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‘Nurse Andie’

‘Nurse Andie’

... . How rude of me. I’m Andie. And you are?”

I reply “I’m Jay. Thanks ... . While talking to Andie, I couldn’t help staring at her enormous tits and imagining my cock ... to remember.

Soon I could feel the urge to spurt my sperm into her mouth, “Andie, you’re... Continue»
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Eurotica 20: The beach, the sun – the cave?

... was in a deep sl**p.
“Well really!” She said! This was one of his ‘Moments!&rsquo ... of the gay men broke it.
“So ‘e’s jus cum all over yer boobs and fallen asl**p! Well ... .
For once she would have a ‘Moment’ of her own.
They both smiled and licked... Continue»
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... ;. After some polite ‘weather’ conversation it transpired that we were both nurses. She ... As an addict of ‘self love’ and having been so for as long as I can remember ... into my knickers and select my chosen scenario to accompany me in my ‘play time&rsquo... Continue»
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... we heard the buzzer and I froze in fear. Her husband? Helen whispered, ‘ush!’ and shut ... and nurse at Maarit’s ample breasts. Helen said something in Finnish to Maarit and faced me. &ldquo ... ‘mamma’ while having sex. You can call me ‘mamma’, you can suck my tits... Continue»
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Hospital orderly

... wanted to try and lick his cock.I told him I did, and he smiled. Then, suddenly, a nurse's ... to hide it during the various nursing and doctor rounds, not to mention when my f****y came ... . During the day and early evening of waiting for Marco’s shift, I scanned the entire book for all... Continue»
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Watching my Waitress

... your shoulders.
I sit opposite you and smile.
‘Hi’ I say, ‘I’ve been ... an angel.
I sit in one corner nursing my coffee and watching you.
I think you are the most beautiful ... watching you.’
You smile back and say that you have noticed me too.
Under the table I slide my... Continue»
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Vanilla Sky Day!

... that swimming.’
‘Thanks… I am a little peckish.’
She is wearing a tight white T ... … I take it you like cheese and tomato?’
‘I do… thanks.’
The act of her ... for my father's funeral. I think we will split up eventually…’
‘My dad... Continue»
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Everything's Alright

... .

“Alrighty. Yeah, we’ll see you when you get here. Bye, ‘mystery’ person ... for the boost of energy to take my girl to ‘The point of no return’. I made of sucking ... After all the lectures and talks I’ve been told from my parents and relatives, you’d... Continue»
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How do you solve a problem like Maria pt 4

... poster bed nursing his still erect penis.
Tomorrow he knew Elsa and Max would arrive. He wasn’t ... the routine, she had been through this procedure a thousand times before and wasn’t surprised to feel ... the Baron’s hand between her legs which she opened to allow better access.
Georg’s... Continue»
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Sci-Fi - The SFL Dairy Laboratory - cows

... ;

The ‘swing’ mentioned by Dana was beam that was

attached to an electric motor ... ;new

nurse." As Kay stood up to show her to the doctor, she

revealed her huge tits ... squeezed into the nurses uniform,

and the extremely high heels she wore, she thought "Wow... Continue»
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The Holiday - Chapter 8

... back up into you. I tried to hard to be a brave ‘patient’.

The nurse repositioned ... ’t recognize him, but then realized that it was our porn star ‘friend’ from ... ’t much of a stretch for ‘our’ girls as they were already both on the bed... Continue»
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Oh Nurse! (What are you doing to me?)

... what the very attractive red haired nurse had just said to him.

‘Take my clothes off!&rsquo ... was: ‘What does it matter Dave? You’re the boss, and if that’s what you want ... ... then that’s what I’ll do.’

Her second thought was: ‘When was the last time... Continue»
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Fraudsters Punished 1831

... and she spent most of the day in the church crypt ‘doing penance’. I decided to find out ... , Alice," Bobby started talking, "Not as big as Lord Parham’s but ‘bout as big ... let us go back?" I had to say, ‘yes’, although I had become fond of the pair but I... Continue»
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Sex with Lactating Mother - Part 2

... also say ‘poikani, (my son), olet minum poikani (you’re my son) when you breastfeed me ... her, ‘you’re my sisar.’” (Sisar means s****r) Helen stared at me ... ayaethi’s tits.” I said: “Oh, ayaethi, ayaethi, olen poikasi,” As I nursed at her... Continue»
Posted by oedipus 5 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo  |  
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Doctor Peters

... looked too young to be a nurse. The girls breasts were outlined against the ‘V’ necked ... cotton sun dress cling just under her ‘D’ cup breasts. It wasn’t that hot out ... of minutes before a very cute young nurse called her name.

“Hi, I’m Jennifer; will you... Continue»
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Part two Army Officer

... ‘the’ written as /, as characters at the end of the alphabet. It was made a little more ... of ‘whore housekeeper’. It was not the decision she wanted to make but the other option ... in a dirty environment. Now they were nearly back ‘home’; the workhouse that was to be her home... Continue»
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Babysitting. 06

... the same physical anatomy, we’re all beautiful. I‘ll watch all of you to make sure ... it, Christy insisted that she watches out that we don’t get into any trouble. Mom is baby sitting ... sit in Christy’s makeup vibrating chair or stand in the alcove of her spa after she puts... Continue»
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Blackmailing Christina into being my sexual toy

... why I’m doing this. Would you rather be fucked by some d***ken school boy? I ‘ve wanted ... Christina was the only girl in a f****y of 4 c***dren. She grew up the baby s****r to Andy, Johnny ... people outside her immediate f****y. Her mother worked as a nurse in the local hospital and her... Continue»
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Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 3

... that they would receive a free ‘Blown by Nadine’ t-shirt with her lovely cock-sucking face ... .”

Nadine wondered what ‘surprise’ Sabrina had cooked up for her tonight. Last ... glances.

‘Jackie’s announcements must have worked,’ I thought to myself.

I... Continue»
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Little Piggy Series (Nascar Ole Country Style)

... ., Humiliation, and Nascar. If you’re trying to quit watching cars drive in a circle, PLEASE ... that swelled to D's when pregnant & nursing. I have long brown hair, and brown eyes. I ... of a doggy sperm milkshake for sure. After all that’s every bitches desire. As my hubby got... Continue»
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