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13 days ago
Spiked Online is a great website. I check it almost every day. Today, it had an article about the new "White Man's Burden".
14 days ago
Anyway ... What do you think of this article entitled, Millennials Are More Racist than They Think?
15 days ago
Finally, you managed to write a post that wasn't full of hate. You are starting to learn, young grasshopper. Don't worry about taking up too much of my time. I was a teacher before I became a writer, so I'm always willing to school someone when necessary.
15 days ago
*Groan* It seems I have burrowed deep inside your head as you keep replying to my comments even though you struggle to put forward a reasoned argument. Now I live rent free inside your mind. So cool! =D
15 days ago
*Yawn* Once again you are spewing hate, because you cannot think calmly and rationally. It's amazing how easily it is for anyone to live rent free in your head.
16 days ago
Sigh,ummm you are the one who resorted to insults. Your memory lapses are disturbing, along with the horrible stench emanating from your breath and body I believe you have some serious issues. Physical and mental. Perhaps go back to your hovel and rest. And again, once you've fashioned a reasonably intelligible thought try again. Ok?! Excellent. =D
16 days ago
*Yawn* Again you resort to insults because you are incapable of forming a rational argument. You really must learn to converse civilly.
17 days ago
Yeah umm, I said when you have a COHERENT argument get back to me. Back in your stinking flea infested hovel for now and see if you can struggle on and fashion an intelligible thought. Good luck!
19 days ago
Calling you a segregationist is the most concise way to describe your beliefs. Your aversion to having Jews move into certain neighborhoods echos the protests of the KKK. Your reference to a medical condition shows a bigotry towards the disabled.
20 days ago
Look who is resorting to insults now. A sign of weak fortitude and low moral position. Go take your meds and lie down old man. When you've recovered with a more coherent argument be sure to let me know. ;)
20 days ago
For example, today's news from Sydney made my day. A judges sided with an alleged brothel, because the private investigator on the case didn't have enough sex to prove it was a brothel.
22 days ago
Oh, and just because you're not in the USA doesn't mean you should be too provincial to know about the USA. I read an Australian news paper online every week, and a UK site every day. Join the 21st Century already.
22 days ago
2) Australia participated in WWI, and Wilson was a major playing in shaping the world in it's aftermath. You really should know about him. He introduced the policy of segregating global empires into smaller states, because he supported segregation in foreign policy as well as in domestic policy. You are his intellectual heir because of your segregationist foreign policy. I understand that you are just a girl, but I'm willing to school you in the matter.
22 days ago
1) No insult. Referred to you as strange as you suggested I was pro segregation. How you got that from what I said is beyond me. 2) I'm Australian genius.Your failure to recognise this indicates a severe lack of intelligence. Ergo your reference to the US and Wilson are meaningless. Have a great day.
28 days ago
1) Resorting to insults bespeaks a lack of intellect on your part.
2) Your foreign policy is a throwback to USA President Wilson, the man who resegregated the federal government. You are a segregationist.
28 days ago
What are you talking about you strange little man? Ewww...nasty
28 days ago
*Sigh* There is no shortage of segregationists like you.
2 months ago
israeli sex
סקס ישראלי מטורף
2 months ago
10 months ago
nice guy and girls are hot. is there more like this?
complete movie?
11 months ago
Nice. Too short though. STOP THE ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS NOW. FREE PALESTINE. That's it, that's my statement. =|
1 year ago
رائع جدا لابد من إختلاط الأكساس العربية بالأزباب اليهودية وبالعكس
السلام يصنع عندما تبدأ الشعوب بنيك بعضها البعض على الأسرة وبإستعمال الأكساس والأزباب
وليس بالأسلحة
1 year ago
thank you for fucking our turkish and arab girls
1 year ago
I Fully AGREE with last post. Your ONLY defense is =LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE= so you can TELL *-US-* ALL ABOUT THE B.S. THEY Fed into you to Create the "U.S. NEWS CIRCLE OF CAUSES & TRAGEDIES" that we hear on T.V. every day. That will ALL be MUCH easier when Obama's term ends. It's all a SAD Game! And by knowing both languages YOU are -whatever THEY Said- LIE or NOT! PLEASE -someone- PLEASE TELL THEM WE'RE ON *THEIR SIDE*. Don't Believe the News. AT LEAST 1 PERSON >=NEEDS TO LEARN ENGLISH=< !!! God Bless U ALL!
2 years ago
israel people,
make love
not war
politicians use and abuse you for shit
2 years ago
2 years ago
Shalom...If Hitler hadn't died
we would never have seen this
ultra-pro-jewish video!
Viva Gaza!
2 years ago
i know Shay Hadad
3 years ago
not bad
3 years ago
nice arabian chick

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