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13 Going On 30: Growing Up Bridgette

13 Going On 30: Growing Up Bridgette

13 Going on 30: Growing up Bridgette

Based on a true story. This story is protected under the Berne Convention, ... I look like, that leaves what goes on inside me. Again, I could go into the ‘complexities of Bridgette’, but instead I’ll cut to ... ... Continue»
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Vignettes on Growing Up Male

... on Growing Up Male

Like many guys who have posted here ... happened. Not really noticed by me, by age 13 my balls had descended a lot, getting full and ... our dressing room to the women’s. Once a mature (over 30) woman accompanied a group of us to the beach. I ... ... Continue»
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The Beginning

... shared everything that k**s growing up did.
In 1956 we were both 14 and sure that the world was going to be ours to ... jump into the water the first at everything. She was 13 going on 30. Her long legs and long raven black hair marked her ... ... Continue»
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growing up and moving too many times

... growing up, dad worked as an iron worker. ... place to rentbefore he moved up with us.
When I was 13, we found a real nice ... . Dad's Mom passed and they were going to go to the funeral. She ... he saw me ;laying on the carpet with a towel on me and he popped a ... ... Continue»
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Growing up with a nudist stepmom & mom.

... Growing up started puberty early compared to most boys.
At age 10 I started to grow noticible hair on my balls and around the ... and suck myself until I cummed while watching her..
At age 13 I caught her masturbating and she caught me watching her after ... ... Continue»
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turning the tables on dad

... tables on dad
Growing up all I ever heard was, "As long as you live ... He worked out religiously and it showed in his 30" waist and 42" chest. And below his waist was ... a lot of money but my review was coming up so I was going out of my way to do little ... ... Continue»
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Growing up in a house full of women (Part 1)


This story ... have their own bedrooms. Sometimes I sl**p on the couch. I am not going to go into ages, but you ... . Sometimes I will get 3 squirts if I jack off for about 30 minutes. That makes it hurt when I am done, ... ... Continue»
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Growing Up

... put her hand on my shirt, pulling me toward her.
Before I knew what was going on, she lifted my t-shirt up. She leaned her ... but still pretty thin. I had the beginnings
of pubic hair growing down there.

"Dude, you have a boner!" Kyle said as he ... ... Continue»
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Growing Up

... play Barbie doll dress up with my older s****r (2 yrs older) when we were growing up and loved ... was like an explosion going through my body. My legs tightened up and I could hardly ... as I watched. Then she stopped slid up on the bed and moved her legs ... ... Continue»
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Growing Up- Fªmî£y Bonds

... stuff that both Sierra and I already pretty much knew from growing up on a farm . She told us that her sex experiences and were ... of her cunt-hole and I hesitated for a brief moment before going inside her. Before I could enter her I couldn't hold back any ... ... Continue»
Posted by fruitloop27 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 4618  |  
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Us growing up!

... , all white in the moonlight of that night. Tim was growing tall and thin, but his butt was still bubbly, smooth ... up. Mom froze, and for a moment, looked like she was trying to focus. I hoped she was too d***k to know what was going on ... ... Continue»
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Mayan Sun - Growing Up – Chapter 2

... Profferi

Growing Up – Chapter 2

It was my fifteenth birthday before my mother found out what was going on. She walked into Ms. Alison's house unexpectedly for some reason, and found me lying on a lounge ... ... Continue»
Posted by viprofferi 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo  |  Views: 2413  |  
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Growing Up

... looked at herself in the mirror. She was growing up and maturing nicely. Her ass was nicely ... in and told her "Sit up there by the sink. Tonight I am going to shave your pussy ... can have me shave you often." She sat up on the counter and her dad ran water ... ... Continue»
Posted by dirtydame 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 5009  |  
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Going on Vacation

... of residual nostril exhale going on and I thought to myself that I was going to have to ... handed her a smoke and she lit it up. “I’m Carrie, what’s your name ... huge exhale. She stood there for about 30 seconds not saying anything but ... ... Continue»
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Growing up together

... arguing with our son when he hung up on me. When I went to call him back... up pops a picture (naked) of my gorgous ... needed attention..after i came to understand her irealized we are growing up together..We now have exotic sex including anal finally after ... ... Continue»
Posted by shybutsexy1 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex  |  Views: 2306  |  
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My Dirty Encounters, A girl Growing Up

... into my eager mouth.
'What's going on out there', I asked him, as he was looking out as I sucked on him, 'I dont know', he ... participation to this sexual assault only made me turn up, not wearing knickers on match day, wearing my modified dress, with the ... ... Continue»
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Dear Diary, A Teen Girl Growing -Up

... , helped poor sod but now feeling lonely, too much fucking going on, none for me.

Home, more disaster Gran staying over, fuck ... , must have been the fucking and the saddo on the bus, got me going,

Woke up early morn still wrapped around b*o, he has ... ... Continue»
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growing up bestfriend's curiousity

... on what to do. I am at his house in the middle of the night. I can’t tell his parents what was going on ... wasn’t going to say anything and then replied ok Sam.
Sam had me roll over on ... had a pull out sofa. Sam and I ended up on the sofa. It is a mystery how ... ... Continue»
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Shower and on the town voyeur..

... pushed our bodies against each other. My dick was growing again. I lathered up my hands with soap and began to rub and ... driver was looking in his mirror not sure what was going on. I turned up the intensity and you could hear the toy buzzing ... ... Continue»
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Growing Up with a whore

... 178179-2360602.html[/image]

Contrary to what most people believe, growing up with a prostitute for a mother is not so bad. Most are ... and were often in abusive relationships that took its toll on both the mother and son.
I remember visiting Andy. He ... ... Continue»
Posted by hi1 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature  |  Views: 1791  |  
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