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[SHORT] Unexpected moment.


... his father's hard, throbbing erection.

Things had definitely taken an <ddd>unexpected</ddd> turn, and Jake was never one to deal with a change ... in the lounge room. "And I'm sorry to cut this beautiful <ddd>moment</ddd> <ddd>short</ddd>, but we should get this foyer cleaned up pretty soon ... ... Continue»
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The Hitch Hiker - Short Story

... locked together - her lips trembling, and just a lusting kiss away. <ddd>Short</ddd>, I consider to pull my hand back, but that would be ... of the <ddd>moment</ddd>!«, I whisper into her mouth. Her eyes open watery, as if she would start to weep, and this <ddd>unexpected</ddd> emotion ... ... Continue»
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An Unexpected Visitor...

... some of this...' With those words my <ddd>unexpected</ddd> visitor opened his jacket exposing a huge massive ... faster and faster.

Gary had me making <ddd>short</ddd> whining sounds as he slide his huge ... his seed.

Gary was lost in the <ddd>moment</ddd> of passion as he rapidly sexed my ... ... Continue»
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Unexpected convenience (Part 3)

... that I was watching, she stopped just <ddd>short</ddd> of the door, and slipped her ... was incredible, I wanted to make that <ddd>moment</ddd> last forever, and it felt like ... minute or so passes by and something <ddd>unexpected</ddd> happens.

“Oh god I’m cumming again!”

I can’t ever ... ... Continue»
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Skiing Holidays with an unexpected night

... is that consequent. The girls stopped for a <ddd>moment</ddd> as he left but continued as he ... me softly touching my dick trough the <ddd>short</ddd>. Anna stood there and just watched as ... moaning: “Harder, please harder!” so at the <ddd>moment</ddd> I grabbed her hips and started to fuck ... ... Continue»
Posted by intrestedone 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 1238  |  

my college party ends on an unexpected sour note

... and rested my self against her body as i continued my <ddd>short</ddd> thrusts. stephanie looked directly at me and gave me the ... our sealed, tongue tangled kiss. there it was. an immediate <ddd>moment</ddd> of excitment came over me and several things happened all ... ... Continue»
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... met my approval. I especially liked to see her in <ddd>short</ddd> skirts and tee-shirts. Then she tried on a simple ... "Well... because..."

"Just a few more minutes?" she pleaded.

I sighed. That <ddd>moment</ddd> of mental clarity had passed. "All right. A few more ... ... Continue»
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Roger and I and an unexpected quest

... about this whole thing aren’t you I asked?

Yes, came three <ddd>short</ddd> replies. Well if your serious. Where is the bed? The ... with Freddie I was fine with, now you’re including some <ddd>unexpected</ddd> guest into this?

I’m ok with people seeing me nude you ... ... Continue»
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A short story I wrote for my ex to read on the way

... was brought back to reality for a <ddd>moment</ddd> by the realization that Sean still ... candle and it was then something <ddd>unexpected</ddd> and terrible happened, the candle snapped ... shivering, screaming and moaning. This continued for a <ddd>short</ddd> while before there was another ... ... Continue»
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A short story I wrote for my ex to read on the way

... was brought back to reality for a <ddd>moment</ddd> by the realization that Sean still ... candle and it was then something <ddd>unexpected</ddd> and terrible happened, the candle snapped ... shivering, screaming and moaning. This continued for a <ddd>short</ddd> while before there was another ... ... Continue»
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Short and Sweet

... Hope you enjoy, love to hear comments.

<ddd>Short</ddd> and Sweet[/]

I met Charlotte, really more by ... a naked woman, which would cause an awkward <ddd>moment</ddd>.

“You can set your table up so ... “it is always best when it is <ddd>unexpected</ddd>, don’t you ...
... Continue»
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The office Dad enjoys an unexpected call

... tied at the waist and she wore a <ddd>short</ddd>, crop top jacket that could not ... pounding through my head so loudly! For a <ddd>moment</ddd> I told myself this was insane.

But then I ... “ I just stood there staring at her for a <ddd>moment</ddd> and she snapped with a sharp “NOW!” ... ... Continue»
Posted by imornery81 1 year ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore  |  Views: 2463  |  
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Wake Up! It's Your Birthday ... a short story

... I while my s****r is almost nine years older. Obviously I was an <ddd>unexpected</ddd> surprise being born when Big John was 35 and my ... only thing that, thankfully, prevented me from exploding at that <ddd>moment</ddd> was my astonished surprise. Her tongue left my mouth and ... ... Continue»
Posted by swapx 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 3843  |  
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The Friend - a true story, a Homegrown Moment

... is oftentimes a weird combination of <ddd>unexpected</ddd> serendipity and unbridled carnality, usually, more ... when the whole magic of the <ddd>moment</ddd> is captured on video... Trying to ... smooth skin and slinky promiscuity. Fairly <ddd>short</ddd>, the kind of girl often referred to ... ... Continue»
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... shortly after Alex was shipped out. I'm not the skinny, <ddd>short</ddd>, shapeless little girl he remembered. In fact, I don't ... fact and confident that I had no rebuttal.

After a long <ddd>moment</ddd> I muttered, "We're b*****r and s****r...."

Unexpectedly he said, "Do ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 1632  |  
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Kara's Unexpected Menage Trois

... when he returned with her drink she ordered her meal.
A <ddd>short</ddd> time later, he returned with her meal.
"Anything else," ... she was caught completely off guard by this sudden and <ddd>unexpected</ddd> revelation. Her first inclination was to respond with a resounding," ... ... Continue»
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An unexpected erotic high heel moment.

... when i was on a night out with my pals, i had run <ddd>short</ddd> of money, so i went to the bank machine alone. There ... noise and one girl was carrying her heels. She had a <ddd>short</ddd> dress on and bare legs.

I was at the cash machine ... ... Continue»
Posted by andy5706 2 years ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor  |  Views: 669  |  

Unexpected first time with Aunt

... once. He wasn't disappointed with the result and over the <ddd>short</ddd> Easter holiday period decided to suck himself off to an ... suddenly stopped when the room darkened.

They both stood for a <ddd>moment</ddd>'s silence before Rekha said, 'I won't tell anyone but I want to ... ... Continue»
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... at the bar reading the paper. I smelled her perfume the <ddd>moment</ddd> I entered the room.

"Feeling any better this morning," Dot asked ... I was at eye level with her butt. She was wearing a <ddd>short</ddd> sheer pale yellow night gown and no panties. The contour ... ... Continue»
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Short Stories from the Underworld part 2

... Lady Jenova and Nergal bargain without a <ddd>moment</ddd>'s hesitation.
To Heidi, the ... Nicole felt a sudden and almost completely <ddd>unexpected</ddd> sense of calm contentment filling ... so willingly accepted just a few <ddd>short</ddd> hours ago.
A delightfully humorous thought filled ... ... Continue»
Posted by lady-jen 5 months ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Masturbation  |  Views: 9