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2 years ago
Women like this one are good for Claustorphilia fantasy but those with Claustorphilia should never encourage them to stretch. Most people in their entire lifetime never even see one woman this rare that has a pelvis much wider and larger than a very large cow.
2 years ago
Love it
2 years ago
This month on our Planet it has been calculated there are over 7 thousand millions of people here (over 7 Billion).

Women who have a middle portion of their body that grows and grows gigantic while the upper and lower body does not are rare. This is due to an overgrown disproportionate gigantic pelvis region that grows several times larger.

There are only a finger count of these women in the entire World. They are many inches taller than they would be if their pelvis and pelvic organs had not grown so raise up up up their height... and make their pelvic region gigantic.

So this is extremely extremely rare and is only one woman in many millions of women in the entire World. This woman may have given up on dieting to make her pelvis region smaller... but bone does not reduce in size... so she gave up reducing.

She can not help growing this way any more than a greyhound or a beagle can help their strange shapes.

The good news for those that hate this size and shape woman, that requires so very much to sexually satisfy her... is the extreme rarity of it removes her from being encountered.

The bad news for those that adore this size and shape woman, that requires so very much to sexually satisfy her... is the extreme rarity of it removes her from being encountered.
2 years ago
She has a 4 foot wide pelvis, and can only fit sideways through 3 foot wide doors. Women who are ordinary doorway wide, are actually quite common like these two:
3 years ago
Femdom is not all that common, but neither is Elsie. I have observed my giantess neighbor ordering everybody about many times, and always suspected she was a femdom.

This morning my suspicions are confirmed. My enormous next door neighbor is standing just across from my driveway and has one hand on a big sedan car that arrived last night in her own driveway... just as I am going out to my own car. Her other hand rests on her huge left pelvis bone that appears to be about 4 feet wide. She can not even go through doorways face on and she has to squeeze through them sideways.

Strangely this morning she seems different and my eyes wander down to her lower belly. I see she has two new big lumps at the very bottom of her giant belly. Suddenly I notice one of those lumps moving and wiggling just a few inches.

I never told anybody about it, but I have X-RAY eyes. If I strain a bit, I can see through things. Only someone like me would know why Elsie looks so very swollen and lumpy this morning. I strain and focus my magic eyes on her belly and see two adult bottoms moving inside of Elsie's two bottom belly lumps.

As I focus my X-RAY eyes more, I can see 4 women inside her. The very top woman toward the back side of Elsie's giant belly looks the most relaxed, and also the most comfortable, of the 4 women I see inside Elsie's belly.

The top back woman is on top of the girl directly below her. The girl below her is seen lying toward the far back... behind two other girls. This woman and the two women in front of her, are moving a lot more than the top one does. The two women toward the front side of Elsie's belly have bottoms that create Elsie's bottom belly lumps. They appear more comfortable than the deepest girl at the very back bottom of Elsie's huge belly. I felt sorry for the lowest woman with another woman lying on top of her.

I had wondered why those 4 women never drove their big silver sedan back home after their loud party last night.

Now I know why. After refocusing my magic X-RAY eyes I can just barely see 4 rubber snorkel airway hoses inside her belly and running from their mouths. The tubes appear to run down... to hang out of Elsie between her legs. I then take a huge sigh of relief... knowing the 4 inside her belly can still breathe ok. At least Elsie's internal playmate subs could survive her dominant sexual fun. Elsie had never seemed sadistic to me even though she is very dominant. A female dom this big must take a lot to sexually please herself.

For about a year, I have lived alone here next door to this giantess. We have always been good neighbors and Elsie likes me... as sometimes she invites me over to her house for a meal or even a drink. We have never tried sex, but have hugged and kissed now and then... as in spite of her size I like her a lot. When we chatted about sex, she asked me if I enjoyed doing what a woman ordered him to do. Once she even told me that she loved sex... but found it hard to find partners that would do exactly what she enjoyed. Then she said I will do their fantasy for them if they do mine for me. It sounded like a proposition or offer for her to give me oral sex if I did whatever she ordered me to do. I never asked what I would have to do for her pleasure. It seemed eerie to me how sometimes she would just look me up and down and smile... like she was seizing up a delicious meal.

Now that I understand her cravings better, judging her strange type fun is still none of my business. That is, of course, unless I agreed to her demands. I would not want to be a snoopy neighbor, but I did say to her this morning, "Morning Elsie, you look very happy this morning... hope last nights party went well... and have fun." Elsie did not answer, but just smiled very broadly back at me, and she turned to waddle back inside her house. As she walked, her huge huge belly bounced and bounced with every slow step. I noticed at the doorway... at first her belly stuck as she turned sideways but she then managed to squeeze on inside. I now know why she bought a wheelchair access house with all the doorways having 36 inch width.

I knew she could never fit through a car door. She only can ride in huge vans... and never in cars. So now I know she was likely checking the 4 sub girlfriend's car as a favor... maybe just to check if their big car was locked. Other than being such an obvious femdom type, she seemed to me to be a nice, but a very needy, type neighbor.

I reflect back over the past year since I moved here... that often... coming from her house next door... I have heard Elsie's loud moans and grunting noises... like loud hard straining... each time her big boyfriend comes over to visit her. Usually I noticed that her boyfriend's car had left by noon the next day. That made me guess that this morning Elsie might soon be ready be ready to birth her 4 sub playmates. But being this is a weekend, she might try and keep them inside her a little longer. Sometimes with her boyfriend it is afternoon before I hear her making her loud noises. I never mentioned those loud noises to her... as after hearing them often, I knew she was in no real distress. I had never heard such loud sex noises before.

I then went back into my house, hoping to listen for all her strange noises as she begins making het grunts and strains as she pushes her playmates one by one back out of her. I suppose it takes a lot to sexually please this gigantic size femdom neighbor. She must be bisexual or just looking for any type partner to satisfy her strange fetish.

Home birthing could be uncomfortable... unless you have a gigantic pelvis opening and practice huge stretching. With her pelvic organs several times average size and a giant pelvis like she has, it must be great fun for her! But 4 puppies at once... WOW I never imagined a giant femdom would do birthing for 4 female sub puppies all at once! I had to go back in the house and wait to hear that. To me this is a bit erotic.

Now that I know the reason for Elsie's loud vocalizations... it puts my mind to whirling, I am now anxious to listen once more for her moans, grunts, and loud straining noises... now that I know those are all noises of sexual pleasure. All the time it was just her strange femdom way of having huge sexual fun.

No telling how long it took Elsie to stretch her vagina large enough to fill that giant belly. She has the pelvis opening size with her 4 foot wide hips and giant pelvis, but I would bet this took years of vaginal stretching practice to get ready to take 4 subs inside her belly all at once.

I was always sexually fascinated by body modifications... but never told Elsie about it. I bet if I had she would have insisted I inspect her modifications from an inside view. Having a next door giantess neighbor like this gives me a lot to think about, I once had back to the womb fantasies but never dreamed a body modification of internal vaginal stretching could allow adults to fit inside a belly... even one this huge. A vagina gradually stretched and modified to fill such a giant belly will now give me something else to think about in my fantasies. Besides once liking the fantasy of going back inside a woman, I now wonder if Elsie would then give me great cunnilingus.

I think I hear her starting to moan now... this time I will know as each birth happens. Makes me wonder if I could hear her as she pushed me back out and how long she would want me to stay inside her.

Next time she invites me over to try something she cooks or for a drink, I will be more scared of her... but now I know exactly what this femdom wants for her sexual gratification... I will have to think about this a few more days. I am a Claustrophiliac.

For a femdom story about this type material see:
3 years ago
that's a big bitch
3 years ago
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