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Description: The goal is to stack up the cards from Ace to King, with the King at the bottom and the Ace at the top. But remember that you should arrange them with alternating red and black cards. When the game begins some random cards are already arranged. Even though this game requires considerable strategy, winning is still quite common for experienced players.
? Play This Game = Use Mouse
Categories: Card games
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1 month ago
I will always like solitaire, but I prefer the one I have for Windows. I'm not fond of playing this game with a timer. I like being able to relax and take my time.
5 months ago
I play games to relieve stress, when I see a timer I say fuck you and leave
9 months ago
11 months ago
wank, I just played and there was no 6 of spades haha
12 months ago
1 year ago
I don't quite understand why I'm playing a game on the internet - a game of which I have a superior version installed on my PC - but it's a nice enough game, I suppose ^^
1 year ago
Not as good as the Windows version.
1 year ago
pas mal
2 years ago
great game but can on occasion be unwinnable, a bit like life.
2 years ago
nice solid game
2 years ago
I've changed my opinion, of this game, now that I've read the other comment's. This is SHIT!
3 years ago
solitaire is usually not this easy to win
3 years ago
Worked fine - no cards missing for me (kinda stupid to use a porn site to play solitaire... but then again I guess we are all kinda playing solitaire!)

3 years ago
3 years ago
I checked back to see if they had maybe fixed this, because the interface is very good. But no, played a game until only two cards were covered and lost, because there were at least SEVEN cards missing. What's the point?
3 years ago
shit game the worst i played
4 years ago
4 years ago
I just played a game until no cards were hidden, and the five of diamonds didn't exist. Kind of takes the fun out of it if you're not sure you lost because a card you needed wasn't even on the board.
4 years ago
good game
4 years ago
A classic that i'd rather play on Windows
4 years ago
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