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13 Going On 30: Growing Up Bridgette

13 Going On 30: Growing Up Bridgette

... 13 Going on 30: Growing up Bridgette

Based on a true story. This story is protected under ... began quietly getting out of bed.

When Angela felt me getting up, she asked me where I was going ... am, I said, “Here, let me show you.”

With that, I rolled on my side and propped myself up on one... Continue»
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Dartmoor Pussy Adventure

... that this afternoon, was it? Make it grow for me!". But I couldn't; I was 13, and didn't understand ... allows.

When I was 13, I went on an Adventure Training Holiday, in a remote area of Dartmoor ... Potter movies, aged 16, and you get the picture.

If I even had a preferred type, at 13, Andi... Continue»
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The Haunted Blue Jeans

... . No matter, someone will come back to claim them. I start
my clothes and go back up to my room ... .

When I come down to switch my clothes to the dryer I noticed that no one
picked up the jeans ... to the dresser for two
reasons: one to put up my clothes and two to get the scissors in my sewing... Continue»
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Everything for my s****r Chp. 3

... was no different from any other and Bethany’s alarm promptly woke us up at 5:30 AM. As I reached over Bethany ... the occasion was because I was usually the one that put together meals. She walked up and told me that she ... broken, I told him that Bethany and I were going and that he should just call us up if he needed... Continue»
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Road Trip Orgy Part 2

... cunt.

"I'll have a hamburger and some chips," said Kath "I need to go clean up" she whispered ... to one of the blokes and lifted her left leg up to him. The other bloke slipped his slippery cock ... and about 20 men. She spotted one young slut with small tits and a tiny waist bouncing up and down... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #11

... is any of this 'right’?!"

"Because I made a mistake!" Jade screamed. "I am the one who fucked up ... one. But I think a part of me knew, deep down, that I was only ever going to be your number two ... and you just confirmed it…" Robbie was now the one who seemed to be growing in size. "I didn't want... Continue»
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Denise's Wild Side Emerges

... still wasn’t home, so I cleaned up and dressed for when he returned. I was going to enjoy his big cock ... Ryan was shooting a film two days later, so I sent a text to Jason and we hooked up in a nearby ... his huge cock after we fucked and I spent 20 minutes running my tongue up and down his shaft... Continue»
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like boiled bunny. The relationship ends up the same as a married one after
a while anyway. I ... do.


Then one day, I caught a break. I lost my wallet and I ended up with all
the sex ... a lot. I would often
go home for dinner with Carol; then go to the gym at around 8:30 for a
workout... Continue»
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A morning with my coworker

... . this is the story of one of our playtimes.

its 8:30 am i ring at your door. you buzz me ... with my co-worker. a very hot, slim, naughty and amazing woman 13 years older then me. After a x ... in. i go into the door and find a little note saying" go to the next room and undress yourself, take... Continue»
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The Wedding Dress

... ashamed, her body filled with embarrassment she continued her cleaning. "hurry up slut, time to go ... after serving 13 years for assult. On the security cameras he had seen the 2 white beauties walk ... ?"........Mary ask. Locking the bathroom door, she didn't hear Otis go into a small room off the back... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter


9:13 AM

DAY ... herself facing one of the assistant hospital administrators, Jim Dower.
“What’s up?” she asked as she ... ,” she cleared her throat in hopes of getting Shelly’s attention.
“I gotta go,” she said and hung up... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet on Vacations

... . One of the guys stepped up and pulled the front of his trunks down and offered his growing erection ... was going to tear my ass up. I had no doubt that he would and I was looking forward to it.

My cunt ... four of them. “Are you fuckin’ with us?” one of them asked and I walked up to him and reached down... Continue»
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The Transformation

... in the football magazine barely working up a sweat.

Jessica had one final exercise to do which ... ahead she turned left and pulled up in a side street near the shop hoping like hell no one she knew ... of one was "Big titted babes do massive cocks". She smiled thinking that that about summed her up... Continue»
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Private Campground (bi-sexual gangbang)

... other's arms she whispered to me that she
was going to get up and start fixing some food for supper ...
campground. "Except we are going to charge you a different kind of fee than those public
ones charge".

I ... . One of them turned
to me, "Hey boy, you might want to watch this...You might pick up some pointers... Continue»
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... reached up to hold JC's balls in one hand while reaching down for my cock with the other one. I ... wide open inviting mouths, the hand f***ed ejaculations that began going off one after another ... share with you first hand, some of the wildest and most unbelievable sexual experiences one could... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Real Porn Stars

... , but I was a realist and didn’t want to go to jail. Most of our attempts barely lasted 30 seconds ... down one martini after another and soon I was following them up to their room to continue the party ... . One of the guys helped me up and I walked around nude, thanking each of the guys that had fucked me... Continue»
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Sex makes the heart ponder and grow fonder

... boyfriend wanted, as I recall, and you said nothing about it. Now, I’m going to show you what growing up ... in any way sexually, but this was no longer the shy innocent teenager, but a young woman growing up ... -daughter Christie. She was busy ‘growing up’, or so I had assumed. We had very little contact, and I... Continue»
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... as she spooned up a giant glob of it and f***ed it all into her mouth at one time.
She never got ... around it…so she just decided to soften it up a tad and go with it.
“I’m curious as to just how ... clinic says one thing here, but doesn’t go into specifics really. And I know this is gonna sound... Continue»
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Becoming Macy Ch. 01

... . The minute one of the guys put hands on another Ben was already breaking up the fight. Ben flew over ... folded it up and slid the note in my shorts seam. “I’ll see you later hun I’m gonna go stretch” I said ... . . . . I’m going to shower now and heading to what room was it. . . 13?’. ‘yeah. .. . . .13 you sexy... Continue»
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A Brother and Sister on Holiday

... legs wide apart, and her knees drawn
right up and Dad was on top of her with his penis going ... that the baths
together had to stop as they were growing up and their
bodies were about to change ... , and then she felt him go all tense and she
covered his mouth with one hand to prevent him crying
out... Continue»
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