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Runtime: 68:40
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8 months ago
hot movie
1 year ago
Nice trailers. Love the music, beside the bushy pussies and clothing of the 70"s
1 year ago
great, thx
1 year ago
Parfaite !
2 years ago
je les ai tous ! lol !
2 years ago
2 years ago
veri nice indeed, tnx :)
2 years ago
Very useful ;-)
3 years ago
very hot lady & nice video
3 years ago
Höchste Berühmtheit.!!!!!!
3 years ago
c'est parfaite. J"adore les anciens filmes de cul Francais :)
3 years ago
Échanges de partenaires DVD available
Released: 1976
Director: Claude Mulot as Frederic Lansac
Notes: Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 2-disc set with La Dernière Nuit, Extases Extra-Conjugales, La Grande Baise and Le Sex qui parle II
Alternate Titles

Cambio de parejas
A Change of Partners USA
Partenaires de vacances
Swapping Partners


Dawn Cumming plays Martine
Karine Gambier plays Joëlle
Olivia Flores as Moanie Meunier, plays Ange


Males -

Guy Royer plays Joëlle's husband
Thierry de Brem plays Dawn Cumming's husband
Brendan Reed
Jacques Gateau

Dawn Cummings and Thierry de Brem, newly married, have sex in lift, acting out a pretend rape fantasy and leaving the lift to the applause of the guests at the wedding reception. They go to S of France on honeymoon (blow job in the car) and stay with Guy Royer and Karine Gambier whose marriage is in trouble. Moanie Meunier arrives and seduces everyone, including giving Thierry a blowjob in a tent on a busy beach, fucking an anonymous biker in front of him and taking Dawn onto a fishing boat where Dawn has sex with two fishermen (presumably Brendan Reed and Jacques Gateau).

There is lots of partner swapping, and also flashbacks of Karine's past, e.g. a drunken biker gang bang (also used in La Grande Baise).
Shocking ! DVD available
Released: 1976
Director: Claude Mulot as Frederic Lansac
Notes: Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 2-disc set of hard version with Échanges de partenaires, Extases Extra-Conjugales, La Grande Baise and Le Sex qui parle II
Alternate Titles

La Dernière nuit DVD available soft version, also title of Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 2-disc set of hard version with Échanges de partenaires, Extases Extra-Conjugales, La Grande Baise and Le Sex qui parle II
Teléfono roso ... El último orgasmo


Carole Gire plays a call-girl
Cécile Carole plays Ninochka & Linda
Dawn Cumming archive footage
Emmanuelle Parèze plays Juliette de Courval
Ingrid d'Eve plays a call-girl
Karine Gambier plays Patricia
Marie-Christine Chireix as Corinne Sintes, plays Armelle


Males -

Jacques Insermini plays Alex de Courval
Gilbert Servien plays Richard, colleague of de Courval, revealed to have a porn past
Jean-Louis Vattier plays Arnold, the butler
Jean Guérin plays Alain
Thierry de Brem in flashbacks, possibly archive footage
A second male in flashbacks
Man who plays the US president
Johnny Wessler plays the president of the USSR

As the world slides to nuclear war and bombs explode in the background, the de Courvals have their family problems, but become increasingly uninhibited. Juliette is uninterested in her husband. Armelle is in love with him but he won't look at her. She spies on her flatmate having sex with a man, then kicks him out. The son of the de Courvals is caught masturbating by his tutor, Patricia, but she undoes her dress and masturbates as well while remembering an encounter with Thierry de Brem on a yacht (probably archive footage). There is a dinner party and Juliette cools herself against a fan, revealing her knickerless state. The son is caught masturbating under the table cloth and sent off to bed. Then the rest of the party adjourn to watch a porn film. It turns out that Richard features in this film and he almost leaves, but returns. Alex is turned on enough to begin to grope Patricia, and she remembers a threesome with Thierry and another male. Armelle almost masturbates and then, disgusted as the porn film reaches the point where two girls take a facial, she rushes to the bathroom. Alex goes to console her and she offers herself to him - we see a fantasy sequence - but he turns her down. But back in the main room Juliette and Patricia have leapt on Richard. Alex and Armelle join in and the butler is conscripted to make up the numbers. The son has dressed up in drag and watches from a balcony and then joins in.

All this is intercut with war sequences and shots of the leaders of the USA and USSR on the hotline. Now the mushroom clouds begin to go up and we see the US president getting a titty fuck from a busty brunette.

Additional film info added with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.
Blue Ecstasy
Released: 1976
Director: Frederic Lansac
Notes: executive producer Francis Leroi, 1 hr 20 mins
Alternate Titles

Blue Extasy Beate Uhse video re-release box title
Experiments in Blue 1981 USA, Caballero
Extases extra-conjugales DVD available Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 1 hr 4 mins., 2-disc set with Échanges de partenaires, La Dernière nuit, Le Sexe qui parle II and La Grande baise
Perverse Spiele unersättliche Mädchen West Germany, Beate Uhse release, 1 hr 18 mins minus end credits.


Ingrid d'Eve plays the girl/lover on the park bench
Michèle Grubert plays the maid
Micky Love as Michèle d'Agros, plays the sister-in-law
Sylvia Bourdon plays a wife whose husband has anal sex with the heroine
Sylvia Diams plays the lover in London


Males -

Jean-Louis Vattier plays the husband
Patrick Segalas plays the guy/lover on the park bench
Jean-Paul Allais (plays the brother-in-law?)
Guy Bonnafoux plays the old man on the park bench

A married couple is introduced to us. The movie starts with some erotic flashbacks of their first wedding anniversaries. Being bored after four years of marriage the wife searches for new amorous challenges. She is a beautiful curvy green-eyed woman, far from innocent.

An opportunity arises when the husband is on a business trip to London where he has a love affair. In a sauna the wife seduces her Indian-looking house maid. Turned on by the heat, they spend some time in a 69 eating each other out.

Next she persuades a parking attendant not to write her a parking ticket - in a phone box she starts blowing his dick. Suddenly an impatient guy arrives. While the traffic warden pretends to make a phone call she jerks him off. The scene ends with some nice cleanup licking.

From the wall of a restaurant toilet she gets the phone number of a horny couple. The woman quickly comes to the point. She sticks a finger in our heroine's ass. Well prepared, our heroine then takes some anal doggy style from the guy who finally unloads on her bush.

Next she investigates a young couple in a park. She invites them to her home and places the bedroom at their disposal. She leaves the room and returns several times to watch them. After some 69 the guy fucks the girl missionary.

The next scene is incredible. Sitting in her VW Beetle cabriolet, she starts fingering herself on a public street in Paris while other cars pass by. Some people gather, watch and take photos of her. Under their eyes she does some heavy handwork. She leans her head against the door frame. Her eyes are closed but her mouth is wide open and she seems to enjoy the situation. She fingers her clit until she cums volcanically. Then she drives away. The scene looks really genuine. If it's a fake it's well done!

At home she phones her brother in law. She meets him and they have sex together with another couple (including XNK1356). After some doggy and missionary style the guys cum on the girls' bellies. The scene finishes with some lesbian action.

Finally her husband returns home from Britain. He admits to her that he had a love affair with another woman. But from now on he's going to change his life - it's their sixth wedding day! But she's just smiling and explains to him that the anniversary will be next week!
La Grande baise DVD available
Released: 1977
Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac
Notes: Mixture of original and archive footage to make a coherent film. Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 2-disc set with Échanges de partenaires, La Dernière nuit, Extases extra-conjugales and Le Sex qui parle II
Alternate Titles

The Big Fuck ?
Delicias secretas
Das Geisterschloß der Lüste West Germany, VFL
Gierig, geil und nimmersatt West Germany, Beate Uhse
Sexual Circles USA
Swingers' Matinee according to Shocking Videos


Barbara Moose
Carole Gire archive footage
Dawn Cumming archive footage
Emmanuelle Rivière footage from Délires
Erika Cool archive footage
Karine Gambier original and archive footage
Olivia Flores archive footage
Siegried Cellier possibly archive footage
Sylvia Bourdon archive footage, film within a film


It is sometimes wrongly stated that La Grande Baise is the same film as Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street. Those who make this mistake have been misled by the fact that La Grande Baise includes so much archive footage - some of the scenes from Échanges de Partenaires and Délires).

The version I have has French dialogue, others have seen the American release, Sexual Circles. Shocking videos say 'Karine [Gambier] plays a horny housewife who has a 9½ Weeks type fling with a kinky commercial artist.' (Guy Royer) Cine bizarre seem to give a more accurate account - 'The story is of a separated couple, and the various sexual experiences each has as they both come to recognize that they want to be back with each other.' Thus Karine Gambier is Guy Royer's former girlfriend. His current one is played by Barbara Moose - and her scenes are not duplicated from other films.

Karine day-dreams of the sexual encounters she has had while spearated from Royer, intercut with scenes of Royer and Barbara Moose.

An injured Alban Ceray knocks on her door. She lets him in, tends his wounds and they have sex.

In her daydreams we see Karine Gambier walking by the lake and meeting Guy Royer out jogging. Then we see them in the shower together. A second male comes in while they are fucking and retreats after getting something from the bathroom cabinet.

Royer leaves his architects office and goes home to Barbara Moose - b/g.

Karine and Alban at breakfast - b/g over kitchen table.

This is followed by a flashback to Karine, Guy Royer and Thierry de Brem together. Royer leaves and Karine and Thierry have sex. This sequence uses footage from Échanges de Partenaires.

Next, Karine in bath and in bed with Guy Royer, again from Échanges de Partenaires.

Erika Cool gives a bj to Guy Royer in the architects office (from Délires).

Karine has sex with a male on a white chair watched by Guy Royer. Then we see Guy Royer and Siegried Cellier have sex. This is from Les Plaisirs solitaires. They appear to be watched by KG.

Karine has a threesome with Guy Royer and Thierry de Brem.

Karine and Guy in porn cinema watching the Sylvia Bourdon b/b/g scene from Le Sexe Qui Parle. Guy encourages Karine to wank off and give BJs to the man sitting next to her on the far side from him.

Next comes Karine on a circular bed with a black man - the Shaft sequence from Délires.

Moanie Meunier and Guy Royer watch Karine on TV (from Échanges de Partenaires).

This is followed by a scene between Guy and Barbara Moose. Then we see Karine and others (Dawn Cummings, Erika Cool, Carole Gire and Emmanuelle Rivière) in the orgy scene from Délires.

To continue the plot, Barbara Moose leaves Guy. Alban leaves Karine.

Then we are shown Karine's biker gang bang from Échanges de Partenaires (it was a flashback in that; so who knows where it first appeared).

Karine and Guy meet again by the lake, get back together and have sex.


Male cast: Guy Royer, Alban Ceray, Thierry de Brem, Madou Sall (archive footage 'Shaft').

Archive footage is from:

Échanges de Partenaires, 1976
3 years ago
3 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great stuff! I love the vintage films.
4 years ago
cool ... je les ai tous !
4 years ago
good like
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great stuff. I love trailer compilations because you get a lot
4 years ago
Different, but a very good idea
4 years ago
very nice, very hot, very high quality, thanx
4 years ago
*****5***** T.O.P, thank you!
4 years ago
Superbe. Love french porn from the 70´s, always stuffed with hot attractive women.
4 years ago
5 stars!
4 years ago
hot girls tfp
4 years ago
The aircraft model at 25:50 is clearly Alitalia! The French are always so nice with our country!
4 years ago
I like this.

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