Salo o le 120 giornate di Sodoma

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6 months ago
NOT Porn? Porn translates to Love! Satanists "love" suffering, torture, perversion, (mass) murder, cannibalism, and so much more. swiSS money changers, templars, Ashkanazi Jooze money changers, These aliens are not of this planet. They are the curse plagueing humanity. Some one said this director suicided? More likely swiSS pharoan mercenaries, Masonite templars that (not WHO...) assinated him just likr they do to all of the good-intentioned whistle-blowers. Psychopathic liars and criminals do not like their secrets exposed to the sheeple. Some times, some sheeple actually wake up to the truth as a result of revelations like this movie.... The last thing they want is awake sheeple with a critical and open mind!
6 months ago
So I assume that you fancy yourself one of the chosen Pharoan genetic psychopaths based in the SSisterland? Good luck with your thyroid cancer! Courtesy of the criminals resident in your land.... and scattered around this perverted planet. Your illuminated slave-masters and their mercenary slaves who want YOU dead, too! They've accomplished this end with Fuckyoushima and their 2 China Syndrome reactors... and reactors 5 and 6 currently in meltdown. Your swiSS friends will not likely offer your the prevention/cure to cancer... and you will die to their psychopathic glee.
This movie is precisely what the templars and pharoans have been up to for millenia and they cannot stop themselves... today or in the future. They'll hole up in their worm holes. You will die with the rest of the sheeple in the coming mass slaughter. Could be YOUR mom getting her tongue cut off, YOUR sister or brother being forced to eat shit, YOU taking a UN/NWO slug in the head.
11 months ago
This film was never meant to be enjoyed but endured . A political art film that uses grotesque taboos to highlight the debase and corrupt nature of fascism , during the dying days of Mussolini's puppet regime . At time of its release (1975) it would have only been seen by the select art film crowd anyway . Being neither porn or erotic it has no place on this site really . Pasolini made some great films (Gospel According To Matthew ,Odepius Rex , Arabian Nights) and influenced the likes of Scorsese . His brutal murder was a tragedy for fans of world cinema .
12 months ago
Actually our favorite movie.
1 year ago
Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)
1 year ago
i always "wanted" (felt urged) to watch this since it's said tzo be one of the most disturbing movies.
keep in mind that this is not porn, snuff or anything like that; it is a "normal" movie production.
it's unbelievable whith what some directors can get away with ...

I guess this is what happens if "intellectuals" try to come up with a movie
if you hadn't had enough, try some of the 'lars von Trier' movies, they are similiarly messed up

i have to say it felt like cosmic justice when i heard that the director "ate it" shortly after :)
1 year ago
viva la Mafia whohoo hehe11-)
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great story, I wish we could see the penetrations
2 years ago
Humans are the HIGHEST form of life... but we live in a dual universe so the more your able to do great things, the more bad things your able to do too... I agree with the rest.
3 years ago
This is a serious film which shines a light on the elite of society, the length and breadth of their depravity, how they view all others as beneath them, using them as personal playthings in order to fullfill their own demonic desires. From my perspective, it demonstrates clearly that humans are the lowest of all forms of life, in the sense that some will take such extreme pleasure from the thorough debasement and outright torture of others.
3 years ago
why? sick shit
3 years ago
PPP film, thank you very much for post it. A social and politic critic of a genius.
3 years ago
disturbing,sick crap.
3 years ago
3 years ago
I'm going to agree with MasterLeroy, Brownycalf and probably soon to be others about this movie. I thought it was going to be about an Aristicatic but alibit somewhat perverted swingers group but when they got to the defecation part(s) I lost it and drew a line. This just makes the subject matter sick in so many ways.
The "stories" being told by the woman amounts to child prostitution as well.
Yes, the short segment posted before about the cute blond girl being stripped by the older lady for the men is titalating but the rest of the movie is just so wrong'.
Noticed too that there is only implied sex as well. There are no actual erect penis/anal insertions shown. So much could've been done with the nude characters though such as the nude women/men being positioned around a lordships feet instead of in a stairway for example.
I will agree this movie needs to be forever deleted.
3 years ago
3 years ago
un classico d'autore
3 years ago
3 years ago
Ah. It's the movie I thought it was.
3 years ago
This movie isn't for retards. U can wach it but u don't have to. Free choice
3 years ago
please remove this movie we here in ireland have put up with abuse to our child red in the home school and in general also there is nothing erotic about cutting a boys eye out with a knife this is gross
3 years ago
This is too much - the reason is that it shows a kind of fetish - about an hour into it - that is so gross that... Let me put it to you this way - you know how when you have a certain kind of 'do-anything' grin? (Yes, it's that bad! Although it was probably - hopefully? - make-believe, and not the real deal.) Really grossed me out, and I am pretty open-minded sexually!

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