Jayne Kennedy

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Old super8 home movie

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11 months ago
WOW, the quality is so bad; it looks like a copy of a copy of a copy, and I don't know whether it was transferred from film before that or not. I remember seeing this a long, long time ago and the quality was much better back then.

She sure was a hottie back in the day. Thanks for the upload; liked.
1 year ago
2 years ago
Sounds like she was a good fuck.
3 years ago
I was watching "Porky's" (for the first time in years! And just think...around the same exact time "Porky's" was being filmed...so was this home fuck footage!) on cable (IFC) last night, and I just had to chuckle while listening to Miss Kennedy take Leon's almost Black Power fist into her HOT pinkness. :D I'm thinking about Kim Cattrall's "Lassie" character in that movie while listening to Miss Kennedy get fingers-fucked by Leon circa. 1980-whatever. Lol! Shit is wild, son... We see these lil' freaky, nymph millennials smuts run around singing Beyonce and Ri-Ri songs while spreading their neatly-shaved legs WIDE (for other girls and maybe a few boys) today...but back in the day 30-35 years ago...their moms and grandmoms (for some of them! :D) really got the fuck ball(s) rolling. And they did it with a fuckin' BANG too! As Miss Kennedy proves in this early-80's home footage. :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Amazing. Simply amazing. You can walk past certain attractive women in the streets and assume they're some of the most upright, upstanding, church-going citizens in society. And then, a tape like this eventually "comes" out. (On the real, that's why I believe Miss Sarah Palin has taken a deep backseat in recent years since the 2008 race. No talk show, no reality show, no book, no NOTHIN'. I'm sure somebody out there, probably mad close to her (probably even her own daughter), has some serious dirty dirt on her fine white ass. Lesbian sex tape from 1997? Wouldn't be surprised.)

When most took a look at Jayne back in the early-70's, that's probably what they immediately thought--she was 100% high-class. Not that I am calling her low-class. Never that! But who'd think that a woman like her would have a wild-ass sex drive like that? Just goes to show you that 'ya never know... More power to the women of our great country (specifically the midwestern broads, old and young, because they seem to fuck the hardest) who love to fuck till they almost die.

And I still want to know what's the deal with the beginning of this video! What--faux baby powder ad from the 70's? Or a real outtake from a 70's baby powder ad? :D
3 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
I watched her "Life After" episode on TV1 earlier this afternoon (12/10/2011). And, not surprisingly, nobody made one comment on this sex footage between the two (Leon wasn't interviewed--:D). Lol... But I just want to know one thing on this footage for sure...when exactly did this somewhat spectacular footage hit the streets? Which year? Someone below mentioned that he had it on video back in '86. I only heard of it myself by way of a very small KING magazine piece back in '07 (July/August, 2007 issue. A small "face-off" ed piece where they compared her early-80's amateur smut flick (this!) with Kimmy K's then-recent fuck flick with lil' ol' Willie).

One can assume that because of this footage, and her current looks (due to some medication she took back in the 90's, her forehead is rather Ri-Ri WIDE), she will continue to be blacklisted from the entertainment industry. But I say because of how corny the business is now, she ain't missing jack shit. And look at her daughters, man! ;) SEXY!
5 years ago
Wow!!! You don't know how long I've been looking for this motherfucking 80's clip of those two! Been hearing stories about this 80's sex clip between The Kennedy's since early-2001. Then press for it kinda came back even stronger when the recent modern-day crop of celeb sex tapes (in particular, the Kimmy K/Ray J epic fuckfest) started to spill all over the web. Figures that now, in 2010, I finally find it on a free porn clip site. That's fuckin' awesome, dude! I'm getting kinda tired now (it is late!), but I'm off from work all this week. So first thing this morning (12/27/2010), I'm watching this whole entire clip!

BTW, for those who may not know (and you should by now!), this is Jayne & Leon Isaac Kennedy (who played 'Too Sweet' in the wild-ass "Penitentiary" trilogy from the late-70's to the late-80's). Circa. sometime in the early/mid-80's. The two actually starred together in the 1981 flick "Body & Soul". As far as I know, that's the only movie they were in together as man & wife. And I hear there was a intense love scene between the two in that movie. But I wouldn't really know. I've never really watched it like that. It is on that channel called 'THIS' every once in a while, though. I gotta check it out sometime... Like I'ma check this out later this morning! :)
5 years ago
she was hot back then.
5 years ago
6 years ago
a testament to how far home video recording equipment has progressed
6 years ago
6 years ago
One Hell of a video. Most people don't even remember who Jayne Kennedy was
6 years ago
been wantin 2c this vid she has to much pussy 4 him she was one big juicey bitch big sensitive pussy u blow on it and she nuts
6 years ago
Woooowwwwwww. I have heard about this vid since I was a youngster watching Leon Kennedy's movies over and over, but I NEVER saw it until now. Jayne Kennedy gettin STRAIGHT FREAKY. The Hamster officially ROX.
6 years ago
6 years ago
I had a perfect VHS copy of this vid back in 1986. It was amazing. The guy was her husband, he let the tape out when she left him. It was the first fisting I ever saw. The guy had his whole arm, up to the elbow in her cunt.
Unfortunately my wife accidentally taped cartoons for the kids over it. My ex-wife.
6 years ago
That is totally them, what did someone dig this out of the trash?
6 years ago
Not bad. But this videos lacks quality.
6 years ago
this was probably the first "celebrity Sex tape" that ever got national attention
6 years ago
6 years ago
I see she really got her freak on... You go girl...
7 years ago
jayne kennedy miss ohio 1970 first african/american to win

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