doing something to me. It won't even get hard. Samuel started pulling Keith's prison issue pants down and said well we'll see about that. Daaaaaaamn, you are not small for a white boy. What I want you to do this to either think of the hottest moment that you ever had sexually or the hottest porn you have ever seen and keep that in your mind and try to believe that it is going on right now. Don't think of anything else but that. Keith still sniffling, I don't know, I just don't think it will work but I guess anything that you want. So Samuel started working his cock, sucking on it with expertise and jacking it a bit as he rolls his balls around in his mouth. Keith knew exactly what thoughts to think about and was astonished when his cock was hard, he was even thinking this feels damn good. See I told you could get hard said Samuel. Yeah I can't believe you could take it all away down either. Samuel mumbled back well I've got a very big mouth. Now I'm going to do something to you and you will be cumming within five minutes. Sure thought Keith, I doubt it. Then Samuel started doing a series of Deep Throat pulses over and over on his cock taking Keith's ass with his large hands and pushing it toward himself over and over and over again each time taking his cock the whole way and even licking his balls at times while it was all the way down. Then Samuel took Keith's hands and put them behind his own head and motioned him to push Samuel’s head up and down on his cock. After a few seconds Samuel pulled out his cock and blurred you can pump my mouth as hard as you want. So Keith really started to pump his cock in and out very hard, Samuel had one hand on his balls licking them at each pump. Keith found this motion very familiar and it wasn't but a couple more minutes that he moaned he was cumming as he shoved his cock as deep as it would go and Samuel at the same time sucked his balls into his mouth and rolled them around as he could feel the pulsating cum empty from them he sucked on until he could feel his dick wilting. That was amazing said Keith, it was just like when I pump that girls mouth and that's exactly what I thought of. I thought you said you didn't for ce her said Samuel. I didn't that's what she told me to do. If I didn't know what was coming next this would have been pretty awesome.
That's right now it's your turn, but I will go easy on you at both ends. First you start sucking and we're going to see how deep you can go. You will gag but after a few weeks of practice you may not gag so much. Your ass will be easier to get used to it. So now I'm going to shove this in your mouth and let you gag but you constantly try not to gag. So he made him suck but not too hard he gagged many many times and was able to take 5 inches of the massive tool. Then he inserted it slowly until Keith gagged as he was gagging he shoved it down even further and then pulled it out. That's enough practice on your mouth for now said Samuel now this is going to poke your ass all the way. Keith gave an awful face upon hearing this but knew it was better than the alternative of huge gang bangs and this massive tool ripping him whether he likes it or not. With that Samuel flipped him on the bed on his back with his ass in the air. He then proceeded to rim him, he took his massive tongue and swirled around his hole. Keith stammered that feels pretty neat. Oh I still taste the guards cum in your hole. Oh do you want me to clean myself said Keith. No no no, I like licking that up plus cum makes a very good lubricant. He didn't like the sound of that but any lube is better than no lube. Then Samuel started inserting fingers, the first one until he got to all four showing half his hand up his ass and turning it. Then he pushed in and out until it remained gaping for a short period of time. Of course Samuel's cock was rock hard from doing this as he then leaned up to insert his cock. He put it in as his hole resisted but was loosened up a bit from Samuel's hand. He got 7 inches in when Keith said Dan that's starting to hurt pretty bad. So for the first 10 min. Samuel only thrust half his cock in and out of his ass then without telling Keith he went inches deeper each time. How is that little Keithy? It hurts like hell it's going to be even worse when you stick the whole thing in he cried. Well I've got news for you I'm already jamming the whole thing in you. Oh I thought it was going to hurt way worse than that. So he pumped him each time he shoved his entire 14 inches in then finally blasting cum deep inside him. Samuel then made him sle ep in the same bed as he spooned him.
The next day word got out that Keith was Samuel's bitch boy and was untouchable. As Keith walked around all the prisoners were almost stepping out of his way afraid of not upsetting the wrath of Samuel. Keith thought he was going to have a horrible time in prison worried about who was going to beat the shit out of him, ra pe him or kill him but now he almost walked around like he's the King. Even the guards for the most part avoid him but occasionally one jammed their cock down his throat. Keith got a lot better at sucking and was able to take 11 inches without gagging after a while and occasionally he took the whole thing. He got used to getting fucked and Samuel made him jack off while he fucked him and he was surprised how he could cum each time he did this. Every week or so Samuel let Keith face fuck him hard, but always had fingers up Keith's ass while he was thrusting. Then one week he accidentally tripped the Warden when he turned around and didn't see him there. The Warden sent him to solitaire for two weeks. After the first couple of days Keith jacked off but could not cum. He couldn't figure it out, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get off. A week and a half in and he was still trying to jack his cock to cum and no luck until finally he poked all his fingers in his ass and with a bit of work he finally ejaculated. But this was the only time for the whole two weeks that he could cum and after that he realized what he needed. When he finally got back to his cell he told Samuel either fuck me or suck me otherwise I can't cum. Samuel was amused but not very surprised. So the gay hater can no longer cum without a dick in his ass.
Kenneth was not so lucky. He knew he couldn't keep anyone out of his ass but he would never let them put a dick in his mouth. They knew he was a fag hater and when he got to his cell six or seven of them gathered around to get a piece of pretty boy ass. One of them smiled well as best he could as he had no front teeth. So they grabbed him and tore his pants off and started r****g his ass, as he screamed they covered his mouth and someone said fill that thing. So another guy pried open his mouth and stuck his cock in there and Kenneth bit down as hard as he could as the guy screamed blo ody murder and then ran out holding his bleeding cock. The guy with no teeth in the front of his mouth said ahh you shouldn't have done that. Then one of the other very large inmates said I'm going to stick my cock in your mouth and you're going to suck on it. Kenneth blurted back I'm going to bite any cock that gets in my mouth, I don't care how badly you beat me up. Then the large inmate said we need to take a break boys, as the guy fucking him looked down shaking his head then pulled his cock out of his ass. Then with about three or four punches to the face of Kenneth, the large inmate then opened his mouth and said oh I missed one. With that there was another punch to his face right to the front of his mouth. Come on back boys. The large inmate took one more glance as blo ody face and mouth and then jammed his cock in between the gums of Kenneth's face. He said now bite down all you want, the harder you bite the tighter your gums make my cock feel good. As a matter of fact I'll hold your jaw shut myself. The large inmate took his 9 inch cock and kept ramming it down his throat as hard as he could until he came in the back of his throat and said next. There was a line of 40 or 50 guys who took turns on his ass or mouth, or both, before it was finally over for that night anyway. Kenneth just laid there broken on the floor cum oozing out of his ass and dribbling out of his mouth as he did very little else except contemplating how horrible the next few decades are going to be. This sort of scenario was done repeatedly several times a week. Now the fag hater who beat up fags is now beaten and ra ped by them weekly.
Watching the news one day Fred Phillips saw that his youngest son was at pride day parade ceremony donating 500 million of the fag hating, "God hates fags" money to a gay youth organization called the Matthew Shepard foundation. Another hundred million was donated to an American atheist society. Then on national TV his youngest grandson turns to kiss his boyfriend which is too much for Fred Phillips as he collapses to the floor of the prison ward as he's watching this. The prisoners all thought it was funny, especially since there was 600 prisoners housed with him, one for each million dollars donated. So the prisoners decided, to help him celebrate, each one of the 600 prisoners would donate something into his body, if you know what I mean. After a long day for Fred Phillips the last prisoner did his deed, he was sitting in a lake of cum all over and in him. He felt like he was having a heart attack, and he was thanking the Lord for taking him away from all this. When he went to the doctor, the doctor just said he was just hyperventilating. The Lord gave him a very healthy heart, he will have many years to live, but I'll say it again semen isn't the best liquid to replenish your fluids. One of the other prisoners proclaimed” I think thats a record, no prisoner has ever been fucked by every single other prisoner". We should call Guinness. Another prisoner stated "your fag hating God has given more guys fucking your ass and your male fa mily's asses(including one that obviously loves it from the look of his boyfriends face) than you ever could've imagined and almost your entire donated wealth of "Jesus hates fags's" money has been re-donated to a gay youth organization, and another chunk to an atheist organization as your youngest grandson kisses his male lover on national TV". Isn't your God wonderful. Praise the Lord, Jesus is here.
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The Honour of Our Love & Marriage,

Part 1
My name is Albert. My wife Alice and I have been married for nine years and have a loving and strong marriage. We have five k**s, certainly more than most families have these days. They are ages 3, 4(Twins), 7, and 9. We may be having more, but that depends on what the future holds for us.

The number of c***dren we have is due to the steadfast love between my wife and I. We've had many past challenges, and still face daily, new challenges to our deep love from individuals who've sought to break up our marriage over the years. Their efforts started even before our wedding took place.

Prior to becoming engaged, Alice and I dated for two years. We were engaged for a year before the wedding.

During the entire three years, Alice refused to have sexual intercourse with me. She said it was improper for us to commit fornication prior to getting married. For the two years we dated steadily, there was no sex of any type between us, only steamy petting. Typically after dropping her off at her place after a date, I went home many nights with a tent pole in my pants and blue balls. During this time, she would only let me fondle her breasts through her clothes. I remember her letting me put my hand under her dress only once, and then she'd only let me fondle her hot furry pussy for a few moments.

After I put a two-carat engagement ring on her finger, she finally exposed her very delectable tits to me and allowed me the profound pleasure of handling and sucking on her mammary endowments. She knew I was a virgin, and wanted me to remain that way until our wedding night. However, to suppress my pleading to help me end the curse of my virginity - at least that was my opinion of it anyway - she came up with the idea of me performing oral sex on her and me stroking my prick for sexual satisfaction.

I'd seen pictures of guys giving head to women, but never had the opportunity to do it before. I confessed the same to Alice.

"I haven't experienced receiving head either Albert darling, so this will be a first for me also. However, let me show you how I think you should do it. C'mon, let’s get you on your knees while I take off my panties."

I was very excited at being able to see her pussy for the first time. She indeed was a true blond. Through her careful tutelage, I was eating my first hair pie, and my, was it very tasty.

The musk flavoured taste combined with her pleasurable moans and sighs, and the clamping of her shapely thighs around my head was a most pleasant environment for me to be in. I never dreamed sucking pussy could be so delightful. She held my head to her blond crotch ever so tightly until she had a very rousing orgasm.

I was so proud of myself for having tongued and sucked her so well.

While she was in the midst of her orgasmic afterglow, she looked at me dreamily and asked if I needed relief. Of course my prick was aching somewhat fierce.

"Please take it out darling. I'd like to see you jerk off for me." She said sweetly through dreamy eyes.

She heeded me on even when it was apparent I was somewhat embarrassed to do so in front of her. However, with my aching need and looking at her luscious blond bush, I soon got over it and was stroking away as she urged me on. She seemed rather excited for me also. That made me feel good too as I shot off my heated load.

Finally about three months before the wedding, she finally started handling my prick and would occasionally jerk me off for my much-needed relief from being aroused by her exceptional beauty.

Alice was a solid "10" in anybody's book. Our initial meeting was at a medical office, where she worked as an administrative assistant. I met her when I went in for a routine physical. As I was writing a check for the office visit, she gave me her name, phone number and asked me to call her that evening.

I was shocked beyond belief that the vivacious blond before me was taking even a second look at me, not to mention giving me her phone number without me asking for it. I was literally dumbfounded and in a mild state of shock and euphoria, simultaneously, at this wonderful and totally unexpected event in my rather uneventful daily routine. I counted the minutes until a suitable time to phone her that evening.

We started dating the next week. It wasn't until six months later that she revealed what first attracted her to me. It was because I was a 24-year-old virgin. She'd read my medical file. Somewhere in it, the doctor wrote down something to the effect I'd never engaged in intercourse.

She later told me that after getting to know me, she fell in love with my easy going, unassuming personality, and optimistic outlook on life. She confessed she wasn't a virgin due to a few silly high school romances.

"Albert, promise me you'll never cheat on me and remain just as sweet as you are now." She said to me the night we had our first passionate kiss, which was two months after our first date. It was official then that we were going steady.

I was floating on air for days after that.

During the three years prior to our getting married, I never spent as much time as I really wanted too with her. The primary reason was that she was trying to break off, in a gentle manner, relationships with four men she said she had been casually dating before we started going steady.

She and I usually dated on Wednesday nights and Sunday evenings. Since the days after each of our date days were workdays, our dates never lasted longer than 10:30 each night. She was busy during the rest of the week trying to slowly break the news to her other men friends. She told me how aggressive they were and that it would just have to take time to wean them away from the relationships.

I offered my assistance, but she told me that she must be courageous and do it herself.

She eventually showed me photos of the four. They were rather handsome and all looked athletic and tall. Their names were Ken, Kyle, Bob, and Ron.

The most shocking thing was that Ken and Ron were black. Mind you, I'm not prejudice, but I was just surprised that Alice, with her obviously demur personality would be dating black men - two rather handsome well built athletic ones at that.

Kyle had dark black hair and Bob was a red head.

After looking at their pictures, I wondered what she saw in me. They had it all over me any day of the week, for I was only five-seven, 125 pounds and nowhere as good looking as these guys. They all looked like rugged male models.

"Looks aren't everything Albert darling." Was Alice's reply to me when I asked why me, and not one of them. That made me feel so much better.

Not being overly aggressive, I had difficulty in asking how things were going in her weaning off her other boyfriends, especially since Alice seemed sensitive about me asking once before. That was after she went away on a weekend trip with one of them. I think it was with Ken.

"I'm working on it darling, don't worry." Her sexy voice put me at ease. However, when she next broke two of our scheduled dates because she was going away for a week long cruise with Ron, I began to worry that she was indeed having difficulty in letting them know about us.

Her seriousness in breaking off her relations with the guys plagued me for the whole time we were dating, and into our engagement. Yes, she was still dating them even when we were engaged. She still was going away on weekends with them up until two months before the wedding.

About seven weeks before the wedding, she let me know that she'd finally got it over to them that they were history, and that she and I were the current event. I'm glad she finally got them convinced. For this had gone on long enough and I was about to put my foot down. To formally let them know about us, she had them meet us at a relatively expensive, but favourite restaurant of ours, for dinner. She introduced them to me for the first time. Their pictures did them justice. They were just as muscular and handsome as their photos. To say I was psychologically intimidated by them, would be an understatement.

However, it was a cordial evening and each one congratulated me on being the lucky guy to get the prize, Alice that is. As a means of celebrating, they decided to give her a bachelorette party. Of course, I wouldn't be invited. They set it up for the following Saturday night. The four left Alice and I at the restaurant and thanked me for inviting them to join us for dinner. I was a bit upset that my fiancée gave each a rather passionate goodbye kiss as they each lined up to kiss her goodnight. Others in the restaurant also watched with surprise also. Particularly not only the extent of their kisses, but the fact that two of the men were black drew obvious attention.

Sitting beside her, it was rather apparent that each kisser's tongue probed the inside of her sweet mouth, as they each gave her what I considered indecent French kisses. To add insult to injury, little did I know that Alice had told them I was picking up the tab. My credit card took a wallop that evening.

"Albert darling, I think it was worth it so the guys now formally know I belong to you totally. Plus, they now know that you don't skimp when it comes to making me happy."

The last part of her statement had to do with her former boyfriends' concern that I couldn't keep her happy or that I loved her as much as they did.

"I assured them that you would keep me happy and that you loved me more than either one of them."

Even though it eventually took me three months to pay off the bill, her sweet sexy voice and words of praise convinced me it was a good investment.

However, aside from that, I was pleased that things were heading in the right direction for us. Now everything was clear for my dream girl to become my wife.

The wedding went off without a hitch and we had a wonderful honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

A slight irritation was that Alice was not on the pill and presented me with a large box of condoms on our honeymoon. I had so desperately wanted to get into her juicy pussy, skin to skin, with only cunt juice between us. However, even with the latex barrier, she was very hot and wet. In order to give her the full pleasure she expected and needed, I had to use my lips and tongue far more than my prick, which she smiled at as she mentioned how cute my "little fellow" was. She said that often during our honeymoon.

Upon returning home we went about the business of setting up house and began the routine of being married.

Now that we were husband and wife, there were many questions I wanted to ask of my new bride that I was uneasy about asking before. I wanted to know more about her relationships with Ken, Kyle, Bob and Ron during the three years before our marriage.

However, before I could get around to asking her, she let me know that the guys had been coming around to see how marriage life was treating us. They first started coming while I was at work. Alice had been looking for a new job and wasn't currently working.

I thought that was nice of them, but I finally got up the nerve to her to tell them that it might be more appropriate if they came by when I was home.

"I do believe you're jealous darling. I like that. That means you really are in love with me." She said as she kissed me on the cheek. I liked her playful ways.

"Anyway, I've invited them all over tonight. They should be here in about a half hour. I wanted them to know about something special for us."

"Special? What?"

"That we're going to have a baby." She cooed as she formed her arms into a cradle and pretended to be rocking an imaginary infant.

"W-What!" I surprised myself at how loud I cried out.

"Yes darling, I'm almost six weeks pregnant."

"S-Six weeks! W-Why t-that means y-you were preg..." at that point I realized I'd married a pregnant bride. I became speechless.

She went on to let me know that the blessed event happened at the bachelorette party her four previous boyfriends had given her. She didn't know it until she got there that she was to be the only attendee, other than them. She also revealed that she didn't know which one of the four was the father.

"They all thought that it would be a good way to get our f****y started. However, the real reason they persuaded me to let them inseminate me was that they thought it would be a good way to see if you really loved me as much as I told them you did." She said softly.

"What! O-Of course I-I love you Alice, b-but this is-is so unexpected a-and y-you know it's h-humiliating don't you?"

"How darling?"

"W-Well I mean, y-y-you having a baby from one of them m-makes me a-a... I-I guess you call it a cuckold. Plus w-with you not e-even knowing which one is the father, I-I..."

"Not yet, but when the baby is born, we will." She replied matter-of-factly looking at me as if I'd said something totally stupid.

"Y-You're going to h-have... w-what if the baby is-is black?"

Alice let me know that in no uncertain terms, she'd planed on having the baby even if it turned out to be black, or that my professed love for her wasn't as deep as I had vowed. She quickly wanted to know if I was prejudice. I emphatically let her know I wasn't. With that out of the way we got into such issues as trust and honesty and not holding anything back from each other.

"You do have a point darling. I should've told you what happened at the bachelorette party, but would you have still married me?"

When I stammered in replying she was quick to capitalize on my hesitant answer.

"See! Maybe the guys were right. Maybe your love isn't as deep as you've professed. And to add insult to injury, just a few days ago at the altar, you vowed to accept me for better or worse. Because of your vow, it really shouldn't matter what happened at that party. Anyway, I was only trying to prove the honour of your love, and look at how you're treating me."

Before I could respond to her statement, the doorbell rang. Our conversation was interrupted.

Ken, Kyle, Bob and Ron had arrived with little baby gifts and were congratulating us both. It was such a surreal atmosphere as the four, without shame, in addition to congratulating me, handled my wife as if she was theirs. Unfortunately, she initiated the action and encouraged them to feel her tits and tummy, which had a very slight, barely noticeable protrusion, which I hadn't really noticed before.

I was also very upset that they apparently knew about the blessed event before I did.

I sat quietly, and totally humiliated, as the guys talked about the bachelorette party and who came how often, and who shot the most cum in my wife's juicy cunt. I couldn't believe my ears. They also placed bets as to which one sired the "bun" in the oven. It was as if I wasn't there.

During the discussions that were going on around me, it was clear that if I divorced her, they wouldn't be too unhappy about it. Apparently, they'd convinced my new bride that my love for her wasn't as strong as she said it was. Their implication was that I couldn't weather her having one of their babies. She told them my love was deep and true and that it wouldn't matter. In other words, she accepted the thrown gauntlet to defend my love for her.

Even though anyone of the four could've trounced me like a rag doll, I was seething with anger at what was taking place around me. I was fed up and couldn't take it anymore. I decided to act. I summoned enough nerve and asked them politely to leave after they'd been there about 45 minutes.

"They're our guests, Albert darling. They're an important part of this since they were responsible for creating this situation." My wife said in response to my carefully worded invite for the four to leave.

"Yeah man, one of us did all the work and you get all the credit. See Alice, he doesn't appreciate you. We told you marrying him was the wrong thing to do. You need a man like me. One who wouldn't worry about whose baby it is, but whether does it make you happy to have it. That's how strong my love is" Boasted Ron in an outspoken manner.

"No, I'm the better man for you Alice. I know my love is stronger than the others and your pipsqueak hubby there. A beautiful fox like you can have as many k**s as you want from other guys, just as long as you save a little bit of your love for me. Now that's true love." Yelled Bob.

Ken and Kyle soon added their rowdy statements to the other "who loved Alice the most" declarations. I soon found myself on the defensive as to whether my love for my new bride was strong as that of her ex-boyfriends.

"I-I love her a great deal." I replied to Kyle, when he caught me off guard asking me just how much did I Love my new bride.

"See that Alice, he's waffling. He don't love you as much as any one of us." Spoke Bob.

"Yeah! Drop the zero and get yourself a hero." I think Ken is the one who shouted that phrase out, for I was so shaken by their words that I became befuddled as I tried to speak amidst their noisy clamouring to let my wife know that each one was the best one for her. However, a common theme was that any of them were better than me.

Frustrated that I was not as adroit at throwing out snappy statement as they were, I sat red faced and bewildered at what was going on.

"Okay you guys, enough is enough, pipe down!" My wife shouted loudly. "Albert is my husband now. I belong to him. You guys had your chance and didn't take advantage of the opportunity to ask for my hand. I know Albert loves me, and he'll do whatever it takes to show me his love is genuine. So you guys just back off."

I was moved by my wife's words and extremely pleased at her timely intervention.

I knew the real story now. The guys were intentionally trying to break us up by impregnating my wife. I concluded that even though my beautiful new bride was a willing party to their insemination of her, she did it to prove the strength of my love for her. I was determined not to let her down.

After they left, Alice came over and sat on my lap. I felt totally different about us after they left. My anger had not only dissipated, but I'd resigned myself to the fact that in order to keep my new bride, the baby she was carrying was part of the package too. I let her know my

"Alice, I'm sorry for getting angry. I-I better understand what's going on now. They're really jealous of us. They're envious of you marrying me instead of one of them. That's why they talked you into letting them impregnate you at that party. I should've known you were too weak to resist them. After all, it took you almost three years to let them know about us, and convince them you were no longer available." I said in a confident tone.

"I'm glad you're so astute honey. I do have a weakness with them." She whispered in my ear as she kissed and embraced me warmly.

We talked further about how to deal with her old boyfriends in the future, if they dropped by to interfere with our marriage. As we did so, I thought to myself of one consolation that came out of all this. That at least now, I could put it in my new bride, unencumbered by rubber, since she was now pregnant.

I told Alice that in order to let Ken, Kyle, Bob and Ron know that they couldn't break up our marriage we had to come up with a strategy.

It was her idea for us to practice a non-v******e political technique called aggressive passiveness and assertive non-interference.

"What?" I asked.

"It's simply a technique where you ignore or play along with what your political adversary does. You do so to let them see that what they're doing doesn't faze or deter you. In turn, when they determine that it's a useless expenditure of their time and resources, they give up interfering with you."

I marvelled at the simplicity, yet brilliance, of what she said. However, I didn't like the way this policy of aggressive passiveness and assertive non-interference was going to be carried out.

First of all, it would entail me ignoring their lascivious lusty sneaky ways of trying to break us apart. By doing so, they would see that I was not getting frazzled or wasting my time worrying about their silly antics. Instead, it would show that I was secure in my manhood and had no reservations about the love my wife had for me. Additionally, my non-interference with them would demonstrate the solidity and strength of our marriage, no matter what they did.

On the other hand, Alice was to eagerly give into their demands and permit them to have their way with her as proof of the depth of my unselfish love and trust of her.

I wasn't happy about her idea, but Alice seemed to think it would work effectively. I didn't have anything better to offer, so I very reluctantly agreed to try it out. Besides, she'd already set the initial groundwork for the strategy by letting her former boyfriends impregnate her.

"Darling, I'm so glad I married a man who understands intelligent tactics and stratagems. And thank you for loving me so. I don't know what I'd do without you." Alice said as she kissed me and praised my agreeing to her plan.

Over the next few months, Ken, Kyle, Bob and Ron dropped by our home, usually unannounced, including when I was home. They'd come in and made themselves at home.

It was not unusual for one of them to have my wife sit on their lap. They'd raise her maternity top to check on her swelling tummy, while she and I were watching TV. It bothered me a bit when any of the four started doing that. They also did other things including caressing her belly, fondling her heavy swollen tits, and fingering her cunt. However, I soon got accustomed to their actions since it was happening so frequently. Until she had to stop having sex in the eight month, it was not unusual for them to lead her by the hand to our bedroom and fuck her while I was left watching TV or reading the newspaper.

Sometimes, especially on Friday nights and the weekend, all four of them would be there together, at all hours of the night and day, to check on her and to fuck her in the process. Often, those waiting their turn to be with her, would carry on small talk with me as one or more of them would be in the master bedroom fucking my wife.

Alice told me I would get use to this technique of aggressive passiveness and assertive non-interference. I was amazed at how right she was. Soon I was desensitized at my wife essentially being their slut. I think I could see it in the mood and faces of her former boyfriends that they took her for granite as being an easy piece of ass. She said, because of that, they'd soon get tired of her and stop coming over altogether to fuck her.

I was hoping it would be sooner than later.

"Look at the bright side darling, with all the help you're getting, you haven't had to work your tongue as much. Have you?" She said smiling as she pecked me on the cheek.

I could only blush and softly reply that she was right.

It hurt a bit to know that her former boyfriends didn't have to eat her pussy to get her off, like I did. They were very skilled cocksmen. She told me so. In fact they didn't suck her cunt at all.

"Don't be silly dear, just think of it as another reason that they know they can't take me away from you darling. It shows them that you're willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. They aren't willing to give a commitment like that." She replied, when I told her how bad I felt about her telling them I had to eat her muff to satisfy her, and that they were far better in the prick department than I. Her words were a needed boost to my fracture ego. My wife delivered a 7-pound boy who looked just like Kyle. He won the pot they'd put up for the bet. I thought it was nice of him to split it with me.

Not that I'm prejudice, but I felt relieved that the baby was white. I'd been on needles and pins the whole time Alice was pregnant, worried about the problem of having to deal with us having to explain my wife having a black baby.

After my wife returned from the hospital and we were getting use to the routine of having a new baby in the house, Ken, Kyle, Bob, and Ron would drop by to see Kyla, which my wife named him. She said naming him after the biological father would send a signal to her former boyfriends. The indication being that we weren't afraid of others knowing they'd convinced her to get pregnant by one of them, since it was with the intent that it'd ruin our marriage, which it didn't.

She let me know that we were a solid partnership and that nothing her former boyfriends did, would break her love for her husband or cause her to leave me. Her strong words of resolve really boosted my self-esteem.

Alice got her figure back in no time by exercising and dieting. She looked as beautiful as ever.

This just added fuel to the fire for Ken, Kyle, Bob and Ron. It was not unusual for them to convince her to get all dolled up and go out with one, or all, of them on the town to prove that I didn't love her enough to let her have such freedom.

I wanted to get a babysitter and go along with them, but my wife wouldn't hear of it and insisted I stay home.

"I'd feel so much better if you cared for our son while the fellows require me to go out partying as part of their silly antics in saying you don't love me enough to let me do so. Plus, if they know you're here doing that, they'll know you're more of a man than any of them are."

My chest automatically rose with pride as my wife praised me while her four former beaus watched and listened.

I was holding Kyla in my arms at the time. She gave he and I each a quick, but loving, light peck on our foreheads. She did it in a way so as not to disturb her beautiful makeup. She then said goodbye and walked out the door with Kyla's real father and her three other former boyfriends.

I was still using condoms as my wife was still not using the pill and she didn't like using a diaphragm.

Our son was four months old when she told me the news.

"The fellows kept telling me that they knew for sure your love wasn't deep enough for me to have another of their babies. And I said you were. They said I was bluffing and threw down the gauntlet again. Albert, as I was defending the honour of your love for me, as well as our marriage, I let Ken, Bob, and Ron have me unprotected tonight. They will continue to sex me until I test pregnant. It was decided that since Kyle had already fathered Kyla, he would be excluded this time. Kyle of course, like you, will have to use rubbers until I'm confirmed pregnant."

I wasn't pleased that the guys were starting a new offensive at trying to break Alice away from me. I was very pleased at her defending my honour and love for her. I just didn't like the way it was being done.

I was also worried about the black white thing too. Here again, not because I'm prejudice, but that I didn't want to have to deal with the hassle of having to face the problem of my wife delivering a black baby.

She tested pregnant about six weeks later. Again the guys formed a pool of money as they bet on who was the real father. Again as before, they went through the ritual of coming by to feel up and grope my wife as she began to swell up in a mother-to-be way. They of course sexed her up until the doctor told her to stop having intercourse prior to delivery.

My wife really put her best on the outside as she accommodated their demands for frequent sex. She said she wasn't happy about letting them fuck and sex her so wantonly, but she felt she had to let them know that they couldn't break us apart with their sexy looks, robust sexual stamina, and big cocks.

Again I was on needles and pins as I waited for the delivery date.

"Honey, you shouldn't worry in the least about our baby being black. If I have a little chocolate drop of joy, it will further demonstrate even more so that you love me." My wife said in reply to my concern about our newest f****y addition possibly being black.

This time Alice delivered a girl. It was clear that it was Bob's c***d since he was the only red head. Alice named our new daughter Bobbie Jean. Again, I was relieved that at least the baby was white, even if not mine.

I was sure the four guys would finally leave us alone, now that it was abundantly clear, Alice and I were strong enough to handle all of their thwarting attempts to interfere and weaken our unshakable marriage.

However, it didn't stop them from doing tawdry, raunchy silly things like calling me to give messages to my wife from them. If they couldn't reach me directly at the office, or home, they'd leave messages on our home answering machine for me to call them back.

"Dear, you know if you don't return their calls they're going to take it as a sign of weakness." My wife advised me when I told her I wasn't going to dignify their silly actions by making return calls to them.

To make sure that I wasn't afraid of them, I did as my wife advised and returned every one of their calls and even, at her insistence, gave them my cell phone number. Even though it showed them I wasn't intimidated by them, it did cost me to take their calls on my cell phone. That really bothered me, but my wife thought it was worth the costs.

An example of one of their messages would be: "Hey Al old buddy, give your slut wife a message for me, will ya? Tell her, no panties, no bra, I'll pick her up at nine. Also, don't wait up for her. And by the way, lay out that dark blue micro mini dress for her to wear... you know, the thigh high one I bought her that has a hemline that's even with the bottom of her pussy."

As you can see, such messages were meant to be emotionally inflammatory and cause me to be jealous as well create a rift in our loving marital relationship.

They didn't achieve their objective. In fact, in regard to my wife's dates with her antagonistic old boyfriends, she even asked me to help her prepare for them.

I at first thought it was just an additional bitter pill for me to swallow in this whole unfortunate matter, but my wife kept reminding me we had to fight the battle the way we were doing.

"Dear, I know you may get a little weary being in the roles of a baby sitter to our k**s and a housekeeper too, when the fellows insist I go out with them. But honey, it also means a great deal to me for you to be a part of giving me emotional support too, as I prepare to do battle with them. Just knowing you're helping me get ready for my dates with them, even though it's so they can have their way with me, really helps my mental outlook and morale to keep fighting the battle."

I didn't want to cause my wife's morale to decline, so I acted like a good soldier and did what I could to assist her. She had me doing such things as paint her nails, brushing her hair, cleaning or polishing her high heels, or selecting sensuous sheer undergarments or a sexy dress for her to wear. I also occasionally had to iron a blouse or dress for her while she would be showering, especially if one of the old boyfriends called and only gave her a short time to get ready for a date.

In addition to the above, I'd already been doing what she lovingly referred to as her "pussy barbering". That is keeping her natural blond pussy bush neatly trimmed and shaped. Another thing she required me to perform, which sort of grew into a ritual before she left on any of her dates with the four guys, was me kneeling, saying "I loved her" and kissing her cunt.

She said that really boosted her morale each time I did that. She seems to have this sparkle in her eyes each time I looked up from my kneeling position after kissing her manicured cunt as she wished.

Part 2
I do get a bit sad at times knowing that I've put so much effort in my pussy barbering only for one of her ex-boyfriends to enjoy it first by using his big tool to make her well manicured pretty blond bush all wet, messy, and slimy, not to mention stretching as well as making her cunt raw and inflamed.

However, even with all the consternation caused by them, I thought it was becoming obvious that her old boyfriends were indeed tiring of bothering with us and were going to let us be. I say that because, for ten straight days neither of them called or came by. Not only did my wife need the rest from being their concubine and whore, we both needed a rest from their constant harassment. I thought sure now that at last we were on the road to marital bliss. I was also sure now we could start planning to have our own c***d, to go with the two we'd had with the help of her former boyfriends. That was not to be.

The reason they hadn't been interfering is because they'd all been out of town for some reason or the other, in regard to their jobs. Our daughter was slightly over 11 months old when my wife's former boyfriends started another round of manoeuvres against our marriage. I could see they were again serious about taking my wife from me.

It started one Saturday night when they and my wife came in around 3AM. I had just gotten our daughter back to sl**p after giving her a bottle, and was on my way back to bed when they walked in. My wife looked in total disarray. There were milky stains on the bodice area of the expensive black mini dress she wore, as well as the smell of jism in her hair. I presumed the four had probably wiped pussy juice from their cocks with her hair. As from previous outings, I knew she'd been thoroughly fucked by the four. She came in my arms and gave me a passionate kiss. Her kiss reeked of alcohol. I also knew she'd recently sucked one of their cocks by other odours on her breath. There was also the fresh taste of semen on her tongue and gums. I'd experienced this before so I was undaunted by it. I was just glad she was back in my arms, even if sexually used and well fucked.

"Darling, you're so good to come home to." She said sweetly, as she broke the slimy kiss. As she did so, a ropy thread of goo, more than likely jism mixed with saliva, briefly extended between our parting lips.

"Honey, the guys are at it again. They say your love still isn't as deep as you profess. I told them it was and that you would have no hesitation in proving it."

I was about to speak when my wife put a finger to my lips. I kept quiet as she told me what they said I wouldn't do to prove my continuing love. I looked at her wide-eyed, after she told me what was desired of me. I'd never done that before. What they wanted would be humiliating to do even without her four former boyfriends standing there. With them looking on, it would be totally degrading. They'd really sunk low this time.

I also was bothered by what Alice didn't say. However, I guess that little matter was an obvious and foregone conclusion and that this current matter had to be addressed first. The four guys were all standing around us as she still had her hands around my neck, at arm’s length, looking in my eyes with a most pleasant smile on her face.

I quickly glanced the faces of her four previous boyfriends, who were standing in a semi-circle around us. I could see the beginning look of victory smiles on their faces. That did it. I knew I had to do what had to be done, no matter how degrading. I couldn't let my wife down, after all she had committed the honour of our marriage, so to speak. I nodded and softly let her know she was correct.

"I knew I could count on you darling." She replied before telling me how to position myself as she hiked up what little hem there was of the micro mini she wore. She was wearing no panties, so it was easy for her to position her moist, hot, gluey, jism smeared blond pussy bush over my upturned face, as I knelt before her. It was rather obvious she'd been the target of heavy sustained sexing. The smell of her messy bush was ripe and gamy, yet had an enticing stronger exotic feminine odour, than I was accustomed to.

I let my tongue delve into the hot wet gaping pouting folds of her slimy, raw, very fucked muff. The taste of her was very much different with the flavourings of her former boyfriends' cock and cum. The taste was stronger than her jism flavoured kisses, but yet palatable. I remember it took a bit of time getting acclimated to kissing her cock-sucking, semen coated lips and tongue, but I did. I suspected I'd have to get use to this too.

With the suction of my lips, I began to draw out the remnants of what was apparently a sizeable load of hot jism that hadn't too long been shot deep up into Alice's luscious snatch.

I grasped her naked buttocks as I orally administered to her. She moaned very sensuously and came so loud that I was sure it would wake the baby. I was lucky, it didn't.

Her four former boyfriends left after I rose triumphant from my knees. My face was smeared with slimy fuck juices. I beamed a broad smile as I saw the obvious looks of disappointment on their faces. They left our house smiling, but I knew they were smiles of defeat.

Alice and I left the room arm in arm, content with one more victory over our marital antagonists.

"Honey that was so wonderful. You really ate their cum out of me good, really, really good. It felt so good to have you do it with them standing there watching. You gave me a super good come too. They know now for sure that you're seriously committed to this marriage by willingly eating and cleaning up their jism from my cunt as they watch you. Darling, to make sure they never forget your marital devotion, I want you to suck my pussy from now on after they fuck me. It'll clearly signal to them that my pussy belongs to you, no matter who fucks me." My wife said as she wiped the drying melded fuck juices from my face.

In the bed, as my wife laid back wearily, she parted her legs to receive me, and handed me a condom almost simultaneously.
I had expected this.

"I know you knew by the mere fact I had cum in me, the guys have challenged us again. That is, that our marriage can't stand another baby from them. Well anyway, they kept pestering me about it and calling you all sorts of names. I held my temper as long as I could. However, I couldn't take it when they called you a wimpy chicken. That's when I stood up to them darling and told them they could do me again, so we could prove them wrong one more time. In fact Albert, this challenge also covers two pregnancies. Since it'll only be Ken and Ron doing me this time, the one that is not the father the first time, will have a chance to do me for the second pregnancy."

This bit of news was like a double whammy. I wasn't happy about what I was hearing in the least. There was no uncertainty now about my worse fear becoming reality. There were going to be black babies in our growing f****y, since Ken and Ron were both black.

"Well on the plus side, you won't have to worry if the baby will be white this time darling." Said Alice, as I looked dejected by this latest turn of events.

"It was their combined cum you sucked out of me tonight honey. Like you, Kyle and Bob will wear rubbers until... well, you know the routine." My wife said yawning.

I resigned myself to the challenge being accepted by my wife was for both of us, that is, in response to this latest gauntlet being thrown down. The honour of our marriage had again been committed. I slipped on the rubber and decided to instead concentrate on getting what others had been enjoying all evening.

As was her usual practice, my wife checked to ensure that my condom was on securely.

Not only was Alice's cunt loose, she was not that responsive. Bless her heart, I knew she was tired from partying with her former boyfriends to demonstrate to them the strength of our love and solidity of our marital bond. She was asl**p, as I humped her with a prick far smaller than those that had gone before me. I suckled on her well groped, cum smeared tits and finally shot off, with a pleasurable sigh, into the prophylactic I wore.

Twins resulted from Alice's third pregnancy. Ken was the father. She named them Kenny and Kenna. The next year, the fourth pregnancy was of course due to Ron. It was a boy, so he was simply named Ronald II.

Of course all the c***dren carry my last name and I accept them as mine and treat them as such. My wife and the guys constantly praise me for what a good daddy I am. I spend a lot of quality time with the k**s. I'm their baby-sitter when my wife is out proving to the guys that just because she's acting like a slut for them, our marriage is solid, very intact, and they don't have a chance of tearing up apart.

Our c***dren grew on me and it didn't take me long to get use to being the daddy of three coffee coloured and two white k**s. I discovered no matter which colour, k**s are the same. However, when we as a f****y were out together, say at a grocery store, and someone might ask if our three coffee coloured bundles of joy were adopted, my wife would quickly let them know she was their natural mother. She also sort of worked it in that she had them while we were married. I often would cringe and blush when she revealed that bit of information.

There would always be that certain look directed at both of us, especially me. No matter how many times I got that look, I always had a hard time dealing with being thought of as an obvious cuckold. It seemed to not be a problem for her at all. Whenever I would try to admonish her for being too open in telling others about our situation, she would give me the same message, even though it might be worded differently.

"Albert honey, it only shows that our love is solid, and a little thing as me having babies by other men, while we're married, just shows you're not an insecure or apprehensive husband. That's all. Please don't make mountains out of mole hills darling."

Alice's four old boyfriends are pretty much convinced that it's useless to try and break up this very strong marriage Alice and I have. However, they still come around with an occasional challenge and try to shame Alice and I into accepting them.

One of their latest little dirty tricks was betting I wasn't man enough or loved her enough to kiss her when she had a mouthful of Ken's jism. I was dismayed at such a raunchy low life thing even being suggested. It was bad enough I was sucking their cum from her luscious pussy. I urged Alice to not dignify their request with an answer. Almost immediately the four began calling me a chicken and making clucking noises.

"See! We told you were marrying a wimp and a coward Alice. Do you pick up a lot of his feathers when you vacuum the carpet." Yelled Kyle. The four broke out in resounding laughter.

My face became flush with anger. Alice had a slight smile on her face as she walked over and put her arm around me. She whispered in my ear amidst the loud laughter.

"Darling, we must do it. I can't let them get away with ridiculing you like that. We must present a united front. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. You'll be fine, after all, you do eat their cum out of my pussy. This will be pretty simple for you. I have faith in you baby. OK?"

Even though I agreed with her about me doing her delectable pussy with their stuff in it, I tried to dissuade her from reacting to this latest dirty trick of a challenge from them.

"Albert, are you sure you aren't what they call you? Maybe they're right about you. Here I am willing to embarrass and degrade myself again totally for your sake, and you're willing to still walk away without a fight, and to make matters worse, I'm doing all the work. I'm sucking his dick, not you. All you have to do is kiss me and swallow. It's not like you're sucking his dick. Are they right about the man I married?"
Alice's words were persuasive, and before I knew it, I found myself on the defensive in reference to my manliness. I gave up trying to sort out what was right or what was wrong with this whole scene. For now, the woman I cared about and loved, was starting to have doubts about me. I knew I had to act, no matter how I felt. I knew I couldn't let her down, no matter that I was still angry with her old boyfriends for causing this situation. I hung my head and said, "You can count on me Alice. T-They're wrong. I-I'd never let you down."

"That's better darling, I knew you'd do the right thing and stand up to them." Alice replied as she whispered in my ear. She also kissed me before announcing "My husband and I have decided to accept your silly challenge to let you all know, that it takes more than a big dick and some jism to come between us or make us back down from demonstrating our love for each other."

I stood silently by and didn't say a thing as she accepted their challenge and knelt before Ken as he dropped his pants and exposed what had to be the largest penis and set of balls I've ever seen on a man.

While Kyle, Bob, Ron, and I watched, Alice knelt between Ken's knees and began showering kisses and licks to his large erecting black penis. His member was a superb specimen of manhood. The shiny, stretched and bloated bulbous dick head was rather sizeable, and my wife's saliva made it even glossier as she playfully lapped and suckle it. I cringed over and over as I watched her tongue flick in and out of the eye of his dick head.

This was the first time I'd seen his tool, even though my wife has described it to me often. Ken has the largest dick of the four. She often shows me how he's stretched her cunt with his large prick after he's fucked and flooded her with his copious loads.

The blowjob she performed on his ebony prick rivalled any XXX video I'd ever seen. It was so sloppy and juicy as her saliva drooled from her lips as she eagerly worked on his stiff dick. I hated it, but the sight of her very white skin, contrasted to his darker complexion, combined with the sensuous sucking sounds of her actions, caused me to get an involuntary hard-on.

The wanton eager licking, lapping and suckling as she laved juicy adoration up and down his lengthy rigid black shaft, sent shivers through me, and right down to my much, much smaller, but very stiff prick.

The other thing that bothered me was that she seemed to maintain frequent eye contact with me as she eagerly worked on his huge erection. Looking into her eyes while she handled, fondled, and orally caressed his awesome member and balls, made me feel so inadequate. The smile on her face didn't help matters either. When our eyes met, it was I who broke contact first, as I hung my head to divert my eyes away from the scene before me. It would usually be for a short while, because what was going on before me demanded to be seen.

Seeing her so lovingly and tenderly lap, lick, and slowly mouth his rather large hairy dark brown balls horrified, as well as excited me. She lingered on each of the two orbs for what seemed like an eternity. I knew the pang of emasculation and discontent was present on my face. I know the four guys were glad to see that. It was just so hard for me pretending otherwise.

You see, Alice had never come close to doing the same for me I was observing her doing before me now. On my birthday, and maybe as part of our anniversary lovemaking, she may have given my small peter a peck or two with her pretty lips. However, she'd never given my less impressive equipment the royal treatment this black man was receiving before my eyes and the others.

I made it a point to ask that she do the same for me after the others left.

As Ken closed his eyes, moaned loudly, and began ejaculating in her pretty sucking mouth, my wife gathered and held the spewing, thick, viscous, fresh load of white slime in her mouth. The other thing that got to me was that she seems to be looking right at me the whole time he was filling her mouth with what seemed like endless spurts of his hot cum.

I hated watching the scene because the sight and sound of what was happening almost made me come in my shorts.

Having collected his huge load as best she could, Alice rose from her knees and came over to me with her bloated jaws full of the outpouring of Ken's big black balls.

I didn't notice it until she was about to put her mouth on mine, that there was a gluey dollop of semen hanging from the corner of her tightly clenched, red lipstick coated lips. It got compressed and added to the sliminess of the passionate, very sloppy, French kiss, she gave me, until all of his cum was transferred from her mouth to mine. There was quite a bit of it. Even though quite upset, I couldn't help but be impressed by the quantity of it. I swallowed all of his still warm, creamy, pudding thick, jism.

The taste of almost pure semen is much stronger than when mixed with pussy juice, but I didn't have any problem adjusting to the taste of the fresh load.

Again, we were triumphant in beating the four at their own game. I smiled victoriously as I licked some residual remnants of his viscous sperm from my lips. I relished the look of defeated smiles on their faces.

To rub it in, my wife boasted that we'd do that as often as they required, as a way of letting them know our love was complete.

"And Albert will swallow as many blowjob loads from my mouth as you four can give me. Won't you darling?" She said looking at me with dreamy eyes and an air of confidence.

"Yes darling, I will." I replied back somewhat slowly, pretending I had the same level of confidence as she, even though I was groaning mentally at what I was agreeing to.

There were many, many more loads I sucked from her sweet lips since that first time.

Being true to my own promise, after our four tormentors left, I asked my wife to give me a "sloppy blowjob" just like I'd witnessed her give a short while earlier.


It was obvious that I'd struck a sensitive nerve with my request. I was not only caught off guard at her vehement reaction, but also cowed, as she firmly stood before me and violently shook her finger at me, as she continued delivering her tirade of words. I wondered if I shouldn't have used the word "sloppy" to describe blowjob.


I hastily and timidly offered as sincere an apology as I could muster and inject into the torrent of words being directed at me.

"Apology accepted." My wife replied as she calmed down more quickly than I thought she would. I'd never seen her so angry before.

"Albert darling, I didn't mean to yell, but you know our love means so much to me and I just hate it when the guys keep telling me I made a mistake in marrying you. I just see it as necessary for me to show them that you do love me, no matter the cost of what I have to do to prove them wrong. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. So when I hear you asking me to do for you, the same lascivious, indecent, wanton, sluttish acts I routinely do for them, it really upsets me. I just don't expect you to see or treat me as a slut, the way they do. After all honey, I am your wife."

She truly made me feel guilty for what I'd asked of her. I could tell that my lovely wife felt betrayed by me as she continued to let me know her feelings.

"You know Albert, I suspect in your heart, you think I acted like a slut with the guys before I met you. It's simply not true. Of course, I don't have any way of proving it, since they'd never tell the truth under the current circumstances. I wonder if you can really see how upset they are that I married you, rather than one of them."

The sincerity and depth of my wife's hurt at my actions really made me feel even more blameworthy. I chided myself for being so callous.

As we embraced, kissed and made up, I repeatedly apologized for being driven by my lust and promised my wife I would not be so insensitive again.

"Please make sure you don't do it again darling." Alice said softly, but in a somewhat stern tone, as she gave me another juicy kiss. I was so glad to have been forgiven by her. Her embrace made me feel so much better. Our kisses still had the flavour of Ken's semen.

"Honey, I'm rather tired and still a bit tense from our little spat about you wanting me to be sluttish. Do you mind making me a martini?"

"Oh no, not in the least. I'd be glad to dear." I replied. I was eager to do anything to let my wife know I was truly apologetic for asking her to do for me, the same vulgar sex acts she did for the guys.

"Thanks. You're such a dear. Please bring it in the den. I want to sit by the fireplace."

I returned with her drink and also one for myself. Not only was I tense from her reaction to me asking her for a blowjob, I was also horny. I hadn't had a chance to have sex with my wife for over two weeks. She'd been so busy proving to her former boyfriends how much I loved her and that I wouldn't fall out of love with her no matter how they sexually used her.

The light cast by the flickering flames created a very romantic and cosy setting in our combination f****y room and den. The k**s were over at her mother's place so we were all alone. I just knew this would be conducive to getting my wife in the mood for sex with me.

"Thanks." She replied as I handed her the drink.

"Hmmmm, you really make a great martini, Albert darling. This is just what I need, after all the guys put me through this afternoon while you were at work, not to mention what you saw them do to me this evening. By the way, you were marvellous the way you kissed all Ken's cum out of my mouth. You were always a good kisser anyway. He shoots a lot of thick stuff doesn't he?"

I half-heartedly acknowledged that she was correct, as I had no interest in talking about Ken's jism, especially since I'd really been an unwilling and coerced recipient of it.

"Darling, do you mind kneeling and massaging my feet? It would feel so good to have you do that."

I did as my wife desired of me. As I began to kneel, with drink in hand, I couldn't help but admire how sensuous she looked. She was lying back in the recliner and the hem of her very short skirt was hiked up to the upper part of her inviting and slightly parted white fleshy thighs. From the vantage point on my knees, the sight of her bare pussy caused my aching prick to palpitate. I proceeded with the massage.

She'd started me doing this for her over the last few years. Since, when she came in from dates with the guys, her feet would be tired from having had danced with all four of them so much. She loves to dance.

I had to admit, I was getting pretty good at massaging her shapely feet.

"Ohoooo... Hmmmmmm... Yessss... That's sooooo good." Her moans were so sensuous and sexy. My prick was throbbing something fierce now.

I did one foot, then the other. She rested one foot on one of my shoulders while I was massaging the other. Her moans and sighs of pleasure continued as I kneaded the soft bottoms of her soles.

As I massaged her foot, her peeking cunt was even more visible and inviting.

"That felt so wonderful. Thank you dear. Would you mind doing something else for my feet?"

"Sure. What do you want me to do, massage them some more?"

"No darling, I want to give each foot some nice long kisses."

"K-Kisses?" I said as I looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"Yes honey, just give my feet some deep kisses. That would be the perfect complement to your wonderful massage. Pretty pleasssseee." She cooed. She sounded so sweetly.
How could I resist, even if it was out of the ordinary for her to ask me to do that.

I proceeded to kiss the last foot that I'd massaged as it was still in my hand.

I can just imagine how strange I looked on my knees doing what I was doing.

It was easy lavishing wet kisses on the instep and toes, but when she directed me to lick and kiss the bottoms of her feet, I felt a strange momentary sense of subservience. I just knew it had to be me, because I knew that Alice loved me too much too much to even think of subjugating me.

"That was delightful, now the other one." My wife said.

"As I let go of the foot I'd just orally adored, instead of placing it on my shoulder, she used her big toe to trace the outline of the modest, but noticeable pole tent in my pants. The touch was rather pleasant, but surprised me.

"My, my, you're rather stiff aren't you honey. How long has it been since you and I had time to get together?"

"W-Well dear, the fellows have taken up so much of your time, and you said you were too sore or tired to give me some at other times. It's been two weeks and three days since I've last put it in."

"Oh Albert honey, I didn't mean for you to suffer all this time. Next time sweetie, you go right ahead and jack off if you get too horny waiting for me if I'm too busy dating or tired out because of the guys screwing me. Ok? I'm sure we both agree that their dicks have priority for my pussy, especially since if I didn't make myself available to them when they wanted me, they'd be tormenting and harassing us even more, not to mention mercilessly castigating and accusing you of false love for me? You know we can't have that occurring."

"I-I just wish I-I didn't have to jerk, uh, I mean get o-off that..."

"I know it's been hard for both of us dear, but when you're in a struggle with such cunning antagonists as the guys, sacrifices have to be made. After all, do you think I like making the sacrifice I make by having you lick their fuck juices out of me? I feel totally degraded when I feed you a muff full of their jism, but I do it to let them know that you aren't phased by them trying to shame us or destroy our love with such a lewd act. No darling, if I can relinquish myself the way I have, then certainly you can stroke your prick rather than assaulting my tired body after I've sacrificed by letting them fuck me until they're satiated."

"I-I see." I replied softly at my wife's explanation and admonition to me.

"Albert, unbuckle your pants and push them and your shorts down. I want to see your prick."

I quickly did as she asked. My level of expectation for her to have mercy on me was high.

"Stroke your cock while you do my other foot. Don't come yet, just do it slowly as you kiss my feet."

This was more unusual, but with my prick straining and the possibility of some hot juicy pussy as a reward, I did as I was told.

Again, as I licked and kissed the sole of her feet, I again had this sensation of being putdown by my lovely wife. I was sure it was nothing more than my imagination, as the feeling went away as soon as it came, because with my wife's obvious and professed concern for me, her running roughshod over me was highly unlikely, if not impossible.

"That's so delightful Darling. You kissed and tongued my feet exquisitely. I definitely want more of that in the future. However, now that we're on this subject of sacrifices. You know the sacrifices I've made to make you look good in front of the guys. You know, to show them that you truly love me in spite of how they use me, and at the same time that you're above being jealous or insecure with your manhood. I've just thought about all of that and realized that you really haven't done something special to show me you really love me or appreciate the sacrifices I've made for you and the marriage."

"What? I-I don't understand?" I replied, rather confused by what she said.

"Honey, you know this all started out because the guys thought your love wasn't deep enough or unselfish enough to endure me having their babies or them having their way with me. Remember?"

I nodded that I understood.

"I've been having their babies to prove them wrong. That is, that you'd still want me after I had their k**s and would love me just as much as before."

"Or more Alice dear." I added.

"That's so sweet. That's why I love you so darling. You're so caring. But that doesn't change the fact that the guys and I have simply been screwing and fucking up a storm so that I could basically prove your love for me, to them. Now darling, I think you need to do something special to prove your love to me."

"Uh... oh, I-I think I see what you mean." I replied very slowly as it sort of came to me what she meant.

"Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Uh, yes dear, I-I think I do." I replied. Even though it wasn't totally clear, I didn't want to appear dull witted, for I picked up early in our relationship that my wife was mentally sharp, along with being beautiful. That's why we agreed that she would manage all the household finances.

"Good. I don't want you to do anything that's elaborate, just something that'd show me that you're willing to do something special if I ask you to. Ok?"

I simply nodded agreement.

"While you're kneeling, I want you to beat your meat for me darling, and then shoot your juice in your cocktail glass. I think it'd be so sexy and intimate for me to sit here and watch you do that for me."

My wife sounded so sensuous as she spoke, as well had a strange smile I don't think I've ever seen before. I opened my mouth with the intent of protesting. The only word that came out was "But..." However, just as quickly, she put her finger to her lips signalling me to be quiet.

"Please, Albert honey, we've had one little misunderstanding tonight, let’s not go for another. Please be cooperative darling. Show me you're as caring and concerned about my feelings, as I've been about yours. Ok?"

Her words came out so sincere and heartfelt, I knew I had to do whatever she desired of me.

I slowly started stroking my erection. It felt good to me. Not as good as her wet warm pussy folds would have. However, she and I had been through so much together, I know I couldn't bear to disappoint her over something so trivial as me masturbating for her.

I was really horny, so I knew it wouldn't be long until I shot my wad.

As I was positioning the glass to catch my jism and had it position I looked up to see my wife's delicate foot in my face.

"Kiss it while you're pulling your peter darling."

I tilted my head to her extended foot and licked and lapped it as she desired and directed me. A minute or so later I came with a impulsive jerk as my balls emptied their contents, with so much pleasure to me, into the glass I was holding. I caught every drop and dribble as I shot my pent up cum.

"Milk every drop in the glass darling. That's it." My wife said with a sense of urgency as she keenly directed my actions.

"There, I think you've got it all. Not near what Ken or the guys shoot, but respectable."

I definitely didn't want to be compared to Ken and the guys at that moment, especially as I was enjoying what afterglow I could from my sexual relief, even if by my own hands.

For me, I had put a sizeable load in the cocktail glass. Over two weeks of stored up spunk, even if it was less than half of what Ken normally shot off. As I was about to put the glass aside and was thinking what a good idea it was to catch my stuff, that is, so as not to stain the carpet, my wife stopped me.

"Darling, the rest of what I want you to do is drink it for me. It would mean so much for me to see you eat your own cum, especially after jacking off for me." She said in a heavy sexy whispering type voice.

Again, I started to open my mouth. I'm sure the look of protest and surprise was on my face. Again her finger of warning quickly went to her lips.

I kept quiet.

"Honey, please don't spoil this magic moment for me. You know I don't ask much of you. And you know I'm always giving of myself to make you look good to the fellows. Drink your jism for me. Besides, you've been swallowing the fellow's jism, what's the big deal about eating your own?"

I couldn't fault her logic in my emotional state at the moment.

I slowly put the glass to my lips with its milky white creamy consistency, which was mixed with a bit of the martini that was still in the glass

As I drank the mixture, it was easy to tell that even without the martini portion, my cum was not as rich as that of her former boyfriends, however, the alcohol did make it easier to swallow. I was surprised at my lovely wife wanting me to consume the spermy cocktail, but she exhibited the biggest smile as I slowly turned the glass up and let the slimy contents slide down my throat. She was so loving and warm to me afterwards. As at other such tender or special moments for us, I can't hold any residual anger or resentment against her. I guess that's what true love is all about, forgiving and forgetting, and of course making sacrifices.

As I lay in bed with my sl**ping wife's head on my shoulder and my arm around her, I still didn't fully understand why Alice wanted me to do what she'd asked of me earlier in the evening. However, she seemed extremely pleased at me jerking off and drinking my own jism for her. I always try to be cooperative and a good helpmate of a husband. But doing that particular thing, to show her I loved her, really threw me for a loop.

I do wish I'd been able to get off in her lush, wet, warm, soft, and furry blond cunt, but that was not to be. Since it takes a few days for my sex batteries to recharge, I couldn't even get it up even if she was interested in letting me have some after I jerked off. Such is the way it is with us less endowed guys.

I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that her four former boyfriends are going to keep her busy, that is, subjecting her to their sexual desires, and that she'll have to work me in for sexual intercourse on a non-interference basis to their needs. Except, of course, when there is a need for me to perform some oral administration for her jism soaked, used, well-fucked pussy. Otherwise I have my hands to get off with as my wife had suggested I do.

Sure, I wish it didn't have to be this way, but it's rather apparent the guys don't have a high opinion of me as a husband worthy of the beautiful creature I married. I know they're going to keep trying to take her away from me. If I falter in any manner in not supporting my wife as she's demonstrating to them that we have a very tight and dedicated love for each other, they will succeed. So in that regard, I've come to the conclusion that I have to do what I have to do, that is, to not let them divide our dedicated close love for each other.

Alice and I had a similar discussion before she went to sl**p in my arms.

"Honey, I know it's sad that they'll have a higher priority on me and my pussy than you. But we must keep on showing a united front in our relationship as we face them. Neither of us can be wavering in regard to our responsibility to the other. It's pretty clear what I have to do to keep their hostility and dirty tricks to a minimum, as well as to show that you're very self confident in your love for me and that there is not the least hint of masculine insecurity on your part. In other words Albert, the more I pretend to be their wanton slut and allow them to fuck me, and the more you support me while I'm doing this, the better you'll look as a man and worthy husband in their eyes."

Her words helped reiterate to me that both she and I were doing what was best for our marriage and us. I went to sl**p quite content and at peace with myself.

As part of the daily routine of our marriage, I'm consuming a considerable amount of her old boyfriends' spent jism. In addition to the numerous blowjob loads she kisses into my mouth, I'm also continually sucking my wife's used, well fucked and filled pussy.

For some reason, the four like seeing me do that over and over again. Alice seems to like me showing them how good I can clean up her sloppy, semen soaked snatch with my mouth, and that I'll do it as often as necessary. I of course, do it as continuing proof of our shared deep love.

If I'm lucky, I manage to have normal sexual intercourse with my wife about once a month. The other times when I need relief, I have to jack off. Alice encourages me to do that. Her former boyfriends still consume a considerable amount of her time. However, they are not as rowdy and harassing as they were originally. I have to agree with my wife. Her time spent with them is an investment in us being able to have more peace and stability in our marriage, even if I don't get to put it in nowhere as much as they do. On the other hand, I must say I suck her pussy far more than they do. In fact, as I've mentioned before, they don't suck it at all.

Alice, of course still goes on dates with them to prove that our love is unwavering. The four still are trying to break us apart and fracture our love for each other, that is, by demanding sex from her whenever their cocks get hard. But I'm resolute in my love for her, no matter how much she puts out for them.

She's on the pill now, and thinks that we have a large enough f****y, even though she might change her mind about us two having a baby later. On a more practical note, I'm currently working a part time job in addition to my regular job. I don't think we can afford any more k**s. Additionally, with such young k**s as we have, Alice doesn't work since she says she needs to be a full time mother to our brood.

Of course we don't ask her four former boyfriends for any support. I don't want them to think we need them in any way. However, we do take any donations they occasionally offer.

But giving credit due where it's due, they do buy birthday, Christmas and other gifts for all "our" k**s.

I hope he was bluffing, but Kyle did mention something about possibly challenging Alice into having a little girl for him. I also overheard Bob say something similar about wanting her to have a son for him. I cautioned my wife not to worry about them offending me in any way. I told her I didn't care what names they called me.

"Please Alice dear, don't commit the honour of our marriage again, just because they get you all riled up, or jeer or annoy you over a frivolous or trivial matter." I pleaded with her one day.

She told me that she'd try to restrain herself from committing the honour of our love and marriage again. But she warned me. "There is just so far I'm going to let them go in slandering your good name, or trying to shame you or our marriage. I don't care how many babies I have to have by them, or what despicable sex acts I have to perform for them to prove them wrong. Darling, you're the love of my life. I'll do what has to be done." The patriotic fervour and spirit of her words caused me combined joy, pride, anxiety, and dread. I respect her greatly for her commitment, but I hope she doesn't give in to their juvenile teasing and taunting.

So as can be seen, we're busy raising our f****y and keeping our adversaries, her four former boyfriends, at bay, as best we can. Our k**s know them as their play uncles. So, all in all, what started out, as an all out assault against our marriage is currently a relatively peaceful and somewhat stable accord. I just hope it doesn't flare up into a battle again.

###END###... Continue»
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My Wife Tina Takes Care of Her Needs Part #2

My Wife Tina Takes Care of Her Needs Part #2

(In part 2 Tina gets her third COCK that she needs and more)

The afternoon starts out with Tina calling Dave and John. John is the man Tina FUCKED on the hood of his car before work or where ever she can get it. When the evening was over Tina told me this story of her FUCKING John and FOUR of his friends. Because of me letting her FUCK so many COCK today she thought I would not mind if she already FUCKED a GANG of guys. She was getting FUCKED on the hood of John’s car and did not see another car pull up there was four guys in the car friends of John’s he told them to stop out he know a HORNY SLUT that he FUCKS every now and then to get his rocks off and she cannot get enough COCK they come over to the car, and see Me getting FUCKED and hear me saying give me more push that COCK in me DEEPER, Ram it in HARDER OH GOD YES HARDER. One of the guys pulled out his COCK climbed up on the hood and showed me his COCK. I grab hold of his COCK and just start to SUCK the SHIT OUT of it the other guys strip and they all take turns at me. BY the time they are done with Me I SUCKED every COCK and was FUCKED in my ASS and PUSSY by all FIVE guys. She told me they DOUBLE PENETRATED her and she loved it. Tina told me she does not know how much CUM she EAT because the guys were all over her. She also told me she never did ask their names but said she took every drop of CUM they had to give her and the SEX was great, she also said that she CAME so much John could have washed his car she SQUIRTED so much. (Tina made it to work all thou she was TWO hours late and SMELLED of SEX.) Ok back to the story after she calls Dave and John she goes up stairs and puts a sexy out fit on. When she comes back down Tina sets on the sofa and starts to rub Her CUNT and tells me how much she has missed John’s COCK. After about 20 minutes Tina tells me she needs some COCK and she cannot wait until the guys get here. So I go over to her and she pulls out my COCK and starts to SUCK it I Cum in her mouth to give Tina her first FEEDING of the afternoon.

Not long after a knock comes to the door Tina goes over to see who it is and its Dave. He comes in and Tina and Dave set on the sofa they kiss and Tina rubes Dave’s COCK thru his pants. Before long Dave has a Bulge in his pants, and then the phone rings, its John he tells Tina he is going to be late. Tina asks how long he tells her not long and Tina goes back to the sofa with Dave. Tina tells us John is going to be late and she will need a little to hold her over. Tina gets in front of Dave on the floor pulls out his COCK and SUCKS it after a short time Tina takes her head off Dave’s COCK and says this will not do I need FUCKED she pulls off Dave’s pants and I take off mine. Dave lies on the floor Tina sets on Dave. Dave sticks his COCK in her WET PUSSY and I get behind her and FUCK her in the ASS before long we all cum and Tina Covers Dave in PUSSY juice. Tina licks our COCKS clean and says not bad but I hope John is not too much longer. I need his LONG FAT COCK to FUCK me again.

We get redressed and start to watch TV when we see a person come up on the front porch. We cannot see who because the blinds on the window are all most closed. Tina goes to see who it is it’s a man looking for a person and he asked Tina did she know him Tina said no and invites the man in she would ask us. He has a funny look on his face when they come in the room, and I think why is one of Tina’s TITS are out she was thinking it was John. Tina asks us if we knowed the man’s friend and we said no so Tina asked him is there anything else she could do for him rubbing his COCK thru his pants. The man got that look on his face again and Tina said would you like a BLOWJOB since you cannot find your friend and have some time, I am a very good COCK SUCKER and I just LOVE to SWALLOW. The man said I do not won’t to but in, Tina said you are not we are waiting for one more person and I could use some COCK well we wait. I just love first time COCKS the person always seems to CUM a whole lot and like I said I LOVE to EAT CUM there is no other FOOD like it. He said ok I can always use a good COCK SUCKIN’ and Tina pulls out his COCK got on her knees and started to SUCK the shit out of him. Tina got back up before long and said come over to the sofa so I can finish you off. The man had that funny look on his face so Tina took him by the hand over to the sofa pulled his pants down and sat him down beside Dave and started to SUCK his COCK again. Before long Dave has his COCK out and was behind Tina FUCKING the shit out of my HORNY SLUT of a WIFE he was FUCKING her in the ASS they all CUM. Tina SUCKED the man and Dave clean. The man got up pulled his pants up and said you really can SUCK a good COCK thanks SEXY lady and he left without telling us his name or saying much more. Tina CUM so much her Juices ran down her legs getting CUM from someone she does not know really turns her on. She likes FUCKING people she does not know it keeps her looking for them. She will FUCK anybody anytime she loves to FUCK out in Public as she said in part 1 her PUSSY is always WET. We went back to watching TV when Tina said I hope he stops back his COCK was not HUGE but his CUM tasted really great.

We were talking when the phone rang again Tina answered it. She told us it was John and he was on his way Tina goes outside on the back porch to wait for him. I was thinking she needs a smoke well she waited for John. Dave and I talked for a little when we heard sounds I got up to go look and it was Tina out back SUCKING on Johns COCK. I yelled at Dave to come out and look what my HORNY SLUT WIFE was doing. Tina took her head off of his COCK and said I told John to come to the back it would be better to park. I said yes it looks that way Tina, Tina spook up and said I could not wait any more I need to SUCK his BIG COCK I need to TASTE his CUM. That’s when I told them to come inside somebody will see them but Tina said I have FUCKED or SUCKED all of our neighbors so they will not see anything new and maybe somebody will stop over and I will get GANGBANGED and maybe treated like the SULT you tell me I am. I will be in as soon as I get a MOUTH full of John’s CUM I have waited so long for, and Tina went back to SUCKING John’s COCK. I looked over at Dave and he had his COCK out and said I am not going to miss a chance to get my COCK SUCKED Tina does such a great job, and he stepped up to Tina so I did the same and she SUCKED US all off to get a HUGE MOUTH full of CUM witch she SWALLOWED. Tina FINGER FUCKED her CUNT well she SUCKED our COCKS. I do not know if it was being out side or SUCKING John’s COCK to TASTE his CUM for the first time, but she CAME so much she left a pond on the porch.

When we did come inside Tina held both Dave’s and John’s hand took them to the sofa and sat between them. We talked a little when I see Tina had Dave’s and John’s COCKS out playing with them. Soon after Tina was down on the floor in front of them SUCKING their COCKS she just loves to SUCK COCK and EAT CUM she always SWALLOWS to. It is a real turn on for Tina if your COCK is LONG enough to SHOT your CUM right down the back of her THROAT when this is done to her it SOAKES her PUSSY. After a bit Tina told Dave and John to take there cloths off she would like to SUCK their BALLS which they do, and Tina went back to SUCKING their COCKS and playing with herself it was like she could not get enough of their COCKS she was telling them treat me like the COCK HUNGRY SULT I am. Then Tina says you guys know I like COCK DEEP in my THROAT push them in DEEP FUCK my THROAT push you’re COCKS down my THROAT so I can LICK your BALLS. After seeing how much Tina was in to SUCKING Dave and John’s COCKS. I got up and Tina looked at me and smiled. I think she thought I was going to give her another COCK to SUCK but I FUCKED her in the ASS until I CAME for her and then I got up and left her SUCK my COCK clean well she SUCKED the other guys as well. Then I picked up the phone and made a call, and only said she is ready come on over a minute went by. When a knock comes to the door I go to answer it and Tina just keeps SUCKING the guys COCKS and never looked up. The man steps in his name is Jim he is one of Tina’s old boy friends. Tina says he would CUM so much that she would have to SWALLOW TWO or THREE times to get all of his CUM down. We do not speak I just pointed Jim pulls out he COCK goes over to Tina, she looks up and cannot believe who it is. Tina grabs hold of his COCK and starts to SUCK it.

John says I think she needs her other holes filled now. Tina looks up and says you know I do. I am so WET and my HOLES are ready for a good FUCKIN so give them COCKS to me DEEP and HARD my HORNY SULT HOLES are ready for a good POUNDING put them COCKS to me HARD. Dave lies on the floor and Tina gets on top of him and sticks his COCK in her SOAKED PUSSY John Sticks his Big COCK in Tina’s SLUT ASS and She goes back to SUCKING Jim and I got in on the action to. After a short time Jim says I am going to CUM and Tina SUCKS harder on his COCK. She needs to TASTE his CUM again it’s been so long it was like Tina could not get enough of Jim’s COCK so I went and STUCK my COCK in Tina’s ASS to. When Tina SUCKED Jim’s COCK clean and us guys all CUM in her we all lay on the floor and Tina SUCKS all of our COCK CLEAN, and wipes the juices off her CUNT and ASS then licks her hands clean and tells us all that CUM was like a meal. Then she gets up and says you guys set on the sofa and I will be right back Tina turns off the TV and turns on the radio and leaves the room. When she comes back she has on a new outfit and asks us do we like her outfit and Jim says I do it shows off all of your curves. Then she does a dance and SUCKS our COCKS, Tina dances some more then SUCKS our COCKS again this time we all rub her PUSSY Through her Panties and her PANTIES are SOAKED Tina dances a little more comes back to us RUBBES and SUCKS our COCKS again this time only Jim takes off Tina’s top. Tina dances a little more and this time when she comes over to us she RUBBES her TITS on our COCKS and Dave takes off Tina’s bottom. The last time Tina dances for us and comes back over we all FINGER FUCK her. By the time she gets to the end of us Tina has CUM THREE times. She says looks like you guys are ready for another round. The guys swooped places Jim FUCKS Tina in her SLUT of a CUNT Dave sticks he COCK in Tina’s ASS and I walk over to Tina show her my COCK and she SUCKS John’s COCK and mine Tina says give it to me Hard guys after that FINGER FUCK I need it BAD. Witch Dave and Jim do Tina says I am going to CUM FUCK me HARDER give it to me HARDER I need it HARDER I am going to CUM and Tina SQUIRTES all over Jim that’s when Jim CUMS for Tina. When Dave CUMS in Tina’s ASS she CUMS again, John and I FEED Tina and she takes every DROP and SWALLOWS our CUM. This time with Tina FUCKING Jim and Dave She CUMES so much it must have been because of FUCKING both of those HUGE COCKS again that she loves so much she covers Jim in so much juice it takes 20mins for her to lick us all clean and to clean her juices off Jim Tina likes her own CUM as much as guys CUM. Tina says when she FUCKS herself with her HUGE DILDOS to get her buy she does not SHOWER. She CLEANS herself by WIPING her PUSSY with her HANDS and LICKING them off. Tina just seems to LOVE CUM know matter where it comes from she can never get enough.

Tina tells the guys and me one more time get you’re COCKS over here so I can get them COCKS up again. I tell Tina and the guys I need to go out you guys take care of my HORNY SLUT WIFES needs well I am gone. I will be back in a couple of hours or so I tell the guys SLUTS like FUCKED in all of their holes don’t you guys forget. Tina does not say anything but goes right to SUCKING the guys COCKS. The guys FUCK Tina in every hole and DOUBLE PENETRATE her PUSSY FOUR times as well. SHE SUCKS there COCKS in between the rounds and gets SIX LOADS of CUM just from that round. Then she tells me they start to take turns at her ASS and end up DOUBLE PENETRATING her there to. She SUCKED there COCKS well they did this to her and she got FIVE more LOADS in her MOUTH and FOUR more in her ASS from this round. The guys at one time treat her as a paid WHORE and told her they would like her to lie on the floor and beg for them to come back to her. Tell us how much you need your HOLES taken care of tell us how bad you need are COCKS. Witch she does because this only makes her PUSSY HOTTER AND WETTER. The guys goes back to her only to tie her up for a short time and they FUCK Tina in every HOLE and all THREE guys CUM for Tina. They CUM in all of her HOLES she gets her MOUTH CUMED in SIX times her ASS THREE and her PUSSY FOUR times Tina CUMS FIVE times herself. When the guys untie Tina she FINGER FUCKS herself to get all of the CUM out of her ASS and PUSSY and LICKS her hands clean. Then Tina lies on the coffee table and tells the guys to FUCK her in every HOLE she still needs it bad Tina takes everything the guys give her. Telling the guys to give it to her HARD and DEEP I need to be taking care of like the SLUT I am FUCK me in every HOLE the guys do and they CUM in Tina’s MOUTH FIVE more times in her ASS FOUR more times and in her PUSSY SIX more times Tina CUMS herself FOUR more times. Then Tina asked the guys could you guys FEED me a little more I am still a little hungry and my STOMACH still has an empty spot in it I need to tell my honey you guys filled me to the top. She keeps telling the guys FUCK my THROAT DEEP guys SHOT your CUM right in my STOMACH fill it all the way up. Tina gets ELEVEN more loads of CUM DEEP in her THROAT, and well this is going on Tina tells the guys do not forget my other FUCK HOLES to guys my honey said for you guys to make sure you took care of all my HOLES. Tina gets THREE more loads in her ASS and FOUR more in her Pussy Tina CUMS FIVE more times herself it must have been because of getting FEED she just LOVES CUM she SWALLOWS all the time. She will take every drop of CUM offered to her and looks for more her MOUTH is all ways open.

When I get home Tina is setting on the sofa nude and rubbing her CUNT and licking her fingers she has dried CUM covering her BODY. I asked Tina did she have a nice afternoon and she said yes the guys FUCKED me in every HOLE. They treated me like the SLUT you tell me I am they even made me beg for their COCKS at one time which I did. I needed there COCKS so bad it made me HOTTER when they did this. Then they tied me up and FUCKED me in every one of my FUCK HOLES they treated me bad and I LOVED it honey I think I will need to be treated like this more often at one point I hoped it would not end the more they FUCKED me the HORNY I got I LOVED being treated bad. Then Tina ask did I bring desert home the guys filled my STOMACH I thought but I could use a little more. I went over to Tina pulled out my COCK and stuck it in her MOUTH and said work that MOUTH and you will get desert. Tina gets THREE more load of CUM in her MOUTH cleans my COCK with her TONGUE and then says FUCK me one more time honey my PUSSY is so WET I need your COCK in me give me one more FUCKIN drain my PUSSY. I FUCK her in her ASS AND PUSSY and I CUM in her ASS one more time and in her PUSSY TWO more times Tina cleans my COCK and says what an afternoon. Thanks for all the COCKS and tells me how much she has missed FUCKING JIM he is a really good FUCK and his COCK is so BIG I have missed FUCKING something that size and his CUM TASTE so GOOD. Tina also says having all the COCKS I crave at once was heaven. The more COCK I get it seems the more COCK I need. I loved EATING there CUM I just can’t get enough, and Sucking Off the man looking for his friend and not knowing his name will keep me looking for him. His COCK was not really HUGE but his CUM was TASTEY I hope I get to see him out I would like to see how he FUCKS with that fat COCK sense I know how it taste. But for today I think I got my fill my STOMACH is full and my PUSSY is DRAINED.

Tina got her mouth Cummed in 44 times, her Pussy 19 times, and her Ass 21 times, Tina came 23 times herself (Plus she EAT every drop of CUM she could WIPE from her ASS and PUSSY)




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My Wife Tina Takes Care of Her Needs Part #3

My Wife Tina Takes Care of Her Need Part #3

( Tina gets FUCKED by some COLLEGE BOYS and MORE.)

Tina goes to Wal Mart and runs into the young college man from story #2. Tina goes over to him they talk a little and she invites him over Saturday afternoon for a little more fun at 1 o’clock. When Tina gets home she tells me this and I tell her I have to work Saturday but I should be home by then. When Saturday gets here I get up to go to work. Tina gets up with me, and says you are not going to leave without giving me breakfast first are you. I said no Tina rubes my COCK I FUCK her a little and then she SUCKS my COCK to get breakfast her first load of the day. After she licks my COCK clean I get ready to leave. I tell Tina I will try to be home by 1 o’clock.

When I return home it is 3:00 not 1:00 and I come in the back door. I could hear sounds in the other room. So I look around the doorway to see what is going on and Tina is FUCKING TWO guys one of the guys is FUCKING her in her ASS and one is FUCKING her in her PUSSY. Tina is saying yes FUCK me FUCK me HARD give it to me HARDER OH GOD yes PUSH them BIG COCKS in all the way yes just like that, and Tina also says next time guys you need to bring a friend I could use a COCK to SUCK on right now. I love having all my holes filled guys I do not like anything unfilled I love to be well taken care of the more COCKS the better. I did not say anything I just went upstairs and showed. When I come back down they are all setting on the sofa Tina says I did not here you come in honey. I tell Tina you looked Occupied so I just went and showered. I asked Tina who are your friends Tina says this is Brian and Freddy. Tina says when Brian and Freddy got here Freddy was going to uses Brian’s car a couple of hours well Brian played with us but you were not home yet and you know ONE COCK is never enough anymore. So I asked Freddy if he would like to stay and play I told him he would not be disappointed.

Freddy did not say anything to my surprise he just pulled out his COCK and shock it at me and I could not believe the size of it. When I see his Cock I did not waste any time I dropped to my knees and started to SUCK it. His COCK is HUGE honey long and fat it barely fit in my MOUTH. That’s when Brian pulled out his COCK and I got to SUCK his FAT COCK again to. To my surprise I was rubbing my CUNT well I was SUCKING them and came myself. They both filled my mouth with CUM but they never went soft. They pulled off my clothes and we got on the floor and then they started to FUCK the shit out of me and for TWO collage boys they were doing a good job. They keep changing positions until they both came in me witch was more CUM then I thought after they just CUM in my MOUTH. I then told them to set on the sofa and I would CLEAN there COCKS witch they both CAME in my MOUTH again. Then Freddy said I still could use some more of that PUSSY and they put me on the coffee table and went back to FUCKIN me again. They DOUBLE PENETRATED my MOUTH which was a tight fit but I got them in it they both CAME in it TWO more times each. Then they FUCKED my PUSSY with their BIG COCKS and it really felt good it made me CUM they both CUM in my PUSSY but they still did not go soft so I SUCKED them off again to get TWO more loads in my MOUTH I cleaned there COCKS and thought they would go soft but they did not so Brian FUCKED me in my PUSSY and Freddy FUCKED me in my ASS they both CUM for me again and then said we need a break. That must have been when you come in honey or some were close to the end we just sat down. Brian cum in my PUSSY and Freddy cum in my ASS Freddy’s COCK is so big it filled me to the top it’s the first COCK I have found to do this honey and I have FUCKED some HUGE COCKS or I thought. I have had my PUSSY DOUBLE PENETRTED a lot just because I like to be full and it only took his COCK to fill me up but I left them DOUBLE PENETRATED me anyway I what’d to see what it is like to be STRECHED and it made my PUSSY fill so good I CAME THREE times when they did this.

I looked at the three on the sofa all three were NAKED Tina was playing with the guys COCKS and it looked like the guys were ready for another round. I walked over to Tina and said by the looks of your NIPPLES you could do some feeding with them things. The guys each took a TIT and SUCKED a little. I told the guys I think she needs feed I took Tina by the hand and put her on the floor, and said to the guys bring your COCKS over here. Let’s see how much this HORNEY SLUT WIFE can take. Tina started by SUCKING all of our COCKS. See I said she needs feed guys Tina gets a good rhythm going and well SUCKING our COCKS she rubes her CUNT again. It only takes a short time and Tina gets 3 more loads of CUM in her MOUTH. Tina SUCKS our COCKS clean and rubes her CUNT until she CUMS after SUCKING our COCKS clean. Tina says you are young guys and I am ready for another round so get them COCKS back over here. That’s when Freddy said you are right Brian this MILF is COCK hungry she is HOTTER than some of the SLUTS at COLLAGE she does need lots of COCK to satisfy her. Before long Tina is getting all her holes filled Tina is telling us I need it bad give it to me HARD yes just like that PUSH them COCKS in me DEEP OH GOD give it to me HARDER PUSH them COCKS in all the way FUCK the back of my CUNT. Then Tina says guys I need TWO COCKS in my PUSSY again put TWO COCKS in my PUSSY I need TWO COCKS in my PUSSY give me TWO COCKS yes FUCK me just like that I need a good FUCKIN’ give it to me HARD PUSH them COCKS in DEEP yes FUCK me just like that. Not long after Tina is asking for a COCK to be put in her ASS. I take my COCK out of Tina’s MOUTH and STICK it in her ASS. And we all FUCK her that way for a short time. When Tina tells the college guys next time you will have to bring someone else my MOUTH does not have anything to keep it busy and I just love to have all my HOLES filled. I love to SUCK COCK and EAT CUM I just love EATING CUM guys there is no other meal like it and I cannot get a MEAL without a COCK to SUCK next time you guys will have to bring me more COCK so all of my HOLES are filled.

Just then a knock came to the door and before any one said anything Tina says come in. The man comes in and it’s the UPS man he says maybe I will come back and Tina says no what can I do for you. The man says I have a package and it needs to be signed for. Tina says being me a pen and I will take care of it. The man goes to go over to Tina and I motion for him to pull out his COCK on his way over to Tina he does and he is a big BLACK MAN. When he goes to hand a pen to Tina she looks up and sees his COCK out and does not say anything just opens her mouth and the man puts his BIG BLACK COCK in Tina’s MOUTH and she SUCKS it like it’s her last COCK she is ever going to get but its Tina’s first BLACK COCK and she SUCKED the shit out of it. After a short time the man says I could use a little of that PUSSY. Freddy pulls his COCK out of Tina’s PUSSY and tells the man to take his place witch he does and Freddy goes back to Tina’s MOUTH. After a short time Brian pulls his COCK out of Tina’s PUSSY to and Tina SUCKS both of them. Before long Tina CUMS for the man he pulls his COCK out of her and Tina’s juices run down her legs and the man says what was that. Tina says that’s how good your HUGE BLACK COCK is that’s how I CUM when I am getting FUCKED just right. The man puts his COCK back and FUCKS Tina some more and Tina CUMS again that’s when we all CUM for Tina. SHE just lies on the floor smiling and saying the afternoon is not over my ASS has not been DOUBLE PENETRATED yet and my PUSSY is still WET so let’s have one more round and see how I fell after it.

Tina lies on the floor waiting for us to come back to her. Tina cleans herself buy sticking her fingers in her CUNT and licking them off. And she tells us how good all the CUM is. She then says I need some COCK I have no more CUM to EAT. She tells the BLACK man to get it up you only had one round. The BLACK man starts to rub his HUGE BLACK COCK and Tina tells him to bring that COCK over to her she will help him with it. He goes over to her and she starts to SUCK his COCK again. Buy now Freddy’s COCK is hard and he goes over to Tina and sticks his COCK in her ASS. Tina says come on guys I have one more hole. Brian and I go to go over to Tina and the BLACK man says I need some of your ASS you HORNY SLUT, and Tina says OH GOD yes stick that HUGE BLACK COCK in my HORNY SLUT ASS give me that COCK HARD and DEEP. Freddy pulls his COCK out of Tina’s ASS lies on the floor Tina gets over top of Freddy and he sticks his COCK in her CUNT. The Black man sticks his COCK in Tina’s SLUT ASS and Tina says OH GOD yes FUCK me yes FUCK me HARD and DEEP .Oh your COCK is so good I did not know BLACK COCK was so good. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD push that HUGE BLACK COCK in all the way push it in give it to me HARD and DEEP give it to me HARD. Yes push that BIG BLACK COCK in my ASS all the way yes just like that FUCK ME HARDER PUCSH it in DEEPER FUCK my INSIDES.

Brian and I go over to Tina and she starts to SUCK our COCKS. Just as she does Tina takes her head off of my COCK and says I am going to CUM FUCK me HARDER make me CUM. And then she says I am CUMMING FUCK me HARDER give it to me DEEP I am CUMMING. Freddy says what a SLUT I could bath with that SQUIRT that was like a FLASH FLOOD. Tina then says I need some CUM. FUCK my MOUTH guys I need CUM in my MOUTH feed me some CUM. It does not take long and Brian, Freddy and I all give Tina a LOAD. The BLACK MAN he CUMS in Tina’s ASS and then says I need to go and Tina says you cannot go yet I did not get to taste you yet, and I never had a BLACK MAN’S CUM to EAT bring me that COCK get that HUGE BLACK COCK over here the BLACK MAN steps up to Tina’s face and she plays with his NUTS and COCK licking and rubbing them until his COCK is hard again. Tina SUCKS the BLACK MANS COCK again like it’s the first time. Tina SUCKS that HUGE BLACK COCK to get a MOUTH full of BLACK MAN’S CUM before he leaves. He CUMS so much Tina has two SWALLOW THREE times two get it all down it makes Tina SQUIRT like a HOSE. And the college guys and I take our turns FUCKING Tina in her ASS and PUSSY. All Tina can say is FUCK me good boys this is the last round give it to me GOOD and HARD take care of me like the SLUT I am FINISH me off give it to me GOOD. Tina keeps telling the BLACK MAN not to pull his COCK out of her MOUTH but to push his COCK back deep in her THROAT. She tells him give it all to me I would like it all. The BLACK MAN keeps FUCKING Tina’s THROAT DEEPER and DEEPER and then He says I am going to CUM again and pushes his COCK DEEP in Tina’s THROAT. You can see Tina’s head start to jerk and the BLACK MAN pushes his COCK down DEEPER in Tina’s THROAT. When he pulls his COCK out of Tina’s THROAT his COCK is so FAT he has to hold Tina’s HEAD to get his COCK out she LICKS and SUCKS the head of his COCK clean, and then tells him that was really good I will have to order another packing so you stop back, She also said to him your THROAT FUCK and all of your CUM made me CUM again like know other COCK ever has. The BLACK MAN says nice afternoon I have to go THANK YOU SEXY Lady for letting me FUCK the SHIT out of you. The college Guys and I finish FUCKING Tina. The college guys CUM in Tina’s PUSSY and I CUM in her ASS. We all get up off the floor Tina sets with the young guys on the sofa and I set in a chair we all talk a little.

Before long a knock comes to the door. Tina goes to see who it is in all of her NAKEDNESS it’s one of the college guy’s friends. Tina tells him to come in he steps in and looks around and then says I will come back. Brian says no we are just getting ready to go just then Tina says want is your name the guy says Jake. Tina tells him to come over to the sofa with her she takes his hand and they go to the sofa. Tina sets down between the guys and the guy stands in front of Tina when he steps up to her she ask him how big is your COCK only BIG COCK guys are a load in this house. He pulls his COCK out and says will this do and Tina says oh yes let’s see how far down my THROAT that thing will reach. Tina starts to SUCK his COCK and Brian and Freddy’s COCKS get hard again so Tina starts to SUCK them all when she tells them let’s move to the floor where there is more room. When they are on the floor I start to FUCK Tina in the ASS before long Tina is saying my PUSSY is SOAKED I need a COCK in my WET PUSSY somebody put your COCK in my PUSSY. Jake takes his COCK out of Tina’s MOUTH and sticks his COCK in her PUSSY and starts to FUCK my HORNY SLUT of a WIFE’S CUNT. We get a good rhythm going when Tina CUMS for Jake she CUMS so much she pushes his COCK right out of her PUSSY but Tina tells him to put it back your COCK fills really good put your COCK back I need FUCKED DEEP and HARD give it to me NASTY. Witch Jake does he starts to FUCK Tina again only this time Tina says I need TWO COCKS in my PUSSY I need to be DOUBLE PENETRATED put another COCK in my PUSSY so Brian puts his COCK in her CUNT to we FUCK her this way for a time and we all CUM in MY HORNY FUCK SLUT of a WIFE and Freddy CUMS in Tina’s MOUTH to give here anther LOAD. Tina SUCKS all our COCKS clean the college Guys clean up and get ready to leave they tell Tina the SEX was great they never came so much and said they would call. Tina said be shore you do and bring that friend back with you when you come back. Then Tina tells me to come over to her and she SUCKS my COCK one more time for another MOUTH full, licks my COCK clean and says what an afternoon them boys can really FUCK I hope they stop back honey.



Spent after an afternoon of SEX with 5 GUYS but I hope the guys do call, and may be they will be able to round up FOUR or FIVE more guys so they can take real good care of me and I will be DRAIDED when they leave. It seems I just cannot get enough COCK, the more I get the more I need. But what an afternoon it’s been the best FUCK yet!!!

REMEMBER to look for me out I can always use a good FUCK just make sure there is more than THREE guys and may be EIGHT or TEN would be good.
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My Wife Tina Takes Care of Here Needs Part #4

My Wife Tina Takes Care of Here Needs
Part #4
(In part 4 Tina gets a taste of PUSSY that she has DREAMED of but has never gotten I thought)
The story begins on a Saturday evening with Tina and Me just going to stay in and watch TV. Tina puts on some sexy lingerie and orders pizza. The place where we ordered from is very bezzy and it will be 2 to 3 hours before they can get here. Tina tells them that is ok and comes back to watch TV we get ready for the evening before long a knock comes to the door we know it cannot be the pizza it has not been long enough so Tina goes to see who it see in her little outfit. With the time we have before the pizza gets her she thought she may get her PUSSY played with a little. Tina opens the door and before she says anything Dan says you look fine tonight Tina Dan is one of our Neighbors. Tina invites him in and asks what could she do for him he tells her I came over to see your old man but with you in that outfit I think I forgot what I come over to see him about. Then Dan says maybe with that outfit on I could do something for you, Dan has an 11 inch COCK and Tina knows this she has SUCKED his COCK before when he was out mowing his grass she told me he FUCKED her THROAT really good and CUM right in her STOMACH and she would like to know how much of his COCK she could take if she gets the chance.. Tina tells him to come with her to the living room where she will see if she needs help with anything. When they come in the room Tina says it’s Dan he come to see you but I think I will FUCK him well we wait for the pizza. She said my CUNT is already SOAKED thinking of his big COCK and I could use some COCK I tell her I did not care but she is going to have to SUCK my COCK to. Dan says I did not come over for this and Tina says your COCK was so good the day I SUCKED you off let’s see how it fills now. Dan says I have dreamed of EATING your WIFES CUNT and FUCKING her ever sense that day, and Tina says I have dreamed of you doing it, but I really would like you to FUCK me I would like to see if your COCK will reach my STOMACH. Tina pulls his COCK out and it is HARD Tina says see you were thinking of FUCKING me to look how HARD your COCK is. She SUCKS it a little and then tells him she needs FUCKED she would like to know how far that COCK will reach into her body, We all remove our clothes and Dan sticks his COCK in Tina’s PUSSY she is so WET that his 11 inch COCK goes in all the way the first time. He starts to FUCK Tina and she tells him I like to be FUCKED ROUGH so RAM that COCK in me I like to fill the back of my PUSSY being TOUCHED and Tina goes back to SUCKING my COCK. He only FUCKS Tina a short time when she takes her HEAD off of my COCK and tells him she is going to CUM push your COCK deep in me FUCK the back of my PUSSY. Then he says I am going to CUM to she tells him CUM inside me I need your SEED inside me push your COCK DEEP in me witch he does. He pushes his COCK so DEEP in Tina she fills him CUM against her STOMACH and he CUMS a gallon Tina tells him OH GOD that fills good push HARDER witch Dan does and he plants his seed in Tina. She then SUCKS so HARD on my COCK she SUCKS the CUM right out of me and I fill her MOUTH for the first time tonight. Just then a knock comes to the door Tina does not cover up she goes to see who it is NAKED I think hoping may be its some more COCK for her. It’s Jerry another one of the neighbors he came over to see what was taken Dan so long to ask a Question he says but now he can see why. Tina tells him to come in and she will see if Dan is ready to go. Tina ask Dan are you ready to go and Dan says I would like to see how your ASS is to FUCK I here you like it up the ASS. Rich said the day he FUCKED you out at the pool you keep telling him to give it to you in the ASS you could not get enough. Tina says the only way I will let you FUCK me in the ASS is if Jerry stays and he FUCKS me in my SLUT of a CUNT my ASS needs it bad but I would like to FUCK Jerry again to. Jerry does not say anything he just takes off his clothes and says how would you like it DEEP and HARD again. Tina tells him she would like to SUCK his COCK first she has missed his fat COCK SUCKING and FUCKING you in the bed of your truck the day you were washing it did not get me well taken care of and I have been thinking of you and me getting back together to have a nice long FUCK. Tina SUCKS his COCK and Dan and I FUCK Tina Dan FUCKS her in the ASS and I FUCK her in her CUM SOAKED PUSSY. Before long Jerry is saying I am going to CUM for you and PUSHES his COCK to the back of Tina’s MOUTH and CUMS down her THROAT Dan and I both CUM for Tina to and Tina CAME herself she SUCKS all of our COCKS clean and then tells Jerry she now needs to be FUCKED from him and for him to STICK his COCK in her PUSSY and give it to her DEEP she would like all of his FAT COCK. Dan goes up to Tina’s MOUTH and SHE SUCKS his COCK and I FUCK her in her ASS. With Jerry FUCKING Tina it does not take long when Tina says I am going to CUM I am CUMMING FUCK me HARDER Jerry I am CUMMING. Tina CUMS so much she PUSHS his COCK right out of her PUSSY and SQUIRTS all over him, Jerry pushes his COCK back in Tina and FUCKS her HARD and DEEPER again and Tina CUMS again his COCK must have felt really good to her. Jerry CUMS for Tina he CUMS so much his CUM pushes out around his COCK and Tina CUMS with him again then Dan and I CUM for Tina to and she SUCKS all of our COCKS to clean them but when she is done Tina got THREE more LOADS of CUM. She takes every DROP and SWALLOWS it all. Then Tina must have looked at the clock because she says we have time for one more round so get them COCKS back over here and I will up you guys get them COCKS up again and she SUCKS our COCKS until HARD with her doing this Dan and Jerry both CUM in Tina’s MOUTH they have never been SUCKED on so much or FUCKED this way and I think that is what made them CUM for her but Tina can SUCK the SKIN off of your COCK she is like a VACUUM, Tina SWALLOWS all of the guys CUM and says that was really good. The guys COCKS did not go soft and Tina went back to SUCKING us a short time goes by and Tina says I need to be DOUBLE PENETRATED it’s time to FUCK the shit out of your HORNY FUCK SLUT Jerry and Dan both FUCK Tina in her PUSSY and she tells them to push there COCKS in all the way and FUCK her HARD I FUCK her in her ASS and Tina says this is Heaven but I could use a COCK to SUCK next time you guys come over bring someone else with you so all of my HOLES are FILLED. We FUCK Tina this way for a shot time and we all CUM for Tina she SUCKS our COCKS clean and says there is time left for you guys to FUCK me ONE more time and I would like to be DOUBLE PENETRATED in my ASS this time and Dan and Jerry do not waste any time they stick there COCKS right in Tina’s ASS then Jerry says I have never seen anybody need so much COCK my wife only needs it once a month and then does not seem to need much. Tina says bring your wife over here I will show her how to make her PUSSY WET and keep her PUSSY that way and then she will need it all the time. Then Jerry says I do not know if I would like her to need it all the time like you. I really do not won’t her out FUCKING the hole block like you just make her need it enough to need another guy to FUCK her now and then. Then maybe I will get her to let me bring anther women home. Then Tina says I am HOT all the time I love to FUCK but I really love to EAT CUM I can never seem to get enough. The guys start to FUCK Tina in her ASS and then one of them says let’s see how much CUM she can SUCK out of our COCKS well we swop turns in her SLUT ASS. Tina gets f******n loads of CUM in her MOUTH well we TAKE turns at her MOUTH and every time we would take one of our COCKS out of her ASS she would be telling us to put one back I need to be DOUBLE PENETRATED what do you guys not understand. Dan says but I just heard you say you LOVE to EAT CUM, Tina says I do but my ASS needs a GOOD FUCKIN. Jerry says then take what we are giving you just think you are getting what you asked you and more. Then Dan and Jerry both CUM in Tina’s ASS and I do get to CUM in my SLUT of a WIFE’S CUNT. Tina cleans all of our COCKS and the guys leave and Tina goes to clean up and get redressed. Then there is a knock at the door I check to see who it is and it’s Dave and his girlfriend (Sue) I invited them in. We go to the living room were Tina now is and Tina only sees Dave at first and puts one leg over the arm of the sofa but then sees his girlfriend and puts her leg back down but does not try to cover up with all she had on. We set and all talk before long a knock comes to the back door and this time we figure it’s the pizza guy so Tina goes to get it. Dave, Sue and Me talk well we wait for Tina to get back soon Sue says it’s been a long time to pay for pizza. I told Sue she did not have any money I would not give her any if she what’d pizza she would have to pay the pizza guy (Bob) for it. She says she is yes well then I would like some then to looking at her in that outfit made my PUSSY WET anyway. When she gets out to Tina and Bob Tina had his COCK SWALLOWED to his NUTS. Sue does not say anything just puts her hand down between Tina’s legs and starts to rub Tina’s CUNT Tina raises and lowers her ASS without looking who is rubbing her PUSSY. Before long Sue is lying on her bask with her FACE between Tina’s legs SUCKING on her CUNT. Tina looks down to see who it is when she sees it is Sue, Tina goes to take Bob’s COCK out of her MOUTH but he pushes his COCK deeper down Tina’s THROAT because he is just about to CUM, When he CUMS Tina does to and floods Sue face, Sue pulls her Face closer and LICKS Tina’s PUSSY clean and then says somebody needs to rub my PUSSY now I need to CUM so Bob FINGER FUCKS Sue until she CUMS. Then they both thank Bob and ask him to quit early and to come back. They will have his tip for him.
When Sue and Tina come back to us they tell us they invited Bob back we asked him to leave work early. Then Dave said how did you get your blouse wet Sue she said Tina CUM on me when I ATE her CUNT well she paid Bob. Dave said lean over hear so I can lick your blouse then he said yes it is Tina I can tell. Sue said who do you know what Tina taste like. Dave tells Sue we have had some afternoons that have lasted all afternoon if you know what I mean. Tina spoke up and said I have never been with another woman before but if all women can EAT PUSSY like you Sue I should have been having ORGYS instead of GANGBANGS. What you did to my PUSSY has never been done by a guy you have a magic mouth. Sue tells Tina she can teach her how to LICK PUSSY the same way. Tina asks how Sue, SUE takes off her slacks and tells Dave to take off his cloths so she can play with his COCK. Soon Sue’s PUSSY is nice and WET she tells Tina to come over to her. Tina says I do not know if I should. I tell Tina if you need to try some PUSSY go on and try some witch Tina does. Sue tells Tina to put her HEAD between her LEGS and LICK SLOW at FRIST and then pick up the pace. LICK my CLICK then my HOLE, LICK SLOW, LICK FAST, LICK my CLICK, LICK my HOLE, and change the pace. Tina takes her head out of Sue’s CUNT and says Sue you are so WET I cannot keep up with all of your juices they are running down your Thighs are you that HORNY or do you always leak this much when you get your CUNT licked. Sue says know you are that good I am that HORNY put your MOUTH back. Then Sue says EAT my CUNT and LICK my CLIT you HORNY SLUT I need your MOUTH back on my CUNT STICK your TONGUE in my HOLE you SLUT of a PUSSY LICKER. Then Sue says HO GOD I am going to CUM SUCK my CUNT Tina I am CUMMING SUCK my CUNT. Then Sue says I told Dave on the way over I bet I can get you to LICK my PUSSY tonight that you just looked like you would go both ways if you had the chance, and I bet him you would be GOOD at it. I guess I lost because you are GREAT at LICKING my PUSSY I cannot believe this is your first PUSSY SUCK. Tina took her HEAD out of SUE’S CUNT and said this is not my FIRST PUSSY SUCK I just never told anybody I liked PUSSY I have been trying to get a woman over and to work her in so my honey could give me the OK to try PUSSY if I would like to. I have SUCKED on and EAT OUT HALF of the NURSING staff at work that is why I like night shift. I have more time to do what I like and that is SUCK COCK and EAT PUSSY I got to have CUM all the time and I could not get COCK all the time so I tried some PUSSY sense my own CUM is so GOOD, and it was not just me liking my own CUM the CUM from another woman is just as good. Then Tina goes back to LICKING Sues PUSSY and with her PUSSY in the air Dave FUCKS Tina in her ASS and Tina says this is Heaven HONEY I have need you to give me PERMISSION to SUCK CUNT at home so I can full fill my LUST with both women and men. Then Sue says bring me your COCK Chuck I need a COCK in my MOUTH witch I do. Tina says this is heaven I will need to have ORGYS now instead of GANGBANGS and goes back to SUCKING Sue CUNT. Then Sue says I am going to SQUIRT I am CUMMING and she SQUIRTS all over Tina’s FACE Dave CUMS for Tina and I CUM for Sue. Sue cleans my COCK and Dave’s as well Tina cleans Sues CUNT. Then we all lay back on the floor and Tina says COCKS when I need them of all kinds, and now PUSSY to what more could a HORNY SLUT what like I said from now on it’s ORGYS instead of GANGBANGS. Just then Dave and Me said we are ready for another round and Sue SUCKS Tina’s PUSSY this time I FUCK Tina in the ASS so I can pull my COCK out and STICK it in Sue’s Mouth now and then Dave gets his COCK SUCKED off by Tina. Dave and I both say we are going to CUM and I SHOT my LOAD in Sue’s MOUTH Sue does not say a word just GULPS down every drop you can hear her and see her head JERK. Tina lies back on the floor and Sue gets between Tina’s legs and starts to lick her clean Tina CAME so much her CUM run down her ASS. Sue she is a real cum hungry women she likes COCK and PUSSY she can never get enough (But I do not think she is as bad as Tina she seems to need sex 10 times a day just to hold her over to get to the week end).
There is a knock at the door I go to see who it is, it is Bob but he has three friends with him. He says he was invited to stop he owed some change to Tina but forgot how much. I told him I thought Tina owed him a tip but it makes know matter. Bob says I brought some friends I did not want to short change her. I told them to come in and we walked in to the living room were Tina was getting her CUNT cleaned by Sue. I said Tina Bob is her he brought your change and a little more. Tell him take his clothes off and come over here and pay me, what about the extras he brought tell them do the same we will work something out. Sue takes her HEAD out of Tina’s CUNT and says yes I could use a good ASS FUCK can you guys help me out. The other three guys strip too and walk over to the women Bob and Bill goes to Tina Gary and Ray goes over to Sue. Tina tells Bob and Bill she needs FUCKED very HARD and ROUGH Sue tells Gary and Ray the same. Here we are our women FUCKING four guys we do not even know well they SUCK our COCKS. Now and then Tina would take her MOUTH off of my COCK and say DEEPER give it to me DEEPER put that COCK in me DEEPER PUSH that COCK in me DEEPER I need it DEEPER the back of my PUSSY needs to be FUCKED. Then Sue says I need it put to me HARDER give it to me HARDER I like to be POUNDED SLAM that COCK into me. Just then Bill said Tina I am going to CUM in your ASS then Bob said I am going to CUM to. Tina said I am going to CUM and she SQUIRTS all over Bob’s COCK. Then Gary and Ray said the same to Sue we are going to fill you up, as they filled Sue up with their CUM Sue says I am going to CUM to. She just really lets herself go and gushes Sue makes a WET spot on the floor. Just then Dave and I filled the girls MOUTHS with CUM you could see both of their HEADS JERK as they GULP down every drop.
Sue rolls over on her back I think to rest a little but Tina roles right over in to Sue’s CUNT and goes on to SUCKING up the CUM of the two guys that just FUCKED the SHIT out of her. Well Tina is SUCKING on Sue’s CUNT Sue SUCKS on Tina’s CUNT to, too get every drop of CUM. The Girls do not waste a drop. After the girls clean each other’s CUNTS and ASSES they get on their hands and knees so they can SUCK us guys off again. Three of us at a time and then they switch and SUCK off the other three of us, So each woman gets to SUCK all SIX COCKS and gets SIX loads of CUM. Well the girls was SUCKING us off Tina said to help stay hard you guys can FUCK me in my ASS witch we do but Bob and Ray also CUM in Tina’s Ass too also give Tina a couple more loads of CUM. Tina tells Bob and Ray thanks your HORNY SLUT needed that CUM to I can never get enough it seems. When all done the girls got us all off it was a job but the girls got it done and they SWALLOWED every DROP. Then the college guys said it’s time for a brake the girls tell them you are young guys get them COCKS back up, they say we need a brake we never seen anybody that can FUCK and SUCK like you HORNY SLUT MILF’S and still need more you SLUTS need to wait. Sue goes to the rest room and takes her phone with her we do not know why. We all find out later she called one of her girlfriends.
About Thirty minutes goes by and Tina is setting on the sofa between Gary and Sue and she starts to rub her own PUSSY then Sue sees Tina doing this so she starts to rub one of Tina’s TITS and her own CUNT Gary sees Tina and Sue playing with each other so he SUCKS on Tina’s other TIT. Ray comes over pulls Tina closer to the edge of the sofa and starts to FUCK her. Bill and Bob come over and start to play with Sue but Sue says let’s move to the floor where there is more room. Once on the floor the girls told us they both need DOUBLE PENETRATED. So Bill and Bob FUCK Tina in the PUSSY and Gary and Ray FUCK Sue. They are both saying how good it is but before long Sue is saying I need a COCK in my ASS I need filled up put your COCK in my ASS Chuck come put your COCK in my ASS witch I do. Then Sue starts saying I am full now FUCK me HARD give it to me HARD. Tina says my MOUTH is empty can you help me out Dave so Dave goes over and puts his COCK in Tina’s MOUTH and she SUCKS it like it’s the last she will ever get before long the three of us fill Sue with so much CUM it runs out of her ASS and PUSSY and runs down her thighs, Sue CUMS herself she rolls over on the floor were Tina takes her HEAD off Dave’s COCK and goes right to Sues CUNT like Tina cannot get enough PUSSY now that I gave her the OK to SUCK PUSSY in front of ME. Tina SUCKS and LICKS up every drop of CUM not to miss a drop from Sue’s SOAKED CUNT. Well Tina is cleaning up Sue Gary and Dave take their COCKS up to Sue’s MOUTH where she SUCKS them at the same time, giving them DOUBLE PENETRATING HEAD I go over and FUCK Sue in the ASS were I can STICK my COCK in Tina’s MOUTH every now and then I CUM so much for Sue some of my CUM runs out and Tina LICKS it up to. Ray and Bill FUCK Tina in her PUSSY and Bob FUCKS Tina in her ASS were not long after Tina takes her head out of Sues CUNT and starts screaming FUCK ME GUYS HO GOD FUCK ME I AM GOIING TO GUSH I AM GOING TO CUM FUCK ME. JUST THEN TINA LETS OUT A SCREAM AND SAYS I FILL LIKE I HAVE TO LEAVE OUT A FLOOD WITCH SHE DOES AND THE GUYS TELL TINA WE ARE GOING TO FILL YOU UP HERE IT COMES TINA TELLS THEM PUSH THERE COCKS IN DEEP PLANT THERE SEED DEEP INSIDE ME FUCK ME HARD GIVE IT TO ME HARD PLANT YOUR SEED IN ME!!!.
Tina rolls over on her back and Sue gets between Tina’s legs to lick her CUNT clean it’s like Sue cannot get enough of the guys CUM either but like I said Sue just really loves CUM. With her ASS in the air Sue says is on one going to fill my wet holes or do I have to FINGER FUCK myself. Gary says no gets behind her sticks his COCK in her PUSSY and starts to FUCK her. Sue says what do you guys not understand I said HOLES that is only one COCK who is going to FUCK me in my ASS. Bob says I will and he pushes his COCK in Sue’s ASS. She says ho yes just like that FUCK me REALLY HARD guys. Tina says oh god Sue I can fill the guys FUCKING you buy the way you are SUCKING my CUNT. Tina tells the guys to give it to her HARDER and DEEPER give it to her DEEPER guys ho yes give it to her HARD and DEEP yes I can fill you guys FUCKIN’ her in my CUNT give it to her DEEPER. Then Sue says I need two COCKS in my ASS somebody come put another COCK in my ASS, witch Ray does Tina says give her what she wants because what she is getting I can fill, fill her up guys this CUNT LICK it’s like on other I have ever felt before. Then Tina says I need a COCK to SUCK on bring me some COCK Dave , Bill and I go over to Tina and she starts getting a good rhythm going and then a knock came to the door. I go to see who it is it is a woman looking for Sue and Dave. I tell her to come in and she follows me into the living room. Where she sees Sue SUCKING on Tina’s CUNT and Dave is getting his COCK SUCKED by Tina. Sue waved her over her name is Beth (Beth was the person Sue called back in the story) Beth knelt down and when she did Sue pushed her FACE into Tina’s CUNT Beth has told Sue of her dreams of being with a women but has never been willing to try or had the guts to try some PUSSY. So Sue thought she should met Tina and Me and thought we would be ok with it. When Sue pushed Beth’s face into Tina’s CUNT all you heard her mumble oh finely thank god finely yes thank you thank you Sue. I go over to Sue and stick my COCK in her mouth, and start to rub Beth’s ASS.
Beth has a skirt on witch I pull up to my surprise she has no under wear on. I do not know if she was wet before she got here or from eating my HORNY SLUT WIFE’S PUSSY because her CUNT is VERY WET now. I look around Beth only to see that one of her large TITS has fallen out of her very small top I start to rub it and she takes her head out of Tina’s CUNT and says I need some COCK give me some COCK give me COCK I need COCK Dave leaves Tina’s MOUTH and puts his COCK in Beth’s CUNT and starts to FUCK her after a short time Beth starts saying I need more COCK you know Sue I am more than a one COCK women tell somebody else to put there COCK to me. So I go over to her and stick my COCK in her ASS and Beth takes her head out of Tina’s CUNT once again and says this is heaven. Just one thing Sue why don’t you turn your head over and SUCK my CLICK make me float, Sue wasted no time. Then Tina took her HEAD off of Bill’s COCK and started screaming yes OH GOD Beth OH GOD I am going to CUM yes I am going to CUM I am CUMING I am CUMING just then Bill says Tina it’s time for your feeding and fills Tina’s MOUTH with his CUM Tina’s HEAD jerks and she GULPS down every DROP. Beth takes her HEAD out of Tina’s CUNT and says what a meal that is a feeding like I never had before. With this first taste of PUSSY and all of this COCK I am going to CUM I am going to CUM no I am going to GUSH witch Beth did she SQUIRTED so much she left a POUND on the floor no she left a DAM on the floor. When she was done Dave and I filled Beth to the top with our CUM witch was so much some run down her legs. Then Sue started screaming I am GUSHING I am SQUIRTING I am CUMMING. Then Gary and Bob FUCKED SUE HARD and DEEP Sue tells them DEEPER, DEEPER, HARDER give it to me HARDER then they tell her we are going to CUM and she tells them to push there COCKS in all the way before they CUM for her. Beth speaks up and says guys get in a line. I did not come here not to get know feeding get them COCKS up and Beth SUCKS us all off one at a time and Tina and Sue lie at Beth’s CUNT for one last MEAL. We FUCK Tina and Sue to help keep our COCKS up waiting our turn with Beth We give Tina FOUR more LOADS in her PUSSY and one in her ASS, and we gave Sue THREE LOADS in her ASS and TWO in her PUSSY before Beth got through all of us. The collage guys get ready to leave they tell the girl’s thanks for all of the SUCKING and FUCKING our COCKS are DRAINED.
The women all say what a night clean each other and our COCKS. They did not won’t to leave any CUM behind with all they had it was like they still was CUM hungry. All three women are COCK SLUTS but I think there new names should be CUM SLUTS they just can’t get their fill of GUYS or GIRLS CUM it seems like. We talk to make plans to meet again and Beth said let’s not make it too long if all get togethers is like this one.


When the night was over Tina ATE out Beth’s and Sue’s PUSSY’S more than once had her MOUTH CUMED in 29 times, Her ASS CUMED in 14 times and her PUSSY 14 times, Tina CUMED 11 times herself. Sue ATE out Tina’s and Beth’s PUSSY’s more then once also had her MOUTH CUMED in 9 times, Her ASS CUMED in 7 times, and her PUSSY CUMED in 7 times also Sue CUM 6 times Herself. Then we have Beth She ATE out Tina’s CUNT (It was her first) BUT NOT HER ONLY cunt FOR THE NIGHT, had Her ASS CUMED in 2 time, Her MOUTH CUMED in 6 times, and Her PUSSY 1 time, Beth CUM 2 time Herself.

We Love to do it all the girls said come back for the next story to see who we do next maybe the FOOTBALL TEAM and the CHEALEADERS if the COLLEGE guys can set it up. We can never get enough of COCK or PUSSY the girls say. Then Tina says with all this talk my CUNT could use one more round. So Dave and I go over to TINA and asked her how she would like it and Tina says my PUSSY is HOT and WET why don’t you guys start there. She tells the girls to bring their CUNTS up to her so she can SUCK on them. Beth and Sue lie on the floor in front of Tina and she SUCKS the girls until they CUM for her. That is when I hear Dave say I am going to CUM for you, you HORNY SLUT and Dave and I both give Tina another LOAD. Tina rolls over on the floor and Beth goes right to her PUSSY and starts to LICK and SUCK all of the CUM from her ASS and CUNT. Sue goes over lies on her back and starts to LICK Beth’s Pussy and with Beth’s PUSSY stuck in the air Dave FUCKS Beth in the ASS and I go over to Sue and FUCK her in her CUNT. We soon hear Tina say I am going to CUM and Beth SUCKS HARDER on Tina’s PUSSY Tina CUMS so much she washes Beth’s FACE with her SQUIRT. Beth does get to CLEAN Tina’s CUNT this time Tina says my PUSSY I think is dry now. Dave says I am going to CUM and he CUMS in Beth’s ASS and I CUM for Sue. The girls CLEAN each other’s PUSSYS, ASS’S and Lick as much CUM from each other’s BODIES as they can and say what an evening.
How much CUM do you think WE can EAT in one AFTERTNOON?
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