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24-Hour Boy Toy Tiffany

24-Hour Boy Toy Tiffany

... . And that's that, young lady. We leave in an hour."

Cursing under her breath, Tiffany got ready, pulling ... away.

Get a grip, girl, Tiffany told herself. He's still just a 13-year- old boy, even
though he ... with a fast, fluid motion.

"Let me go, you little prick," Tiffany screamed at the boy. "I'm gonna kill you... Continue»
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Trippin' with Tiffany

... 24

Tiffany felt sick, and it wasn't just the hangover. The thought of
hundreds ... of the first magnitude, and when
Tiffany had left home an hour ago for the drive to the University ... . It was a comparison Tiffany was tired of, but which
secretly thrilled her. When boys told her... Continue»
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Toying with Tiffany

... , but no one was listening.
The boys were all ogling Tiffany, wondering why she had started dressing like ... number will be posted
repeatedly on every sex newsgroup on the Internet. Within 24 hours ... to play a series of games," he continued. "We'll call it Toying With
Tiffany. You won't like hardly any... Continue»
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My Gay Clubs Private Suck Off Contest

... ounce tiffany style etched Martini type cocktail glass in one hand while waiting for Percy the head ... bartender to blow his whistle so the hot gay after hours action could finally begin. Yes both ... Specialty Dildo Sex Toys awaited the Lucky Most Skillfull Cocksucker!

With the front door locked... Continue»
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... -shirt, which she tied underneath her C-cup breasts. With measurements of 34C-24-32, Tiffany ... two and a half hours to get ready, grab a bite to eat and head to the arena." Tiffany simply groaned ... in contentment. Tiffany still had her hand in her mother's asshole and was still toying with her... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #1

... , wearing her way-too-small-for-him robe with the toy on his finger. Staring at her, he looked like ... eyed look, his finger still buzzing with the toy. Carly sheepishly took it from his finger and walked ... an hour, they called the meeting off. Not much to say and even less to do. They were all going... Continue»
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Tabby Cat: Sex KItten

... wrapped tightly around me, his hand on the small of my back. We passed by a 24 hour Laundromat and I ... was completely dumbfounded by what had just happened. Not only had my best friends new boy toy just fucked ... off at least six beers in around two hours, while Arturo had been nursing the same glass of scotch... Continue»
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How I Becamell

... a lot of remodeling there. So I did.

Whiskey Dicks had a bar with a large dance floor, a 24 hour ... , reached out and started toying with both nipples.

“Come and get it” he chuckled, and pulled on my ... , and started toying with my nipple

“So,” he asked,” are you glad I turned you out as a cocksucker or what... Continue»
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The Bet

... .
Angie, Tiffany, Susan and Amy just giggled knowing that for them this party had already begun hours ... of boys from her school most around her age. But she spent most of her party time cruising the country ... to pick up Susan, Tiffany and Amy at six. She showered and brushed her strawberry blonde hair in front... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part 3

... in her room. Try as she might, she could not keep her mind from drifting to the last 24 hours ... for a couple hours after getting home. She barely said anything to her br*ther once she got home ... I have the body of a 12 year old boy. So, I made this."

Mindy took the "stethoscope" and pressed... Continue»
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Danny's late night visit.

... old boy toy laying just inches from me with that big boy dick & great bubble butt wishing I could ... am 35 now but when this happened I was 24, 5'9", 160 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes & 8" cut.

My ... and it was getting late. Chuck said he was going to bed. Danny & I stayed up about 1-1/2 hours later... Continue»
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True based story , bi-curious ;)

... for putting things in my ass and our strap-on was our favorite toy. We had awesome sex and while ... i will name Nick and she a 24 year old shop-clerck wich i will name Rebecca. We had good times ... ;)
Rebecca : Not yet, patience my little sissy-boy.

She started petting me and it made me wild... Continue»
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... that had started all this
for me, less than 24 hours and eight cums ago. It was a luscious piece ... looking at his
own ass!

[f******n hours until I call Todd. Groooaaan.]

I took a jar of Vaseline ... . [Thirteen hours and 43 minutes until I can call

I must have passed out until the alarm rang... Continue»
Posted by blkice2u 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time, Shemales  |  
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A Father's Revenge

... about 2 weekends Hun, Labor Day weekend? We can send the boys to my folks and have 3 days all ... into his ear. Sam smiled like a cat about to spit feathers.

August 22, 2010:
The boys started ... professional portraits done for an important meeting he had in a few hours. “No prob” said Mr. Jackson... Continue»
Posted by sithlord6969 4 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Mature  |  

Velvet Crush and Her New Boyfriend

... to six time in a 24 hour time frame. I was tired from lack of sl**p and I couldn’t wait to get back ... 18 to 22, who still lived at home and went to college. They were all my age, 3 boys and a girl, so we ... of the boys were named with the first two initials of their parent’s names, along with their s****r... Continue»
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Jayne gone wild in Africa 2009

... lounge. I felt as though I’d been awake for 24 hours, not entirely far from the truth. Jayne looked ... hours. It wasn’t the best start and I felt that if anything could go wrong, it would, simply ... did sl**p for about three hours. We held hands and dosed then towards the end of the flight we chatted... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Real Porn Stars

... different guys in the last 24 hours. He didn’t know it, but his camera snapped off the photos as I ... . I was so horny and wet, I couldn’t wait to get back to my condo to have sex with my boy toy, Hondo ... and vying for my attention. They were all college students also and for the next hour, and three... Continue»
Posted by ohgirl1 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  

Confessions of a Buttsniffer

... encouraged to go into my bedroom and let Candace rummage through a large toy chest to see ... if there was anything that interested her.

I didn’t need a toy chest to have an interest; Candace was all ... fancy in that except that it was very short I figured if she bent over the edge of that toy chest, I... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part VI

... . Maybe it was due to the pounding my poor little pussy had taken over the past 24 hours but the head felt ... pussy as well as my ass. I emerged an hour later feeling relaxed and as feminine as ever.

My ... be waiting for me at the end of the drive despite my numerous attempts to get the paper boy to actually... Continue»
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The Mandingo Club

... was gorgeous. 24 years old,
flawless skin a mocha coffee color, tight curly black hair, big hands,
square ... boy's fantasy. I'm
sure I made a fool of myself the first time we met, saying something lame
and just ... a
joint and stood taking drags and watching me as I undressed.
"Naked boy," he said. "Loose... Continue»
Posted by germanboi4bbc 2 years ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Interracial Sex  |  
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