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[b]The Italian twins: Betty and Angela[/b]

Twin b*****rs and A b*****r

... Twin b*****rs & A b*****r  - 
by Theo 
     Being a one of the many plant managers, Chip worked ... situation.   Taking stock of things, Chip realized that these two twin b*****rs were red heads.  He had ... , but Chip realized that these two were twins.  The only difference was, the one on the left was bigger... Continue»
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The twin b*****rs

... Bonjour, je m'appelle Bastien, j'ai 17 ans, je suis plutôt grand et assez beau.

Je passais ma journée de samedi chez Julien et Damien, deux amis qui étaient dans ma classe... Continue»
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... throwing a tantrum when my mother tried to persuade me to play an angel in a Christmas play. I definitely ... rejected the idea of being dressed up as an angel, which in my view was on par with wearing girls ... the death of my parents. The headmaster found it necessary to inform my uncle, the b*****r of my father, who... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... he was introduced when I was in the D B C with
Poldy laughing and trying to listen I was waggling ... he
said hed have one or two from on board I wore that frock from the B Marche
Paris and the ... ailments she had too much old
chat in her about politics and earthquakes and the end of the... Continue»
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Teaching T and her girls a lesson.

... or on the net chatting with his many net-buds.

Two more guys came in, twin b*****rs, Carl and Lance ... . They are both Italian, and dressed in dark clothing. They are the "goth" ones of the geek club. Ever since ... says. He is like an Italian Johnny Cash, which is funny, because if you say something like that to k**s... Continue»
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The Call Girl, The Lawyer, The Wife, & The Voy

... include all of your s****rs. In fact I once sent the twins together." Janie was smiling at me now ... that gained me 5 inches. I didn't wear a bra, my small B-cup breasts don't need one, and I could hide ... of the business at this time. My oldest two, who are twins, happily married to two very wealthy men... Continue»
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Good Story, to good not to share. Stuck up rich gi

... aimlessly and shrieking in some ugly foreign language that Kristen knew wasn't French or Italian, the only ... on her firm rounded breasts, irritating them and rasping across her twin nipples. His cock was a hard ... pointed teeth came out and nipped her tender flesh repeatedly. He gripped her twin mammary mounds... Continue»
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Rebecca Meets her Black Half b*****r

... , Germans, Italians...even bl**dy Frenchmen...Asians sure,"

"We don't use ... today?" Ellie finally asked as the laughing subsided.

"Where are the Latin twins today?" I ... enquired sweetly.

"They're busy today, have some f****y thing...and they are not twins...I'll see them... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Pregnant Again

... was so hard that evening when I told him about the possibility of twins or more. It felt so good ... with the news of my mother and him. I was going to be having more b*****rs and/or s****rs soon ... on to my hips as he pumped my pussy from behind, his hard Italian, uncircumcised prick stroking my wet... Continue»
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Sweet Summer: The Punishment

... as Thomas and Eugene, lanky twin b*****rs from a village just outside town.

Nina had been friends ...

"And now you seem to be awake again," Nina said with a grin. Her hand snaked out and seized her b ... to themselves. With their mother and older b*****r away, they could spend the entire day naked... Continue»
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... to a spirited Italian, but, Rogue's ears burned nonetheless.

7:30 found him situated in his ... chair staring at the front door, "Goddess" tucked away in a twin of the original manila envelope ... we arrive." She sat back closer to Rogue and whispered: "Tommy is my b*****r. He keeps me safe... Continue»
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Basic Training

... ”, and had a bust twice Holly’s B-cup.

Gia was self confident and aggressive, while Holly was
somewhat ...
that first suggested joining the Air f***e. Older than Gia, Angela
Martin had been in the service ... of the empty sl**ping bay, Gia
hoped Angela had been telling her the truth. She definitely
couldn’t... Continue»
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Geheimnissvolle Kräfte

... . Als ich dabei wieder die Haare an den Fötzchen spürte, dachte ich mir, dass ich das bald mal ändern ... ihr mich weiterhin lieben, aber trotzdem wird sich alles ändern", gab sie trotzig zurück und drehte ... ich, worauf sie hinauswollte.

„Klar wird sich etwas ändern. Patrizia und du werdet mich nicht mehr ‚Herr... Continue»
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... as my dad and who always treated me well during my visits. Together they had two boys, my half-b*****rs ... his look.

I came around the corner to find my uncle Alessandro, my dad's older b*****r, and my ... . Sexy.

On the way to the Italian trattoria in which I've eaten dozens of times growing up I... Continue»
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... was
twelve years old. I'm half Lebanese, half Italian. My father wanted me to
improve my English ... is Italian) but my dick is noticeably darker in colour. At
that time, my pubic hair was just coming ... was half Italian, so I turned over.

He began to kissing between my shoulder blades while his hands... Continue»
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A Love That Never Dies

... going to break the rule . . . it would be with you . . . or your twin s****r. When the case is over ... .

As I looked up at her angelic face, I could see tears starting to form. "Connie, you are my ... on an Italian restaurant and had a good meal, then returned to the hotel.

Sally announced that she... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

... it.

"Hello? Hey b*o. What's up? Really? Yeah, kind of a slow day then. Me? Just having a bit of fun here ... , but there's no denying his mouth full of your cock, b*o. He any good?"

For an answer, Jay ... first?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Go for it then, b*o."

I heard the sound of a zipper and a few more... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... was the early 80s; I was taking a full load in college and working full time. At nineteen I was making ... , but it was 80's and I thought the only way out of my parent's house was to get married. We were ... married for a year now and, at twenty, we had a nice two bedroom, spacious, corner apartment on the second... Continue»
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... was used.
"I know you and he don't get along well, but why not let your b*****r have sex with Betty ... the courage to get to the real reason why I was there.

"N-Nick I-I know B-Betty is in love with you ... ", literally, whenever my b*****r was around.

At five months, Betty's... Continue»
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Cum for Dawn :Book V

... and sexy! Then Cindy walks in behind her wearing her Betty Page tigress one piece outfit with fishnet ... stockings and Doc Martin boots. Her hair is usually done up like Betty’s anyways and is wearing tiger ... still had many unpacked boxes in it. There were two boys, twins to be exact, moving boxes around... Continue»
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