The Godfather

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Added by sceneit 4 years ago
Runtime: 45:53
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Categories: BDSM Spanking
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5 months ago
very good, thanks!
6 months ago
Great paddling and caning of those delightful bottoms. The 'tables turned' scenario is always good to see but somehow it seems the sadistic female teacher got less punishment than she deserved after what she did to those girls' tender and lovely bottoms. If she too had been strapped to the punishment bench and paddled, caned and taken followed by a blowtorch being used on her ass too, it would have been no less than she deserved.
10 months ago
WOW :) fantastic video .
Thankyou girls for taking that for us to watch :)
11 months ago
One of the most extreme paddling ever seen
1 year ago
wow great film!
1 year ago
I love to see schollgirls in uniforms being spanked, especially when they bare their bottoms themselves... A speciality of Lupus, a reminiscence of the time they were part of the austro-hungarian empire...
About the use of the paddle... A corporal punishment is meant to hurt the spankee as much as possible without permanent damage ! So ther is no problem in this case.
But the rest of the story doesn't make any sense !
1 year ago
.....ordentlich Dresche für die Damen!
1 year ago
This was very erotic, and arousing. The best I have ever seen in spanking films. The girls are beautiful with the most tender asses ever. Exciting movie!
1 year ago
the czech stupidity the deficient people of the country are free
2 years ago
the best paddling
2 years ago
WOW ! Very nice, thanks.
2 years ago
it was so nice to see the sadistic teacher having her knickers cut off and then given a really good thrashing
3 years ago
Erotic and causes massive hard-on but me thinks it is only jam
3 years ago
was ist das denn widerliches?
3 years ago
This video goes past sexy and becomes brutal. I want to see girls being punished but not bleeding. This just goes too far, which is a pity and a perhaps a little surprising as most Lupus videos are much less brutal than this one.
3 years ago
great video the ending scare me
4 years ago
That was a good n proper paddling. Very good storyline, but twisted indeed.
4 years ago
that was kind of dark, even for lupus. oh well
4 years ago
I tried to translate my german comment into english, but it was not accepted!
4 years ago
Hallo, you 'paddle fans', who loves to hit with a paddle but don't like to be paddeld, because this hurts. I translate the german text for you, which is two comments before.

Here is it:

Visiting these spanking vid about an czech boarding school in which a russian girl should be a member, I learnt the following:
1.)After the 3rd hit with the paddle the victim is aware of the monstrosity of this torture.
2.)After the 5th until the 7th the skin of the backside burst open and the bare and bloody flesh can be seen. The torturer hit on that. From this moment the hits are not punishment but criminal. The whole pelvis of the girl is trembling. From this moment I switched off the sound, because I couldn't hear the shriekes of the girl any longer, these "nie prosim, nie prosim", which means "Please, do not". For me it was not longer bearable.
3.) The shrieking of the victims brings the blood pressure of the voyeurs and the teacher to the high, causes the swelling of the 'corpus cavernosum', that means the clit and the penis.

This sadistical filme set free atavistic and primitiv feelings of might. Also the later revenge of the so called russian 'godfahter' is nothing than primitiv. The female teacher, who showes his skills by an abacus!, represents the hell, which is in the middle of us. Are you not aware, you "spanking fans", you, who are keen on a 90 stroke spanking: The hell with all theire devilry a nestling in your minds. After ninty hits the victim is near dead. The teacher and actor, Esther Slavà, has to set immidietly in prison for 15 years, together with the 'fine pikes' of Lupus Picture'.

My suspicion: When these 4 girls accepted the film role, they didn't know what they had to play, in which way they would be hurted. The Lupus-gang lied to them. The first two girls get more than 50 hits with the paddle. The russian girl get 37. She tries to resist against Timor and Esther Slavà. You can see: This rebellion is real, not be played. As chasticement the russian therefore gets 23 with the stick. And the peverts of you certainly enjoy the weals and her pussy. Of course, at the end, Timor has to rape her.

Ah, this Esther Slavà, in the forum of Lupus Picture so much be praised about her fantastic play, she has the level of a KZ or Gulag-wardener. Yes, she is able to swing the paddle with back-hand-strokes or un-develing Timor, the sadist, but not more. And naturally, the Russians with S. Shmirkmator, these pseudo-Stalin, are of course much more primitiv than the well educated Czech teacher woman with abakus and paddle. The Russian with their 30 Million torture victims during stalinistic times are more cruel. They are burning poor Timors penis and scrotum.

By the way, you ladies and gents of 'Lupus Picture', which are feeling like the 'Werewolfs of the East', in a wolfpack there is no torment. The leading wolf gets his first role by snapping the others and by his hunting succeeds. The hierarchy is clear. The other wolfs show their devotnis. Only the leading wolf fucks all female wolfs.

In a scene in this vid Lupus Picture one can see the untortured asses of the girls and hear classic music. Is it from Smetana or Dvorak?
4 years ago
Wow! Now THAT was a paddling.
4 years ago
Paddle their asses till blood is dripping down their legs....I wish they all would have been tied up and given at least 100 stokes of the paddle full force! I came several times watching this movie, GREAT POST.
4 years ago
Ich habe bei diesem Spanking-Video über ein strenges tschechisches Mädchen-Internat, in das ein russisches Mädchen eingeschult wird, folgendes gelernt:

1. Ab dem 3. Schlag mit dem Paddel ist die Ungeheuerlichkeit der Quälerei voll im Bewusstsein des Opfers.
2. Nach dem 5. - 7. Schlag platzt die Haut des Po auf und das bloße, blutende Fleisch wird sichtbar. Da wird voll drauf gehauen! Von da an sind diese Schläge keine Strafe mehr sondern kriminelle Akte, schwerste Körperverletzungen. Das ganze Becken zittert . Von da an stellte ich den Ton ab, weil das Geschrei der Mädchen, dieses Flehen 'prosim, prosim! - bitte, bitte!'nicht mehr zu ertragen war.
3. Vor allem das Geschrei der Victims bringt den Blutdruck des Zusehers hoch, sorgt bei der Lehrerin und bei den Voyeuren für die Schwellkörpererektionen, sowohl bei der Klitoris als auch im Penis.

Dieser sadistische Film setzt atavistische, primitivstee Gefühle der Macht frei. Auch die spätere Rache des russischen 'godfathers' ist nichts anderes als primitiv. Die Lehrerin (mit Perlenrechenmaschine !!!) repräsentiert die Hölle, die mitten unter uns ist. Merkt ihr es denn nicht, ihr 'spanking-fans', ihr, die ihr sogar auf einen 90 strike spanking scharf seid? Die Hölle mit ihren Teufeleien nistet sich bei euch ein! Nach 90 strikes ist das Opfer kurz vor dem Tode. Die Lehrerin, Ester Slavá, gehört eigentlich sofort mitsamt ihren 'tollen Hechten' von 'Lupus-Picture'für 15 Jahre ins Gefängnis.

Mein Verdacht: Als diese vier Mädchen die Rollen annahmen, wussten sie nur ungefähr, was sie bei ihrem 'Spiel' erwartete. Das Lupus-Team belog sie. Fast 50 Schläge mit dem Paddel bei den beiden ersten Mädchen, bei der 'Russin' 37. Sie versucht sich gegen den Timor und die Lehrerin Slavá zu wehren. Man merkt, diese Empörung ist nicht gespielt, sie ist echt. Und als sie dann noch auf dem 'Bock' 23 hinterher bekommt, wobei die Striemen und ihr Möseneingang so malerisch zu erkennen sind, muss sie natürlich von Timor vergewaltigt werden.

Ach, die im Forum von 'Lupus-Picture' ob ihrer Schauspielkunst so hoch gelobte Ester Slavá, die strenge Lehrerin, ist sie nicht eine KZ- oder Gulag-Wärterin? Ja, den Paddel in Vorhand schwingen kann sie, oder Timor, den Sadisten anteufeln, mehr aber auch nicht. Und natürlich, die Russen mit F. Schmirkmator, diesem Pseudo Stalin, die sind natürlich noch viel primitiver als die hoch gebildeten tschechischen Frauen mit ihren gewichtigen, gelöcherten Paddeln! Die Russen mit ihren 30 Millionen stalinistischen Folteropfern im vorigen Jahrhundert sind ja viel grausamer. Die brennen dem Timor gleich Zipfel und Skrotum ab.

Noch was, ihr Damen und Herren von Lupus-Picture, die ihr euch wie die Wehrwölfe des Ostens fühlt: In einem Wolfsrudel wird nicht gequält. Der Leitwolf erkämpft sich mit wenigen Bissen bei den anderen Wölfen und den ständigen Jagderfolgen seine Stellung. Danach besteigt er alle Wölfinnen, danach ist die Hierarchie im Rudel geklärt, wird mit unterschiedlichen Demutsgesten angezeigt.

Noch etwas: als man die drei ungequälten Hinterteile der Mädchen sieht, ertönt in eurem Film aufreizende klassische Musik. War das nun Smetana oder Dvoschrak?
4 years ago
EXCELLENT... 5/5!!
4 years ago
Those girls are absolute stars. They were the hardest paddlings and canings I have seen in quite some time.Well done girls
4 years ago
I somehow have a feeling that this is not what these young girls signed up for, like there is something amiss and that stopped me from enjoying the video like i should.
4 years ago
i think that is so hard
4 years ago
should of stuck a carrot up dem fartholes. wats up doc?
4 years ago
that female teacher hits hard!
4 years ago
Fantastic film here Lupus at their best with some very fine caning and paddling action. Thanks for posting!

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