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`He made me do it your honour...`

`He made me do it your honour...`

... YOUR CUNT. SAY IT.` he shouted. `I loved Jim's cock in my cunt, ok`. It was all part of the humiliation, and i had to do it ... before he decided it was time to go and have a shower in his suite. When we got there he made me wash him, then ordered me ... ... Continue»
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Becky Made Me Do It

... and admonished me at my hesitation, "C'mon in Jason meet Chad. Chad this is Jason, and he'll be your lover ... experience with it."

That's when Becky made me tell her "about" my experiences. When I'd finished she said, "Hmmm, I think you should do what ... ... Continue»
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My b*o Made Me Do It

... after one of the players made a three point shot. They were excited ... Your turn.” You could tell he was visibly nervous but he started it and I was going to make sure he finished it ... mind in total ecstasy that he just let me do it in front of his b*o. While ... ... Continue»
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"We'll Do Your Mom First," I Said

... Your dad uses viagara."

"He does?" How--"

"I saw it in his medicine cabinet. He needs us as much as your mom does. If we don't do it he ... it to undo her bra.

"What bad things? With who?" she asked as her fingers circled my shaft.

"He made me do it ... ... Continue»
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I just read this. It made me so hot!

... away.

"It's your turn now s*s". You want to come for me don't you?'

"No!" But even though I didn't want to do this I ... it in his bed when Lucy and Dad were asl**p.

One afternoon he made me bunk school again. He picked me up from home. He had told me ... ... Continue»
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mom made me her sissy

... her I was sorry, and that it was just the one time,

But instead I said, "Tommy made me do it. He said it was a dare. I didn't want him ... we fix your hair and get your dress on. In fact, let me get your dress now and then we'll do your hair so it doesn ... ... Continue»
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Please - Don't Make Me Do It

... me. Pleeaaase no not here” she whimpered.

“Open wider. Spread for me. DO IT NOW” he ... your legs” he ordered her.

“No, Bern please don’t make me do this. Somebody will see me” she pleaded.

He ... ... Continue»
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husband made me expose myself to others

... patterned but you could kind of see thru it in the light. He made me wear it from the hotel room and thru the lobby ... me he wanted me to sit by myself and he would sit a little bit away from me. He said take your iPhone and I will message youwhat to do ... ... Continue»
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she made me do it..

... fun,that sounds good we could do with just us going out..
Donna ... Dave looked at me and said come here on your knees and suck this,he undid ... it,it was like a jet,he pulled out and he rubbed his cock all over my cum and he then sat on my chest and made me ... ... Continue»
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27 Minutes

... perv at me from behind didn't turn me on, but I'd be lying. Each time he made me do it, I flushed and loved it.

Bending ... Fuck me, Adam," I commanded between gasps. "You've brought me so much pleasure today it's my honour to take your come deep inside me." ... ... Continue»
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... your cock' she asked smiling and lay on top of him. 'I did not shoot by itself, but you made me do it' he said.

'I made you do it. How?' mymother asked getting thrilled.

'You jacked me with your hand' he ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

... for the fun of it, but her fantasy will often still be of the
"it is not my fault, he made me do it" type: She ...
****; it was an exciting idea, and I rethought it when I was with
other guys; it made me enjoy their fucking more.
I really think your book ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... her fantasies, but
all under the slogan, “It wasn't my fault; he made me do it.” In
other words, sexual guilt and its ... me, hurt me, and
degrade me. Knowing my sexual fantasies has helped me to
reach my new self-acceptance. Your book has made me ... ... Continue»
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A Chance to Advance

... went about it, your
tenderness, your sweetness, you really cared and I
loved that about you. Please, let me do this for you ... it inside of him and I suppose that
he was really enjoying it, because he made me do it for
a very long time. By the time he ... ... Continue»
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I Love When He Calls Me s*s

... it's made me do ... do it again - but it's hard to do - I mean - it's hard to do both things at the same time."

"Does rubbing, your - your ... ... Continue»
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The Training of Jennifer

... me handling your cock. I wanted you to fuck me in front of him. I wanted to see it and suck it. I wanted to do it ... devoid of guilt? After all he made me do it. Is it the intense attention that this arrangement demands of me, the dominant? I must study ... ... Continue»
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... !"

"He made me do it, Mother," replied Akira. "He made me!"

Now when your son has the power of a demon inside him, it's pretty ... he may not look that strong but he's taller, older and must've been in many real fights while in America. Give it your ... ... Continue»
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Sandra's Submission

... do it again, when you catch your breath, and then, if you think you can, try to fuck me with your throat." He ... it wasn't my idea - he made me do it." She saw Laura's expression change, and she quickly added, "Not like that, I mean, I let him make me do it ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriend and My s****r...both want me! .

... it…now it’s your turn” she concluded

“Alright…what do you want to know?”

“Tell me about your ... me an amazing blowjob and because I love her so much made me do it ... ... Continue»
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... found it hard to just blurt out, "so, do you want me to suck your cock for you Joe?" I decided to make him do it. ... . He said it with a knowing wink. After that he made up any excuse to "punish" me. I dug the way he made me do it. I knew that he could fire me ... ... Continue»
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