Mexican lady

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Added by christ0pher 5 years ago
Runtime: 06:43
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3 days ago
hood booger.
19 days ago
Love this video ! Add me brother !
26 days ago
Que señora tan arrecha !!
1 month ago
this is one of the best ever amateur hardcore homemade fucking video, i cum every time i watch it! she is fucking AMAZING, the dude is a lucky BASTARD! thanks a lot for producing and sharing such an unique video, you are the best!
5 months ago
Youre an idiot
11 months ago
I dont care what color or race she is most of us watching this dont cause she fine as fuck and buddy put the beat down on that pussy and she loved it buddy put in work beat that pussy with a bat
1 year ago
strobelighter do the world a favor and kill yourself
1 year ago
This chick is a mexicana but live in the south somewhere, you cant tell by the way they speak.....
1 year ago
@StrobeLighter. . . Racist ASSHOLES such as yourself are nothing more than cowards. Weak ass white trash like you will NEVER man-UP and say the shit you typed to a REAL African American or Hispanic man's face. You know what the outcome would be. We smell your fear and so do your women, that's why they crave a REAL fucking from a REAL man and ain't shit you can do to stop it LMFAO! ! !

I bet your wife or girlfriend dreams of being BLACK dicked if she hasn't been already. . . HATER!

You also don't know what the fuck your talking about when it comes to women either. I've fucked them from almost EVERY race and let me be the first to tell you that appearance, depression, kids, low self esteem, weight or bottom of the barrel NEVER played a part with any of them.

Also. . . DON'T call someone stink when it's obvious you don't wash your own ass judging by the IGNORANT conversation(s) you keep you WET dog but. . . that's to be expected since your character is so shitty.

I'm NOT a nigger, I'm NOT ignorant, I'm NOT lazy in fact. . . I SMELL so good all the time AND. . . I think some of us African American men are ALL that especially if your hating who we're laying the BOLOGNA pony too. . .

U MAD bro. Your prejudice attack has FAILED once again lol!
1 year ago
Que ricooooo parece que la estuvieran violando!
1 year ago
Very nice
1 year ago
her moans make me horny
1 year ago
2 years ago
I Don't Think shes mexican shes Mixed or a Red Bone!
2 years ago
well strobelighter ,don`t be other peoples judge.You can never tell who you may meet tomorrow.All these old stuff ought to stay in the past.Today you go out or make out with whoever u want ,..So please.
She had her fun let it be.
2 years ago
I don't like that dumb cocky attitude I see here from all these stupid jungle bunnies so I guess I'll be the one to break it to all of you coons. If you ever see a Mexican woman with a black dude that woman is a Bonafide Slut, believe me. Mexican Women Don't Like Black Dudes (like arab women) Let me tell you what kind of Mexican Women date blacks: The fat ones, the butterfaces, the ones with a bunch of kids, the depressed ones, pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Yeah some might look fine I don't doubt it, but those are defective Mexicanas. So believe me you all shouldn't be boasting, LoL... This woman on the scene is probably Salvadorian, Puerto Rican, from Honduras or somewhere over there, those women have low standards they'll give it up to a black. Most Mexican women are honest, hardworking, and clean. Why would they all want to fuck with a lazy, dirty, stinky, and I mean fucking STINKY! IGNORANT As Hell fucking Nigger. Enough with that cocky shit you dudes aren't all that. And if this woman is Mexican then that's a DIRTY bitch right there, homeboy needs to go get tested..
3 years ago
not fake ,like this
3 years ago
This the best vid on hamster!
3 years ago
Any black man can give it to my wife like that? She will scream louder and will cum harder, maybe she will rip you dick off once she gets use to the size.
3 years ago
That shit is hotter every time I watch, but she is not Mexican, it sounds like Portugese. However, must Mexican women and Latin in general can be better serviced by a big black mamba. Our Latin sister have deep pussies and most of us have small to average winnies. So we do appreciate the service that our black brothers can render to our women. Keep on going deep into those deep panochas with your big black cocks.
3 years ago
That shit gets hotter evertime I
3 years ago
I love the encorugement talk she gives
3 years ago
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
All th of you haters just shut fuck up. That was on hell of a great fuck and she enjoyed every second of it. Hispanic women do have very deep pussies and black cocks do happens to hit the spot more so than ours. I think every Hispanic woman should get some black cock every now and then and the boyfriend or husband should stand by and watch, perhaps offer encouragement. Viva BBC.
3 years ago
There you go..
3 years ago
MMMM !!! Very very hot !!!
3 years ago
really ninja? u turned on the music for 1 song
3 years ago
I think this is President's Obama Path to Citizenship pilot program. For the looks of the vid. I think she is is a firm candidate for residency, as long as she keep demonstrating competency in her bbc taking skills.
3 years ago
give her an oscar>
3 years ago
she likes the cock

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