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I have my butt plug inserted and fuck my pussy. I suck your cock with my butt plug still inside. You fill my mouth with cum and I play with it before swallowing

Added by stockingsbabe 9 months ago
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22 hours ago
Your just too sexy! x
4 days ago
Damn, you are too hot to handle!!! Very sexy!!! Xxx
7 days ago
total , sex on legs xxx
9 days ago
ich will meinen schwanz auch an ihren Nylonstrümpfen reiben
11 days ago
good old tart needs my young cum in her arsehole
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17 days ago
Love to blow my black cum right inside her pussy and ass xxx
18 days ago
i would love to fuck you
19 days ago
This is so beautiful!
1 month ago
Frank admission. It's because of women like you why I'll always refuse to wear a johnny xxx
1 month ago
very nice lol xxx
1 month ago
Thanks for sharing xxx
1 month ago
wow luv to get a hand job from those nylon gloves xx
1 month ago
OMG!..You are so incredibly gorgeous! envious I am of your man.
2 months ago
Then quickly we finished our lunch and Ursula entered with a maid bringing some high quality wine in one glass and we drank in common. Ursula bared LH‘s beautiful boobs and held my head to suck them saying don’t disturb the silicones. I sucked the nipples gently and Ursula made LH completely nude and removed my clothes .LH sat stark naked in front of me making her beauty to stand my shaft in double hard and dimensions. Holding her head with golden hairs I pushed my dick inside her mouth and fucked her for 10 minutes nonstop with gagging in middle. Ursula was shouting feed her feed her feed her but at the time of my climax I removed it from the helpless creatures mouth and sprayed my load in her beautiful face and boobs all flowing over her chest and belly, she collected the flowing cum and swallowed like hot cream. Then I put my organ in her mouth again and she licked it clean uncapping and sucking making it steel hard, I licked her best cunt of the world cherished by Lords and Kings and applied my saliva and with one single quick push entered completely inside her touching her deep cervix in the twinkle of the eye to which neither LH nor Ursula could know. To the shoutings of the tormented animal and the beholder I hammered her deep juicy cavity mercilessly for 15 minutes and not listening to her repeated requests and beggings to discharge in to her mouth so that she can swallow I sprayed it very deep into her womb for long 5 minutes making her body to tremble in pleasure and she clasped me tightly scolding me for not feeding her this must be 40ml this time. 35+40
We stayed for another 5 minutes like that and her cunt dried my shaft and I sucked her boobs and Lo again my dick was as hard as steel in no time .So with help of Ursula I turned LH back and licked her most beautiful ass hole of the universe with my tongue and entered my hot shaft in her deep phathomless best anal cavity in the world without much resistance as the great whore’s anal cavity was fully open and more accommodative than her cunt. Ursula holding her from the front I fucked her loose asshole doggy style for full 20 minutes and unloaded another 35 ml hot liquid in to her shit free asshole for long 5 minutes throbbing inside her anal cavity like a fat vibrator and she clasped my rod so tightly in her anal sphincter that I thought it will be dislodged into her deep culo. 35
We stayed for another 10 minutes like this LH moaning and groaning and Ursula helped me to pull out from her and LH examined my rod minutely it was bone dry and there was not a trace of foul odour from her ass fluid. So fearing that I may again enter in to her cunt hole and deprive her from drinking my load she gulped my rod into her mouth and sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked till froths came from the sides of her mouth, Ursula told me to feed her this time at least, so I fed her 35ml directly in to her throat. She licked me clean dry and I started licking her cunt again but Ursula told me You are a horse LH may die, leave her for at least 10 minutes to which LH said strongly ‘bloody enemy Ursula tell him to fuck my holes and kill me today’. OH LH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN CREATED BY GOD! I WANT TO DRINK YOUR ASS AND CUNT WHOLE FLUIDS. 35
2 months ago
How much LH asked, I said -guess, she said full 50ml, I nodded, LH was sparkling with satisfaction and was the most beautiful woman to me OH DARLING LH OH DARLING LH OH DARLING L H OH DARLING LH. As it was time for lunch we went together to bath room for bath and inside I sucked her ass hole and cunt hole alternately till she poured heavily in to my mouth her fragrant nectar. Then and there she drained another 25ml hot, thick liquid from me after which we took bath. So before lunch LH unloaded not less than 200ml from my unending stock and fed herself with utmost delight. 50+25
Then we got dried and she kissed me passionately like a wild mare .We sat for high energy quality lunch and she remarked that she had lot of energy feeding from me but bit her tongue and asked I want to mix some of your manly cum in my soup and drink ,let me masturbate you darling. I said it will take long time ,wait a little I will feed you well again but she got hold of my shaft and applied her saliva and start capping and uncapping and milked 30 ml thick cum in her soup cup and ate with the spoon slow and carefully ,OH harlot LH ,I love your ever cum loving asshole. 30
2 months ago
As it was time for breakfast she brushed her teeth washed her ever beautiful face and took little food saying that she already eaten 125 ml thick white jam (twj) from my feeder. But she fed me well and we both drank coffee from a common cup. Then she washed her ass and cunt holes clean and came to sleep with me. I want to make you fully dry, No madam you cannot. With this she became completely nude and grabbed my tool but I have other plans, so I made her lie face upwards and put my mouth inside her white dazzling pussy, entered my tongue deep in to harlots cavity and drank her pearly liquid licking all the time .She shivered with delight and shouted eat me eat me, kill me kill me smash me smash me, give me your cum, boiling cum I am dying with hunger.oh darling … and fainted.. Suddenly her chief secretary Ursula entered for some signature and saw the affair herself, she recovered and asked me to carry on and signed her papers still her pussy firmly fitted in my mouth and feeding me her nectar. Ursula winked and departed but I observed she was peeping through the button hole of the door our amorous activities. So encouraged I turned down and show my rock hard dick towards her mouth and lo in a fraction of a second it was completely inside her mouth and now under her mercy .Rapid and forceful sucking made me to deposit huge amount of cum in her throat for 4 minutes my organ helplessly vibrating to her voluptuous tongue. She made 3 gulps of the whole, her body vibrating in frenzy. I was crying and still Ursula’s eyes are there at the pin hole watching peculiar frenzied dance of two beautiful naked bodies.
2 months ago
I became a little sorry for this .So we decided to avoid mixing up of her saliva. We took a little champagne and sandwich and she devoted her work to make my dick hard and red. Then she pulled out a luxury condom and wrapped it neatly up to the base and put the whole thing in her capacious oral cavity and started her mastication like a grinder as if she will eat all of the flesh in one swallow. My innocent and helpless dick under her mercy ejaculated in a frenzy continuously for 3 minutes. She removed the condom very carefully and unloaded the empty cup and told in exclamation Lo it is full 35 ml OH MY DARLING yours is a cum fountain. She gulped the cum to the last drop in one big swallow. Fastened her hands around my neck and kissed me passionately. We slept embracing each other deeply. 35
After somewhat less than one hour I felt her naked fingers playing with my flaccid organ capping and uncapping it and applying her sweet saliva, this maneuvour made it stand like wild horse and she lose no time coming little below and gulp it total in to her mouth ,she sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked till her mouth ached with pain and I was waiting for this moment ,with loudest possible cry I sprayed in to her throat from my big dick closed total by her mouth firmly, 30 ml of thick hot liquid continuously for 3 minutes tickling her tongue and cheeks which she was very fond of swallowing leaving not a single drop. Then she clasped me to her completely naked body and we slept in each other’s arms for about 30 minutes. 30
2 months ago
Once LH called me to stay with her for four days and to fuck her up to her satisfaction. I took this opportunity and went to her place. First day she asked how you want to fuck me and how many times? I will fuck you 20 times a day 16 times in your ass hole once each in your mouth and boobs and 2 times in your pussy hole. But she told first of all I will swallow your load and then 2nd time massage my boobs and then receive you in to my cunt hole and lastly you can attack my ass hole. So she took my 12 inches in her mouth and sucked lavishly like a lollipop and I pumped heavily inside her throat not less than 25 ml of hot cum. She was stunned and drank the whole choked with the amount. Asked how much you poured, I told 30 ml, so she embraced me and thanked me a lot saying this is the record quantity I drained in one sitting from a man in my life! I want to suck you again and measure the cum.I agreed to this. 30JANUARY 8, 2014 AT 7:25 AM
So we drank hot coffee and chocolates and she spared no time than took my pego standing like a hot staff in to her oral machine and applied her attacking tongue sucking it violently. In no time it vomited in to her big mouth cavity and she hold it carefully without losing a drop, spitted in to her empty coffee cup and it was full 30ml, she told 10ml is my saliva and only 20ml is your cum .She ate the whole amount in a spoon like a hungry child . 30+30
2 months ago
sexiest woman alive!!
2 months ago
Her lingerie is impeccable and a lovely physique.
2 months ago
so nice
2 months ago
i wish eat cum withyou :)
3 months ago
herotic you uummm
3 months ago
i just love this!!!!
3 months ago
You are AMAZING...Thank you for sharing!
3 months ago
love it
3 months ago
Your awesome lady
3 months ago
How did the camera man not take advantage of such a HOT SexxxY Slut??? I would never be able to control myself here:-) I would be kissing that SexxxY ass and kissing those Beautiful Boobies then licking that Tasty Pussy:-)
3 months ago
Hottest MILF in the Universe!
4 months ago
Oh fuck you are just so sexy everytime I see you I have to milk my cock
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