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'A Tale of Two Moms, Book Three'

'A Tale of Two Moms, Book Three'

... A Tale of Two Moms – Book Three

Another biographical fantasy by DizzyD

Story Codes: Fb, Ff ... Moms – Book Three’

‘A Tale of Two Moms – Book Four’ will be out soon, and will be the final ... the beginning of what the two moms and their three k**s were about to experience!

The End of ‘A Tale of Two... Continue»
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'A Tale of Two Moms - Book Two'

... soon enough.

The continuing saga of the Taylor and Davis families will continue in ‘A Tale of Two Moms – Book Three’ very soon.

... A Tale of Two Moms – Book Two

Another biographical fantasy by DizzyD

Story Codes: Fb, Ff, bb ... of Book Two, in preparation for the release of the awaited Book Four.


Chapter... Continue»
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A Tale of Two Moms - Book One

... 'A Tale of Two Moms" - Book 1

Another ambiguous biographical fantasy by DizzyD

Story Codes ... be the same.

The End

To be continued in: ‘A Tale of Two Moms – Book Two’
... to concentrate on her book, she finished her wine and went to bed.

Chapter Two

After... Continue»
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A Son's Summer Awakenings - Book Two

... A Son's Summer Awakenings - Book Two

Another ambiguous biographical fantasy by DizzyD

Story ... Codes: Fb, fb, ff, bb, mom-son, b*o-s*s, inc, voy, mast. oral

This story is a work of fiction ... , and the two of them were still lying naked on his bed. The young boy had fallen off into a post-orgasmic... Continue»
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A Cuckold's Tale

... A Cuckold’s Tale
By Byron Cuckholder


Will Talbot was big man, an intimidating ... it. He had learned to pump iron for hours a day and now had the body of a comic book drawing ... . Three of his cronies from Belview, threatened Jimmy. He would be ****d repeatedly if the police were... Continue»
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Bitch's Tale

... . As a parting gift two or three of them pissed on me as I lay still
trying to recover from the brutal ... Bitch’s Tale

Story from the perspective of a girl who gets dominated by a group of b*****rs ...
faithful during each relationship, not that there'd been many of those. I'd had
three partners and all... Continue»
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A Cross-Dresser's tale

... a drink as I write this, and I suppose the two tales are intertwined to some extent.

Not that I ... female cousins born within three months of me, so I was always surrounded by girls.
Two cousins ... porn story for self-stimulation, then this tale will bore you. I apologize for that.

But if you... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexuallity is Awaken Chapter Two

... Chapter Two
A Mom’s Sexuality Is Awaken

Josh looked down ... the last blow job she gave him earlier. Three times every day now she had been sucking him off. She ... until he came three times. She was good and Josh could tell she wanted his cock. All the time she... Continue»
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Two's Company but three can be more fun.

... phone number. Two’s company, three can be way more fun.

... . The video contained two reasonably athletic and well endowed guys and a blonde chick with a nice ass ... one of the guys to join her sucking the other guys cock. The two of them licking and kissing the head... Continue»
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A Son's Summer Awakening - Book One

... , and at the same time he put two fingers back into his mom's smoldering cunt. Carol couldn't ... ended, the one next door was about to enter another chapter.
End Book One

Book Two will follow ...
A Son's Summer Awakenings - Book One

Another ambiguous biographical fantasy by DizzyD... Continue»
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... help me." "You WOULD, wouldn't you Mom. You WOULD!!!" Krystal accused & felt ... . He told me something last night. Something I don't know if I should tell you." "MOM ... Mom, yes I can. I want to feel what you do, I want Him to do those things to me." The two... Continue»
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Adam's Two Sisters

... on his book rather than
his two cute and naked s****rs, but when Amy had shifted around to assume ... from home
several days at a time. About a year ago the isolation had proved too much
for his Mom ... , and she had one day simply taken off for civilization leaving
her three c***dren behind. That left... Continue»
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Mom's Gangbang

... the house, and now I was a small bit worried about it.

What if mom had picked two studs that satisfied ... you," She feigned. "You can call me Janet."

"Hi." I said nervously.

Mom introduced me to the two ... will do better next time." Mom said reassuringly. "I've still got two hard dicks."

I turned to see... Continue»
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Mom's Pies

... Eating cum from my prosititute mother's asshole
Tags : prostitution
Author : Hi Hi
Book ... took off her coat and hat.

"Sorry mom", I didn't mean it.

"It fucking ... broke my knee cap" she said.

"Mom, why don't you sit down and I will get you some hot... Continue»
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... on that!", she said with a sexy tone and sweet smile. Donna comes by two or three times a month and we have ... rang waking me from my nap. I answered the door and saw that it was Ashley's mom Donna. (read my ... a small book with an open lock on the cover. "I was gathering Ashley's things and found her diary... Continue»
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That's My Mom!

... will admit that fucking my mom has crossed my mind a time or two. But never in a million years did I ... that she had wrote. And I wanted to fuck my mom now.
The college book was where things got ... over and were really home made sex tapes. In College mom and Shelly and two other girls rented a house... Continue»
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Billy's Tale (extract)

... Billy
*This is part of a story I am currently working on about two very talented18-19 year old ... Math students. In the stories I tutor them aside of school. This a extract from Billy’s tale.

I ... state to accurately judge Billy's mathematics so I opened a text book to the correct section and simply... Continue»
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Part Two Concluded: Teacher's Pet

... Story Behind My Photo Album: “Teacher's Pet”. Part Two Continued.

Again I want ... seemed somewhat large were the two ass cheeks which felt to soft as an infant's booty. Charlie ... him was to dress casually and bring his books.

Charlie must have changed three times before he... Continue»
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I'm an Exhibitionist...Deal with it (part two

... I’m an Exhibitionist...Deal with it! (Part Two)

Hubby had left work early that morning. I spent ... , sucking the two cocks, being fucked up the ass by two cocks and remembering the awesome feeling ... of trying to impale myself unsuccessfully on that monster cock.
Three cocks had parted my pussylips... Continue»
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MOM is Son's Slave

... begrudge him the pleasure he enjoyed with mom. The two of them were so much in love with each other ... side of her rump. Mom grunted as I announced, "That's two!"

By the time I had administered five good ... that I was back. As I put my books on the table by the stairs I heard mom calling to me as she came... Continue»
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