Blonde milf in satin & lace
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10 months ago
oh oh oh and Bunty
I don't mean my last comment as an insult.
Mind you, I certainly don't mean it as a compliment either
10 months ago
oh oh and Bunty
I absolutely adore this picture because although we cannot see it I am absolutely convinced that if the camera was to go up a few inches we would see that you are definitely pulling a duck face
and I have it on very good authority that the duck is not fucking happy at having his face pulled
10 months ago
oh and Bunty
I would give my right bollock to spend just one hour with you dressed like this
and as the right one is the only one that works you can see that I am deadly serious
10 months ago
when I look at this incredibly sexy picture unfortunately there are a number of adjectives that come to my mind




Gorgeous In Tights

She Has It, Totally

So Obviously Doable

Bunty U Give Great Erotic Renumeration
11 months ago
you have such a great figure
1 year ago
Damm i could play with you all night long!!
1 year ago
1 year ago
wow what a stunning body xx
1 year ago
very sexy
1 year ago
great outfit!!
1 year ago
oh by the way Bunty

have you managed to to put a stitch or nine in my willy warmer to stop it from slipping off every two minutes ?
1 year ago
oh and Bunty

i seriously do LOVE this picture so very much, mainly because it gives me the opportunity to see your wonderful pins

and in case you cant see them yourself, there is one by your right foot and one by your mfi lookylikey bedside cabinet
i assume you left them there when you were doing that sewing i asked you to do for me
1 year ago
just as soon as they find a way to make my 5 day old lettuce look a little less .....................................................

1 year ago
but i am assured by the best of medical experts the country has to offer that one day i will return to "fully working order"
1 year ago
other than a medical one
1 year ago
which is best not talked about on this or any type of forum
1 year ago
if it wasnt for my "trouble" since my operation
1 year ago
my god Bunty

this picture is wonderful and leaves me feeling ever so slightly aroused

you really do have the most fantastically fuckable body i have ever seen, and i have seen so SO many


the type of body that turns men (do not insert homosexual joke here)

................. into quivering wrecks

the type of body that makes men go insane (do not insert lunatic joke here)

.................. with lust for you

the type of body that fires a man (do not insert human resources joke here)

................... to untold levels of passion

the type of body that lifts a man (do not insert built up shoes joke here)

................... to new heights of desire for you

the type of body that i for one so WOULD !!!!!
2 years ago
nice sight
2 years ago
OMGoodness!! you look so damn horny!!
2 years ago
like he say WOW ....u on fire girl ,smokin` Hot ,SEX is on Fire with you i bet :)
2 years ago
Very sexy
2 years ago
2 years ago
oh and Bunty

because i adore this picture so very much you will always be entitled to any treatments you require free of charge
2 years ago
wow Bunty
as you know i am bi-sexual and when i look at this pictu.........whoops i think i may have got that wrong, let me just check on the google
bear with
bear with
bear with
as you know i am bi-lingual and when i look at this picture i find myself going all portuguese and i just want to say
cabelo ruim

depilação ruim

bronzeado ruim

unhas ruins

unhas bonitas nails

ruim facial

yep thats right Bunty
bad hair

bad waxing

bad tanning

bad nails

bad facial
yes thats right ladies, or gents for that matter, if you want to look better than Bunty does in this picture then please contact blings portuguese beauty parlour on 01207 874562
50% discount if you use voucher code blingsafunnyfucker
oh and Bunty
meu burro tem um nariz entupido (my donkey has a blocked nose)
2 years ago
Bunty, I'm not sure if I like you for your mind or your body.....could I have both please? xx
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