2 Shemales - 1 Pre-Op and 1 Post-Op

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Added by Boy_Named_Sue 5 years ago
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10 days ago
It's kool sweetie. I'm glad that you're not angry. I'd just like to like to see humanity become better, and I don't always necessarily go about it in the right way. I'll admit this.

Although shouldn't we go for the even 100 comment mark. Lol, just kiddin'.
10 days ago
I'm not throughly reading your messages. Just replying for the sake of replying, since you're in my "news feed". I'm not upset, my comments are displayed below and my viewpoint still stands. I suggest you get over it. Block me or something ....
10 days ago
Now that may be the most incorrect thing you've said yet (and that's saying a lot). It is YOUR opinion, and that of those who think like you, that NO ONE cares about. That's about as plain as anything can be with a good look at the way things are going in this society.

Nobody has to change your opinion or that of this dumb New Age hate group TERF. "My kind" are getting what we want and we will continue to do so--this is extremely obvious. As for your kind EVER getting your way.....GOOD LUCK sweetheart!!
11 days ago
Hush! No one cares about you or what you think.... Go take your medicine and grow some imaginary ovaries. Lol
11 days ago
And please tell me that you're NOT one of these dreadful TERF witches sweetie! Many (MOST?) trans women certainly do NOT hate genetic women. I definitely DON'T--entirely the opposite in fact (see my profile)! Furthermore, many lesbians love T-girls (it's trans men that I thought they had the problem with) and TGs like them. As two people of color (I think) sweetie, does the world really need another crazy HATE group? Please let's stop the insanity.
11 days ago
Isn't there plenty of TERF (my meaning "turf") for all of us? And not just gurls and girls, everyone. Let's get along please.
12 days ago
UGH ...... You want to be a "real bitch" don't you? I think it's safe to say that your kind can safely take ownership of that title since biological women are NOT BITCHES. Get your nut out and back up off of comments that you don't like. Ok Caitlyn?! Lol.....
12 days ago
Fucking TERF bitches are everywhere now, ugh
15 days ago
We know we're kool sweetie, *wink*.
15 days ago
Blah blah, I guess now you're trying to insinuate something because of how quickly I responded to your comment....? Lol.... Another passive aggressive insult...? You're cool.... My opinions are still the same so...... Yeah.
16 days ago
United States

1 minute ago

Hmmm, I seem to have gotten your attention rather quickly....interesting. Okay, you DON'T have much in interest men. So why precisely all the gosh darn hostility sweetie? We are NOT your enemy, and most of us have no wish to be. You have lovely breasts by the way.

Your belief is just and only that. It has little relation to the facts. There's a popular saying that everyone entitled to an opinion. The correct statement is "everyone's entitled to an INFORMED opinion." You might want to look that up.

You call me faceless, but my profile's open to all and there is a picture of my face is somewhere in it.

And sure, speak your mind, but you are aware that you're fighting the societal tide (?): MORE frustration, lol--but, sure let's agree to disagree.
16 days ago
Also I should add, men are sex maniacs. Any woman can get a man without much effort. I prefer women actually, every now and then I'll take a penis if it is the right size. so... You tried it with the whole " it's your attitude".... Lol worry about how many men are hitting you up some you want the "peen" so badly.... Been there , done that several times lol
16 days ago
And in case you are one of those pathetic ass people that like to be the grammar police on the Internet, let me go ahead and beat you to it I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SPELLED TRANSSEXUAL INCORRECTLY IN MY FIRST RESPONSE BACK TO YOU. The word means nothing to me, so I could care less as to how it is actually Spelled. Again, thanks for thinking your opinion matters... It doesn't MEAN ANYTHING TO ME AT ALL, but I can't stop you or any other random FACELESS person on this site from responding to a comment SO HAVE AT IT.
16 days ago
I am not interested in throughly reading your passive aggressive response to my comments. I have every right to be frustrated with something that I personally do not agree with. I am my own woman and I make my own decisions about what I agree with or what I disagree with. Some women are fine with being falsely represented by trannsexuals and some are not. I fall in the latter category. In my opinion trannsexuals live up to every stereotype about women that exists, that women are in essence only as good as their best wig or overly done make up. You can not change my opinions, you DO NOT know me to know whether I am am a "happy" individual or not so save it. I do not understand you random people that spew out these ridiculous Internet diagnosis of those who you happen to not agree with. Get over it. You do not sleep the rules on what sexuality is or is NOT. I believe that men who are attracted to Trannsexuals ( post op or otherwise) are homosexuals. You have your opinions and I have mine, the sooner you learn that you can not control the minds of others , the happier your ass will be.

My point was and STILL REMAINS , that my uterus , cervix, and ovaries determine my gender , not any type of plastic surgery. A state of mind is a state of mind, but biology is biology. Your opinions are rather ignorant TO ME so next time... Keep them to yourself THANKS!
16 days ago
From your avatar it would appear that you certainly have your assets and have MUCH to offer, so:

WHY are you so angry and, it does appear, frustrated. I'm sure there must be plenty of men that like genetic "real" women like you. If you are not being pursued by guys enough to suit your pleasure may I suggest that your attitude may have something to do with this sweetie.

Furthermore, gurls like me (I would classify myself as "third gender") have no wish to be your rivals--QUITE the opposite in fact. Gender Identity and sexual preference are two different things. I personally love conventional females.

Men who lust after shemales and the like are NOT gay; there's a clear difference. Gay men want masculinity or something close to it. (When I present as male these men are turned off.) The vast majority of T-girls are not at all masculine. Bi-sexual does NOT describe this sexual preference either. Bi says that an individual likes both conventional men AND women. Sexuality and sexual preference are very complicated. They have yet to define a term for males who like shemales and the like. NO ONE is trying to confuse you. Your opinions are rather ignorant to say the least. You say your not a bigot, but your words would seem suggest otherwise.

Lastly, the world has always changed (this includes definitions) and shall continue to change. Adopt, I honestly think you'll be a heck of a lot happier.

2 months ago
with me too pleeeeeeeeeeeeease
3 months ago
I would rather have sex with a pre-op as I need something to suck like say a cock.
4 months ago
Fico toda molhada de tesão toda vez que vejo esse TS fodendo gostoso.
5 months ago
There are about three really funny and posts here! I say it's up to the individual to determine who they are attracted to and what they want to do to their own bodies. I guess not everyone shares that opinion.
6 months ago
I love all women! Real women! Thanks for asking! You must not be a fan of the real vagina....most guys on this site aren't, but it's all good.
6 months ago
How much do you love these WOMEN?
6 months ago
Fake tits, tons of make up, ridiculous amounts of facial plastic surgery, and a big man made hole in your body DOES NOT make you a woman. This shit always pisses me off...I AM A WOMAN...how about if you bled out of that "hole" every other month...then yell out that you're a woman. I'm all for freedom of sexuality...but it is very clear what a woman is.
6 months ago
Their is no birth canal naturally inside of these "women" it is merely a man made open space underneath their pelvic region -- nothing more. A man's attraction to a tranny IS NOT the same as his attraction to an actual female....call it bisexuality, but quit lying like its heterosexuality. Men every excuse in the WORLD to get away from having to have intercourse with REAL females....if you like men...then you like men. Stop trying to confuse people. It is what it is.
6 months ago
They are NOT women. I am in no way against transgendered human beings, because no matter what a human is a human! But DO NOT sit here and act like re-assignment surgery and getting your dick cut out makes you a woman. I have a womb, cervix and uterus in tact and I have a monthly period as well...A WOMAN IS A WOMAN...and a transgendered female...is just that...transgendered.
6 months ago
den 2 geilen schlampen gehört noch ordentlich der arsch eingeritten. dann würden sie einiges einbringen
6 months ago
This beautiful, coffee-coloured, skinny, exotic-looking ladyboy with a big dick is just about the hottest, sexiest thing I have ever seen. I love how she licked up her own cum after giving that young lady a cream pie, too.
7 months ago
God is angry...
9 months ago
I wanna be post up shemale 2 i wanna have pussy
9 months ago
11 months ago
Now THAT is a GOOD looking pussy!! Wonder who her surgeon was??

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