Gia Paloma Anal.

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2 years ago
bonne fille
3 years ago
i would eat her pussy tills she cums on my face
3 years ago
i love the sound she makes when he cums in her mouth
3 years ago
gia must love cum alot. when he came in her mouth, and it was dripping out of her mouth, nice blow job. she is very sexy. iwould do her.
3 years ago
she can give me blow job anytime, love the latex
3 years ago
3 years ago
5 years ago
Yum Yum
5 years ago
I love they way she was fucked in the ass between 8:30 and 9:30!
5 years ago
5 years ago
5 years ago
Great upload, thanks we enjoyed this.
5 years ago
Gia is a real dirty bitch, thanks for sharing.
6 years ago
Gia Paloma is a fantastic woman.
She is a sex goddess!
Thank you for video!
6 years ago
sasodīti labi
6 years ago
this chick is crazy
6 years ago
gia rocks best!
6 years ago
luv her...
6 years ago
My name is Suzie; I’m 5′2” Mexican with black hair, beautiful round butt and full lips. I know this because my best friend Katie always tells me.

We have been friends forever, like since kindergarten. We’re not lesbians or anything, we love boys, but when we were thirteen me and Katie started messing around.

Katie is white, but she is cool and she has dirty blonde hair that is curly. Katie is awesome, she is taller than me about 5′8”, and she is gorgeous. She has these luscious blue eyes. They are so sultry; she is so intimidating when she just stares at you with them.

We are both sophomores and on the cheer squad in high school. I don’t get to do much because my parents never let me go out at night. So I’ve never really been with a boy. But Katie has. She is so popular; I think she has sucked every guy’s dick on the football team.

I can only imagine how good it must feel because I’ve never sucked a guy’s dick. I’ve kissed guys, but I’m not going to suck some guy’s cock in the bathroom at school. And there is no way my parents would let one in our house.

I get so hot though when Katie tells me about the guys she’s been with, but it’s okay because then she gets all worked up to and she eats me out. Oh I love it when Katie eats my pussy. When she licks my dripping cum off my legs. But I still want to feel a guys cock.

Well anyways, so one day Katie came over on a Wednesday night when my parents were out with my older brother, he’s seventeen. Katie thinks he’s hot, but I made her swear that she would never touch him, he’s my brother.

So we were hanging out and she was telling me that she had just started the pill and how great it is because now she can let guys cum inside of her.

What’s it feel like” I asked.

It’s kinda like having a cream donut explode in your pussy,” she laughed, only it tastes better.”

I would do anything to be able to have a hard cock,” I said.

Aren’t I enough for you,” she said rubbing the crotch of my panties.

Oh Katie, you know what I mean,”

Of course I do, but I still think its sweet that I’m the only person you’ve been with.” She said.

But I want to feel some guys throbbing cock in my mouth and pussy,” I said.

Well you know there is another way,” She had a strange gleam in her eye.

I don’t mean a vibrator or dildo, they just feel so plastic.” I complained

No, here in your house you have a cock you could use,” she said grinning.

Eeeewww, I’m not fucking my own brother.” I said.

She grinned, that sounds fun, but that’s not what I meant.”

What do you mean then”

Charlie,” Katie said.

You’re kidding right, Charlie is the dog.”

No, I’m not.” She said, You know Luke, when we were having sex he asked me if I really want to do it doggie style, and showed me some pictures.”

Katie had never told me about this, and it took me back. I mean Charlie is a dog a hairy, tongue lolling out dog. Charlie licks his own ass,” I said That’s gross.”

Katie had still been rubbing my pussy and my panties were pushed aside and she slid her fingers back to my asshole. I like to lick your ass,” she said looking at me with her so piercing eyes. I almost came right there she looked so intent.

I think that is what did it. I have never been able to say no to Katie when she looks right through me. She makes me feel so consumed.

She sensed that I had weakened. I’ll do it to,” she said licking my cum that had leaked onto her fingers.

Katie leaned in and kissed me, I only want to show you what it’s like,” she said.

I opened my lips and felt her tongue even as my pussy lips parted in eager anticipation.

Charlie was in my brother, Alfonso’s room. I stood up and my knees shook.

I’m going to get Charlie, you better take off your clothes.” I said.

I returned with Charlie and 2-year-old German shepherd. Katie was laying on my bed naked. Her pink nipples were hard and two of her fingers were in her pussy with her legs spread.

I think he can smell, you” she said.

I looked and I could see Charlie’s red cock hanging down. I had never looked at it and thought about it being a cock cock. But it was. My mouth watered.

Since it was your idea you should show me how it is done,” I said.

Katie got off the bed and knelt down next to Charlie. I could feel my wet cum dripping out of my pussy as I watched Katie take Charlie’s cock in her hand, she pulled gently on it and ran her tongue over it.

It’s kinda sweet,” she said

Then she took his whole cock in his mouth. I watched as Charlie’s cock slid against her cheeks and all 8 inches disappeared.

She bobbed her head and began using her hand wrapped around the base as she sucked on the tip. Do you want to try” she asked.

I was already kneeling next to her. I took hold of Charlie’s cock. It was so hot and hard, and wet from Katie’s spit. I rubbed my lips across it and stuck my tongue out to taste it. It was sweet. As I began to lick it I felt Katie run her hands across my ass and over my pussy. She began to rub my clit and to lick my hot pussy hole.

I was so aroused that I began to suck on Charlie’s cock. It didn’t feel like a dog’s cock. It was just a hot hard cock filling my mouth. And Katie’s mouth was licking out my pussy.

You are so wet,” Katie said, Are you ready for his cock.” At first I wasn’t sure what she meant because I was already sucking his cock. Then I realized that she meant for me to fuck Charlie.

I was so hot that all I could do was nod my head. Katie took Charlie’s collar and pulled him around. His cock made a wet plop as it came out of my mouth dripping with my spit.

Put you head down, so your ass is in the air.” Katie instructed me.

All of a sudden I felt Charlie’s clambering on my back. His fur felt so warm. Then I felt his wet cock slide across my ass and my pussy pulsed as my lips spread even more in anticipation.

At first Katie guided Charlie’s cock to my whole. I could feel the tip of his cock enter my pussy. I closed my eyes and felt Charlie’s paws tighten around my waist as he lunged forward impaling me on his cock.

I screamed as it felt that a knife had been driven into my pussy, and then again and again as Charlie pounded his cock into my pussy. But it didn’t feel like a knife anymore.

I don’t know what it felt like but I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was having my whole life pounded out of me and replaced with pleasure. Every time he pulled himself forward I could feel my pussy stretch until it could take anymore.

I opened my eyes to see Katie sitting in front of me. She took my head and guided my face to her open pussy. It was so wet as Charlie pushed me forward burying his cock deeper in my pussy as he pushed my face into Katie.

I licked and gasped as I came again and again. Until Katie just held my head in her hands and it didn’t stop. Charlie was relentless. His cock was like a living piston tirelessly working my pussy. All I could her was a wet smack as his cock made its home in my pussy.

Until finally I felt it throb and a gush of scalding hot liquid jet into my pussy. I gasped again as I felt it squirt out of my pussy as Charlie just pulled himself tighter and suctioned my wet lips to his furry crotch his hard cock completely buried.

I felt like I was going to collapse me legs were so weak, but there was something big stuck in my pussy and it held me fast for a moment. Then Charlie pulled back and with a loud pop I felt his cock slowly slide out of my pussy and his hot sperm gushed out and ran down my legs.
6 years ago
mhhh Gia so ne richtige versaute Fickschlampe die anscheinend richtig geniest was sie so vor der Kamera treibt!
6 years ago
6 years ago
whats that... a bird? gagagagagagaaa... no sorry
6 years ago
shes a cutie
6 years ago
Gia Paloma is such a proper slut!
6 years ago
ok not bad
6 years ago
hot vid...luv the outfit..mmmmm
6 years ago
She is hot.
She looks like Billy Piper too

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