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[b]The Italian twins: Betty and Angela[/b]

Twin b*****rs and A b*****r

... Twin b*****rs & A b*****r  - 
by Theo 
     Being a one of the many plant managers, Chip worked ... situation.   Taking stock of things, Chip realized that these two twin b*****rs were red heads.  He had ... , but Chip realized that these two were twins.  The only difference was, the one on the left was bigger... Continue»
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The twin b*****rs

... Bonjour, je m'appelle Bastien, j'ai 17 ans, je suis plutôt grand et assez beau.

Je passais ma journée de samedi chez Julien et Damien, deux amis qui étaient dans ma classe... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... he was introduced when I was in the D B C with
Poldy laughing and trying to listen I was waggling ... he
said hed have one or two from on board I wore that frock from the B Marche
Paris and the ... ailments she had too much old
chat in her about politics and earthquakes and the end of the... Continue»
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Teaching T and her girls a lesson.

... or on the net chatting with his many net-buds.

Two more guys came in, twin b*****rs, Carl and Lance ... . They are both Italian, and dressed in dark clothing. They are the "goth" ones of the geek club. Ever since ... says. He is like an Italian Johnny Cash, which is funny, because if you say something like that to k**s... Continue»
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... throwing a tantrum when my mother tried to persuade me to play an angel in a Christmas play. I definitely ... rejected the idea of being dressed up as an angel, which in my view was on par with wearing girls ... the death of my parents. The headmaster found it necessary to inform my uncle, the b*****r of my father, who... Continue»
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A Life: A Journey Begins. Part 1

... the twins. The twins were there mothers perfect little angels so Beth couldn't bully them ... .

Over the next few years there's not much to talk about but maybe twins started calling me 'big b*o ... ' from Renna I shorten her name to "Re" and 'big b*****r' by her twin that I call by her second name... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in London

... , sat opposite her was Mike, her younger b*****r.

They were on there way up to London to spend some ... . And then how the hotel had messed things up again, and how their twin room had ended up with a double bed ... would absorb it.

By the time that her Mum and b*****r came through the front door, she was back... Continue»
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Fucked 2 - The Great Rock N Roll Orge

... , with
her friend Nuala, who has the biggest tits I have ever seen.

There were two lads - twins ... was shocked and amazed to see the Journey b*****rs approach her after
her song, and the three of them left ... looking, and ripped, Italian looking guy. His head was
back and his eyes closed, obviously enjoying... Continue»
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... to stop this madness.

"My twin b*****r," she said. "It's our destiny."

"I'm not Luke ... the phone and called her b*****r Bill's house. Her niece Barbie answered.

"Barbie, this is Aunt ... identical twin.

"I'm sending in the ad right now so tell them to get their stuff ready," Annie said... Continue»
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White Wife Black Balled 2

... husband and another couple celebrating the two husband's birthday's. That Sharon had borrowed her b ... left the room, Sharon showed her b*****r the pictures and video of Michelle and Dex. Marc looked ... her b*****r a little smile, "Should I tell Megan? You know this is the opportunity she has been... Continue»
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How Did This Happen

... pretty but
obnoxious maid, Delilah and Bertha. Delilah was of Italian descent with
blue-black ... . On the
other side of the room was a twin sized bed but it was a white enameled
with pink rose bush ... girl. I was
dressed in panties, B-cup naturally filled out bra, frilly semi-
transparent pink... Continue»
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Couple Fun

... . He has already been on a few dates, and has even gotten as far as sticking his finger up Betty ... Simmons, who is friends with Betty Jennings. She told her that he has one hell of a cock, but is rather ... was rather tall, thin and about a b-cup. Cheryl was a bit heavy, probably about thirty pounds over... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

... it.

"Hello? Hey b*o. What's up? Really? Yeah, kind of a slow day then. Me? Just having a bit of fun here ... be a fag, but there's no denying his mouth full of your cock, b*o. He any good?"

For an answer, Jay ... that end first?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Go for it then, b*o."

I heard the sound of a zipper and a few more... Continue»
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Toying with Tiffany

... to himself:

"You walked out of my dreams, and into my life Now you're my angel divine You're
16 ... the finale, you know what song he was playing on his
boombox, Princess? That song by the b**stie ... to ride the bus. Those awful Davis twins have been sitting next
to me and trying to feel me up. Please... Continue»
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Carnival Knowledge

... Amigo, long time no see," Jose said in an excited tone. "Come on in, b*o."

I was treated like ... a long lost b*****r returning home from war. We sat and talked. The beer flowed freely and the time ... and slowly made my way towards the booths with their various games. I stopped at an Italian ice stand... Continue»
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i made my b*****r A CUCKOLD

... along well, but why not
let your b*****r impregnate Betty, I'm sure he'd do it
for free."

I ... a preliminary sonogram test. Well I'll be
damned, you've got twins in the oven Betty!" The doctor ... -Nick I-I know B-Betty is in love with you. I-I
suspect if you wanted to, y-you could talk her... Continue»
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Rockin' w/ the Band

... on
his best friend's face as well as the pissed off vibe his
twin b*****r was giving off ... ," she knew it was all good.

A large 50 something Italian looking dude greeted her ... looks nice.
He looks so much like a happy version of pissed off guy it's got to be his b*****r... Continue»
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The Facts of Life part 1

... My name is Ron, and my twin b*****r's name is Sam. We're in our
mid-twenties now and each have ... laughed and said, "Well, I was just the age you are now. When I was
about ten years old, and my b*****r ... ." Then with a wave of
his hand, he said. "I'm hungry! Let's go out and have some Italian!

Today... Continue»
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The Real Housewives of AfroerotiK

... coat, several pairs of shoes, and an Italian silk tie when all he came in for was a tie. He ... fraternities in order to call someone they weren’t even related to, “b*****r.” She was only attracted ... movements made him stand out, he was in step with all his b*****rs, nothing spectacular about him... Continue»
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... with black hair, and looked very Italian. He was
well muscled, but with just a tiny bit more tummy ... base. A
matching lamp with the figure of a nude man in another pose decorated a
twin table ... turned tricks together. Carol was also very much
into the B&D/S&M scene as a Drag Dominatrix. Uncle... Continue»
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