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1 Shade of Ginger - Fuck off Mr Grey!!

Emma Watson und ein bisschen "Shades of Grey&

... . Ohne zu zögern legte sie ihre Tasche ab und ging in die Küche. Alex schloss die Tür hinter ihr.

"Bleib ... , sie war eigentlich seine Schwester, aber wen interessierte das. Seine Hand ging tiefer und er überprüft ihre Muschi ... . Auf die Knie, Schlampe, und tu Deine Pflicht! "

Emma war überrascht. Es war nicht vorbei. Es ging... Continue»
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Emma Watson - 20 Shades of Red (Teil 1)

... . Auch ihr Atem ging schnell.

„Hey, das war aber nicht ganz fair!“ japste Sophie und schubste ... , wirklich. Du bist………“

Der Rest von dem, was Sophie eigentlich sagen wollte, ging in einem langen ... blieben sie stehen.

„Verflixt! Die haben erst in 20 Minuten offen!“ entfuhr es Emma, als sie die Tafel... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

next door at cockshout clattering the brains out of itself let me see if I
can dose off 1 2 3 4 5 ...
Mr Riordan there I suppose he was glad to get shut of her and her dog
smelling my fur and ... his appetite anyway love its not or
hed be off his feed thinking of her so either it was one... Continue»
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A loney wife discovers her true-self, her true sex

... Chapter 1: Discovery.

You've spent all day at work, you come home tired and exhausted. Your work ... started off with relatively innocent, mainstream professional porn but you rapidly lost the taste ... through, an extension of the daily 9-5 grind you've been putting with to help pay off the extension... Continue»
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Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club - Comp

... thought.

“I don’t have it,” Chip’s voice dropped off, “Fucking divorce is about to put me under ... man to fuck off, but he needed the money. He had already lost the house and car. HIS car ... in that position when they drifted off to sl**p a few minutes later.


“Fucking cloak... Continue»
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MANDY’S STORY (Memoirs of a T.V. slut)

... in to the owner's surprisingly stylish office.

Mr Offland was a grey haired man of about fifty, well ... fuck', as he put it, so I told him the price and he peeled off the notes and handed them to me. I ... MANDY’S STORY
(Memoirs of a T.V. slut)

Chapter 1 -Early feelings... Continue»
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Katie's Pain Lesson

... AB-110

Katie's Pain Lesson

By Unknown

Chapter 1

I live for my senses.

Touch ... and tortured.

A street gang would grab me off the street and it would be gang-bang time, complete ... and legs that look like Gothic columns. Eyes a shade of blue that anyone would kill for. A firm, square... Continue»
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BlowJob Booth

... as she's on time..." Tammy really didn't want to piss Mrs. Demarco off. She was a nice woman, but man ... and swallow lots of cum!" Mrs. Demarco, as was her sprightly nature, suddenly shot up off her lounge ... in his eyes saucily.

"Take your shoes off, relax! Get your dick sucked!" She kindly ribbed.

Mrs... Continue»
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A New Slave

... , not as skinny as me but not
far off. The ginger mop on his head looks like it has never seen ... ," Shane gasps.

"Fuck yeah, wank him off man lets see him shoot," Joe suggests.

I feel my cock ... feel groggy. Where am I?
Got to pull this thing off my face but I can't move my arms. What the fuck... Continue»
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Die Ehehure

... must be Chris and Tina. I am Jim. I will take you to the house of Mr. Mandeki. It will take just a few ... war. Ich trat einen Schritt näher. Ihr Loch war offen.
Ich ging zu ihr an den Tisch und beugte ... im Restau-rant. Zumeist gingen wir leicht beschwippst gegen Mitternacht zu unserem Bungalow. Der Bunga... Continue»
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Stepmother's Bed

... as possible, he jerked off,
seeking the relief his aching balls begged for. He pretended to be fucking ... my ass off! Fuck me any place you want. Oh,
Jesus! Denny, fuck me HARD!"

Denny grasped ... upset by her husband's
running off on short notice.

Denny decided to take a break in the shade... Continue»
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... -up then
using blue shades on her eyes to set off the aqua lingerie she wore. I
watched ... took off. She had a very good
figure for a woman with a nine inch penis who could fuck the way she ... really liked the whistles I
got when I set my legs off with sheer stockings, and grey pumps... Continue»
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Geil im Fotostudio (gefunden im Netzt)

... fotografiert wurde. Aus ca. 1 m Entfernung konnte ich nun bestens beobachten, wie meine enthemmte Frau ... seinen Prügel aus ihrer Spalte und drückte ihren Kopf nach unten. Meine Frau ging in die Hocke, schien ... mir jetzt meinen Saft aus den Eiern", forderte er meine Frau auf, die bereitwillig in die Knie ging... Continue»
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Army Dreamer

... heißes Sperma schmecken. Er drückte mich an sich und ich ging dann langsam nach unten. Mit offenem ... Kapitel 1

Es war in den achtziger Jahren, vor der Wende und ich war knapp 18 und damals ... oder Volksfeste auf dem Kasernengelände, zu denen wir gingen. Meine Mutter arbeite auch dort seit ein paar... Continue»
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Pleasure With Rakes's Wife Suman

... and Mr Rakesh sit in TV room and started chit chatting, when I go inside to take water for all of us ... : - Hmmm, Sahil so sweet of you. But all man's says same they only want to fuck me no one wants to ... night and left my flat. I went outside for dinner and buy 2 type of condom 1 chocolate flyover and... Continue»
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A Modern Love Story

... his weight on
his arms he began to fuck her. He started off slowly; he
did not want it to end too ... . I parked in some welcoming
shade and turned the engine off. "What was it you were
saying about ... of

"Thank you, Mrs. Mayhew, I'll be right down." He slid
back into the main area... Continue»
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Emma Watson - 20 Shades of Red (Teil 11)

... , daß ich in ‚50 Shades of Grey‘ mitspiele. Ich fand das Buch furchtbar, wollte aber trotzdem etwas mehr ... nur!“

Irina trat ein und schloß die Türe hinter sich. Sie ging den Gang hinunter und stand ... Dir…..“

Emma ging an Irina vorbei und steuerte mit dem Glas zielstrebig das Badezimmer... Continue»
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Aunt Fiona's Girls

... guess it just came more natural for me than saying "Mrs. Nolan" all the time.

Back then, all I ... it there without anybody being the wiser.

As Aunt Fiona worked weekends, her days off were Monday ... & attractive older woman, with spiky black Joan Jett hair without a strand of grey.

"She is so cool," I... Continue»
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Personal Maneuvers

... laid eyes on in a long time.
“Mrs Richards good afternoon.”
“Pardon.” He said looking ... think is best.”
As lessons go my first one went okay. He started off by showing me what all the dials ... , his hair was brown peppered with grey and his smile was warm, even a little cheeky. If I were... Continue»
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Die Ehehure

... uns in Empfang.
„Hello, you must be Chris and Tina. I am Jim. I will take you to the house of Mr ... näher. Ihr Loch war offen.
Ich ging zu ihr an den Tisch und beugte mich zu ihr runter ... von loaderone2007


Teil 1:

Ich heiße Chris, 37 Jahre alt... Continue»
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